Dr. Drew Show- Planet Fitness transgender locker room guy is a crossdresser who “gets a sexual high”

March 11, 2015



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  1. graceaware Says:

    The after show footage that is available after this video is very useful. It’s nice to see those issues talked about, especially from a mtf transexual person

    • graceaware Says:

      here’s a link to that video.

      • Absalom Says:

        Eesh, they’re all really Buffalo Bill, aren’t they.

      • Juliana D Says:


        Yes, Ed Gein, the original trans, whom Buffalo Bill was based on. (Of course, “Silence of the Lambs” is now considered “transphobic.”)

        I read a book about Ed Gein fifteen years ago. Really disturbing. Look him up. This kind of man would now be considered trans and allowed under the “umbrella.”


      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        No perv policy is humorous? The man is a man is a man – brain anomaly? Fucking anti-science idiot. Tur is stronger and can overpower most women. Shut up idiot. Who cares about your stupid unnecessary medical procedures. He says ITS LIKE GIVING BIRTH ITS PAINFUL FOR EVERYBODY SHUT UP YOU ARE AN IDIOT

      • shediogenes Says:

        Its going to be a bit painful for all of us and then…. Its going to get a bit messy and then something beautiful will result?? It is good to see someone from the trans camp begin to address this, and admit there is a problem, but ultimately it is such an utter fail. Thank you for reporting this Gallus. They came so close to actually naming the real problem for real women and then backed off. It is so frustrating. I wonder if at some point, had the conversation continued, would Dr. Drew have asked the most obvious question. Are we women supposed to pull out our smart phones and conduct some deep research into every man that puts on a skirt and walks into the restroom with us? How is that supposed to work?

        Dr. Drew came so close to the crux of it, talking about the intimidation and safety factor, but took the visual cues warning him to go no further. Men can come into our sex-segregated spaces, perv on us, hurt us, sexually assault and kill us, but Drew can’t name the real problem and Tur is looking for some nuance that doesn”t really exist. Even if we aren’t physically hurt, being intimidated, triggered, limiting our freedom of movement, what little we have in what few spaces we have, is still incredibly damaging. When is Tur going to take that next logical step? The “little messy until something beautiful happens” line, uttered by a woman, is driving me mad.
        The mess she refers to is the sum total of the hurt, pain, fear, degradation and limitation heaped onto every woman’s life, brushed aside for the sake of this tiny little group of fetishists.

        What about the women Dr. Drew?

  2. graceaware Says:

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    A trans woman discusses with Dr. Drew the situation at Planet Fitness

  3. PF Says:

    No, dude. You do NOT see “both sides.” If you did, you would not be creepily claiming to be a woman, and apparently expecting that women’s restrooms are for “real” trans like yourself, even as you claim No True Scotsman on your fellow creep because he got caught.

  4. susannunes Says:

    This reporter may have something to say, but the trans act is so off-putting. This Tur is a man in drag who is talking about a man in drag and doesn’t even see the irony of appearing on the show at all. Just because he may have had his genitalia hacked off doesn’t make him any less a female impersonator.

  5. tnt666 Says:

    A trans* saying “police our own” is a start… but how about females know… Trust females… like Dr Tiller used to say… Trust females.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Yes. The murdered Dr. Tiller, let us not forget. What a blow. Gone but not forgotten Dr. Tiller.

  6. ngblog Says:

    Thank you, Zoey Tur. And that’s been one of the more disturbing aspects of this whole godforsaken saga; the wanton disregard by the news media and gay blogs to spin this as “transphobia” when it’s so obvious this man is a creep.

    Take his job history, for example, the one you and others have posted. Once you get past the bad grammar, there’s something awfully disturbing about it, especially when it comes to the section where he describes leaving Chicago and moving to Michigan.

    • kesher Says:

      The stripper claims are completely made up. Although I’m curious how many of the legitimate-sounding former jobs are actually real. If the caretaker job is real, I’m presuming that he doesn’t dress in drag while taking care of that little old lady.

      • Maria Says:

        None of them are. He’s found some universalist church to leach off, I’m sure they give him access to plenty of care jobs.
        It appears he started this “Carlotta” thing in 2011 in Houston. I’d say he probably retired from a science or academic job while in Houston bc in one comment he claimed to have a phd. He also probably divorced sometime in 2010 or 2011, guessing from his yelp comment referring to him dining with a woman who didn’t want to be told the name “Carlotta” or any other creepy details of his fetish.

      • born free & female Says:

        Or maybe he’s like “Doctor Vanderbilt” of putter fame, who identified as a PhD.

      • No name Says:

        The stripper claims of employment are fake. One of the clubs, never existed and the other is seedy -yes, but they do not hire men as dancers, even if they pass & tuck.

        This is just a guy that fetishizes the sex industry and placed his role-playing into that, much like the man that wears stripper wigs as part of his ‘woman’ persona in public..

        Another mid-life crisis from the incredible shrinking male brain..

      • kesher Says:

        Not only that, but he’s ugly. “Carlotta” is unattractive in such a way that can’t just be explained away by middle age. Neither male nor female strip clubs would have him.

        It also looks like he has a twitter handle with the number 1982 on it, which leads me to believe he’s posing as a 32/33-year-old woman as part of his fetish.

  7. LC Says:

    “Wouldn’t that make him a criminal?”

    I just… cognitive dissonance, anyone? “Carlotta” wasn’t breaking any laws- unfortunately- but how is Dr. Drew not understanding that this is exactly the problem with self-reported gender feelings? Who’s the sincere woman? The person you’re talking to who still looks like a man in every way, but wants to pass judgment on the transvestite? Sigh.

    • neme Says:

      In case Dr. Drew or his staff are googling for responses to this:

      Yes, Dr. Drew, this man “Carlotta” IS a criminal. He is exactly what you saw in your mind’s eye when you said that. You were surprised, but we are not. Drew, I’m sure you thought most transwomen are adorable, passing transwomen like Janet Mock, or well-intentioned transsexuals like your guest Zoey Tur. While the POC transwomen are more likely to have lived as gay men and go for full transition, this white guy “Carlotta” is typical for the late-transitioning, or never transitioning, older straight white men who do this.

      “Carlotta”, whose real name we don’t even know, was in that changing room to perv on women, and probably to film them for his fetish porn. He left a bag there. No woman leaves her purse unattended. He is what gay men and transsexuals call “A Pig in a Wig,” or, an autogynephile, fetishistic, heterosexual, crossdresser. And this specific crossdresser consumes porn of athletic women, and trolls social media looking for women to play out his fetishes.

