Transgender Activists campaign against ‘Puberty Blockers’ for transgender children

May 6, 2015

From 4th Wave Now: “They pull no punches: they discuss Lupron lawsuits, the possibility that hormone treatments will aggravate issues like cutting/self harm, and the folly of dosing kids with hormones when their frontal lobes aren’t developed. They criticize the doctors who are too quick to diagnose gender dysphoria when many other mental health issues are prominent. They acknowledge the homophobia (internalized, as well as of professionals and parents) that feeds into transition of kids–a point of view that is pretty much heresy in trans activist circles. They even take on the biggest taboo of all: Suicidal threats by kids if they don’t get hormones and surgery. They contrast the initial glow of transition with the reality of years on hormones when the excitement fades.” Read more on the excellent 4th Wave Now site here, including a partial transcript:

288 Responses to “Transgender Activists campaign against ‘Puberty Blockers’ for transgender children”

  1. Fruitopia Says:

    Thank you for your website. It is important that people know the truth about autogynephilia, and it takes courage to go against what the media is telling society to believe. I always thought that most trans behaved like ridiculous, comical parodies of the stereotypical teen girl. I always instinctively felt uncomfortable around the majority of them. I don’t mind the non-autogynephile, homosexual ones. For the most part, they mind their own business. I still think they’re mentally ill though.

    I have a question as a straight female: what do the words dyke and queer mean to lesbians? Are they insulting if straight people use them? Thanks in advance for any explanations.

    • a cat Says:

      I think it’s context there. Someone that I know means well or understands the issues using it is fine to me – I’ve had straight men saying “So you’re a, um, dyke, right?” and it was because they thought “lesbian” was too technical and they’ve heard lesbians saying it to each other. It gets used and I wasn’t at all offended. You just don’t want it shouted at you at the streets at midnight. (You don’t where I’m from anyway, you get “Fucking lesbo” usually…)

    • Siobhan Says:

      “Dyke” is sometimes used as an insult, so it is something that I’d rather hear only within the community. Coming from outside the community, “lesbian” would always be my preferred word.

      “Queer” has changed meaning in the last decade or so. It used to be a general purpose word for gay/lesbian. Now it means something else, but the exact meaning is shifting rapidly. When used to refer to a woman, “Queer” to me right now means someone who completely buys into gender theory and the trans agenda and doesn’t want to call herself a “lesbian” or “homosexual” for fear of offending males. I have a young relative who is in a lesbian marriage but she calls herself “queer” because she doesn’t relate to feminine stereotypes. In my opinion, this is a way of denying the reality of your own female sex, so I am not a fan of it.

    • I have no Mark for almost 10 years. He is, and I’m sorry to say this, something of a media-attention seeker who has always functioned under a high opinion of himself, with a LOT of opinions and very little substance or fact to support his opinions. When he thought he could get attention for a movie he wanted to make back in 2006-2007, he was ALL IN FAVOR of pubertal suppression for transgender children/youth if speaking out about that made him famous. Now, that he is the darling of Cathy Brennan and other TERF’s, he is singing a different tune so that y’all will love on him and give him a pedestal.

      Mark and all, at least TRY to have some integrity. Do not throw transgender kids under the bus because it suits your current “look at me!!!!” campaign of attention seeking.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ^^^ Jenn Burleton is king of the munchausen mommies at TransActive, a transgendering children political lobbying group. He is also responsible for a program called “In A Bind”, which sends “Chest Binders” out to children in unmarked packages so that the children can compress their rib cages and crush their pubescent breast tissue. The practice is considered dangerous or even life threatening, which is why many otherwise supportive parents forbid it. Jenn’s service is designed to bypass parental consent by providing the chest compression devices directly to children in secrecy.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Ooh, look, it’s the same “Jenn” Burleson who “helped spur the Oregon Health Plan’s to cover pubertal suppression treatments for transgender adolescents.” No agenda here, no sirree bob.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He’s the “Only transgender children advocacy group in the US with actual office space”! Oh wooooooo.

      • lynnalopez Says:

        Here is the very example of male privilege in a dress that Mark and I absolutely abhor. This is why we have turned our backs on the trans community. The vitriol and utter sarcastic hatred that has become synonymous with almost all trans women out there. They just want to pick a fight and discredit Mark, who is nothing like the person who came to me when I was close to dying four months ago. He nursed me, fed me when I couldn’t even feed myself, he bathed me when I could not even stand. This person is the one that Jenn Burleton is discrediting??? Ask his wife of 10 years who Mark was. Not this, this lying and hateful person who wNt to just shoot Mark down and make him lose credibility. This is disgraceful Jenn or whoever you are. We will state it again, PUBERTY BLOCKERS AND HORMONES ARE DANGEROUS AND THEY SHOULD NOT EVER BE GIVEN TO ANY CHILD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. This madness needs to stop and the transgender lie has got stop being promoted as some kind of answer to what is clearly autogynephilia or some other mental disorder. You should be ashamed of yourself to drag a good woman’s character down to your deprived level of existence.

        “So… I just FLAMED the guy who made this video, because I’ve known this self-loathing, self-promoting, hateful media hound for almost 10 years.

        I’m calling out Mark Angelo Cummings. If you know him, let him know he should take on someone who can defend themselves…I volunteer. Keep your low-information, TERF-centric ignorance and belitting away from transgender children and youth.

        Hey Mark, let’s have a point-by-point debate on these issues. I’m SO angry at other trans people who use their own self-loathing to dump on others, especially children.

        Mark, you are living evidence that part of equality is that transgender people can be assholes, dicks and monstrous haters.

        STOP taking the steroids and get help. But if you want to pick a fight with someone, choose me. Please.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        I wonder if Jenn went to the same “School of Rant” as Fallon Fox. Or Hulk Hogan.

        Jenn, have you ever done any professional wrestling or MMA fighting?

      • stchauvinism Says:

        ”He is, and I’m sorry to say this, something of a media-attention seeker who has always functioned under a high opinion of himself, with a LOT of opinions and very little substance or fact to support his opinions. When he thought he could get attention for a movie he wanted to make back in 2006-2007, he was ALL IN FAVOR of pubertal suppression for transgender children/youth if speaking out about that made him famous. Now, that he is the darling of Cathy Brennan and other TERF’s, he is singing a different tune so that y’all will love on him and give him a pedestal.”

        If trans person wants to get rich and have a large media platform,siding with feminists who say transwomen are men is a terrible career move.
        Thanks for the laugh.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn, what percentage of TransActive funding comes from individuals and agencies that make a profit from transgendering children?

      • I have plenty of integrity and that is why we are doing what we are doing, you should know to well about attention Jenn, you are the king of it, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You have been riding the pro trans kid bus for a long time for your own selfish reasons. I have never been pro any drugs for kids, you seem to have been the one pushing this and all your rhetorics, so much so that you single handedly ruined a documentary that a young couple was making, and I lost money I put out of pocket to fly to your location while you tried to take control of the project. You are evil Jenn, and even when you attempted to apologize for what you did, I knew not to believe you. You were the beginning of my distrust with trans women. So I suggest you stay out of my business and stop throwing around your male privilege that you so obviously possess.

      • Hey, Gallus Mag, thanks for the question about funding. The answer to your question is 0%. Now, I know you won’t believe that, but that’s OK. Your capacity for ignoring truth and facts is pretty legendary.

        Happy to answer any other questions you may have. It’s obvious you don’t have much accurate information.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you for putting that on record, Jenn. Will you back up that assertion by making your organization’s financial statements public?

      • B. Says:

        Jennder, you are a sick man. Leave the children alone.

      • 4thwavenow Says:

        More publicity for “In a Bind,” as well as the excellent sleuthing and interrogation work done on this thread, here:

    • TransActive Gender Center operates as a project under the auspices of a 501(c)3 organization, which gives us tax-exempt status. As such, we have no current independent requirement to publish a financial statement. As I said, on our timetable, we will of course publish a financial statement at some point in the future.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Under the auspices of what 501(c)3 organization is your political lobbying group operating as a tax exempt entity? Or is it a secret?

      • We do not do political lobbying, but once again, facts are irrelevant to you. You will continue to spread your garbage ‘info’ and perversions of feminism without any interest in useful engagement with others.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hmmm. You lobbied the Oregon legislature, did you not? How do you avoid characterizing that as other than political advocacy? I appreciate you helping me to understand. As you said:

        “Happy to answer any other questions you may have. It’s obvious you don’t have much accurate information.”

        So, under whose non-profit 501(c)3 does TransActive operate?

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m not understanding the lack of transparency. Quite unusual for a purported non-profit. Is there something unsavory about the group under whose 501(c)3 TransActive operates?

      • Miep Says:

        501 (c) 3 organizations are required to publish financial statements and make such available to the membership. Also, depending on the bylaws, they may be required to subject themselves to annual independent audits.

      • GallusMag Says:

        From TransActive:

        “TransActive Gender Center is the only independent non-profit organization in the USA offering a full range of in-house support and advocacy services to transgender and gender diverse children and youth.”

        Independent non-profit. Jenn, what do you mean by “independent” here?

      • We have NEVER lobbied the Oregon Legislature. We have provided provided education to members of the legistlature on issues they were considering and I have personally given testimony before the Oregon Legislature, but neither of those things are “lobbying”.

        We choose not to disclose our fiscal partner’s identity because we operate in most respects independently of them.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Okay, so you give testimony and “educate” the Oregon legislature on the ways in which you would like political policy to be made.

        And, according to you, TransActive misrepresents itself to donors as an independent non-profit when in fact TransActive is part of a larger group whose identity and non-profit financial records (if any) are kept secret by TransActive. So, TransActive is NOT a non-profit. TransActive is part of a larger, secret, financially controlling group. Wow. Also, Jenn, it is not a “fiscal partner” because TransActive is not a non-profit. TransActive also has no financial transparency.

      • Miep Says:

        For-profit organizations can operate under the auspices of non-profits, but the non-profit cannot conceal this legally. And for-profit organizations that are on the up-and-up don’t conceal parent organizations.

        This kind of structure can be used for all sorts of unethical purposes, such as the for-profit kicking back funds to the non-profit and writing it off as a tax-deductible donation, and the non-profit then doing stuff for members of the for-profit. This can be done especially effectively if the non-profit is organized as a church. I’ve seen this done personally, a nonprofit church using these kickback funds to pay for people going on “religious journeys,” in this case $25,000 trips to Europe.

        If this is what’s being done here, a for-profit operating as an organ of a nonprofit, they do have to keep books and file financial returns with the relevant governmental organs. I would think these organs might be interested in an organization that is so close lipped about its actual legal structuring.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        OHSU (Oregon Health sciences university) partners with “Jenn’s” group to provide puberty blockers and mutilation to confused, tumblr-sick teens. See And here is a brochure from OHSU talking about the support they provide for TA.

        As someone who has worked at several nonprofits and who was treasurer for a school related group, I have two things to add. First 501(c)3 groups are required by law to file annually with the IRS. No such filings exist for transactive– the irs makes these available online. So either they are breaking the law by claiming to be one, or they have something to hide. I’m betting on the latter. I’ll put money on the financial docs, once they finally appear showing unpaid loans to our friend “Jenn.” and a hefty salary, either for himself or his close friends/family.

        Second, the only thing that nonprofits have in common is crap wages for their rank and file employees, while execs bring home handsome salaries. Non profit does not mean a shiny golden halo– it simply means there are no investors, and that any extra income is funneled back into programs, or (MUCH more likely) into creature comforts and exec salaries. OHSU, for instance held the city of Portland hostage over their demands for a tram to connect luxury offices to their existing campus.

        The non profit university supporting transactive is actively benefitting from Oregon Health Plan (medicaid) dollars made possible, in turn, by the nonprofit transactive’s lobbying and their patient referrals to OHSU for puberty blockers. This is just as dirty as if a for profit medical group was benefitting. It’s just that in this case they both hide behind the non profit halo. But then again michfest crasher “Jenn” knows all about hiding in plain sight, doesn’t he?

      • GallusMag Says:

        No one knows who funds TransActive because they are not a non-profit. Jenn has misrepresented the financial status of TransActive.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn- what portion of TransActive (or whatever secret organization that accepts donations on your behalf) funds goes to your salary?

      • Miep Says:

        Oh yeah, the loan-that-never-gets-called-in trick, I saw that too. Busily collecting interest for years.

      • Congratulations. You caught me in a typo. They are the fiscal SPONSOR, not partner. Yep, I’m guilty of using the wrong word.

        You clearly do not understand “non-profit” status. We are, in fact, a non-profit organization able to receive funding under the auspices of our fiscal sponsor. We DO NOT claim to be a 501(c)3, however we most definitely are a non-profit.

        Having clarified that, I’m going to get back to work.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You seem to have quite a bit of trouble understanding how words work. Words like “Lobby”, “independent”, “501(c)3”, etc.

      • GallusMag Says:

        And you have claimed in the past that TransActive is a 501(c)3. You are quite a dishonest person.

      • GallusMag Says:

        What a fucking liar Jenn is:


        Keynote Address: Oregon Education Association LGBTQ Caucus

        PRLog – April 17, 2011 – PORTLAND, Ore. — My name is Jenn Burleton, and I’m the founder and Executive Director of TransActive Education and Advocacy. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization based in Portland, serving families throughout the Pacific Northwest, nationally and internationally.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn also claims at that link that TransActive is an all volunteer organization:

        “TransActive is a diverse and motivated volunteer team of people, working together to provide transgender children and youth a present and future in which they can thrive, achieve their dreams and express their individuality.”

        That is another lie. Jenn pulls a salary and other members are also paid.

      • Miep Says:

        Maybe registered under Oregon State law as a nonprofit. Not that that excuses the blatant lying. Also doesn’t excuse the “we don’t have to show you our stinking financial statements” crap.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No. Wrong, Miep.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No, Miep. Please stop. Look over the things before posting them please. All this means is that they registered the name in the state. Costs fifty bucks. The address they give is a post office box. Please stop throwing up unhelpful links and forcing me to look at them. Examine them closely yourself first. Or I will be forced to moderate. Thanks.

      • Miep Says:

        How do you manage to typo “sponsor” into “partner?” I don’t think you can fob this one off on autocorrect.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn seems to frequently refashion words into his own unique alternate meanings.

      • Miep Says:

        Jenn is having a serious First Rule of Holes problem here.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn: ‘But a hole is not the same thing as a pit!’


      • Miep Says:

        Still waiting for proof that this organization is any kind of nonprofit at all. Nothing about that on the link I posted. Being associated in some manner with a 501 (c) 3 does not make your organization a nonprofit. You have to file separately.

        I’m wondering whether this group has any kind of CPA or legal counsel at all, and if they do, are they aware of what Jenn is up to here?

      • Miep Says:

        Oh, another thing. Churches aren’t required to file annual returns with the IRS. I don’t have any objective evidence that a church is involved here but since the whole transgender rights movement aligns so well with faith-based organizations, it would be an obvious tactic.

      • Gallus Mag said “I’ll put money on the financial docs…showing unpaid loans to our friend ‘Jenn’ and a hefty salary.”

        How much money, GM? I’m calling your bluff. How much of your own $$ are you willing to risk? I’m calling you out, but of course, I know you will never pay because then, I would know who you are…and that doesn’t fit your style. You like to hide in the shadows, unlike me who has nothing to be ashamed of and is right out here in the open.

        But hey… you tell me what you’re willing to risk, and if its enough $$, let’s do the dance.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jenn Burleton, I never said any such thing. Stop fabricating. You seem to have an awful hard time keeping up.

        If anyone is hiding in the shadows I’d say it’s the person who lied about their organization being a non-profit, with all the transparency that entails.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I am willing to bet you work under the auspices of an organization funded at least in part by pharmaceutical companies, though.

      • Miep Says:

        Jenn, ethical nonprofits provide fully transparent financial and organizational reporting without suggesting people engage in gambling as to what they reveal.

      • Zemskull Says:

        I believe that every 501(c)3 has an IRS identification number. What is the number for this Oregon group and/or its parent group?

      • cerulean blue Says:

        “Jenn,” can’t you read? I was the one who wanted to wager, not Gallus. But certainly not with you. You’ve already proven you have little respect for the truth and a willingness to lie and deceive others (e.g., Michfest) but since you’ve offered, I’d absolutely love to see your sponsor’s financials. Funny how secretive your organization is, and how opaque, all while clamoring on and on for donations to your “non-profit.”

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Also, “Jenn,” it’s abundantly clear that the only “perversion of feminism” on this page is you. LITERALLY.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Transactive’s donation page says donations are tax deductible, and that page Miep linked says they are an Oregon Public Benefit nonprofit. Per this page, there are three types of nonprofits in Oregon, but only one type, the 501(c)3 aka public benefit nonprofit can accept tax deductible donations.

        From that page:

        “If not all nonprofits are charitable organizations, what are they?
        About half of the nonprofits that have applied to the IRS for “charitable” status have received a favorable determination. The remaining half may be exempt from corporate income tax under other parts of the Internal Revenue Code, but donors may not deduct contributions to these organizations as charitable contributions.”

        So “Jenn” if you are now denying that TA is a 501(c)3, how is it that you are accepting tax deductible contributions?

      • Charlotte Says:

        Jenn is peaved, he took the quote he knows he misattributed to gallus (because why have integrity?) and posted it to his FB, announcing the creation of a new terf-tracker esque group he plans to run.

        Trans people fed up of attacks on women sent me the screen shots because they were so horrified to see Jenn sumblimely threaten feminists with the warning they will be “tracked” and “outed”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That’s strange. Jenn came here ostensibly to, as Jenn said, “happily answer any questions”. Instead, he told a series of lies so blatant that they could all be easily disproven with a cursory google search.
        1. Jenn lied about TransActive’s status as an independent non-profit.
        2. Jenn lied about falsely representing TransActive as a 501(c)(3).
        3. Jenn lied about using TransActive for political lobbying.
        4. Jenn lied about TransActive’s fiscal transparency.
        5. Jenn lied about TransActive being an all-volunteer group.
        6. Jenn lied (repeatedly, according to you) about statements he falsified and attributed to me for the purpose of libel.
        7. Jenn lied about accepting funding for TransActive from individuals and organizations that make a profit from the medical transgendering of children.
        8. Jenn used TransActive as a platform to engage in slurs against lesbians and feminists.
        9. Jenn used TransActive as a platform to engage in public verbal abuse against women.
        10. Jenn used TransActive as a platform to engage in slander of transsexual activists who educate on the dangers of “puberty blockers”.
        11. Jenn refused to disclose evidence that TransActive operates under the auspices of a controlling non-profit.
        12. Jenn refused to disclose the identity of the organization that Jenn claims TransActive operates under, in order to avoid transparency of funding and transparency of institutionalized organizational alliances.
        13. Jenn refused to disclose the percentage of donated funds that go into Jenn’s personal bank account as a “salary”.
        14. Jenn refused to disclose the amount of this salary.
        15. Jenn is now, (according to your report) using TransActive as a platform to stalk and harass and publicly libel lesbians, gay men, feminists, and concerned parents who raise concerns about medicalizing gender in children, or who raise concerns about any of the above items.

        In light of this development, Charlotte would you please do us all a favor and post the screencaps you have obtained online, where we may all see them and proceed accordingly as our attorneys advise?

        Thank you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Charlotte- THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So this misogynistic shitstain Burleton wants to call his stalking site “Mama Bear”?! This from the guy sending out binders to minors, without their parent’s knowledge or permission?!! So not only does he envision himself as female, but also as some sort of bizarre female protective figure. Un-fucking-be-LIEV-able. What a horrible, no-good, very bad man.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        So this misogynistic shitstain Burleton wants to call his stalking site “Mama Bear”?! This from the guy sending out binders to minors, without their parent’s knowledge or permission?!! So not only does he envision himself as female, but also as some sort of bizarre female protective figure. Un-fucking-be-LIEV-able. What a horrible, no-good, very bad man.

        Yes. Using the title of “Mama Bear Media” is exactly the sort of reversal a boundary-violating sociopath engages in. He responds to women who defend the interests of women and children by claiming that it is HE who acts out of the desire to protect. If he were honest he’d post a photo of a fox guarding a hen house instead.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Jane, one thing that’s come out of following the trans bullshit for me is exactly what you speak of: becoming better at noticing the manipulative use of language…and the type of people who do it most often. The posts at this site, and the commenters here, have helped a lot with that.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      Thank you Siobhan and a cat for your answers 🙂

  2. Oceans Says:

    It is so sad that children are going to have be harmed before the trans train slows down at all.

  3. Miep Says:

    I have thought it pretty clear for some time that medical transitioning should be abolished. These folks seem to believe that even without it, people like them survived in the past, without all the ills of surgery and hormones. I think medical transitioning muddies the picture terribly and makes it more difficult for people to see what is at the heart of GID, which is people refusing to conform with socially prescribed gender roles. What does that mean? It can mean to recognize the ritualized dominant and submissive gender roles and how they apply to “man” and “woman,” and refuse to play the game. Or it can mean not seeing it clearly and instead wanting to play the role assigned to the opposite sex. These are very different choices and that is the knotty problem that needs to be sorted out. Additionally some personality traits may indeed be hard wired, and have no innate association with sex, but still have socially prescribed associations with gender, which could help explain some of the severe discomfort some people feel. But still, getting rid of gender solves it all, while medical transitioning is a nightmare.

  4. Yep, kids will have to be damaged before this shit is finally given the boot in the ass it deserves.

  5. GallusMag Says:

    From TransgenderCare.Com (bolding by them!):

    Leuprolide acetate (Lupron)

    Leuprolide acetate (Lupron) is used as an anti-androgen as it has the potential to reduce testosterone to castrate levels. It is an analog of naturally occurring gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH or LH-RH). The analog possesses greater potency than the natural hormone. Lupron is normally used in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer when orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) or estrogen administration are either not indicated or unacceptable to the patient.

    Lupron does carry a variety of risks that have been associated with its use including a variety of cardiovascular difficulties (congestive heart failure, ECG changes/ischemia, blood pressure changes, murmur), musculoskeletal pain and fluid retention. While the non-transgender male suffering from prostatic cancer may consider these risks acceptable as compared to castration or estrogens, these same risks seem absurd in the parlance of a feminization regimen.

    • Zemskull Says:

      That’s interesting. Lupron is frequently used by women before undergoing an IVF cycle, and also by egg donors.

      • neme Says:

        And there is growing anecdotal evidence that those women who did it in their forties are dying of cancer in their sixties.

      • The operative word there being “anecdotal”…

      • Lupron is also a go to drug for ferrets with adrenal disease.

        *And we in the ferret community are MORE careful with it’s use than most of these trans pushers are when it comes to human children!*

        If you have ever heard/seen a trans tell a young person “just take the hormones, that’s how you will know if you’re trans!”, you will know exactly what I mean.

        I can’t think of a single ferret advocate (yes, we exist, usually in rescue/shelter work!) that suggests lying to vets, or experimenting with lupron without a medical diagnosis of adrenal disease, and a solid weighing of the options.

        That we show more concern than so many in the trans cult is very scary, I worry for the kids they experiment on. I am so glad some other trans are speaking out.

        (I noticed that many other rad fems and rad lesbians are heavily involved in the shelter, rescue, of vulnerable animals. Bev Jo, I am thinking of you!)

      • stchauvinism Says:

        We will just have to see what happens with these medically experimented on kids. Some will be ok,but some are going to have health problems and also regret what was done to their body by their parents,doctors and other trusted adults. I hope they sue people like Burleton to the moon.

        There is no way a child can conceive what transition is. These kids are being told that they are really a girl/boy,but they are not. Transition is at best a compromise but it will not,and simply cant,make someone into the opposite sex. White male heteropatriarchy capitalism aint all that and cannot make a male into a female just cause it says it can.

        These kids are being set up for a crushing disappointment and they are going to be mad angry at the adults who hustled them. I think maybe something we as feminists can do to help these kids is to listen to detransitioners and support them and help them build a network and get their stories out cause todays trans kids are going to need people who lived through this madness who can hear them and understand and give them hope and a different narrative besides,transition or die.

      • Bea Says:

        Jennder says, “The operative word there being “anecdotal”…”

        Typical male gaslighting. Now why would I trust those profiting off the pills rather than those taking them? Men like you, Jennder, are in a constant war to trick women into ignoring our instincts so you can play out your poisonous fantasies. If hundreds/thousands/millions of women/children are dying from a Pharma drug or procedure, it’s “anecdotal” until teh menz releases a statement. From five to seven THOUSAND seal-limbed babies were born to mothers taking thalidomide in Germany alone before they stopped prescribing it, and that was in the 50s and 60s before the medical industry basically ruled the world. How many lobotomies left patients brain-dead before teh menz stopped saying the evidence is anecdotal? Women are still up in arms about breast implants, but that’s all anecdotal, isn’t it, Jennder?

      • Zemskull Says:

        Neme: I have heard the theories that Gilda Radner and Elizabeth Edwards got ovarian cancer due to fertility treatments. Has Lupron been cited in those cases?

