Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism

May 4, 2015

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

BOOK: A.A. Lawrence, Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism. © Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2013. DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-5182-2_1

Download complete book here: Men-trapped-in-mens-bodies_BOOK

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78 Responses to “Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism”

  1. Atranswidow Says:

    Anne Lawrence, Ray Blanchard and Michael J Bailey; 3 names to give any late-transitioner a headache and have him shaking his ”pretty little head”.

    Autogynephilia explains the erotic component of cross-dressing and the sexual fantasy of ”becoming a woman”. In other words it is the unpalatable truth that gets dressed up as ‘lady brain’ in the trans propaganda and popular media. It is what a lot of men deny, my ex included, so I suspect what is reported clinically is actually only the tip of the ice-berg.

    It is the truth about autogynephilia that these men need to confront, that the medical profession needs to deal with and politicians and policy makers have a duty to fully comprehend. Until that happens I don’t see how things can move forward. More and more people will buy into the ”lady brain” trope because it’s seemingly simple to understand, more palatable and gives people a feel-good factor to say that they support a ”repressed minority”.

    Enough said….now I have some reading to do!

    Awesome Kitty your website is awesome. Thanks.

  2. Everything is a sex fantasy for these men. Really disgusting. But it would be better if all of them would take other men to live their fantasies instead of calling themselves lesbians and demanding that women should be attracted to them.

  3. cyborgurl Says:

    thank you so very much for this download…i will be collecting information about the transsexual’s impact and influence on the identity of others around them. I hope to write a book from my perspective and about my experience having a transsexual sibling.

    • Em Says:

      There’s much to be admired in Lawrence’s work, not least his courage in speaking knowledgeably and frankly about autogynephilia. Read critically, though. He’s disavowed lady brain, but still suffers from trans brain to the extent of believing, for example, that transing adolescents is a reasonable response to certain of their problems.

      • cyborgurl Says:

        thank you. i always read critically….there is so much to weed and reject. what is your interest in this topic?

      • GallusMag Says:

        @cyborgurl- If it irritates you to be told to read critically then just say that. Don’t leave weird passive aggressive troll comments on my blog. Thanks.

      • cyborgurl Says:

        why are you upset? what was weird about my comment? i was responding to a comment that appeared on my blog feed….are you offended that i asked for you to declare what your interest is in the topic? mine is simply that i went through puberty as a girl, knowing that my brother was transitioning to become a woman also. how am i trolling you?

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Cyborgurl- I misread. I apologize. I was moderating on the fly and didn’t read back far enough for context. Thank you for speaking up. My bad. I still think it is weird to ask another woman to “declare her interest in the topic” of sex-role trends on a feminist blog that solely deals with the topic. But whatever floats your boat. I should not have moderated.

      • cyborgurl Says:

        thank you. i guess that i was just interested to know your particular interest, ie intellectual, personal, or social….guess i should have stopped myself. i did not recognize “em” as a representing you, GallusMag….please feel free to read my blog at cyborgurl, as i find myself at a crossroads of accepting medical interventions and mechanical parts to stay alive, and yet, i have issues with people who think they can change their biology through surgery….it is my own point of contention with myself that i seem to hold a type of double standard.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You wanted to know why a seemingly random, yet particular, woman commenter on a feminist blog is interested in the topic of sex-roles? “Intellectual, personal, or social”. Huh? Yeah, that seems really bizarre.
        I am the author and moderator if this blog. Guess that is confusing to you, or was not apparent to you as a non-reader of this blog. You have come on my blog and targeted a particular woman to “declare what her interest is” in feminism and the parsing of sex-roles. Your bizarre request to that commenter is what caused me to step in as author and moderator of this blog.
        I don’t have time to look at your blog right now, but thank you for coming over to my blog as a non-reader and invite me to read it as I moderate you. Best of luck to you in future. Goodbye.

      • cyborgurl Says:

        i am so very sorry to have riled you in this way. i do read your blog as it appears in my email regularly. i think i have confused you by responding to something that came up on my email with a different name. i am so sorry if i have offended anyone.
        it is the context that someone was telling me to read an article in a particular fashion. to highlight to me a particular stance of the writer….it was in this context that i asked for her/his interest. anyway, as much as i have enjoyed the pieces that you post, i find that your reaction to a simple question to be very defensive. i mean no harm. i have apologized and yet you are still very angry at me…you have lost me now, and i have admired what you are doing. in the past you have supported what i have written in other comment threads in response to the translobbyists.

      • GallusMag Says:

        HA! Why do I ever second guess myself or try to be “nice” when moderating? It never works. This really makes me laugh. I should have stuck with my gut and tossed your ass straight into the spam bin. I give no shits about your assessment of my moderation style, and even less about your projections of what you think my “feelings” are (here’s a hint: super bored with your tedious trolling). Just kidding- I’m going to cry into my pillow all night for every TROLL TROLL TROLL that ever trolled. BOO HOO HOO! Bye bye forever now!

      • cyborgurl Says:

        i am on your side, if that makes any difference to you. i ask one question that i have apologized for and yet, you classify me as a troll. you are exhibiting a large dose of hostility towards a fantom troll, who is not me! before i write you off completely, i ask you to read my blog and see that i hold similar thoughts on transsexualism, feminism and many other things. your hostility is unwelcome to me.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’ll be over to read your blog as soon as I’m done reading the rest of the internet. Fuck off Now! Ta!

