Portland’s TransActive Gender Center embroiled in Controversy: Founder responds by posting bizarre “Transgender Children Conspiracy” video

May 12, 2015

TransActive Gender Center, the Portland-based transgender children’s lobbying group that bills itself as “the only transgender youth nonprofit in the country with actual office space,” came under fire last week when it was revealed on GenderTrender that the organization had falsified its status as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization. TransActive announced that it is actually sponsored under the purview of another non-profit organization, which it then refused to name. Their spokesperson further admitted that TransActive had never in their 8 year existence made their financials publicly available as required by 501(c)3 non-profits under federal law. “We will, of course, make our financial statement public… on our timetable, not yours.” Said founder, director, and spokesperson Jenn Burleton on Friday, going on to insist that “zero percent” of TransActive funding comes from individuals or organizations that financially profit from the experimental practice of medically transgendering children. (The process espoused by TransActive renders the children both sterile and lifetime-dependent on an off-label pharmaceutical regimen). “We choose not to disclose our fiscal partner’s identity because we operate in most respects independently of them.” Burleton stated, clarifying in all caps when questioned: “They are the fiscal SPONSOR, not partner.”

Criticism was also leveled at TransActive for their “In A Bind” program, which sends out chest binders directly to children in unmarked packages so they can compress their rib cages and crush pubescent breast tissue without their legal guardian’s awareness or consent.

TransActive continued to court controversy today as founder and director Jenn Burleton uploaded a bizarre self-produced video about a Transgender Children “Conspiracy”. The video, which has been characterized as “unhinged” by some observers, plays portions of videos by transgender activists Mark Angelo Cummings and Lynna Arielle (hosts of the long-running Transition Radio program) overlaid with commentary by the TransActive head.

Burleton accuses the two of endangering children by engaging in frank public discussion of transgender de-transition, and also claims that children who transition in adolescence change their minds zero percent of the time. “…research shows that adolescents who present with gender variance, or transgender identity go on to be transgender older adolescents and adults 100% of the time.” [sic. bolding by him]. Burleton accuses de-transitioner “liars”, the “radical feminist left”, the “radical christian right” and the “black helicopter fringe” of…. It isn’t clear what. A conspiracy to create a conspiracy?

More confusingly, Burleton posts statements confirming that the medicines that his TransActive group lobbies government health agencies and legislatures to normalize have serious side-effects, are controversial, and he even posts part of a New York Times article from 2001 regarding an $875 million dollar settlement paid out by the manufacturers to settle criminal charges they had “illegally manipulated the Medicare and Medicaid programs”. Whew! Which side is Burleton arguing?!

It gets stranger as he posts a long montage from conservative media sources (Fox news, etc.) criticizing the practice of medically transgendering children. Then Jenn posts a definition of autogynephilia, followed up with accusations that transactivist Mark Angelo Cummings is “currying approval” from “radical feminists” as part of a “scam” , the point of which Burleton doesn’t define, (but it certainly wouldn’t include any monetary gain!). Anyway the whole thing goes on and on in a very long, breathless and disjointed fashion, tons of verbal abuse is heaped onto Burleton’s purported enemies, most especially Mark Angelo Cummings. The whole presentation is alarming, in the sort of way that one hopes that some members of Jenn’s support system might want to check in on him. It’s alarming in the sort of way that one might be concerned that this individual heads an organization that works largely with vulnerable children under the age of twelve. Only one part of his message is perfectly clear: TransActive Gender Center’s Jenn Burleton is very, very upset at whatever it is that Mark Angelo Cummings has to say.

*UPDATE: Mark Angelo Cummings and Lynna Arielle have just uploaded a new video, where they discuss the TransActive controversies on GenderTrender last week (without mentioning the source, naturally), as well as the practice of medically transgendering children in general. Watch it here:

106 Responses to “Portland’s TransActive Gender Center embroiled in Controversy: Founder responds by posting bizarre “Transgender Children Conspiracy” video”

  1. He is running scared, and what a pathetic presentation. He will lose this war.

    • GallusMag Says:

      What an incredibly bizarre approach to public relations for the “pediatric services” of TransActive. I can’t imagine another ostensibly Children’s agency promoting themselves this way. Except maybe NAMBLA.

    • Charlotte Says:

      In the mean while he started a campaign with his new terf tracker group to mess with Maritza and Lynna. He managed to get many of his cronies to bother transition radio’s sponsors, demanding the stop helping Maritza in any way because how dare he have an opinion that is supportive of children and women.