    • “The operative word there being “anecdotal”…”

      Dude you are fucked up! There are studies and researches about the dangers of Lupron. You don’t give a shit about these children!

  6. GallusMag Says:

    I guess Mark and Jessica split?! That’s too bad.

  7. GallusMag Says:

    Mark looks ready to kick some ass. Guest post invitation extended.

    • 4thwavenow Says:

      Mark is kicking serious ass on Facebook. Even linking to Sheila Jeffreys! It’s interesting to see how people can change.

      • GallusMag Says:

        hmmm. Not public. Good to know, though.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Yep, I was drawn to Mark BECAUSE of the willingness to talk of these issues. Mark & Lynna are getting shit now because they are starting to question the whole trans agenda. Its so amazing, after all the vitriol us feminists have been getting, to see more trans people, especially one as visible as Mark, whom was considered one of the top 100 influential trans men, to start to say the way women are being treated is enough, and the way these kids are being hurt is going to back lash. (Dropped from the 100 list too for daring to critique Janet Mock).

      • Miep Says:

        Charlotte: it’s really terribly sad, because these kinds of efforts are so much more likely to build tolerance of gender nonconformity, while the standard trans agenda is a train wreck in progress. Complaining about discrimination and doing everything you can to further dangerous agendas is not an effective political strategy, to say the least.

  8. 4thwavenow Says:

    Yeah, you have to have a Facebook account to view the posts, but the posts are set to be viewed by “everyone.” (Isn’t that true of all Facebook accounts, unless they are commercial/business pages?)

    • GallusMag Says:

      No, some people have public pages. And/or public posts.
      Everything I’ve ever published here has been public. Contrary to what the Transjacktivists claim…

      • branjor Says:

        I can see Mark’s page with posts on it. I have a fb account, but I’m not friends with her.

      • 4thwavenow Says:

        It’s interesting to go through Mark’s Facebook and see a shift in perspective. Mark published a “Public Statement on My Core Beliefs” 8 months ago. I guess there was a lot of pushback from the Trans community, calling Mark a “TERF” and such for interviewing Brennan. Mark takes a very equivocal, ambiguous position in that “Statement,” but what is being posted now on Mark’s Facebook is and elsewhere is much more combative. I get the strong impression that Mark is fed up with the trans activist position and appears to be throwing caution to the winds. Really talking a lot about mental illness in the trans community. Mark linked to both GenderTrender and my blog in the last hour. Worth a look.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes, 4thWave noted that it is visible only to those on, and signed into, Facebook.

      • Miep Says:

        Yes, Mark has a lot of public posts, that one can see if one is logged into one’s own account. It’s true that some pages can be seen if not logged in, maybe those are not personal pages?

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Miep- No, anyone can make their posts public. If you have to sign in to a website, those posts are not public. They are not indexed by search engines, they are forum-only posts. My policy has always been to only publish posts that are public.

        @4th Wave- Good reporting! lol. I don’t have a Facebook so I cannot see it.

  9. Cynthia Frank Says:

    It’s disgusting that these two freaks state that most trans people end up alone (which is true) while they coo upon their sofa, representing….what? The glorious exception? I agree with the message regarding puberty blockers, but the smugness of these two is unbearable.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Awwww. Now, now Cynthia. There’s a lid for every pot.

    • Hello Cynthia, I am sorry you feel we are “Freaks” and that our sofa which is where we do our TV show, since we live in an RV offends you. We are doing the best we can, and trying to help educate people against doing what many have done including ourselves. But I thank you for your comment and view point.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Lol. Cynthia is our resident extremely disgruntled transsexual. Think Oscar on Sesame Street.

      • amym440 Says:

        Any of us who are older grew up without hormone blockers also know the standards of care as currently applied are a joke. There is no screening for paraphilic behavior. The DSM clearly points those who are more paraphilic in behavior towards the transvestite category, then expels those who are into sadomasochism out of that and into the more serious paraphilic categories and acknowledges that they most likely have multiple paraphilias. Counselors are not screening for that.

        WPATH is a joke taken over by queer activist and autogynephiles. Clink the link to Transsexual women’s resources off you go to Anne Lawrence. Kelly winters also has written extensively to try and de-stygmatize fetishistic transvestism which is the path to autogynephilia. Lamda Legal is imbedded in fetlife and giving them legal advice on how to cover their asses. NGTLF allows them into the creating change conferences and holds seminars for them.

        To many “trans” people spend more time and effort into being “trans” then they do being the men or women they claim to be. No one is adequately questioning that behavior and calling it out.

        I support hormone blockers for the few kids that are destined to fit the original definition of Transsexual. I think there is a problem though that became really evident in Leelah Acorns suicide letter. The children that aren’t getting them are being sent the message that they cannot successfully transition post puberty and it is driving them to suicide.

        The conversation needs to be shifted towards preventing suicides and acknowledging that kids who aren’t getting hormone blockers are committing suicide because of transition related myths.

        I care very much about all kids whether they self identify as LGBT or not (Many kids and adults do not identify as “LGBT” or with the labels even though they maybe same same sex attracted or have a sex identity that does not match their originally listed birth sex.)

        This is in area where I wish there could be some unity. We can argue about all sorts of issues but we should draw the line at engaging in behavior that is causing children to self harm no matter what our personal beliefs or agenda is.

        I believe there are few people that have gone to the lengths to oppose the use of the word “transgender” and “LGBT” inclusion then I have. Where I will stop is if my actions were shown to be causing kids to self harm. Won’t you please do the same?

        I am not going to ask you to totally bend your positions but I think it would be greatly appreciated that you would at least bend your position enough to acknowledge that for some however small that is, transitioning sex is a positive thing and is a threat to no one. It really does keeps them alive!

        The kids really do need that message! Knowing I could change my physical sex medically and legally gave me hope and a reason to live in my darkest hours. As a kid I didn’t understand all the biological issues, all I understood was there was a way for me to become the person I longed to be and needed to become. No where within my thoughts then were Womyn born womyn or wishing any harm to women. It was all about feeling very deeply uncomfortable with my sense of self and a body betraying it and not having anyone to turn to talk about it.
        It took me a very long time and a lot of painful realizations to get to where I am in my understanding of self. I had to be an adult and one with some years under my belt to be able to handle them. These kids cannot handle the reality I now know to be truth.

        We are adults! can we at least find unity that all children’s lives are valuable and that as adults we must be careful that our actions do not negatively effect the health and welfare of children!

        On this I believe we must find the strength to over come our differences and stand in unity! I sincerely hope that you all at least agree with me on this much!

        Lisa McDonald

      • neme Says:

        Mark, I thank you and Lynna for speaking out, and wish you much happiness together.

    • Siobhan Says:

      This is a new relationship, so they have that new relationship thing going on. Mark recently had a tough breakup with a fiance who used to do the show as well. I think if you asked Mark directly you might find a fairly cynical attitude about relationships at this point.

    • WeWillWin Says:

      Smugness? I read it as love. And I found their sincerity beautiful and refreshing.

  10. river Says:

    I’m reading there. Intriguing, not what’s there because it’s all been here, but that she is pursuing this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow. Kick ass!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yanno, trans like to discredit McHugh but the Johns Hopkins study which tracked objective outcomes (instead of self-reports) of patients- the study which caused the largest SRS provider in existence to stop doing the surgery- wasn’t actually done by McHugh. It was done by Jon Meyer:

    • Zemskull Says:

      Thanks for the link to Mark’s profile. I followed his link to the Wall Street Journal and this is particularly compelling: “A 2011 study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden produced the most illuminating results yet regarding the transgendered, evidence that should give advocates pause…Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population.”

      • Since so many trans have multiple mental health problems, I do wonder how many of these suicides are caused directly, and only, by being transgender, instead of by the combination of mental illnesses. I can see blaming the trans disorder because it is so prominent, and obvious, compared to more hidden problems like bipolar disorder, but I am sure that having many (often significant) diagnosis makes one more vulnerable to suicide. (just being bipolar is tough enough!!!)

      • Charlotte Says:

        When I look at the host of crap that can go wrong with the human body: down syndrome, quadrapalegic, Proteus, teacher Collins, etc. Conditions with NO cure and little treatment, conditions that FAR surpass transgenderism in diminishing quality of life and appearance; and I don’t see the people suffering this wretched things offing themselves in the way trans people report to, that tells me that there are WAY bigger issues than just being trans going on here….

  11. GallusMag Says:

    I wonder how many lesbians were (in part) persuaded to transition by the pro-gender activism of Mark Angelo Cummings, in the past.

    I think it’s really good that the people who wake up try and undo some of the damage they may have inadvertently helped to cause in the past. In fact I think it is a moral obligation.

    • Miep Says:

      I think more culpable are the docs who go along with making money off of messing around with people’s bodies in ways that do not help and cause damage. I agree that it is important for people who were high profile in promoting transgenderism to speak out against it, but really the docs are the primary enablers. Otherwise we’d all just be arguing about freedom of presentation. And it is all very much related to their history of predatory practices on women; removing healthy sexual organs, HRT, breast and lymph gland removal when lumpectomies had just as good outcomes. Breast augmentation for that matter. This is all about making an artificially convenient woman for men to use, and there was, I think, a strong element of that in the origins of SRS.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ultimately only trans people can turn this thing around. As you say there is much big pharma/medico investment in perpetrating this pubic health crisis. But it isn’t “the docs” killing people with injections of silicone from the home depot. It isn’t “the docs” injecting veterinary horse testosterone.

      • Miep Says:

        Well, legal medical practices do give a faux aura of legitimacy to DIY. But all this “I can’t do this legally and via actual doctors but I can’t afford to wait,” and the promotion of that attitude does fall firmly in the laps of trans activists.

        Also there is a difference between arguing those who benefit most have the greatest obligation to right the wrongs, and arguing that there are people who have the largest potential to be influential in do so, and that they have a moral obligation thusly. It would be good to see the latter influencing medical attitudes towards such invasive procedures, especially via debunking the notion that these are the only alternative to childhood and adolescent suicide.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Miep- agree on all counts. You eloquent bastard! x

      • amym440 Says:

        I think most culpable are a trifecta of different groups with a common agenda. I’m not going to name those three groups. They figured out how to sexually exploit transsexualism and what it means to be transsexual for their gain.

        It is well documented throughout the literature that more than those who truly fit the definition of “transsexual” seek medical treatments and sex reassignment.

        If this conversation is truthful I think many of us have witnessed the ways Transsexualism has been exploited and for what purposes. For certain lesbians access to legal gender change removed obstacles to them marrying their partner. On you tube there was a clip to an Oprah show about it called the “transgender loophole. The video has been removed. Oprah never once questioned their actions as potentially illegal and everyone oohed and ah’d their love for each other when one of the couple was willing to undergo an incomplete change of sex to legally marry their partner.

        I’ve seen plenty of occasions where you’d have to be a fool not to know that is what was going on. I’ve supported same sex marriage long before it became popular to. How does that negatively effect those who truly are “transsexual?”

        I’ve met plenty of old fetishistic transvestites who shortly after their wives pass away want to become full time fetishistic transvestites. They have no interest in surgery but becoming legally female is part of their fetishistic desire.

        Anyone who has been around for a while knows their are homosexual males that are male self identified who engage in prostitution while dressed as women. Many of their customers are those who become autogynephillic. Some of them also work as drag queens and will undergo various levels of sexual reassignment up to and including SRS. They represent the highest rates of those who are “transgender” and HIV infected. Some of them are the ones being remembered on the Transgender day of remembrance because some John killed them. No one wants to admit that truth though, least of not Transgender activist because they gain social, political, and monetarily from it and can continuing to deceive the public. It also helps to feed and justify including all “transsexuals” in the “gay community.”

        They are the ones that also self identify as “gay” and are most willing to reject the word “Transsexual.” To them Transsexual is a word and an identity they used to sell themselves. To them “transsexual” = a word I used to soil myself, “transgender” = a word I use to redeem myself. Transsexual=dirty Transgender=angel.

        Another dirty little secret is the vast majority of the most gender non-conforming kids grow up to be heterosexual and I identify as their birth sex. Harvard released the most comprehensive and long term study about it. 85% of the kids grew up to be heterosexual but severely emotionally damaged from their experiences as youth. Not one of those kids grew up to be Transsexual and only 15% became homosexual.

        Why are the gender non-conforming kids that are being fast tracked onto a transsexual path being labelled “transgender” and shepherded into the “gay community?” None of us know their sexual orientation or what it is going to be when they grow up. They are told they can be the little boy or girl they identify as given hormone blockers and told eventually they can take hormones and then have surgery to become a man or a woman. They are to young and to naive to see the dead end path they are being sent on into the gay community. They are being taught to be good little “gay voices” and you can see that on Huffington Post.

        Gender non-conforming lesbian and gays were also swept into the “transgender umbrella.” This was done so more gender conforming gay and lesbians could shed the negative stereotypes they created and the stygma they faced from it.

        None of these groups support sex reassignment for anything but their personal gain and for them it is a “choice.”

        The parents aren’t wise to this and they need to become aware of it and just what they are associating their kids with when they label them “transgender.” They are not fully of the long term consequences their kids will be face because they allowed them to be labeled “transgender.” They only see the temporary good coming from it. They don’t see the long hard fall their kids are being set up for.

        I general I have no problem with someone playing games with gender, but i do when it comes at the expense of someone else. If you are going to play with “gender” have the decency to be honest about it don’t pretend you are something you really aren’t and despise.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Lisa- have you ever noticed how nobody reads your blog? That’s because no one wants to read your truescum trus trans HBS crap. You’ve been banned from here before for excessive amounts of spewage. I’m perfectly happy for you to contribute, but you will have to keep it in manageable doses. Folks can (they won’t, but they can) go read your blog for more if they want. Thanks.

        Also your 85% heterosexual figure for desisting “transgender” children is nonsense. OK thanks.

      • Ebrat Says:

        Doctors ARE the primary enablers. They invented the surgical misnomer “sex-change.”

    • coelacanth Says:

      Gallus, yes, only trans themselves can truly stop this insanity. And yes, Miep, the medical and psychiatric con artists who allowed all of this to happen must be held accountable.

      But a third group, perhaps the most culpable and despicable, must also be publicly held accountable for what they have done to women, to lesbians, and to gay men over the past 20 years by propping up trans lies at our expense: the media and politicians whose craven manipulation of the entire trans nightmare has ruined careers, lives, communities and cultures.

      Perhaps the trans people who made this video will be the first to make a public statement — not just about what they’ve done to gender nonconforming children — but to all the women, lesbians, and gay men who have been pilloried for years by trans as “terfs” and “cis scum” for daring to speak the truth, and say the one thing no trans has ever said in public to us: “I’m sorry”.

      For any trans to admit that anything in the Trans Ideology is wrong is a major breakthrough. But the real breakthrough will be when a trans person apologizes to the woman, lesbians and (handful of) gay men who have so long fought and in cases like Gallus literally put her life on the line to speak the truth about the societal and historical poison that is Transgender.

      And when that truth about trans insanity is written — and it will be — Gendertrender (and the few other similar archives) will provide the facts that have documented in microscopic and scholarly detail, the calumny that has been the Trans-Queer Era.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Mark made a beautiful comment on FB this afternoon about feeling guilt and worry over leading women to transdom, it was apologetic and emotional.

      I felt sad to read it, because, Mark, as Maritza, was dealt a lot of pain, and if it wasn’t for this bullshit patriarchy, Maritza wouldn’t have went there. I don’t think the transition for Mark wasn’t about abandoning women, it was about coming to grips with self. It takes A LOT of courage to admit that, to everyone, let alone to one’s self…. And Mark is doing it because its right, even knowing the shit will hit the fan as a result.

      As far as I’m concerned, Mark/Maritza, deserves so much applause, watching the long term friends jump on Mark across facebook (and there’s some big names in the community doing it) and still see Mark refuse to back track, in the name of protecting women and kids…

      Thanks so much Gallus for posting this, you are one of my favorite rad fems of all time! You have taught me so much in the time I have read your work, most important? That I don’t have to capitulate all the damn time, that just because I have a vagina don’t mean my fate in life is to act weak and capitulate.

      The more I read, the more radical I become.

  12. Siobhan Says:

    I’m really impressed with this, as well as their other longer video at As Gallus says, kicking ass and calling the bs what it is. Mark is one of the few people who might be able to get through to the starry-eyed “look at me I’m so tolerant” liberals and help them understand that what is being done to gender-nonconforming children is cruel and unethical.

  13. Miep Says:

    One of the scariest things to me about using Lupron on prepubescent kids is that adolescence involves natural neural “pruning,” there are a lot of physical changes that go on in the brain during this time. What happens if this process is postponed? Does it happen later when cross-hormones are administered? Does it even happen all? What will this do? Does anybody have the foggiest idea?

    • Siobhan Says:

      Yes! This is alarming to me. First the Lupron freezes puberty so none of the normal realignment and pruning happens in the brain. That 11 year old who went on puberty blockers because they knew that’s what mommy expected will be the same eager-to-please child five years later; there is no “more mature decision” as the child has not matured at all while on Lupron. And then cross-sex hormones are delivered, with what results? Do the massive brain changes that happen over a ten+ year period in natural puberty happen? Or are these kids frozen in preadolescence, unable to summon more critical thinking processes or mature decision making processes? Are there cognitive effects? Why can’t I find a SINGLE article that looks into this? How is it ethical to give kids something with the potential to destroy their life, without any research at all on the long-term effects?

      BTW, my dad had to use lupron when he was dx with prostate cancer; it has some really awful side effects. This is not a neutral treatment.

      • Miep Says:

        I can’t imagine how research would be done, Siobhan. I don’t think rat studies would necessarily demonstrate much, although they might demonstrate something.

        Basically this IS the research.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Except no data is being collected. So it isn’t research. It isn’t an experiment. It’s just a thing being done to kids with no oversite whatsoever.

      • Miep Says:

        I was being sarcastic. Obviously this isn’t a formal research project. This would not be allowed to be a formal research project, because these children are not objectively at risk of dying or having their health seriously compromised, their problems are entirely subjective, and they are too young to give consent to being part of a clinical trial in any case. So their experiences, however they are documented, or aren’t, will be all anyone has to work with.

        I wonder whether there is some way to go after Spack that will completely ruin him, not just result in his license being taken away because he can’t get malpractice insurance anymore.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The only research that has ever been done is this study, on bone density. It showed that peak human bone density is never achieved in these children (at least not by the age of 21):

        Olson says she is now embarking on a study of 14 of the over 100 children she has sterilized. No idea how she selected those subjects or what the hypothesis of her study is. Probably something social, not medical. She has a massive conflict of interest and is desperate to create data that defends her clinical decisions.

        The Tavistock Portman clinic under Polly Carmichael conducted a study which has not yet been published. Again, I believe this measures social/psychological outcomes but I’m not sure. Various news sources have quoted uncited (presumably off the record) “reports” of high desistance rates with the Tavistock Portman subjects, unlike anything seen in the reports from the Netherlands (which only followed the subjects for the duration of one year). And unlike anything cited anecdotally by Olson, or Spack in his Pediatrics Journal article. What makes this especially interesting, if it is true, is that unlike the studies in the Netherlands or the anecdotal reports in the U.S., the Tavistock study is the first one that is not being conducted by clinicians who are desperate to justify their previous actions. NO children were treated by Tavistock prior to implementing the study.

        Should be interesting to see the study. But none of them to my knowledge are researching the physiological effects and/or developmental effects of the practice of medically transgendering children.

      • Miep Says:

        Whoa. I read that post but turned off the comment-email before you posted that. That’s a pretty serious finding. More hardships for the elderly transed, having weak bones.

      • Well late puberty is assumed to be linked to schizophrenia according to a researcher named F. Saugstad and others because of the synaptic pruning goes on beyond the age of 16.
        If that’s true than these children could face a very grim future. They don’t even have the normal puberty at 16. Trans activists and their supporters created a monster and it’s victims are gnc children.


      • KgSch Says:

        So, this is a drug that keeps children from going through puberty, thus meaning that they don’t get to look like adults, and it’s a drug that keeps children’s brains from developing thus meaning that they can’t develop the critical thinking skills needed to run their lives and make adult decisions? Wow, sounds like a pedophile’s dream to me!

        Yes, a “research” project like this would not be considered ethical and the only people collecting any data on this are the child-abuser doctors who are giving these kids these drugs in the first place. Serious conflict of interest right there.

    • gchild Says:

      Yes, the “pruning” process that takes place during puberty helps PREVENT mental illness and dysfunction in the adult brain. Infants and young children need trillions of synaptic pathways to learn about the world in a relatively short amount of time. Adults do not.

      In fact, too many “roads” in the adult brain lead to chaos, dysfunction, and faulty perceptions about time and causal relationships (did this action happen before or after I thought it?). IOW, schizophrenia and other schizo affective disorders. How do we know interfering with puberty won’t interfere with this process? We don’t.

      The sad thing is ,blocking puberty will not only NOT make GID go away, but its impact on the brain could make their lives even more miserable. Passing and prettiness won’t keep them from going insane.

      Trans who advocate for this type of “treatment” are basically saying that future sex appeal is worth risking physical and mental health. I am disgusted by this in ways that are unquantifiable. Only males could think this shit up.

      Thanks Mark and Lynna for speaking out against it.

      • “Trans who advocate for this type of “treatment” are basically saying that future sex appeal is worth risking physical and mental health.”

        That’s exactly what autogynephiles dream of: Sex appeal. But they sacrifice the physical and mental health of gnc children. They don’t care because they are narcissists who live in a fantasy world and deny/ignore the grim reality.

  14. Ashland Avenue Says:

    This video floored me. This is astonishing to see – trans people saying, “This has gotten completely out of hand. Especially with the kids.” I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I’m the parent of a toddler; I don’t have time for this! I watched it after the babe went to sleep. It was that interesting. Considering the flak they’re going to get, this was a whole lot braver than anything Bruce has ever done.

    I do have questions. Mark said if given the chance, he may have done things differently. What about Lynna? Knowing the dangers, why is he still taking the drugs? Why still “transition” at all? I’m just not quite sure where they stand wrt the delusion aspect of it all. As in, it seems they realize one cannot medically transition from male to female or vice versa, so why are they continuing with some of their actions? What are they getting out of it? I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m just a bit confused as to where they’re at.

    • Miep Says:

      I would be interested in hearing their answers to these questions as well. Is it just a matter of it being difficult to change something you’ve gotten used to? and used to the idea of?

    • Ashland thank you for your question and I will try to answer it as honestly as I can. Just like everyone has fallen for the power of suggestion and programing of this transgender movement, I too fell into the trap when visiting Key West in Florida during my honey moon, with my now ex wife Violet (we had a non legal ceremony, I had not transitioned yet).

      While there, one of the girls at the resort we were staying at called The Rainbow House, asked me if I was an FTM? I was a female bodybuilder and looked pretty masculine. They explained to me what it was since I had no clue at the time, this was August of 2003. Any ways to make a long story short I started to do the research and like a run away train one thing led to another and here I am. I transitioned in less than 6 months, had a full hysto and top surgery in December of 2003.

      It has been 12 years since my transition and looking back, the way I think now has totally changed, in fact I never really had any of the typical dysphoria, I went back in forth in my youth being fem and butch and felt quite comfortable in both roles. I have always been a feminist at heart, but I don’t know what happened to me. I often say this is sort of an MK ultra programing that is being done to us, and people are like zombies following the message in their brains.

      What actually has made us take a turn is to see the craziness in this community, the delusion, anger and pushing from the new wave of advocates who are going crazy and now the kid issue, put the final straw that broke the camels back.

      Also I don’t know if you know the story between Lynna and I but our life changed when Lynna came cross country to meet me from Minneapolis and fell just 40 min to my destination on Dec
      30th 2014, falling off a mountain 300 feet. Here is the link to our story.

      That event changed our lives. I have been taking care of Lynna ever since and we have been inseparable. I have never loved like this before, I have never known the need to be selfless and take care of someone as I have her. She couldn’t move her arms, she was partially paralyzed. I fed her, cleaned her after every bowel movement, and bathed her. I was her arms and legs and have nursed her back to health. Being with Lynna has changed me so much. We both want to do what is right, we want to help people understand that life is so much more important than trivial things. Trans people think they have it bad, but they do not know what bad is. I hope I answered your question if not, please ask specifics and we would be glad to answer you.

      • Miep Says:

        I don’t know what happened to you either, Mark. I think part of what we’re trying to do here is sort out what happened to all of you. And all of us.

        You sound like a caring person. Thank you for being a caring person.

        I’ll send you a friend request on the Book of Face.

      • Miep Says:

        And I am glad I did.

      • Miep Says:

        I’m in Carlsbad, the other side of New Mexico to the east, and I used to know cavers who were mad to drive up into the mountains to the west, including dealing with a rather dicey mountain road.

