The Obligatory GenderTrender “Bruce Jenner’s Lady-Brain” Thread

April 26, 2015

bruce jenner ladybrain

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  1. Smits Says:

    So when is Mr Jenner going to be returning his Olympic gold medal? Since, being a woman and all, he fraudulently competed in the men’s decathlon (back before there WAS a women’s decathlon) to earn it?

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The Olympic committee never asked for the return of Stella Walsh’s medal, so nothing will happen to Bruce.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Smits: As I noted in a previous topic here, there is still no women’s decathlon in the Olympics. There is a heptathlon–seven events. Moreover, some of the sports in the men’s decathlon, such as pole vaulting, were not individual Olympic women’s sports in 1976 when estro-Jenner received the medal.

      • Smits Says:

        Yikes, I didn’t realise they still didn’t have one at the Olympic level. Surely all the more reason for Bruce to return the medal he couldn’t possibly have actually won, being a lady and all.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I agree that the Olympic women’s decathlon is long overdue.

      One note from the Diane Sawyer interview that was also of interest: she implied that, in 1976, a Soviet competitor named Nikolai Avilov took silver, and is now puzzled that he lost to a “woman.” Avilov’s befuddlement might be real, but he actually took bronze. A West German athlete, Guido Kratschmer, won the silver. Kratschmer was the predicted gold favorite for the Olympics in 1980, but could not attend due to the Jimmy Carter-initiated boycott. By 1984 he was past his prime, and placed 4th at the Olympics in Los Angeles. This athlete must really hate Americans right about now.

  2. GallusMag Says:

    Nothing says “heroism” like fathering six children you ignore for years, paying no child support, and then getting caught on nanny-cam getting your freak on wearing your young daughters clothes.

    • KgSch Says:

      I knew he had a bunch of kids, but I didn’t know he ignored them for several years and didn’t pay child support. (I don’t follow celebrity gossip in-depth.) But yes, so heroic. It does annoy me that there’s so many national news headlines calling him heroic even though he’s a bad father. Female celebrities don’t get called “heroic” for getting plastic surgery. Double standard much?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I may be the only woman in the state of California to have waived child support and alimony. But when Bruce and I divorced, that’s what I did. As confused and sad as I was, Bruce was also very confused and extremely distraught. Again, Dr. Hill had told me that one in four transgender people commits suicide. I knew I didn’t want that to happen.”


        “I wouldn’t be completely forthcoming if I didn’t disclose in this writing that after Bruce and Kris married, there were periods of several years going by without Bruce attempting to contact or visit his sons. No birthday cards or phone calls, no “Merry Christmas,” no “Everything OK?” after the big Northridge earthquake. Brandon and Brody will never have those “Hallmark memories” of father-and-son moments. They were saddened by his lack of participation in their lives, and my heart ached for them. When Brandon asked me, “Mom, what kind of a father doesn’t come to his son’s graduation?” I meekly replied, “Honey, your dad may have been the world’s greatest athlete physically, but emotionally, you have to view him in a wheelchair. If he had emotional legs, he’d get up and walk to you, but he just doesn’t right now. Just try to understand him, love and forgive him.” It was an analogy that seemed to soften the blow at the time, and I do believe that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves; it’s really not even for the person we choose to forgive but for us. We only do harm to ourselves when we harbor resentment and vitriol toward another. I do believe that everything is forgivable; some things are inexcusable but forgivable.”

      • KgSch Says:

        Disgusting. Sounds like a typical abusive male. His ex-wife wouldn’t have gotten the idea that he would commit suicide if he had to pay child-support and alimony if he hadn’t threatened her with it.

        That excuse of him being in an emotional wheelchair is insulting to people in wheelchairs. Sounds like excuses for him being a typical bad father. My mother had/has a lot of emotional issues and is bipolar but that never stopped her from coming to my graduations. I feel bad for his kids, who probably know at least subconsciously he’s a bad father. He would not be being worshiped right now as a wonderful, courageous person if he wasn’t claiming to have a popular sexual fetish, I mean lady brain.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I can’t…I can’t believe he did that to his kids. He abandoned them. I disagree with Linda Thompson – that’s unforgiveable. And with all his money and fame, he didn’t help out financially?!

        He is a brutally selfish man. What an absolute lowlife.

        Brucie also described himself as a conservative Republican. Wow, there’s a shocker. /s

      • kesher Says:

        Nothing says “lady brain” like being a deadbeat dad. How is it that Bruce clearly doesn’t have one scrap of nurturing instinct, but abandoned his kids for no good reason? Whether women’s drive to nurture is socialized or innate, it does, in fact, exist. When women have money, they spend it on their children. When men have money, they spend it on themselves. This is common across many disparate cultures.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Reading Linda Thompson’s piece for HuffPo, Bruce clearly didn’t deserve her.

      • naefearty Says:

        ” I would venture to say that 30 years ago, very few of us were adequately educated about the world of gender dysphoria. ”

        The world hadn’t been sufficiently gaslighted I think she means.

        Take out all the name-dropping and glamorous locations and this is a textbook account of what women who end up shackled to these men go through.
        He’s quite obviously a manipulative, narcissistic POS.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      That says it all! No need for a two hour interview.

      No Lesbian gets such public support unless they reveal they actually were conning our Lesbian community for years, making money off us with sex books, workshops, etc, while pushing porn and sado-masochism into our community, as did JoAnn Loulan in an ABC interview when she “came out” as having a man after all. (Linda Strega and I wrote years earlier that she was not a Lesbian based on her definition of Lesbian as fucking with men in her first book, “Lesbian Sex.”

    • Teal Deer Says:

      His “it was the only full-length mirror in the house” statement is as hard to believe as any of the rest of the crap he said. In that house, full of all those vain peacocks, there’s only one full-length mirror? He just wanted to play in his daughter’s room, and probably try on her jewelry and makeup.

    • Zosha B Says:

      My heart truly goes out to the women and girls in his life that have been figuratively spat on by Jenner’s selfish actions.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Gallus:

      The words I keep seeing bantered about in reference not just to Bruce, but to other transgenders is “brave,” “courage” and “being true to himself.” I was wondering if you could comment here on these common adjectives being used by the public, or perhaps in a future post. Thank you very much.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Femulating men like Bruce are considered as brave because members of the general public experience them as “abject”.

        The female role was not intended to be inhabited by human beings (males). The female role is designed to dehumanize. The female role is defined by its absence of humanity. This is not a matter of my opinion. A quick glance at the protagonist roles in our cultural mythology (literature, cinema, media) shows this to be true.

        The female role becomes tragic only when it is inhabited by a human being- a male. A human being (by definition a male) who declares his project to inhabit the female role therefore becomes brave and heroic.

        It is a hero’s journey to undertake to live amongst the savages “as one of them”.

      • Miep Says:

        Oh, that’s very, very good Gallus. Poor men, choosing to go live among the savages.

      • pandoracurioser Says:

        @GallusMag well they know we are human taxonomically, but I do agree with your overall sentiment that men do not think of us as individuals whose free agency needs to be respected in the least. That is not because they do not categorize us as human animals though, but because they only attach the meaning of “individuals whose free, living agency needs to be respected” not to the category of human but to the category of man (like white people do with black people, and like humans do to non human animals like the trillions we mercilessly torture and kill each year).

        Respectfully I think being very clear about the recognition we seek and the reason why we are oppressed (which is not that men don’t know the female is part of the species but the thousands of years of political supremacy obtained through mass murder-suicide) is key to actually getting it.

      • Miep Says:

        I agree with this. – it’s not a matter of men not seeing women as human, it’s more a matter of them not seeing us as people.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Nonsense. Don’t throw mud on my message. Thanks.

      • Miep Says:

        Zemskull: making insane and otherwise nonsensical claims about one’s self is neither brave nor true. Hth.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Gallus: I think you’re right. Personally, I might consider a man somewhat brave if he temporarily assumed a woman’s role in an earnest attempt to understand women’s safety issues. For example, a male college student who temporarily poses as a woman and attends a drunken fraternity party.

        In Bruce’s case, there’s little risk to his safety. He lives in a gated, wealthy neighborhood, attends high-profile celebrity events with ample security and cameras, and is a large, athletic person. He’s unlikely to experience sexual assault or even sexual harassment.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I will consider a man brave if he says the trans movement is a load of shit, keeps saying it, gets a bunch of shit thrown in his face…and keeps saying it. He sticks up for women who say the same thing, says we need to listen to WOMEN and what they say about trans in bathrooms, etc, he quotes women and refers to women ALL THE TIME when addressing trans issues, and he never shuts the fuck up about it, or backtracks or changes his mind ’cause he saw the light (translation: realized what a cost was attached to his unpopular stance). I would consider him brave if he stands side by side in public with women who are critical of trans narrative, creates opportunities for these women to speak and be heard. Until then…

      • Zemskull Says:

        When it comes to speaking to the Hollywood media on a controversial issue, I personally consider the speaker brave or courageous if he or she has a lot to lose, and little to gain.

