SNL PepBoys “Genderflect”

March 29, 2015

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  1. susan Says:

    Darn. Video not available in Canada.

  2. I'm No Cissie Says:

    Are they hurling firebombs on Twitter over this yet?

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  4. Lauren Says:

    I was rofling and lmaoing . This was great. 🙂 But I’m sure some knickers are twisting around lots of man junk right now and NBC, SNL, and Pep Boys will be issuing an apology to the trans cult by the end of the week despite this not coming across as an attack on the cult at all.

  5. Freya Says:

    I don’t think so, Gallus. I believe the one one that the Transgender Attack Machine is going to destroy Tokyo over this coming week is what USA Today posted on March 29th under the headline Jamie Foxx under fire for “transphobic” Bruce Jenner jokes — a joke told at the IHeartRadio Music Awards:
    “We have some groundbreaking performances here, too, tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, who will be here doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

    “Look,” he added. “I’m just busting your balls while I still can.”

    Where’s Yoshimi to battle the giant pink robot when you need her?

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      I hope not, most of the comments are in his favor.
      Some of them haven’t heard the word “transphobia”. They’ll be sick of hearing it soon enough. Everything in the universe is transphobic!

  6. Miep Says:

    Oh noes! Twanz been mocked.

    That was great, thanks Gallus. lmao.

  7. gaydude50 Says:

    hahaha. How can they object? They even brought up intersex – the trannies favorite ‘exception that proves the rule.’ It’s only too bad they didn’t include a PIW in the skit. I did love the dude, too, who said he could never cut off his dick. Don’t worry, dude, you can still be a laydee!

  8. K Says:

    I’m sure Bruce would have felt just fine if Foxx had just made misogynist comments about him; the only issue he has is that his actual, real genitals were mentioned, which is naturally the /ONLY/ way we would know that he wasn’t actually female.

  9. VC Says:

    Nobody owes Bruce Jenner an apology. He made private aspects of his life public for monetary gain. If non trans, heterosexual Justin Bieber can be jabbed over his ‘girlish’ appearance, which he is constantly, then Bruce Jenner needs to ‘man up’ and take a few jibes, too.

    • RR Says:

      I think Beiber was on Lupron to delay puberty and maintain his high voice. I saw a photo online the other day and he looks he has finally gone through puberty, overnight, in his 20s.

  10. FYI…check out the news at CNN:

    One shot dead at Fort Meade after trying to enter NSA gate

    “The two men who officials say tried to ram the main gate at NSA headquarters were dressed as women according to a federal law enforcement official.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      We’ll see what comes out but looks like two inebriated transwomen in a stolen car got shot after taking a wrong turn into the NSA compound off the highway. Presumably they were trying to avoid an ID check for obvious reasons (stolen car and drugs and gun in vehicle).

      • VC Says:

        Isn’t it amazing – not one news outlet is describing the perpetrators as “trans”. They are “men dressed as women”, because true trans ‘women’, who are blameless by definition, would never commit such a crime, I guess.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The transwomen who were shot were (allegedly) black transgender street prostitutes, fleeing from a john they robbed. Black trans “sex workers” are only useful to the transgender movement as statistics used for fundraising, their deaths fodder for annual TDOR celebrations. It’s not like cute little white autogynephile nerd Chelsea Poe (or whatever the fuck his name is) took a wrong turn into NSA compound and got shot.

        GLAAD, HRC, Cox, Mock, etc. couldn’t be more thrilled to toss these bodies into the grave as “men dressed as women”.

      • gaydude50 Says:

        Chelsea Poe identifies as a trans porn performer, and yet he appears in a movie called: “She-male strokers 66,” which is subtitled “7 hot trannies strip, stroke & splooge.” Sounds like a confused little lad.

      • GallusMag Says:

        If that white heterosexual jackass got shot by the NSA we’d be hearing about it from Trans,Inc. I assure you.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Nutty Voz is here to tell us what we already know:

      • GallusMag Says:

        Good old Voz, throwing the first handful of dirt onto his black “sister”.

    • No name Says:

      Yet, the men at the gate are not told: Stop being fearful and profiling trans as terrorist. You have nothing to fear and you will get expelled from the army if you say ‘man in a dress ‘ again. .

  11. gaydude50 Says:

    #genderflect is surprisingly trans free on twitter. I did bop over to check a few of the usual suspects. I’ve never understood the need for trigger warnings until visiting aunty sarah’s twitter feed and seeing the bubble bath vine he posted. I threw up a little in my mouth. Nice stache dude. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Susan Says:

      Trans only gets REALLY angry about misgendering and what not when it’s a productive feminist analysis.