      Dr. Drew, you’ve met predator males like “Carlotta” before. He’s like the Barbie Rapist. He’s like Ed Gein. But now there are newly-enacted, bullshit laws that let these men get away with this shit, as long as when a woman sounds the alarm they tell the staff, or police, that they “identify” as a woman. Your sense of alarm and confusion was correct in that moment, Drew. Listen to it.

      These older white males did not live as feminine gay men prior to transition (if they transition at all), they are adult, heterosexual males with a predatory fetish. They are fully-intact males, with functioning penises. Violating women’s boundaries is a key part of the fetish for them, so this is going to keep happening until we get the laws changed.

      “Carlotta” doesn’t even belong to the gym and his cover story is creepy and implausible. He came in off the street to peep and predate. Look at the photos of him here in the previous post.


  8. amazondream Says:

    OMG–I think this is great. A few more interviews like this and I don’t think there will be much punch left in them with their stupid arguments. This should open the door to interviews with opposing ideas.

    GM–Maybe you’d better polish off your Sunday best and get ready–lol–

  9. mon Says:

    Another woman here who has reached peak. It started when I was walking down the road at Michfest past the showers when a young woman came upon us who was inconsolable. We all stopped to listen as she told us an intact male suddenly appeared naked. She poured out how she earlier in life had an experience of sexual assault and couldn’t believe what just happened. I was shocked and pissed. Then I saw the post here “Who are the men who sneak into Festival” and have been following since. I frequent the northern Michigan, Midland area all summer and will take the time to stop into that same planet fitness and let them know I will let all my friends and neighbors know what goes on and there is no chance I would ever be a member. The idea that some front desk clerk can decipher any given persons “sincerely held gender feel” is ridiculous. Thanks Gallus Mag.

    • @MichfestMovesMe Says:

      And that is just ONE incident, out of MANY, that have rattled the Michfest community in the last few years. WE are NOT down with male fetishists with “lady feelz” bashing our boundaries! If you are over the age of ten and born male, this festival is not intended for you. #Respect the Intention.

      As an aside, did anyone else note the misogyny when Tur stated that women don’t want men in the changing room because women are VAIN? WTF?? Not the issue!

      • neme Says:

        Tur is another male who is entirely clueless of the state of war women live in. While I appreciate his speaking out about the intact males predating on women, this statement shows he knows nothing about what it means to grow up female.

        For every transwoman who is harrassed or harmed, literally thousands of biological females are harassed and harmed. For every transwoman murdered, thousands of females are murdered, no matter how we dress or “identify,” no matter our race, class or nationality.

        The only reason these overblown, fabricated statistics of violence against trans get so much credulous acceptance is because those crowing about it don’t know a thing about women’s lives. Nor do they care. Male violence is a threat to females and to males who transgender, but there are far more females being harmed, and very few people are up in arms about what happens to us.

        Because we have to keep saying it: The transwomen being murdered at disproportionate rates to their numbers are POC, and usually those who are prostituted. They are almost always murdered by white males – johns who believe they have the right to rape if they pay for it. And it’s only one step from violent rape to murder. The white transwomen are almost never harmed and most of the white males who transgender live lives of extreme privilege.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “If you are over the age of ten and born male”

        It should be any male no matter the age. Why can’t there be one thing that is JUST FEMALE?? Women? Leave your annoying boys at home for once.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “did anyone else note the misogyny when Tur stated that women don’t want men in the changing room because women are VAIN?”

        HE certainly sounds like a man. Clueless, delusional and wrong.

      • soporificat Says:

        Yes, and it was also interesting how unhappy Zoey was when Dr. Drew said that men are “potentially stronger” and “could overpower a woman” as reasons why they might not want a male in the changing rooms with them. Dr. Drew picked up on Zoey’s disapproval right away, and moved along. Right, so the major, number one reason why women don’t want males in women’s spaces is something that Zoey absolutely doesn’t want to talk about.

        Instead Zoey wants to talk about how women are vain, and also that women just aren’t sexual the way that men are (you know, the old stereotype that men are constantly looking for sex, and women want to avoid sex), so women just need a place to take a break from all that. Not that, you know, women might be worried for their basic safety, or have trauma issues around male bodies/presence.

        It was striking how anxious to please both women and Dr. Drew were towards this dude who was performing femininity.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        Yeah, women are vain. A big linebacker cross-dressing pervert enters the ladies room and the first thing on our minds is “OMG the perv is going to see me sans lipstick and hairdo!!!!!”

        He’s projecting. he’s the one who can’t let his mask slip. We women are simply concerned about our physical safety.

      • Bea Says:

        Perhaps the narcissistic, sociopathic rage can be felt simmering below the surface and that’s why they’re so anxious to please. Imagine one slip-up of misgendering, or implying the wrong thing, and the whole tran-o-sphere goes nuts and boycotts the show. Remember what happened to Piers Morgan? Walking on eggshells doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  10. Lauren Says:

    I find it hilarious that Mr. Tur (Robert “Bob” Tur) has ‘researched’ the man who invaded the female locker room at Planet Fitness and concluded that the man is indeed a man who just ‘crossdresses’ and apparently gets some weird sexual high from that. Perhaps Bob can now look in the mirror and study himself to conclude that he is indeed a man as well and is no different from the ‘crossdresser’ in any meaningful way.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    And yet no one even questions what “cross-dressing” is, when the most female-identified women do not choose to look the way men order us to look. So “dressing like a woman” means following male rules for women into male-identified femininity. Trans and patriarchy are all about mindfuck.

    Notice how Dr. Drew’s concern is all about being for the man, and the hell with the women affected.

    Thank you for this, Gallus Mag! It’s great to share for those just learning the extent of the con.

  12. Lulu Says:

    “I have MANY friends that are crossdressers,” “Zoey” says.

    How many women do you know who have “many” male friends who get their rocks off on wearing dresses and makeup? These guys can’t ever pass. Not just physically, but every time they open their mouths, they reveal that they’re just a bunch of perverted men. Women run away from perverts because our lives depend on it. We don’t befriend perverts. We don’t include pervs in our circle.

    • neme Says:

      Most men are unable to spot a rapist, or be creeped out by them the way we are. They don’t even spot some of the trannies we immediately spot, because for most of them, their lives have not depended on spotting and escaping from dangerous males.

    • shediogenes Says:

      yes, exactly. I thought the same thing. I may know a crossdresser, but I dont know he is a CD, and he wouldnt be part of my circle of friends if he were out about it, posting disgusting shit on social media.