        For example, I believe that many of the apparent victims of Bill Cosby are brave, especially the early ones. Most of them had nothing to gain by going public– few are currently involved in show business, so notoriety is apparently not a motive. Their contact with Cosby took place years or even decades ago, so they’re probably not at risk of being victimized again by him. Yet here many of them are, facing a number of degrading questions and comments from the public in order to warn new potential victims, support their fellow past victims, and/or educate the public on the risk of sexual assault from seemingly unlikely perpetrators.

        In the case of Jenner, his story was already somewhat out anyway. There had been strong rumors and effeminate photos of him for years. All he’s done is confirm what was already strongly suspected, with the help of a notoriously gentle interviewer, and he’s apparently getting a lucrative reality show contract as a result. In fact, he seemed smug when telling Diane Sawyer that he had cleverly kept the transgender story out of the previous reality shows he had with the Kardashians. Jenner will solely own the profit from this aspect of his life. That’s capitalism, not courage.

  3. GallusMag Says:

    The trans forum reaction threads are hilarious. one big clusterfuck of pronoun confusion:
    “Respect his pronouns!”
    “But his pronouns are wronnnngggg!”

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      It’s hilarious on Twitter. I bet he’s getting off, though, on thousands of people fighting with each on the best way to ‘respect’ him and hanging on his every word for the moment he says ‘You may all refer to me as ‘she’ now.’ The whole thing is one massive power trip.

      Also from social media, the one good thing to come out of this is that many people are being introduced to the concept of the male lesbian with a penis for the first time and there is a whole load of ‘WTF?!’ going on. Lots of people who thought transgenderism was some kind of gay man thing are having their minds blown on that one.

      • TheDailyMale Says:

        Yes indeed. I know one such person. I suspect many people quietly hit peak trans last night.

  4. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    What is he gonna call himself?

    Bridgette Paris Jenner?!

  5. margaret Says:

    i don’t watch the show but he seemed very odd – does Jenner always behave like this or is this his new lady flirty act – and the show was so boring – summary: Jenner shows Sawyer a dress – the end – i loved the full five minutes of crying at the beginning (couldn’t they do a retake when he was composed,,,) to put us in the proper sympathetic , reverential mood – what a ham – i blocked every jack one of the kardashians on twitter today, just for a laugh

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Think his Bruce-centric show will be called “TransJenner”?

      • dbrvnk Says:

        That is the worst. You are a terrible person. Why didn’t I think of that.

      • I am laughing so hard right now over “TransJenner” (and I NEEDED something uplifting, after hearing he masturbated in his daughters underwear. Hello!!! That’s sexual abuse. If a stranger came into an underaged girl’s room and did that, it would be considered a criminal act, but because he did it to his daughters, it doesn’t count? He’s a textbook crossdresser, a man who gets a sexual high wearing women’s clothes. We’ve gotten to a point culturally where we’re being asked to say that makes a man a “woman.” It’s the height of male privilege that men as a group have orchestrated some way of getting this crap taken seriously.

  6. biodyke Says:

    Bruce thinks he is a woman….with a penis…..who wants to be called he. That was about as funny as watching transguys squirm when Thomas Beattie announced he was pregnant.

    As for Bruce having the soul of a woman…..his new name will be…..Phyllis Schlafly Jenner…..check the resemblance.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Biodyke – that’s just cruel – Phyllis Schlafly? Really. Why not just call him Anita Bryant while you’re at – LOL. Your comment made me laugh out loud. Bruce Jenner – long lost daughter of Schlafly and Bryant. They’ll have to call it the Schlalfy-Bryant Amendment, when they pass the constitutional amendment outlawing reference to women as a protected class.

      Wait a minute. That last part isn’t funny.

  7. amazondream Says:

    Hollywood has been bought in total just for this ‘trans turnout’–I know there was one other show after Jenner and tonight Fox ran an episode of ‘Backstrom’ that sounded like a primer on knowing the difference the differences between drag and transgender–

    The airwaves are being intentionally flooded with trans propaganda–What a con job–

  8. CKDexterHaven Says:

    All this stuff about ‘women’s brains’, ‘women’s psyches’ and ‘women’s feelings’ just reminds me of the worst aspects of eugenicists in the early part of the 20th century.

    For anyone in the UK on a low income the Kindle edition of Cordelia Fine’s ‘Delusions of Gender’ is £1.00 on Amazon right now. I’ve bought it and I’m going to be educating myself a lot more to refute all this ‘my brain got washed in the wrong hormones in the womb’ shit that passes for scientific fact among transactivists.

    Two things that confuse me about the Bruce interview. He says he’s not gay. Does this mean he is attracted to men or he’s not attracted to men? Because if he’s always been a woman then he’s been a rampant and enthusiastic member of the homosexual community for a long time. He was Ellen before even Ellen was Ellen. Secondly, there’s the whole pronoun thing. This isn’t helpful to poor schmucks who work in customer service. Do they fired for calling a laydee ‘sir’ or for calling him ‘madam’? Is ‘Don’t you know how I internally identify?’ going to become the new ‘Don’t you know who I am?’

    • GallusMag Says:

      For guys like Bruce their “gender identity” IS their sexual orientation. So funny how they’re always saying it’s unconnected, when obviously that is the basis of their sexuality.

      • Respectfully I think he’s an heterosexual man with a fetish who has taken over his life. I don’t think one can call a fetish, no matter how prevalent, a sexual orientation. Sexual arousal from fetishes is about having a symbol (in the form of object, mannerism, body part) connected via positive or negative conditioning to masturbation and therefore orgasms. It happens because humans use masturbation as a stress reliever and so it’s easy for political symbols to become connected to orgasms.
        No one naturally experience sexual arousal toward a fetish symbol, it comes through conditioning and repetition. People are interested romantically and attracted to other people instinctually. The specific people they are attracted to may be derived from social conditioning or their comfort levels in specific subcultures of society, but people still experience romantic attraction without any conditioning.

        Sexual orientation is about the natural desire for intimacy with our peers, and which peers you experience that with. Fetishes are about the learned sexualization of political symbols via stress and masturbation. A person who has never orgasmed can be sexually and romantically attracted to someone. Fetishes can only be constructed with the use of orgasms as conditioning experiences.
        It’s just like one cannot say that a food preference, say mangoes, is the same as a drug preference, say crack cocaine.

        Anyway I think the issue here is not that Bruce Jender sexuality has been warped since his childhood (he said he already felt this way when he was nine), but that instead of dealing with it and trying to get out of this self destructive and destructive toxicity he decided to make a lifestyle and a persona out of it. And he is allowed to do so via male privilege.

      • neme Says:

        I think if no one made a big deal about him wanting to be a pretty boy who wore dresses, if it hadn’t been this big, forbidden thing, it would not have fostered into a sick fetish. Who cares what he wears? Either way, Jenner is a dude in a dress who likes getting plastic surgery, not a woman.

      • neme Says:

        That should be “festered” into a fetish. Damn autogynephilia. I mean, autocorrect.

      • Zosha B Says:

        Autogynophilia in action.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      I saw some trans complaints about that. He says he’s a woman, he says he’s attracted to women, but says he’s heterosexual (a man)? There’s trouble in the land of make-believe.

    • Pythia Says:

      Thanks so much for the heads up about the book…I’ve been lurking here for about 6 months & am living in the sticks…far from a good bookshop, not that I have the money at the moment, but thank you, it was much appreciated.
      & an unending thank you to Gallus Mag for the education provided here…you’ve let me see why the things that were making me uneasy about transgenderism made me feel that way ❤

  9. emmajune Says:

    “Mom, what kind of a father doesn’t come to his son’s graduation?”

    Now the answer is: “A mother”.

  10. neme Says:

    He’s creepy.

  11. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Deep thinkers, Ellen & Portia, think brucehilda is “brave” & “saving lives” lol.

    What is any news outlet doing even interviewing this cheesyass crossdresser?

    • TheDailyMale Says:

      I’m a human being trapped in a woman’s body. Where’s my TV interview?

    • And Laverne Cox also called him a hero. Although that is obviously kind of unsurprising. I really don’t get why Ellen & Portia didn’t go with dignified silence and declining to comment. Seriously. How can you not see that the men in that family raise the daughters to be decorative objects and fucktoys for profit. My mom rightly calls the Jenner/Kardashian men pimps. Now Jenner father has a public fetish: how on Earth can one misconstrue that as heroic?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Whelp, there goes my love for Ellen. According to that article by Linda Thompson that Gallus linked to above, Bruce was living at the Playboy Mansion for a while. That shows what he thinks of women right there.

  12. Mortadella Says:

    It’s kind of funny, really. He doesn’t pass — he just looks…odd. He’s making trans clutch their pearls and grit their teeth. Months ago Bill Maher asked Janet Mock what the hell was up with Jenner? Mock couldn’t give a clear answer and prattled on about Jenner having his own personal experience like a shapeshifter before Maher asked another question.
    Now, usually famous trans are famous if considered conventionally attractive (like Mock). No one would know their names if they were Tootsies. But we know they’re the exceptions, not the rule, but mainstreamers don’t. Until now.

