Actual Women’s Reactions when Men tell them their Penis is Female – A Video Installation: Part One

April 20, 2015

38 Responses to “Actual Women’s Reactions when Men tell them their Penis is Female – A Video Installation: Part One”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    Thank you to the wonderful person who collaborated with me on part one of this ongoing series. ❤

  2. Bev Jo Says:

    Oh that’s good!

  3. Bev Jo Says:

    Disbelief and ridicule is all that will turn the tide, like Bill Maher’s recent outrage that The Vagina Monologues are “transphobic.” When I posted about the man called a woman arrested for having porn showing women raped by animals, a friends felt she was being “politically incorrect” for truthfully saying how ugly he was. Most women who haven’t been indoctrinated see men as men.

    We need more common sense, real reactions to all the cons these men pull.

    • Lauren Says:

      “Asked if she would be happy to attend a rehabilitative women’s programme, Love cheerfully gave the judge a thumbs up.
      She had earlier told her barrister that such a programme was ‘what I’ve wanted for years.’ ”

      O_O Did this man actually get placed into a women’s rehab programme? Women in need of such a programme have likely suffered some form of male-perpetrated abuse and placing him in the programme would only further traumatise already vulnerable women. I hope this didn’t happen. 😦

      I cried I was so angry over Mount Holyoke’s cancellation of The Vagina Monologues due to ‘transphobia’, and what a representative of their theatre board said about the play was enough to give me a migraine:

      “At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman…Gender is a wide and varied experience, one that cannot simply be reduced to biological or anatomical distinctions, and many of us who have participated in the show have grown increasingly uncomfortable presenting material that is inherently reductionist and exclusive.”

      I don’t feel that it’s at all reductionist to say that women have vaginas and to say that having a vagina is part of the definition of ‘woman’. It’s a biological truth that plays a significant role in defining us because much of what we experience in our lives is because of our biology. Is the play ‘exclusive’? Yes, and it should be. It should be exclusive to women and should NEVER include men. Unfortunately Mount Holyoke, a former women-only space, has fallen, like most other women-only spaces, to the trans cult.

      • kesher Says:

        Also, what does this rehab program entail? Was it a rehab program dealing with inappropriate and illegal sexual behavior and urges? How many *actual* women would even need that kind of treatment?

        Or was this rehab for a drug/alcohol addiction? Is the court claiming that drugs and alcohol are responsible for male sex crimes? If so, that’s an even bigger outrage to my mind.

      • shediogenes Says:

        Umm, Hedwig and The Angry Inch is a very narrow representation of results of botched surgery. Romeo and Juliet is a very narrow rep. of young lovers. Oklahoma is a very narrow rep. of the experiences of Oklahomans (to say nothing of all those unrepresented states) etc. They are aware The Vagina Monologues is, um, a PLAY, right? What the fucking fuck!?

      • GallusMag Says:

        But it’s a play WRITTEN BY A WOMAN. That’s what trans wants to destroy. Do you really think Hedwig would still be around if a woman had written it??? Trans would have crushed it immediately.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        The irony is is the The Vagina Monologues is so het-identified as to be male-worshipping, but is still not enough. The versions I’ve seen basically censor the word “vulva” since really the fuckhole is all that matters. Most little girls and even adult women don’t know that “vagina” is not their vulva and continue the erasing of our bodies to suit men.

        Still, the men complain….

        It’s true as Gallus said that what men do are more accepted by far.

      • KgSch Says:

        @Bev Jo

        That is true, the play is very het-identified, but it serves to remind the trans cult they can never have real vaginas and it pisses them off. (Or even fake ones because despite all the whinny claims of body image issues, most of them love their dicks too much to get surgery.)

        Also, women aren’t even supposed to say “vagina” anymore; we’re supposed to say “hole”. I saw a comment from a woman saying that a tranny berated her for saying “vagina” and told her she was triggering his dysphoria (hurt male feels) and that she needed to start using the word “hole” or else (she would get rape and death threats). Guess who realized the trans cult is full of psycho men after that.