        I’ve been up there, with a very stable and skilled driver, twice, in nice weather. But the wind can get nasty and all things considered I don’t ever want to be on those roads again, though I do love the mountains and I’m glad I got to be there a few times.

      • Atranswidow Says:

        Mark, you were very brave to give that link to your story of your meeting with Lynna and I am very sorry about the accident. I wanted so much to believe that yours and Lynna’s story was somehow different. But, you see, I read the comments to that story.
        I still share Ashland’s sense of confusion.

        Who knows where the truth begins and ends for any of us, particularly when we represent ourselves on the screen for others to read about, and I include myself in that.

        Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I would never have married my ex 30 years ago if I knew where it would end up; just as you say you would never have transitioned 12 years ago had you known certain things. We all make mistakes and we can only learn from them and move on.

        Your blog and face-book page have lots of new angles on things I’ve been wanting to find out about, both for my own peace of mind and for what i want to tell my kids one day in a way that they can be free to make their own sense of what has happened to their father.

      • I’ve been reading your blog and your posts about what’s happening to the trans community have been enlightening and have given me a lot of food for thought.

        I read your transition story on your blog, but somehow missed this quote: “but I don’t know what happened to me. I often say this is sort of an MK ultra programing that is being done to us,”

        That’s terrifying. I’ve heard other people compare it to a cult and I thought that might be hyperbole, or at least limited to the teens on tumblr. But you were fully adult. And the speed at which you transitioned is absolutely astonishing. Did anyone try to talk you out of it? What about friends or family?

        I keep saying this, but the level of medical care trans folk are receiving is substandard at best if not flat out malpractice. Did you not receive any type of counseling about this drastic decision? I can’t help but contrast this with when I had to have fibroid surgery. I was 39 years old and in a great deal of pain. My doctor counseled me and suggested we wait until we could get the pain under control so I wouldn’t make any drastic decisions while in such extremity. I just don’t understand how any medical professional could take you from not even knowing what FTM was to a hysterectomy in six months!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Thanks for your reply, Mark, but yeah, I’m still left wondering some things.

        I’ll repeat: knowing the dangers, why are the two of you still taking the drugs? Why does Lynna still want to have an orchi, when he knows there’s no such thing as medical transition anyway? Does he hate that part of his body that much, in which case, why is he not dealing with that as a bodily self-hatred issue rather than as a “I must be a woman” issue, as the two of you discuss in the video?

        The two of you also discuss being intersex. What we’ve seen documented here at GT is that a lot of trans people say they’re intersex, which is an actual medical condition, when what they’re referring to is simply their psychological dysphoria. Bluntly put, the word “intersex” has been co-opted by some trans people to lend legitimacy to their claims of actually being the opposite sex. This of course has upset many in the intersex community. So, have you actually been tested for intersexuality, or are you claiming that based on anecdotal evidence?

        That may seem an odd thing for me to question, but here’s why it matters: most people can sense when, to use a colloquial phrase, someone is blowing smoke up their ass. (In case there are non-North American readers here whose countries don’t use that phrase, it means being lied to/being conned/being bullshitted.) Anyway, I think when trans people blithely use the word “intersex” to describe themselves, without actual physical and medical evidence to back it up, it sets off people’s bullshit detectors – and they then tend not to believe anything else you claim. That’s how it works for me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. If you want to be genuine, then be genuine. Don’t claim something that is not yours to claim.

        The article that you linked to describes a horrifying accident, and I’m glad that Lynna is on the road to recovery, and that he has you. But the comments to that article were certainly eye-opening…lots of drama there.

        Frankly, I think it’s very unfair, to put it mildly, that you and Lynna dis his ex-wife for not wanting to stay with him. She may be a Bible-thumper, but she’s also heterosexual, and she’s allowed that. She didn’t wish to be married to a woman. For Lynna to claim that his ex-wife “abandoned” him, that she “walked away from her responsibility”, that she somehow broke her vows, and that she is “intolerant” for not wanting to do a complete 180 on her own sexual orientation (who can do that anyway?!), is awful. I’m a lesbian, so don’t think that my feelings are rooted in some form of homophobia. There are several women who post here who’ve been in Cheryl’s shoes, and I’m sure they’d have more to say about this from their side of the fence. It’s a safe bet I don’t agree with most of Cheryl’s beliefs, but like every other human being on the planet, she should be allowed her sexual orientation without condemnation. As a straight woman, she married someone she thought was a man. When he wanted to present as a woman, and bring her along for the ride, she had every right to be upset. For Lynna to show up unannounced in drag to “explain” to their kids what was going on….well, suffice to say, I can think of better ways that could’ve been handled.

        Anyway, I’m glad that you and Lynna are putting another viewpoint out there. But as a woman who has seen the damage that the trans movement has done, let’s just say my self-defense antennae are up. Hopefully you can understand why. If not, just start reading this website…

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Mark: Unfortunately, I am not surprised that it was easy for you to receive a breast reduction and hysterectomy. These two procedures are pushed on American women–who are NOT trying to transition–with far too much frequency. Back pain? Breast reduction will solve it! Heavy periods? Hysterectomy for you! Modern medicine does not recommend castration to men with such alarming frequency.

      • Philosophies that give confident, unambigous, unequivocal, answers to (often) desperate seekers, while also offering a complete, easy to identify solution, can be very appealing. This is especially when the person searching for an answer is dealing with a mental health problem, a very uncomfortable psychological issue, or has been out of the norm socially. It’s only human to look for an answer to pressing questions of human nature.

        But trans is as powerful as it is because it’s the perfect storm of feminist, anti woman, backlash (re redefining gender), rampant homophobia, countless Internet confessionals and forums, postmodernism, and worst of all- a medical and physiological community that is always seeking new profits, and was founded on some very disturbing ideas and barbaric experimentation.

        It’s not one bit surprising that people fall into this, especially already vulnerable, oppressed or outcast groups (like lesbians and gay teens). I dont think the autogenophilic, or power tripping, middle age white MTT are part of this, I think what they do is intentional and chosen, rather than the ideas they were sucked into during a search for identity and meaning.

        Jut my thoughts, as I have seen other movements- and cults- that were similarly motivated, and that is how people get drawn in.

    • lynnalopez Says:

      While the question is presented to us in our own trans community about Mark and I de transitioning and going back to our former lives, the fact is that what is done is done. My mom would love to see Mark shave his beard, grow his hair out, get breasts again, don a dress and go back to being Maritza, but that is just not possible. Me? I have been taking hormones, my records have all been changed, my new name is official, I have had some surgery and my body has taken a decidedly feminine shape. Regardless of all those things, this is not and never really was about gender for Mark and I in the first place. This was about walking in line with the dual-spirited nature that we have always known ourselves to possess. I accept, we have accepted both of the masculine and feminine energies that make us who we are.

      Did I need to pursue transition to get there? Did Mark/Maritza? No, probably not. We were both gender fluid and naturally androgynous. We believe that we were given this gift for a greater purpose that only the universe knows. We do know that we were put together to help end this lie that is called transgender. This assumption that makes one feel as if their body and brain don’t match? It is a lie that so many have bought into and now that it is even reaching our most innocent and being encouraged by a medical community that is morally and ethically flawed and has been for a very long time? This needs to end now.

      I come from a very conservative Christian background that was intolerant of anything and everything that they deemed to be inconsistent with what the Bible taught. The trans community executes that same type of intolerance towards anyone who opposes or questions it. The majority of the trans community,which is made of 80% crossdressers. These autogynephiliacs are what constitutes those who identify as transgender, whatever that means.

      Transgender, the whole concept of it is bad science and needs to be exposed for the lie that it is. We would recommend transitioning to no one, but we believe that gender expression is a part of all of us.

      • “my records have all been changed, my new name is official.”

        That is something I always wondered. It might be complicated and expensive to change everything back.

      • Anon Male Says:

        I’m not sure that much “woo” is compatible with a message trying to deconstruct bad science — because obviously those who have fallen for it have *some* attachment to science.

        Even if you were successful at your “greater purpose,” if transition becomes based fully on woo, then there’d be nothing more that could be done since you’d have an entirely woo based argument on both sides. And who can say what is good or bad woo?

        While I’m not going to attack you or your message, I do think you need to be aware that certain things raise eyebrows (“we’re special cases, almost intersex!” while “everyone else is JUST a crossdresser”) or that there is a history of people like Riki Wilchin’s affecting post-gender philosophies after their own transitions — claiming a unique and new spiritual-like knowledge while decrying the value of transitions for others.

      • @Anon, we are aware of how play of words may lead to misunderstanding or having people create judgment via our words and statements. We are not saying that we are better than or an exception for our condition, we are simply sharing our story, those that want to judge by all means. I have been judged all my life, misunderstood, ridiculed and attacked for being me.

        It seems hard to fit in anywhere when you grow up so different from everyone, every group has their plight and agenda. I learned a long time ago, not to worry about what others think of me, and that I had to pave the way for my life and choices. I have not always made the best choices in life, but they are mine, and I am the one that has to live with them.

        I don’t know if what we are doing is right or wrong, but I do know that no one lives in our skin but ourselves, in saying that, I am writing the chapters of my life as I go along, and I know that there will be many critiques, everyone trying to place me in their boxes and what they feel I should say, how I should identify. I am not delusional to say I am a man, I was born female bodied, socialized as such, and dealt with many medical/endocrine issues. I survived, and did what i had to do. Now I am trying to lead a campaign to make sure others are for certain this is the path they want to take.

      • lynnalopez Says:

        I take full responsibility for my actions and my entire life for that matter. I am who I am and I am the only one who has to live with that reality. I know and accept the fact that I crossdressed initially, but the difference is that I never considered myself a crossdresser. I lived suppressing things that I gave thought to often. I wondered when I could be released from my cage that I had been placed into. I reached back deep to be the son, brother, husband and father that I was expected to be. I hoped that my innate sense of self would not see the light of day because this was wrong in every way. I pushed through my marriage and welcomed five children into this world. They brought me great joy and of all the things that I have had to deal with, this one continues to drive me to times of severe guilt and sadness over what I have done to them.

        My life is one that they needed to have in theirs, I needed them in mine. Now we have neither. While I am working through that on a daily basis, I know that part of my purpose in life, my mission is to help dispel the lie of being born in the wrong body. This notion that we are gender incongruent. I am not better than any of the other crossdressing men out there, if that is how you want to identify me as. I was a born a bouncing baby boy, I am my mother’s son, my sister’s brother, I am a man, I was born one. I don’t deny that and I am not ashamed of it either. It is part of me and I am thankful. I also cannot deny my feminine soul that I know that I have always had. It is undeniable and not a stereotype of what a man fantasizes a woman to be.

        I tried to think about what makes a man a man and I just have problems processing that in my brain. Am I dealing with a mental disorder? Possibly, who knows, I am certainly have been dealing with something, for like, ever. I am certainly not an alpha male, I am one who loves to help, not really lead, but I don’t say that to stereotype myself, it is just me, that’s all.

        I have much to learn in this journey called life, I hope to be gracious and allow the universe to carry me to where I need to be. This world is so caught up in defining gender, when, in all reality life is more than just being an F or an M. It is really about being a good person who loves and cares about the needs of others and has an innate desire to give back and make this a better world for all of us.

      • Anon Male Says:

        All of that is a lot to take in. Which I guess was the point.

        My point is more succinct: if all that stands between us and bad science is *not* better science, but biographies, then maybe we’re all fucked.

        Maybe only genderists can staunch the tide of these surgeries.

        Just like only bible-thumping 12 steppers can stop my friends from dying.

        Or how only football players can speak out with credibility about domestic violence.

        Or how only PETA dudes with smokin’ hot girlfriends can advocate for vegetarianism authentically.

        And it’s also why only Ashton Kutcher and *no one* but Ashton Kutcher has the supreme moral authority to stand up in defiance of sex trafficking.

        Maybe that’s all stuff the rest of us just has to live with and accept on our own terms. Or not.* In either case, all that stuff is “biographies,” too.

        *as far as I’m concerned, the only time it’s ever appropriate for a person to ever invoke the word “journey” on their own behalf is when you’re a politician headed to Club Fed on corruption charges.

  15. Miep Says:

    Posted this on Mark’s Facebook.

    A Poem For Mark

    This must be difficult.

    Things wanted and yet not had
    Renounced, reconciled.

    Your body. All that hair.
    Muscles abound. You
    Worked so hard.

    Gave up so much.
    That must have been scary, yet
    I don’t see you talking about how
    That was scary. The surgery.

    And now this, your writing
    Your videos
    Trying to give back to
    Your sisters
    Without abandoning
    Your transwomen friends.

    Well Mark
    That’s pretty damn brave
    And I wish you well, because
    You are going to get hammered
    By sad people
    And mad people
    And all sorts of other angry people

    It will not be easy.

    There’s nothing like starting something scary
    To completely change you

    Been there
    done that.

    Lost people I did. Still miss them.

    But I found new friends. I would
    never go back.

    I would wish all my lost friends into
    What I found if they could see
    What it is
    That we don’t have to be anything
    Other than kind and tolerant
    And respectful.

  16. 4thwavenow Says:

    Mark, I’d like to reblog your comment/explanation, and any answer to my question, on my blog if that’s ok.

    I have read through a lot of your Facebook (and Lynna’s), from before your time with her, and moving forward into the present. I can see the gradual change in what you have written about. I really respect your fierce advocacy and what you and Lynna are doing. If I may clarify part of what Ashland seemed to be asking: It sounds as though you and Lynna are still actively transitioning, which includes hormones/identifying as trans? I think the question was, will you continue that in the future? What pronouns do you use now? I’d also like to point out that you refer to yourself as “intersex” in the video, and a couple of my followers questioned that. I did find one of your Facebook posts wherein you explained that you are, in fact, intersex as would be defined by the medical profession. Would you mind sharing that here too? Thanks.

    • markangelo64 Says:

      First of all I want to say that I understand the confusion, skepticism, and anger between all sides. I undunderstand that most transgender use the term intersex loosely and incorrectly. I was a byproduct of a medication my mother was given to prevent miscarriage, I had many issues growing up with my periods, health and had an enlarged clitoris, hairy body, deep voice, periods that only came to be 3 times a year and so on. I shared our story not to be judged but for people to get an honest understanding. We are doing this for the future generation, to help bring awareness of this run away train. As far as still actively transitioning, I transitionef 12 years ago, to try to undue what has been done would be unhealthy and impossible. My focus is not on me, but on getting information out there and try to stop the run away train.

      • Miep Says:

        Mark, I do appreciate your honesty here, but it deeply disturbs me that you refer to yourself as “a byproduct of medication.” You are not a byproduct, you are a person.

        I had weird menstrual cycles, I had tons of facial hair that turned up when I was nineteen. I still pick that shit out. The menstrual cycles got horrible a little later on down the line. The last one was so bad, fortunately an old friend gave me an emergency morphine derivative pill.

        I am a woman. You are a woman. You made some decisions. I made some different decisions.

        I cam see it. I remember it. Get rid of the molestable breasts, freedom is mine!

        I am too old to menstruate now.

        I didn’t go there, though, with the medical intervention. Whatever. You are still a woman, though. You are one of us. I would always welcome you.

      • We shouldn’t try to tell Mark how he should refer to himself (at least that’s how your post sounds for me). He knows about his body.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lilly – Mark is a woman.

      • neme Says:

        So you’re a D.E.S. daughter, Mark?

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “We shouldn’t try to tell Mark how he should refer to himself (at least that’s how your post sounds for me). He knows about his body.”

        LOL. What a good little enabler right out of libfem playbook. The six foot six pricks who want access to women’s spaces “know their bodies” tooooo.

        “mark” is a HER.

      • Indeed @Nemes I am a DES daughter, I do not blame women or my mother, I find my journey to be a blessing and hope to help others with my life and story.

    • markangelo64 Says:

      Share away please.

      • I really don’t care much for gender boxes, and do not get offended by people views or opinions. My quest to help educate and to stop people from getting into these dangerous practice. I am a woman, I have no problem with that, in fact I am honored.

      • river Says:

        DES causes specific, early cancers in daughters, not transgendering. I see trans claiming this everywhere. Oh. Hormones. Womb.

        Find me the cite. Show me the conclusing paragraph. Not in an abstract but the full study article in peer reviewed literature. And even if it’s been proven it still doesn’t prove that’s what happened in any given individual.

        All respect to you Mark.

    • river Says:

      “I was a byproduct of a medication my mother was given to prevent miscarriage,…”

      Yeh, just NO. This is the blame women game. That something is posited in medical science does not mean it can happen, or that it happened to you, but this piece of information is straight out of women-hate.

      • river Says:

        SELF women hate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I took that to mean that Mark is a DES daughter. But maybe I misread.

      • stopsexroles Says:

        Progestin given to pregnant women causes androgen exposure in fetuses, which can cause intersex-like conditions (ambiguous genitals, etc.) Anyway, Mark is NOT blaming her mom. I think it’s obviously the fault of her mom’s (probably definitely male) doctor and the misogynistic medical industries that used to prescribe hormones willy nilly to pregnant women and lie about their safety. My mom is a DES daughter and it would be crueller than cruel to say that this is my grandma’s fault.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Mark blames big pharma for giving drugs to people without long term tests, its very clear from the interviews and writings. Lots of pregnant moms were given drugs in the 60s-70s to prevent sickness. My friend was born with no arms and no legs due to her mom being prescribed Thalidomide while pregnant. She does NOT hate her mother, but damn right she is mad as hell that the medical community didn’t test these drugs before pushing them on her trusting mom.

        Mark’s mom was a trusting, religious, cuban immigrant, she had NO idea what it could do to her child.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Yes, I also thought Mark was referring to DES.

  17. 4thwavenow Says:

    Thank you, again, for putting yourselves out there. I see you are catching a lot of crap on your Facebook. It can’t be easy.

    I wonder if you might say something about your experiences as a female body builder using steroids? I’ve also brought this point up on a comment here if you would like to respond there:

  18. Hi Mark, do you know about this website?

    It has tons of information and studies about the dangers of gnrh antagonists such as lupron and so on. Perhaps it could be helpful to you.

  19. 4thwavenow Says:

    As Buffalo Springfield famously sang, “There’s something happening here. What it is, ain’t exactly clear.” But there is momentum building with those of us who want to see a change in the toxic trans narrative that has hypnotized our media, medical professionals, parents, and teens. When I linked to Mark and Lynna’s video less than two days ago, it had 20 views. Right now it’s at 1380 and going up by the minute.

    After spending time reading Mark’s Facebook, I get the impression of someone who is in the middle, not the end, of a life-changing epiphany–one that started about a year ago, but which has gained power and force since. I don’t think Mark (or Lynna) are done with this process on a personal level. They have a fire in the belly about this issue of the transition of children, and whatever their personal failings, they strike me as sincere in their mission.

    I hear Mark acknowledge in this thread that she is a woman–more than that, she says she is “honored” to be referred to as such. I also hear her say she feels (rightly or wrongly) that it’s too late to detransition because of the permanent changes she made to her body; but she doesn’t want others–particularly CHILDREN–to be making these same permanent decisions that are very hard to undo. I also hear Lynna in this comment thread say he is a man. I also heard him acknowledge the damage he did to his wife and 5 children by the choices he made and continues to make.

    Should Mark and Lynna detransition? That’s a decision they’re going to have to make, obviously. It’s clear from the battles going on on their Facebook page (and I can only imagine real life) that they are being asked to choose sides and go one way or the other. But I know one thing: They are doing their best to be allies in the struggle to stop and reverse the gender-trending insanity that has taken hold and is threatening our children. I support them as allies while I might not agree with everything they say or do. I do feel they are in a process, though, and their willingness to engage publicly about it shows an openness to reality that I haven’t seen so far amongst other trans people.

    They have a unique role to play in this effort, as former trans activists who saw through the BS and want to share their insights widely. Would their message be more powerful if they turned their backs completely on being trans? Probably. Is straddling the two worlds a way to reach more people? Maybe. But it’s early days, and who knows what they will decide. Has the trans-mask totally fallen from their eyes? Maybe not, but at least they have dared to let it slip–for all to see.

    Mark, would you have any interest in going to MichFest this year, its last?

    • Detransitioning would be not only expensive but would place a strain on my 51 year old body, it has been 12 years for me. In saying that I am willing to fight for saving our kids from the horrible fate that awaits them if this new wave of advocates get their way. I believe that there needs to be a healing, all of the harm that has been done by these cruel and narcissistic individuals is unforgivable.

      We believe in what we are doing, I think we stand a better chance to get our message across by straddling in both worlds, reaching a broader audience with our message.

      We would love to go to MichFest if our finances allowed it, we are still trying to get our lives together after Lynna’s life changing accident.

      Thank you so much for you words and support. I stand behind my sisters and love you all. Maritza is here and has never really gone away.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Please don’t bring your boyfriend to Michigan.

      • On the other hand – Lisa Vogel never said that trans women aren’t welcome – just that they shouldn’t be the center of attention. But that was clearly too much for most of these raging narcissists. And god are these guys gross.

        But what if there was a trans woman who isn’t like that? Someone who can educate women together with their partner about the dangers of modern trans activism and transitioning?

        Just a thought.

      • branjor Says:

        Ditto. Leave him behind. Michfest is Women Only, or at least it’s supposed to be.

      • Atranswidow Says:

        Lilly, Lynna is the father of 5 children. He can re-write his script as much as he likes, but they will never be able to.

      • markangelo64 Says:

        Lynna and I are allies to the cause, without lynna, Maritza woudd not have returned. Together we plan to break down the tran delusion. I understand how my sisters feel, but please I appeal to you, dont judge Lynna. he is different, and an allie. But I respect your views and understand if we are not welcome as a couple at Mitch Fest.

      • lynnalopez Says:

        I am not going to keep you from being with your sisters if you want to go. I will support you in whatever you want to do Maritza.

      • branjor Says:

        That’s Michfest, not Mitchfest.

      • 4thwavenow Says:

        Maritza, I think you would be a powerful presence at MichFest. I know Lynna coming could be controversial. I wonder if you might contact Lisa Vogel directly about this? Just a thought.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        @Lilly – They should do the educating-of-women at some place other than Michigan, which is already plenty educated on this matter. Really, like the whole rest of the planet is fair game. Being an exceptional, special male does not make someone a woman. Lisa Vogel has never said that mtts should go to Michigan only that MichFest does not do panty checks.

      • neme Says:

        Every female in love with a male believes that her Nigel is the exception to the rule. But the intention for Michigan is to have female-only time. One woman’s beloved exception is often another woman’s nightmare.

      • o0o Says:

        “Not my Nigel” –Mark Cummings

  20. Miep Says:

    Someone on Mark’s page claimed the purpose of this blog is to “destroy trans women’s lives.” My response:

    Gallus reports news and reposts various other things she finds on the Internet that are publicly posted. Reposting things that are publicly posted must constitute 90% of what people on the Internet do. Yes, she focuses on “transwomen”, that is the chosen topic of her blog, men who claim to be women, and overall the whole topic of gender scripting.

    Social boundaries exist for very good reasons and the phenomenon of transgenderism works to erase them. In a truly healthy society, there would not be all this ritualized dominance and submission tied into assigned gender roles. Real personality traits, which are not something one can easily change, if at all, would not be rigidly locked into being assigned to one sex or the other. No one would be beaten for not obeying these rules, no one would have to worry about assault or rape. No one would be tormented for nonconforming. Actual biological sex would only be relevant under certain circumstances.

    We do not live in this perfect world. We live in a world where women are frequently hurt and terrorized by men. They sometimes present in a feminized manner. Again, the problem is the lack of any consistent definition of “transgender.” You cannot say “any man who says he is transgender must be treated as if he is an actual woman under all circumstances” and expect there not to be any pushback. Gendertrender is about that pushback.

  21. puzzled Says:

    I just think that the co-opting of the trans narrative to align with “LGB” was a brilliant sociopolitical move, you know? Because many well-meaning ppl actively support LGB people, and they think T is just “a similar thing.” The whole “brain sex” trope, proposing trans as a medically proven and immutable physical phenomenon, has been swallowed whole by most media, lawmakers, the mental health community, a lot of the general public, and of course the kids who are consuming it on reddit and youtube and tumblr.

    The facts that the “brain sex” science is flawed and minimal, and that the push to eliminate psych gatekeepers, dx trans early, suppress kids’ puberty, and apply hormones/surgery to minors has been driven by autogynephilic men who want to be not just women but BEAUTIFUL women — these facts have been carefully concealed. If your child is gender nonconforming, good luck finding a counselor who wants to openly explore the basis of this feeling. (“Open exploration” is now deemed equivalent to coercive and oppressive “conversion therapy,” you know? Rather, it’s like Mark mimed in the video: “Oh, you’re trans? Cool, here’s your Rx.”)

    I pray there is going to be some consciousness-raising and awakening especially among young girls and women, who see in transition a way out of the societal notion that they have to “do female” in a particular way. It’s deeply ironic that something that looks cutting-edge liberal turns out, in the end, to be so profoundly conservative, insisting that presentation and physicality all must align so no one will be challenged by the sight of non-conforming people.