      It made me absolutely sick to hear these people are so god damned demented they can’t even stand the idea of critical inquiry.

      • neme Says:

        They can’t stand critical inquiry because they know their facade doesn’t stand up to it.

  2. No name Says:

    They have a tough road ahead of them. it is worse because the trans community brands people that detransition traders, much like Scientology.

  3. Nila Says:

    I am not surprise that that they are violating federal laws. I wonder if the Feds should be notified and investigated for violating 501(c)3 rules.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Perhaps TransActive will claim federal law is transphobic. Or that current 501(c)3 rules might drive children to suicide.

    • RR Says:

      FYI: Every lesbian feminist is issued a black helicopter (for personal and professional use) every year at Bohemian Grove. Busted!!!!!!!!!!

      • neme Says:

        Michigyn IS the Bohemian Grove!!!! That’s the secret we’ve been hiding!!!

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Radfem black ops–sign me up!

        (The scary thing is that some MRAs and transactivists might believe this is already going on.)

  4. Oak and Ash Says:

    “Bizarre” and “unhinged” pretty much cover it. Burleton seems to favor because-I-said-so citations for his “facts” in a typical male way.

    As I watched this, it struck me that the histrionic attitude of some MtF transactivists when they talk about the need for transing children to save them from abject misery and suicide reminds me of other instances where men have cried “But the children, the children!” in an effort to manipulate women into backing down or giving in so they can get what they want. I heard exactly the same crap as I was growing up–when second wave feminists were advocating for women to have careers, there were men who claimed having working mothers would destroy children.

    And it’s happened repeatedly over the last century or so, whether the subject was educating girls, making women’s clothing less restrictive, permitting divorce, providing birth control, establishing domestic violence shelters, allowing two women to marry . . . the response has always been that it will somehow harm chldren.

    If “Think of the children!” were not merely a ploy to restrict women’s choices and actions, we’d hear it from men in discussions about war, pornography, or prostitution. But we never do.

    • silverside Says:

      Similar to fathers rights groups, basically an abuser lobby. They always called their organizations something with the words Fathers and Children or Children’s Rights. When in reality, they are indifferent to children’s rights or anything to do with children. They just wanted to dump or reduce their child support through joint or full custody, and punish and control Mom for leaving his sorry @$$. But it’s great PR and fools a lot of people who don’t carefully examine their real politics.

    • RR Says:

      ‘If “Think of the children!” were not merely a ploy to restrict women’s choices and actions, we’d hear it from men in discussions about war, pornography, or prostitution. But we never do.’

      Thank you for this! Brilliant and Right On!

    • Oceans Says:

      And this icky focus on children will be the undoing of the trans movement. Once the public gets a load of how badly unregulated the hormone business is and how “interested” these middle-aged dudes are in kids dealing with normal puberty-related body issues, the hammer will fall. Hard.

  5. @MichfestMovesMe Says:

    GM-I’ve been doing a little investigating trying to find whatever umbrella group they are supposed to be operating under and I have come up with nothing.

    The most reliable source available is Guidestar.org, where even a teeny tiny org I volunteer with, (which has no paid staff and a miniscule budget )and just got its 501 c 3 late last year, is listed.

    FYI-990’s are the 1040 tax form equivalents for nonprofits here in the states.

    If you type in trans anything in the state of Oregon on Guidestar, you get a list of all orgs which have programs and services for trans people. None of them are covering this group.

    I am beginning to suspect the umbrella group, if it exists, is NOT a nonprofit. NONE of this is passing the shit detector. But since pervy dude is a backpeddling liar, I’m not surprised.

    Further, I am baffled as to how young girls/women are getting these mutilation device mailed to them and no public record of a complaint from parents yet. I mean, gone are the days of sending in Post Toasties box tops and ads in the backs of comic books, right? Pervy dude claims to have sent at least 600 of these things out, or that is what we are led to believe. Who is the manufacturer for these torture devices? Do they know they are being sent to minors? A lawyer can correct me if I am wrong, but they can be named in a law suit too, I think. Are they aware of the exposure to risk/liability pervy dude has subjected them to? I am also surprised the FBI hasn’t gotten involved as it is contact with minors without consent. So many questions!

