This is Transphobic.

March 16, 2015

Transphobia and self-hatred from the 'Trans Lives Matter' campaign

Transphobia and self-hatred from the ‘Trans Lives Matter’ campaign

Transwomen are men who have every right to use male facilities. There is nothing “wrong” with feminized men using the appropriate male restroom.

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  1. Jane (the first) Says:

    I’m really tired of trans cultists and libfems letting men off the hook in all things. 3rd wave sex-pozzers are cowards who refuse to ask anything of men, and seek to dump the world’s emotional and political shit work on women.

    I can’t find it right now but there’s a post by sex industry shill Melissa Gira Grant where she says something like “Let’s ignore men and get to work”. Even though the sex trade benefits men, she doesn’t expect them to do any of her political labor. That’s for women: the nurturing, laboring, accommodating class who must spend their precious time making it easier for men to commodify women’s bodies. The postmodern left is crawling with parasites like her who spend most of their time guilt-tripping women into remaining a pliant, free source of labor for causes that actually hurt them.

    Trans cultists and libfems shriek “TERF!” and “SWERF!” at any woman smart enough to know she doesn’t exist to play mommy and helpmeet to whatever group of broken males the pomo left shoves our way. In other words, they smear every woman who is actually a feminist.

  2. GallusMag Says:


    “Trans woman at my gym still uses the male changing rooms. How to handle? (self.asktransgender)
    submitted 17 hours ago by blndcavefsh
    I started going to the gym recently. She must have a different schedule to me, because I only see her once a week. It’s all in the title really. She’s quite clearly a ways into her transition if not fully transitioned. (Wears makeup, women’s clothes, breasts, etc…) But she still uses the men’s changing rooms. I asked at the desk and they know about her. They’ve decided not to force her to use one room or the other, which I suppose is fair enough. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd? Is it even a problem? I haven’t spoken to her yet (or many people at all at my gym.) How should I approach this? Should I approach this?”

    • LC Says:

      Now… isn’t THAT transphobic? “She” is male. Males should be using the men’s changing room.

      What’s wrong with that picture is that they are deliberately making a scene by trying to use urinals in skirts. Men’s rooms have stalls. Isn’t the “wrong” part supposed to be that they’re risking violence? Are they actually at risk, or are we just supposed to feel sorry for them because they’re all so pretty(and white)?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “What’s wrong with that picture is that they are deliberately making a scene by trying to use urinals in skirts.”

        What? Why is that? Seems quite a sexist notion you are perpetuating: that men’s clothing should determine their eligibility to use the urinals just like men in more traditionally gendered garb.

        You’re suggesting it is wrong for men in drag, or men wearing kilts to use urinals???

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s not “wrong” for men to use urinals regardless of how “feminine” they are. Surprised to see that perspective on a feminist blog.

      • LC Says:

        Ha… I guess if they can work out a way to do it, go for it! Is it sexist to expect common sense from men in drag? 🙂

      • LC Says:

        Wrong may have been the wrong word. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them being in there with skirts, it was just the only answer I could come up with to that question. In that style of short, skin-tight skirt, it seems like using a urinal would be difficult, that’s all.

      • BadDyke Says:

        Perhaps we can then conclude that short, tight skirts are themselves TRANSPHOBIC because they make it difficult for women with penises to use a urinal………………………..

    • bleh Says:

      What a jerk, this guy has problems with someone who is clearly male using the changing room for other males. the transwoman is being respectful of women and not making them under dress in front of males, this guy can be respectful transwomen and just let them be. Colleges need to start putting up signs in the men’s restrooms that say “If you see someone who appears to female, leave them alone!”, men shouldn’t be bothering males in dresses or female transgenders in men only spaces.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Colleges need to start putting up signs in the men’s restrooms that say “If you see someone who appears to female, leave them alone!”

        This is a FANTASTIC idea. Excellent bit of direct action for Gender Critical male activists to undertake!
        GOOD IDEA.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Public places in general need signs like that.

      • RR Says:

        So this more-liberal-than-thou male respects this transwoman’s identity soooo much that he wants to force them to tow the line and concede to his authority like any other woman? He expects this person to change their behavior because it impedes on his comfort? This is the only example of something that could be considered “transmisogyny” that I have ever come across. This isn’t regular ol’ misogyny experienced by trans passing as women, it is very specific to transwomen recognized as such.

