Planet Fitness revokes membership of woman who reported a man in the women’s locker room, citing “No Judgement Zone” policy

March 7, 2015

Woman frightened by man in women's locker room

Woman frightened by man in women’s locker room

A woman in Midlands, Michigan was banned from the Planet Fitness gym and had her membership revoked after she complained of being frightened by a man in the women’s locker room.

Yvette Cormier told news channel WNEMTV5 that she supports LGBT people but that the man in the locker room gave no indication whatsoever of being a transgender person. “This is very unprofessional. It’s very scary”, she said. “I was stunned and shocked. He totally looked like a man. He was not dressed like a woman at all.”

She reported him to Planet Fitness management. “They proceeded to tell me that they have to embrace whatever sex somebody thinks they are.” She was told by management that Planet Fitness policy allows any male who “self-reports” an internal “female identity” the right to access areas of public nudity which are sex-segregated for the privacy and protection of women and girls, and that no attempt would be made by management to screen for males who might choose to access such spaces for improper purposes. Their policy states: “…members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.” [Italics by me-GM].

The male individual involved in the incident has not been publicly identified.

Days after the incident a Planet Fitness corporate representative contacted Cormier and informed her they had learned that she was discussing the incident with other women in the locker room, and that women expressing “judgement” about their safety and privacy in regard to sharing a locker room with men was a violation of the company’s “no judgement” for women policy.

Transgender activists hailed the outcome as a victory for the male rights of “transwomen”, who seek the elimination of the human rights of privacy, public safety and free speech of actual female persons- those formerly known as “women”. (Per the transgender male rights movement, women are no longer permitted to refer to themselves by the word “women” without a qualifier, in order to equalize the rights of 0.2% of the male population’s “gender feelings”  with the rights of the entire female 51% of the Earth’s population).

In a follow-up, news station WNEMTV5 apologizes to the public for referring to the man as “male” in the earlier report; According to the transgender rights movement (and the news professionals at WNEM!), a man’s objective biological sex is whatever he claims “to feel it to be” at any particular moment.

Yvette Cormier accepts that Planet Fitness has the right as a private business to allow males into women’s areas of nudity at their gym, whether the men “feel female” at the moment or not. But she feels women have the right to be warned of the unisex policy before the business forces women without consent into close contact with males in public locker rooms. “They should point that out before you sign up to join their gym, or post it on the front of the bathroom door” she told WNEM.

Women in Michigan could lobby for a state law to that effect. Currently Florida is considering just such a statute. Florida Bill HB 583 states, in part, that such unisex facilities must be “conspicuously designated” as such. 

*UPDATE* The man involved in this incident has come forward. See updates in comments here:

330 Responses to “Planet Fitness revokes membership of woman who reported a man in the women’s locker room, citing “No Judgement Zone” policy”

  1. Elle Says:

    “Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.

    In expressing her concerns about the policy, the member in question exhibited behavior that club management deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.”

    (Above quote taken from a transpositive—meaning critical-thinking negative—article.)

    Well, as long as it’s their “SINCERE self-reported gender identity.”

    [Insert steaming pile of horse shit emoticon here.]

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      But did Planet Fitness bother to find out whether Ms. Cormier self-identifies as inappropriate and disruptive? Or did they violate their own . . . never mind.

      I love the idea for the emoticon. We need one.

    • Simea Says:

      Well, then, isn’t Planet Fitness violating their own policy by ‘judging’ members (punishing) who express a different opinion? This is a form of bullying – Agree with me or suffer the consequences! As I see it, we are being bullied into silence if we don’t comply.

  2. questie Says:

    Does Planet Fitness really think they can police the private conversations of their members? The women at that place should all quit and protest.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Women talking to each other about issues that affect them as a class = feminism. Of course they want to shit all over that. Who runs Planet Fitness?

  3. Dogtowner Says:

    I received an email from ACLU expressing outrage about the possibility in Florida that men would not be allowed into women’s facilities. I would strongly suggest to anyone who cares about these issues that they NOT contribute a nickel to ACLU unless or until they develop a bit of respect for women’s rights. (I have never supported ACLU for other reasons and their crap about transgender rights is simply the frosting on the cake.)

  4. Reblogged this on the one who writes and commented:
    I would suggest that any woman with a Planet Fitness membership find somewhere else to work out because…damn. Any dude who claims to be a woman can use the female locker room? No danger in that, oh no.

  5. hearthrising Says:

    They said it couldn’t be done….Transgender activists have finally given us a way out of a gym membership. Just say “That’s a man!” and you’re free.

  6. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Men joke about women always going to the toilet in pairs but there’s a reason women do that and it’s not to gossip or do each other’s lipstick. There’s a reason why parents feel uncomfortable sending their children into public toilets alone. Public toilets and changing rooms are a great place for sex offenders and voyeurs to lurk. The women’s toilets in the library where I was at university were so dark, creepy and lonely I had to be desperate to use them. If I’d walked out of a cubicle and seen a man standing there I would have jumped out of my skin. When I was at primary school a 10 year old girl a few years above me was sexually assaulted in some public toilets and an 11 year old girl was followed into the toilets at school and sexually assaulted by a male classmate. When I was at secondary school one of the girls a few years above me was raped in the toilets of a theatre. A couple of years ago one of my friends was violently mugged by a man in the toilets of a park. An 11 year old girl was raped in the toilets of a supermarket I used to use and a man dressed as a woman to spy on women in the toilets of a shopping centre I used to visit a lot. This man had previously been found to dress as a woman to spy on women in the toilets at his university.

    The likes of Owen Jones and Ally Fogg may laugh at our fears but our fears are based in lived experience. In the past a woman entering the loos and seeing a man would have had an alarm bell go off in her head and known to get herself out of there. Now women have had the safety of that certainty stripped from them. Is it a transwoman who needs a pee or is it a man who has entered a women’s space because he wants to do women harm? The time it takes a woman to assess and negotiate the situation could lead to her being raped or murdered. We are being asked to put politeness, niceness and the unwillingness to cause offence before our own safety. It pisses me off that businesses like this place no value on women’s custom. They know too well that our current options are to put up with this creepy shit or stay at home.

    • Thea Says:

      I was assaulted in a public restroom by a stranger many years ago, and I still sometimes have panic attacks when using these facilities. Unfortunately, super progressive modern feminism (which is supposed to give a shit about r*pe) has decided that I have no right to be concerned for my safety because a tiny percentage of men deserve to invade private female spaces for “validation”.

      Modern feminism is no friend of women and therefore no friend of mine. SMH Where does that leave us, when the “women’s movement” isn’t even pro-women? I feel lost because the interest group that is supposed to advocate for me as a survivor is busy advocating for the rights of sexual predators instead. Nice…

      • janedon1 Says:

        & My father -Ex army & a semi pro Boxer—was attacked/beaten & robbed in a mens room——By two men—
        Crime happens everywhere at Any time-
        This was about 30 yrs ago-

      • LC Says:

        So males are violent at any time and place. Nice tip, let’s keep them away from women, out of women’s bathrooms and spaces.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Remember Ted Bundy pretended to have a broken arm or be injured, and he asked women to help him, that’s how he got HIS victims? Just imagine the scenario, and one of these creepsters asks to borrow a tampon. Or hand them toilet paper. Or they drop their purse. “Interact with me – or else.” “Don’t misgender me – or else.” Just their fucking presence in a bathroom feels like a THREAT.

  7. Biscuit Says:

    A man was caught recently in my city trying to film women in bathrooms. Just googling terms like “sexual assault” and “bathroom” also brings up cases of women being assaulted or filmed in bathrooms.

    It seems like it’s getting to the point where if we won’t put up with that shit, we get labelled “transphobic” and are made out to be villians. It’s fucked up.

  8. Time for women to save their money and go running and exercising within their own establishments. We have the creativity and the means to do this. It could be economical, Gaia friendly and prevents any incursion of those who wish to harm. No rancour or violence.

  9. Me Says:

    The gaslighting is getting worse.

    More and more places in society are decreeing that we cannot tell the emperor that he is wearing no clothes.

    1984, here we come!

  10. First of all, ALL women should boycott Planet Fitness. Women have tremendous purchasing power. If their female membership went down by even 25 to 30%, they would notice it. There are far more women than transgender. It’s 50% of the population compared to about 1 or 2%. If you have a membership, simply tear up the membership and go somewhere else. If you don’t have a membership, call up the nearest Planet Fitness to complain about their policy. Apparently, “Planet Fitness” is some kind of franchise. Google “Planet Fitness” to find a gym in your area. Call them up right now! I googled “Planet Fitness” for my area and made a call. Second, despite what transgender activists say, penis in the women’s locker room is NOT a civil right. It’s violating the fundamental human right of privacy for females. Third, Planet Fitness should be sued for the emotional trauma and suffering it has caused this woman.

    Planet Fitness hates women, and I bet the corporate structure is virtually all male.

    • gunhild Says:

      Good idea! Women are the majority. Perhaps a campaign could be created to highlight the issue to women interested in exercise but haven’t heard about this – “Planet Fitness wants you to shower with men or be kicked out?”

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        LOL – they want you to shower with autogynephiles with sexual fetishes around female bodies. Yeah, that will sell. Women will consent to that. Businesses have a right to assume women will consent to sexual interactions with men they don’t know, whom they’ve only encountered 2 seconds ago. In a locker room they weren’t aware men had the right to enter. Yes, that’s gonna sell.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “I bet the corporate structure is virtually all male.”

      Nah, I’m sure there are plenty of women there. The moronic handmaiden variety; desperate for male approval *barf*. They believe themselves to be evolved and not some horrible shrew who is afraid of having men in their private spaces.

  11. “I was stunned and shocked. He totally looked like a man. He was not dressed like a woman at all.”

    They don’t even have to make the effort to look like “women”.

    I wonder if the male is pre-op (still has his penis or not) because under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is basically optional. We have already seen examples of males using this fact to expose themselves to girls and women. Despite what Mr. Colleen Francis says, middle aged males exposing “her male genitalia” to seventeen year old girls is not a “civil right”. “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” quote from Clay Scott Francis. We have already seen examples of “gender identity” being abused.

    Why would women be suspicious of any male in the women’s locker room? All we have to do is look at rape statistics. One in five women have been sexually assaulted or raped. Telling women that they can’t even question the presence of biological male in the women’s locker room is an insult to the entire female sex. In addition to the fact that there are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders, paraphilias (voyeurism, etc.) are far more common in males.

    This and other blogs have covered some of this before, but I will recap for new readers. All this information is out there for anyone who takes the time to research it.

    Three months ago, a drug addict with a sexual fetish for cross dressing (for some men it is a sexual fetish) terrorized a woman in a women’s restroom. He was wearing a stolen pink Barbie outfit.–288752051.html

    Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook pretended to be transgender to gain access to two different women’s shelters. He sexually assaults a woman in each women’s shelter.

    Jason Pomare dressed as a woman to gain access to women’s bathrooms and record hours of video of women and girls using the toilet. In 2013, he victimized women in Los Angeles. He donned bra, wig and female clothing to gain access to a women’s bathroom at a Los Angeles Macy’s Department Store so he could secretly video-record the women and girls inside. He had a video camera in a bag, which he slid underneath stalls in order to secretly video-record women and girls as they were using the toilet. When he was caught, he had hours of video of women and girls he recorded by pointing his camera under restroom stalls.

    Transgender registered sex offender Paul (Paula) Witherspoon was convicted in 1990 for sexually assaulting one teenage girl and indecency involving sexual contact with another teenage girl. He is on the Texas registry of sex offenders. In 2012, he was ticketed for using the women’s restroom in Dallas, and transgender activists still supported his “right” to use women’s restrooms even after it was revealed that he is a registered sex offender.

    Here is Witherspoon. What mother wants their daughter in the same locker room with him?

    In 2011, cross dressing Thomas Lee Benson, a convicted sex offender who molested girls dressed as a woman so he could go into the women’s locker room at a swimming pool in North Clackamas, Oregon.

    Also in 2011, Joel Hardman, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham in England, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms, where he spied on women using the toilets. After being arrested, he explained that he got sexual gratification from listening to women using toilets. While in the bathrooms, he not only listened—he also made audio recordings of the women urinating.

    • neme Says:

      1 in 5 is only the percentage who feel safe pressing charges. The truth is rape survivors are the majority of women. And most of us can smell a predator in the room, no matter what he’s wearing. Planet Fitness hates women, and doesn’t care if we get perved on or assaulted in their business. Boycott!

  12. Em Says:

    Bur what a terrible, tragic buzz kill it would have been to remind this dude that he’s a dude, and looks like one.

  13. This is disgusting tbh. Transphobic and bigoted and violent and gross.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Women talking about our safety=Violence against male feelings. Idiot.

      • Reggie- then use the single stall unisex bathrooms, that most places large enough have nowadays. Or wait until no one is in the mens room.or use a single room bathroom. Or ask a shop for a private, employee bathroom.
        Or fight for your own bathrooms- like women had too! There are so many options, there is No excuse for using womens spaces like this. It’s super selfish.
        ***btw- Trans get killed by males. Women get killed by males. And It’s really fucked up that YOU FEAR MALE VIOLENCE, and want to be in a safe space to pee, but when women fear male violence and want to be in a safe space to pee, it’s transphobic?
        I don’t care what your identity is or what you wear-MEN should not be in female bathrooms.

        It’s so NOT about safety to trans, its about men doing what they want, and it’s about breaking boundaries and men with violence and perversions wanting access.
        How safe would REGGIE feel if he was in the womans bathroom, and a man walked in? Not too safe I am guessing. THATS HOW WE FEEL GET A GODDAMN CLUE AND QUOT BEING AN ENTITLED SWLFISH PRICK.

        Really, go fuck yourself, dude, this really pisses me off.

      • Yeah, I saw this one this morning. There are no safe havens for us and our children. Not even the goddamned kindergarten.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s interesting that the “poor poor transwoman” hasn’t come forward. I’d like to see a criminal background check done on him.

      • Thanks for misgendering people without having even known a single thing about them beyond their TRYING TO USE THE BATHROOM. People like you are why people like me get murdered.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Men get murdered for using the male restroom? Do you have any documentation on that crime wave? Must be tons….Right?

      • morag99 Says:

        “People like you are why people like me get murdered.”

        When women say “no,” men like you identify as “murdered.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s murder when women don’t do what men want.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        And how much do you want to bet that Reggie is a middle aged auto-gynephilic white dude in IT, police or ex army, and in no way part of the actual group of transsexuals that gets attacked in homophobic hate crimes (i.e., persons of color who hook up with straight men)

      • Bea Says:

        You people delegitimize your own movement so much with the whole “your disagreement results in my murder” schpeal. It’s getting really old. People are onto you.

        When was the last time police found a copy of Gyn/Ecology in some murderer’s trunk? LOL. GTFO.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        For every transgender man NOT murdered in a men’s bathroom…there are probably 25 women who ARE murdered…by a man.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        You’re lucky only one of his 40 headmates showed up. I’m not kidding.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        “Misgendering” doesn’t cause murder of transgendered or multiple-personality people, Reggie.

      • 1899fcbarcelona Says:

        The Catalyst Collective:

        This is very much a female/male issue. I’m not going to apologize for preferring the safety of biological women and girls to some man in a dress feelings. It’s a shame you’ve been brainwashed into thinking dudes in dresses are women; when clearly they are not.

        I get misgendered by people every other day; you know what I do? I correct them automatically. People don’t understand that women/girls can have buzz cut hairstyles or can wear dark colored loose fitting comfortable clothing. It’s foreign concept to them that women were NOT put on this earth to satisfy men sexually.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Thanks for misgendering people”

        NO. SUCH. THING!!!

        “People like you are why people like me get murdered.”

        Well you’re still here. Not murdered yet.


        THEN USE THE MENS TOILET. There. Problem solved. Glad I could help. Now piss off, pervert.

    • Bea Says:

      LOL. Nice try, male dude with penis. If you can’t understand the issue, you are not a woman! Maybe the “female brain” and “female socialization” litmus test should be whether or not you think some strange male creeper parading through the women’s locker room with his dinger sticking out is cause for alarm. If you don’t “get it,” you’re 100% a dude!

    • neme Says:

      I’m having my period right now. How transphobic of me!

      • Squid Says:

        I’m perimenopausal. My hormone levels and body are changing all on their very own. Heresy!

    • gunhild Says:

      This is VIOLENT? Violent?!
      Women caring about our boundaries and safety from men is violent y’all.
      Bloody hell!

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Reggie, men like you get murdered because other men want to punish you for breaking the rules of gender. We want to get rid of those rules and make everyone safer.

      Oh, and women get misgendered all the time. My friend keeps on getting pulled over by the police because they think she is a teenage boy on a joyride, all because she has very short hair. It’s annoying, and mildly insulting to her ego, but no-one dies.

    • Miep Says:

      Reggie, go pee on a tree.

  14. 1899fcbarcelona Says:

    I’m embarrassed to a Michigander right now. That’s bullshit! Women and girls should NOT be exposed to men in dresses!

    Oh…hi Gallus! It’s been a long time! Keep up the good work! 😀

  15. Elle Says:

    Planet Fitness’s “No Judgment Zone” policy makes me think of the phrase “against my better judgment.”

    Judgment is a GOOD thing. Beware of anyone who tells you to turn yours off!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Trust your gut, ladies!

      • morag99 Says:

        Yes, and tell young girls that they are allowed to trust theirs. Teach girls that they MUST judge.

        “Non-judgemental” doesn’t mean what people think it means. But, since stupid has taken over, it’s time to get rid of this flabby term once and for all.

        It was a term and a concept originally coined to defend marginalized people against prejudice. And now — as usual — it’s been watered-down and turned inside-out in order to be used against the marginalized. It’s nothing but a thought-stopper.

      • Bea Says:

        No Judgment zone? So if a dude is barreling towards you with a machete, don’t judge! If a man wants to penetrate you against your consent, relax!

        It’s like they get their strategies straight from “Con-Artistry For Dummies.”

      • michelle Says:

        I’ll trust my eyes…and when my eyes tell me a man is in what should be my safe spaces, you bet your bottom dollar I am going to speak out and speak out LOUDLY! No gut checks needed on this sort of issue…just sayin’ 😉

      • LC Says:

        @morag99 I don’t even think non-judgment has to apply only to marginalized people, but to any person whose story you might not know completely- especially with gossip. But the right to not be judged ends the moment you make your private life the business of the public or by making demands on other people.