    If any readers here have received these, or know of anyone who has received these, I for one, would like to read your experiences. Maybe you are an older brother or sister, or a cousin who is concerned? This is a safe and anonymous site, which is why we are here. Please consider sharing your story?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Most likely TransActive is a part of Basic Rights Oregon. If so, Burleton lied about being funded by Big Pharma. But at this point I doubt anyone is surprised that the TransActive head would blatantly lie and misrepresent what his group is doing and who is funding it.

      • RR Says:

        HRC’s Healthcare Equality Index is sponsored by Pfizer and pharmaceutical lobbying behemoth PhRMA.

        HRC lists OHSU: Engagement with TransActive [PDF] under its Community Engagement section:


        The PDF is only this discount-looking advertisement:


        (HRC press photo)

        It is also worth noting that this transgender eugenics campaign against children is not the first time Pfizer and PhRMA have collaborated in anti-gay legislation.

        An Act UP NY article from 2004 about Bush-era “Aids Initiative” funded by Pfizer and PhRMA, which succeeded in de-listing 18 previously-approved HIV generics from the WHO’s list of qualified medications.


        ” And just what, you may ask, is the ARP? As the Center for Media and Democracy has carefully documented, ARP is pharmaceutical industry front group–it even boasts of its “partnership” with the Big Pharma lobby, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), as well as with Pfizer and other drug multinationals. ARP’s primary function has been to crusade against the manufacture and use of effective but generic AIDS-fighting drugs produced by Third World companies like India’s Cipla (whose tripartite AIDS-fighting “cocktail” costs 20 times less than the U.S.-manufactured version). ARP wants thus to insure that only the infinitely more expensive AIDS meds manufactured by Big Pharma companies are used to prolong the lives of the HIV-infected.”

        . . .

        “When Martin was named AIDS Action’s executive director in February 2002, she told the Washington Blade that “We are going to be on AIDS what [the Human Rights Campaign] is on gay rights issues.” But Martin exceeded even the Republican-endorsing HRC’s collaborationist policies by her constant effusive praise for Bush’s sorry record on AIDS. When Bush made an election-year campaign speech on AIDS in Philadelphia this past February–a speech whose phony hypocrisy I exposed for The Nation–Martin gushed to USA Today that Bush had given “unprecedented leadership” on AIDS. And she praised Bush’s Global AIDS Initiative as “absolutely exceptional” to CNN, despite its tilt to the religious right’s condom opponents. That compulsive ass-kissing doesn’t strike most people in the AIDS community as conforming to the frightening reality they know all too well.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Very very interesting.

      • kesher Says:

        Wow. I didn’t know that about Bush’s AIDS “initiative”. I always knew that program was a pile of shit when it was combined with Bush pushing “abstinence only” on African countries at the exact same time. This really puts the big LGBT orgs’ temper tantrum they threw when Obama shifted the focus to preventing/treating malaria. They weren’t throwing a tantrum because they care about third world AIDS patients. They threw their tantrum on behalf of Pfizer.

    • Is he claiming to have sent 600 of these things in the States or worldwide? If he’s talking just in this country I call shenanigans. Just from a statistical standpoint that makes no sense. I hope for the love of God that this is just another internet scam, because those damned things can kill you. I know women who’ve developed blood clots and pneumonia from wearing their sports bras too tightly. I don’t even want to know what these latter day corsets can do to a young developing body. And once you’ve had pneumonia you’re more prone to getting it again because of scar tissue.

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t know if it’s that hard to buy statistically speaking. It seems like girls trying to identify their way out of being treated like sex objects has exploded very recently. I just hope they don’t do too much damage to their bodies as they try to come to terms with how men treat them.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Second Wave: Change the world!

        Third Wave: Change your body!

        Fourth Wave: _________

      • I guess I’m engaging in wishful thinking, Kesher. It’s just hard for me to believe that matters have degenerated to this point. How the hell did we drop the ball so far that young girls feel this is their only out?

      • WeWillWin Says:

        An F to M friend who has been binding for over ten years has had pneumonia twice and has chronic COPD. It’s a frightening practice.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Bad old days: Foot binding

        Good new days: Chest binding

        You have come a long way baby. Not.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s basically first world breast ironing.

  6. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  7. Violet Irene Says:

    This is MOST curious. I am poking around trying to figure out if there are any clues as to which organization is their “umbrella,” and I noticed that they employ a bunch of interns from nearby colleges. To set that up, surely there is paperwork and some kind of due diligence involved on the part of the professors/departments back at the colleges, right? It’s not just counseling students, but speech pathologists, too. (To do “voice training” I assume for MTTs.) I wonder if they know who the umbrella is, or if it has been kept from them, also.

