“We must look, act and live the part”

March 21, 2015

McMurray in 2013 and today

McMurray in 2013 and today

Dallas Voice columnist Leslie McMurray weighs in on the Planet Fitness transgender locker room controversy:

“Planet Confusion
Posted on 20 Mar 2015 at 8:55am

I’m pissed off; I’m perplexed, and I’m scared. I’ll try and sort out what’s swirling in my pretty little head.

On Feb. 28, a female member of the Planet Fitness in Midland, Mich., complained to management about someone who “looked like a man” being in the women’s locker room. The woman who made the complaint ultimately had her membership revoked, with Planet Fitness officials citing as their reason the woman’s disruptive activities in warning other female members that the gym might let “men” into the women’s locker room facilities.

Planet Fitness has a policy of “No Judgment” and permits members to use whatever facilities match their “sincere, self-reported gender.”

Fine. But honestly, I’m conflicted.

I have held off on addressing this. My fear was that the person in the locker room was a cross-dresser, and that’s what she appears to be: no hormones, no transition.

To me, that is abuse of the privilege and is exactly what the opposition wanted in order to illustrate their point that “men” who “feel like a woman today” can waltz into women-only spaces with impunity.

That makes me sick.

Where do you draw the line? I have been on hormones for years now. I’ve had years of therapy, gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation and electrolysis. I’m a broke — but happy — woman.

I work out at a gym and use the ladies locker room, but I also have a vagina. I’m not sure if that should be a requirement, but discretion sure should be if you have the original equipment.

Should we require hormones? OK, for how long? Who checks?

The best I can come up with is that if you are irrevocably committed to living your life as a woman, then come on in. If you are trying it on? Do us all a favor and stay out.

This whole thing really pisses me off.

Living in Texas, where too many people would like to see us all dead, I sure as hell don’t need anyone making my life more difficult than it already is. I am so careful and so respectful; I don’t think that it’s too much to ask for others to be the same way.

Right now, one bad apple really can screw it up for all of us.

At the risk of sounding elitist, I find a parallel to breaking the color barrier in baseball. Prior to 1947, Major League Baseball was a whites-only sport. African-American players were assumed to be lesser. To prove otherwise, the first one to break the color barrier had to be excellent, to be able to put up with the abuse and do it with grace.

Jackie Robinson disproved the fear that baseball would be ruined, or that he couldn’t compete.

The trans-female community needs to have women who are beyond reproach, who are respectful and graceful break the gender barrier, and then the others will be accepted.

But if cross-dressers bulldoze into gender-segregated spaces acting like jerks we are dead. Laws will pass so quickly it will make our heads spin.

I’m scared, and I’m pissed, and I don’t have a ready answer.

I want to be respectful of the struggle of my sisters, but I see girls all the time who have no business in a women’s room. Hell, I would run screaming from there in some cases. We need to understand that something as innocuous as clearing your throat can cause a stampede.

I just don’t want to load the opposition’s gun for them. If this kind of stuff keeps up, it will just be too easy for them, and a lot of people’s hard work and sacrifices will go down the drain.
Women say they need to feel safe in a locker room or ladies restroom. I agree! It is our responsibility to make sure they feel safe!

If I see someone standing to pee in a women’s room, I will throw their ass out. We really need to police our own — or surely the bigots will eagerly do it for us.

So, what’s the answer? I don’t really know.

Perhaps we need to stop being 100 percent focused on our “rights” and instead focus equally on our “responsibilities.” If we expect to be welcomed into female spaces, we need to do everything in our ability to blend in and be just another woman there. Behave and dress appropriately.

Are you going in the bathroom at Kroger at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning? Look around you in the store; most other women are wearing jeans, or leggings and a comfortable top, and sneakers or other casual shoes. Are you 6-foot-3 and sporting a too-tight, way-too-short skirt, fishnets and sky-high heels, with a nice beard shadow to match?

Check yourself. There is a time and a place for everything, and that ain’t it.

I’m not trying to be mean, truly, but if that describes you, you stand out like you are wearing a neon sigh that says “Cross-Dresser.”

Our safety, freedom and maybe our lives depend on your discretion.

I’ve kept my mouth shut on this until now because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t want to hurt feelings, and I’m not naming names, but it’s reached the point where the risk of ruffling a few feathers is outweighed by necessity. Because too many lawmakers are loading up to deal us a crushing blow and we are teetering on the edge of completely losing the battle of public opinion.

We must teach them that we are not a threat. But to do that, we must look, act and live the part of the women we are. Help your sisters out. Our safety, freedom and maybe our lives depend on it.”

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[Fred “Lesley” McMurray is a 55 year old former Dallas Radio DJ and father of two. He adopted his “female” persona full-time in 2013-GM]

389 Responses to ““We must look, act and live the part””

  1. weirdward Says:

    Well I suppose it’s nice to see someone who has a modicum of self-awareness in the trans community, though a lot of this just reads like desperate self-preservation, or perhaps, learn to fool those silly wims better so they don’t notice you (which I’m sure they do anyway).

    But this: ‘look, act and live the part of the women we are’, made be cringe.

    I, and I’m sure many other women, have spent my whole life refusing to look, act and live the part of a woman in this sexist society. If I looked and behaved ‘appropriately’ according to patriarchy, I would be highly sexualisd and objectified, I would let men fuck me and play out their sick porn fantasies on my body, I’d be married with kids by now, I wouldn’t have continued with my education and ended up with a job that pays decent money. (I was supposed to leave school at 15 to become a secretary, because that’s the sort of thing girls did where I came from. Yeah right).

    None of that means I’m not a woman, or not female. But it does mean that I’m going to spend my life fighting against the things that constrain me. And that fight, often draining, often unwinnable, is a large part of what defines me as a woman, especially as a feminist woman.

    The experiences of this guy who wishes to occupy the social role of patriarchal womanhood is completely foreign to me. There is nothing I recognise about that as a female experience. It is an entirely male experience, and this is one man communicating with another man about how best to colonise the identity of woman in such a way that all men will be able to continue doing so with impunity.

    • a cat Says:

      This. I was supposed to leave school and have kids young in a council flat. I’m sat here and I did not. It was a long and difficult fight.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Correction: you’d be married, divorced, left with two kids to care for alone with little education and lower wages than your male counterparts. That is the fate of most women, perpetual wage slave poverty like indentured servants for the 25 years it takes to raise two kids, then have nothing for retirement so you can die in squallor after a life of work… Us women are sooooo privileged!

      • Raven235 Says:

        You realize that historically custody rights were granted exclusively to fathers until the 1920’s, when women fought and won the battle for primary legal custody.

        Today,~90% of custody cases are decided outside of the court with informal agreement; that is, the mother want the kids and father don’t put up a fight. Which leaves us with a national 80/20 custody rate for women/men. However, in cases where the father challenged for custody, they won ~50% of cases nationally. This means that if all fathers challenged for custody (and rates remained consistent), the custody burden would be 40/60.

        None of this is to take away from the struggle of being a single parent, but (in the case of divorce) 90% of mothers take custody because they chose to, not because it was forced on them. If more women chose not to take sole custody, this wouldn’t be near as big of a problem as it currently is.

      • Sydney McMurray Says:

        Yup. By the hands of the writer of this story herself? No for reals I would be defending Leslie and her right to be safe as a transwoman, but she hasn’t found the best treasure we do hold as women….our heart. I am living homeless and sick with morgellons, a disease that is said not to exist. Like when I questioned Leslie then Jeff if he wanted to be a woman….didn’t exist. I pray to see light at the end of this tunnel of hell my life has become. As a single woman I am so much more vulnerable to the men who use me as prey. Jeff always protected me, Leslie kicked me to the curb, put nails in the path before me and did a lot of lying about me to justify his actions. Our friends have turned away, the situation is just too sad for them to deal with. They saw all the love I poured into our marriage. But I was a fool.

  2. The laws some states are making to criminalize use of bathrooms by those of the opposite sex, are being passed now because trans have gone way too far. They have abused the tolerance that women gave to (once rare) transsexuals in the past, and are now demanding any man that says they have genderfeels can come on in!

    This man thinks he is super wonderful tranny. He understands that women generally won’t complain that he is there, so long as he is not noticeable. But instead of being thankful for the grace and tolerance of the women that share space with him, he just thinks about how other mens actions will effect HIM.

    SO TYPICAL. Not a care for the women. What will happen to women when those laws he wants to protect HIM, let in other men? He doesn’t say, nor care.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      We don’t know what women are really feeling when they are in a semi-private/public space with him, like a locker room. I looked at his photo. He looks like a man to me. I CERTAINLY would not confront him in any way, just get out of there, and not go back. Ever. I’d just disappear. Probably the way women have been “disappearing” as a survival strategy for a thousand years. That’s depressing isn’t? Anyone else ever have the thought, “It’s just easier [for everyone] if I’m not there?”

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        ‘Anyone else ever have the thought, “It’s just easier [for everyone] if I’m not there?”’

        For as long as I can remember. I sometimes inadvertently sneak up on people because I learned to walk so quietly in childhood. It’s partly why I ended up reading Gender Trender for well over a year before I even thought about posting a comment.

        Long practice has made it a easier to stomp on the thought when it appears, and, truthfully, anger at this sort of egregious male entitlement has burned a lot of it away.

        Alice Sheldon (whose pen name was James Tiptree, Jr.) wrote a brilliant story called “The Women Men Don’t See.”

      • I have no idea what other women think, just that they have been tolerant for whatever the reason, be it fear or that they dont care. I know that when transexuals were more rare, I would have been uncomfortable, but wouldn’t have really cared if they were polite and unobtrusive.

        I used to think “live and let live” wrt trans, but they have become so aggressive with invading our spaces and stealing our identities that I just can’t give them benefit of the doubt anymore. They have taken advantage of this to push ahead.

        And EVERY trans thinks they are the beyond-reproach, passing, real women. But they never are.

      • Bea Says:

        They call everyone else bigots and transphobes, but honestly they are the biggest transphobes of all. What’s wrong with being a trans woman? They obviously think there is something profoundly wrong with being a male femulator, so they have to obscure it with, “trans women are female!” when that’s patently false. If they really believed it, they would use the term “misogyny” and not “transphobia” or “trans misogyny.” I don’t see anything wrong with there being a third gender category of “trans woman,” that isn’t based on lies about their biology. Transgender people, why are you so transphobic?

      • mon Says:

        Though I fully understand the thought “It’s just easier if I’m not there,” and the fear of confronting, the thought of “what are other women feeling?” brings me to comment. I know I will have a discussion with any man I come across in spaces that are supposed to be safe for myself, other women and all of our daughters. Women decades ago did it for me and endured ridicule.

        A few months ago I was traveling across several states. For breakfast I was seated behind two young, women with computers open, papers out, very engaged in their work. Tasteful business attire. Directly behind them a table of 4 men. They looked like cartoon wolves with their tongues hanging out. I mean staring and perving up and down. They would discuss, then return to their stares, so engrossed in their perving they didn’t even see me, seeing them. When their food came for a brief moment they had a “food here, eat now” moment, then back to the staring.

        I finished up, paid the bill. I thought of all of us women who have endured this crap, how these two young women can’t even do business over coffee, so I walked over. I got to eye level, and very quietly I said to them..”I saw you staring at those women, I thought I’d come over here and stare at you for a while, see how you like it.” and I did, right into their eyes. So how do men like it? Uh they don’t. Total shock and silence, then OK fine, then nervous. Then I said “What if I stare and think about how you look, comment even?” Well the one guy got mad!! He said he was going to talk to the manager! OMG, you don’t like being stared at? Really? So I left, and as luck would have it, my partner was waiting for me with the vehicle. We intended to get gas at that stop, but I told her “just drive, get back on the freeway and go.” And we did. So, yeah, for me,” Carlottas” and I will have a chat, if he enters female safe space.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Good for you, Mon! That was brave.

  3. Loup-loup garou Says:

    So…this guy thinks he’s the Jackie Robinson of womanhood? I just can’t even.

    • GallusMag Says:

      HAHAhahahahahahahaahahahaalolololol !

    • morag99 Says:

      At least it wasn’t coloured-only drinking fountains and Rosa Parks this time. A bit of a change is nice, no? Heh.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Sickening how they liken this situtation to people who were deprived by law of basic human rights.

      Oh, horrors, grown men might have to go in a locker room with other grown men after doing that very thing for the past fifty years. Cry me a river.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ” grown men might have to go in a locker room with other grown men after doing that very thing for the past fifty years”

        That’s really it, isn’t it.

    • shediogenes Says:

      yeah, right. He spells it out pretty clearly though. let the respectful and graceful ones in, get the laws passed, and then the rest of them can come on in. The rest of them presumably are the doods who are not graceful and respectful… of women… in the womens locker rooms. Carlotta isnt a problem, not really, it’s just he has bad timing.

  4. Loup-loup garou Says:

    It’s also kinda creepy how he’s taking on the manly, gallant protector role while still trying to occupy the stereotypical female social role.

    “Women say they need to feel safe in a locker room or ladies restroom. I agree! It is our responsibility to make sure they feel safe!
    If I see someone standing to pee in a women’s room, I will throw their ass out. We really need to police our own — or surely the bigots will eagerly do it for us.”

    What a guy — he’s the bouncer of the women’s locker room! He’ll determine which men are worthy to use the facilities there. Not you, ladies. To hell with what actual women think.

    • I saw that, too…her “pretty little head” sure is aggressive!

      “The trans-female community needs to have women who are beyond reproach, who are respectful and graceful break the gender barrier, and then the others will be accepted.”

      So let’s be nice until we break through, and THEN we can be our true selves.

      • Oh, and I don’t think these “true trans” give a damn about the PIWs, and the PIWs know it. Which is why they’re screaming so loudly about them. The “true trans” want the PIWs to shut the hell up and stop harshing their mellow because they know damned well that stealth is their friend. Unfortunately for the PIWs make up the majority and those dudes ain’t going quietly.

      • morag99 Says:

        “Just the tip!”

        Ewww! Blech! You’re so right, Gallus!

      • shediogenes Says:

        “Just the tip!” lmao, and yet, still nauseous

    • GM! No you didn’t go there! They really do think we’re gullible idiots, don’t they?

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Until he gets around to throwing feminist women, women who question him, “out on their asses,” until he gets around to policing WOMEN themselves.

      • background spinner Says:

        They’d love that, wouldn’t they? Barring the door, bouncer-like, with a checklist. “No lipstick, no heels.…and you’re wearing PANTS? There’s a bucket around back you can use.”

        Then maybe we would just “disappear” as you mentioned earlier. That resonated with me.

        We’re missing so many truth-telling, truth-seeing women who have grown battle-weary. So much pressure to isolate and eventually fade away.

      • True. Someday we may have “transwomen” kick masculine women out of the women’s bathroom.

  5. Wonder if he and Tur can share a bulletproof bunker because they’re gonna need it. The crazy is a-coming.

    I guess some of them have enough sense to realize that women have been tolerant and accommodating to a certain point. Most women don’t want to have a confrontation with a man, for obvious reasons. As long as they were discreet, most women were willing to overlook this foolishness. But, as is typical with the male of the species, having been given an inch, they’re insisting on taking the whole yard. (Men do seem to have a problem with measurement! lol)

    Women have basically been tolerating them out of misplaced pity and/or compassion. And some women simply haven’t noticed. Now, that they’ve gotten the attention they so desperately wanted, women everywhere will be checking because we know how dangerous this shit is. And frankly, these dudes are so not ready for prime time. As the guy who wrote this article points out, even many trans would run screaming into the night to get away from them.

  6. gaydude50 Says:

    I almost feel like we should cut this guy a little slack for at least stating the obvious – women deserve to feel safe in women-only spaces. And I liked the part about tossing anyone who stands to pee.

    The cringeworthy part was where he said he was a woman and had a vagina because, you know, vaginas are made in operating rooms these days /sarcasm. And I agree he managed as all of us guys do, to make it all about himself over the concerns of women.

    But I just can’t help thinking it is a good thing that there are chinks appearing in the monolithic tranny tyranny.

    I call dibs on Autumn Sandeen to be the trannier-than-thou to explain to him that women have penises too. :eye roll.

    • neme Says:

      Or that an inside-out penis is a vagina.

      • gaydude50 Says:

        So far only Miss Sudo seems to care. And that’s because she read the article here. lol

    • Biscuit Says:

      There’s one dude on twitter who loves to crow about his “womanly” penis and figures one can have a penis/testicles/beard and still be a woman.

      In other words, he feels that any dude should be able to walk into a woman’s change room as long as he says he’s transgender. It wouldn’t matter if he’s a huge, hairy weirdo who wants to gawk at everyone.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “I almost feel like we should cut this guy a little slack for at least stating the obvious”

      He’s creeper like the rest and women do NOT owe him or the rest a damn thing!!! Got it? Good.

  7. Fountain of Gender Says:

    ” My fear was that the person in the locker room was a cross-dresser, and that’s what she appears to be: no hormones, no transition.

    To me, that is abuse of the privilege and is exactly what the opposition wanted in order to illustrate their point that “men” who “feel like a woman today” can waltz into women-only spaces with impunity.”

    “The opposition” didn’t want that (except maybe some of the conservatives who legitimately hate anything and anyone with the gay or gender nonconforming association. We brought up the scenario because we knew it was realistic and would happen. Conservatives brought it up, too, because even they can see the plain truth that women are physically vulnerable to men and a significant subset of men will take advantage of that.

    Even if no transgender person ever for all time were ever to commit even the slightest of crimes, this would still be a major issue because of all the non-trans men who would take advantage of the “self-identify” loophole. We would love if this sort of thing never happened! We would love if male violence were a relic of the past and women didn’t have to worry about this shit anymore, and we could have all bathrooms and change rooms be unisex and people didn’t care about what someone’s sex is outside of medical care, sports, reproduction, personal sexuality, etc. where it is physically relevant regardless of social mores.

  8. morag99 Says:

    About a month back, roslyn made a few comments about “respectability politics” and how the white, middle-age, middle-class trans have never had the humility required to attempt to create and project a respectable image.

    Because their incredible male privilege obviates the need to be perceived as non-threatening and respectable, it never even occurs to them that they have a responsibility to show respect while they ask for the same. Instead, in typical oppressor fashion, they have made only arrogant demands, and backed them up with threats.

    Tur appearing on HLN to talk about pervy cross-dressers, and this article from Leslie McMurray, seem to mark a shift (or at least a rift) in their activism. Not that they suddenly understand and care about the concerns of born females. Goodness, no! But that some of them have figured out that it does no good to dismiss us as “bigots” when we’re on to them, when we have damned good reasons — and the blogs, photographs, screen-shots, and trans rap sheets to support our reasons — for saying: “STAY the hell OUT of women’s spaces!”

    A few transgenderists are finally seeing a need to say/do something to ameliorate their community’s horrible reputations. Now come more murder/suicide threats! But, those sociopathic tactics can’t work forever, can they?

    • shediogenes Says:

      I wonder if Tur and McMurray are the first to feel the groundswell of women who say no to insane tranz bullshit and are trying to position themselves as the “handmaidens” to women who demand their spaces be protected. Surely they’ve seen the handmaiden phenomenon in action within Tranz Inc. during their heyday, they know how that shit works and want to be first in line to try to preserve their place… in the women’s toilet.

  9. kesher Says:

    “The trans-female community needs to have women who are beyond reproach, who are respectful and graceful break the gender barrier, and then the others will be accepted.”

    The others? As in the fetishistic crossdressers? No, they never will be accepted.

    • imnocissie Says:

      Good catch. In the midst of his oh so rational and moderate spiel comes the real agenda. Total infiltration.

      The goal is the same, the strategy is different.

      He is obviously worried about his own continued ability to trespass unquestioned in the short term, but in the long term he’s about no limits, no boundaries, for him and all his brothers.

      • I don’t think dude gives a shit about his brothers. I think the “true trans” are as disgusted by the PIWs as the general population is. This is a motion of appeasement. They see what’s coming and they’re hoping to be the exception, the sane trans that proves they’re not all crazy. As a strategy, it has two problems, the PIWs aren’t buying it, they are so high on the transanity that nothing will stop them, and the people who are passing these bathroom bills don’t care. They don’t penis bearing people anywhere near their wives and children. Period.

    • They’re delusional if they think ANY of them will ever be accepted. The funny thing is, it’s not women who will shut this shitshow down, it’s het men.

      • Charlotte Says:

        You are so right. When I talk about these issues on my FB its mainly hetero males angry as hell at this behavior and ranting of it happened to the daughters or wives they would be jailed for violence. The women message me discreetly because they are scared, per usual, of owning an opinion openly.

        I find the more I talk about why women are a CLASS predicated on our physiology, sharing moments in my young life where i was treated subhuman BECAUSE i was a girl, the more women are getting pissed at this issue because they are realizing they have a RIGHT to be mad and they ARE a class!

      • Every time I mention it to my husband, who is generally an open minded guy he just about loses it. I have a few guy friends who’ve stated emphatically that were they to see a trans woman entering the ladies they would definitely beat the hell out of them. And, of course, it’s men who are writing these bathroom bills to keep trans out.

      • kesher Says:

        That attitude is exactly why the trans of full of it when they claim that accessing the women’s is about safety.

        An MTT in the men’s most often is going to result in a “what the hell” response from men, but most likely not violence unless it’s an Islan Nettles situation of a man hitting on an MTT and having a violent “no homo” reaction when he realizes he was hitting on a man.

        But an obvious non-passing MTT going into the women’s, if a man notices, is far more likely to result in harassment or a beatdown. Most men aren’t clued in to identity politics. They’re going to assume the MTT is exclusively there to perv on women.

    • morag99 Says:

      Another thing about that sentence, kesher? His trans bros are going to pounce extra hard on THAT. McMurray just revealed not only an infiltration strategy, but, by necessity, exactly what he thinks of them: that they are graceless, disrespectful, and contemptible Pigs in Wigs. Just like the “TERFs” have always said!

      Poor PIWs. Nobody, not even transsexuals, truly loves them for who they are, deep down inside their creepy interiors. Men are such misandrists — that’s why they invented that word.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I do NOT “accept” “respectful [stop appropriating womanhood if you are so respectful!]” and “graceful” [WTH does this even MEAN?] men who want us to pretend they are women. I will NEVER accept them AS WOMEN. Ever. It’s not about how nice you are! It’s your insane bullshit!

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      The trans-female community needs to have women who are beyond reproach, who are respectful and graceful break the gender barrier, and then the others will be accepted.

      This is how you don’t run a political movement. We’re how many years into World War T and they are only now realizing the need to convince the public they’re not insane fetishists? What happened to the defiant “I don’t have to educate you” head tossing? Laverne? Janet? They really thought they could play us for a bunch of chumps forever, didn’t they? After the open contempt they’ve show us “fish”, it’s too little, and far too late. Like Roslyn said though, it’s the het men who will put an end to it, and that’s their tough shit.

  10. Em Says:

    Blanchard didn’t get it quite right–differences among m2t are of degree and not of type. I’m not interested in parsing degree. Ban the whole type from women’s facilities.

    Here’s hoping they finally have enough rope.

  11. dbrvnk Says:

    “we must look, act and live the part of the women we are”

    Good luck looking, acting and living the part of someone with a uterus, fallopian tubes, vulva, contralto/mezzo/soprano voice, female-typical skeletal structure and height, etc. Since those are the things that get you involuntarily assigned to class:female regardless of what clothes you wear or whether you like rugby or shopping.

    Of course science “can’t” give you any of those things. But I think if M2Ts were serious about being “women inside” or whatever they’d take a long hard look at why, when patriarchy says it can make them into a “woman”, it doesn’t mean someone who menstruates or lactates or gets stretch marks or can experience clitoral orgasms—it means someone with no body hair, two gobs of plastic on the chest, and a fuckhole.

    Men like to pretend science and medicine are totally objective of course, and it’s just a massive coincidence that medicine has always been used as an institution to propagate the subjugation of women. However I imagine they’d be a lot less enthusiastic about transition if instead of hairless bodies, fake boobs, long sinewy limbs and smooth non-functional vaginas [in line with the mandates of patriarchy], it gave them UTIs, cystitis, endometriosis, periods, cellulite, pregnancy scares etc, etc.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Of course he’s a woman! He has a vagina!

      And I have an imaginary pet unicorn, named Fluffernutter, who’s a professor of antiquities at Oxford.

      His “pretty little head” remark at the beginning set my teeth on edge, and it was all downhill from there.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “Pretty little head” is disgusting, yes. But I think what’s more telling is the very first sentence: “I’m pissed off; I’m perplexed, and I’m scared.”

        This is pretty much transactivists’ constant state of being on three levels. Outwardly pissed off about not having their sacred internal gjendaar identities honoured at every turn; inwardly perplexed about what they actually are and why they’re doing what they do; and subconsciously, scared. I think a subconscious fear of the end of patriarchy is a major part of why so many men are transitioning now, as part of a class:male-wide pattern of self-destruction that’s been accelerating ever since the cracks in patriarchy started to appear.