  13. morag99 Says:

    What’s going to happen to this Zoey Tur now? Didn’t he just betray the “transgender community” in front of millions of American HLN watchers? Won’t they mob him and accuse him of Terfery and Murder?

    Drew Pinsky, by the way, is prurient, misogynist and empty-headed. He’s a doctor who uses his sensational platform not so much to promote healing, but to do some harm. Harm is good for ratings.

    I haven’t seen the whole interview (this is just a clip, right?) but I really doubt Dr. Drew could wrap his head around this trans issue. He’s probably thinking about how nicely his mauve tie complements his silver hair.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “What’s going to happen to this Zoey Tur now? Didn’t he just betray the “transgender community” in front of millions of American HLN watchers? Won’t they mob him and accuse him of Terfery and Murder?”

      Deranged, violent, obsessive stalker Stephen Sandeen is threatening Tur on twitter at this very moment.

      • morag99 Says:

        Ha. While Sandeen argues and threatens, this one has uncharacteristically gone in for the less-is-more approach, and hasn’t said another word about it in the last 7 hours:

        Miss Sudo Khaleesi
        Fuck Hanna Zoey Tur.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So funny to see violent psychopaths try to “collect” Zoey Tur.

        What these losers don’t understand about a guy like Tur is that whatever happens, he’s gonna be just fine. He’ll land on his feet. He’s a survivor. A state of being that these skumbags will never understand.

      • hearthrising Says:

        I still see Zoey Tur’s appearance as a very positive development. In educating the public about trans issues and feminism, it’s useful to stress that the trans narrative that’s promoted on the left and in the LGBTQRST is only one narrative. That’s why it’s important that transwomen who do not agree with this narrative come forward, especially on record and not anonymously. Autumn Sandeen’s response here is also useful in explaining why more transwomen are not coming forward with opposing views. Left and liberal men and women need to face the question, why is your trans allyship about aligning with the views of the most misogynistic transwomen?

        This does not mean that I’m endorsing the perspective of Tur over that of radfems, but realistically, most men and women will only listen to males. And in spite of the rhetoric, “cis” people on the left do see transwomen as men. If they saw them as women, they wouldn’t listen to them.

      • bleh Says:


        Washington Blade: Transgender activists turn on Susan Stanton

        “Stanton upset transgender activists and nearly all of the nation’s transgender rights groups by siding with Pelosi and Frank, saying she believed passing a gay-only version of ENDA as a “first step” would help open the way for passing a trans-inclusive bill. The House passed the gay-only measure in November by a vote of 235 to 184.”

        “She said the intensity of the hostility she received from transgender people was “far worse” than the hostility she encountered from straights who demanded she be fired from her city manager’s job.

        In a commentary in the Blade, transgender activist and writer Monica Helms referred to Stanton as an “Aunt Tranny,” a term Helms said was similar to the term “Uncle Tom,” which blacks use to characterize fellow blacks who collaborate with racists or segregationists. ”

        trans are their own worst enemies

      • Bea Says:

        I’ve also heard the term “House Tranny” used amongst them. They have very little solidarity amongst themselves. I mean, it makes sense considering the jargon is constantly changing— they are perpetually looking for reasons to get upset. They are angry people. Their very identities are built on envy.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh surprise, surprise, Stephen Sandeen is threatening someone. I wonder if he’s pulled out the hot liquids yet. I have to wonder how many trannies out there hate him.

  14. bleh Says:

    Bob’s a cross dressing perv himself, he’s just angry and jealous he had to spend so much money to get his ladies pass when some other guy just got to walk in off the street for free.

    Tur made this comment that ““with federal law and the Civil Rights Act and Title II, Planet Fitness had no choice but to have that policy, much of this is self identifying and we have to police out own, I suppose, but I can see both sides of the issue”

    I think that’s bullshit, Title II of the Civil Rights Act says ”
    Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin in certain places of public accommodation, such as hotels, restaurants, and places of entertainment.”

    I dont see white male cross dressers having their right to go in the women’s locker room at gyms being protected by that. And if CDs rights to the ladies room were protected then why are trans activists trying to get those stupid gender identity laws tied to sexual orientation protection?

    Bob is either stupid or just a manipulative liar who wants to convince a national audience that cross dressers’ desires to occupy female sex segregated spaces are protected by federal law, thus making it all Obama’s fault and not the work of transgender activists like Bob.

    Maybe Bob’s just dumb, a distinct possibility, or he’s a typical cross dresser and is politically conservative and he knows that if he says “it’s the feds fault” his fellow conservatives will hopefully latch on that and wear themselves out cursing Obama and not bother to see how gender identity laws allow any man to self identify into female sex segregated space.

    • kesher Says:

      The Obama administration is slowly changing the rules where it can to allow genderfeels to trump women’s safety. It’s either considering a rule, or has already handed it down, demanding that homeless shelters under the aegis of HUD (I presume this means just about any shelter at least partially funded by the feds) have to allow “trans women” into women’s shelters with no objective criteria for what that means. I’m also pretty sure it’s using Title IX to force schools to admit trans students (a sensible measure, regardless of what anyone thinks of gender identity) and possibly to force schools to allow trans students to be admitted to sex-segregated facilities and organizations including college sports (which is a stab in the back, as far as I’m concerned).

      But you’re right that Tur is lying about federal protections. The trans-inclusive ENDA might have taken a step toward that, at least requiring workplaces to allow trans into their preferred bathrooms, but that bill died largely due to trans inclusion. The lgbT refused to consider a non-inclusive ENDA, and Republicans weren’t going to vote for an inclusive bill. And I haven’t heard any suggestion of a federal bill to require trans inclusion across the board. The idea that Congress might pass something like that is hilarious.

  15. margotmaybe Says:

    Soooo…I’m new to this blog and also, I gotta be honest, feeling truly passionate about feminism.

    I was all about live and let live with the trans community. My only personal experience was with a kickass search and rescue trainer who ran around with the rest of us in the same gear getting muddy as all get out. I had mad respect for her having the guts to just blend with all of the good ole boys that showed up to search or get trained. I never thought of her as anything but a her and she didn’t try to convince anyone with fake nails or lipstick, at least not there. I have no idea if she had undergone SRS. I didn’t care and I’ve bunked with her many times. She also was into dudes. Big difference.

    When my social activist friend posted the original Planet Fitness story on FB, I happened to leave a comment envisioning THIS EXACT scenario and boy, let me tell you, did chaos ensue. I was called a prick, bigoted, transphobic, homophobic (my son is openly and happily gay and they know it), anti-woman. The thread got to nearly 300 comments, mostly from fucking delusional beasts trying to make me stand down. And they almost, almost got me.

