I’m planning to sterilize my seven year old son before he sexually matures, then freeze my own eggs so he can one day find a surrogate and raise my offspring (his siblings) as their “mother”. Is that weird?

April 26, 2015

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Is it a weird idea to freeze my eggs for my young transgender daughter who will likely never create sperm? (self.asktransgender)

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I have a transgender 7 year old daughter. She has become a beautiful, happy, vibrant person since she started transitioning a year ago. I have no reason to think her identity will change and neither does her therapist.

Because she is so young, she will most likely go on puberty blockers before she ever creates sperm. If she then goes onto hormone treatments directly from the blockers, she will be sterile. She will never create sperm.

She’s too young to tell me whether she might someday want biological children, and I strongly suspect, knowing her personality as I do, that she will not want to give up hormone treatments for the length of time it would take to create sperm, because the effects on HER would be, well, significant.

I am in a “Parent of Trans kids” group online and several of the moms mentioned that they were freezing their own eggs for their transgender daughters, so that their daughters could someday have the option of having children who are at least partially related to them. On the one hand, it seems like a huge expense for my daughter to be able to have a child who is a genetic half-sibling… but on the other hand, I see the reasoning. I am also a chronic worrier and I wonder if doing this would cause the child to feel pressured to use the eggs even if they didn’t really want to. :-/

I’m curious what you older (than my 7 year old daughter) folks think about this. Is it a ridiculous idea? My daughter has two half siblings who could conceivably donate eggs or sperm later on in life, and that kind of seems like it might be a better option to me.

If I did this for her, I’d have to do it NOW before I get any older and my eggs deteriorate, but luckily I’m not out of the age window to have healthy eggs right now. I am, however, not in any financial position to do this, though I hear that there may be options to help with that and will look into them if it seems like a good idea.

So… basically I’m just curious to see what the reaction to the idea is, here in this community. I’m leaning towards “probably unnecessary and maybe even a bit weird” but… if someday my daughter wanted it, I’d hate to say I passed up the opportunity to help her.

EDIT: Secondary question, but related. I am in contact with a young transwoman who does have frozen sperm and wants to have biological children. She is not in a good financial place for in vitro, surrogate, all that. I am not comfortable being a surrogate but would be willing to donate eggs to her for free (no reimbursement for my time, and willing to travel to work within her free healthcare system) but I don’t know her that well and don’t know if it’s appropriate to offer or weird? I’ve donated eggs in the past to an anonymous couple, so I know how it works and what to expect. I just don’t know whether it’s something to offer or not. I don’t want to make someone feel weird or obligated… but it could eliminate a portion of the cost, and I have a good track record – I’ve successfully donated before, and have three healthy children. Just not sure how or whether to approach it, I guess…

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[–]flyingmountain 5 points 2 hours ago

It’s really sweet and thoughtful that you’re considering this.

My daughter has two half siblings who could conceivably donate eggs or sperm later on in life, and that kind of seems like it might be a better option to me.

I agree. If she were an only child, my answer might be different. However, since she has siblings, she has options if she ever wants to be a mom to kids who are genetically related to her. It doesn’t need to be up to you; it doesn’t need to be now– no reason to go to all the expense and hassle now when things might change dramatically in the next 20 years. Reproductive science is evolving pretty quickly, so it’s quite possible that there will be options for her which we can’t even dream of now, if/when she wants to have kids.

Also, maybe this is just me, but personally I think I would find it a bit weird to be the parent of someone who was genetically my sibling. Can’t really put my finger on why I feel this way, but it would be much less weird, in my opinion, to be the parent of a genetic niece/nephew.

[–]jamiemommax3[S] [score hidden] an hour ago

I found it slightly weird too, but after listening to these other moms talk about it, I get where they’re coming from. And for my daughter, either a frozen sperm donation from her bio dad (who is not supportive of her and probably wouldn’t even consider doing it) or an egg donation from me would be her CLOSEST genetic relative, since her siblings are half siblings, donations from them would only be a quarter relation rather than half (but I agree, it seems less …weird.. to be from a sibling than a parent).

I really just hope that she has tons of options available to her by then!

[–]flyingmountain [score hidden] an hour ago

I definitely understand why you’re thinking of it, and like I said, I congratulate you on being an amazing and supportive mom. Your daughter is lucky to have you. And I’m willing to bet that those other moms are just doing their mama bear thing, trying to do their utmost to protect their kids from any potential hurt or obstacle. It doesn’t mean it’s actually a logical thing to do, necessarily, just that they feel like they’re being proactive. However, as I’m sure you know from your dealings with Mr. Non-Supportive Ex, families are made, not born. All kinds of people create families in all kinds of ways.

If your daughter wants kids, if she wants them to be genetically related to her, if she asks her siblings to help out, if she has a willing partner of whatever gender and reproductive capacity… there’s no way she’s going to be disappointed that her future kids are not quite as closely related to her as they could have been if you had frozen your eggs two decades prior.

[–]jamiemommax3[S] [score hidden] an hour ago

Thank you. Your “ifs” paragraph was really what I needed to hear. 🙂 So many ifs!

[–]AmforsytheGenderfluid-Polysexual 3 points an hour ago

I don’t think it’s necessary and I don’t think she’d be hurt that you didn’t do it. Like you say – she has half-siblings and other options.

I don’t think people are wrong for setting it up to offer their children (as long as they’re okay with the idea that the child may never want to use this gift), but I don’t think you need to feel bad about not doing it.

As for the second question… I suppose I’m just a forthright person. I would just say it. However, I’m not sure about why the offer would work if she does not have any way to financially support the effort right now. You could make the offer, but I don’t think it would reduce financial burden enough to make a difference – if you say something, have that in mind and phrase it such.

[–]jamiemommax3[S] [score hidden] an hour ago

I tend to agree.. I figure she has siblings (even though the relation would be less, genetically speaking, since they’re half-siblings), and getting eggs from me would probably not be necessary by then. But I hadn’t even thought about it until these other moms brought it up and was just curious what this community would think about it. If I got a bunch of resounding, “YES, you should do this!” responses, I’d go look into the financial assistance options and try to do it for her. 🙂

And for the other, yes, it’s only a portion of the expense, but I thought hey, it might help. People often prefer to use a separate egg donor from their surrogate, too, so it’s possible she could find someone to be a surrogate for free, too. There are resources out there for people wanting to be parents and people willing to donate eggs or surrogacy for free or cheap.

I guess I have egg donation on the brain lately…

[–]neurophilosshiny [score hidden] an hour ago

You mention you’re not in a financial position to easy peasy freeze your eggs, right? My opinion is that this is not a good investment with the knowledge you currently have. Half siblings are a good backup option. Whatever you decide, rest easy knowing it’s neither invasive/presumptive if you do nor callous if you don’t, and your child will most likely say “awwww Mom thanks for thinking about it” either way.

This other transwoman you mention probably has just as many ideas as anyone else about who she wants her baby to resemble and will probably not take you up on the offer, but there’s no harm in offering. It may actually be her only affordable option and to me that would make it worth having the conversation.

You seem like a fantastic mom. Hugs.

[–]jamiemommax3[S] [score hidden] an hour ago

Right… this wouldn’t be an easy thing, financially speaking. I was already leaning towards “no,” but I wanted to see if the folks here thought it worth pursuing. I really adore this community; you have all helped me so much since I came here a year ago asking about my “son.” 🙂 Basically I trust your opinions!

I will probably send a message and offer. I’m friendly with her, but we have never met in person (planning to in a few months, though, yay!!) and I just don’t want to come across as a weird person. If I hadn’t donated before I probably wouldn’t have really thought of it, but we had a long conversation not too long ago where she was pretty down about it, and it popped in my head afterwards that I am still young enough to donate and didn’t find it difficult before. I just don’t want to overstep in our sort-of friendship, if that makes sense.

[–]Hurts_http://transcience-project.org/brain_sex.html 1 point 2 hours ago*

This article (Scientists use human skin cells to create gametes) says that it might not be necessary by the time she’s old enough to be thinking about kids.

I said might. This is not definitive.

[–]mygqaccountJust me 4 points an hour ago

That’s going to be around in 20 years? People making fully functioning, living babies from skin cells only 20 years from now? I think it extremely unlikely that it will be affordable, legal, or in fact existing by the time she’ll be having kids.

[–]jamiemommax3[S] [score hidden] an hour ago

Thanks! I have heard about this, but regulations tend to slow these advances down pretty significantly and I’m not sure what will be available for her… although obviously my hopes are high. 🙂

[–]peartrans [score hidden] 50 minutes ago

This is so god damn precious.

[–]kiwijane3Jane, 17 yo full-time trans girl, pre-EEI, formerly u/JDaFraser [score hidden] 29 minutes ago

If you can’t afford it, I don’t think it’s worthwhile. She has half-siblings, and science may allow her to use eggs with her own genes by the time she wants to have kids.

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  1. australopithecene Says:

    When did the world become an abusurdist thought experiment?

    • Leo Says:

      Too true! We can blame postmodernism, I guess? I’d been thinking lately, IDK, maybe it’s just that I’m noticing it more as I get older, but people seem, well, weirder and less sensible than I thought they were… But if this kind of thing is getting worse due to some kind of losing touch with reality, internet age, isolation side effect, that wouldn’t surprise me, either.

      Comes across like maybe she wants to be seen as the good mom/woman, and praised for that, and that might motivate the egg donation too. Poor kids, including those half siblings whose reproductive choices are being discussed so casually, as though they’re just another option for their sibling to use. Not once does anyone stop to consider how they might feel, or the kind of pressure (specially as I can’t imagine that they’re getting a fair share of parental attention right now) that could be put on them. Ugh.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Kinda looks like Mom likes to hand out her eggs like she’s the Easter Bunny, too, though.

    • Zemskull Says:

      This is interesting. If you ever read the forums for voluntarily childless or “childfree” adults, they often complain that few doctors are willing to perform tubal ligations or vasectomies on adults who have had no children. Doctors worry that the adult patient will change his or her mind. Yet here’s a seven-year-old receiving a sterilizing treatment in addition to other non-reversible procedures.

      • Janna Says:

        That is actually exactly what I thought.

        I’m not opposed to the idea of having kids but I am kind of averse to the idea of being pregnant with my own since my family has a bad history of complications. I mentioned that when I was a bit older I would probably want to get sterilized and my stepmom (who is a nurse) basically told me that it is unlikely I would be able to find a doctor who would do something like that while only in my 20s, even if it was my decision and I had a reason for it. It’s unfortunate, but apparently that’s how it is.