    Here comes Jenner, looking, errr, odd. His behavior was off. He had a track suite on coupled with slip on Ked-like shoes. The opposite of polished.
    How will the mainstream, non-thinker types respond to someone who claims to be a woman but doesn’t bother to do the gender performance thing? If he has PR people, they seriously miscalculated this interview move. Jenner isn’t exactly ready for prime time.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Jenner is completely and totally out of his mind. I mean, I know being trans is being out of one’s mind, but he’s more out of it than most He is a total contradiction.

      His facial surgery has made him look like a burn victim. His voice doesn’t even approach what he used to sound like as a young man. Too many cigarettes, perhaps, has damaged his voice.

      He’s just a mess. Diane Sawyer had this look on her face the whole time as if to say, “What did I do to deserve this?” I don’t think she could believe the whole thing.

      I know I couldn’t.

    • Zosha B Says:

      As the old saying goes, bad publicity is better than no publicity.

      I think that his PR team is trying to desperately jump on the bandwagon of trans “activism” before people get wise to how bullshit it actually is. I think that they might have also been trying to play the pity card – both of which are excellent publicity stunts and an easy way to pad Jenner (and his agents) bank accounts.

  13. Derrick Jensen Says:

    Here is a page from a website discussing issues associated with male homosexuals that has the article, then in the comments probably fifty percent of the commenters have comments critical of transgenderism, with a few of them calling for separating T from G and L.

    For example:

    WTF does this have to do with gay people? The only reason this is here is because 15 years ago, some activists concocted LGBT, which is a fraudulent concept.


    The only value that this story has is to illustrate the powerful connections between transgender and privilege.

    Another comment:

    Jacob you fool, there are no “LGBT Americans.” There is no such thing as “LGBT.” Bruce Jenner does not consider himself linked with gay people or lesbians. So why wouldn’t he be a Republican? The only transgender billionaire in the world is a Republican who donated huge amounts of money to Romney. He supports transgender issues, not LGB issues. Transgenders understand that LGBT is a scam. Why don’t you?


    So, he’s not “gay”…never has been. He’s not a lesbian either? Oh, I get it…he’s a special category of straight, transgender, rich republican who knows how to “act” genuine & sincere. Check. Now, this is news!


    It goes on like that, with a few pro-trans comments thrown in.

    • Mortadella Says:


    • KgSch Says:

      Cool. I went ahead and posted a comment saying that as a lesbian, I don’t want to be associated with creepy het men who have a ton of kids and abandon them and then decide they are women. Us lesbians did not agree to be grouped in with men who oppress us.

      Still, it’s nice that people are starting to realize that being trans isn’t just something that happens to gay men who can’t handle their gayness.

  14. australopithecene Says:

    So despite him being a Republican, deadbeat dad, abusive man, he got a gushing congratulatory tweet from high-profile Australian “feminist” Clementine Ford on her timeline. With lovehearts, no less. She also advocated men who think they are women being let into women’s spaces. Including Coogee Women’s Baths!

  15. Milo Jenner Says:

    i dont see what the problem is about cosplaying as willem defoe

  16. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:


    I’m watching SNL, right? A brilliant SNL episode! This can’t be. It’s a JOKE.

    Sorry for all caps.

  17. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    ” That is me. That is her.” (Photos of himself winning DECATHALON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Bea Says:

      “That is her.” Again with the creepy alternate female persona. I have never once referred to myself as “her.” I call myself “me,” or “I.” It really is cosplay for these guys.

      • neme Says:

        Whether he was saying “Bruce” or “Her” – dude kept talking about himself in the third person.

  18. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    He seems like maybe he could be gay, a gay male – ? It seems like this could end in terrible tragedy. It’s seeming tragic to me suddenly. This person is so completely lost. It’s sad.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      This is how they win, no matter what they do to women. He is not “sad” or “lost.” He just was immortalized in a 2 hour television special. No such thing for Lesbians. Men rule.

      No matter how much they hate us, women always feel sorry for them. He’s an autogynphilic narcissistic het man who despises women enough to appropriate our identity and get even more support for the trans cult, even though there are many television shows revering these men at our expense.

  19. So he is a “woman” and heterosexual but still attracted to women and wants to be called “he” and he is a conservative republican.

    Basically he is batshit insane.

  20. I'm No Cissie Says:

    We’re told this is a coming out, meanwhile, the second wife he abandoned knew about this over 20 years ago, perhaps his first wife also knew, the gossip press and comedians have speculated for decades about his surgeries and whether or not he was transitioning – yet this is an all new BRAVE SO BRAVE revelation.

    Wasn’t brave enough to be up front with any of the women he married before marrying and impregnating them, though, even though he claims to have “known” he was a woman since childhood or whatever. BRAVE SO BRAVE

  21. Ashland Avenue Says:

    The fact that he was caught sneaking into his daughters’ closets and wearing their clothes (ew Ew EW) is being ignored. I wonder what they did with the clothes he wore. My suggestion:

    • Lulu Says:

      I totally missed the part about him “playing dress up” in his daughter’s closet. So not even his own daughters are off limits when it comes to getting his rocks off. Disgusting. This is a violation. Why are people not seeing this? Secretly rummaging through women’s closets and drawers and putting on their panties and bras in the quest of an orgasm is a violation.
      This is clearly just so wrong yet I feel like no one can see it!! When did a sexual fetish become a human rights issue?

      • Mary Worth Says:

        Sneaking around, using your own daughter’s clothing like that really is horrifying. Why would anyone in their right mind think it’s okay to use their own child’s clothing as a sexual aid?

        This fucker is a creep – full stop. He abandoned some of his children and violated the others. That he’s being held up as some sort of hero is disgusting.

        It’s also unsettling that he’s seeking the limelight after being involved in an accident that killed someone. Most people would be very traumatized by that, even if it was truly an accident.

        He’s a deadbeat dad, a pervert, and an attention hog. I swear if I hear any more about his ‘bravery’ on my facebook feed, I’m going to vomit.

      • Susan Says:

        No one seems to know how much a raging erection they get from wearing women’s clothing. The whole point of “tucking” is to try to disguise their erections when out in public.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      It’s a boundary violation of your child. It’s wrong. I’m sure many parents watching were aghast.

      • Violet Irene Says:

        IMHO it is outright sexual abuse. Appalling.

      • Lulu Says:

        Ok, so apparently what happened is that his two youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall were fighting over clothes. The older daughter, Kendall accused Kylie of stealing her clothes, which Kylie denied. So Kendall set up a hidden camera to catch Kylie in the act. Instead, they saw their dad on the video wearing a Kendall’s dress. Daddy was stealing the clothes. What Bruce failed to mention, and what viewers likely would not conclude on their own, is that not only did his daughters see him prancing around in Kendall’s dress, but IMO,
        they very likely saw that their dad had an erection while prancing around in Kendall’s dress. And to think, his 17 year old daughter was bashed and harassed on twitter for not being totally accepting and supportive of Miss Bruce. She posted that she is having a hard time dealing with all of this but that she loves her dad. Her twitter mentions were swarmed with people calling her a bigot. But this pervert is civil rights hero now.

      • keshmeshi Says:

        The man’s rich enough that he can afford to buy clothes online in multiple sizes, try them on, and not even return them. That he didn’t speaks volumes about what he thinks of women, what he thinks of his own daughters, and how much of this is a sexual fetish for him — all of it.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Obviously female boundary violation is part of the kink. If MtTs get full legal access to women’s spaces, that line is no longer there to be crossed. What will they need to do to get off then?

  22. gaydude50 Says:

    I am incredibly grateful for this site (and a few others) for opening my eyes to what is really happening with the trans movement. I am not as steeped in all of the feminist theory that you all know so well, but I’d like to think I have common sense.

    The reason I say this is because my entire Facebook feed is filled with comments about how ‘brave’ Bruce is and what a ‘hero’ he is and after that VERY slickly produced show I get why my friends who are gay and lesbian think so. (I also have a few trans friends who remained silent.) Nobody takes the illogic of this movement to its logical conclusion.

    They watched the show and saw a ‘hero.’

    I watched the show and saw all of the hallmarks of an autogynephile. Late transition, deadbeat dad, multiple marriages, speaking of himself in the third person, creepy cross dressing fetish. And, it is very easy to view his obsessive training regime as the equivalent to a paramilitary experience – and we know how many of these creeps come of out of the military. And then he shows us a black cocktail number and talks about how his future self is going to rock it – because that’s what being a woman is. Made my skin crawl in a ‘it puts the lotion on it’s skin’ sort of way.

    And it is so incredibly obvious that the Kardashians decided to sit it out until after the show aired to see which way public reaction went. Their only goal is to monetize this at this point. Sure, you had a couple of lesser Kardashians involved in the show, but the ones who really matter (i.e. who make a lot of money) didn’t chime in until the next day when it was clear that public opinion was positive.

    Diane Sawyer just perpetrated the biggest gaslighting in the history of television.