        I don’t need to know about someone else’s interests or desires to respect their right to engage in them behind closed doors. But seeing it in public places or even wanting me to be an active participant? I will absolutely judge that. If they’re not harming anyone, then we can all go our separate ways. Not so much with this nonsense. Some want to claim that perverts will always exist and try to gain access to women’s spaces, regardless of the law- ok? So why make it easier for them? Pedophiles will always exist too, and try to gain access to children. Should we put them in charge of day-cares? Common sense, people.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Teach girls that they MUST judge.”

        …and to never ever trust anything a man says. Ever.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I’m so happy to hear someone say this, Elle. If one wants to suspend judgment, as many liberals seem to advocate, then one cannot judge slavery, the Holocaust, war, etc, etc.

      It seems as though Planet Fitness had NO problem judging Yvette Cormier.

  16. Derrick Jensen Says:

    Planet Fitness’s “No Judgement Zone” (why can’t they even spell it correctly?) evidently doesn’t apply to judging women. PF kicked out a Muslim woman for wearing a scarf. It also kicked out a pregnant woman because her belly was exposed. And it asked a woman to put on more clothes because she was “too toned” and her “too toned” body was, they claimed, “intimidating” other people with her fitness (!). And of course PF was judging this woman for not wanting a man in her locker room. (Also, by the way, people can be reported for “grunting” or “dropping weights” or “judging”). So evidently the “No Judgement Zone” really just means that women, once again, aren’t allowed to have spaces not colonized by males.
    link to article where I learned about these women getting kicked out:

  17. amazondream Says:

    Uh oh, I hear the fans coming on….

    This is a new story and from the border patrol no less–

  18. Andresg Says:

    thethe women should quit the gym or better transfer the membership to their husbands so they can sign up like females..maybe then these nutjubs will take a serious notice of this bs

    • GallusMag Says:

      Maybe they will hire Bruce Jenner for their new ad campaign.

    • 1899fcbarcelona Says:


      LOL…I know right? People overriding the obvious biological differences amongst the sexes in favor for being brainwashed by the delusional “trans cult” thinking “I’m a woman/man if I say I am”.

    • No name Says:

      Then they can officially change the name to ‘planet unexpected penis’, the rapist haven. The guys don’t even have to pretend they want to actually be women to gain entry, it goes by ‘if a male feels like going in’ and women are being punished for naturally [and having legitimate reasons] fearing for their safety.

      The dude in ‘the barbie costume’ that entered the woman’s wash room at the big lots was high and feels sexy -[was it the pink barbie child costume?] when he is high, so he tried to rape a shopper that just went in for a pee- what about her safety? What if it was a 9 year old and this dude was in there feeling like a sexy pink object and was that high?

      The strategies of criminals clearly indicate that rapists and pedophiles will use any way to gain access to a target.

      But men always give themselves away with, What about Me Me Me?, My feelings were hurt! You women & children with your safety, you won’t stand in the way of my sexual fetish.

      Not wanting men in the women’s room for safety reasons is not Man’sphobia.

      All the men cry Man’sphobia when women say -, ‘no, I can’t pee with you in here, I don’t consent to you being full frontal naked in-front of my kid,.’.

      • morag99 Says:

        “Man’sphobia” — love it. Why don’t they just say it like that? It’s exactly what they mean.

        “You women & children with your safety, you won’t stand in the way of my sexual fetish.”

        Exactly. Again, why don’t they just say it like that? Goodness knows, we are almost at a point now where a man’s “right” to use children, and unwilling women, in service of his sexual perversions can be spoken in public without any risk of widespread societal outrage. It’s already implicit, why not make it explicit?

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I sometimes think the women who can see the emperor has no clothes should get together and demand entry to or invade male only spaces, clubs and institutions. We wouldn’t have to change our names or appearances but just declare self-identified maleness. Of course, the situation wouldn’t be exactly comparable because we wouldn’t present any physical or ideological threat to the men in those spaces and we would be the vulnerable ones but I do wonder if people would start to see the insanity if women with long hair, floral dresses, vaginas and heterosexual relationships waltzed onto the green at an exclusive men-only golf club and announced they were entitled to play there because they internally identified as a man.

    • kesher Says:

      “The strategies of criminals clearly indicate that rapists and pedophiles will use any way to gain access to a target.”

      Not only that, but sex offenders frequently escalate over time.

      I’m pretty much assuming that “Carlotta” had a camera in that bag, which of course makes him a low level sex offender. But, after a while, the sexual charge he gets from violating women’s privacy isn’t going to be enough. If he keeps getting unfettered access to targets, he’s going to need to up the ante to keep getting off from the violation of women.

  19. Andresg Says:

    Hey sorry to barge..long time reader…can you make an article on an article that was on the Sunday Telegraph in Australia on Sunday 8 march.. About andrej*a pejic in which Clare Press describe the SRS as a ” authentic and fully working vagina“ sorry I’m on me phone google Clare press andreja pejic.. Thanks you dont have to publish this if you don’t want

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Nice to see liberals adopting the Andrew Dice Clay definition of womanhood: a hole and a heartbeat.

  20. Bev Jo Says:

    It’s all a lesson in how girls and women count for nothing compared to what men want and demand.

    And it’s all a hoax. There is no trans. No “transgender.” And certainly no “transgender women.” Men can never be women, women can never be men. Simple.

    I still think that in spite of the cult indoctrination, intimidation, and threats, most women do not really believe men in drag are women. And most men also know they aren’t, but they sure benefit from what these men posing as women are doing, from destroying our last women only spaces, to making it easier for all men to sexually assault girls and women.

    We just have to keep saying no, no matter how many pretend feminists police women into using female pronouns for these men.

  21. Atranswidow Says:

    ‘No Judgement Zone’ ? I’m not living in the US so that was a new one on me. It was the Thought Police’ that came to mind. It really is quite scary that the official line is that the wrongdoer here is Yvette Cormier and not the man who has excused himself by saying that he only went into the women’s locker room to hang up his coat. Her crime it seems is voicing an opinion to other women. They don’t have to agree with her.
    Since when did ‘freedom of speech’ become a crime? I found this interesting She doesn’t mention trans issues directly. Maybe she was aware enough not to upset the self appointed chiefs of the thought police.

  22. GallusMag Says:

    So the man that scared the woman in the locker room has come forward. Kind of. The article only reported his cross-dressing internet persona, which is part-time. He apparently named himself after Marie Curie: “Carlotta Sklodowska”

    He says he is not a member of the gym. He says he entered the gym twice to leave a bag hanging in the women’s locker room while he visited “a friend”.

    He is not “full time” transgender but a long time fetishistic crossdresser.

    He has never taken hormones or had any surgery.

    He is a heterosexual male.

    He is a member of the “kink community”.

    His interests are:

    Lucille Sorella’s Femme Secrets, Annise Parker, Movie Fanatic, Janet’s Closet, Jenifer Rene Pool for Houston City Council, The Houston Feminist Movement, Houston Transgender Unity Committee, FarrisFotoPride, Michigan State Spartans, Michigan Football, Michigan Awesome, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Sveindís, Fusion, Beauty Freebies, Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, Rub your meat, Strike a Pose: Model Directory, Bitch please, I can remove 90% of your so called “beauty” with a kleenex, Cobie Smulders, The “Chocolate-Covered” Diet, Juicy Celeb Gossip, CelebriTrend, Matador Network, Wixom Lake Friends, BookBub, Chenese Lewis, Curvy Magazine, Curvy & Posh Boutique Plus Size Fashion, CURVY Latina, Femme Fever, Jessica FantasyStockings, Vicky-Lee Valentino, BuffMother!, Supermodel Sophie, Carlye Denise, Angelina Armani, Lais Deleon, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Muñoz, Gigi Gorgeous, The Bitecharge Daily, Milana Domina, Luana Lani, Renée Richards, Carmen Carrera, Sissy Maid University – Sustainable Body & Mind Modification, Cougar Love Younger Men, High Heels and Fashion, You Look So Beautiful When You Are Gagged, Chahat, PlayBuzz, মাগী বাজার, Jenna Jameson, Billie Piper, Sex with Timaree, Sunny Leone., Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Intersex Athlete Network, Mackinac Island –, Angelina Heger, Simona Topmodel 2014, Ivana Topmodel 2014, Jolina Topmodel 2014, Anna Maria Damm, Nancy Topmodel 2014, Antonia Topmodel 2014, Lisa G. Topmodel 2014, Heidi Klum, Nathalie Volk, Lena Gercke, Stefanie Giesinger, Masti Fun Freindship, Lisa Kudrow, Kaley Cuoco Spain, Cheryl Burke, Carrie Ann Inaba, Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland, Hayden Panettiere, Ellen Page, Kat Dennings, Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, Charlie Sheen, Zen Arts, Sylvia R Garcia,, Salvador Dalí, Leonard Bernstein, George Takei, Eva Longoria, Annise Parker, Office of the Mayor | City of Houston, Michelle Phan, Chelsie Hightower, Ballet Zaida, Northern Michigan University, Downtown Marquette, Luckless Clothing, Michigan Renaissance Festival, X-Pole USA, Pointe, United Pole Artists, Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, Pole Spin Magazine, Equality Texas, A Healthier Michigan, Mountain Dew, Zuzka Light, Michelle Shimmy, Dirdy Birdy Page, Anastasia Sokolova, Speedway, Houston Zoo, Yooper Steez, Gaylord Michigan Tourism Bureau, Yooper Shirts, Travel Marquette, Great Smoky Mountains Association, Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Aurora Alerts by Soft Serve News, Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, Lake Superior Photo, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Detroit Institute of Arts, MackinacIsland.Net – Mackinac Island Michigan, Paddling Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Hockey, Michigan Basketball, Michigan Baseball, Pure Michigan

    • gunhild Says:

      Oh my gooood, gross cross-dressing kinkster man who wasn’t even a member of the gym. I’m not surprised at all though.

      Thanks to the transgender movment, I now truly loathe men (more).

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yep. Typical straight male middle-aged sexual fetishist. Forced feminization. Sissy boy bullshit. Sexay Laydee clothes. Porn.

        What I want to know (cause folks, I’m not that trusting of a gal!) is if the bag he was leaving in the locker room contained a video camera. (I knowww! How Untrusting Of Me! Judgement Free Zone!!!!!)

        Be interesting to know if he has a criminal history.

      • I’d bet my next royalty check there was a camera in that bag. This is just absolutely unbelievable. I think the whole world has lost its freaking mind.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He makes all these comments on women’s fitness pictures on Facebook. Like “pee on me” and “wrap your thigh muscles around me”. Jesus. Really has a perve on for “women’s fitness”.

      • OH. MY. GOD. I really feel sick. This proves the point I’ve been saying all along. Even if we were willing to be accommodating to trans women, which I’m definitely not, we have no way of knowing the difference between a trans woman and a garden variety pornsick freak looking to perv on us.

        I feel so sorry for that poor woman. This is what always happens. Her instincts told her that something was seriously wrong with this scenario, that she was in danger and she was punished for it. They want us to ignore our instincts so that we are easier to prey upon.

      • Misandry is awful. There is no reason to loathe men in general. You’ve got a serious problem in your head if you feel that way. This man that did dressed that way and went into Planet Fitness is the problem. Do *not* make make blanket stattements/generalize to all men.

      • kesher Says:

        No one leaves a bag hanging in the locker room, not if you have anything valuable in it. Gyms supply *lockers* for a reason.

      • GallusMag Says:

        LOL Olive. “Misandry”.

      • morag99 Says:

        Olive, how do you know “misandry” is so bad if you haven’t even tried it? Learn from Planet Fitness and stop being so judgemental!

      • LC Says:

        Misandry is awful. It hurts men’s feelings, which are way more important than women’s lives, safety, or privacy. Shame on you, Olive. Men have fought for too long for the right to never be challenged or offended by anything a woman says!

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Women concerned about men in their locker rooms are transphobic or misandrist the way people worried about Lyme disease are merely tickphobic. #NotAllTicks

    • michelle Says:

      from the article…

      “She said many people tell her she looks like a man, and she could see why Cormier would see her body structure as masculine.

      “It’s obvious, even from the back,” Sklodowska said.”

      Yes, sir…it IS obvious that a male is a male. Glad you are aware of it. Now stay the fuck out of women’s spaces…

      And legislatures…wake up and put a stop to this nonsense! Protect your constituents!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Part-time crossdresser, on no hormones, having had no surgeries, Not even a member of the gym, Using a fake name, Stops by to “HANG HIS BAG” IN THE WOMEN’s LOCKER ROOM twice. Totallly creeps out a woman (gym member!) that seemed pretty sensible. AND THEY BAN THE WOMAN FOR WARNING OTHER WOMEN.
        This woman is a goddamn hero!

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        If only this is incident is illustrative enough to stop the nonsense. Somehow, I doubt it. Yvette Cormier is owed a public apology and some compensation from Planet Fitness.

        This is truly outrageous.

      • kesher Says:

        Michigan doesn’t even have LGBT protections, let alone a statewide “bathroom” bill. Can she sue Planet Fitness for violating her rights?

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        This boils down to consent – do women in locker rooms TRULY CONSENT to be part of this man’s sexual fetish??? Simply because they weren’t aware of the rules, or weren’t aware of trans, or just WEREN’T AWARE this kind of invasive, violating, pervy crap was EVEN A POSSIBILITY? No, they are not consenting. There’s a name for that, isn’t there – when you are forced to interact sexually with someone you don’t want to interact with sexually. That lack-of-consent thing but it happens anyway…..What is that called….hmmm…..

        She should get a LAWYER and file a lawsuit. This man entered the woman’s changing room because it was a sexual thrill to him, and he knew he could get away with it. He thought he could get away with it. File a lawsuit against Planet Fitness for allowing this to happen. THERE WAS NO CONSENT ON HER PART!!!!!!!!

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I’m very sorry that this happened to Ms. Cormier, but what a hilarious and fitting reveal this is. Short of an actual assault (God forbid), Planet Fitness and the trans cult could hardly come out of this looking worse. Hoist on their own smug petard.

      I continue to be astonished at liberals and Gay Inc. making dudes like “Carlotta” a death hill. Their arrogance and cognitive dissonance is mind-boggling. How can they jabber about rape culture and then snidely tell women not to be alarmed if they see an obvious male in a locker or rest room? Use the Gift of Fear and listen to your gut, except when you’re in your most vulnerable public spaces? This is gaslighting.

      Conservatives on Twitter and elsewhere are all over this. Some of them read this blog and hopefully they’ll make note of your great legwork here (with credit). I think the HRCs, Stonewalls, and other liberal orgs will soon regret tossing women under the bus in favor of these mentally ill males.

      • bleh Says:

        Conservatives are going to be attacking transgenders as a way of attacking rights for homosexuals and feminists. I read their shit, they see that gays & lesbians & feminists are tied to this cross dressers rights movement, they know if the trans are attack, they will get all of the political energy from the groups. Instead of “bathroom bills” that allow males in females sex segregated spaces on the basis of gender magic, we’re going to get bills like that one in Florida that will enforce sexual stereotypes and be used to harass butch dykes, gnc males and it’s going be directed at people of color cause that’s the way this racist society works.
        Both the liberals and the conservatives are anti-woman. I don’t know what the solution is, maybe advocate to make men’s bathrooms safer, a “don’t rape or harass men in dresses” campaign, something

      • GallusMag Says:

        The Florida Bill doesn’t enforce sex stereotypes. But it does mean a law officer can check the legal sex marker on your ID if there is an incident.

        The actual bill (with all its many exemptions) is linked at the end of the above post if folks want to read it, btw.

      • endlesschapters Says:

        I’m a conservative and that is in no way my view. I’m pro LGBT and Transgender. I think people are WAY overreacting to this. People have feelings but opinions of others always outweigh and overshadow a person’s hurt, unfortunately. I loathe judgemental people and feminists especially.

      • GallusMag Says:

        HAHAhaha! ^^^^ Poe Alert! ^^^^

      • morag99 Says:

        “I loathe judgemental people and feminists especially.”

        What a big silly you are, endlesschapters. As if we haven’t been saying that all along. Like, we KNOW you fellas hate women, feminists, lesbians. We KNOW that you hate people who refuse to play make-believe and that you loathe people who make judgements based on reality.

        And, “feelings” … whoa, whoa, whoa, feeelings — pfftt. Women’s feelings don’t count for shit, but, never mind that, we’re expected to take extra-special care of yours.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Trans people screamed about the bill in the UK and the “yes means yes” in California because, as they pointed out, they need to deceive people to get sex from them since the majority of cis people are not interested in a trans partner. So, is this not an admission that the males in the bathroom are highly unlikely to rape them? Trans “women” also complain the vast majority of men into them are closeted bottoms. Bottoms aren’t big on being the aggressor in rape, right? Finally, trans “women” cant get pregnant (cause they are men) so, aren’t they truly safer in the male can rather than males in the female can?

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Stop JUDGING, Y’all. Dude has SINCERE gender-feels, even if they are only part-time sincere gender-feels.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I’m a male slave. Pee on me”. Is that what sincere ladybrain genderfeels are looking like these days?!

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        but..but…he “identified” as a woman for 3 minutes last thursday so … female

      • Bea Says:

        If I worked there, and a non-member came in to “hang up a bag” twice…regardless of whether it was in the women’s locker room…I would escort the dude out. Why is a non-member of the gym allowed to even be in the locker room?

    • Biscuit Says:

      Oh my God. So now we’re expected to let PERVERTED MEN into areas where women change their clothes.

      The world has lost its mind.

      • Bea Says:

        Personally I’d rather let a run-of-the-mill average Joe in the locker room than a kinkster dude with a feminization fetish. I mean, they don’t only want us changing around dudes…it has to be the most lascivious, mentally ill perverts around.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      If you were just visiting a friend at a gym why on earth would you need to leave your bag in a changing room? This is a common or garden pervert! In some way I hope this guy gets caught filming women somewhere and the police find footage of the banned woman in his collection. Then she can sue Planet Fitness to buggery and beyond. Planet Fitness, the gym that lets sex pests film women in their changing rooms and bans the women when they object.