        But yeah. If you want to sterilize your young kid it’s just no big deal I guess. lmao

      • cinderchild Says:

        I got that pushback at 31 years of age. It’s definitely much harder for women to get voluntary sterilisation than men and that’s due to the societal bias that ALL women want to be mothers yet society understands that not all men are interested in being fathers. Also vasectomies can be reversed. Yet doctors are prescribing hormones and puberty blockers left and right because TEENAGERS and CHILDREN “feel” like they aren’t the “right” gender. what other permanent life-altering choices do we allow solely on the basis of a child’s FEELINGS? Ear piercing, maybe? As long as it’s not stretched, it conceivably will close up, but, even then, it’s a small puncture in the ear, not an irrevocable alteration of one’s hormones which affects everything else. It’s also telling how many “christians” will embrace this: rather than having a GNC homosexual child they prefer a sterile one who will possibly have unnecessary surgery performed on their genitals and breasts at the age of 18, having had no one contradict and force them to critically examine their “feelings”.

        This is not to say I don’t have genuine empathy for dysphoric teens, who, if their dysphoria is mitigated as living as the “opposite” gender, but, even then, these irrevocable medical decisions are no solutions at all.

      • Amber Says:

        Doesn’t seem right who at age seven really knew about life and making choices that would last forever. I know I will be slammed for this but I still have a problem with young children saying they are the wrong sex children learn by watching those around them and taking instruction I have a problem not believing someone in their life has opened them up to this idea and helped it grow. At that age a child should not be making decisions about forever events and a parent should not be allowed to change them if after the child matures and still feels this way fine but after they have had life experience and not someone telling them this is right or wrong step back mom you could be ruining your child’s future

    • Joe vadis Says:

      Child abuse. Like the Nazis.

  2. Smits Says:

    What in the name of sweet tapdancing baby jesus is wrong with adoption???

    • Let me count the ways adoption* is wrong…. Nah I would be here all week..
      Im not going to go into it here, but as an adoptee, please don’t suggest it as the solution for infertility for trans.Adoptees have it hard enough, even in the best of circumstances. But adoption by a mentally ill man posing as a woman? Just.NO.

      * inter-family adoption can be OK, otherwise, adoption is plagued with such serious issues, all of them severely misogynist, racist, classist.

      • kesher Says:

        That’s a good point, but adoption at least is difficult and expensive and has requirements for stability of the family unit. I don’t know how well these requirements will be enforced when trans are involved. Their political pull makes them officially above reproach as far as the government is concerned. But I’d still rather see wannabe trans adopters held to some scrutiny vs. getting a newborn baby from a donated egg and some poor hapless woman forced to be a surrogate. Those arrangements are basically designed for predators to get their hands on young victims.

        There was that couple in Australia for example; the husband is a convicted pedophile, but he and his wife skirted adoption laws by using a surrogate overseas. The only reason this came to light is because they abandoned one of the babies the surrogate birthed (she’s now forced to care for the child) because the baby has Down’s syndrome.

      • IMO there *isn’t* a good way for sterile trans to have kids, and you know what, that’s OK. People are not owed a child, and are not entitled to one via adoption nor surrogacy.

        I do think it’s horrible that these parents think sterilizing their kids is acceptable, and I do feel for the kids who grow up to want kids, but this doesn’t mean they should be able to go buy themselves a baby. and that is what adoption and surrogacy are- 2 sides of the very same despicable coin.

        I do wish adoption actually had real checks and balances, but sadly, it’s an industry as vile as surrogacy, with eons of disgusting history, and horrific tales of sickening adoptee abuse. For every family that jumps legit hoops, and gets a baby the mom truly wanted to adopt out, there are countless abused, coerced, raped, moms, and shady practices that allow dangerous people to get their hands on kids. It’s so ugly.

        There just aren’t tons of healthy, unwanted, babies, out there, especially considering the enormous demand from the wealthy western world. Adoptive babies are made, the same way surrogate babies are- by exploiting the vulnerable where misogyny, poverty, and social shaming come together. The sheer destructiveness, and inhumanity involved makes me want to weep.

        I can’t imagine how this will all play out. At this point, no, I don’t see trans easily adopting nor having surrogate kids. With so many people in line for babies, they won’t be first choice. BUT, a rich trans will always be able to get what they want. Poor ones won’t, but that may be solely due to socioeconomic factors.

        So long as there are many impoverished women without control of their bodies, there will be exploitable wombs for sale, or taken by force.

      • Guls Says:

        Bit of a derail, but as an adoptee myself and not entirely unaware of some of the ‘issues’ around it, albeit feeling ill-equipped to parse many of them; can you (or any other readers here) recommend any (2nd Wave-era) Feminist treatises on adoption? Have you shared any of your own experiences online?

        No pressure, just interested.


      • Snarkurchin Says:

        This adoptee believes adoption is the opposite of feminism: it is women preying on less fortunate women. Now that unwed mothers are not so stigmatized, women keep their kids. So the only way to adopt a baby in most cases is to take advantage (financially, emotionally, whatever it takes) of someone poorer than you…some woman you could be helping keep her kid instead.

        I don’t see how anyone who calls herself a feminist could support adoption instead of supporting family preservation.

  3. I'm No Cissie Says:

    I can’t even with these people. Munchhausen Moms, a new reality show brought to you by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Children’s Medical Center.

  4. CKDexterHaven Says:

    And no mention of the poor woman, struggling to feed her kids in a country like India, who is taken away from her family for months, moved into a dormitory in a private clinic and used to incubate these eggs for the princely sum of around $1000 – $2000. Women are either egg donors or walking wombs but they are not human beings.

    • cinderchild Says:

      certainly not ones entitled to safe spaces. why give baby factories a space away from those wishing to forcibly impregnate us?

      /bit off topic

  5. kesher Says:

    Unless egg donation has changed significantly since my sister did it, you have to take a significant amount of fertility drugs to allow doctors to harvest enough eggs. Those drugs carry a considerable cancer risk, which is a major reason why I’ve never considered doing it even though I could definitely use the money. This woman has already done it once, and now she wants to do it again not even knowing if her child will want it? How are those kids going to feel if they wind up motherless due to breast or ovarian cancer?

    • kesher Says:

      Actually, I take that back. She wants to do it *three* times, once more for a complete stranger who, I presume, isn’t going to be paying her. This woman is out of her mind.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        She reminds me of Michelle Duggar – same obsession with being pregnant. There’s definitely a screw loose here.

    • silverside Says:

      My partner and I have been astonished as to how many funerals we have attended lately for old, professionally successful women who had children later in life with fertility treatments. All dead of ovarian cancer in their early 60s.

  6. Kitty Barber Says:

    No, it isn’t a “little bit weird.” It’s REALLY, REALLY WEIRD.

  7. Felie Says:

    Everyone is just assuming that the half-siblings will be willing to donate sperm/eggs to their trans sibling. That’s a tremendous amount of pressure to put on a child, especially a female child, as the egg-harvesting method messes around with your hormonal system, is quite a painful procedure to go through (from what I’ve been told), and may have lasting consequences to the donor’s reproductive system (the increased risk of cancer was mentioned already).

    And what if the half-siblings don’t want their biological children being raised by anyone other than them + their partner? I wouldn’t. It’s a very personal choice which this mother is taking away from her non trans children.

    This mother is making a rod for her own back with her silly controlling attitude towards her children’s future reproductive choices. If either of the siblings decides they don’t want to be a donor will it cause problems within the family? Will the pressure compel them to donate and then regret it later, when watching someone else raise their child in a way they may not agree with? Would she also put pressure on her female child to be a surrogate, or just advocate for a poverty-stricken woman from India to do it? This is just so fucked up imo.

    • cinderchild Says:

      that was exactly my thought as well. my sister has been trying to get pregnant recently and after much soul-searching I offered her my eggs if she really really wanted to (I won’t surrogate). I can’t imagine if I’d spent my whole life being told “when you grow up, make sure to consult with your sister before you do anything regarding your fertility! she deserves a baby, too, and your eggs are her best bet for having a child genetically related!” that’s further child abuse if you ask me. prepping your other children to be baby-producers because you sterilised your son at age 7.

      I read somewhere (and since I can’t remember the source it may be inaccurate, however, knowing what I know, I think it’s pretty accurate) that when asked about this exact situation, Jazz Jennings and family just said “oh her sister will provide the eggs/surrogate!” As if it’s a foregone conclusion that the only purpose Jazz’s sister has in life is to provide children for her brother who decided to sterilise himself in order to “become” a woman!

      • sellmaeth Says:

        It is vile. The misogyny of it all. Perhaps there should be safe houses for sisters of male transed kids to flee to, so their parents cannot coerce them to get pregnant.

        It all awfully reminds me of this dystopian novel where a girl is only born to act as organ donor for her sister.

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Are we all reading the same post? She clearly reports being in a group of “Parents of Trans Kids” where several mothers are doing this. She therefore feels pressure to do so. She’s reporting a trend. I’m not seeing the exceptionalism that others are seeing in the reporter. It is interesting , though.

    Does it make people feel better to point at “that one crazy lady” instead of grapple with a social medical trend among parents of transgender children? Or is that just the first knee-jerk response? Am I missing something?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’d venture to guess the ‘absolute knowing’ of the seven year old boys future sterilization, often framed by transgenderists as a non-coerced outcome reached by children in late adolescence, is also not exceptional for this subculture.

      • australopithecene Says:

        I actually agree with this, and I think that’s what I was trying to get at with “thought experiment”. It’s like, once you accept an untrue or absurd premiss as true, there’s an internal logic to everything that comes next, no matter how crazy it seems outside that context. That’s why once you accept that children are transgender, and your son is actually a daughter, behaviour that might look bizarre outside that context makes sense within it. Suddenly offering your infant children as egg farms for their siblings is sensible and compassionate.

        It’s sort of interesting. It’s a laboratory case of what happens when an absurdity is accepted as an axiom. A bit like religion.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yes, it most definitely makes me feel better to point at “the crazy lady” because the knowledge that multiple women are doing this makes me all

        So it’s a form of self-protection, I guess. Seriously, Gallus, your point is well taken. There are more aspects to this than first meet the eye: 1) that multiple women are doing this; 2) that they seem to feel that they should; 3) that parents of kids who think they’re trans are not even considering the fact that the kids may change their minds; 4) etc. More incisive writers here will dissect this better than I.

      • Me Says:

        In Nazi Germany, Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people begin to believe it”. Seems to apply to the trans kids culture perfectly.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      I know I knee-jerked. This is all so messed up, it feels less horrific to think that this is just one weirdo, but she does say others are doing the same thing. Such a bizarre way to absolve yourself of the guilt of sterilizing your child.