        If anyone wants a fight about bathroom issues, they need to take the fight to men, where it belongs. Tell men like this one that they have every right to sex-segregated male spaces whether they are in a three-piece suit or a bandage dress. Not sure it will happen, as the majority of transwomen are much more into dominating women than making a logical and valid political statement that acknowledges women’s rights to safety in sex-segregated spaces. Someone in the thread said that this transwoman was probably not brave enough, yet, to use the women’s locker room. No, this person is quite brave in acknowledging the reality of their body, in spite of how they feel about it, and prioritizing women. Men hate it when women’s issues are centered, so this transwoman is on the right track.

    • VC Says:

      What’s most striking about that reddit thread is the thoughtful, respectful responses this man received, in stark contrast to the insulting bullying dished out to any woman who dared express discomfort over sharing a changing room with the “Carlottas” of the world. No one told him to “die in a fire, you bigoted scum!”

      However one commenter embellished the Carlotta story – at no time did Ms. Cormier accost and harass the guy. Until the story broke, Carlotta had no idea anyone had complained. But he seemed quite pleased to own up to being the transgressor (no pun intended).

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        This was tweeted by the artist Sia shortly after the Planet Fitness story broke:

        I just don’t get the “yelled at” part. Maybe the new meme is that Cormier harassed the guy directly, which didn’t happen by all reports.

        I think women are more likely to just leave when they feel threatened, rather than confront. I’d like to see her cite any actual incidents where women yelled at any trans person in a rest room. As bold as I am, not sure I’d yell at someone built like and as crazy looking as “Carlotta”

        OTOH, I’d also like to see perverts run out of any women’s space where they are not wanted, not just yelled at but made to leave by any means necessary.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        I don’t even understand the Sia picture. Looks like a woman with casual clothing and hair. Would women care about that?

        Is it a man? Not sure where a slight man would be beaten up in the mens restroom unless it’s a crime ridden area notorious for violence and fighting. But any man should be wary of a place like that. I doubt most men would beat up a woman in the mens room either. Possibly harass her.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        @ WTF is…

        Yes, the person does look very feminine. The body is smaller across the shoulders and larger across the hips, just like so many women and hardly any men.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I’ll concede that born-women are more in potential danger in locker rooms, but I think this man’s question is a valid one. Transgenders are recurrently putting born-men and born-women in an uncomfortable positions, at best.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t see how males using male locker rooms is putting other men in an uncomfortable position. Unless you mean homophobia=discomfort.

      • janetwo Says:

        That’s weird, because I clearly remember entering woman restrooms in steel-toe boots and overseized blue coverall, which are typically more associated with males and nobody seemed uncomfortable. I cant remember that sharing the bathrooms with lesbians or women of different ethnicity has been an issue anywhere in my lifetime. I I’d say work it out in between yourself dudes: that is your problem if there are so many bigoted violent folks among your sex.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: I don’t think homophobia enters into this man’s discomfort, considering that many MTTs are heterosexual. I agree with you the point made earlier that women are more at risk in these locker room situations than men.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t think the man is uncomfortable. Since you do: what do you think is the source of his discomfort with transgenders in male spaces?

      • MWM Says:

        As a heterosexual male who would experience slight discomfort, I would say that the issue isn’t homophobia so much as the surprise of seeing someone who (appears to be) female in the men’s room. I would expect the discomfort to increase the more the person “passes” as a woman; a pig in a wig isn’t going to cause me any reaction beyond sadness for the autogynephile.

      • shediogenes Says:

        You concede that women are in more potential danger in locker rooms AND trans are recurrently putting born-women in uncomfortable positions, AT BEST? Which is it?

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      What’s wrong is the people in the photo appear to be at or below the height of the average woman, first of all. The average male-to-trans is the height of the average man and quite able to reach the urinal.

      Second, what’s wrong with this picture is that, judging by the positions of the hands and feet, it is depicting penis-less people attempting to use urinals.

      Remind me again, what percentage of men who “identify” as “transwomen” still have their penis?

      It’s more realistic to show taller people using their hands the way men who urinate standing up use their hands. Then we are just left with dudes wearing dresses and so what.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        They even have a lower urinal on the right if the others are too high. How thoughtful!

      • morag99 Says:

        Exactly. As I said in another comment: this picture is a lie. It depicts actual females struggling to use urinals. This picture has nothing at all to do with males who wear a-typical clothing/gender signifiers, which is something other men ought to be able to deal with. If certain men’s homophobia makes them uncomfortable, or even violent, then there should be an assertive bathroom campaign that focusses on THAT. Leave us women alone.