    What a clusterfuck.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “I pray there is going to be some consciousness-raising and awakening especially among young girls and women, who see in transition a way out of the societal notion that they have to “do female” in a particular way.”

      I too keep hoping there’s some silver-lining in all this and that enough would-be trans-people will snap out of it in time. If that ever happens and an awareness of the binary, straight-jacketed gender system becomes generalized knowledge and is exposed as the collective illusion that it is, the whole gender house-of-cards could come tumbling down. I hope I live long enough to see that.

  22. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Transition Radio isn’t just kool-aid. They ask some questions, and get in trouble for it. The 2014 Brennan interview was mentioned here on GenderTrender.

  23. GallusMag Says:



    “The following is a statement from TransActive Gender Center Executive Director Jenn Burleton on recent articles in PQ Monthly regarding Portland Q Center’s decision to rent space to the organizers of the “New Narratives” conference in May of this year.

    October 24, 2014

    Speaking on behalf of an organization focused on serving the diverse and often complex needs of gender nonconforming, gender fluid and transgender children, youth and their families, we at TransActive Gender Center are concerned with the decision by Portland Q Center to offer rental space to the organizers of the New Narratives Conference earlier this year and subsequent comments about that decision from current and former Q Center staff.

    We are particularly troubled by an apparent lapse in sensitivity as to the impact this group’s messaging has on the greater transgender community. We take issue with the statement of one former member of the Q Center staff who said, “[Q Center] is not in the business of policing what [the many groups we rent to] do in their spare time outside of the Center.”

    Those who organized and attended the New Narratives Conference espouse a brand of socio-political activism closely related to Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF). The fact that 7 trans-spectrum women and 1 ‘de-transitioned’ trans-spectrum male attended the conference makes their rhetoric no less disturbing.

    A core belief of TERF’s is that transgender women are, indeed, not women at all by virtue of the fact that, A) they were not born with female genitalia/biology and, B) they were not socialized from birth as females. TERF’s aggressively assert that all transgender women enjoy and impose male privilege in “women’s spaces” and are biologically and culturally incapable of doing otherwise.

    TERF hate-monger and ersatz leader Cathy Brennan propagandizes (without substance or factual evidence) that trans women are potential rapists, while others of her ilk use tactics similarly reminiscent of the religious right wing to imply that transgender girls and women are “forcing their penises” on lesbians.

    The absurdity and despicability of this rhetoric becomes ever more unacceptable when we consider the impact their actions have on our transgender children and youth.

    TERF’s joined with the Pacific Justice Institute (a far-right religious organization) in opposing California’s Assembly Bill 1266, which sought to grant transgender students the right and opportunity to fully participate in all school activities, sports teams, programs and restroom/locker facilities that match their gender identity.

    Fortunately, those efforts were unsuccessful.

    According to a summary written by New Narratives conference organizer “Snowflake Especial”, conference attendees and TERF’s agree on the following:

    Transgender prisoners guilty of committing sex offenses or violent crimes should be denied medically necessary, transgender-related health care
    Skepticism re: the authenticity of transgender identity in children and the value of early social gender transition for such youth
    The establishment of “female-only political space” (from which transgender women would be excluded) and that access to “female-only spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms is a privilege”
    Transgender people should be required to use the bathroom that would cause “least distress” to others
    Questioning the medical necessity of ANY transgender-related treatments
    A return to more extensive “gate-keeping, medicalized” version of authenticating transgender identity
    The recent statement by Q Center staff that, “New Narratives members represent part of the array of narratives and experiences that trans individuals have… they add to the diversity of the LGBTQ community…” is a difficult sentiment to disagree with.

    At the same time, it is equally difficult to reconcile the above New Narratives/TERF messaging with Q Center’s vision of “a broadened, positive perception of LGBTQ people” or their stated values, one of which is “full inclusion, respect and equality.”

    TransActive Gender Center works with more than 400 families of transgender and gender diverse children and youth in the Portland metro-area and beyond. At present, approximately 66% of these kids are under the age of 12, and many have completed a social gender transition in early childhood.

    Do TERF lies about transgender women oppressing cisgender women apply to these transgender girls and boys? We don’t know, because TERF’s choose not to acknowledge that transgender identity in children exists.

    The following are just a few of the TERF “Top Gender Trends of 2012”, as posted verbatim on TERF blog

    State “Gender Identity” statutes override Federal Title IX rights for Women
    End of DADT leads to drop in funding for LGBT Military advocacy groups-they merge and are handed over to transgenders
    Transfeminism = Mansfeminism
    18-month-olds diagnosed as Transgender [Intentional misrepresentation of fact]
    Middle-aged military men win the right to sauna with high school girls and participate on women’s junior college sports teams [Intentional misrepresentation of fact]
    Boys can be Girl Scouts but only if they “feel” female and adopt sex-role stereotypes
    I have experienced first-hand the hate and disrespect TERF’s direct at transgender people, particularly women.

    In reading this list back in 2012 I posted a comment. I responded to their claim that being transgender is ‘anti-lesbian’ by saying, “I’m quite certain that my female life partner of 30 years would be quite surprised to discover that I’m anti-lesbian.”

    Replies I received [they were familiar with my work at TransActive Gender Center]included:

    “My hate for what the current crop of ultra-radicalized ‘trans’ cultists do to harm women and children is ***completely*** rational.”
    “Jenn is a man.”
    “Jenn – You are a MAN, sir. Males are by definition not Lesbian. You are a homophobic, lesbophobic, misogynist heterosexual man.”
    “You personally advise young girls on your website to BIND THEIR CHESTS…” [A misrepresentation of information on TransActive’s ‘In a Bind’ project page]. “That is what YOU Jenn Burleton are doing to girl children.”
    This last bullet point was accompanied by a photo from taken from the website of a transman with grossly deformed and sagging breasts.

    The TERF leader [“Gallus Mag”] attacking me conveniently left out the accompanying text, which mirrors the advice TransActive Gender Center gives to every applicant/recipient of a free, professionally designed binder:

    “For a lot of guys, sports bras aren’t an option, though. Therefore, it’s really important to follow the guidelines for safe binding; let your chest loose as often as you can, don’t wear your binder for more than 8 hours in a row if you can help it, use a binder in the right size, don’t ever use an elastic bandage. This can cause permanent damage to your breast-tissue, which will affect your surgery negatively. Follow the guidelines for safe binding and you won’t have to end up like [the photo]…”
    In a conversation with Barbara McCullough-Jones, the executive director of Q Center and whom I consider both a colleague and friend, I inquired as to whether Q Center would offer rental space in the future to an ‘up-front’ TERF-related group. She responded that the answer to my question is “one of the things we’re evaluating in the aftermath of this event.”

    I empathize whole-heartedly with the challenge Q Center faces. Those of us engaged in social justice, advocacy, activism and service provision work tend to be ‘let’s invite all voices to the table’ kind of people. The very essence of a ‘community’ requires us to believe in the capacity of all to respect the dignity and authenticity of others. For this reason, it can be difficult at times to see daylight between those who are members of any given mutually respectful community and those who are simply members of a ‘similar population’.

    The harm done by people who believe that transgender individuals (of any gender) are ‘invaders’, ‘imposters’, ‘dangerous’, ‘rapists’ ‘male oppressors’ or ‘butch traitors’is obvious and tangible. Recognizing that harm requires a heightened level of attention being paid to the everyday challenges that transgender people of any age face.

    TransActive Gender Center stands strongly opposed to those who would threaten violence against or seek to oppress in any way those who attended the New Narratives conference or those who align themselves with the TERF collective. “Die Cis Scum” shirts and signs are neither funny, nor effective forms of advocacy or activism.

    Adopting the ‘sex-determinism’ rhetoric that biological status is the problem rather than willful intolerance & ignorance is nothing more than embracing and reinforcing the flawed perspective of those who define people by what’s in their pants, under their skirts or in their chromosomes rather than what is in their brain chemistry and the content of their character.

    On a personal level, writing this is among the more difficult things I’ve ever done, because I have so much respect and admiration for the work accomplished by my friends and allies at Portland Q Center.

    We at TransActive Gender Center do not believe for one moment that anyone at Q Center acted with intent to hurt Portland’s transgender community or knowingly provide a figurative stage for oppressive hate speech. We believe an error in judgment was made in allowing the New Narratives group to meet at the Q Center without knowing more about the conference content. In our opinion, that mistake was compounded by subsequent statements intended to validate their decision as one supportive of diverse voices within the LGBTQ community.

    There isn’t an organization in existence, including TransActive Gender Center, that couldn’t benefit from increased understanding of the diverse communities they serve. There is little doubt that Q Center could benefit from further discussion and/or training about the dynamics of being transgender in a cisgender privileged world and the trans-exclusionary radical feminist politics of hate and intolerance toward transgender women from within and outside of our diverse TLGBQIAP2-SA community.

    Respectfully & Hopefully,

    Jenn Burleton
    Executive Director
    TransActive Gender Center


    • KgSch Says:

      Heterosexuals with boring and empty lives need to find better things to do than pretend to be lesbians.

      And please, you can just participate on the sports team for your sex, not take away spaces from women/girls because of your male feelz. As usual, making fun of women for being afraid of rape only proves that you’re a man and no cosmetic surgery can change that, “Jenn”.

      It’s still funny how the put scare-quotes around female-only space. The fact is that there was a lot of female-only and lesbian-only spaces in the 1970s and the fact that it doesn’t exist anymore is just a sign of society becoming more right-wing and conservative. Plus, so many lesbians waste their time and money helping people who would never help them back, and who actually harm us such as the alphabet soup organizations.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your observation that Jenn Burleton’s TransActive rhetoric echos that of the right wing is a keen one.

        Jenn Burleton has been a member (and sometimes employee) of an extreme right wing cult called “Moral Re-Armament” his entire adult life. He joined as a teen and remains active. This is the same cult that Glenn Close grew up in and has talked about here:

        “Long before she was revered as one of Hollywood’s most resilient stars, Glenn Close spent her childhood years trapped in a religious cult. The actress reflected on her experience in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, revealing she was in the cult from age 7, until breaking free at age 22.

        “[For years], I wouldn’t trust any of my instincts because [my beliefs] had all been dictated to me,” Close, 67, confessed. When the Connecticut native was 7 years old, her father Dr. William Taliaferro Close (once a personal physician to Congolese dictator Mobutu Sese Seko) joined a radical religious group called the Moral Re-Armament (MRA).

        “You basically weren’t allowed to do anything, or you were made to feel guilty about any unnatural desire,” she recalled of her childhood in the MRA. “If you talk to anybody who was in a group that basically dictates how you’re supposed to live and what you’re supposed to say and how you’re supposed to feel, from the time you’re 7 till the time you’re 22, it has a profound impact on you. It’s something you have to [consciously overcome] because all of your trigger points are [wrong].”

        Read more:

        Burleton was one of the adults employed by the MRA touring youth musical group “Up With People” that Glenn Close also toured with before her “escape”. As far as I know, Jenn still works with them. He was certainly still active with them within the last few years. Here is Jenn in 2012 playing guitar with alumni of the group:

        Here is some documentary footage of the group:

        Burleton integrated some of the cult’s propaganda techniques into the original TYFA, and later TransActive, materials. (Burleton was a founding member of TYFA but was erased from the groups history after the suicide of one of the children “graduates” of the program. Burleton attributed his erasure to “transmisogyny” by Kim Pearson and the other munchausen mommies in long blog posts about it.)

        You can read more about Jenn’s cult here:

      • Bea Says:

        LOL! So he’s all kinds of MRA!

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Btw — the Moral Re-Armament cult was an offshoot of Frank Buchman’s Oxford Groups.

        The Oxford Groups, however, are best known for being the direct predecessor of Alcoholics Anonymous.

      • KgSch Says:


        Wow, he’s a member of multiple cults! That’s fucked up. Of course, there’s no way the mainstream media will ever report about this guy still being an active member of the group. Like I said before, anything related to trans is handled with kid’s gloves and the only criticism you might see if from some fundies who mistakenly believe it’s a type of super-gay and therefore a sin. Although, you know these groups have gotten bad when even trans people are hitting peak trans. Well, good if more people speak up against Nazi-style experiments on children.

        @Loup-loup garou: As for Alcoholic’s Anonymous, they do give off a cult vibe (and were mocked for it on South Park) but I didn’t realize that were an off-shoot of a bigger congregation. It’s a shame that even law enforcement and the government believes that the best way to deal with your alcoholism is to join a cult.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        GM, sorry to go off topic, but in case this is useful for anyone —

        @KgSch — at this point in history, 12-Step groups have completely dwarfed the parent movements in size and influence. (MRA is actually more of a sibling movement.) Despite this, AA and the other Anonymous programs retain the underlying beliefs of the Oxford Groups and Moral Re-Armament.

        They get a pass for being “spiritual, not religious” because they have decoupled those beliefs from overtly Christian language. You don’t have to believe in any particular God, just a Higher Power (you can be an atheist and make your Higher Power something completely secular.) The catch is, you’re expected to relate to that Higher Power in a certain way, and that way is the Frank Buchman insisted on for his Oxford Group followers back in the day. A member who doesn’t say and do the right things at meetings risks losing the group’s approval, even if they have successfully quit using the substance that was causing them trouble (“they’re not SOBER, just dry…they need to get a sponsor, call them every day, and do a fifth step [i.e., confessing deeply personal stuff to someone considered an elder in the program].)

        Some groups are saner than others, but they have no way of filtering the membership unless they go underground and start meeting privately. So you have extremely vulnerable people who are trying to get some help sitting next to criminals who have been court-ordered there. Meetings also attract a lot of guys (and sometimes gals) who specialize in taking sexual or financial advantage of vulnerable people. Add to that a set of beliefs that promote “powerlessness” as a spiritual value and tells you that “acceptance” is the answer to all your problems (p. 449 in the Big Book), and you end up with an environment can be flat-out dangerous, especially for women.

    • RR Says:

      Thank you GM! Transgender activism, like Up With The People, is a propaganda machine and an attempt to maintain the status quo by re-packing it in a shinier and hipper new wrapper.

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

      It is not a coincidence or surprising to me that men like Burleton have similar white, male right-wing backgrounds. What is shocking is how successful they have been in rebranding their anti-woman, anti-gay politics as something progressive and liberal. The American left has rightfully become an ineffectual laughing stock in no small part to genderists and the defanging of gay community with pomo “queer” Newspeak. An angry closet autogynephilic Hoover could not have concocted a better COINTELPRO operation on his best hair day.

      Al/Kate Bornstein, early spewer of trans-pomo-horseshit is also a noted cult jumper. He was Hubbard’s #1 Space Lieutenant in the Sea Org for years.

      These men do not only not care about the “collateral damage” and lives ruined, they thrive on it. They are quite secure at the top, smugly looking down on the destruction they have caused.

      Burleton has talked out of both sides of his mouth and his arsehole in this thread alone. Whether he is talking money directly or in a hefty salary under non-profit status, Burleton is no doubt profiting from big donations from big pharma. I will wager on it any day, buddy. It is disgusting how he is so proud of sending torture devices in anonymous packages to developing young women. Anyone who promotes and profits from this widespread eugenics program against children is, at the very least, an immoral POS. I hope I am alive to see them all- pharma companies, “gender clinics”/ genderist orgs like TransActive, the dollmaking doctors and the Munchausen mommies and daddies- sued and held accountable for the abuse they are enacting upon these children.

  24. Pegasus Olsen Says:

    One thing regarding the transitioning of children that struck me while reading the ‘Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies’ book is that it is part of their forced feminization fetish. There were several accounts in the book about autogynephilic fantasies of ending up a man trapped in a ‘woman’s’ body, having no choice but to live as a woman because of having transitioned (a big part of this was being ‘forced’, post genital mutilation, to sit to pee, which they view as humiliating and inconvenient). I wonder if they are pushing so hard for boys to be medically transitioned BECAUSE they know many of these boys will regret it as adult men, not just in spite of that fact. For adult trans men, this medical experimentation is the ultimate forced feminization ‘fantasy’, carried out on children with the collaboration of doctors, therapists, and parents.

  25. Andi Says:

    Right on, Pegasus Olsen, this are just men living out their horrible misogynistic fetish. They think that being a woman is humiliating, from having to sit down to pee to being at the receiving end of intercourse.

    These men are just haters who want to humiliate and rape women at the first chance they get. Men, who needs them???

  26. ImNoCissie Says:

    Somewhat related, the New York Times has a series of Op-Eds this week entitled “Transgender Today”. Today’s entry is titled:

    Families Share Stories of Raising Transgender Kids

    A few paragraphs on how touching, poignant and freeing it is that the parents are “allowing” six and seven year olds to “transition”.

    And of course, the closing sentence reminds us how prevalent suicide attempts are in this community and suggests that the suicide statistic is “guiding” parents in their decision making for their children.

  27. Zemskull Says:

    From a medical perspective, how difficult and/or successful is it for an MTT to detransition if he’s part of the 93 percent of MTTs who did not have the bottom surgery? The patient stops the estrogen…then what?

    Ditto with FTTs who wish to “go back.” How difficult is this?

    • dbrvnk Says:

      mtfs who have not had surgery: stop taking estrogen and t-blockers. that’s literally it.

      mtfs who have had surgery: stop taking estrogen, start taking t. if you really can’t stand being dickless, there are a lot of ways to rebuild the penis

      ftms who have not had surgery: stop taking t, get extensive (expensive, painful) electrolysis, spend the rest of your life with a male voice and possibly male pattern baldness as those things are irreversible

      ftms who have had surgery: i don’t even know. ask redressalert. it seems mind-bogglingly terrifying to me :/

      note that this doesn’t apply to “transgender children” who will have a much more difficult time detransitioning due to puberty blockers

      • “note that this doesn’t apply to “transgender children” who will have a much more difficult time detransitioning due to puberty blockers.”

        Only the female ones. There was a lesbian (at least she said so) on reddit who wrote about her problems with the detransitioning of her trans woman partner. This person had their puberty blocked at age 12 and more than a decade later he detransitioned due to health problems and regret. She wasn’t attracted to his male looks and left.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Like so many other things, this “flight of fantasy”/medical clusterfuck called transgenderism takes a much harder toll on women than it does on men.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Many of the changes are irreversible. And one can’t just quit HRT, they have to slowly reduce. The females who trans are rather stuck…. Because T seems to radically alter more than estrogen..

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Charlotte: That’s interesting. I question how many of these “transgender health” conferences and organizations, such as WPATH, are actually dedicated to researching and discussing the health risks of transitioning, and, in some subsequent cases, detransitioning? It seems that much of what I see coming from the “transgender health” circles is regarding social support, political activism, and pressuring insurance companies and Medicare for coverage. I haven’t noticed that these conferences have seminars on, as the example you’ve given here, the consequences of sudden cessation of HRT use.

  28. 4thwavenow Says:

    For those with Facebook, this is an interesting thread on Mark’s page that you may want to view and/or participate in. Towards the end of the comments, an apparent FTM gender therapist is currently sparring with a woman over whether treatment for people who ID as trans is ever justified. All posts on the page are public if you are logged in to your Facebook account.

    • Wow I’m shocked. Poor boy. At least I hope Mark can safe other children. Mark I have a question:

      Could it be that the trans teenager with behaviour problems and depression you know and wrote about with problems and is Jazz?

      Even if it’s another child – could you tell more about these behavior problems? You don’t have to write private details of course. Because “behaviour problems” could mean a lot of things.

      Do you think they are related to the blocked puberty or is it something else?