    • Smits Says:

      I wonder if there are any fathers of “trans sons” planning to do the same with their sperm on behalf of their kids. Something tells me probably not.

      • Violet Irene Says:

        Ugh, there’s another layer of disturbing disgustingness there, though, considering how sperm is obtained to be frozen.

      • gchild Says:

        Smits, I wonder where all the fathers are and if there are trends in “mothers of trans kids” where fathers are physically and/or emotionally absent.

        I dont know how these mothers are overcoming one of the most powerful instincts I ever felt; keeping my children’s bodies alive AND whole AND as healthy as possible.

        If they believe their child was born into the wrong body and therefore that body is (in part) a pathological illness/deformity that can only be “cured” by being partially destroyed, I am left wondering how they really view their children, or themselves as mothers.

        I can accept that they buy into genderism and are struggling to raise a trans child, but to talk so flippantly about doing what amounts to life long physical harm to their child’s body (stopping sex organ maturation, halting puberty which also develops the brain) is beyond disturbing because it doesn’t just diminish the importance of bio sex, it dominishes the importance of life.

        Not only are they destroying part of their child’s body (and maybe a part of their lives, who knows how they will feel as adults) but they are also destroying the possibility of all future life that could come from that body.

        Yet another nihilistic trait of transgenderism…

      • sellmaeth Says:

        It is very easy and not at all unhealthy for men to donate sperm, so in theory, they should be doing that, but somehow, fathers do not seem to be involved in the transing of kids at all?
        Interestingly, I haven’t yet read an article on a man who doesn’t want his only son to be transed. Which you’d think would happen somewhen, some men are really obsessed with having a male heir.

        Also, men being the ones transing the child doesn’t appear in the media, either.
        I suppose it is due to the fact that women feel responsible for the children while men do not; probably there’s a similar divide with (other cases of) Munchhausen by Proxy.

    • Leo Says:

      That’s true, of course, and she does seem a bit reluctant, if only because of the cost and wondering if it would be weird. So maybe she’s not exceptional or anything, after all, but then, parents with very young children in that community might be more likely to have some issues in the first place, so it’s hard to tell (ie. while she may not stand out as exceptional within that community, it probably has a far few parents with various issues of their own in it anyway).

      But yeah, good point duly taken, Gallus. There’s certainly enough pressure on mothers as it is, so within a specific subculture like this, ideas that look rather weird outside it start to became potentially more normalised (though at least not enough so, that she didn’t still stop and think about it to some extent). Come to think of it, it’s not that different to how I’ve seen some mothers of disabled children act, within their communities (again it wasn’t necessarily actually in their children’s best interests, the decisions they made, but they may have thought it was). I guess they want to feel like they’re being proactive, too, which is understandable.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      It reminded me of the other recent article where the mom plans to donate her uterus to her trans son, if and when transplants & gestation become possible for males.

      One of the things I find creepy about male transgenderism is that sense that they are usurping women’s identities and essences. Sometimes it is a Norman Bates level of creepy, as if they want to be their own mothers. This takes it to the level of the physical, not just the “feminine” accoutrements, but actual body parts (eggs aren’t exactly parts but they are physical).

      But these are minor children so the idea of harvesting femaleness from their mother’s body does not originate with the child. The idea originates with the mother.

      Hmmm, how to unpack that? To me it is mind boggling. Gestating, feeding and nurturing are not enough for a mother to do. Now, she feels she must undergo surgical procedures and give her actual body to her son. Or, allow (coerce? suggest?) that her other children should do this.

      • branjor Says:

        But these are minor children so the idea of harvesting femaleness from their mother’s body does not originate with the child. The idea originates with the mother.

        No, the idea originated with men and has taken a creepy hold in the mother. She will then aid men and patriarchy by passing it on to her son.

  9. “I am also a chronic worrier …”

    Yet you have no problem messing with your child’s biology???

    These people are INSANE.

  10. gaydude50 Says:

    2015 where:

    – Letting your 10- and 6-year old kids play in the park alone makes you abusive parents.
    – Putting your 7-year old son on the path to a lifetime of surgeries, prescription drugs and therapy makes you a saint.

    How is this even possible?

    I think your Munchausen’s comment was spot on. These are attention-whore parents who are abusing their children and making it all about themselves.

    • gg Says:

      Yup. Childhood transgenderism is a tailor-made “diagnosis” for Munchausen mothers. There is no other condition with the same opportunity to declare your child a patient and get invasive treatments, including major surgeries, on demand. There are no diagnostic tests, so with just minimal coaching, your child will qualify. And you get instant accolades from strangers, even news coverage if you want it.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      “attention-whore” – please no “whore” as pejorative – I knew women who used “whore” all the time constantly when talking about other women they didn’t like. It was painful. They were from a war-torn country and it was whore, whore, whore all the time.

  11. QS Says:

    “Because she is so young, she will most likely go on puberty blockers before she ever creates sperm… She’s too young to tell me whether she might someday want biological children”

    So this child is too young to know if they want children but capable of making an informed decision about sterilization and a lifetime of cross-sex hormones with associated risks? The cognitive dissonance is mind boggling.

    I see what you mean about her reporting on a trend Gallus but it’s just impossible not to be angry with the woman. She knows that her son is too young to make important life decisions but is still letting him make a ridiculously important and probably irreversible life decision. I’m sure most parents of seven year olds don’t let them choose what to eat every day because they’d choose to live on pizza and ice cream.

    • Em Says:

      Just to clarify–it’s not the child making the decision, here. It’s the parents, for their own fucked up reasons.

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      @QSSo this child is too young to know if they want children but capable of making an informed decision about sterilization and a lifetime of cross-sex hormones with associated risks? The cognitive dissonance is mind boggling.

      Exactly! She’s ok with pushing her perfectly healthy child into being sterile before they can understand the ramifications of that, recognizes that being sterile might cause emotional distress and wants to solve it by storing eggs?

      “No dear, you’re a woman with a penis because you liked Disney dresses when you were 6. Now you’ll be hormone addicted, headed for surgery, and sterile! But don’t worry, mummy saved her eggs for you so that you can give mummy a grandbaby!”

      Because that won’t lead to any Norman Bates behaviour. /s

    • sellmaeth Says:

      It is not just her fault. The medical establishment would never tell her to raise her child on pizza and ice cream, but they are telling her that transing is the only and best way.

      Women who want to resist this shit find it hard to protect their child against the surrounding madness, so it needn’t be Munchhausen by Proxy, it could just be that the women who trans their children are rather weak-willed. Not strong enough to resist the outside forces.
      (And where are the fathers? Why are the fathers not resisting this shit? They won’t get death threats over it, they’d be taken more seriously, and yet, I can think of exactly one male blogger who has opposed the transing of his child. Where are all the other fathers?)

      Granted, a 7 year old is probably not on tumblr yet and would not demand puberty blockers of his own accord, but people will see him in his pink dress and judge and tell the mother to get him diagnosed for transgenderism.

  12. Groundhog Says:

    This, as a trend, is really troubling.
    First, boys are being given drugs that allow them to present as women. When they grow into adulthood, these men (presenting as women) will claim their right to speak politically and socially on matters pertaining to females. And if they are loud now, garanteed they will be even louder later when there are more of them.
    Secondly, the next step in the male co-option of femalehood, biological females being used as incubators to allow these trans”women’ to bear children. Custody to the trans.
    What’s next?

  13. KgSch Says:

    These women are insane!
    @QS: You should be angry at them! Good people are outraged by child abuse, especially when if you call the police on these people, they probably can’t do anything.
    @gaydude50: I haven’t heard that story about the kids in the park, but I’d believe it. So many things that aren’t abuse are considered abuse, but turning your child into a medical experiment because he likes Barbie isn’t one of them.

    I like how one of the women was complaining about an “un-supportive ex”. Yes, because not wanting your son to be a medical experiment with drugs that can kill him makes you evil!

    I get a major pedophilia vibe from putting children on puberty blockers. Don’t you need to go through puberty so your brain can develop and you can make rational decisions as an adult, along with actually looking like an adult?

    I’m against surrogacy because it’s reproductive slavery. You pay some poor woman a minimum amount of money to do it and send lawyers after her for the slightest misstep. The human population may well reach 11 billion by 2100. This behavior is disgusting and selfish beyond belief. What the hell is wrong with adopting? Shit like this is why I’m an anti-natalist.

    Deciding your sons siblings most donate sperm/eggs to him is unfair too. I will echo other comments and point out how hypocritical it is that she thinks her son is too young to decide to have children, but can make informed consent to be a medical experiment.

    • Violet Irene Says:

      Can you imagine being the “un-supportive ex”? I am feeling such ferocious empathy for a parent who is watching their precious child be brainwashed and mutilated and sterilized and essentially sexually abused by the other parent and the medical system and being totally powerless to stop it! 😦

      • This will likely become a weapon for the most narcissistic and horrible parents in custody battles. Want to REALLY show an ex how much you want to erase the history the two of you shared? Turn their darling son into a sterilized daughter, or vice versa!

      • PGD Says:

        It chills my blood to think about a parent mutilating and sterilizing their minor child and forcing this crazy ideology on them. By the time the child is an adult and old enough to rethink it they will be locked in — they will have gone through so much they will almost be forced into denial about the damage done. I have a son and it is such a pleasure watching him grow into his natural healthy body (as it would be if I had a daughter); to think of someone taking this away from because he enjoyed pink lunchboxes or wanted to try ballet instead of football is just horrifying.

  14. amazondream Says:

    I’m afraid that the easier it is to get otherwise normal folks to actually come up with this insanity the easier it will be for them to accept other actions taken against innocent human beings ‘for their own good’ or presumably in their own interests–

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Indeed. Girls believe that those who tell them to chop off their breasts and sign themselves up for being imprisoned in a cell with males if they ever go to prison are their friends, and those who want them to be safe and keep their healthy organs, are their enemies. Their perceptions are completely skewed.

      It won’t be long before they will try to morally justify burning “terfs” (I mean, they want to do it already) claiming that the pain will save their souls, or some shit. Has been done during the witch hunts, and insane logic is on the rise again.

  15. Mary Worth Says:

    So I guess people are sterilizing non-gender role conforming kids.

    People keep mentioning that the siblings could donate gametes without even considering whether they would even want to do that. There’s no way in hell I’d ever consider donating eggs to my trans sibling or anyone else. Is this going to become a new thing – people being pressured to donate gametes to their trans siblings? Because that is just so wrong.

    • kesher Says:

      I’ve never seen this kind of entitlement to relatives’ reproductive systems among gay men. The gender validation among MTTs is pathological.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Oh, gay men feel entitled to women’s bodies, too. They just usually can produce sperm so they have no use for their sisters’ eggs.