      • Em Says:

        MWM @ 3:04 “… I would say that the issue isn’t homophobia so much as the surprise of seeing someone who (appears to be) female in the men’s room … ”

        I would say that the issue is not surprise so much as alarm about exposing one’s precious, naked member to cooties from another man dangerously polluted by woman-things. .

        But that’s just me.

      • MWM Says:

        @Em 1:59

        I’m sure that’s true for some people, but speaking personally, as I said, if I saw a balding dude wearing a dress in the men’s room, or was otherwise obviously MTT, I would just laugh/feel sorry for him. If I saw someone who genuinely appeared to be sexually female in the men’s room, I would mostly be confused as to why that person was there…

    • PF Says:

      I am shaking my head at this one. Because it’s frigging PROOF that this is straight-up misogyny. A woman objects to penis in the women’s room and it’s proof that we are horrible bigots and transphobes, but a straight guy doesn’t want somebody who might just be a cross dresser in there with him and it’s not that he’s a bad person, and everybody can empathize with how very UPSET he must be, and if those evil women would just stop having boundaries everything would be okay.

      What the fucking fuck. First of all, dude never talked to dress wearing dude, but has assigned a gender due to the other dude’s presentation. (Don’t they always wanna crucify women for doing that?!) Then , oh noes, there is a dude in a DRESS in the MENS room! Dude canNOT be expected to get naked now because penis and lady peen are totally different, so lady peen needs to be in the women’s room to make straight dude comfy again.

      Also, anybody else notice that when they wanna tell us we have to make room, it’s all about how awful the men’s room is and they’ll get beat up and it’s some woman’s fault for not letting them hide behind her skirts, but when they just straight up wanna call us bigots, it’s all about how those mean bullying women forced their 6’4″ selves back to the nonjudgmental men’s room?

      And still everybody tiptoes around why those evil ladies insist on having boundaries.

  3. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Perhaps someone with better IT skills than me could mock up a photo of a man dressed as Barbie sexually assaulting a woman in the women’s toilets, or of convicted sex offender ‘Paula’ Witherspoon using the women’s toilets while his sex offender husband loiters outside, or of Christopher Hambrook sexually assaulting a sleeping woman in a shelter, or of Colleen Francis drying his freshly washed penis in front of schoolgirls in the women’s locker room with the caption ‘Share if you can see what’s wrong with this picture’. Only nobody would see what’s wrong with the picture because women’s lives don’t matter and women are meant to endure that kind of shit.

    It’s Schrodinger’s Rapist, creating an environment where women will be unable to tell which males are there to use the facilities and which are there to do women harm until it is too late for us to act accordingly.

    • Interesting how transwomen don’t want to use the men’s room for fear of getting beat up. (I love Sia, but disagree with the cartoon she tweeted.) The implication is that they aren’t safe in there because men are dangerous to women. What they don’t get is…that same logic is why women don’t want transwomen in the women’s room. They are biologically male…and chronologically adults. They are “men.” Just because they have cosmetic surgery, voice lessons, and artificial hormones does not make them any less dangerous to women.

  4. tnt666 Says:

    And why is it that most of the male transgenders are the tallest biggest guys around, who have to most potential to put fear into women and who could very well defend themselves at the hands of any male.

  5. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Daily Telegraph

    Meanwhile a cross-dresser called Milovan Farronato allegedly verbally abused and physically assaulted the female manager of The Groucho Club in London because he was asked to leave a private members’ area. He is claiming discrimination because he was wearing high-heels, make-up and a see-through top at the time. Reading the story across several sites he seems to have focused his ire on the manager’s level of attractiveness. Obviously he does female much better than her.

    I wonder which toilets Farronato likes to use and how he would react if a woman asked him to leave.

  6. morag99 Says:

    All the models in the picture are female, aren’t they? How many male transgenderists look like real women? Not very many. If we are to believe them, the ones who truly “pass” probably use the ladies’ room without any hint of trouble.

    It seems that most of their pictorial public “education” campaigns and illustrated articles use either cartoon people or stock photos of actual females.

    If they were truthful about the majority of male transgenderists and wanted a present an honest representation — that is, if they weren’t so darned transphobic — they’d put a 6-foot, middle-aged “Carlotta” in that picture.

    They lie.

    And, once again … pee, pee, pee. Jesus. Stop the pee.

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      Exactly. If they truly pass, no one is making a fuss seeing them in the women’s room. It’s only those who don’t pass, who look much more like a man in drag than a woman, that these policies are enforcing.