      • gothamette Says:

        Um, I don’t think that SNL is going to apologize, nor do I think that Jamie Foxx will. Things are bad but not that bad. Show a little spine, like Dorothy smacking the Cowardly Lion on his snoot, and these damn bullies back down verrry quickly. Remember that? What a great scene.

        See 2:28. Laugh.

        Take courage.

        These maniacs are bullies. First rule is: never apologize.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Despite pronouns and phony voices,
        Terrible wigs and fashion choices,
        Undeniable facts remain

        They’d give all the tea in China
        For a make-believe vagina,
        To go with their Laydee Brain (TM)

  12. Anon Male Says:

    I’m not going to defend Starbucks but since at least some of their clientele seems to hang out all day long there (and isn’t in and out in five seconds on their way to an important board meeting at Fracking Fluid Wholesalers like writers seem to *hope* [!!!] is the case), I’m not sure it’s the most absurd thing ever for them to want to foster socialization and community at their place of business.

    For example, there was #blackbrunch

    and that targeted places not altogether different from Starbucks — as far as I can tell, no NASCAR events were targeted.

    The PepBoy’s comparison is a bit apples and oranges, and not in a way that should dramatically increase the humor. There’s one joke about the car being totaled (which is the worst thing ever for a poor person since your insurance won’t replace it with something nearly as reliable). But auto repair sites

    1. are places where females get ripped off (and not because of self reported gender but because of sex based expectations). There’s not one joke that acknowledges this despite care being taken to show a female mechanic who is also a moron when it comes to Jendah

    2. are places where people sometimes do wait in misery together, commiserate over financial stuff (things that matter), sometimes without wifi and a cute date

    While commercializing the revolution is clearly bad and absurd, it’s almost as if liberal SJW writers *want* Starbucks employees to be reduced to drones who don’t do anything besides dispense luxury goods. And, mind you, these are the same writers who are all about how sex work is empowering and a form of speech; then again, these writers also think that *all* the racism in porn is tied to the personal mating habits of white female performers and not institutional in nature — but I still bet if some European brothel did #racetogether, Slate, The Atlantic, and half of NYU’s faculty would find it GENIUS.

    Of course, I’m guessing that Starbucks corporate never gave its workers the free ability to be pundits (something which only some federal government workers seem to enjoy employment protection for in America), leaving that to clients, clearly there have been examples where employees have acted like actual people with differing opinions:

    I’m guessing corporate couldn’t reference that directly. [I don’t believe the author there was fair to their fellow employee, and I suspect there’s a gender issue at play there, too.]

    OK, the TLDR section:

    SNL seems to draw on themes that trans people want mainstream America to tie to gender, especially the belief that intersex people are all over (and thus trans must be a subset of that). Also, it reminds us that “cis people” are stupid! Only the educated SNL viewer knows the difference between sex and gender and knows that’s a trick question to shame ignorant rednecks since the only thing that really matters is brain-sex.

    #racetogether would have resulted in dumb white people speaking mainstream “truths.” But we’ll never know since there was a limit on that dumbness that ended up protecting white people from themselves, so only a couple of corporate figureheads — who will never suffer in any way — took the blame.

    SNL, on the other hand, spreads dumb misinformation fairly effectively.

    • Miep Says:

      Anon Male: it’s one thing to let your employees talk politics with the clientele, it’s quite another to tell them to.

      • LC Says:

        Agreed, @Miep. Customer service is difficult enough without getting involved in political discussions with customers… I can be charitable in saying that the executives had good intentions, but the ones at the bottom should never have had that kind of responsibility or pressure.

        The SNL skit I thought was amusing, except for the part about ‘having both sets of genitals’- an impossibility and a common fetish among the trans crowd. Really, if the general public was aware that that condition is impossible, it might have been funny… but since they’re not, it’s just feeding misinformation that only benefits the gender cult.

  13. anotheranonmale Says:


    Realize this is Off Topic but I was not sure how else to reach you with this material before it disappeared:

    The comment string on the first post is internet-trans behavior gold. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it firsthand before and wow, is it mindnumbing. As a survivor of an NPD home, these people give me the heebie-jeebies.

    Keep up the good work.

    • GallusMag Says:




      Come see “Orange Is the New Black” actress and transgender advocate Laverne Cox speak at Pitt, brought to you by the Rainbow Alliance to kick off Pride Week 2015!

      Laverne Cox is an actress and transgender advocate who argues that one is not born a woman, but rather becomes one. Join us to hear her “Ain’t I a Woman” talk!

