Transgender in Women’s Locker Room

May 1, 2015

“My rights are being dismissed for his rights”

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  1. Miep Says:

    You keep on kicking their butts Lisa, you are one brave woman.

  2. stchauvinism Says:

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  3. Miep Says:

    That must have been so hard for her to do, to be honest. Now on the tee vee. Now she gets Trans Inc up her business.

  4. GallusMag Says:

    WSVN — With the Bruce Jenner revelation now a hot topic, the focus is moving to South Florida after women in a locker room said a man was in there with them. The response: “My driver’s license says I am a female. But if your drivers license says you are a female, does that give you the right to go into the women’s locker room and showers? It’s time to bring in Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

    When Bruce Jenner revealed he felt like a woman in a man’s body, it put a spotlight on men who want and plan to become women. What it didn’t show was the effect that can have on other women.

    Lisa Calandro: “I like the opportunity to use the jacuzzi, and the pool and the sauna, and all the other gyms don’t offer that.”

    Lisa Calandro loves to work out at L.A. Fitness in Fort Lauderdale.

    Lisa Calandro: “I went into the locker room to proceed to change into my bathing suit, and as I was walking past this person, I did a double take.”

    Lisa then looked again.

    Lisa Calandro: “And I didn’t want to stare at the person, but after I looking through the mirror at his reflection, I realized it was a man inside the ladies’ locker room.”

    Lisa wasn’t the only one who noticed. One woman took a picture.

    Lisa Calandro: “And you can clearly see in the picture, you can clearly see in person that it’s a man. There is no doubt it is a man.”

    When Lisa walked by the person, she was dressed. Another woman was not.

    Lisa Calandro: “And one of them was very upset because the man was in the sauna, and the girl was in the shower and had proceeded to walk out of the shower naked and was drying herself off and was in a towel, and the guy was right there.”

    Lisa and other women walked over.

    Lisa Calandro: “So she approached the man and said, ‘Why are you here?’ He said, ‘Look at my license. I’m a female,’ and the girl said, and I said, ‘You are not really a female. You look like a man.'”

    Lisa went to the front desk to ask what was going on.

    Lisa Calandro: “And said to the gentleman on the counter, ‘There is a guy in here.’ ‘Oh yeah, we have seen him before. He is not really a guy. Technically his license says he’s a female, so we legally need to allow him in the locker room.’

    Lisa says the person may feel like a woman, but he looks like a man to them, and it made those women in the locker room uncomfortable.

    Lisa Calandro: “It is very uncomfortable. I have rights, too, the same way he has rights, but I feel my rights are being dismissed for his rights.”

    Well Howard, can a person who appears to be a man, but whose driver’s license says is a female, use the women’s locker room?

    Howard Finkelstein: “By Florida law, if a man gets a note from his doctor saying he is undergoing treatment for gender transition, in other words, becoming a woman, even if it’s just starting, the State of Florida will issue a driver’s license calling the man a female. That gives him the right to shower in the women’s locker room.”

    We contacted the Division of Motor Vehicles, which issues drivers licenses. They told us they don’t have the number of men in Florida who have changed their gender on their license to female. But according to one report, there are 700,000 transgender people in America.

    Howard Finkelstein: “The law that allows a man transitioning to a woman to shower in a female locker room is vague, because the state is trying to find a balance between a transgender person’s rights and in this case, the rights of the women in the locker room. It’s a new issue for the law and will involve many changes as we move forward.

    It’s a complicated issue, but Lisa says it’s actually simple: the way the state sees the person as opposed to the way the women in the locker room do.

    Lisa Calandro: “The way we see him, we see him as a man. The way he may see himself is a whole different story.”

    • BadDyke Says:

      “Lisa Calandro: “The way we see him, we see him as a man. The way he may see himself is a whole different story.””

      YES, not complicated, just ASK the women! Looks like a male, acts like a male…..

      “Look at my license. I’m a female” Right, so the Division of motor vehicles knows more about biology than biologists? You could legislate and legally state that pi was equal to 3, but that wouldn’t make it so………

      The usual messed-up conflation of sex and gender, and the great pretend game, that since a legal document SAYS he is female (i.e. legally he is supposed to be treated AS IF he was female), is yet again treated as if that legal document magically changes reality and he actually IS female.

      It’s just the usual male legal definitions ARE reality, and female perceptions AREN’T, the male definitions are in the public sphere, the womens perceptions are just private and ignorable………………..

      • LQ Says:

        To further Twilight Zone our lives, this purported “legal female” is STILL basking in his male privilege! He can do whatever he wants in the gym, go where ever he wants, including flop his ladypeen around in the sauna. Clearly dude is not hittin’ the weights.

      • nonny Says:

        “….the male definitions are in the public sphere, the womens perceptions are just private and ignorable.”

        Nail, meet hammer. There it is.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Gallus: Thanks for posting the transcript. It appears that in Florida, the patient merely needs to be taking hormones–or at least, be prescribed hormones–in order to have the designation changed. Are there states with more strict guidelines, specifically the “bottom surgery” must be completed first? I’m not implying that stricter standards would completely solve this problem; I’m curious if the laws vary for MTTs. I recall that the “pregnant man” is Oregon needed only a breast reduction to qualify for as a man at the DMV.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Lesbian Feminist Legal Theorist Elizabeth Hungerford has published a chart with all the “Gender Identity” statutes of each state diagrammed and defined. I can’t recommend that site, and her work, highly enough. It is an invaluable resource:

    • biodyke Says:

      I am glad more and more women who do not understand the reality vs the rhetoric of “transitioning” are being rudely introduced to men and their penises in womens spaces.

      I am also glad women who didnt think transgenderism would effect them are discovering it does affect them.

      I am also glad people, in general, are being introduced to how easy legislatures are making it to change ones gender markers. Nothing but the persons say so is gathering a lot of strength in many states.

      As more and more people are finding themselves affected by penises in female spaces, perhaps females will mount a concerted effort to define reasonable accommodation for their own safety and the safety of their children. Maybe more boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and grandfather will weight in on the issue as well.

      This issue is not going to go away. Transgenderism or those hiding behind transgenderism have been validated by the medical and mental heath communities. The legal system is making it easier and easier for both men and women to change their markers based on their internal feelings.

      We cannot argue transgenderism per se, given all the validity it has been given. We can argue for clear definitions and clear transitions before changes are allowed and sex safe spaces are violated.

      One thing we need to fight vigorously is for biological integrity – male/female. Drivers licenses and other identification papers need to specify sex vs trans sex.

      I am happy to give them “trans” in front of whatever their id of the day is. “Trans” whatever should then be used to separate, delineate, and differentiate for the safety of biological females, especially biological minor females.

      We also, as a society, need to come to grips with an increasing amount of heterosexual men who have various “issues” whether they be fetishes or philias or whatever wacko-ness they are spouting off these days. Heterosexual women need to stop protecting them as well. If your son is caught raping an incapacitated woman and the videos are all over social media – stop making excuses for them. If your relatives thrive on biological females being victims of incest – stop making excuses for them. If your husband cheats on you time after time after time – stop blaming the women they are cheating with.

      And, we as the class of people known as women, need to understand how angry men/males are at our liberation, our successes, our pickiness i.e. refusing to date certain males, our rights, and everything else we fought for including womens spaces.

      Men, whether they wear dresses or can deal with their maleness, are angry with us and their anger surpasses the usual misogyny and sexism. It is on the level of loathing, of getting what we deserve for thinking we are equal or even human.

      There is more hatred of women out there in 2015 than there was during the second wave of feminism. And, it is blatant, in your face kind of hatred.

      And, we need to use our financial abilities to force change. Your gym adhering to state law is not the problem. The law is the law. But, women refusing to patronize any business which puts their safety in jeopardy affects the bottom line. We have purchasing power. The question is whether we are smart enough or committed enough to use for our own safety.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Laws can be changed, and I think we MUST challenge the core lie of transgenderism: That it is possible to change one’s bio sex. I absolutely refuse to capitulate this point. I don’t believe in creationism, and transgenderism is a variant of this – one’s own personal “6 days” to reinvent oneself out of whole cloth – and on the 7th day, you rest…

    • PGD Says:

      “By Florida law, if a man gets a note from his doctor saying he is undergoing treatment for gender transition, in other words, becoming a woman”

      It’s actually impossible for a man to become a woman. A man can become ‘transgender’ which is a man on hormones, possibly with cosmetic surgery, who consciously attempts a different gender presentation.

  5. MaryMacha Says:

    So if a man is feeling like a kid, would he then have a right to attend grade school with the other kiddies?

    • Dogtowner Says:

      And if a ten-year-old says he identifies as an adult, he must now be allowed to buy alcohol and drive a car, right?

      • soporificat Says:

        Lol, love this!

        Certainly, every teenager I have met strongly identifies with being 21 (the legal age for drinking in the US)!

      • Bev Jo Says:

        If he had DUIs and license taken away, but said he identifies as sober, can he drive? Drunk?

      • KgSch Says:

        Hey everyone, I identify as a winner of the Powerball Jackpot. Not giving me millions of dollars is bigotry.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I identify as Bill Gates, but I can’t seem to convince the banks of that.

  6. neme Says:

    Finally the mainstream is finding out these aren’t castrated gay men. These are heterosexual males with intact, functioning penises and a love of violating women’s boundaries.

    States need to stop allowing intact males to change their drivers license marker from M to F. Rapey males are not female. There is no reason to allow them among naked and vulnerable females. Good for these women for speaking out.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      And what’s…interesting is – these are NOT, absolutely NOT “radical feminists,” as castigated by the trans lobby. This is not a second-waver, or an academic feminist, or a feminist journalist, or a left-wing activist…this woman seems pretty apolitical. I don’t know if she is, but it’s like, TRANS, do you really want the Million Mom March on YOUR ASS? ‘Cause they are coming, and they will NOT put up with your shit. They don’t give a shit about “postmodernism” or “waves” of feminism, they just don’t want your sorry male asses with your fucked-up ideas in their locker rooms.

      • Oceans Says:

        I love this. I think trans people are going to find that intimidating and silencing women outside of the pathetically insecure “Gender Studies” world is going to be a lot harder than they thought. And there’s a world of parents out there all over the political spectrum who won’t want these dudes in the locker room at the gym with their daughters.

      • TheDailyMale Says:

        The far right has been casting about for its next Kulturkampf and the trans lobby may be handing it to them on a silver platter.

    • Miep Says:

      I don’t think any men should be allowed to become legally women, it opens up a whole legal can of worms. And genital surgery doesn’t work very well, it sets insane precedents, there are so many other medical needs left unmet. And what about hormones, are mares still being tortured for hormones?

      This should all be outlawed, it’s unethical in so many ways. There are so many things wrong with this.

      A culture run by women would not engage in such brutal activities.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Mare hormones? That would explain all the nay-ing.

      • Me Says:

        I agree – people shouldn’t be able to change the sex on their driver’s licenses or other official forms that include sex. Nor should the government change those classifications from “sex” to “gender” because gender is not biological, but a cultural construct that is, or should be irrelevant, on such forms of ID. Nor should they be able to change their birth certificates. No legal fictions whatsoever should be allowed.

        It is impossible to change one’s sex. Rather, all these people end up with is a non-functional, cosmetic outer appearance that mimics the other sex.

      • Miep Says:

        I changed my name via court order in 1995 and also requested a revised birth certificate, because life is much easier when you need identifying documents if they all match. But this had nothing to do with gender, I just wanted a different name. Some people don’t like their names and I don’t see why we should insist they stay stuck with them. But names are rather arbitrary and sex is real, as is gendered sexual oppression of women.

        I am in favor of disallowing violent felons to change their names, though. They’re not supposed to vote or own firearms, they have already forfeited some rights.

        As long as SRS is allowed there will be trouble with not allowing those people to change legal gender markers. There is no conceivable excuse for letting anyone else do it.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Yes, Miep, mares are still being tortured for hormones. When I turn on the TV, Premarin is still being advertised. In addition to the suffering of the mares, there are all the babies being born (PREgnant MAre uRINe) who need homes and many are presumably being slaughtered. When I woke up from my hysterectomy, they tried to give me that stuff and I refused it. Woozy with anesthetic but with enough sense to say hell, no!

