See The Real Me

March 15, 2015


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  1. branjor Says:

    So being a girl is all about doing your hair and giggling over “cute” boys. How shallow, insulting and unreal.

    • LC Says:

      Right? Nothing in that video reminded me of my own experiences in junior high(mostly I remember being mocked for being a girl who liked math too much)- and contrary to trans myth, puberty is a difficult time for all kids, but especially girls. Jazz had a hard time making friends and gaining acceptance? Well, that’s totally because he’s transgender, and not because that’s the experience of most kids that age. *roll*

      Kids in junior high having dress-up sleepovers seems a little odd, too. Don’t they usually give that up after elementary?

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Also sooooo boring.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Branjor: I had some MTT coworkers when I worked at a large employer whose health insurance covered some of the procedures. I noticed that several of my born-female coworkers enjoyed helping to “feminize” the MTTs, such as giving them clothes and offering them tips. A few even gave the men unused hormonal prescriptions; e.g. birth control pills. I’m not sure what the psychology of this was– perhaps the women were flattered to be consulted about femininity? After witnessing all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jazz indeed has several female friends who are eager to play image consultants.

      • Em Says:

        “I’m not sure what the psychology of this was– perhaps the women were flattered to be consulted about femininity?”

        Whatever the women’s psychology, you can bet that the men got off on it. A woman handing him estrogen pills would provide weeks of wank fodder for one of these dudes. Type forced feminization hormones into the Google search box and prepare to be disgusted.

        Grown adults (not children and adolescents) can do whatever they want with their bodies,as long as I don’t have to pay for nonsense, or, in most cases, look at the results. And as long as all participants understand what they’re doing.

        But I somehow doubt that the m2t, on receiving half a blister pack of outdated Ortho-Novum, says, “Thanks, hon. I’m going to wash these down and then go home and jerk off.” So he’s involving her in his sexual fantasy without her consent or knowledge.

        Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      • Emma Says:

        I suspect the psychology behind it is that these men are often very good at getting women to feel very sorry for them. That’s what happened in my case with a former friend anyway. He did the whole “poor me” act for a while, to the point of actually making me feel guilty for having been born and raised female! I ended up helping him with his make-up and clothing, and he’d persaude me to spend hours shopping with him (which I hate). He’d make horrible remarks about the way other women were dressed, or their hair style – it seems that was his idea of ‘girl talk’. Interestingly, he thought it was unfair to do the same to people like him since it wasn’t their fault they hadn’t been taught these things when growing up! I still honestly don’t know whether he was (at least consciously) turned on by all of this, or whether that was what motivated him, but I still felt totally used by him. He never reciprocated our ‘friendship’ in any way. My purpose in his life (and I’ve no doubt that of many others) was only to help him ‘feel more like a women’. The defining characteristic of an autogynephille is, in my view, narcissism. He suddenly stopped talking to me when I eventually confronted him about his behaviour. The whole experience was a wake-up call in my need to toughen up anyhow.

    • Bea Says:

      Right, because a boy couldn’t possibly like grooming and giggling over cute boys. Why, that would be utterly…gay! Sigh. What a conservative hellscape.

  2. So this kid is 14. Has he had breast implants or is he on hormones?

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Could be a padded bra.

    • lestoille Says:

      i noticed the camera very deliberately slipped down to get a shot of his moobs. More evidence that the pre-puberty transition movement is all about sexualizing kids.

      • I noticed that, too. They’re something very off about that ad and would be even if they were all girls. I hate this notion that girl is synonymous with slumber parties and makeup. Probably because slumber parties have been sexualized nearly as much as schoolgirl uniforms. I think an ad where the girls were actually doing something, whether it was playing a sport, doing homework or hell even making cookies would be less likely to have that creep factor. This notion of girl as purely ornamental is disgusting and wouldn’t be tolerated were this kid not trans. Instead it will be hailed as progressive when in fact it’s regressive as fuck.

      • morag99 Says:

        ” … it’s regressive as fuck.”

        Ha! It is.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      According to a video I watched (I think it was the Barbara Walters special about him) – he was given puberty blockers at age 11. The visit to the doctor’s office and the injections of the drug were shown on the video.

      No hormones yet at that age. Not sure about now. But he did get the blockers.

  3. Absalom Says:

    He should be hawking Secret – “Strong enough for a man…because I am one.” Or a boy more accurately.

  4. susan Says:

    14. 14!!! So sad.

  5. Siobhan Says:

    Because nothing says “natural” like taking lupron off-label to prevent natural physical development, then hormones to force your body to look like something you are not.

    The article in the Huffington Post … the comments … just when I think that maybe the world is beginning to tilt back toward sane!

    • Those HuffPo comments were harrowing… my favorite was from someone named Christina Cole who corrected the feminist who said Jazz should not have to change to fit into gender roles:

      “You completely do not understand being transgender. It has NOTHING to do with gender roles.”

      Got that, gals? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. (!!)

      Um, okay.

      And that’s as far as I got in the thread. If I want that kind of entertaining lunacy, my drug of choice is tumblr.

      • morag99 Says:

        Yeah, Christina believes that sex stereotypes are natural, not socially constructed roles. She’s a gender essentialist. Isn’t it cute how she wants to educate feminists?

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Huffington Post is a madhouse. Reason and sanity are heavily censored there. Politically correct nonsense at suicidal levels is celebrated.

  6. No name Says:

    Wait till he hits puberty.

    • Siobhan Says:

      Jazz has been a media darling for a while, and Jazz has openly talked about taking “puberty blockers” to prevent male puberty. Given that Jazz is 14 now, and appears to have grown some breasts, I would guess that he is now taking female hormones. He has also said that he plans to have surgery to remove his testicles and penis when he is 18.

      • A side effect of drugs like Lupron is gynecomastia in males. So he might still take puberty blockers.

        BUT preventing puberty means – preventing the brain from maturing PLUS the horrendous side effects of the drugs. I don’t want know how bad his health actually is. Well it will get worse.

        Delaying puberty is bad because of the synaptic pruning. Also kids like Jazz will not even have a normal puberty. I wonder what the puberty delaying drugs and the hormones will do to the brain and body and how and when the effects will be fully visible (if they aren’t already).

        I guess these kids face a grim future when it comes to their physical and mental health.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Adolescents like Jazz who are placed on puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones never achieve normal human peak bone density. At least not by the age of 22, which is when they stopped studying them:

      • GallusMag Says:

        Whether these “never matured” children fail to reach peak development in other areas (ex: brain development) has not yet been studied.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Someday “Jazz” will be a 40-year-old man who has been on hormones for a couple of decades, minus penis and testicles, and doing WHAT exactly with his life? What is the future here.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        The media pandering to transactivists on the issue of puberty blockers remains infuriating in the extreme. Every journalist repeats the claim that the drugs are reversible in minors, when no studies addressing this have ever been completed. Transactivists have been touting a recent Dutch study that reports the post-blockers, post-op satisfaction of young people who are apparently willing to sacrifice their fertility in exchange for transition.

        Transactivists translate this to mean the drugs are safe, and should therefore be given to all gender-nonconforming children. However, some 80% of these kids don’t end up transitioning, and no one in the trans community seems to give a rat’s ass about what long-term effects the drugs will have on them. Trans medicine specialists like Henriette Delemarre-van de Waal nevertheless continue to use false terms like “reversible hormone treatment”, which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they’re scumbags.

        The headlines say “Hormone Blockers Safe for Transgender Kids”, but as with females, the well-being of the non-transitioning majority subjected to these drugs doesn’t matter to the trans cult.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Why again are these people aligned with LGB? You need no further proof that they don’t care about any gender-nonconforming people besides themselves.

      • No name Says:

        That is really sad. I hope he doesn’t fall and break his hip at 25. He is starting to look male, I hope they are not giving him more Lupron everytime he grows. Everytime he grows, [he takes on a male feature the more he grows]. Are they going to let his growth plates fuse, and risk another male feature? All this so guys in their 40s-50s have their commercial child to wack-off to- until he hits his 20s and they start to lose interest in him, [like Paris Lees]. I too see this as child abuse. Turning a child into a money-making project for attention and crippling them. He wont be encouraged to pursue a career[like a real female], just be told he is a special star that relys on ‘feminised beauty’. We are supposed to clap for his mother, and demonize the woman that gave her 6 year old a botox shot. This is just another ‘beauty pageant’ mother, with a ‘my-boy’ preoccupation that is going to any length to make her boy a star.

        Another thing is ‘Teens rebel at some point’. Jazz may be disenchanted with all of this by 18, or conditioned to want to continue to live in transition for special attention like ‘Stalking cat’ [who committed suicide by time he was 50- and identified as a two spirit, female-cat, and became depressed when he could not afford a keep & maintain a mechanical tail, more major body modifications and he was no longer invited to appear on shows as his special self even after he came out as a female cat, [and announced he was trans too].
        Many of these guys don’t look female after a few years and start to rely on selfies at odd angles to hide behind online. Jaz already has a boys nose. and his shoulders are as wide as his hips. He is wearing a ‘girl’s top, and has a big upper body-so those are not breasts. That is a camera angle attempting to sexualize him [like a woman] because men normalized that treatment for a sexual gaze at developing female children, and sexualization is being tooted as ‘special attention’ for girly parts and not pedophilia in the trans community.

        this guy looks more like a girl than him, no hormones, he doesnt plan to transition, and this is what most the guys looked like in my High School.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I didn’t think those were breasts either, No name. If one is flat-chested or has a friend who is flat-chested, you know there are all sorts of tricks to make it appear that breast swellings exist (including pushing up what tissue and skin are there, padded bras, etc).

  7. CKDexterHaven Says:

    There’s probably some uber-conservative, homophobic parents in the background who couldn’t bear to have a gender non-conforming boy. They didn’t care what box their child was in as long as their child was in a neat, well-defined, conventional box. Nothing says ‘see the real me’ like being on a lifetime of medication, hormones and surgeries instead of just being allowed to escape the confines of a gender box.

    Outside of teen-movies and commercials do any teenage girls really have those sleepovers where they do each other’s hair and make-up? We had more interesting things to do at that age. Talk about perpetuating a stereotype.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      At my sleepover we told each other ghost stories, played “light as a feather, stiff as a board” and stayed up to watch the Bee Gees on the Midnight Special, but then I am an old broad, and damned glad of it.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        We stayed up to watch late-night scary movies and I remember absolutely NO playing at femininity — no makeup, no nail polish, no hairstyling, no talk about boys — but then I, too, am old and damned glad of it.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        I finally watched the stupid commercial.

        Kids in junior high having dress-up sleepovers seems a little odd, too. Don’t they usually give that up after elementary?

        Yeah, I didn’t notice at first that Jazz is actually 14 now. My sleepover party mentioned above was at age 11. The dress-up stuff seemed like the behavior of younger kids. I slept over my girlfriends’ houses in high school, but we’d do fun stuff like going to dances and parties and tp-ing the houses of our enemies, not sit around playing with makeup. Geez.

        Some people seem to think your chest and genitals MUST match your choice of clothing and your personality traits.

        What the hell happened? It’s like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the New York Dolls and Grace Jones never happened.

        Since MTTs embrace corporate-approved sex stereotypes, corporations seem to be using them to guilt-trip women into doing the same. Actually I think it would be screamingly funny if trannies took over fashion, beauty pageants and porn from real women. They can have the whole shit show as far as I’m concerned.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Actually I think it would be screamingly funny if trannies took over fashion, beauty pageants and porn from real women.”

        So do I. Men invented that shit so they should be forced to watch other men perform it. lol.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I heard decades ago that many of the “showgirls” in Las Vegas were men and some people have suggested that the very tall, very thin models with no hips are male.

      • Charlotte Says:

        I was the biggest dork in elementary school and relentlessly mocked. But by 14 my huge cans grew in and I went from getting teased daily to punished by the boys who used to tease me for now turning down the advances. I got suspended by school for kicking a boy that grabbed my breast (cause he can assault me, and I’m supposed to take it like a good girl) had all kinds of rumors made up about me (called a whore, cause tits, yo!) Which traveled to my immigrant parents who came down on me for YEARS due to it.

        Middle school for me was learning how to be objectified and sexualized to the extreme. Learning I could laugh it off and burry my own autonomy deep down, in hope boys wouldn’t hate me enough to make up rumors, or be called every name in the book for not aiding in my own degradation.

        Puberty was horrifying for me because it taught me how nasty and exploitative, hyper sexual, vapid and shallow most humans are.