      Doors open at 5:30 pm for a 6:30 show. Open to Pitt undergrads who show valid student ID.
      News Feed

      Noah C. Riley
      March 27 at 11:40am · Pittsburgh, PA ·
      Is this only open to Pitt students?
      Patrick Cleveland, Desh King, Nai Gative and 3 others like this.

      Michael Edward Hey there, yes the event is open only to Pitt Students with ID
      March 27 at 7:33pm · Like

      Mk Zev Adverbs Can I ask the reason for the decision? It would be cool if Pitt shared its resources with the broader community in Pittsburgh. Also, asking trans people for ID is generally awkward.
      March 27 at 7:45pm · Like · 10

      Michael Edward Hey there, I understand completely, but the decision was largely out of our hands. In order to bring such a high profile speaker to campus it took three campus organizations to fund just about half of the total of Laverne Cox’s honorarium, with the student government board generously allocating us the rest with certain caveats such as venue choice and only allowing the presentation to be open to pitt students. We understand that it’s not ideal. the ID stipulation also isn’t meant to verify identities per se, but to keep track of the total number of students attending. I hope that answers your questions. If theres anything else you’d like to know feel free to email us, you can check out our tumblr ( for contact information

      Rainbow Alliance at the University of Pittsburgh
      The Rainbow Alliance provides for the needs and…
      March 27 at 7:51pm · Like · 4

      Mk Zev Adverbs Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it.
      March 27 at 8:01pm · Like · 1

      Michael Edward Absolutely! If it’s your thing, feel free do join us for our other events for pride week, ending with our 15th annual charity drag show
      March 27 at 8:02pm · Like

      Noah C. Riley Thanks for the explanation. As a trans Pitt student I find it disappointing that student government is limiting this really great experience to students. There are a ton of trans people in Pittsburgh and likely trans women and trans women of color who would love to see Laverne Cox speak.
      March 28 at 4:59am · Like · 18

      Noah C. Riley Could you also clarify if this is actually open to only undergrads?
      March 28 at 8:10am · Like

      Michael Edward It is an event for undergrad pitt students first and foremost yes
      March 28 at 10:59am · Like

      Therese Libert Not staff with Pitt ID?
      Yesterday at 10:58am · Like

      Michael Edward I’m sorry no, only undergrad students because they pay the student activities fee that the event was funded with
      Yesterday at 11:00am · Like

      Therese Libert Ok. Thanks.
      Yesterday at 11:01am · Like

      Sharon Welburn Grad students also pay the student activities fee. Does this mean grad students are not allowed?
      Yesterday at 12:45pm · Like · 1

      Mae Fetu “Transgender activist Laverne Cox to speak in Pittsburgh to kick off pride week! (Pittsburgh trans women not welcome, sorry)”
      Yesterday at 12:52pm · Like · 36

      Torey Bocast Is there going to be/can there be a live feed of the event at least for people unable to attend?
      Yesterday at 1:05pm · Like · 2

      Therese Libert So much for getting Trans support.
      Yesterday at 3:09pm · Like · 5

      James Weaver The Pitt-students-only policy is not something Rainbow made up to be difficult and is not a new policy for large events funded through the fee that Pitt students pay. It is out of their hands so complaining on here really doesn’t accomplish anything.
      Yesterday at 5:11pm · Like · 1

      Mae Fetu Literal gate-keeping cis scum
      Yesterday at 5:55pm · Like · 31

      James Weaver Mae, you are being unreasonable. Like Mike said, they’re not verifying identities. They are verifying that the people attending paid the student activity fee. Presenting a valid student ID is how you do that.
      Yesterday at 5:59pm · Like

      Mae Fetu Yes, let’s tone police trans women on the Laverne Cox event page. This is fun.
      Yesterday at 6:01pm · Like · 35

      James Weaver Mae I understand you are upset. Talking to Pitt administration would go a lot further with rectifying this problem for future events than posting on here.
      Yesterday at 6:02pm · Like

      Mae Fetu Are you a trans woman? Do you know what kind of denial I am used to? Can you really understand why I am upset?
      I am not being unreasonable.
      For your information, I probably will take it up with Pitt administration. I highly recommend you never tell a trans woman that they are unreasonable for being upset ever again. Lose your privileged, academic tone, because I do not like being talked down to. It’s rude.
      Yesterday at 6:11pm · Like · 44

      Noah C. Riley People are validly upset that a choice was made to bring a major trans activist and actress, a trans woman of color at that in promotion of pride, and the event was kept private to undergrad students. Obviously the event is over and there is little to rectify other than to provide criticism so that in the future perhaps these thoughts well be taken into consideration.
      Yesterday at 6:14pm · Like · 22