        This is why M2Ts hate and envy women (thus: pissed off) so much—because they don’t have the basic tools of self-sufficiency (thus: perplexed) to recognise the pretty obvious thing that without patriarchy propping them up there’s really no reason for men to exist in such numbers (thus: scared). Male biology is, literally, unnecessary. Obsolete. Men are and always have been the inferior sex. As that becomes increasingly obvious men will try ever harder to kill women, possess women or become women; and this will escalate until men have driven themselves (and possibly women as well) to extinction. To steal a leaf from FCM’s book (sorry!), patriarchy isn’t sustainable.

        If you ever encounter a man or a wild animal that’s pissed off, perplexed and scared, run in the opposite direction, is my point.

      • morag99 Says:

        Oh my, dbrvnk, brilliant comment. Yes, yes, yes.

        You also made me think about something I hadn’t thought about in quite awhile. From about age 14, until I was still considered young and pretty (i.e., still fair game for male target practice), I learned to recognize a certain look that men get in their eyes before they put a woman in their cross-hairs. They look scared.

        It only lasts a moment or two, and it’s not shyness, or an aww-shucks kind of nervousness. They look angry and AFRAID. And that always made me feel especially afraid. Of them. Because when they feel uncertain about their ability to capture you — to possess you in some way (not necessarily physically) right on the spot — they try much harder to succeed.

      • neme Says:

        OMG, you’re right! That brief flash of fear, then the calculating look, then the attack.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        @Morag99: That’s very eye opening actually. To clarify (some of this was probably obvious)—I’m a male with sex dysphoria who has started transition in an attempt to reduce it (but found myself alienated from >90% of the Trans Community™) so anything I say does need to be taken with a grain of salt: I’m also not fully conscious, due to biology and socialisation. Obviously, I’ve never really experienced what you talk about from het men. But it does seem pretty familiar w.r.t. a few things I experienced as a young child, when strange men stared at me or followed me or approached me in times and places I knew they shouldn’t. One of the things that caused me to be especially fearful when those things happened was something very much like what you describe, a vibe of mixed fear & anger with bits of inadequacy mixed in, as though I was somehow doing something to them just by existing. When I was older I rationalised the kill/fuck/become drive as a sexual predator or paraphilia thing; it had not occurred to me that that could just be how male sexuality actually *works*, with the only difference being whether it’s directed at men, women, children or animals.

        It doesn’t surprise me at all if that’s the case though.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @morag99: Yes! I remember the look you described. It seems to have a component of resentment, as well, as if the man blames the woman or girl simply for having the thing he thinks he wants. I think a lot of men see not getting what they demand from women as humiliation, which they also fear.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      They want to be storybook women, pretty princesses in a cleaned-up fairy tale. I started questioning the whole trans business when I noticed even the least obnoxious MtF transitioners focused on hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and had no more sense of what it was like to be a woman than the average four-year-old girl.

    • “Good luck looking, acting and living the part of someone with a uterus, fallopian tubes, vulva, contralto/mezzo/soprano voice, female-typical skeletal structure and height, etc.”


      If deep down inside they were truly women, then they wouldn’t have to work so damn hard to pass as one.

      If they were truly female, womanhood would come to them naturally.

      Instead, they just get cosmetic surgery…instead of their fairy godmother waving a magic wand, their well paid surgeon waves a knife. And just like that, all their dreams come true and they live happily ever after.

      Until their artificial vaginas dry up and cave in.

      MTFs give themselves away with their hostility and aggression. Women just aren’t (openly) like that to one another. Even those who vehemently disagree with each other’s belief system will put aside their differences aside when, say, someone needs a carpool or a tampon. They have no idea how different a matriarchal society would be from what we have now. And they claim to be women? F that.

      • Or toilet paper under the stall. Every guy I’ve ever mentioned that to, was absolutely baffled. “You mean you’ll give another woman toilet paper under the stall?” Of course, it’s just civilized. We were in Boston a few years back visiting some touristy site and there was a long line for the women’s toilets. I went in, found no paper and used kleenex from a pack I had with me. Then I went down the line to all the women still standing there and gave them kleenex as well as my husband stared at me in amazement.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s funny how “allies” think trans is magic and yet these guys have to work so hard to be seem like women even in just mannerisms, never mind physically.

    • background spinner Says:

      and the “right” to wear a burka.

    • “….But I think if M2Ts were serious about being “women inside” or whatever they’d take a long hard look at why, when patriarchy says it can make them into a “woman”, it doesn’t mean someone who menstruates or lactates or gets stretch marks or can experience clitoral orgasms—it means someone with no body hair, two gobs of plastic on the chest, and a fuckhole”
      Brilliant. I had never thought of it this way, but you’re spot on. That’s all men think women are, so of course trannies think they are women once they have a fuckhole, silicone tits and electrolysis. Sigh.

    • Tabitha Martin Says:

      I never had a UTI until 11 months after my surgery. I get them now though, every now and then.

      No, i cant get ovarian cists. I dont mense. I cant get uterine or cervical cancer. And no, i cant get pregnant… and of course, i wouldent want most of that. But i have cried at the knowledge that i cant get pregnant. That no one will ever call me Mom. What would i give for that? To have new life grow with in me. To give birth. To nurse my baby. To be a mother. Oh yes. It would be worth all of the rest.

      I am both gifted, and cursed. I am highly empathic. I have mirror touch synesthesia as well. Its a pretty nasty combo. I get to “feel” what others feel. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Their wants, needs, sorrows, and joys. Yes, i get the positives as well. But those things are not as strong.

      Then, lets add our own issues on top of that. I have dealt with my own horrors and abuse aside from also happening to be transsexual. Its been a double whammy for me. There has been a great deal of physical and mental pain in my life.

      I cant speak for other transsexuals. Their lives were different. They are not, me… Their trials were different from mine. With the exception of the rules for transition. Yes, there are rules. It used to be the HBIGDA SOC. But i think it was re-done a few years ago and is now called something else.

      And yes, most of us have passability issues. Testosterone is not our friend. And we have little choice in the results of our years under its yoke. Some are luckier than others. Lets look at my personal stats…

      I am 5’8″. About 2 inches taller than the average woman of my age. But also 4+ inches shorter than the average man of my age.

      My normal adult weight has averaged 145lbs. And i range at about an 8 to 10 in clothing size. My shoe size is a 9. Yeah, bigger than some, but not overly. I can still find cute shoes and boots with in my size range. And i dont have any problems finding clothes that fit right, even at simple places like JC Penny’s.

      I have small hands, but big knuckles. No one seems to notice, but i do. My voice has a 2+ octave range, starting at about 3 notes below “middle C” and going up. The highest recorded note that i can hit is a high “F”. I can go higher, i just dont know how much. I cant sing Maria Carey, but can sing most other stuff. And yes, i was constantly made fun of for my high voice, and would requently be called “miss” on the phone. I have even had people ask to “speak to my husband” a time or few.

      I dont have an adams apple.

      My measurements before hormone treatments were 34-27-36 i dont know what they are right now. Its been awhile since i have bothered to care since i dont care about dating or sex.

      My hair is thick, long, has a blue tint, and is normally kept up in a simple ponytail.

      My wardrobe is as extensive as any womans. It ranges from sweats to formal, with my every day wear being mostly scrubs. I was a nurse for a while and love the comfort and utilitarian nature of scrubs. I usually wear calf high boots with low or no heels, or tennis shoes/sneakers. I tend to wear hoodies for a coat, or a nice looking leather jacket.

      I dont normally wear any make up, and only occassionally wear any jewelry.

      I dont consider myself as pretty. I CAN be, but that takes effort. Put me in a buisiness or formal setting and i shine up well. Pretty. Maybe even beautiful. But, generally, in normal life, not so much. I am ok with that. I am 45 years old. And i have been rejected by most, for most of my life. I am not caring to impress anymore.

      Do i “pass” well as a woman? There are times when i pass better than other times to be sure. But i do pretty well about 98% of the time. Mostly because i dont stand out. “Unremarkably feminine” was the term used by my phychologist for my surgery letter.

      I know plenty of transsexuals who will never pass at all. And i know a few that you would never know that they were born with a penis.

      I certainly agree that this bathroom issue is a serious one. I wish that i had the solution, but i dont.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Tabitha- Folks can just google you if they want to see what you look like, right?

        Not sure why you think anyone would want to read through all this. Please keep your comments concise and directed at the topic at hand. I moderated your other 5-6 comments for this reason. You are welcome to participate if you can remain concise, focused on the larger issues beyond your own personal minutia, and not piss, scattershot, all over my blog. Otherwise I will be forced to moderate.

        Ask yourself “Would my comment be of interest to others beyond myself?”

        “Do my comments add something new to the discussion at hand?”

        “If I posted this on my OWN blog, would folks want to come to read it? Or am I just sucking the life out of someone else’s blog?”

        I do not enjoy moderating, so I will give you one more chance to correct your behavior before I give up and block you.

      • Tabitha Martin Says:

        I am sorry, my mistake. I thought that the writer of the artical was the one in charge here. I did not realize it was a story attached to someones blog.

        Please feel free to delete all of my comments. I wont be back to bother your space. I am sorry that i caused you trouble. Thank you for defending me from Lauren.

      • Lauren Says:

        “I know plenty of transsexuals who will never pass at all. And i know a few that you would never know that they were born with a penis.”

        None of you ‘pass’ at all because none of you are women. The anatomical differences between the sexes are such that with just a careful look over a fully clothed person their sex is still determinable. There’s no surgery to change you skeletal structure and certain anatomical landmarks that make you easily identifiable as a man–even if you do have moobs and a peengina.

        ” I have mirror touch synesthesia as well. Its a pretty nasty combo. I get to “feel” what others feel. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Their wants, needs, sorrows, and joys. Yes, i get the positives as well. But those things are not as strong.”

        Mirror-touch synaesthesia only references the ‘touch’ sensation, not mental state, emotion, wants, need, sorrow, or joy. What are you even on about here? And have you actually been tested and diagnosed or is this just another identity you’re stealing?

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lauren- To Be Clear: I am NOT open to hosting a discussion of Tabitha’s real or imagined particulars on my blog. Further comments on the subject of Tabitha’s fictional specialness and narcissism will be moderated. Thank you for your comment tho.

      • bleh Says:

        yep, that’s a man

      • Bea Says:

        Funny how they think every blog — even anti-trans radical feminist blogs — are interested in their tragically cliché laydee journey autobiographies. If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all. Hell, this shit was 50% of TV back in the 90s.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Tabitha- Eh?
        Ok whatever.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Oh, “tabitha,” why do you have to lie? Especially about things that anyone with access to the Google can check? First off, yes, you are short for a dude, assuming you did not lie about your height. But average height for a 45 year old white male is not 6 foot, and never has been. According to the cdc data, for someone your age, It’s 5 foot 10. so you are a little short for a dude, but we’ll within the distribution. And you are the same height than the average for all US males, (All ethnicities, all ages) which is 5 foot 8. But average height for white women your age is not 5 foot 6, as you claim. It’s 5 foot 4 and one-half, and for all women, all ages and ethnicities, its 5 foot 3 and 2/3. I know this (apart from checking google) because I am the same age as you, and at 5 foot 8 myself, I often get comments about how tall I am. But somehow, I’ve never felt the need to lie to women about my height or about stats that are readily available to anyone with an internet connection and library card. That’s because as a woman I recognize that real (actual “real,” not porn-soaked Pinocchio I-want-to-be-a-real-girl “real” ) women come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t need to defend my shoe size (larger than yours, actually, if what you wrote is actually true, which is doubtful given your demonstrated tendency to alter stats to suit yourself), my facial features, my “prettiness” or “homeliness” as defined by your kind (males), the size of the knuckles on my hands (what woman actually spends time thinking about that?) because no matter what, I’m a woman. And no matter how much money you spend, statistics you mangle, or tantrums you throw, you will never, ever be one.

      • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

        You look like every other Trans nerd.
        The long hair looks a bit greasy too. Why do you all assume growing your hair long makes your pass? Half the dungeon and dragon playing nerds have long hair and looks like crap.

  12. susannunes Says:

    It’s not one bad apple that is the problem, Mr. Man in a Dress. It’s the whole barrel of transgenderism that is rotten to the core. Finally people of all political persuasions are rising up against this insanity.

  13. Guls Says:

    The ‘kinder’ interpretation of his plea is that he’s attempting to show respect for the women whose private space he so desires to share/colonise.

    And I mean, perhaps this particular guy is quite genuine about those feelings, or thinks he is, who knows?

    More cynically, perhaps, one might infer that what he is saying is ‘we have to get better at impersonating feminine stereotypes’ (so we can better enjoy our kink unnoticed).

    (non sequiteur)

    With all I’ve read and been disturbed by over the last few years about money and time invested in reproductive technology that potentially threatens to make actual, bona-fide women obsolete in that regard, I can’t help but conclude that there’s a wider context and dynamic pertaining to a future ‘androtopia’ in which we (men) will take charge of reproduction, cynically ‘assigning’ citizens ‘male’ or ‘female’ according to ours (and their?) kinky requirements in our power games. If that sounds like a Margaret Atwood novel that’s probably only a reflection of Atwood’s genius and insight…. (not mine, certainly).

  14. ImNoCissie Says:

    PS – Sorry Leslie, NONE of you guys pass. Not even the young, “pretty” trans who maybe make one do a double take if you’re looking and giving a f*ck.

    I often wonder, like another commenter wrote, if some of these libfems even ever met a real MtF in the flesh. I’ve met many, in many different circumstances, including some who’d had all the most expensive surgery.

    NONE of them pass. NONE. And most are histrionic at best and flat out nuts at worst.

    They flatter themselves to think they pass.

    The dude doing the bathroom selfies in Canada? A-for-effort and for being small, but I can still see his man hands and his man abdomen when he turns to the side.

  15. Gallus, I wrote a song about the dude in the gym. This is a link to it if you’d like to publish it https://clyp.it/gos0fjg5

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    Translation: “I’m not like all those guys who ruin it for the rest of us–I really care about women.”

    Now where have I encountered that tone before? Oh, yeah–shortly before pick-up lines when I was younger. Although, to be fair, I’ve also gotten it from men who just want some kind of favor and seem to think women have spun sugar for brains. I suppose either could be going on here.

    And then there’s “we must look, act and live the part of the women we are.” So the ones who are LARPing believe they’re superior to those just engaged in cosplay? I feel so reassured.

  17. Miep Says:

    All together now: “That’s NOT a vagina. That is your DICK.”

  18. kesher Says:

    It strikes me as odd that someone who only just started transitioning two years ago already has a neovagina. Given MTTs propensity for lying about being intersex, how many are also lying about getting full SRS?

    I generally assume that the late transitioners don’t. Why would they? They don’t have BIID, they’ve had a lifetime of loving penetrating women with their dicks, why get them inverted?

    • GallusMag Says:

      A lot of late-transitioning alpha-males approach transgendering with the same zeal that others do acquiring a sports car and a younger trophy wife.
      ‘Give me the works. I’ve earned it. I deserve it. I can afford it.’

      Plus male transgendering is super competitive with the other dudes. They want to “win”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Lots of them do lie though.

      • I actually literally saw a MtT explaining his transition as “imagine the thing you want more than anything you’ve ever wanted, maybe it’s a sports car…that’s what being a girl was for me.” Wish I had screen capped it now.

      • Jerico Says:

        I’m not female, I’ve given that identity up a long time ago. Every federal document is male. What I’m saying is, if you all are going to threaten my community we will take that seriously. If your sort force me to use womens restrooms then freak out that I’m a cisman come to rape/murder you and try to pull a gun on me I will pull one right back on you to defend myself. All I want is to be left the absolute fuck alone and go about my life. Then I find a link to this trash on Facebook. Why aren’t you talking about transmen??? Why’s it always about the transwomen. You think you are all so clever, finding a nice broad framed transwoman to mock and cry danger over. You’re all cowards. Not all of us are activists. Not all of us appear to be transitonong at first glance. So what is this about? You’re afraid? I grew up afraid too, and now here I am in the wolves den with all the men. And guess what? They aren’t plotting anything! A murder is a murder, a rapist a rapist. Quit trying to lump the Trans community in with them. Why are you adding to the hate in this world? All of your comments are sickening. You attack the transwomen and invalidate them then you’re invalidating me as well. I’ve worked much too hard for the life I have and I will not continue to see people like you try to tear it down. Activism springs from fear. Your fear of dangerous men and my fear of you turning me out naked into the world all the while laughing at how mentally deranged you think I am. It’s not right you go out of your way to hurt people because you’re scared. I’ve done nothing to you. All I’d like to do is exist in this world the way I feel most comfortable, so why do you want to exploit me and put me in danger?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Is this a Poe?

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Jerico- You actually sought out my blog, and came into MY space, lady. Yah big weirdo.

        Also, if you want the answers to your “questions” you’ll have to actually read the blog, you lazy fuck. Ta!

      • Jerico Says:

        That’s all you have ” yah big weirdo.”

        As an older woman mistaken as a man I’m sure you’re much bigger and stranger than me. I come across as an endearing young man and you? The dykey dyke next door. Yeah real classy…

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ah. An ageist woman-hating homophobe. What a non-surprise.

        I don’t know how you can endure the “oppression” of being “forced” to stalk lesbian blogs and leave homophobic remarks.

      • morag99 Says:

        Jerico, you’ve revealed no “endearing” qualities in your comments. And, like everybody else, you won’t be young forever. When you do become older, you’ll still be female. Mean, misogynist, homophobic, AND female.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      The “record” I’ve heard for a late transitioner between coming out and getting SRS is seven months. There are probably even shorter terms I don’t know about. Bear in mind these are mostly white guys with a loooot of money, which the medical community is only too happy to accept; apparently there’s a gigantic electrology clinic somewhere in Texas where anyone with the cash and spare time to take six weeks off work can go to become a hairless barbie doll of a man for transgendering purposes. “Gatekeeping” is something that mostly happens to gay nonwhite trannies under 25.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “clinic somewhere in Texas where anyone with the cash and spare time to take six weeks off work can go to become a hairless barbie doll ..”

        Alpha-transitioner Zoey Tur went there.

      • neme Says:

        All they need is plane fare to Thailand, and a whole bunch of cash.

      • kesher Says:

        That sure explains the anger over “gatekeeping” from those kids poor enough to rely on insurance or government care. The rich old men get it done in a half a year.

      • “The “record” I’ve heard for a late transitioner between coming out and getting SRS is seven months.”

        How long until he regrets the surgery and wants his dick back? I’m serious. If he really had sex dysphoria it wouldn’t took him years before transitioning and having surgery and then he came out and had SRS in 7 months??

        *cough* perverted man with a fetish *cough*. I mean I don’t care what they do with their penises (as long as they don’t rape/harrass others with it) but srs is a traumatic surgery and rushing trough it doesn’t sound like this person is mentally healthy.

      • Wow, and electrolysis isn’t cheap. I think of the millions these people are spending on their dicks and it makes me even angrier about the pay gap. Let’s get real, these men have money to fritter away on this shit because of the economic policies of this country has made the 1% richer, and yeah it makes me madder than hell.

      • shediogenes Says:

        “alpha-transitioner…” ha, where is that emoticon for spraying soda out your nose…?

      • Zemskull Says:

        A man who receives electrolysis to his entire body in just six weeks will likely be on strong painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics throughout that period.

        This brings to mind all of the surgical procedures that transgenders undergo, especially the genital carving. Those would likely require strong sedation and antibiotics for several weeks post-op. Is there any data regarding opiate addiction and/or antibiotic resistance in post-op transgenders?

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      More worrying (without denying your point at all) is the fact that they still claim, with all appearance of honesty and sincerity, that a person must go through all kinds of intensive therapy and medical exams before they’re allowed to get hormones, and then must live full-time for several years as their “preferred gender,” and jump through several more complicated hoops with psychiatrists and therapists etc., before they’re allowed to have surgery.

      Those of us who’ve watched the process first-hand know this is utter bullshit, but the general public doesn’t. They have no idea what an assembly line the process has become, or how simple it is to get on and how little examination is actually done.

      It’s shameful.

      • shediogenes Says:

        YES, THIS. The public perception and media representation are all based on what the process was like, what, maybe 20 years ago? Tranz Inc. is counting on this. In this day and age, with all the info in the world at your fingertips, to misrepresent the true nature of the process is so deliberate, very revealing. That obfuscation has largely been the role of liberal men and libfems. The Dr. Drew interview and post-interview with Tur, Drew got dangerously close to the truth mentioning women’s fear of male bodied people in the ladies locker room, because of their larger physique, and when Tur bristled, Drew immediately fell on his sword, asking if it was the fault of his profession, and steering the convo back to safe territory.

  19. AROOO Says:

    […] “At the risk of sounding elitist, I find a parallel to breaking the color barrier in baseball. Pri… […]

  20. born free & female Says:

    Notice how he doesn’t care what these guys might do to women in the ladies’ room – just how the “opposition” will make use of the fact that they’re there.

    • K Says:

      They never want to address it because there’s only one answer: A man in a dress is still a man, and is still dangerous.

    • No name Says:

      Yes, never mind rapists and pedophiles can walk right in, and it will probably take a dude murdering/raping a child to get pervy-men banned out of the ladies room if sexual criminals glide in to hunt victims under-‘have penis-will tranny’ permission.

      Some men know the danger, but think men that are fine with a pornified society think they should be allowed access to objectify women/children in public that catch their eye regardless of consent.

      The same attitude about women’s use by men persists in India. There are actually a percentage of men defending rape-murder attacks on women& children happening because there are not enough virgin female child prostitutes that workingmen can afford to relieve themselves with for entertainment- among these men, are outspoken men on the right to rape street children when they don’t have money for a prostitute, or the men that get kicked out of the brothels should get to access children they find on the street they can overpower and rape as a consolation prize.

      Gangs of men hide in women’s public restrooms to rape women that go to use the loo in the middle of the night by themselves. 75% of rapes of children between 8-14, and women before 20- happen in this situation.

      In other parts of India, a woman’s monthly cycle is seen as a filthy thing, and many girls/women must leave the house and stay in a community shack while they are on their period. Many women are murdered/raped in that time. As ‘filthy’ as the women are perceived to be, they still get raped, but men tend to kill them so noone finds out he raped a female during her menstruation. He is forced to commit murder and ends a women/female child’s life because other men might laugh at him.

      Some men believe girls on their period endanger boys in school by sitting by them. At least they are honest about the gender inequality placed on women for biological differences.

      In many ways, this , and Tur’s post is a case of Men trying to set rules about what men will have to do as [rules set by men] to get to access naked women and by what rules.. The Same dynamic between pimps and johns in pimp-lead prostitution when THE MEN buy and sell access to women to other men and men set rules for other men to access women like women are generally things owned by men, up for trade.

  21. TurkeyLurky Says:

    The irony is strong with this one

  22. Atranswidow Says:

    ‘The trans-female community needs to have women who are beyond reproach, who are respectful and graceful break the gender barrier, and then the others will be accepted.’

    Sorry, Mr Lesley McMurray, there is nothing beyond reproach, respectful or graceful about what you did to your wife.

    You were a husband and father. You just turned out to be a better con artist than some of the others that’s all.

  23. michelle Says:

    How convenient for him that he appears to live with a tranny attorney…sort of interesting that neither appear to give two shits about voting though as evidenced by the lack of voter registration records.

  24. gaydude50 Says:

    Hi Gallus. I know I’m a new poster so I’m sorry if this is inappropriate, but it just all reminded me of this LIttle Britain send up from a few years ago.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I think of Emily Howard a lot when it comes to M2Ts. He’s meant to be an exaggerated comedy character but they’ve pretty much nailed the delusions of some M2Ts. It’s funny how nobody has demanded Matt Lucas and David Walliams be blacklisted/no-platformed/fired/raped/beheaded, isn’t it? What with them being male comedians and all. I wonder if a female comedian would even dare to do this kind of sketch nowadays.

      • gaydude50 Says:

        Yeah, I almost didn’t post it because in the end, it really isn’t funny when you realize how close it all is to the truth. Emily is a str8 dude whose sidekick Florence sports a mustache and yet the try (unsuccessfully in the show) to insert themselves into women only spaces. If Carlotta, Autumn, Zoe, Dana et al think they look any less like dudes than Emily….

      • Teal Deer Says:

        It does illustrate who really holds the power and has respect. Women are no-platformed and threatened for making gender-critical statements, even decades after the statement, and yet think of all the male comedians who have done sketches, shows, or movies that today would be considered transphobic, and I’m not seeing anyone building any gallows for them.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Gallus Mag has posted this before, and it’s fantastic….