        I think my school was still running this play when I graduated a few years ago, but the will probably change soon because the on-campus alphabet soup group was starting to get increasingly populated by trannies of the creepy het male variety. (When I was first in the group, almost all the officers were lesbians and most of the membership was female, with a majority of them being lesbians. Not so much when I graduated.)

        The thing that annoys me is that they steal the language of radical lesbian feminists and then use it as an excuse to commit censorship and sexually harrass us (we deserve it because we’re being “exclusionary” in their mind).

        I don’t know much about Bill Maher, but I understand he has a big audience so the more people who ridicule this shit the better.

    • K Says:

      I don’t usually like Maher, but at least he said something.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      According to what the judge in that bestiality porn dude’s case said, he didn’t give Bestiality Porn Dude jail time simply because the judge was worried he’d commit suicide if sent there. So now the trannies’ foot-stomping threats of suicide are truly a Get Out of Jail Free card. Don’t tell me it’s not a man’s world.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Ones who don’t want srs can threaten suicide and stay out, and those who want state-funded surgery can go in and file suits for their so-called “necessary” procedures. Choices, choices. Hmmm… I wonder what it’s like to have choices.

  4. Lauren Says:

    The gif here isn’t working for me, but I saw this come across the recent comments earlier. I love this. Amy’s face here is the classic WTF reaction mixed with a little disgust and then a little ‘yeah, whatever you say, crazy person.’ It’s perfect. I can’t wait to see more of these.

  5. amazondream Says:

    I’m not seeing it either–All I get is taken to the Imgur site–

  6. marymacha Says:

    Gallus, clicking on the picture takes me here:

    But then what? How do I get this thing to play? Do I have to sign up at this website in order to watch this? When I download it I get a picture.

    • Tomyris Says:

      Your browser might not like the gifv format, which is a new one from imgur. If you ever see one of those that doesn’t work, just copy the url but change the extension to .gif and it should play fine in a new tab.

      • GallusMag Says:

        THis is the Imgur GIF I have embedded here now. WordPress does not support the GIFV unfortunately. Yet.

      • GallusMag Says:

        But I do prefer the GIFV for the hard copy for any future collaboration because it is so superior and will look better projected in the large gallery spaces at MOMA.

  7. Miep Says:

    Okay, now the gif plays when I open this post. I’m using Safari on an iPad Air II

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Folks who can’t see the GIFV- sorry, I’ve got nothin’.
    I’ve replaced the wordpress file with an Imgur embed which should load easier. I’ve had multiple people on various browsers test it and it is working fine for us.
    I’m at a loss. Sowwy!

    Umm… Oh! You can follow the original HuffPo link here and watch her if you want:

    Beyond that, it’s a mystery.

  9. marymacha Says:

    Okay, I give up.

  10. ChicagoRefugee Says:

    I think you [someone] could do an interesting wo/man-on-the-street video by asking random passersby the question(s): “how do you respond to the assertion that penis is female?” And that “not all women have vaginas. Would you date a person with a womanly penis?” Stuff like that.

    Bet you’d end up with some good material to edit down ….

  11. TheDailyMale Says:

    Dunno if you’ve seen it, but I saw this gem just today. It is a scream.

  12. branjor Says:

    Hahaha! Love it, her expressions are perfect! Thanks, GM!

  13. shediogenes Says:

    Yes it is a play written by a woman, but this is also Mount Holyoke. The play hasn’t been around so long that a whole new generation of professors is in place. The same academics that heralded this as such a profound work are the same ones allowing its banning now, and at a women’s college no less. The fact that it is not measured by the same standard as any other play comes as little surprise at malecentric institutions, but Mount Holyoke, ffs? No play encompasses the whole of peoples experiences, but the idea that womens institutions are abandoning those rare works of art the show even some small part of womens lives is particularly alarming. We truly are going to have to start from scratch and rebuild Womens and Lesbians cultural… everything. Of course this time around we will be box in with “dont discriminate against the menz in dresses” laws and will have no access to state funding. Womens orgs and institutes allowing this shit to happen without a fight are forfeiting the voices of womens dissent and right to dissent without losing their livelihood, grants, etc. It is truly chilling.