      And there’s no telling whether it’s a man with sincere female gender feels or a man with ill intent just throwing on a dress to raise less suspicion about his activities in the women’s room. When women get castigated as transphobic bigots for telling management about that a man is in the room, it’s grooming women to keep silent about potential threats so as to avoid offending the violator and wait to complain until after we’ve been violated. Women are expected to put the feelings of others ahead of our own safety, yet again.

      While even passing trans people should use a unisex room if not one for their sex, it’s not something you can enforce in public bathrooms, and as a whole I’m not very concerned about them being violent or perving on us, as they are mostly gay and trying to blend in. Non-passers are much more likely to be straight or bi and autogynephiles.

      • I know… years ago, I used the example of a trans woman (whom I never knew was trans until years later) that I worked with for 5 yrs and who passed fine (didn’t wear makeup, long hair, came across as overweight, plain girl with a rather deep voice). I now realize that her passing was also due to the fact she had a large group of women friends that she primarily associated with, lunched with, and… yeah, they all went to the toilets together. No fuss, no clue. I thought ALL the trans women were gonna be like that! If they are like this person, I thought, what is the harm? My early pro-trans politics were almost ALL based on my experiences with this polite passing trans woman.

        That was before I understood the difference between the early and late transitioners, too.. this person was very young.

        I think the trans lobby uses the harmless passing ones as PR, and try to make any concerned woman look silly.. if more women actually have to go the toilet with Carlotta, instead of the girl *I* went to the toilet with, well…. they ain’t gonna like it.

        BTW, there are skeletal differences that you can observe. I was recently instructed that on a woman, elbows will be at the “same level” as the natural waist line. (This might have evolved to carry babies or something?) On a man, the elbows are HIGHER than the waist line. For this reason, many trans women camouflage the elbows on purpose or choose high-waist dresses. Check some photos, its true.

      • From this trans woman’s website (warning: caution, she can’t help showing you her boobs)

        “All right then, what kinds of traits might we look for to determine the nature of our minds? I’ll start with one that is rather well-known in the transgender community: elbows. Turns out, there is a huge difference between the angle of the lower arm to the upper arm in men as compared to women.

        Men’s arms go almost straight down along the same line from the shoulder past the elbow to the wrist. Women’s arms take a sharply angled turn at the elbow. That’s why boys throw baseballs like boys, and girls throw them like girls. It is also why men usually hold a car steering wheel on the sides while most women hold the wheel with both hands closer to the top.

        Why would such a thing be? Women’s arms are perfectly designed to hold a baby to the breast for feeding. Men’s arms would have a lot more trouble trying to hold a baby in that position.”

        If you aren’t sure (and I recently was not sure about a trans man), look at the elbows and arms.

        In short, at least two of those women in the photo are probably not trans.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “I know… years ago, I used the example of a trans woman”

        No such thing as “trans women”. They’re men with a fetish.

        ” I now realize that her passing”

        HE was never a she.

      • As I have said here before, I think they are going to get their agenda codified into law (as Gallus reports here regularly, they already are) and make it an actual hate crime to “misgender” them, so we should probably get used to the pronouns/terms now, so we aren’t fired or sued or whatever. At least, this is one of my main reasons for doing it, I need to make sure I don’t mess up, I am in customer service.

        Toni D’orsay said this was the goal, and I believe, um, them. 😉

        I think it will be women who will be the focus of this hate crime BS, of course. They don’t care what men do.

        In fact, D’orsay told me calling someone “he” if they are a trans woman will soon be deemed a hate crime even if you just *make an honest mistake* and called them what they *appeared* to be. D’orsay assured me there is no such thing as an honest mistake where misgendering is concerned.

        Which makes me think of Groucho’s famous question, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        The New Romantic era was my childhood; men in dresses, make-up and big hair. Guys like Marilyn and Boy George ‘passed’ a lot better than the Carlotta Sklodowskas of this world and yet were always men. How are we to tell a man’s self-identified gender just by looking at him? Does the receptionist get sacked for calling the M2Ts ‘Sir’ or does she get sacked for calling the femme gay man ‘Madam’? It’s going to be a minefield of potential bigotry.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Maybe you’re comfortable capitulating, Daisy, but I’m not. It’s ridiculous to think that misgendering someone could ever be made into a hate crime. D’Orsay is delusional. Good to know about the elbows, though.