      • gaydude50 Says:

        Drat. I tried to avoid that newbie mistake and did a search for Little Britain but it didn’t come up. I’ve been going back and watching some of the episodes. These guys really nail the fetishism and narcissism of MtTs.

    • morag99 Says:

      I never get tired of this skit! As CK said, the actor nails it: the delusion, the need to be SEEN as a lady by others, to be validated, paid attention.

      But another thing that’s wonderful about the skit, is how the male clerk plays his role: after his initial, brief shock, he recovers, and then he’s BORED by this ridiculous fetish game. He couldn’t give two shits about what this transvestite wears, or how he identifies. The clerk’s only concern is keeping the male creeper out of the women’s private space.

  25. @Roslyn

    “Wonder if he and Tur can share a bulletproof bunker because they’re gonna need it. The crazy is a-coming.”

    (1.) I pray to all that is in heaven and earth that right wing conservatives don’t start enacting draconian legislation that sets gay and lesbian rights back a hundred years. The LGB needs to kick the “T” to the curb ASAP. I do admit that most gay men blindly went along with transgender activists. Indeed, it was two gay men in California who authored AB1266. So, if conservatives groups use creepy cross dressers with sexual fetishes like Carlotta Sklodowska to attack the whole LGBT, they only have themselves to blame. Some courageous and caring gay men like WhoIsCis seem to actually care about women and lesbians, but gay men who hold positions of power in LGBT organizations completely drank the trans Kool Aid. As to LGBT organizations like the HRC, lesbians have never had any power in any of these groups. For all practical purposes, the “L” in LGBT is just there so that they can pretend that they actually care about women.

    What did transgender activists do after it was revealed that Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon is a registered sex offender? Nothing. It’s always the fault of the mean “TERFs”, or it really didn’t happen, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Cover it up, pretend it didn’t happen, and go on as usual. Forget the registered sex offender in the women’s restroom. His “gender identity” must be acknowledged at all costs.

    Although it’s in the actual campus police report, they still deny that Mr. Colleen (Clay Scott) Francis exposed himself to teenage girls.

    What did transgender activists do after the Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook incident? Nothing. It was business as usual.

    If any conservatives are reading this, I want them to know that lesbians aren’t responsible for “gender identity” laws and policy. “TERFs” have received death threats from crazy, creepy trans and queer folk. Because lesbians and bisexual women are female, we fear rape and sexual assault just like all other females.

    This issue impacts all women of all sexual orientations and political affiliations.

    (2.) If a Colleen Francis or Hambrook incident happens in some small town in Mississippi, I’m afraid that some good old boys might decide to take care of it themselves. Folks in red states do things differently. I do not want this to happen, and I don’t want to see any violence. I don’t want anyone hurt. All I want is some sanity and my privacy rights respected. I don’t want to live in fear every time I use a women’s locker room or restroom.

    Boycott Planet Fitness! All women, conservative, liberal, old, young, black, white, Hispanic – all women. They have a history of lawsuits because of hidden cameras in areas where women disrobe. Just last November, a woman in Illinois filed a lawsuit. Their “No Judgment Zone” is a freaking joke. Planet Fitness told a Muslim woman she couldn’t wear a head scarf. Planet Fitness also told a pregnant woman that exposing her belly was against their “No Judgment Zone” policy. This is a “fitness” chain that gives out free pizza and junk food as promotional gimmicks.

    • Unfortunately, at this point it’s not just the right wing. Much as I hate to say it, but as a staunch supporter of gay rights all my adult life I’m really starting to reconsider positions I’ve taken in the past. I’m furious as hell at gay men with their “bros before hoes” stance, and if I could take back the support I’ve given them over the years I would. The lack of reciprocity on this issue makes me extremely angry and I would probably vote for any number of those draconian laws. If they don’t care about us, and they’ve made it clear they don’t give a damn if these crazy bastards kill us all, why should I care about them?

      The incident doesn’t have to happen in Mississippi. There are a lot of states with open carry, carry anywhere and Stand Your Ground laws on the books. I know in my state you only have to “feel” threatened and you have the right to kill. I don’t know about you, but seeing the likes of “Carlotta” in my bathroom would make me feel threatened as all fuck, and if I still carried I probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot. I know a lot of women who carry and feel the same way. And don’t even get me started on the men. I really don’t know what TeamTrans endgame is, but as I’ve said before, it’s interesting watching it play out, and I hope no one has to die for this fucknuttery, but I fear that’s what’s coming. And despite all their outcry about TWOC the first time some black guy walks up on a white woman in the toilet he’s going to be deader than hell. It’s incredibly irresponsible of them, but then again when have they ever acted responsibly?

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Yes, that’s a gun, but I identify as “unarmed,” so I’m taking it with me everywhere.

        I also identify as “threatened,” when I see a creepy dude in the ladies’ room. I have a right to act according to my “identity,” right?

        (BTW, that is just a joke, not a threat, before my comment is used as evidence that women want to kill M2Ts.)

      • Jerico Says:

        That’s ok. When I’m forced to go into the women’s room looking like a man I’ll be sure to carry my gun on me as well, which I’m sure after working in an armory, I can use much better than you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Jerico- Are you female? Do you think you will have to shoot other women in the restroom because you have injected testosterone?

        I’ve been mistaken for male countless times in the women’s restroom but it never occurred to me to murder other women over the misunderstanding.

        And you?

      • No name Says:

        Violent men rarely get it that male on female violence does not occur between actual women on the level they fantasise about.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ahhh. got it.

        OF COURSE it’s a fucking male posting this. Ugh.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Apparently Ros’s expressed concern for the safety of gay black male transgenders has angered the straight white male autogynephiles on twitter, who are now trolling my blog. SSDD.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        Totes off topic but I wonder why Sarah Brown not only reads your blog but all the comments on it as well. Like he’s obviously convinced we’re all TERFs who want all trans people to die and we’re not going to convince him otherwise, and all the misgendering in the comments and saying ‘penis is male’ and that kind of thing must be soooooo triggering for him.

        (Hi Sarah!)

        Also I bet it’s a total coincidence that they’re picking on one of the only commenters who uses her real name so they can post ‘actual’ ‘information’ on her. Like Gallus does when some creepy fetishist posts a comment here pretending to be a ‘cis woman’ or something. Cos false equivalence.

      • Of course, it has to be about them. They know goddamned well they’re in no danger whatever. Indeed, as the Planet Fitness episode demonstrates the world is prepared to kiss a white man’s ass no matter that the ass is covered in fishnets and reeks of someone else’s pee. OTOH, they’re killing black men, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on gofundme after doing so. These men know they’re not in any danger, and they also know that the trans woman killed will be a black man. Being the ghouls that they are they’re looking forward to it. Another black body they can use on their pile of human shields. Sick fucks.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Leave it to “Sarah” to take it completely out of context and spread a lie. Go take a bath, “Sarah.”

      • Of course, hardly surprising. If they actually read the statement in context they’d have to own the way foolishness like “occupotty” puts non-white trans at considerable risk, but, God forbid they should do that. Or that my comment, when taken in context, would refer to the fact that there are a lot of people who were supportive or at least indifferent to their cause who now feel themselves to be endangered.

        And they might want to take a moment to examine how they got so far off-message; from we want the right to not be discriminated against in employment and housing to any man who says he’s a woman is a woman and we demand they be treated as a woman.

        But we know they won’t do that.

      • born free & female Says:

        While I don’t regret what I’ve done for gay issues over the years, it does seem to me that LGB issues were at their core different from T issues. A lot of LGB fights were about living your life without losing your job or being unable to protect your family due to discrimination, but 90% of the T complaints seem to be “You don’t think of me the way I want you to.”

      • kesher Says:

        What is with their obsession with labeling women with PCOS as not looking womanly enough? In terms of outward appearance, PCOS is mostly associated with increased body hair (which can be removed, duh) and weight gain.

        What condition causes “Cynthia” to look like death warmed over?

      • Maxianne Says:

        What’s pathetic about you Roslyn is that the next woman who is murdered, possibly out of some deluded hint they’ve gotten from your ugly, bigoted commentary, will very likely be a transwoman of color. Someone who I would consider to be a sister, and so would you.

        Not that I think you actually have the courage hun. You seem to be very brave here on the Internet but you will go to prison if you do as you say. I surely hope you know that.

        You are a really, really shitty sister.

        I hope you’ve enjoyed your writing career honey. I don’t think it will last much longer. Nobody wants to read the scribblings of a murderer unless it is about their crimes.

      • GallusMag Says:

        What’s pathetic about white men like “Maxi-Anne” (LOL!) is that they believe their ability to get erections by wearing “lady clothes” somehow translates into an ability to silence black women from discussing with other women how they might react to a threat from a dangerous male. White PIW like “Max” also propose that women “murder” their male sexual fetish feelings when they disobey male instructions. See also: White men oppressed by Black Women.

        You are a fool, and a dickhead, sir. It may have done you a world of good to actually read the long conversation you are commenting on, but entitled racist male dickheads like you never do. Fuck off, dick.

      • morag99 Says:

        A white man in drag calling a black woman a “shitty sister.” A white MAN calling a black WOMAN “honey” and “sister” and “bigot.”

        “Maxianne” is obviously delusional and deranged. He also looks like a psycho killer. Like a murderous clown. Scary shit. Jesus. These guys look and sound like comic book or horror movie villains. They don’t seem possible. Are they real? That we are supposed to welcome these freaks into our bathrooms and locker rooms is just a big practical joke on women, right? When is someone going to pop out with the hidden camera and say “just kidding!”?

      • GallusMag Says:

        He is terrifying. I wonder how many women he has raped.

      • morag99 Says:


        Yeah, all those unreported rapes. We know that some of those rapes are committed Mr. Clean Cut and Mr. Man of God and so on. But we also know that these freaks, with their grinning, painted faces, aren’t even trying to HIDE what they are. We women have the right to regard them as guilty until proven innocent. Goodness know The Law is of no help to women until something happens, and even then, they get away with it.

      • morag99 Says:

        Oh My God, Gallus. You always seem to find their horrifying footprints.

        There are no surprises in that video — it all matches up perfectly with what we understand about these violent white men: “Maxie,” in his own words, is a shell of person, and empty of feeling (except for generalized rage). He has no centre, no sense of self, no empathy for others, no connection with reality — so he decides that the only explanation must be a “female brain.” Female brain = darkness, disease, disorder. And that the only solution for continuing living in the world is to borrow an identity, just make it up on the spot, call it female, and put on a woman suit.

        So CHILLING.

      • Bea Says:

        Here’s white dude-bro Maxie in 2009. Notice the “bikini babe” poster in the background.

      • renegade Says:

        Gallus and morag, I’d love to see what you useless, uneducated, ignorant, useless twats look like. Doppelgangers for Andrea Dworkin I’m sure. And clearly, just as narcissistic, self-important, and psychotic. Seriously, all of you brainless pieces of sewage need to go crawl back into whatever loose, putrid, blistery cunts you flopped out of and say up there until you grow a functioning brain. Make sure you hold on to those meat curtains though, we all know trash like you can only be born of gaping inbred bitches.

        Most importantly however, learn your place in this world, and be wise enough to accept it and stay there.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So a white dude who names himself after a Kotex pad (dafuq?) has the absolute gall to lecture a black woman about how she’s not being enough of a “sister.” Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more arrogant.

        Other lines from Maxipad:

        When someone was complaining of their “dysphoria”: “Put on a bra. Not kidding. I used to have that sensation and I immediately put on a bra and it would ease.”

        “Anything people can’t see, make it femme. Until you are ready to show it to them. I femmed up my car, put a pink and purple feather boa over the mirror, a purple butterfly on the back, everything I did was girl.”

        “Also I got a boobie band, not a bra but just a wrap around your chest that gave me a wonderful feeling throughout the day, but nobody else had to see it.”

        “We need to register Titty Skittles as a trademark. I want some of that action.”

        No sirree, no creepy-ass fetishism going on here! He also likes making liberal use of the word “darlin'”. ‘Cause that makes him sound so sisterly!

        He also thinks he passes. Ahem:

      • kesher Says:

        “Gallus and morag, I’d love to see what you useless, uneducated, ignorant, useless twats look like.”

        Of course you would, because misogynistic men like you are violent woman-annihilators. Too bad for you that you’ll never find out their real life identities. Now go rage in a corner like a good little boy.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        @ Renegade: There’s nothing renegade about you. Your putrid misogyny makes you a dime a dozen. I’m saving your comment to use next time another tranny tries to claim how they love women and would never hurt them.

      • renegade Says:

        Oh kesher and ashland, first of all, gay man here, and your feeble attempts at wit are as pathetic as they are hilarious. I do love however, that you know exactly how meaningless your lives are, which is why you all gather in forums such as these and pat yourselves on the back as if any of you actually do anything to benefit the feminist movement, or the progress of humanity as a whole. The amount of hypocrisy and contradictions from you brainless imbeciles is enough for me never so much as a break a sweat knowing that any and all of your “goals” will forever remain unaccomplished. I also love how somehow my comment was “violent” and “threatening” eh? How so? Do you dumb fucks even realize how offensive that is to actual victims of rape and violence? To so callously claim it at every turn?

        The level of repugnance you rad-fems relay is equivalent to that of the MRAs, each and every single one of you piggy-back on actual victims of oppression and try to pretend you stand in some sort of solidarity when in reality, you are nothing but starved for attention and validation. Both of which I know you will never receive, and I revel in that. I revel in the fact that you will all remain bitter, jaded, irrationally angry, uneducated, and again – utterly useless in society. You stupid assholes can’t even see that you’re nothing but the stereotypical teenage girls generally seen in the media. Your sentiments are as baseless as your worthless lives. You’ll never be happy, you’ll never be fulfilled, and for that, you will always blame the rest of the world. Just like MRAs. Funny isn’t it? You are all the very same people you hate.

        Oh, and instead of incorrectly trying to use my words against me, I also suggest going back to high school and retaking a few English classes. Flagrant fucking morons.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Renegade” is a heterosexual woman. Sad sister.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Gallus, I admire your patience with this freak of a woman (and triply admire your detective ability), but anyone who says this:

        “all of you brainless pieces of sewage need to go crawl back into whatever loose, putrid, blistery cunts you flopped out of and say [sic] up there until you grow a functioning brain”

        … anyone who insults MY MOTHER can off themselves and do the world a huge favor.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Wow, what a sad, sick, sick person. 😦 That much anger has to be a load to carry around. I’m sorry you’re stuck in that, Renegade.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘“Renegade” is a heterosexual woman. Sad sister.’

        Wow. She sounds like a violent male offender who was recently released from prison and who will soon be locked up again. She must be taking testosterone?

        Just an astonishing level of vitriolic misogyny, which I admit I still find shocking in a female. I mean, “twats,” “bitches” and “cunts” — not just the hateful words, but that she reduces women to slabs of rotting sexual meat. Her goal in speaking this way is to dehumanize us (and herself, of course; and it sounds like she’s had some success there).

        But, gee, I thought biology, dimorphism and sexual reproduction meant nothing to the trans? I thought that “what’s between the legs” shouldn’t matter to anyone? Oh, dear, they lie. Female biology matters a LOT to woman-haters.

      • renegade, you are very skillful at insulting people. You have definitely found your calling.

        Insults aside, however:

        “I also love how somehow my comment was “violent” and “threatening” eh? How so? Do you dumb fucks even realize how offensive that is to actual victims of rape and violence? To so callously claim it at every turn? ”

        Your post has more cheap shots in it than I care to count. What makes you so sure that the author herself isn’t a victim of sexual assault? You’re not nearly as sensitive to others as you think.

        Every woman I know has endured at least one sexual assualt in her life…some, several. Even little old ladies in nursing homes aren’t safe. So the likelihood that you are “calling out” an actual victim is, unfortunately, somewhat high. So for you to casually dismiss our concerns about men, who commit 90% of all homicides, being with us in the bathroom, is downright alarming.

        You’re asking women to ignore billions of years of evolution of our survival instinct. You know how hard that is? Sleep with your front door open tonight and maybe you’ll understand.

        “you are nothing but starved for attention and validation. ”

        Classic projection.

        Personally, I didn’t have an issue with transwomen until they branded me “cis” without my buy in. And then they stopped the performance of the “Vagina Monologues” at Mount Holyoke College…and now they’re trying to ban the word “sisterhood” from feminist dialog.

        So we are not starving for attention…we are simply responding to this insane, Orwellian movement where any man who claims to identify as female is allowed in our space and to speak as an authority on our issues.

        “I revel in the fact that you will all remain bitter, jaded, irrationally angry, uneducated, and again – utterly useless in society.”

        Ok, now I feel sorry for you. Those are not the words of a happy, well-adjusted person. You have serious anger issues.

        I know it’s difficult to be a man. I don’t envy you (since you wrote you ar a gay man). I was a tomboy as a child, and had the freedom to dress however I pleased. But society doesn’t think boys look “cute” in dresses…as my older, gay brother quickly found out.

        There’s something about the smiles on transwomen…there’s a weird look behind their eyes. They’re pleased to be able to smile. Finally.

        But it’s not because they are now “women”…because they’re not. It’s because men don’t smile in pictures. Society sees it as weak. So instead of being “weak men,” some straight men are buying sex changes. It’s not *just* so they can smile freely…it’s the whole idealistic, fantastical package.

        It’s too bad if the only way a man can liberate himself is via expensive & painful surgery. That’s a lot of dependencies on the outside world, which you cannot control. It’s also dangerous, expensive and painful.

        And it’s medically impossible to change a Y chromosome into an X. The X chromosome is why I have a feminine characteristics. I don’t have them because I wanted them and paid to have them. Transwomen are installing the side effects of a source that will never exist within them. And because they don’t have the source of womanhood, it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to BE women.

        So why bother? Why mutiliate one’s genitals and risk sterilization for the impossible? It’s money down the drain.

        No straight man is going to marry a transwoman. Why? Because a transwoman cannot give him a child — an heir to pass on his genes & name. That’s a biological urge.

        No lesbian is going to marry a transwoman. Why? Because lesbians love women. Transwomen have no feminine inutition or instinct. Not only do they have mannish shoulders, hands, and feet…they are aggressive, dominating…and very insulting.

    • I have seen M2Ts claim that they’re not responsible for what they did prior to transitioning since that was before they were their “true” selves & could cope in this world.

    • Charlotte Says:

      So true! With conservatives trying to heal their rep damage from their war on women, battling this trans movement is a GREAT way for them to repackage themselves as defenders of women, its only a matter of some idiot conservative with two brain cells to put this together to figure out he can use it to pander to women to deflect from abortion attacks. Maybe I should write a letter to my idiot Governor Walker and tell him that to make up for his crap he can heal the gap by taking up this issue. A few women in every state do this to their conservative reps and watch this crap explode.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      About AB1266 — it wasn’t just two gay men in California who authored it, it was Tom Ammiano with some help from Mark Leno and a couple others. Ammiano and Leno are both from San Francisco and owe their careers to the gay (mostly gay male) political machine there, which includes some pretty damned unsavory elements.

      No gay or lesbian politician can survive that particular meatgrinder without completely accepting the notion of the big happy queer alphabet soup rainbow pervert family. A feminist critique of anything that has become associated with the word “queer” — including porn, prostitution, sadomasochism, pan this, poly that, and trans ideology in all its forms — is about as welcome in SF as a feminist critique of traditional sex roles in a fundamentalist Baptist church.

      I could be mistaken, but I suspect there’s a silent homosexual majority out there that’s had enough of this, and that it includes a fair number of gay men as well as lesbians. We need a new flag, or maybe a bumpersticker.

    • kesher Says:

      I have to wonder what the hell the gay men who lead these groups are thinking. There’s no way that a gay man over the age of, say, 40 looks at a “lesbian” trans woman and concludes that the dude is anything other than a straight man. And most of the straight MTTs are massively homophobic. Does it just come down to money since the white heterosexual late transitioners are so wealthy?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        I think it comes down to laziness. Many — possibly most, though thankfully not all — of the straight liberals who are supportive of gay rights tend to view this cause as simply one branch of a larger sexual freedom movement.

        Standing up to them and saying “no, gay liberation is not all about consenting adults letting their freak flags fly” would alienate those straight “allies,” and that would be politically inconvenient.

        Since the straight MTTs are only hassling women, why make waves?

      • born free & female Says:

        The gay male community has always looked at lesbians and said “What can you do for us?” with no thought for doing anything in return. Look at how many lesbians donated time and money to AIDS causes, and when they asked gay organizers to return the favor for breast cancer got told “That’s not our issue.”

  26. Me Says:

    First off, no real woman would use the phrase “pretty little head” to refer to herself. Real women know that this phrase is a betlittling insult.

    Secondly, locker rooms and public bathrooms are not “gender segregated spaces” or that one “must look, act and live the part of the women”.

    Such spaces are SEX segregated spaces. It’s about biology. It’s not about feelings or conforming to tired stereotypes. Being a woman isn’t about “looking” or “acting” – it’s about biological facts identified at birth.

    And McMurray is not addressing an obvious elephant in the living room. That is, what is to stop sexual predators from pretending to be trans in order to gain semi-private access to female victims, both women and children? Because the trans agenda insists “Just because I say so” should be the only criteria in determining who is a woman, this leaves the door wide open for sexual predators to take advantage of such nonsensical criteria of who is a woman and who is a man.

    If it was really only about them “just wanting a place to pee”, and not an opportunity to make a political statement, they’d accept sex-neutral spaces as an alternative to using the men’s room. Instead, they put their feelings above the safety of women and children. It’s all about them, and them alone and everyone else can just suck it up, as far as they’re concerned.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Here’s another elephant for you: Types of crime committed do morph over time – who’s to say that your “garden variety” or “vanilla” “sexual predator” might actually enjoy adding a new twist to their plain old sexual predation – getting dressed up in heels and wig and skirts, and entering women’s bathrooms/changing rooms might BECOME part of their standard M.O. – thanks to trans!

      • shediogenes Says:

        He just wants to feel good about himself and be true to himself; perving on women makes him feel good; anything that makes him feel good makes him feel “true” to himself; having free access to the women’s room allows him to perv on women, which makes him feel good, which is to say he is being true to himself; identifying as a woman allows him access to the women’s room, therefore he identifies as a woman, therefore he must really be a woman.

        Nope, no need for years of therapy, just issue him his GID/ get out of jail free card and send him off to planet fitness to get his hard on.

    • I agree with you, Me. 🙂

      Perhaps restrooms should be segregated by Chromosome.

      They can pee in the men’s room. If they don’t feel safe doing so, then the question is: why?

      If the answer is “because they fear violence from men,” then…well, that’s the exact same answer women have for why they don’t want M2Ts in our restrooms.

      Total hypocrisy and lack of awareness on their part.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “First off, no real woman would use the phrase “pretty little head” to refer to herself. Real women know that this phrase is a betlittling insult.”

      This. I’ve never heard a woman use the phrase to refer to anyone, much less herself.

      One of the disturbing things about these men is the way they see their own feminine personae through male eyes. Some years ago I ran across two MtF’s in a ladies room looking at themselves in the mirror. They weren’t making sure their clothing was straight or neatening their hair, they were preening and posing and checking themselves out! I mean, in the same way men tend to look at women’s bodies–and with the sort of self-satisfied smirks you don’t see even on a woman obsessed with her own appearance (who’s far more likely to be touching up her makeup so it looks perfect, not flirting with her image in the mirror).

      I thought it was creepy at the time, but I didn’t really understand what was going on in that restroom until I read the term “autogynephilia.” A so-called Lesbian transwoman referring to “my pretty little head?” Right.

  27. Ashland Avenue Says:

    That interview with Fred McMurray (har!) at HuffPo that Gallus linked to at the end is a hot tranny mess of sexism and clichés, written by a fawning male reporter.

    Fred describes himself as a “lesbian trapped in a man’s body”, but now he’s “a lot more free to like things like little black cocktail dresses.” He also says he’s “the same smart ass (he’s) always been, just in much cuter shoes!”

    Well, isn’t he just adorable. (Which incidentally, is the exact word the reporter uses to describe what Fred sounds like when he starts talking about clothes…*puke*) Fred’s advice to those wishing to transition? After therapy and shopping, letting one’s hair grow. Because all women have long hair, apparently.

    But perhaps the most telling moment comes at the end, when Fred says to his reporter buddy, “Oh, darling, I love you…and the ink.” (Italics the reporter’s, not mine.)

    So yeah. Another guy who fetishizes women’s clothing, thinks he’s a lesbian, and gets off on attention. You’re a sad cliché, Fred. We’ve seen guys like you a million fold. I wish I could dismiss you, but you’re doing too much damage.

    • neme Says:

      And just another idiot whose idea of lesbians is based 100% on male-made pornography.