        Its part of why I’m convinced a man can’t become a woman. If you haven’t spent your life running from sexual assault, being forced to laugh at your own objectification, being harassed by everyone from teachers to bosses, having all your life’s opportunities limited, being man handled at nearly every social outing, cat called constantly and near raped multiple times, don’t tell me how much you think we are a condition rather than a CLASS that is exploited.

        My life has been the story of various abuse every few days from some male in one form or another. So I won’t hear that someone who did NOT experience that knows womanhood better than me, sheesh!

      • Charlotte Says:

        Indeed! At 14 I went to the park with friends and played kick the can, we listened to music (metal “guy” music), played video games on the old Nintendo, went to McDonalds and talked about school.

        My life and the life of my friends were not about being girls, we were human beings whom just so happened to be girls and we often didn’t like all the oppression that came with it. And much of our conversation was actually about the bullshit we put up with BECAUSE we had the misfortune of being “lesser than”.

        At 14 Danielle always talked of how her crush Billy was a jerk cause he wanted to go through girls like underwear, Nicole cried about her family cause her dad left her mom to fend by herself, I was dealing with an old world immigrant family, Tammy had a possessive step dad that gave her no freedom, and Lynn’s mom was always breathing down her neck about boys because her own mother was raped at 16 and had Lynn….

        We didn’t give two shits about nail polish, we were trying to cope with being born underclass….

        That’s what makes me enraged with these people whom make a mockery of womanhood by pretending its a THING to be appropriated instead of a class…

    • Biscuit Says:

      This campaign is supposed to be about natural beauty, so I don’t get all the shots of people applying make up…? Or featuring someone who has either taken synthetic hormones or has had plastic surgery??

      Some of the comments on that that Huffington Post article are weird. Some people seem to think your chest and genitals MUST match your choice of clothing and your personality traits. Therefore, the only path for a male who prefers things normally associated with females is for him to take synthetic hormones and have plastic surgery.

      I think it would be more revolutionary to just ditch gender stereotypes and be more accepting of feminine males or masculine females.

      I’m also annoyed that the ad suggests being a girl is all about the clothes and make up. I’m a woman and I don’t wear much make up and I won’t wear dresses. When I was a teen, my friends and I didn’t sit around and apply make up to each other and try on skimpy dresses.

    • kesher Says:

      My friends and I had sleepovers, but mostly we’d watch movies and eat junk food.

    • shediogenes Says:

      My slumber party days came to an end when I realized I was the only girl at the party with no interest in getting the VCR to freezeframe on the half a second in Dirty Dancing that showed Patrick Swayze’s bare ass. The girl at the slumber party who demanded everyone apply each others makeup and do hair and nails was always outvoted at the slumber parties I attended as a girl.

      I still think light-as-a-feather, stiff-as-a-board really works. Hormones-and-Lupron-make-me a-girl-because-I-say-so? I’m not buying that party trick

    • Mark Says:

      Agreed. See the real you? The real you was the boy you drowned in chemicals Greg. I’m sick of this mental illness being socially acceptable.

  8. Jane (the first) Says:

    Not watching this rot but I left two comments, sure to be downvoted into oblivion by mush-brained postmodern liberals:

    To some cultist who claims trans are 5% of the population:

    You don’t build public trust by wildly inflating your numbers. Trans people are only 0.5% of the population. There are about 700,000 in the US. This is par for the course though for a mental health community masquerading as a civil rights movement.

    The trans cult’s main appeal for liberals is the opportunity it gives them to signal their moral uprightness without personal cost, since there are so few trans outside the internet. Never mind the real women and girls affected by their grandstanding.

    Here’s a more important point:

    Who cares that he’ll be sterilized by the Lupron prescribed by the quacks his parents hired? At least he and they get to be famous.

    Whoops, looks like the above comment was deleted within minutes of posting! This is unsurprising given that Clean & Clear is owned by Johnson & Johnson, one of the primary corporate sponsors of the Philadelphia Trans “Health” Conference. There’s a lot of money in medicalizing gender nonconformity, and Big Pharma aren’t about to let a few sterilized, brain growth-stunted kids get in their way.

    This is what liberals are supporting with their moral peacocking. I will not support any organization, including those of Gay Inc., who cynically choose to enable these predatory multinational corporations.

    • Anon Male Says:

      I’ve been thinking about demographics quite a bit, lately.

      I think the reason some gay and lesbian people are so sanguine about trans is that they’re still under the impression that they themselves represent 10% of the population, even if some of it is closeted. The 10% figure — which is claimed to be apocryphal now — was hugely important to generation-x psychologically and probably didn’t hurt when it came to activism and legislation.

      More current studies put the number at 2%, with an additional 1% being bi or just assholes who think that admitting to being straight would make them bougie vanillas.

      I certainly don’t think that trans are anywhere near 5% of the population. But given that getting the general public to admit to being “Cis” is a lot harder than getting them to admit to being straight (and having straight privilege), I’m guessing the number of the “no-true-scottsman gender brigade” might actually add up to a percent that is competitive with the number of gays and lesbians — or at least it will be within a few years.

      Heck, if 33% of feminists on the internet are trans and 75% of the women that John Stoltenberg hangs out with are male, I’m sure it’s quite the scene.

      OTOH, if teenage boys are actually killing themselves because they can’t make a career out of their gender identity like Jazz and the family is, I’m not sure they want to go with the wider number: Yes, discovering “I always thought there was something wrong with me and then I read about trans stuff on the internet and I felt immediately at home” is a part of the narrative, but you can’t be a special snowflake if they’re truly all over the place. “Everyone else is doing trans better than me!”

    • neme Says:

      “The trans cult’s main appeal for liberals is the opportunity it gives them to signal their moral uprightness without personal cost, since there are so few trans outside the internet. Never mind the real women and girls affected by their grandstanding.”

      This. Most “pro-trans” people have never met a trans person in in the flesh. They have no idea. They uncritically accept the trans propaganda that most (or any) trans people pass. They really believe the fiction that trans people look like everyone else of that gender presentation unless you check their genitals.

      The reality is that only the young transitioners occasionally pass, and even they have usually had a great deal of plastic surgery by the time they’re adults. They need to realize that Carlotta the racist, lying perv, hulking and leering like Lurch, is the *norm* for the white M2Ts, not the exception. Trans that pass as well as this poor kid Jazz are the real exceptions.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve been running into a few more transitioners lately. That I live in an area that’s supposed to be accepting of trans people I’m sure has something to do with it. The thing is, the vast majority I’ve interacted with came across as shy gay boys. If this were my only experience with trans people, and if my eyes hadn’t been opened to the weirdos claiming protection under the trans umbrella, I’m sure I’d still be operating under the same illusions as most liberals.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        Re “passing” –

        One of the things that initially disturbed me about transsexualism was all the advice I’d see online or in real life about How To Pass. It was a mix of stuff normal people should be doing anyway (e.g. don’t speak in a monotone! stand up straight! take care of your skin!), exaggerated feminine behaviours (female handwriting! female walking! female words to use and male words to avoid!) and tips for adopting female thought patterns (e.g. have some consideration for others, try to make friends with actual females… see also “normal stuff people should be doing” above)

        As a baby genderist who’d had the brain-sex theory explained to me by a microbiologist—and felt it applied pretty well to my own experiences—I found this troubling on a number of levels. First of all, if a dude has a lady-brain, wouldn’t he be naturally/intuitively more empathetic towards females and female concerns in the first place? Do these guys realise feminine ≠ female? (Cos feminine is just drag, whereas female is, like, a Spiritual and Mental Way of Being or something) Who are they addressing who doesn’t know to do these really obvious things—do they think the average transwoman is a hulking, unkempt nerdvirgin with zero social skills?

        (Short answer: yes, as I was later to discover)

        The issue isn’t even appearance—if a woman was 6’+ with broad shoulders, a strong jawline and adam’s apple etc, she’d just be read as an ugly woman with all the shit that comes with (or—at best—attractive in an androgynous sort of way, and therefore subject to lesbophobia). She wouldn’t be read as male, because the lifetime of abuse and grooming suffered for the crime of not being sexually attractive to men makes a difference. Transwomen on the other hand… no matter how female they might look in pictures, are more likely to be clocked on basic lack of competence around Not Being Incredibly Fucking Creepy, Talking Like A Normal Human, Personal Grooming, Wearing Suitable Clothing and other such areas. (Empathy With Others is a big one that frequently outs trans people online.) I feel like even the tallest, manliest transsexual would be able to pass as a woman if he had been socialised female as a child.

        Which brings me to Jazz, who could be an interesting case if his parents had been genuinely socialising him as female from age two. Instead it seems he’s been socialised as an Exceptional Male and sold to the media—no girl’s childhood would receive this kind of coverage even if she invented a cure for cancer at 14. No wonder he’s already having trouble passing.

      • GallusMag Says:

        From SnowflakeEspecial:

        “I hate hypotheticals because I don’t think they’re helpful in understanding the world. But here’s what I will say. When I watched the videos of transkid Jazz with her parents, I couldn’t help reading everyone’s behavior as “Look at how special our son is.” When little girls are celebrated, it’s usually because they’re behaving in a way that pleases everyone – think child beauty pageants, little girls doing gymnastics, etc. When boys are celebrated, it’s more likely because they’re different and unusual. As a culture, we celebrate outcast and outlier males because being an outlier is a male prerogative (think: the anti-hero, the lone wolf, the genius who failed algebra etc).

        In contrast, when I’ve seen videos of ftm transkids, the parents seem to be doing a lot less celebration and a lot more justification. There’s a lot more focus on “my child is normal now” and a lot less of the “how special”.

        And what I’m saying is that however you want to dress up what’s happening in the language of gender, a person born male is being celebrated for being exceptional and different, and a person born female is being normalized by claims that they are actually male. And when you look at it like that, it seems kind of like status-quo male privilege and status-quo sexism to me!”

      • conn suits Says:

        Yep. Three years ago that’s what I thought. They all could pass, you couldn’t tell. I wondered how transgenders were being discriminated against if they actually looked like their new sex? It was on websites like this, not the mass media, that I found out the whole sad sordid story. 😮 Eventually more people will.

  9. morag99 Says:

    Sickening. Did you see the fake, strained smile they forced him to paste onto his face for the camera? How they make girls look like frolicking decorations, empty-headed clowns?

    One of the trans’ favourite stock (and meaningless) retorts is “you’re on the wrong side of history.” Dave Squirrel has a blog post about it right now. Well, which “side” will this type of child exploitation fall on? How about the physical, medical, sexual and psychological abuse of children? How will this anonymous, disembodied force, “history,” judge all those horrors?

    Since “history” is men — individually and collectively — they sure as hell won’t judge and blame themselves.

    • janetwo Says:

      That video is simply sexist stereotypes extravaganza. Its kind of hilarious that so called “progressives” look back at history and see what was wrong with creating eunuchs like castrati or are horrified by female genital mutilations in Africa. Yet they find it perfectly ethical to completely mess up somebody reproductive potential before the person reach voting age. I just thought I post this blurp published a few years back:

      ” THERE was at least one downside to Farinelli’s castration. The operation may have preserved the 18th-century singer’s treble voice into adulthood, making him a musical legend, but it also condemned him to a skull deformity that may have affected his mind.

      Farinelli was exhumed in 2006 so that his skeleton could be studied. Lead investigator Maria Giovanna Belcastro of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy, was able to identify two unusual features. Like those of other castrati, Farinelli’s limb bones were unusually long. And the front of his skull had grown inwards in a lumpy mass, in places twice as thick as unaffected bone (Journal of Anatomy, DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-7580.2011.01413.x).

      This is called hyperostosis frontalis interna (HFI). It is thought to be caused by hormonal disorders, particularly too much oestrogen, which explains why it is normally found in post-menopausal women and is rare in men.

      HFI was thought to be harmless, says Israel Hershkovitz of Tel Aviv University in Israel, but is now linked to behavioural disorders, headaches and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Though any such symptoms probably would not have affected Farinelli until late in life, Hershkovitz says.”

  10. VC Says:

    When a seventeen year old Connecticut girl refused chemotherapy for her Hodgkin lymphoma, a decision which was supported by her mother, DCF went into high gear. They were able to get a judge to strip the mother of custody, and force this young woman, mere months from legal adulthood, to undergo a treatment she feared. She remains in custody at the hospital, forbidden to even speak to her mother on the phone.

    But Jazz’s parents have been inserting dangerous puberty blockers into their son’s body for the past two years, with no legal repercussions. They’ve been driving this clown car for years, and now they’re getting the big payoff – Jazz is a star, with a book and the endorsement deal, and a new reality series set to air on TLC, the network that brought us Honey Boo Boo.