        But yes, with gay children, the parents don’t decide at age 7 that the child will have to become gay because he likes pink dresses or something, and then try to bully his sister into having a baby for him.

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    You’re right, Gallus Mag. This is only weird in that the entire trans cult and all their rules and religious-like beliefs and vicious retribution towards those who refuse to Believe is weird. Every single part of it is weird, but this aspect fits in with the rest. It’s just more horrifying because these women have power over kids. Very Munchausen by proxy.

    It actually all fits in neatly with the rest of female-hating patriarchy. Women used for and by males. Reproduce no matter what because you and yours are more important than all the other species and earth being destroyed by overpopulation. Who cares about kids in orphanages because they aren’t genetically yours? Messianic complex.

    Meanwhile, a woman who writes for an LGBTQBBQ publication who asked to join our Radical Feminist Coffee House did not like my anti-trans cult rules and said we all were mentally ill. They won’t begin to think about how crazy they all are because it means looking in the mirror. Projection is so much easier.

  17. Me Says:

    You know, parents need to be parents. I’ve been a parent for 34 years and you just don’t give in to everything a child wants, especially if the desire is not based on reality. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our children or don’t want to support them if we say “no”, as the trans parents movement seems to indicate.

    Children are not legally allowed to make other major life decisions for themselves: they can’t live independently, get married, vote, join the armed forces, be responsible for their debts, and so on. Why? It’s because children have not completed their cognitive development, thus are not yet mentally equipped to make such decisions. It’s also the reasoning behind sexual consent laws. Parents, likewise, are not legally permitted to allow children to do these things, either. Why should this decision be any different, especially considering it is often an irreversible choice?

    Part of a child’s cognitive development is trying on all sorts of roles in discovering their own personalities. At certain stages of cognitive development, children are especially prone to magical thinking – which is what transgenderism entirely consists of – where they believe they can be anything they wish to be, even if it’s not realistically possible: a cat, a wizard, a superhero — or a member of the other sex. There’s nothing wrong with playacting any of these things; but that’s what it is, playacting.

    A big problem now is that there is a whole lot of misinformation in the media to influence both children and confused parents. Look on Amazon and there are books for children, such as Jazz Jennings”, “I Am Jazz” and resource books written for the parents of “trans kids”, all urging uninformed parents to put their kids on the trans train.

    Most people were brought up to believe that stereotypical ideas of “gender”, what society calls “masculine” and “feminine” are innate and necessary to being a “real” man or woman. And that if a child’s personality doesn’t “match” the stereotypes for their sex, then the child must change. Conservatives would have the child change their personality to “match” the stereotypes associated with their sex and trans activists say that the child must change their sex (what they erroneously call “gender”) to “match” their personality. Few mainstream parents have sufficient grounding in gender-critical theory to see through both the conservative and trans activist “solutions” to non-stereotypical children.

    Oddly enough, back in the 60s, when I was a kid, I was a tomboy and my parents didn’t get all worked up about it. They neither tried to get me to conform to the stereotypes, nor did they put the idea in my head that I was “really a boy” hiding out in a girl’s body. They just let me be myself and bought me toys from all over the toy store. Nor did I ever think I was a really a boy because I wasn’t “girly”. My parents bought me books about non-stereotypical women, such as Amelia Earhart, thus I grew up believing that I would be a different kind of woman than the stereotypes said I should be.

    This is what modern parents need to hear and teach their non-stereotypical kids. That they are OK just as they are and don’t need to change anything and that they can grow up to be different kinds of men or women, according to their own individual personalities. They need to know there is a third alternative to rigid gender roles or transgenderism, that respects the child’s individual personality, the integrity of their bodies — and reality, too.

    But there are no current gender-critical resource books for such parents and children these days, save for 35 year old books, long out of print, about non-sexist child raising, and the nearly 40 year old “Free to Be You and Me” for children.

    Sheila Jeffreys’ book is wonderful, but it’s too scholarly for most parents, especially those totally unfamiliar with feminist ideas, nor was it specifically meant as a practical resource guide for such parents.

    I imagine such books, for both parents and children, would be hard to get published in today’s Orwellian acceptance of the fantasy of transgenderism, but it sorely needs to be done, nevertheless. As Sheila Jeffreys’ pointed out, the trans kids syndrome is nothing more than social control and a modern form of eugenics and too many parents, even well-meaning ones, are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

    • kesher Says:

      One of my major objections to “treatment” of “trans” children is this idea they must be socially transed at even a very young age. Why is this necessary? Even if you have a young child who’s very insistent on being a “girl”, why can’t you just call him “he/him”, use his given name, and not insist on schools letting him into the girls’ bathroom? Very young kids are sexless; many cultures view them as such pre-puberty. And I think that’s a good message for young boys that little Timmy wearing a dress isn’t something weird. That it’s okay to be gender non-conforming. Better to teach them that at 6 than at 11 when, in my experience, the really vicious bullying starts.

      The hysteria about trans suicide is not going to apply to a 6 year old. Let them play with what they want, wear what they want, and have as many girl friends or boy friends as they want while still calling them by their sexed pronouns and real names. They’ll survive.

      By transitioning them that young, the parents and doctors seem to be putting these kids on an irreversible path toward sterilization and possible regret. Who does this benefit other than transcultists and Big Pharma?

      • Violet Irene Says:

        I’ve heard trans activists claim that kids as young as 7 have tried to kill themselves “because of gender.” Of course like everything else statistical in nature that I hear from trans activists, I know that upon further examination this “fact” will turn out to be a pile of bullcrap. But to a certain kind of parent, it could really light a hysterical reaction on fire, imho, and create an imperative to act now where the exact opposite should be the plan.

        The thing I don’t get is the doctors going with this. Lazy or evil or some combination? I do not get it.

      • Me Says:

        With no other mental issue does the recommended response consist of “treatment” that enables the symptoms. It would be like prescribing a low-calorie diet for an anorexic.

      • kesher Says:

        ‘I’ve heard trans activists claim that kids as young as 7 have tried to kill themselves “because of gender.”’

        Suicide among children that young is basically unheard of. I’ve heard of exactly one suicide of a pre-pubescent child, an 8-year-old girl who was so distraught over the death of her mother she threw herself in front of a train (and I tried hard to find others because I was countering someone’s else’s misinformation, in that instance, not a trans activist). The transcultists, as per usual, are lying.

      • quietstroll Says:

        @ kesher yep super super rare. A scary thing is though, that kids that age can learn off other people to *threaten* suicide to get what they want. Kids can learn all sorts of impressive manipulative behaviours to get what they want/get their parents love and approval. I saw a pro-transitioning kids documentary (4 corners Australia a few years ago now) and the little kid had already picked up the suicide threat line from somewhere.

    • Violet Irene Says:

      you just don’t give in to everything a child wants, especially if the desire is not based on reality

      I totally agree. But, I also really REALLY strongly doubt that this “trans kids” stuff is actually coming from the kids themselves. I think 90% of it is coming from the parents. I have gotten the sense off of many of these moms that something offhanded a child said got pounced on and blown out of proportion and encouraged and turned into a Big Deal. Or that the idea was even planted by the parents in the first place. I have young kids and none of them talk like the kids in these stories supposedly do. All the preoccupation with body parts and appearances and sexuality language and whatever…that is not something naturally occurring in little kids who are being adequately protected. I mean, three, four, five year olds? Seven year olds? Seriously?? How does a kid that age start worrying about his penis or feeling panicky about growing breasts? I feel like a lot of these “trans kids” have been sexualized by adults. Not necessarily physically abused, but maybe mentally abused and definitely exposed to things like talk shows and other media that they should have been sheltered from at their young age.

      But a lot of the parents come across as nuts. Fanatics, in some cases, who want their child to be a trailblazer. And in other cases, they come across as basket cases who have found a way to abuse their child and get credit for being the world’s most liberal parent at the same time. Attention and accolades, plus making their little ego extension suffer–candy to a narcissist.

      I feel like a lot of these cases may be as simple as mom wanted a girl to dress up, or dad was afraid his son was going to be gay, or the parents wanted a son instead of a daughter, and they were exposed to this propaganda and then wishful thinking plus selfishness and a bit of insanity did the rest.

      • Me Says:

        Yes, you definitely have a point. Kids are undoubtedly being coached. But does this coaching come as soon as a parent notices their child isn’t toeing the stereotypical line or does it come after they do some research and find all the stuff put out by trans activists – and little to nothing from a gender critical perspective that specifically addresses their concerns? As you said, some parents are just sick, but surely there are also others who are uninformed and gullible, too? They have to buy the lie that it’s actually possible to change a child’s sex, but seem to be oblivious to the fact that what they get is a sterile simulacrum who’ll be dealing with the medical establishment to keep up the facade for the rest of their lives. Those parents who actually DO understand this have to be some of the sickest pieces of shit on the planet.

  18. Deborah Peifer Says:

    Serious question. How is what this woman and the therapist are doing to a seven year old child anything other than child abuse?

    • Violet Irene Says:

      It IS child abuse. There’s no way to frame it so it isn’t. None of these medical interventions are medically necessary. None of them are clinically proven to be helpful or even not harmful. We know children that age change their attitudes about gender, overwhelmingly, by age 25. We know that minors cannot give meaningful, informed consent. Even to get a tattoo, let alone for elective sterilization. But the trans mafia has successfully planted the idea in everyone’s head that “if you don’t do this, they will kill themselves,” and so all that goes out the window.

      It is really, really terrifying. What could possibly stop something that is this irrational and this out of control?

  19. gxm17 Says:

    Okay, so am I reading this right… None of these parents are telling their “transgender” children that early transitioning will make them sterile? If that’s the case, they should be prosecuted for child abuse. How is this even happening in supposedly civilized countries?

  20. GallusMag Says:

    Rouge “transgender children” physician Dr. Johanna Olson knows she is conducting radical unscientific sterilization and “elective disability” on sex-role nonconforming youth. I would say “experimental” treatments, but in experiments there are controls, outcomes are tracked, etc. What Olson does to kids has none of that. Now she calls for studies that can cover her ass before the lawsuits begin.


    “Olson will also discuss trends in scientific research and the need for more studies to improve the outcomes for transgender youth and to treat gender dysphoria at younger ages. “Right now, we lack adequate safety and outcome data,” Olson says. “As a healthcare provider, I’m not comfortable with that.”

    Johanna Olson, MD, medical director of the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at CHLA is an Adolescent Medicine pediatrician specializing in the care of transgender youth.

    Luis Moreno is a social worker associate in CHLA’s Adolescent Medicine Risk Reduction Program. He speaks Spanish.