        If there are 5 billion genders, why can’t someone’s driver’s license simply say “he thinks he’s a woman”? BUT IS NOT.

      • kesher Says:

        Courts aren’t supposed to allow name changes for convicted criminals, but, when genderfeels are involved, they universally permit it. I haven’t heard of a single case of an MTT’s name change being denied on the basis of past crimes. Dennis Woolbert wasn’t questioned about it once, and, if I remember correctly, he got his name changed in the same state where he was convicted of rape.

      • Trans is a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I wonder how those who perpetrated and enabled horrendous abuse against the “L” in the “LGBT”, and feminists in general, who tried for years to warn these assholes about the problems with their “movement”, will rationalize their actions in the future, post backlash. They deserve every bit of political backlash they’re about to get, as far as I’m concerned. We tried to warn them and their response was to try to maim us, our families, our livelihoods. Their response was to double down in the destruction of women’s rights and freedom. Yes, they really do deserve all that is coming, and then some.

      • Miep Says:

        Gallus and other friends here: this is war. This is a war against women and specifically lesbians. It is not academic. It is not theoretical. It involves violence against women perpetrated by men who are backed up by other men and to some extent women.

        People who enable violence against a specific group of people who are not behaving violently towards them are war criminals. I’m not going to dance around it. War criminals, all of you assholes. Lesbians just want to be left alone to be lesbians together. That is what all you transgender assholes and your terrorized female buddies and jackass dude enablers have such a problem with.

        War criminals, all of you.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        A new political party, The Women’s Equality Party, has just launched in the UK. It’s main figurehead is Sandi Toksvig, a high-profile lesbian comedian, presenter and author, but Suzanne Moore, the target of the UK’s most infamous TERF-bashing, is also a founder. This could go two ways; either it’s going to be awesome or it’s going to be flooded by pomo sex-pozzers and transactivists (you just know M2Ts are going to love being a candidate for a party that’s got ‘Women’ in the title – Oh, the validation!). Let’s see how far the presence of Suzanne Moore will keep them away.

        Is this going to be The Fourth Wave? The backlash against the backlash? I don’t know. It’s terrible but, at the moment, I’m in two minds over whether to sign up as an activist for a party for women just in case it turns out to be batshit insanely, pomo anti-women.

      • It’s terrible but, at the moment, I’m in two minds over whether to sign up as an activist for a party for women just in case it turns out to be batshit insanely, pomo anti-women.

        I would guess that the pomo shite will win out one way or another. This has already happened to the Greens in the UK, they used to be the most explicity pro-woman party and now the trans/queers have infiltrated. What was once all women shortlists, for instance, is now “anyone identifying as a woman”, and their stance on violence against women is deeply compromised by the pro-pimp/john/abuser position they’ve taken on porn and prostitution.

  7. Pearl Says:

    These males sure do love the conflation of gender and sex when it means they’re considered females, don’t they? A locker room is a sex segregated space. An MTF can identify as a ‘woman’ all they want but that choice does not change the fact they were born a M-A-L-E. Such people do not belong in the female locker room or other private spaces designated for females.

    That male’s driver’s license never should have been been changed to identify him as a ‘female’. It’s biologically inaccurate and an assault on common sense.

  8. MaryMacha Says:

    Lisa Calandro: “It is very uncomfortable. I have rights, too, the same way he has rights, but I feel my rights are being dismissed for his rights.”


  9. Frida Haslund Says:

    Why all this hate talk?
    Why not try to discussing some constructive alternatives?

    • GallusMag Says:

      HA. Oh, shut up Fred. Women are speaking. You’ve embarrassed yourself, sir. Go boss around women somewhere else. Clueless bastard who orders women around. Do catch up on events under discussion sir. Or don’t. But you won’t be participating here, asshole. Ta.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Women do NOT have to find “alternatives” for you or “mary” fuckface or any other degenerate, perverted male. Go use the male facilities.

    • gchild Says:

      Hahahaha. People always wanna scream peace after they start some shit.

      Heres how this is going to go down. Once this goes mainstream, and people see the pics, rantings, and behaviors of fetishist transwomen all over the internet, they will be horrified.

      After that, they wont want to hear anymore bullshit about gender variance and lets please be nice to poor unfortunate autogynophiles. That word alone going mainstream will bring this hot mess to a screeching halt. At least long enough to really look into it.

      And trans ideology cant stand abhors logic. How do feelings turn a male body into a female body that still looks and functions like a male body? How can you say feeling like a woman = being a woman when “woman” is not a feeling in the first place? These questions are met with “You goddamn, cisscum, bigoted asshole! Go drink bleach and die in a fire. I could fucking kill your terf ass right now!”

      How do you come up with a “constructive alternative” when there is no recognition of the physical material reality of female existence? When women are not recognized as actual human beings, but as feelings that are defined and characterized by male perception for the purpose of consumption?

    • Biscuit Says:

      Men can use the men’s change room. That’s what they are supposed to do.

      Desiring to be female doesn’t make one female.

  10. Atranswidow Says:

    @CKDexterHaven I shall be watching Sandi Tosvig’s new party. Mike Buchanan’s justice for Men and Boys party will be standing in 2020 elections also. I have never come across such right wing misogyny as their manifesto. It really is horrendous, and they say that they are going to field 50 candidates. It will be interesting to see where trans rights fit in.

  11. pandoracurioser Says:

    but again the lawyer dude says he is “transitioning to be a woman”: but that’s not true! there is no medical procedure that will make a man into a woman. All he’s doing is pumping some silicone in his chest and taking synthetic hormones. The problem is that now sex is a matter of opinion according to the law (he sees himself as a woman, the women see him as a man), but sexual dimorphism isn’t an opinion! neither is male socialization and violence. This is pure scientific obscurantism. And again: why aren’t transgender lobbies lobbying for unisex facilities instead? at least that way there are no surprises and we can look out for fetishistic assholes.

  12. hearthrising Says:

    I don’t know what they’re talking about at DMV about balancing transitioners and women’s rights. Since when have women been considered in any of this? Never.

  13. margaret Says:

    thiss issue has confused and upset me so much, i decided to pay the $260 an hour lawyer fee and try to understand – my two perplexities: how do we differentiate between a legit trans and a sexual predator whose access is fraudulent and why do trans rights trump my rights – the lawyer explained , like the video does, that it is a matter of public accommodation – that the law is balancing the rights of all citizens (kinda like a shell game) – i said i thought this law ruthless and revoutionary – he got a glint in his eye and he said that this reasoning was what caused racism and religious intolerance in the past – yeah, a feeble, poor, female senior citizen is capable of oppression for asking questions

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Men just love all this. It’s the ultimate revenge on uppity women daring to enter public space on their own terms and the ultimate loophole for sexual voyeurs and predators. He’s forgetting that the sexual segregation of public facilities does not exist to oppress men or transgender people, or to exclude them from participation in society, but does exist to protect women and girls from sexual harassment and violence.

    • stchauvinism Says:


    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      it’s not a question of a “sexual predator.” It’s the issue that we have a right to privacy (both women AND men) from being unclothed (as in locker, or partially unclothed in a bathroom) around the OPPOSITE SEX. It doesn’t matter if they really are truly confused in the head and truly believe they have transitioned – biological sex (which is how we arrive at opposite sex, female and male) is not mutable. Therefore, we have a right to privacy, us women, to not have men in our locker rooms. It IS a shell game – but the basic concepts are already in place in American law. We have right to privacy AND there is such a thing as sexual consent. So on both counts, transgenders need to use the bathroom/change room of bio sex, NOT “gender.” Also, race and religion are NOT the same thing as transgender movement – it is the transgender movement itself which is intolerant of REALITY, biological reality.

  14. The figure 700,000 transgender in America was flashed on screen. But, how many cross dressing sexual fetishists are there on top of that? With male porn habits out of control, it wouldn’t surprise me if a % of all males were cross dressing fetishists. Since when did a sex fetish earn civil rights over a protected class of persons?

    700,000 is 14,000 per state. That is a LOT of potential menz in the locker room.

    No statistics on how many males switched to female in DMV records? Why are we paying their salary out of our taxes if they aren’t collecting meaningful data. We need a LOT more data to evaluate how this is impacting women’s lives.

    This transgender situation has got to be scrutinized. How many males who dress as females assault women, commit crime in womanface, etc. How are our public safety statistics being skewed. How many domestic violence committed by females are actually transgender M2T. How many transgender who get medical treatments respond in what way? Medical reseearch has long known that different drugs have different effects on men versus women. What is the average life expectancy decreased by transgender medical treatments – ten, twenty? How much cancer is being caused by cross sex hormones, or other disease that are very expensive to treat and which impacts all of our insurance costs?

    Why do the rights of 700,000 – some big jackasses among that number – trump that of 51% females?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Lisa, that you can make such crystal sparkling clear rebuttal to the trans cult.

    In Cali any boy can think he’s a girl and go in girls locker rooms there. No DMV license to flash at those whose civil rights he offends, because….oh, just girls.

    Just like Mich Fest, our women’s summer solstice camp out of over 30+ years for multi-generation of girls/women to gather is kaput. The transgender started bringing the “wife” just like him. The apologies about public exposure of peen to young girls, the crying, the demands, the legal threats – poof. Go away. Find your own club dudes, you ruined that partay.

    All these gyms where women’s rights are shredded should get the female boycott. I even went to Curves back when to avoid menz. Why can’t women focus our buying power and starve the beast of our woman dollars?

    It incenses me that the male definition trumps female biological reality.

    Line drawn in sand: Men never become women. Transgender, fine. Female? NEVER.

    Thanks for posting Lisa’s vid here. It’s so refreshing. Her clear and rational objection is cleansing, like a spring rain cleaning my brain.

  15. Chloe Alexa Says:

    Ladies if you would do some real study of Transgender people and stop ASSUMING you know, you will be surprised. It is now medically accepted that our brains are not the Gender Assigned at birth. Slight Birth Anomaly that happens. Yes there are some Trans that do not present very well, and or act very ladylike, so next time start a conversation and it could be very informative. FYI we do like to cover up as most women do and the similarities Don’t stop there.
    Think if you had to spend the rest of your life in a Man’s body how YOU would like it. That’s how we have to live most of ours ! !

    • GallusMag Says:

      No, Richard.

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      Chloe, Please do some actual research and stop parroting what you read on Tumblr – It is NOT “medically accepted” that trans have sparkly unicorn brains. There have been studies which show that the brains of men who take female hormones will change to resemble female brains. The hormones cause the change, the brains were not “female” to begin with.

      Spend the rest of my life in the wrong body? You’re talking to an actual woman here. All my life I’ve been in the wrong body – a body that despite my best efforts has made me more vulnerable to rape & abuse, more impacted by legislation, less likely to obtain management roles & equal pay, and so forth. (Funny how you “ladies” never seem to notice this aspect.)

      Consider this – I am a donor. If I die, I get to say that my organs will be used. In my area, it’s nearly impossible to obtain birth control or an abortion. Right now, I have less control over my own body than my corpse would have.

      So yes, I am in the wrong body. That doesn’t make me trans, it makes me female. A true female for whom life is much, much more than pretty dresses and a fuck hole.

      PS: “Ladylike.” Ugh!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Richard is a porn-sick idiot.

      • It’s even worse than that. This is yet another instance of erasing of gay people via “transing.”

        INAH3 is present in similar levels between MTF brains and female brains, this is true–but it’s also present in similar levels between gay male brains. And the MTFs tested in the INAH3 studies were all homosexual (i.e. liked men, not women). In other words, gay men are gay…SHOCKER, right?

        Yet now this is going to be used to trans a bunch of gay people, even children, with “proof” that they’re “women inside.” Disgusting.

      • kesher Says:

        A lot of the research that previously was used to prove innate homosexuality is now being used as proof of transgenderism.

        For example, there are 2D/4D finger length differentials between straight women and lesbian women. These differentials are also similar among FTTs.

        There’s also evidence that children who grow up to be gay or lesbian have positive reactions to same-sex pheromones and neutral or negative reactions to opposite-sex pheromones. (Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that lesbians hate the way men smell.) Research has shown that kids with GID have the same reactions. So MTTs and FTTs, again, are overwhelmingly gay and lesbian. Stop the presses!