      • neme Says:

        These men know nothing about women’s lives.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        It’s no coincidence that the rise in ‘male lesbians’ in the last 20 years runs simultaneously with internet accessibility to girl-on-girl porn. These guys don’t want to be women, they just want to be in on their favourite scenes. I love the mental gymnastics they perform when asked why they don’t just go and fuck each other. You can see they just want to stomp their size 13s and shout ‘Because I want a real one! I can’t be Heidi from ‘Dorm Sluts 3′ with an ex-Marine called Derek and his laydee-schlong!’

  28. Jane (the first) Says:

    Another funny thing: The new breed of truscum is making an argument similar to one they vilified certain radical feminists for presenting to the UN 3 years ago. These affluent het white males are also leaving themselves wide open to accusations of racism and classicism. Most trannies can’t afford to hop a plane to Thailand 6 months after they decide they’re a laydee, not that I lose any sleep over that.

    I thought it would take longer for the wheels to start to come off the tranny clown car, but here it is and I’m really enjoying it.

  29. Jane (the first) Says:

    There’s not a 55-year-old woman alive who would say “my pretty little head”. A lot of late transitioning M2Ts seem to be trans-young as well.

    • kesher Says:

      Many of them have delusions about being young women, like that 50-something dude who wanted in a women’s college dorm. Thankfully, the college told him to go away. But the most common iteration of these old men “feeling like” teens/20-somethings is their abominable fashion sense. I’ll occasionally meet an actual 30/40-something woman who still dresses like she’s 20, but it’s rare. On the flipside, a middle-aged MTT who doesn’t look like he shops exclusively at Forever 21 is a rare breed.

    • LOL…transyoung.

      There’s a trans for everything.

      If I claim to be male, will I get an instant raise :?)

  30. Zemskull Says:

    The writer was misguided with the analogy about African-Americans in professional sports. It was capitalism, not progressive attitudes, that paved the way for much of racial inclusion in the early days. Branch Rickey, then-President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, knew that Jackie Robinson would sell tickets. I see nothing apropos regarding penises in women’s bathrooms.

  31. Bev Jo Says:

    Excellent, Gallus Mag. This prick will get his collaborator women supporters.

    Really, the best way for those women confused by all the tricks is keep it simple: These are men. Some pretend to be nice, some are obviously disgusting. But they are all men, not “girls” or whatever else they call themselves. Not oppressed people fighting for justice, not a badly treated minority, but fully entitled men who have a fetish and who hate us literally to death.

    Peel back the games, and what do you call men who want into women’s restrooms? And men who demand sexual access to Lesbians? Would any oppressed group of people support their oppressor demanding sexual access to them?

    This was reposted to day, and It think it’s useful to share with any woman who is still proselytizing for these pricks:https://womenofthepatriarchy.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/female-genital-mutilation-is-cissexist/

    I always dare the cult followers to read the archives here and then see if their brains are working again, but knowing we are not supposed to talk about little girls’ clitoruses and labia being cut off and their vaginas sewed up, all for male use, could not make it clearer.

  32. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Those DallasVoice commenters sure don’t like this “let’s not scare women to death” stuff. Ted Cassidy in booty shorts, you’re in!

    • GallusMag Says:


      Lynn Johnson · Top Commenter · Ninja consultant at Decepticons
      I’ll dress how I want to, Leslie McMurray. This piece is dripping with respectability politics, cis-passing privilege, non-binary erasure, and trans-misogyny. Why you call yourself an activist is beyond me. You should be ashamed of yourself.
      Reply · · 6 · 13 hours ago

      Marti Abernathey · Top Commenter · Madison, Wisconsin · 126 followers
      We should prosecute crime/criminals, not identity.
      Reply · · 6 · 15 hours ago

      Autumn Sandeen · Top Commenter · Blogger at Transadvocate
      “If we expect to be welcomed into female spaces, we need to do everything in our ability to blend in and be just another woman there. Behave and dress appropriately.”
      ~Leslie McMurray

      “All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.”
      ~Rudyard Kipling

      Apparently to Leslie McMurray, the trans woman at the center of the Planet Fitness story is one of the “They.” The standard for being one of the trans female “we” apparently is being photogenic…visually and behaviorally stealth.

      Let me quote what a real trans civil rights activist said about equality and differences that McMurray doesn’t even begin to comprehend:

      “Like racism and all forms of prejudice, bigotry against transgendered people is a deadly carcinogen. We are pitted against each other in order to keep us from seeing each other as allies. Genuine bonds of solidarity can be forged between people who respect each other’s differences and are willing to fight their enemy together. We are the class that does the work of the world, and can revolutionize it. We can win true liberation.”
      ~Leslie Feinberg
      Reply · · 5 · 14 hours ago

      Toni Coughlin · Top Commenter · Cottage Grove High School
      This person might have been cross-dressing as she hung her coat. This may mean that she is a woman early in to the process of exploring her identity. This may mean that she is a woman who can not or will not medically transition. Or (at worst) it means that he is a man who cross-dressed, didn’t know where hang his coat, asked staff where to hang it, and followed instructions. None of these bother me. Nor does it bother me when cisgender men and women use the “wrong” bathroom for the simple fact that there was a line and they could not stand to wait for the “right” bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

      Interestingly, a man on YouTube already tried to abuse his privilege to make the “point” that he could easily pretend to be trans and get in to the ladies’ room. What happened? Staff immediately noticed that he was a muscle-b… See More
      Reply · · 5 · March 21 at 10:44pm

      Erin Fuller · Top Commenter · Port Jervis, New York
      so you Leslie McMurray wish to join Zoey” the Transition cop”Tur and you have done exactly what she has done and what she continues to do.So Leslie McMurray I ask you as I asked Zoey Tur care to judge me? Am I woman enough for you Leslie McMurray is my make up and my clothing choice’s up to yours and Zoey Turs Standards? You know actually I dont give a shit what you think of me but I wont have you or the Zoey Turs of this community judging others no I will not have that.I suggest that you discontinue your judgmental high and mighty attitude no one is above anyone here
      Reply · · 5 · 13 hours ago

      Rifka Reichler · Works at Retired
      as a cis woman, unless someone actively appears to be threatening me, i don’t care what they are wearing or how they look. if they are comfortable in the woman’s restroom then i am comfortable with them in the woman’s restroom.
      could you point out to me exactly when we as a society were deputized to “police” the genders of who goes in to what restroom.
      as a Jew i am much more comfortable having someone in the woman’s restroom that may not adhere to society’s (fucked up) notion of female than i am targeting people who don’t “look female enough.”
      pre- WW2 Germany anyone?
      Reply · · 3 · 8 hours ago

      Marti Abernathey · Top Commenter · Madison, Wisconsin · 126 followers
      1. Why is it always white, older, trans women without cis-privilege (you’re neither “little” or “pretty”) who put forth this sexist, transphobic, racist clap-trap? It’s odd that the line they always put forth is just beyond where they are.
      2. She hung her purse and coat up. I say she because that’s how she self identifies.
      3. Why does any LGBT outlet give this kind of awful shit any air time?
      Reply · · 3 · 15 hours ago

      Erica Forman · Top Commenter · Customer Service Specialist at JCPenney
      “At the risk of sounding elitist” you say. Wow, you’d have been better off not writing anything at all. No more gender policing, no more statements about how women are dressed and looking like “cross-dressers” No requirements that transwomen have vaginas. Just stop it. Transphobia can strike against anyone who presents as woman, these laws will protect them and all women. Ok I am done. Such a wishy washy blog, please…. and I’m a transwoman, used to think I was a crossdresser, but learned I wasn’t, don’t you dare judge my transness either.
      Reply · · 2 · Edited · 9 hours ago

      Dana Taylor · Top Commenter · Ethical Hacker at Network Infiltration Group
      OMG! The sexism and misogyny.

      “If we expect to be welcomed into female spaces, we need to do everything in our ability to blend in and be just another woman there. Behave and dress appropriately.”

      Women dress however the frack they want to dress.

      Reply · · 2 · 6 hours ago

      Julie Pousson · Top Commenter
      Dear Leslie, I am so glad that your narrow expression of self-identity works for you, but it’s time to take off the blinders, if only for a moment. Transgender individuals’ paths are as unique as the people are, themselves. One woman may feel he most empowered at 6’3″, in stiletto heels and a micro skirt. Another may wear a full formal gown and an immaculately trimmed beard. Still another may wear a flannel shirt and ragged, old blue jeans. And they may all be waiting in line for that Kroger restroom at 10 AM on a Saturday morning. These are our brothers and sisters, and only a hypocrite would throw shade on them. Coming out as trans is the single bravest thing that I have ever witnessed. In doing so, they need support and love- someone who will listen and understand. And in bravely stepping into a world where they risk their very lives for being authentic, they do so anyhow. You are my hero, Leslie. And so are all of the peopled that you denigrate in your blog.
      Reply · · 1 · Edited · 5 hours ago

      Renee Baker · Top Commenter · Licensed Professional Counselor at Renee Baker Counseling · 126 followers
      Thanks Leslie, I hear you on this issue very well…we walk a tricky line…wanting to be respectful of all. I often say that there are 7 billion people on the planet and 7 billion genders. We are all quite unique. There are well over 100 intersex differences…perhaps many more. So this endless quest to divide humanity into male and female will always leave somebody out in the cold. There are a lot of “sporks”, not spoons, not forks, that don’t fit, never will. To me the solution is to move towards independent rooms for individuals that are locked. We do our business and then return to the public space. We get privacy and equality. It may cost a bit more, but we are smart and can figure that out too with time.
      Reply · · 1 · Yesterday at 7:32am

      Jane White · Medicare Advantage Sales Trainer at Centene Corporation
      I agree with what you said. We do need to exercise discretion and do need to consider the comfort level of others. I’ve been on hormones 18 months now and living full-time for 6 and, while I have been going in and out of restrooms with ease, I’ve yet to venture into a locker room. I want to make sure I’m ready, and that the other women are ready. And you know what? After a long day of travel and I’m looking more mannish the womannish (still have some facial hair left that pokes through later in the day) I’ll use a unisex restroom instead of the women’s restroom. You are right–there are going to be a few how push it too far and give the rest of us a bad name. How many transwomen are using women’s locker rooms without notice? Quite a few I’m sure. The just don’t make the rules.

      As for the line I believe anyone undergoing transition and under the care of gender therapist and healthcare professional, who have their letter of transition, should be allowed to use women-only facilities. Unfortunately, there are a few kooks out there who will look at what happens and Planet Fitness, get dressed up as a woman, and go into a women’s locker room for a free peep show. They aren’t trans, just pervs, so we need to have a line drawn somewhere to screen those serious in transitioning and those not serious.
      Reply · · 4 hours ago

      Susan Nunes · Top Commenter · Medford, Oregon
      Men in dresses have rights that supercede those of biological women. The sexist filth that is transgenderism is blatant. It should have never been allowed to be normalized, let alone surgeries and hormone treatments for this mental disorder or sexual fetish. No more lying about your biological sex or perverting the English language by playing games with pronouns, or lying on birth certificates to deceive others. No more making false comparisons to the struggles of African Americans. No more fraud, and no more annihilation of the rights of women to have spaces of their own without fear of assault.
      Reply · · 3 hours ago

      Dana Taylor · Top Commenter · Ethical Hacker at Network Infiltration Group
      Carlotta IS a trans woman. Congratulations on getting it wrong.

      Reply · · 6 hours ago

      Susan Nunes · Top Commenter · Medford, Oregon
      This man in a dress insults the memory of Jackie Robinson. He also insults women all over the world with his mental delusions he is a woman. He is not. Furthermore, the Planet Fitness episode isn’t a matter of one bad apple. The problem is with the barrel of transgenderism that is rotten to the core. It is long past due, folks, to put a stop to this. These mentally ill people or sexual fetishists should not be considered a protected class when they are trampling on the rights of a REAL protected class, which happens to be at least half of the human race.
      Reply · · 21 hours ago

      Renee Baker · Top Commenter · Licensed Professional Counselor at Renee Baker Counseling · 126 followers
      Susan, respectfully, transgender is a very real thing. We are not rotten to the core. You will find the most thoughtful, loving and kind among us, just like the rest of humanity, often more-so because we go through so much self refection. There are many tabloid-ready trans people that the media seeks out b/c it makes good television, but it’s not the fairest of fair. Get to know us and you may change your heart. Many blessings…
      Reply · · 3 · 15 hours ago

      Mitchell Wood · Top Commenter · Works at American Public Transportation Association
      Ms. McMurray, Susan Nunes’ comments should be a pretty clear indicator to you about the worthlessness of the politics of respectability.

      For Susan Nunes and anyone else spooked by transgender individuals, you’ll never be accepted like Jackie Robinson. You’ll always be just another n-word, and no amount of self-policing or “blending in” is good enough for them.

      To extrapolate from the insightful words of sister/warrior/poet Audre Lorde, your silence—or, in this case, your currying favor with your oppressors—will not protect you.
      Reply · · 13 hours ago

      Erica Forman · Top Commenter · Customer Service Specialist at JCPenney
      Susan Nunes I dare you challenge my rights in person. You are a Troll and probably a TERF. We don’t need your approval. Kindly piss-off. The only fraud here is your so called concern for other women, you are only concerned of your own comfort.
      Reply · · 50 minutes ago

      Erica Forman · Top Commenter · Customer Service Specialist at JCPenney
      Susan Nunes I dare you challenge my rights in person. You are a Troll and probably a TERF. We don’t need your approval. Kindly piss-off. The only fraud here is your so called concern for other women, you are only concerned of your own comfort.
      Reply · · 50 minutes ago

      Erin Fuller · Top Commenter · Port Jervis, New York
      I guess if your not pleasing to a camera if you are just starting out better hope you can do HRT hell better get full bottom surgery and FFS make sure your wardrobe is up to the standards of this woman and Zoey Tur or you’ll find yourselves being incorrectly labeled huh with freinds like this and Tur who needs Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists?
      Reply · · 13 hours ago

      • Is that screen capture about transitioning supposed to be from Carlotta’s Face Book page? His page is back up and that post is nowhere on it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Zoey Tur accused David Taylor of faking it a few days ago on twitter.

      • morag99 Says:

        Oh my. We’ve got comparisons to pre-civil rights, racial segregation in 1940s America and to the Jews during WWII/Holocaust, and it’s all the same, I tell you, the SAME as femulating white guys who insist they are female! Actually, it’s not the same; according to Mitchell Wood, it’s probably worse:

        ‘For Susan Nunes and anyone else spooked by transgender individuals, you’ll never be accepted like Jackie Robinson. You’ll always be just another n-word, and no amount of self-policing or “blending in” is good enough for them.’

        That Jackie Robinson had it good, it seems. He didn’t know the meaning of struggle! Did Jackie ever stuff his bra, rouge his cheeks, and try to hang his bag in the women’s locker room? Huh, did he? He might’ve had a bit of a hard time with white supremacy, sure, but he never saw the kind of intractable “bigotry” white guys in skirts experience when they look suspiciously out of place in the ladies’ toilets.

        When will this injustice end?

      • Well, my guess is Tur is right. I can’t imagine he’d delete that post and leave the “male slut” and “pussy” ones.

      • kesher Says:

        Wow. So “Carlotta” is elderly. Now I feel like I was giving him too much credit for pretending to be a 30-something ex-stripper when he was maybe 50. His being 68 makes it that much worse.

      • kesher Says:

        Unless Taylor managed to backdate the comment, it looks like it’s legit. Take a look at “Carlotta’s” comment under this article: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1067707/its-ok-for-a-boy-to-get-girl-toys

        That said, “Carlotta” claiming to be interested in transitioning could be more of the same feminization fetish, and he’s not remotely serious about it. Knowing his real name might clear some of this stuff up, but I won’t hold my breath.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        These people are g.d. crazy. They should each get a complimentary copy “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

      • GallusMag Says:


        ” One day in second grade, I was given the honor of carrying the kickball out to the playground, but I declined. Found out I really liked men’s nylon bikini underwear when I was 24, then tried women’s when I was 35 and switched to it exclusively. also pantyhose and heels when I was alone.”

        Ewwwww. Hilarious that the other men are using this as “proof” of his “womanhood”. No. Just, no.

      • Hmmm, Kesher, you might be right. Interesting that he would make that comment barely a month after making the “male slut” comment on his FB page. And keep in mind his “dens nekkid for teeps,” all this could be part of his fantasy world. I’m also struck by the difference in that comment and the comments on his FB page. When you read them back to back to contrast is striking. His FB comments are chatty and gossipy in tone. There’s not a single introspective comment there over a year of posting. And despite being in social media all over the place dude makes ONE comment on a obscure site that only has one other comment.

        Also, I don’t think dude is 68 years old I’ll go back and look at the pics more closely, but I would’ve said he was 58 at the most. And keep in mind, white men do not age well in general, but I’ll go look.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Dave “Dana” Taylor claims to be a computer genius that can hack anything and fake anything, so who knows?

      • Fatima Says:

        Even if his sexual obsession has reached the point that he’s actually transitioning, it doesn’t mean he’s not a crossdresser. If I recall correctly, cross dressing is a form of autogynephilia. To me, autogynephilic MTT is something like advanced crossdressing. They act like crossdressers and “real” trans are mutually exclusive, but that’s just more of them being disingenuous.

      • Okay, I’ve read it over again, and I’d stake my next royalty check on my belief that Carlotta didn’t write that post. The verbiage is all wrong.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Zee verbiage, eet iz wrong?

      • kesher Says:

        It’s kind of up in the air for me.

        That thing about the bathing suit is definitely creepy enough to be him. And going by his other comments, he strikes me as quite dim. Definitely not genius material.

        Although, if it were somehow planted, I’m going to lol forever at the trans activist who thought the gross bathing suit comment is proof of “authentic” womanhood.

      • GIW claims to have hired a private detective to suss out Carlotta’s real identity, but apparently got nowhere. That makes it even more interesting. It’s almost impossible to go incognito these days, the notion that this dude has managed to pull it off makes me wonder WTF is he hiding? Then again, if he was really trying to fly under the radar, why contact the media? No one even knew who the trans woman in question was until he spoke up.

        I doubt he’d be called to testify. Presumably Planet Fitness will have enough sense to settle this suit out of court.

      • Bea Says:

        I like how Renee Baker says, “Susan, respectfully, transgender is a very real thing.” Everyone knows it’s a “very real thing.” It’s a perceptible phenomenon. Doesn’t mean it isn’t caused by mental illness, misogyny, narcissism, fetishism, or all of the above. It also doesn’t make them female.

    • silverside Says:

      Golly, let’s go one better! Texas is an open carry state, right? Let’s let men, er, transwomen, go into the ladies room wearing camouflage and carrying an assault rifle! Those transphobic women have no right to be alarmed, right?

  33. CKDexterHaven Says:

    In Boston Spa, UK, two men have dressed as women to commit a violent armed robbery.


    These men are not apparently transgender but it does demonstrate how disguising themselves as women allows violent men to get closer to their victims. People are far less guarded if they believe someone is a woman. If these guys has donned lady-wigs to access a woman’s locker room, instead of robbing a post office, the translobby would be issuing death threats to anyone who objected.

    • kesher Says:

      They also use a woman costume to obscure who they actually are, if, for example, their image is captured on camera. And, unless I’m mistaken, in the UK video cameras are everywhere.

      A drug addict robbed a bank in my city dressed as a woman, I think he also wore either one of those creepy rubber masks or a rubber nose. No one who looked at him could have mistaken him for a woman, and he looked extremely creepy/scary in that getup, so it certainly didn’t serve to make it easier to get close to his victims. I think he was just counting on the video camera in the bank not getting a good read on his actual appearance.

      Unfortunately for him, the cops caught up to him and shot him to death.

  34. Whoa... Says:

    wow! This idea is NOT moving things in the right direction. I understand feeling uncomfortable with “manly” looking trans women, but it’s not a justifiable discomfort — it’s something we all need to just get over. We need to get over it not only to set an example for society, but to come to terms with our own internalized shame.

    The thing is, what guarantees that *you* won’t be perceived as a “man?” Are you really willing to throw everyone under a bus and gamble that you “pass” 100%? Seems like a very unwise gamble…

    • Lauren Says:

      I’ve been perceived as a ‘man’ on two occasions when using a public restroom. Being 5’9” and overweight, and also being in a particularly butch phase of my life at that time, I could understand why I was being perceived that way and why I was getting the ‘uhhh, this the women’s restroom’ line. But on closer inspection of my build and after hearing me speak everything was okay. It’s my belief that even the most stereotypically-masculine appearing women still ‘pass’ as women when you look at them closely and hear them speak.

      My experiences went something like this:

      Other woman: Uhhh, aren’t you in the wrong restroom?

      Me: *without being defensive, maintaining a calm stance, and while also trying to make sure my curves were more noticeable* No. But I can see why you’d think that. I’m just a bit butch right now.

      Other woman: Oh wow, I’m sorry. I hope you understand and aren’t offended by this.

      Me: I understand and I’m not offended.

      Other woman: Ok, thank you. Have a good day. Nice meeting you.

      Me: You too.

      By the way, I have a pretty deep voice too. Think something in between Cher and Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun). My voice and reaction to my accuser still led to peace.

      As a lesbian I’ve also had some extremely butch/stud friends in the past who have had similar experiences. Not one was still perceived as a man after a short explanation and calming of fears.

      Trans cult men don’t have this ability. When they are accused they react like men getting told they’ve done something wrong. They fight it, refuse to understand the accusers point of view, and tend to take a battle-ready body stance. I’ve seen this happen a handful of times at what were supposed to be lesbian/female-only clubs. They get immediately defensive and angry–or they completely try to ignore you so they don’t have to speak (which would almost definitely lead to confirmation of their penised or inverted-penised status.

      I don’t believe we really need to as worried about this as you suggest. I really think that even the most masculine-appearing women will be just fine. There’s no guarantee that we won’t be perceived as men, but I think most of those rare encounters will be like my own experience and the experiences of some other butch/stud lesbians. I do realise though that there are some women who don’t want to share a restroom with lesbians, but but I don’t believe it’s a huge problem now. Hopefully it’s not.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lauren- I agree with your thoughts, having also been mistaken for male on many occasions as a dyke.

        However, I believe the commenter you are responding to (“Whoa..”) is a clueless man (transwoman) who barged in and did not bother reading the comment thread and believes he is responding to the original male author of the article under discussion here.

      • GallusMag Says:

        In other words his comment is directed to other femulating men. He believes he is participating in a comment thread with other men, it having never occurred to him that real, actual women may also be discussing these issues.

      • born free & female Says:

        I once saw an article on a site for men with tips on recognizing MTFs. If you have doubts, the author said, insinuate that they’re men. Real women will laugh it off or walk away, said the author, but MTFs will lecture you.

      • There is also the issue of body language. GNC women know they might frighten women and they feel badly about it so they tend to have a rather self effacing manner in those situations. The total opposite of the aggressive stance taken by most males. The few times I’ve had to give a woman a sevond look her body language has given her away. They will usually speak, too. Even something like Hi, is enough to let me know I’ve made a mistake.

      • Lauren Says:

        @Gallus – Thank you. Reading his comment in that context makes a lot more sense now. I tend to assume that the comments I read here are written by women, though I’ve seen the occasional male invasion. This one wasn’t as obvious to me.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lauren – there are quite a few supportive male commenters here too. Just an fyi.

      • It’s my belief that even the most stereotypically-masculine appearing women still ‘pass’ as women when you look at them closely and hear them speak.

        I have been “misgendered” for years for the way I look, but as soon as someone hears your voice or properly sees your face it becomes obvious that it is a female person.

        The few times I’ve had to give a woman a second look her body language has given her away. They will usually speak, too. Even something like Hi,

        Yes, the approach I generally use (in the ladies toilets where I get sideways glances more or less every single time) is to just look up at the other person and they can see, with a smile or hello if I feel the extra need to underline I’m not a threat.

        Still get a lot of disapproving looks, for failing to be “feminine” enough, but it is nothing compared to dealing with male encroachment into our space.

      • No name Says:

        I have to agree with that. I would also add that as low as a female voice is, I would never mistake it for a M2T or even a small guy trying to copy a woman’s voice. Even a male with dwarfism has a distinctly different voice than a female. The pitch is different, and it only takes one word like ‘Hi’ or a small phrase from a female to recognise a female pitch. As ‘manly as a female can appear, facial hair- and all, even on T, It is not the same pitch because a man’s voice box is different. There is a weird trans proposal for voice box surgery, but the only use of that would be to fool women.

        Aggressive men make women panicky naturally. Guys even smell different. You get a type of panic when you get closed off somewhere with a guy and you keep an eye on him incase he tries to get too close.

        Even if women are forced to share a locker room with a man, 1. Many will try to avoid him, [which would be useless if he is planting the cameras, and returning later] 2. they wont be buying memberships for their kids. There is a child-safety issue, and most moms won’t use kids to gambol rape, even if they are willing to.