    Monday, April 27. Media check in at 9:45 a.m. at information desk.

    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 4650 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

  21. Bea Says:

    What a bunch of psychos. They’re going to put themselves on fertility drugs and high doses of birth control to have their eggs harvested…to make some sort of ultimate sacrifice to the Tranny Cult? She even wants to donate her eggs to a complete stranger? I can’t help but feel sorry for these poor, deluded women.

  22. Gallus, this has to be the sickest sh** I’ve ever read on gendertrender. I’m literally dumb struck. I don’t know what to say. It’s like something out of George Orwell, or Nazi Germany.

    “I have a transgender 7 year old daughter. She has become a beautiful, happy, vibrant person since she started transitioning a year ago. I have no reason to think her identity will change and neither does her therapist.

    Because she is so young, she will most likely go on puberty blockers before she ever creates sperm. If she then goes onto hormone treatments directly from the blockers, she will be sterile. She will never create sperm.”

    This male child is only 7 years old, and they started “transitioning” him at age 6. “She” will never create sperm.

    The mother knows full well that she will be sterilizing her own child. Most rational people view the sterilization of children as a human rights abuse. These ghastly experiments on children could end up making lobotomies look good.

    It’s so Orwellian and frightening that I feel as if I’m living in an alternative universe.

    These parents need to be locked up somewhere.

  23. marymacha Says:

    “I’m planning to sterilize my 7 year old son”

    In a sane world these parents would be in prison for child abuse.

    In 10-20 years the news will be full of headlines of grown children killing their parents for ruining their lives.

  24. This is child abuse – libfems and all the other trans enablers – are you paying attention here ? This is what you are supporting.

    The mothers that are described in the article have serious problems, they are acting not for their children but for their own hang-ups. A lot of it seems like some sort of martyr complex, noble sacrifices of female self for the male heroes. The adults here are the ones that need therapy, and the poor children need to be allowed to grow up intact.

  25. puzzled Says:

    Look guys, as a parent of a gender nonconforming daughter age 16 who wants to be a boy — I have to tell you that the psych community has NOTHING to advise here but ‘prepare for transition.’ This is the insistent drumbeat among any therapist you might wish to see, as well as in the media, the online world, everywhere. This is the “treatment” for being nonconforming. There is nothing out there but WPATH and there is less and less support even for the notion of requiring any ‘real life experience’ before hormones.

    Transition, or your kid will suicide. Delay may be fatal.

    And this notion is terrifying, for obvious reasons. There is no support for delay, there is no support for “let it ride” until the kid’s brain develops enough to allow adult judgement — this idea is deemed hazardous, obstructionist, unsupportive, unloving, rejecting, stupid, wicked abusive. It is crazyworld out there, and though my kid is still female, I have no idea what’s coming down the line. I spend a lot of time encouraging her in playing video games and doing other stuff because whatever time she spends doing that is time she is not spending watching “my life on T” vids by her peers at Youtube.

    It takes a strong parental backbone to even consider that this might all be a sociopolitical movement that is not based in empirical data — a vast experiment on kids’ bodies, minds, lives. At least my daughter is approaching the age of non-minority as far as the medical/legal system is concerned; soon this will be out of my hands, for good or ill. But for these really young kids? It’s a horrifying thing, and I would not even label all these parents as “munchausen” types. They are just terrified for their kids’ futures, and they are being fed a whole lotta very scary koolaid by the experts, and lauded as “so brave” if they submit.

    • Akira Says:

      When my sister was 16 (and younger) she wanted to be a boy. My grandmother once said that when she was a kid, she’d lay on a rock all day wishing to be a boy. You know what? They wound up just fine. Grandma was the most inspirational person in my life, and my sister certainly is independent in her identity. She’s not gender conforming (doesn’t look butch at all, though) in dress or behavior, but you know what? She doesn’t care anymore.

      That’s what these trans-enablers don’t want you to know. Most people wind up seeing this garbage for what it is. It’s totally okay for your daughter to be whoever she is. She doesn’t have to change her body for it, and her body will rebel against that kind of “treatment” for the rest of her life.

      Not transitioning doesn’t mean being forced into a life of makeup and dresses. My sister never wears either, plays tons of video games, and is all-around not into feminine stuff. She’s 27 and fine. Your daughter is not alone!

    • overwhelmed Says:

      I am also a parent of a 16 year old daughter who thinks she is a he. We currently have her seeing a psychologist (for 2 sessions so far), but I am not sure this is the path we should be on. I am concerned that it may reinforce her belief, rather than help her work through the reasons she came to think this way in the first place. In her case she seemed completely happy being female until several months ago.

      Have you tried the therapy route for your daughter?

    • Hi….email me/leave me an email address if you get a chance. Would really love to talk to you.

      • overwhelmed Says:

        Is there a way for me to privately email you? I would rather not post my email address out in public.

        Thank you for this website, by the way. It took me a while to find it in the sea of pro-trans propaganda, but it has been worth it. I have been able to reclaim a bit of my sanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • GallusMag Says:

        @overwhelmed- Hi. I am the sole author and moderator of GenderTrender.

        I do not know that person: “Transgender Reality” who is asking you to contact them. I do not know why they are doing so, and they are not affiliated with this blog in any way. I would never request a woman publish her email address in the comments of my blog. In hindsight I should not have approved their comment, and I apologize for any confusion.

        Thank you for your kind words about my work and this blog. x.

      • Hi Gallus. Sorry about the request, I assumed people would make a “throwaway” email address for such a purpose–I know I’ve done similar things in the past because of how much heat people take for having the gall to say that men are men. Apologies again. Love your work always.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I blame myself for approving your comment. Why would a new person be able to parse what you wanted from your request? A proper request would have read something like:

        ” Hi xxxxx. I am a blogger at xxxxxxx. I found your comment very interesting because xxxx. I was wondering if you might like to contact me at xxxx because I would like to speak to you about xxxxx. If that is not something you would like to do, just know that I really appreciated xxxxx about your comment. Thank you for sharing it.”

        Off topic: I do think your new blog is very good. Well done.

      • You’re totally right. I’ll handle it differently in the future. And I’m really delighted you like the blog–that means a lot to me. Thanks for catching and removing the comment. P.S. to anyone who wants to email Transgender Reality with links or anything else, the email address is now transgenderreality@gmail.com — which I should have gotten before I ever commented. Thanks for setting things straight.

      • Transgenderreality is actually a really good site. It shows how the gender cult behaves on reddit. I reccommend looking at it.

      • 4thwavenow Says:

        Dear overwhelmed,
        It always amazes me when I find parents like you (and Puzzled) because my situation is exactly the same as yours: a teen who caught the trans virus via YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr. When I read your comment, I could have been the one writing it. And like you, I navigated through the “sea of pro-trans propaganda” to land here on GenderTrender. Last month, after searching in vain for other parents in my predicament, I decided to start my own blog. Puzzled has commented there, and I hope you will too. I am also thinking of starting a “guest post” feature for parents like you and Puzzled to tell your stories. It has become very obvious to me that the only way any of this will (eventually) change is for the media (and that includes blogs) to start publishing the voices of parents like us. Right now, all we see are glowing “Oh, my child is trans, isn’t that great?” stories. This must change, and the gender-critical adults have to start being heard more. What do you all think about guest posting? I’m hoping such posts will attract more gender-critical parents to tell their own stories. There seem to be two categories: parents of little kids who are falling prey to the narrative of “transition early and often,” and parents of teens who are flabbergasted when their formerly happy-to-be-a-girl daughter suddenly wants to bind, inject T, and get top surgery.

        And GallusMag, you are still my go-to place for a good dose of encouragement. Thank you for all the work you have done on your blog all these years.

  26. Amy Says:

    I do not think this is weird at all.

    I think it is insane, criminal, and as others have said, child abuse.

    There is *nothing* wrong with gender nonconformity. Males need not all be the same, and females need not all be the same. It’s terrifying that the world forces people so young to “conform” to the construct of gender. As if the worst possible fate a person could experience is life as a “feminine” man or a “masculine” woman.

    Is it too much to want this child, and so many others in similar positions, to just…be happy? You know, without pharmaceutical interference? Without sterilization?

  27. Ruth Barrett Says:

    This is so incredibly sad to think that your daughter is going to be another human guinea pig. I hope that you reconsider this decision since there is no long term studies on the effects of these drugs on children. I’m not a gender-ist, so I advocate for letting our children be who they are without surgery and drugs for the rest of their lives. I hear from many trans that they regret what they have done to themselves.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Experiments on guinea pigs are done in the context of research, with scientific controls, the tracking of data and outcomes. None of that is being done on the pediatric human “subjects” of these “treatments”. If guinea pigs were being treated in the same way it would likely be considered animal abuse and the practice shut down. Children, not so much.

    • puzzled Says:

      If that was addressed to me … believe me, there’s been no decision. There is my kid’s stated desire to transition and my quite deliberate foot dragging and offering up of distractions to slow the kid down, in hope her brain will catch up with her impulses. I’m not a genderist either, and I hope and pray that by the time she reaches 18 she will start to be able to better understand the potential risks and figure out some ways to be comfortable in the body she is in. Because at 18 she can go to a college clinic (at a lot of colleges) and get her own medical services, regardless of what spouse and I desire. The choice then would be to grudgingly support her intentions (if our sincere love and worry for her well being cannot outweigh her conviction that transition is the path to peace) or to entirely cut her off w/o medical insurance. These are not palatable choices. I hope we won’t get to that point. (And I hope the media’s current fascination with all things trans will settle down somewhat, because it is relentless.)

      Right now she is not apparently depressed, not being bullied, doing well in school. If her mental state were more dire, if she were evidencing more distress — then we’d have to see. I’m grateful that’s not currently the case.

  28. biodyke Says:

    Is it weird? I honestly dont know what is weird anymore.

    I do know scientists are working on stem cell manipulations whereby the cells can be used to create sperm for infetile men. I know they are already transplanting uteruses. And they have perfected the transplanting of penises that actually work (apparently tribes is So Africa botch a lot of circumcisions). Think really really carefully about that organ donor card in your wallet.

    So I think Momma needs to freeze her uterus and ovaries which can be transplanted in her whatever child who can then actually give birth to an actual child…. presuming your child wants to have children.

    And, then I think you need to get off the computer and get a life doing something other than micromanaging your child’s private parts.

  29. I’ve read this thing over and over again trying to wrap my mind around this level of cognitive dissonance. This has GOT to be a Poe. Please tell me it’s a Poe. There is no way a sentient being can understand that her child is too young to decide whether he wants children, but not too young to be medically castrated. How can those two concepts exist in the same brain?