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Kesher- M2Ts are overwhelmingly heterosexual. These men are not gender-nonconforming in childhood. They are considered “late onset” transgenders. The young boys who are gender-nonconforming, and are diagnosed with GD (the “princess boys”) are overwhelmingly homosexual.

        M2T: early onset, “feminine”, homosexual 25%
        M2T: late onset, “masculine”, heterosexual/autogynephile, 75%

        F2T: early and late onset: 75% homosexual
        25% heterosexual or bisexual

      • GallusMag Says:

        According to 30 years of research the boyhood of heterosexual/autogynephile M2Ts (75%) is characterized as such: They are gender conforming. They are somewhat socially isolated and maladjusted, possibly on the autism spectrum. They are “self sufficient”. Gender issues arise in adolescence or pre-adolescence in the form of crossdressing for sexual arousal/masturbation.

        See “I am my own Girlfriend”:

        I am my own girlfriend
        I love females. Always did, always will.

        When I reached dating age, I dreamed about dating the vast number of females that I found attractive. But I was very shy with the opposite sex and not at all skilled at chatting up females in order to get a date.

        My attempts usually resulted in rejection. As I accumulated rejections, I became gun-shy and more reluctant to try again. As a result, I did not date very often.

        On those rare occasions that I did date, it was usually of the blind variety. And there were seldom any second dates because (1) I did not find my blind date attractive or (2) if I did find my blind date to be attractive, my shyness kicked in and turned off my blind date. I was a sad sack on the dating scene.

        Lacking a female companion, did I become my own girlfriend?

        I studied the art of female emulation (femulation) and after years of practice, I managed to femulate myself into a female, who could look attractive under the right lighting conditions and/or from the correct viewing angle.

        As I femulated more and more, dating a female became less important, but I continued to make my feeble attempts in the dating scene and accepted blind dates whenever the opportunity arose. One blind date was “love at first sight” and we dated for over two years, married, and had a child.

        While I dated my future spouse, I stopped being my own girlfriend, that is, I stopped femulating all together and did not take up the cause again until we were invited to a Halloween party a month after our wedding day.

        After nearly three years of not femulating, I was out of practice and having purged all my female paraphenalia before marriage, I had to borrow clothes for that Halloween outing. As a result, my femulation was just so-so in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, my skills were still good enough to fool some of the people some of the time and a female in a cat costume asked me point blank if I was male, because she was not sure.

        That outing caused me to recall how I had enjoyed femulating in the past, so I began anew, first in secret, than slowly out into the public after my spouse put two and two together and asked me if I liked to crossdress on days that weren’t October 31. (Her query was prompted by the French Maid costume I wore the preceding Halloween.)

        I came clean about my hobby and she was very supportive and encouraged me to join a support group, which moved my femulation out of the closet of my home into the closet of my support group’s meeting hall where I learned how to take my femulation out into public places.

        Did I become my own girlfriend again?

        I believe that when I was dateless and desperately seeking female companionship, I truly was my own girlfriend. But now I believe that the female I emulate is really me.

        When I became my own girlfriend in the past, I was really becoming me, but did not realize it at the time. Now I realize that when I femulate I am presenting myself to society in the way I feel that best expresses me.”

      • kesher Says:


        I stand corrected. I should have stated something more along the lines of: children who are diagnosed with GID *as children* are overwhelmingly gay and lesbian, which is still supported by your information about the fetishistic straight men since they’re not gender non-conforming enough in childhood to raise questions about GID among their parents or medical professionals.

        But certainly indications of homosexuality in children are being used as evidence of innate trans identity, which goes to support transitioning being a way to “cure” the gay.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Kesher- Agree. Thank you for clarifying your post.

    • Livvie Says:

      Why do you care? Why are you here? Go away. I don’t care about your faux science bullshit about ladybrain. It doesn’t exist. You are a man. You intrude on women’s spaces when you still walk around with cocks. Go. Away.

      ‘Slight Birth Anomaly’. Right.

    • kesher Says:

      Science has not proven that your brain is any different from a man’s. It has proven, however, that 57 percent of self-identifying trans people are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Women don’t want that in our spaces. Sorry, not sorry.

    • soporificat Says:

      Oh, Richard, please stop repeating the lie that the “lady-brain” hypothesis is accepted as scientific fact. It is not. The one study that all you trans love to point to was both fatally flawed and trivial in its conclusions. The only transwomen who were included in the study had been taking estrogen for a substantial amount of time, and it is already known that taking estrogen alters the brain in this particular way. The study itself was trivial, because the structural differences were found in a tiny part of the hypothalamus, which, surprise! surprise! has to do with hormonal regulation. Jesus.

      What is more interesting to me is that so many men (not just trans) have been trying desperately for ages to prove that there really is a “lady-brain” yet still have not been able to do so. Please educate YOURSELF: Delusions of Gender, by Cordelia Fine.

      Please stop talking about “lady things” and being “lady like.” As an actual woman I find that kind of talk deeply offensive.

      I know many women who don’t like to cover up at all, and I know some who are very modest. That’s what real humans are like. They come in a range of personality traits.

      I would LOVE IT to spend the rest of my life in a man’s body. Then I would be treated as a full human being.

    • Biscuit Says:

      You know what I wouldn’t do if I had a male body? Freak out women by going into the women’s change room.

      • Livvie Says:

        Oh, come on, Biscuit! It’s very, very important that he be allowed to pee in the ladies’ room. After all, that’s where we do our hair, trade secret makeup tips, change our tampons–whoops, sorry. Was that ‘triggering’ for you, Dick?

        Excuse me. Richard.

    • Oceans Says:

      If you knew anything about actual women, you would know to never reference being in the wrong body.

      From birth through girlhood through puberty through adulthood through menopause until our death our male-dominated society tells us that our bodies are all wrong. We are forever told we need to change our bodies.

      This is only one of so many reasons you cannot and will not ever become a woman.

      • soporificat Says:

        Seriously. Every woman I know currently has, or at some point has had at least some level of body dysphoria. Many have had intense body dysphoria, myself included, to the extent of truly despising and being sickened by their bodies.

        Women are told that we are gross and horrible in every possible way (yet also so desirable that we are always in danger of being attacked and destroyed–which just makes it extra confusing and horrifying), and most of us come to believe that, at least on some level.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Are you young, soporificat? it seems that the younger women are, the worse they have been made to feel about their bodies. I felt bad enough, growing up in an era where Twiggy was the ideal, but when I first heard about anorexia I realized being fat or being strong and stocky were not so bad! I just hate it that women feel this way about themselves — to hell with society!

    • bullshit, “Chloe.”

      You have no earthly idea of how it FEELS to be a woman.

      You just ASSUME how a woman SHOULD feel based on an oppressive and patriarchal view of women. It’s 100% from your masculine imagination.

      Apparently you want to be humiliated and oppressed. Real women do not, and that’s why we want you to stay the hell out of our bathrooms and locker rooms.

      You’re not a woman and you never will be. You’re a fetishist. Just admit it, get your kink on, and leave us alone.

      Compete in the Miss USA pageant and see how far you get. No M2T will ever win because no straight man would put up with it. You have to “f-ckable” to them, and YOU’RE NOT.

      If you have an xtube account, then clearly you’re into porn. Most bio women are not. So you definitely do not have a “ladybrain.”

      Why don’t you see M2Ts in lesbian porn? Because they’re not women. Straight men are the audience for “girl-on-girl” porn, and they LOOOOOVE p_ssy. The real kind not the Frankenstein kind. You don’t have one, and you never will.

      Why do transwomen only try to muscle in on feminist and lesbian spaces? Why don’t you force yourselves into strip clubs as performers?

      Why don’t you all get jobs at Hooters? That’s the final frontier for transwomen, not MichFest.

      Some great comments here…thank you all.

    • Bea Says:

      LOL. “Ladylike,” “ladies if you would do some real study”…That says it all. You’re a dude, and a woman-hating one at that. Why would I give a shit if I was born with a different reproductive system? I don’t prioritize dressing up in fishnets and a miniskirt to trawl men in the park for sex like you, Dick.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “our brains are not the Gender Assigned at birth”

      You’re just not a deep thinker, are you? I’ll break it down for you. Sex is not assigned at birth, it is observed. Gender is inculcated by upbringing and society, enforced by conditioning and the ever-present threat of violence for both boys and girls. You can NEVER change your sex. You can present in whatever aesthetic you like but you can NEVER change your sex. Also, brains do not have a sex. That they do is one of those lies that’s getting repeated over and over again in hopes that it will be generally believed and accepted.

      “some Trans that do not present very well, and or act very ladylike… we do like to cover up as most women do and the similarities Don’t stop there”

      There’s so much wrong in this brief statement. I’ll try to clarify it for you. “Acting ladylike” is a social construct, one a lot of REAL women loathe. “Acting ladylike” has nothing to do with the intrinsic characteristics of being female. I have no problem with men “acting ladylike” as long as they’re not in bio-female space or harassing women or molesting children. Act however you like, wear whatever you want. There isn’t enough make-up in the world nor heels high enough that will make you a woman. No amount of affectation of daintiness, weakness, bitchiness or other STEREOTYPE of woman-ness will change your biological sex and chromosomes. As for “covering up”. Only a man would assume that women must like to cover up because only a man would ignore the reason FOR covering up; that is, the ever present threat of rape and violence and appropriation of our bodies.

      “Think if you had to spend the rest of your life in a Man’s body how YOU would like it”

      So I’m supposed to feel GUILTY that you chose to reincarnate male? Are you kidding? Are you people still playing that card?

      If you, having opted for a fluffy female brain, get nothing else out of this, understand this:


    • Kelli Says:

      I am starting to believe there is no such things as lady brain, or man brain. Ironically, I learned some of that from these rabid feminists here on this site. Truth is Truth.

      I also find it ironic that some females on this blog respond in similarly stereotypical man-speak, like “fuck off Sir and get off my blog”. That is usually stereotypical of male aggression.

      I think there is the brain and then there is the brain. End. I do think that hormones influence behaviors and then stereotypes amplify them. That’s my opinion. Of course, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT A MAN THINKS HERE. So what does it matter.

      Carl Bushong has done some research on gender. Most of his work stereotypes what is male and female gender behavior. However, I found it interesting he came to this conclusion:

      “In fact, for reasons not understood (at least by this writer), gender differences seem to decrease as our IQ points increase. One study indicated that one-third of physical females in graduate school had brains wired more like a typical male brain.”

      To me this basically means you are a dumb ass if you believe there are truly significant differences between the male and female brain. LOL

      I am coming to terms with the fact that I am AGP. I want to appear as a woman because I want to. Not because of some biological driver or because I remember playing with dolls once when I was 3.

      I am what I am, what other people think of it or how society sees it, or how much feminists rail on me, I don’t give a shit. I am not a pervert. I have never caused a disturbance in a locker room and never will. While I don’t give a shit what people think about me personally, I am not one to try and challenge people in their space. If I make someone uncomfortable, I would leave.

      A driver’s license does not make you a female. I understand that even having FFS, hormones, breast implants, and SRS will not make me female. I will always be XY.

      So what it comes down to for me is being the best facsimile of a woman that I can be to make myself and those around me feel comfortable. Some might say that I am just a clever perv who wants to get my freak on in the ladies room. You don’t know what I am thinking, but I will tell you nothing could be further from the truth. You also don’t know if the lesbian next to you is thinking what nicely shaped breasts you have. You don’t. We are all just expected to behave as society expects us to in a locker room. Anything else is just plain lewd behavior.

      This person in my opinion is lewd. If they went into a locker room looking like a man, talking like a man, behaving like a man, that’s a confrontational perv. He knows the kind of reaction he is looking for and he got it.

      How does someone really tell if a male or female is in the locker room? Unfortunately one of the ways is to use gender stereotypes. What does he/she look like? How do they walk? How do they talk? How are they dressed? Aren’t these the very things this blog seeks to destroy? And yet you applaud this lady for using those exact stereotypes to identify a man in the locker room. They certainly didn’t look at his DNA. Even the driver’s license saying female wasn’t strong evidence he was a female. The ONLY way they could tell was from gender stereotypes.