    Because he’s a minor, Jazz can’t enter into contracts for these activities, or control his medical (mal)treatment. One wonders, what will happen if, like 80-90% of gender non-conforming kids, he realizes that he’s just a very femme gay male? Will he get to keep his balls, or will he feel pressured to go through with the surgery because of the money involved? What doctor in the US would be willing to facilitate the mutilation of a normal, healthy body?

    Something very sick is going on in that family. There’s an Instagram photo of Jazz reclining seductively in a low-cut dress, in heavy makeup, playing to the camera with a come hither look. No sane parents would allow their fourteen year old daughter to present herself on the Internet in this manner. Jazz is a male Lolita, sexualized and pimped out by those who are supposed to protect him. Why haven’t any child protective agencies stopped this?

    • kesher Says:

      There are certainly some parents who will pimp out their young daughters, but I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason why Jazz’s parents are pimping him out is because they don’t perceive him as having the same risk of male predation as a girl. Because, of course, Jazz isn’t a girl, and no one’s under any illusions that he’s a girl.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      100% spot on. This child is a victim of parental exploitation. Munchhausen by Proxy with a sinister dose of pedophilia and sexual fetishism.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        This. I’ve wondered if transgendering children has become more common exactly because it’s a socially acceptable way for parents to act out Munchhausen by Proxy and get rewarded with sympathetic attention. If you dose your child with most poisons, you end up in jail; if you dose your child with Lupron, you end up on television.

      • morag99 Says:

        “If you dose your child with most poisons, you end up in jail; if you dose your child with Lupron, you end up on television.”

        Highly quotable. Anti-child abuse campaign-worthy.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        It definitely has that vibe. It’s the same as what we see in the autism communities. Parents going public to get a lot of attention and sympathy as they subject their child to every known quack treatment, including bleach enemas, and they get praised for it in the “autism biomed” community. But of course it’s all justified, as their kid would surely be dead or institutionalized without the placebo.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I looked at some pics. He is definitely getting his man face – that happens in puberty. Can those hormones stop that from happening? It’s a complete tragedy unfolding before our eyes.

  11. koolaidphobic Says:

    Unrelated tip:

    ‘Durst was found not guilty in Galveston, where he lived dressed as a woman, even after he admitted that he dismembered his neighbor’s body and threw it into a waterway.’

    A suspected triple murderer has been arrested due to new information uncovered in the HBO documentary series ‘The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst’.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      This was fascinating, how a very rich sociopathic man got away with at least three murders…. so far. But was arrested March 15 for the murder of Susan Berman.

      He admitted killing and cutting up a man and throwing his body parts in bags in the bay, and the jury said it was self defense. I’m guessing he killed a lot more beside his wife and woman best friend. His wife’s women friends have loyally been trying to prove he killed her for decades. They found a list of how to dispose of a body in his garbage and the police didn’t care. But his rich brother has a bodyguard and restraining order against him.

      And yes, he dressed as a woman caricature.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        AW HELL NO. Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of that series, so I didn’t watch the rest; I need to see if it’s available On Demand. So I wasn’t aware that Durst was also a trannie in addition to being a murderer of women. Good grief.

    • michelle Says:

      He was also apparently dressing as a woman at times in New Orleans (I forget what name he was using, although he HAD apparently abandoned the ‘mute’ persona that he was using in Galveston).

      Upon any conviction in California, I figure it is only a matter of time before be becomes another cult figurehead for the trannies since, after all, Durst has a fuckton of money that he might spend on them if they fawn all over him.

  12. gaydude50 Says:

    This is insanity. The parents should be arrested for child endangerment.

  13. Ben X Says:

    Feminism and the gay rights movement are dead and decaying in their graves.

    • The future doesn’t look good for the lesbian and gay community now that we have gay reperation therapy 2.0. I guess one day the gay orgs will ask where the lesbian and gay youth is and they will realize that most of them are in gender clinics getting drugs and surgery.

      And they will wonder why they didn’t give a fuck when feminists pointed out what’s going on – years ago.

      • morag99 Says:

        “And they will wonder why they didn’t give a fuck when feminists pointed out what’s going on – years ago.”

        Forgive my cynicism, but I don’t believe they will wonder why they didn’t listen. I can’t imagine them taking any responsibility for this disaster, no matter how many gay children or women’s lives are irreparably harmed. If anything, they’ll find a way to blame feminists, mothers, lesbians — to blame women.

        Feminists like Gallus, and all of us who want to stop the insanity and protect ourselves and vulnerable children/youth, are Cassandras.

  14. Siobhan Says:

    In recent interviews, Jazz talks about how the boys at school aren’t interested in him for dating. I feel bad for this kid. He’s been brought up to think that he is “just like any other girl,” and that his male biology doesn’t matter. If he’d been allowed to just be an effeminate gay boy, that wouldn’t prevent the heartache, but it would have set his expectations that there is a subset of males out there who would be very interested in him. By promising him that he is “just like other girls,” he is being set up. Sure, all the adults in the trans movement love him, and there’s a group of girls at his school that like dressing him up and helping him with makeup, but he’s not going to ever be “just like any other girl.”

    • Bea Says:

      Yep, this poor boy isn’t going to be attractive to a demographic that is overwhelmingly well-adjusted (gay guys), but instead to predatory “pansexual” male tranny-chasers. He’s not going to have parity in his relationships, but be forced to date perverts who are too misogynist to attract females and “settle” for male transgenders (who they consider disposable) in order to exploit them sexually.

    • “He’s been brought up to think that he is “just like any other girl,” and that his male biology doesn’t matter.”

      See that’s what happens when you are indoctrinated with trans ideology. They tell you that nothing matters but identity!1!!

      Which is only something raging narcissists could come up with. Nothing matters but me. My feelings, my identity, my desires.

      That’s why trans activists have a mental breakdown/ are disappointed if someone isn’t interested in them or doesn’t play by their insane rules. In this case it’s Jazz who is full of trans ideology. It’s not even his fault. He grows up with this crap.

      I wonder if trans activists will tell him that everyone who isn’t interested in him is a hateful bigot. Will he become like the other crazy trans activists? Spewing more and more crazy bullshit?

    • lin Says:

      How recent are the interviews you’re referencing? If within the last year, can you post link?

      This ad flies in the face of Jazz’s previous storyline, how he was a happy, well-adjusted ‘girl’ with plenty of friends with whom he just had to be on the same soccer team or he would just die. Am I crazy in remembering a bunch of girlfriends being over his house, when he was about 10-11, because now he’s saying he’s never had friends over and keeps to himself.

      I’d wager that if Jazz is experiencing some alienation, it is more because he became a narcissistic twerp, bragging about being on TV or jetting to award shows, and now getting a contract to hype skin cream.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Maybe they’ll trot him out every season with “I was unfulfilled until [insert Johnson and Johnson product]. The transgender “becoming my better, true self” meme is custom built for “lifestyle” marketing campaigns.

      • Siobhan Says:

        Here’s one from just a few weeks ago:

        It’s funny, he always says things like “I love my life,” but then you also hear him complaining that the girls won’t hug him like they do each other, or that boys are really not into him. (duh, but you have to feel bad for this kid).

        And whenever I see him, I just see this funny, articulate, flaming gay boy who could have been amazing. But now he is being crippled by Gender, Inc. He will never reach his full physical or mental potential because the puberty blockers will see to that. He will spend the rest of his life medicalized and sensationalized and fetishized. I read somewhere that every child who has been put on puberty blockers has continued to cross-sex hormones. They never “make a mature decision” because their brain is frozen at 11 years old and no maturity has been allowed to take place.

    • Em Says:

      Siobhan @ 5:02

      ” … there’s a group of girls at his school that like dressing him up and helping him with makeup … ”

      Is there, indeed. Let’s unpack this a bit.

      Jazz has been learning the tricks of the female trade since he was a preschooler. At fourteen he needs adolescent girls to help him dress and use makeup?

      I think not. I don’t have the belly to read the original material, but I wonder if this group of helpful girls actually exists, or if they’re some tranny’s fantasy. If they do exist, someone ought to tell the lot of them–and certainly ought to tell Jazz himself–to cut it out with the forced feminization games.

      This just gets creepier and creepier.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Liberals groom girls and women to play the servant to males as surely as the right does. Liberals just want female labor directed outward, rather than within the nuclear family. Playing handmaid to the trans is one way a young woman shows her social worth in postmodern liberalism.

        Jazz and his friends also recall the abusive dynamic between some gay men and their codependent fag hags. Men groom women from birth to enable men.

  15. tnt666 Says:

    As a young girl, I never had girls over to have makeup and dress parties. I was playing outside doing sports, sometimes with guys, sometimes coed, inside we played boxed games, such as Monopoly, Battleship, lots of card games. I remember the one female neighbour I was friends with we listened to 45s, watched tv. I wasn’t friends with her for very long, her brother had much more fun toys. There was a electric race track which I loved too. He had tons of metallic toy cars, trucks, all with the little doors and hoods that you could open.
    In alone time, I loved doing model planes, cars, sailing ships, or painting.
    This boy is a very bad influence on the girls around him. The parents of those girls should be notified of that bad influence.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Exactly. No matter how hard things will be for him, he’ll still have groups of women chasing him and adoring his every word, because he still will have male privilege.

      Meanwhile, he’s training them into what “real” girls act like.

  16. That poor child is being exploited. What are his parents thinking? He needs help not this.

  17. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    All I can think is – what about the penis and testicles, organs of sexual pleasure? A 14-year-old is definitely in the stage of life of burgeoning sexual feelings – which are a pleasure, right? I was 14 years old myself once, I can remember. I was always bewildered by Vagina Monologue’s (or Eve Ensler’s) conflation of women’s capacity for orgasm with empowerment/ability to avoid or escape being abused. I could orgasm, but it didn’t stop the abuse in my family of origin or the sexism I encountered in high school.

    So what the HELL is going on in that department for Jazz, with the hormones? Horny teenager or not horny teenager, because of hormones? I wonder about the other lesbian and gay kids in his school – how’s this affecting them? Do they have supportive parents? What do these kids and their parents think of Jazz?

    • “So what the HELL is going on in that department for Jazz, with the hormones? Horny teenager or not horny teenager, because of hormones?”

      The drugs which are used for blocking puberty are a treatment for men with prostate cancer and women with endometriosis. One side effect is that they decrease the libido drastically and can cause impotence.

      So I don’t think he is a “horny teenager”. Female hormones also reduce the male libido.

      I really think most (if not all) of boys like Jazz will end up either asexual or with no real sex drive since they:

      1. don’t go through male puberty
      2. take drugs that decrease the libido drastically/cause impotence
      3. take female hormones which also decrease the male libido
      4. have operations which remove more than half of the nerve bundles of the penis.

      So if you think about it – it could be that either his parents or perverted trans activists push him to be sexually active. I mean 14 is very young but he wrote once in his twitter something about “fucking”. So I guess there might be adults who are playing a role in this.

      • Bea Says:

        Yep, women at least have some testosterone, whereas the post-op male trans has to take testosterone if he wants a normal female-level sex drive. So, that’s just one more pharmaceutical to the list.

      • A Reader Says:

        I didn’t start on hormones until my mid-20s. About six months in on testosterone blockers, my sex-drive, such as it was, plummeted to nothing. Now it’s 10 years later, post genital surgery. My body produces so little testosterone that it gets flagged as an abnormal result on the blood test. Still take estrogen, but not testosterone. Sex drive is non existent, has been for 10 years. There’s other side effects to not taking supplemental testosterone too — body temperature runs cold, tire quickly, sluggish when tired, poor body strength. It’s one thing to experience the loss of these things, knowing what’s been lost…it’s entirely another to be a child who will never know any different.

      • emmajune Says:

        He’ll be the perfect pre-Betty Friedan woman. No sex drive of his own. Entirely dependent on someone else’s sexual desires. And addicted to various mood-altering drugs like fake estrogen. All this is, all this ever was, is men kicking back at feminism and women and trying to make all women into Stepford wives. If they have to fuck over some boys to do it, who cares?

        Men are creating women in man’s image of womanhood.

  18. susannunes Says:

    And where are the parents in this? Probably encouraging this crap. The young man needs major psychiatric help, not hormones or surgery. This in my eyes is nothing more or less than child abuse.