    So let me thank this blog for giving me the courage to stand up to these men and their rabid fans. I had no idea how vulnerable activists(!) Feminists(!) were to heterosexual men in dresses. They still refuse to see that it’s not the same as the marginalization of gays and lesbians and women, even when logic is employed. It’s a penis privilege issue and they (I) have (had) fallen right into the usual traps. Is it because like me, we all know one really kickass transwoman that we don’t want to offend?

    Looking back on my entire life I see how affected I was. I was just living in this bubble, thinking I was all that and a feminist bag of chips, but I wasn’t. Thanks for giving me the language to start fighting back. I’m totally ready.

    I love you, radfems!!!

    • Lauren Says:

      It seems the majority of the trans cult are unable to recognise the truth that it’s impossible to change sex. Trans ‘women’ and their allies tend to be quite aggressive, vicious, and manipulative when defending their fiction. Essentially they behave exactly as males tend to behave when confronted with a truth that doesn’t fit their fantasy. This is why your comment on FB led to war. Males love war–even males who steal and butcher female identity.

      I live in a college town which is very diverse. The university has ‘gender identity and expression’ as protected classes, and has also designated ‘gender neutral’ restrooms. The hope was that the trans cult would then use the gender neutral ones and eave the rest alone. Guess what didn’t happen? And there have been several instances of females being assaulted and sexually harassed in the restrooms on campus; one which was reported to be perpetrated by a trans cult member. This town also used to have a truly lesbian bar but it was recently ‘evolved’ into a trans-cult & allies pub complete with a drag show and everything. The lesbians have moved out and the gay males & trans cult have moved in. [The only thing I have against gay males is their willingness to exercise their male privilege to take over female space.]

      I tell you about my town and the university so it’s clear what can happen when we lose the fight. Most of the ‘feminists’ around here are trans/male inclusive. I’m one of very few rads here and we’re really quite powerless without numbers. It takes a large number of female voices to be listened to and get action taken in our favour–but it seems to only take one male voice for the same. Keep fighting.

  16. margotmaybe Says:

    P.S. I’m totally posting this video to that stupid thread.

  17. Atranswidow Says:

    There’s a lot of right and a lot of wrong being said here. (I’m referring to the after-show video posted by by graceaware).

    What is great is that Zoey Tur has at least started to sow seeds of doubt or at the very least made it ok to express doubts about trans ideology. This is a trans person saying that some men in dresses or in tracksuits in women’s spaces are getting a sexual thrill at the expense of women’s physical and emotional well being. So well done for that.

    What also says ,however, is ‘….you’ve conflated sexual fetish with brain anomaly….’. As far as I understand a brain anomaly is a congenital abnormality in the brain, some of which can be seen on MRI scans. Is he really saying that there is some well defined structural mis-wiring in the brains of trans people present since birth? If so, has it been located? Can we actually scan babies at birth to see if they will develop as trans. Would save time later on; just hold on filling out the birth certificate until after the scan. After all technology is so more accurate than a visual check to see what genitalia the child possesses! This is probably the trans ‘holy grail’.
    I may be proved wrong with time, but given that brain scans don’t even reveal whether your looking at a male or female brain (http://www.jpehs.co.uk/2013/12/03/brain-scans-prove-there-is-no-difference-between-male-and-female-brains/) then that seems to be a long time coming.

    A lot of the problem, as I see it, is that the whole trans issue is so complex and clouded in speculation and the general public and politicians and policy makers are being fed propaganda on a grand scale. It’s taken me a lot of time reading and researching and trying to work out the how and the why of trans. I’ve only done that because of my own circumstances as the ex-partner of a man who lied and hid the truth for over 25 years. Most MtT’s who transition late in life, like my ex, and, I suspect Zoey Tur, go through a long period as cross-dressers on an ever escalating scale until cross dressing just isn’t enough. I find it nauseating that he puts himself above cross-dressers by listing the medical procedure he’s endured. Why oh why aren’t these men being given the psychiatric help they need? They just don’t want it; just like a teenage anorexic doesn’t want therapy. Difference here is that these are entitled males who can pay or convince insurance companies or national health schemes to pay for their ultimate thrill.

    • GallusMag Says:

      From Tur’s facebook post on the topic (bolding by me):
      ” had undergone 12 months of dramatic life changing cross hormone therapy, 9 painful full body laser hair removal procedures, a dozen psychiatric sessions for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, an MRI scan, and the pain of coming out that resulted in the loss of my most of my so-called friends-even family.”

      He seems to be claiming an MRI scan for laydeebrain was part of his transgender diagnosis (although one suspects his physician may have been trying to rule out some sort of brain injury).


      • Dogtowner Says:

        Is this guy another example of late “transitioning” and the fact that cross-sex hormones do not take? He looks and sounds fully male to me.

      • michelle Says:


        Yes…and a misogynistic piece of shit. Strong believer in the ‘laydee brain’ and actually tried to claim that is why women can’t be pilots and stuff like that. Gallus has some of his early interview quotes in a different article from when he came out a year or so ago…

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Yes, the whole “different brain” pseudoscience is exactly how trans are transforming their disorder into a “biological gender”.

      The doctor “assigns” a baby’s sex at birth based on looking only at genitals but unknown to the doc, there is a lady brain inside that cute little head.

      They try to sell that having a preference for wearing lipstick and high heels is genetic.

      This also lets them argue that they are as much “biological women” as we actual women are. An attempt to use science to aid in their erasure of actual females.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Brain scanning for psychological status is seen by most of the medical community as quackery. A SPECT scan is helpful for determining physical brain damage and other physical conditions affecting the brain, but not for determining one’s state of mind. Dr. Daniel Amen has made a killing off his chain of SPECT clinics that supposedly “prove” ADD, depression and other disorders. It’s understandable that a person suffering from these disorders feels relieved to see physical “proof” of those issues, but it’s largely viewed by other doctors as a big scam.


      • Bea Says:

        It’s funny because most real women I know, if not all of them, do not feel like they have a female brain. You could put my brain in a male body, an intersex body, a body without a reproductive system…and I wouldn’t be “trapped” or feel like it doesn’t “fit.” That’s the argument they always try to make to convince you you’re “cis,” “imagine you woke up in a male body, wouldn’t you be rushing to get vaginoplasty?” NO!! It’s just a body!! Who cares??