      I am not post and I would NEVER take my panties off in the locker room for the sake of any female in there who has never seen a penis. Specifically younger females. My rights to a locker room don’t extend to expose anyone to an impromptu shocking anatomy lesson.

      I only have so many shits to give left and I will save those for the truly important things in life.

      I find the hostile environment on this blog despicable, but I find value in some of the truths you are saying and that’s my focus. I value truth.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        Background: Co-morbid psychiatric disorders affect prognosis, psychosocial adjustment and post-surgery satisfaction in patients with gender identity disorder. In this paper, we assessed the frequency of personality disorders in Iranian GID patients.

        Methods: Seventy- three patients requesting sex reassignment surgery (SRS) were recruited for this crosssectional study. Of the participants, 57.5% were biologically male and 42.5% were biologically female. They were assessed through the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory II (MCMI- II).

        Results: The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%. The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3.00 per patient.

        Conclusion: The findings of this study revealed that the prevalence of personality disorders was higher among the participants, and the most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%), and borderline personality disorder was less common among the studied patients.

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        Kelli, Oh thank you for being kind enough to not try to freak women out. That’s so very, very gracious.

        Leave the lesbians out of it. Lesbians don’t creep other women out. I’m straight, lesbians have looked at my breasts. It was a moment and then the moment was over. There was no skin crawling male gaze, there was no weird smile or flash of anger. There was just another woman seeing me as a woman. Even if that’s not foreplay for me, it’s comfortable.

        Women don’t rape. Women aren’t told daily that rape is normal. Pornography that shows women in horrific pain is not made for women. Women are not rewarded, taught, and encouraged to be predators.

        Women don’t need a fucking cookie for deciding not to flash a pre-teen.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I don’t understand what this CRAP is that somehow, oh, we need to protect YOUNGER women from looking at penises we’d absolutely rather not (LAPWARN), but somehow if I’m middle-aged, it’s OKAY for me to have to look at penis (or see a MAN at all) in a locker room, a bathroom…because why? Once we get past a certain age, women’s right to privacy somehow magically EXPIRES? Oh, past a certain age, women’s bodies aren’t sexual anymore, we’re no longer sexual, we’re Asexual by virtue of aging out of sexuality I guess, so it’s A-OK for us to have to see men when we’re unclothed in locker rooms or be around men when we’re partially unclothed in bathrooms. Because it’s not a sexual thing anymore with older women no men supposedly are interested in fucking (or don’t appear in porn) (although I think there is that whole MILF thing). So Sick of this shit.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes, Kelli is a very rude and angry man who left many many abusive and accusatory comments over the last week before finally admitting to his autogynephilia.

        Oh well, baby steps.

        Like I always say, while it’s debatable what sort of “human rights movement” you can build for AGP, you certainly cannot base a Pride movement on shame.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        O noes!! We’re not being “nice” enough for “Kelli”! (“Kelli” with an “I”, mind you. Cuter that way, I suppose.) Fuck off, “Kelli”. Too bad the justifiable anger of women unnerves you so.

        The way the women in the locker room knew it was a man in there was based on his body, you dumbass, not any gender stereotypes. Stop trying to gaslight us with your bullshit.

        Take your “panties” (why is it only men seem to use that word?) back to the men’s room where you belong. You’re not some hero just because you haven’t flashed your dick to women. You’re still there in the women’s locker room, where you don’t belong. Still there violating. The fact that you’ve left so many angry posts here, which Gallus has kindly spared us from, shows your true colors. You don’t know when to shut up, you don’t know where to stay out. You’re a dime a dozen, dude.

      • gchild Says:

        “The ONLY way they could tell was from gender stereotypes.”

        Most people don’t beleive “gender-identity-determines-biological-sex”. Because it doesn’t. This pretense makes trans people look desperate and dangerously delusional.

        Like transwomen who use gender stereotypes to explain how they know they are “women”, we sometimes flail because it is counter intuitive, illogical, convoluted, and flat out absurd to have to explain why an adult male is a man.

        Dont worry though. More and more, women are getting better at not falling into the sneaky trans sex/gender trick bag.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        He writes: “Of course, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT A MAN THINKS HERE. So what does it matter.”

        . . . and then posts more words than most of us do in a week. Typical.

        And, Kelli-guy, if you’re still paying attention, I’m a middle-aged straight woman who’s known a fair number of lesbians and no doubt shared facilities with many others throughout my life. Only once–ONCE!–did one of them behave in a way that made me feel at all uncomfortable, and that woman clearly had some other issues unrelated to her orientation.

        Want to make a random guess as to how many men have made me uneasy, particularly when I was younger? If I pulled out a hair for every one of them, I’d be nearly bald.

        So, no, sharing facilities with a pervy man is NOT AT ALL the same as sharing them with other women who happen to be lesbians. Honestly, guys, what do you think is going on in our restrooms? When women go in pairs, it’s because they’re afraid of people like you, so stop with the adolescent fantasies and grow up.

        Gallus Mag, thanks for putting up with this sort of crap and filtering most of it out.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        We have a legislator here in Maine who likes to refer to his “man brain.” It has been suggested that he is sitting on his man brain.

        For all our liberal or claiming to be leftist friends: Do you believe in African-American brains? Do you believe in Jewish brains? Do you believe in female brains? If the answers are no, no, and yes, then why?

        And I’ll pit my woman brain against any man brain, one that actually resides in a skull, any day, including so-called geniuses who think we need to move to another planet.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Gee Kelli, What can I say? It sounds like you’re making progress. Good for you. Here’s a partial response.

        “I also find it ironic that some females on this blog respond in similarly stereotypical man-speak… usually stereotypical of male aggression.”

        In other words some of the women on this blog do NOT respond in a demure, complacent, stereotypically female way. That’s what you’re really saying. It would be well worth asking yourself why you think anger is the prerogative of men given women have so much to be angry about?


        Like I said, you’re making progress. Recognizing yourself as male is a good and important step. Male opinion matters insofar as it affects women, children, animals, Earth, etc. Occasionally it is constructive. In general it is detrimental. This blog really isn’t about YOUR opinion. It’s one of the rare places where women (and men) can express women-centered opinions and expect and receive support. To me that is precious and invaluable. So you see mister, it’s simply not about you. Take the challenge and accept that this is actually okay. View it as a growth experience.

        “I am coming to terms with the fact that I am AGP. I want to appear as a woman because I want to.”

        What you call “appear as a woman” is probably appearing like a stereotype, a caricature of a caricature. So, go ahead. No one should care as long as you’re not violating female space or females or usurping our hard-won rights. You live in a country, I’m assuming, where your right to dress however you want is protected by law. Ultimately your aesthetics and presentation are your choice. Of course for everyone there’s legal and then there’s appropriate, whatever else (and there’s lots) we can say about that notwithstanding. What Ts have done is mistaken the stereotype for the real thing.

        “I don’t give a shit what people think about me”

        If you don’t give a shit then why go to so much trouble to get others to believe that you are really female? What’s wrong with owning your maleness AND dressing it however you want? Why do you have to appropriate our identity, an identity which, btw, doesn’t necessarily wear a dress and is very, very complex?

        “So what it comes down to for me is being the best facsimile of a woman that I can be ”

        Facsimile is the operative word there.

        “How does someone really tell if a male or female is in the locker room? …The ONLY way they could tell was from gender stereotypes.”

        I check for the obvious SEX characteristics: broader shoulders, bigger hands and feet, adams apple, thicker features, usually taller, longer femurs. I pay attention to body-language and mannerisms but realize they can be learned and unlearned. I completely ignore clothing (though I must say, the f***k-me pumps are a dead give-away). My guess is that the women in the locker room did the exact same thing.

        Good luck on your path to self acceptance.

      • Bea Says:

        Listen, shithead, I wouldn’t care if a lesbian was admiring my breasts…I’ve never been raped by a lesbian, nor do I anticipate that happening. I have, however, been raped by men…more than one.

        How dumb are these guys, Gallus? Ugh.

      • soporificat Says:

        @stchauvinism — Thank you for that link. It is extremely interesting to me how high the NPD incidence is among trans, both male (64%) and female (48%).

        For anyone who isn’t familiar with this stuff, 57% is extraordinarily high! The estimate of prevalence in the US general population is about 1% at any given time, and 6% lifetime incidence.

        However, this study was done in Iran, where “trans” seems mostly about homosexual “correction,” and thus would not capture the autogynophile type of trans that we see so frequently in the US. I would be interested to see a comparable study done in the US. My bet is that the incidence of NPD would be much, much higher among MtoT — 95%, maybe?

        If you have to deal with an NPD person in your life (or on your board of directors, or in your women’s support group, or at your music festival, etc…) then you really need to educate yourself about NPD and how to protect yourself. Basically, I’m saying that if you have a transwoman in your life, then go and read up on NPD, at the very minimum. NPD is no joke, and an NPD person can really get in there and destroy your well-being.

      • PGD Says:

        dude — it’s good that you understand reality, but if you don’t want to freak women out why don’t you just use the men’s locker room? Simple.

    • Dana Says:

      You ARE a man. Your brain and your body have the EXACT SAME DNA. There is no “feeling like” a female or “feeling like” a male, our brains are the same and NO study worth its salt has ever proven otherwise. You actually find more differences between female and female than you do between female and male.

      Your brain can’t be a gender because GENDER IS NOT BIOLOGICAL. It’s the culture telling you how to act and dress because of what’s between your legs. This shit starts *early*–I was scolded (nicely but still an asshole) by an elderly man for dressing my days-old infant daughter in blue. There’s no reason a guy can’t wear pink if he wants to, or be soft, or want to wear heels. There’s NOTHING inherently female about those things. Pink was considered a boys’ color until the mid-20th century, men of the upper classes used to be expected to behave in a refined, gentle way (where do you think the term “gentleman” came from?), and at various points in our history BOTH sexes have worn high-heeled shoes.

      Hell, today there’s a culture in China that’s matrilineal, the women own the property, they run everything and the guys just play around and do whatever. Pretty much the opposite of how we do it here except they don’t subjugate the men and make a whole “sex industry” on their backs. Or dress up like men themselves and invade men’s toilets. Just saying.

  16. margotmaybe Says:

    RE: Women’s Equality Party…is anyone lobbying in the U.S. for women’s privacy rights at the Congressional level? Maybe instead of donating money to Alphabet Soup groups who don’t have women’s best interest at heart, should we be collectively paying a lobbyists’s salary so that the reality is presented before more “equality” laws are passed? Or for a feminist (instead of far right) attorney willing to take on female vs. trans locker room lawsuits?

    I would be willing to give up a portion of my salary for that.

  17. gaydude50 Says:

    I loved Lisa and the tone of this was surprisingly pro-women. Part of that is probably that it is Florida. In NY, MA or CA there would have been a tranny on saying how hateful Lisa is.

    And I really hated this line: “What it didn’t show was the effect that can have on other women.” No, MtT are not ‘other women.’ Lisa nailed that one. How the dude feels isn’t really her problem until he inserts himself into her space.

  18. Livvie Says:

    I lurk here a lot–I posted back during the Josh Alcorn debacle–and debated posting this for a while, but here goes. I feel so stupid saying this, because it turned out as ‘well’ as it could have, but something similar has finally happened to me. Not as scary as it could have been, because there were a lot of other women in the washroom, but at Target the other day, there was a very obvious man in the women’s room, primping in the mirror, wearing short shorts (ugh) and a tank top. I’m still pissed that I didn’t take a picture, but: one of the women, god love her, went directly up to him and asked him what he was doing there and how long he was going to keep dicking–which she actually said, and in retrospect is one of the funniest parts of the whole ugly situation–around at a mirror when he clearly wasn’t a woman.

    I think this person was shocked as hell that someone actually thought to call him on it, because he didn’t have much backbone–he quickly gathered up his things and left. He must not have known about the license bit (I’m in Florida too, though it’s northern Florida) or hadn’t yet gotten his sorry ass to some doctor eager to jump on the T train, because he put up no fuss. The very awesome woman who asked him what the hell he thought he was doing just shook her head after he left and there was a moment there where the four of us were just sort of standing there, looking angry, annoyed, confused, and also happy that this sick freak was gone. What reason to come into a restroom filled with women other than to make some sort of idiotic statement, or ‘try on’ being a woman? Please. Luckily there were no children there.