        There are times in the day when the locker room will be deserted and women naturally scan for any danger when they are entering a quiet place, [especially if you were ambushed/in an abusive relationship with a male at anytime in your life/raped.] .

        Carlotta does not look like a person that exercises/works out. He doesn’t look like he has ‘ever’ worked out a day in his life. I would look for some one like this if I were looking for someone planting cameras. It seems like part of the staff at planet fitness is ‘Bro-code’ in on it as well.

    • bleh Says:

      Liberate men only spaces and make them safe for males who wear clothing culturally associated with the female sex or who have modified their male bodies to appear female but still get read as the men they are. If men complain there is a transwoman changing in the men’s locker room, kick him out for being intolerant

    • shediogenes Says:

      second wave feminism very clearly critiqued gender roles and why they are harmful, particularly to women. The work of that generation of women was one of a rare few that actually accomplished some gains for womens liberation, but lets just throw that successful analysis out the window for the sake of going in the “right direction”. I am not willing to grant that having womens lived experience defined by and appropriated by men for the sake of sexpoz, pornsick postmodernist liberalism is the “right direction” and as the saying goes, well behaved women dont make history. I dont give a fuck about setting the example for society. Society doesn’t really need any help or example to justify trampling all over the rights and needs of born women. So just what example are we to set, other than the same old insulting tropes that have pressured women to set aside their needs for the sake of the so-called progress movement du jour?

      • shediogenes Says:

        re-read Whoa, yeah, thanks for the context GM. Typing out anything on 2nd wave totally wasted on Whoa

    • Teal Deer Says:


      Reading Comprehension: Does Not Meet Expectations

      FYI, Whoa, it’s not a matter of “discomfort” with non-passing trans. It’s the threat to women’s safety posed by carte blanche access for all into women’s sex-segregated spaces.

    • Julie Says:

      I’ve been mistaken as male several times (5’11, bulky winter jacket and a winter hat covering my hair for what feels like 70% of the year) can’t say it ever took more than a hello to clear it up.

      Outside of the bathroom I don’t care if someone gets it wrong, my life doesn’t end nor my world crumble if someone mistakenly busts out an “il” instead of Elle.

      I’m not a lesbian, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to perform femininity for anyone, because woman is what I am – a biological reality, not a freaking circus sideshow or a costume.

      (long time lurker..love this blog)

      • marymacha Says:

        “I’m not a lesbian, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to perform femininity for anyone”

        Good for you. I’ve often wondered how much easier my life would get if non-lesbian bio-women, would stop “performing femininity”. Unfortunately so many go to great lengths and do anything to not be mistaken for what they perceive to be a lesbian aesthetic. It’s part of the “gender” trap set up by the patriarchy to keep women divided and at the service of men.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      ” I understand feeling uncomfortable with “manly” looking trans women, but it’s not a justifiable discomfort — it’s something we all need to just get over. ”

      Fuck off, asshole. Women do not have to get over anything to make it easier for disgusting perverts like you to get your way.

      “The thing is, what guarantees that *you* won’t be perceived as a “man?”

      Oh, look. more MAN logic. We’re NOT men. You are though. And I’ll happily throw your fat, hairy ass under the bus anyday of the week and twice on sundays. Weirdo.

  35. Lauren Says:

    “We must look, act, and live the part.”

    Every time a trans cult man says something like this I wonder to myself, ”hmmm, I wonder if he’d ever even think of ‘transitioning’ into me or another female like me?”

    Thanks to a man who decided to rape and beat me when I was young I have PTSD, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, major depression, and I’ve spent the last decade existing from one stay in inpatient psych care to the next. My last stay was a week last September which actually seemed to make things worse because the hospital I was in didn’t have a sex segregated psych unit so I was forced to share space with men. My first night there, during intake, I was sitting at the nurses station in just my thin hospital gown waiting to get my vitals done and this man walked up and just started staring at me. I had a panic attack and ended up getting restrained and sedated.

    Would any man want to transition to be me and go through that? Would they really want to live in a constant state of fear and panic?

    To add insult to injury this particular hospital gave me a roommate. A young ‘female to male’ trans cult member who did her best to act as masculine as possible. She was smaller than me and not very muscular so I didn’t identify her as a threat but I still didn’t sleep easily having a self-identified ‘man’ sleeping in my room even after seeing this ‘man’s’ still very female body.

    *I really think they roomed her with me because they knew I’m a lesbian and therefore believed I’d be okay with it. I wish they’d asked me first.*

    Back to the point though, it seems all of these trans cult men are desperate to become the stereotypical, ultra-feminine ‘woman’ that the patriarchy wishes all females to be. What about us real women who don’t fit the stereotype. I don’t wear makeup (except for a little lip gloss, eye liner, and mascara on occasion) or dresses. The few skirts I own are all modestly below knee length. I have two go-to hairstyles: ponytail or bun, and if it’s not in one of those it’s down. I’m not what the patriarchy would call ‘beautiful’ since I still carry a lot of the weight I gained after my rape as well as the scars down my arms from self-inflicted cuts, two serious suicide attempts, and scars around my body caused by injuries inflicted during my rape. I also have PCOS which causes me to have cramping sometimes that feels like atomic bombs going off inside me ripping me apart. And with all of these issues combined the last decade of my life has not only been spent existing from one stay in psych to the next but also moving from one job to the next with my longest job ever lasting only 10 months. If not for several women’s shelters, good friends and my grandmother’s support and care before she died I would very likely be dead.

    All or most women (all women I’ve ever gotten to know anyway) have their own story of rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence, trafficking, forced prostitution, etc. There are some, hopefully, who don’t have a story. Those without a story though still likely hasten their walk when they clock a man walking up from behind or from the side, or slow their pace if a man is seen ahead of them.

    How many of these men would transition to become me? How many do you think would transition to become you, to have your memories and your real female experiences? I guarantee that the answer is nought, zero, zilch, nada, goose egg. Not one. Why? Because my and your real female experiences don’t align with their definition of ‘female’. They just want to be like Stepford Wives or something without actually living, experiencing, or surviving real, often horrifying and traumatic, female experience. They want to be ‘women’ but still want to retain their manly dominance, privilege, safety, economic security, and ego. Why? Because a man is still a man whether he be in flamboyantly extra-‘feminine’ drag, a little black dress and stilettos, or completely naked showing his newly created man boobs and peengina. Surgery cannot change millions of years of evolution or predatory inclination–an idea that the study on trans cult criminality supports.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Lauren, I hope you can accept my sympathy for what you have gone through, including your last hospital stay.

      My husband is an RN and the prejudice he sees directed toward women in the hospital, particularly if they are “overweight,” is endless. Just this morning he mentioned a patient being transferred while having a heart attack. I asked if it’s better to have a heart attack while hospitalized (compared to at home) and he said, “Not if you’re a woman. Then they dismiss your symptoms as respiratory problems or something else.”

  36. shediogenes Says:

    “We must, look, act and live the part”
    Note to autogynephiles: woman is not a “part” that you “play” we are actual human beings
    2nd note to autogynephiles: fuck off

  37. gothamette Says:

    Holy freaking shit. I enjoy playing the part of a Maybelline girly-girl sometimes. Other times I do not. I’m just as much of a woman when I don’t. One thing has nothing to do with the biological reality of the other, because one thing is a paint job that anyone can slap on (even persons with penises, makeup does not discriminate) and one thing is the REAL DEAL. Which this asshole will never experience.

    What really freaks me out is how people like Katha Pollitt can be such wusses.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Me, too, gothamette (great name BTW). I enjoy getting dressed up and putting on make-up to go out to dinner or a party or something. I occasionally attend events for my husband’s work, or go to such events thrown by people/businesses in my own industry, and I have fun getting ready and attending.

      I rarely bother with any make-up at all (except tinted lip balm; balm because I have dry skin so my lips chap easily, and tinted because why not, really) outside of those events. I wear jeans and t-shirts every day.

      I’m no less female or feminine or anything else when I run to the grocery store in jeans and tennis shoes than I am at a formal party in a long sequined dress with my hair up. I’m certainly not any less a woman. Being female is not something I can or do opt out of by going bare-faced.

  38. silverside Says:

    I’m suddenly struck by the parallels between gun-toting NRA types who feel they have an inherent right to carry multiple assault rifles into any store, restaurant, or public park they please, and the trans women/women space issue. Both have a narcissistic insistence on “their rights,” both have no concern (for the most part) as to how others perceive them, and both–for all the rhetoric about just being ordinary folks–tend to be belligerent and confrontational. I don’t trust either. Just waiting for the day when the trans woman NRA member insists on her right to carry multiple hunting rifles into the ladies room or locker room. And if you object you’re both transphobic and against the second amendment.

    • Miep Says:

      You may be onto something there, silverside

      • No name Says:

        8 pages of men being men, and bonding over gun collections. LOL

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus, one of the guys in that thread listed an AK-47 as one of his guns. There is only one reason to own a gun like that, and that is to kill as many people (or animals) as fast as possible. It probably gets his dick hard, owning that gun. What a loser.

        The other thing I noticed when browsing through some of the threads at that website is how many posters there are obviously straight-up lying, either with their pictures or their words. One guy said that even though he’s 6’7″ tall, he has no problem finding women’s clothes off the rack! (Being able to fit into women’s clothing off the rack, and not having to go to specialty stores, seems to be a marker of how well they pass in their world.)

        Another posted a picture of his body “pre-transition”, and it was laughable. It was the body of a particularly slender and toned 20-year-old, with hips and a tiny waist. (The photo was also quite ‘shopped, with flawless skin.) I have never, EVER, seen a man with a body like this:

        They lie. They lie to women, to themselves, and to each other.

      • morag99 Says:

        “It was the body of a particularly slender and toned 20-year-old, with hips and a tiny waist.”

        Yeah, Ashland, that’s a flat-chested teenage girl.

        I wonder, do the liars sincerely believe each other’s lies? Or do they just accept the lies as part of their “culture”?

      • Bea Says:

        Ashland, that photo looks like a mannequin or computer-generated. These guys fit the description of pathological liars; their behavior is inherently antisocial.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        So New Zealand is a country where the only reason anyone ever has a gun is for practical purposes. A farmer’s likely to have a gun, or a park ranger or hunter or other outdoors oriented person, but the idea of having a gun for self-defense or masculinity purposes is culturally foreign—even the police don’t carry guns. Some conservatives and law ‘n’ order types grumble about it, but the vast majority of people don’t care, and find the idea of owning a firearm pretty ridiculous.

        So. A few months ago I went to a voice coach who specialises in teaching ‘voice feminisation’. She preferred to teach in groups, and on this occasion she saw me along with another prospective M2T. We started out talking about life goals and one of the first things he said was “I hope to move to America and own a large firearm collection.”

        The two of us (me and the coach) were a bit horrified. It eventually came out that he was a libertarian and objected to, among other things, New Zealand’s policy of not *completely* destroying the environment for financial purposes.

        It strikes me now that libertarianism as a philosophy can be expressed as ‘extreme maleness’—the only woman I can think of who supported it is proto-MRA Ayn Rand. Am I wrong?

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “At the same time, “identity libertarianism” places responsibility for social change on the individual”

        That just about sums it up. I discovered Liberation Collective earlier today and they’re awesome—thanks Gallus 🙂

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yeah I agree, Bea, after I posted it I saw that it looked like either a mannequin or CGI. But that’s what this guy (with the ironic screen name of “Skeptoid”) posted, saying it was himself “Before I started transition so not even micro boobies.” Riiiiiiight, dude. In your porn-soaked dreams. And nobody at the site dared confront him.

      • shediogenes Says:

        gun thread: these assholes can buy, or claim to own thousands of dollars worth of guns and ammo, have the spare time to go spend more on ammo at the shootin’ range, cleaning kits maybe a safe for their precious guns. Oh, and btw, they would very much like for their fetish surgeries to be paid for by everyone else. ffs

    • LC Says:

      I used to be sympathetic to women around here(Texas) who supported open-carry. The obvious flaw in that is that men are equally or more likely to have firearms themselves, so it’s a useless policy for self-defense. I’m far more worried about being shot for cutting someone off in traffic(a real concern) than in a ladies room, but I agree with you that the narcissism, ego, and sociopathy comes from the same source. Men are encouraged to worship violence to prove their masculinity, and if they are insecure in any way, well, carry a gun to gain respect from your fellow men, or put on a dress and intimidate the women into obedience. Either way, they’re delusional, and dangerous when challenged.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      And when they attack a woman for misgendering them in women’s spaces, are they going to claim a “stand your ground” defense?

      While we’re on the subject, if men’s rooms are such unsafe places, why aren’t transactivists joining with MRA’s to take up the cause of making them safer for all males, regardless of their appearance? That’s what first and second wave women’s groups did when they fought for public bathrooms and shelters.

      Guys: Stop trying to hide behind our skirts! Fight your own battles!

      • No name Says:

        It is like they are abusive men that want the right to dominate women and expose their male selves and I would not be surprised if some get a hard-on every time they startle a woman and force her to apologize.
        . What is even more disturbing is that they are aggressively jealous and fetishisize the sexual assaults on females as being desired sexually. How the hell did female-hating men declare that they are the men in charge of women’s rights in public, and other men need to direct questions about women to them because they know how to do ‘woman’ better and are naturally put above women, or they throw a tantrum…

    • Lauren Says:

      This was a perfect comparison, and it should frighten the hell out of all women. The last thing any of us need is to go into use a facility designated for our sex, see a tranny there, say something like ‘aren’t you in the wrong restroom?’, and then get shot because the tranny feels threatened by the fact someone’s pegged him for what he really is.

    • gothamette Says:

      Bea is right. Computer generated image.

  39. Dorothy Mantooth Says:

    Just stumbled across this going on:


    There’s one woman in the comments trying to defend women, but she’s way outnumbered by dudes in dresses calling her a bigot and a phobe.

    • Biscuit Says:

      Gah. Does it not occur to people that taking pictures in the bathroom is weird and creepy no matter who you are?

      If I see a man in the woman’s bathroom taking pictures, I will call the cops/security.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      The woman’s comments were deleted, after she was accusing of global warning denialism, anti-gay conversion therapy approval (neither of which are topics I saw her even mention, and I’m pretty sure I saw all of her comments), and just generally told she was evil over and over again. Anything she said about scientific studies was ignored; a long list of Ladies’ Room assaults was ignored completely; and of course, her repeated assertions that this was about women’s safety were ignored. (Bonus points for a dude claiming to be more feminist than her because “feminism is about equality for all genders.”)

      It occurred to me, though, after the deletion, just how few of the comments there are from actual women. The vast majority of comments to that article are dudes in dresses. I think maybe half a dozen are from real women, which ought to tell The Mary Sue something about who wants those articles. (I’m so disappointed in TMS, as I’ve popped in there semi-regularly for years. But I guess just like any modern feminist site, they’ll happily throw women under the bus if there’s a man asking them to.)

  40. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Another thing about that interview with Fred McMurray at HuffPo that Gallus linked to? He was a self-described “right-winger” until he discovered his laydee self, and found that “discriminatory” laws allowed insurance companies not to have to pay for his various surgeries. And the surgeries aren’t even tax deductible! The horror!

    Then, and only then, did his political leanings start to shift. (Or so he says. I have to wonder how much of his newfound liberalism goes only as far as trans “rights” are concerned. Gotta wonder how, being a right-winger ’til now, he feels about abortion, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, welfare, the military, etc.)

    These men. Until something affects them personally, they just can’t see – or empathize – outside their own bubble.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      So, let me get this straight–he’s transliberal now because the government wouldn’t pay for cosmetic surgery?

      At this point I think I’d rather have one honest conservative opponent than a dozen self-serving so-called liberal allies.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      This is what struck me about the MacKinnon post mentioned in another comment. She talked about how transwomen are more aware of the horrors of prostitution — because they were prostitutes — than us poor old uninformed regular women. It doesn’t take much to be aware of the exploitation of something you’ve personally experienced, but it takes some empathy and maturity to imagine the horror of someone else’s oppression and to struggle for someone other than yourself.

    • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

      Never understood why they thought tax payers should pay for their surgeries
      This guy clearly had enough money to
      Do so. Why should I have to pay for someone’s fetish?

  41. LQ Says:

    The most disturbing thing to me about that link to susans.org is the fact that almost $2000 in donations have rolled in just this Month to support the hosts of that space. Let that sink in. Think about how much time you spend lurking here, learning here, shaking your head up and down, using this tremendously curated space, created by a woman for her readership. Think about this space and the fact that it is a host for what I believe to be some of the best writing, with the most brilliant commentary on the internet. The collection of women I find here, who are already writing what I am thinking, is phenomenal and powerful beyond measure. Think on this and acknowledge the value of this space. There’s a little orange Make A Donation button on the right side of the page here. Our host rarely if ever makes mention of it. Gallus Mag is a fucking genius who deserves our support. I can attest to the fact that I have spent $5, $10, $50, $100 on WAY stupider shit than supporting activist authors. Give a little, give a lot, acknowledge the support and education you receive and give here. I would comment more, but every time I’m just co-signing something that has been said by a woman smarter and faster than me! Lots of head shaking up and down for me when I read here.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you so much. ❤

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Thank you, LQ. This site takes, I imagine, a lot of work. It’s not just Gallus posting her random opinions on things; there’s much research and media monitoring involved, as well as keeping the comment section from being a sewer of tranny/MRA bullshit. If folks out there can afford to donate, please do. This site is golden.

  42. Lauren Says:


    Yvette is now suing PF over this whole mess, and rightfully so. However, per usual, the lesbian & gay community is going to be dragged down with the trans cult:

    “Mrs. Cormier has filed this lawsuit to protect Michigan women and children and to hold Planet Fitness accountable for its irresponsible policy and actions,” the press release states. “This case further illustrates the potential harm caused by adding the proposed new categories of sexual orientation/gender identity to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.”

    Should the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act be amended to include sexual orientation? Absolutely! Will it happen with the parasitic trans cult latched on to it? Probably not now. And that’s the way it’s going in many places across the US right now. It makes me sick! I don’t live in Michigan, but I also don’t live in a state that has added statewide discrimination protection for lesbians. What chance is there of that happening if it’s requisite now that language be included in these anti-discrimination bills to protect male invasion of female spaces?

    The transinsanity must be eradicated before it destroys women’s rights, feminism, and LGB rights. How can it be eradicated?

  43. @MichfestMovesMe Says:

    The “before” picture above tells me everything I need to know.. An exhibitionist, totally relaxed, flaunting male privilege, shirtless outside, from a balcony somewhere… I wonder what he was thinking in that “pretty little head” of his. Two years doesn’t even BEGIN to clear the distance from that to a female state of mind.

  44. mon Says:

    “Woman ousted from Planet Fitness files suit.” See online details on wnem. Let’s help her out with legal costs.”

  45. shediogenes Says:

    When Robert Durst hid out in a boarding house (and murdered his neighbor there), he had to disguise himself as a MUTE woman for this very reason. The multiple murderer gets it how revealing voice and patterns of speech and tone are, but not the trans

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Durst turns out to be a serial killer but no matter how many women and vulnerable elderly people he may have murdered I bet there are still some gender extremists prepared to argue he should be allowed into women’s spaces if he presents as a woman. Wouldn’t want to hurt his laydee-feels now, would we?

  46. mon Says:

    The online WNEM site shows a portion of the 14 page suit with the following seen:

    I. Instituting a policy that allowed any man to simply claim he sincerely self-identified as a woman and he would be given full access to simultaneously use any and all facilities at the gym with all women.
    j. Instituting a policy that created an intimidating and offensive public accommodation for the following reasons:
    i Women could not privately use the locker rooms, showers and restrooms at the gym without the offensive presence of a man.

    (Another part of the lawsuit that can be seen is as follows)

    62. Cormier agreed to pay a monthly membership fee to have access to the PF Midland’s gym and receive use of the facilities, including, but not limited to, the woman’s locker room, changing room and restrooms.
    63. Without any notice to the plaintiff and without publication in any manner, defendant instituted a policy which allowed men to use the woman’s facilities simultaneously with women.
    64. After Mrs. Comier refused to submit to defendants sexual harassment and unreasonable policy, defendant wrongfully terminated Mrs. Comier’s membership agreement and breached the contract.

    This is what can be seen of the brief from the local reporting on the case.

    Now I imagine we will get to know a lot more about Mr. Carlotta when he is ordered to make a court appearance.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Now I imagine we will get to know a lot more about Mr. Carlotta when he is ordered to make a court appearance.

      I laugh so hard. Oh, I laugh. Go on, put Mr. C on the stand. Please I want the whole TRIAL aired so we can watch the whole thing on TV. Popcorn, please.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        From the complaint: “Instituting a policy that created an intimidating, hostile, and offensive public accommodation for the following…”

        I can’t WAIT till this gets tested in a work environment, regarding HR calling a meeting telling people how they need to address a trans woman after they come back all transitioned – does that not also create an “intimidating, hostile, and offensive” work environment, or some combination thereof?

  47. gchild Says:

    I have been reading here for weeks and until I read your comment, I couldnt quite get at why the trans issue bothered me so much. I wanted to be open minded, liberal, and tolerant, but I just cant anymore. I cant with the ridiculous logic, the erasue of born women, the absolute lack of respect for female human beings. I cant anymore. I cant. Especially this demanding access to bio women spaces they keep shouting about. It just…pisses me off. When I started seeing their rants demanding to be “male gazed” by all of society, and their harrassment of women online and oh, that god awful cotton ceiling crap telling lesbians to STFU and suck their ladysticks or suffer the consequences. Telling all bio women to itentify as cis so they can better assume the mask of their desired selves. I could NOT believe it! What was absolutely mortifying though, was that people with brains were buying into it. Supporting it. Defending their right to have access and own us. Like they bought the copyright or patent to the “female human” when they transitioned or some shit. Plus, i was hurt by the word TERF. Not because I identify as a radical feminist, but because it was an ATTACK on women, and a threat. I mean…how could they let them do this to us?

    As a het woman who knows damn well what men/males are capable of, I do not want to deal with dicks in womens restrooms/locker rooms etc. I dont care what the person attached to it identifies as. I dont want my female children in a restroom where their vaginas (and their bodies in general) are exposed, however briefly, where there are also adult penises (ladysticks included). This is insane! We dont make laws based on the best possible scenario (that no transwoman will use his penis to rape/harass/assault or that no man will put on a dress to rape. And if anyone thinks men wont work that hard to rape/harass/perv on females, all they need to do look up rapists profiles. Men go to GREAT lenghts to rape. A lot of them just kill their victim to avoid capture. Wearing a dress is EASY compared to the their other strategies) We make laws based on common sense and behavior tendancies.

    And that is the thing Lauren–men/males have a tendancy to rape and sexually assault women and children. Like you, I dont know ANY woman personally who hasnt been raped, molested or sexually violated/assaulted by A MAN/MALE who has a penis. Most when they were children, some as children AND adults. When I think about how hard it is for a woman to stay unraped, unassaulted, and unsexually harassed by males, I am filled with fear for all girls and women if we allow more opportunities to exploit female humans.

    As to whether or not they would want to be a woman traumatized for life–probably not. But raped? To have a man desire them so? Please, that goes right along with their pornified rape fantasies.

    • Lauren Says:

      I’m glad you reached the point of “I can’t anymore.” Hopefully there will be millions more women who reach that point as well. Then maybe we’ll finally be able to shut down the trans cult and the rest of the MRM. I still feel hopeless much of the time. Most feminist groups have been invaded by the cult, and many women have given up the fight out of fear. I feel worthless much of the time because all I do is sit with my laptop and comment on news, write to legislators, and read and comment on blogs like GenderTrender. I think about becoming a more public activist for our cause but I haven’t because just the thought of it makes me feel vulnerable, unsafe, and afraid. Maybe as our numbers grow more of us will branch out into public activism. Strength in numbers, right?

      Telling women what their identity should be is typical male behaviour so I’m not at all surprised they tell us to identify as ‘cis’ even though there’s no such thing. It’s just a desperate attempt by the cult to try to legitimise ‘trans’. Like, “oh, we’re totally real women even if we use the ‘trans’ prefix. Look at those women who were born women. They’re using prefixes too!! We’re all real women!!” Convincing women to adopt the ‘cis’ is all part of the plot to erase female identity.

      Penises and peenginas have no place in female-only spaces. They belong in male-only spaces. We are at our most vulnerable when on the toilet, in the shower, or getting dressed or undressed. Rapists and other sexual predators look for us in these vulnerable moments because we’re easier to attack. Statistically, it is the male sex that is most likely to commit sex crimes. Having laws in place that protect the rights of men to occupy women’s facilities is a terrifyingly bad idea. Even a tranny with a peengina is still capable of committing a sex crime and he’s likely, even after years of oestrogen, to still be stronger than most women thus making the act even easier. What we need are laws making it a crime to use or occupy public facilities designated for the sex not indicated on the person’s ORIGINAL birth certificate (with a few exceptions for people with certain legitimate intersex conditions–of which transgenderism is not one; and also an exception for parents taking their opposite-sex children into a public facility). We need this because you’re absolutely right about men/males going to great lengths to rape. With these laws in place an attacker could then be charged and sentenced for the sex crime as well as the crime of being in a female-only space—not a bad idea at all given the ridiculous sentences rapists and other sex criminals are often given.