      • neme Says:

        This. The purse. No one leaves their purse unattended. If you’ve ever worn femme clothing, with those useless pockets and tight fit, your purse has valuables in it – your wallet, I.D., credit cards, etc.

        It sounds like his manclothes had practical pockets. So he had no good reason to have a purse with him at all. The cops are going to find footage. The trespass and implausible story for why he planted the bag should help them get a warrant, especially when combined with his public, grotesque and stalking behaviour towards females.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Exactly! No one leaves their purse unattended unless they’re ridiculously naive or they’re pulling a scam.

      • RR Says:

        My stomach just dropped when I saw the part about his bag. Why would you conspicuously place your coat and bag in open view in a lockeroom instead of one a locker???? Oh course he is trying to film women in there, he has every other fetish in the book and voyeurism is one of the most common. If you see something, say something! Men creeping and filming women secretly is an act of terror! Good job to Yvette, and I hope she is doing OK through through this. Just dressing “as a woman” is a big part of these guys humiliation fetish because they think women are lowly and degraded creatures, so dressing like one is an act of humiliation in itself. He even describes himself in his wig as “lurid”, he knows what he looks like! Pretending he is an immigrant prostitute?? Ughhhh. His fb messages to women with fitness photos is particularly revealing- I hope this guy gets busted with whatever videos he has on his computer- this is not his first rodeo, I am sure. “Nom nom nom yay lunch!” “Pee on me”. Wtf?? This pos is representive of the majority of heterosexual transgender men, not an exception. Trust yourself and each your girls to trust their instincts- send a message with your wallet to companies that feel that men’s feels > women’s reals. The actual reality is that a quick Google search of man+wig+bathroom will yield thousands of unique news reports of men like this creeping, and then there are the thousands of women assaulted, raped and murdered in bathrooms by men without slapping on a lurid wig. I came across a story that another Planet Fitness was alerted to the presence of cameras in their tanning beds, but did nothing while women continued to use them. There are other stories about their treatment of women linked below, too, disgraceful. So if you are woman who is pregnant, “fit”, religious or just doesn’t want to be filmed or creeped on by lantern-jawed linebackers in lurid wigs, then Planet Fitness doesn’t want your money.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @RR- insert paragraph breaks. no one can read a wall of text.

    • morag99 Says:

      Thank you, thank you Gallus for finding and sharing this information about this “Carlotta Sklodowska” and his many perversions and sick fantasies and bigotries.

      Here’s a man with a sexual fetish for women’s fitness, who believes that a “pussy” is all that’s “required” and whose sexual tastes involve urine and being “choked to death.”

      So yes, yes — let’s welcome him into vulnerable women’s spaces, let’s protect his “right” to practice his paraphilia on unsuspecting women, and let’s punish any women who complain when they run into this horror-show of a man when they are naked, showering and/or using the toilet.

      Is anybody listening to this? Well, WE are. But when I say “anybody” I mean somebody important, because obviously women who can SEE are not important.

      Not just an hour ago, some asshole LGBT spokesman on the CBC was scoffing at the idea that there’s anything worrying about male transgenderists being allowed to use women’s spaces. Pretty news anchor/reporter nodding her head politely as she’s listening to him snickering at and mocking women’s discomfort, concerns, fears. What can she say? HE knows better what’s good for women than she does. Just keep nodding and smiling, Wendy! I don’t even know whether to be angry with her or to wonder if she trauma-bonded to her high-status career.

      This is madness. This is patriarchy. Men are never going to stop. The conservative men and the liberal men, and all the other men, too, are going to continue duking it out for ascendency over our female bodies and lives. And there will always be some women who are there, with their pom-poms, cheering on their boys, their team.

      Go, Carlotta! Go!

      • janetwo Says:


        “And there will always be some women who are there, with their pom-poms, cheering on their boys, their team. ”

        Unfortunately,not just some…many. Sometimes I wish more women would help themselves. Its hard to keep the Faith when women write and buy en masse drivel like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. I think men must be confused about what women really want. I know that I am. Collectively, our grand-mothers gave us tremendous opportunities to improve our lot, but most women are too afraid to make the best of it. On the positive side, I bailed out of the archery class because the attendance was over the roof with so many young girls inspired by the Hunger Games main character.

    • Biscuit Says:

      So, a male pervert with a women’s fitness fetish is caught in the women’s locker room – at a gym where he is not a member – and the woman who called him out is the bad person. Ok then.

      This is really sickening. Everything about this screams out that this guy is a pervert trying to creep on women and fulfill a fetishistic desire. Now all a dude has to do to get a free pass to a woman’s change room is claim to have a female identity. This is gross. I agree with everyone who suspects he may have put a camera in that bag.

      I used to figure it was fine for transwomen to be in women’s change rooms. Now – after seeing how many are just outright perverts – it freaks me out.

      • Juliana D Says:


        Yes, it was the bag/purse that got me too. I never leave a purse or messenger bag unattended. I certainly would not leave it in a gym I was not even a member of!

        What woman would hang her bag in an establishment she is not even a part of to go see a “friend”?

        Makes no sense.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Carlotta Sklodowska could scare a mother grizzly away from her cubs.

  23. silverside Says:

    Unfortunately, I am sure that the vast majority of cases of men caught in women’s rooms never makes it into the press. I clearly remember a case from when I was a college student. A man managed to get past our (basically non-existent) dorm security and entered one of the women’s hallways. He barged into the bathroom (with a piece of rope as I recall) where a woman was showering. She screamed. He was caught, and as I recall, it turned out he had a trunk full of rope and similar equipment for subduing somebody. And he had a history of doing similar things all over the east coast. Are we to believe that it was transphobic and bigoted for her to scream? That maybe he had a perfectly innocent explanation as to why he was in a women’s bathroom with a piece of rope? Maybe he was, um, at art student doing some sort of conceptual project? Gee, maybe the man breaking through your window at night is really just a nice “lady” wanting to talk? So don’t judge (until the rope is wrapped around your neck?) The violation of common sense is just staggering.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I think you’re correct about most of these incidents not making the news. Public venues don’t want to publicize that their bathrooms might not be safe. Also, because transgenderism is such a sensitive topic now, most venues don’t want to blasted or even sued for their methods to address the situation.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      There have been a couple of cases reported on in the UK recently. One of a man who somehow placed a tiny camera in the women’s showers at a gym and one of a retired headmaster who was caught spying on a woman in a unisex changing room at a gym. I’m sure these are the tip of the iceberg.

      I shouldn’t laugh but the headmaster who was caught was called Mr Doubtfire. He should change that to Mrs Doubtfire and the next time he is caught being a sex pest he can cry ‘Transphobia!’ and get away with it.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Shouldn’t judge even after the rope is around your neck, though. For all you know, they identify as a serial killer, and it’s bigoted and murderous to not honor someone’s self-designated identity.

  24. ImNoCissie Says:

    Just one more thought I have on this. I keep hearing from trans-apologists “oh, but transwomen will be beaten up if they use the men’s room”.

    Aside from the lack of evidence presented when these statements are made, I need to know WHY the solution to that problem would be not to deal with MEN’S attitudes toward trans people but to forcibly violate women’s boundaries and then punish us for speaking up? To COMPLETELY disregard our long-established and clearly spoken wish to have our own private space for changing clothes, showering and using the toilet?

    Go complain to the men that they aren’t being nice to other men who need to use the rest room. Leave us out of it.

    • GallusMag Says:

      There’s a somewhat “feminine” transwoman in Vancouver that tried to start a big protest femming it up in the mensroom recently. It failed when he was surprised to discover that men don’t care how transgendered the other men are in the male bathroom. No one cared!

      • LC Says:

        Wow… that’s actually kind of incredible and makes sense of the lack of reported incidents of transgender women in men’s rooms. Literally the worst that happened is that a man hit on him afterwards… but women must give over their spaces, because… violence could happen, eventually! And… feelings!

        Moreover, this would be far more transgressive of gender than needing to call oneself a woman to dress that way- the whole “biological determinism” that transactivists complain about. But of course, just being themselves without needing outside validation or other people to join in the roleplay is so un-sexy.

      • Why would men care about men in the men’s bathroom? I’ve gone in the men’s bathroom after my kid more than once (with abject apologies, of course) and other than annoyance and/or aggravation, they weren’t fazed in the least.

      • Juliana D Says:

        Oh okay, so he used the men’s restroom to prove a point, which turned out to be that it made the men “uncomfortable” and it was “awkward.” Poor men! I bet none of them felt terrified of assault, like how actual women feel when finding an obvious man in the restroom. But let’s forget about that. After all, apparently 50 to 70% of assaults on transgendered persons happen in the washrooms! Where in the world did this figure come from???

        Thanks for your work, GM. Of course the guy who got that woman’s gym membership revoked (at least indirectly) is another fetishistic cross dresser who wants to perv on women in intimate spaces… News at eleven! I too bet there was a camera in that bag. But since it is a-ok now for men to be in women’s changing rooms, it can’t be reported to authorities to find out.

        Yay for the new world order!

      • No name Says:

        75% of rapes happen To ‘Women-only’ in the woman’s restroom in India. Women are in danger from men that want to enter. Men do not attack other men in the restroom, A 6 foot tall 250 lb man is not in danger in the men’s restroom, even in a bra and panties. and if there is even one incident, there are lawyers waiting to sue for gay bashing other men. M2trans born-males have that protection too, the ‘Man’sgender’ Law center lets that be known,- but Lesbian women do not even have that yet because they are actual females.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The men are “uncomfortable” because he is taking their photo as they urinate.

        He is basically doing whatever he can to provoke a confrontation. Still: no one cares.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So this guy can’t even respect other people’s privacy and boundaries enough to not take pictures in the loo?! WHAT. A. PERVERTED. FREAK.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Same individual, from his YouTube account:

      • GallusMag Says:



      • kesher Says:

        “Where in the world did this figure come from???”

        I’m guessing from the same place as the “1 in 12 trans people will be victims of homicide” statistic.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Tired of taking pictures of yourself in the men’s restroom? Just go home, take off the drag, and take another picture of yourself as the privileged, entitled white male you are.

        Gee, I’m a biological female ALL the time. Never put on a wig, never put on makeup, never hang out in men’s toilets, never smirk and take pictures of myself.

      • morag99 Says:

        I don’t know. This doesn’t look like a spontaneous bathroom “protest.”

        I think it’s a well-planned propaganda campaign. First, how many male transgenderists/cross-dressing fetishists look like this smirky guy? Most of them look and behave like the big, disgusting “Carlotta” — that is, most can’t and don’t WANT to fly under the radar the way a feminine-looking transsexual can. Second, I don’t believe that these pictures are just “selfies.” They look like the product of a well-lit, fashionable photo-shoot. I think this dude, striking poses in the mirror, would like to be “discovered” while lending his face to promote the trans agenda.

      • RR Says:

        LOL! Man Uses Men’s Bathroom, No One Cares

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Carnes wanted to show how ridiculous it looked. But the only reason it looked ridiculous was a man was pretending to be a woman in the men’s room.

    • silverside Says:

      Totally agree. I think we totally run the risk of women’s restrooms and locker rooms becoming that dumping ground for every male who feels “unsafe” in the male room for any reason–“effeminate” gay men, little boys, disabled men, men who are “different” in some way that manages to catch the attention of the bullies. But given that the criteria is nothing but “identification,” the bullies, abusers, and rapists can follow their way in anyway.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Contempt: side of the mouth raised into a sneer or smirk.

      The smirk indicates smugness and arrogance. It is a tight lipped smile with the addition of a degree self satisfaction for good measure.

      Classic signs of conceit include:

      – The smirk—the smile with slightly pouty lips and squinty eyes—that says, “Admit it: You think I’m amazing.”

      LOL, they all do it. The trans smirk appears to be a special brew of disdain and conceit.

    • Dana Says:

      We’re always expected to clean up f?!king men’s messes, didn’t you get the memo? Patriarchy’s maid service, that’s us. It’s our fault men assault “transwomen”, too.

  25. ngblog Says:


    Carlotta Sklodowska 4 days ago

    I also am transitioning, though I am not actually taking estrogen yet. I must be getting it from something though, because I now have actual boobs (small, but I don’t dare shower with men anymore; I jiggle too much) and a booty(although I still have to use pads for saddlebags). I dress and act as female 24/7, except when I have to be with my family, who will only accept me as a male. I don’t spend too much time with them anymore. “Your friends are the family you choose for yourself.” I have found many accepting female friends through the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship; they give me pointers about how to be more feminine and dress appropriately for church services (miniskirts may be no more than an inch or two above the knee, most outfits should feature two colors plus an accent color, you don’t mix gold and silver jewelry, if you wear high heels, always bring a pair of flats or other comfortable shoes with you in a bag, etc.) I also found ULTA to be excellent for face and hair treatments, they don’t charge much more than local beauty shops, and they will treat you just like any of their genuine female customers.”

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      ‘Genuine female customers’? OMG, I believe we’ve found ourselves a transphobe!

      Sounds like he’s fallen into company with a bunch of Stepford Wives who are happy they’ve found themselves a challenging project to Stepfordise. He sure does love those rules of femininity.

      • kesher Says:

        I really doubt Unitarians would fall into Stepford territory. We’re talking about some of the most liberal of liberal Christians. They undoubtedly accept him under the rubric of permissive liberalism, and those women probably also pity him for being so pathetic (in their view, they likely don’t realize he’s a fetishist).

      • morag99 Says:

        Ha. Of course he’s a “transphobe.” He knows he’s a piece of shit disgusting man. He just doesn’t care. And nor does he have to worry, because so many other men and women will defend his “right” to wander into the ladies’ and get off on genuine women’s confusion and fright.

        This man might be piss-soaked, but he’s no masochist. He’s sadistic. He enjoys women being distressed by his presence and obviously-male appearance.

  26. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    No judgements! Unless you’re a woman correctly judging that penis = male!!

  27. @Gallus, “He says he is not a member of the gym. He says he entered the gym twice to leave a bag hanging in the women’s locker room while he visited “a friend”.

    If he wasn’t a member of the gym, why did he enter the women’s locker room? What was in the bag he carried? This is suspicious, and this needs to be fully investigated.

    Gallus, great job of digging up information on the kinky crossdresser Carlotta Sklodowska. Looking at his online posts about all the gross kinky stuff he enjoys makes my stomach turn. I agree that Ms. Cormier is a hero for going with her gut instincts.

    I hope Ms. Cormier gets a good attorney to compensate her for the emotional suffering and humiliation she has endured. An apology from Planet Fitness isn’t good enough.

  28. Maria Says:

    “I come to this country in 2000 to Boston as exchange student, but my English is not so good, so I drop out and get job as waitress. Then I go to Chicago and become dencer, but after couple years I move to Houston because is more places to work, and it does not snow in winter. I enjoy Houston very much, and maybe I will go beck to school here and study abanormal pesacology, or sexual behavior of males. I think I know something about these already. ”
    -“Carlotta Sklodowska'”s ‘About Me’ on “her” Facebook profile


    • kesher Says:

      So there’s the fetish toward women in fitness and apparently toward Eastern European women. Classy.

      I bet he grew up in Lubbock or something.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      He even spells out the Cousin Balki dialect! Pathetic.

      “I become dencer”

      “I will go beck to school”

      Do you also do the dence of joy, Mees Carlotta?


    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I wonder how many of the people leaping to this guy’s defence over identifying as a woman would feel so happy about him identifying as Polish?

      Coming from a continent where the majority of trafficked and enslaved women are from Eastern Europe this is beyond sickening. How nice to be able to mentally slum it as an entrapped, abused woman without ever being in danger of that becoming your lived reality.

      I sincerely hope the police are searching this man’s devices for footage of women in locker rooms soon.

      • morag99 Says:

        “Carlotta” prawdopodobnie ma kryminalną, lub będą mieć jeden w przyszłości. On jest świnia. Nie transseksualistów, ale heteroseksualny samiec świni.

      • Bea Says:

        He’s trans Polish. He identifies as Polish.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        S’wietnie, morag99! But is this completely fair to pigs? I mean literal ones. After all, they aren’t trying to invade women’s locker rooms.

        On the other hand, if we’re talking about putting lipstick on one . . .

      • morag99 Says:

        Oak and Ash — ha! You’re right, it’s unfair to real pigs, who are clever, affectionate and sensitive animals. But, I do like the harsh sound and filthy connotations of “swine.” Calling someone swine, in Polish, is a cutting insult — and richly deserved by rapist-mentality, locker room-invading fetishists.

        I wonder if other languages have a similar “pig in lipstick” saying? It’s just so perfect for these guys. Of course, so is “pigs in wigs,” because it rhymes! Gallus, did you coin that one?

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol no but I wish I had. Homosexual transgenders coined it to refer to their autogynephile brothers.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        morag99–Fairness to pigs aside, “swine” is a useful insult, so it’s too bad we no longer use it in English–well, American English, anyway.

    • GallusMag Says:

      @CK- Word.

      Apparently he IS actually from Houston and only recently moved to Midland, so he might not be on the local cops radar yet even if he is a known offender elsewhere.

    • Wait, I thought Facebook had a “no fake names” rule? They canceled some Native Americans accounts about it. I’m sure trans get a special dispensation though, even when they’re not trans because reasons.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        And a no sexually explicit content rule, too? Haven’t they deleted breast-feeding pics and things of that nature?

      • I know. I write romance novels and some of my friends have had their books removed from Facebook for their covers, and certain posts were removed as well.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s funny that you mention that. When Facebook cleared fake names out of their accounts several months ago, the trans brigade lost their shit and demanded special exemptions. Which they got of course.

      • a cat Says:

        We had trouble with Gaelic names in Scotland (sometimes people, especially Nationalists, Gaelicise their names if they aren’t already. You could with mine,although I wouldn’t bother personally). Facebook was warning and booting people for that. But any man with a fantasy can just make up any old shit and it’s fine?

  29. 2 things:

    1). The gymn is doing this because they are afraid of being sued. WHY AREN’T WE SUING? Why aren’t we contacting this woman and getting her a goddamn lawyer?? Lawsuit is how things get settled in America. Just sitting here watching MEN insanely fuck with us is not working. (Also, can we please STOP calling them “transwomen” — this is capitulation. These men — like all men– have an Xy chromosome in every 37 trillion cells of their bodies — including every cell of their self-described “ladybrain.” — Even “MtT” is problematic. — Because these are not trans, these are MEN, — or at best, men who self-mutilate for their own gratification).