    A few thoughts about this. 1. It’s going to start happening more and more. These freaks are coming out of the woodwork, displaying their peacocking, narcissistic selves to women wherever they can to get their rocks off. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is what his intent was. I think the fact that there were more of us in there to witness his ‘beauty’ actually made it more exciting for him, until the older woman spoke up.

    2. Women who stick together under circumstances like these can make it uncomfortable for the man in question very quickly. I wish I had been the one to say something but honestly I was so flabbergasted at the sheer lunacy of this ugly man wearing fairly revealing clothing and putting on lipstick when I came out of the stall that I don’t think I could have said a word.

    3. Why do all these people think that ‘being a woman’ means dressing like a teenaged girl and putting on garish shades of makeup? I’m a straight woman, but this is so fucking offensive to me that I can’t even wrap my head around it. All it looks like to me is a cross-dresser. The person I saw was not a woman, he was a pervert.

    I don’t know. I DO know that I’m sick of hearing about trans bullshit and I am sick of hearing about the rights these people have when my rights and the rights of children to live our lives unmolested by these men are apparently not important. I don’t care if these freaks think I am a bigot. Bigotry doesn’t enter into it. He was a man acting in a very creepy, preening way in a woman’s restroom. Fuck off and get out.

    What was good about this? Four women were enough to get rid of him. He was so afraid of us because of the woman who had the courage to speak up that he ran like the coward he was. I only wish I had not been so cowardly and hopefully next time, because sadly I’m sure there WILL be a next time, I won’t be.

    Thank you for this site and for shining a light on the idiocy that is trans.

    • kesher Says:

      I think the driver’s license thing is likely bullshit. I’m sure there are municipalities in Florida that have extended these questionable “rights” to MTTs, at least Miami, given the gay culture there. But there’s no way that Florida, statewide, gives a crap about sex designation on driver’s licenses when it comes to biological males using the women’s facilities. Florida is way too conservative a state to have passed a statewide law like that already.

      • GallusMag Says:

        DMV legal sex change requirements by state:

      • Yeah, I can’t see Florida doing this either. South Florida, maybe, but up in the Panhandle? Not even. And if these cases get the media attention I expect them to receive, the legislatures in these states will be passing bathroom bills like crazy. I can’t imagine what these gyms are thinking that they’re not at least letting women know that they’re letting dudes into their locker rooms. But we all know why they’re not; women would be leaving so fast they’d have windburn. These corporations put their profits above a woman’s right to privacy every time.

      • Wow. I never would’ve thought Florida would be so crazy. Georgia requires GRS.

      • GallusMag Says:


        Gender updates requires applicant to submit a court order or physician’s letter certifying gender change.
        The letter or court order shall state the person’s name, date of birth, date of gender reassignment operation and other identifying information.
        Last Updated On: 11/18/2014

      • dbrvnk Says:

        (1) Bear in mind that there’s a significant conservative viewpoint that sees transitioning as ‘conversion therapy’ for gays and lesbians, which is why the ‘best’ places for transsexuals tend to be violently homophobic (Texas, Iran, Brazil…) and most late transitioners tend to be white and republican.

        (2) Florida has one of the biggest ‘gender clinics’ in the usa, I think it’s in Tampa. I imagine the state makes decent amounts of money off that.

      • kesher Says:

        Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was talking specifically about laws allowing MTTs into the women’s facilities. Do they really have the legal right to use women’s facilities just because their driver’s licenses say ‘F’? If that’s the case, why are laws guaranteeing trans’ “rights” to use their preferred facilities even necessary in states that change sex demarcation with little more than a doctor’s note?

      • Livvie Says:

        Yep. Florida has gone kind of nuts with this lately. Thanks for pulling these insane documents, Gallus.

    • Oceans Says:

      Thank you for this and a huzzah to the woman who directly confronted him! You’re right about everything, but I especially loved the part about the garish clothes and make-up. I’ve often thought that these guys aren’t trying to become women; they’re trying to become June Cleaver, a caricature of a woman.

      • Livvie Says:

        Oceans, it really is grotesque to see these men thinking that they’ve somehow figured out what it means to be a woman. They have no clue at all what it means to be a woman, or to look like a woman. They are just messed up, and this mirror-loving loser was proof of that to me. They want to mimic ‘woman’ so badly, but the vision in their head is archaic and stupid. June Cleaver, just as you said.

        When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I went through a phase of wearing my hair cut very short, no makeup, and also wearing a lot of old fashioned three piece suits with ties. I wore men’s cologne. I just liked it. It felt comfortable. I also loved the grunge days when it was commonplace for a woman to wear flannels and jeans. I’m probably about as straight as it gets, and I still went through this. I was never in any doubt about my sexuality, but I liked the way men’s clothes felt and I liked the way their cologne smelled. I was lucky in that I was in NYC, which was a lot more accepting of how people expressed themselves, but…

        I can only imagine what it would be like if I were in college today trying to deal with the trans cult. I’m sure I would have been badgered into some kind of BS about how I was someone I wasn’t simply because of the things I enjoyed wearing.

        Sometimes I think life was better growing up as a kid in the seventies. I had a Big Wheel and I had Barbies, Tonka trucks and baby dolls, and no one gave a damn. Then again, I think I may have been very lucky.

        I don’t know what I want to say. I feel awful for kids today, what they go through. Lesbian or gay, butch or femme–all these things are perfectly beautiful things to be. I want these sick fucks to leave kids alone and let them get through adolescence on their own without cajoling them to mutilate their bodies. It’s just depressing.

    • Biscuit Says:

      I hear you on point number three (well, all of your points, but that one in particular). Someone in my family has decided he’s trans and his usual outfit includes a micro-skirt, low-cut top, ludicrously tall heels and make up like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. This is on a middle-aged man who is very, very obviously a man.

      He had to live with another family member for a week and as said family member said to me on the phone, “Biscuit….living with him was….it was…..(tears in voice)…..disturbing.”

      He apparently spent hours in the bathroom and is obsessed with his gender.

      He’s also so aggressive we are scared to say that his behavior is unnerving us and the rest of the world. He thinks the whole world sees him as ‘cis’ (puke) and accepts this but that’s because he scares people. He’ll rage at anyone who misgenders him, even if it’s a fifteen-year old working at a fast food restaurant. All the trans groups online just encourage this and so do psychologists.

      Thank god I have somewhere to vent.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Biscuit, your story is concerning, and I worry for your safety. I hope your family will be able to band together and kick his ass to the curb. Some restraining orders might be called for as well. (I know those have failed so many women so spectacularly in the past, but at least then if he shows up, the cops have to haul him in.)

      • Biscuit Says:

        Thanks Ashland. He doesn’t live with anyone in the family anymore (thank god). Even when he did, that person gave him one week to find a new place. Of course, we’re just waiting for him to do something to get himself kicked out of where he’s currently living. Then he might have to learn a lesson the hard way since me and my family just cannot put up with the extreme walking-on-eggshells we have to do around him.

        I’m afraid his behavior is going to get him in some very serious trouble at some point.

        Oh yeah, he likes to use the term ‘slut shaming.’ As in, if someone notes that maybe it’s a little weird for a middle-aged male to be running around dressed the way he does, he thinks he’s being slut-shamed. I am not making this up but I wish I was.

        The online ‘trans community’ is totally enabling this. They don’t see how ugly and extreme this is getting.

      • Livvie Says:

        Biscuit, I am so sorry to read this. I’m keeping a positive thought for you. I wish there were something more I could do. Please, stay safe.

        And vent all you want. I’m glad this site is here so that we have a space to vent.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Thanks for the update, Biscuit. Stay strong, and do not let him con his way back into one of your family’s homes when he gets kicked out and is having a meltdown. Band together. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Please don’t be afraid that his behavior is going to get him in some serious trouble. Hope that it will. It is possibly the only thing that will have any effect on him. I once read an account of an abusive man who was dying — his wife called the police and had him taken back to the hospital, where he was told he had to cease his behavior. He actually asked why no one had stopped him before. Spending some time in jail sounds like it might be a good thing for this family member (as long as he’s not in women’s jail!).

      • KgSch Says:


        That’s creepy, but I’m glad that he doesn’t live with anyone in your family anymore. I have an uncle who is a raging alcoholic who drinks and drives and had threatened to shoot people while in a drunken rage. My Grandma kicked him out of her house and eventually people in the family realized it was a good idea to stop enabling him by letting him live with them. Hopefully everyone in your family will continue to have the same logic for this guy.

        Middle-aged men calling themselves “girls” in skin-crawlingly creepy and so is his notion that people are “slut-shamming” him. (We had one of those pretend feminism events at my school, barf.) It’s not “slut-shamming; it would be considered inappropriate for an actual middle-aged woman to dress that way too.

        These dudes are obsessed with their fake female persona and their fucked up idea of what it means to be a woman. It’s nothing but a sexual fetish. (As we can see with poster Kelli who thinks that he deserves a fucking metal for not flashing pre-teen girls.)

    • mon Says:

      Livvie, Don’t be too hard on yourself for not speaking up. You will next time. It is shocking the first time, but as you said “as these freaks begin coming out of the woodwork” women will start, and keep speaking up every single time a man is spotted in our private spaces. More and more women are catching on. I like the term “dicking around.” Instead of the natural reaction, somewhat open ended question of “what are you doing in here?” How about we all put it in our heads now…”What are you doing, dicking around in here?” Then a firm and Loud, Get Out! After the first time, it’s easy. If trans think it is just a few radical feminists they may run into, they have not met all these straight women, Moms, neighbor women I know. It’s going to get ugly for them and they will be sad. They will say, “remember the good old days, when we actually could sneak into a women’s rest room or locker room?” They start doing this intruding and they really don’t think the Cormiers and Lisa’s are not going to react? Yes enablers exist, but when this reality dawns on women at large, legions of women will be fed up and will be like that woman in Target.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I’m totally using “dicking around in here” the first time I see one of these porn-sick dudes in the loo. Thanks for posting that story, Livvie. I’m glad you’re here.

      • Livvie Says:

        mon, I want to be the one to say something next time, and yes! I am definitely using that woman’s same phrasing, because dicking around is exactly what this pervert was doing. She was a pretty cool woman. I think she was in her sixties or so, and she was not having his shit.

        I wasn’t scared, because there were other women with me. But I know if I had been alone, I would have been really disturbed by it. I have to remember that if she could do it, I can do it too. I promise to try and speak up, for all women.

        We can speak up for each other. *I* can speak up. I’ve never felt remotely the activist in my life, but the trans cult is turning me into one.

      • Livvie Says:

        Thanks Ashland. It’s good to be able to be in a space where I don’t feel like some secret bigot because I don’t believe in female penises or lady brains or any of the rest of it.

        No more dicking around! I wish I’d thought of that!

      • I don’t have a hope parade, but I do understand southern white males, having lived around them all my life, and I know this will not stand, at least not for long. Florida is very much an outlier in the south, these Bubbas will not tolerate having heterosexual men in the bathrooms and locker rooms with “their women.”

        Most people are under the mistaken assumption that trans are some type of “super gays” and thus pose no threat to the “property” of het men, but when you have people like Bruce Jenner, father of six, claiming to be a woman? Oh yeah, that old dog don’t hunt, at least not in these parts.

    • Right, I could definitely see conservative states getting behind it as an anti-gay measure, but as they come under greater scrutiny folks will realize most of these dudes aren’t gay, presumably legislation will be changed or new legislation will be scrapped. And these fitness centers are going to get sued out of business if they don’t start giving women the heads up about this. These guys are being empowered and we will probably all have a run in with one eventually.

      • shonagh Says:

        I hate to rain on your hope-parade Roslyn, but – whether on the left or the right, the people in charge of political/legislative stuff tend, overwhelmingly, to be men. Bearing that in mind…
        In general, conservatives hate women, and love gender-roles. Plus, they’re usually libertarian/individualist, at least to some degree, so I don’t hold out much hope for conservatives objecting to the trans-agenda. And ‘progressive’ men don’t like women any more than conservatives do. Left or right in politics doesn’t make that much difference in terms of how they treat women (qua women). The new UK Women’s Equality party has one thing correct, for sure – we need to band together across these (male-defined) political boundaries and fight for *women’s* rights.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I’m glad to hear that a woman gave this man hell. Do we all remember the old advice about being a rape victim? Just lie quietly and let him get it over with. Then studies were done which showed that women who fought back were far less likely to be raped. Doing something gross, like vomiting, is particularly effective.