    • Ben X Says:

      Re: psychiatric help, I doubt that he even has a mental illness. This would all go away if boys like Jazz weren’t considered contemptible fags and had real gay role models, even if only in the media. Of course he can’t bear the thought of growing up to be a feminine gay man some day! He’s never experienced anything but an immature environment where that’s probably the last thing anybody would want to known as.

      • morag99 Says:

        “I doubt that he even has a mental illness.”

        Agreed. But he’s surrounded by various societal mental illnesses. Projection and introjection: it’s a real psychological phenomenon. So, if he wasn’t organically ill before, he probably is now.

        Plus, on top of it all, he’s now being treated like an actual girl, which — as many of us old girls know very well — is sick all by itself. Nobody should be treated like girls typically are. Just look at the way girls are put to use this advertisement! Ugh.

        Yeah, where are the gay male role models? This kid needed one very badly at that critical point — that point when his particular temperament, and nascent sexuality, was becoming clear to others. If only one person could have offered him understanding, protection and strength. Granted, happy endings are guaranteed for no child or adult; but butchery, certainly, can be avoided. No?

      • susannunes Says:

        It would be interesting to know the background of the parents. I think this boy has siblings. It may simply be dollar signs with these parents.

    • Bea Says:

      These are ruthlessly exploitative, homophobic stage parents. I wonder if Jazz is going to end up like Michael Jackson, with arrested development? Maybe he will become aggressively nonconformist as an adult. I’m assuming they’re steering him away from a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine hobbies in favor of only feminine. Healthy, sane parents don’t genderize hobbies. It’s amazing people don’t consider this child abuse.

      • VC Says:

        Sorry, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m ride-or-die for Michael Jackson, a genius who was deliberately and expertly attacked by those who wanted his money. The “arrested development” meme is a damn media lie. Pick some other example please.

      • kesher Says:

        Michael Jackson was abused by his father, full stop.

        And he absolutely dealt with long-term repercussions from it. Do you think there was no connection between his extensive plastic surgeries and the fact that his father routinely abused him and his siblings for being “ugly”? Joe Jackson would also whip Michael with an electrical cord if he messed up his dance routines.

        Maybe “arrested development” doesn’t apply but Michael Jackson had serious issues due to his experiences growing up as a celebrity child with an abusive parent.

      • Bea Says:

        I adore MJ. The arrested development comment was not meant as an insult. What I meant is that he wasn’t able to have a childhood (which he admitted), and this caused irreparable psychological harm (which he also admitted). Perhaps arrested development wasn’t the correct terminology.

    • kesher Says:

      If “gender” “doctors” had a tiny scrap of medical ethics in their practice, they’d refuse to “treat” kids whose parents are pimping them out to the media. Way to make it impossible for the kid to change his mind later if the entire trans community is looking to him as a trans success story.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Does anyone know whether the parents who seek transgender treatment for their children have to be evaluated in some way? Many of them seem to have very rigid ideas about gender conformity, not to mention the other issues commenters here have pointed out.

        And what is so difficult about asking a toddler WHY he thinks he’s a girl or wants to be a girl, and then, when he says something along the lines of, “Because I like sparkly dresses,” replying, “Some boys like sparkly dresses”? Repeat for pink, long hair, unicorns, etc.

        (Speaking of which, if a child declares, “I’m a unicorn,” most parents say, “That’s nice, dear. Now go play unicorn in the living room while Mommy and Daddy cook dinner.” Can you imagine even marginally sane parents demanding that doctors graft a horn to their child’s forehead? Or, worse, doctors going along with it?)

  19. background spinner Says:

    Such a dangerous propagandist stereotype, that men pretending to be women are non-threatening and just want to blend in. No, they don’t. He’s even marking himself out by making this video.

    This is what lawmakers think of when they rubber stamp bills allowing men into women’s spaces, prisons, sports teams…

    Plus, it blunts women’s natural intuition to be wary and careful around males.

    Very dangerous, very cleverly done propaganda.

  20. lestoille Says:

    trannies insist children be allowed to transition because puberty ruins their chances of passing. But jazz, the poster child for kiddie transitioners doesn’t even pass. He looks like the boy he is, only with pretty long hair. If he forgets to use the hair straightener one morning, he’ll look just like the death metal boys I remember from my high school.

    i foresee a long road of kardashian-level contouring and make-up fakery in jazz’s future. He’d better get some tips from paris lees.

    • morag99 Says:

      From the comment section:

      “She’s the only girl I know who is going to be happy to have her period!”

      This is a joke comment, right? Please, somebody, tell me that this was a joke! Otherwise, I will have to cry.

      • Could be irony because he will never have a period. But he will experience all the issues males with a history of puberty blocking drugs and hormone treatment have and this is something no girl in the world has to experience (well besides girls who get hormone treatments – they will also have a lot of problems later because their bodies aren’t made to handle so large amounts of testosterone)

      • background spinner Says:

        I’m not sure, either. Do they really think males grow their own – incredibly complex – women’s reproductive system? Because of hormones and puberty blockers? I wouldn’t be surprised if some people think exactly that.

      • morag99 Says:

        Previously, I’ve come across a couple of internet people who sincerely believe that a “sex change” actually changes one’s sex — gonads and all! So, it’s hard to say if this commenter actually believes that Jazz will menstruate. She may believe this.

        But, this kind of profound ignorance regarding human biology can’t be very common nowadays, can it?

        What’s more common, I think, is people conflating inter-sex conditions with transgenderism. Here’s another comment from the same Jazz article:

        ‘Very pretty girl, and clearly a mix up in the womb. I feel so sorry for people who have to go through this, so many people just don`t understand or can not get their head round that this is a quirk of nature; nature gets many things wrong. The body of a boy; the “DNA” of a girl. I wish HER well.’

        “So many people just don`t understand,” she said, sadly. How right she is! Now, THAT’s irony. Oh, woe.

    • susan Says:

      The parents decided he was trans at the age of 2 years old.

      “‘Her mother Jeanette added: ‘We’ll say things like, ‘You’re special. God made you special.’ Because there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis.'”

      • VC Says:

        Ever notice how the mothers of boys whom they claim are transgender are fixated on their sons’ genitalia? Since recently discovering this blog, which led me to others, I have seen the word “penis”, coming from the mothers, more times than in all the previous decades of my life. One such ‘mom’ reminds us that her trans kid has a penis in every post. She even wrote about observing her “daughter’s erection” in the bath, which is way too much information, if you ask me.

        No, Jazz, you’re not a special girl because you have a penis. You’re an ordinary boy in a batshit crazy situation. No matter how much you think you don’t want to have a penis, it beats having a painful, weeping, man-made wound that requires constant dilation. (Did the doctors tell him about that part?)

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also notable is the near total focus on male child transitioners (M2T) even though medicalized “transgender children” are overwhelmingly female.

        There is a 2:1 ratio of biologically female vs. male children being medically “corrected” for “gender” and this is across the board worldwide since the beginning of this procedure. From the original experiments in the Netherlands to the current US clinics, female children are being “treated” at double the rate of male children.

        Yet media reports like this one:
        are entirely male-focused and solely discuss the effects of estrogenizing male children. Female children, who undergo medical transgendering at double the rate of males are never even mentioned.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘There is a 2:1 ratio of biologically female vs. male children being medically “corrected” for “gender” and this is across the board worldwide since the beginning of this procedure.’

        Wow. I didn’t have clue about this. Obviously because there’s such a media focus on the boys and men.

        Must say I’m surprised by this statistic. Why so many girls? Do you have a hypothesis, Gallus? I suppose girls wanting to escape the female sex-role ordeal would be the most obvious answer, but there must be other factors involved, concerning parents’s attitudes, etc …

      • branjor Says:

        There is a 2:1 ratio of biologically female vs. male children being medically “corrected” for “gender” and this is across the board worldwide since the beginning of this procedure.

        I’d like to hear more about that. I would think there are more girls than boys being transed because more children are going to feel dysphoric about being socialized into the subordinate gender role than the dominant one. Anyway, as morag has said she didn’t have a clue about so many more girls than boys being medically transed by their parents and I am sure she is not alone in that, it shows that the subject of girls being transed (like girls in general) needs a lot more attention than it is getting. (I myself took note when GM previously mentioned it and have remembered it ever since, while others have apparently forgotten in the deluge of “dramatic” coverage about transgender boys.) This has been a really interesting discussion, but personally I get tired of it when discussion about “children” is nothing but boys and after a while I don’t care about them.

      • weirdward Says:

        On the 2:1 ratio, I can imagine there’s a few things going on there. Yes, I’m sure there are girls who want to escape the crap female caste, but I think for many, many parents (and as far as patriarchal society in general is concerned) having a ‘normal’ boy is far preferable to having a gender non-conforming and possibly lesbian girl. And boys are still more valued than girls in general, *especially* so when we’re talking about girls who refuse to perform femininity.

        On a more macro level, I actually think it’s more important for society to invisibilise gender rebel girls than boys. Not having those role models makes it harder for other girls to rebel, and it lends more credence to the lie that female=femininity. And that’s important because femininity is part of what’s used to keep girls/women in a subordinate position. So non-conforming girls are a threat to the whole system who have to be wiped out.

        I don’t actually believe that boys/men are more harshly gender policed than girls/women. If you look at our general social narratives, men can do anything and still be praised for it *as men*.

        Man becomes a solider and kills lots of people – what a strong man!

        Man cries in public – what a strong man!

        Man joins the peace movement – what a strong man!


        Way more important to make sure the subordinate class are kept in their place. The dominant class can do whatever they want. I think the ones like Jazz and co. who get punished, if you like, are being punished for not playing the game properly/taking it too far/not understanding the rules enough etc. Not necessarily just for gender non-conformity in and of itself.

      • Em Says:

        “Her [sic] mother Jeanette added: ‘We’ll say things like … there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis.’ ”

        Paging Dr. Freud …

        (I know, I know. But sometimes it just smacks you right in the chops.)

      • Siobhan Says:

        There has been an ongoing story in the Washington Post about a beautiful little toddler who is being declared “trans.” It talks about how she threw tantrums when her parents insisted on her wearing the scratchy frilly dresses that her grandma sent to her, and how she was nothing like her sister who, from the looks of the photos in the article, lived in a frilly, fussy, world of pink.

        Her parents use the lack of tantrums (no scratchy dresses = no tantrums) and her statement “I am a boy” as proof that they are doing The Right Thing. She is only 5 or 6 now and they are already seeing the endocrinologist to check for puberty and get those drugs in her as soon as her hormones start changing.

        My response to this is that OF COURSE she insisted that she was a boy! Being a girl meant that she had to put up with this crap! Being a boy meant that she could wear what she wanted and play like she wanted.

    • LC Says:

      The quote the mother reports from two-year Jazz is beyond disturbing. It’s a fake quote, and so obviously a fake quote, why use it? If Jazz really said some two-year old equivalent of that, what would be the value in altering his words? And if he never said anything like that(as I believe), why give an account that makes the story sound less credible?

      It’s bizarre, and makes me wonder if the entire family is playing a con game to sell publicity for their son. Have people bought so much into the trans line that they’re denying basic child psychology and the development of language, too?

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        It makes me so sad that they decided this boy was transgender at 2 years of age. Before my niece was 2 she would refuse to wear anything but trousers and shorts but when she got to 2 she went through a few years of liking pink and tutus and Disney dolls and all the things little girls ‘should’ like. I reckon 2 is the age children start expressing their reactions to all the gender conformity they have already been exposed to, either conforming or rebelling for a while before they negotiate who they truly are. Now, aged 7, my niece has been allowed to work out she doesn’t have to fit neatly into a stereotype.

        Of course any boy that age who likes ‘girl things’ instead of ‘boy things’ might think they should have been born a girl and not a boy. Of course any young boy who feels attracted to boys and not girls might think they should have been born a ‘mummy’ and not a ‘daddy’ because they are the only options they see. It is a cult, medicalising the kids before they experience the world and realise there are other ways of living.

    • neme Says:

      These mainstream articles are so deceptive, saying things like, “Jazz Jennings, who transitioned seven years ago…”

      It used to be “transitioned” meant, after years of therapy and the real life test, going on hormones and then having surgery. When someone said they had transitioned year ago, you knew you were dealing with someone post-op. This kid still has his penis and testicles. By the old definition, he hasn’t yet transitioned.

      I guess now “transitioned” means nothing. It doesn’t even mean, “seven years ago, declared genderfeelz.” As the recent Planet Rape incidents show, it can even mean, “started fetishistic crossdressing seven years ago” or “just today declared genderfeelz but seven years ago, no, um, for my whole life, I mean, had secret genderfeelz.”