    2. This is how the article on creep posted above by Atranswidow ends: .

    “In reference to Cormier’s safety concerns, Sklodowska said she wants to make it clear that she is not looking to harm anyone.”

    — Jessica Shepherd is a reporter with MLive/The Saginaw News. Contact her at 989-996-0687, email her at or follow her on Twitter.

    Let’s call this reporter, obviously a draftee for doing dude’s dirty work, and clarify some shit for her.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I do wish she had asked him if he had any criminal history. Seems like basic reporting. If his record is clear, it would go to support his statement that he had no intention to harm women. Right?

    • kesher Says:

      The gym won’t get sued in Michigan though. Michigan doesn’t have LGBT protections. Planet Fitness went way beyond anything it’s required to do to avoid lawsuits.

  30. Ashland Avenue Says:

    All the reports of cameras found in women’s locker rooms, changing rooms, hell, even in their PERSONAL HOMES (yes, just Google it), has me extra careful. In the shower area of my gym, there are some air vents in the walls. I always make sure to choose a stall away from them, because I can’t trust that there’s not a camera within. To a man (especially male trannies), and their handmaidens, that may sound paranoid. Sadly, it’s not. It’s just too common nowadays to ignore it.

    I’ll say this too: if I were changing in the locker room, and looked over and saw a guy with his wang hanging out, the very last thing I would be is quiet. I guarantee you that everyone in that locker room would know that there was a dude present. 😉

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      This is why I don’t agree with single cubicle unisex toilets that many people think are the solution to the problem. There are too many incidences recently of men placing cameras in women’s spaces. We also have men here who get off on wanking onto women’s clothing on packed Tube trains. I don’t think we should make it easier for these men to be disgusting or voyeuristic.

      • kesher Says:

        Unisex toilets are a solution to the problem of trans people demanding access to women’s spaces as long as they’re a third option, not a replacement for existing sex-segregated spaces. Let those trans people who don’t want to use the toilets designated for the sex be the ones perved on by creepy men.

        Trans activist rhetoric is almost indistinguishable from that of MRAs these days. They want to believe that men are harmless and women are perfectly accepted in society and safe. So let them be the ones to deal with (non-existent) male transgressions.

  31. born free & female Says:

    Gallus – would you consider adding some of the info about this guy to the main article, especially the “pee on me” messages and the fact that he’s had no surgery or hormones? I’m going to send this link to some friends in Michigan so they can contact politicians and reporters, who might not scroll down to the comments for confirmation that this is a pervert with a penis.

    Thank you for all you do!

  32. Lauren Says:

    I don’t typically comment, but enough is enough. Yvette, a real woman, has lost her gym membership because she did what any real woman would do. Upon seeing a man in the locker room she, like most of would, likely felt immediately frightened. As a rape survivor I still have a panic response around men I don’t already know. Seeing one in the locker room would send me straight into defence mode. Perhaps this was her response as well given that most women have been raped or sexually assaulted in some way by a man. We must be on constant guard.

    The tragic truth is that transgender is the strategy being employed by men to erase real women and reduce ‘female’ to object status. They, as they’ve been trying to do for all time, are trying to make us ‘just things with which they can whatever they want, whenever they want’. By sending men to invade female space and erase female identity by allowing these men to appropriate it, change it, and destroy it they are slowly removing us from our status as human and turning us into sub-human objects bound to the will of men.

    I won’t continue with what I could write as a dissertation. I’ll just say that it’s my sincerest hope that blogs like this and the people who create them will have some positive impact on the continuation of real female identity. You are on the front lines of a war started by men to destroy us, and I hope your words can help us win.

    Thank you for being here.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      “The tragic truth is that transgender is the strategy being employed by men to erase real women and reduce ‘female’ to object status.”

      I think the most fundamental misunderstanding I’ve noticed with trans* is the notion that female object status is something that can be picked up or dropped by women as well; that women’s oppression is caused by gender, gender is drag one can put on or take off at leisure, and if women were really feeling oppressed by femaleness they’d just ‘take off’ femaleness and put on something else (as lots of baby FTMs/F2Ts are doing, declaring themselves gender-neutral or agender or genderqueer or something). I’m sure everyone who’s going to read this is aware that gender noncompliance can be as bad or worse, and that this sort of misunderstanding can only be perpetuated through male privilege—or, in some cases, women whose class privilege allows them to live in a gender-lite bubble [so long as they don’t transgress in ways that actually diminish men’s power]. But I’m saying it anyway because words, and to make sure I have the core concepts down.

      “Employed BY MEN” seems to be the most important part of this statement actually. Across history and culture gender-compliant men have tended to displace gender-noncompliant men into a ‘third gender’ in order to shore up the gender binary (fa’afafine, kathoeys, hijra etc). Basically it reinforces the idea that one’s gender is based on one’s sex and therefore if one doesn’t comply with gender one obviously isn’t a ‘real’ member of one’s sex. In spite of all the queer theory claims of worldwide gender diversity, I’ve yet to hear of a culture where gender wasn’t tied to sex somehow, e.g. someplace where all children are considered gender-neutral and then have to choose male or female (or neither!) when they reach the age of majority. Or where one’s gender is determined by eye colour or whether someone is left- or right-handed. Those cultures would be a lot more interesting than ours, actually.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s interesting to me that other cultures have created a third gender for men who are driven to “live as” women, but women don’t get that consideration. It’s almost as though most people don’t really care when men “debase” themselves by pretending to be us, but women stepping out of our oppression is practically criminal.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        I think the most fundamental misunderstanding I’ve noticed with trans* is the notion that female object status is something that can be picked up or dropped by women as well; that women’s oppression is caused by gender, gender is drag one can put on or take off at leisure, and if women were really feeling oppressed by femaleness they’d just ‘take off’ femaleness and put on something else (as lots of baby FTMs/F2Ts are doing, declaring themselves gender-neutral or agender or genderqueer or something).

        All the same, somebody’s gotta do the world’s unpaid shit work, so we can’t all be FTMs. FTMs and genderqueers are doing the same thing MTFs do – leaving the dirty work of liberation to class:female. They’re saying I don’t want the dirty, dangerous work of fighting for true freedom from the gender hierarchy. Rather, I’ll take a shortcut and simply defect to the more privileged group. But at the same time they’re too cowardly to stand alone, so they continue to hide behind our skirts and expect us to do the labor of protecting them from men. For example, they have an irritating habit of lurking about women’s colleges even after rejecting female identity. So they jabber about “cis privilege” in an attempt to guilt-trip us into enabling their delusions, distracting us from our real task of female liberation.

        Clearly FTM transition is an attempt, however doomed, to identify their way out of the gender prison, but the burden they’re dumping on other women is real.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “It’s interesting to me that other cultures have created a third gender for men who are driven to “live as” women, but women don’t get that consideration.”

        I’d think that goes without saying. (Except in Albania! – but even then it’s still patriarchy) According to patriarchy, women are props, not people. Women exist to be had sex=rape with and not as independent human beings.

        That’s why when we look at societies with ‘third genders’ it’s always the most patriarchal ones, since the hierarchy goes man > third gender (i.e. male who is sexually available to men) > woman, or in the case of Albania, man > third gender (i.e. female who can take on the dominant role in the absence of a man) > woman. It’s always gender defined with male as default and everything else by whether or not men can have sex=rape with it.

        “All the same, somebody’s gotta do the world’s unpaid shit work, so we can’t all be FTMs.”

        I think it would actually be really interesting if (het/bi) women started to declare themselves FTMs in really large numbers (I’m thinking billion+), just mass abandoning the female sex role. That’s pretty much what men have feared ever since they learned that lesbians.

  33. Susan Nunes Says:

    Thank you for this blog. I am sixty years old, plenty old enough to remember and support the theories and actions of the second wave feminists, and I cannot believe how far astray the movement has been led with this transgender nonsense. It is insanity to me.

    I have always opposed surgical and hormone treatments to treat mental disorders, which transsexualism or whatever you call it is. Now this transgenderism I believe is being used to obliterate women as a group, as a protected class. It’s pure insanity, and it needs to be fought back.

    If sexism were eliminated, there would be no transsexualism, let alone an industry that is aiding and abetting it.

    What shocks me is the discourse has gone so far off the beam that the common sense that men who have hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery to impersonate women are not women is considered “radical feminist.” It is no such thing. It is reality.

    I think you will find that despite all of the hijacking of gender, women’s studies, and political discourse, that the views expressed here are the views of the vast majority of the general population. Transgenders are an itty-bitty proportion of the population, almost negligible, but their loud mouths are intimidating people like public officials to put through policies that are truly destructive to women.

    Stopping this insanity is long overdue.

    • Elle Says:

      An open letter to Planet Fitness—how cool is this?!

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Elle: Please tell me what exactly you think is “cool” about a letter from a man on a far-right, anti-feminist, anti-abortion, anti-gay pro-gender (but not Trans-gender!) website. Because I find it disgusting, and I would like to know what is “so cool” about it.

      • morag99 Says:

        Reading the article cold — not paying attention to the website on which it appears, and detached from the writer’s other pieces — it sounds familiar and reasonable enough. After all, we make the same reality-based arguments that he does. Until the very end, that is, where he rolls together gay and trans into a single, perverted movement. The gay-bashing comes last.

        It’s impossible for women, by design. We’re surrounded on all sides by men who intend to control us. The only men who are defending women’s sex-segregated spaces (though not the lesbian or separatist ones!) are the same men who would take away our right to abortion, let us languish in poverty, let us suffer on-the-job sexual harassment, etc., etc.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s another demonstration of the maxim: right wing men see women as private property; left wing men see women as public property.

        Right wing men oppose gender identity measures for various reasons, one being that they hate men who veer outside their proscribed gender roles, but another is that they don’t want third parties creeping on “their” women. Since left wing men see women as public property, they don’t particularly care about third parties creeping on us; their “tolerance” requires them not to care.

      • morag99 Says:

        “It’s another demonstration of the maxim: right wing men see women as private property; left wing men see women as public property.”

        Precisely, kesher. Well-said.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        The assertion that women aren’t property is exactly why both right and left wing men dislike radical feminism. If men on the left don’t mind liberal “feminism,” that’s because it works more like the SPCA. Supporters of liberal feminism may want to protect women from being starved or beaten–at least without so-called consent–and make sure their cages are reasonably comfortable, but won’t really oppose others making decisions about a woman’s grooming, mating, or obedience training. Also, since animals have no right to privacy, they’re not going to defend our spaces from male incursion.

    • edonohue2013 Says:

      Right on.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes, Welcome Susan and thank you for your thoughts.

      • Elle Says:

        Eek, I just read the letter cold without vetting the site. But I still agree strongly with the author’s reality-based arguments, and it made me happy that he’d taken the time to call out Planet Fitness so thoroughly.

        I may disagree with the website’s opinions, but I can accept differing opinions—what I can’t accept is people telling me that their feelings trump what my senses are telling me about reality and my own safety.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Elle- thank you for your reply.

      • Elle Says:

        @Gallus—And thank you for your vigilance!

  34. Matt Walsh is too conservative for me, and I don’t agree with his politics, but I read the article. Men who routinely bash feminists make me cringe. As much as Matt Walsh repulses me, every now and then conservatives are right. It’s a rare occasion, but they are spot on about this. I’m rather appalled at some of the comments in the comment section because they toss gay and lesbian in with cross dressing men with sexual fetishes.

    This isn’t a conservative or liberal issue. It’s a women’s issue that touches all women.

    I did learn that a recent class action lawsuit was filed against Planet Fitness for an incident in which a man secretly put cameras in the tanning booths. Now, this freaky cross dressing dude who calls himself a “male slave” and likes women to pee on him gets inside the women’s locker room. He doesn’t even have a gym membership, but it’s okay because he just looks so huge and friendly.

    November 2014

    “Earlier this month, 27-year-old Trent Hamer was arrested after two video recording devices that he had hidden were discovered in the tanning facility of a Moline, IL Planet Fitness. He has been charged with the Class 4 felony of unauthorized videotaping..Now, according to the Quad-City Times, Mary Barnhill, who had used the Planet Fitness tanning facility for 12 days prior to learning about the video taping incident, is filing a class-action lawsuit against Pla-Fit LLC, as well as MBM Fitness Management LLC, the operating franchisee of the Planet Fitness gym in question.

    The companies are being charged with negligence in Rock Island County Circuit Court. Barnhill is represented by Thomas Zimmerman Jr. of Chicago.

    The lawsuit charges that the companies “had a duty to exercise ordinary care to protect their members’ privacy and security during their use of the tanning rooms at the Planet Fitness gym and timely notify their members of a security breach of their privacy and security that occurred during their use of the tanning rooms at the Planet Fitness gym.”

    One would think they would learn something from this incident and the class action lawsuit. Why on earth would a male who doesn’t even have a gym membership be allowed access to the women’s locker room? Scroll up and gaze at some of his screen shot kinky sexual fetishes. That is, if it doesn’t make you lose your lunch.

    All women should run as fast as they can from Planet Fitness. Also, get a good lawyer just in case some creep doesn’t have a secret camera planted somewhere. I think Ms. Cormier should get a lawyer because they portrayed her as an evil bigot out to get this poor dainty transwoman that calls himself a “male slave”. She was humiliated and shamed for just expressing her fear of this huge, hulking strange man in the women’s locker room.

    • janetwo Says:

      “Matt Walsh is too conservative for me, and I don’t agree with his politics, but I read the article. Men who routinely bash feminists make me cringe. As much as Matt Walsh repulses me, every now and then conservatives are right. It’s a rare occasion, but they are spot on about this. I’m rather appalled at some of the comments in the comment section because they toss gay and lesbian in with cross dressing men with sexual fetishes. ”

      I had the same thoughts. The transcult validates so much of the worst the conservatives have said over the years about progressives. That is what funfems, femlibs, LGB activists need to wrap their heads around: either we dissociate from these loonies or the backlash will destroy years of effort put into woman rights and gay rights.

      • Precisely. To be honest all this trans shit has really made me seriously reconsider my liberal stance on a lot of things. They said it was a slippery slope and damn if #TeamTrans hasn’t gone and proved them right. Almost as if that was their plan. I’m more and more convinced that #TeamTrans is a Fifth Column for the Right.

      • Juliana D Says:

        In my more paranoid moods, I think this is the point. When the whole trans thing blows up, it is going to be gays, lesbians, and feminists who take the blame for it, as well as the Left in general, though I no longer consider myself Left or Right. (I think it is a false dialectic that pits us against one another so the capitalist-techno-industrial system can continue…)

  35. Am I the only one who’s pissed that he stole the name of a genuine heroine for this pervy shit? Madame Curie? Seriously? Can they please go back to being Zoe #127? Swear to God, when I come across one named Ruth Bader Ginsburg there will be blood.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      No, you aren’t the only one. I read Curie’s biography (was it written by a daughter, or herself, I can’t remember) and it was a great inspiring story.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Thank you, Roslyn and AreUSaying. Since Marie Curie was my first hero as a child, I thought maybe my taking offense at that was a bit petty next to the issue of women’s safety in changing areas and the horror show of this guy’s identifying as an Eastern-European victim of sex trafficking. I’m relieved to hear others are reacting the same way.

      Glad to join the mélée if someone claims Justice Ginsburg’s identity.

  36. And does anyone remember the post where someone posted pictures of the fake pussies and the woman suit? I’ve used the search, but nothing comes up.

  37. Real classy fitness center….more on the current lawsuit.


    “Mary Barnhill, an Illinois resident and Planet Fitness member has filed a lawsuit alleging that Planet Fitness discovered a hidden camera in one of its tanning rooms but did not inform its members about the discovery until days later, and its members continued to use the tanning rooms at the gym while a second hidden camera was still secretly recording them. ”

    If this really happened the way the plaintiff describes it in the lawsuit, it’s utterly disgusting. They should have shut all the tanning rooms down immediately, notified women, and searched high and low for more cameras. They allegedly failed to inform the women until days later of the first hidden camera that they discovered all the while a second hidden camera was recording them. WTF is this? It makes me sick.

    Then, they bash a woman for being frightened about a strange man (Mr. male slut likes women to pee on him) in the women’s locker room. By revoking her membership, they probably did her a big favor.

    As to the cross dressing dude, Carlotta Sklodowska, I really want to know what he was doing in the women’s locker room considering the fact that he wasn’t even a gym member. Who was his friend that he was supposedly seeing? What was he doing in the women’s locker room? What about the bag he had, and what was in it? This needs to be investigated. No one is accusing him of a crime, but it looks suspicious.

    “Sincere self-reported gender identity” is a freaking joke, and everyone knows it. He calls himself a “male slut”. How can a man who calls himself male, and recognizes himself as male have a firm belief that he is truly a woman? Or, maybe he is “male slut” part of the time, and then his lady feels kick in. Is he just a “male slut” when his mistress wishes him to be?

    I don’t know where Gallus found the screen shot of his long description of how he is a proud “male slut”, but it can also be found here.

    “I will be a male Slut-in-training on a leash held my mistress, Madame Domino, with a mask made of 2 pair of black panties covering my face and most of my head under a lurid black/red wig….”.

    Carlotta Sklodowska, Cook, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Companion at Private home

    Notice how it says “male”. He doesn’t say female slut.

    Note that the date on this is October 21, 2014 at 8:05pm. Apparently, he went from “male slut” to “sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman” in 4 months and 15 days (is my math right).

  38. dbrvnk Says:

    I think the issue of trannies in bathrooms/locker rooms/saunas etc serves to point up the larger issues around those spaces. The fact is that many such spaces are already fundamentally unsafe even before we ‘legally’ allow men in, as men have been fetishizing and invading women’s safe spaces for as long as such spaces have existed; and in the case of modern bathrooms, locker rooms and so on, are abetted by the very design of those spaces.

