Evaluating long term studies on the efficacy of “sex reassignment” procedures: objective versus subjective measurements

March 21, 2015

Sex matters.

The success or failure of medical treatment can be evaluated in a variety of different ways. Objectively measurable criteria generally provide the most stable, repeatable, and transferable results. Subjectively measurable criteria, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to unconscious bias and manipulation.

In the context of the “sex reassignment” procedures, patient satisfaction outcomes are often given primary importance. But they are not the only relevant factor for consideration. This is especially true when looking at what happens years out, after transition. We should look past immediate gratification to sustained realities. Long-term studies necessarily give us the fullest picture of transsexuals’ lives.

In order to highlight differences between subjective and objective criteria, I will review and comment on the results of four long-term follow up studies on transsexuals. Here are examples of criteria used to measure the efficacy of “sex reassignment” procedures:

OBJECTIVE: mortality, suicides, hospitalizations, criminal convictions, surgical complications…

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9 Responses to “Evaluating long term studies on the efficacy of “sex reassignment” procedures: objective versus subjective measurements”

  1. Miep Says:

    In other words, this shit doesn’t work. How about we spend medical dollars on treatment that actually works for people who aren’t getting it? This is all so self-indulgent.

  2. Fatima Says:

    It’s interesting that FTMs commit crime at almost the same rate as men. That means they’re being incarcerated, but where? Do they go to men’s facilities? Do they demand to be placed with men instead of women?

    • GallusMag Says:

      No. Never. There are no female transgenders who have been placed with males or demanded that “right”. Ever. Transgender is a men’s rights movement only.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I’ve got a question, that just occurred to me – where ARE the “autoandrophiles,” the female equivalent of autogynephiles? There aren’t any, right? There’s an asymmetry there. Of motivation. An asymmetry of motivation for “transitioning to the opposite sex.” And what exactly IS the fancy-schmancy term for a woman’s motivation to transition? She is a _____________. There’s not really even a word for it, is there? automisogynist? This seems important to me. Why are there no late in life female transitioners? Like, why doesn’t Susan Sarandon come out and declare really she wants to be a man? Who else. How about Diane Sawyer?

        Just some thoughts I’m mulling over. That asymmetry. It’s practically…a binary of motivation. Binary. Why no “rainbow of motivation” for transition?

      • michelle Says:

        There are some FTT’s who have had discussions as they worked through the legal system. Some years back, we worked with one that the State was willing to house in a male facility but it came with the caveat that housing would NOT be in the general population. They had not had ‘bottom’ surgery and would have been at a very elevated risk of sexual assault from the males in the housing area.

        They wound up deciding to serve their time in a women’s prison and have even discontinued the testosterone treatments while settling into a rather typical lesbian relationship with someone else in their unit.

        However, you are definitely correct that the FTT’s are not the ones clamoring for access to space designated for members of the opposite sex.

      • kesher Says:

        ‘I’ve got a question, that just occurred to me – where ARE the “autoandrophiles,” the female equivalent of autogynephiles?’

        It seems to me that the closest are straight women who fetishize sex between two men. But I don’t know if any of these women see themselves as men. It certainly doesn’t seem like it.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “I’ve got a question, that just occurred to me – where ARE the “autoandrophiles,” the female equivalent of autogynephiles? There aren’t any, right? There’s an asymmetry there. Of motivation.”

        First of all paraphilias are a male sexuality thing—women don’t get them much. Women suffering from sexual disorders is basically another patriarchal reversal.

        Second, as long as we’re talking reversals… remember that the very core of patriarchy is ‘men are better than women’. Since everything else patriarchy comes up with is a reversal, I see no reason to believe this is any different: thus the ‘truth’ would be that women are better than men. So you always have a greater number of men who want to become women because of men’s biological inferiority than you do women who want to become men, and then you add to this the culture men created where they are entitled to do anything they like while women are categorically denied agency and full humanity, and you end up with male ‘autogynephilia’ being basically encouraged while female ‘autoandrophilia’ (if it even exists) is suppressed like all other forms of female sexuality that aren’t based around being a fuckhole and baby incubator.

        There are more female detransitioners than male detransitioners for the same reason—F2Ts give up a lot more when they start testosterone, and there’s a vocal and supportive community always there to remind them of the beauty, strength and flexibility of the natural female body. No such community for the M2Ts, and why would there be? Men can just stop taking estrogen and go back to normal, and no one’s interested in standing up for male bodies which are genetically inferior, shorter lived, more susceptible to disease, STD carriers, less likely to survive through pregnancy/childhood etc. And smell bad. T blockers may actually be better for men than their natural regimen of testosterone, though I can’t quote anything.