      James Weaver Noah, this is for Pitt’s Pride Week, which is unrelated to Delta’s Pride events. This was funded by Pitt students and therefore Pitt students received priority.
      Yesterday at 6:16pm · Like · 1

      Elen Ripley hey james how about instead of being condescending and awful you, in your capacity as (presumably) a student at pitt, complain to administration instead of tone policing trans women on an event page. go on, fire up that email! send a strongly worded letter to the administration!
      Yesterday at 6:16pm · Like · 32

      Emmett Mirza wouldn’t it have made more sense to just charge an admission fee for non-students rather than telling non-students how unreasonable they are for daring to want to attend?
      Yesterday at 6:17pm · Like · 34

      Helga Lelsney james did you know that your beard looks really bad
      Yesterday at 6:17pm · Like · 15

      Tomi Nova this is a mess just like….
      yeah what emmett said like just let outside people in what kind of college are you running
      Yesterday at 6:17pm · Like · 19

      Elen Ripley i wasn’t gonna say anything but now that it’s out in the open i have to agree
      Yesterday at 6:18pm · Like · 15

      Tomi Nova I for one, Hate Money
      Yesterday at 6:18pm · Like · 19

      Mae Fetu I’m a writer and activist in the Pittsburgh trans community. Clearly not someone to prioritize for attendance to this event.
      Yesterday at 6:20pm · Like · 38

      Helga Lelsney jimmy…. can i call you jimmy? i just really want to know 2 things first off why is your beard bad, second why do you hate trans women? if u could answer asap. thanks jimmy
      Yesterday at 6:21pm · Like · 19

      Tomi Nova Just fucking ignore a trans woman tbh. Just ignore her but you know yall want Laverne Cox to step on your face because she’s a goddess and ethereal and the most important being in the universe and you can never be transmisogynists
      Yesterday at 6:22pm · Like · 16

      Emmett Mirza Mae was talked down to at the door to the event and barred from entrance and now you are talking down to her on the internet. amazing, amazing
      Yesterday at 6:24pm · Like · 22

      James Weaver Good god. I was trying to explain that this is not Rainbow’s doing. If there were still seats available after students were let in, others would have been allowed in, but the event was at capacity.

      I’m glad to see people decided to resort to insulting me. That’s really mature and not how you keep allies.

      For the record, I am no longer a student, so I was not allowed to attend.
      Yesterday at 6:24pm · Like

      Helga Lelsney jimmy buddy… where did u go?
      Yesterday at 6:24pm · Like · 2

      Emmett Mirza If your allyship is contingent upon being coddled you aren’t actually an ally
      Yesterday at 6:25pm · Like · 36

      Mae Fetu The event was not at capacity.
      Yesterday at 6:26pm · Like · 29

      Elen Ripley james. again. you could be trying to rectify this situation instead of talking down to people on the internet. you wanna talk mature? you’re upholding a bullshit classist policy that is absolutely harming the pgh queer scene and then crying foul when people call you out on how awful that is.
      Yesterday at 6:27pm · Like · 20

      Tomi Nova who’s fucking insulting you holy shit?
      Yesterday at 6:27pm · Like · 2

      Noah C. Riley I understand this isn’t a delta event. That is irrelevant. It was a ‘free’ event closed off to the public. namely trans people in the community of Pittsburgh who would have loved the opportunity to hear Laverne Cox speak.. trans people, trans women, trans women of color have limited access to such successful role models. Consideration ought to be given to such sensitive issues when organizing an event like this, activity fees and student government decisions aside. There are ways to organize and host events without shutting community members out, and it starts by listening to them.
      Yesterday at 6:28pm · Edited · Like · 35

      Tomi Nova Trans women are only worth dignity and respect if they are nice to me
      Yesterday at 6:27pm · Like · 25

      Helga Lelsney did jimmy really get so upset by having his shit beard made fun of that he blocked me? studies say lmao
      Yesterday at 6:28pm · Like · 16

      Holly Graham perhaps, and honestly fuck “allyship” if it looks like “being condescending”, it would be worth thinking about why a large university in a large city with a not insignificant trans population decided to hold the event in a way that inherently excluded the local community? especially given that Pitt is (to the best of my knowledge) a public university and (furthermore) perhaps the absolute lack of thought on that (including the fact that i am sure you had enough space and could’ve done a door vs. pre-order ticket sale and used a larger venue) indicates you aren’t really interested in like *doing good for transwomen* and the word “ally” isn’t really appropriate in this instance?
      Yesterday at 6:30pm · Edited · Like · 31

      Tomi Nova lol like I’m sure Laverne herself would appreciate the treatment of a literal trans woman at an event that’s meant to cater to cis allies and give them a pat on the back
      Yesterday at 6:29pm · Like · 28

      James Weaver There were undergraduates turned away at the door so it was at capacity. Students pay a fee every semester that directly funded this event, so it’s not a “free” event for students.