      It really is the Humpty Dumpty law now. None of these writers bother to learn basic terminology. They don’t know the difference between biological sex and gender identity, are constantly confusing or conflating the two, and they are clueless about how the terms keep shifting. So it’s no wonder the public at large have no clue about any of this stuff.

    • LC Says:

      I mean… clearly it is about publicity. I suppose I’m wondering to what degree the whole family is ‘in’ on the game, if it’s just Jazz that’s being manipulated(or not?)

    • Is she really claiming a two-year-old used the word “genitalia”?
      (Transition? If she needed money, why didn’t she just call the Nobel committee and tell them about her genius toddler?)

      And here I thought two-year-olds were pretty smart if they could do full sentences, subject-verb-object… I had no idea some of them could actually talk intelligently about “genitalia”… Jesus H Christ.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        Seriously. I was considered precocious and learned words like “lucubration” by the time I was 12, and I didn’t have that level of verbal sophistication at age two.

  21. bleh Says:

    Saw this and passing it along, seems pertinent to the post.

    “This is your opportunity to comment on transgenderism (“gender incongruence”) in the 11th revision of the draft International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

    The ICD system (currently ICD-10), developed and published by the World Health Organization (WHO), is the international standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes. It is used worldwide for morbidity and mortality statistics, reimbursement systems, and automated decision support in health care.

    In developing its draft definitions for transgenderist conditions, WHO consulted with “researchers” and activists from the crooked and non-evidence-based “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH). In February 2013, WHO and WPATH convened a “consensus meeting” to decide which conditions and definitions hurt trans-folks’ feelings too much, and should thus be thrown out or at least defined as vaguely as possible.

    Not surprisingly, WPATH wanted to have it both ways, so that transgenderist conditions were simultaneously de-pathologized and made eligible for health care insurance coverage.

    Anyway, the process is pretty far along by now, but it is not too late for people to weigh in on the draft definitions. In fact, WHO is HOPING that people will weigh in. You can do it online, in the draft “beta” version of ICD-11. So far, only one other person besides myself has provided input in this way.

    We have until late 2015 to make comments. ICD-11 will be released in 2017. It is crucial that WHO receive comments from people who are critical of “gender” and of self-serving definitions written by transgender activists.

    Please go here, register and make comments on the definitions. The web site is a bit “pokey” and confusing, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

    above quote from the link below:

  22. Michelle Says:

    My daughter is 12. I know for a fact that she and her (girl) friends do not change in front of each other. They are very, very private. If they have to change, they take turns using the washroom. If they are in a public changeroom after a swim and there is no private changer available, they take turns holding towels up for each other, while craning their neck the other way so as not to invade the other girl’s privacy. I always found this a bit funny, this transition from running around naked and carefree (up to about 6) to such painful awkwardness around nudity, and I’ve always respected it. I’d never want to make her or her friends feel uncomfortable. So as an adult woman, although when I am on my own I just get naked in a change room after a swim (something about giving birth and getting older has made me less shy than I was as a girl), when I am with my daughters and her friends, I am careful not to make them uncomfortable and change when they are in the changerooms etc. I can’t understand how such simple human courtesy is impossible to understand. I remember being a shy embarrassed teenager and the agony of trying to change for gym class without letting any of the other girls see any naked part. For whatever reason girls want privacy, more privacy than boys their age do, from what I hear. I don’t have sons. Although it was Justice Ginsberg who had to point out to the male judges in a case about strip searching teen girls at school, that no girls do not ‘strut’ around the changeroom the way boys do and they do not feel comfortable with nudity.

    • morag99 Says:

      Michelle, it goes to show how much male fantasy informs the public’s perceptions about how girls and women behave behind closed doors in female-only spaces and situations. This Clean & Clear advertisement is one example, and it’s just a copy of all the others.

      Another extreme example is the locker room scene in De Palma’s movie, Carrie. Most people of a certain age know it well: relaxed, naked nymphs in misty slow-motion, not showing any overt signs of modesty or self-consciousness. Then, at the sight of blood, they turn into a pack of rabid, sexy maenads. Yeah, right.

      The male fantasist doesn’t know, or care, about the ways girls behave in private, or how they relate to each other in both positive and negative ways. “Mean girls,” for instance, are usually quite subtle and psychological, not bare-breasted she-beasts.

      The thing is, many girls and women buy into these tropes, too, to a greater or lesser extent. Those girl actors in the commercial, for instance, and probably Jazz himself, likely didn’t need too much direction in how to “act” like girls. They already know what the male gaze hankers for. What’s really creepy is that middle-class America has a similar idea about what their daughters are, and so it cranks out sanitized, family-friendly versions of the very same male fantasy.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        All of the children in this ad have already been exposed to the world of commercialism and exploitation. There are actually some people who think children should not be used as models, especially since there are no legal protections for them.

    • kesher Says:

      That’s one reason why the insistence on letting males into women’s locker rooms and other places where nudity is commonplace makes me see red.

      Women, and especially girls, hate getting undressed in front of each other, and that shyness takes years to get past, and some women likely never get past it. But we’re supposed to be okay with penis in the mix? Not to mention the creepers who like flaunting it and like perving on naked girls and women?

      Trans “women” who advocate for this are men who hate women. There is no other explanation.

      • No name Says:

        Double that modesty if someone is menstruating. Girls are shamed because they have periods, imagine a dude with a big mouth that gets to check out what pads the girls have. I am sure they will be ‘taught’ by the male in drag, in the ladies’ room, how transphobic it is of them to have a period in the first place, and the type of pads they use will be commented on, or if they cant afford nice pads, just cheap pads.

        Here, it will be used to sacrifice all the females to help the snowflake white boy with too many fantasies, In India, general coddling of young male predation of females is normalized and used to discourage girls from attending school with the belief that more boys would be educated if they keep females the slave-class of uneducated domestic labor for general use by men.

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      I wonder if girls are more private because we got the message that the public eye evaluates female attractiveness more (whether being complimented disproportionately on appearance or seeing older girls and women dealing with lewd comments on their bodies and male sexual violence).

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t know about other girls, but my modesty was largely due to hating my body, not seeing it as ever good enough (it’s ironic that I don’t really care now since I was much more thin back then), and not wanting to invite negative criticism.

  23. pandoracurioser Says:

    I am just going to post this here because it is such an insulting article and I liked Quartz as a publication before but now I understand how disinterested in women’s rights they are so fuck them:

    Thank you Gallus Mag for creating one of the very few sane spaces on the internet.

  24. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Jazz has sex dysphoria?

    Considering that he seems to be a horny teenager (if there isn’t some adult behind this who pushes him to be that way and if we assume that the puberty blockers don’t decrease the libido – what they normally do) – he acts like a normal boy in his age. Yet he writes that he wants to get rid of his penis and testicles.

    There is something not quite right here.

    Does he know how a vagina works? Does he know that no surgery in the world can give him one? I guess that his parents/trans activists tell him that he will have genitals just like “every other girl”.

    He will face the ugly reality in a few years. Just like you can’t make a penis out of arm flesh and tubes – you can’t make a vagina out of penis and testicles.


    “My daughter at the age of seven, started to take Lupron for the treatment of precocious puberty. Now as a young adult, she is having some of the problems that you have mentioned. I wish that I would have known more about the side effects. I probably would have chosen another treatment for her.”

    She is reffering to another person who wrote about how Lupron destroyed her health.

    If you look up the drugs that are used as puberty blockers – you will realize, that they all have nearly the same side effects.

    Reversible – my ass.

    There are more parents who talk about the side effects their children suffer from. in the comment sections of the petitions.

  26. Here is a woman who was in Jazz’ age when she took Lupron:

    “At 14 I was on this drug, age 17 and 27 hate the fact I’m still dealing with the long term side effects at age 30, have degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety, bone spurs, memory loss, unexplained lower back pain and cartilage gone in my lower back.”

    Oh well safe and reversible, nothing to worry about…

    • As I’ve said repeatedly, I was on this stuff for ONE MONTH to shrink fibroids prior to surgery. This was in 2002. Arthritis started in my hands and neck almost immediately. As a writer and quilter I am often in debilitating pain. But I can’t take NSAIDs due to an ulcer caused by taking too many NSAIDs. The notion of giving this crap to kids is absolutely horrific.

  27. born free & female Says:

    Just to be absolutely clear, this is satire – but it reminds me of the women I know who’ve never actually met an MTF, but fantasize about how supportive they’d be if their hypothetical children wanted to transition. The article title nails it – “I’m Not Saying I Hope My Child Is Transgender, But I Would Hit It Out Of The Park.”–226

  28. (1.) Does Johnson and Johnson makers of Clean and Clear advocate for the sterilization of children? Most rational people view sterilizing children as a human rights abuse.

    Why not email or call Johnson and Johnson and ask them what they think?

    Jazz is a male child, and because he is biological male, I will refer to this young man as “he”. I’ve seen a video where it says he is on GnRH agonists (puberty suppressing drugs), and he might already be on female hormones. Pumping a child full of cross gender hormones before his or her body has a chance to sexually mature renders the child infertile. Some kids go straight from the puberty suppressing drugs to cross gender hormones. It sure looks like this is Jazz’s future.

    Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilization if it is followed with the administration of cross sex hormones at 16 years, as the Brill and Pepper handbook on “transgender” children (2008), explains, “the choice to progress from GnRH inhibitors to estrogen without fully experiencing male puberty should be viewed as giving up one’s fertility, and the family and child should be counseled accordingly” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). For girls, sterilization is the outcome too, because “eggs do not mature until the body goes through puberty” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216).

    Do parents have the right to compromise the future fertility of their children? This could be construed as a human rights violation.

    Deliberate delaying a normal part of human development, adolescence, because of what basically amounts to a questionable psychiatric diagnosis in healthy children assumes all the following:

    (a.) The diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” is correct to being with, and there isn’t something else going on in the child’s life.

    (b.) The child is completely free from any parental, peer, or cultural influences. How much is “gender dysphoria” in a 12 year old child, and how do we separate this from everything the parents read on transgender websites and blogs? How much is actual “gender dysphoria” or GID and how much is parental discomfort at having a child that doesn’t fit neatly into sex based gender roles?

    (c.) Children have the mental capacity to decide or choose for themselves.

    It’s a scientific fact that the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain which is sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.

    ”The prefrontal cortex, the part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead, is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.” This brain region is responsible for cognitive analysis and abstract thought, and the moderation of “correct” behavior in social situations. The prefrontal cortex takes in information from all of the senses and orchestrates thoughts and actions to achieve specific goals. This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations.

    These children might feel different because adolescence is a tumultuous time for all children, but this doesn’t mean that they have the maturity or judgment to make informed decisions.

    Teenagers can’t vote, buy alcohol, or take out bank loans, but they are supposedly mature enough to willingly give up their fertility.

    Besides infertility, I seriously doubt that people know the long term effects of drugging children with puberty suppressing drugs and/or cross gender hormones.

    @Morag “If you dose your child with most poisons, you end up in jail; if you dose your child with Lupron, you end up on television.”

    Lupron isn’t the only GnRH agonist. Lupron has been given to “transgender” children, but doctors usually prescribe implants like Suprellin. With precocious puberty there is at least some kind of medical reason, and it’s never followed up by cross gender hormones. This is the same class of drugs that are given to patients with advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis.

    I don’t even know if GnRH agonists for “gender dysphoria” is approved by the FDA.

    “But the treatments are expensive and last year Jeanette revealed that she was quoted $18,000 a year for the hormone-blocking medication. ”

    Big Pharma makes more money off of these children than they do off menopausal women. Doctors don’t routinely prescribe hormones to menopausal women like they used to. So, I guess Big Pharma has to make up the slack somewhere. Start them on puberty suppressing drugs at age 11 or 12 and keep them on cross gender hormones for life.

    (2.) Does Johnson and Johnson makers of Clean and Clear advocate for the sterilization and/or mutilation of homosexuals?

    “Jazz Jennings, who transitioned seven years ago after being diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, told Barbara Walters during an episode of 20/20, that she is attracted to boys. ”

    In all honesty, I don’t care about this young male’s sexuality. He could be gay, bisexual, or straight. We don’t know, and no one can predict how this young man will feel when he is twenty or thirty years of age.

    He is a biological male and he says he is attracted to boys. What would this make him? He is a soon to be a sterilized and mutilated young gay man. Where have we seen this before? In Iran, gay men and lesbians get their genitals mutilated and told that they are really the opposite sex. This has been going on for years, and it’s no secret.