    WTF is wrong with these people? How did we get here? We’ve got folk being arrested for letting their children play in the park alone, but castrating your children is totes cool?

    My son is very involved in sports, and these people remind me of the way out there parents I’ve encountered over the years. Luckily, those people are frowned on, at least in my community and are generally thrown out of games and eventually drummed out of the league for their fuckery. So we can see how crazy it is to harass and harangue children in Little League, but pumping them full of chemotherapy drugs is okay?

    Am I missing something here? I mean for sure, the therapists are ensuring they have clients well into the future. Freezing your eggs so your child can have your children? Oh no, there’s nothing loony about that. All I can say is I can think of two famous people who were raised as their mother’s sibling. One is Jack Nicholson, and I suppose he turned out okay. The other is Ted Bundy.

    • kesher Says:

      My sister’s egg donation was the opposite; she donated her eggs to her bio mother who was, at that point. too old to produce her own, but not too old to carry a baby. Her resulting brother/son has significant behavioral issues, mostly relating to autism. I would assume this is mostly due to the age of his grandmother/mother, but the whole thing definitely gives me pause when it comes to extreme workarounds to women’s natural sunset of reproductive capacity.

      I can only imagine what this would look like if anyone seriously does try to implant a uterus in a male. Horrifying.

    • rebel13 Says:

      Jack Nicholson went through a scandal in the mid-90s regarding assaulting a prostituted woman. Given what I know about men and celebrities I’m betting that’s the tip of the iceberg there.

  30. nuclearnight Says:

    Hey mom – your child could easily reproduce if you weren’t fucking with their reproductive system to make you feel more comfortable with their gender nonconforming behavior.
    Also who the fuck are you to make plans for your children’s future breeding or lack thereof? Thats none of your fucking business.
    Special snowflake, middle caste, sociopathic, liberal mommies are some of the worst people out there.

    • gchild Says:

      When these children grow up and realize they have bodies that have been deliberately disfigured and made dysfunctional, that their bodily integrity has been sacrificed for a cause they were too young to understand, many of them will feel trapped, exploited, and used. Nothing, not even having to live with gender disphoria, will feel worse than that.

      Based on the comments to this mother (and other “my child is trans” cheer parties) I dont think they care at all if this is the only answer to gender disphoria, they are having too much fun basking in the glow of what they believe to be a noble cause.

      Just think of the wonderful, healthy bodied, mentally sound gender nonconforming people we will lose to this. Think of what they could contribute to society. Now they will spend their lives chasing the trans high, living in a fantasy, battling side effects of hrt, and being bitter/enraged at so called “cis” people for having the nerve to exist.

      Sterilizing a child is a life sentence for a crime they did not commit.

      • Bea Says:

        It is scarily reminiscent of David Reimer and his parents’ insistence to raise him “as a girl.” Can you imagine having to dilate your putrid neovagina, being sterile, having to take carcinogenic steroids, and being a social pariah FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE because your parents were so afraid of you being gay/being GNC? How much television do these idiots watch? I sincerely hope there is a class action suit of an unprecedented magnitude against the medical institutions that facilitated this anti-human Nazi nightmare.

  31. enough already Says:

    Another trans parenting child abuse example.

    • QS Says:

      Wow, that woman is really prostituting her child. A PO box so that the autogynophiles can send birthday presents? Yeuch. Not to mention the child endangerment issue of advertising to the whole internet where this boy (and presumably his siblings) will be on a particular day.

      • enough already Says:

        Attention creeps of the world send my child presents. Scary Mom. She also has videos where she shares negative Facebook comments with her 9 year old. Horrible emotional abuse. Absolutely no healthy boundaries.

  32. Yevska Says:

    I want so much for this to be fake. Why is a parent making this decision for this child? A seven year old cannot possibly comprehend the width and breadth of what is happening. For the love of little green apples, I wanted a tubal litigation when I was 34 and had to have a serious nodding talk with my GP and then my OB/GYN, because of what-ifs even after having been pregnant. But some yahoo can remove a young child’s reproductive future before he is even sexually mature? This is abuse of parental power, plain and simple.

  33. shediogenes Says:

    She is already laying the groundwork for a rift in the family. It is very painful to grow up constantly in the shadow of a siblings speshulness, of their constant needs, demands on parents time and attention, going without because of demands on the family budget. That the siblings of the speshul tranz kid will be overshadowed, only to finally reach adulthood and be expected to once again give even more is most disturbing to me. Actual little girls will grow up under the exceptional needs of their brother and later be expected to put their own health at risk to donate eggs. Mom can donate instead and not only sooth her conscience for sterilizing her son, but avoid the conversation these girls might have about being unwilling to sacrifice one more thing for their “sisters” trans needs. Unless of course, their need to be recognized at all in their childhood home drives them to start tranzing too, and face their own sterilization.

    As if its not bad enough, the pressure parents are put under to tranz and sterilize their kids, now mothers are being pressured to donate their eggs for their sterile kids, next it will be donation of reproductive organs. Some of the parents are attention seeking, Munchhausen by proxy, sick idiots, but as our society goes further with this nonsense, I wonder how many parents are just going to get caught up in this. Take your kid in to a shrink (under pressure from a gendersick school) told your kid is tranz, no alternative treatments offered (by a group of gendersick doctors drooling over their payday). Dads may be content to work 3 jobs rather that have a gay son, but Moms really need to revolt against this crazy shit.

    • branjor Says:

      And the thing is, there’s nothing special about the trans kid. He’s just an ordinary little boy with ordinary interests for his age which don’t happen to fit in with the sick gender requirements for his sex. He doesn’t “need” any of that shit.

  34. Zemskull Says:

    Hi shediogenes: You’re right–life is very difficult for the “normal” siblings of mentally ill children. There are programs and sympathy for the parents and mentally ill child, but the siblings are just told not to be “selfish.” Also, there are occurrences in which the mentally ill child abuses the “normal” ones, and, again, the adults around just tell the victim to be “understanding.” This problem is likely magnified in the transgender cases, since narcissism seems to be a common issue.

  35. Bea Says:

    Estradiol possesses antidepressant action…so that may explain why her son feels better.

    We don’t say someone must be trans clay (where lithium is found naturally) if lithium makes them feel better, so why do we say boys are actually girls because estrogen has an antidepressant effect?

    This is a pattern I’m seeing in the transgender community: “try out HRT (specifically estradiol), and if you feel better, you’re trans!” Most of these guys start out incredibly depressed, then say they feel a lot better, even before the physical feminization effects have taken place. Mind you, so many of these guys were not “in the closet” for decades, but young “questioning” guys, so the “relief of coming out” would not explain their newfound happiness.


    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Bea: You’re right. A number of antidepressants, such as Paxil and Effexor, may work by increasing estrogen in the patient.

      • Bea Says:

        I didn’t know that, Zemskull. That’s very interesting…and this isn’t something doctors are telling people. I saw one guy talking about how he knew he was trans, in effect he had a “craving for estrogen.” Really, it’s a con game by the medical establishment. Doctors don’t tell diabetics they need to pretend to be cows if their bodies crave (bovine) insulin. Estrogen is present in the male body; it is NOT a foreign substance like they seem to think it is.

  36. JustAngry Says:

    Not to mention surrogacy was and still is a highly exploitative system that feeds off the poverty of women. Like “selling eggs,” women are literally selling body parts and undergoing high risk procedures in order to survive all for the sake of genetic entitlement. There are so many things wrong and unethical with everything that’s happening. But choices right?
    One can only hope the world wakes up soon.

  37. […] Mom of 7-year-old boy plans to freeze her own eggs after she sterilizes him […]

  38. […] — it’s obvious that if they aren’t just totally stupid, these parents are completely disturbed and spiritually bankrupt […]

  39. […] — it’s obvious that if they aren’t just totally stupid, these parents are completely disturbed and spiritually bankrupt […]

  40. Tyson Deringer Says:

    how could you be so evil? You would destroy your sons life just so you can have a pet freak? SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. i hope and pray that your son is taken from you. Taken back by God so he wont have to suffer with such a horrible mother any more.

  41. […] — it’s obvious that if they aren’t just totally stupid, these parents are completely disturbed and spiritually bankrupt […]

  42. Bill Wilson Says:

    nigga what the fuck

  43. Truthteller912 Says:

    This whole website is one huge mental disorder, why the fuck would you let your 7 decide anything? When I was 7 I wanted to be a monkey doesn’t mean I should have plastic surgery, leave it till they are at least 15

  44. Michael Says:

    People like this need to have child srevives called on them and institutionalized.

  45. Lyam Trainor Says:

    Its not weird it is disturbed. You should have your son taken away from you you mentally deranged individual.

  46. You bitches are insane

  47. BB Says:

    I find it weird that we are allowing children to make decisions on their sex life way before they reach any age a maturity. Sounds like borderline sexual abuse to me.

  48. Evan V Says:

    You’re mentally ill.

  49. Don Trump Says:

    You are all a bunch of sick fucks and should be arrested for child abuse.

  50. J Says:

    You should all be purged and children rehabilitated. You’re all sick fucks and don’t deserve to livem

  51. go die you disgusting piece of satanic shit Says:

    WAT in the FUCK

  52. k2131984 Says:

    The world has gone full retard…holy ffs

    • Jeremiah Says:

      How can people be so stupid? kid will prob commit suicide later on in life. another example of a fucking moron for a mother who cant be stern!! allowing your kid to do whatever just because they want and you’re afraid to tell your kid no only proves you suck as a parent!! saying yes to everything does not make you a fit parent. you need your kids taken away from you!! this is in response to the post. not sure of its responding to the comment above me but its meant for the post.

  53. Weske Says:

    Not old enough to decide bedtime, old enough for hormone therapy. You’re a sick, twisted piece of shit.

  54. Boys that aren’t allowed to go through puberty, end up with penises that can’t be turned into vaginas. Which means that this sick creature is destroying her child’s chance of ever having ANY gender!!

  55. Tony Says:

    Holy fucking God this disgusting. You people are disgusting, awful humans. You are abusing these children. You are sick.

  56. Brion Boyles Says:

    I want all these “parents” of mutilated, tortured and psychologically destroyed children to be held accountable for manslaughter or accessory to murder when these kids grow up and realize what their freakish parents did to them and begin committing suicide….Ditto for their doctors and mental health “professionals”…

  57. Wade Says:

    This is sick and disturbing. Your transgender child is your own creation , you are a child abuser . For the safety of all children you should be locked in a cell away from society , for the rest of your life .if you continue with this you are statistically turning your son into a future suiside . If you physically alter your little boy, you and what ever (money grubbing) quack that does this , should face criminal consequences as if it were forced on someone helpless , because that is what is happening.