      Isn’t this what we are being told about trans? Just lie back and let them walk all over you if you don’t want to be told you’re a hateful bigot. It saddens me so much when women talk about how frightened they are of men — I understand the fear of brute strength, but we have the strength of our speech, our anger (adrenaline is a shocking source of physical strength), and knowing we are in the right.

      This is a marvelous comment, Livvie.

  19. Restrooms and locker rooms are segregated by biological sex, not gender identification.

    Since it’s biologically impossible to change one’s sex, I’m upset that FL DMV is allowing these head cases to change their sex on a driver’s license. To me, that’s fraud.

    If, Goddess forbid, one of these men were to die in car crash and his body was no longer identifiable, the DNA tests would indicate he was male.

    I’m surprised the police community doesn’t have a problem with driver’s license fraud. It’s an easy way for a convict to conceal his past, and literally reinvent himself. It obviously allows them to be around women at our most vulnerable…

    Women are inherently more trustworthy in our society…if an abandoned or frightened child is upset, the cops usually have a female officer help. If a woman is raped or sexually assaulted, they usually have her share the details with another woman.

    If a man presents himself as a woman, society may assume he really is a woman and therefore less likely to be predatory and more likely to be nurturing. That assumption would be a mistake, and may lead to the victimization of a woman or child.

    But we know that just because he identifies as a woman, he is still biologically male. Biological sex cannot be changed.

    Perhaps that should be the first action item of our movement: make it illegal to change one’s biological sex on legal documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and birth certificates. How do we do that? Start with a petition…?

    • Andi Says:

      “A woman… More likely to be nurturing”… I don’t mean to be rude but isn’t that pretty much the binary thinking that puts women in a societally imposed cage?

      I don’t subscribe to giving genders, races, etc. certain predetermined characteristics.

      For what concerns the transitioning person in the locker room, I have a very simple solution: let’s just do what police departments do when they arrest people, particularly prostitutes: they ask the person they are arresting: “Do you have a penis?” if the answer is yes, no matter how they present or what they look or act like, they are taken to the male “tank”, if they say no and upon further investigation it does turn out they have a vagina, thy are taken to the female “tank”. As simple as that.

      It is way to easy to get a doctor to write and sign a letter that states that so and so is legally female (or male) because they are transitioning.

      I was married to a pretty manly, balding, muscular middle aged man who upon starting hormone therapy got a letter from his doctor that stated:

      “I, Name Omitted, MD (Board-certified Family Physician, Oregon license MD99999), am the primary attending physician of Susy Smith [Name Changed], with whom I have an established doctor/patient relationship. Ms. Smith [yes, Ms.!!!!] receives appropriate clinical treatment for transition to the female gender. For the purposes of state, national, and
      international identification, Ms. Smith is female. Please provide correct designations on all official documents.

      Ms. Smith is protected under State law against discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” which is defined as “an individual’s actual or perceived heterosexuality,
      homosexuality, bisexuality or gender identity, regardless of whether the individual’s gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally
      associated with the individual’s sex at birth.” (Oregon Equality Act, Public Law Number 100, Oregon SB 2, 2007)”

      This is the most important part:
      “regardless of whether the individual’s gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the individual’s sex at birth.”

      So, basically, my husband, who I 6’3 and has the build of a line backer, after a few therapy sessions, and a week of hormones, was able to have access to women only spaces, all that with a very functioning penis!

      • Imo, society deems women to more likely be nurturing than men, and therefore better equipped to be around traumatized victims. Ymmv…

      • Atranswidow Says:

        Andi, I am curious. Does that mean that he is able to change all documents even if you are still married? On the say so of one doctor? The State of Oregon must give protection to spouses who are still married otherwise you end up as being in a seemingly same sex marriage whether you want to be or not. In the UK it’s known as the ‘Spousal Veto’.

        Women’s rights are being totally violated on all levels. Identity documents mean nothing. It doesn’t really matter whether or not ”gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the individual’s sex at birth.” In many ways the man who ”passes” is even more of a concern as he gets away with being in women’s spaces for longer. What does matter is that he is a man and has a penis and therefore has no right to be in a women’s locker room.

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        Andi, So, basically, my husband, who I 6’3 and has the build of a line backer, after a few therapy sessions, and a week of hormones, was able to have access to women only spaces, all that with a very functioning penis!

        That’s terrifying.

      • Livvie Says:

        If there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s to be alone in a restroom, a locker room, or any room with a 6’3″ man wearing a dress and getting his jollies off his fetish and my fear.

      • Andi Says:

        Yes, I was indeed a “lesbian” for the period I was still married to him. Basically, they do not really check anything, they just use the doctor’s letter to change the gender marker and the name on documents. I did not really investigate into this too much because I was more concerned about my children, what to tell them, and stuff.

        In all fairness, Livvie, I really doubt he gets off on women’s fear, but it is still terrifying to have him in a female locker room. We were married many years and I was always annoyed by how he seemed to notice, with lots of interest, every single pretty young woman that went by. He was and still is very attracted to women. He is not even remotely attracted to men. To top it all off he was also, and probably still is, very large in the mid section…

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Trans are the only people in post-9/11 America who can change their ID documents practically at will.

      I recently discovered that it would be easier and less expensive for a trans person to get new ID documents with a fictitious sex designation and brand new name than it would be for me to simply revert back to my maiden name on my various government ID docs. Can’t use the name that is on my birth certifcate and was used to apply for my SSN and that I worked and filed taxes under for a good long period of time – unless I jump through several expensive hoops.

      New York is even letting trans change their birth certificates without surgery.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You should apply under the transgender statutes, perhaps as a “formerly genderqueer person who now identifies as female”. If they reject your request, sue them.

      • Atranswidow Says:

        Just carrying on the theme of id documents here is a link to a transgender father who lost his battle in the UK to alter his children’s birth certificates.

        This father of two claimed that it was discrimination and a breach of his human right for respect to private and family life not to take the description ”father” off the children’s birth certificates. Having had his application refused by the registrar the case went before a High Court Judge in April 2015 and the judge ruled that such action ”would interfere with the child’s article 8 (of the ECHR) right to have his or her fundamental identity recognised”.

        Doesn’t being represented as being in a same sex marriage by alteration of records kept by the Registrar come under the same category?

  20. genderiswar Says:

    I’m afraid Lisa is going to get crucified.

  21. Atranswidow Says:

    I’ll be the first to put my name on that petition. If it hadn’t been so easy for my husband to change his name and sex on a passport I wouldn’t have half the legal nightmare that I now have. People, even in official places, make a lot of false assumptions as to what a passport represents and what can be extrapolated from it.

  22. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    How do we get Lisa in touch with Yvette Cormier? How can all the women who will be confronting this in their locker rooms speak with one united voice on this issue?

    • born free & female Says:

      And the women (and girls) who were told that Colleen Francis had a right to wave his dick around a changing room … Some news show needs to bring them all together so people can see that this is, across the board, about middle-aged male pervs being indulged in their fetishes.

  23. KgSch Says:

    The video only has three comments, but none of them are buying the “feels like a woman” crap. One of them pointed out that that man was a sexual predator.

    Last I heard, the woman who complained about the sexual predator man at Planet Fitness got kicked out. This is a mindfuck and a blatant example of how the trans movement is a movement that takes rights away from women.

    Hopefully this shit will make women who weren’t around the tranny bullshit before realize how dangerous it is. I think Lisa was incredibly brave to go on camera about this, especially since the trans cult will probably start shrieking for her head soon.

    And yes, this issue is not complicated! You can’t change your sex. Delusions are not the same as reality and the reality is that that gym is putting the safety of its female costumers at risk to avoid hurting male feelz.

    I will continue to say that the notion that a man can become a woman by taking synthetic hormones is insulting. No one would take anyone who claimed to be a different race than what they actually are seriously. The reason why people believe this “really a woman inside” garbage is because no one respects women’s identities at all.

  24. The insanity needs to stop and it needs to stop now because it just gets crazier and crazier all the time. It’s getting to the point that women are actually afraid to go into gyms. Men like Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room, sexual predator Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook, and creepy cross dressing Carlotta Sklodowska prove that men will game the system.

    It should be illegal for anyone to change their sex. Perhaps certain exceptions could be made for people with documented rare cases of disorders of sexual development, commonly referred to as intersex. Intersex is not the same as transgender, and the vast majority of intersex individuals have no disorder of sexual development. Physically, before “transitioning” the vast majority of males claiming “gender identity” are no different than other males. That is, if they do decide to undergo SRS. Under most “gender identity” laws, they can still keep their male genitalia and call themselves “women”.

    It’s a scientific fact that no primate, human or non-human, can change its sex. The human species is sexually dimorphic, and all primates reproduce sexually.

    (1.) Call up your elected officials and tell them that laws need to be changed to make it illegal for people to change their sex on legal documents. Perhaps documented cases of disorders of sexual development could be considered on a case by case basis. When it’s clear that the individual is a biological male with no DSD medical condition, it flies in the face of common sense and logic to say he is a “woman”.

    (2.) In addition to the ludicrous idea that primates can change their sex (they cannot), there are serious ethical issues involving personal autonomy and fundamental human rights of privacy. Women have a right to privacy.

    (3.) All historically oppressed groups of people have a right to define themselves as they see fit and set reasonable boundaries. Why are women the only historically oppressed group of persons who aren’t granted the right to define themselves. Males say they are “women”, and I say they aren’t. Why are they right and I’m wrong.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      I totally agree. SRS never should have been allowed in this country given the sordid history of psychosurgery. It is not ethical for doctors to treat mental illnesses through surgical intervention. I think making this illegal but for the handful of people with physical defects will eventually happen. It’s going to happen when this country can no longer ignore all of the health problems associated with SRS and with the pushback from women, whose rights are being trashed in the name of the phony “gender identity.”

      • “It is not ethical for doctors to treat mental illnesses through surgical intervention”

        This ^

        Future generations will look back on this era as barbaric…just like when the psych community use to perform lobotomies on the mentally ill.

        It makes no sense to try to fix a mental problem with physical surgery.

        My grandmother was a college educated nurse, and I grew up in a family with several medical professionals in it. One thing I know for sure: there is no such thing as a risk-free surgery. All surgery…even .. has the potential to go wrong somehow…just ask the late Joan Rivers.

        What these so-called “healthcare professionals” are doing is unconscionable. The problem is psychological, not physical. It’s impossible to change one’s biological sex. No woman can get another woman pregnant like Bruce Jenner has. No little boy whose parents medically treat his gender dysphoria will ever get pregnant like most women can. That means he will never attract a straight man to build a family with. He will never, ever be accepted as a “woman.” Maybe a transwoman, but not a woman. And women’s restrooms are for women, not transwoman.

  25. @kellie,

    “I am not post and I would NEVER take my panties off in the locker room for the sake of any female in there who has never seen a penis. Specifically younger females. My rights to a locker room don’t extend to expose anyone to an impromptu shocking anatomy lesson.”

    Trans* speak ….”not post” means he still has his penis and testicles …

    Kellie still has his penis like most transwomen do, and he also demands access to women’s locker rooms. Kellie, males shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room to begin with. If males are put in a position to where they can expose themselves to females, they will do it.

    Mr. Colleen Francis, heterosexual 45 year old ex-military father of four, had no problem exposing “her male genitalia” to 17 year old girls.

    This young man sees no problem in exposing his erect penis to women.

    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”

    Because he was incarcerated for sexually molesting a teenage girl, I’m assuming that registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon is heterosexual, or at least bisexual. He might have been in a relationship with a male, but his victim was a girl.


    ” You also don’t know if the lesbian next to you is thinking what nicely shaped breasts you have.”

    Because they are women, lesbians are far more likely to be victims of sexual assault than perpetrators. Look at the crime statistics. Compare the number of males incarcerated for sex crimes to the number of females incarcerated.