    Ultimately, those spaces were designed by men to suit men’s needs, and men are incapable of comprehending women’s needs (particularly for privacy and safety, in a society where women’s vulnerability is fetishized and men’s is not). Put simply men do not have to worry about being photographed under stall doors or filmed in locker rooms; if solicited for sex in a restroom men can generally decline without fear of violence and rape and assault are pretty rare. So of course such vulnerable spaces are designed around men’s concerns (space efficiency, money saving, etc). See also: the queues are always so much longer for the ladies’ room, why question mark.

    It’s just this incredible fucking self-centeredness on the part of men that I’m coming to realise is typical of everything they do. It wouldn’t be hard to come up with some kind of bathroom/locker room/changing room type thing where people can get undressed in safety and comfort, but MEN have all the safety and comfort they want already so of course that’s never going to happen.

  39. A man recently told me there is a camera in every women’s public restroom in America. This one dude I have to deal with for business, a goddamn republican, a multimillionare, offered this bit of information in response to my telling him I have a musician girlfriend hitchiking across the country with her guitar. Dude is gross. Dude would know. Every restroom, wims. Every one.

    • Juliana D Says:

      I believe it. Since I started reading about this stuff more than a year ago, I began to avoid public restrooms unless necessary. And when I do use them, I look around and up, and note whether there is a vent. And I do my best to cover up, vent or no.

      I have read too many stories of men, hidden cameras, and fetishes. I also do not wear dresses anymore (not my thing anyway), but if I do, I wear opaque tights under, not panty hose or nothing but undies. (Upskirt stuff.)

      Though I am relatively young, I am seriously thinking about investing in Depends! Technology has really made things worse for our privacy.

      • This is so annoying. In summer we wear skirts because it’s too damned hot to wear anything else. Especially when you’re having hot flashes, damnit! I prefer long skirts so I don’t flash anyone, and boy shorts under shorter skirts. But I shouldn’t have to. i assume no one is upskirting a woman my age, but who the hell knows what those freaks are up to?

      • Juliana D Says:

        Hi Roslyn, I understand. I have lived in the south (was born there), and it is hot as hell, but I’d stick with the boy shorts. Men are sexualizing us at all ages now. Look at MILF and GILF porn. No woman is safe from these guys’ fetishes. I am in my early forties (and look it) and I got hit on by what appeared to be a nineteen-year-old or younger a few months ago. I was taken aback and outright asked him how old he was, and he replied that he was “old enough to be out on [his] own at night.” Meaning, yeah, under 21.

        I didn’t feel flattered. I found it disturbing that a young man would think it appropriate to look a woman up and down like he did and talk to me like that. Inappropriate and disrespectful.

        I also get the creepy stares from men even when I am out with my toddler.

        Just saying, women could either look forward to or dread becoming “invisible” with age, but now we get the “invisible” for our opinions, but still sexualized.

        So gross.

  40. australopithecene Says:

    It’s not surprising the transgender cause has been taken up so enthusiastically. It’s the perfect way for lefty, secretly misogynist guys to unravel women’s rights and look right on.

  41. GallusMag Says:


    Hanna Zoey Tur
    10 hrs · Edited ·
    I have mixed feelings about this. Before I wore women’s clothing publicly, or even considered using a female only space, including a women’s restroom, I had undergone 12 months of dramatic life changing cross hormone therapy, 9 painful full body laser hair removal procedures, a dozen psychiatric sessions for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, an MRI scan, and the pain of coming out that resulted in the loss of my most of my so-called friends-even family.
    Then there were the major surgeries, including sexual reassignment (vaginoplasty) and craniofacial feminization surgeries that cost me a small fortune because my insurance company, Blue Shield of California felt they don’t have to follow California law…And all of that was just the beginning. There’s months of changing government identification, starting with going to a Superior Court Judge for a court order for your gender and name change. Next came changing my social security card, followed by birth certificate, driver’s license, pilot’s certificate, medical certificate, DCA ID, Sheriff’s press pass, and finally US passport. That was the easy part. The big stuff is the loss of male privilege followed by reintegrating into society as female.
    The last thing I wanted to do with my transition was to make others uncomfortable. My hopes were to one day be treated like everyone else-just another gal-To be accepted. Transitioning from one sex to another is the most difficult path a human being can take, and yet for others that are covered under the so-called “transgender” umbrella are those that self identity as transgender and expect the same public acceptance. These “trans” people include heterosexual men that get sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing called transvestites, also known as cross dressers, the gender queers (what ever that is), the agender, the genderless neutrois’, androgyne, bigenders, pan genders, and queer heterosexuals. Confusing? Sure is, even messy. Even I don’t have a clue half the time and I’m supposed to be an authority according to the media!
    So, as the nation deals with this confusing issue we’re going to have unfortuante situations like a woman having her membership revoked at Planet Fitness for complaining about a “man” in the women’s dressing room. The transgender person at the center of this controversy is a cross dresser that took advantage of Planet Fitness’ no discrimination policy to push the envelope at the gym. No hormones, no surgeries, no transition, just $12 leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Not fair for anyone.
    Apologizes to the trans community, but situations like this invariably lead to well meaning fools taking action. Take for example anti-transgender bathroom laws being proposed, and even passed in progressive states, like Florida and Texas where I could face serious jail time for using the women’s room. And if that’s not bad enough, we again have attention seeking half-wits bloggers speaking their “truth”. Take the Blaze’s Matt Walsh:

    Dear Planet Fitness, Why Don’t You Care About The Safety And Privacy of Women?
    Dear Planet Fitness, I went to your website today looking to cancel my membership, but it says I have to do it in writing. I hope this letter will satisfy that…
    Amanda Kopanski, NuNu Vacchino, Cheryll Davis and 20 others like this.
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    Brianne King Well said Zoey, I often have mixed feelings about some of the things involving “transgender” issues. In my profession, and in my past professions, one thing I have learned is that their are a lot of bad apples that ruin it, not only for the “cause” whatever that happens to be at the time or for others who truly suffer for who they are or the cause they represent. Its the classic one step forward, two steps back arguement. I’m glad there are others who feel somewhat similarily.
    9 hrs · 1

    Colleen Elizabeth McTigue You’re being unfair, and haven’t taken the time to get all the facts. This article gives more information, and isn’t slanted so far to the right:…/Transgender-woman-believes…

    Transgender woman at center of gym policy controversy speaks out
    Carlotta Sklodowska came forward today after a…
    9 hrs · 2

    Marie Lauren The new conundrum is how to explain the Q in LGBTQ. People who are Q really muddy the waters on the so called bathroom issue. Not to be too cynical, but who decides what letter, if any, can be added after Q?
    9 hrs · Edited

    Melrose Thrower Sprague You make some very valid and interesting points. I was happy when I first saw this article because I saw it as setting a milestone so that transgender people ARE NOT discriminated against regarding restroom use. I will have to research this better. Thanks for your views Zoey.
    9 hrs · 1

    Melissa Gentry Well that puts a different spin on it for sure. something to think about.
    9 hrs

    Melissa Gentry Well that puts a different spin on it for sure. something to think about.
    9 hrs

    Victoria Kesilis Just to give you a chuckle in all this, as I read your rundown of many of the various gender iterations, I read “bigender” not as bi-gender, but as big-ender. Got stuck on that for a bit…
    9 hrs

    Bianca Khan I’m with you Hanna Zoey Tur! I too did “undergone 12 months of dramatic life changing cross hormone therapy, 9 painful full body laser hair removal procedures, a dozen psychiatric sessions for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria” AND legally my gender before I used them. That man makes us all look like freaks. Being transgender means doing all you can to be transgender. Not just thinking you are.
    9 hrs

    Evan Damkoehler Bianca, it’s not up to us to police anyone’s gender or decide who they are or are not based on what they have had done. My best friend just finally got his surgery after ten years or working his ass off just to be able to afford it. Should he have been forced to use the women’s room just because he couldn’t stand to pee, when seeing the sign alone as he walked in could trigger suicidal thoughts? We need to push acceptance and be open, otherwise this world will never change. Because this woman says she is just that, that’s what she is. You are not her and cannot decide for her how she feels. Planet Fitness is a private club for members only and their policy is that anyone is able to use the changing room that helps them to be comfortable and feel accepted and motivated to be healthy. Being trans is not based on how much of a physical transition a person is able to complete. Please try to be more accepting.
    8 hrs · 4

    Christine Dee I am sorry but your tirade, is why the general,public is confused and hostile, you are just as bad as the conservative lawmakers, you pass judgment, you discount someone else’s experience, and place your own experience as the ONLY experience that is Trans* shame on you for being just as bad as others who condemn the diverse community. This infighting has got to STOP
    8 hrs · 4

    Victoria Kesilis Some things to think about from the always thought-provoking Zinnia Jones. “It’s not your job to decide whether we look the way you think we should. We’re not here to be pretty for you.” (Though as usual Zinnia uses incredibly boring stats and graphs to make her points. The first couple minutes and the final minute are top notch.)

    Gender Analysis 05. Trans Passing Tips for Cis People
    Think passing is all about what trans people look like?…
    8 hrs · 2

    Victoria Kesilis And the other ‘passing’ video. The crap I don’t have to deal with as a cis woman. You trans ladies are tough cookies!

    Gender Analysis 04. Some Advice on “Passing”
    What does it mean for our place in society as trans…
    8 hrs · 1

    Gillian Cameron I have, up to this point, not had the resources to do all that I can for myself. Nonetheless, my being trans has cost me a marriage and a lot of time in counseling and in soul-searching. I am not on hormones, but I hope to be soon. I don’t think I will ever have the out-of-pocket money it would take to make me what I would like to be. And yet… I have been welcomed into women’s sacred spaces. I have been befriended by many people as a woman. If I have learned anything from this life, it is that we are all on our own paths, and we cannot presume to dictate to others. I have also learned to have empathy for those who do not fit the prescribed mold. “Transgender” IS broad term. And there are many within that population with whom I cannot identify. But I have learned not to condemn. This is a touchy subject for me because there have been those who have condemned me for continuing to live a dual existence, for not beginning a transition sooner, for being older… I could go on, but this is beginning to depress me.
    8 hrs · 2

    Julie Rei Goldstein I don’t mean to cause any offense Hanna Zoey Tur, but the idea that your gender only has validity after undergoing so many medical procedures is incredibly privileged. Not everyone has the resources or capability let alone the fact that many of these procedures are not medically necessary for everyone who is Trans, but that in of itself should not be what lends validity to peoples Gender. I understand that you underwent all these procedures rather quickly and it was an easy decision for you, but consider that the vast majority of Trans women come from a background of poverty and don’t have the immense resources you had at your disposal from decades of being perceived and working in a heteronormative environment. We should never require social background to be a requirement for acceptance of our Gender Identity.
    8 hrs · Edited · 6

    Mark Loundy Zoey, you can’t make someone else uncomfortable. They can only do that to themselves. Trying to own somebody else’s feelings will drive you mad. Ya gotta let go of that crap.

    Anybody who might be made uncomfortable by my presence is not somebody I want around me anyway. But I am sure as shit not going to be the one to leave.
    7 hrs · 2

    Jayne Locke Ms Tur,
    My advice to you is to get the facts of any story you decide to cover. You did a huge mis justice to Bruce Jenner reporting his/her alleged cell phone usage without knowing the facts and once again by criticizing the tgirl episode in Planet Fitness.
    The facts are that Carlotta Sklodowska (the tgirl) presents as female, looks female and never dressed as a man at Planet Fitness. She only used the dressing room to store her coat and purse while exercising. Ms Cormier knew the policy at Planet Fitness and knew that Carlotta was a transwomen as well. Ms Cormier was on a mission to create problems for all transwomen in Michigan and used this as an opportunity to cause trouble. Ms Cormier complained to the front desk about allowing transwomen in the locker room and was told once again the policy. She then proceeded to walk throughout the entire facility complaining to anyone and everyone and she did this every day for four consecutive days. She harassed and disturbed every person she came across trying to create a hostile environment for any and all trans folks that might use Planet Fitness. She called the corporate headquarters and complained. After four days of being an abject pain in the ass and disturbing other patrons the Planet Fitness headquarters contacted her, reiterated the policy and then revoked her membership for violating the No Judgement policy and creating a disturbance.
    Ms Cormier is on an anti trans bigoted crusade and this had nothing whatsoever to do with Carlotta looking like a man in drag in the locker room. She would have done the same thing to you or me as well.
    Midland Mi is home to a hate filled anti LGBT zealot named Rep. Gary Glenn (R) a lawmaker and head of the hate group American Family Association.
    Please get your facts right before publishing stories, especially stories about trans folks. Many eyes are on you and the anti trans crowd hangs onto every word you utter looking for reasons to push even more hateful laws. When a person of your stature questions others motives in the trans community it does great harm to all of us.
    7 hrs · 3

    Debby Miller Julie Rei Goldstein is right.

    Hanna Zoey Tur, it probably wasn’t your intent but this post is highly offensive to those of us that are not able, for any number of reasons, to do all the things on your list to be a “real woman.”
    7 hrs · 3

    Sara Simone You don’t need surgery to be a woman; I’m a woman and expect to be treated like one not a fucking man in a dress. Post op women are no better than preop women all it means is that person had money, or the trans woman was complete without surgery. I’m a gorgeous girl and i haven’t had any surgeries whatsoever ever and where ever I go I am treated like the woman I am. I suggest people who think trans people make cis people uncomfortable listen to this YouTube by Zinnia Jones…………….I so agree with her! “Cis People are not the ones threatened by us, we are the ones threatened by them!!!!!!!” Zinnia Jones

    Transgender women in women’s restrooms: A purely imagined harm
    Video transcript:
    7 hrs · Edited · 2

    Sara Simone Oh and for cis people feel uncomfortable with trans women, and drudge up stupid stereotypes I think this beautiful trans woman, a facebook friend of mine and an amazing woman says it perfectly…………..

    7 hrs · Edited · 2

    Sara Simone I go where I want to go as a woman, end of story!

    7 hrs · 2

    Hanna Zoey Tur It’s not my intention to hurt anyone that is trans, but to speak to the discomfort felt by those that aren’t familiar with transgender people. It’s messy and it will only get worse before it gets better. I personally have no issues with nudity, gender, etc. In Berlin the parks, public swimming pools, and spas have coed nude areas. The United States is backward, and trans people that haven’t gone through what I’ve gone through are going to get a great deal of flack from the general public. Remember, we’re a very small percentage of the population. I choose to be very conservative in my public presentation. To this day I’m very careful, but that’s me. If you’re a cross dresser, don’t be surprised if you get called out, or even arrested by police for using women’s spaces. Even here in California there’s problems. We need to educate people. I’ve been straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual. The whole LGBT rainbow and want to educate, not ostracize people.
    6 hrs · Edited · 1

    Rye Silverman Throwing those of us who don’t fit perfectly into the pre approved narratives under the bus so that cis people can feel more comfortable with you isn’t a trans advocacy that I have any interest in getting behind.
    6 hrs

    Jordan Renae My question is, do we know for a fact that the individual in the Planet Fitness issue was indeed a CD and not TG?
    6 hrs

    Rye Silverman Read Jayne Lock’s comments above, that’s addressed.
    6 hrs

    Sara Simone Hanna Zoey Tur you should check out Zinnia Jones YouTube above. It is a false choice or should I say BS that a crossdressor or a man or men dressed as women are trying to use women’s facilities. I’ve never heard of this before. I know plenty of men who do drag and never heard of one trying to use a public women’s facility. That is the type of stuff i hear from the right wing. Are their facts to back this up more that some anecdote???
    6 hrs · 1

    Hanna Zoey Tur I’m a fan of Zinnia and have watched her since day one. So take a breath Sara. Re read what I wrote. It’s not what you think. With respect to cross dressers in bathrooms, I’ve seen it, both as a man, and woman. Had one tell me I have nice tits.
    5 hrs · Edited

    Sara Simone Sorry about your experience; I’ve been full-time over almost four years in Maryland and Virginia and DC have used women’s only restroom during those four years and I have never seen a man in a women’s rest room. It is unfortunate that you are experiencing that in the rest rooms you go in. I stand by my experience over 4 years and obviously you experience causes you some concern and hopefully these men you speak of will stop using women’s facilities. I would still think it rare and support the above video and the statistics related in the video. But thanks for letting me share…
    5 hrs · 1

    Marissa Hall I get it, Zoey. You paid not just in $, but in friends and relationships. You walked it and you live it. It’s a whole different level of commitment than crossdressing, even public crossdressing. You are not hiding secretly behind an “acceptable” male life and risking nothing. I do have to say, looking at the picture of Carlotta in fishnets suggests she may very well be exactly what you assert. Fishnets are such a CD cliche! But that said, there are many who have not gone where you have due to personal reasons which don’t mimic your circumstances, yet still deserve to be respected and the safety of a space reserved for women – or at least one not reserved for men. I don’t think that 99.99% of crossdressers are doing so to ogle anyone, and are usually just about being themselves and left alone, unharassed.
    5 hrs · 3

    Hanna Zoey Tur Rye Silverman it’s difficult to take you seriously when you make posts on your FB page that you present in the gender that will best serve your interests. According to your FB page you go to work as male, but wear a wig and heels on the stage. You do a disservice to those brave enough to present as they identify. I don’t mind gender fluid people, but that means you present as you identify. Right? It’s not like you’re in the United States Military and could face imprisonment or discharge for going to work presenting as female. After all, the EEOC protects you from discrimination on the basis of gender identity.
    5 hrs

    Hanna Zoey Tur

    5 hrs

    Rye Silverman You literally just got done telling everyone in this post that you presented as a man while you went through your hormone treatments and therapy for your diagnosis and then you turn around and tell me that I’m doing a disservice for not presenting how I identify?

    Yeah. My work situation sucks right now. Yeah. There are laws in place that should protect me. There were laws in place that should have covered you with your insurance and how did that work out for you? Oh wait you just told us.