      • cyborgurl Says:

    • cyborgurl Says:

  4. By the way I hate the way the author talks about puberty blocking drugs. Like there are no health consequences at all!

    “Could autogynephilic adolescents ever obtain approval for and receive the puberty-blocking hormones that would make their lives so much easier if they eventually decided to transition and live as women?”

    “easy life”. Really? It’s defintely NOT easy if your health is destroyed by longterm use of gnrh antagonists and cross sex hormones.

    But hey! At least these boys look like girls! Even if their male bodies are ill and sterilized. Better than being a gay man in the future! [sarcasm off]

    • Andi Says:

      Autogynephilic men are not attracted to men, they are attracted to women!!! They would not be “gay men in the future” if they did not transition.

      That is indeed the whole point: doctors write recommendation letters that allow straight men with functioning penises to have access to women only spaces like locker rooms and such!!!!

      If they were attracted to men if would not be half s bad.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    Fantastic, Gallus Mag. Any info is appreciated. But please, women, do not call for more energy, time, money, attention to go into these men, whether it’s about “studying” why they want to wear their daughters’ or other clothes made by men for women and wank off. It’s really simple and explains the trans cult in one sentence: No men can be women, no women can be men, and men who insist they are women are perving on women.

    No more boo-hoo on how the poor things have dysphoria. GIRLS and WOMEN are the people who suffer from dysphoria. Men are playing out porn fantasies and benefit from the dysphoria we actually suffer BECAUSE of male hatred of females, preying on us, and fetishizing us throughout the media.

    • KgSch Says:

      It’s very interesting that trans “dysphoria” is somehow considered worthy of fawning over as opposed to men who have eating disorders because they feel bad about their bodies. I’ve never had an anorexic man tell me to drink bleach and die in a fire because I told him he wasn’t actually fat. Yet, you see men who think they’re women sending rape and death threats to them all the time when women say they aren’t really women or worse when lesbians refuse to validate them with sex, because any woman who sleeps with them isn’t a lesbian.

      Even so, men with eating disorders are the minority and women are the ones with dysphoria as a result of the predatory actions of men. It’s a waste of time to fawn over/pity men.

  6. Margie Says:

    Sorry to post OT, but this news broke a few hours ago:

    “BOSTON (AP) — A nearly two-decade legal fight by a convicted murderer in Massachusetts to get taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery ended in failure Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her final appeal.

    The justices did not comment in letting stand a lower-court ruling denying the surgery to Michelle Kosilek.

    “This is a terrible and inhumane result for Michelle,” said Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project for Boston-based Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

    The state Department of Correction, which has fought the surgery, did not immediately respond to a request to comment.

    State prison officials, who say the surgery could cost as much as $50,000, have said in the past they opposed the surgery because it would create security problems.”

    IMHO, a “terrible and inhumane result” is having your head cut off by your husband, not missing out on free breast implants in prison.

    • GallusMag Says:


    • weirdward Says:

      A group whose name & original brief was to fight for gay and lesbian rights is fighting for a male heterosexual convicted murderer of women. Totally makes sense.

      Seriously, what is WRONG with these orgs?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Aaaaaand that’s why they don’t get any money from me.

        Regarding Kosilek: FUCK YEAH!! And fuck you too, Jennifer Levi. You are the worst.

      • Margie Says:

        What’s wrong is “LGBT.” LGBT is the trans activists’ greatest achievement, because it allowed them to capture an entire movement wholesale. When that concept spread like a virus about 15 years ago, the ideologues who run these orgs – our orgs – had a sudden revelation that a heterosexual murderer’s cosmetic needs and heterosexual transsexual pooping venue options were their top priorities. The most effective parasite is not one that invades and kills its host, but rather it is the one that embeds itself within the host, and compels or tricks the host to defend it and to do its bidding. That is the dynamic at work at these formerly gay/lesbian organizations.

        If we are ever going to win, we need to dismantle LGBT. It won’t be easy, and it will be a long-term project, but I believe that it can be done. We may have seen the first tear in the fabric of LGBT a few weeks ago. Although the facts are a bit murky, it appears that the Ls struck a rare blow against LGBT when both the “Task Force” and the NCLR abandoned the MichFest boycott, despite the howls of outrage from trans activists. We should carefully and accurately identify what was done to achieve that result and then, as the saying goes, rinse and repeat.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        The most effective parasite is not one that invades and kills its host, but rather it is the one that embeds itself within the host, and compels or tricks the host to defend it and to do its bidding. That is the dynamic at work at these formerly gay/lesbian organizations.

        That’s the definition of political entryism, and why I now refer to transactivists as “transentryists”. Their movement is inherently entryist and parasitic. Like MRAs, they are too lazy and entitled to build anything on their own. They and their liberal male enablers believe women are the servant class who exist to do all their shit work for them.