      Public facilities for women were fought for and created so we could actually exist in public and have a safe space in which to do our business. Before we had our own facilities it was necessary that if we go out we stay close enough to home to make it back if nature called or else we’d have to find some secluded area in which to do our business but doing this greatly increased the risk of getting raped. It was the birth of public women’s facilities that helped lead to us actually having lives outside the home and having more and more women’s only spaces. Now we’re seeing the death of those spaces and if the men (or what seems to be the majority of men) get their way we’ll go back to how it was before we had our spaces.

      “When I think about how hard it is for a woman to stay unraped, unassaulted, and unsexually harassed by males, I am filled with fear for all girls and women if we allow more opportunities to exploit female humans.” — I feel that same fear, and when I see ‘gender identity’ (or even worse ‘gender expression’) being added to so many anti-discrimination laws I feel that fear even more. Gender isn’t even a real thing and it’s getting written into anti-discrimination laws? I don’t get it. If anything we need better anti-discrimination protection for women who don’t adhere to the patriarchal stereotypes of what a woman looks like or acts like. Protections for fictional issues created by the trans cult only serve to further endanger women and girls, erase female identity, and destroy more and more women’s spaces.

      “As to whether or not they would want to be a woman traumatized for life–probably not. But raped? To have a man desire them so? Please, that goes right along with their pornified rape fantasies.” — At first I didn’t want to believe that you were right about them wanting rape, but after doing some more reading on vomit-worthy sites like Susans, Fictionmania, and TG Stortime I’ve realised that that’s exactly what many of them seem to want. By the way, if you ever want to know what the mind of the tranny is actually like all you have to do is read some of their ‘stories’. They’re disgusting. Also, searching Google for “transgendered stories” is not the best of ideas if you value your stomach contents. I only read a few, but what I read was enough to literally make me sick.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        It’s the same on sites like Literotica. Tons of stories on there by people with names like “T-girlKelly” or “tgsue” [not real names], and all of them gross and degrading in the extreme…and clearly, CLEARLY male porn fantasies. Women do not write paragraphs about faces dripping with mass quantities of semen–I’ve read a lot of erotica and erotic romance, I’ve written a lot of erotica and erotic romance, and not once have I seen this in any story written by a woman. Not one single time. Even stuff I’ve seen quoted as hilariously bad or gross elsewhere does not contain that sort of thing.

        Only sex written by men focuses so heavily on emotionless, thoughtless body parts and semen.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        The more I think about this issue, the more I am coming to believe that these members of the trans movement are actually members of a hate group, not of something that could possibly be a protected class. They should not be a protected class given the utter absurdity and vagueness of the term “gender identity” and because their dubious “rights” infringe on a REAL protected class that happens to be (more than) half of the human race. The trans insanity just has to stop before even more lives are destroyed.

      • No name Says:

        I thought of it as more of a sexual fetish cult of men with limited access to women[no dates in ten years types] that have found a way to interact with women that normally reject them by enforcing the male view of women, giving them no where to hide, and role play to scary threatening levels when they don’t get their way. Many of these men have placed themselves above women as ultimate authority and enforce examples of what women are expected to be like, or they will be isolated, fired from their jobs and bullied out of women’s circles/spaces that don’t fit their fantasy[like spoiled horny men that got told ‘no’]..

        There is one non conforming gender not allowed under the umbrella, and that is non conforming butch females that recognize their biology, but want to reject Gender stereotypes, but according to these men, only men are allowed to define themselves and women need to conform to the standard men set for them. It is just male domination of women- in a dress.

      • Gag. You are so right Dorothy. I write and read romance, and erotic romance. Rarely is semen mentioned as more than a wet spot on the bed, or maybe making an embarrassing stain on a dress after impromptu sex. And there’s some way-out-there stories (dinosaurs? trees?) but semen is never a focus of the story.

      • Julie Says:

        Opposite sex children don’t really need to be provisioned for, that exact scenario is why places have family bathrooms, and honestly? I’ve always preferred wrangling my female and male children into a family bathroom. Kids do stupid things occasionally even with the best guidance, so instead inflicting an invasion of privacy on some unsuspecting woman or girl via a curious little head under a stall the entire mess can be avoided with a simple family bathroom/changeroom.

      • kesher Says:

        I think about how Andrea Dworkin was nominally pro-trans back in the day, but if she could see the porn-soaked, straight male fantasy that passes for trans politics today, her head would surely explode.

      • I think the proliferation of “family” bathrooms will help with this particular issue as well. I’d even be for unsex single stall bathrooms if I didn’t know from experience that men would go in there and plant cameras or do something worse like “Ejaculate Boy” and spread their semen and dick pics all over the goddamned place.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        I know you do, Roslyn. 😉 (And when I wrote that comment I was specifically wondering if you’d noticed the same thing.)

        And yeah, I’ve mentioned it once or twice in my more “hardcore erotica” scenes when writing from a male POV, because it’s the kind of thing men think (just like how men almost always, at some point, look down to watch what’s happening, whereas women do not do so as often or with as much fascination), but it’s just that: a mention, something he is aware of. I certainly do not write about faces (or other body parts) dripping with so much semen they appear to have dumped an entire bottle of Cetaphil over their heads, and I have never seen such a scene written by a woman.

        But the “t-girls” love it, because their sexual responses and sexual fantasies are steadfastly male. (And their stories tend to focus on the sexual humiliation of the female subject, or of the man being forced to play the “female” role. Even the BDSM stories I’ve read by women don’t do that. In fact, even most of the stories I’ve read by men in general do not do that, now that I think of it; they still often lack characterization or emotion, focus more on blow jobs, and feature typical Penthouse Forum-type scenarios, but they don’t usually go out of their way to humiliate the character in the female/”taking” role the way the stories by M2Ts do. I haven’t read as much erotica/erotic romance by men, though, so I can’t say that’s an absolute.)

        Seriously, if you can stomach it, head on over to Literotica and have a look. The differences are very clear.

    • We dont make laws based on the best possible scenario (that no transwoman will use his penis to rape/harass/assault or that no man will put on a dress to rape.

      It’s not soley about this in that there is a more fundamental principle of women’s dignity and privacy and right to make our own safe spaces without having to justify how violent men are.

      As an example, hypothetical non-agressive gay male who has no interest in female bodies: still doesn’t belong in our changing rooms, still an intrusion.

      We need our privacy, someone made the comment (in another thread I think, sorry, can’t find it now) that girls have an instinctive sense of personal privacy that boys don’t. Males in general are much more exhibitionist, and when we say “leave us alone” and they don’t it is a real violation.

      We have a right to our own male-free spaces, just full-stop, and anyone against that shows how misogynist they are.

      • kesher Says:

        My boyfriend has often complained about how older men will let it all hang out in the men’s locker room. It goes beyond just walking naked from the shower to the changing area. They’ll hang out and gab. They’ll dry their pubic hair and ass hair with the hair dryers. Just very casual exhibitionist behavior.

        This is one reason why I found the allegations against “Colleen” Francis very easy to believe, and also why I know trans activists who dismissed those allegations were completely full of it. Every male-bodied person knows that men love to wag that thing around, even when there are no girls or women in the vicinity.

  48. weirdward Says:

    ot but I was saddened to hear about this: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article16207409.html

    Suicide of a young ‘transman’ of color who was 18. Had previously been in the media as homecoming king a year ago (a great victory for trans rights, apparently). The person in the picture looks like a lesbian to me. Where was the LGBTQWTF movement that this person was supposedly a part of and an activist for?

    I’m just sad about this. So young and must have been in such pain. And that ‘rest in power’ crap; just spare me.

    • She didn’t fit the narrative. Poor, downtrodden, mistreated trans. Hell, they made her Homecoming King. And, of course, she wasn’t white.

      • weirdward Says:

        It just seems so clear this was a young woman struggling with hetero-patriarchal gender expectations. After the transition, she wrote a whole post at one point about how she didn’t want to give up what she referred to as her ‘femininity’ and took pictures of herself in tutus holding onto the female symbol. Like, it very much seems as if she just didn’t want to have to play the submissive, feminine, straight woman she was supposed to, and the only alternative she could see was to be ‘trans’, but she didn’t want to be a dudely-dude either, and god, why would you, masculinity is toxic. And so I wonder if one of the things that led to her suicide was the inability of trans-ing to solve the issues she was really struggling with, i.e. the age-old culprits of misogyny and homophobia/lesbophobia, and no doubt racism as well.

        And the community that should have been supporting her to deal with those things instead led her down a path of self-annihilation, as it will no doubt lead many more. I also wonder if part of the suicide was due to her starting to come out of the trans fog and realise what she’d done and just feeling like there was no way forward for her, especially not within the only ‘community’ she had access to.

      • kesher Says:

        The thing is, there are any number of things that could have influenced her suicide. That’s one thing that I really hate about the way the trans cult conceptualizes these suicides.

        Take Josh/Leelah Alcorn for example. That kid specifically mentioned feeling like no one (not even his pro-trans/pro-gay friends) cared about him. That part of his suicide note sounded like what I could have written when I was a teen going through depression and suicidal ideation, and I did in fact have people who cared about me. But, when you’re that deep in depression, you convince yourself that no one cares. So, did he kill himself because his parents were horrible, evil bullies? Or did he kill himself because he was going through fairly common extreme teenage depression?

        It’s the same thing with “Blake”. Foster kids who age out of the system go through hell. Many wind up homeless because they have no support network of family to help them get educated and find meaningful employment. So did Blake kill herself because of gender dysphoria or bullying or because she couldn’t see a way forward with her life, regardless of the gender identity issue?

        But trans activists will always say that the lack of transitioning and the lack of acceptance of trans kids cause these suicides. Similar to how every murder of an MTT is a hate crime even when they’re murdered by a longtime intimate partner. The way they tell it, you’d think the suicide rate of trans kids who want to transition but can’t is 100 percent.

      • I worked with foster children in a teenager unit, so yeah, I know how tough that transition is. They can stay in care until they’re 21 but many of them choose not to. I’ve often said that being in foster care alone does a tremendous amount of damage, including mental illness. Suicide is very common amongst foster children.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      @weirdward That’s one of my big problems with the whole trans cult in a nutshell. People with genuine mental/psychological problems are being encouraged to attribute every single problem they have to “dysphoria,” and told that all they need to do is take some hormones and have some surgery and everything will be great. They’re being set up to fail, and they’re being set up by the very people who claim to want to help and support them (and IMO they’re being set up by the autogynephile crowd, who use them and their problems in order to further their own Erections Uber Alles agenda). We’re sacrificing thousands of people in pain, who latch on to “I must be really a woman/man inside!” because it’s an easy explanation for their problems. It’s not hard for me to wonder if maybe this poor girl killed herself because she’d been convinced she had an answer to all of her problems, and it wasn’t the answer at all. It’s not hard to suspect that she got zero support for her doubts from the community which claimed to want to support and help her, either, sadly.

      I’ve watched someone being talked into the idea that they’re trans, and it’s not a pleasant thing to see, especially when you can’t offer any other help or suggestions without being labeled a bigot. The speed with which “I have some anxiety issues and I feel awkward and wrong and like my family hates me and like I don’t belong anywhere” turned into “I’m really a woman inside, it’s a birth defect and I’m going to get on hormones right away and get started,” was shocking, and the enthusiasm this person displayed read exactly like someone else saying, “I’ll move to a new town and leave all my troubles behind!” It made me tremendously sad, honestly.

      I think of this every time I see someone talking about their “right to be themselves,” or “to be who I want to be.” Since when is that a “right,” or even something most of us are able to do or expect to do? And what exactly is stopping them from doing it without hormones/surgery? Who out there truly feels that their outsides exactly match the person inside, and that the way they are perceived by others is exactly the way they want to be perceived? What makes them so special, that the rest of the world must bow down and do whatever it takes to make them feel better about themselves?

      (Note: I put “dysphoria” in quotes because I’m using it that way; I do believe that dysphoria is a real psychological thing. And my use of “Uber Alles” isn’t Godwinning, it just sounded catchy. 🙂 )

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Having had way too many friends who believed in the geographical cure — which never works because, unfortunately, they take themselves along when they move — your point about the trans cure is excellent. We live in a culture where if one is uncomfortable in one’s own skin, there has got to be an INSTANT fix! Drugs and surgery fit in perfectly with our cultural values where they are touted as the solution for every ill.

  49. K Says:

    Kimmel made a joke about Robert Durst a few days ago. He said something like: “Durst could get SRS, get pregnant, and give birth all before his trial starts.” Not only does he mock Dursts’ victims with this statement, but be also feeds into the totally mainstream notion that SRS /actually/ turns men into women.

    It’s things like that that normalize what is obviously a very perverse and horrible situation. Durst isn’t a MURDERER in this context, but just some silly-billy who’s waaaaacky life is just toooo darn unusual to stay mad at.

    That’s literally what the ‘average’ people think– they think these men are harmless because their actions don’t affect men like Kimmel.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      When I heard Durst was dressing as a woman my reaction was “him, too?” as in yet another murdering psychopath with “transgenderism” as a co-morbidity.

      As for the “giving birth” joke, yeah, not yet, not yet, Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe not ever.

    • K Says:

      Mea culpa– it wasn’t Kimmel, but Fallon.

  50. Julie Says:

    “Where do you draw the line? I have been on hormones for years now. I’ve had years of therapy, gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation and electrolysis. I’m a broke — but happy — woman.”

    No you are not, you can never be, and never will be a woman; you’re a medical travesty, a butchered and mutilated MAN, all the electrolysis, synthetic hormones, silicone and surgeries in the world will never, ever change your simple, unarguable biological reality.

    Not only are you a man, you’re also an idiot, you cannot buy your way into womanhood, nor can you argue, threaten or harass your way there. You can of course force yourself into our spaces, shoehorn your way into our lives and overtake our causes – but that’s even more proof of what you ACTUALLY are, A MAN.

    And you’re taking your broken, pornsick shit out on the wrong sex. It’s not our fault you want to wear heels and chop your dick off Sir, your broken, twisted idea of what a woman is (and by extension what a man isn’t) was shoved down your adams appled throat by your very brothers, and you bought it wholesale.

    You are a lie, you are a sad facsimile of a sick ideology, a crude drawing of an oppressive ideal made by your idiot brothers. Congratulations.

    Sorry for the rant, not stating anything new, but I had to get it out…what they see woman as is so fucking disgusting and exasperating to me.

    • Lauren Says:

      Reading this comment made my bad day a little better. 🙂 It’s perfect.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      There’s something unbelievably dudely about joking that you’re “broke but happy” after having run up huge bills for unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

      Can you imagine any woman ever saying something like that, even if she’d felt compelled to spend big bucks on breast implants, etc., etc., etc.? I doubt it — to joke about poverty, you have to feel like it’s something that could never really happen to you. Most women don’t.

      • Julie Says:

        I can’t imagine being able to joke about poverty like that to be perfectly honest, it’s not even remotely familiar to my life experiences.

        I’ll be sure to remind myself I should be “happy” about being “broke” next time I find myself in a food bank line, because yaknow, I didn’t have to pay one hot dime for the “privilege” of being a woman.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s very much the way rich people talk about “poverty”.

        I guarantee he hasn’t seen any serious degradation in his quality of life. He’s almost definitely in debt, but rich people don’t sweat debt the way poor people do. Rich people who don’t manage their money well have an endless supply of credit lines that they pay off just enough to keep the hounds at bay, but, as long as income keeps coming in, they can keep living large.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        This guy is broke in the same way his head is pretty and little.

      • No name Says:

        Maybe he means his head is ‘pretty little’.
        Do you remember Hayden Clark?

        In 1989, Hadden Clark dressed up as a woman and visited several churches. While church members attended choir practice,
        Hadden stole their purses and coats. When the cops pulled him over and asked to go in the trunk, Hadden screamed, “No, No!” you can’t go in my trunk.” They opened the trunk and saw the coats and purses, they asked Hadden if he owned them. Hadden said yes, “I’m a woman.” The cops also found women wigs, dresses and cash. They arrested Hadden, he stayed in jail for 45 days.

        Seems like just another Autogyno-ism
        A pathetic, ‘Yes, Im a woman’ to escape theft charges.

        In 1993, Hadden Clark dressed up in women’s clothes, broke into Laura Houghteling’s apartment, Hadden, in a bizarre bit of role play
        -woke her and claimed to be ‘Laura Houghteling’, and in true autogynophilic fashion, gaslighted his murder victim, accused her of breaking into his room before he overpowered her, abducted/ killed her.

        He was caught by a bloody fingerprint in one of Laura’s pillowcases. In custody, he confessed to several murders of women and girls along the Eastern Seaboard between the mid-70’s and 1993. Hadden also confessed to killing Michelle Dorr.
        He told the police, he stabbed the six-year old to death, threw her in a duffel bag and took her to his home where he ate some of her remains[another transformation fetish gone wrong ] before burying her.

        When the police asked him, why did you kill these women, he replied, I thought if I drunk the blood of women,
        it would transform me into a woman’, [he claimed he could become the women and girls he killed and consumed them, and this was how he had sex and forced unwilling women/girls into his violent transformation fantasy.] .. Later this claim changed
        to ‘When I turn into a woman,I murdered women/girls.’ Much like Perries’ claim about his male persona being solely responsible for murdering prostitutes that he thought didn’t deserve to live as women.

        Many of these guys claiming to be Lesbians with lady-peen , objectify women, and at times they angrily attempt to set a pornified example for the females/women, and with Hayden-during his role play, he ended up violently killing women from an inability to control his pornified, violent feminization transformation fetish urges.

        [his womanly name is ‘Kirsten Bluefin’ cause ‘fish’ and he is part of the trans umbrella welcomed in the loo to hunt women/girls ]

        Some men become dangerous because of their sexualized view of women and demands/tricks/lack of empathy for actual females. Sexual predators are sexual predators. It is not safe or appropriate to expect free range women in public to cater to men that fetishize them.

    • Julie Says:

      Re: Hadden Clarke –

      That’s absolutely horrifying.

      I was 12ish by the time he was caught so it’s not something I remember, but a sincere thank you for bringing this awful example to light for me No name.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “Where do you draw the line? I have been on hormones for years now. I’ve had years of therapy, gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation and electrolysis. I’m a broke — but happy — woman.”

      He says broke, not poor. I rarely heard the word “broke” used seriously in the working class community in which I grew up, but a lot of the more privileged students at the college I went to said they were broke when they’d spent that term’s allowance and couldn’t indulge themselves until they received the next check.

      I suspect he means he can’t afford luxuries, like vacations and meals out, not that he’s sleeping in his car.

  51. Jane (the first) Says:

    LOL, somebody call Chuck D.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Fear of the female penis”? And he’s deadly serious when he writes this.

      These men are comedy gold! And the reason, I think, is because they have no sense of humour. No campiness, no sophisticated sense of irony, satire, parody, or even snark.

      Have you noticed that? It’s virtually missing. And I think this is one of the tell-tale qualities that distinguish the PiWs from the rarer transsexuals who understand women, feminism and gender abolishment a bit better. It’s not just their heterosexuality and autogynephilia which marks the dividing line of difference — it’s their humour impairment!

      • kesher Says:

        I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in other comments here, but it really demonstrates how straight men have no sense of humor when they are the target. People of color, poor people, women, gay men, religious minorities, all of us are fair game for straight men’s sense of “humor”, which really comes down to attacking us for our perceived weaknesses. Make them the butt of jokes, and suddenly humor is a hate crime.

        I think a prerequisite for genuine humor is the ability to laugh at oneself, and laughing at oneself requires self-awareness. Not only do many white straight men lack self-awareness, but they especially lack it when they “identify” as women. That kind of self-delusion is antithetical to self-awareness.

      • LC Says:

        The powerful hate to be mocked, and their power means that they WON’T be mocked. Comedians may pick any number of targets for jokes, but the reaction of the one being made fun of(and other’s reaction to their anger) reveals all the power dynamics of society. How often are there jokes about ‘angry feminists’? How many would dare to make jokes about ‘angry trannies’?

        I sometimes think that a good portion of humor is an extension of men’s aggressive tendencies to target the weak, and channeling it into something socially acceptable. I believe there’s a value in being able to laugh at oneself regardless, of course, but the power relationships do exist in humor.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        It isn’t so much they are humor-impaired than they are irony-impaired.

        These people are so delusional they engage in constant projection.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Fear of the female UTERUS, VAGINA, FALLOPIAN TUBES, BREASTS, CLITORIS, OVARIES, and most importantly FUNCTIONING BRAIN AND DESIRE FOR EQUALITY are at the heart of men’s love-hate-murder relationship WITH WOMEN. (do not endorse “brain sex” theory. Just wanted to put the brain in there, that fearsome object when inside a woman’s skull.)

    • “Fear of the female penis”

      Exactly the bullshit you can expect from one of the creators of the cotton ceiling.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      One of the responses is just as funny:

      The nerve.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Un-fucking-believable, Jane. For the ultimate fetishists to spin it that they are being fetishized, and to claim female oppression in the process. The delusion and selfishness of these men knows no bounds.

  52. @Gallus and AreUSayingWhatUThink,

    “Now I imagine we will get to know a lot more about Mr. Carlotta when he is ordered to make a court appearance.

    I laugh so hard. Oh, I laugh. Go on, put Mr. C on the stand. Please I want the whole TRIAL aired so we can watch the whole thing on TV. Popcorn, please.”

    “Plaintiff hereby demands a jury trial in this matter.”

    They want this before a jury, and it’s going to great! The whole thing should be aired. I wonder if he will show up in court with one of these outfits on?


    Seriously, Ms. Cormier deserves justice. She was portrayed as an evil transphobe.

    • Julie Says:

      “‘I have loads of friends around town,’ she told MLive. ‘They are all straight ladies. We have wonderful times together.’”

      I can’t get Goodbye Horses out of my head now.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      What the heck happened to “her bag?” A bag. Like a gym bag? Was there really a coat and a purse involved? And as far as intention goes – what about all that FB crap he posts?

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The apologists for the man keep saying the business was well within its rights to revoke Cormier’s membership. The issue is retaliation for her speaking out warning women that there were men crashing the locker room.

  53. Pumpkin Mary Says:

    Their (trans and ‘cross dressers’) ‘sob stories’ about how worried they are about predators are the same to the point where it seems like it’s a copy pasta.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      “Victim/potential victim” is a costume they put on and parade around in just like they do women’s underwear. It makes them feel “feminine” and “ladylike” and “pretty” to claim to be terrified of stepping into a men’s bathroom because they’ll be assaulted.

      They’re able to look at it that way because very few of them have ever lived with that fear before, and (IMO) most of them still don’t genuinely feel it. Not one of those *obvious* dudes–some of whom haven’t taken a single hormone or grown out their hair or bothered to shave, even–taking public bathroom selfies has any reason at all to think he might be assaulted in a men’s room or seen as being any different from any other man, but they whine about being terrified to set foot in there anyway because it’s the easiest and best way to manipulate women into letting them into the ladies’ room.

      If this was genuinely about fear of assault, it would not be men who admit they do not resemble females in any way leading the charge and insisting they be allowed in.

      “Afraid” is just another costume, another “identity” that they can play with and appropriate because it makes them feel special. It’s a novelty for them. Because they’ve never genuinely felt the fear a woman can feel in a group of men, and because they still never will (since they’re still physically much bigger and stronger than a woman, and more capable of defending themselves or at least doing some harm to their assailants, and they cannot get pregnant from a rape or assault), they see it as some kind of privilege or tool to be used.

      They need to be victims to get people to capitulate to their pervy demands. This is why they insist, with straight faces(!), that trans people are at higher risk of being murdered or assaulted than actual women are…and, shockingly, people believe that unquestioningly, because it in turn makes them feel superior to those evil bigots and haters who apparently spend their days lurking in dark corners with baseball bats eager to attack any guy who seems to like the color pink too much. When even five seconds of critical thought would tell you that there’s no way trans people can possibly be assaulted and/or killed in higher numbers, or a higher percentage, than women.

      A quick Google search shows that even if we take all 226 reported trans murders *worldwide* in 2014 and apply that number to the trans population of the UK *alone* (approx 640,000) we don’t even get 1:100,000. The murder rate for women is approximately 1.7:100,000 in the US (these are all the first stats that popped up when I Googled, they’re just an example to show how completely fucking ridiculous it is to think transgender people are at higher risk of violence than women).