      Mae, i am sincerely sorry that you experienced problems at the door.
      Yesterday at 6:37pm · Like

      Mae Fetu It was not at capacity at the time I was denied entry. I see you backpedaling. You don’t know the meaning of sincerity.
      Yesterday at 6:41pm · Edited · Like · 35

      Holly Graham that doesn’t really address:
      1) why a pride event didn’t think on the broader context of Pittsburgh vs. the College
      2) why a larger space wasn’t considered (i’ve been on yr campus the school is huge)…See More
      Yesterday at 6:43pm · Like · 31

      Wynne LeMars disclaimer that I’m non-binary (so obviously trans women should have the bigger voice here) but Laverne Cox is one of my role models and I’m really disappointed that she was in town and I couldn’t go to her event because I’m not a Pitt student. the suggestion that non-Pitt students just pay an extra admission fee is completely reasonable and should have been considered beforehand. Pittsburgh’s trans community deserves better than being shut out from trans events.
      Yesterday at 6:54pm · Like · 24

      Tomi Nova yeah uh. .
      Yesterday at 7:14pm · Like

      Miranda Brooke Raven Okay. Deleted my prior comments at Mae’s request. Why the hell y’all turned away a trans woman who was on the guest list at this event is absolutely beyond me.
      Yesterday at 7:17pm · Like · 3

      Arina Leelah Grace Hey James why don’t you go eat shit. Oh wait, you are what you eat so you must’ve eaten shit every day of your life.
      Yesterday at 7:19pm · Like · 3

      Arina Leelah Grace Seriously you are part of the problem, you’re on the side of the people oppressing us on a daily basis. How does it feel to be an elitist, scum-sucking fuckboy?
      Yesterday at 7:22pm · Like · 2

      Arina Leelah Grace Like there is no way to backpedal out of this. You’re doing shitty stuff and you need to rectify this situation post fucking haste.
      Yesterday at 7:24pm · Like

      Miranda Brooke Raven Did y’all delete my comment? You really don’t want to hear what trans women have to say about so shamefully excluding one of us, huh? You can’t just gloss over this, you know.
      Yesterday at 7:32pm · Like · 7

      Mae Fetu please stop derailing
      23 hrs · Like · 8

      Tomi Nova uhm that comment is really antiblack , ironic or not lmao what the fuck!
      23 hrs · Like · 2

      Mae Fetu that’s not okay
      23 hrs · Like · 1

      Holly Graham i think i have been blocked by someone and can’t see posts, wtf?
      23 hrs · Like

      Tomi Nova how about you apologize instead of just deleting comments because that’s so beyond fucked up and I’m pissed haha omfg
      23 hrs · Like

      Mae Fetu I asked that the comment be deleted
      23 hrs · Like

      Tomi Nova still though I’m really upset about what she said
      23 hrs · Like

      Mae Fetu yeah that was not fucking okay
      23 hrs · Like

      Tomi Nova this whole thread is a mess and my mom said i have to come home
      23 hrs · Like · 6

      Mae Fetu When I die bury me in this thread
      23 hrs · Like · 8

      Leighanna Rose Walsh i was trying to be critical of the classist/transphobic/racist/whorephobic/ableist attitudes that are present when it comes to gate keeping of LGBTQ events, as from personal experience time and time again I have found them to be very exclusive of those outside of an approved norm, and how many liberal sorts, especially cis white people, are convinced they’re being progressive while still upholding many of the same prejudices and toxic ideas that oppress people in the first place. from a place of deep anger, i was attempting to ridicule those attitudes.

      obviously, i (somewhat ironically) failed to check my own white privilege when doing so and consider how it would be taken(or even think about what I was saying in the first place), and thus did more harm than good. i apologise.
      23 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

      Tomi Nova .
      23 hrs · Like

      Leighanna Rose Walsh ?
      23 hrs · Like

      Tomi Nova w/e
      23 hrs · Like

      Leighanna Rose Walsh I’m sorry.
      22 hrs · Like

      Holly Graham leighanna, i dunno you but maybe this is one of the times where the smart and kind and sincere thing to do is stop talking
      22 hrs · Like · 2

      Torey Bocast It looks like actually a large number of (cis) non-Pitt students got in, so…. wtf
      21 hrs · Like · 7

      Dot Swoons Hey well will you look at that more transmisogyny being branded as Pride.