        First transentryists colonized, with little resistance, the third wave feminism that was itself an entryist, dick-appeasing shell of the movement built by the first and second waves. To do so, the white males who drive transentryism cynically leveraged black feminist complaints about white feminists to further their own agenda. By highjacking intersectionality theory, sneaky bastards like Julia Serano implied that in order to atone for sins against women of color, feminists must center transwomen like him. (Libfems’ inability to see this sleazy maneuver for what it is makes me want to break stuff.)

        Transentryists denounced second wave holdouts as racist, “cissexist”, and unfairly hostile to freedom of choice. This neoliberal focus on choice, supplanting the class-based analysis of the second wave, was music to the ears of male liberals, including male-dominated gay organizations like HRC and GLAAD. Eager to to secure access to women’s reproductive capacity for themselves, they were happy to utilize transentryism for their own ends. Supporting the choice-based rhetoric of the trans cult helps gay yuppies to reframe their inability to reproduce with each other as a human rights issue that must be remedied by using women as baby farms. Andrea Dworkin prophetically said that prostitution is where the male left has gone to die. She could have added surrogacy as well.

        For the male left, erasing the existence of class:female in the name of trans rights provides them cover to not only treat us as the subordinate sex caste, but to deny us the ability to name what they’re doing. They reduce class:female to a male resource, which is especially cruel since that is their charge against the male right. The left gets to use our unpaid labor, trannies and straight men get to use us for sexual jollies, and gay men get to use us to LARP as nuclear families. All the bros are happy. The end!

      • branjor Says:

        IF we let them. Big if. I won’t let them, but I’m not so sure about other women.

  7. Bea Says:

    So many discrepancies in the trans script. If they truly believe that penises and testicles can be “female organs,” why are they taking estrogen? Shouldn’t their supposed “female testicles” produce “female testosterone”? What are they trying to “pass” as, if male characteristics can be female in their delusional fantasyland?

    • dbrvnk Says:

      Yeah what’s the point of taking estrogen anyway? I mean, if the testicles and prostate are female organs, testosterone is female hormones. Because trans women are female after all! Likewise what’s with all the electrolysis? Beards are also a form of female facial hair! And why wear dresses and skirts and such, if a trans woman is wearing a tuxedo, tie and suspenders they become women’s clothing by the process of transubstantiation… etc

    • branjor Says:

      Taking estrogen is only an intermediate step in their plans for the destruction of womanhood. Someday, when “womanhood” is entirely divorced from the female sex, they will not bother with estrogen, surgery or any of it. Fully presenting males with no alterations at all will be “women” and women will be “uterus bearers” (if that much). Or so they think.

  8. Jane (the first) Says:

    Some funny quotes from this book found elsewhere:

    I’ve always been turned on sexually by the idea of having a woman’s body. Finally my compulsion drove me to have an orchiectomy, which was perhaps the greatest thrill of my life. A girlfriend who is a medical student came with me to the procedure. I can’t tell you how thrilled and amazed I was when my testicles were removed and the process was described by my friend. It was sort of the ultimate forced feminization.

    Screw the physician’s oath, there are male fantasies at stake here:

    I have several fantasies I use to achieve orgasm. All are autogynephilic in one way or another. In one, I re-live my orchiectomy, albeit somewhat embellished by a more dominant group of women being the ones castrating me. My actual surgeon obliged that fantasy somewhat by acquiescing to my request that his female surgical assistant cut my spermatic cords.”

    Remember, trans women are women, period!

    I want genital modifications but don’t want to become a woman. After the modifications, I want to continue to live socially as a man. I do not like to use my penis to urinate, because I do not like to touch it and see it. I like to look at a woman urinating, with the secret hope to be able to urinate like that one day myself. During masturbation, I take pleasure from imagining that I no longer have a penis but a pretty vulva. For me, my penis is useless and I want to remove it and the testicles and to replace them with a vulva. But I do not want to become a woman or live like a woman.”

    Tell me more, libfems, about how intersectional feminism demands centering these nutters.

    Apparently there’s also a section about them getting off on entering women’s locker rooms.

  9. GallusMag Says:

    Off Topic- New Gender Trend:

    Heterosexual LibFems that become “Gender Critical” after reading Radical Lesbian Feminist work, then extensively and blatantly plagiarize said work, completely unapologetically, while excising all lesbian content and perspective, in the aims of promoting a new form of Hetero LibFem GenderCritLite “True Trans” (formerly known as HBS) philosophy. Fold in a dollop of lecturing Lesbians about our “disrespect” of men. Shake and stir. Repeat. Garnish with fawning heterosexual male GenderCritLite fans.

    FUCK YOU Hetero Libfem GenderCritLite tru-trans colonizers and plagiarists!


    • endthewoo Says:

      Off Topic- New Gender Trend: Heterosexual LibFems that become “Gender Critical” …

      Ha, this has been winding me up for a while. I just wrote a note about it the other day. Possibly the same crowd you’re reading, but there’s many examples.

      I wonder how much awareness they have about what they’re doing, or whether they read radfem stuff and then convince themselves that they thought it up all on their own ?

      The other thing is that they still have a big focus on making friends with the males/the establishment as they turn their backs on lesbians and separatist radicals. They do get called terfs, but in their own eyes they’re not like those horrible, unacceptable ones that actually prioritise women and aren’t running after male approval.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Word. There’s nothing like hearing your own work quoted back to you- sometimes verbatim(!)- by a “feminist” who not only steals your work wholesale but admonishes you as they do so. Fuck these women.