    So thanks to all of you. I know what I saw.

  23. Jane (the first) Says:

    So his female persona is his headmate? What’s his Tumblr URL?

  24. margotmaybe Says:

    I’m wondering if anyone thinks there’s any validity to the idea that homosexual trans are different from hetero trans? If you look at the history of trans, the people we’ve (women) tended to accept into our hearts and our spaces were homosexual males who did not pose a rape threat. Now, we see an influx of heterosexual males who sexualize their own identity and express it through gender. They ARE a threat to women’s safety, but deny it by using homosexual trans identity as a model for acceptance/don’t want to be delegitimized by admitting it is actually a sexual “type” and display stereotypical aggressive male behaviors such as gaslighting/silencing/verbal abuse.

    I’ve been reading a blog by a homosexual M2T that actually uses science correctly and points out what I consider to be very valid differences in the types, including age, sexualized gender expression and sexuality, differentiating between autogynephelia (hetero/late transitioner) and possible hormonal conditions in utero (gay/early transitioner.) Thoughts?

    • neme Says:

      Of course there’s a difference. The gay ones aren’t trying to sexually assault women or pretend they are lesbians. The straight ones hide behind the gay ones.

      • Gay men might not target women directly for sexual predation, but they are more than happy to support their straight brothers in their desires to.

        And even if there are some differences in the pathology that drives these men, gay or straight, they all see “woman” as a thing to be owned, taken, used. This is fundamentally misogynistic either way.

    • Homosexual transsexuals can be autogynephiles too. But at least they leave lesbians alone unlike their straight counterparts.

  25. AlecHolland Says:

    I’m just asking because I don’t know…what does a woman feel like? Besides menstruation, pregnancy and menopause which all have a very real biological component that someone without those parts cannot truly experience. Do they have hopes, dreams, fears, anxieties, passions and turn-offs? Because I’m pretty sure all human beings(except true psychopaths) have those feelings.

    And Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife is Elvis’s ex-girlfriend. I did not know that.

  26. Bev Jo Says:

    What a clever move, Brucie made to be in a two hour special on a major US television network, interviewed by the woman who interviews heads of governments.

    What can a washed up narcissist boring het man do to get attention again, and maybe even his very own reality show? Autogynephilic for decades, and wanking off in his daughters’ clothes is beyond disgusting. Yet, even Billie Jean King now thinks he’s a hero.

    So his ploy worked. A two hour special on national television, reported all over other networks. He has gotten the attention he demanded, and added greatly to the media and individual worship of the men playing at being women. The reverence in the local newscasters, even from other networks, was horrifying. While Lesbians continue to be a porn media joke and no actual Butches are ever shown in the media, there are now several television series with prominent beloved trannie characters.

    Yet, aren’t most people horrified by and laughing at trans-Jenner? Now if THEY came out, like Bill Maher did this week, making fun of him and ignoring the boos, that would change things. Giving these arrogant privileged men the ridicule they deserve is the one thing that will work…

  27. Bruce Jenner is not a “hero,” and is definitely not a woman. He is a delusional autogynephile who a couple of months ago killed a woman named Kim Howe while day-dreaming behind the wheel of his Cadillac SUV. He smashed into the back of her car, pushing it into oncoming traffic.

    Dianne Sawyer briefly mentioned “the accident” just before a commercial break, but it’s likely that most of the 17 million viewers didn’t pick up on it, let alone that a woman was killed.

    To be involved through negligence and inattention in someone’s death (even if it isn’t yet legally “proven,” the fact is that he was going too fast & following too close), and then still to go forward with a self-focused worldwide TV extravaganza, is an obvious sign that this guy is a narcissistically obsessed nutcase. They all are.

  28. His twin daughters are only 17.

    It should be their time to shine, especially having lived in the shadow of their three older sisters.
    It seems a father would recognize and be sensitive to this.

    Yet, in his complete and oblivious narcissism he has attempted to eclipse them.
    He just lurched and muscled his way into the spotlight of blossoming femininity and shoved them aside.

    I can’t imagine what they must be feeling.
    Then again, having been in a relationship with one of these guys for 35 years, I have a pretty good idea.

    It makes me sick to witness this charade.
    And again, it leaves me with that incomprehensible hollow feeling, that no one recognizes the incalculable agony he blithely inflicted.

    I’m dumbfounded in how that can be celebrated.

  29. @Gallus, I love the graphic…


    “So when is Mr Jenner going to be returning his Olympic gold medal? Since, being a woman and all, he fraudulently competed in the men’s decathlon (back before there WAS a women’s decathlon) to earn it?”

    I agree completely. If he is really a “woman”, he should give back his gold medal because it was awarded under fraudulent conditions. Jenner definitely used his gold medal and fame to his advantage by making a lot of money doing endorsements, etc. How many female athletes from the 1970s have ever earned as much from endorsements as Jenner was able to accrued over time?

    I’m tired of 60 year old men like Jenner and Frank Maloney using their white male privilege to make a ton of money, and then abandoning their wives and families to play out their special “lady” fantasies.

    In all honesty, I could care less how Jenner dresses. It’s sad the way he ignored his six children and three ex-wives.

    Jenner is not a woman. No female athlete of his generation was ever given as much attention as he has received, nor was able to use it to their advantage. If fact, what female athlete, current or past, has ever made as much money as male athletes, or received as much corporate sponsorship?


    Net Worth: $100 Million (business interests, etc.)

    Coca Cola, Ford Motors, General Mills, Minolta 1980.

    Venus Williams net worth is $75 million.

    Jenner is going to ride the current popularity of the trans train for all its worth. He might have been a distant and aloof father to his six children from three different wives, but he knows how to sell himself and he has a bevy of handlers.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      And sportswomen (Martina Navratilova, Serena Wlliams, Rebecca Adlington, Fatima Whitbread etc) have their achievements belittled and don’t attract certain sponsorship because ‘Ha, ha, ha, they look like men!’ Schoolgirls drop sports because they don’t want to look muscly and sweaty and ‘unattractive’.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I have yet to meet a heterosexual man who thinks Serena Williams looks like a man. And I’m sure the other women you mentioned don’t look like men, either, right? Martina certainly does NOT.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        I certainly don’t believe these women look like men. I was merely pointing out that many sportswomen are ridiculed for looking ‘mannish’ and not feminine enough. I’ve seen lots of commentary from heterosexual men on Serena Williams saying ‘Ugh, she’s too muscly!’, ‘She only wins so much because she’s really a man. LOL!’ Instead of being celebrated for her amazing achievements British swimmer Rebecca Adlington seems to have been handed a lifetime of body issues because the body that enabled her to win Olympic medals failed to meet male approval. When she had plastic surgery the libfems were out in force, celebrating her ‘choice’ and failing to acknowledge that succumbing to years of cruel, public bullying isn’t exactly a choice.

        (Sorry for the digression but I had to make that clear).

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Thanks for the clarification, CK. Were these British or American heterosexual men objecting to Serena’s muscles? I’ve never met a straight man in the U.S. who objected to women’s muscles, but I’ve known gay men who were closeted and in straight marriages object to their wives’ bodies, “you’re too fat!” being the usual abuse.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve observed quite a lot of American men who can’t stand a woman who appears masculine, which can also include a woman merely being muscular. American men viciously attack Michelle Obama for being muscular or for being a fatass. They can’t seem to keep up with which insults are most appropriate to lob at her.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Yeah, and what’s strange is that if charm were in his reach, he’d have no fucking arms. Only white guys get to be off-putting and creepy while cashing in checks.

  30. Bruce Jenner: ‘I’m a Woman’

    “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman,” Jenner told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that aired Friday in a special two-hour edition of ABC News’ ….

    Bruce Jenner is not a woman. He will never be a woman. We are supposed to believe that a man who fathered six children from three different wives is a “woman”.

    “Experts and Jenner explain that there is a difference between gender identity and sexuality, and the thrice-married Jenner revealed that he has only been attracted to women.”

    Trying to follow the special trans* logic gets very confusing sometimes. Therefore, I believe in dispensing with the p.c. nonsense. Jenner is a heterosexual dude who likes to wear a dress. There, someone needs to say it. It’s not complicated at all. If he were always a “woman”, then all the women he had sex with, and his three ex-wives would be retroactively lesbian. I don’t think his three ex-wives identify as lesbian. All this time, his ex-wives thought they were straight ladies, but they were all wrong. Now that Jenner is a “woman” (we are supposed to believe he was always a “woman”), how is he going to identify? Males calling themselves “lesbian” is really creepy, and reminds me of the disgusting “Cotton Ceiling”. No lesbian wants to sleep with Bruce Jenner. I’m really sorry Bruce.

    If he wants to cross dress, who cares. Also, I really don’t care if he identifies as transgender.

