Cissie of the Day!

April 30, 2015

feminism symbol


70 Responses to “Cissie of the Day!”

  1. Miep Says:

    What a waste of a good silk screener.

  2. Miep Says:

    So much confusion to pack inside of five sentences.

  3. Miep Says:

    I think she should screen her shirts with two of every variation she can come up with, in black ink, and then print red no-slashes over every other one. For equality.

  4. Miep Says:

    Lmao at your tags and categories. How long before “what would bruce jenner do?” becomes a category?

    Okay, I’ll stop.

  5. How long until she is fed up with catering to trans activists? I guess after being “transphobic” (aka not submitting 100% to trans/queer ideology) 1 or 2 times and feeling the wrath of naricisstic trans/queer activists.

  6. australopithecene Says:

    This silk screener is so damn close to getting it. All she has to ask herself is, “Why is this a problem?”

  7. ImNoCissie Says:

    Musn’t appropriate from the appropriaters! They’ll get upset and start telling you to drink bleach and DIAF!

  8. silverside Says:

    But we’re always told that trans women are women. period. (Don’t forget the period.) So wouldn’t the old symbol include trans women if they are women. period? So confused….

    • LC Says:

      I find your reminders about periods extremely transphobic and potentially triggering. As an apology, I demand you make me a woman- not female- power symbol that is inclusive of all genders, sexes, races, and sexuality, and does not appropriate from any oppressed group. It should be a lot like the woman symbol seen above, but with the offensive and transphobic cross at the bottom removed and replaced with an arrow on the top facing northeast. I think we can all agree that that would be better, and if you disagree, DIAF.

    • gchild Says:

      “Im wondering if leaving off the trans marker is leading to trans exclusionary feminism”

      cause why else would feminist not welcome males who want women to bow down and worship gender? Yes, the trans marker would do it for us. It would motivate us to not only bow to trans but to suck “female dicks” while we are down there.

      What is sad to me, is the fear I sense in the plea for “help”. The fear of upsetting males. Women having to cater to males out of fear is why feminism was created. I hope she reflects on that…

      • neme Says:

        She might as well be ducking her head and holding her limp hand up to the silverback alpha male while avoiding eye contact.

    • Kitty Barber Says:

      Yes, silverside, you are not the only one confused. It’s like they’re saying ‘we’re so womanly that we are not just womens at all, we’re WAY MORE BETTER womens. Tranz–womens. So toe the line, and do as we command
      and include us in EVERYTHING you think,do, and say, cis-scum.’

  9. Andi Says:

    I thought transwomen had their own symbol already….

  10. Me Says:

    Oh, good grief. Her convoluted thought processes make my head hurt.

  11. Stephie Says:

    Transwomen have periods?

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Some have claimed to suffer from menstrual cramps. Perhaps one of their internal organs identifies as a uterus.

    • gaydude50 Says:

      NO, which is why talking about periods is so hateful and transphobic. When discussing women’s issues, it is safest to focus on the female penis.

      • Bea Says:

        Remember, cissies: the penis isn’t *just* a female organ, it’s the *best* female organ.

      • Oceans Says:

        Bea: “Remember, cissies: the penis isn’t *just* a female organ, it’s the *best* female organ.”

        Where did you get that image? Was that person being serious? I saw a tumblr where a person kept going on about how women have penises, they’ve always had penises, and always would. Super-creepy.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Over at the Feministe cesspool, that guy “Aaliyah” (a MtT who is known for shutting down feminist discourse, who’s been mentioned here before) is whining about how Linda Thompson had a few lines about her pregnancy in her article about her marriage to Bruce Jenner. Apparently, talking of our biological reality is just too triggering for the poor dear, and we shouldn’t do it, because it reminds MtT that they can’t get pregnant.