    If anyone has access to look things like this up, another Portland group that has been very involved in transing minors and “youth” is Outside In. It’s primarily a homelessness related nonprofit, but also runs hormone and identity clinics or referrals. I wonder if they are the “umbrella” but I don’t know how to find that out.

    • kesher Says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t much due diligence. I’ll see job postings for for-profit companies that will agree to arrange course credit for an unpaid internship; the way it’s phrased, it doesn’t sound like they’re operating through an official program. Maybe a really big institutional university would say “no way” to course credit for a random internship, but the little colleges? I doubt they bother with much red tape.

      Also, there are plenty of unpaid internships that don’t offer course credit that still find many college students willing to do the work for nothing. That’s the reality of the new economy. You can’t find a white collar position without past experience, and the only way to get past experience is through an unpaid internship.

      • Bea Says:

        The homeless trans clinic freaks me out. Is this a ploy to sterilize the homeless?

      • Violet Irene Says:

        The stated premise is that allegedly there are zillions of kids kicked out onto the streets because of being trans and this organization thus must be set up to help them transition as part of their mental health care, yada yada. But the reality is that young folks who aren’t even close to homeless flock there for hormones, especially college kids, because it’s convenient and cheap and basically no questions asked.

        At least this was how it was a few years ago. They’re still listed in the Portland social services directory I googled as doing this, but it is also a few years out of date (like my knowledge of this clinic).

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      this is starting to sound like a freaking John Grisham novel.

  8. AWESOME CAT Says:

    A side-note: This essay analyzes the scare tactics used to suggest that gender-non-compliant children will have horrible lives if they aren’t fast-tracked for transsexualization with Lupron etc.

    Sadjadi S. The endocrinologist’s office-puberty suppression: saving children from a natural disaster? J Med Humanit. 2013 Jun;34(2):255-60.


    • Puzzled Says:

      This is a great essay; interesting to see it in a scholarly publication. I wonder how much pushback the author got from colleagues, if any.

    • BadDyke Says:

      O, thanks for that! A really interesting essay. Reading between the lines, I really like the repeated ‘I’m not arguing against puberty suppression…..’, then listing all the terrible consequences!

      Also note:
      “This narrative locates the cause of the suffering and
      violence that betrays the body of the future transgender person within her, arising from puberty. The actual murderer barely enters the stage as the cause of the murder; neither do
      transphobia, as well as violence against women, immigrants, sex workers or poor people”
      Same as blaming women and their “transphobia” for not let trans into their bathroom, whilst never mentioning the homophobia and sexism and violence of men that supposedly drives them there for sanctuary.

      And also points out that in ANY other circumstances, a ‘treatment’ that rendered CHILDREN sterile would be seen as a desperate last resort — either sterility or death from cancer, say. And of course, that is exactly the trope — that trans kids will either kill themselves or be killed if you let them become trans adults.

      Reminds me of the oft heard — O, you’ll have life so HARD, why must you do it — line that people used to hear when they said they were gay. The above just ACCEPTS that life is going to be so terrible for trans kids that the only humane alternative, the only way to avoid the sure suffering is disabling and untested medical intervention.

  9. 4thwavenow Says:

    New post about breast binders and minors, with more publicity for “In a Bind” coordinator and founder:

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      These girls are on a waiting list and (judging by the FAQs) it can take a while to receive their free binder. But aren’t binders more dangerous when they don’t fit correctly? Don’t teenagers grow? Aren’t teens more prone to sloppy measuring or sizing? If this is supposed to be more healthy than the alternatives, what controls are in place?

      This is outside of the legal/moral morass of sending potentially harmful pseudo-medical devices in the mail to teen girls behind their parents back. Teens who may or may not have gotten any medical diagnosis, may be suffering from any of the more common teen-years mental issues, may be trying to escape sexual abuse, or any other problem for which the answer only seems to be (but is not) “you’re trans.”

  10. prozac. Says:

    Ya know, jenn burleton has really got me wondering if there isn’t some sick pleasure being had assisting girls to remove their female sex specific traits, aka the traits he covets for himself. There certainly exists those to whom the female body is merely a reminder of what they don’t have. Of course he wants the girls to destroy their breast tissue. Also makes me wonder if the boys are being shipped those dick tucking things so they can wear yoga pants with no bulge. I’m gonna wager no.