      • GallusMag Says:

        The only transgender males at higher risk for violence than other males are black and brown males. Same as non-transgender males. A truth that drives white autogynephile male “transactivists” like Stalker Sandeen into a rage whenever it is spoken, as we have recently seen once again in attacks on black feminist Roslyn Holcomb for speaking that truth. White “transwomen” depend on the deaths of black TWOC for their rhetoric and fundraising.

      • kesher Says:

        I think this is related to how some of them pose as emotionally fragile. Aunty Sarah is a prominent example of this, claiming to literally hide and cry under the covers. That’s how ladies behave, amirite?

      • Pumpkin Mary Says:

        @Dorothy I think that this is a very salient point that you have raised. It would certainly be an element in autogynophiles “forced feminisation” fantasies which tend to be an integral part of these men’s delusions/perversions.

        @Gallus Also, as far as I am aware, most of the high risk trans individuals for homicide largely come from third world/non-Western countries. And the love and widespread bullshit of the 1 in 12 trans women being murdered false statistic.

        They certainly love their reversals, don’t they? The trans keyboard warriors/creeps who crawl forth from their cave love to claim that all radical feminists and/or trans critical women are exclusively white and middle class but of course the reality the majority pushing for legislative and social change like you say are wealthy and comfortable upper middle class white American males.

      • kesher Says:

        “most of the high risk trans individuals for homicide largely come from third world/non-Western countries”

        Two of the biggest trans homicide statistics come from Mexico and Brazil, which have astonishingly high murder rates overall. And there’s the question of how many MTTs in those countries are involved in the sex trade or drug trade.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        The thing is, these dudes, because they are male, seek to validate themselves through the male gaze. They don’t want to go into a men’s bathroom because to do so would force them to realize/admit that the other men in there are not desperate to fuck them, and in fact do not find them sexually attractive at all, and do not even see them as women at all.

        They think being ogled and leered at is a compliment, a sign that they are pretty and are meeting the male standards (which they still hold, of course) for female attractiveness. They think rape is a crime that occurs when a man just really really can’t resist a sexy woman. Their fear of being raped in the men’s room is them desperately insisting that they are, too, pretty and sexy! They are TOO! Men want to fuck them, they DO SO!

        @Kesher: Thank you! Yes on the sex trade (that’s part of the reason why their HIV rates are like 500% higher than any other group), which is never mentioned. And then, too, there’s the fact that afaik any murder of a trans person is added to the “trans murder rate” as if it was a crime committed because they were trans, even if the motive was something entirely different. A few months ago I saw an article about a M2T found murdered in his apartment; he’d been killed because he’d tried to cheat his drug dealer and then started assaulting the guy when he was found out. I still wonder if his death is one of those counted as a “trans murder.” You could still say he was killed for “trying to be his real self,” I guess, because his “real self” was apparently a cheat, a liar, and a violent criminal.

      • Em Says:

        @Dorothy Mantooth, 1:09

        “They don’t want to go into a men’s bathroom because to do so would force them to realize/admit that the other men in there are not desperate to fuck them, and in fact do not find them sexually attractive at all, and do not even see them as women at all … Their fear of being raped in the men’s room is them desperately insisting that they are, too, pretty and sexy! They are TOO! Men want to fuck them, they DO SO!”

        For what it may be worth, the first part of this excerpt seems more correct to me, especially your observation that they know other men do not see them as women. A m2t contemplating a men’s john may flutter like a panicked butterfly, but beneath the histrionics and masochistic fantasies is reality-based fear. They know what males in the john are capable of–beating and raping a sissy male if they’re so moved. I’d be scared too.

        None of which is to say it’s fine for men to brutalize others or that men in dresses belong in our bathrooms. Just trying to understand motivations. Know the enemy and all that.

      • morag99 Says:

        Yes, Em, they not only know the enemy — men — and what men are capable of, but they also know that they, being men, ARE the enemy. To us, to women. They know this.

        So, these so-called bathroom wars are about maintaining the status quo. It’s about making sure that men’s propensity for sexual/sexualized violence stays on target. And the target of potential male sex violence should be females, NOT other males.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        @Em You’re right, and I’ve been meaning to come back and make some comment to that effect for a while now. I was too dismissive there; it is a legitimate fear, although I still believe–and I know you weren’t disagreeing–that it’s a highly overblown one, and one that doesn’t equal the danger a “let in any dude who wants in,” bathroom policy poses to women.

        Anyway, I know this was a couple of weeks ago but I did want to acknowledge that I was a bit too harsh in my comment, and you rightfully told me so. 🙂

  54. ‘Full complaint and press release here:


    Why aren’t feminist attorneys taking this on? After all, it’s a women’s issue that impacts all women. In all honesty, right wing leaning groups frighten me. Why were feminists silent when Colleen Francis trotted “her male genitalia” in front of 17 year old girls? Why were feminists silent after the Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook incident? Why aren’t more feminists speaking out against death threats and intimidation tactics directed towards “TERFs”?

    I’m happy to hear that Ms. Cormier will have her day in court, but I wish a right wing leaning law firm wasn’t representing her. Not that the far left can’t be as misogynistic as the far right because both ends of the political spectrum are controlled by men. The far left gave us “50 Shades of Grey”, porn, kink, and pole dancing as female empowerment, and insane gender identity laws that strip women of their human right of privacy and dignity.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I can answer this one: Because the women and organizations you refer to as “feminist” are no longer feminist. They are NOT FEMINIST. I’m not yelling at you with all caps, I’m yelling at those organizations who just blow whichever way the wind blows.

      • Relieved Says:

        I figured this out about 2 years ago. I had never really considered feminism as such but when I developed ptsd after being assaulted in a public restroom (by serial rapist who was let off on technicality) I started visiting feminist blogs to try to find solace.

        Solace was not what I found. Instead I was banned from a sexual assault awareness blog for not supporting sex work as empowering. I was screamed at and called a bigot by several feminists for admitting that I was unsure if allowing mtf trans into bathrooms was really a good idea.

        I was also called a right-winger, oppressor and harassed for daring to say that maybe the feelings of women who have been assaulted in bathrooms should be considered as well when I’m an independent who wouldn’t vote R for any reason. I also noted that most of these so-called blogs were using rape as a hot topic to gin up page views and stir shit with MRA sleezebags rather than any real concern or compassion.

        In short, my introduction to feminism via blogs like Jezebel and Feministe was really, really shitty. Also, I’m well educated and have attained BS and MA degrees, yet if I don’t bow down to sociology jargon and worship at the altar of all things leftist, I “need to be educated”. This is just frankly bullshit. A lot of mainstream feminism these days just seems to further to tell women what to think and how to behave under threat of reprobation.

        So finding radfem blogs has been really relieving. It gives me hope that there are still feminists out there who want to end sexual exploitation instead of promoting it and who understand that women should not support laws that put our safety at risk no matter how progressive they may seem. Thank you for your blog.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Relieved. I feel honored to be tasked with keeping the lights on in this space for women like yourself. Thank you for your comment.

  55. @Lauren,

    “Thanks to a man who decided to rape and beat me when I was young I have PTSD, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, major depression, and I’ve spent the last decade existing from one stay in inpatient psych care to the next. My last stay was a week last September which actually seemed to make things worse because the hospital I was in didn’t have a sex segregated psych unit so I was forced to share space with men. My first night there, during intake, I was sitting at the nurses station in just my thin hospital gown waiting to get my vitals done and this man walked up and just started staring at me. I had a panic attack and ended up getting restrained and sedated. ”

    (1.) If you are a disabled woman, ask for a ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Request for Reasonable accommodation stating that having to share intimate quarters with a biological male would exacerbate your PTSD. Women aren’t raped and assaulted by a “gender identity”. They are raped and sexually assaulted by male bodied persons. (2.) Specifically list your needs in a Psychiatric Advance Directive.

  56. Dana Says:

    It sounds to me like what we’re going to see is a greater push toward all social women (biologically female or not) being expected to dress more “feminine” in order to “pass” so that there are no misunderstandings about transpeople.

    Hell f?!king no.

    It is bad enough that butch women are confused with men so often now. Can you imagine the reaction if one used a locker room and was accosted for wearing a polo shirt and vest and khaki slacks and short hair? And most of us are pretty short compared to men, and wouldn’t stand up as well in a fight (or an arrest). Jesus.

    We need those third-gender bathrooms and locker rooms, stat.

    • marymacha Says:

      Third gender, my ass. And who’s going to pay for them? A third set of bathrooms and facilities would only validate their delusions. Besides, where does it end? Most trans people seem to be binary in their head trips but some of them claim there are thousands of so called “genders”.

  57. Dana Says:

    While we’re at it, have you seen this? There’s at least one “transwoman” in the book. I was going to get it for my daughter, but not now.


  58. Marty Says:

    Facts people, facts. I’ve been reading a lot of fear based, transphobic chat here. I don’t think I read one bit of actual truth in this entire 268 response comment. Rather than panic about trans people, do some research. Get some facts. Did you know that in every state in this country that has laws allowing trans women to use the restroom of the gender in which they identify, there has not been a single report of rape, assault, or any other illegal or perverted act. We, just like you, go in to a stall, do our business, wash our hands, and exit. That’s it! We don’t care anything about you women! Why in the hell would we? Most of you are so fearful of something, which in all of history, has never happened. You’re all ridiculous. I’m sure you’ve figured by now that I’m a transgender woman. Yes, I was born in a male body, but I’ve been dressing in girl’s/women’s clothes since the age of 3 or 4. I’ve tried to quit dressing by throwing everything out, only to go out and buy an entire wardrobe of women’s clothes within less than a month. Not by choice, but by deep seated need. I’m not saying there aren’t perverts out there, but they are the minority. The rest of us are just doing our best to live our lives being true to our authentic selves. Another point, why in God’s name would anyone choose to be transgender when you have to fear coming out, and then when we do, we face verbal and physical assault. Oh, and the only one’s on record of being attacked in restrooms is transgender people.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Sir, no one cares what you wear. That is your business. As for “facts” and “research”- your comment is lacking. Here are some facts:





      You are a fool.

      Men like you, with your total ignorance and disregard for the welfare of women are the reason we are now going to pass laws regulating your behavior in relation to women’s spaces.

      Next time you enter a feminist space I’d advise you to listen- keenly- to the words being spoken there. Goodbye and good luck sir.

      • GallusMag Says:

        OH MY.



        Marty’s blog:

        Saturday, January 3, 2015
        My Transgender Live

        How I Feel

        I’ve known that I was transgender since age four. I wore the shoes of a girl down the street a lot, and once around age five I found a thigh high stocking in the trash in my parents room and couldn’t resist trying it on. Of course I liked it!

        At age eight I started getting into my mom’s pantyhose (the ones in the plastic egg [Leggs]), wearing her shoes, and wearing some dresses. I’ve been addicted to wearing pantyhose to this day. I just love how they feel on my skin. It all felt so natural and normal. I was scared of being caught, or seen by anyone.

        It was around this time that I started asking friends if I could try on their sister’s shoes. Some said yes, and others no. I had one friend who had an older sister who wore bell bottom jeans and platform sandals. I always tried to get him to bring me a pair of her jeans and platform shoes. One time I spent the night and he finally did it. Late that night he painted my toenails red, and I put on the bell bottom jeans and platform sandals. Then we sneaked out and walked a way down the street. It was another wonderful moment of freedom and feeling feminine.

        Around the time I started Jr. High School, I started going to the store (like Walmart) to buy pantyhose. I was so embarrassed to take them to the checkout, but I had to do it if I wanted my own pantyhose.

        When I was sixteen I started stealing girl’s clothing, shoes, makeup, jewelry, pantyhose, etc. from garages, houses and cars. I had such a strong need to dress in women’s clothes, and wasn’t getting much of an allowance, that I found I had no other means. I went on stealing women’s clothes, shoes, etc. until I was forty-seven and got caught. I hated doing it, but by my twenties it had become such a normal thing, and I got really good at not getting caught, that it eventually became an addiction and I’d obsess over stealing. I could stop obsessing until I went through with it.

        Before getting caught in Aug. 2010, I asked God to please help me to stop stealing because I couldn’t stop on my own. I haven’t stolen anything since, but it’s kept me from getting a job since then. And it was a misdemeanor for theft under $100. I got two years’ probation and a fine.

        I’ve been wanting (needing) to start hormone replacement therapy for the past thirty or more years. Because of my Bipolar Disorder I have never been able to maintain employment for more than three to six months, unless of course it was a job I really enjoyed doing. The longest job lasted just under two years. Now I’ve been unemployed since April of 2010 (became full-time student from 2009 to 2013) and I searched for two years. I had a few offers, but once they did a background check, the offers where rescinded. So I’ve never been able to afford much of anything besides rent, utilities, etc. to live on.Now I’m fifty-one (fifty-two as of Feb. 24, 2015) and I still have no means to afford HRT. No insurance, no nothing. I’ve made many suicide attempts since 1988.

        I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever lost hope, but it is the most miserable, deep seated feeling that anyone can feel. I’m on three different anti-depressants, and I still have suicidal thoughts nearly every day. I’ve got to the point where I’ve lost all hope, quit taking care of myself, and sit on the couch all day on this laptop. My back always hurts; I’m around 220 lbs. which is about the most I’ve ever weighed. I can’t see my toes because my fat stomach sticks out too far (Dunlop disease).

        There has been many times where I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every time it turns out to be a train passing by, leaving me in the dust and no longer seeing anything in the tunnel again. So, why is it so easy for me to lose all hope? Because time after time over the past thirty years the same shit keeps happening over and over and over. I’d say I was stuck in insanity doing the same thing over and over, but I always try different things. To this day nothing has worked and I’ve given up on ever getting on HRT, or become more feminine which I’ve deeply needed from my soul all of these decades.

        Last year I had handgun to my head. I was so frickin serious about wanting to die and be out of the misery that is my life. For some goddamn reason I can never go through with it, or in the case in 1988 on my first suicide attempt, I swallowed a full bottle of Phenobarbital, and never would have woke up if my girlfriend and her dad didn’t show up. I just spend the day in the ER drinking nasty ass charcoal all day.

        Every day I feel lowness, emptiness, sadness, feeling worthless, and like there is a huge hole in the middle of me, or a pit in my soul. I can’t even look at my reflection in the mirror. I see an ugly fat old slob who is the farthest from looking even a tiny bit feminine. Even wearing makeup and nicely dressed. It pisses me off that someone or something has stopped me from successfully killing myself in order to end the pain and misery that has become my life. Why would anyone allow me to live with this for so many fricken years, not allowing me to end it, and not giving me the means to start HRT? WHY??? (I guess it’s God’s will for me to spend the rest of my life suffering. Well, screw that! I’ve had enough of feeling like this.

        Either give me the means to begin (and stay on) Hormone Replacement Therapy, or let me successfully kill myself, goddamn it!!!! That’s all I ask. Period. PLEASE! Help me to not feel like this anymore. I can’t take it anymore, and you’re not supposed to give us more that we can handle. And I’ve heard that in church, 12 step meetings, and out and about. So please God, just end the pain and emptiness by allowing me to die, or help me to get the means to afford HRT.

        Sorry if it is not appropriate, or sounds like I’m rambling and/or repeating myself. Everything written here comes from how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. That and I’ve never done a blog before.

        If this material or subject offends you, goes against your religious or political views, don’t read it! Any negative comments will be deleted.
        Posted by Marty at 3:09 PM
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        Location: Grant, SD, USA
        1 comment:

        Lenore EpsteinJanuary 3, 2015 at 5:31 PM
        As your mother, I do understand. It saddens me as I sit here and read this in tears, wishing, wanting, needing to do something to help. I love this child with all my being, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help. Please God, help us all to help this poor soul.


      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So Marty is a common lowlife thief, who couldn’t care less about women’s boundaries or rights to their own possessions. He is a deeply selfish and antisocial man.

        Hey Marty, your problems in life are entirely of your own making. You say you have bipolar disorder, but I doubt that. You’re just latching onto that instead of facing what you are: a fetishist and a thief. You’re also lazy and creepy as hell.

        And yeah, this: “We don’t care anything about you women! Why in the hell would we?” says it all, doesn’t it? Thanks for so neatly summing up the views of MtT the world over! I think we here at GT will go back to that statement over and over again.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        His poor mother. Marty, stop scaring your mother.

      • GallusMag Says:


      • ImNoCissie Says:

        “I’ve been wanting (needing) to start hormone replacement therapy for the past thirty or more years. Because of my Bipolar Disorder….”

        I looked at Marty’s blog. That sentence needs the punctuation fixed.

        “I’ve been wanting (needing) to start hormone replacement therapy for the past thirty or more years because of my Bipolar Disorder.”

        There. Fixed it for ya, Marty. Too bad the medical establishment isn’t properly treating your mental illness. Have you been on Lithium?

      • ty@nospam.gmail.com Says:

        Strange that Marty, in that lengthy account of his life, completely omits the fact he is/was MARRIED.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “We don’t care anything about you women! Why in the hell would we?”

      LOL. Indeed.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Duh, we noticed, dude.

        He sounds like a totally harmless little flower, doesn’t he?


    • LC Says:

      Marty, women are not obsessed with “women’s clothes.” Women have clothes. They don’t feel any need to quit wearing them, or to wear certain kinds, or to buy entire new wardrobes to fulfill any deep seated needs. You are not a woman. Your fascination with clothing indicates that you have a psychological obsession with them- many people do. That obsession is likely very real to you, but it does not make you a woman. Please learn to accept this part of your life so that you can live as an authentic man- regardless of what you want to wear- and stop blaming women for your problems.

    • Lauren Says:

      “I’ve tried to quit dressing by throwing everything out, only to go out and buy an entire wardrobe of women’s clothes within less than a month. Not by choice, but by deep seated need.”

      Where do you men come up with all this money to just be able to throw a wardrobe away, replace it a month later, buy hormones, buy moobs and peenginas…huh? Where? Oh right! It’s because you are at the other end of the wage gap making man money.

      “I’m not saying there aren’t perverts out there, but they are the minority. The rest of us are just doing our best to live our lives being true to our authentic selves.”

      Read and comprehend the following:

      ‘Pervert’ is a noun meaning ‘one who practices sexual perversion.’ ‘Sexual perversion’ means ‘a sexual act, activity, desire, lifestyle, etc., that is a marked deviation from the societal norm.’ ‘Sexual’ means ‘pertaining to, characterized by, involving, or endowed with sex, sexuality, the sexes, or the sex organs and their functions.’ Therefore, you and all the other little trannies like you are perverts for: 1)actively pursuing a sex change which is impossible; 2)attempting to eliminate ‘sex’ as a biological reality; 3)playing dress up in what you consider ‘women’s clothing’ and pretending to be of the sex that you are not; 4)trying to force and coerce lesbians into accepting your penis/peengina as being part of a female body; and 5)being so delusional as to believe that you are legitimately of the female sex and possess a female mind and body. You are right about one thing though. Your specific type of pervert is very much the minority, thankfully.

      “We don’t care anything about you women! Why in the hell would we?”

      That should be adopted by the Men’s Rights Movement whackos as their slogan. It also looks like you don’t see yourself as a woman based on how you worded this. It’s amazing how the truth can come out in passionate writing. The ‘we’ you group yourself into is obviously ‘men’. The truth will hopefully set you free.

    • bleh Says:

      Here’s some facts

      Here’s a list sexual and violent crimes committed by transwomen and crossdressers:


      here’s a list of sexual and violent crimes committed by crossdressers :


      Cross dressers are included under gender identity laws as transgender and are entitled to access to female sex segregated spaces on the basis of gender identity:


      More fun facts, here’s a list of transgender rapists:


      Here’s a list of transgender murderers:


      Here’s a list of rapists and violent criminals who transitioned or declared they were “female” in prison:


      Here’s a lists of rapists and violent criminals who became trans activists or who advocated for by trans activists


      Transwomen are men and there are not any laws that prohibit violent men from changing legal gender or name. Women have EVERY RIGHT to assume that any transgender male could be just as dangerous as the next man.

      • Geena Phillips Says:

        Since it appears to be needed here, I’ll speak (type) slowly.

        Transwomen are women.

        If you have difficulty wrapping your noggin around this very basic fact, then perhaps you should consider refraining from speaking on the subject, lest you reveal yourself to be ignorant, a bigot, or BOTH.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Geena- It is not ignorance or bigotry to recognize that transwomen are men. Only a self-hating transwoman (or magical-thinking fantasist) would claim otherwise.

        You are a man who likes to go to feminist blogs and tell women to stop speaking publicly about feminism. So not only are you male, but that is the KIND OF male that you are.

        If you are not able to keep up with advanced feminist discussions around “gender” there are plenty of bland, unchallenging pro-genderist blogs for men like you to chant nonsensical cultic tropes at each other like “transwomen are women! penis is female! sexual dimorphism among mammals is a myth! laydee-brain!” Etc etc. If you comment again instructing women to stop speaking it is you whose voice will be removed from this discussion. Final warning.

      • Bea Says:

        Do you even know what the word “bigot” means?

        Bigot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

        I am not intolerant of your opinions. I am intolerant of you trying to force your opinions to be codified into law based on pseudoscientific, misogynist “genderfeelz.” I don’t think everyone should be required to feel the same way as I do—I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you identified as an armadillo. You are the one intolerant of feminist opinions. You are the bigot.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Transwomen are women.”

        Nope, you’re MEN. Annoying, stupid, creepy, perverted, degenerate MEN and every sane person knows this!!!!

    • morag99 Says:

      “Most of you are so fearful of something, which in all of history, has never happened. You’re all ridiculous.”

      Said the ridiculous, woman-hating creep, Marty, who steals women’s clothes and underwear, including his own mother’s, in order to satisfy his sexual compulsions and fetishes.

      Sick, sick man. Doing his “business” in the ladies’ room. I’ll bet.

    • Bea Says:

      “The only ones on record being attacked are transgender.”

      …you moron. You don’t care about anyone but other men in dresses.

      Women don’t have an unrelenting desire to wear pantyhose, you frickin’ numbskull kleptomaniac fetishist.

      I can’t believe we live in this psychopathocracy where middle-aged men think being female is an obsessive compulsive desire to wear certain fabrics.

      Do you not even have the remotest sense of honor? Even a smidgen of self-awareness? A hair’s width of decency? People don’t want to hear about your self-loathing suicidality, you are a grown man.

      If you wanted estradiol that badly, you could’ve ordered it on the internet for $30. Or are you completely inept and need a babysitter? What you really want is attention, and to bully women. We can see through it.

      You’re not a woman, you never will be, never were. You are a deranged, creepy-ass male thief who wreaks havoc on everything he touches. We don’t accept you. We are repulsed by you.

      Thank you Gallus, for exposing these sick fucks so other women can wake up.

      • Bea Says:

        And when I say “people don’t want to hear about your self-loathing suicidality,” I mean the general public. Save it for your therapist, your doctor, your psychiatrist, your spiritual leader, and people who actually know you…instead of using it as a tool to manipulate people into paying attention to you. I don’t want the tranny brigade to ambush me for saying that.

    • No name Says:

      The panty-thief has declared ‘women are safe’ from his 24/7 fetish. He ignores the fact that exposing himself to women & children is nonconsensual and women goes into super caution mode because women are raped/assaulted/murdered by men daily. 4 women a day [in mainland USA]are killed by men with sexual jealousy of women, which often is higest in domestic violence- but sexual assault attacks on womwn are frequent.especially when they let their guard down in the wrong place.

      Transwomen are men.
      Women are women.

      When Dana B was caught raping a woman-he physically overpowered her, and raped her with his penis. The ‘trans community’,became the ‘mans community’ and that penised community demanded ‘man’s right to rape while wearing a dress’ and intimidated the rape victim and put her on trial to force her drop charges before running her life, which they did anyway. I hear she has two little kids to raise.

      I heard bullshit like
      * Rape happens in lesbian relationships* -and the official word from the mans community dismisses this was a man raping a woman, a male-on-female form of violence. The man’s community is willing to be rape apologists to protect another man’s sexual life style. Too late, you showed the rape apologist hand you intend on playing when women are raped by criminals in a dress.

      Therefore, it is correct to say,
      Transwomen rape women.

      Hadden Clark used to physically overpower and kill women/children to drink their blood and cannibalize them in hopes of turning female.
      Therefore, it is correct to say,
      Transwomen kill and eat women

      Robert Kosilek, who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1990. He nearly decapitated her when he strangled her with wire. This is one of many examples of a crossdresser first killing a women before they come out as trans.

      Therefore, it is correct to say,
      Transwomen decapitate women.
      Transwomen can attack women.

      ^ hey, look at this’ Yep-Proof-
      Transwomen take upskirt photos of women in women’s bathrooms.

      and after rape/assault murder, transwomen don’t think many of these dudes in dresses are clueless why they are wrong or should get in trouble for male on female violence.