    • Charlotte Says:

      Whoaw! Another fellow female who endured what I did: a partner who cross dressed and hid it for years. My ex was incredibly sexist and abusive too. When I would say I don’t understand why my under things kept going missing he would accuse me of cheating and beat me. I would find TEN years later (while pregnant) a box in the basement filled with all those under things he beat me for along with sex toys and video tapes of him dressed up in my things while fucking himself. Also found tranny porn hidden in regular music CDs. This jerk knocked me up THREE times and beat me for years, all to use me and my children as a beard because he had NO courage just to be himself. He treated me like a wash rag, literally would call me “nigger” and refuse to buy my kids groceries unless I laid down with him. It was abuse the likes I didn’t know existed. My life could have been one of those “burning bed” horror flicks.

      These appropriators of women MAKE feminists like me. And I’ll freaking die before I give up fighting these twisted jerks after witnessing how evil some of them can be.

  18. Juliana D Says:

    Dr. Drew is a POS. He has been advising youth for years while taking money from Big Pharma.


    • Zemskull Says:

      I don’t believe that Dr. Drew takes women’s safety seriously. On the VH1 show Celebrity Rehab, he knowingly placed Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore in the same residential treatment facility. The two had a past romantic relationship in which he physically abused her, and he’d also been subsequently arrested for assaulting additional women.

  19. Atranswidow Says:

    Exactly…an MRI scan…..my ex had one too. He came back so excited; they hadn’t seen anyone like him before! They love the medical attention, in fact any kind of attention. I suspect that somewhere, someone is putting all these MRI scans together. I’d be very interested to know what they conclude.

  20. http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150312/NEWS03/150319651 Surprise, surprise, New Hampshire’s first trans lawmaker has just been arrested … for calling in a bomb threat to a hospital.

  21. VC Says:

    One news outlet reported a detail of the Carlotta story that has been largely ignored – that Planet Fitness outlet was aware that “Carlotta” creeped women out:

    “And then he said, ‘We’ve had lots of complaints about him, but we told him to go change in a stall'”, Cormier said.”


    In other words, they knew before Ms. Cormier encountered him that he was a problem and a potential liability, yet the only thing they did about it was suggest that Cormier wait until he finished dressing. Cormier should sue the pants off of them.

  22. GallusMag Says:


    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I eagerly await the day that class:female gives MTTs the collective shunning they’re about to give Tur.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      There’s no difference betwixt Don Ennis and “Carlotta,” what with the forced fem fantasies and general creepiness. Has Don decided yet whether he’s a man or a “woman”, or is he still flipping back and forth and expecting his coworkers to keep up (and coddle his delusions)?

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. You all SHOULD have Carlotta “herself” be on the Dr. Drew show, or some other nationally televised show, to represent your community to the general public. I myself would like an in-depth 1 hour interview with Barbara Walters. Or Judge Judy. GOIDY (Go On I Dare You) IDDDY (I Double Dog Dare You)

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I see Don Ennis is still posting endless selfies at his site. He also wrote a poem likening MtT to butterflies, I shit you not. I’m thinking of adding the poem to Urban Dictionary’s entry for “cringeworthy”.

    • I think Jenner had the good sense to cancel his show. I haven’t followed Jazz Jennings mainly because I try to avoid the exploitation of children when I can, but I can see this turning into a major catastrophe. As I’ve said before, trans seem to think greater exposure will lead to greater acceptance. Unfortunately, they’re so highly populated with sexual freaks of all kinds they are so not ready for prime time.

    • RR Says:

      Dawn??? The TRANSient global amnesia strikes again! Don would be a great spokesman for a dudes with consistent and sincere laydee feelings, what a clueless clown.

  23. Zoey Tur Says:

    Thank you for spelling my name correctly! I love you all just the way you are 🙂

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Would’ve been nice had you given Gallus Mag credit when you mentioned your “research”, asshole. You’re just another dude using women’s labor without credit. (I’ll also add that, like my fellow commenter here Roslyn joked about, you’re the 5,643rd middle-aged man to name himself “Zoey”. Oh, but you spelled it differently! That makes you SPESHUL.)

      • That whole name thing is very crucial and I wonder how much thought they put into it. Names are very fashionable and you can typically date someone, especially women, within a decade or so, just by their names. My generation was very much a decade of Lisas and Jackies. Almost every woman I’ve met named Deborah was born in the 1950s. Jennifers and Jessicas are 70s and 80s babies. Ashley are from the 90s as are names like Zoey. Late nineties into the 2000s the “old” names, like Hanna and Abigail are back in vogue. So, a woman named Hanna Zoey would probably be no older than 20.

        Odd that all these middle aged men are naming themselves a teenagers name. Another popular one, Sophia. My son’s classes right now are fully Sophias. He’s 10. Of course, this is not necessarily true of “ethnic” women. I met a named Deborah a while back, but she was Jewish. And of course, Sophia is a popular name with Latinas.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “Odd that all these middle aged men are naming themselves a teenagers name.”

        I seem to recall GallusMag looked at that a while back. https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/pedomorphisis-and-the-abortive-language-of-transgenderism/

  24. GallusMag Says:

    This person is a staff writer for Windy City Times. Wow. Disgusting!

    “Gretchen R. Hammond
    @ZoeyTur PS: it’s not unfair to say that the next trans life lost due to the fear you just helped spread is on you. #losetheego
    0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    7:07 PM – 15 Mar 2015

    • Charlotte Says:

      You gotta wonder if Zoey sees this stuff and wonders how the trans community will be accepted when so many of them are violent delusionals that will turn on one another just for being honest about one little tiny point in a thousand. Zoey in NO way described Carlotta how I would have. Zoey merely said Carlotta was a cross dresser, I would have said WAY more than that. And yet trans folk are saying zoey is responsible for suicide now!?!? Could they be more fucking ridiculous? If I was Zoey I would be addressing how this violent, blame game behavior so rabid in the trans community is going to blow up in their face because it developed gender critical theory which is now spreading to other wings of feminism and its only a matter of a few more incidents like this before things start exploding.

      I’m a Marxist fem, NOT rad. And I can tell ya this issue is starting to rumble in my wing as well as in the ecological feminism wing. I’m also seeing it start to quietly be asked in the liberal wing and THAT is a big one. Because that’s where the bulk of our sisters are. Its been all over two X chromosomes as of late, all over the mouths of the yoga group I attend filled with lib femmes, I’m seeing it pop up on FB pages of classical long term “tolerance for everyone” FEMS. When 40 year old life long libs are saying they are scared to ask “what is a woman” this means they are feeling that the trans movement is filled with violence and insanity and these women won’t be put in the closet much longer because most spent lifetimes forced in there already by abusive males and know one when they see one..