  58. Suck Me Says:

    “She’s too young to tell me whether she might someday want biological children,” yet he’s not too young to essentially castrate himself and permanently fuck up his life by undergoing hormone treatment at the age of 7? It’s a 7 year old boy, you lunatic. He has no idea what the hell he wants, so stop destroying him. All you’re going to end up with is a child who commits suicide.

    • kkoppi Says:


    • Bluemoonhero Says:

      You are all mentally retarded, this is clearly child abuse. How could you think that it is acceptable to sterilise a little boy? I don’t care what you/he thinks he is, there is no way that you can screw with his sex before he’s even old enough to fully understand what he is. When he is a fully grown man with a wife he wants to have kids with he is going to hate your guts. People like you deserve Darwin awards.

  59. Arminius Says:

    May you all be consumed in hellfire

  60. Pete Says:

    You’re sick and demented how can you damage your child that way.. leave him to be himself and make his own life.. you are stealing his life.. hope you loose your child and he gets taken away from you..

  61. kkoppi Says:

    You are one sick person and you’re doing nothing else than destroying your child with your ridiculous gender ideology. Your son will face tremendous complications later, you have already poisoned him enough. I really honestly genuinely wonder how on this green earth a parent would allow their 6yo son to ‘change’ his goddamn gender. You have done something sick; I hope you won’t find help in this particular situation, because it would only cause you more loads of trouble.

  62. Aaron Says:

    Since when does a 7yr old know they are transgender???? Or are you pushing your weird wishes on your poor child!!

  63. Jeffrey Says:

    You are a sick and twisted bitch. What the actual fuck is wrong with you.

  64. Al Says:

    You are seriously fucked up and should be steralized and locked away along with your therapist. The kid can’t decide about his bed time but “decided” about their gender, or is this also decided by he same person who assigns bed time?

  65. Retribution Says:

    What a wicked abomination you are… and the horror is that you are not alone. Everyone like you deserves to be rounded up and have stakes driven through your hearts.

  66. Chad Says:

    Sterilize yourself, never have kids ever again, and I hope they take your current one away.

  67. The woman’s son is only seven years old. He is too young to have any puberty blockers or hormone replacements.

    Actual physical transitioning should wait until adulthood. After all, people have recovered from transgenderism- or become transgender- late into adulthood. Children are generally too immature to make such a decision, to weigh the risks.

  68. Linda Says:

    Save future generations the embarrassment please.

  69. Marm Says:

    Sheesh, what’s with the flood of outraged comments from people who haven’t bothered to read the piece ?

  70. Jason Says:

    Good God! You horrible evil woman. You are terribly abusing your son. Someone needs to remove him from you before the damage is permanent. I’m serious. This made my jaw drop. You need psychiatric help, probably to be institutionalized. Please stop hurting that poor little boy.

  71. juno jones Says:

    Better a live daughter than a gay son, amirite?

  72. ns Says:

    Imprison all child abusers.

  73. Sbka Says:

    Transgenderism is a mental illness when adults are in question, and in this case it’s child abuse. Just because your kid likes playing with dolls doesn’t mean you should completely sabotage their NATURE. I hate liberal laws, I would love nothing more than to hear you pay for the sadism towards your child.

  74. Kevin Says:

    God, have mercy!
    You’re defying human nature by raising your child as a transgender.
    He will always be your son, and yes, he will always be a male, no matter how much you mutilitate his body by hormonal treatment.
    You are proposing to help him raise his own siblings as if they were his own children?
    What demonstrative defiance to the Creator.
    Please turn back, get your boy off these drugs, wait for puberty for him, and watch him mature into a healthy young man.

  75. Toots Says:

    “There is no long-term data tracking the health risks of women who inject hormones and undergo egg retrieval, and no one knows how much of the chemicals used in the freezing process are absorbed by eggs, and whether they are toxic to cell development.

    Furthermore, even with the new flash freezing process, the most comprehensive data available reveals a 77 PERCENT FAILURE RATE of frozen eggs resulting in a live birth in women aged 30, and a 91 PERCENT FAILURE RATE in women aged 40.”


  76. Michele Says:

    I think you need to let them make that decision for them self when they are able to comprehend and lil more mature and not you

  77. Donald Duck Says:

    You’re a psychopath

  78. John Says:

    You have a mental health disorder. You are forcing your issues onto your child. You should have your child taken away from you.

  79. roughneck Says:

    Sterilizing a seven year old child. Let that sink in for a bit.

    Instead of thinking about freezing your eggs think about why you feel the need to sterilize your SEVEN YEAR OLD child and why the FUCK this is legal in your country.

    In most SANE countries people have to be at least 18 before this sort of thing is allowed.

  80. Jeff Says:

    He* your son* he’s fucking 7. Stop making up HIS mind for him. He’s a fucking 7 year old boy. Dumb delirious bitch

  81. armadillorex Says:

    To me they’re too young to even know what being trans is, and this is some weird form of incest worrying about a future that may or may not even go like you plan (unless you nudge it that way)

  82. Laura Says:

    In relation to donating an egg to this woman you don’t know very well – you must take into account that you are putting (your) offspring into an environment that you can’t trust will be a good one. My problem with sperm/egg donation is the risk of that child potentially being sexually/physically/verbally abused by their parents. I couldn’t live with myself if I donated an egg and those people abused that child. It’s a view not a lot if people consider, because the focus is always on making the parents happy and fulfilling their dreams instead of considering the actual child and their needs.

  83. Connor Paterson Says:

    Behold, the most stupidest thing I’ve seen today

  84. cledun Says:

    That’s not “weird,” that’s twisted, and you deserve to be killed.

  85. John Smith Says:

    Sadly not many people here have the guts to tell this “woman” the truth about what a terrible person she is and how she should be locked up for life.

    • GallusMag Says:

      This is a re-post of something from Reddit, John, posted here for discussion. Click on the links to go to the original source. Excellent virtue-signaling though. A+ job.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        I am amazed at the lack of reading comprehension by the recent posters. Like, just look at the blogroll and you see that you are barking up the wrong tree here.


  86. Mike H Says:

    You are a sick and abusive mother. You need help. If you don’t get help, you should be arrested for child abuse. Look at the science. A 7-year old cannot be transgender.

  87. misterjonez Says:

    This article outlines a terrifying and entirely predictable consequence of the transgender craze sweeping the West right now. That craze, combined with increasingly isolated echo chambers like the one described by the OP (online TG support group), horrors which ought to remain nearly unimaginable are not only made manifest but also, somehow, seem reasonable and even compassionate to the people within those echo chambers.

    Society needs to tolerate people who reject, or in other meaningful ways seek to modify, their biological gender for whatever reason. Nobody is perfect, and we all have parts of ourselves we’d like to be different. But we also need to protect children from this kind of chemical abuse at the hands of parents who are, for whatever reason, ill-equipped to deal with the social pressures surrounding the TG craze and find themselves getting swept up in the moment for a modica of fleeting social grace–at the price of a lifetime of irreversible consequences (physical, psychological, hormonal, etc..) for their child.

    Raising children isn’t easy. But subjecting your children to hormone replacement therapy (chemical castration) is within spitting distance of other brutal acts like FGM or physical castration.

    Let’s not be the people who try to rationalize why it’s ok (or even compassionate!) to mutliate children’s genitals. Let’ just…no, seriously, let’s not be those people.

  88. Chanel Says:

    Biologically her siblings would be the closest to having a biological child. Though I would do it. For that just in case. make sure you leave it as an option and don’t make her feel obligated. Don’t get upset if she doesn’t want to use them.

  89. Blamemyparents2 Says:

    Holy shit please be trolling.

  90. Common-f-ing-sense Says:

    Jeez-us Christ! The better question is why are you supporting a mental disorder? You should be brought up on charges of child endangerment, have HIM taken from you, and both of you receive treatment. Or, from a science perspective: if your child was meant to have children, he would’ve been born a female… with the following organs: uterus, ovaries, and a vagina.

  91. Jeff Shannon Says:

    Is this a parody site?? This cannot be real?? I feel like I am living in the twilight zone!! How in God’s name can a a 7 year old be a transgender? I didn’t even know what sex was until I was 12!! This parent needs to be arrested for child abuse if this is real and not a joke!

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Welcome to the reality you live in (That is if you are US American, Canadian, or live in Great Britain. I think mainland Europe is still sane, for now)

      This is what is parents are TOLD to do by all the “experts” on transgenderism.

      The only thing unusual about this mother is, possibly, her plan to freeze her own eggs. Everything else is business as usual, I estimate hundreds of parents are doing it.

      Transing children, puberty blockers and all that shit just because the boy happens to like playing with “girl toys” or somesuch, is the new normal.

  92. Joe Says:

    Weird? It’s beyond weird. It’s criminal. It’s child abuse.

  93. This child abuse and no different than what Muslims do to young girls when they mutilate their genitalia in the name of their religion. This woman and her therapist need to be exterminated and the children rescued from this madness.

  94. Sparky Says:

    This entire idea of a 7 year-old biologically transgender child is absolutely unconscionable and it is in fact as horrible an example of abuse as I’ve ever seen. We can’t all have what we want when we want it, but a seven year old child cannot determine what they want as true wants and desires are formed in their minds over years of experience, not 7 years, but at least decades. The only difference between this and pedophilia is that it’s the parent involved, and while it is involving sexuality and children, the perpetrator hopefully does not receive their own gratification from it. It’s absolutely disgusting and needs to be referred to a state agency for evaluation immediately.

  95. Lori S. Says:

    I am most disturbed by the way these people take for granted that women are mere storehouses of eggs to be harvested at some later date by TIMs. The mother blithely considering herself and the half-sisters as egg donors for the poor male who won’t be able to produce any of his own. The mother’s thoughtless, “Oh, I can’t really afford to be the egg donor, so the half sisters will just have to step up and do it” is shocking to me. Female bodies are seen as having no boundaries, no integrity, as being merely the producers of material for use by males, any males, including TIMs. So, while others here are shocked at what she is doing to her son, I am shocked at the sexism of her seeing all the females in this scenario as egg producers for this male kid, as brood hens, the exact same way that patriarchy has seen female bodies for millennia.

  96. Bonnie Says:

    I think it is sick and tested. Let her see what options she has in 20 years, and then decide. Stop trying to play God with people’s lives

  97. Crewldude Says:

    This is child abuse. And this crazy bitch needs her kid taken by CPS. And the kid needs counseling to deal with the abuse his sick fuck of a parent inflicted on him with her lunatic nonsense.

