It’s Transphobic* to Advocate for Trans-Anything

March 13, 2015


If a trannie ever says he is a trannie, transgender, trans-sexual what have you, he is transphobic.  According to their philosophy, –their story that they are sticking to, they are women.  What woman do you know says she is a trannie, transgender, or trans-sexual?  She says she is a woman, or female.  What woman do you know puts trans- anything in her bio? Or reminds people she is a woman?  In what situation would I have to remind my friends and family that I am in fact a woman?

Are we staying in character or not, or is it only limited to females being forced to pretend like the males are in  character 24/7 when it is obvious that they are not?

It’s like the emperor fighting for the right to be naked although he claims not to be naked and demands that no one else calls him naked. “I…

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35 Responses to “It’s Transphobic* to Advocate for Trans-Anything”

  1. Miep Says:

    That’s such a good post, so smart.

  2. australopithecene Says:

    It’s amazing logic this circular is being let slip by mainstream logical male minds. My kids could see through this shit.

  3. Thank you for linking me GallusMag.

    I’m never sure if I want to blog or not. Most of the time I don’t want to give someone the attention, but sometimes the nonsense gets so outrageous that I have to say something even if I fail to hide the joke in it.

    You do absolutely astounding and beneficial work and I greatly appreciate your presence on-line.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you so much Kitty! Love the post. Both scathing and hilarious- what’s better than that????
      Answer: Nothing. There is nothing better.

  4. PGD Says:

    So I presume the problem has been solved and Gendertrender is back up again? That at least is good.

  5. Kitty Barber Says:

    Yes, that’s the logical conclusion. If m2ts really believed they were women, they wouldn’t call themselves ‘trans’ anything. (Hint: These fellas are not the sharpest pencils in that desk–at least I hope they aren’t. The more ridiculous the scene becomes, the sooner we will arrive at Peak and the Empire of Trans will…deflate. I hear the hisssing even now…)

    • Bea Says:

      Yes, and if a man with a cock and hairy, swinging ladyballs can be a woman, then I’m a man and I should be able to join the freemasons or the NFL. My “AFAB” children should be able to join the Boy Scouts (cuz we all know it’s way better than selling cookies) regardless of their “gender presentation.” Truth is, they don’t want gender equality, they want the best of both worlds: male privilege, and everything they are jealous that women are “allowed” to have, like frilly underwear and emotions.

      • sirenpress Says:

        I hope that will be the next step though. Us wandering into men’s loos and clubs and spaces *as* men/non binary–if and whensoever we feel like it–and if (actual) men complain, demand help from Trans Inc. And broadcast their (non) responses. To highlight the selective nature of who gets to be allowed to self define (hint: not females)

  6. “If a trannie ever says he is a trannie, transgender, trans-sexual what have you, he is transphobic. According to their philosophy, –their story that they are sticking to, they are women. What woman do you know says she is a trannie, transgender, or trans-sexual? She says she is a woman, or female. ”

    If transwomen are really women, then this must mean women are transwomen. We know this isn’t true.

    This is just part of the overall twisted logic we are supposed to believe for fear of experiencing the wrath of the transgender thought police. They certainly lets us know when we are “mis-gendering” them by not using the proper pronouns, etc.

    It works like this, and we are horrid bigots for pointing out the inconsistent twisted and tortured logic behind it all. Male transgender persons get to be a distinct community with their own agenda and particular issues, and at the very same time they are “self-identified women”. Women are just women. For example, a couple of months ago at the local LGBT center where I live the Women’s Group changed to “all self-identified women” which basically means it’s just another transgender group that lets women attend. It’s so strange to me because there are two different transgender groups at this center. MTFs can go to the transgender groups, and then they can go to the “Women’s Group” the next day. Women, on the other hand, are only women, They take over the Women’s Group at the same time they have their own special groups. If they really are women like they say, they wouldn’t need their own special groups.

    Another example of this twisted logic is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I don’t have anything against the TDOR, and I basically think it’s a good idea. If transwomen are really women, then this must mean women are transwomen. Therefore, EVERY (sorry for the caps) woman who has been killed should be included. They would be standing in the streets calling out names forever.