      • kesher Says:

        On the suicide topic, is there any relationship between the obvious fetishists and either the overall male suicide rate or even the more specific “trans” suicide rate?

        The fetishists are prone to narcissistic rage (although it seems like the “true” trans are as well). While most male rage is directed outwards, occasionally it’s directed inwards with suicide. How many fetishists like Carlotta have destroyed their personal and professional lives with their creepy behavior and ultimately decided to end things by killing themselves?

        I guess I’m wondering to what degree Gretchen here is trying to look out for the interests of people “she” knows to be fetishists and genuinely worries that they’ll kill themselves if we don’t all cater to their sexual fantasies?

    • No name Says:

      That is shocking, but I am not surprised. Many of these guys are looking for legal protections to assault women and get into spaces they can force sexual situations on women [and children] more easily. Everytime it happens they protect it. Archive everything. They try to get shit removed from online as it pops up.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      It’s so disturbing how so many states have ruled in favor of the perverts on upskirting cases.

      • Juliana D Says:

        Yes, Teal Deer, it is disturbing. Reading Gallusmag’s link, this man actually touched the woman’s upper, inner thighs while photographing/filming her! How is that okay? How does this fall under the law in being publicly photographed/no reasonable expectation of privacy? So wearing a dress, and having a man put his hand under your skirt and using a camera – well, you should have expected that while being a woman in public, I guess.

        It reminds me of the reprehensible ruling (was it Utah?) where a thirteen-year-old girl had a man slide a smartphone beneath her and take pictures of her underwear at, I believe, Target, had no standing because, the judge said, she had no expectation of privacy and used the example of Marilyn Monroe standing over a vent with her skirt blown up, which was:

        A) staged to promote a film
        B) an adult woman, not a minor
        C) a vent blowing up a skirt is an accident; nothing to do with creepy men sticking cameras under women’s and girl’s skirts.

        So basically women and girls should have no privacy in public. What does a staged Marilyn Monroe promotional pic have to do with women and girls thinking what is under their dress is private?

        I guess women and girls should stop wear dresses, but would that not go against the current idea of gender roles, since girls are born just looooving skirts and shoes, etc.

        Anyway, the whole male judge thing of “oh, I was just so helpless, the law doesn’t cover it” is a lie. Makes me wonder about these judges.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I posted the link because the perp dressed “as a woman” to commit his crimes which he did more than fifty times. He transgendered to get access to female victims and he did it over and over again.

        Transactivists say either “no trans would do this” or “no man without gender dysphoria would ever transgender himself to do this”. Yet there are thousands of cases like this, year after year.

      • Juliana D Says:

        Yes, GM, of course these pervs dress like women. It is their jail-out-of-free card in this age of queer/gender identity nonsense.

        Was responding to Teal Deer about how creepy it is that these guys get off (figuratively and literally) whether dressing as women or not. Since we all know, at least on this blog, it doesn’t matter how they dress. They are still creepy pervs who hate women.

        I really worry about the future for women and girls. But I have to believe, that in the end, we will prevail.

        But thank you so much so much for documenting this stuff.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Wayne “Dana” Beyer deadnames and misgenders Bob Tur for breaking the transwoman bro-code. LOL


    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Just another example we can point to of them not following their own rules. Thanks, Wayne. No honor among trannies.

      “Listen to trans women!!!!!!11”

      “No, not THAT one!”

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        ROFL!! This is hilarious, watching them screech at each other.

        Quote from Wayne Beyer:
        “Cormier’s membership was revoked because it was she who was exhibiting the behavior that was ‘inappropriate and disruptive’ to members who had the right to expect a “non-intimidating and welcoming environment.”

        Uh, no, you lying sack of shit, she was warning other women about a man in the locker room. This is an example of women looking out for each other. What you’re doing, Wayne, is gaslighting women into ignoring their instincts by telling them they’re “bigots” for paying attention to hundreds of years of abuse from males, and guarding ourselves accordingly.

        What a fucking con artist Wayne Beyer is. A selfish, selfish con artist, whose complete lack of understanding of women is surpassed only by his narcissism.

    • They are out for Zoey Tur’s blood, just saw threats on Twitter directed to her. She has BROKEN THE BRO CODE alright. Now they are also pissed off since Tur gave an interview and called Bruce Jenner “part of the Kardashian family train wreck” (LOL) and they are all fired up about that too. Zoey thinks Bruce didn’t take charge of his story and let the tabloids do it, and that isn’t good. Zoey also said something (apparently?) that Jenner will finally talk about his transition only for “May sweeps” (TV ratings). HAHAHA, that’s actually the truth!

      Trying to find the interview, because it sounds funny and I wanna see.

      And I am sick sick sick of how misgendering is supposedly “violence”–yet they do it to each other in a heartbeat.

      • I assume that being in the media as Tur is he has enough sense to know that the current trans narrative is a non-starter with most of the American populace, and will only further marginalize them. And, of course, being a survivor and cutthroat as all hell, he’s bound and determined he’s not going down with them. He’s going to establish himself as the “sane” trans, and let the rest of them crash on the crazy train.

      • Been reading Tur’s Twitter-feed, yeah, a definite split in TeamTrans. It’ll be interesting to watch which way this goes. Having just watched them get a gender crit trans woman on Tumblr fired I’m thinking this could go either way. Tur seems to be on some type of media blitz, but given the level of crazy amongst the PIW, I’ll be surprised if he comes out of this one alive. Of course, it won’t be his first deathspin.

    • Roslyn, good call.

      I am continually surprised how FEW of them want to be seen as the “sane ones”. Its like they are all competing to be the most outrageous, the angriest, the meanest of them all. Or maybe its the echo chamber of the net, makes them all so damn FURIOUS all the time?

      I still believe it could be too much hormones.

      • born free & female Says:

        A startling number of the online trans activists are getting Social Security disability for being too crazy to hold down a job. (It’s unbelievable how much they talk about their various psychiatric disorders without ever connecting those disorders with their gender delusions.)

        And a lot of the older MTFs are retired.

        Most of them have nothing to lose by demanding that everyone accommodate every whim that pops into their bearded heads. Tur is unusual in having a career other than IT or self-promoting celebrity – and even that second group will run into trouble when media outlets learn that having them on your show leads to getting blasted as a transphobe no matter how much you kiss their silicone-pumped asses.

      • I don’t even think it’s a matter of too much hormones, because frankly I think any synthetic hormones are too much, I think most of these dudes who are taking this shit are doing so off-label and based on recommendations from Drs. Reddit and Tumblr. That being the case, and, as I suspect, many of them having all manner of personality disorders/mental illnesses, it’s not surprising that the level of histrionics and just plain fuckery is so high.