    • Anon Male Says:

      Riki Wilchens has an article or chapter or wtf-ever that concerns him checking out a neighbor girl who was playing basketball in her driveway and how upsetting and triggering she was in her outfit. It was, at one point, very briefly (real men don’t read!) a popular article with hipster nigels out there. So that’s definitely the case.

      A lot of liberal magazines are promoting Miz Cracka or wtf-ever on mother’s day because you can’t leave drag mamas out. But those guys don’t seem to give a fuck about girls or women period, let alone have the interest in starting fake non profits to assault them. So I’m guessing that’s another data point to suggest that Burleton’s sexuality is definitely a component in adopting the ftm cause.

      And to not have to post twice, to gallus’ pic below: oh snap!

    • Em Says:

      Unpacking this a little bit, with apologies to those who already know …

      Sadomasochism is a huge component of trans psychology, so yes, they get off on fantasizing and/or actualizing dismemberment and disfigurement. Castration is of special interest to them, but some go beyond that; note the mtfs who eroticize limb amputation.

      Sadomasochism involves an intricate interplay between sadism and masochism, so it’s no stretch to say that mtfs aren’t interested in disfiguring only themselves. Add in their universal misogyny and near-universal pedophilia, and it becomes pretty obvious why Burleton is shipping binders to girls.

    • Biscuit Says:

      That could be the case. I’ve seen more than one MTT admit to being very jealous of women for having what they want (a female body).

  11. GallusMag Says:

    Look out! It’s MamaBear!

    • shediogenes Says:

      The Ursuline Autogynephile Smirk. lmao

    • RR Says:

      One of the keynote speakers whose presentation signaled the direction of the conference was Jenn Burleton, founder and executive director of TransActive Education & Advocacy.

      Portrayed in the program as a woman, it was apparent the minute he walked on the stage that Jenn is male. With a shoulder length bob hairdo and dangling earrings, Jenn used his background as an entertainer to put on a show that would capture the sympathy and admiration of the students.

      He spun out a life story of misery, a home with no positive male influence, a life without adult supervision—a life that convinced him he was a girl. He told stories of dressing up in his mother’s sexy clothing at the age of 12, streetwalking and hitchhiking. He bragged that he was always picked up as he walked the streets after midnight because he looked so good.

      His current choice to self-identify as a lesbian drew applause from the students and adults. He has a female “life partner” who, he says, loves him for his heart, not his parts. He is now a pathetic hero, of sorts, to the teens who were pulled in by his story. He achieved the status of role model that the organizers were obviously reaching for. He says that although his life is good, he suffers from depression.

      This presentation was the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the conference, great emphasis was placed normalizing perversion and immorality, gender confusion and sexual license, with not-so-subtle Bible and Christian-bashing and a hearty dose of anti-Americanism sprinkled throughout.

      I came away from the conference traumatized. How much more were these students traumatized? Let us pray for each of them as we realize this is one part of an ongoing, morally abusive indoctrination for them. Day after day in schools across Oregon and across the nation children are receiving similar indoctrination beyond the watchful eyes of their parents.


      This comes from an an anti-choice anti-planned parenthood site, but an Adolescent Sexuality Conference that hires a pervert fetishist like Burleton sounded incredible skeevy, and wow, it sure is!





      • RR Says:

        They cancelled this year’s conference afters complaints from attendees, protests, and an investigation by the sheriff’s department.


      • GallusMag Says:

        Wow. Fantastic research, thank you for that! So TransActive’s Jenn Burleton, with no qualifications or credentials except for his own personal femulation (and super-strong desire to “work with” kids) is doing conferences on adolescent sexuality. What happened to the “genderism has nothing to do with sexuality” thing? Would love to get ahold of his talk.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Wow, RR! A quote from one of the articles at KOIN 6 News:

        “A student who attended the 2014 Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference disagreed with Saxton.

        ‘It had nothing to do with, ‘Oh maybe this is not a good idea, don’t do it.’ It was all about here’s exactly how to do it and here’s some websites that you can go to and here’s the different kinds of sex toys you can use,” the student said. “It was nothing about warning people this is a bad idea or maybe not good for minors. It was all about how to do it, and there’s no confusing that fact.'”