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Welcome to reality – in this insane brave new world, CPS are more likely to take away the child of a sane parent who refuses to trans a boy just because he likes the colour pink or some shit. .

      And if the kid got counseling, the counsellor would more likely than not tell him that he must take puberty blockers and go on female hormones.

  98. Your Conscience Says:

    You are insane.

  99. Deus Vult Says:

    All of you people are abominations and should be crucified for your crimes against nature

  100. Male Dad Says:

    Is this a real article?

  101. hekate jayne Says:

    PEOPLE. The very first line in this post has a very important piece of info.

    It says “from reddit”.

    This was cross posted here so that we could all be horrified by it. Because it is horrifying.

    You can stop directing comments to the woman because she is not here. Maybe you can find the original. On REDDIT.

      • hekate jayne Says:

        Of course.

        I’m used to being insulted for stuff that I actually say. I think that you might know that particular feeling, too.

        But it’s the first line. So I am guessing that people are just reading the headline and ignoring the first 2 words after that.

        No time for reading! Gots to get right to the insults! Lol

      • GallusMag Says:

        lmao so true. In their “defense”- this post is such a mind fuck they may find it difficult to read. That’s why I ended up putting the whole story in the headline in the first place! It was so fucked up that I couldn’t come up with a title! LMAO

      • sellmaeth Says:

        If such is the lack of reading comprehension in the general population, I am no longer surprised that the trans idiocy could gain such traction.

    • Leo Says:


      Yes, and not just the lack of reading comprehension, but lack of research. Although they’re against it, they seem so very shocked and aren’t taking any time to understand (which is very much true of the Liberal pro-trans crowd). They don’t seem to realise that this is kind of a thing now. I suppose it means that if we get the information out there (including spreading Gallus’ fine work, of course), we can get people to oppose it more coherently and consistently.

  102. Evan Says:

    What. The. Fuck.

  103. Heather Says:

    Are you insane? Serious question.

    He’s fucking 7. 7. 7 year olds don’t have the agency to vote, drink or have sex yet you think he is capable of making a decision of this magnitude? Your planning to sterilize him? This is the sickest form of child abuse I have ever witnessed. I can’t believe this is even legal.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Let the boy grow up.

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Who are you talking to? The woman who sterilized her son is somewhere on reddit.

      Here, there’s only sane people who oppose the whole nonsense.

  104. R Count Says:

    It’s called child abuse. You should be ashamed of even considering it

  105. Candee Says:

    What in the hell is wrong with you people to think in any world that this is ok??? Leave these CHILDREN as GOD CREATED THEM!!! This is outright CHILD ABUSE!!! These children need to be taken away from parents like this!!! All you adults who think this is ok need to be put in a mental ward and left to rot!!!

  106. Ness Bee Says:

    All I can say is….

  107. Jacob Says:

    Please don’t do anything to your child that would permanently cause sterilization. Your child is much too young to understand these decions or the lifelong importance they bear. There have been many cases of children changing their minds on these things as they get older. Any permanent change you inflict could lead to real resentment between the two of you in the future. At the least, such decisions should be made after age 18.

  108. Kenneth moore Says:

    First off, your Son is a confused child. No matter what surgeries you have performed ir what phyically altering drugs you provide, NOTHING will change the dna of your SON. You are a failure as a parent. I feel sorry for the torturous life you are providing your SON. But hey, you can use him as a prop to show all your liberal friends how open minded you are.

  109. Kevin Says:

    No, you shouldn’t do this. Your child is not a girl, he is a boy. You know this as a fact, but have fallen to societal pressures and “nice feelings and thoughts to convince you otherwise. You as a parent and an adult should be teaching your child that he is a boy, because he in fact IS. If not, then you are truly a fool. No matter how you or your therapist portrays it, your son being a “transgender girl” is only a series of thoughts. And shame to any adult (yourself and therapist included) who will corrupt that boy’s young, thought-changing, and still-developing mind while he’s a mere 7 years old, into being confined/constrained into thinking he “must” be a girl and preventing his body from developing as boy should.

  110. Kevin Says:

    No, you shouldn’t do this. Your child is not a girl, he is a boy. You know this as a fact, but have fallen to societal pressures and “nice feelings and thoughts to convince you otherwise. You as a parent and an adult should be teaching your child that he is a boy, because he in fact IS. If not, then you are truly a fool. No matter how you or your therapist portrays it, your son being a “transgender girl” is only a series of thoughts. And shame to any adult (yourself and therapist included) who will corrupt that boy’s young, thought-changing, and still-developing mind while he’s a mere 7 years old, into being confined/constrained into thinking he “must” be a girl and preventing his body from developing as boy should. You as an adult are making this an even sicker world.

  111. Adam Says:

    You deserve to die.
    Hell is too good for you you abominable scum of the earth

  112. Dan Says:

    Wait so the kid is too young to know if it wants to have children one day but it isn’t too young to make a decision like “changing” its sex?? Wow you are evil. It sounds like you are pressuring this kid to become a girl. If you had any morals you’d wait for your kid to be of legal age to make this decision. Not at the age of 7. At this age you are deciding for your kid how it will spend the rest of its life.

  113. Mr. Don't Do It Says:

    You should die.

  114. This is child abuse, pure and simple. It needs to be reported to the nearest local authorities. Seven year old children do NOT know if they are transgender. It’s ridiculous! Disgusting woman.

  115. WhiskyTheFxtrt Says:

    you don’t feel like a 7 year maybe doesn’t have the life experience or knowledge to make this kind of decision. Maybe, it’s too soon to make permanent changes to a young child’s life? I honestly feel that you need to let your child’s life develop and experience grow before making a irreversible life decision in someone else’s life. what in a few years your daughter realizes or decided that he is not a girl and us just a gay guy, but you’ve already made the changes for him? or maybe he realizes he’s a straight male and again you’ve altered him. I have no qualms with anyone who is LGBT, I just think 7 is a very young age to make a decision like that. there is no way for you to tell if it is real or a phase.

  116. This is the kind of retarded thing for which we can thank Loretta Lynch, the woman who worked for Obama. OBJECTIVE TRUTH EXISTS. Transgender people have a suicide rate MUCH higher than people who wisely accept the fact that sex and gender BOTH mean the same thing.

    If one “identifies” as a CAT, as does one young woman in Europe, that does NOT make the person a cat.

    Grow up, liberal IDIOTS.

  117. brackenkaren Says:

    These parents are child abusers. The vast majority of these kids grow up and change their feelings about their sexuality. Most will gravitate back to their true gender. For those that don’t there are ways to address it but to take a tiny child and start shooting them up with hormones that do not belong in their body is surely a death warrant for these kids. Many of the commit suicide because the damage their parents did to their bodies. Leave them alone. If they want to change their sex (which they can never really do) let them make that decisions when they are old enough to do so. I think the real problem with these children is their parents.

  118. ShilohS Says:

    If you can’t see anything wrong with this….but how could you. You can’t even see the wrong with letting such a young child make such a life changing choice! They have no maturity, only limited understanding of all the ramifications! The suicide rate of trannys is off the chart…..whether they go thru with the facade of a different sex or not. It’s the mental problem, not an identity problem! What kind of mental problems do YOU have! My daughter, at 5, wanted to “grow up and be a daddy”. I told her she would grow up and be a mommy. I didn’t get into a length discussion with her or put thoughts into her head. She is a woman and mother now, with no desire to be “a daddy”. What if I had planted that possibility into her head? A psychiatrist is aiding this??? He is probably someone who got into the field, trying to find out what is wrong with him! Happen quite a bit, actually. Yes, it is not only weird, it’s selfish and cringy. Our minds can lie to us…..DNA DOESN’T lie!

    • Branjor Says:

      I agree with everything you say about the horrible thing this mother is planning to do to her son. However, what “you” are you talking to? Did you not read the first two words of this post after the title? They are “From reddit.” This is a re-blog of something that appeared on reddit. The woman you are addressing is not here. The owner of this blog, Gallus Mag, is not that woman. GM is against the awful thing the mother is planning to do, is critical of transgenderism in general and re-blogged the thing for discussion.

  119. Grumman Tomcat Says:

    Evil, pure unadulterated evil. Not only that, it is child abuse. This boy is not mature enough to make decisions like this that will effect him for the rest of his life. Will he want this when he’s an adult? The result could be a bitter and suicidal adult. When you tamper with the hormonal development of a person you are playing with fire.

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a ‘Daddy’ and played with Ken dolls. With maturity I grew out of that joined the Navy and had a successful career as a technician on aircraft. I still like stuff like airplanes, fast cars and trucks, but I am still a woman and a mother. By I have been married to my husband for 33 years and successfully raised my own son who is training to be a pilot. If I were allowed to make a bad decision before I was mature enough I don’t think I would be living today.

    A madness has overtaken our society that caters to bad decision making and mental illness. It’s abuse of children and vulnerable mentally ill adults.

  120. Tammy Cole Says:

    If she is too young to tell if she will want kids she is too young to make a huge decision like being a transgender. They are both decisions that should be made as an adult after long consideration and lots of education on being a transgender. Both are things that will alter your life forever.

  121. JohnBrendonAdams Says:

    This isn’t child abuse. You should be put in jail. This is the result of the disgusting liberal mantra of non-judgement no matter how heinous the lifestyle. According to John’s Hopkins, 90% of Children with gender identity disorder will have their symptoms disappear by the time they reach adulthood. Its called a fucking tomboy stage. If your son wants to have surgery or hormones when he is 18, whatever. It is a free country. But you signing off on it when he is 7 is child abuse.

  122. Alexis Says:

    My understanding is you carried and delivered a male child and you now want him to become a female. Why? Does he want to become a girl? Even if he expresses gender curiosity, have his brain, intellect and cognition developed sufficiently for him to have any meaningful input or a basic understanding of the irreparable changes to be visited upon his body and his psyche? I don’t have a reference point here and, I’m just brainstorming thoughts. I am, however, certain of this: my mother heart aches for your child. I pray a voice of reason will prevail and save him from those who would, even with the best intentions, seek to harm him.

  123. melissashaw88 Says:

    Why are people expecting her siblings to give away their genetic children?? It’s odd and I wouldn’t be surprised if they said no or didn’t want to but I guess they will be guilt tripped into it.

  124. Ben Says:

    I understand that your intentions in your head are good and you believe you’re simply being a loving parent… but you are committing very serious child abuse on a child who is too young to understand the consequences of their chosen identity and you are enabling a mental illness to take root simply so that you can feel virtuous and progressive. there are no words that can fully express what a perverted, deranged and sick person you are. I feel sorry for your son, he never had a chance.

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