        And there’s no reason for them to do so. Except maybe for some weird form of feminist careerism from women who have no voice or vision of their own.

        The whole reason GenderTrender is so broad, newsy, and politically focused (and full of men!) is because back when there was only a handful of us bloggers there was absolutely no reason for me to duplicate the work being done by Dirt. But I saw a need for the type of work featured here, a niche, and tried to fill that (at the time) gap. If I was starting NOW, I would not do GenderTrender because so many other blogs are covering the same ground (and quite well in many cases!). I don’t know if I would have a blog, I’d probably do something else.

        Look at new blogs: 4th Wave Now, Transgender Reality, and Stop Trans Chauvinism. They all have their own voice and they all fill a niche that needed to be filled. There are more examples. They are doing important work, not stealing and watering down another’s work to take the (important! critical! woman-centered! lesbian!) fangs out for their liberal dude-bro and HBS pals and all the many, many women who read here daily but would never admit it publicly in a thousand years, instead tut-tutting like the lying hypocrites they are.

    • KgSch Says:

      Bonus points when they act like being a lesbian is a “privilege” (because they are under the delusion that being a lesbian somehow prevents us from experiencing male violence) but constantly brag about their exceptional men and how great they are. It’s just a way to get lesbians to focus all the attention and resources on them. I’ve seen that one a lot on tumblr.

  10. australopithecene Says:

    Have noticed a bit of nervousness about the autogynephilia subject among trans lately – a bit of damage control. Seems to be a sensitive subject

    • Atranswidow Says:

      Good. I hope they’re worried……the truth will out.

      I’m sick to death of it all being wrapped up in a fluffy pink bow and being presented as trans heroism. It’s a paraphilia, pure and simple. For me the first trans hero will be the one who publicly admits that he dresses up in women’s clothing because it gives him a great big sexual thrill.

  11. endthewoo Says:

    watering down another’s work to take the (important! critical! woman-centered! lesbian!) fangs out for their liberal dude-bro and HBS pals and all

    Their word for this is “nuance”.

    Have noticed a bit of nervousness about the autogynephilia subject among trans lately – a bit of damage control. Seems to be a sensitive subject

    and it’s one of the glaring ommisions in most of the libfem writing. Not a mention in the 10,000 + word essay recently touted on twitter.

    Nuanced out of existence, along with the rest of it.

  12. Ebrat Says:

    I have never defined myself as a “radical” feminist because through the years I’ve disagreed with some of the various concepts. Yet when I look back at my early introduction to feminism and our long history – I understand that in every stage of our battles we have all been radical.

    LGBT organizations no longer represent gay women and I’ve recently stopped funding any events sponsored by these groups. So-called Radical Lesbian Feminists are the only liberal group calling out the subjugation of women for “trans rights.”

    At age 62 I realize I am – and am proud to call myself – a Radical Feminist.

    Thank you all for helping me get here.

  13. river Says:

    I don’t know who you mean, but I hope I’m not one of these pirates. I cite you almost daily but that’s all I do. If you want me to stop please say so.

  14. Thanks for the download; I’m still digesting it. So much to think about…fascinating.

    I was an out lesbian in SF in the 90, and it was an exciting time to be a baby dyke.

    But I remember the gay pride movement had some ugly controversy: we had to fend off the man-boy-love-association from attaching to our movement. They were vocal about being part of gay rights and culture, but we fought them off.

    When the transfolks came along, I assumed that they all came by it honestly. I had a family friend who ran away from home at 16 & reinvented himself as female. He was so flaming gay that he couldn’t survive as male in the 1970s. He lusted for men, and deceived many a straight man who thought they hit the jackpot and found a woman with great tits who would enthusiastically go down on him anytime anywhere.

    In the 70s, homosexuality was still on the books as a mental illness. So I guess it “made sense” for a gay man to live as a woman…so he could be “sane.” (Wasn’t that part of the storyline in the movie “Dog Day Afternoon”…?)

    But, then the autogynphiliacs slipped in…without me even realizing such a fetish existed. It made no sense. Why would a straight man willingly give up his privilege to be female?? Silly me, I actually thought they loved women…and had bonded with us. Saw things from our perspective.

    Now…finally, the gay pride movement is realizing these guys are like the man-boy-love freaks.

    My family friend transformed himself to fit into society. Autogynphiliacs want society to transform to fit with them.

    Like the man-boy freaks, they want their sick perversion to be normalized. They are the ultimate Big Bad Wolf. They want us to take them as Granny despite what big teeth they have.

    The autogynphiliacs are turning the gay movement back on us: we were judged as mentally ill, and now we’re judging them as mentally ill. We were freaks, and now they’re freaks. They say we’re no different than the far right wing. Now that gays are breaking into the mainstream, they are riding our backs…like parasites.

    The trans cult say drag queens are as offensive to them as “blackface” is to the black community. They even banned Kate Pierson of the B-52s for her solo song “Mister Sister.” iirc, drag queens played a big role in the Stonewall rebellion.

    Most of the gay community wants to drop the T for being homophobic and misogynist, but our POV is totally censored.