      • kesher Says:

        I’m not sure how hate crime legislation works in other countries, but in the U.S., unless a huge change happens in regards to First Amendment protections, “misgendering” becoming a hate crime in and of itself simply is not going to happen.

        Leveling an actual racist or homophobic slur in and of itself doesn’t constitute a hate crime, in what world would “misgendering” qualify? Other than the delusional world that D’Orsay et al operate in?

        I’m certain that “misgendering” in the context of a work environment will become a big no-no, equivalent to creating a hostile work environment if a boss or coworker persists in using the non-preferred pronouns for a trans employee. I also fear hapless customer service agents being abused by trans customers and losing their jobs over honest mistakes, but that’s still far and away from people going to jail over someone’s hurt feelings.

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        “D’orsay assured me there is no such thing as an honest mistake where misgendering is concerned.”

        LOL. He should tell that to the many non-trans men and women who get misgendered fairly frequently. I look pretty obviously female, but wearing stereotypically men’s clothes throws a fair few people off. I am actually glad for that, because when I’m walking around as a woman alone, I’d rather strangers at a distance assume I’m male so they’re less likely to target me for sexual harrassment or assault.

        IRL I do use people’s preferred pronouns – out of respect for those who are against the BS like cotton ceiling and who support unisex bathrooms instead of intruding on the opposite sex bathroom, and out of fear of those belligerent autogynephile transbians and their supporters. But online and in private quarters, I use pronouns according to sex because A) it’s important in many contexts like feminism and B) it’s the only venue I’m “allowed” to without facing people treating me like I’m a hateful bigot for acknowledging biological sex is real and gender is a social phenomenon that is largely a result of patriarchal enforcement of male superiority.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        The elbows thing is interesting. For years I’ve observed that men tend to have shorter limbs proportionally than women. No, not all men (zzzzz). When I was horseback riding seriously, I was told I’d never be able to compete because of my female body — short-waisted, long legs, which wasn’t the “right” look — which is actually a much better body type for riding with a lower center of gravity, etc. If you watch men on horseback, they’re often very odd-looking as they tower over the horse with their long torsos. I am only 5’6″ tall but look best riding a very big horse so my legs don’t hang down below her belly.

      • “Toni D’orsay said this was the goal, and I believe, um, them.”

        Ewww! Toni D’orsay aka grandpa Joe aka the cold hearted killer.

        On tumblr he praised himself to have killed people when he was in the army and said that child brides exist because of transphobia.

        He is batshit insane.

      • Ashland,you think fear of poverty is “capitulating”? Well okay then… I simply cannot afford NOT to capitulate to MEN. If you can, good for you, but I am not in that financial position and never have been. I admire separatism in theory, and visited some of the separatist communes back in the day, but I never went the whole way. Its very difficult to do; if you have managed this lifestyle, my compliments. But in my opinion, “patriarchy” means we ALL capitulate in some way, unless living as separatists. (which is why I admire them)

        Kesher, but thats the thing… I am a mere peon, and I am worried about my job, so I conform and do as I am told. (don’t you? doesn’t everybody who is employed?) The trans women (never trans men) already regularly demand to speak to supervisors if you say “sir” or “maam” to the wrong one… or if they give their name as Sheila and 10 minutes later (in other words, after you’ve been talking to an aggressive baritone for 10 minutes) if you slip up and say THANK YOU SIR, they immediately ask to speak to your superior.

        They intend to punish as many of us as they can. They will hit us exactly where we live.

        No, not worried about jail, just poverty.

      • GallusMag Says:

        DaisyDeadhead- I am not here to play host to your ongoing arguments about why you refuse to respect my blog policies. You are welcome to comment on sites where you feel more at ease. Goodbye.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I see a big fat juicy lawsuit…in the employee’s favor, eventually – can the law REALLY compel people to deny the reality of biological sex? Wasn’t there some trial – the Scopes trial, that put evolution on trial? Note this part from Wikipedia:

        The Scopes Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes and commonly referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial, was an American legal case in 1925 in which a substitute high school teacher, John Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, […] Scopes was unsure whether he had ever actually taught evolution, but he purposely incriminated himself so that the case could have a defendant.

        This part: “…he purposely incriminated himself so that the case could have a defendant.”

        I would be in on that in a heartbeat, if you could find a lawyer to take this on. Can the state REALLY dictate how people address each other viz-a-viz “gender identity” aka BIOLOGICAL SEX in the workplace. Because there are two belief systems in conflict in any interaction with a transperson in the workplace – the transperson employee’s AND THE OTHER EMPLOYEE’S. If I don’t believe biological sex is mutable (and it isn’t), let us have our “Gender Scopes Trial” and put the law to the test.