    For you to take a very painful aspect of my daily life and spit it in my face like that when you know nothing of the conversations I’ve had with lawyers, both private and from the transgender law center about it. That’s really low.
    5 hrs · Edited · 1

    Hanna Zoey Tur Marissa Hall I love you for understanding! I didn’t even address the fact that I’ve not had sex in 22 months because of my transition and sexual reassignment surgery. I desperately want to, but I’m not there yet because of dealing with dilation of my neo vagina. It’s painful to dilate until I’m ready to have sex on a regular basis. I hate being alone, but realize it’s not fair to start dating until I’m ready. That’s the reality and price one pays to transition.
    5 hrs · Edited

    Jessica Alexander The TERFs are already having a field day with this story.…/carlotta-sklodowska…/

    Carlotta Sklodowska @sklodowska1982 @CSklodowska @PlanetFitness @HRC…
    5 hrs · 1

    Mikaela Sims I’ve been on hormones since 2013, been out in public since 2010, but really just made way with therapy in the past 12 months or so. I’m going through laser too. I don’t plan on SRS because that’s not where my identity resides, and the risk/reward doesn’t balance for me. The past two months I’ve been coming out more such as to my parents, submitted my requests for the doctor to fill out the forms for gender and name change, and in the final process to come out at work and be 100% full time. My experiences are my own, but we need to be careful about what criteria we use to lend validity to each others trans experience. The narrative may be similar with all of us, but it is unique, too. It would have been easy to lump me in any non trans group based on where I was in my own journey
    4 hrs · Edited · 3

    Hanna Zoey Tur Rye Silverman I came out a month after starting HRT to 28 million people thanks to TMZ. I lost my job because the President hadn’t signed his executive order banning US Gov discrimination. That took another year. I paid the price. News media employers wouldn’t touch me until January of this year. So how I presented didn’t make a bit of difference. It wasn’t until the President mentioned transgender in his State of the Union address and Transparent won two Golden Globes that anyone would speak with me. I face the public and press last month reporting on a show with 6 million viewers. I also did several dozen Interviews. It’s difficult, but worth it. Yes, Rye, I’m calling you out. You can’t have it both ways. Until you deal with your own issues, don’t judge me and I won’t judge you. I feel your pain, but it’s time to get into the fight by standing up, both on and off the stage.
    5 hrs

    Hanna Zoey Tur Is this who we want to represent us as transgender? This is the “transgender woman” at the center of the Planet Fitness controversy. Planet Fitness is plain wrong this time.

    4 hrs · Edited

    Mikaela Sims Well, we never get to pick if we just let it happen, at least the guard seems to be changing. And Zoey, I wasn’t coming down on you per se. Whether this person is worthy of the attention or not is beside the point, I just wanted to point out that we all don’t do the same things or even in the same order.
    4 hrs · 2

    Hanna Zoey Tur I know
    4 hrs

    Mikaela Sims Cool, and for the record, the gender watch report does give me the heebie jeebies and I feel like shit that I compared this to what Brae Carnes is doing.
    4 hrs

    Jessica Alexander It’s wise to pick our battles and heros…
    4 hrs

    Kelley Winters Love ya’, Hanna Zoey Tur, but I urge caution in tearing down another trans woman, based on a three year old image cited from the most gratuitiously hateful anti-trans Raymondite/terf site on the web. Moreover, it’s been my experience that the dignity and legitimacy of a person’s gender identity is not measured by their economic privilege, number of surgeries, false stereotypes of psychopathology (the topic of my 2008 book), or months of hormonal treatment. Trans people exemplify human diversity, and trans people embody it.

    The issue in this case is the conduct of the two women.

    By all of the published accounts I’ve found, the trans woman complied with all of the rules at Planet Fitness, and the aggressor, Ms. Cormier, violated them– by a huge margin. Cormier was so obsessed in her intolerance that she repeatedly returned to the gym to badmouth, out, and misgender the victim to other women customers. If that’s not a violation of the “no judgement” policy, I can’t imagine what is. It’s important to note that the facility had private changing and bathroom stalls, so there never was an issue with anyone’s privacy. Finally, Cormier’s accusation that the presence of trans women posed a “safety” issue to others was pure defamation.

    Kudos to Planet Fitness for standing up to a backstabbing bully.

    “According to Cormier, she returned to the gym each day between Monday and Thursday. While there, Cormier said she told women in the locker room about the individual she observed in the bathroom the weekend before.
    Cormier said she then got a call from Planet Fitness’ corporate office telling her that she was violating their “no judgement” policy. She says they asked if she was going to stop talking to other women in the locker room and she said she would not.”…/transgender_members_welcome_in.html

    Planet Fitness cancels woman’s membership after her complaints of…
    3 hrs

    Hanna Zoey Tur In law there’s a saying; bad facts make bad law. I can’t defend this horseshit. And that’s what this is…horseshit. There’s no reason for this guy to be hanging his coat in the women’s room, except to get a good look. Sorry, but horseshit is always going to be horseshit, no matter what you call it.
    3 hrs

    Ashley Jane Morgan Sadly there is not a handbook or a guide for how all of this works. So we all seem to make it up as we go along… But… I think some common sense needs to come into play here. However you identify is your business and only you get to define yourself. In my mind it kinda stops there… When you enter the realm of the public places, be it locker rooms, restrooms or gender specific venues things change a bit. I don’t think anyone should place themselves in this environment unless they present 100% female and yes I mean post op… Unless you have a private place to change or a stall with a door that latches to use a restroom for privacy while you take care of your business… One long standing “issue” I have with our community is the fact that some feel just because they identify as female that means they expect to be treated “special” well that’s just not realistic… We all have to realize that we are expecting society to make a preverbal left turn when it comes to gender identity and while the Trans community has come light years in a very short time… Let’s not make things worse by expecting a locker room full of woman to just accept someone who only identified as transgender and does not present 100 percent. I realize this is a complicated issue. But if as a community we are going to be accepted we need to be sensitive of others concerns as we would like them to be sensitive to ours. Just my 2 cents…
    3 hrs

    Dana Felton Howard Thunderbolt Tread lightly on how h speak to.and of my friend zoey . Cause though I do not know much about what everyone is talking about and thats prolly because I dont.discriminate or judge or care what genital parts people have or want or what there sexual preference is I wasnt taught hate or that those things were wrong so I am shocked how many people focus on this shit its stupid we as a country need to focus our energy on raising educated non violent children and figure out how we stop all the wars and crimes not wether my neighbor who has a penis us.wearing high heels. Oh this really.what.we care about holy.shit well I care about.why child molesters rapists and gang bangers are allowed to walk around and.have more rights then me or not.
    2 hrs

    Dana Felton Howard Thunderbolt And I am a retired.PRO wrestler and will.kick.ur.ass If u.even think.about looking.sideways at my zoey
    2 hrs

    Dana Felton Howard Thunderbolt Ashley Jane Morgan though what u said is 100 percent true what difference does it.make if u have an innie or an outie who cares omg its 2015 soon our children will be able t in the morning while having serial. Relax every one its not that big.of
    2 hrs

    Dana Felton Howard Thunderbolt Sorry about my spell correct
    2 hrs

    Mara Glubka Kudos to Planet Fitness. That being said, this particular trans woman is going to set us back. After reading her FB posts and seeing how she presents I’m not sure I’d be comfortable around her and I’m trans. I hate that it’s ammunition for Gender Identity Watch. Brennan is a despicable human being. I feel that each of us has a responsibility to be sensitive to the cause when we’re using public facilities. Ms. Sklodowska reminds me of a local trans woman who makes no effort to hide her beard or her extreme male pattern baldness. In addition, her sexual behavior is fringe and she is very public on FB about it. We have to be realistic otherwise the tiny minority that is the trans community is going to get rebuffed by society instead of achieving inclusion.
    1 hr · Edited

    Ashley Jane Morgan Dana… Having an innie or an outie does not matter to us in the sense of s locker room situation… But it does matter to those around us… My feeling is we need to be sensitive to those around us as they should do the same… But we all have to admit this is not something the masses are use to and we need to be mindful of that…
    1 hr · 1

    Jocelyn Nicole Nickle Thanks zoey. I agree with you totally. I knew that this would happen. We are screwed!!
    1 hr

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      This is the first time I’ve seen anything approaching humility from Tur. However, it’s due to him suddenly realizing the backlash lunatics like “Carlotta” are leading to. Tur only pauses to reflect now, after years of abetting the merciless World War T against women, because it threatens to backfire on him. Did he give a damn about our interests before?

      Tur thinks he’s “earned” womanhood by jumping through a bunch of medical and legal hoops, but that’s a delusion. “Don’t shoot me, I’m only truscum” also won’t protect him from the wrath of the trans cult he was only too happy to exploit on the way to spokestrans status.

      We didn’t get a say in any of this, so not my circus, buddy.

    • Interesting. Yet another divide in #TeamTrans. Pigs in Wigs vs. The Passers. The gender crit trans tend to skew younger and more passable. More likely to be dysmorphic and gay. Pigs in Wigs are older, couldn’t pass if they were Joe Montana and het. Basically the PIW have appropriated the trans identity for the purpose of sexual gratification, and the Passers (rightfully) resent them for it. (Ironic, I know, since the Passers have appropriated womanhood from actual females).

      My guess is that the Passers understand perfectly well that the PIWs are totally undermining any chance they have for acceptance, plus, at least one poster on Tumblr asserts they make a habit of exploiting and perving on the younger Passers. They also understand that the PIWs are homophobic as hell and hate them even more than they hate women. Given the PIWs propensity for violence they’re probably as dangerous to the Passers as they are to actual women. (Indeed the library where New Narratives met had to hire extra security.) Passers also know that heightened attention to #TeamTrans is bad news because it brings them under greater scrutiny. The whole purpose of being a Passer is to you know, pass. Very few trans are up to that level of scrutiny and they know it.

      Being gay men for the most part, the Passers understand that at a certain level respectability politics must be adhered to. Much like gay men realized that running around at Pride in a g-string didn’t benefit them nearly as much as making an effort to adhere to social mores, thus Marriage Equality was born. Most folks went from thinking of gays as freaky men fucking each other in the ass, to that nice couple that always brings the potato salad to potluck. And my, doesn’t their yard look nice! The Passers know they stand a good chance of that same level of acceptance, indeed many already have it. Except for one problem, the PIWs. Being het white men, with money to boot, the PIWs have been socialized to believe they are entitled to anything they goddamned well please. They are about dominance and forcing others to their will. That’s what they get off on. They’re white men dammit and it’s their way or no way at all.

      Here’s the problem; from what I’ve seen most people seem to believe that most trans are Passers when in fact most are PIW and freaky as fuck, to boot. Obviously it would be smart for the Passers to work toward getting rid of the PIW, but they seem incapable of doing so, presumably because they’re well-to-do white men. This whole Planet Fitness debacle is pretty much the worst thing that could happen for #TeamTrans as it makes people more aware of their dirty little secret. It’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing shakes out.

      • LC Says:

        A fascinating analysis 🙂 I don’t think they’ll be able to get rid of the PIW, as they’ve dedicated too much time to convincing their allies that feelings matter more than appearance or passing. And passing is too subjective, too dependent on other’s perceptions for that to be the criteria for acceptance- they have to know that, too, that it’s in their best interest to be inclusive of non-passing trans… but not too inclusive. The line is non-existent, and I hope the day comes soon when their supporters realize that, too.

      • kesher Says:

        The PIWs are undoubtedly more of a threat to the passers than they are to us.

        The vast majority of born women are going to be inherently wary of a creepy man in a dress, but the LGBT community “can’t” challenge the PIWs because that’s mean. The greatest crime when a PIW rapes someone in that community is “misgendering” him. Add in the fact that boys don’t have the same experience of being creeped on by pedos the way girls do, and they’re going to miss the signs of predation (or dismiss their gut instincts because the perpetrator is a “woman”) until it’s too late.

        Trans activists tout the 40 percent rape statistic among trans people as evidence of how oppressed they are, but I would really like to see that statistic parsed out. My best guesses are a large percentage of rape victims in that statistic identified as trans post child sex abuse (I’m thinking of Teena Brandon), many are MTTs working as prostitutes and were attacked by johns, and many of the rest were attacked by trans “women”.

        Although I suspect if anyone did a serious study of who’s responsible for those rapes, the results would be profoundly offensive to the trans “community” (read: their leaders who are white transbians) and would be censored as a result.

      • They seem to be talking about being perved on and/or assaulted by older trans a lot these days. I remember a post by a young trans man talking about being raped by a trans woman, and there are at least two blogs on tumblr now talking about the way the PIWs perv on and exploit the young Passers.

      • Juliana D Says:

        Why don’t the “truscum” (I learn more internet terminology all the time!) or “passers” speak up more and kick out the thrill-seeking, cross-dressing “male lesbians” out of their movement? Didn’t gay men kick out the pedos from their movement in the seventies?

        I never will accept men as women, but it does seem the conservation can not even be started when you have loud, white, het men whining about how they can not have sexual access to women, and the media is complicit.

        I have never, ever seen an answer by trans to the question, “what is a woman?” anywhere, ever. (That is part of why I found this blog.)

        Let us start there – what is a woman? Can any trans answer that without spouting cliches, talking about pink girlhood (please), clothes and shoes (fashion), etc? What does “being a woman” mean to them?

      • LC Says:

        @Juliana Trying to get the answer to that question is how I found my way here, too. Recently a man(non-trans, I believe) told me that I had more in common with “women” like Jazz than with “butch lesbians that look and act like men”- exact words. He deleted the comment else I would have saved it, but it’s exactly how many of them describe women on this site.

        Revealing that liberal men view women exactly the same way conservatives do: Pleasing to the male eye. And I am not a lesbian and am mistaken for a woman 100% of the time, but what, exactly, would I (or any woman) have in common with Jazz? I’m not a teenager, a media sensation, praised for wearing a dress or “being myself”, or treated as if my opinions came straight from God Almighty. Jazz has none of the health concerns of women, the fear of pregnancy, of wanting to be treated as a full human, or of being paid equivalent to male talents. And yet, “butch lesbians who look like men” have those traits in common with all other women. That’s a lot more common interests already than with “any random male who wears a dress.”

        It really is the case that men think women’s lives are a beauty pageant, which explains the ease with which the left can accept transgenderism: Looks like a female. Dresses like a female. Says they’re female. Thus, identical to females. They can’t answer the question beyond that, because that IS all they think women are. Social protocol of the left just dictates they pretend otherwise. The right is more honest about their misogyny, but that’s the only real difference.

      • kesher Says:

        “Let us start there – what is a woman? Can any trans answer that without spouting cliches”

        If you go on Tumblr (you probably shouldn’t if you don’t want to despair for humanity), you’ll find yourself in a feedback loop regarding this topic.

        The new thing in identity politics is that trans people shouldn’t have to “present” as their “gender”. In principle, that sounds good to me. No one should feel obligated to align themselves with any gender roles. These kids seem halfway toward radical feminism with that view.

        But, what this currently means for how they define trans identity is that the only thing that matters is the statement of identity. So, when you ask them what a woman is, they’ll say a woman is anyone who identifies as one. So, then you ask them what identifying as a woman means, and they’ll say it means you identify as a woman!

        Beyond just the laughable feedback loop this turns into, what this actually means in terms of what the trans brigade is trying to foist on us is that a man who presents in every possible way as male is a “real” woman if he says so, and you’re an unspeakable bigot if you disagree and if you “misgender” him. This also means, in practice, that a “trans woman” doesn’t need to face any oppression for being trans or presenting as a woman in order to claim his preferred identity, force himself into women’s spaces, and claim ownership of lesbians’ bodies.

        So it’s just the same trans mindfuck on steroids.

      • Bea Says:

        And almost nowhere do you hear people saying “trans men are men!” because LOL.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Go get ’em Bob! and Zoey! and Hanna! and Bear! All of you guyz!

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Sorry you blew your money on cosmetic surgery dude.

  42. Akira Says:

    So, all I have to do is walk into a crappy Planet Fitness gym, say I’m a lady, and that’s all it takes to walk into the women’s locker room? And if anyone points out that I’m not a woman, I can complain? That’s seriously screwed up! Regardless of where you stand on transgendered people and if such a condition can actually exist (which it can’t), we should all be able to at least agree that you should be on hormones or able to prove that you are taking steps to change your sex before being recognized by any establishment as being something you aren’t.

    Granted, it would be even better if science would be what science is supposed to be (impartial) so that we could inform people that body dysphoria is NOT a medical problem caused by being in the wrong body. It’s just a different expression of body dysphoria, regardless of whether you think you’re a disabled person in an able person’s body, a black man in a white man’s body, or a member of the opposite sex. C’mon, science!

    I was reading an article that had this gem in it:

    “Science is about facts; science is not about values,” Leshner said. “Policies are made on facts and values and we want to make sure that the accurate, non-distorted facts are brought in to any kind of discussion.”


    • LC Says:

      I’d be curious to know the percentage of neurologists and psychologists who believe in queer theory and transgenderism. From what I get from the left, it’s all of them.

      • Akira Says:

        I was a practicing psychologist for a few years before I became completely disillusioned with the profession and the way mental illness was both diagnosed and treated. Pretty much all psychologists believe in transgenderism, but there’s a perfectly good explanation for that: they don’t do science.

        Behavior problems and identity issues are recognized and diagnosed through observation or by the patient coming in and complaining about them, not through any kind of objective test. Most of the mental illnesses in the DSM were voted in and then marketed, along with the myriad of drugs used to ‘treat’ them, to both psychiatrists and the general population. Sure, a few theories are promoted, such as chemical imbalance, but there really isn’t any hard science to back it up. That’s never stopped psychologists and psychiatrists from telling patients and parents in a matter-of-fact way that they or their child had a chemical imbalance, though.

        Science was never a very large part of the profession, trust me. These are the people who got the idea for electroshock therapy from watching animals getting shocked at the slaughter house. They were pacified by the shock before they were killed, so the geniuses thought to themselves, “Hey, we can do this to human beings! But, you know, just the crazy ones…”

      • LC Says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard about some of the problems with psychiatry combined with drug companies eager to sell a product… as for diagnosing mental illnesses, though, how is it even possible to justify ‘man feels like a woman’ as being a physical problem, not a psychology delusion or chemical imbalance? Is it just because there’s more money involved in “sex” changes(and I hope not, but I worry that is the case), than in talk therapy?

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t know how this applies to mental health, but I do know from past experience working for doctors and dealing with insurance companies that insurance companies really hate paying for actual doctor visits. They’re always reluctant to allow patients to access care that doesn’t amount to daily medication and maybe a semiannual doctor’s visit to check in. If you have a condition that can be treated by in-person care, insurance companies don’t want to pay for it and will look for any excuse not to. The only major exception I can think of is chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, and, if insurance companies could figure out a way to make patients administer chemo to themselves at home, I’m sure they would jump at the chance.