    If transwomen are really women, then this must mean women are transwomen. Therefore, it’s discriminatory on its face for some women to get tax payer funded, or private insurance funded, medical services and plastic surgery while other women are denied such services. This is a basic principle of fairness. If transwomen are really women as they say they are, then they wouldn’t need hormones and surgery in an attempt to look like “women”. I read something a couple of months ago saying that Medicare will now pay for sex reassignment surgery (it doesn’t really change the sex). If one group of “women” get plastic surgery (SRS is essentially cosmetic surgery on the genitals), then all women should get government funded plastic surgery. Who says granny isn’t suffering emotionally because she can’t get breast implants to make her feel sexy, young, and “womanly”. No public or private health insurance plan should cover plastic surgery for one group of women while denying another group of women comparable services.

    • pol Says:

      as much as you are right overall, the trans logic on this isn’t that transwoman = woman, which is a simply reversible sentence as you suggested (in other words, if transwomen are women, women are trans too). What trans activists want is for “transwoman” to be interpreted like “woman of color” or “lesbian”–in other words, as a subset of women.

      What they never caught on to is that black women and lesbian women and white women and disabled women are all “women” in the exact same way. That is to say, to the degree that these women are women, they achieve that “womanness” in the exact same way. If you want to get Platonic, they “participate in the Form of Woman” in the exact same way.

      And THAT, my friends, is where the trans cult’s logic truly goes awry, because they are positing that someone (“transwomen”) can achieve / participate in / be / have “womanness” in a totally novel way that has nothing to do with the way every other “kind” of woman ever known to humans has done. And that is why their logic breaksdown–because there is no valid evidence or logical move that could support this or make this logically sound.

      Their ILL-logic gives me a headache. But, seriously, this is how they think.

  7. @Aroo

    “These males keep one foot in trannie-world and one foot in character-world because they get to keep their male privilege. If they never mentioned they were born male, transgender, trans what have you and stick with the woman story 24/7, they would be ignored on-line the way most real women are ignored on-line.”

    This is true, and middle aged white “transitioners” make full use of their white male privilege to further their careers and make money before deciding they are “women”. Boxing promoter Frank Maloney made a lot of money in a traditional male profession before declaring himself a “woman” at age sixty. Then, he is portrayed as courageous for expressing his true self, and people are supposed to fawn all over him.

  8. Jane (the first) Says:

    Upon “transition”, MTTs get to have it both ways forever. There’s not a single aspect of womanhood, even reproduction, where they have the decency not to be buttinskys and insist on center stage. As this classic Scum-o-rama post illustrates, they’re the worst allies ever:

    Morons like Jessica “I play an abortion doctor on the internet” Sideways can demand that we not use words like “vagina” when fighting for reproductive rights. Even in the midst of an acute struggle we must center their genderfeels. We must be quiet and reverent when they talk about their shit, but they’re free to talk all over us, anytime. They must be celebrated and coddled by women for their “womanhood” and their transness simultaneously, world without end, without ever doing shit for us.

    They’re leeches on the ass of class:female.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      From Katha Pollitt, Here’s a good explanation of how transactivists and their acolytes are robbing women of the language we need to fight oppression:

      From the comments:

      I feel as if we are beginning to enter a new phase of sexist oppression where not only are women subordinate to men but we are now not allowed to even admit the reality of biology in case it upsets trans people. This is the same as the dv figures where women are now classed as fellow aggressives if they defend themselves or stand their ground. Sexists are morphing equality into something where men can play the victims whilst still running the game … Probably going to get absolutely hate trolled for this but needs to be said

      Transactivists and other postmodern liberals continue to assign biological women a subordinate role based on our membership in the female sex class they claim doesn’t exist. This is gaslighting.

      There’s a special place in hell for the architects of postmodern liberalism.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m often simultaneously infuriated and amused at the demands that trans women be included in feminism. What have trans women done for us? I understand the historical reasons why they’re included in the LGBT, although it doesn’t make sense these days given how many straight dudes are transitioning, but feminism? Is there a single significant trans “feminist”?