  14. Lauren Says:

    Hey Gallus,

    Some news I’ve read today that make me so happy that you and GenderTrender exist:

    –The tranny porn star Susan Lee (Buck Angel) wants to divorce her wife and make her pay $2000/mo maintenance/spouse support.

    –An elementary school in Maine read trans cult propaganda to its youngest students.

    –The parents of this 5-year-old girl “after seeing how happy he was to dress as Prince Charming on a trip to Disneyworld — they decided last summer to make the transition. They cut Jacob’s hair shorter, changed his wardrobe, and asked family and friends to refer to him as Jacob and use the pronouns “him” and “he.” O_O And apparently this girl knew when she was just 2 years old that she is ‘really a boy’.;_ylt=AwrC1jEAijZVwnMAu0vQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMHZ0NG9yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg

    –Another school system is allowing the trans cult to use the sex-specific facilities and compete on the sex-specific sports teams of their choice regardless of the tranny child’s actual sex as long as the child “held the belief deeply, followed the belief consistently over a period of time, is supported by (a) parent or guardian, and … has sought guidance or counseling in coming to the decision.”

    These are just a few of many news stories re: the trans cult that have made my brain feel like exploding today. GenderTrender is a necessity. It’s an island of sanity in the middle of an ocean that has been mostly conquered by the trans cult to become ‘trans inclusive’ and anti-female. Thank you for providing a safe space and for consistently posting content showing the truly disturbing, destructive, and misogynist nature of the trans cult. It’s very clear to me how important this site is, and I hope that someday I’ll see a away from WordPress censorship and free to reach full potential. 🙂 I wish I had more to give to try to make that hope a reality, but for now I hope what I’m about to give can do some good for you personally or for your blog. Thank you again.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you, Lauren. BTW there are two public sites for women and our allies to post and discuss news links among other things:

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I just saw Jacob and his cray-cray-CRAY-CRAY parents!!!!! A girl can have the name of Jacob….and still be a girl. She can dress in pants and a suit coat/uniform…and still be a girl. Nothing I saw in the news segment indicated that she was actually a boy. JUST AN ABUSED GIRL WITH CRAY CRAY CRAY PARENTS.

      I had to leave the room. I couldn’t finish watching it. I was too enraged by this sexist SHIT. Oh three girls, and daddy didn’t get his boy? Momma didn’t get her boy? Well I guess they rounded their family out and have got a boy now, to balance things out! Horrible.

      • KgSch Says:

        Her parents are abusive freaks who may have Munchhausen’s by proxy or at least have some sort of attention seeking complex. All parents of “trans kids” that I’ve seen have a creepy, “look at me and how special my kid is and therefore how special I am!” vibe. It’s similar to the phenomenon of sports moms and dads, but at least those parents, while terrible, don’t set their child up for a lifetime of medical abuse for not conforming to sex roles, and then get praised for it by the media and idiot liberals. (And sometimes idiot conservatives, because some of them view it as a cure for gender-nonconformity and homosexuality.)

        Speaking of which, isn’t it interesting how when a girl rejects feminine bullshit and the societal expectations for being a girl, parents never, ever mention the idea of their daughter possibly lesbian or get on the news for mentioning the basic concept of gender equality and letting their daughter just be herself. It tells me that many parents would rather surgically mutilate their daughter than see her grow up to be a lesbian.

        Oh yes, these parents are taking out their rage of not getting a boy on their daughter.

        A lot of the medical establishment goes along with this for the money, or because they just do not care. Some doctors and psychologists might object, but parents like this will just keep going to different doctors/shrinks until they find one that agrees that their kid is trans.

  15. Susan Nunes Says:

    If we lived in a sane culture, first of all, kids would be allowed to be kids, and if they have different interests than most kids of their own sex, that’s okay. If we lived in a sane culture, parents who push kids into transgenderism would be be reported to CPS and be charged with child abuse.

    I really fear for the kids who are being caught in the web of this insanity. Even more lives are going to be destroyed because of this pseudopolitical movement of medical quackery and sexism.

  16. toppdyke Says: this song cover how ridiculous I find that notion of a man saying his penis is female as it sounds exactly the same to me

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