        Fuck you, “Aaliyah.” We’ll talk about whatever the fuck we WANNA talk about. Period. 😉

      • dbrvnk Says:

        from that link: “But really, all I care about is not being constantly reminded that I’m incapable of ever having an experience that is socially designated as the true mark of womanhood – pregnancy and the motherhood that may follow from it”

        um… has it ever occurred to this person that ‘people who can get pregnant’ (ie females) might have problems like… being forced to be pregnant against their will? which at least one political party in america is trying to make law? and many, many other things relating specifically to that ability of pregnancy. one would think that someone who ‘identifies’ as a woman would be able to identify with these concerns and recognise them as more significant than their own personal dysphoria but what do i know

      • Miep Says:

        No, dbrvnk, when men subsume themselves in male privilege and male socialization and female fetishizing, feeling empathy for actual female reality is just too much of a buzz kill.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That Feministe thread is like reading satire. Hilarious!

      • MaryMacha Says:

        @dbrunk You don’t think being forced to become and remain pregnant would be a welcome experience for him, especially if barefoot? Any male who feels himself entitled to women’s spaces can’t have too much of a qualm about being violated since it’s tantamount to his perception of the experience of woman-ness, or so it would seem.

      • neme Says:

        To be fully feminist that symbol must have a penis dangling off it. Obviously!

        If transwomen are women, it’s transphobic to assume they want to have babbies. Mens has babbies, you bigots. Edumacate yourselves already! This discussion is OVER!

        For God’s sake WWBJD!?

      • gaydude50 Says:

        ‘Which, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t much different from just blatantly telling trans women “Hey, I hope you didn’t forget that I have a body that you’ll never have because I’m a real woman.”’ ~Aaliyah

        Hey, male to trans people: I hope you don’t forget that you’ll never be a woman. You’ll always be a man. I hope that was blatant enough for you. Because biology.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “You don’t think being forced to become and remain pregnant would be a welcome experience for him, especially if barefoot?”

        lol that didn’t even occur to me, but yeah, considering what these guys think ‘womanhood’ is they probably think it’s their duty to be submissive and compliant, and think they can do it better than ‘real’ women. I wonder how many are pro-life lol

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        This line: “But really, all I care about is not being constantly reminded that I’m incapable of ever having an experience that is socially designated as the true mark of womanhood – pregnancy and the motherhood that may follow from it”
        reminds me of a great description by the (very weird and abusive) psychiatrist R.D. Laing (who despite his weirdness and abusiveness wrote some really great insights into how abuse works). He wrote:

        “If Jack succeeds in forgetting something, this is of little use if Jill continues to remind him of it. He must induce her not to do so. The safest way would be not just to make her keep quiet about it, but to induce her to forget it also.

        “Jack may act upon Jill in many ways. He may make her feel guilty for keeping on “bringing it up”. He may invalidate her experience. This can be done-more or less radically. He can indicate merely that it is unimportant or trivial, whereas it is important and significant to her. Going further, he can shift the modality of her experience from memory to imagination: “It”s all in your imagination.” Further still, he can invalidate the content. “It never happened that way.” Finally, he can invalidate not only the significance, modality and content, but her very capacity to remember at all, and make her feel guilty for doing so into the bargain.

        “This is not unusual. People are doing such things to each other all the time. In order for such transpersonal invalidation to work, however, it is advisable to overlay it with a thick patina of mystification. For instance, by denying that this is what one is doing, and further invalidating any perception that it is being done, by ascriptions such as “How can you think such a thing” “You must be paranoid.” And so on.”

        So in this case if Jack succeeds in forgetting he is a male, this is of little use if Jill continues to remind him of it. He must induce her not to do so, etc. This all makes me think of the rape and murder threats, the calls of “misgendering is violence,” the deplatforming. it’s all to attempt to get everyone else to stop reminding them of what they themselves are trying to forget: that males are males and females are females.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Good point there, Derrick. It all falls under the rubric of gaslighting, doesn’t it? And as you say, just plain old abuse. That guy Aaliyah also claims to be disabled (by his dysphoria) and autistic (he’s yet another one of those people who self-diagnose as autistic, ’cause who wants to be neuro-typical? Not them! They’re special.) He then begs for money after moaning out his sob story. All of that, plus his endless comments taking over feminist spaces and telling women what to talk about, points to one thing: abuser.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        So we should be not seen and not heard. Got it. They get to live in porn world, and we get to live in Saudi Arabia.