        I’m not sure how this applies to socialized medicine and why socialized systems have embraced hormone and surgery “treatment” for gender/body dysphoria, but, on the American side, the insurance companies definitely play a role in this.

  43. Atranswidow Says:

    I found this whole exchange fascinating in a disturbing way. A few phrases just jumped out at me…

    ‘Nonetheless, my being trans has cost me a marriage and a lot of time in counseling and in soul-searching.’

    No, it wasn’t being trans that cost you your marriage….it was the lies and betrayal. How much time did your wife have to spend in counseling?

    ‘….you can’t make someone else uncomfortable. They can only do that to themselves. Trying to own somebody else’s feelings will drive you mad. Ya gotta let go of that crap.’

    Well that just about sums up the late transitioning mindset. You can make someone ‘uncomfortable’ to the point that they suffer from PTSD and depression. I was as uncomfortable as hell when my ex started obliterating all of his body hair, started developing boobs, when I was told about ‘his/her’ facebook page by a friend, when he went out for the evening as his alter ego to a place where we were known as a family, when he changed his documents and the post arrived addressed to ‘her’.

    ‘Anybody who might be made uncomfortable by my presence is not somebody I want around me anyway. But I am sure as shit not going to be the one to leave.’

    That’s what my ex thought too until the Judge ordered him to leave!

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      “‘….you can’t make someone else uncomfortable. They can only do that to themselves. Trying to own somebody else’s feelings will drive you mad. Ya gotta let go of that crap.’

      Well that just about sums up the late transitioning mindset. You can make someone ‘uncomfortable’ to the point that they suffer from PTSD and depression.”

      They always dismiss women’s feelings of being uncomfortable as irrelevent. Women’s feelings of being made uncomfortable by unwanted male intrusion of her personal boundaries is the defining feature of sexual harrassment. What these men are doing is sexual harrassment!

      Even those who enter with no intention of perving on the women there are doing it, as it is whether the woman’s boundaries are violated that counts, not the intentions of the man. Plenty of men sexually harrass women thinking it’s “all in good fun” or “a compliment”, but that doesn’t make it okay.

      Sad that modern liberal feminism has been teaching me to minimize the importance of women’s boundaries and I didn’t realize this until reading a manga (Confidential Confessions if you’re curious; several of the stories focus on female-specific issues, and it really highlights how the misogyny is directed at them for their bodies).

      • neme Says:

        But the poor sensitive men who transgender will be driven to the point of suicide if you get their pronouns “wrong”. IE: Only males have feelz.

    • Bea Says:

      If “being trans” means lying for decades, surreptitiously jerking off in women’s clothing, having a porn addiction, spending inordinate amounts of money on surgery/clothing/cosmetics/hair removal, trying to out-do your wife with regard to femininity, posting nude selfies, and policing people’s language…yeah I can see how that might ruin a marriage!

      • morag99 Says:

        Look, Bea, these prescriptive lyrics don’t even need any updating.

        “Stand by Your Trans”

        Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
        Giving all your love to just one man
        You’ll have bad times, he’ll have good times
        Doin’ things that you don’t understand
        But if you love him, you’ll forgive him
        Even though he’s hard to understand
        And if you love him, oh be proud of him
        ‘Cause after all he’s just a man …

  44. Resistance Says:

    Hi everyone,
    This might sound very basic (or it might of been said before?) but i think we should go back to basic activism like putting up stickers in womens toilets, changing rooms ect. I purchesed 100 stickers from amazon for a small fee and intend to print them out on the computer saying something like: “Women do you want voyeuristic men in your toilets, changing rooms ect? If not join radical feminists today” maybe with “read:” on the bottom or something. We can carry these in our bag and put them up on the inside of women’s toilet/changing room doors ect. I don’t know if it’d work, but it’s something to consider to get the word out. Not that I’m advocating fly posting. 😉

    I’m from the UK most women here think “transwomen” are just gay men and so are no threat to them. When they realise how perverted they are their opinions do change. Unfortunately all the media here push the “brain sex” theory a lot, plus there is a lot of “transwomen” here writing for broadsheet national papers. The best we can do here at the min is try to get the word out as best as possible.

    Great site Gallus, all your work is very appreciated by dykes like me. xxxx

  45. I’m just going to (gently) place this here and walk away because right now my head is about to explode from rage. They dare compare us to the likes of the KKK because we dare not want a bunch of pervy men in the bathroom with us. Middle class white males daring to try to call out ANYBODY is absolutely obscene.

    • GallusMag Says:

      HOLY SHIT. Trans go way, way beyond anything “Men’s Rights” activists ever tried to float around the idea that “Women oppress men”: “Sex-segregated facilities for women in areas of public nudity are like Jim Crow against men!” Holy…fucking shit.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Roslyn, This sign does two things – first it completely distorts the reality of what women’s pushback to trans agenda is. The other thing it does is trivialize the civil rights movement, and helps obscure how racism functions in American society today. Maybe it’s not only homophobia and sexism that drive trans successes media-wise and politically…it’s also racism? Probably not an original thought. We should just call it “neoism” and be done with it – neohomophobia, neosexism, neoracism, all the product of neoliberalism (which is just the old homophobia, sexism and racism and classism, and whatever other -ism is out there).

      • morag99 Says:

        Misogyny and lesbian erasure/bashing is the driving force behind the trans success with the media, I think. But racism has really fuelled their movement: the trans brigade are users, appropriators, and propagandists.

        These are comfortable white men using the raped and murdered bodies of transsexuals of colour, especially (it seems) of non-North American trans, to position themselves as “oppressed.” They do this by presenting a homogenized front, by stealing a specific narrative which affects only the most oppressed, and turning it into a meta-narrative which benefits the whites only.

        That whites/coloured restroom sign that roslyn posted? It’s nothing new; they’ve been saying shit like that all along. It’s always been an outrageous and offensive comparison to make, but there’s something about that message, in THAT graphic format, that really brings it home. Yes?

        Because it’s assaultive. It becomes even more clear how deeply sick and insensitive these men are. Jesus Christ — no empathy, no understanding of the past and present situations of others.

        I’m convinced that extreme privilege and power over others causes brain damage. That’s not a joke. Extreme privilege, that goes completely unchallenged, that is kept subliminal, MUST change the brain and shape the personality into intractable narcissistic and sociopathic patterns.

        They aren’t going to stop. I mean, this isn’t a matter of “education,” of some kind of social sensitivity-training or change from within. They won’t stop until they are actually stopped.

      • Bea Says:

        The neurodiversity movement is also partly to blame. Women are considered “ableist” for calling out these mentally ill, manipulative sociopaths and their deranged behavior. Suicidal ideation is a valid political tool, and no one is allowed to question it.

    • I’m okay, I guess I should stop being surprised by these people, but every now and then the depths they’ll sink to amaze me. I plan to write about it on my blog when I can write in something less than multisyllabic profanities. Right now I just want to rip their heads off and throw it at their asses, but that won’t help.

      • born free & female Says:

        I don’t know what’s sicker – the way the MtFs look at women and say “I can do that better, I’m turned on just thinking about it” or the way they look at black civil rights and say “I’m even more oppressed.” The whole world is just a backdrop and they’re the star of the show.

    • Lulu Says:

      Didn’t Janet Mock compare child sex trafficking to the Underground Railroad?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I’m so sorry you saw that, Roslyn. The appropriation of the Civil Rights Movement by trannies is one of my particular bugaboos. That graphic makes me want to hurl; I can’t imagine how you felt.

  46. amazondream Says:

    I’m in this discussion over at Mother Jones

    Check out this homophobe’s response to me about RuPaul–

    RuPaul exhibited some of the very worst public broadcasting violations of ethics when he sought to publicly slander any and all transgender females from his bully TV pulpit. He showed a complete and utter disregard by seeking to portray trans women as legitimately not female, and…

    “sought to legitimize words considered as expletives outside of the gay world regarding how trans women are called. This very choice proved to many of us that RuPaul is anything but a friend to the trans community, but how could we expect anything different from a gay male who is not trans?”

  47. Mr. “male slut, pee on me” took down his Facebook page, and it looks like he is trying to clean up his online posts about his kinky sexual interests. It’s impossible to completely erase everything people say online. Gallus screen capped some of it, and I did too. He can’t hide everything.

  48. @roslyn

    “I’m just going to (gently) place this here and walk away because right now my head is about to explode from rage. They dare compare us to the likes of the KKK because we dare not want a bunch of pervy men in the bathroom with us. Middle class white males daring to try to call out ANYBODY is absolutely obscene.”

    Are you okay? I’m truly sorry, and I can understand your outrage. I’m not black so I can never truly comprehend the anger you are feeling right now.

    Direct quote from Mr. Colleen Francis, ex military man, heterosexual father of five children. He is comparing exposing “her male genitalia” to 17 year old girls to the Civil Rights movement.

    “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,”

    Scroll on down and see where it says, “her male genitalia”. A middle aged man exposing himself in a women’s locker room is now a “civil right”. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    rosyln, I hope you are okay.

  49. Maria Says:

    People are citing his FB profile and image captures to expose this perv… guess what the response is?
    “Oh that is a false profile”
    “Image captures aren’t credible”
    “If this was real it would have been reported on”
    “Facebook isn’t credible”
    “So what if she is into kink and water sports?”

    I’m going to go cry now.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      No need to cry. The truth will out eventually.

    • kesher Says:

      There’s at least one commenter on Gender Identity Watch claiming that their screen caps are fake.

      Why is it so hard for these people to believe that creepy fetishists exist and are hitching their wagon to the trans agenda? It’s some serious wishful thinking, especially given that the depths of “Carlotta’s” depravity are way too sick to be fake. The fake Eastern European prostitute persona? That’s 100 percent sicko hetero male. Radfem lesbians aren’t going to come up with that on their own.

      I mean, I’m extremely cynical about men and especially about pig-in-wig fetishists, and *I* was shocked by what Gallus has discovered about this creep.

      • Because THEY’RE the creepy fetishists who’ve hitched their wagons to the trans agenda! The story here is not this one “aberrant” freak. The story here is that they’re so easy to find. From the moment this story broke I was pretty sure it would go this way because I knew from Planet Fitness’s response that the dude wasn’t black. And he probably wasn’t young because more of them pass. Thus I knew that at a minimum he was a middle aged autogynephile, or worse.

        As for faking the profile that is their standard response. Hell, I’m a professional writer and I couldn’t have come up with this shit.

  50. morag99 Says:

    “If this was real it would have been reported on”

    See, this the thing. It is NOT being reported on in the mainstream media. Journalists, reporters and hacks are constrained by the new rules and standards that are designed to avoid accusations of bigotry. That’s being generous, though. Because they are actually being unethical.

    Calling rapists, pedophiles and woman-killers “she,” for example. Not calling teens who suicide by the names their parents gave them, for another. These practices cause a lot of pain for a lot of people, but trans feelings are put well above the dignity of victims and grieving parents in these dishonest news reports.

    So if they are willing to lie in cases of rape, murder and suicide, of course they are not going to truthfully report that the poor “transwoman” who got her feelings hurt by some mean, prudish lady in the locker room is actually a man-freak with a fetish for pee and for women who exercise. The truth is “transphobic.”

    • Maria Says:

      Excellent points! It’s really ghoulish the ethical lines the media is willing to cross. The Paula Witherspoon articles from 2 years ago are still the same “poor trans” story with NO mention of him being a convicted sexual predator. It’s astonishing.

  51. @Maria,

    Don’t cry. It’s time to get angry, and they can’t silence people forever. Hell, they don’t care if women cry, or how women feel. Why give them the satisfaction? In fact, they probably get off on it . What they do not want women to do is stand up for ourselves.

    They always lie and make excuses. They do it time and time again. I swear it’s similar to how sociopaths will look people straight in the face and lie and make every excuse in the world to downplay how they harm people. Even when the truth is staring people in the face, it’s like “do you trust me, or your lying eyes”. It really didn’t happen. Or, no one can prove it. They repeatedly say that Colleen Francis never exposed himself to girls even though it’s in the actual Evergreen State College campus police report.

    Transgender activists and their handmaidens even made excuses for registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon when he was caught using a women’s restroom.

    They made excuses for Synthia China Blast who is serving time in prison for helping to kill a little black girl and stuff her body in a box and sit it on fire.

    Transgender activists even portray convicted murderers of women such as Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek as poor victims.

    “People are citing his FB profile and image captures to expose this perv… guess what the response is?

    “Oh that is a false profile”
    “Image captures aren’t credible”
    “If this was real it would have been reported on”
    “Facebook isn’t credible”
    “So what if she is into kink and water sports?”

    Would they agree to a full investigation into his background, and why he was in the women’s locker room? After all, he wasn’t even a gym member. So, a strange male who doesn’t even have a gym membership is allowed into the women’s locker room, and no one seems to care? Currently, there is a lawsuit that was filed last November involving two hidden cameras in the tanning booths at a Planet Fitness gym. After this lawsuit, why would they allow males without gym memberships into the women’s locker room?

    If they are saying everyone is lying about his background and kinky sexual fetishes, then let’s have a full investigation. I demand a full investigation either by law enforcement or a private investigator.

    Men with freaky sexual desires aren’t necessarily criminals, but it’s highly suspicious when a man with kinky sexual desires feels the need to go into the women’s locker room in a gym when he isn’t even a member. An investigation should have been conducted after this incident.

    There is overwhelming evidence that shows that this man who calls himself “male slut” is nothing more than a pervy, porn sick, cross dresser. It’s impossible to post kinky “pee on me” things online and have it all erased. It’s all there for anyone who takes the time to research it.

    This is what we do know:

    (1.) Prior to the incidents, he wasn’t on hormones. He says this himself.
    (2.) He had not undergone sex reassignment surgery.

    He calls himself a “male slut” last November. He says male slut not female. He called himself a “male slut” in November, but less than five months later it’s ““sincere self-reported gender identity”. No one knows prior to the incident, when, or if, he ever had a ““sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman”. Truth be told, no one has a precise definition of what this bullshit term means. It’s what ever the hell it means at any particular point in time.

    “So what if she is into kink and water sports?”

    I could care less if he wants some woman to pee on him, lead him around on a leash, spank him, hang him from the ceiling, or do freaky whatever to him.

    Since when is a sexual fetish, “I will be a male slut, pee on me”, a “sincere self-reported gender identity”? By accessing the women’s locker room (even though he isn’t a gym member), he is claiming “sincere self-reported gender identity”. Is this how Planet Fitness defines “sincere self-reported gender identity”? He gets erections from women peeing on him and leading him around on a leash, spanking his ass, whatever, and it’s his “sincere self-reported gender identity”.

    I want a full investigation by either law enforcement or a private investigator. Why did they allow a male with no gym membership in the women’s locker room? We know that Planet Fitness has a history of lawsuits over hidden cameras in areas where women are disrobing. How in the hell can they say that there aren’t pervy men out there?

    Women, we need to fight back. Demand an investigation. Support Ms. Cormier. Tell all women to boycott Planet Fitness. Women tell their friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.

    How about starting an online “Fund Me’ to raise money for Ms. Cormier? Ms. Cormier’s name has been slandered just for complaining about a man in the women’s locker room. She has been portrayed as an evil “transphobe”. Look at the size of this huge man. She had a gym membership and he didn’t. Something is seriously wrong.

    I’m very proud of Ms. Cormier.

    Boycott Planet Fitness!

  52. On this it says “Gender: Female”, but on the screen capped posts last November he says “male slut”. How is this consistency? When did he go from “male slut” with kinky sexual fetish to female?

    He is not female. No hormones, so surgery.

    • kesher Says:

      Well he’s getting deeper into that Eastern European prostitute persona, so of course he’s going to choose “female” on social media.

  53. Derrick Jensen Says:

    Yahoo just did a predictably dreadful article about this:

    It had lines like: “An important fact overlooked by Cournier is that there was not, in fact, a man in the women’s locker room. A trans person who identifies as female should be recognized and accepted as such. . . .”

    I’m not a big believer that peak trans will ever happen, mainly because I think patriarchy’s capacity for denial, its hatred of women, and its violation imperative are bottomless. I fear it will all just become crazier and crazier. That said, a) I would be delighted to be wrong; and b) I was surprised at how sane most of the comments were that I saw on yahoo. It was one of the most encouraging things I’ve seen on a mainstream site in a while. Or maybe I just happened to see a lucky sample. . . .

    Here is one not -unrepresentative sample: “Where are the woman’s rights? She has a right to use a locker room and feel safe from penises being around. What needs to happen for this to change? I would hate to see a rapist throw on a wig and a stuffed bra and end up raping a lady or a minor even. Minors are allowed to use the same locker rooms at Planet fitness. This is just awful. I commend the lady for warning every female in the building about a man lurking in the locker room. Where are her rights? ”

    So maybe we might reach peak trans. In any case, thank you all for your sanity in the face of this body hatred and misogyny.

    • kesher Says:

      The vast majority of the country is extremely hostile to the trans movement, despite how vindicated the white transbians are by everyone treating them like men post-transition, their seizing leadership of the LGBT, and the support they receive within their own liberal bubbles and from the mainstream media.

      Much of this is regular transphobia I’m sure, but even the majority of Americans who are hostile to women’s rights don’t want creepy transvestites perving on women and children. I think the main reasons there hasn’t been a backlash yet are because most people don’t think about this, most of the true potential victims are women no one cares about (homeless women, incarcerated women), and, when most Americans think about this, they assume all trans women have had SRS, and of course we know that to be untrue.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        I’m confident the backlash is coming. It far from relieves me, though, as it will be against feminism and gay rights as well.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I think the backlash is definitely coming, at least in the US. Americans are not nearly as pacified as Western Europeans, and when enough Yvette Cormiers are confronted by Carlottas, there will be pushback. I think this incident is just the beginning.

      I’m old enough to remember shows like Phil Donahue hosting the occasional “woman of history” and not thinking much of it. Trans have always been around, but only in the past decade have the courts, academia and media chosen to aggressively push them on society. It could have been handled better. Instead they insisted, as we see above, that trans identity politics were equivalent to the ongoing black struggle, and disagreeing with them was tantamount to murder.