      And what about health problems related to gnrh antagonists? Are there any? I mean I know there are but did you witness trans children suffer from them?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you. Mark has made this a public post. [Archiving] ———— Mark Cummings added 4 new photos. May 7 at 11:37pm · If I could have disencourage Jazz and her mom from pursuing this when Jeanette reached out to me in 2006, but I too was mesmerized by the fact that a child so young felt what I thought was my same wo, I would have. I brought Jazz to the picture. Her mom contacted me after seeing me on the Maury Povish show. Email after email and even several phone calls later, they came to meet me at a book signing I had for my book The Mirror Makes No Sense. A reporter from the New Times was doing a story on me, and I told her about Jazz. Well she hounded so much, that I finally convince Jeanette to do the interview and that it would help with the cause. They were a bit scared and worried, as so it seemed, but later on I realized how I had been used. The story made it so big that 20/20 contacted me, their name was fake on the story so I was the only real contact they had. After they persisted and I persisted with Jeanette and her husband we all sat down to dinner on 20/20s tab. Long story short, they ran with the story and the rest is history. Here is the link and some pictures. I have had several conversations with them since then, I even interviewed them on our show. I have kept quiet about this all this years. I even know that Jazz is not happy for real, she is being prompted and pushed by the agenda. She has not had a normal child hood and that is sad. I feel bad and kind of to blame for starting that vicious fire that may have sparked so many more. And this is why I feel it is time to put a stop to this circus. Stephanie-Grace A. Skrobisz, Susan Collins, Jackie Mearns and 22 others like this. 1 share Cylliah Chavez Bro I’m so sorry. May 7 at 11:54pm · 2 Mark Cummings It alright brother, I am going to let out all the cats out of the box. May 7 at 11:55pm · 1 Cylliah Chavez Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s like you’ve said before, you’ve reached the level of maturity in your transition, that has giving you the ability to look outside of yourself and see what’s really going on. May 7 at 11:59pm · 4 Mark Cummings Thank you brother for your support and friendship Yesterday at 12:00am · 1 Charlotte Schnook Its so bizarre you bring this up, because a few months ago when the tv show was announced I remember the feminists talking about how it was weird that Jazz kept referring to herself in the third person. “I like being jazz”, as if jazz was a character and not herself… That stuck in my craw, because raising kids as I have, both of which dealt with rejection of gender for a while, neither of them talked of their identity as a foreign third person. Yesterday at 12:09am · 11 Cylliah Chavez Mark like wise, Charlotte I was thinking that to. Yesterday at 12:40am · 1 Sage J. Garcia Way to go Jazz! Yesterday at 12:49am · 1 Georgeann Gillespie Bruce Jenner did that too – kept referring to himself as “her.” Yesterday at 1:33am · 3 Andrew Carmichael That’s rough brother but I understand. I was at my most active helping people early on and, looking back, I’m not sure that was the best thing. As my own life has settled and I have accepted who and what I am, my advice and outlook is much different. I’ve had to live with the fact that someone I was working with took their own life in the end. Its been over 10 years and I still think about it. Yesterday at 3:48am · 2 Jodi Ihme Reichman Jazz is an amazing young lady I know and love she is in no way unhappy! She has an Amazing childhood and family who support her and her wishes. please do not use her to justify your beliefs! These pictures were over 7 years ago, Yesterday at 4:40am · 4 Ryan Otto Cassata She broke down crying when she gave the introduction to my keynote at the Philly health conference and it seemed like it was from pressure Yesterday at 5:28am · 3 Monica Jean Seems to me Jazz is a genuine young transgender lady who may very well be a cog in the wheel of the new media culture. In that, her stresses of her journey have more pressure on her than we can understand as people not in the limelight at all. Yesterday at 5:36am Anthony Johnson To me Jazz is just an AMAZING young woman who is a shero to many. We are all better for her amazing heart and spirit. Yesterday at 5:47am · 3 Jeanette Renee Gee Mark Cummings, thanks for the post and trip down memory lane. While I agree with your recollection of what occurred 9 years ago, I must set the record straight since I feel the need to defend my sweet child. You started us out on this amazing journey, and when asked I always credit you for doing so. However you know very little about Jazz now. She is such a happy well adjusted child who loves life and loves helping others. Her advocacy work is from the heart and has helped hundreds of kids and adults who are having a rough time. She receives letters everyday from transyouth thanking her for sharing her story so publicly. Jazz has been bullied since she was 4, banned for playing girls soccer for over 2 years, and banned from school bathrooms for 5 years. If anything upsets her it’s the discrimination which she preservers through, and continues to tell her story to give others hope. She is never pushed or forced to do anything she doesn’t want to. Ryan Otto Cassata, your memory unlike Mark’s is false. I have the video of Jazz to prove it. Jazz didn’t break down when she introduced you. She cried when someone asked her a question about changing her journey if she could (with a magic wand). She’s so proud of being herself and being transgender that her emotions surfaced. It was pride that made her cry, not stress our pressure. For those reading this I just wanted to set the record straight about my daughter, my love..and many thanks to those who have supported Jazz in this thread. Yesterday at 7:08am · 17 Ryan Otto Cassata I don’t think what Jazz is doig is bad. I feel the pressure too so she must too. It sucks sometimes and it’s hard to deal w for anyone. But it’s a good thing for the Trans community and jazz has been one of the most influential Yesterday at 7:14am · 2 Nan Ford Pitre I just saw her skin care commercial the other day. She is as lovely on the outside as she is the inside. That says a lot about your parenting You must be very proud. Yesterday at 7:31am · 6 Kelley Winters I’ve been honored to know Jazz, Jeanette and their amazing family, since I lived in Florida. They bear no resemblance to the defamatory Zuckerian stereotypes described in this post. In my experience, no one “pushes” Jazz; she pulls and inspires the rest of us. History will remember this extraordinary young woman for her courage, her honesty and her leadership. History will not remember those who attack and mock her so kindly. Yesterday at 8:02am · 2 Mark Cummings Jeanette Renee, I recall our last conversation, before our tv interview. You were mentioning how Jazz was acting strange, not happy and with behavioral problems. I’m sorry but she doesn’t appear happy. Have you for once considered the pressure you have placed on her not allowing her to be a child? As well as the medical regimen she is on that is questionable at best. And according to the research, dangerous? Yesterday at 8:07am · 5 Mark Cummings I don’t think It’s a good thing promoting trans, in fact, I now feel and think it is rather opportunistic and pushing many over the edge. Yesterday at 8:09am · 3 Mark Cummings The peanut gallery whom I know personally, are neither happy and are on this run away train, feeding themselves a lie. Who are you all kidding? We can’t run away from reality, gender can’t be changed. Yesterday at 8:12am · Edited · 2 Ryan Otto Cassata This conversation has taken a weird turn Yesterday at 8:17am · 2 Jaime Roth Mark, I’m sorry, but it seems to me what you’re doing here to a young person is inappropriate. You can pontificate all you want about theories and studies and perceptions but I don’t think it is appropriate for you to be using a child like this in this thread and imposing your personal views from a distance. Yesterday at 8:25am · 4 Ryan Otto Cassata I thought this was a post to protect transgender youth not hurt them. Sorry for adding to it. Yesterday at 8:30am · 4 Mark Cummings Jamie, your thoughts are not mine, this is not hypocritical, nor just mt thoughts. I have had conversations with jazz’s mom in the past, I see what is going on. Yesterday at 8:33am · 2 Mark Cummings Ryan it is. Yesterday at 8:34am Mark Cummings Don’t fall for the presure and candy coated sprinkles. Yesterday at 8:36am Anthony Johnson The commentary here is saddening and disappointing. So many (young and old, gay, straight, and transgender) have benefitted by this young woman’s openness and honesty about her transition. She has proven to everyone (including me) that you are happiest being your authentic self and standing for that us okay. Jazz, like all others who embrace who they are should be celebrated. Yesterday at 8:37am · 3 Jaime Roth Mark, you may have had contact with them in the past but you’re now interfering with the relationship between a young person and her parents and professional medical providers. It is inexcusable what you’re doing on this thread. Yesterday at 8:38am · 4 Monica Jean I’m not, I can’t wait for SRS. If people only knew how flippin’ awful it is to have the wrong body. I’m not idealizing it nor falling into any political cracks, I simply can’t wait. 8 months into this process, i’ve never been more alive, happier, etc. SRS and changing sex isn’t for everyone, but everyone I’ve met so far is far happier after transition than before, none regret SRS. Yesterday at 8:38am · 1 Ryan Otto Cassata I don’t get what you are saying “gender can’t be changed.” What do you mean by that? Yesterday at 8:39am Mark Cummings Its wrong to pressure children for our own agenda. Children trans or not should live a private life. Pushing cosmetic products because of her transness is explotatioanal, show casing and parading a disorder that is creating a fad is a dispicable use of a minor for further enhancing the “movement”. Yesterday at 8:42am · 4 Jaime Roth Mark, you also need to step back and reflect whether you are pressuring children for your own agenda. What is this thread? Yesterday at 8:44am · 3 Ryan Otto Cassata It’s not a disorder Yesterday at 8:45am Mark Cummings Ryan, we can express and freely live our hearts desire, but when people start believing that they are the opposite gender they were born as, thats where the danger begins. We are erasing gender queer culture, we are endangering children wirh danderius drugs yo stunt their developerment, creating horrific side affects. 80% of gender fluid children end up reverting to their bio gender. Yesterday at 8:47am · 7 Jaime Roth But how do you know from a distance whether Jazz is not one of the other 20%? Your statistics may not apply to her. Yesterday at 8:49am · 2 Ryan Otto Cassata I’ve only heard of 2 people transitioning back and I have come across thousands of trans people Yesterday at 8:50am · 2 Mark Cummings Ryan it is, WPATH wjom is run by doctors and political heads wirh an agenda, tried to change it in the DSM, but failed. Ours is a neurological disorder mssked ad GD. Our research has proven this. Our show talks about this as well as our time line. We have been fed a karge pitcher of koolaid. Yesterday at 8:50am · 4 Mark Cummings Jaime I know. Yesterday at 8:50am Ryan Otto Cassata Where are you getting this research? Yesterday at 8:50am Mark Cummings Ryan there are hundreds, and its not about detransitioning, its about people lying to themsrlves. Yesterday at 8:51am · 2 Ryan Otto Cassata People that say they’re Trans cause it’s a fad? Yesterday at 8:52am Monica Jean After speaking with a local gender therapist about this very subject last week regarding kids in their early teens, the fad is quickly washed away with any substantive counseling. Yesterday at 8:53am · 1 Ryan Otto Cassata I was sent to a councilor to turn me “back” and it did not work. I was 14 at the time. Yesterday at 8:54am Jaime Roth Mark, you’re repeating opinions and conclusions. Why don’t you publish a professional paper about your theory? Yesterday at 8:54am · 5 Ryan Otto Cassata Lol Yesterday at 8:54am · 1 Jaime Roth The gender medical professionals I know work very slowly and cautiously with kids and teens. Yesterday at 8:56am · 1 Mark Cummings Oh please Jamie, it eugenics and despicable, let kids be kids, they should not have to worry about gender or adult stuff. Its chiked abuse. The medical community cant figure it our gor audits never mind kids. Yesterday at 8:59am · 4 Monica Jean Jaime, same experiences here where I live, very slow and methodical. They’re careful to weed-out any hip or fad things. It’s more costly than adult therapy since there’s so much to unravel with them Yesterday at 8:59am Mark Cummings There already are papers against it Yesterday at 9:00am Jaime Roth Then write a professional article with footnotes and citations and stop with the anecdotal observations and pop therapy. Yesterday at 9:03am · 2 Jaime Roth Write an article describing how gender therapy is eugenics instead of just repeating it. Yesterday at 9:04am · 1 Charlotte Schnook Marks right about the stats, 75-80% of GID kids grow out if it. A third of people post SRS report regret, depression and suicide increases after SRS, that’s why so many clinics won’t offer it anymore… Yesterday at 9:17am · 6 Mark Cummings We will have a show on this and plan to bring professoonals to talk about it. Pop thrapy? Please annd what do you call GD therapy? Dear God they believe there own lies. Yesterday at 9:17am · 3 Mark Cummings Ryan you have been smart, you have not taken hormones, you are gender queer. Yesterday at 9:19am Monica Jean Charlotte, 1/3 have post SRS regret? I need stats for that one, my experience with the transgender community shows far less than that number….1 or maybe 2 in 100. It’s very low Yesterday at 9:23am · 2 Rebecca Juro Watching too much Faux News again, Mark? Yesterday at 9:25am Mark Cummings Don’t watch tv? Not into politics. Thats an mtf thing. Yesterday at 9:30am Mark Cummings I concern myself with issues that matter. Yesterday at 9:39am · Edited Rebecca Juro Well, they have a habit of attacking vulnerable trans kids who are just trying to live their best lives, just like you do, so it seemed likely. Yesterday at 9:32am · 1 Mark Cummings Attacking or bringing out truth? Yesterday at 9:39am Mark Cummings Attacking is an mtf trait, not mine. Yesterday at 9:39am Rebecca Juro Attacking. For Goddess sake, dude, she’s a child! Let her be who she is. Bullying Jazz is beyond disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Yesterday at 9:40am · 3 Jaime Roth Mark, I hope you don’t think i’m attacking you by questioning some of your assertions. 23 hrs · 1 Ryan Otto Cassata Mark Cummings what the fuck dude. I’m not gender queer. Not at all. I’m a Trans man. I am 100% male. Don’t identify me. 23 hrs · 3 Charlotte Schnook Monica, I’ve even seen numbers which mirror that in self conducted surveys on trans boards such as Suzanne’s place. I’m at work so I can’t get you the numbers now, but if you look at those questioneers on trans boards you will find similar numbers 23 hrs Monica Jean Hey now, I watch Fox news. I would be suspect of numbers showing higher than 4 or 5% regret rate. Most I know in the community, in fact all that I know in the community are all happier. that’s 100%. The one that’s not happy? Won’t go to counseling so SRS is off the table for that person. 23 hrs Ryan Otto Cassata Here’s some happy post op trans men 23 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings You are missing the point Ryan, and please your constant use of the F word is unbecoming, the need to uber masculinize a conversation is not necessary. Posing of shirtless individuals living their fantasy is not the true picture of happiness. Remember I am not an observer, I lived amongst the tribe and know to well the smoke signals and pow wows. If I recall one of our conversations and even interviews you were being attacked by the community you now defend, by being told you werent trans enough. 23 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Rebecca bringing out truth is hardly bullying, what is it with this community and narcissism? Play of words, twisting intentions and pushing their deceit on others for their own gain. I know there are many who look at this whole circus as disgusting just on adults, when it comes to children, that is despicable. 23 hrs · 4 Mark Cummings I will say this, time is the revealer of truth, I am sure that all this eugenics and poisoning of our children will soon show its ugly head and then we will see who brought truth to this unforgiving lie. 23 hrs · 5 Ryan Otto Cassata There’s a few people in the community that have the idea that you do that “I’m not Trans enough ” or someone not on T isn’t man enough. Those people are unhappy with their lives. I am sad to see that you are one of them. Good luck, Mark. 23 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings I have never said anyone is not trans enough, I am however, saying that this path many have embarked on including myself, is not the answer and now I am seeing this push to get kids on drugs that will stunt their development as adults, create long term side effects and ruin their lives forever, all to live a fantasy that is not true. 23 hrs · 6 Ryan Otto Cassata It’s not the answer for you. Only speak for yourself 23 hrs · 5 Mark Cummings is not the answer for anyone when you open up your eyes, when you are young and living “the dream”, everything feels great as you age and realize what you have done with your life, things changes. If I can help people see things before its too late I will. 23 hrs · Edited · 3 Mark Cummings men cannot be changed into women and women cannot be changed into men. You can live and express as you wish, but to harm yourself and others for a delusion is wrong. 23 hrs · 2 Monica Jean I’m not sure of the delusion you speak of? You lost me on that one. 23 hrs Mark Cummings yeah exactly 23 hrs Joe Ippo As a clinician who works with trans people, in particular, trans youth, it is really important to flush things out. However, it is also challenging for many clinicians. From what I have come to see, there are some youth who may be identifying as trans or gender queer as a phase, and/or natural part of self discovery and evolution, and there are others who genuinely feel they were born in the wrong body, or ID as trans. On a local level, I have been having meetings with other clinicians who also work with teens who are coming to us with these issues, to find a way to standarize our process, but do so in a non-pathological, supportive and non-gatekeeping way. This is not easy work, but it can be done if clinicians are willing to put in the time. However, I am talking mostly about mental health clinicians. Another big issue is the lack, across the board, between care providers, and also the lack of information medical providers are conveying to their patients in terms of the risks of HRT. Informed consent models are great, but they can also lack providing patients with much needed information mainly becasue many medical practitioners don’t know, are new to the process, or don’t have time to really sit down and talk to their patients. I also want to say that I too have heard from other sources that Jazz is not happy, but also feels an obligation to stand up and be a voice for trans youth. Bare in mind, this child has been featured in the news media, on TV, etc., since she was 3 years old, and perhaps, she may have a need to just be a kid or teen for a while, to have some of the same experiences as other kids/girls her age. 23 hrs · Edited · 4 Mark Cummings exactly and by parading her this way it will leave her stigmatized for life, labeled as the trans girl in the reality series. What future, what love life, what mental status is she going to have? This and many of these parents parading their kids is a classic sign of munchausen by proxy. They are living life through their children, getting attention and this in my humble opinion is wrong. I know Jeanette very well. When she approached me, she had a job as a producer which she had lost, I don’t want to be antagonistic here, but I see the signs and this is Jeanettes mission, not Jazz’s. 22 hrs · 2 Monica Jean Since none of us live with Jazz (except one), how do we actually know how she’s doing? If it doesn’t come from what’s inside her house, I feel it’s merely speculation and conjecture, and in this case, not productive. 22 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Monica, I have heard it from the horses mouth, her own mother shared that with me less than a year ago. 22 hrs Jaime Roth I myself have no idea whether Jazz is happy or unhappy. Kids can be happy or unhappy about any number of things. They can even have differences with their parents. i don’t think kids should be forced to grow up too soon and I don’t like to see kids in media. That’s just my opinion. I don’t read tea leaves. I don’t know Jazz or her mother. I don’t know if anyone is forcing anything on her or not. It now seems that people are imposing all kinds of views and expectations on her from all directions, including here. Maybe she’s as confused about all these conflicting views and opinions as much as anything. As long as she’s a minor and her mother has custody of her I think how she’s living her life is up to them. Hopefully she has access to good medical and psychological care. I don’t think long-distance analyzing and second-guessing are especially helpful. Unfortunately it’s one of the things that happens when you become a public figure. Maybe we should be criticizing those who made her a pubic figure at too early an age. 22 hrs Monica Jean Mark, kids are up and down like a yo-yo at this age. One year to a kid her age is a decade to us. I truly doubt what you are saying is true. 22 hrs Mark Cummings Exactly you don’t know jazz or her mother, I do. And yes that is exactly what I am saying that making a child a public figure for their own benefit is a classic case of munchausen by proxy. 22 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings you can doubt all you want Monica, but I know I and others are right. 22 hrs Monica Jean I would go further than doubting it, much further. No one in this thread is an authority of jazz except for one person. That one person I will defer to, not others conjecture or hearsay. This is how nasty rumors start, let’s stop this rumor stuff now 22 hrs · 1 Jaime Roth Mark, I may be wrong but I thought munchausen by proxy is a medical diagnosis when a parent fakes a child’s illness. i don’t think it has anything to do with making a child a public figure. I think you are stretching the definition beyond its meaning to make your point. I agree with Monica that this is reaching the point of speculation and gossip. I hope Jazz doesn’t see or hear a word of this. It would be enough to cause distress to anyone let alone a child. 22 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Jaime there is a variety of factors and clinical aspects of MBP are deeper than most care to know. The trans child phenomenon is a product of our gender-obsessed, individual performance-obsessed culture, along with parents who think it’s sure fun to parade around their child in front of news cameras so they can talk about how special their kid is and how oppressed. Munchausen’s by proxy, and the parents just SOAK UP the accolades. Joe Ippo if you can way in on this, I am getting ready to head out the door and can’t continue answering these questions right now. 22 hrs Jaime Roth But Mark, now you’re diagnosing her mother long distance too? I really don’t trust long distance arm chair diagnosis. I’ve mentioned before how much I despise when so-called experts come on various media after some tragic event has occurred and opine away about their “expert” opinions based on little more than news coverage about the alleged perpetrator’s mental condition. Then the newscasters start echoing what they have heard and eventually people start to believe they know more than they do. This does cause people to stigmatize things and we have more stigmas than we need already. 21 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings more information…/activism-to-normalize-gender…/ Activism to normalize gender transitioning now comes at children’s… SEXNOTGENDER.COM 21 hrs Mark Cummings not at a long distance, Jaime, Jeanette and I communicated often, I know them personally, I have sat down with her and spoke in person and on the phone. I appeared in a trans only movie where Jazz was an actor as well as I. I am not speaking out of my ass here, please do not insult my intelligence. 21 hrs · 1 Erik Rock It is really starting to sound like you’re projecting your trans regret on to others O___o 20 hrs · 2 Jodi Ihme Reichman Oh this a break already get off your soapbox Mark leave jazz alone along with her family this conversation you had with Jeanette was years ago you talk like it was yesterday! Don’t assume decisions for other people’s lives. Live your own with your partner and get on with it , you are getting far too carried away leave our trans kids you alone you are not medically qualified to make these assumptions. 20 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Oh please Erik that ridorec is getting old. No regrets, im two spirited, and I am tired of the lies, delusional thinking and now child abuse. 20 hrs Monica Jean Making the claim of child abuse is very heavy. Are you sure you want to make that claim publicly? 20 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Jodi, the conversation was a month begore I interviewed them om my show a year or less ago. Stay out of something you know nothing about, I don’t lie. 20 hrs Jodi Ihme Reichman Me neither mark m 20 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings What is being done to trans kids is child abuse world wide, doctots and other professionals will concured. 20 hrs Monica Jean “delusional thinking” is verbage associated with reparative therapists and stiff-necked church goers. 20 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings You were not on the phone with Jeanette when she shared the information with me as well as emails. I could dig back and share, actually, I will start looking. 20 hrs Lynna Lopez The average cost for treatment is $18000 per year. 20 hrs · 1 Jodi Ihme Reichman I happen to be friends with them your getting way out of control for me Do not tell me to stay out of this …ever! 20 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Monica give it up, the natives are restless, and opinions are flaring up like ass holes. I am not going to stop till the truth be known so might as well save your breath. 20 hrs Monica Jean So this is about Mark being right, not being righteous? No one places emails from others online unless they have a vendetta against them…or some ax to grind. This whole thing seems odd. 20 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Then don’t tell me what to say or do. I’m doing this for the future generations own good. 20 hrs Mark Cummings Rightous and doung the right thing same thing. 20 hrs Mark Cummings Blocking will be next, tired of being told what I can say or not. 20 hrs Mark Cummings Monica the whole trans thing is odd, speaking up against eugenics is not odd. 20 hrs Mark Cummings I have zero vendeta, I dont like being called a liar, therefore if I have to show proof I will. Now enough of this witch huntm im entitled to say what iam saying and reveal truth 20 hrs Brandon Valentine Mark, dirtywhiteboi67 has some posts about hormone blocker’s and stuff. 20 hrs Mark Cummings Yes we have read some of their stuff. And have shared it in the past thank you my friend. Appreciate the support 20 hrs Christiana Reagan Mark Cummings WOW! What gives you the right to decide what is right or wrong for the youth of the world ,trans or otherwise ? What next only blonde hair and blue eyes and only with your approval can transition? Give me a break. You and your partner should just exchange wardrobes and go on with your lives. 20 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Uhhm you are confusing things here chritiana, I’m trying to prevent eugenics, not create it. Changing clothing really, lol, small minded thinking a dress makes a girl and pant a boy. Stereotypes of the trans funny farm 20 hrs Christiana Reagan That’s a good one ” trans funny farm” when you’re are acting like a attention seeking clown. What are you credentials. And how dare you accuse parents of child abuse. Do you have kids? 20 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan Let’s not forget you’re transgendered as well. Or is that badge not shiny enough for the 2 of you anymore? 20 hrs Mark Cummings Credentials Occupational Therapist. Not in the clown business, and not only do I dare, but I am creating a campaign against it. Sorry you Don’t agree. So sad to bad 20 hrs Mark Cummings And yes more reasons to stop the train. 20 hrs Mark Cummings Peanut gallery give it a break only makes us stronger. 20 hrs Christiana Reagan Good luck with that getting made into law 20 hrs Mark Cummings Just sit back wait and see 20 hrs Christiana Reagan 20 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Oh how amusing and adult like, it suits ya 19 hrs Christiana Reagan Welcome 19 hrs Mark Cummings And they want to give blockers to children and keep them child like, when the “adult” trans are stuck in high school. 19 hrs · Edited Christiana Reagan No we just find you laughable, and a hypocritical trans “adult” 19 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Well I would say how I find you, but I was always taught if I can’t say anything nice to say nothing at all. 19 hrs · Edited Christiana Reagan There did you a favor, sent this thread to Jaz’s mother and management. 19 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan Mark you can say whatever you like about me. I give less than half of a damn. 19 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings She responded on the link already read initial thread. 19 hrs Mark Cummings I had tagged her in it 19 hrs Mark Cummings But you sure love to get in my business 19 hrs Mark Cummings Gee Mark Cummings, thanks for the post and trip down memory lane. While I agree with your recollection of what occurred 9 years ago, I must set the record straight since I feel the need to defend my sweet child. You started us out on this amazing journey, and when asked I always credit you for doing so. However you know very little about Jazz now. She is such a happy well adjusted child who loves life and loves helping others. Her advocacy work is from the heart and has helped hundreds of kids and adults who are having a rough time. She receives letters everyday from transyouth thanking her for sharing her story so publicly. Jazz has been bullied since she was 4, banned for playing girls soccer for over 2 years, and banned from school bathrooms for 5 years. If anything upsets her it’s the discrimination which she preservers through, and continues to tell her story to give others hope. She is never pushed or forced to do anything she doesn’t want to. Ryan Otto Cassata, your memory unlike Mark’s is false. I have the video of Jazz to prove it. Jazz didn’t break down when she introduced you. She cried when someone asked her a question about changing her journey if she could (with a magic wand). She’s so proud of being herself and being transgender that her emotions surfaced. It was pride that made her cry, not stress our pressure. For those reading this I just wanted to set the record straight about my daughter, my love..and many thanks to those who have supported Jazz in this thread. 19 hrs Mark Cummings I don’t do anything behind people’s backs and I don’t lie. 19 hrs · 1 Betsy Cline Britt Ok I’m not trying to jump into this conversation at all. It’s not my business, but I would like to reply to the remark about putting our kids on blockers. It worked great for my child. We were able to prevent a female puberty, which would have been horrible. Then, at the appropriate age and under the care of an endocrinologist, he was started on testosterone . It all worked perfectly and he is now a very happy almost 20 year old preparing to start college. The timing was all perfect, and he was not forced into being a child. We also support Jazz and her family. She’s a very brave child with a wonderful supportive family. 19 hrs · 5 Mark Cummings Long term affects, health issues later in life, honey moon stage does not count. You are missing the point, this is unnatural and eugenics 19 hrs · 3 Christiana Reagan Not in your business Mark Cummings when you put it out there for the world to react. Jazz has and will do more good for trans youth than you will to stop them. Your a Trans arsonist, trying to find away to make a buck,or get in the spotlight, frankly to me you’re simply entertainment. I don’t or could ever take you or your partner seriously. I enjoyed every part of this. 19 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan The point is Mark Cummings these parents are doing what’s best for there children. Now who is in people’s business. Let them raise there children who they see fit. 19 hrs · 1 Betsy Cline Britt Actually, it would have been worse issues having to grow breasts, etc.. We are aware of what the future possibilities are , and are staying on top of that. Anyone can have health issues later in life! The benefits have outweighed the risks for my child. 19 hrs · 1 Betsy Cline Britt By the way, haven’t you had surgery and taken testosterone yourself?? Wow. Sorry you’re such a hater. 19 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings I’m not hating, just trying to protect rhe future generation. And because I have walked this life and know exactly what the truths are, I find that u have room to speak. 19 hrs Mark Cummings Growing breast is horrible? Wow 19 hrs Mark Cummings They think They are helpin their kids but in reality they are nit not 19 hrs · Edited · 1 Betsy Cline Britt Then why did you cut yours off??! 19 hrs Betsy Cline Britt It was obviously horrible for you too! 19 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Power of suggestion, the programming. 18 hrs Mark Cummings The story is across the board. Knew from 5 years old, hated our privates, felt trapped in the wrong body, scripted 18 hrs · Edited · 1 Sandra Stewart When asked by parents what they should do I say as little as possible, but that may be quite a bit. I was concerned when I saw the Jaz interview as I felt it was approaching Munchhausen syndrome on the part of the mom. Nichole Mains however struck me as a much more balanced approach. 18 hrs Jaime Roth I’m sorry, Mark, if you feel I’ve insulted your intelligence. You’ve said you’re an Occupational Therapist. That’s fine but I don’t see any opinions you’ve expressed here on occupational therapy. What are your professional credentials in medicine and psychology? I have no problem with you expressing personal opinions. When they cross the line into sounding like professional opinions, which I believe these do, people have a right to question your credentials in those areas. I read things on the internet and talk to people too. I also work with a lot of doctors and psychologists. I try to refrain from expressing professional sounding opinions in areas like medicine and psychology. 18 hrs · 1 Casey Williams Jaime, anyone speaking the truth in medicine is kicked out of medicine…it’s a wonder more people aren’t screaming from the rooftops about the dangerous regime we’re living in. Would you have told pregnant women giving birth to seal-limbed children that they’re not doctors and should shut up about the dangers of thalidomide? You do realize doctors were the ones performing lobotomies, right? Doctors were the ones giving babies mercury poisoning with calomel/merthiolate…doctors were the ones injecting the subjects of the Tuskeegee Experiment…would you tell those syphilitics to shut up because they’re not doctors? Mark is on hormones, went the whole trans route, why shouldn’t he speak up about his experience? 18 hrs · 3 Mark Cummings Look up OT. 18 hrs Mark Cummings I’m tired of having to qualify myself 18 hrs Betsy Cline Britt At what point did I ever say my son had grief???! Actually he avoided it. And if it had been my choice, I would have been fine to have a daughter, I already had a son. People don’t go through this because they think it’s fun. Why can’t people understand that there is a wide range of diversity ? I guess you think everyone should be neatly tucked in your pre conceived box. I’m out people! The ignorance here is too much for me. Later 18 hrs · 2 Jaime Roth I’ve worked with occupational therapists. And you can talk about your own experience. And no, Casey and Mark, I don’t think doctors are infallible either. 18 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Diversity is fine, changing our gender impossible. Trans people are eliminating queer culture and aelf expression by fitting in the box. Ignorance, the pot calling the kettle black. Remember, I have been at rhis for 12 years, I know the script. 18 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Your son may be fine, but this Is not something to push on everyone. Thats our message and mission as well as lettibg people realize that gender is not negotiable 18 hrs · 1 Erik Rock Are you suggesting then that no one should ever transition ever again? I’m still having so much trouble understanding what you have against being trans. How is being a trans person who proudly out about their previous gender NOT queer? If someone does not feel comfortable with a body part why should they have to live with it? Should a person with a tumor on their face have to just accept it an move on because “medical intervention is evil”? Is this a campaign against the capitalist big pharma/medical industry or a campaign against transsexuality in general? I just can’t wrap my head around this 17 hrs Christiana Reagan The fact that you don’t know anything about Betsy Cline Britt or her son and you judge her and call her son a girl out of pure spite Casey Williams makes me think you’re just some mean dirty cunt. Go fuck yourself, you have no idea what process she personally went through or how well adjusted her SON is. Do is all a favor and get sterilization. 17 hrs Casey Williams Nice female slur there, Christiana. Definitely screen-capped your misogynist rage. You’d like the whole world to sterilize themselves, I see. I’m not calling her daughter a girl out of spite, it’s out of sanity. A girl is a reproductive category, a human female under 18, not a mindset, thank you. Edit: just checked out your profile. You’re a woman-hating, raging male narcissist. Got it. 17 hrs · Edited · 1 Betsy Cline Britt Lol!!! That’s right Christiana Reagan 17 hrs Christiana Reagan Screen grab this you ugly ass slag. No just you. I unlike most of the un happy trans women on here I’m happy with my results. I’m not hiding behind a cartoon default picture. 17 hrs · Edited Christiana Reagan Oh Casey Williams shut up! Are you trans? 17 hrs Mark Cummings A tumor is not a genital, you see this kind of thinking is what I am talking about. Trans people need a reality check. 17 hrs · 2 Casey Williams Depends on your definition of trans I suppose. 17 hrs Casey Williams “Ugly ass slag”? Thank you, I did screen cap that, too! I will file it under “male rage.” 17 hrs · 2 Christiana Reagan Are you like Mark Cummings or are you like Me? It is not a hard question 17 hrs Christiana Reagan CaseyWilliams you have me shaking 17 hrs Casey Williams I’m probably a lot like both of you. What difference does it make? Do you treat MtF different than FtM? 17 hrs Erik Rock This is the kind of stuff that the radical right spews out about trans people, you realize that right? Identical lines of reasoning 17 hrs Mark Cummings Wow Christiana Reagan, I see the surgeries may have changed your genitals but the man truck driving mouth is still therw, spewing nasty hateful words. Keep on showing how lonely and unhappy you are. Reflect much? 17 hrs · 4 Casey Williams Shaking? Because of a debate on Facebook? I’m not causing anything. That’s a victim mindset. 17 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings Casey you are good, please Don’t let them intimidate you. 17 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings No wonder people arw beginning to hate trans women 17 hrs · 2 Christiana Reagan I absolutely do not. My point is if you haven’t or aren’t mtf or ftm then you have no reason to be spewing your rage to Betsy Cline Britt about her son, and then to add to injury dint have the decency to use proper pro nouns. 17 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan But it’s fine for your friends to spew hate filled venomous rage to a woman about her son? 17 hrs Christiana Reagan And Mark Cummings you are the most hated trans man. What’s your point? My life is not defined by this thread. And again aren’t you with a Trans women 17 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Hate? Real gender is not hate, I am female and proud. Thats my true gender, I im two spirited, I wear this costume, but I am not delusional to think I’m male. 17 hrs · 3 Mark Cummings Casey, they are good at the victim mentality 17 hrs · 2 Casey Williams Your rules for “proper pronouns” exist within a very small bubble. Most people use sex-based pronouns, and I’m not going to reinvent the English language for .1% of the population. I respect Mark and Lynna’s pronouns because they aren’t assholes. Listen, if my parent didn’t set boundaries and teach me that my reproductive system has absolutely nothing to do with the way I decide to present/behave/choose hobbies…I would consider them a failure. If I had an underlying medical condition that made me hate my body and they put me on opposite sex hormones, I’d sue as an adult. Trust me, the dam is breaking. People are not just swallowing the gender pill anymore. 17 hrs · 3 Casey Williams And more and more people are wising up to the emotional manipulation that trans women are becoming notorious for. Case in point—-> “I’m shaking because you disagree with me.” 17 hrs · 2 Christiana Reagan Nope not into to hate, I hate no one and especially myself. I’m a proud , beautiful, happy woman. I don’t hate you mark , I think that you are entitled to think whatever you want. But that attack on Betsy Cline Britt about her son was uncalled for. Betsy has been a long time friend. So I will defend my friend. And I’m sure my language is nothing you haven’t heard before. 17 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Hated by who delusional people like you? Because I burst your bubble. Im with my soul mate we don’t identify as trans, we are ashamed of this community. And will stand up to protect the children and true females. 17 hrs · Edited · 3 Christiana Reagan I’m shaking, is to infer that you scare me. Sarcasm because you dont. 17 hrs Casey Williams “Cunt,” “ugly slag,” oh yes, you are just a shining paragon of love…a beacon of positivity. The fact that you call yourself beautiful is a glaring example of male socialization. Yuck. 17 hrs · 4 Christiana Reagan Ouch! 17 hrs Casey Williams Okay, I’m out. I’m sorry if I crossed any lines, Mark. I don’t want to trespass on your comment threads. Sending solidarity and good vibes to you! 17 hrs · 2 Mark Cummings You are welcome to say what you please on my wall Casey. You have my respect and friendship. 17 hrs · 3 Joe Ippo I want to point out a few things. For starters, gender (a social construct) can be changed, but natal sex cannot. Additionally, from what I can tell, there are a few different camps at play when it comes to trans children/teens. Camp #1: Children who feel they were born into the wrong body, from a very young age, who do not actually see themselves as trans. They identify as a boy and see themselves as a boy, not as a trans boys, for example. I am curious to see how some of these early on transitioners experience their “trans” identity as they get older. Will they come out as trans and live more openly, or embark on a life that is stealth. Camp #2: Trans youth who identify as trans or gender queer, or non conforming and are — in essence — pushing against the binary, and may or may not transition on hormones. As for Jazz, only time will tell how all of this shapes up. While I do see many benefits in having her story shared openly, I can only imagine that the pressure placed on her is hard. I was the Chair of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference years ago, when Jazz was just 3 or 4 years of age. At the time, she was just a tiny little person, who wanted to be a girl, and I suspect this has not changed much. 16 hrs · 2 Casey Williams I wanted to point out one more thing. Christiana said that she, unlike most trans women, is happy with her results, and then criticizes me for “hiding behind a cartoon.” Christiana, is your implication that trans women who are unhappy with their surgeries or actually have had their surgeries botched are worthy of ridicule or somehow “less than”? What about trans women who can’t afford any surgeries? That’s a very elitist viewpoint. From your photos, it appears you’ve had malar implants, lip lift, breast augmentation, brow bossing, Restylane injections, and who knows what else, to be honest. Is that something you think all trans women should strive for? To look like Amanda Lepore? Last I checked, most trans women were trying to secure a job, insurance, housing…not to mention just get the fuck on with their lives instead of gazing in the mirror like Narcissus. Jesus, no wonder the trans community is in shambles. 16 hrs · Edited · 2 Mark Cummings Gender identity is not a social construction, but is almost entirely based on genetics. Gender roles may slightly based on social constructions such as culture, but gender roles are ultimately rooted in real, measurable, biological differences between men and women. These camps as you mentioned where do they stem from, what is actually creating this. Has anyone bothered to ask themselves what is happening here. What diabolical plan is taking place, are we an experiment, a byproduct of chemicals? Now I am not saying it is a bad thing to be different or to be free to show your expressions as you see fit, but I am saying that this whole notion that we have to change or add, pollute and dishonor our bodies to fit in to societies box is eugenics and really alarming. When I embarked on my “journey” 12 years ago, I felt was being lead almost like a programing, could it be our obsessive nature? Neourlogical impairment caused by hormonal bathing due to estrogenic affects in our environment and food supply? Something is happening here. Yes the pressure is way to much for any child to push an adults agenda. 16 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan Thanks for looking at my photos Casey. Glad you like them. I’m a successful hair and makeup artist for fashion and film. I have many published images and film and t.v credits, I own my home and have full insurance. I have worked very hard for everything I have, no apologies from me. I never ridiculed anyone about botched surgeries. You read in to that, I was referring to trans women who have regrets. I don’t think anyone should do anything they don’t want to, and as far as my procedures, you have a few right. No reason to lie about my experience. And Amanda is a great friend, I don’t speak or am I or have I ever said I speak for the trans community. But I do have a great dermatologist and plastic surgeon if you would like there number. You won’t hurt my feelings by addressing my procedures in this forum. So I ask you. Now who is hating. I left you alone and left this thread. Then you try to come for me. Sweetie I’m not new to this. And I’m perfectly ok that you want to discuss my face and body. 16 hrs · Edited · 1 Mark Cummings so if you are so happy with yourself Christiana why all the procedures? Since you have asked me a trillion questions, I too have taken a look at your pics and wondered? 16 hrs · 2 Christiana Reagan Because I want them. 16 hrs Christiana Reagan Ooops, how convenient for her to delete Casey’s posts 16 hrs · 1 Christiana Reagan Mark Cummings I have absolutely nothing to hide. 16 hrs Christiana Reagan 16 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings to prove what? 15 hrs Christiana Reagan Nothing 15 hrs Joe Ippo Mark Cummings, can you clarify for me exactly what you are saying. This conversation has gone back and forth and forth and back. Are you saying trans people should not transition on hormones? have surgery? Forget age, I am talking in general. If this is the case, then what of those of us who have already done so, including yourself. I am not trying to argue matters further, but rather get a better understanding of what you are talking about here. You say gender roles are rooted in biology and I disagree. Yes, men may have engaged in tasks (back 100 years ago or longer) that were more labor intensive because they were physically bigger and stronger then most women and certain roles evolved, but in today’s world, I am not so sure this is necessary. To be honest, I find myself confused. On one hand you are arguing for gender fluidity, but also pointing out that gender roles are rooted in biology. 15 hrs · Edited · 3 Mark Cummings I am saying that people should be free to express themselves and love themselves full heartily. I feel that we are failing to see the big picture here. Do I think people should transition, truthfully no. You may say well you did Mark, yes I did, and has that solved anything? Now I am hairier, balder, older and wiser, but I am no different inside, not any better off, and not the “man” that I was sold to be. I have been lucky in love, but what about those, the thousands that are not, that are chasing after happiness, and think SRS and hormones are the answers. I say the answer to what? Dyshporia? What and when did this come along? This so called phenomenon, that appeared out of no where, has taken on a life of its own and now has spread like a cancer. I hear the same stories, scripted, I see young men and women get rid of perfectly functioning organs, have such self hatred, it has become a cult, and this scares me. I see women being disrespected by MTFs in feminist groups, I see a vile community that is self serving, hateful and with many mental conditions that make GD look like nothing. I am seeing lots of changes in the world, but these changes are scary and when it comes to children, we need to start speaking up and not let the trans agenda run wild. 14 hrs · 7 Mark Cummings who deleted casey posts, she probably blocked you. 12 hrs Cheryl Lynn Thank you Mark, GENDER supports PATRIARCHY and what is behind this need to express oneself differently. GENDER was a made up thing to force women to be subservient and men to be rulers. Those who rejected the PRESCRIPTIONS OF THEIR GENDER, are ridiculed, harassed and killed and have been for centuries. Transitioning is the cowards way out IMO and is conversion therapy for gay kids 3 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Your welcome Cheryl, and I totally agree. 3 hrs · 1 Cheryl Lynn We are losing so many lesbians to conversion therapy right now, it is shocking to us as lesbians and as women that they do this, but we really do understand. Why wouldn’t a woman want a piece of the pie, some of the power… I am sad and understand at the same time 3 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings We plan to right a wrong. I believe sometimes things happen for a reason, the pendulum is about to switch directions. 3 hrs · 1 Cheryl Lynn I am glad you said that, I can feel it too, it is switching around, the other way…so liberals will get a taste of what they deserve but we will all be lumped in the same basket, so we have to be distant from them 3 hrs · 1 Joe Ippo Wow, this conversation has turned into something that really scares me. For starters, Cheryl Lynn, conversion therapy is not endorsed by the American Psychiatric or Psychological Association any longer. While there may be clinicians still doing it, it is considered an unethical and harmful process, and those providing such treatments, if licensed need to be reported. I also want to say that gender based socialization is not just a women’s issue, it’s a person issue. You might want to consider watching the film “The Masks We Live In,” to educate yourself about the many ways gender and socialization significantly inpact boys and men to a point of utter despair, striping them of any ability they may have possessed as young children to express emotion and show affection. The socialization issues presented in this film are not the result of the trans movement, or the LGBTQ whatever, it’s the result of HETERONORMATIVE, CIS GENDER conditioning. Mark, while I support your desire to challenge much of what is going on in the trans world today, including the obvious health risks associated wtih HRT, to suggest this is merely a phenomenon is problematic. What may appear to be a trend, is merely an example of people coming out about issues they were closeted about before. This also happened in the gay and lesbian community some 30 years ago when things started to become more open for them. Given this, Cheryl, would you say that lesbians who used to date men, but now date women are just sick of men, or can’t find a good man to love them, and so they decide to date women as a fall back? How is suggesting this any different then your comment about transitiong being “conversion” therapy for gay kids. In essence what you are saying here is that there is no such thing as transsexuality or transgenderism and that we are all just gay. What of the trans person who transitions and dates someone of the same sex (trans man who dates men). Is this person just a misguided women who likes men? I also think it is extremely misguided to suggest trans men transition in order to get a “piece of the pie” or power. Trans men largely live their lives in much the same way as most female bodied people do, subject to sexism, misogyny, oppression. Many of them carry this with them into their lives as passing men, and on top of that face additional struggles because they are also a gender minority. Many of my TMOC friends for example, are far more at risk now on the streets from police harassment and abuse as men of color then they were as women of color. In this case, how is it they are benefiting from the patriarchy? Mark Cummings, in terms of dating and intimacy. Yes, many trans people struggle to find dating parnter, when lesbians and gays — if you want to compare — can easily jump from one relationship to another simply because they have cis bodies. If I wanted to judge this, and criticize lesbians for “uhauling” it, I could easily do so, but judging does not lead to change or progress and only hurts people. Suffice it to say, the rhetoric taking place on this page is disturbing, misguided and troubling. I am all for people taking mindful steps when it comes to transition, as well as ensuring parents are not jumping the gun on placing children on HRT for obvious reasons, but many of the comments mentioned here sound no different then those made by crazy christian fundamentalists who claim trans people, or gays are disgusting sinners who will end up in hell. 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn HRT, SRS and taking acting classes, does not change one’s SEX, unfortunately everyone is stuck with their chromosomes. So to answer you, that is all going to pass and be seen as conversion therapy for gay and lesbians…it is coming 2 hrs Joe Ippo Cheryl, what you should know about me is I have ALWAYS supported the notion that a trans person physiology continues to remain that of their natal sex, despite hormone treatment and/or surgery. I am quite educated and well versed in these matter, trust me. However, to compare HRT to acting classs is rediculous. I don’t know you or want to judge you, but I can only assume you are a lesbian identified person, who may hate trans people. Not sure if this is the case, but if it is, that is just too bad, because the trans community, as a whole, is amazing and by taking on this attitude, you are most certainly missing out. 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn NO, not comparing HRT to acting classes, there are actual videos..etc that help people transition and change mannerisms 2 hrs Joe Ippo Yes, and that is part of it, especially if you want to pass more. When someone has lived a good portion of their lives as a gender, they are forced — socialized — to model behaviors of that gender regardless if they are comfortable doing so or not. Bare in mind, female born people have it a bit easier then male born people if they — for example — want to wear men’s clothing, because due to male socialization, men simply cannot wear women’s clothing and in any way be accepted. However, sometimes people want to unlearn those mannersisms. For example, trans women often have deep voices because HRT does not change that. However, they can learn to talk at a different pitch and intonation, thus having a more female sounding voice. So again, I can only assume then that you are a female identified, lesbian, who is feminine and only dates feminine women, right? I mean if you didn’t for example, and dated butch women, or were butch yourself, doesn’t that mean you are buying into gender role stereotypes, butch women who emulate clothing styles reserved for men (suits, ties, etc.,). I for one have always supported the butch identity, have many butch identiifed friends, and totally get where they are coming from and respect their ability to comfortably present in the world as a masculine women. 2 hrs · Edited Cheryl Lynn That is the key Joe, people are forced and molded into their ‘gender’ from birth…pink, blue… and we have to unlearn this, it isn’t necessary to transition, just gender bend 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn And btw, you want to come with me to buy a men’s suit and tie? I get funny; looks from sales men, and they don’t listen to me 2 hrs Joe Ippo Cheryl, over the past 15 years, I have moved towards a place where in my own personal identity and viewpoint I support and embrace gender fluidity and gender queer movements. As a whole, I believe we would all be better off if there was a wider continuum of options, and this includes heteronormative culture as well. In an ideal world, androgyny works best. Sadly, this is not the case anywhere in the world, for the most part, and yes, most people are forced to subscribe to certain gender based roles. As for buying a men’s suit and tie. I also get funny looks because when they measure my legs, they notice I do not have a package there. Also, I am a small person, and don’t fit into things off the rack that easily. I also have small feet and so finding mens shoes is challenging. However, I love men’s fashion, always have since before transition, and so I do my best with it. However, gender identity is not about gender presentation, gender roles, or sexual orienatation. I know trans people who transition their gender and still lke to wear the clothes more typically worn by the sex they were born into. I must say, and I do not mean this as a criticism, I do feel your points are somewhat misguided, and if you met more trans people, who expressed themselves and identified on a spectrum, rather then assuming we all only see things in black and white terms, you might just shift that mindset a bit. 2 hrs Joe Ippo Also, when it comes to getting funny looks and being ignored by sales people. This is about gender descrimination and is not the fault of the trans movement. In fact, the trans movement, and its many nuances, is helping to shift this by showing the world that there are a range of genders and gender presentations. I know straight women, who present more manly, and are just assumed to be lesbians, when they are heterosexual and only date men. However, they too suffer from the same issues you do, yet they are not sexual minorities, but could be considered gender ones. 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn I am not blaming trans for all things, believe it or not, they are not the enemy, patriarchy is our enemy and conforming to their ideal of gender is supporting patriarchy 2 hrs · 1 Cheryl Lynn by saying you have to transition, you are buying the line, gender is valid…it is not, it’s made up, fake, we don’t FEEL LIKE MEN OR WOMEN, WE JUST FEEL LIKE US 2 hrs · 1 Mark Cummings Joe reality can sound scary, as socially programmed creatures, we all tend to live our programing. I personally after living this “reality” feel trans is a lie. No disrespect to you or others, but I clearly see that what we have done is not the answer. Not because my “transition was not successful or thst I am not happy, on the contrary, but because I see the truth. I see what is taking place hete and the right thing needs to be done. Something strange is in the horizon and an agenda behind it. 2 hrs · 1 Cheryl Lynn don’t you suspect MRA and homophobia behind trans?. 2 hrs Mark Cummings I think its deeper than that big pharma and mad scientists are pulling strings. 2 hrs Mark Cummings Eugenics 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn yes, pharma is making a ton of money on this and their doctors 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn but that is all part of it, getting people discombobulated and hating each other instead of them 2 hrs Cheryl Lynn eu·gen·ics yo͞oˈjeniks/ noun noun: eugenics the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, it fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines by the Nazis. 1 hr Cheryl Lynn when the perverbial shite hits the fan, these doctors and pharma will be sued 1 hr
  29. lynnalopez Says:

    I understand that I may never be accepted by any of you because you view me as an evil guy. That is okay, I alone have to live with my decisions. I was a very conservative Christian man with a wife of 17 years and 5 incredible kids. They meant the world to me, they still do. I was so careful to protect my marriage and her from my truth. I was going to die knowing that this feminine nature resided in me.

    I know that many of you will disagree, but all I am asking is that you hear me out. I chose to identify as one of you because I honor you. I was my mother’s son and my only sister was my dad’s girl. My mom means the world to me and I appreciate and love this most beautiful gift to this world, the woman. I know and I recognize that you are all the givers of life and the very fundamental foundation of life itself. There is nothing more powerful than the nurturing love of the feminine spirit. It is infectious, effervescent, powerful, inspirational, creative, sensitive, transparent and selfless. I adore you all, because you are the best of the two energies. As mothers, daughters, sisters, you are able to make this world a truly beautiful place to live.

    I recognize and accept that I am not one of you, but I would stand proudly with you if I could.

    I also know that the degree of contempt that some of you hold over me. Is some of it deserved? Well, I guess it is because if you want to paint me as an abandoner of my wife and give children, it is a boot that obviously fits the narrative. On the surface it may seem all so black and white and undeniable. What I did to her is unforgivable, what I did to my kids is reprehensible, some of you would say. I get that, believe me it has sunk in, no doubt. Life is more than black and white though and there are not only many shades of gray but also millions of colors out there. What I am trying to say is that life is not that simple. I am not going to now go off into my sob story of how I knew I was a girl at 5 and yada, yada. No, I was a boy and I liked to d boy things, I was not effeminate, I was happy and content to be male. I was also however content and happy to see life from the other side of me as well. I explored that side growing up, but I knew that I was just different, my religion though, made me ashamed of it. I lived in fear that I would go to hell because of it. So I hid it and decided to purge it away. Out of fear and guilt I hid my androgynous gender expression. I let my strength of denial and repression carry me into being 41, married for 15 years and a father of 5. It was there, like a balloon full of hot air that I could not breathe from repressing this feminine nature inside of me that the dam broke. It was not a month later into my cross dressing that I told my wife the truth. I spilled all of my beans that night in December 2011. She knew that something was going on and feared that although I was so faithful, that I was cheating on her. I told her that I had this nature that I wanted to express and I told her how I had these physical characteristics that were more female than male, wider hips, feminine face and innate mannerisms, a tiny penis and the fact that I was never alpha. Not that all men have to be alpha, but I was not at all. She hyperventilated and just started praying and repeating, “oh Jesus, oh Jesus”. I was so grateful to finally tell her the truth about my feminine nature but she was so insistent on snuffing it out and denying it. She would have none of it. She told me that she wanted me to throw away those evil thoughts and not go there again. The problem is that it was like asking me to cut something out that was really just me cutting at myself.

    So we dealt with it privately and for two years we would wake up talking about my gender issues. We homeschooled all of our kids and she was a stay at home mom. She wanted me to go get counseling, so we did. It never helped, but we tried. The day came when she told me in October 2013, “I think that it is time for you to leave”, so I honored her request. I left for a week not knowing where to go. I ended up renting a week at a local motel room and really thinking about what was going to happen. I ended up coming home on Sunday (I had been gone since Wednesday) and pledged to her that we were going to get through this. I made it another week before she told me to leave. So I did. She had expressed to me that when I left to just leave quietly and she would pick up the pieces with the kids. I told her that we needed to be honest with the kids but she just insisted that I get out of the way. The kids don’t want another mom, they needed a dad. So I left and began HRT. I visited the kids when I could get her permission to, but it was seldom, she wanted it that way. Her idea was minimal intervention, that is that if I was transitioning then she wanted me to have little to no contact with them. I am not a fighter by nature and very gentle soul. I honored her request. She then filed divorce papers and we further separated and she kept the kids from me.

    I lost my main client due to my transition and life became chaotic from then on. I was forced to relocate to my old state of Minnesota and begin my new life. I sent half of all that I earned to her and rented a room to live in. My credit got trashed in the process and I lost it all. I lost my man card too, friends looked at me as a freak, my mom and sister lost respect for me, my kids alienated themselves from me. I had become me but at what cost?