    (The family friend, btw, has mental issues. He knows he’s not really a woman. We’re not close, but I wish him well.

    • kesher Says:

      Dog Day Afternoon was based on a true story, and the main bank robber was, indeed, “married” to an MTT. I don’t know if that marriage would have been recognized back then, but he certainly called the MTT his wife.

      I thought the representation of the character was perfectly fine especially for a movie made in the mid ’70s, but I bet the big reveal in the movie, when you find out who the “wife” is, would be considered transphobic today.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I see your point on gay vs. heterosexual MTFs. However, there are disturbing trends among the gay ones as well. The left and the media are clearly employing gay MTFs like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Jazz Jennings as kapos to keep uppity girls and women in line. For an example, see Noah Berlatsky’s recent smear job on Meghan Murphy in Playboy if you can stomach his smarmy writing. The media is setting up transwomen as the only “women” who can speak for women as a class. See the laughable OITNB scene in which Laverne Cox’s character gives a bunch of dumb cissie broads a female anatomy lesson.

      They’re using young ones like Jazz to groom girls to be properly feminized and subservient. There’s also that gay male YouTube star who recently came out as trans and was featured on TMZ. His name escapes me at the moment, but he’s got blonde hair and is clownishly hyper-feminine.

      Gay male anti-female slurs like “fish” become untouchable free speech if they come out of the mouth of a noble transwoman like Janet Mock. Gay MTFs are free to express the contempt toward women that gay men, with the exception of drag queens, usually keep a bit on the down low. Instead of getting off sexually by violating our boundaries, gay MTFs get off on lording over us how much better they are at womaning than we are. Any woman who’s been around drag queens has gotten the “I’m more woman than you” bullshit. This is based in their gay male envy of women and het men’s attraction to them.

      I know there are nice gay MTFs and all, but a lot of them are even more misogynist than het men.

      • Only two people expressed disappointment when I came out as gay: my gay brother, and our M2T family friend. (My conservative dad, otoh, accepted me unconditionally.)

        I eventually figured out that the M2T had been using me to attract men to her get-togethers. I don’t know what “she” told these guys, but I literally had to fight one of them off of me when he expected and demanded sex. He wasn’t even the least bit “seductive.”

        And my older gay bro was jealous that straight men were attracted to me, and mad that I didn’t serve them.

        There are differences between men and women — we are not interchangeable.

        My M2T friend wasn’t a real woman. Most women don’t see other women as sex objects to use for their own benefit. But not everybody knew he was born male (hence all the BJs he enjoyed giving). Imo, his behavior toward me when I was 22 was predatory…so it’s easy to imagine “her” luring other unsuspecting women into his trap to get them to do things they really don’t want to do.

        I was accepting of the Ts until my ex dated one. That’s when my BS alarm went off…he was in his forties, had abandoned his wife and kids, had a thing for tights (pantyhose), never had a career despite an Ivy League degree, and hung out backstage with lesbian strippers.

        No way I want jerks like that in women’s spaces.

        I didn’t know Mock uses the slur “fish.” That’s appalling, and I don’t know how “she” gets away with it. I didn’t realize they were so obvious about their hatred of women. Gee, I thought since they wanted to be women, they must love women. Actually they want to erase and redefine us.

        Reminds me of that old Twilight Zone ep, “How to Serve Man” — the title is a play on the verb serve, which has a dual meaning of “to assist” and “to provide as a meal.” The citizens thought the aliens came to earth to serve them, but they really just wanted to cook and eat them.

        Transwomen are all wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s fraud. They should not be allowed to change their sex on legal documents.

      • KgSch Says:

        I agree about these trends. Just because a man is gay or a gay MTT doesn’t mean he won’t be a misogynist. A disproportionate amount of the fashion industry is made up of gay men trying to package women for het men’s consumption. I’ve also heard so many variations of, “I’m a better woman than you because [insulting false stereotype]” from drag queens and gay and het MTTs. (The worst one I heard was “I’m a better woman because I’m a bimbo”.) I also once had a gay guy get mad at me when I told him I was a lesbian, because he was mad that I wasn’t serving men. A good way for any marginalized group of men to get more privilege is to denigrate women even more than your mainstream male does. That’s one reason why so many yuppie gay men want surrogates because it’s a form of making women serve men. (You can also just hang out with some nerd boys who were bullied in grade school and watch how they treat women if you need more examples.)

        As for Mock and Cox, Roslyn Holcomb has a good post about why they are the media-friendly spokesmen for camp trans:

        Additionally, the fact that you can’t criticize their women-hating slurs without backlash is alarming, and but even more so is the fact that they think convicted murders deserve SRS. Cox thinks that a convicted child-rapist and murderer deserves SRS, to hell with the girl he killed.

        (In spite of being a lesbian, I’ve been called “homophobic” for refusing to let people call me misogynistic names like “fish” and “cissie”. Oh the irony. It’s not homophobic to stand up to bullying men.)

      • GallusMag Says:

        Cox is insane.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        I’m sorry that happened to you. My experiences were a little different, but I definitely learned the hard way.

        I’m finding that both straight and gay men are as eager to use intersectionality as an excuse to butt in on women’s affairs as the trans. I was going to respond to two such men on their own posts, but I think it relevant to our discussion to do it here.