        Tur has money and is able to access good doctors, or at least as good as any doctor who will perform surgery for a mental disorder can be. And that’s where the divide is greatest; transgender or “I’m a woman because I say so, no dysphoria required,” and transsexuals who believe surgery and dysphoria are key components of being trans. My guess is that most Americans will fall in more easily with those that have had surgery, and Tur being Tur is going to make sure he’s in that column.

      • Fatima Says:

        It might be narcissism. Anne Lawrence wrote about this:


  26. GallusMag Says:

    This is interesting. Tur says that HRC (Human Rights Campaign) played a part in pulling down “Carlotta”s Facebook profile.

    • michelle Says:

      Could easily envision the men over at HRC making the request that “Carlotta” not be such an open and brazen pervert because it makes the other perverts look bad…

  27. plasticgirl Says:

    Reblogged this on transhumanoid.wordpress.com and commented:

    Zoey Tur is Gross. Planet Fitness is more interested in retaining male moneystream than in ensuring the safety of the females also moneystreaming into Planet Fitness.

    Zoey is what we call a “female minstrel”. He minstrelizes girl-woman genderperformance like dresses and makeup and a few hand gestures, but regardless of his “self identity” or “self perception”, I only see a man in a dress, live-action role-playing a Tootsie-type woman, and poorly. Sorry about that.*

    The second video is even better.

    The blonde in the leather jacket? Female.
    The dude with the grey short hair and glasses? Dude.
    The woman in grey to his right, (viewer’s left). Female.
    Dude wearing black and gold with blonde dye-job to cover grey hairs?
    That simple.

    I will NOT validate that man’s fetishistic delusion, and I am quite familiar with how psychiatry works, bela-eve-u-me.

    I encourage all women to not fall to these men’s pornchan fantasies.




    Tell them you will not agree with them, that they are women, and even more so, that they are not female. A woman is just what we call females that are grown up. More or less.

    *GM can beat me if she’s mad that I reblogged her post.

  28. gaydude50 Says:

    My favorite part of this is watching all the ‘true trannies’ come out of the woodwork to school Zoey, the ‘newbie’ who just doesn’t have their same depth of experience in tranniness.

    Autumn Sandeen is currently in the ‘trannier than thou’ lead, although the dude who said that the next tranny suicide would be on Zoey’s head is definitely a contender.

  29. Well, it looks like Tur has lost this one. There’s a hit piece up at Think Progress and a petition to get him fired from the Dr. Drew show (I don’t think he works there. I think he was just a guest.) But this comment here almost made me vomit:

    “This was all for a story that, as National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling explained, was about “a senior citizen who hung up her coat in the locker room, not any of the other things commentators have talked about.”

    Now “Carlota” our pole dancing Eastern European immigrant who “denzes nekkid for teeps” and asks strangers to pee on him, has been transformed into a “senior citizen.” These guys really don’t care a goddamned thing about the truth, do they?

    • kesher Says:

      He has to be bumped up from middle-aged creeper to senior citizen since people tend to assume old men are harmless.

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘Now “Carlota” our pole dancing Eastern European immigrant who “denzes nekkid for teeps” and asks strangers to pee on him, has been transformed into a “senior citizen.” These guys really don’t care a goddamned thing about the truth, do they?’

      Heh heh. Truth and male-trans is like oil and water.

      They change their stories one detail at time and hope we won’t notice. Now Carlotta — a hulking, scary-looking transvestite — has become a little old lady who felt too weak to carry her heavy ‘coat’ (bag has bad connotations, I guess), and innocently hung it up in the ladies’ locker room. Poor thing. Never cross-dressed for kicks, perved on women exercising, or fetishized urine in ‘her’ whole life. We’re talking, here, not just about a ‘woman,’ but a ‘senior citizen’!

      My god.

      • They’re assuming no one will be able to find Carlotta’s real name and his criminal background. Certainly if Cornier files suit it’ll all come out, unfortunately we can’t rely on the media anymore to do their jobs.

      • morag99 Says:

        The media. Yup — they are enablers. The trans couldn’t have got this far without the complicity of dishonest media.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Of course they don’t assume we’ll notice the details morphing or find out the truth about “Carlotta.” I mean, it’s not as if we live in some science fiction story where we can compare notes almost instantly over long distances or get that sort of information just by pressing a few buttons!

        Perhaps the bag told Mara Keisling that it identifies as a coat. And imagine the horror of being a harmless little old lady trapped in the body of a pervy middle-aged man who sees himself as a young Polish immigrant forced to dance naked. My eyes well up just thinking about it.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Roslyn, nice catch on Keisling’s bullshit. I have to wonder how “Carlotta” feels about being referred to as a senior citizen, however!

  30. a cat Says:

    I am enjoying the infighting. I mean, really enjoying the infighting.

    And I thought Trotskyism was bad…:D

    • GallusMag Says:

      lol @ minute 28:00.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:


      Okay, seriously, I love how they fade in and out from images of Tur’s face to ads for fake tits and “Spunk” lube! God, this shit just writes itself!

      I’m sorry Gallus, I only made it five minutes in before those fade in/outs got me laughing too hard. I’ll try again tomorrow.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Really? lol. I just listened while working on something else so missed the visuals… too funny. Just start at minute 28, kind of drones on before that. At minute 28 Don “amnesia” Ennis (who despises Tur) shows up. Popcorn!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Dammit I was gonna make the popcorn joke! I did listen to that little spat, per your suggestion. Priceless how Tur kept calling him Don! I could practically hear the collective horrified gasp from trannies the world over. Oooh, the shit’s gonna hit the fan on that one. MOAR POPCORN!!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Too funny.
        I was impressed that Tur said feminists should be “allowed” to be gender critical. Can you imagine if the trannies stopped stalking and harassing and threatening lesbians and feminists?! Hard to imagine. Apparently Tur got death and rape threats from his brother “transwomen” as well. Unbelievable. These guys are deranged.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:


      • morag99 Says:

        “lol @ minute 28:00”

        I’m sitting here guffawing and snickering at almost every stilted, gauche word. The whole atmosphere is funny. These guys, when they’re not being aggressive, scary and creepy, are just hilariously entertaining.

        It’s Dawn NOT Don! D-A-W-N! But they are homophones, yes? I guess meany Zoey didn’t imbue the name with enough femininity.