    Nothing will ever change the fact that this young male will never have a female reproductive system even if he undergoes sex reassignment surgery. It doesn’t really change one’s sex. It’s basically extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy genitalia.

    I think it’s deplorable that parents would tell their young children that their is something horrible and abnormal about their bodies.

    From lobotomies to thalidomide, history is littered with medical experiments that seemed so progressive at the time.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      He says he’s pansexual in one of his videos. I thought it was suspicious that a 13 yr old on puberty blockers would be so certain of such a hip and trendy sexuality.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Is this a new back-story? Or just a chapter they hadn’t revealed? All I heard about is how almost everyone is crazy about Jazz, except a few haters that don’t matter. Everyone’s playing soccer, combing each others hair and making cheerleader pyramids. A boy texts, and they explain it all, and he accepts it, and everyone is delighted.

        Now it sounds like Jazz was a shut in.

        This at least 2 yrs ago, 11 yrs old. Looks like a party. No “pansexuality” mentioned. I guess it was just junior high that was difficult?:

    • According to this video he “entered” the dating world already (at 11!). But now he is working towards it??

      I’m 100% sure it’s his parents who push him into dating.
      “See Jazz is normal! Look at her boyfriend!1!11”

      Also did someone tell him that the “blockers” will affect his health and the he might suffer horrible consequences even as an adult?

      Did someone tell him that his neo-genitals will not work like real ones?

      No – of course not.

  29. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    The real you is a male. What does this have to do with acne? Do testosterone blockers affect acne?

    The real me had acne. I used erythromycin to change the real me into a me with less acne.

    • kesher Says:

      The odd thing is that I’d assume that puberty blockers would prevent acne. Jazz has nice looking skin, and that his puberty is being delayed I’m sure is related to that. But I guess advertisers hate having to use models with bad skin for acne commercials. They’d rather use models who have never had a single pimple in their lives, similar to how they refuse to show the horror of a woman’s hairy leg in a commercial for razors.

  30. GallusMag Says:

    Jazz’s non-profit, run by his parents:

    transkids purple rainbow 501 (c) (3)

  31. GallusMag Says:

    The Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project will present its second annual benefit, A Night of A Thousand Genders, on Monday, March 23, 2015, from 6:00-8:30pm at Joe’s Pub (425 Lafayette Street).

    The evening begins with cocktails followed by a very special one-night-only cabaret evening celebrating the beauty and resilience of gender expansive youth and their families.

    The second annual Night of a Thousand Genders will be hosted by Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award winner Cynthia Nixon (“Sex and The City”) and will feature performances by Drama Desk nominee Lindsay Mendez (Wicked), American Singer/Songwriter Joe Stevens (“Last Man Standing”), Kyle Taylor Parker (Kinky Boots), and Youth Pride Chorus, with Music Direction by Emmy Award-winning composer Lance Horne.

    The first annual Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project Family Award will be given to the Jazz Jennings Family. By opening up to media, Jazz Jennings and her family were among the first families to raise public awareness about the lives and needs of gender expansive youth and their communities. The Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project is honoring the amazing and proud mother, father and siblings who have fought to keep Jazz safe, happy and thriving.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Night of a thousand genders = OK

      Night of a thousand vaginas = not OKAY

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Night of a thousand genders = OK

        Night of a thousand vaginas = not OKAY”

        Brilliant comparison!

        But what the hell is going on here? Male gratification is acceptable even if it involves violence toward women (omit rant with 50 shades of outrage), porn seems to be available everywhere, even to underage children, the clothing for little girls has become disturbingly sexualized, yet there’s this neo-Victorian prudishness about the basic facts of reproductive biology. For several years I’ve been seeing statements on-line to the effect of “my biological sex is no one’s business” and even the occasional comment that people who want to know someone’s biological sex have “their minds in the gutter.”

        Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check the gutter, since we must have lost our minds somewhere!

      • Dogtowner Says:

        A lot of the liberal genuflecting before God Trans is due to ignorance of basic biology. Whether it’s mainstream or “alternative” media, when writers or speakers talk about “changing sex,” they need to be asked for details. What is hormone therapy [sic] and what does it do to the body? What surgical procedures are done and what do they consist of? Do they support body mutilation for other mental conditions?

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        I know, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people called “genital obsessed” or some such thing on social media, although no one I know in the real world would say that, still…I think the only hang up is talking about vaginas.

        Talking about penises seems to be fine, all day long, especially the special female penises. Oh, except when trans people who are famous for being trans go on TV to talk about their book about transitioning or their appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race – then, talking about genitals and surgery is taboo.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        Also, how the hell are there 1000 genders or even 50 as on Facebook? The other day I saw a tumblr talking about “hardcore” as a gender. Really?

        I swear, kids today. We’re down to wear a style of dressing or what music you like or taste in games is a “gender”.

        I guess this is what comes from being raised by parents who believe toy preference and activity preferences and being athletic or not determines “gender” and puts their offspring in need of a medical sex change.

        I can’t stop being amazed at how “Free to Be You and Me” devolved into tomboys and the drama club being put on puberty blockers.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I was a gender expansive youth…way back when. I was also a gender-expansive 20-something woman, etc….and I still am gender expansive. Where’s my award dinner? I take vitamins, I know they’re not hormones, but still, I take SOMETHING…where’s my prize? I think women and men should be able to do whatever they want to, regardless of gender stereotypes. Where the FUCK is my prize??!!!!!!

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Oh, blah, blah. “Jazz” is a big ole fruit who wants to wear pinky winky dresses and make-up. This kid is NOT new or original. Trans does not exist!

  32. 4thwavenow Says:

    I’m a gender-critical parent of a teen girl who is thinking about “transition” Thank you so much for your blog. I’ve just created my own Tumblr and WordPress blogs and would appreciate you stopping by.

    • Bea Says:

      Reading your “It ain’t a liberation movement” post gave me shivers. You are a phenomenal parent. Why do people assume a liberation movement would be palatable to the oppressor? This— the death threats, the smears, the slurs, the propaganda— is backlash to revolution. It has been this way for every liberation movement: gays, African Americans, etc. Transgender has been ushered in with open arms…and it stinks to high heavens.

      • 4thwavenow Says:

        It sure feels good to be told I’m a decent parent. As you’re well aware, in the current crazy time we’re living through, I am very out of step. Trying to talk to my daughter about all this, with basically no backup from professionals and limited support from friends, is constant swimming against a massive tide. Since I’m a liberal/progressive, I feel even more alone, because trans is hip and most people simply don’t question (as I didn’t until only a few months ago)…

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        This is more or less what I said to another poster who was concerned about (if I remember correctly) a relatives kid who was at risk for being transed by adults who were basically uncomfortable with non-conformity:

        There are decent, non-ideological psychologists/psychiatrists/LCSWs/MFCCs out there who understand that girls and women don’t have some sort of intrinsic, inevitable interest in the things our society labels feminine. (And that the same goes for boys and men). They don’t advertise as gender specialists, because they’re too busy working with individuals whom they see as individuals, and they’re not desperate for business.

        If you believe your daughter would benefit from speaking to a counselor who won’t label her, or medicalize her, or push the idea of transition, those people exist. There are even psychiatrists out there who are decent therapists and won’t just reach for the DSM, slap a label on someone, and prescribe a pill. You have to be very careful and ask a lot of questions initially, but you can find them.

        Some may not be aware how fucked up things are in the “queer community” because they’re nice liberals whose only association with the term “queer” or LGBTQQQIAAWTF is the nice married same-sex couple down the street, but in spite of this, they still have common sense and won’t automatically assume that a girl who’s not into Barbie dolls somehow has a “boy brain” and requires a drastic medical intervention.

        If you steer well clear of anyone who claims to specialize in queer issues, or gender issues, or sexual orientation issues, or “troubled teen” issues, you can probably find professional support. The counselor who can help is someone who gets it that sex stereotyping is not only still around, it’s getting worse in a lot of ways. And that the teenage girls (unless they’re somehow completely sheltered, which is almost impossible these days) have to deal with the horrible attitude the adult world has towards women, but without much in the way of life experience or any real social or legal power to draw help them get through it.

    • born free & female Says:

      I wish you the best of luck with this. It is shocking to me how many of the teenage girls I know are questioning their gender – and how few resources there are for parents that don’t just say “Of course your daughter has this medical condition that was previously considered extremely rare! Get her on experimental drugs immediately!”

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        They are not, technically, “questioning gender.” They are questioning (interrogating, challenging) sexism. It’s called sexism. Gender is sexism in action. It is sexist brainwashing that warps everything into amorphous “gender” “brain sex” and “change the body to match the brain” thinking.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        I wouldn’t call these drugs experimental. If researchers were truly running an experiment to test them, there would be a control or comparison group, there would be regular tests to look for and measure the side effects, there would be conditions written into the plan under which the experiment would end early.

        Most importantly, it would have gone before an ethics review board before ever being approved. A big part of that approval is the ability of the test subject to give informed consent. Hasn’t happened here and can’t happen because we are dealing with children. No, what we have here is as far away from an experiment as you can get, it’s simply psychologists and endocrinologist lining their own pockets, using meds never approved for these puposes, and to hell with the consequences.

      • kesher Says:

        Plenty of medication is given off label, with no specific data on its efficacy for other conditions. That said, off-label use isn’t promoted as the best thing ever, and I’d suspect that doctors aren’t wild about off-label use of medication that has significant known side effects.

        I also don’t know if I’ve ever heard doctors justify widespread use of off-label, potentially dangerous medication with the explanation that they’re too “busy” “treating” people to conduct any concurrent studies as to the actual efficacy and danger of those treatments. Gender doctors are somehow lauded for treating children off label and refusing to keep track of what’s actually happening to these kids.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        “I also don’t know if I’ve ever heard doctors justify widespread use of off-label, potentially dangerous medication with the explanation that they’re too “busy” “treating” people to conduct any concurrent studies as to the actual efficacy and danger of those treatments.”

        That’s exactly the excuse that quack Burzynski used to practice on cancer patients for years and years (and charge them exhorbitantly for the privilege).

      • kesher Says:

        “That’s exactly the excuse that quack Burzynski used”

        Well, there you go then. “Doctors” who are looking to make a quick buck do this; those who take “do no harm” seriously don’t.

        If a doctor said to me that they don’t have any data because they’re too busy “treating” people, I would immediately think the whole thing’s a scam. And that the trans doctors and trans community use suicide as a way to beat parents over the head is just that much more vile.

  33. Jazz calls GnRH agonists, the same class of drugs that are given to patients with advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis “blockers”.

    • In reality it’s chemotherapy for people with cancer and other issues.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        And people in the skeptic community decry its use in autistic children as “dangerous chemical castration”, but when it’s given to kids to trans them, suddenly it’s “safe and reversible” and applaud the doctors who prescribe to gender nonconforming kids.

  34. emmajune Says:

    In 5, 10, 15 years, when this kid goes on the talk show circuit to talk about how f’d up he is, because that’s how he will extend his fame and the cash, we can all blame his mother. And then women will be expected care for him and feel sorry for him and heal all his hurts.

    The cycle will never end.

  35. Is this kid using a tanning bed? At first I thought maybe he was “ethnic.” I was leaning toward Polynesia, maybe, but his folks look like white people. Mom definitely looks like she tans, and tanning beds were common with teens back in the day, especially in the south, but I thought kids had stopped using them.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Is that what it is? He’s so much darker than his brothers and sister that the first time I saw a family photo I assumed he was adopted. Of course on closer inspection you can see they all share the same features. His real name is Jarod Bloshinski, so, Polish.

      Speaking of his sister, I wonder if she will be included in the new reality show. She seems to be cut out of the promotional family photos lately.

      • I was thinking the parents were Eastern European of some extraction. It could be fake bake, but that tends to have an orangey cast, and sometimes a streaky look. This is too even. He’s a celebrity so he could be having it professionally done, they use a sprayer for a more even look.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Look how he’s pictured in his book:

      • Yeah, that’s really interesting. That peaches and cream complexion when he’s so olive. They do all look alike, especially the younger brother and Jazz. They do look “ethnic” maybe Armenian or Bosnian.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sounds right.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Because Eastern-Europeans usually have a mix of darker Slavic ancestors and fair-skinned Nordic ones, it’s not uncommon to find Polish-American or Ukrainian-American families in which only one child tans well (speaking from personal observation).

        That said, I suspect there may also have been some sort of professional help to make sure his tan looks perfect on camera.

      • Anon Male Says:

        I’m going to go with the regular tanning option plus some amount of makeup.