      • kesher Says:

        “but thats the thing… I am a mere peon, and I am worried about my job, so I conform and do as I am told. ”

        I absolutely agree with you, and I sympathize. I was more trying to demonstrate how detached from reality some genderists are. “Misgendering” is a hate crime, my ass.

        Although, even without a law prohibiting discrimination in a work environment, employees can still get penalized for this, as you noted. Corporate America is far more on board with acceptance of LGBT issues than the government, at least in my experience, and to the dismay of anti-LGBT activists who keep trying to boycott companies like Microsoft and Starbucks and are pointedly ignored by those companies’ executives.

        “Can the state REALLY dictate how people address each other viz-a-viz “gender identity” aka BIOLOGICAL SEX in the workplace.”

        I’m sure they could though.

        It’s an open question to what degree businesses/institutions that deal with the realities of biological sex have to do to capitulate to this (do doctors have to pretend that their MTT patients aren’t at risk of prostate cancer to avoid hurt feelings?), but, in the workplace, a “hostile environment” is a pretty nebulous definition, and I would think a court would come down in favor of “misgendering” constituting discrimination. Courts are already dictating that MTTs are entitled to use women’s facilities in federal work environments.

      • branjor Says:

        In fact, an MTT who is called “he” is not being “misgendered.” He insists on misgendering himself.

      • morag99 Says:

        Re: lawsuit

        AreUSaying wrote: ‘If I don’t believe biological sex is mutable (and it isn’t), let us have our “Gender Scopes Trial” and put the law to the test.’

        I think this is such an interesting idea! Maybe, at some point, under the right circumstances, it might work.

        I don’t know the Scopes case well, but it would seem that the parallels are there: Science vs Belief. People are free to believe in God and practice religion, and become members of all manner of cults and woo-woo clubs. But, while everyone is protected from persecution for their beliefs, others are under NO obligation to actively validate those beliefs, especially when those beliefs are not backed up by facts/science.

        No one can make you kneel to a god in whom you do not believe, or stop you from eating foods forbidden by a certain belief system, or even prevent you from openly criticizing a belief system. So, why should anyone be compelled to validate the lie/fantasy/belief that a male can be a female if the man says so (and vice-versa)?

        How is it legal/constitutional for one person to compel another, under some form of duress or threat, to affirm an unscientific belief — e.g., “transwomen are women/female” — in both word and deed?

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I disagree that it’s open and shut that “misgendering,” and even the bathroom thing, are going to come down legally on the trans side of things. If you get the right woman and the right legal case, I can see this falling apart for trans, and there being rollbacks, “tweaking” or whatever you want to call it, applied to these laws. Because there are just too many “unintended” consequences of the state enforcing the idea that biological sex is mutable, or brain sex is real, etc. It may take (unfortunately) a decade or so for these “transgender” teens to grow up and realize what the hell was done to them, and then in the wake of THOSE lawsuits, maybe the other lawsuits regarding bathroom, sports teams, “misgendering” (bio sex identifying) will be successful. Right now trans is on a roll, because there haven’t BEEN that many Planet Fitness situations. Let them start piling up, and the fact of detransition as well as homophobia implicit in youth “transitioning,” and let’s see where things stand. After Planet Fitness, you certainly haven’t seen any women coming out and publicly saying (on camera), yeah, I luvz having the menz in the women’s bathroom.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Hehe…if SCOTUS can decide corporations are people…then they can decide trans is a religion. (I disagree corporations are people, but I use this as an example that courts DO wade into linguistics, and do dictate meanings of words)

      • kesher Says:

        At a minimum, they’re going to get some sort of ADA protection since GID is supposedly a mental disorder.

        All I’m saying is, if you can’t easily do without your job, don’t be a martyr.

    • (sigh) Sorry Gallus. As I’ve said, I do admire separatism, and I do admire you.

      After the difficult day I’ve had, being told I am “capitulating” really hurt. That’s all.

      My apologies and it will not happen again. I didn’t know this was a “policy”– BTW, maybe you should post this for all commenters to see? I never break ANY blog rules (since I have them too), but I did not know this was a rule, thought it was just your preference.