        (Also if you push all the insufficiently masculine men into another sex role, it serves for the rest of the men to reaffirm their men > women paradigm)

      • Julie Says:

        “I’ve got a question, that just occurred to me – where ARE the “autoandrophiles,” the female equivalent of autogynephiles? ”

        I’ve debated answering this one for a while, though I don’t actually believe it completely applies to my experience as it wasn’t sexual excitement that motivated the idea.

        (And if this is in any way inappropriate, offensive, in the wrong place, too whiney or long or whatever feel free to never let it see the light of day, no harm, no foul, I’m not even sure I want to tell the internet my story anyway, I’ve just never seen a similar experience)

        As a child I saw woman as something I never wanted to be, it scared me, breasts were scary (and everywhere) adult vaginas were scary, being a woman seemed to be synonymous with being meat and I was afraid of it all. I was very modest, very “boyish” and very shy as a young girl, with a huge dose of shame over and about my body. My friends were boys, my interests were stereotypically male and I was good with that.

        I was the last one through the puberty gate, and contrary to the usual narrative I didn’t have too hard a time over it all, I never wanted to self harm or die over my period or my growing chest, I just ignored it as much as I could, infact the only time I felt that old familiar shame over it was when my mom took me aside after a school play and informed me I now needed a bra.

        Fast forward through more of the same and stop at 17, I met the father of my children, a twenty year old man that didn’t seem to mind my tomboy ways whom I spent 15 years with being used as his own personal breeding porno. I wasn’t very keen on penetrative sex, though I thought I loved him dearly, we had so much in commonblablabla, so to get around this dislike of mine he’d just wait until I was asleep. I won’t bother with a long account of the years spent trying to get him to understand it was a violation, or the relationship councilors that actually took his side, or the awful shit he would say about wishing he could watch other men “knock me up” while simultaneously accusing me of being a “whore”. My family was gone, I had no education and nowhere to go aaaaaand I reeeally luuuved him *eyeroll* Looking back over it all leaves me with such fucking rage at how silly and weak and compliant I was.

        Anyway, through it all I developed a healthy dose of “I’m supposed to like this, I don’t like this, I HATE THIS, well i must actually be a man.”

        And I became an internet “gay transman”. I had a longtime relationship (5 years) with a man who motivated me to see my self worth, that I was lovable, and I could connect with another human being on an emotional level.

        Reality was still occurring, I was still being violated and impregnated in my sleep, but I could compartmentalize it, make it not me, not my reality, that was all happening to my meatbag and my special gay transmale brain was untouchable, uncorruptable; worst coping mechanism ever.

        After the birth of my fourth and final child they discovered a cyst on my ovary the size of a small melon, it encompassed both fallopian tubes, the ovary and part of my uterus, and its removal effectively sterilized me.

        No longer able to reproduce, I wasn’t of any use anymore and my partner found someone new who could. I dumped all of my gender issues on a decent therapist and we worked through/are working through my trauma. (Not my first time in therapy, its been an on again, off again thing for a major portion of my life)

        My transman was disassociation, and through therapy, blogs like this one, and other pro female venues I was finally able to accept me, actual me, woman me, and move on.

  3. This the inconvenient truth that they dance and dart around, and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Males who “transition” offend at the same rate as other males. The study that Sex Not Gender links to is from a 30 year long term study of transsexuals that compared transsexuals to controls in the general population. While SRS seemed to alleviate the gender dysphoria, morbidity and mortality were still higher in transsexuals. As to crime, this study says…

    “Second, regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.”


    Bless the male of the species, but women intuitively know this. We deal with it all the time, and we don’t need studies to prove what we know in our gut is true. Men don’t automatically lose their male socialization once they start “identifying as women”.

    In addition to the fact that there are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders, and most violent crime is committed by males, paraphilias are more common in males. If people aren’t sure what paraphilias are, these are some good examples.





    The woman who runs this blog has link after link. She was involved with a cross dresser, and she knows if’s a sexual fetish for a lot of men.


    I don’t know if all of these examples would fall under the category of an actual, diagnosed paraphilia, but men have been perving in women’s restrooms since forever.

    Men Love Women’s Restrooms, Transgender Edition


    Thank you Gallus, all the courageous women at gendertrender, the brilliant Sex Not Gender, and the always feisty pantypopo for speaking truth to power.

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