        It’s really easy to spot signs of so-called “ethnic” features in any given white person, if you just concentrate on a nose or some other random feature by itself. It’s the same way dudes like Ward Churchill can convince some people that they’re any-percent native Americans with a pair of sunglasses (which divide up features conveniently) and all of a sudden people stop squinting and are like, “oh, I can see it.”

        If it is dangerous levels of tanning, it’s ironic considering all the dating Jazz is supposed to be working towards. Everyone makes fun of orange “guidos” in New Jersey but what they’re doing makes sense in the context of their environment. You have to be darker than your girlfriend to be masculine and yet you can’t sit around in a tanning bed or outside on your roof because that would be feminine, so your only option around prom is to dye yourself orange.

        If Jazz is tanning, he’s cutting his dating options down even further, if he’s obsessed with straight guys who fear their own “femininity.”

      • No name Says:

        Well it seems the sister will only be a secondary or third character in their son’s commercialized life, but clearly, their son can do anything, so they promote him and encourage their actual daughter to remain in the shadows to hold a towel for your brother like a good girl, while he gets to be the big role model for females and is celebrated for emulating ‘females’ in the correct way men expect them to mind-lessly frolic with no pursuits but pleasing men, giggling and waiting for breasts.

        Oddly, I assumed that they did not have a daughter, because-normally, you need a support system from peers and most sisters close in age develop close relationships and become inseparable- but no actual ‘sisterly bonding’? Gay guys sometimes come out to their sisters first[to help hide it from parents].

        Let me guess, he is not female enough to do actual sister things with his sister, and the actual grooming/’good-boy for going along with it’ pats is coming from a parent. Just think, if his sister was born a boy, they could have promoted trans-sisters, and released a brony-cartoon. But because she was born a girl, she is not as special as the golden boy, and needs to accept her second-class role.

        It seems he is not the only child being subjected to psychological abuse. The daughter is largely the neglected one? Maybe the parents play they off each other, and largely just laugh at their actual daughters’ attempts to fit in or accomplish anything that can’t interfere with their special son.?

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        After Googling their real names I found the mother is connected to a music project focused on traditional Jewish and jazz music, so my guess is they’re Jews of eastern European extraction. That would account for the variety of skin tones, although as noted above, Slavs can be surprisingly dark.

    • kesher Says:

      Don’t they live in Florida? Seems possible that the tan is the real deal.

      On the topic of the daughter not appearing in photos, I wonder if that’s because puberty is actually affecting her and so she isn’t the special, perfect snowflake that Jazz is with his flawless, pre-pubescent skin and childlike body.

    • Siobhan Says:

      He looks a LOT like his father. His brothers look more like Mom. Mom appears in photos with blond hair, but I have no idea if that is her natural color. But I think Jazz is the spitting image of Dad, coloring included.

      Dad has rather fine features, he isn’t a big burly faced guy, so Jazz would have managed to pull off femming it up even if he’d never taken a bit of hormones.

      In his “I am Jazz” movie, his big objection to male puberty seemed to be – I kid you not – “hairy legs!!!!”

      • Too bad male puberty isn’t just hairy legs and stopping a natural process in the body can never be good for the physical health. Puberty does a LOT more to the body besides growing hair.

      • branjor Says:

        What a jerk. Girls get hairy legs too.

      • Chicken Lucy Says:

        He really knows nothing about the female condition if he thinks that adult females are free of body hair. I’m not surprised; for all of their babbling about how they “feel female” on the inside, most (if not all) male trannies have no idea of what being female is actually like.

      • kesher Says:

        Jazz has Eastern European Jewish heritage; that kid is in for a nasty surprise when he finally gets estrogen and starts growing plentiful dark, thick hair including significant amounts on the face.

      • VC Says:

        Notice how in the I Am Jazz book, Jazz and his parents are completely de-ethnicized, if that’s a word. They all have pink skins and button noses, even though Jazz’s overall look is very dark, with a prominent nose. The cover illustration depicts a ‘normal’ girl, complete with bra strap showing, and while Jazz simulates femininity better than adult trans, he’s not quite that good.

        The documentary us full of contradictions: Jazz has no friends, but a dozen little girls at his birthday party just adore him; Jazz “runs dainty” like a ‘real’ girl, but there’s a shot of him slamming a soccer ball into the goal net with tremendous power, nothing dainty about it.

        Jazz should be in high school by now. Do they let him shower with the girls? If not, why not? After all, he’s really a girl, too. If he’s barred, will his dad cry about that?

      • That’s a good point Kesher. Kim Kardashian is Armenian and freely acknowledges that she had her entire body, including her hairline lasered because of the body hair issue. It’s really unfortunate how little knowledge #TeamTrans has about actual women.

      • imnocissie Says:

        He already has a little mustache, despite the “blockers”. His mom should be introducing him to Jolen cream bleach any day now.

      • Bleach doesn’t wouldn’t work with someone as dark as he is. He’ll need to wax or shave it off, or have it lasered.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        Can confirm Ashkenazy Jewish being pretty much the worst possible ethnicity for a transgender male. Dark skin (and facial/body hair that’s often brown or red at the roots instead of black) means laser’s unlikely to work and may in fact cause permanent skin damage; electrolysis is the only option. My mum had hairier legs than many men up until her 40s (and refused to shave or wax them, to widespread shock of course).

  36. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Maybe the sister is sane and wants absolutely nothing to do with this nonsense??

    • Jen Says:

      Why are they claiming Jazz is so lonely if he has so many siblings? I have two siblings, and growing up I was rarely lonely. Is it because they don’t want to hang around him either? Or is it because it’s a big fat lie like everything else the trannies say?

      • “Why are they claiming Jazz is so lonely if he has so many siblings?”

        On the other hand…no one knows how Jazz behaves when he is with his sibllings. He seems to be really spoiled by his parents. Perhaps he they don’t have a good relationship with them.

    • Em Says:

      One can only hope that some number of them will have the whateveritis to survive this train wreck of a family. Huzzah that the sole potential survivor is an actual girl.

  37. Kids that are pushed by their parents to be in the public eye and perform on command before they fully understand who they are often end up as f’d up as Michael Jackson and all the child stars who were thrown on stage too early. Look at all the messed up former child stars. Very few of them came out of it undamaged. Other than doing commercials where he talks about “girly things”, dresses, etc. what does he think he will do with his life?

    • kesher Says:

      It seems like those kids who didn’t grow up screwed up had very supportive parents who tried to keep their kids grounded; I’m thinking of Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman, among others.

      It might also help when those kids grow into adults who are still successful in some way so there isn’t the same crisis of having all the attention robbed from them when they’re no longer “cute” and precocious.

      Hell, even that polar bear cub in Germany would get agitated whenever it was no longer the center of attention.

  38. Great article,

    Jazz Jennings, teen boy, shows women how to “woman”

    “As for females, the consequences of continuing to perpetuate the lie of ladybrain will be increasingly devastating – as we make room for males who believe our lives are nothing more than a hunch; a feeling in a man’s head; we can say goodbye to women’s colleges, women’s sports, women’s clinics. As an understanding of reality becomes synonymous with bigotry, we will part with all language and art that allowed us to address, deconstruct, express and celebrate our lived female experience. Our feminist folk heroes will be grown men, our role models adolescent boys.”

  39. VC Says:

    Remember the Louds? They were the stars of what was arguably the first reality show, An American Family. They eagerly participated because they were convinced that they lived an admirable, upper middle-class life. By the time it was done, the family was torn to shreds, with the parents split up, and one son, Lance, coming out as gay, which was a huge taboo in the 1970s. (He died at 50 from HIV and various addictions.)

    Putting your life in front if the camera is a pretty surefire path to disaster. Various “Housewives” have seen their marriages destroyed, with one even sent to Federal prison, Honey Boo Boo’s mother has been caught fawning over her convicted pedophile boyfriend, and even the Kardashians, who were at least a solid family before their series, are now dealing with two members in rehab, and a stepfather who grows more unattractively feminine by the day. The camera never blinks. Every little crack in a happy family facade will be revealed and magnified.

    The Bloshinskys are in for a wild ride. Chances are that, Jazz, like his rival transkid Joseph “Josie” Romero, will be caught expressing doubt about being the poster boy for transgenderism. One can only hope that child protective services will be tuning in.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lauren Harries started as a child star and became a trans trainwreck. Poor bastard.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:


      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Never heard of this kid before, but I note that once again, arson and transgenderism show up in the same life story.

      • VC Says:

        Not sure which is more offensive – his self-delusion that he’s a woman, or his self-delusion that he can sing.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I really do see a correlation between the media persona of Jazz and other transgender children and the media persona shown here of young James Lauren Harries. It’s the preternatural confidence of the child that is largely being marketed. If you watch the above video you will see what I mean. Little James is basically a pediatric con man. It’s not what the kid is saying but the confidence with which he said it that made him a child celebrity.

        This same dynamic is at play with the marketing of transgender children today. Of course the usual interest in transgenderist media infotainment is at play: the interactivity of the “passing or not passing” examination (how successful is the illusion?), the potential/promise for a novel “uncanny valley” experience, the observance and “forth-walling” of gender when knowingly detached from a subject’s reproductive sex, and the self-congratulatory liberalist opportunity to bestow narcissistic “empathy” on fellow humans whom one actually regards as somehow abject.

        The marketing of transgender children adds the additional appeal of the preternaturally confident child. The whole gimmick revolves on the ability of the child to state with confidence things both he and we know are not true. This is not a new act, but a very ancient one. Here is another example:

    • morag99 Says:

      “Poor bastard.”

      I’ll say. My fascination with this strange character gave way to sadness. Sadness in general, for the way adults can take intelligent and unusual children, mould them into weird, unnatural shapes, and then offer them up for public consumption.

      If Wikipedia is to be trusted, Harries was taken to a doctor for showing “feminine” mannerisms. Fast-forward a few years, and his very flesh and blood is medically re-arranged to fit the stereotypes. Madness. Exactly the same as with Jaron/Jazz, except the “intervention” to cure gayness and sex-role non-compliance came much, much earlier.

      How hard do people have to be hit over the head with the naked facts before they see this child abuse and butchery for what it is?

      • No name Says:

        I just can’t believe these people are promoting their son as ‘role model for women’ AND they have a daughter. So the daughter can’t do any girly thing that might hurt JaZZes feels, but she cant be the little boy either, she must become invisible to hold him up and bask her female childhood in her brother’s shadow as allowed.

        You would think, the male child is a role model for women? How about his sister? By that logic the sister must be a really great role model for women as well…unless they are only interested in boys and how special their boy is that he can conform to male imposed stereotypes of how females are expected to behave, cause to these cock worshipers, actual females don’t count.

  40. susannunes Says:

    I used to live in Reno and work at the school district there. This article and the upcoming “special report,” are outrages:

  41. Bea Says:

    “Jazz is also a kid who refers to himself in third person. “I like being Jazz,” he says, as he reclines in a pink bed awash with plush animals.” —phonaesthetica

    Yet another trans MtF embodying a separate femulated persona. Too bad Jazz isn’t hetero, he could be his own girlfriend.

  42. ImNoCissie Says:

    Saw this article this morning and the resulting #inmyshoes campaign on Twitter:

    Thank goodness this little girl doesn’t have “transgenderizing” parents who would’ve turned her into a boy for her love of dinosaur sneakers.

    How can we “fix society” so that we have more Sophia Trows and fewer [zero] Jazzes, Rylands, Kennedys, and Josies.

  43. ImNoCissie Says:

    I like this article even more as it shows the tweets, sorry for posting so many comments:


    There is an interesting reddit post about someone who transitioned as a child.

    A lesbian had a relationship with a trans woman for years and now the trans woman detransitioned.

    The man transitioned at the age of 14 and didn’t have male puberty. Since the poster is a lesbian (well at least she says she is one although she didn’t have a problem with his penis) and she isn’t attracted to him anymore.

    There are many things mentioned there that we normally don’t hear about people who transitioned as children.

    For example health issues, regret and how quick the male puberty starts once the male stops taking hormones (if he wasn’t castrated beforehand).

    Of course his experience isn’t universal but it still gives a bit of insight.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      I think it’ll take quite a few more stories of early transitioner regret to go public before people start to realise that MAAAAYYYYBE it’s not such a good idea to just pass out the drugs when a kid says they’re trans.

      Also people need to know that biology matters. If a man gets all feminised like and later decides to go back to being a man, no real harm done, aside from mastectomy & possibly a penis transplant (or ticket to Belgrade). If a woman gets masculinised, there’s no going back. Ever. The voice can’t be un-broken, the body frame can’t be re-feminised, the hair will never go away, and the T related health problems can’t be ‘identified out of’ by stopping T and taking estrogen instead. Oh and good luck trying to get a uterus/ovaries again if you’ve had them removed.