      • If you decide to ban me, I will take it graciously… but please consider posting something up top for other women, like: “on this blog the rule is we call trans women ‘he'”–because as I said, did not know it was a rule or policy.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Stop telling me how to run my blog. You know damn well that we use pronouns on this blog according to SEX not GENDER. We do this equally, across the board, for everyone, without discrimination. Not just for your “transwoemn”. I’m not in the habit of shoving the policy up people’s ass every time a new person makes a mistake- BECAUSE GOD HOW FUCKING BORING THAT WOULD BE- but don’t pretend you didn’t damn well know it. It is IMPOSSIBLE to discuss and parse GENDER without ACKNOWLEDGING SEX.

        You obviously can’t deal with it, or let go and move on, (or christ- you could have even used weasel pronoun “they” if you were so, so, concerned) but you couldn’t or wouldn’t. And you went on and on and on about it boringly! And feigned ignorance! And told me how to run my blog! HOW ANNOYING ARE YOU? So now I am making the decision for you. Thanks, and be well.

        P.S. Biting Beaver says hi.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ….and it took DaisyDickhead about thirty seconds to hit twitter and start ranting about me and threatening to harass me at Michfest. Good riddance.

        And people wonder why I keep a low profile.

        I never should have let her back after the first time she was banned. Sorry folks.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Well, that escalated quickly. Daisy, you have a point when you remind me of the financial privilege of not “capitulating.” However, that really wasn’t what I was thinking of when I said that – I was thinking more of ass-kissing the likes of D’Orsay. I should’ve thought of that, but didn’t; but then again, going from what I said to “fear of poverty” and capitulating under the patriarchy is kind of a leap too. And yeah, be aware that D’Orsay, like Lilly said, is batshit insane.

    • Biscuit Says:

      @dogtowner: Whoever told you that you couldn’t ride competitively due to being a women was full of it. A lot of top riders (including riders who have won gold medals at the olympics) are women.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Biscuit, “whoever” were women. This was decades ago and there was a very rigid standard at the time. I don’t know how many women were riding in the Olympics then as American TV wasn’t/isn’t good at covering equestrian events, the one arena in which women and men compete equally. Things have definitely changed and there was a very funny cartoon in Practical Horse[wo]man depicting the ideal body type: short-waisted and long-legged!

  7. Not to mention they’ve appropriated the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

    • morag99 Says:

      Yes. Isn’t almost everyone? It’s everywhere now.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Yes, racist as well as female-hating. The men claiming to be women are among the most privileged and entitled men and could care less about oppressing anyone they have power over.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Roslyn, you might be interested in a campaign at South Portland’s (Maine) high school. A group of students — ALL GIRLS, I want to emphasize — put up signs saying Black Lives Matter and were told they would have to change it to Lives Matter. They fought this incredibly stupid fiat and kept the signs as they originally posted them.

  8. kesher Says:

    Urinals are constructed for male anatomy. What’s “transphobic” about using one?

  9. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Hmm. Well, female impersonators should probably consider that playing dress up may not be appropriate or convenient in every situation, but I couldn’t judge the situation just from this picture. Is this a costume party or a drag club? Then there shouldn’t be a problem.

    Oh, the man on the right appears to have his knee in the urinal. That’s unsanitary.

  10. No name Says:

    It is transphobic for them to use only ‘passers’ for that photo. The man-ass is hard to hide on white lady-boys.

    Since when did ‘penised’ she-males become women? They hate women. Isn’t that a horny persona Bi-males take on when they party??

    Since I don’t believe men can become women, all I can do is advise all women, whom are actually at danger to not let their guard down. It may be their face/special lady-brain feels, but it is your life we are talking about and physical safety. No more letting children go to the ladies’ room by them selves, the pedos got a big welcome from the trans crowd.

    Guys can walk right into washrooms and take up skirt videos, even of themselves. That is a popular fetish, but….sadly, so is up skirt tranny videos, google it. It has become a real trend for a dude to film upskirt videos and photos of his penis in the women’s side of the gym.

    So….Some men have equated the woman’s experience as taking photos of their penis in the ‘ladies’ room. How womanly. LOL.

  11. gothamette Says:

    I’m sick of seeing pictures of men peeing. Sick of it. Am I alone? Is it just me? It’s vulgar and disgusting.

    • Biscuit Says:

      It is vulgar and disgusting. The bathroom is one place where people shouldn’t be taking pictures. It’s creepy and weird.

    • morag99 Says:

      You’re not alone. So, so sick of hearing about trans-pee and seeing the pictures about trans-pee. Vulgar, yes.