        More, from another article:

        “Part of the lesson plan at a workshop at the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference is an adult website called Virtual Fem. In addition to the content from that website, numerous handouts, such as one that encourages cyber and phone sex, have been passed out to high school and middle school students in attendance.

        The pamphlets go on to suggest other ways students can engage in intimate activities without going all the way, including bathing together, shaving each other, wearing each other’s underwear, role playing, buying an extra-large pair of pajama bottoms to sleep in together, lap dances and strip teases.

        Another workshop at the conference focuses on how to pleasure someone else over the Internet.

        ‘Teledildonics basically refers to the control of sex toys over the Internet; the remote use of sex toys,’ said keynote speaker Cory Silverberg in an audiotape obtained by KOIN 6 News after the conference from an attendee.”

        So. Let me guess who’s expected to perform the lap dances and strip teases, and be remotely “controlled” by an electronic dildo. Hint: it ain’t the guy. This whole thing, beyond the obvious age inappropriateness, is an exercise in teaching rape culture and female submissiveness.

        Last quote, I promise:

        “When confronted about the graphic content, the conference’s director, Brad Victor, declined to comment about one session in particular about performing sex acts over Skype and whether those sessions could potentially be recorded and used against a student later.

        ‘Is this interview going down this line the whole time? If it is, I’m walking out. I’m serious about this,’ said Victor.”

        So dude has a tantrum when questioned about his porn-soaked seminar. I’m shocked I tell you, simply shocked.

      • kesher Says:

        “He told stories of dressing up in his mother’s sexy clothing at the age of 12”

        This dude isn’t a fetishist at all. /s

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        PR, Wow, great research.

        Also very depressing. A conference like this one that dealt with modern teen issues (social media’s influence, porn-addiction, the effect of porn of relations between teens, etc) while addressing common myths (penetration is necessary) or introducing healthier options (non-penetrative sex as a more pleasurable & less dangerous option for women) is greatly needed. But it wasn’t going to be this conference.

        A browse through the topics shows the same old dangerous attitudes – Sex will happen, let’s give girls some extra tools for gate-keeping and maybe they wont get raped, pregnant, or diseased until they’re older.

        And then there’s this workshop. A Minor Proposal: Youth Rights in this Age of Consent
        There is a strong trend to frame sexual assault prevention, in particular, and parts of sexuality education, in general, around the concept of consent. However, adultist attitudes all too often inform how we approach consent, sex, and sexuality with young people. This workshop encourages participants to examine the following: adultism as a general concept, how an unchecked adultist worldview influences our ideas of youth as well as sex and consent, and how approaching consent from an empowerment and pleasure-positive perspective can serve as both preventative and protective factors within sexual assault prevention. This workshop asks participants to deconstruct notions of “adult” and “youth,” and to nurture a new understanding of youth-adult partnerships, with the goal of facilitating not only a healthy community but a justice-based community.

        Maybe I’m paranoid but that sounds creepy as fuck,

      • GallusMag Says:

        Holy shit. That is creepy as fuck.

      • No name Says:

        That sounds like grooming 101, 😦

      • GallusMag Says:

        2013 Conference Schedule

        B1 – Contemporary Issues Affecting Trans Youth
        in Oregon
        Griffin Ryan Lacy, Jenn Burleton
        The needs of transgender and gender non-conforming
        youth are frequently overlooked. Even within spaces
        designed to be safe havens for youth, the needs of gender
        non-conforming youth are commonly seen as being the
        same as those of sexual minority youth.

        The average age of trans-spectrum self-realization is 8
        years, while the average age of learning the “words” to
        communicate those feelings is 15 years. By contrast, the
        average age of self-realization as gay, lesbian or bisexual is
        13 years. While all individuals who deviate from the gender
        binary are at risk for harassment and violence in
        homophobic and transphobic societies, youth who fall under
        the trans umbrella are vulnerable in different and specific

        This presentation will cover the unique needs of
        transgender and gender non-conforming youth ages 4-18,
        and explain how their needs differ from those of their
        lesbian, gay, cisgender, and gender-normative peers. It is
        aimed at parents, educators, and social service providers,
        and will cover the needs and obstacles these youth face, as
        well as proactive tips for making classrooms, health care
        offices and youth spaces inclusive and welcoming.
        Intended Audience: Parents, Social Service Provider,
        Level of Information: Introductory


        Jenn Burleston founder and Executive Director, TransActive Education & Advocacy is an outspoken advocate for
        trans* and gender nonconforming children and youth, Jenn has played a primary role in raising worldwide awareness
        of the challenges these children and their families face.