    Deep down in our hearts, most women know that Jenner will always be male. His ex-wives know it. They might dutifully parrot the politically correct words that they are taught to say, but they know it. How can any woman sleep in the same bed with a man, give birth to his children, and then really believe he is a “woman”. Only in crazy trans* land are women told to be silent about what we know is true. So, why do we continue to pander to these narcissistic men? As a woman, no male has the right to steal my identity. To me, it feels like a violation. Women, like all oppressed groups of people, have a right to define themselves. “Woman” is not something that can be surgically created, or purchased like some sort of consumer good.

    Jenner states,

    “My brain is much more female than it is male,”

    So, there are “female” brains and “male” brains. Isn’t this sexist, and how are “female” brains supposed to think and act? Having a “female” brain means wearing pretty dresses, makeup, etc. Aren’t there actual females who don’t adhere to rigid sex stereotypes, and rarely wear makeup, frilly dresses, or feel the need for cosmetic surgery to appear more “feminine”, etc.? Yes, but a “female” brain means looking hot in that slinky hot, black dress.

    He was a great athlete, and we have to give him that. The fact that Bruce Jenner is different than most men doesn’t make him a woman. To me, it’s sad that a 65 year old man would feel such a narcissistic need to have so much plastic surgery. Jenner has always seemed fixated on his appearance.

  31. @margotmaybe

    “I’ve been reading a blog by a homosexual M2T that actually uses science correctly and points out what I consider to be very valid differences in the types, including age, sexualized gender expression and sexuality, differentiating between autogynephelia (hetero/late transitioner) and possible hormonal conditions in utero (gay/early transitioner.) Thoughts?”

    This is a good starting point….

    What many trans activists don’t want you to know, but you should know anyway…..

    “…autogynephelia (hetero/late transitioner) and possible hormonal conditions in utero (gay/early transitioner…”

    Autogynephelia is a taboo subject among trans* activists. Women who were in past relationships with cross dressers know it’s true.

    Transgender activists won’t tell women the truth, but women need to know this anyway. Women need to know three things. First, transgender activists only claim cross dressers when it bolsters their numbers, or when it’s beneficial to their political cause. This is the beauty of it. When the cross dressing male is as famous as Bruce Jenner, he is openly lauded by transgender activists, but when he is just creepy guy in a stolen pink Barbie outfit like Gregory Philip Schwartz, or is Carlotta Sklodowska, transgender activists avoid them like the plague.

    This cross dressing male says he is transgender,

    “I am a crossdresser – or at least that is a good way to describe me. Crossdressers are considered part of the broad spectrum of people that we term as being “transgendered.”

    Depending on which trans* umbrella people are using, cross dressers are under the special trans* umbrella.

    I recently listened to some talk radio station, and the topic was Bruce Jenner. After listening to all the p.c. propaganda, I was enraged when a woman parroted the standard trans talking point, “cross dressers are not the same as transgender”. If this is true, then why was Carlotta Sklodowska in the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness? To access the women’s locker room, he was more or less claiming, “sincere self-reported gender identity”. Even transwomen like Zoey Tur knows he is a cross dressing man with kinky sexual fetishes.

    Second, for some men, cross dressing is a sexual fetish. I’m not saying it’s true for all men, but it’s definitely true for some males. I wish they would stop denying it.

    Paraphilias (voyeurism, pedophilia, transvestic fetishism, etc.) are more common in males. Researchers have known this for decades. If people don’t know what paraphilias are, these are good examples,–288752051.html

    The male known as Carlotta Sklodowska also appears to be a cross dressing autogynephile among his other peculiar sexual interests. Apparently, in order to access the Planet Fitness women’s locker room, he claimed “sincere self-reported gender identity”. Even transwoman Zoey Tur says he is just a cross dressing guy who gets a “sexual high”.

    Gendertrender covered this better than I could.

    This is a very good article from a former phone sex worker who describes autogynephiles as some of her most lucrative customers.

    Few people care if men like to cross dress in order to get aroused, but these men can now demand access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

    Third, at first glance, it’s impossible for any woman to tell the difference between a cross dressing male, a cross dressing male with an obvious sexual fetish such as Gregory Philip Schwartz or Sklodowska, and a male who just identifies as transgender. In the recent lawsuit involving the Planet Fitness incident, there is overwhelming evidence to point to the realization that Carlotta Sklodowska is nothing more than a cross dressing male with various sexual fetishes. If so, why was he in the women’s locker room? Since when is a sexual fetish a civil right, and entitles a male to access a women’s locker room?

    Since I don’t know all the intimate details of Bruce Jenner’s life, I’m not going to say he is just an autogynephile who gets a sexual rush from wearing women’s clothes. He does fit the profile, but who really knows.

    • Atranswidow Says:

      Skylark, brilliant, you’ve said just about everything about cross-dressing and autogynephilia that could possibly be said. This is what the trans propaganda machine works hard to keep under-wraps.

      It is such a great source of shame that they deny that it applies to themselves and hang onto the ‘lady brain’ story despite there being absolutely no empirical evidence for it. Instead of getting help for an overpowering sexual addiction they are ‘treated’ by being given the medical possibility of becoming their own objects of desire. Meanwhile the underlying cycle of depression and personality disorder, NPD, goes untreated. I’ll say it again, the medical profession has failed these men, but how do you help someone if they don’t want to be helped?

    • soporificat Says:

      SkyLark — this link that you posted is incredibly revealing to me:

      Thank you for finding it, and I hope everybody reads it, as it shines a bright light on just what is going on in these mens minds, and why it is so dangerous for women to have anything to do with these men.

      About a year or so ago, I became sort of obsessed with trans nonsense. At first, it was because my daughter, who is lesbian, had a peak-trans moment and she shared it with me. I was so outraged by it that it became my peak-trans moment by proxy (it was some dude talking about his lady-penis, and how he was a lesbian, blah, blah, cotton ceiling, etc…).

      Soon afterwards, I realized that the real reason I keep coming here to learn from GallusMag and the other brilliant women who post here, is that deconstructing trans is highly revealing of patriarchy and it is furthering my general feminist education. So, thank you trans-loons! You are making my radical feminism even more radical! I had no idea I could get this radical, lol! I’m not even finished yet.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..deconstructing trans is highly revealing of patriarchy and it is furthering my general feminist education…”

        ^this this this this this.

    • “Since when is a sexual fetish a civil right, and entitles a male to access a women’s locker room?”

      Ha. Good point!

  32. neme Says:

    One good thing about Brucilla’s sideshow: he’s opened the door to explaining autogynephilia and pigs in wigs to people who previously assumed all trans were nice gay people.

    The show included harmful misinformation, and left out the most important stuff. Time to explain it all to those who don’t know these guys still have penises and other useful facts.

    • Atranswidow Says:

      yep, couldn’t agree more. It’s like when I start trying to explain to people that although my ex considers himself a woman, he is still attracted to women sexually, always has been and always will be. That is just too weird for most people.

    • No name Says:

      exactly^ this

  33. Zemskull Says:

    Hi Skylark Phillips: You mentioned, “The fact that Bruce Jenner is different than most men doesn’t make him a woman.” I would opine that Bruce is different from most men in that he is manlier than most. If we’re to buy into the common idea that athletic prowess is a sign of masculinity, and the decathlon is the ultimate test of athletic ability, Bruce proved that he was the ultimate man. Also, some believe that they ability to attract beautiful women and impregnate them is masculine. Bruce did that six times with three highly attractive women.

    • Anon Male Says:

      “and the decathlon is the ultimate test of athletic ability”

      The average track athlete doesn’t think of it like that, IMO, although I could be wrong.

      While “world’s greatest athlete” might be doled out as a title once every four years, I’m guessing virtually everyone around him in both high school and in college viewed him under the lens of their own events, of which they were *vastly* superior to him.

      I’m not sure the average jack of all trades gets much respect from the people they spend most of their time around (and that was a lot of time in his life). I’m guessing that does a number on the psyche, even if you’re an egoist who can take comfort in your “all around” abilities.

      But just think about all the times he practiced throwing events surrounded by guys who weighed three times as much as him, or how many times they had to lower the high jump bar when he came on the scene.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Anon Male: That’s interesting regarding the possible insecurity Bruce had while around event specialists. it is interesting to read the Wikipedia comparison of world records per event of individual event specialists versus decathletes, in the middle of the page.

        I wonder if the same possible mental toll is happening in men’s gymnastics, which is recent years has emphasized and lauded event specialists, although there will be a few per competition who must compete in the all-around event.

        I believe that the strong advantage that Bruce’s ego did have going for him in 1976 is that, pre-doping, the specialists in track and field event specialists likely had deficiencies in other events– throwers who couldn’t run a lap, runners who had little agility, jumpers who had little upper strength. None of those event specialists were lauded as the “ultimate athlete,” nor did they make the Wheaties box.

      • Anon Male Says:

        Hey Zemskull: I can’t speak to what things were like back when gold medals were worth something, I’m way too young, but I can say that every athlete has an origin story and in track they’re all the same.

        No one in track and field, as far as I know, really thinks of themselves as a specialist in comparison to decathletes. They think of themselves as normal. The decathlete, otoh, is just a long jumper + high jumper who was born with a mesomorph frame and the coach needed one or two of those people to fit themselves into an event that no one else cared to do. That thesis is based on practicality plus one basic truth:

        Every single person would be running the 100m if they could.