        It’s grimly funny how the trans cult wants to simultaneously destroy women’s safe spaces and transform the entire world into a safe space for themselves. This tiny fraction of the population really thinks the rest of the planet is supposed to obsessively police their language so no tranny ever gets his feelings hurt.

        Maybe he could have just skipped the Linda Thompson article. How is she supposed to talk about a heterosexual marriage that resulted in three children without ever mentioning pregnancy? Asshole.

  12. Bea Says:

    “Dear men, is it okay for me to be a feminist?”

    *cue herd of pornsick, misogynist, mentally ill MRAs in dresses rubbing their hands together in sadistic delight*

  13. Dear Trans* folks,

    Please take all your crap off my women’s symbol. You did not earn the right to shamelessly co-opt and modify this symbol.

    This woman has it all backwards. Transgender activists stole and shamelessly co-opted the women’s symbol. Transgender activists had nothing to do with women’s voting rights, abortion rights, etc. There is nothing trans* folks won’t co-opt.

    Males are not female, and who gave them the right to steal and appropriate the women’s symbol? This is the creepy trans* symbol. Notice how the women’s symbol that was used by our mothers and grandmothers has been modified. All they do is tack their own crap on the women’s symbol.,7.html

    The two standard gender symbols denoting male ♂ and female ♀ are derived from astrological symbols, denoting the classical planets Mars and Venus, respectively. These symbols have been in use since the Renaissance also denoting elements in alchemy, specifically the metals iron and copper.

    Am I understanding this right? To honor her female sex and all the women who fought so tenaciously for her voting rights, reproductive rights, etc., she is thinking about just creating the women’s symbol with her silk screen and wearing it. However, she is afraid that it might offend trans* folk. Therefore, she will turn the symbol that our mothers and grandmothers, first and second wave feminists, proudly wore into the creepy trans* symbol. Since she is “cis”, she thinks that wearing the creepy trans* symbol (stolen partly from the women’s symbol) would offend trans* folks because she isn’t trans. The poor woman is so worked up over this that she can’t decide what to do. I do feel sorry for the poor dear.

    Hell, no she doesn’t have to run everything by the trans* thought police. Why should the trans* thought police dictate what a woman wears, or what a woman makes on her silk screen? The level of brainwashing, subtle and not so subtle intimidation, and Orwellian mind control over women has gotten so bad that have to check with trans folks before deciding what to wear.

  14. MaryMacha Says:

    Maybe she should do a women’s symbol with a dangly bit hanging off of it.

  15. Oceans Says:

    Everything about her post is so so so sad.

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    Pitiful, but they are doing us in, these women who worship the men. They got Michigan, They are even bullying and lecturing us to be respectful to the trannies on the remaining MichFest list. WTF?

    If the women stopped supporting these men, like with the usual het men, they would collapse. Patriarchy would be over. But men matter so much more….

    I’m still in shock about how so many on at least one MichFest list is reprimanding us for calling men “men.” Or when a friend posts about Bruce Jenner. We are ordered to behave.

    • Miep Says:

      Bev Jo: yeah, it’s painful to watch. It makes me very angry. But I can’t let myself get too invested in anger because it steals energy from working to organize and fight back. I need that positive energy, as do we all.

      I am tired, though, of feeling sorry for women who let themselves get shanghaied into supporting trannies and men in general. Their Peak Man moments have yet to happen, I wish them all the best, I hope they get it sooner or later and don’t get too badly damaged in the process. But it is just such a mire, getting entangled in liberal politics where I am the only one speaking out. I’m too old for this shit. These sad liberal women, these trannie supporters, let them come to us when they’re ready. Meanwhile we’ve got work to do.

    • KgSch Says:

      I agree. This woman is such a fucking handmaiden. What a loser.