    Then I met Maritza. It was a fluke that we even got into contact with each other. A subscriber on both Mark and my YouTube channel told Mark about me and that we would be perfect for each other. Mark was leary of trans “women” and at first said no way. Our bio woman friend kept on imploring him, so he sent a comment my way. I was instantly intrigued, I had no idea he was trans, who wouldn’t be. He is an amazingly attractive human being and instantly felt a connection. We hit it off nicely right from the start. I had no idea who he was, even though he insisted that I watch his videos. Somehow I thought that we should meet. My plans to see my kids had been canceled by my ex and do me and my Asbergers decided to take a road trip to New Mexico over the holidays. For some reason I packed my Honda up as tight as I could. Was I going to stay? Was I coming back? I had no idea, but I just went. The rest is history.

    The following is what I wrote to my son earlier today. I told my oldest boy who is seventeen that I no longer identified as a transgender person. He asked me what does that mean now. Here is what I emailed him:

    The near future is one in which I still find myself in a physically disabled state. I went to a government scheduled physical examination. They deem whether or not that I am able to collect disability which will, in turn go to you guys. It is a complicated situation that is not just an oh gosh, I drank the Kool-Aid, I better get back to life as it was.

    The fact is that I do not deny my dual spirited nature that allows me to relate to life in the masculine and also in the feminine. I do honestly believe that those two components make up our very lives.

    The damage that has been done in your mother and my relationship will never allow for us to reconcile and become a married couple. I broke your mother’s trust and she refused to stand with me throughout all of this. I was left all alone when I was dying at the hospital in El Paso. My mom didn’t support me, my sister didn’t even want to talk to me and your mom chose to accuse me at a time when I just needed to be shown compassion. There was a distancing that was made and the statement was quite clear.

    On the other hand, this person walked into my life and came to visit me at the hospital. He (really a she) had no means of getting to me, but found a way to come. Upon sight, she had compassion for me and became my support and helped me. For instance, Mark/Maritza became my personal nurse. She saw my swollen hands and immediately told the medical staff, to get me some Co-Band to bring the swelling down. Your mom encouraged me to follow my doctor’s advice and get my neck fused and surgically locked in place. Mark adviced me not to, my heart was wanting to recover naturally without surgery, but Maritza was the only one who stood with me.

    She has never left my side from the moment we met. I know that it is awkward to hear but he was a good looking guy and I was a pretty gal, but the moment we met, I only saw Maritza and she only saw Paul. We are both dual spirited and that is the beauty in our relationship, we accept each other entirely for who we are. Your mom and I never had that. I wish that we did, but we didn’t.

    I honestly believe that Mark and I had to walk down this path in life to be sacrificial lambs to sound a wake up call to humanity to stop believing the transgender lie. Kids are identifying as trans, left and right. Children are being diagnosed as young as 18 months and being given dangerous puberty blockers as young as 9. This needs to stop. You yourself have not yet fully developed your reasoning mind yet because your front cerebral cortex is not fully developed. It won’t stop developing until you get into your 20’s.

    Mark and I know that there is a much greater reason that we did what we did. In just four months, my life has changed in ways then it had in all the years prior. I no longer am materialistic and self-centered. I found out that I have Asbergers, a mental disorder that makes me react abruptly. When I focus on something, I can really be driven to do it. That is what happened when your grandparents told me that I couldn’t marry your mom in 1991. I would not be deterred, so I eventually married her. Your mom put on a dress that I had bought to crossdress in 2012 and told me, “Paul look, this is what a real woman looks like, you will never look like this. Look at my curves, you will never ever have these.” Now I see that my Asbergers really kicked in and in my mind I thought, “you do not know just how much more motivated I am to transition, I will prove you wrong”. It really became a real motivator and I ran my butt off to feminize as much as I could. I cross dressed in earnest more and more. I ran into the water with this and started to swim away and into my reality. I was like a laser in focus and direction. I started to get laser hair removal treatments in March 2012 and knew that it was symbolizing the start of my transition.

    I look back now and I went from 0 to 60 with this. It was wrong, but I just could not stop. By the summer, I had quite the collection of clothes. It was so liberating for me to escape from my man-centric reality, but I knew that it was coming from a much deeper place and I had to respond to it. I saw my eyes, innocent and feminine in pictures that I would take in hotel rooms during the off hours from working. They were of this person that was hidden inside. Still me, but just another side of my identity as a person. It seemed like I was able to shape shift and be this other part of me. I would go out into this world as that part of me and the world seemed like a brighter place. I was never laughed at or demeaned. I was free and comfortable and so happy. This all focuses on me this and that, I know. The fact is, we all need to learn to love the person that we are and then can we love others out of that. I know that you don’t agree, but that is how life flows for me.

    In closing, I would like to say that I love you and your siblings very very much. It breaks my heart to not be by you, helping you grow and mature, learning to appreciate you for you. It really sucks to not be that kind of dad. But know this, time is a wonderful healer and we will get through this. We will become better people and I will never stop being your dad. It is who I am. I am not a woman trapped in the wrong body. I am not transgender, whatever that means. I am a beautiful soul, somehow gifted to understand in parts both the masculine and the feminine nature that resides in all of us. I am able to live in both worlds, but never deny my biological reality that I am a man, but beyond that I am an eternal spirit. I want you also to know that I will never pursue any type surgery to alter or remove anything that is naturally there, but I have changed permanently physically and those are changes that were there innately and then further enhanced by my use of hormones and testosterone blockers. The changes have been done, but I will fight to discredit and dismantle this lie until proper order is restored.

    Son, I love you, Kayla, Josiah, Micah and Zachary with all of my heart,


    On May 9, 2015, at 7:47 AM, Tim Lopez wrote:

    I mean exactly what I said. If things are changing for you now, then how does that change the way the near future looks?

    On May 9, 2015, at 12:55 AM, Lynna wrote

    What do you mean?

    My son asked,

    So what’s next? How does life look going forward?

    Sent from my iPhone

    That is awesome Son! I am so proud of you and I know that you are destined for great things! Your mom and I have always known that to be true. I am also elated, also concerned that you have your permit. I do celebrate with you, I remember when I got mine in 1986, wo long time ago! Well, I am 45 years young anyway! Any college?? and a good-sized scholarship?? Those are awesome words to hear. I have been thinking about you and concerned about that. You are on your way!

    Me? Well, I am doing better and better and working on getting my core healthy and fit. I am working out on that part of my body because it is the most important muscle to work out. Lots of ab workouts, planking, plyometrics. We are working out with bands at a local playground just down the street from us. Using the existing playground equipment as exercise equipment makes the workouts fun and enjoyable. On the off-days we go for a walk and enjoy the hills and trails out here. I am still experiencing limitation with my neck movement but I am way better than I was.

    The Tour of the Gila was a cool event that came to our little town and showcased the world’s best cyclists, we actually only saw two of the events that Saturday, it was a multiple day event. I have sent you a little video of the cyclists ripping through downtown Silver City. It was so cool to watch, the race was 40 laps and the track was probably a couple of miles long. It was fun to get out and enjoy the town because there were so many people in town.

    I also wanted you to know that I no longer identify as a transgender person. I have learned that this is not a correct definition for who I am. I can tell you that transgender is a lie and it is a delusion to believe any of it. I believed it, Mark did, to the point of changing gender but it was not necessary for him/her to do so. It is a complicated thing to admit but here is something that I posted to share my feelings with regards to what has happened.

    I take full responsibility for my actions and my entire life for that matter. I am who I am and I am the only one who has to live with that reality. I know and accept the fact that I crossdressed initially, but the difference is that I never considered myself a crossdresser. I lived suppressing things that I gave thought to often. I wondered when I could be released from my cage that I had been placed into. I reached back deep to be the son, brother, husband and father that I was expected to be. I hoped that my innate sense of self would not see the light of day because this was wrong in every way. I pushed through my marriage and welcomed five children into this world. They brought me great joy and of all the things that I have had to deal with, this one continues to drive me to times of severe guilt and sadness over what I have done to them.
    My life is one that they needed to have in theirs, I needed them in mine. Now we have neither. While I am working through that on a daily basis, I know that part of my purpose in life, my mission is to help dispel the lie of being born in the wrong body. This notion that we are gender incongruent. I am not better than any of the other crossdressing men out there, if that is how you want to identify me as. I was a born a bouncing baby boy, I am my mother’s son, my sister’s brother, I am a man, I was born one. I don’t deny that and I am not ashamed of it either. It is part of me and I am thankful. I also cannot deny my feminine soul that I know that I have always had. It is undeniable and not a stereotype of what a man fantasizes a woman to be.
    I tried to think about what makes a man a man and I just have problems processing that in my brain. Am I dealing with a mental disorder? Possibly, who knows, I am certainly have been dealing with something, for like, ever. I am certainly not an alpha male, I am one who loves to help, not really lead, but I don’t say that to stereotype myself, it is just me, that’s all.
    I have much to learn in this journey called life, I hope to be gracious and allow the universe to carry me to where I need to be. This world is so caught up in defining gender, when, in all reality life is more than just being an F or an M. It is really about being a good person who loves and cares about the needs of others and has an innate desire to give back and make this a better world for all of us.

    I also wrote to your mother the following:

    I have really been thinking a lot lately of my choices that I felt compelled to follow after I initially crossdressed back in November 2011. I have recently come to understand that I have Asbergers. My focus-like, cannot be deterred from it, personality is this way. I have always been a driven person and I was never able to be derailed from obtaining something if I wanted it bad enough. Paul always got what he wanted, I believe that this is because I have Asbergers and when combined with a drive for something, it has awful consequences. That is how my desire to be me came to take such prominence in my life following that night in November 2011. I saw something that I wanted to be so badly and it was difficult, no rather an impossibility to jump off of this run-away train. Should I have gotten help to deal with my issues earlier? Perhaps yes. Should I have confided with you the truth of what was part of me all of my life? Definitely, I should have and for that I apologize for my lack of honesty. I blew it, I was never good at confrontation, especially something so intimate and personal. You deserved that, but I could not give it to you. I knew that once I did, I would possibly lose you, but I ended up losing you anyway.

    Your parents knew that I was tainted with something that they couldn’t put their finger on. In their spirit they knew that I would not be good for you. Well, I guess that they were right. Once they delivered their final decision that is when my Asbergers kicked into hyperdrive. I was not going to be told that I couldn’t have what I felt was mine, so I devised a plan to get you back. The tunnel vision focus was centered on you. It was evident in the fact that I went to all extremes to locate you in Wisconsin when you were at Honey Rock. I loved you and I wanted you to be with me for life, I wanted to cast off my trans issues and really wanted to move forward as I ended up doing. Life was never easy with me, I neglected you and part of that reason is that no matter what you did, you were never enough for me. Sad, but the truth was that if I could not give you all of me, the good and the bad, I was only fooling myself and in the end you.

    These are hard truths for me to admit and I know that you are content to block me out of your life and the kids lives. Who needs a freak to be a part of your lives? I get it and I don’t blame you for your desire to stay away. I have become the ultimate monster and separation is the consequences of my actions.

    Someday, I hope that you will look beyond the hurt and pain that I have caused you. I hope that you find a man worthy of your love and that he will restore your heart to that innocent and carefree one that God gave you. You deserve that, I was beneath you and to think that I could fix myself or hide myself was ludicrous then and is now.

    I honestly have a different view of transgender, especially since now the medical community is targeting our kids to accept that they are transgender and are to be allowed to identify in the gender of their choosing. This is wrong and it needs to stop. They are diagnosing infants as young as 18 months old and prescribing harmful and dangerous puberty blockers to children as young as nine. Trans is a lie and those who identify with gender dysphoria are really looking at another root cause to what ails them. There is no truth to the notion that people’s brains and bodies don’t match there assigned gender of birth.

    You may care, you may not, in fact I have no idea why I am telling you anything. Mark asks me why I need to explain myself to you. I honestly don’t know why I even bother, but I do. Part of it is most definitely guilt, but the other part is I don’t know what. So I ramble on and I know that I will not be answered with anything other than, “thanks” or “I appreciate you saying this”. It is what it is but I say what I say to get it off my chest. You can do with it as you wish.

    I just wanted you to know that I live with my decisions everyday and I am learning to not feel so guilty about it because, I can only do so much. I admitted guilt and wrongdoing, but your mom never found a way to accept me. It is what it is and only time will enable us all to heal.


    • mayimoktoo Says:

      lynnalopez, I understand that you are sorting through a lot of very emotional & difficult stuff right now. I wish you the strength to come out the other side as whole as possible.

      Your wife did nothing wrong. You had 5 children and were together for 17 years. You say yourself that “Paul always got what he wanted.” You tore her life apart, tore apart the lives of her children, changed her social role, and most likely created financial issues for something that you and only you wanted.

      She does not owe you anything. You owe her for destroying her life. Telling your children that she didn’t stand with you, making her the bad guy because she didn’t go along with your tunnel vision is a horrible thing to do.

      You can’t “honor” women by dressing like us while wrecking a woman’s life and leaving her with 5 children to care for alone.

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        Also this:
        There is nothing more powerful than the nurturing love of the feminine spirit. It is infectious, effervescent, powerful, inspirational, creative, sensitive, transparent and selfless.

        is straight-up bullshit. The “feminine spirit” is no more and no less than the human spirit. Which includes FAR more than all the Madonna/whore crap above. As a woman, that kind of swooning couch nonsense makes me puke.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Me too. Total fucking puke. Why do these sick-ass autogynephiles think having a small dick and the desire to be submissive makes them “women”? DISGUSTING.

      • Sisters, we are all humans, we all make mistakes and to throw each other under a bus and place guilt solves nothing. I am grateful that Lynna came into my life she gave me direction and has helped me see things differently and now together we can help right many wrongs. I understand your anger and wanting to hurt. But I ask are we not entitled to make mistakes in life. How many of us had relationships that were not right for us, how many of us hurt someone in the past?

        Lynna does not see herself as a woman, that is not fair to say, Lynna has evolved and is helping me be an ally to my sisters and is part of this campaign we are about to embark on. I think what we are doing can bring forth the change that many of us want to see.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Mark- Agree that your campaign should be the focus here. Really not interested in Lynna’s personal spewage. At all. Lets stay focused!

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Speaking as a woman — an adult female human being — I am not “the giver of life” or “the foundation of life.” That distinction belongs either to God or to the pre-Cambrian slime that produced the first single-celled organism.

        You know what I am? A person — someone with ambitions, hopes, dreams, fears, likes, dislikes, etc., that are specific to me. None of them involve being “effervescent” (I am not a bottle of tonic water) “transparent,” or “selfless.” Ugh.

        As for “inspirational,” “powerful,” and “creative” — women are human, which includes the possibility of being the opposite of all of those things.

    • Anon Male Says:

      As an evil guy myself, I’d suggest learning boundaries and stop being so lazy. Because only someone without boundaries and who was completely lazy would repost something already written (and presumably already *delivered* to their family) in a public venue like that.

      To a sane person, what you just did reads as “I vented my spleen once in life and now all I have to do is ctrl-v to engender (encompassing multiple definitions of that word) ‘feels’ in the women I need to have feels because them feeling something would benefit me. So ctrl-v, ctrl-v, ctrl-v!”

      As far as crass manipulation goes, that’s sick — and well, just goddamn lazy.

      And fuck, you’ve been treated with kid gloves here because no one wants to hurt Mark, so you’ve been accepted far more than any other rando male would be going on about being two spirited and the utter necessity of gender expression and whatnot.

      And yet somehow that’s STILL not good enough? And you were oblivious to the fact that deference was even happening? (Try stepping back and seeing things more objectively — Mark is the important one here.) To freak out just because you weren’t given blessing to go to Michfest like some sort of special celebrity? Seriously? Please don’t answer this post. It’s obviously not your wheelhouse. And that’s fine.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Anon Male, you are a kind person to even try with him. I’m not going to waste my breath.

      • Anon Male Says:

        I’ve shared space with a lot of mentally ill or “non neurotypical” people.

        Women tend to know how their disability affects others, or how other people view them, and compensate. And apologize for shit they haven’t done and may NEVER actually do.

        OTOH, in my experience, there’s never been one statement in the history of the universe that began with “I have Asperger’s…” that couldn’t be safely ignored.

        (OK, I’m guessing there’s one out there that begins “I’m female, I have Asperger, not ASSBURGERS, but most of you wouldn’t know because I try really fucking hard. Every day. And no, I don’t agree with MRAs that the syndrome makes males into supermales.” And good for her, I’m definitely not talking about her.)

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I am reeeeeally uncomfortable about these personal family letters out for public view. (That’s not directed at you Gallus, that’s directed at Paul.) I feel like I just walked in on someone undressing or something. Paul’s kids deserve privacy.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Ashland- I didn’t even read it. Paul lost me at micro-penis.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Why does it always go back to their dicks?

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “I honor you… I appreciate and love this most beautiful gift to this world, the woman. I know and I recognize that you are all the givers of life and the very fundamental foundation of life itself. There is nothing more powerful than the nurturing love of the feminine spirit. It is infectious, effervescent, powerful, inspirational, creative, sensitive, transparent and selfless. I adore you all, because you are the best of the two energies.”

      If you’re going to deify us, don’t stop there. We are also Coatlicue, The Morrigan and Kali.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        And… give life too (hint: it has a tail on it and swims). Men (and boys, but mostly boys?) can be infectious, effervescent, powerful, inspirational…………etc. Nurturing. Men can be nurturing too. It’s like a man can’t stop being a man, even when he’s trying so hard to be (act like, etc) a woman. That objectification-of-women thing just shines through like a bright beacon in the darkness. Or maybe it obscures the truth of women’s lives, like the moon passing in front of the sun in an eclipse. (Yes I compared something men do to the moon, a traditional symbol of the feminine, or eternal feminine, or constantly changing feminine, I forget what all symbolic freight the moon carries for women…so sue me) Frickin’ light blockers, stop getting in the way of my big egg-y ovulatory SUN.

      • river Says:

        Yeh. I’ll bet his wife could back that. “the nurturing love of the feminine spirit”. Except it’s not the feminine, on and off at will, what length the hemline today, what colour eyeshadow. It’s the FEMALE, not a feeling, a biology.

        Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who mother.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Since it’s Mother Day, I’m going to make another comment. And that is, I don’t have children. I was abused by my mother growing up, to an extreme degree. So Mother’s Day can be a bit of a (as trans like to put it) “trigger” for me. I was always afraid when I was younger, that if I had kids, that I would abuse them like my mother abused me.

        So, I’ve had a couple of blow-outs with my mother over the years, and laid everything on the line with her: all my pain, all my rage, all the ways I’ve buried it inside myself, tried to carry on regardless. She knows how I feel, the depth of my feelings about my childhood, being abused by her, how her substance abuse affected me. Having put it “all out there,” it has helped me a lot, just in feeling like a human being.

        So today, Mother’s Day – I didn’t get my mom anything. In fact, my MOM got ME a card, AND a box of candy. The card reads:


        You’ll never know
        what a joy you have been.
        And no matter
        how old you get, where you go,
        or what you do,
        you’ll always be my daughter,
        and you’ll always be
        loved so much.

        Happy Mother’s Day

        Now this may seem like mawkish sentimentality, or too much information about myself and my relationship with my mom. But I think of the Sinead O’Connor song “I Have a Healing Room Inside Me” – here are the lyrics, in part:

        I have a healing room inside me
        The loving healers there they feed me
        They make me happy with their laughter
        They kiss and tell me I’m their daughter
        I’m their daughter

        See I am the universe inside you
        You come to me and I will guide you
        And make you happy with my laughter
        I joy in seeing you’re my daughter
        You’re my daughter

        Sinead OConnor has talked about her mom, and how her mother’s abuse affected her. When a woman is abused by their mother, this word “daughter” – to feel like you are some woman’s “daughter,” it’s so loaded, it’s so potent. “I’m your daughter,” “you are my daughter” – no MT2 could EVER know the enormity of the feelings wrapped up in that word, for women abused by their mothers. My mom was abused by HER mother – probably Sinead OConnor’s mom was abused by HERS.

        And I love Alice Walker’s book “The Secret of Possessing Joy” – the dedication is to “the blameless vulva” (and this was well before Vagina Monologues got going). In this book, a woman goes and murders the woman who mutilated her genitals. I don’t advocate violence AT ALL – but I do demand that women can be open and honest about how women hurt other women.

        Sort of like the libfems are hurting other women now. It’s not female genital mutilation in America (well, for F2Ts it is) – for the rest of us its female emotional mutilation, female intellectual mutilation. Maybe mutilation is too strong a word. But they’re not just doing nothing.

        That’s right, libfems, you’re on notice – I’ll be expecting a card and box of candy one of these old days.

        Happy Mother’s Day to All.

  30. WeWillWin Says:

    This is a touching story Lynna and I’m sorry about the accident and all the pain you’ve been through in the aftermath.

    I really hope that you and Mark can fulfill your mission and derail this trans-insanity that strengthens the gender straight jacket instead of doing away with it. Survivors have a lot of credibility so that is a strong point, also the sincerity that you and Mark express.

    I came to this site because I reconnected with someone I love very much who started injecting T. She also has Aspergers and an intense abuse history.

    The hormones have turned her into a raging maniac and sent her life totally off the rails. Her worst personality changes took place after she started on T so I’m convinced that T is the main culprit.

    It may be too late for her but it’s sad to see so many lives ruined. I wish you the best and support you in your efforts.

  31. […] Because of the excellent sleuthing work done by the intrepid GallusMag and others over at GenderTrender, the shady practices of this organization are coming to light. The Executive Director of TransActive, an MTF by the name of Jenn Burleton, came under quite a bit of heat in a comment thread recently for misrepresentations about the nature of this “non-profit” organization. It’s worth perusing the whole thread here.… […]

  32. lynnalopez Says:

    I honestly laid my life out there and I blamed no one. My ex-wife is never to blame here and I never intended it to be some pointed blame game on the mother of my children. I will though, support Mark or Maritza. He is my life and we have a message to help keep kids of of blockers and hormones and to expose this transgender lie. I shared very personal information and I will never do that again here. I realize now that I am not welcome here and I accept that. Please know, that I am Maritza’s right hand and I will help her to get our message out to the masses. I will never post here again. I am sorry that I managed to insult any of you.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lynna- Your campaign is not to broadcast your personal life but to highlight the message about puberty blockers. Mark is right. Lets stay focused on that, at least here on my blog. Okay? Thank you.

  33. mayimoktoo Says:

    Mark & Lynn, I very much respect what you’re doing. It’s brave and honest. That’s not easy. I can’t even imagine how hard it was to come to this point and then decide to speak up.

    Obviously, this is activism that’s coming from a very real place of very deep emotions. Perhaps you feel that your personal story is the best way to get your points across. It is, after all, the story that you know best. You’ve just learned that it is not the most effective way to promote this.

    GT is a good testing ground for various types of communication. Even if they are critical of your presentation, many here agree with your points. Criticism is hard to take. Everyone hates it. Especially criticism of something deeply personal. The ego is easily bruised. None of us are immune to becoming defensive.

    Defensive doesn’t open dialog, it shuts it down. Personal stories don’t always garner empathy. If you’re too emotionally invested in this, perhaps it’s better to stick with scripted videos, well-written posts or a series of well-argued stock replies. Responding in real time on Facebook or comment threads is very hard to pull off. Often we need time to work through our initial knee-jerk reaction before we can present a more coherent viewpoint.

    However you decide to proceed, I wish you the best.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Well stated. Lynna is actually far more informed than is communicated when Lynna is relaying the intricacies of his personal life.

      • Thank you Gallus,

        We will be making more videos within the next few days. Our show this Tuesday will focus on how the trans movement has been a product of Eugenics, how it is an agenda to continue to reinforce the stereotypes, sterilization and much more. It will be an eye opening show.

        Thank you sister for your support, we are going to do this….

        Love and Hugs


  34. Miep Says:

    Hi, Gallus. I’m sorry I upset you, I didn’t understand your reasoning, but you said stop commenting so I will. I know your work here is a hard gig and that all you get back financially is an occasional donation. I keep feeling though that you don’t like my comments, I don’t know how to read that. I am not always good at reading people.

    Things are running difficult all over the place between women I know right now. It’s really hard. The last thing I want to do is take sides. It breaks my heart. It’s getting very bad right now.

    I am writing this to answer you because I unfollowed comments on this post, but I feel like I owe you some kind of response. I don’t like just walking out the door without saying anything, and I’m saying that you matter, your work matters.

    Shit. This is making me sad.

    Bad retrograde.

    Hey, take care of yourself?


    • GallusMag Says:

      You didn’t upset me, and I didn’t tell you to stop commenting. But don’t let my actual words stop you from projecting your own weird personal bullshit all over me. That’s what I’m here for, right? To absorb weird personal projections from strangers? Go on with your bad self! Goodbye!

      “GallusMag Says:

      May 9, 2015 at 3:27 am e
      No, Miep. Please stop. Look over the things before posting them please. All this means is that they registered the name in the state. Costs fifty bucks. The address they give is a post office box. Please stop throwing up unhelpful links and forcing me to look at them. Examine them closely yourself first. Or I will be forced to moderate. Thanks.”