        Love Intersections, which sounds like one of those old Tim Meadows bits on SNL, is a who-caresy blog read by virtually no one. However, it recently provided two good examples of the liberal male abuse of intersectionality theory.

        Love Intersections is a blog dedicated to exploring intersectionality through the lens and language of love. Often times in our activisms, we’ve felt that love is left out of conversations, and we want to engage with the essence of solidarity building, and that is through love and empathy for our fellow human beings.

        Yeah, that sounds like a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap to me too. Not one but two different gay men opined there on the recent Meghan Murphy/Laverne Cox kerfuffle. What’s significant is that these men had the nerve to babble about the need for intersectionality in feminism! Are you perhaps missing something here, fellas? Have you considered that “woman” is an intersection neither of you share, and that we have a right to be suspicious of male meddling?

        How do we form solidarity with fellow feminist perspectives that share similar oppression in this heap of stress? Do we completely locate oppression and critique it, or are there subtle differences?

        Leaving aside your laughable therapeutic jargon and pomospeak, what’s this “we” shit, bro? You’re not a woman, so feminism is not your movement. We don’t need men to play ref. I suggest, as the Twitter kids say, that you stay in your own lane.

        Is there even a place where femininity is reclaimed and shown as self-empowering?

        You have absolutely no stake in the issue of femininity, which men have used to inflict incalculable suffering on women. It’s misogynist of you to think it’s your place to direct discussion of it. If you want to show some feminist solidarity, don’t tell women what to think about femininity. Just shut up about it. We’re big girls and can work things out for ourselves.

        Do we find understanding and compassion for the anger that some feminists share?

        Does it ever occur to this royal “we” that we haven’t asked for their opinions? I don’t know about you, but the way the writer uses sensitive new age guy tones to mask his aggressive incursion into a women’s discussion really gets on my nerves.

        So when I read the way Meghan Murphy writes about trans women’s bodies, I am reminded that we can have a voice without silencing and negating the voice and agency of other people and their struggles. As a cis queer man who is a feminist, this is something that I have to remember and check in on, on a regular basis.

        Meghan Murphy has no right to speak for transwomen, but allow me to show feminists the way. It’s my right as a man! Pardon the interruption, fellas, but we’re not holding auditions for the gay Hugo Schwyzer. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

        You know damn well both these dudes would lose their shit should any of us attempt to define their issues. This is the male behavior that liberal feminists enable every time they sniff “This is why we need intersectional feminism”.

        Men are free to butt in on women’s issues because women are their public property. Men can use intersectionality as an excuse to boss us around and they don’t even have to examine their own misogyny first. We’re not supposed to notice the creepy way they obsess over women’s discussions and never talk to other men about male power. Most rage-inducing of all is the insistence that this obnoxious behavior is based in looooooove, man!

        I have nothing to do with academia, but If I were to teach a women’s studies course, there would be a big section entitled “Watch Out For Lefty Men”. All of them.

      • KgSch Says:

        @ Jane (the first)

        About intersectionality, I would just say to be wary of pretentious-sounding academic terms that can be co-opted to mean anything. (Although the irony was the original meaning of that word was about how black women experience racism and sexism simultaneously, not any of this queer bullshit.)

        I had to look up Meghan Murphy, and the attacks on her show how trannys are treated with kid gloves. If Meghan had said that Beyonce’s behavior (or some other female celebrity doing a strip-show) wasn’t empowering, there wouldn’t be nearly as much of a shit-storm. But Laverne is special because of his lady-brain.

        Yeah, gay men and all men don’t like it when women comment on their issues, yet this dude thinks that he needs to play feminist referee, along with pretentious language. Um, no, I am not part of your “we”. Step off loser.

        As for the femininity thing, that is just such bullshit. Femininity is worshiped and we keep seeing increasingly pornified images of women and girls in the media. Almost every “strong” and “empowered” female character prances around in high heels and/or stripper-type outfits. Most fictional “lesbians” are more feminine than most het women I know and will do anything to play around with semen and help overpopulate the earth with more men. (More than 80% of artificial insemination births are men and playing around with semen to get pregnant is a heterosexual act.)

        So no, men don’t get a say in femininity which is designed to oppress women. Many companies won’t hire women who refuse to wear makeup in job interviews.

        I agree about an “avoid lefty men” class! I did take one of those pomo wishy-washy “women and gender studies” classes and by the end almost all the lefty men dropped out once they realized they weren’t going to get laid. The exceptions were two gay guys and one man who was actually pretty right-wing in his beliefs. He said he wanted to learn about “women’s issues”. The class did have some useful info, and it wasn’t as male-worshiping as it could have been but it was still on-board the trans train. (We had two FTTs come in to talk to us about how wonderful testosterone was. The really weird thing was they were dating each other and seemed to believe they were a gay man couple.) We also had some speakers who were more relevant who talked about sex trafficking. I liked them.