    Many, if not most, transwomen and male cross dressers are heterosexual. For some reason, people assume that transwomen and male cross dressers are all gay. They are not.

    Kelliie, no woman, straight, lesbian, or bisexual is responsible for the following.

    Or, this

    Male rapes an 8 year old girl, and now claims he is a “woman”.

    Cross dresser rapes and murders 5 woman and a 3 month old infant, in prison asks to be a “woman” and is granted name change and hormones .

    More examples here,

    Kellie, lesbians didn’t do any of this. They are just as likely to be raped and assaulted as other women.

  26. biodyke Says:

    We are focusing a lot on woulda, coulda, shoulda. All repeating the same things over and over while sitting behind our computers, thinking bitching to one another is somehow going to lead to change. Women have been doing that since the 1990’s to no effect.

    We need to be dealing with the reality of has been allowed to happen to sex segregated female safe spaces. And, we need to be dealing with them, out in the real world, with the very people in authority who allowed this to happen.

    We need a multil level strategy and plan focusing on the reality of what has been allowed to happen, and we need to deal with it with the very same people who allowed it to happen – politicians, state representatives, legislatures.

    And we need to be utilizing the very resources who, by law, are required to protect us – police, the attorney general, each and every legal entity that comes into play here.

    We need to be going after the medical communities and mental health communities who are acting as catalysts for men and their penises to be called female. You can call them transwomen but not female – we need the distinction.

    And, we need to be using the media – the real media, the local newspapers in order to educate the vast masses as to the reality of what has been allowed to happen in our own communties. We need to make more people aware of the reality of men being allowed to change their gender markers under the guise of being transwomen. We need to educate people that one can call themselves a transwoman without any medical or surgical intervention. That once pronounced a transwoman, one can take their penises out for a stroll in sex segregated safe spaces for biological women and female children.

    We also need to focus on differentiating ourselves, as biological women, from transwomen to utilize the existing laws. Transwomen have been led to believe that because they are legally “women” they are immune from the exisitng laws r.e. sexual harrassment, public exposure, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and such. They are not. They have created a whole new avenue of punishable offenses and designations as sex offenders. We just need to use them and force the creation of more catergories.

    We need the differentiation of biological vs transwoman so the crime statistics are reflecting crimes by transwomen not biological women. We dont want transwomen skewing the realities for the entire class of women.

    We need to start educating ourselves and one another about which laws pertain to the showing of penises, erect or not, in public spaces. And, we need to call the police when this occurs. And, we need to file charges as we are legally allowed to do so. And, we need to follow thru on prosecution.

    We need to stop utilizing businesses who put biological females and female children at risk. We need to use our economic clout to force change.

    There is so much we can do, in real life, real time, in real situations. Come back to the net to hone strategy, share knowledge and resources, and report outcomes.

    Actions speak louder than words. It was our inaction that got us in this mess to begin with. Time to take our control back, focus our anger on solutions and strategies, and force change in such a way so as to protect biological females and biological female children.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      There needs to be some serious, honest discussion about the whole notion of transgender and the reality trans are not a true protected class when they infringe on the rights of a real protected class, women. There needs to be an honest discussion about the ethics of surgical treatment of mental disorders instead of spouting libertarian nonsense to the effect that it’s okay for an adult male or female to do whatever he or she wants with his or her body, and if that person can find a doctor to mutilate his or her genitalia, rendering the person sterile, that’s okay. It isn’t okay, and it never was okay, and it will never be okay. The eugenics movement of the first half of the twentieth century should be proof of that The biggest obstacle is the media, which by and large has uncritically accepted the b.s. that is transgenderism.

      Feminists are a good twenty years behind the curve, not least because a lot of them have been co-opted by this trans insanity. I just can’t believe this was EVER allowed to overtake academia and render feminism basically toothless.

      The biggest problem here is that trans are a very tiny proportion of the population–many people will NEVER encounter a post-op trans, and it is easy to tell if one is no matter how good the cosmetic surgery or if they haven’t had the bottom surgery. The 700k figure is inflated nonsense that no doubt includes the cross-dressers and other fetishists in the mix since the term transgender is so vaguely defined. The trans movement has to inflate the figures in order to con the rest of us they are an oppressed group that needs government protection. I don’t think men in dresses deserve it.

      • biodyke Says:

        To develop a cohesive strategy, we need to be mindful of the reality of feminism thru the ages and now. Throughout history, everything women have fought for was fought on the backs of a few for the good of the whole. Our biggest adversaries were not men but other women.

        Feminism, today, has become a bad word again. Recent studies i.e. the one done by VOX, shows few people will call themselves feminists altho they support things which are feminist in nature…..but only depending on how the question is phrased to them. For example, when Vox asked people if they were for or against abortion, the majority were conflicted. When the question was rephrased to ask do you believe women have the right to reproductively control their bodies, the conflict disappeared.

        Academic thought exercises are one thing. Application to real life, with real people is not the same thing.

        I am not advocating for one strategy over another here. What I am saying is we need to take a good hard look at our strategy and if is has been successful or not. Reality tells me it has not been successful. Thus, we need to look at what has made it unsuccessful, and rethink things.

        If we dont know or dont want to admit something is not working, we will have a hard time identifying other avenues that may work.

        Human nature, verified by studies in business practices btw, shows when an idea or approach is found to be incorrect, people will invest even more time and resources tweeking it rather than admit they wasted time and resources on an invalid idea. It is illogical but it is human nature.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Biodyke- This is a totally pointless comment, saying nothing. Pure concern trolling, signifying nothing.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m very interested in what legal channels we have in the event of our having to deal with a biological male in the women’s facilities. Yvette Cormier has an obvious legal case since her gym terminated her membership (i.e. punished her) for having a problem with Miss Carlotta. She especially has a legal case if the gym kept any unused membership fees when they kicked her out.

      But what about those of us who can’t prove direct harm? Can we sue on the basis of violation of our privacy? I’m highly interested, in particular, in suing the state itself. If I have to look at ladypeen in my locker room, I want to sue the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. Does any commenter around these parts have legal expertise in this area? Is suing the government itself for violation of my privacy even possible?

      • genderiswar Says:

        I don’t know if this is relevant, but in Canada, the Human Rights Act protects a group’s right to include only those the group is mandated to serve, and exclude all others. So any women’s group can have women-only space, and they can define that however they like. That’s the legal basis for the decision for Vancouver Rape Relief overturning a judgement against them for “discriminating” against a trans woman.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        There was just the case in Pittsburgh (or Philly), a college, men didn’t want a woman in their locker room – the woman was in a weight training class with them (school allowed her to be “male” in documents, etc), they complained – judge said no she doesn’t have a right to be in locker room with them because it violated those MEN’S right to privacy. Judge left open question of whether definition of woman/man should be changed, that it was a legislative question. So there is legal precedent there, SOLELY on right to privacy issue. GallusMag did post about this case, I believe.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The precedent set by the Pitt ruling in federal court was cited this week by officials of the Gloucester County Virginia school board who ruled to reject a female student’s request to use the male restrooms and locker rooms based on her gender feelings (instead of biological sex):

        “7:40 pm, April 29, 2015
        The Gloucester County School Board sent more than 1,000 pages of documentation to the U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday regarding a federal civil rights complaint filed by a Gloucester High School transgender student.

        The board instituted a policy in December limiting the restrooms available to transgender students after the student, who was born a biological female but identifies as a transgender boy, requested permission to use the boys restrooms. The policy restricted students to either single-stall restrooms or the restrooms designated for their biological gender.”


        “Wilmot’s letter points to a recent case in which a federal court in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit that a transgender male student filed against the University of Pittsburgh. The lawsuit was filed in 2011, and according to reports, a judge said last month that the university didn’t discriminate against the 25-year-old student because he was medically a woman when it prohibited him from using the male facilities on campus.

        The school division’s response included a copy of the federal court’s findings.”

      • biodyke Says:

        This has become an issue steeped in conflicting and unclear legalities.

        Anyone who has had to deal with the legal system in the USA knows it is not a simple thing of right vs wrong. The issues in one case, tho similar, may not pertain in another. Case law is different from state to state. Federal law or guidance is different from state law.

        We need legal advice and guidance and there are plenty of female lawyers out there. Are there any of them who we know are involved with or sympathetic to the cause?

        The people who should be advocating for us have a conflict of interest i.e. The Task Force and even the National Lesbian whatever it is. The entire LGBT alphabet soup is, as usual, sacrificing females in favor of males.

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      Biodyke, Exactly! Especially the crime stats. How can we address violent crime if we haven’t got realistic stats? How much more difficult will it be to address rape culture if more “women” are incarcerated for sexual crimes? The MRA crowd already believes that false reports are more prevalent than actual rape. If (when) there is a sudden uptick in sexual/violent crimes committed by MTF but counted as women, they get to add “but women do it too!”

      Pity the poor libfems trying argue that yes, MTF are women but women aren’t responsible for the vast majority of sex crimes.

    • Miep Says:

      Biodyke: I appreciate your sentiments…but still, the Internet is real. I have met all my friends over the Internet, and even if I never meet them in person, they have had a profound influence on me.

      And almost all of them are women.

      • biodyke Says:

        The internet is a good place to find like minds in various parts of the world. It is a great place to throw around ideas, plan strategy, get support, get and share information. However, even in 2015, a physical presence still garners more attention to an issue and the implications of this issue. Take for example, the rioting that has gone on in America around unarmed black men being killed by police. A physical presence, marching, people in the streets all over the country, made this an ongoing news story.

        We, as women, are not even getting any press. The little press we do get is in response to stories like Bruce Jenner, or the Carlotta issue or….god help me, Rick Santorum”s support Jenner even tho he thinks Jenner’s transition means he is gay.

        We, as women, have put ourselves in the position of having to defend ourselves after the fact. Not a good or strategic place to be.
        This means the trans people are setting the ground rules and we are continually reacting to them.

        We need to be setting the ground rules. We need to be doing things that keeps our issue in the publics mind and the lawmakers mind thru pure in your face exposure.

        Right now, because there is no consistent public, in your face, dissent from biological women or men, it appears or is being made to appear that transgenderism is not an issue for the majority of people in the country.

        As such, transactivists, have carte blanche to continue rolling along because no one is out there where the changes are actually being decided to say NO THIS IS AN AFFRONT TO BIOLOGICAL WOMEN.

        The internet has its purposes but people, out there, in the trenches where policy is being made, and in the news, have to educate a whole lot of people about the other side of the story.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Biodyke- I don’t understand the point of any of your comments in this thread. According to you, we’re doing everything wrong, but you have no idea how we can do things right. And you personally are doing absolutely nothing. Except concern-trolling the hell out of my blog, over and over, in long-ass concern troll comments. I have lost all patience with your “strategy” (concern-trolling). You are adding nothing to this conversation, as far as I can see.

        If you have something to say, say it. Don’t just leave long repetitive comments telling women who are actually doing the work of raising the public consciousness, day after day, feast or famine, rain or shine, how we are being ineffective. (I disagree with your sentiment, obviously, which is why I dedicate ample amounts of time doing the work that you are shitting on.)
        If you have a strategy, execute it.

        If you want to go on and on, dismissing the work of other women and telling us we’re “doing it wrong” but you have no idea how to do it right and you have no ideas or strategy and are doing nothing yourself, I’m going to have to say that I really see no purpose in devoting MY work to giving you a platform.

      • biodyke Says:

        GallusMag, I am sorry you see no value in anything I have been saying here.

        Contrary to what you are perceving I am suggesting A LOT. Whether you choose to hear it or see it is another story.

        Most of what I suggesting is what we as women having been doing i.e. writing about it on the internet has:

        1. not stopped the trans train,

        2. has not slowed the trans train, and

        3. certainly has not derailed the trans train.

        What we have been doing and the way we have been doing it is opening a few eyes here and there – particularly when people have to deal with in their own lives real time.

        But, for the most part, we are inadvertently, creating a sympathetic audience for a transpeople.

        We need to:

        1. reconceive the problem

        2. reformulate a strategy – we dont need to reinvent the wheel, we need to look at what history has taught us about what works and what doesnt and act accordingly – system theory, psychology, marketing, human nature, and plain old history come into play here.