        But, how about you just ask a fucking question, “Dawn”? Say something sensible and intelligible, please, Dahuuwwnn … don’t any of you tell me to sit down and shut up, darling Dahuuwwnn … violence against women! (too bad nobody really listens or cares when it comes to trans threatening and attacking actual women).

        But, I do like the way Tur just snorted and dismissed all of Don’s inarticulate nonsense. Heh. Yeah, people ARE allowed to think and speak. Who the hell threatens another with rape and assault for thinking and speaking? Go, Zoey! Go!

      • michelle Says:

        I had it on in the background for a while but yeah, those ads cracked me up and show what a farce their whole charade really is all about.

        The Don/Dawn stuff was hilarious. Tur wouldn’t be over-the-top enough with the pronunciation and poor little Donald just took such grievous offense that his wig must have been ready to pop off. And then when Tur came back right away claiming he had lived with a Dawn for seven years so he was pretty sure how to say the name…priceless.

        While my connection died before I could finish listening to the whole thing, at least I got to that portion of the comedy gold!

    • Oh, I forgot that was old Don “Spontaneous Vag” Ennis!!! There’s so much lunacy I can’t keep these doodz straight.

  31. Susan Nunes Says:

    Seems as if Don/Dawn is homophonephobic.

    Listening to that conversation, I am convinced the world has gone completely batshit.

    • morag99 Says:

      Well, Don/Dawn probably became homophonephobic because of all the times he’s been mishomophoned by bigots. I’m not sure how one can make the same sound the wrong way, but, for SURE, that Zoey did it on purpose!

      This reminds me of a guy I used to know named Kris. He would accuse me of calling him “Chris.” When I protested that I wasn’t, he said he could just TELL that I was thinking of “C” instead of “K” when I said his name. Ha!

      • gchild Says:

        “…of all the times he’s been mishomophoned bigots”

        yeah, the Don/Dawn spat was utterly ridiculous. But it demonstrates the whole of transmania. It goes like this: “Your RAPING/SUICIDING/MURDERING me because when you said Dawn, I know you were thinking DON! I didnt hear the W dammnit! The W is for woman and you are “manning” me when you dont pronounce it right!” Lol.
        Deep down they know every nontrans on earth no matter how supportive is thinking HE even as they say SHE and vice versa. How can you look at most of them and not? That is why they are so angry. If this is bigotry, then anyone that lays eyes on transman/woman is a bigot on the spot.

        Good to see a some honesty (sanity?) from Tur though about the “denial” in the trans community.

  32. GallusMag Says:

    “As expected, Tur’s high-profile position has drawn mixed reactions: She’s heralded as a breakthrough by some, derided as an abomination by others. She’s reported on her own learning curve as a woman, as well as on stories about America’s changing ideas about gender, such as a recent interview with a transgender San Quentin State Prison correctional officer.

    Likewise, she’s both a pioneer and a lightning rod in the LGBT community. Her mere presence on prime time is a testament to the growing acceptance of a historically maligned demographic, yet Tur’s contrarian viewpoints on various issues have raised hackles in the transgender community and among advocates who say she’s off message.

    She’s challenged the very definition of “transgender” and argued that despite what the experts say, hormone therapy can cause one’s sexual orientation to flip. (She says she’s now attracted to men, after a lifetime of the opposite.) She also recently sided with female patrons at a Michigan gym who felt uncomfortable sharing the changing room with a transgender woman.

    “When I was going through transition, I didn’t push it on everyone,” Tur said, referring to the gym controversy. “I didn’t want to harm the transgender community or harm females in their private space. I was respectful. But now I’ve been told [by LGBT advocacy groups] to sit down, shut up and listen.”

    Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, feels Tur isn’t qualified to be a spokeswoman for the community.

    “Like many other trans people, she may have thought: ‘Oh, I transitioned. Now I can pontificate about any question someone throws me.’ My answer is ‘No, you cannot.’ She’s pretending to be an expert but misinforming the public. It’s dangerous.”

    Mark Angelo Cummings, founder and host of Transition Radio, disagrees. He’s concerned that certain advocacy groups are too aggressive in trying to silence those who don’t stick to one unified message.

    “I’ve been advocating since 2003, and I don’t like what I’m seeing now,” said Cummings, who recently interviewed Tur on his show. “No one speaks for every trans person. They’re the most complex group of individuals I’ve ever met. Put 10 transgender individuals in one room, and we’ll all disagree. But let their voices be heard.”

    The slim, 5-foot-10 Tur, an L.A. native, blended in with the weekday beach crowd as she made her way down the boardwalk near her Santa Monica home. Her hair was pulled back in a no-fuss ponytail, her gait casual in a pair of sensible yet sparkly flats.

    Tur says assimilation was her goal, but then her gender transition went public.

    “Did I want to be laughed at?” Tur said. “Known as a man in a dress? A clown? No, but I had no choice. TMZ’s Harvey Levin called me in 2013 and said, ‘We’re going to do this story [on your transition]. Will you cooperate?'”

    Tur agreed to speak with Levin if he promised to treat her story with respect. “An hour and half later, I did a Skype interview [with Levin],” she said. “I looked drained. I felt like I was confessing to a crime after all those years on the run. Twenty-eight million people now knew.”

    Over dinner, Tur wanted to arm wrestle. She moved the water and wine glasses to the edge of the table and pushed back the sleeve of her track jacket. Her point: to show that it’s unfair for transgender women athletes to compete against other women on sports teams (another opinion that’s put Tur at odds with some in the trans community).

    She gripped the hand of her female dining companion, the chipped light pink polish on her nails an indication that primping is just not her thing. As the wrestling began, she teased. “I’m bored.” And boom. She defeated her opponent without even really trying.”


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I wonder why Beyer thinks he’s “qualified” to speak on all things trans, but Tur is not. What exactly makes Beyer an “expert”? Who’s the judge of that? I am a lesbian, and I know there are lesbians who would disagree with me on a variety of lesbian-related topics. While we disagree, I’d never say I think they’re not qualified to speak. Beyer’s ego knows no bounds.

      • kesher Says:

        I like to think of it as part and parcel of Beyer lying about being intersex. There’s nothing he won’t co-opt or lie about to meet his objectives.

        It’s interesting, because there is one major area where men dictate that members of a particular group aren’t allowed to speak: when a woman with an inconvenient opinion is speaking. Tur doesn’t come close to “passing”, but when he’s saying something the trans brigade doesn’t like, apparently they don’t mind treating him the way they treat us.

  33. […] and replacing it with men’s personal “feelings”) is now shining the spotlight, all right. On this guy, and this one, and this one, and these guys, and all of […]

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