      What happened and what continued to happen on this page is just unacceptable, although nothing new from “allies”.
      18 hrs · Like · 5

      Therese Libert Can someone make this public? People need to know.
      10 hrs · Like · 1

      Therese Libert Working on some publicity with the GLCC. Not sure how it will work out.

      • neme Says:

        And not one of them asks the obvious question: Why is Laverne Cox charging such an exclusionary fee? Why didn’t Laverne Cox reach out to the local trans community? Why didn’t Laverne Cox or Laverne Cox’s team make sure the event was accessible? That’s what activists do. That’s what anyone with a social conscience does.

        University groups hire speakers all the time. Cox deserves the same fee other speakers are paid. I would like to know if Cox requested more.

      • O-M-G this gave me a headache. How hard is it to comprehend? If you are not a student it was not opened to you! I cannot imagine going to my nearest university and demanding access when I am specifically told that it was an event that came about due to funding for and by the students. Hell, I cannot get library access (research databases) from my university as an alumni. They tell me to pay for parking and come in and use the library. I want it at home like current students get. But, they say no. What should I do, throw a transfit?

      • VC Says:

        In a program about Chaz Bono’s transition, her girlfriend mentioned that the male hormones she was taking made her belligerent, aggressive, and always spoiling for a fight. (They later broke up.) The girlfriend believed those were male characteristics that Chaz was taking on. But the men who take female hormones behave in a similar fashion. Could it be that taking cross sex hormones makes it easier for hostile personality traits to emerge? Stable people don’t call others “gatekeeper cis scum” over not gaining entry to a speech.

        But who are they kidding – they want to see Laverne Cox because he’s on TV, not because he’s an “activist”. Except for arguing that straight men oppress MtF, because they won’t take them home to mother, or advocating for the rights of rapist-murderers, he’s not known for any activism. (BTW, I’d be willing to bet a considerable sum that Cox still has a big ol’ black penis. He’s displayed his fake boobs on OITNB, but he’s very coy when asked about bottom surgery. Note to surgeon: actual female breasts don’t jut forward at a 90 degree angle.)

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘Laverne Cox is an actress and transgender advocate who argues that one is not born a woman, but rather becomes one. Join us to hear her “Ain’t I a Woman” talk!’

        So, $17,000 for stealing a few lines from the work of Simone de Beauvoir and Sojourner Truth, completely misrepresenting them, and using their words for his own purposes? That’s a great gig.

        I wonder how many thousands Truth was paid for her anti-slavery speech? I’m sure even the learned and distinguished de Beauvoir could never make in a few hours what some working class women struggle to make in a single year.

        Ah, but Cox is a male “goddess” and that pays more. How shameless.

      • Lauren Says:

        This made my eyes water from laughing so hard. It’s almost difficult to believe that people with this level of stupidity exist. It’s scary that they’re real and out there somewhere spreading their virus. There were so many missed opportunities through this for someone to chime in with ‘you mad bro?’ The overly aggressive and angry fallout from getting called ‘bro’ would have made great entertainment. Meanwhile I got called ‘sir’ today by a woman at the social security office (I had my hear pulled back tight, no makeup, plain coloured coat) and then I took off my coat, said good morning, she looked me over again, apologised, we laughed and it was all good. I imagine any one of those trannies on this FB thread would have ended up suing the SSA.

        Thanks for sharing this hilarious bit of transinsanity. 🙂

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        i was trying to be critical of the classist/transphobic/racist/whorephobic/ableist attitudes that are present when it comes to gate keeping of LGBTQ events

        I wasn’t aware that prostituted persons are now under the LGBTWTF umbrella. Congrats to all!

    • Note how fucking entitled these people are.

      Everything has to be accessible to them. Everyone should only care about them.

      “Yeah I’m not a student buuuut I’m trans!1”

      They have no respect for any boundaries.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        Yep, you can remove the dick (or not) but you can’t remove the male entitlement. Nothing makes a man angrier than being told he can’t do something he wants to do. That conversation read like a comment section on an MRA site. Remove the erotic dancer laydee names and I bet no-one reading those comments would say they were written by women because these guys are the apogee of a porn-soaked MRA culture and they exude maleness.

        What do you bet Laverne Cox only appears at exclusive, expensive events precisely because he doesn’t want his scary, non-passing, fetishistic stalkers to come within 100 yards of him? He doesn’t want that kind of photo op.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        Plus talking about trans-craziness, has anyone come across this place? –

        La Femme Finishing School

        The ‘sissies’ section is especially hilarious. These men are basically indulging a sex fetish, where women are the subordinate, sex-object class, and yet we are expected to acknowledge them as authentic women, instead of tourists, and let them into our spaces.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        I wish I hadn’t clicked that link.