        People have a fairly reliable sense of their natural ability in that since there’s close to perfect competition (100% of able bodied people have attempted the 100m), so then they seek out events with less perfect competition. Hell, if you know you’re not going to win the 3k, you can run the steeplechase — and I once avoided a steeplechase to run a half marathon because I knew my best competition would be in that steeplechase. Did I feel like a bad ass for running 13 miles as a high school kid? Yeah. But I also knew the truth: my competition was imperfect and I was exploiting that and, hell, I’d rather be doing that 100m.

        Decathlon is the most imperfect competition there is in spring track. Heck, by the time I was growing up, javelin and polevault weren’t even legal in many states, so anyone who knew how to even do that stuff in college as a freshman was seen as a private school sissy (PS #246 in the inner city sure as hell didn’t have kids throwing giant lawn darts around), so it’s more WHITE than other disciplines, too, and I think part of Jenner’s celebrity was definitely racist in nature.

        (If the decathlon was the only event, period, and everyone had to train in everything and specific events didn’t siphon off genetic talent, would Jenner have been in the top 1000 in *history*?)

        At any rate, I’m not sure my thesis holds, I just don’t think that the “world’s greatest athlete” designation is all that particularly macho given the realities of capitalism — no one cares about the best flyweight fighter in the world, either.

      • brackengold Says:

        I think being on the cover of the Wheaties box (for how long? seems like it was years) is a good indicator of pop culture’s “ultimate test of athletic ability”.

        And as an indicator of Brucilla’s narcissism, I suggest you check out The Village People’s “Can’t Stop the Music” movie, where you can see him/her in the glory of cutoff-jeans-shorts and a cutoff t-shirt.

        For your amusement:

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Anon Male: Thanks for the background in Track and Field. Very interesting! Putting on my amateur psychologist’s hat, I wonder if Bruce’s severe behavior now is a reflection of the blurred lines of his decathlete history. As you mention, a decathlete is good at 10 events, but generally not stellar at any. So was Bruce unhappy in the apparent middle ground of androgyny he has occupied since the 1990s, and now feels he has to make a dramatic declaration and transition to female?

  34. Em Says:

    Skylark Phillips @ 2:48

    ” … for some men, cross dressing is a sexual fetish. I’m not saying it’s true for all men, but it’s definitely true for some males.”

    I actually think it’s true for all m2fs. Trans isn’t a condition unto itself. Much the same way as auditory hallucinations are a symptom and not a separate condition unrelated to anything else, “trans”–that unlovely combination of dissociation, delusion, and autogynephilia–is a symptom of an underlying disorder.

    Blanchard says that gay, feminine-from-childhood m2fs are in a separate class and do not have autogynephliia. I think that’s obviously incorrect, which means his taxonomy is wrong and we need another explanation for the apparent differences among m2fs. I suggest the difference lies in how ill the person is. All things being equal, a person suffering debilitating dissociation and delusions from childhood is likely to be crazier than a person whose symptoms started later in life.

    But it’s true, at least, that the gay ones aren’t likely to rape women in the loo.

  35. Lulu Says:

    There’s an excellent new piece about Bruce Jenner on The Blaze. I won’t link it because I think it’s a right wing site. But the author does a good job calling out the left for totally contradicting itself on the idea of gender being a social construct. He also calls out atheists for buying into transgenderism in a way that I hadn’t thought about.

    • kesher Says:

      Here’s a do not link of it:

      It could be better in kicking liberal nonsense in the teeth. One problem with conservatives is that they often can’t help bringing their own religious beliefs and etcetera into their discussions. If someone at Reason or NRO had written this, it likely would have been much more cutting.

  36. I’ll bet he Never has his penis cut off!

  37. VC Says:

    I suspect that like Bob “Zoey” Tur, Bruce Jenner is using transgenderism to explain away innate homosexuality. Straight men don’t suddenly become attracted to males because of female hormones, otherwise the hundreds of thousands of men who received hormone therapy for prostate cancer would now be gay. I think the Olympic medal, the three wives, the ten children and stepchildren, are all evidence of Jenner fighting off gayness. Now that he has declared himself a “woman, for all intents and purposes”, he has freed himself of the burden of macho identity, and when he shows up with a boyfriend, he can blame it on estrogen.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Autogynephilia is a “self-centered” sexual orientation (or paraphilia) where the source of one’s arousal is the image of oneself in the object of a woman. One’s excitement is heightened by exposing oneself to others, especially if/when those bystanders participate by affirming the image- these guys get erections when store clerks call them “Ma’am” for example. They get sexually excited by their own gaze at their “female self” and by the gaze of others upon their “female self”.

      According to Blanchard’s research, the specificity of a man’s sexual arousal fantasies determines the specificity of his physical transformation. If their fantasies revolve around clothing they will stick with clothing. If their fantasies revolve around being seen as others as a female-bodied object they will pursue medical transition.

      Many of these men report that heterosexuality co-exists with the “self-sexuality”, and even competes with it- which is why symptoms abate for so many men when they have an active sexual relationship with a woman. But they often imagine themselves sexually in the place of their female partner. During intercourse they imagine themselves inhabiting her female body and being themselves vaginally penetrated.

      For these men, the act of being penetrated “as a woman” is the source of their sexual desire. As such, the individual doing the penetrating is of secondary or little importance. These men get SRS in order to experience their fantasies of being penetrated vaginally, not as an accommodation to other men’s sexual appetites. Autogynephiles may identify themselves as heterosexual, bisexual or asexual but their key sexual orientation is self-directed and the partner exists solely to facilitate that self-sexuality.

      Hormones do not change sexual orientation (although presence or absence of testosterone has a great effect on sex-drive).

      These men are largely not gay. There is some overlap, but gay men who transgender are usually very feminine boys as children and transition because they believe doing so will allow them to function better to meet their goals, or simply to survive in a homophobic society. One of the goals of some gay men is the ability to attract the sexual attention of more men.

      What autogynephile and gay male transgenders have in common is the perspective of women as sexualized inhabitable objects available for men- (either for themselves, or other men). Total absence of regard for the humanity of actual women is what they share in common, and to actual women this can make the two types of femulators look very much alike.

      • VC Says:

        I think it’s telling that Jenner told Diane Sawyer that he wasn’t gay “as far as I know”. Rather an odd turn of phrase to describe one’s own sexuality. He seems to be leaving the door open for future developments.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Exactly. He is embracing “her”: the object of his self-desire. The sex of any future partners is inconsequential. Only their function matters.

      • I think that might be a teaser for his upcoming show. Remember this old boy is a showman who is all about milking his celebrity for profit.

      • naefearty Says:

        Precisely. This exactly describes my experience with one of these men, and also what I observed of other men with this particular fetish during the time I was immersed in the valley of the blow-up dolls that these men inhabit.

      • neme Says:

        When Brucilla coyly displayed the little black dress his voice and demeanor changed. He leaned into Ms. Sawyer’s personal space, looked down into her eyes and whispered that for once she won’t be the tallest… (did he say “girl”?) in the room. That was a dominance move as much as it was flirtation. It was 100% autogynephile. It was that moment of demanding a female obey and accommodate his fantasy.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Superb summation. Fetishism precludes relationship, as all the trans widows can testify.

      • “These men get SRS in order to experience their fantasies of being penetrated vaginally.”

        That just screams “regret”. How long are they able to uphold these fantasies? A few months? A few years? And then? Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why the suicide rate after srs is so high. You can’t live in a fantasy world forever.

    • SaraClue Says:

      “Can’t Stop the Music” starring The Village People and Bruce Jenner, 1980:

  38. Mortadella Says:

    Oh wow, Larry Wilmore on the Nightly show is talking about this right now on Comedy Central. Larry just concluded some of the interview as totally confusing — in fact, his head exploded (digitally, of course). Wonder how the panel discussion is going to go.

  39. Miep Says:

    I don’t watch TV and rarely watch movies. Fortunately I can come here and read comments when I need to catch up on the latest antics of celebrity transgenders. This dude sounds completely crackers. All that and famous too. Is all publicity good publicity? Tune in to our next episode of “Transgender Turpitude,” coming soon.

  40. margotmaybe Says:

    @Skylark: Yes! We have all seen the nastiest men playing lady. My peak trans moment was “Carlotta.” I had no idea how viciously the trans community would attack for asking innocent questions about women’s safety. Some of my “friends” flipped out because I supposedly misgendered Carlotta, then when his perverted pee on me posts became public (and I shared it) they asked why I had the right to judge a fetish. It was insane. Up until then I had never witnessed the trans cult’s (and libfem’s!) wrath. They tried to beat into me that I was transphobic and they almost got me. I thought I was a bigot for a day or two.


    1) Thank you for providing an educational space for people trying to wrap their heads around all of this nonsense. I’ve read so much of your blog and now others as a result and feel like I can make an educated argument in place of the gut feelings I had before. Your site gave me the language I didn’t know I needed to have.