        3. be proactive not reactive

        4. have a multi level approach rather than a single minded approach.

        Simple enough for you?

      • Miep Says:

        Biodyke, this blog is probably the highest-profile place on the Internet where people can speak freely about the transgressive nature of the transgender rights movement and how it is working to hurt women, how it aligns with conservative thought and is anything but progressive. You cannot get legal traction to restore women’s eroded rights when people are afraid to even discuss something. Efforts are constantly being made to silence us, the deplatformings, the attacks on people’s jobs and livelihoods. Your suggestions add nothing we don’t already know, but you can’t have a resistance movement without first engaging enough people in discussing the problem.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yep. More of the same hot air and concern trolling. You are done here. Don’t come back. Thanks. Goodbye.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I HAVE done things “in real life” that HAVE had an impact, as a direct result of reading this blog. For my own privacy and safety, I can’t be more specific than that. This blog has changed my life for the better – trans ideology is “all up in my grill” in so many damaging ways, in real life. I CAN’T be specific!!! Nobody should assume that anyone reading this blog is NOT doing things (vague wording I know) “in real life.” Trans themselves are a product of the Internet, and they have used it build their movement. So we’re building ours online too. The Internet doesn’t just belong to THEM.

      • Miep Says:

        I agree entirely. I’ve learned a lot here and it translates into action. Some act on larger scales than others, but it all adds up and the sea changes.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Biodyke, the difference between you and Gallus, is that she is actually doing something. She IS reaching women. Look at the huge numbers of comments to every thread on this site and notice that over time those numbers have increased. But what are you doing? Going on someone else’s blog to tell her she’s doing it wrong? Ffs, if you think there’s a better way to accomplish shared goals, go out there yourself and lead. Otherwise, close your mouth and let those who are leading (gallus) keep leading.

      • gchild Says:

        @Miep, I agree that the Internet can foster enduring relationships.

        As for strategic activism (Biodyke), the Civil Rights Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, Brown V. Board– all began with small circles of people TALKING out and THINKING through the issues. My grand/great grand parents told me this.

        People gathered around kitchen tables and stoops. They spoke out to each other, signified, shared stories and information, networked, created art and spread the word.

        And unlike the movie portrayals, it wasnt the whole of black America willing to get involved. Many (maybe even most) were too busy, too tired, too poor, or too afraid.

        To me, this blog is that stoop, that kitchen table…a place of profound agency and activism.

      • Miep Says:

        gchild: yes, exactly. That’s very well put.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Trolls like BioDiesel never do anything. They just troll.

      • Miep Says:

        Gallus: there are plenty of places on the Internets that I can’t see the use of, but I don’t see much point in devoting myself to inflicting my view upon them thusly.

        Anyway, your blog was a major part of my first real introduction to real feminism a few years back, your work here and the commentary were a big part of a steep learning curve for me for quite some time. Now that the universities are taking up McCarthyism it’s even more important to do this work. Thank you.

      • Bea Says:

        And the great thing about Gallus’ blog is that it can reach everyone who wants to learn the truth about transgenderism, and it goes very in-depth. People aren’t going to learn until they’re ready to face the ugly truth, which usually happens after some kind of real-life disturbing encounter with the trans ideology. Where do women go when their husbands have decided to “become women”? Where do young lesbians go when they’re told they’re bigots for not sucking dick? We’ve all seen what happens when women try to complain about men in drag in the locker room. We can’t exactly network for support, thanks to liberal feminism and patriarchy. This is a far more effective strategy, since the random person off the street probably doesn’t want to be lectured on the difference between autogynephiles and princess boys. One example of how this blog is effecting change is the recent discussion of women preparing ourselves for the inevitable infiltration of PIWs into our bathrooms, and how to confront them. How many women who were too afraid to comment read that discussion and felt more confident addressing that situation if/when it arises?

      • GenderTrender is the go-to place for anyone with questions about trans. This blog is even referenced in places like Lipstick Alley. That’s why GM is attacked so vociferously. They know that once people see the sanity of this blog there is no going back into the trans cult.

      • GallusMag Says:

        GenderTrender KICKS ASS. 🙂

  27. Oak and Ash Says:

    For those who prefer not to read this, it’s pseudo-liberal claptrap from the New York Times editorial board, mostly of the “trapped in the wrong body” sort, although there’s a brief paragraph near the end that vaguely acknowledges not all will surgically transition. The piece muddles gender role discomfort and physical dysphoria, as these articles so often seem to do, which leads me to the depressing conclusion that many educated people still believe sex roles are inborn and natural.

    Particularly telling is the bit about the transwoman whose co-workers showed their support with a gift certificate to Ann Taylor. Seriously? (Well, I suppose we should be grateful it wasn’t Forever 21 . . .)

    Having “transitioned” through a college education from a working class world to one in which many people I know have the money to avoid the more distressing results of their politics, I tend to think that, of course, these people can afford (literally!) to be tolerant–they don’t have to worry about sharing a room with Christopher Hambrook at a homeless shelter, and there probably aren’t creepy middle-aged men lounging around the locker room of their daugher’s private school.

    • kesher Says:

      That’s a good point about how it doesn’t affect them, or they *think* it doesn’t affect them.

      It’ll be interesting to see the first time a young MTT supplants a star female athlete in high school and how that will be perceived by white, liberal trans “allies”.

      In my experience, their wonderful tolerance and concern for the oppressed fly out the window the second their kids are under any kind of attack. I think of the Supreme Court ruling that drove the final nail in the coffin of busing and desegregating of U.S. schools and how that case originated in white liberal paradise Seattle.

    • The author replaced “sex” with “gender” re: driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates.

      As I’ve read here, sex isn’t assigned at birth; it’s observed. And gender is environmental, societal, and always changing.

      Just last week, three male coworkers confessed their parents had given them names that were not considered feminine at their birth, but are now: Carol, Francis, and Linn. Gender changes with the season…like fads. (Or trends…h/t “gender trender.)

      The article also martyred Leelah Alcorn with this quote: “the only way I can rest in peace is if….transgendered people are treated like human beings.”

      Oh, honey. I learned a long time ago to not depend on other people for my happiness. I learned a long time ago that some people will hate me just because I’m, gay, female, or feminist. Any decent psychiatrist could have helped with this.

      And allowing biological males to freely access the women’s spaces is not “treating them like human beings.” It’s willfully and irresponsibly ignoring reality and putting women & children (aka human beings) at risk.

      And whoever says we are wasting our time here….uh, link please? What are your metrics? Because raising awareness, communicating honestly, and sharing real data is extremely valuable. Ideas are contagious…like a viral meme…and we are finally countering what has previously been unquestioned or not thought through. I’m thinking of the “hundredth monkey” effect.

      I’ve posted before that my (late) mom is the founder of my city’s (only state certified) spouse abuse shelter. You know how much shit she got back in the day when she first started talking about it? And now…40 years later, her “radical” ideas are not only mainstream, some are embraced by conservatives (who passionately hated her back in the day).

      It all started with an *idea.* And lots of discussion…networking…comparing notes…enduring ridicule…and now decades later, post-humous awards and lots of women and children (and now pets :)) being kept safe in dignity.

      And likewise, this movement WILL succeed…we have the truth on our side: it’s impossible to change a man into a woman. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. And transgenderism is a psychological problem, not physical. A mental problem cannot be fixed via cosmetic surgery, carcinogenic hormones, nor sterilization.

    • hearthrising Says:

      “Many people I know have the money to avoid the more distressing results of their politics, I tend to think that, of course, these people can afford (literally!) to be tolerant–they don’t have to worry about sharing a room with Christopher Hambrook at a homeless shelter, and there probably aren’t creepy middle-aged men lounging around the locker room of their daughter’s private school.” This is it, in a nutshell, for me.

  28. silverside Says:

    Registered sex offender arrested trying to take photos under stalls in women’s restroom at Johnson County Community College (I used to work here). Second time he has done this, first time wasn’t caught. Has served prison time for burglary involving the stealing of woman’s underwear, lingerie. There was another incident like this several years ago while I was still employed there too.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      There was that Canadian military man who broke into women’s homes and stole underwear…he eventually murdered women. Like Bruce Jenner putting on his mom’s clothes or his sister’s is some “innocent” thing, no harm to anyone. C’mon, it’s a violation of someone else’s privacy, right in the home, at a very young age.

  29. river Says:

    Tues morning at that link, the POMO queer staff of The Current are featuring a segment about a 67 yr old man who is transitioning, He has always known he was a woman. His wife is shocked but somehow not, and supporting and loving and really totally ok with it?

    There will be a listen button. Hope you can get it.

  30. Ebrat Says:

    I have posted on much on FB about this crap that my friends don’t want to hear it anymore. Which is a shame because many of them are lesbians who don’t realize how certain demands of transwomen (i.e. biological men) infringe on the rights of women. Not long ago I was all for trans “rights” until I became aware of these things – and many thanks for this website that has provided valuable information.

  31. Tiki tiki tavi Says:,188177.0.html

    Interesting read on how these men seem to have no issue violating female only spaces such as curves and other female only gyms

    • michelle Says:

      And apparently they all wear rose-colored glasses to think that ANY of those hulking figures ‘pass’ as female.

      But you are correct that they ALL demand the access and want to stomp their size 14 feet about how they would write a letter or file a complaint (or litigate) when (not if) women notice they are men. That thread it no different than the twitter picture from Uncle Sarah a few weeks ago when he was in the women’s bathroom at some airport…the men loved it because all of the attention was on them (again, catering to their narcissistic tendencies).

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Notice how he calls the women who are upset at his presence “bitches” and “cows”. Typical.

  32. ghostwoman Says:

    I just ordered a shirt that says The Future is Female (saw an old image of a lesbian wearing it from the 70s and had to have it)…I wonder if that future includes me a real woman. Men are destroying our language at every fucking turn. Now they are the true females. Don’t you know they perform female-ness better than us?

  33. Zosha B Says:

    Lisa is a fucking hero. I am so proud of her for standing up for herself and for (in turn,) women everywhere. We have a right to sex segregated spaces for our own sanity and safety. Men’s feelings do not trump this.

  34. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Apologies for the link to The Daily Mail but here is another one –

    Transgender Woman’s Fury

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      And, of course, according to Twitter, Bendall is a ‘lesbian’ who complains there aren’t any lesbians on dating sites in his area of the world.

  35. QS Says:

    I’m posting these here because it seems like the most fitting recent thread. Myself and others have talked about Mumsnet on here and how when the subject of trans comes up people are overwhelmingly in favour of trans rights and refuse to listen to the arguments of the gender critical minority. There’s a thread running currently about Joni Bendall being refused access to the female changing rooms at Primark (cheap British clothing store) –

    It starts off in the usual vein but by the end of the thread women are actually listening to what we are saying. I don’t think anyone has made any points that haven’t been made before but it seems to be sinking in now and I really do feel like there’s been a change of mood regarding the whole issue.

    I just wanted you to know that you are making a difference – you have educated me and in turn I am helping to educate other women who will hopefully go on to spread the word even further.

    • BadDyke Says:

      Yes, I looked at that thread too, and interesting when you see the reasoned argument vs the knee-jerk ‘ they’re women TOO, how dare you be so MEAN by not including them……’. The REAL issues seem to be getting discussed, but I’d guess (not having read the whole thread), that that only happens after someone has stood up and admitted that they have a problem with trans politics.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I’m banned from Mumsnet for pointing out that Paris Lees, who encourages men to sexually harass women, is a man. I think it’s important when someone is inviting men to assault and intimidate women that we know that person is a man and is not speaking for women.

      Anyway, I would urge other people here to get over to Mumsnet and spread the word. A lot of women lurk and learn on those threads and I wonder how they feel about their children sharing spaces with men who not only ‘feel like women’ but who also feel it’s ok to have sex with teenagers because they ‘feel like teenagers’ too.

  36. CKDexterHaven Says:

    We have ourselves another one! Helen Doe, a late-transitioning transactivist and police worker, has been charged with the attempted murder of his brother. His defence is going to be the hormone treatments made him do it. Well Helen, if your hormones make you uncontrollably stove people’s heads in with a metal bar then maybe you’re not safe to mingle with society.

    Link to article

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