      And yes, women like her are a huge reason why the trannys get away with chipping away women’s rights. From what I’ve seen, men, especially het men tend to openly mock the whole thing. Het men are allowed to point out biological reality but women, especially lesbians aren’t.

      I refuse to call men “women” or worse, pretend they are lesbians. It’s morally reprehensive.

      Women like her are doing the dirty work of men and policing women who say no.

    • Kitty Barber Says:

      The trans* did not ‘get’ Michigan. The reasons for its coming to a close are almost exclusively about $$. It hasn’t been self-sustaining for some time. It’s lasted longer than almost every other womyns-space in this country.
      I do not concede–and no one who understands the festival does, either–that the trans* issue is anything but perhaps a small part of the end. And that is that it’s made us all tired, and especially Lisa Vogel, no doubt.
      There are a lot of women in the Michfest groups who don’t have a grasp on the issue, I agree. They are not necessarily the womyn who support and attend the festival.

      • Dana Says:

        I had thought about attending MWMF for years but life kind of got in the way. With this being the last year I finally looked at the ticket prices page to see if it was at all feasible, given that I live so close to Michigan now. Nope. Not feasible. With tickets being that price (and I don’t know how that compares to other music festivals) and that many women typically attending, I have to wonder why in the world the situation wasn’t financially sustainable. I don’t mean that I think they were doing anything dishonest with the money, I just wonder what else could have been done to improve the situation. That’s actually kind of an epidemic on the Left and especially with the less-mainstream groups, being bad with money. It’s like we think the stuff is evil and we barely want to touch it. Well, as long as the society we live in is run on a money-based economy, we have to get over that attitude or we will literally lose everything. We need more of a brain trust on the money issue, figuring out how to be self-sustaining without selling out to corporate interests or whatever.

      • Dana Says:

        Also, confession time: I couldn’t comment under my usual name here and I wasn’t sure if comments had been turned off or if I’d been banned. It looks like I was banned. I am not sure why, but I’ll honor wishes from here on out and limit myself to reading. Sorry about that.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Dana- You have NOT been banned! I hate banning women and seldom do it. Generally I make someone aware of my annoyance before resorting to a ban. Exceptions include women who post forty comments in a row (literally!), or include many, many links in a post: They get autospammed, and I don’t always catch it (and if they’re leaving that many comments -I’m talking an insane amount!- in a row it is usually not a good thing but a sign of cray cray- or that they should start their own blog!.) I do try to check my spam but I can’t always, because I get an awful lot of it. I have my blog set to “silently disappear” extreme spam, but that certainly wouldn’t be you.

        You are not currently in my spam, so I’m completely perplexed.
        I’m sorry for the inconvenience and please let me know if it recurs. I took the liberty of switching your name back to the one you usually comment under. Hope that is okay.

  17. Peggy Luhrs Says:

    It occurred to me that this trans delusion we are demanded to believe is a bit like the vaginal orgasm that all women were supposed to attain if they were truly mature, A lot of second wave writing and theory took on the Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm a title from Redstocking’s Notes from the Second Year, an early women’s liberation publication. Ti-Grace Atkinson wrote The Vaginal Orgasm as Mass Hysterical Survival Response. Women are similarly pretending to believe what we are being told we must under penalty of death threats, social shaming and de-platforming.
    So here we are again in another enforced mass hysterical survival response. At least at Gendertrender we’re examining it.

    • Miep Says:

      Peggy: interesting comment. I have found that I can give myself a wide variety of orgasms without letting my hand anywhere near my vagina. Some of them are nice, some of them are splendid, and a few times, whoah!

      I do find, though, that they all involve a fairly large part of my body, and my uterus does usually contract repeatedly.

      This is not scientific data, just my personal experience, but sticking something inside my vagina is not at all necessary for me to have a good orgasm. It’s more a mood thing.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      I wouldn’t debate the notion of the vaginal orgasm since it’s a common experience. The clitoris is just the tip of a much larger organ that extends along the front wall of the vagina. So of course many women experience either or both types.