  15. GallusMag Says:

    Whenever a spokesperson for genderism says: “Sexual Orientation is about who you go to bed with. Gender Identity is about who you go to bed as” I laugh. Because, for male transgenders it is true. Gender Identity is a sexual orientation based the fantasy of inhabiting a female body, or perhaps more broadly, the fetishization of female oppression. I laugh because genderists COULD use the phrase “Sexual Orientation is about who you have sex with and Gender Identity has nothing to do with sex”. But they don’t, and they accidentally name the elephant in the room. For men, Gender Identity IS a sexual orientation. (Blanchard characterizes autogynephilia as both a paraphilia AND a sexual orientation, as he does for pedophilia, but potato, pot-tat-to.)

    I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of IRL educating of individuals who are not members of the GBLT, in the wake of the Bruce Jender Show. I told them “Sexual orientation is based on who you love romantically and go to bed with. Gender Identity means very different things depending on the sex of the transgender person. For women and some gay men, adopting a transgender identity can be a survival tactic in a violently male dominant, homophobic world. For heterosexual men like Bruce Jenner, Gender Identity is a sexual orientation based on who they love romantically and go to bed “as”: They are sexually aroused by the fantasy of inhabiting and occupying a woman’s body.

    Then I laughed, knowing every time a genderist says “Sexual Orientation is who you go to bed with and Gender Identity is who you go to bed as” they will remember what I said. LOL.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Frank (Kellie) Maloney has just done a post-surgery interview with The Guardian saying that he doesn’t have a sexual orientation for now. Probably because he’s getting off on looking at his spanking new fake bits.

      He also manages to state that he is the same person he’s always been but that homophobic remarks he made in the past were made by ‘Frank’ and not ‘Kellie’. Only one of those statements can be true.

      My favourite part of the interview was this –

      “Many transgender people end up killing themselves and it’s an indictment of society. I have a friend who had her op a week after me and she was a director of a transport company. She was drummed out of her own company by the other two directors who said: ‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing – wanting to come back here in a dress? If you do we’ll cut your pay by half because women don’t get paid as much as men.’” Maloney shakes her head. “She ended up trying to commit suicide. That’s the one thing most transsexuals have in common.”

      So someone runs a company where women are treated like worthless shit and then is surprised when he presents as a woman and is treated like worthless shit. I’d say ‘Welcome to my world, Virginia’ but this guy once had the power to make his company a decent environment for women and he chose to fuck us over instead.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s funny how MTTs rage when they’re treated like women. Isn’t that what they want?

        Oh no, they want to playact their fantasies but they don’t want to suffer any of the outrageous treatment real women receive.

  16. VC Says:

    It’s pretty clear from that God – awful trailer that Laverne Cox is not transgender. He’s a drag queen, who was smart enough to jump on the trans trend. I’ll bet he has all his junk. He doesn’t even look like he takes hormones. That film was made before his nose job, which is a good one. It’s a shame nothing can be done about those ginormous hands and feet.

    • Dear God in Heaven, what on earth did I just watch?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Roderick empowering women?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Apparently, a drunk drag queen. I don’t feel sorry for him, but that was truly pathetic.

      • gchild Says:

        My thoughts exactly. WTF? And you know what else? That he is a black male because:

        If a black female who looks like he does did such a video, she would never hear the end of how “ugly” and “ratchet” she is!

        If a black teen girl can be called a gorilla (Precious), and a black 7 year old little girl called a “c**t” (Annie 2014) just for daring to be in films and not act and look sterotypically “pretty”, why in the hell can Cox do this shit and be considered a “goddess”?

        Why? Because Cox is a man. His face is male. His body is male. And if a tree fell in the forest when no one was around to hear it…he would still be a damn man.

        When black transwomen talk about how hard it is to be black “women”, it makes my stomache turn.

    • kesher Says:

      I’ve often remarked that Cox comes across as a drag queen, an executive drag queen who wears nice clothes and makeup, not the more outlandish drag gear. And his body is very male. That photoshoot that Megan Murphy criticized (and is now being hounded for) had to work hard to make Cox look lithe and feminine.

      When I see libfems praise Cox for being a “goddess”, I just kind of have to laugh. I wonder if they actually believe it or if they’re just stroking the male ego. A “cis” woman who looked like that would never hear the end of how ugly she is.

      • All you have to do is think about the comments made about women like Serena Williams and even our First Lady to see how black women are actually treated when they have a muscular figure. Williams, who has a gorgeous, naturally curvaceous figure is referred to as a “man.” While an actual man is a goddess. And people don’t see the white supremacy and the way Cox is lauded and feted as a direct slight and slam to black women. Black women are so unwomanly that even that ham-fisted slew footed man with Barbie hair and cheap implants makes a better woman than we do.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I found it staggering that commenters told me Williams and Michelle Obama were called men. Every man I know is speechless regarding Serena Williams’s staggering beauty and I’m not far behind. All I could figure is that the naysayers are white men with skinny stick arms and legs and are horribly jealous of any woman who doesn’t look wimpier than they do.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Roslyn are you saying that Laverne Cox’s plan to empower Black women through nudity and blonde wigs, is a flawed one?

        He is unbelievable.

      • Bea Says:

        Another thing that’s disgusting about Cox is there are so few paparazzi shots of him with “no makeup” or wearing a bikini, showing cellulite (or perhaps a bulge?) in a “best and worst beach body” spread like you see with female celebrities. I have been trying my damnedest to find photos of him in casual clothing to no avail. He’s definitely being protected against being presented in an unflattering manner.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        I always found the suggestion that celebrating MTFs like Cox somehow empowers black women insulting. Some of the popular Twitter black libfems defend TWOC ardently, claiming that black women and black transwomen are linked somehow because they share the experience of their womanhood being devalued. That doesn’t quite wash, because in the case of the latter there’s actually a reason.