    Your statement about both gay and straight trans resonates…though I personally feel that gay trans are less offensive than straight for the safety factor, and as I said previously were overlooked largely by women because while they pose a threat to the reality of womanhood and are at odds with feminism, they were small in number and posed little physical threat. I know several gay M2T and kindly allowed them their charade because as humans, I liked them, even if I thought they were a little…sad. Unfortunately I can’t be their political friend, because it opens the door to bathroom politics in favor of the PIW. Since nobody really differentiates the confused and the predators, I can’t have any sympathy for anyone.

    As for young homosexual trans, I think that encouragement from transactivists on the web, coupled with parent’s desire to be a friend to kids/looked upon as a generous person has merged with child entitlement in a very dangerous way. I say child entitlement because I don’t think it’s exclusively for males. Kids are coddled, their strengths highlighted and weaknesses ignored, told they can do ANYTHING without regard to an individual’s reality (even many girls, including myself, but as you can see I’m not president and so couldn’t really be president.) The amount of effort kids are told they have to put in to shape their desired reality is minimal, and they are rarely told the truth about when something might be a never. So when a kid says he’s a girl it’s like, ok! You’re a girl then! But a very lucky girl, because unlike your sister you’ll never have periods, birth babies, suffer PIV rape or threaten the culture of misogyny. It’s the best kind of girl! Yay! Have some puberty blockers! I’m a good mom, right Diane Sawyer?!

    And Bruce Jenner? Gross. Just gross. And unfair. And more gross. It has to be the worst form of sexual addiction, to internalize your most degenerate feelings and expect others to play out your fantasy with you, full time. This behavior requires treatment, not accolades. Hopefully with time and attention people will wake up, like I was forced to do.

    • Em Says:

      “You’re a girl then! But a very lucky girl, because unlike your sister you’ll never have periods, birth babies, suffer PIV rape or threaten the culture of misogyny.”

      For sure, what’s happening with these kids is about failure to parent appropriately, homophobia, cultish behavior fueled by the internet, misogyny, pill pushing doctors, incompetent therapists, and the list goes on. There’s also a whole lot of plain, old psychopathology involved. One trans parent reportedly said to her son, “Not every little girl has a penis!” Indeed. Blame it on the patriarchy, blame it on the phase of the moon; care about boys or don’t. But parents who say things like this are, at the very least, severely neurotic.

      Some of the most popular wank fodder in the m2f crowd is “Mommy turned me into a girl.” I would like to believe that this theme is just a masturbatory fantasy, but it appears that some people actually are doing this.

      A boy’s best friend is his mother, I guess.

    • “So when a kid says he’s a girl it’s like, ok! You’re a girl then! But a very lucky girl, because unlike your sister you’ll never have periods, birth babies, suffer PIV rape or threaten the culture of misogyny. It’s the best kind of girl”

      I saw Amy Schumer interview an M2T on her show…the transwoman was young, beautiful and happily married to a man who considers himself straight and very lucky because his “wife” doesn’t have periods and “likes anal.”

      So, yeah, on the current path we will see men think of themselves as better women than actual women.

      Since I don’t wear dresses and heavy make-up, then I myself must be a man — even though I have naturally full breasts and a monthly cycle. I guess to them I have a “masculine vagina.” Smh

      My three best friends from high school are all conservatives. One is an MD, one a corporate exec, and the other a stay-at-home mom. None is following this trend…they don’t keep up with the Kardashenanigns. This is all BS to them.

      Maybe BJ is doing us a favor. The majority of comments on People magazine’s website reject that a man can be a woman. People will see this for what it is and react accordingly: that this is crap.

      • Mortadella Says:

        Oh yes, that episode of Amy Schumer was excellent (the sketches were very feminist and biting) but that interview got her in trouble.
        The Guardians of Trans want Amy to die because she asked the trans woman about his junk.
        The trans woman, who seemed more self aware and well adjusted than most (and gay), didn’t seem to mind the question at all, and shared a few laughs with Amy. That was that. The next day there were critics saying “How could she ask about that trans woman’s penis ?! GASP!?” **Cue pearl clutching**

        Errr, why do these people infantilize adult trans people and patronize them so much? That trans woman on Amy’s show was fine. Why would he care if someone brought up his penis? He presumably sees it every fucking day. He wasn’t delusional about having one (hello, Cox and Mock).

    • kesher Says:

      That point about child entitlement is a really good one. How many of these trans kids are going to suicide as adults anyway because their deluded parents let them believe that they’re “real” girls and “real” boys? Reality is going to hit them in the face eventually.

      When it comes down to it, that was the real source of my peak trans moment, the transcult insisting that trans women are real women and trans men are real men. Why can’t they settle for being a simulacrum? Is that really so terrible? That would even allow the MTTs in particular to keep up their fantasies that they’re “better” women than we are.

      But instead we have this ridiculous denial of reality which leads to gaslighting and violation of women’s boundaries, even sexual boundaries with the insistence that lesbians submit to straight MTTs.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Sure, the “neovagina” does not have problems with menstruation. It does, however, have a host of other problems.

      For example, the neovagina is actually the patient’s scrotum that is sliced and surgically “pushed” up inside the patient. A man’s scrotum sweats and grows hair. Also, some neovaginas are constructed with parts of the colon. The wound is kept open with lubricated “stents.” These factors combined lead to problems with odor and infection.

      I have found, when speaking to MTTs, that nothing silences and/or annoys them more quickly than mentioning the medical aspects of constructing and maintaining this medically-inflicted wound. Of course, the majority of MTTs simply retain their penises, which is already discussed on this forum.

      • Miep Says:

        I thought it was the penis itself that was inverted and pushed up inside the open wound? But in any case, yes, external body parts can have sweat and sebaceous glands. Sebum decays and then it becomes “smegma” or alternately “dick cheese,” in this case, and is not supposed to be part of an internal organ. So these wound-holes can have all this and bowel leakage too, pus, all sorts of wonderful things. They have to put antibiotics up them along with stretching them to keep the body from closing up the hole. Why this would be anybody’s idea of a good time is beyond me.

        A study about the “Microflora of the penile skin-lined neovagina of transsexual women”

        Warning: it’s really gross. They found things in there a normal woman would get ill from.

      • Miep Says:

        Yup that’s what I was remembering. helpful.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Miep: Penile skin can be inverted, but there is often insufficient quantity of it to construct a deep neovagina. The scrotum provides additional skin. Occasionally, there still isn’t enough skin from the two, and flank skin is used.

  41. Lulu Says:

    keshmeshi, that’s a great point you made about him being able to buy all kinds of women’s clothes online but choosing to go through his wives and daughter’s things instead. The violation of women, including his daughters, is necessary in order for him to climax. Buying clothes for himself via the privacy of the internet does nothing for him. He could have a whole room full of women’s clothing if he wanted. But that won’t get him off.

    • margaret Says:

      when caught on the nanny camera , notice how Jenner made such a point to say it was HIS dress and he just had to try it on in his daughters’ room cuz it was the only full-length mirror in the house – hmmmmmmm

  42. Mortadella Says:

    Larry asked if there really needs to be 56 (or was it 65?) categories of gender, one of the panelists said, absolutely. This panelist, who is billed as a transgender actor/comedian, but is obviously a man, presenting as a white guy with a short beard in a suite and bow tie said “cis” people need to learn to behave properly in a public bathroom when trans people are present. Uh huh. What does that mean? If a woman in a public bathroom or locker sees a penis (or hell, just a person with an Adam’s Apple) and is startled, she’s a bigoted asshole? Really? Do these people really live in a utopia where flashers and sexual predators don’t fuck with people in public restrooms?

    The one non-trans guest mentioned that he felt like he was in a word lab, with all the confusing lingo being tossed around.

    • gchild Says:

      “Do these people really live in a utopia where flashers and sexual predators don’t fuck with people in public restrooms?”

      No, they know about the flashers and sex predators. They just dont care that women and children will be violated more than they already are. Men feel entitled to violate women and children. Especually if those men call themselves women.

      • kesher Says:

        I think it depends on who’s speaking.

        Outright appropriative liars like Dana Beyer, I think, know exactly what they’re doing. They know that predators will hitch their wagons to the trans cause, and I suspect they even know how many MTTs are predators themselves. But there’s a large number of somewhat more ignorant MTTs and their extremely ignorant “allies” who believe that MTTs are above reproach by virtue of being “oppressed” and of being “feminine”, as though feminine presentation somehow makes a man harmless. And there are many more straights who know very little about trans identity or trans politics who assume all MTTs are castrated gay men.

  43. CKDexterHaven Says:

    The actress Alice Eve has dared to question Brucinda’s claim to womanhood and has become the latest target of transactivists. She’s currently backtracking as the cries of ‘Bigot!’ and ‘Burn the Witch!’ have obviously got to her.