      I’ll wager that the vast majority of trans women don’t care about women, which I don’t necessarily quibble with. I don’t think they’re required to prioritize my needs any more than I’m required to prioritize theirs. But that’s the rub. They’re demanding that we prioritize their wants ahead of our basic rights and throw a fit if we don’t. This totally proves they’re not men. /snark

      • Biscuit Says:

        I think you’re right. If there are true feminist trans women, they are few and far between.

        When the safety needs of women come against the wants of trans women, the needs of women will ALWAYS be disregarded by trans activists. That’s no matter how horrific a person the trans ‘woman’ is. For example, when male sadistic killers of women and children insist on being housed in women’s prisons, for example, (because of their gender feelings) the trans activists will line up to insist that said killers be put in with women.

        Sometimes, even 50-year-old ex-military males will decide they are female and will insist on going to college and being housed with nineteen year old girls. No nineteen year old wants to be roomies with a 50-year-old creep and that’s a massive violation of the young woman’s right to feel safe in her own home, but do you think trans activists say anything about that? Of course not.

        At least the college had some sense here.

        Others do not have as much sense. One let a 6 foot 8 middle-age ex-military dude onto the women’s college basketball team. Do you think this dude cared one iota if any of the girls were uncomfortable with sharing a locker room with a straight, ex-military male?

        Given the horrific tantrums I’ve seen (in person) that trans ‘women’ can have if they are even accidentally misgendered, it takes courage to even object to such obviously inappropriate things like forcing 18 – 19 year old girls to live with and share locker rooms with straight, middle-aged men.

  9. Jane (the first) Says:

    Even if “Brynn” were right, which he isn’t, how fucking stupid are trans and pomolibs to have wasted so much time battling a tiny radfem remnant? Apparently none of these idiots have read Sun Tzu. Why be so comically histrionic about what they say are an insignificant number of women? It only makes them look weak. If there are hardly any radfems online, then trans’ claim that radfems are a dire threat to them is a lie. So which one is it? Do 150 radfems without a major platform have the ability, as trans say, to influence the men who assault trans? Either way, the joke is clearly on them.

    I’m still amazed that LGBT orgs have the nerve to use the trans as a weapon against women this way. If het women turn on them, they’re fucked.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m eagerly waiting for the day when, say, Mitch McConnell or another anti-LGBT Republican gets called a TERF.

      Certainly trans activists do everything they can to avoid naming and blaming the actual problem, men, for various reasons: bros before hoes, being too cowardly to attack men, let alone men who actually hate them and don’t care what trans think (you can’t shame someone who doesn’t care). But with the way TERF gets thrown out at anyone who disagrees, even if the person isn’t a feminist, let alone a radical one, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

    • This is a tweet from the editor of ThinkProgress LGBT at the same conference,

      Cause Terf is not a slur, it’s just a term for rap obsessed lesbians!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Brynn” is yet another military guy who “transitioned”. He’s a misogynistic POS.

        And that Zack Ford prick? Oh, look, another white dude using the approved-by-the-Left loophole for woman-hating: call ’em a lesbian and then mock them for not deifying penises. Your homophobic stripes are showing there, Zack. He’s also not-so-subtly mocking women’s very real fears about rape.

        And “political lesbian”? Exactly what the hell is wrong with being a political lesbian, Zack? One would presume that your attendance at that conference (pathetic, male-dominated joke that it is) would mean that you are an ally to lesbians, but apparently you’re only paying lip service to that idea in order to look good to your fellow SJWs. In reality, you’re just another woman-hating, lesbian-hating gay man. Surprise, surprise.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        LOL. Given my dad agrees with most of radical feminism including the trans issue, I guess I should go inform him he’s really a political lesbian who thinks he’s a rapist.

      • Bea Says:

        Fountain of Gender: I discovered radical feminism and gender crit along with my very male bepenised boyfriend. We were both completely creeped out by transgender/humanism. I guess he and your dad are both political lesbian radical feminist TERFs! LOL.

  10. “@BrynnTannehill says her research suggests only about 150-500 #TERFs active online”

    That’s what he wishes. But trans activists aren’t so smart as they think they are. That’s why their ideology is based on lies and countless contradictions.

    First radfems were all sockpuppets of Cathy Brennan and now they are just s veeeeery small number.