      T is poison basically. No one ever seems to acknowledge this though.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Have read a MALE saying that testosterone is toxic, which is why men don’t live as long as women. And if it’s toxic to an XY body, what must it do to an XX body?

        This deeply disturbs me when I think of GM’s statement that twice as many young women are doing this to themselves. What has happened to our world that young women want to be male? I NEVER wanted to be male — I don’t give a shit about having privilege or not being vulnerable, and I’ve never been scared a day in my life. It really helps being the daughter of a fierce mother who didn’t take shit from anybody.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        Yes, these procedures and the testosterone really wreak havoc on female bodies. I am also shcocked that so many otherwise intelligent young women are choosing this. I have seen online videos and a documentary with young women shooting up the T, wow, if this were any other drug it would be condemned and stigmatized.

        And aside from the devastating physical effects, who wants hair all over their body? I understand why it is “fun” for these men to perform femininity but what is attractive about being a hairy, undersized man with a cartoonish voice and no penis?

        Butch women, I get. Devastating your body with male hormones so you can look like Buck Angel or Chaz Bono, I don’t get.

      • neme Says:

        Mainstream culture is misogynist. They internalize that hatred and act it out on themselves.

      • @Im no cissie

        “I am also shcocked that so many otherwise intelligent young women are choosing this.”

        We shouldn’t forget that there is a pressure to transition. Outsiders don’t notice it but i’ve heard it from several people who once were members of the trans community.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Intelligent young women transition because it’s really awesome to be treated like a human being. How many young women have the strength and fire to fight the tide of female dehumanization for some possible distant future of humanity? Its not stupidity or love of hairy ass cracks that makes girls want to “pass as” male, but a desire to be treated as they really are: fully human.

      • LC Says:

        To be treated as human, to be part of the latest fad, and being told that transitioning will fix all your problems- for young women who don’t fit in, or are at all depressed, I don’t think it’s at all surprising they do this. Especially with the amount of encouragement they can get on reddit and tumblr. If the climate around transitioning had been the same when I was younger(and the information about the harm of taking testosterone as scarce), I could imagine wanting to try it myself. It’s sad, but not hard to understand.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘Its not stupidity or love of hairy ass cracks that makes girls want to “pass as” male, but a desire to be treated as they really are: fully human.’

        Still wondering about this. I’m sure this is the case for young women who are more keenly socially aware of their place in society, and who are determined to escape subhuman female status.

        But I’ve known two girls since they were in elementary school who have since hopped on to the identity train — e.g., deciding they are neither boys nor girls, asking to be referred to as “they,” and dressing up some days in “boy mode” and other days in girly outfits to indicate to others that they are in “girl mode.”

        It has progressed over time, it seems to me, as they get deeper into this Manga-Anime-Cosplay-Tumblr-esque subculture. Both of these girls, now in high school, now “identify” as boys and insist on being called “he” and by new masculine names. No testosterone or breast-binding that I know of. And their families, who find this gender business wacky, are not co-operating.

        Who knows what will happen with them in the near future? Perhaps they’ll drop it. Or, just get deeper into it and actually start medicalizing their identities. But, from where I’m standing, it looks an awful lot like a trend — with strong cultic features — to which some girls are extremely vulnerable.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Do these young women get accepted as male? They had better be white “men” with plenty of money to be treated as human beings.

  45. ImNoCissie Says:

    Thank you to all for your insights!

    Peer pressure, of course! I see it everywhere and to quote Morag :: “Manga-Anime-Cosplay-Tumblr-esque subculture” is especially approving of transness as a rite of passage.

    Misogyny, of course, as well. But the medicalization of women’s struggle is such a drastic, damaging route to take and in the end, I also wonder is the final result true acceptance as a man? Even Chaz Bono, who IS wealthy and white, does she actually have male privilege and complete acceptance as a man now?

    How much information are young women getting from health care providers about the side effects of testosterone on their bodies? Are they really making informed choices? The consequences, such as the increased risk of infection and cancers in female repro systems from ingesting testosterone, are serious.

    The health risks seem much greater for women on T than they are for estrogen-maintained men.

  46. born free & female Says:

    In the trans kids news: A male high school student showed up wearing yoga pants that outlined his penis. School officials told him to change and are now being blasted as transphobic.

  47. Here the teen ambassador of Johnson & Johnson and the trans cult reveals that he is grooming his sister to function as his personal incubator, with the collaboration of his parents and the mainstream press. Since Jazz so obviously relishes his role as spokestrans, let’s make sure he never lives this down:

    I read a Twitter chat you did where you said the hardest part of being trans is not being able to have your own biological child. Why does that stand out now, even though you’re so young?

    It’s really hard for me to look at that because with such an amazing mom, I always wanted to be the greatest mom ever. People say, “Oh, you can always adopt,” and I completely agree with that. I can adopt. But, like, I’ll never have that moment where she comes out of my vag and I can say, “That’s my baby.” But since my sister has my same DNA, I’m convincing her to carry the baby for me.

    Oh, good! It can come out of her vag.
    We’ll take my hubby’s sperm and throw it in there and fertilize it.

    Oh good! His sister is nothing but a walking vag after all, who exists solely to enable Jazz in his woman-LARPing. Nothing must be denied an MTF. After all, the whole point of the movement is to dehumanize class:female in order to make some broken men feel better. You wouldn’t hear this kind of entitlement from a teenage girl, and she wouldn’t be enabled by the press were she to so indulge. I feel bad for his siblings, particularly his sisters, who are obviously being groomed by the parents as codependent enablers for their little meal ticket.

    Liberal men and their third wave kapos attacked women’s role in the nuclear family not to free us, but to nationalize our bodies and care work. They are openly grooming young women to play a submissive, codependent role in the name of progressivism. Gay, Inc. is only too happy to join them, since reducing women to incubators serves their “right to be a parent” propaganda.

    Sooner or later the average woman is going to wake up to the culture war being waged against us and our daughters. Trust me, Jazz, you’re not going to like seeing The Real Us.

    • GallusMag Says:

      EWWWWWWWWWWW. Hey Jazz Jennings you disgusting little prick it’s really gross to want to “throw sperm in there” MEANING YOUR SISTER’S VAGINA. EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Sick little bastard!

      I’ve been wondering why his sister has been missing from all the promo shots and appearances this year. There you have it. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Run away sister, run away!

    • Meg Says:

      This is just horrifying, and it makes me grateful I never had any brothers (the Duggar scandal does too). Mainstream feminism would have us believe that m2ts don’t have male privilege; but here it is, the male privilege of strongarming women into being their baby incubators. Apparently we have nothing better to do than serve their needs, no matter how dangerous to our own bodies. How is this different from the past six thousand years of human history?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Major red flags from a teenage boy proclaiming he wants to “throw sperm” INTO HIS SISTER’S BODY. Someone should get this young man to a psychiatrist before he ends up on a sex offender list.

      • anon male Says:

        “Oh, good! It can come out of her vag.”

        I read cosmo and redbook and shit when I was 13. (And nintendo power, I was truly a polymath!) But I don’t remember the editors going out of their way to sound so fucking childish, actually “mirroring” kids they interviewed.

        Or, for that matter, I don’t recall any interviewing of kids? I mean, I was male and not the target audience, but even I wanted to be made to feel like a grownup for reading it (or what teens think grownups are supposed to be like), not a goddamn “mermaid.”

        And yeah, it’s the dominant party that gets mirrored. Nice job on be recognized as the patriarch, there, Jazz.

      • atranswidow Says:

        I’m reading Margaret Atwood’s ” The Handmaid’s Tale” just now. Fact and fiction are some time’s hard to disentangle.

      • GallusMag Says:


      • Em Says:

        “Oh, good! It can come out of her vag.”

        I’m praying that this was written ironically, with an eye to alerting everyone to how truly fucked up Jazz and his ilk are. Really, how on earth could someone say something this atrocious with a straight face?

      • The interviewer wasn’t being ironic.

        Same old libfem shit – MTFs are above reproach and must be enabled no matter what. I wasn’t aware that Jazz is still only 14, but he’s being weaponized against young girls and women, so he and his handlers better figure out that there will be pushback.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      That language and attitude are revolting. What a selfish prick. How awful and uncomfortable and rapey must that “conversation” (i.e., coercion) be between this boy and his poor sister. His parents should’ve put a stop to that shit like yesterday, but they’re too busy glorifying him. What a truly fucked-up dynamic those parents have created and allowed.

    • branjor Says:

      We’re “seeing the real Jazz” and it sure ain’t pretty, is it, sisters?

    • Em Says:

      Johnson & Johnson would be so proud! Looking up their public affairs contact now.

    • Mortadella Says:

      I can feel parts of my soul dying.
      I thought everyone knew “The Handmaiden’s Tale” represents a horrific dystopia. Except in this version, the overlords wear pink tutus and think they perform woman better than their female slaves.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I felt so much anger at Jazz expecting his sister to be his handmaiden and so much concern for her that I looked up her age. She’s already 19, so by the earliest time Jazz is likely to find a “hubby”, she’ll be well into her twenties, more likely closer to 30. If she matures out of the family’s grooming, her little brother may be in for a disappointment. (I rather expect he’s in for a lot of them when he hits the real world.)

      As to the larger issue, does anyone else suspect some adult must have suggested the surrogacy idea to him? Perhaps his “amazing mom” or one of his doctors? I’m outraged that his parents might value their daughter primarily as a potential incubator for their special son’s children. We might as well be living in Westeros without the dragons.

      But, of course, transwomen are never socialized to male entitlement. I mean, don’t all fourteen-year-old girls just assume someone else will have their husband’s children for them if they can’t?

    • Newbie Says:

      He’s convincing her to do it. Convincing. So date-rapey. The male entitlement is strong with this one.

      When asked about the Alcorn story he says:

      “This is your child. You have to give them unconditional love and support. I know my mom would jump in front of a bullet for me, and I think all moms should be like that.”

      Of course you think a woman should eat a bullet for you, don’t all girls think that? That interview is unbelievable. Who is this woman? On college admission, she tells him,

      “You’ll get in anywhere you want. I didn’t achieve anything when I was 14. I was just sitting around being like, “I want to get my period.”

      He replies,
      “Same with my friends. That’s a good thing about being transgender. That’s another pro. But one of my teachers was like, “You’re on Time magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Teens? You could get into any college!”

      First of all, the grammar. “Sitting around being like…” Is the interviewer 14 as well?

      Second, GIVE ME A BREAK WITH ALL THIS NAVEL GAZING NONSENSE! What exactly did he achieve? So now “doing you” is as commendable as academic or athletic accomplishment? What about Nicole Ticea, 16, who won an award in May for developing a simple, disposable HIV test for low-income communities? Funny, I haven’t heard her name in the media.

      Lucky him he doesn’t have to get a period. “That’s another pro (to being a male.)” Yes, Jazz, one of many.

  48. ElleDriver Says:

    Well gender may be “negotiable” but male entitlement sure isn’t.The joke’s on Jazz though, as he flippantly waxes over his sister’s status as his future broodmare: in this world, women’s bodies are community property even for those only “identifying” as such.

    Of course no one in the media wants to discuss– or is even aware of– this nebulous reference to his inability to be a biological parent has nothing to do with the implied possibility of SRS (thus gifting him with the neovagina that further authenticates his supposed femaleness) but rather the choice made by his parents to render their young child sterile through the elective use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

  49. This statement just appeared on a nasty website that I would never read:

    Transgender activist Zinnia Jones and friend to Jazz Jennings of “I Am Jazz” creates anal porn of himself using the name Satana Kennedy. Zinnia Jones aka Satana Kennedy appears on I Am Jazz season 4, episode 3, titled “Resisting Temptation.”

    Apparently, this is true; this mean but accurate website even has screen caps of the upcoming show.

    Wow… Zach sure does get around! Chelsea Manning, Jazz Jennings, wherever the action is, you can find high-school dropout know-it-all, anal-sex-expert and “tentacles are my friendicles” freak “Zinnia Jones” right there, all ready for their close-up. And now, prime time TV! Finally, the big time! This will drive Zach’s porn business through the roof!

    Isn’t Jazz (and family) GENEROUS to help publicize Zinnia/Zachary Antolak/Satana Kennedy/Lauren McNamara’s porn business? That’s what friends are for, after all.

    Can’t wait to see it.

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