      Until recently this laughable idea was confined to lefty spaces and academia, and no way will it fly in middle America. As I’ve said before, trans were smart to focus on court action before insisting on visibility, because they don’t have any Ellens or Neils or RuPauls to show America “we’re just like you”. Even once you get past the obvious non-passing and uncanny valleys, there’s something off about every spokestrans, from Janet Mock to Zoey Tur.

      Trans and the pomo left got stars in their eyes when they saw the increasing success of the gay movement, but I think the trans cult is a bridge too far. The two groups are simply not interchangeable. The trans movement, as Gallus says elsewhere, are clearly a mental health community masquerading as a civil rights movement.

      The only question is what amount of damage peak trans will do to women’s and gay rights. That’s what I worry about. I’m afraid the trans cult will turn out to be an effective wedge for the right to attack legitimate causes. Gay Inc. and libfems will rue the day they cynically hitched their wagon to World War T.

      • kesher Says:

        On the topic of Western Europeans not caring, I’m not sure what the deal is in, say, the UK where trans “rights” have passed well into absurdity, far more than it has here so far, but I do have a lot of personal experience with Danish culture, and the Danes are at least as permissive of trans people, if not more so, than the Brits.

        In Danish culture, there are fewer hangups about male and female nudity, and it’s really just accepted that it’s okay for very young children to run around naked. I don’t know how often Danes run up against extremely obvious pedophiles, but the culture at large does not sexualize the nudity of young children. Meanwhile, in the U.S., young children running around in bathing suits on the beach have their photos taken by pedophiles, and nothing can be done about it because “free speech”, so parents are understandably paranoid.

        I’ve also never really gotten the impression from my female relatives that they have as much cause to worry about perverts invading their spaces as we do. If it really is the case that they don’t have to worry about casual male perversions and transgressions (I know the rape rate in Denmark is much lower than here) , I can see why they would be “pacified” on this topic.

        It’s also been my experience that Scandinavians come down hard, socially, if not legally, on anyone who crosses social boundaries. I think there’s far less of a culture of shameless people (or, rather, men) doing whatever they want because they’re secure in their friends/family/associates excusing their behavior. You can be sure “Carlotta” isn’t losing any friends over his pervy behavior.

        And certainly in my own family I’ve seen the larger belief system of: It’s society’s duty to provide people what they need to do well in life, but, if you cross these specific boundaries, then you’re in deep shit. That was basically my childhood in a nutshell.

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘It had lines like: “An important fact overlooked by Cournier is that there was not, in fact, a man in the women’s locker room. A trans person who identifies as female should be recognized and accepted as such. . . .”’

      There’s so much going on in that one quotation — domination wrapped up in moral language:


      What a bunch of fucking weasels, liars, dictators. So. You should instruct your daughter to ‘overlook’ that the male creeping on her is a man. Teach her not to ‘recognize’ reality, but to be nice and ‘accept’ lies.

      Let’s teach her that she ‘should’ accept as ‘fact’ that the male creature in lady-garb means her no harm, and that she should always take him at his word. If she doesn’t behave as she’s told, she’s a bad girl with a bad attitude, and she might well be stigmatized as a bigot, penalized or punished for not being obedient.

      Let’s tell her to doubt her senses, her intelligence, her instincts. Better to sacrifice her own mind, and risk her own personal safety, than to offend her masters.

      And, if she is molested or raped, tell her to prove it. Or ask her why she wasn’t smarter, more prudent and cautious. Where was her good ‘judgement’?

      Also, if this is all just too contradictory and confusing for her, if she can’t figure it out, and her visible anxiety potentially puts a transvestite’s feelings at risk, she’s a bitchy little prude who should just stay at home.

  54. VC Says:

    Zoey Tur was on Drew Pinsky’s show tonight, and much to Dr. Drew’s astonishment, he declared “Carlotta” not really trans, but a male cross-dresser, who gets off on invading women’s spaces. DD asked how ZT knew this, and Z replied that he had done a little investigating on his own. After all, he’s a reporter.

    (I suppose referring to Zoey Tur as “she” would be the polite thing to do, but it’s astonishing that after all the hormones, laser treatments, and plastic surgery, he actually looks and sounds more man – like than ever – not quite as feminine as Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot. I just can’t with the cognitive dissonance. That’s a dude.)

    • janetwo Says:

      I think it points out to the fact that even transsexuals realize how insane the transgender activism is getting and will create a public backlash for them.

    • I didn’t know who he was, until yesterday, or at least I didn’t remember the name. And when I read that description of all he’s had done and then looked at his picture I was absolutely astonished. Dude still looks just like a man. Looking at his before and after pictures the difference is very minimal. I mean, if I’d spent that kind of cash and underwent that level of pain I’d be seriously pissed.

      If #TeamTrans wasn’t so goddamned obnoxious I’d actually pity them for the (sub)standard medical care they’re getting for their money. I mean, dudes are being HOSED. Then again, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

    • born free & female Says:

      Agreed about the cognitive dissonance. And this is after facial feminization surgery?

      Many MTFs seem to go into transition with unrealistic expectations about how they’ll look – I really think their therapists should be showing them video of people like Tur and saying “You need to understand that these are the best results you can probably hope for.”

      • kesher Says:

        I’m wondering if it was just tracheal shaving, not the head transplant that that San Franciscan plastic surgeon specializes in.

        It’s usually my impression that most of the “best” trans women come across as drag queens. Not the over-the-top RuPaul’s Drag Race drag queens, more like executive drag queens who style their hair nicely and wear sensible makeup and clothes. Laverne Cox fits this to a tee. But Tur doesn’t even come across as a drag queen, “executive” or otherwise. Dude looks and sounds like a dude.

      • neme Says:

        The straight white dudes never pass. They are Frankensteins stomping into the room, towering over us, leering, wearing garish makeup and Republican-woman hair, reeking of a lifetime of testosterone, looking exactly like what they are: straight males imitating straight women, wondering why lesbians would sooner vomit than touch them.

        They are ignorant of lesbian and women’s culture. They actually think it’s all about them. All we want is for them to leave us the hell alone so we can get back to our lives.

      • It doesn’t help that people are too polite (or uninterested) to point this fact out to them. One of them said he’s been using the women’s facilities for years without incident. Of course, there’s no incident, most women would be to afraid to confront a man in the women’s toilet. After all we run the risk of physical violence or even losing our gym membership and being ostracized. “Without incident” doesn’t mean we don’t know, it just means we thought better of saying something. An older woman posted on one of these threads about seeing a trans woman in the ladies bathroom and being too frightened to even come out of the stall. I think about my mother who was so modest that even when she was dying of cancer and I had to bathe her she insisted I do it while she wore a dressing gown. She would’ve been terrified of the notion of having a man in the bathroom with her. We don’t deserve this. It’s simply not right.

  55. bleh Says:

    “Yes, I am Carlotta Sklodowska on Facebook. I really enjoyed meeting you; I went to Kohn’s afterward in drab, because my ex invited me to a wine tasting at Houston Wine Merchant (I oughta write a review), and she doesn’t want to know anything about Carlotta (not even her name). I talked to a couple of the girls I met at the Slutwalk, but they said you were probably worn out, and I couldn’t stay very long. I apologize for not posting any pictures; I haven’t learned how to do that yet, but I will, I promise.”

  56. bleh Says:

    Carlotta Sklodowska Yelp profile

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you. And ESPECIALLY thanks for archiving this. But I feel bad because I had that information four days ago.

      I HATE when women have to waste time duplicating work.

      We HAVE to get better at this.

      I mean, look at this week’s conference of so-called “LGBT” media. They are (roughly) 90% white and 98% male, 99.9% non-lesbian. The participants are invitation-only and their flights and hotels are fully paid by the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. fund, who claim to want to support “the LGBT”.

      Look at this list of paid activist participants. They are nearly all aggressively anti-feminist, anti-lesbian media sources:

  57. Women have the purchasing power to bring corporations to their knees. All women should be boycotting Planet Fitness. We have the voting power to make or break politicians.

  58. Survivorthriver Says:

    The paraphiliacs getting off on penetrating female space, donning the lacy down-unders, and galling women with queer mental pliers and insisting on double-think submission like this Planet Fxxxxedness dude are creating such a toxic waxy build up of BS. Enough!

    Economic exercise of boycott is a great idea, SkyLark,

  59. No name Says:

    Another ‘Cross dressing when high’ dude. While he was doing meth wearing a bra and capree pants[but nothing else], he attacked people in three incidents, ‘feeling like a woman’.

    He cut the power to turn off security cameras[premeditation and awareness he was trespassing] to break in to an office, but because they locked the doors on the first floor, he climes to a balcony to enter the building, to use the women’s restroom…Looks like more trans activism.

  60. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Meanwhile in the UK a woman has been caught with images of extreme animal pornography on her phone. Oh no, hang on ….. it’s a MtT who likes dogging and animal porn. Of course the headlines say ‘woman’ and ‘housewife’.

  61. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Yeah, if a private business wants to have unisex restrooms, they could at least warn people with a sign on the door that the restrooms are not segregated in any significant way.
    Letting people know is just being decent.

  62. born free & female Says:

    Fools on social media are forwarding around a picture of an FTM in a ladies’ room with the caption “Do I look like I belong in the women’s facilities?” and the usual “trans people never hurt a fly, we just want to pee” slogans.

    So let me see if I get this straight.

    FTMs shouldn’t use the ladies’ room, because they look like men, and women will feel uncomfortable.

    MTFs, who also look like men, should use the ladies room, and if women feel uncomfortable they just need to get over it.

    Did I miss anything?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      No, you nailed it, BF&F. Trannies say men are so dangerous that MtT can’t use the men’s restrooms, but somehow, women are supposed to be A-OK with an obvious male in our restrooms. We’re supposed to somehow know that these men mean us no harm. Or something.

    • Dana Says:

      I called out on the one instance I saw of it being posted. I can’t remember exactly what I said but I think there was something about “does a butch lesbian belong in the men’s room because she looks like a guy? The only difference between her and this person is she wouldn’t have a beard, but most guys shave!” And some other stuff in that vein. Didn’t bother reading the replies and I know I got some because there were notifications. They’ve tapered off now though. Wonder if I was deleted and banned…

      • kesher Says:

        What about that Sikh woman who made the news a while ago due to online bullying who has a full beard due to PCOS and her religion’s rules against hair removal? Is she required to use the men’s? I guess the shit would really hit the fan if she were a butch lesbian.

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘and the usual “trans people never hurt a fly, we just want to pee” slogans.’

      Yes. Is anybody else sick to death of hearing about trans people and pee? We get it. Everyone shits and pisses. We get it, we understand it, it’s a given. You’re not special.

      How do they manage to make these basic facts of life so creepy? I’m thinking of the protest posters they’ve created that illustrate girlish “women” sitting on toilets looking sad. I’m thinking about how they use themes of child-like innocence in their propaganda. It’s infantilizing, manipulative, disgusting.

      Try to have a serious, adult conversation about very real public washroom safety/comfort issues, and inevitably we have to hear, once again, about how the trans just want to make wee-wee. Ugh. Blech.

      • GallusMag Says:

        They reduce all the complex issues of inserting men into all women’s sex segregated spaces (prison, DV shelters, etc etc) to “Aww gosh everyone has to pee!” How can anyone cruelly want to prevent someone from peeing???

      • I wish I had the computer skills to do a similar campaign. Instead of pictures of young trans women in Lolita getups use pictures of these creepy ass transactivists with links back to their behavior and death threats. Or some of our fave felon trans with their rap sheets. Do you want these doodz in the bathroom with you?

  63. margaret Says:

    Today in London Ontario a teacher was charged with voyeurism when a camera was found inside a backpack in a change room – sounds familiar,,,

  64. Charlotte Says:

    This has become my favorite blog of all time the past few months. I love you rad FEMS!

  65. Equality Michigan shitting on all women again. How low can Equality Michigan go? Wasn’t their hateful and divisive attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival enough? Just when people think Equality Michigan has flung enough shit on the female sex to last a life time, they come up with this.

    Equality Michigan wants to give Planet Fitness a “pat on the back”.

    Pat On The Back For You Planet Fitness!

    This is the same Planet Fitness that is currently being sued because hidden cameras were discovered in areas where women disrobe.


    “Mary Barnhill, an Illinois resident and Planet Fitness member has filed a lawsuit alleging that Planet Fitness discovered a hidden camera in one of its tanning rooms but did not inform its members about the discovery until days later, and its members continued to use the tanning rooms at the gym while a second hidden camera was still secretly recording them. ”

    This is the same Planet Fitness that told a Muslim women she couldn’t wear a head scarf.

    “Tarainia McDaniel, a Muslim convert, said her local Planet Fitness in Albuquerque refused to let her wear an informal head scarf while working out. The ‘Judgment Free’ gym claims the headscarf violated their dress code policy.”

    This is the same Planet Fitness that believes pregnant women shouldn’t show their bellies.

    “Mantor said she was approached by a staff member who said she was in violation of the gym’s dress code — a code, Mantor said, she was never aware of. The staff member told Mantor her “belly was hanging out,”

    Equality Michigan was wrong to attack Michigan Women’s Music Festival which is held on private property, and now they believe Planet Fitness needs “a pat on the back”. When will Equality Michigan stop crapping on women?

    According to Equality Michigan, women can’t even have one week a year to do as they please on their own private property. Now, freaky cross dressing “male slut”, pee on me, spank me, and lead me around on a leash is being discriminated against.

    This is enough to make me throw up.

  66. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Meanwhile in the UK Dr Louise Selby was unable to access the women’s changing room at her gym because the computerised entry system was set up to assume anyone called ‘Dr’ would be male. Gyms do like their gender stereotypes, don’t they?

  67. Going through old email and found this petition from a gay rights organization solicitating support for Carlotta. It’s insane…I just had to post somewhere.

    Imo, most of the GLB community doesn’t support trans. My view is that transitioning is rooted in homophobia (see Laverne Cox among others). A lot of want the T dropped from our movement, which is all about accepting yourself as you are despite pressure from society.

    Almost 10k people have ‘signed’ the petition…not realizing that this transwoman is just a creepy pervert with an unhealthy fetish that exploits and victimizes women.

  68. LQ Says:

    I was listening to the radio in the car yesterday and an advertisement for a fitness center came on. The voiceover was a total dude-bro jock type going on about working out. But THEN he goes “And ladies, there is a separate gym space just for you so you can get away from creepers”. I can just imagine, A. that there is a tremendous need for this type of space and B. it will soon be over run with Carlottas and Zoeys holding protest posters and setting up petitions.

  69. Carlotta’s FB page is back up. As near as I can tell it hasn’t been scrubbed, all the crazy is present and accounted for.

  70. […] woman” at the center of the Planet Fitness situation, “Carlotta Sklodowska,” is a male-identified fetishist who adopted a creepy, racist pseudo-Eastern European woman accent on his Facebook and liked posting […]

  71. Sheogorath Says:

    I read about this case and there wasn’t any man involved except maybe for Planet Fitness staff, but I guess there’s no difference to a transphobe, huh?

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are a homophobe and a womanphobe, sir. “Carlotta” is a man and so are you, you big ‘phobe.

      • Sheogorath Says:

        Gay man is a homophobe, huh? Go figure. And I’m not actually scared of most women, only those who, like you, have attitudes that have caused the deaths of trans people such as Leelah Alcorn and Brandon Teena.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You clearly despise women sir. Stop telling women that our “attitudes” towards sex-roles are killing people. You fucking freak. Men like you who despise women kill people. 98%.

  72. barkshark Says:

    I think this no judgement zone will be eradicated once a cis hetero man feels threatened. Like if a gay man were to make outward comments about how hot the other men in the locker room are, then I think they won’t tolerate that, and their no judgement zone will be over. Because nothing is worse to some cis hetero men then being sexually objectified, although they’re perfectly fine with doing that to women.

    It’s time women stopped taking crap and just boycott all these places that feels that women’s rights don’t matter. Money speaks louder to corporations than words. And its always like this, women’s rights are always trumped by other people’s rights. Like with the hobby lobby case, religious rights trumped women’s right. Or in the pro life movement, the rights of a fetus trump the rights of women and now trans rights trump women’s rights. And people wonder why we need feminism… We need feminism more than ever and we need to focus on the problem which is, misogyny, sexism, male privilege and patriarchy.

    A trans woman will never truly understand what it feels like to be a woman in a male privileged society, and will never genuinely go through the things a cis woman goes through. I guess if feminists keeps walking on eggshells for trans people then they may stop caring about reproductive rights and abortion, since it excludes trans women, and the feminism that seems to be going on now won’t tolerate “transphobia.” I guess they forgot the message that our foremothers fought for, which is women’s rights, not the rights of men pretending to be women!

    Also if feminism believes gender is a social construct, are so against gender roles, and the idea of a female and male brains, then why are they supporting trans women? Trans women say they feel like a woman and have the brain of a woman, aren’t they basically saying that gender is biological and inherent? This goes against the tenants of feminism!

    I’m so glad I found this blog (via the terf website haha), I thought I may be the only person who felt this way, I used to support trans rights but since they started using slurs against feminists (terfs, they even have a damn terf website, but I don’t see the website they made against the religious right; it’s so much easier to hate on feminists since it has such a bad name in the media!), and constantly trying to erase the term “woman and female, ” and making cis women feel ashamed of being who they are (which is quite ironic), playing on women’s sports teams and mostly winning (argh), and not allowing cis women to have their own spaces (Michfest), I am no longer in support of them.

    I am a woman first before anything else, and I am not ashamed of being a woman, nor am I ashamed of being cis; it’s just like telling hetero people to be ashamed of being hetero or to stop referring to themselves as hetero because of the disenfranchisement of gay people, which is absurd and no one would tolerate that, so why should cis women?! I will always refer to myself as a woman no matter what. This is something trans women can never take away. Why don’t trans women stop calling themselves trans since it offends me as a cis woman?!

  73. Reblogged this on WolfWomanoftheNorth and commented:
    “Transgender activists hailed the outcome as a victory for the male rights of “transwomen”, who seek the elimination of the human rights of privacy, public safety and free speech of actual female persons- those formerly known as “women”.”

  74. […] – Planet Fitness le revoca la membresía a una mujer que reportó a un hombre dentro del baño de mujeres. […]

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