      • neme Says:

        Gallus, it was clear you were politely asking her to stop posting misinformation, to simply slow down and pay closer attention. You do an amazing job with this blog, and we all need to do our best to not make your job any harder.

        FWIW, there is no retrograde to blame.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Neme. No one likes to be moderated and I hate doing it but sometimes I have to for my own sanity and also for the sake of my readers. This is why many bloggers close comments or quit. I wish people would trust that I’m doing my best, but I guess that’s not always possible. Or they know but don’t give a shit. lol. I really appreciate the support. x

    • river Says:

      This thread. Whew. I wish all the best to Mark. Happy Mother’s day to her and to all the women here who nurture women and children esp all us rad fems and lesbians who mother everyone. Even those who are not mothers in the pat. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, and sisters in struggle. xxx

  35. Siobhan Says:

    Mark and Lynna, I really admire your speaking out against this medical abuse against gender nonconforming youth. I recognize that the transactivist – youth transition community is furiously trying to discredit you and to silence you, and I truly appreciate your willingness to withstand those attacks.

    However, I want to urge you to avoid cloaking yourself in the identities of “intersex” and “Asperger’s.” These are both specific disorders that have been coopted by many in the transactivist community, and your identifying as such really diminishes your message. Many in the core of those disability communities are frustrated by the coopting of their struggle by transgender activists and the confusion in the public eye that results from that cooption.

    I have two children on the autism spectrum, now teenagers. My son was identified as “Asperger’s” when he was very young, as he had very clear autistic traits but with precocious language. When I sought out online support, I was amazed at how frequently discussions between parents of educational and therapeutic approaches were overtaken by domineering, “self-diagnosed” adult males. Many of these males seemed to have psychological issues, particularly narcissism, that had some superficial overlap with Asperger’s syndrome, but most of them did not seem to me to be on the autism spectrum, and their participation often seemed very destructive. They became very angry when contradicted and made it difficult to have discussions which didn’t fit their world view. Fast forward 15 years, and some of the most obnoxious, persistently dominant males from those groups are now identifying as transwomen. While you may have some very good reasons for thinking of yourself as having Asperger’s Syndrome (which was replaced by Autism Spectrum Disorder in the DSM partly because the diagnostic criteria for Asperger’s was so vague that anyone with less than average social awareness could meet the criteria) I would really caution you to just own your personal idiosyncrasies (e.g. “I have a hard time reading facial expressions”) and avoid using the label, as that distracts from your message.

    Likewise, “intersex” has been overused by so many in the transactivist community that I guarantee a wholesale rolling of the eyes whenever you use it. Smaller penises, larger clitorises, hormonal imbalances, and similar traits are not intersex. I have a friend whose child has partial (but very pronounced) androgen insensitivity and that child’s struggle and physical abnormalities are huge. It is very painful for them to deal with people who are confused by the tidal wave of transgenderists who claim “intersex” to explain their gender identity. Please, please, do not create more pain in this community.

    Your message is too important. Please do not distract people with confusing labels. Thanks.

    • sooperdooper Says:

      The intersex claim is bull anyway. First she claimed to be intersex due to DES, now it’s progestin induced virilization. I don’t know who she is trying to convince more, others or herself.

      • Hey Soopedooper, you are entitled to your opinion, its my body, my life, my medical condition, no room for debate about it or discussion. She, I, am not trying to convince anyone for that matter, simply explaining my condition. Do you know the problems my mother faced, the medication she was given to bring a child to term? No, so for you to judge me, is wrong, but once again, judge away. No worries, I am good.

        I have no need to be believed, I am however on a mission, those that are on board great, those that are not great too. My life is not in question, my quest is what is important.


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I loved this post, Siobhan. I am so tired of ridiculous self-diagnoses, and they do seem to happen a lot in the trans crowd. God forbid anyone actually realize they are, in fact, neuro-typical. Just because you have a hard time making friends, or are uncomfortable at cocktail parties, does NOT make one autistic or even have Asperger’s. The intersex thing drives me nuts as well, as I’ve mentioned several times here. But thank you for putting all this so eloquently.

    • Hello Siobhan,

      We appreciate your word of encouragement and support. Although many in the “trans” community claim they are intersex, that does not take away that many of us are. Intersex condition is not black and white, in fact there are many types, here is a link that will demonstrate what I am speaking about:

      My specific condition is Progestin Induced Virilization. As far a Asbergers, I would love to say that I don’t have it but part of the neurological bathing in many of us creates this. There are many endocrinological/Neurological basis for variation of gender expression, does it matter? No, because we are here as humans to grow and learn and to be free to express who we are without judgement. The problems starts when people start hurting themselves and others, when people try to erase other peoples identities and step on other peoples culture and platform.

      We plan to do more shows and videos explaining these things and more. We will not stop till we create a change.

      Thank you once again.


      • Anon Male Says:

        I’m guessing that sexists and genderists might believe some conditions are “intersexed” that radical feminists might not.

        I mean, at a certain point, you might as well just post that picture of a ruler that shows the dividing line between clits and dicks as if nothing matters other than size. And maybe have a paragraph about how there’s no such thing as Asian males because you accept *contemporary* masculine and feminine stereotypes (body hair) as a solid and trustworthy foundation of the construction of biological sex. (Because if you believe stereotypes create male and female, then racism gets inevitably weaved in.)

        Obviously, no human can argue all things to all people. Like, I’m not going accept a chart on “intersex conditions” from a godbag page that has rants about cis privilege. Not going to happen — even if those charts are drawn from medical sources (all biased in their own ways) that are probably more acceptable to someone like me.

        But if you’re basing your campaign on your own narrative (and I wouldn’t trust myself to be a reliable narrator of my own life, but that’s just me because I know *I’m* a terrible person), understand that the construction of that narrative

        1. Will maybe get kids who look up to you to search for their own suspected — real or imagined — biological differences to explain gender behavior as absolutely real

        2. Will make your narrative absolutely worthless to people who believe that *matching* narratives between author/audience is what’s necessary to forge connection — and those are the types of people who supposedly can / must be reached by biographies (of all things!!! and I mean!!!) when it comes to deconstructing “bad science”

        I’m not your target audience. I’m just saying PR is something that can be managed and the truth is something that’s malleable in PR; intersex stuff detracts from the message.

        Even if that’s your truth, the absolute truth, or just the truth as you know it, it still functions a certain way given the context of what your audience is exposed to on a daily basis: e.g. tales of spontaneous sex changes due to bee stings bringing out dormant DNA and other such bull honkey.

        I know it feels rude for people here to be suggesting that you tell your story in a certain way, but I’m not going to show up at an AA meeting and say “I think drinking in moderation is what’s best for me, scientific studies by really smart people in Sweden clearly demonstrate…” even though that’s, well, true.

        Everyone, everywhere edits themselves.

      • Bea Says:

        I believe that Mark has Asperger’s. For one, Mark has strabismus, which is 20-50% more common in people with ASD. I understand that it’s being co-opted, and perhaps at this point totally irrelevant in the discussion. I think anyone’s life details are pretty irrelevant at this point. What is important is protecting kids from this scourge. Mark, legitimizing your transition only urges others to come up with ways to legitimize transitioning their kids. Having Asperger’s is not a legitimate reason to transition.

      • No name Says:

        Hi Maritza[Mark], let me say, I have a profound respect for anyone that can choose what is right over what is popular and I am glad you will be part of reversing a dangerous trend being marketed to children.

        I have to agree with Siobhan. It is distracting to your cause to also mention ASD/ inter-sex- -[ which are both disabled communities that want to distance themselves], into the problems of people with gender problems. People do things despite disability, not because of their disability.

        My younger brother is clinically autistic. Although Aspergers is rare in females, Unless I make a mistake, I don’t tell people I have it. You are suppose to out grow and come to understand your differences, not hobble along adulthood with your differences as weights throwing it at people to deal with-. I am happy telling people I am eccentric /geeky instead.

        Because of people self diagnosing and co-opting ASD as an identity, then proceeding to be intentional asses online, I don’t bring it up, unless we go to a concert or a movie. I wear prescription sunglasses and earplugs for the show, but certain sounds are still too loud/lights too bright & go right through me and usually I am sick for a few hours after-.

        the general consensus on Wrongplanet is that ‘gender’ is either a completely made up social rule- or for some reason, we don’t experience this-it does not seem to imprint on most ASD people. It is an unnecessary human trait. Trans gendering is just more pretend male and female stereotypical gendering. Not recognizing gender imprinting does not automatically make you the other sex, if you are non gender conforming because of ASD, the chances you will feel more comfortable and fit the alternative choice is very low to non existent.

      • Resistance Says:

        This is what i don’t like either, you seem to have bought into the male medical establishment too much.
        The trouble is the so called “science” at this time is so conservative we might as well be back in the victorian era, with the “cult of true womanhood”: “trans”, “female /male brain”, ridiculous experiments saying gays & lesbians have a “gay gene”, a “gay brain”, “hormonal imbalances” & god only knows what other crap (all of which have been disproved or the original experiment findings could not be replicated). It is back to the old victorian idea of “degenerates” who they believed should be sterilised for the good of the nation. The truth is much of the “science” at this time is not worth a damn.

        Why any woman wants to buy into the male medical establishments most evil invention of psychiatry & its offshoots is a mystery. It has done nothing but bring death & destruction to women from the moment of its conception. Almost all of the so called “conditions” can be explained in other ways other than biological causes. Of course thats not popular as that would mean people having to take responsibility for their actions & learn better coping methods for lifes problems & many people just want a quick fix solution like a pill (Regardless of whether that “solution” actually does more harm than good). Or they’d rather just have an excuse to carry on behaving in a certain way, without bothering to put any effort in to change eg “i cant help being self centred, manipulative and lacking in empathy, i have narcissistic personality disorder”. Of course drugs companies can’t make any money out of teaching people better ways to cope with lifes problems & psychiatrists can’t get kickbacks from the drug companies & see as many “patients” if they actually have to spend time talking to them instead to just writing a prescription.

        There is also a push by psychiatrists to try and pathologize every single kind of human behaviour & emotion & argue they are somehow hardwired or “genetic” like alcoholism/drug addiction, depression, anxiety, exuberance or “disruptive” behaviour in childhood, studiousness ect. There is not even a moments thought given to the fact that someone might be depressed or anxious because of life circumstances or might be an alcoholic/drug addict as they are trying to deal with a difficult situation & have chosen the wrong way to deal with it. Or a kid is exuberant or “difficult” as thats how kids are sometimes. Or that some people have just learnt to be more introverted or extroverted as that is just their personality & is what makes us individuals. No these things must be in your genes or down to some kind of abnormality of your brain. Everyone must be exactly the same with uniform emotions & behaviours & if your not as these men who have written the DSM say you should be you need drugging or pathologizing. The drugs companies are on to a winner in that they can now get people to believe the “scientific evidence” these men (with a vested interest) provide and use it to push their wares on to a unsuspecting public eager for a quick fix solution to their problems. I wish we could do away with psychiatry & neurosexism altogether & go back to the old psychology way of helping people to deal with their problems in more healthy & productive ways.

      • RR Says:

        The St. Louis Children’s Hospital is holding pizza parties for tiny new recruits to the transgender chicken circuit. So in 2015, any young boy who expresses a desire to paint his nails or a young girl wants to wear a shirt and shorts (“boy clothes” according to one young girl in the video) is at risk for being poisoned with a lifetime of drugs and mutilating surgeries. For conservative Christian parents, it is the ultimate “pray the gay away” fix- you don’t have to leave it up to the Big Guy Upstairs to fix your potentially gay child and it supports corporate capitalism by creating a drug consumer for life. Forget baby wearing and attachment parenting, for so-liberal-their-brains-fell-out parents, transing your kid is the new ultimate in competitive progressive parenting.

        Lesbians have been seeing and discussing the reality of transgenderism and implications for decades, it really is about time everyone else caught up.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I wish I could remember where someone was saying that having a transgender kid was a status symbol and a way to jump into the upper social classes in liberal communities. I’ll post it if I locate it, I thought it was dead on.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No it wasn’t that one, but it’s interesting they reached the same conclusion!

  36. Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies, thank you for your love and support. You have made me feel welcome and loved. I love you all and appreciate you more than you know. I will fight for you, I know we won’t always agree on everything but that is fine, all good family have a disagreement every now and then, but that does not take away from our love.

    Big hugs to all


  37. Dogtowner Says:

    I don’t know about others commenting here, but I sure ain’t no lady.

  38. Freya Says:

    I’m seeing over in Mark Cummings Facebook feed that she is claiming to be intersex…

    …and that the specific intersex condition she is claiming is Progestin Induced Virilization:

    If Mark — according to that Facebook post, Mark was named Maritza at birth — was assigned female by the attending physician at birth, then she would have been seen as a “female with larger clitoris” and not a “male with no testes” — the two extremes of how those with Progestin Induced Virilization are viewed. And anyway you look at it, they’re genetically XX.

    If she’s taking testosterone at this point, it’s not natural. At 52 Mark would be post menopausal.

    In my mind, Mark is being a hypocrite if she doesn’t detransition to live as female.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m not clear what Mark’s message is on the intersex thing. Is she saying that her appearance pre-testosterone was always considered “masculine” and the experience of being perceived as a “masculine woman” informed her (now rejected) belief that she must be “transgender”? Or is she saying (like the fantasists do) that what she is describing as an intersex condition caused her to have a “male brain” or an “intersex brain” or a “sex-role nonconforming brain” or a “transgender brain”, with the inference that genderism is biologically based by science that is about to be discovered just around the corner, right after the still not located “gay gene”?

      I don’t understand what Mark is saying. Since many others also seem to be confused by this, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Mark’s messaging on this topic is so far unclear.

      You state: “If she’s taking testosterone at this point, it’s not natural. At 52 Mark would be post menopausal. In my mind, Mark is being a hypocrite if she doesn’t detransition to live as female.”

      Mark has stated elsewhere that she intends to wean herself off of testosterone. But regardless, in what way do you think an adult transsexual is a hypocrite for speaking out against drugging and sterilizing minors with off-label, un-tested, un-regulated “treatments”?
      Do you think adults who drink alcohol are hypocrites if they speak out against minors doing the same? What about a woman trapped in the sex industry who doesn’t want twelve year olds to be sexually exploited? I fail to see any hypocrisy in even the most “rah rah pro-trans” person drawing the line at the age of consent.

      And what, specifically, would Mark’s detransition entail in order to be acceptably non-hypocritical to your judgement? Is stopping testosterone enough? She is hairy, bald and bearded after years of testosterone injections. Would she have to undergo “reversal treatments” (electrolysis for example)? Name change? Pink tutu? Wig and lipstick? Padded bra?
      What specifically would be required for her to achieve non-hypocrite status, according to your judgement. By which of these measures would Mark be adequately “living as female” enough for you? What interventions would she have to undergo for you to accept her views on puberty blockers for children as “non-hypocritical”?

      • river Says:

        She could look as womanly and be so as any woman who has survived years of chemotherapy and is un-medicated post menopausal.

        By the way, there’s a pix of a young Maritza or her FB perhaps mid-20s or so? And she’s gorgeous, unmistakably naturally female. Not a lot of artificial junk, natural hair and just a beautiful young women.

        And I’m still not buying the androgen/progestin/mother blaming intersex story.

      • river Says:

        From Mark’s FB, privacy setting Public:

        “Born with enlarged clitotis, faulty reproductive system, deep voice, hairy body all before hormones. Taken to doctors to figure out what was wrong, sickly till reaching puberty.”

        Born with a hairy body and deep voice? Well let’s see, Spanish/Greek/Slavic (I don’t know what is Maritza’s origin) are very hairy, with deep voices). Or, could be thyroid, especially with “reproductive” problems.

        And what’s an enlarged clitoris anyway? The only thing visible is a pip relative to what’s deep in our tissue on both sides of our vulva. Faulty reproductive system? What, no period until 16, that’s lots of women. Oh yes, I’m sure doctors would find something “wrong” (scare quotes) for sure.

      • Freya Says:

        “Demanding and being part of erasing who we are to create something we are not is offensive to those that knew and love us.”

        Martiza, as Mark, is in her own words has been “offensive to those who knew and love us.”

        But, Gallus, Cummings is more than offensive in the way that one might think of one being offensive to family or friends. I did some looking online at the background of this Cummings character, and what I found on this person is apparently “offensive” in a violent way.

        Maritza as Mark was publicly engaged to another transgender named Jessica O’Donnell…

        …and Cummings apparently physically beat O’Donnell. In a video on YouTube you can see one picture of what Cummings apparently did to O’Donnell’s face (beginning about at the 4:20 mark):

        If Cummings was violent in a relationship once, Cummings is sure to have been violent in a relationships many more times.

        Anyone hyped on testosterone who beats someone else in a domestic situation isn’t someone we should want speaking for us as a respected gender critical voice. To me, it sure as hell looks like Cummings has been on the giving end of domestic abuse.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Wait a minute, what? I took the time to type out what I thought was a reasonable and coherent response to your comment asking you to clarify your statements. In turn you completely blew me off, ignoring my request for clarification on my own fucking blog, instead ratcheting up your nonsensical criticism- actually what now seems more like an attack- with abuse allegations? I looked at the video where you said and I didn’t see what you claim. I will look at it again. I also looked at your comment history here and am seriously beginning to wonder about your intentions. I’m confident that the next thing you post will be a response to my reasonable request for clarification.

        ETA: Okay, Freya is a straight-up homophobic trans MRA troll. Freya’s blog: [changed my mind. Freya is only 18.]

        Also Jessica’s video didn’t make any accusations against his ex-wife of battery, or show pictures of injuries. Freya lied about that. Both ex-partners said the other was “abusive” and Jessica said he was sad the relationship ended but he was tired of the drama. He ended the video with a brief screenshot of a domestic violence PSA but it wasn’t clear he was making an accusation against his ex wife or offering a general message. I suspect that sexist homophobic trans MRA trolls like Freya will use any tactic to try and smear Mark and discredit her message. Clearly that was so in this case.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        Mark is a woman who has taken testosterone and is now speaking out against the dangers of puberty blockers in children,good for Mark! It seems hypocritical to be for the abolishment of gender and then demand that a woman look a certain way. I dont care what someone looks like,I care how they act and Mark is doing the right thing and I wish her all the best .

      • RR Says:

        “She could look as womanly and be so as any woman who has survived years of chemotherapy and is un-medicated post menopausal.”

        It doesn’t make any grammatical or logical sense, but he expects Mark/Maritza to be a womanly as any other woman who went through chemo. Wut

        Mark/Maritza is a biological women with no obligation to live up to your male idea of what a woman is.

        Nice tumblr, bro.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There are hundreds of women in the same boat as Mark, post transgender, trying to negotiate “gender” after testosterone. Different women make different choices, try different things. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

      • river Says:


        You’re mixing up my comment with someone else’s. I’m not a he, and don’t have a Tumblr. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

  39. 4thwavenow Says:

    To the commenters who are continuing to focus on criticizing Mark/Maritza and Lynna/Paul: On both their Facebook pages (all posts set to “public”) they are talking about how they no longer ID as trans and are trying to figure out what to do next on a personal level. (They are very clear on what they are doing with regard to their campaign to stop the transitioning of children). Mark quipped that she might have trouble growing out her “curly tresses” and Lynna/Paul says he is “working through” what to do, but is quite clear he is not a woman. These are people who not only swallowed the trans Kool-aid in giant gulps; they were trans activists who are now pulling a 180. I think this is going to take time. Their personal transformation is not happening overnight. That said, it’s likely the heat they’re taking here on GenderTrender is moving that process along….

    • Bea Says:

      No kidding. This ideological purity expectation is ridiculous. They are surfacing from a cult for gawd’s sake.

    • shediogenes Says:

      why would Maritza grow out her hair, why would Paul stop wearing dresses? Claim your true sex and go on about your business, dress how you like, thats the whole point. wtf? Disclaiming a transgender identity doesnt have to mean growing out your curly locks

      • Siobhan Says:

        I think Mark was joking. At this point, she has to figure out what makes the most sense based on the damage already done to her body from hormones and surgery. These two are basically emerging from a cult, and they also are researching how to best preserve their health moving forward. There is a real scarcity of resources for people wishing to get off the transgender train, and it isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as just stop taking hormones. How Mark looks is entirely her business, and I wish her well as she figures out how to find the best approach to stabilize and maintain her health.

    • river Says:

      It’s not their campaign to protect children that’s bothering me — except I’d like to echo something someone else wrote earlier, yeh I guess better late than never, that is if you’re not one of the kids whose life has already been ruined by them being such good convincers — but it’s also the six monitor pages of me me me and whiny wife slurs that are making me back off. I can’t see any difference in Lynna/Paul’s story to any other MtT who has posted here. Did he read Naefearty’s post at all??

      And I *still* don’t believe the womb androgen story. I know it’s bullshit. Maybe Maritza doesn’t. And maybe she does. And if she does know, and just keeps pushing it out…why?

      • Charlotte Says:

        I think Lynna is still unpacking all this, the discussion on the page has been about being raised in an ultra conservative religious zealot family and pondering how perhaps different choices would have made if that wasn’t the case.

  40. Fruitopia Says:

    It’s unnecessary to be so hard on Lynna. It is incredibly brave of him to acknowledge that the feminisation was a mistake, and even more so to go against society and political correctness to fight against the harm the trans movement is causing to children. No one is perfect, and even if his worldview isn’t the same of yours, it is for the greater good to try to find common ground with each other since overall, he and Mark are trying to stop children being harmed. It almost seems like you are all waiting to find the tiniest reasons to shout him down and declare him your enemy. It is so rare to find an honest transperson who is only interested in preventing suffering caused by the movement, yet you all seem to be doing your best to push him away.

    • Thank you, I will let him know you said this. He is a good soul.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I hear ya, Fruitopia. The things I’m questioning with Mark and Lynna are the claims of intersexuality, the “woo” of “two-spiritedness”, Lynna publishing what should be private letters to his family, and how he speaks of his ex-wife. But ultimately, I think what they’re doing – questioning the whole trans gestalt, especially as to how it affects children – is a good thing, and I’m certainly glad they’re doing it.

  41. […] youth nonprofit in the country with actual office space,” came under fire last week when it was revealed on GenderTrender that the organization had falsified its status as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization. […]

  42. natasha Says:

    Well well isnt gallusmag a sSatanist? Yes I know you are. Huh and you are not healthy in mmore than one way. Mark your a fuck up. Deal with it. Not all trannies are trannies like you. In other words mark it appears to be that you came out as a fetish dresser. Oh mark awww hobey? Dont you notice the terfs are all super dykes who dress like dudes? Hahaa markie markie so your a faggot its ookay. So you fucked up. Maybe the oil method might have made being a woman more easier. But tRuth is its a sexist world… ask gallusfaggot that thing was obviously a late life transition.
    But honies you reallly really think yyour gonna get far? Not really ….I haz your home addies.
    And by the looks of it I would be scared to run behind a car.
    I can smell it in the air tonight

      • Another crazy sick man. Like wtf he should seriously seek help because his mental health isn’t good. Just look at the bullshit he wrote.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Maybe he will get a psych eval in jail after being prosecuted for making terroristic threats.

      • gchild Says:

        Aside from the bullshit brain sex stuff, do doctors ever check on trans people’s brains? I know they are often fucked up in their minds, but I’m talking about basic brain functioning. So many of them act like they are brain damaged AND psychotic. Does hrt, etc. cause brain atrophy? Do they have tumors or gaping holes in their frontal lobes? What in the blue fuck is wrong with these people!?

        I know this type of crap is business as usual GM, but this vile shit can’t be easy to read all the time. It’s beyond sickening.

    • markangelo64 Says:

      oh I am sooo scared, bring it on, you have my home address as do everyone, I am an open book and I don’t run from crazed trannies like you. I’d be careful if I where you, it seems that anyone that wishes me harm, something called karma gets a hold of them, and what they wished upon me, happens to them. I am a bit of a curandero with lots of abilities in the spirit realm. So watch it tranny, you are treading on scary grounds.

    • lynnalopez Says:

      Your threats will come back to haunt you, don’t tempt your own fate. You and your freakish kind are why we discount that trans even exists. So now your ilk will choose to threaten Mark & me with a death threat??!! Really??? Grow up and get over it and deal with the realities that you face. I am sure that you must be really wicked out and demented to go here with your vitriol. I really hope that you stop before karms gets you. Because karma is a real bitch…

    • GallusMag Says:

      Natasha, do you “work with” transgender children in any way? Are you affiliated with TransActive?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Gosh Natasha- you said you were coming to my house and make me run behind yer car before dragging me to death.,_Jr.
      We waited for your good ‘ole boy ass to show up but you never did. GPS give you a wrong turn? Or do I need to come down to Hastings Street?

  43. Sharon Says:

    Thank you for this video. You are very brave and I wish you all the best.

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