        It really baffles me. How do libfem WOC think aligning with transentryists benefits them? I would sincerely like to know.

      • kesher Says:

        ‘He’s definitely being protected against being presented in an unflattering manner.’

        There are a few things going on there, not the least that he belongs to an “oppressed” interest group, so any tabloid that took Cox to task for his appearance would receive a flood of hate mail and threats.

        But I also think there’s another aspect of this, namely that it’s considered mean and rude to insult someone who’s actually ugly. Most of the celebrity shaming is of women who are staggeringly beautiful, catching them on a bad day, criticizing “flaws” that are completely normal and healthy (cellulite), or even photoshopping candids to make them look worse. That’s completely okay to the minds of these tabloids and the public; that’s putting a too beautiful woman in her place.

        And then, of course, men don’t get their appearance criticized in the media either. Notice how Chaz Bono gets fat shamed while actual men don’t?

      • KgSch Says:

        Yes! An actual black woman behaving like Cox would be denigrated, but Cox is a “goddess”. Nevermind that his support of the man who raped, tortured, and murdered Ebony Nicole Williams indicates that he really does not give a shit about black women and girls.

        I’ve also heard people, oftentimes men, complain that Venus and Serena Williams were “mannish” or passive-aggressive comments about how “having that much muscle mass really isn’t healthy, is it?”) On that note, if Bruce Jenner was really a woman, he would have not gotten as many sponsorships during his athletic days due to his “mannish” appearance!

        I’ve noticed a lot of drag queens are jumping on the trans trend to be worshiped and so that they can be as misogynistic and racist as they want and liberals will defend them.

    • He’s thinks he comes off as a vulnerable, troubled sex kitten a la Marilyn Monroe, but he looks like Dennis Rodman in drag with *big* boobs lusting for some “little white boy.”

      It’s awesome! Let America see what Transwomen are really all about: biceps, booze and mental illness.

      It really is a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes…they totally look like men in drag, but actually think they look like real women.

      Anorexics are thin people who look in the mirror and see fat; Transwomen are men who look in the mirror and see DIVAS.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      He totally came off like a drag queen on I Want To Work For Diddy. He even called himself a tranny in one of the clips I saw.

      I think his full metamorphosis into “FEMALE” trans activist came with OITNB and the fame and visibility he found. He and his handlers know that Middle America can’t understand drag culture and probably won’t be accepting of someone of ambiguous or non-matching sex and gender.

      Better PR to just masquerade as a “full woman”.

  17. Bob Doublin Says:

    Has anyone mentioned this? Don’t have access to a computer so can’t share the link. Seattle is being subjected to a Transgender film festival,opening tonight,Thursday. On the front page of the sports section in this morning’s Seattle Times there is an article by Jayda Evans “Raising Awareness” on Fallon Fox and his part in the documentary “Game Face” which opens the festival.It’s the usual fawning whitewash on how “brave” Fox is. I only skimmed it but it seems like not a word is said about how much he injured one of his really female opponents in the ring, only that those meany,bigoted female fighters refuse to fight him. The author downplays the strength difference by parroting the myth that taking estrogen makes a male body as weak as females,lessons the difference between the two or some such nonsense.

    • “but it seems like not a word is said about how much he injured one of his really female opponents in the ring,”

      It’s because of the same reason no news outlet reported that Laverne Cox supported a Synthia Blast – a the trans wife of the zodiac killer who raped and murdered a black girl.

      By the way he still supports the trans organization who lets a convicted pedophile write a blog on their website.

  18. Pegasus Olsen Says:

    Something that had never really clicked for me before reading this (I raced through it yesterday and the day before) is the desire to become not just a woman, but to become the type of woman they are attracted to. There was a narrative included from an Asian guy who is a white woman in his fantasies, because, as he recognizes, he is attracted to white women. One thing that I have long wondered, having lurked the reddit forum transpassing for many months, is why SO many of these guys wear ‘winged’ eyeliner (also known as a cat eye). Like, the first time they experiment with eyeliner, they are trying to do a wing! In real life, I see actual women wearing winged eyeliner every few weeks, maybe…? It’s not super typical, but they, particularly the transbians, are obsessed with it (and pink/blue/purple/etc hair and nose rings) because they are erotically focused on this sort of tumblr feminist, punk-y, manic pixie dream girl look. They probably also view it as a lesbian style.

    One weakness of the book, I thought, was the author chose not to view guys who don’t want genital surgery as trans (I love it when autogynephiles go ‘true trans’ on each other, lol), because that means that 80+ percent of them, those who love their dicks and won’t chop them off, are not as fully explored.

    I also wondered how many death threats he has gotten in the 15+ years he has been seeking these narratives. Something tells me its not anywhere near the number of threats the average teenage lesbian feminist on tumblr gets in a week.

  19. Zosha B Says:

    Saved and will mirror later for safe keeping. Thank you for sharing this Gallus ❤

  20. cyborgurl Says:

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