        If anybody uses that “finishing school,” he is being ripped off.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        RE: La Femme finishing school:”We have petticoats, pantyhose and stockings with garter belts plus nude tights to cover hairy legs”.

        LOL. Who the hell wears that shit?

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        And the transformations are particularly hideous. Jaysus. Run for hills.

      • kesher Says:

        I think what I love most about the trans whining is how they’ll try to couch it in social justice terms, that it’s “classist” to ask people to pay admission or to reserve an event for students only. These dudes, if they had money, would have no problem with “classism”. It really goes to show how entitled and narcissistic men are. When they’re broke, everything must be free to them or “discrimination”. As soon as they have real money, suddenly they’re dyed-in-the-wool capitalists.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I was involved in campus student government back in the day, which included hosting a couple of speakers each year. One of the reasons that we officially tried to keep our events to students and alumni was due to insurance restrictions. Also, using a large venue to host a well-known personality can change the “feel” of the lecture from an educational one into a celebrity’s fan club gathering.

      That said, as James Weaver mentions in this discussion, non-students are usually welcome if there is space available. Also, it’s not unheard of for a speaker brought in for one event to stay a few extra days in order to make additional appearances in the same city. The transgender groups in Pittsburgh could have looked into this option, but they likely would have had to pay Cox.

  14. Atranswidow Says:

    And if you search ‘woman ‘ on Wikipedia there is Laverne Cox; first thumbnail photo before Venus, Joan of Arc, Eva Peron……I think that was my ‘rad fem tipping point’. Makes my blood boil every time I think about it.

    • Lauren Says:

      I was hoping you were joking. 😦 That just made me sick. In a space made to hold twenty women there are only nineteen women and they all follow a man. Disgusting.

    • Laverne’s photo is directly below the word “woman.” No photo of Barbara Jordan, Coretta Scott King, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Susan B. Anthony, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, etc.

      How long until they get the search term “woman” to automatically redirect to “cis-woman”…?

    • Smits Says:

      Fun fact: the first spot on that graphic used to be Sappho. Wikipedia editors took out the only lesbian and replaced her with a man.

      • Jenni Says:

        my god,

        this makes me so angry! i knew about him being in that picture allready but that it was sappho who got replaced….that’s new(or maybe i forgot because it is so infuriatinnnnng!).

        i’m from germany and the last time i looked our wikipedia picture was different from the english one and that dude was not on it.
        now it is the same and I’m thinking about joining wikipedia as a writer just to have that changed!

        (long time reader, never posted before)

  15. vagabondi Says:

    Off topic: a university where I know some professors is requesting survey responses from people who have been partnered with trans. This school is DEEP in the trans trance and could use some (anonymous) honesty. Thanks everyone!

    • No name Says:

      OMG, that was an obsessive survey. But then again, it is a fetish that runs on male narcissism.

      • Atranswidow Says:

        I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought so.
        When asked to tick box ‘gender identity’ the options are Cisgender Man, Cisgender Woman, Transgender Man/ FTM, Transgender Woman/ MTF or other. First time I’ve ever had to describe myself as ‘other’ just so that I can say that I identify as a ‘woman’. Call me old fashioned but I will never identify as cisanything.
        But then, question after question about masturbation?

      • No name Says:

        That occurred to me. You were not allowed to ID as a woman. Only a ciss or siss. That is fetish crap.

  16. gunhild Says:

    Also off-topic:
    Tumblr just had “trans day of visibility”, since trans people are completely invisible and unknown on that blogging platform. Resulting in all the kids and do-gooders jumping on the trend reblogging hawt trans/”fluid genderqueer”selfies, what excellent propaganda. Fluid is when you wear pants on day and skirt the next, it means your both a man and a woman cool right.
    Anyway so I sat there not knowing what was going on when I see some pics from a girls childhood appear on my dash; her early days of sassy young girl not giving a damn and then her transformation into a young sweet lesbian woman. Except she was wearing a “boy” t-shirt which meant she was one….the whole thing broke my heart.

    Girls, it’s ok to be a “tomboy”.
    Girls, it’s ok to be a lesbian.

    Sorry, just venting.

    • GallusMag Says:

      All transgender activism should be selfie-related. Selfies: the one thing all trans support.

      I think the “transgender bathroom selfie” campaign is terrifically binary-centric and passing-privileged.

      Where are the selfies from guys like Carlotta Sklodowka in the men’s room asking “Do you theenk I belong In Deez Bathroom?”