      Transsexual have already been using the ladies’ room with no problem since the 1990s. The bathroom problem you avoid talking about, and pretend not to notice- when you drone on mindlessly about bathroom rights, is the “I wanna flash my penised male body infront of women/children that have no choice to consent to being exposed, or being exposed to by someone that fetishises females or children”.

      This would give any pedoplile or rapist a reason to risk following a child into a restroom in a store. Looking out for rapists and pedophiles in women-children areas is an additional burden placed on the women to accommodate another man’s sex fantasy that does not even have to be there.

      Transwomen are men with a strong fetish for wearing ‘female things’ and/or

      Trans women that are openly cruel and dominating to women have problematic sexual jealousy of women, a man’s sexual problem they try to project on women out of their abusive nature.. These are men that treat women like things, and red flags for male violence go up when women encounter these guys at lesbian events.

    • marymacha Says:

      “We don’t care anything about you women!”

      At last one of them admits he’s not a woman!

    • marymacha Says:

      Marty, I wholeheartedly support your right to wear what you and society-at-large term “women’s clothes” and go wherever you want EXCEPT women-only space.

      If you are biologically male, you can and SHOULD use the facilities reserved for those of your biological sex. Why won’t you do it? What’s the real reason? One of them is the very real threat of male violence. Yep, many biological males tend to think that if it wears a dress or is perceived female, it’s okay to prey upon. And you, being male, of course KNOW this. (Granted “not all” of them think this way but the ones who don’t won’t do anything to stop the violence. Why? because they too fear male violence.)

      If you really believe you are female you can bat for “your” team by staying OUT of the women’s room and keeping other biological males out. Of course the latter would go against your bro-code male conditioning which tacitly states you don’t get between another man and his right to be an a******e where women are concerned. Because like you said, “We don’t care anything about you women!

  59. Tabitha Martin Says:

    FINALLY!!! Someone who is also Trans, who “gets it”.

    Well said.

    I have been trying for quite some time to convey this. And have been repeatedly bashed and flamed. I truely hope someone listens to this, this time, and learns from it.

    • marymacha Says:

      By “gets it’ you mean that he understands that the more brazen female impersonators are about to blow it for all of them.

  60. Geena Phillips Says:

    Disgusting. Please do not presume to speak for transwomen everywhere, because you MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT.

    I assure you that acting as a quisling for cisgender bigots will not cause any of them to exhibit even one moment’s hesitation when it comes to discriminating against, harassing, or even assaulting you.

    You’re a disgrace to our community, Ms. Murray.

    • gaydude50 Says:

      Please post a list of all of the times women have assaulted transwomen. Actual women assaulting women, not MtT assaulting women.

      Now scroll up and see a VERY abridged list of all of the time transwomen have assaulted women. (The real horror is that this list is dramatically longer and underreported because the idiotic press continues to refer to male assailants as women just because they wear a dress.)

      Now ask yourself it if it really unreasonable for women to have their own penis-free spaces? And yes, that includes the inverted ones.

      If you said that yes, it is unreasonable, scroll back up and read creepy pervert Marty and ask yourself if you’d like him to be alone in a restroom with your 12-year old daughter?

    • bleh Says:

      Hey Geena, trans activists hate it when you spell transwomen as one word, you ignorant cisgendered bigot you.
      And transwomen are men, men that want to appear female and modify their dress and sometimes their body to do so, that’s just the way it is. If you can’t handle that reality you are transphobic, homophobic and sexist.
      The disgrace to the transgender community is that convicted rapists and other violent offenders are allowed to change legal gender and name. Some men like convicted child rapist Allison Woolbert even become respected transgender activists http://genderidentitywatch.com/2015/01/07/allison-woolbert-transharmtrack-usa/
      You want to do something for the trans community, support the creation of Allison’s Law and ban rapists and violent offenders from changing legal gender and name

    • kesher Says:

      Be a “quisling” or not, but the fact remains that the more creepers who claim entry into women’s spaces under the protections that trans activists advocate for, the more likely you’ll experience a backlash. That you have no empathy for women and girls and that you feel so entitled to have us kowtow to you makes it pretty clear that your movement is a men’s rights movement.

  61. @Greena,

    “Since it appears to be needed here, I’ll speak (type) slowly.

    Transwomen are women.

    If you have difficulty wrapping your noggin around this very basic fact, then perhaps you should consider refraining from speaking on the subject, lest you reveal yourself to be ignorant, a bigot, or BOTH.”

    Why are women the only historically oppressed group of person’s who aren’t granted the right to define themselves?

    I say males are not women, and never will be women. They say they are women. Why are men right and I’m wrong?

    All oppressed groups of people have a right to define themselves, set reasonable boundaries, and establish autonomy.

    • Bea Says:

      Mentally ill (usually suicidal) males with XY chromosomes who wear (and are often sexually aroused by) garments traditionally associated with the female sex, who take synthetic estrogen and male sex hormone antagonists, raise the pitch of their voices, then undergo
      polysurgery often consisting of castration, penis-inversion, shaving flesh off their necks, killing hair follicles, and bossing the prominent bones off their faces (though none of this is actually necessary, they can be non-surgical males with intact penises and sperm-producing testes)…ARE [the reproductive category of] WOMEN!! DUH!! If you can’t wrap your noggin around this VERY BASIC FACT…blah blah blah…fantasyland lunatic rampage…

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      “Why are women the only historically oppressed group of person’s who aren’t granted the right to define themselves? ”

      Yes, this is THE question that needs to be continuously asked of anyone hurling the TERF epithet or insisting that “transwomen” ARE women.

      Nothing about us, without us!

      I wasn’t on the all-male2trans committee that decided I am to be called “cis”.

      How many effected women were on the committee that decided transpersons should be speaking for and co-opting the women’s reproductive rights movement, correcting language and shouting us down?

      I also wasn’t on the committee that decided surgically altered men and fully intact men should now be creating feminist theory and leading a movement designed to help women.

      Semantics and word policing don’t change biological fact – “transwomen” are at best, surgically altered men. At worst, they are crossdressing fetishististic criminals.

      Nothing about us, without us!

      A movement for biological women who were also socialized as women does NOT and can NEVER include biological men.

      They can support. They cannot lead and can never be allowed to co-opt.

      And, you will NEVER name me.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        …and after that rant, the irony of it all is, I do not consider myself a radical feminist. I am radically feminist in some respects – but even when I am not in agreement with a particular feminist position, I do know that every single radical feminist intellectual speaks from a place of knowledge and understanding of what it means to be female and has lived the female experience. As diverse as our experiences can be in certain respects, one must be a woman in order to try to speak for women and address our place in society.

        I have a commonality with every single woman, including the woman who ingests male hormones and medically alters her body, and that commonality I will never have with any born male.

        I am heterosexual and have a lived a fairly conventional life – but women are women and no man “be a feminist”. He can only support and follow along.

  62. Margie Says:

    So the transsexuals are now in a fight with crossdressers. OK. But why is this battle between two wings of an insane asylum featured in an LGB newspaper? How is this relevant to us? It’s as if an arcane theological dispute between ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra were hashed out in the sports section of the Portland Herald.

    Why are we forced to be involved in this transanity day after day? It is only because of the concept of “LGBT” – the greatest political con job in modern history – which holds that LGBs are forever obligated to care about and do the bidding of trans activists. LGBs have played the role of the mark in this scam and we need to end it. 99% of trans activists’ power comes from their association with LGBs. End “LGBT” and we greatly diminish their reign of terror against women.

    • Bea Says:

      I think about this a lot. How would we go about separating ourselves from the T now that it’s so fully entrenched in LGB? A petition? Encouraging real gays, lesbians, and bisexuals not to use the term until it peters out into ancient history? I’ve seen transgenders discuss separating themselves from LGB, but they have also admitted that’s the only reason the T has gained acceptance, so I don’t think they’re going to let it go without a fight.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Here’s the bumper sticker: LGB/NO-T

      • The problem with LGBT is starting with the idea that compulsory heterosexuality is “normal”, so everything else can be chucked into one big basket of weirdos. The liberal stance is tolerance of the weirdos without ever thinking through that consenting adult relationships are acceptable whereas violence, abuse, delusion, dehumanisation and appropriation are not.

        I understand the LGB grouping may have use in terms of campaigning for basic civil rights, but there is still a male supremacist underpinning to the way things are split and used on a day to day basis, and I don’t know how we will get away from that.

      • kesher Says:

        I think having the LGBT together used to make sense for political reasons, and it makes sense in the context of gay men who transition since they’re denied the same rights under the logic that they’re men in same-sex relationships. In the U.S. it varies by state, but it seems like most states regard a marriage between an MTT and a man as same-sex.

        But with the white transbians taking over, as much as they try to appropriate “lesbian” for themselves, there’s no sense in retaining the T in my opinion, except for the issue of money since the white late-transitioning transbians are loaded.

  63. Atranswidow Says:

    As the wife of one of these men for over thirty years can I just say from my own direct experience that transsexuals don’t wake up at the age of 50 plus and realise that they are trans. They live for years, probably most of their adult lives as cross-dressers. They binge and purge on the clothing, makeup and shoes that they feitshise. It escalates, just like any addiction that becomes out of control.
    Messrs Tur and McMurray may want to distance themselves from that now because their ‘pretty little heads’ are troubled, but they know what they once were.
    For me the biggest culprits in the whole explosion of ‘trans’ has been the medical profession. Being ‘diagnosed’ as trans gender is nothing but a cop-out. Men who marry and have families are suddenly released from all responsibilities; free to be their ‘real selves’. Unless a wife is prepared to go along and drink the kool-aid from day one she is tossed aside. She is part of the old ‘unreality’, now surplus to requirements.
    I encouraged my ex to get medical help for his cross-dressing. If only I had known where it would all end up.

    • gchild Says:

      “She is part of the old ‘unreality’, now surplus to requirements.”

      Because women ARE “unreality” in a Patriarchal, sexist, racist, and misogynistic society.

      This makes me wonder what would happen if we all decided to let transwomen have womens spaces and were able to somehow never use any a public restroom, locker room, etc. What would they do if they had these spaces all to themselves? Would they be happy?

      I get the feeling they wont like that. I wonder why…?

    • Oh god over thirty years. I feel so sorry for you.

      I also feel sorry for the women on reddit who ask for help in the sub “mypartneristrans” because their boyfriends/husbands want to transition.

      I always wonder how long it takes until they leave.

      • Elle Says:

        “I always wonder how long it takes until they leave.”

        Three years for me. Reeling the first year, in denial the second, and clawing my way back to the land of the living in the last, with no real support to be found online, just advice from those who’d drunk the Kool-Aid on how to understand and accommodate the very special snowflake who’d stolen the most vital years of my life.

        I would give anything to have known about this blog from the moment I found out!!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I’m glad you’re here now, Elle, and I hope it’s helping. ❤

    • “They binge and purge on the clothing, makeup and shoes that they feitshise. It escalates, just like any addiction that becomes out of control.”

      And they might (or will) end up being alone and hating themselves.

      Yesterday I stumbled upon a reddit post of a 62 year old dude who transitioned 10 years ago. He said at this time he was “young and naive” (because 52 is like being 18 of course). He complains how lesbians and straight girls (Note how it’s girls and not women – fucking ew) aren’t attracted to him and how they “hurt” him. Also he hates himself – a lot. But he blames other people for it.

      After all the horryfiying bullshit I saw late transitioners say and do – it’s hard to take him seriously. Especially when he blames lesbians.

      I guess he behaved like a gross perverted pig and women got sick of him.


      • kesher Says:

        I’m skeptical of all the trans bullshit these days, but, by far, I don’t trust the late transitioners or have any patience for their troubles. They lived decades as men, clearly they don’t experience any real discomfort living as men. They don’t fit their own talked-up stereotype of MTTs who commit suicide before 30 because they’re just so uncomfortable in their own skin. Why transition at that point unless it’s a fetish compounded by a mid-life crisis?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Interesting how being alone means he has no future. How many women come to the point where “being alone” — in other words not living with someone — is delightful, freeing, joyous? In a culture where so many women believe they are nothing without a man, plenty of straight women seem happy without men. But men. It’s the end of the world if they don’t have someone servicing their needs 24/7.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Atranswidow, you’re not alone. My MIL was married for twenty years to a man with a fetish for women’s clothing; she accepted that, but then he decided he was “really a woman,” and within two years or so he’d had the surgery and everything. (She stuck with him for about the first year after his announcement, but when he started making plans for the surgery she told him to leave. He, of course, did everything he could to make her feel guilty and bad for not wanting to be married to a hulking castrato with plastic boobs, and she had the same experience as you and countless other women, where she found no help, support, or understanding from anyone but her close friends and family; everyone else acted like she was a villain and should “love the person, not the body.”)

      Funnily enough, your situation–encouraging him to get medical help–closely mirrors hers. She made a comment to him once about how she wondered if he didn’t wish he was a woman…and that started him down the road. She, too, has wondered how things might have been if she’d never said that. And she, too, found that when he spoke to a doctor, nothing was suggested to him except “transition.” No one suggested he try taking extra testosterone for a while and see if that helped; no one offered anti-depressants or any kind of counseling to make him happier in his own body. No one even discussed any real drawbacks with him or suggested that it may not solve all of his problems or that he might not be thrilled with the result or even that the problems he had at that time were not insurmountable and he could still be happy as he was. And he was delighted with the idea; he acted like he’d just been handed a ticket back to irresponsible, vibrant youth, a metaphysical “do over” card.

      Now his health is ruined, his bank accounts are empty, and he’s alone–while my MIL has remained good friends with him, so we see him semi-regularly, his own children barely speak to him and he’s not allowed to have unsupervised time with his grandchildren. (We allow him to spend time with our kids, both alone and with us, but with the very strict rule that he is not to wear female clothing or refer to himself as a female etc. when he’s with them, and we do not use his ridiculous tranny name. They know nothing about his “transition” and that’s how it will stay.)

      • kesher Says:

        “he acted like he’d just been handed a ticket back to irresponsible, vibrant youth, a metaphysical “do over” card.”

        It really goes to show how little they know about women and how they are never treated like women. Women over a certain age have very little value to society because we’ve lost our youthful good looks and our ability to reproduce. Meanwhile, the mid-life crisis transitioners think being a middle-aged woman is license to do whatever they want? Hilarious!

  64. gchild Says:

    when you cold bust these guys on their bullshit, you validate what women know to be true but are too scared/brainwashed to express. I didnt even have the language to communicate how wrong this all felt until I started reading this blog and all the resources mentioned here.

    I send all my women friends/family here to educate themselves (unlearn the BS) about how dangerous transgenderism is for women/children.

    I also encourage them to DONATE because this work is so important. Investing in this is an investment in our saftey/future. Plus, you’ve got MAD skills!


  65. shediogenes Says:

    @Raven235 My sister fought for primary custody, so I guess its her fault she has had to struggle to raise her kids. I think she would have liked shared custody, if only her ex hadn’t developed a drug habit or perhaps if the lazy fuck hadn’t left the kids in soiled diapers all day while he recovered from his hangover. Maybe if he hadn’t given them whatever was in his pigsty house whenever they were thirsty (because redbull is so healthy for a 2 year old). He has cleaned up, but every other weekend when he gets the kids he foists them on his mom. When he does engage with them its to be superdad, spoil them, the fun guy who never disciplines them and gives them anything they want. They come home loaded up on sugar, caffeine and junk food, happy to misbehave and give their mom a hard time.
    Needless to say, I think you may be oversimplifying, sometimes the mother wants custody for good reason, her fault for giving a damn about her kids though, right? Maybe the custody burden is so lopsided because so many fathers are selfish, useless, or downright dangerous. Nah, nevermind, we’ll stick with “its the womans fault” that always works.

    • morag99 Says:

      Good answer, shediogenes. There’s probably not a single mother on Earth who wouldn’t gladly share parenting responsibilities if it would lighten her burden and be of benefit to her kids. But, the question is, with whom? With abuse dangerous and/or irresponsible and selfish fathers? How about fetishistic and sexually abusive ones?

      I just hate, HATE the oft-repeated, and usually baseless, accusation that women take sole custody of their kids for no other reason than to be bitchy or have “power” over men or just for shits and giggles. That’s actually what men do: use kids they don’t care about to control and mock women.

      Not that that’s exactly what Raven was saying. Nonetheless, it comes way too close to the idea that, as you wrote, “its the woman’s fault” if she’s overburdened, exhausted and impoverished because she made the “choice” to raise her kids, and to protect them, on her own.

      Almost all feminist “choice” rhetoric is deeply suspect. It’s gas-lighting.

  66. Oak and Ash Says:


    But something like this could NEVER happen! At least the media aren’t calling them women. So, will transactivists want to disavow them or count them in their day of remembrance?

    Anyone think they’ll dare to accuse the NSA of transphobia?

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      I saw an article about that on Yahoo last night, and the very first comment was a man saying, basically, “When these guys want to hang around women’s bathrooms and expose themselves to our wives and daughters, it’s bad to refer to them as ‘men in dresses,’ but when a situation like this happens, suddenly they’re ‘men in dresses.’ It’s the same thing.”

      Yahoo has been very heavy on trans-positive stories lately, and it’s always nice to see how many commenters aren’t buying it one bit.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I also feel somewhat encouraged at how many people haven’t bought into the post-modern nonsense. (That’s why I linked to the New Yorker cartoon with a “transrabbit” in the comments on Ali Bee “New World’s Dawning.”) Even though I don’t believe most of these people fully support feminism, I’ll settle for women having the right to privacy in their own spaces.

        It does anger me, however, that we’re more likely to get men in dresses out of our restrooms not because we feel threatened and don’t want them there, but because a bunch of straight, white, middle-class men want to protect their wives and daughters. Have we really gotten to the point where we have to hope conservative patriarchy will protect us from liberal patriarchy?

  67. Mortadella Says:

    Yep, saw the same news story. I was relieved the anchors referred to the suspects as “…men dressed as women…” instead of suspects who identify as female.

    Also, Bill Maher made fun of trans activists for banning the Vagina Monologues on Friday. You know, if a man pokes fun at the pomo freak show, he’s safe.

  68. […] for a genre black women have been nurturing longer than she has been alive. As for my comment on Gallus Mag’s blog about trans women, she also knows nothing about a conversation that ran to more 300 comments. If […]

  69. Sydney Says:

    Leslie McMurray fails to remember that she was married for 33 years to a woman who had no knowledge of her being transgender. Leslie has completely left me, her former wife completely broke and I am currently homeless. Leslie made sure by lying to the Texas Court that I had been notified of the divorce hearing in Texas and she failed to let the Texas court know that the divorce had already been filed in California and that I was awarded $4,000 a month for spousal support. After lying to the Texas court, she obtained a degree of divorce and was awarded all of our community assets and left me with all of our debts totally over $50,000. She refuses to even take my phone calls and is living her live just as she wants without regard to all the years of support and love that I had provided to her. I wish I could get an attorney to straighten out this mess, but I have no money, $200,000 was community property in our 401K which I was promised half but since have been told it is all been spent on her surgeries. I too needed surgery for a cancer issue but Leslie was in so much of a hurry to become the woman she wanted to be, she took me off her medical insurance without even notifying me. I did not have my surgery and I am getting sicker everyday, Who is she to point fingers about anything pertaining to how a woman should be treat with compassion, as long as she is a transgender woman that is. A real woman birthed Leslie, aka Jeff McMurray and she would be very sad to see what a heartless and selfish woman Leslie has become.

    • GallusMag Says:

      @Sydney- That is terrible! I’m so sorry to hear this.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through. My own mother was effectively abandoned by my father when she was diagnosed with cancer.
      If there’s anything we can do, disseminate your story more widely (although I’d understand if you’d prefer we not) or donate to a fundraiser if you have one going, please let us know.

    • Biscuit Says:

      That is awful. 😦

      Blowing money on cosmetic surgery while your wife goes without needed surgery for cancer is unbelievably cold.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      Very sorry to hear all this—it sounds like your ex is a gaslighting, malignantly narcissistic abuser. Admittedly some of that was obvious from reading the article he wrote, but I absolutely can’t imagine what it must be like to live with such a person for 30+ years, subject to all the constant lies and manipulation, and then be thrown away like so much human garbage whenever you’re no longer useful. I don’t know if it’ll help to name Leslie what he is, just another man treating women as his personal property (but this time including the actual concept of womanhood itself), as so many have done through the ages.

      I hope you can stay strong and keep fighting, and find a supportive community offline as well as on.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Sydney, I am SO sorry you got caught in McMurray’s web of lies. He is a vile, putrid excuse for a human being. What an evil man.

  70. Atranswidow Says:

    I don’t know where to start. It doesn’t surprise me at all that your ex has done what he has done. The scale of it though, particularly in view of your health problems is mind-blowingly cruel and heartless.
    There must be some way that you can get some legal representation.
    Your side of things needs wider publicity too. One of the reasons that I started commenting here is because I was so pissed off with story after story by these ‘trans heroes’ who dismiss their former lives and wives, after decades of marriage, with a throw away line along the lines of ‘of course my transition cost me my marriage’, implying that it was the wife who had the problem.
    My financial position too is precarious, to say the least. Thirty years of playing wife and mother, following his moves abroad so that he could further his career and reinvent himself, always putting him first. He wanted me to be the one to leave the family home as I was the one with the problem for not going along with his grand plan. A two year impasse in which a thirty year partnership became an emotional battlefield. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
    So let them toss their pretty little heads. We may be poor but we have our dignity and integrity and we know the truth behind their stories. I wish you all the very best.
    Thanks Gallus for giving us this space. Your work is so important.

    • Suckeredpunchedbyjeff Says:

      Thank you sister for truly voicing my pain. We do still have our intergrity and the power of healing in becoming truly heard and to finally be acknowledged as victims of transition. Laws such be enacted to protect women against being kicked to the curb without the means of support or the funds to seek legal representation when the ex husband has done his wife wrong wrong wrong.

  71. Suckeredpunchedbyjeff Says:

    So Leslie can afford surgery and a gym membership while I stand in the line of the food bank? Now that is truly confusing! Oh let me introduce myself, I am the now known as Leslie’s ex wife.

  72. Transgenders should have their own ‘identity’- because they are NOT biological women. The number of trans ‘women’ are rising- and bio women should not have to compete- under affirmative action- for the few jobs there are. If more ‘women’ are added to the total number of women applying, and they hire so many women based on affirmative action, it just bumps more women out of opportunities. This is NUTS! Trans ‘women’ should NOT be competing in women’s sports. Trans women (and they’re NOT women), should not being using women’s toilets. NO!

  73. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/andrea-james-trans-pioneer_us_5776965be4b04164640fc212?fb_comment_id=fbc_1170383116315376_1170688352951519_1170688352951519#f114d05e68

    fighting for what?! to get the same rights as biological women?! to compete for the few jobs we have, for the few opps that we really get. we’ve finally started breaking the glass ceiling- finally (lot’s of pain and suffering getting to this place). well, good- you’re just in time to ride on the coat-tails of women who have fought themselves to near death to get to this place. good for you. do you have any clue just how tough being a REAL woman is?! or better yet- what being an unattractive woman feels like?! no- i don’t think you do. when you’re an unattractive woman, you become invisible- no matter what you accomplish throughout your life. you bleed for 1 week out of every month, for 35 to 40 years (and all that goes w/ it…cramps, tampax/tampons, bloating, the un-ending ‘on the rag’ comments). but, of course, you don’t have to worry about that if you keep getting pregnant- i guess. being treated like you’re insignificant from birth; conditioned by society, throughout your developmental years, to think that your inferior because your female. funny to me (well, not funny ‘ha, ha’), that so many male-to-females are popping up; just in time to ride the wave that so many women fought for. you’re ‘irreverent’; and i can’t support your efforts to call yourself a ‘real woman’- because you are not. it’s not at all honest- or respectful to biological women. if this is all so equitable, and fair- you are REALLY women, and trans men are REALLY men- then why aren’t we seeing an equitable number of trans men entering into men’s disciplines?! for instance- professional men’s sports?! it’s not like the money’s not there- or the fame and recognition. lots of incentive. weird- that’s not happening. why- i wonder?! perhaps it’s because men and women weren’t born w/ the same anatomy or make-up (regardless of hormones). women who support this are idiots. no- really. because it is NOT equitable at all. if trans men are not physically able to adapt to men’s disciplines (re-enforcing the whole ‘men and women are built differently’ thing)- is it really fair that trans women are allowed to compete against biological women- under those conditions?! i don’t think it is- neither do millions of other people, who are too afraid to say so because they’ll be called ‘trans-phobic’. i’m not afraid to say it. and i’m not ‘trans-phobic’; i’m of the feeling that when one groups rights infringe on the rights of another group- it is then NO LONGER a RIGHT. and, actually, i’m surprised that you need to be told this.

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