      • gothamette Says:

        I’m sick and tired of hearing about dicks, period. (And vaginas, too, to be totally honest.) But mostly dicks. Enough already. Grow the fuck up.

      • morag99 Says:

        Yeah, I find that in normal, everyday conversation, the topic of dicks and vaginas does not come up very often.

        Despite their incessant cries that “what’s between our legs shouldn’t matter!!!” it’s their all their fault that we’re having to have these infantilizing discussions about the differences between boys and girls and why, in our culture, we have separate toilets. I blame the trans, fully, and without reservation, for all the pee-pee talk.

  12. mon Says:

    …….”and it took Daisy dickhead about thirty seconds to hit twitter and start ranting about me and threatening to harass me at Michfest.”
    Well I will be at Michfest and if I see anyone harassing someone I will speak up, I will have your back Gallus or anyone elses who should get threatened at this wonderful, peaceful place.

  13. Honestly at this point I’m surprised that women’s restrooms not having urinals isn’t being framed as “cissexist.”

  14. Bea Says:

    Thought you might like this, Gallus.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      The trans/libfem reading of patriarchy is so infantile and narcissistic. They think anyone who doesn’t give them what they want when they want it is the patriarchy. Everything that makes them personally unhappy is systemic injustice, for which they are entitled to redress. They wouldn’t know a class analysis if it bit them on the ass.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Im glad to know that as a child molestation victim, child bride, whom survived ten years of abuse, left with two kids that i birthed and raised alone while my ex partied, that *I* am a part of the patriarchy. I’m sure all trannies are just as easily victims of this “patriarchy”, after all they are such hot commodities the menz are all just lining up to marry them as children and get them to be personal brooding mares, am I right or what fellas!?

      You show me just ONE m2t that gave birth to a rape baby like I did and they can tell me me what a patriarchal jerk I am – delusional fuck heads!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Charlotte, I hope you’re in a better place, physically and mentally, now. I know that sounds kind of weak, but…just sending you some love. ❤

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        I’m really sorry for the horrifying abuse you suffered, Charlotte. It’s infuriating that transactivists and queer theorists have decided to water down the definition of misogyny to mean “hatred of feminine gender expression”, erasing the reality of female-biology based oppression. How kind of these entryists to deny us the ability to be centered in our own damn movement, or anywhere. This is why Catherine MacKinnon is full of shit when she says that women are a “political group” that men can join if they feel it in their hearts:

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Thanks, Jane (the first), for that link. Wow. It must be so nice to be ensconced in one’s ivory tower where hulking autogynephiles are NOT attempting to use the tenured professors’ bathroom. Every time I see people who should know better proclaiming something that is idiotic I simply ask, “How comfy is their life?” Comfy is not the best route to comprehending the dilemmas of real people or understanding what is going on in society, in this case the erasure of actual women.

    • kesher Says:

      Obviously the horrible oppressive matriarchy is to blame.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “They are the patriarchy of our lives”

      Go make me a sandwich.

      Oh, and , you’re not female or a lesbian; just another whiny mental case with a dick.

      • Bea Says:

        I came up with a theme song for transbians (sung to tune of the “cotton” song):

        ♬ The touch, the feel of Cotton Ceiling, the patriarchy of our lives ♬

    • soporificat Says:

      EW EW EW EW EW

      This is so disgusting to me, and I’m not even a lesbian. Such an outrage. Goddam twisted, gas-lighting creeper. Oh, he would “let a cis lesbian fuck me” — how generous of him to allow a lesbian to service him accordingly to his strict conditions.

      Dammit this makes me so angry for some reason. I’m not sure why out of all the trans nonsense I’ve been reading this is suddenly really getting my goat, but it is. It is all so Double-Plus Good. 2+2=5. We Have Always Been at War with East Asia.

      • shediogenes Says:

        EW EW EW EW EW +1

        oh, the nausea

      • gchild Says:

        “Goddam twisted, gas-lighting creeper. Oh, he would “let a cis lesbian fuck me” — how generous of him to allow a lesbian to service him accordingly to his strict conditions.”

        Yes. Exactly. Im not a lesbian either but oh how this pisses me off to the highest point of pissivity!

        I am personally apalled by the cotton ceiling. I want to scream at these assholes: LEAVE LESBIANS THE FUCK ALONE!!!!

    • Translation: I’m a middle aged perverted sick man and I want lesbians to adore some gross fantasy I created in my mind.

  15. sport Says:

    please make an article about the man in this video

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