      The young lesbian wearing the “I’m a boy” shirt in the women’s restroom…

      • gunhild Says:

        LOL, Gallus. 😀

        Although I just saw this comment re: the whole thing, from a young woman:

        “Today is transgender day of visibility, and all over I’ve seen wonderful pictures of men transitioning, you know, those time-lapse photo sets, pre-t, 6 months etc. They’re the best thing I’ve ever seen, and.. I want that. I want to go from whatever it is I am now to being as happy and attractive and confident as they are.”
        The propaganda is working 😦

      • kesher Says:

        There were a lot of MTTs participating in the bathroom selfie campaign who couldn’t be mistaken for women in this century. I loled a little that they thought their contributions were helpful.

    • Pumpkin Mary Says:

      I also saw the transgender day of visibility on tumblr and found it to be an amazing display of narcissism and delusion. The pinnacle was seeing an young man with a full beard wearing a dress and calling himself a ‘transgirl’.

      It’s all about the number of likes and reblogs you get on there.
      The number of young women on there who were merely non conforming with sex-role-stereotypes calling themselves “boys” and “non-binary” was utterly terrific. And I mean that in the archaic sense of the word – to inspire terror.

      • “young man with a full beard wearing a dress and calling himself a ‘transgirl’.”

        If seen like 6 of guys like this on tumblr. Just yesterday I saw an unshaven manly man declaring himself a lesbian. Fucking creepy.

        But I’m not really concered what men say about themselves on the internet. I’m worried that this new kind of “trans” “women” will start to harass lesbians irl because genderists changed the definition of homosexuality so much that it’s now about identities only.

  17. born free & female Says:

    Gallus – Indiana lawmakers have reacted to the bad publicity over RFRA by pushing through a law that guarantees access to “facilities or accommodations” based on “gender identity”. No debate or discussion on this part – they’re trying to push it through without anyone noticing.

  18. cerulean blue Says:

    For those of you who weren’t raised in the patriarchal confines of catholicism, genuflection is the act of bending your knee to the ground in front of a representation of jesus to show your servility to god. Apparently genderflection is the same? Because truly we born women are not worthy.

  19. Lauren Says:

    Hey Gallus,

    This doesn’t have anything to do with #Genderflect, but I felt you might be interested in this.

    I just saw this on HuffPo and it’s full of transinsanity. This Marci Bowers is a tranny himself and performs surgical mutilations on other trannies. There are several disgusting lines in the article and comments but a couple of the ones that really made me queasy are:

    “For the patients themselves, getting answers is a big part of the transformation process when they first set foot in Bowers’ offices.
    Probably the biggest fear that they have after a surgery like this is, ‘Will I be able to orgasm? Will I be able to be a responsive lover? I know what I had before; what am I going to have afterwards?'” she says.”


    “I think the most rewarding part about surgery is when you can say to someone, ‘Now you are a complete man,’ or, ‘You’re a complete woman,'” she says. ‘Wow. That’s very powerful.’ ”


    • Lauren Says:

      This is the link I completely forgot to include before. :/ I’m sorry. And I just looked over it again and the comment section is even worse now. One tranny actually said “The article has it wrong. The surgery doesn’t reassign gender. It reassigns sex…” O_O They actually believe it’s possible to change sex with surgery. It’s terrifying.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Saw a Tyra show where Bowers said he’s no longer transgender, but an actual woman. Because hole I guess. Around 15:59:

      • Lauren Says:

        Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. And what’s worse is that there’s a woman there, a real woman, playing right into this man’s delusion and thus encouraging the same delusion in many other trannies, i.e., surgical mutilation can change your sex! Inverted penis = mangina, peengina, dudegina, fuckhole, whatever, but it definitely does not equal ‘female’ or ‘real woman’.

        This makes me wonder if these male trannies consider themselves to be ‘more woman’ than the intersex women who are sometimes born with ‘dimple’, or ‘shallow’ vaginas. They probably do even though these intersex women were born female and experienced female socialisation.

        And another tangent, what the hell is wrong with the patriarchal medical establishment that leads them to dictate that an intersex girl with a ‘dimple’ or ‘shallow’ vagina should undergo dilating or surgery to make her vagina ready to be penetrated by a penis? It’s sick…pretty much as sick as this man calling himself a woman just because he’s had a dudegina for awhile that’s probably been used to the extent of a Thai ladyboi prostitute’s peen. *screams out of frustration as head explodes into a trillion pieces*

  20. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Another man spying on and sexually assaulting teenage girls in a locker room –

    Bucks Herald

    But, of course, women need to stop whinging about shared spaces, right?

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