    It’s interesting that Eve’s initial criticism of Jenner is pretty much what radfems have been saying for years. I’m guessing being exposed to a privileged, late-transitioning autogynephile has prompted some critical thinking in the uninitiated. It’s just a shame that any mainstream woman airing these views is immediately shamed and threatened back into unquestioning submission. For all Alice Eve pays lip service to ‘transwomen are women’ from now on, she has really seen that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      It isn’t just what “radfems” have said for years–it is what SANE people have been saying all along until this ridiculous postmodernism started infesting academia, and with it the trans cult. That’s a comparatively recent phenomenon. Yours truly has been opposed to transgenderism because of ethical reasons since the mid 1970s.

  44. Zosha B Says:

    I hope to fuck that I never hear have to read about this stupid man and the stupid vapid corporate crap that is the Kardashian family again. This just screams “publicity stunt” and “please validate me because mum & dad said no when I was a little boy!”

    Honestly, this Jenner shit frustrates me to no end.

  45. margotmaybe Says:

    Is anyone aware of any research suggesting that the underlying issue is actually paraphilic sexual addiction?

    One key characteristic is obsessing over the object of desire (self, with a woman’s body to be penetrated, humiliated.) Then you layer in the typical sexual addiction symptoms such as escalating behavior with the consequences of destroying relationships and career and it seems related.

    Also, why is this knowledge ignored in discussions about people like Bruce Jenner? Specifically the Transvestic Fetishism ie: sexual arousal factor (from

    “In the other course, the more overt signs of cross-gender identification appear later and more gradually, with a clinical presentation in early to mid-adulthood usually following, but sometimes concurrent with, Transvestic Fetishism. The later-onset group may be more fluctuating in the degree of cross-gender identification, more ambivalent about sex-reassignment surgery, more likely to be sexually attracted to women, and less likely to be satisfied after sex-reassignment surgery. Males with Gender Identity disorder who are sexually attracted to males tend to present in adolescence or early childhood with a lifelong history of gender dysphoria. In contrast, those who are sexually attracted to females, to both males and females, or to neither sex tend to present later and typically have a history of Transvestic Fetishism. If Gender Identity Disorder is present in adulthood, it tends to have a chronic course, but spontaneous remission has been reported.”

    • Atranswidow Says:

      With the publication of the DSM V in 2013 Gender Identity Disorder became reclassified as Gender Dysphoria and no longer included with other paraphilias.

      Basically, gender dysphoria is not a psychiatric disorder but stays on the books so that a ‘diagnosis’ can be made for health insurance purposes.

      Likewise, Transvestic Fetishism became Transvestic Disorder–5-302.3-%28F65.1%29

      Psychiatrists can no longer diagnose people like Bruce Jenner with transvestic disorder unless it causes the person distress…
      ‘Diagnosis of transvetic disorder is based on patient reporting of cross-dressing sessions and of their resulting distress. Reports of cross-dressing without also reporting distress regarding the behavior should not be diagnosed as transvestic disorder (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).’

      This was a big victory for the trans movement and not without controversy. People like Julia Serano got their knickers in a twist, mostly because Ray Blanchard was on the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders work group for the DSM V. That transvestic disorder is still on the books is not enough for a lot of trannies…

      I know all this because our family psychologist looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘your husband does not have a psychiatric disorder according to the DSM V.’ What he thinks personally is another matter.

      What I know is something else entirely.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Psychiatrists can no longer diagnose people like Bruce Jenner with transvestic disorder unless it causes the person distress…”

        Why not apply that criterion to all disorders? As long as a person’s happy being a pedophile or psychopathic killer, who are we to judge?

        While I wouldn’t want the DSM to pathologize clothing choices per se–especially given the history of assessing women’s psychological health by whether we’re willing to wear makeup and dress in “feminine” ways–it seems to me there’s a clear difference between a person who just likes to walk around on stilts and someone who walks around on stilts, insists he’s a giraffe, claims those who don’t agree are oppressing him, and threatens actual giraffes for not including him in giraffe activites.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        It is good to remember that there are plenty of mental health professionals who also believe that war criminals do not “have a psychiatric disorder according to the DSM V.” I believe it is Martha Rosenberg who has written extensively about the absurdity that is the DSM.

  46. mayimoktoo Says:

    Sorry, don’t know where else to put this. It’s the Daily Mail so, usual grain of salt. But this quote, gag!

    ‘When I first had gender reassignment surgery, I wanted to look more feminine,’ she explains. ‘So I said to myself, “What is the ultimate in femininity?”

    ‘It’s a plastic sex blow-up doll.’

    • This guy admits that he isn’t happy with the surgery results. He will never be happy. He is addicted and will do more surgery until his body fails eventually.

    • nonny Says:

      As long as there’s this bizarre little sub-thread: I was just watching s01e03 of the trashy reality TV show “Botched.” A transwoman on this episode says that when he had his genital surgery, he requested to look “like a 13 year old who had never been touched.” He does M2T porn now.

  47. Hey Gallus,
    Just wondered if you’d seen this:
    Is it legit?
    Florida LAFITNESS
    WSVN-TV Miami Channel 7
    “Transgender in Women’s Locker room”

  48. @transwidow,

    “Psychiatrists can no longer diagnose people like Bruce Jenner with transvestic disorder unless it causes the person distress…”

    What if it causes women distress? This is the real issue. Of course, it’s not going to cause them distress. Ask kinky Carlotta if his sexual fetishes cause him distress. Forcing women to be part of their kinky fetishes is the real problem. What if women don’t want to be part of their particular sexual fetish? Don’t tell me it’s not a sexual fetish for some men.

    I don’t care how a man dresses in the privacy of his home. His wife and children might care, and this is another issue. Cross dressing males such as Carlotta Sklodowska definitely have some kinky sexual interests (likes to cross dress, BDSM, etc). When these male demand access to women’s locker rooms, they are forcing women to be part of their particular sexual fantasies and fetishes. The fact that some males get an erection from wearing women’s panties doesn’t mean that they have a “sincere self-reported gender identity”, and it doesn’t mean they have a right to use the women’s locker room.

    How would this relate to males like Carlotta Sklodowska? I’m sure the woman who was terrified of seeing this large male in the women’s locker room felt distressed.

    Or, how does this relate to men like Gregory Philip Schwartz who was caught terrorizing a woman in a women’s restroom while wearing a stolen pink Barbie outfit? I’m sure he wasn’t distressed by what he did, but the woman was.


    Judging by what you have written, I’m sure you have suffered far more than distress.

    • Elle Says:

      I’m appalled at how little press that story has gotten. He killed a woman. Oh, that’s right . . . soon “he” will no longer exist, right? Handy.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Bruce: If this is the worst there is for me, I’m fine.
        ?: But what about that woman you killed?
        Bruce: No problem! I got nail polish! *creepy cackle*

  49. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Disappointed AGAIN! I listened to a 68 minute version(*) of this interview (ABC has an 80), and as usual, nobody explained what a woman is.

    Will this eternal mystery ever be solved? Shouldn’t the definition of “woman” be on every trans site (since we’re supposed to ignore the one in the dictionary)? How can we distinguish the authentic trans-women from the creepy, cackling transvestites?

    There was talk of feelings, fashion, understanding and MAGIC!!! Bruce knows he’s a woman.

    A helpful professional weighed in to tell us that delivering eight babies from your uterus has nothing to do with being a woman. It’s all in your head.

    After over an hour of heart-wrenching tabloid schmaltz, the only explanation I heard that proved he is really and truly an authentic woman was…dresses and nail polish. Like Chinese emperors and Egyptian pharaohs wore.
    Diane Sawyer said she didn’t like makeup, so I guess that makes her a man in disguise.

    (* The segment with the symbolic “Steven Seagal to Geronimo” ponytail transition wasn’t in this edit, so maybe the elusive definition of “woman” was cut out.)

  50. Susan Nunes Says:

    This is just mindboggling. I truly believe civilization has jumped the shark. A man in drag is deemed “woman of the year”:

    • GallusMag Says:

      Shouldn’t it be “Woman of the Last Six Months”?

    • Branjor Says:

      And Aydian Dowling did not win the competition to be on the cover of Men’s Health. A real man did. They were celebrating that at Dirt’s, but just because an FTT was not allowed something that was earmarked for men doesn’t mean MTTs won’t be allowed things that are earmarked for women. I’ll celebrate when it’s MTTs who are not allowed to take our stuff or be in our spaces. And I don’t think that’ll happen until women are in charge, so women can’t be shy about taking power.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I can name at least five women off the top of my head who have done more for society in the last year than Brucilda has done in his whole life. If he had any, ANY integrity, he’d politely decline this and suggest it go to some woman who’s actually helping people. But we know he won’t, because he’s a vainglorious shitstain.

      • GallusMag Says:

        But Glamour Magazine exists to sell make-up and Bruce buys a lot of it. Disposable male income and all….

      • nemesister Says:

        Then maybe Glamour should also sell duct tape or those plastic manginas or whatever the current fave tucking equipment is among the autogynephile set. Oh, that’s right… AGPS like Brucilda don’t tuck. Forcing women and girls to look at their hard ons is the whole point.

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