    Too bad that the number of radical feminist women is increasing and on of the reasons are trans activists themselves. Only raging narcisstists can believe that women will forever support all their misogynism, homophobia and madness. I mean yes there will be women who do it but the worse they behave the more women stop supporting them.

    • kesher Says:

      I follow several hundred gender-critical feminists on Tumblr. Not all identify as radical feminists, but of course that doesn’t matter to transactivists. Anyone who questions their ideology is a “TERF”.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Gender-critical feminism has grown exponentially on Tumblr since I started lurking there in 2012, which is interesting because its users skew so young. It doesn’t have quite as strong a presence on Twitter, a shitty platform that doesn’t appeal to those of us who prefer reasoned arguments to frenzied pile-ons.

        Tannehill’s claim is even more ridiculous considering more than 1,000 people still follow the Radfem Hub Facebook page, even though it’s no longer updated and was temporarily wiped out of existence. They managed to find it anyway.

    • This is so true. Most het women were oblivious to these people, but as their antics bring more scrutiny women everyone are absolutely flabbergasted. They constantly want attention without having the self-awareness to understand that they’re really not ready for prime time. Just like their constant refrain “educate yourself.” That is REALLY a bad move, because until I educated myself I had no idea there were het white male trans with intact penises trying to rape lesbians running around. It’s just too bizarre. Every time I mention “cotton ceiling” to a woman she immediately goes into a rage blackout. So yeah, I don’t call myself a radical feminist, and a lot of women I know don’t, but you can best believe, on this issue we’re shoulder to shoulder with you looking at these people and saying, “This will not pass.”

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      “Too bad that the number of radical feminist women is increasing and on of the reasons are trans activists themselves.”

      The Carlotta’s and the Colleen Francis’s of the T movement are to straight women what the Cotton Ceiling was for lesbians. Once it becomes common knowledge that these are the sorts T is pulling for (along with the 6’8 basketball guy and Kosilek), many more women will agree with our stance.

    • Miep Says:

      There are many hundreds of radical feminists who are very active online. That likely translates to tens of thousands who are not. And many more women who just haven’t put it all together quite yet.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I felt like I’d lost my place in our relationship. My roles of wife and mother were being supplanted. Our well-meaning son bought him a Mother’s Day gift and began privately calling him “Mom.” How exactly was I supposed to feel?

      [insert Raiders of the Lost Ark face-melting gif here]

      What a knife in the heart that must have been. This woman did all the actual mothering, including but not limited to childbirth’s physical effects, losing thousands of hours of sleep, cooking, cleaning, nurturing, wiping all the shit, snot, puke and tears away, and what thanks does she get? All this guy had to do was shave his damn legs to be called “Mom”. If you’re a man, “Mom” is just a costume you can put on at will.

      The trans cult and their liberal supporters only succeed in robbing mothers and other women of what little status they have, and their labor of its meaning.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Wow, Salon published an article from the viewpoint of a woman who has been harmed by transgenderism.

      Go Salon.

      So surprised to see this in a “liberal” magazine.

  11. lin Says:

    Hey GM, not sure if this book is on your radar already but the review piqued my interest.

  12. Atranswidow Says:

    Thanks Ashland.

    I tried to post a long comment over on the Salon site without success. Anyway, very briefly to ‘Diane’ and anyone else in her position….just go with your gut feelings, whatever they may be.

    Confide in good friends. Set boundaries. Get a good therapist; this thing really screws you up; and I can literally taste the fear and self doubt in her post. Grieve; take time to mourn the loss of the person you once knew both physically, emotionally and intellectually. This change is more than just skin deep. If you’re like me, then read and research everything you can. Take on board what seems to make sense to you and don’t listen to anything that sounds like propaganda. It’s hard to find much really from the perspective of the wife or partner, that isn’t ‘transspeak’. Please read Christine Benvenuto’s ‘Sex Changes’ and make yourself acquainted with what her ex did after she published her book.

    Whatever you choose to do, it won’t be easy. On the positive side your sense of self worth will remain intact and you will understand what it really means to be a woman and the collective strength of women. No one can take that away from you.

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