      • Miep Says:

        MaryMacha: my orgasms often happen all around my vagina. My point is that I don’t need to touch my vagina, in fact I never do. I do think that women can have psychological orgasms from being penetrated by the penis when the woman is very worked up about the man, I’ve had that happen, decades ago. Sex is complicated.

      • branjor Says:

        Yes, it’s possible to have an orgasm felt inside the vagina without touching the vagina, much less putting anything into it.

  18. Bea Says:

    I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to share this, but I just found this article, about a woman whose abusive, misogynist father transitioned. It’s an instance of a MtT getting murdered, but the reason has nothing to do with his transness (it pretty much never does in reality, right?) He had an illegal grow operation and he was robbed.
    Here’s the article:
    Anyway, here’s how the Trans Brigade responds to his misogyny and abuse.

    • Miep Says:

      I am still seriously considering starting a business renting out walls for women to bang their heads against. Free delivery!

      Also, I’m sure this man’s need to abuse women stemmed from something legitimate. And if it didn’t, then we are going to invent one for him if it’s the last thing we do, because enabling abusive asshole occasionally psychotic men is just the most fucking important thing in the world for women to address our energies to, what with having all this time on our hands while the whole world is being run on so many of our backs.

      • The (male) need to abuse women can stem from something legitimate? Huh? I am pretty sure I am misreading this.

        All it takes to make a male abuser is a patriarchial, male dominated society where rape, porn, and battering are not just acceptable, but expected ways, to keep women in line. It’s the ever present sense of entitlement that makes for abusers; combine this with the enforced ideals of (physically agressive) masculinity, and passive femininity, and you get a culture of abusers. There is no such thing as a legitimate reason.

  19. MaryMacha Says:

    Both of the commonly used female and male symbols are ancient in origin and are still used in astrology to signify the planets Venus and Mars respectively. The symbol for Venus is the Goddess’s hand mirror and the one for Mars symbolizes a shield and spear according to Wikipedia.

    As far as I know there is no traditional symbol (of this type) to signify someone who decides to live as the opposite sex. (There’s that pesky biological polarity again.) It seems that of the astrological symbols the one for Capricorn would be most apt since it symbolizes “[the b]ody and head of a goat with the tail of a fish or face and horns of goat.” Though those born under this sign may take exception to this, it seems more in line with the multiple component motif and does not risk incurring the wrath of any deity, though there’s no telling how a mountain goat might feel about it. Not that pissing anyone off by blatant acts of appropriation is really of any concern here, mind you.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I think obviously two-faced Janus is a good symbol of…of…well, that’s more androgyny or accepting various aspects of ourselves comprising a WHOLE PERSON. Oh never mind…

    • Miep Says:

      You cannot live as the opposite sex. You can act out enforced gender scripting, you can allow the white male dominated medical establishment to fuck around with your body, you can lie to yourself, you can lie to everyone if that suits your particular psychosis.

      But you cannot live as something you are not. This is magical thinking in the worst possible way, and I’m not talking about true power, true knacks. I’m talking about the crap mimicry of real power, the travesties created and sold as real power. Every time anyone does this it is the worst thing in the world, as it acts to destroy real female power and grind us under its heel.

      I don’t generally use “it” to refer to anybody. I preferentially refer to life as female, as English is a gendered language.

      But in this case, “it” works. This mindset is an “it.” It is not gendered, it is just using gender as an abusive tool to hurt people with, especially women.

      It has no real life or caring to it. It is a death monster. It wants to eat us all up so it can finally die.

      Let’s kill it.

  20. Oak and Ash Says:

    GM–have you seen this? She seems to be competing for your cissie of the day award. This article’s more sad than funny.

  21. Hannah Says:

    Ah, I recognize her from my male worshiping day. Waiting for the pat on the head that never comes!
    Sorry sweetie, there’s nothing you can do to make them like you, except maybe magically turn into a straight male, or pimp.
    A woman made a television show about twanz, her father is one. They still hate her. Femaleness is what they hate.

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