        Inspiring, humorous and motivational, Jenn is one of the most dynamic voices for trans* child and youth issues in the
        world. She has guided the development of youth specific teaching tools, providing information that has both redefined
        and expanded understanding of how gender identity develops, is experienced and expressed by children and youth
        starting as young as three years old. Jenn has been recognized for her work in the books “The Transgender Child”
        and “Far From The Tree”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Starting as young as three years old? But Gender Quack Dr. Johanna Olson stated on the Bruce Jender interview show that she had a “patient” that was 18 months old. When asked how this diagnosis was made Olson quoted the 18 month old as saying “Me boy”.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I have an 18-month-old. She’s a baby. Her repertoire of speech so far consists of “uh-oh”, “all done”, and “no-no”. She also mimics the tones of things I say to her – she even mimics the cats’ meows. This is all normal. She plays with toy trucks. She is a baby. Johanna Olsen is a vile, twisted, porn-sick person who is out to make money by convincing unsuspecting parents that their kids are in dire need of extreme medical and psychological intervention. She ought to lose her license. I hope to see the day that happens.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Me too. I will throw an annual GenderTrender party on that date, to commemorate it.

      • Em Says:

        @kesher, 5:09

        ““He told stories of dressing up in his mother’s sexy clothing at the age of 12″

        “This dude isn’t a fetishist at all. /s”

        Well, of course he isn’t! We all remember doing this in adolescence, don’t we?

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “She ought to lose her license.” < I thought Johanna Olson was a M2T?

      • GallusMag Says:

        No, she’s a homophobic straight woman.

      • Em Says:

        GM @ 11:37

        “Gender Quack Dr. Johanna Olson stated on the Bruce Jender interview show that she had a “patient” that was 18 months old.”

        As much as I despise their autopedophilia, I almost equally despise their attempts to normalize transgenderism–because, you know, it’s a natural variation. proof being that babies emerge from the womb like this.

      • That’s a conference for pedophiles disguised as being something for children. GROSS! Holy shit!

      • Livvie Says:

        This is terrifying. I hate to say this, because I’m liberal as hell, but the conservatives and the fly over states are going to end up being some very weird allies in this fight against trans insanity.

        There is no way a Midwestern mom who wants to protect her children is going to fall for this. No way. Bubbas aren’t going to either. The only reason there isn’t more pushback is because people are worried about being seen as bigots, when they are well aware these people are nothing more than child predators and groomers of the highest order.

        The thought of some middle aged man telling a young girl to hate her body and to mutilate is because of his jealousy, because he covets that same body for himself; to own, to fantasize over, to jerk off to, is frankly fucking disgusting. It gets more and more like Silence of the Lambs every day.

      • Relieved Says:

        This is nothing more than a blatant attempt to normalize child sexual abuse. Excuse me while I go find something to puke in…

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “When asked how this diagnosis was made Olson quoted the 18 month old as saying “Me boy”.”

        What the hell was wrong with the parents? I mean, seriously, what sort of lunatics take their baby to a supposed gender specialist just for babbling something? And how do you “treat” a child of that age, anyway–with blue rather than pink diapers?

        If their child said, “Me doggie,” would they call the animal control officer?

        These people are all completely insane. Why are they even running around loose, let alone being allowed to make decisions that will affect children’s long-term wellbeing?

    • prozac. Says:

      Can’t help but wonder if he’s this kind of bear:

  12. The transgendering of children is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Ten or twenty years from now, all it takes is a couple of drug damaged and infertile adults to seriously wake people up. Since Trans Active was successful in lobbying legislatures in Oregon to include GnRH agonists in the state’s Medicaid program for low income kids and families, state and federal governments need to be sued. If these expensive drugs (GnRH agonists are very expensive), are paid for by Medicaid, or partly paid for by Medicaid, one could argue that this experiment on children was approved by certain states and governmental officials. Can we all say big pockets! Suing the pharmaceutical companies isn’t enough. If Medicaid is paying for this, then the government should be sued.

    “Michaela has private insurance. But the medication she gets, which Medicaid in Oregon now covers, is Lupron. It costs about $7,500 for three months. A few states now cover the cost of medical treatment for people who are transgender but Oregon is one of the few that pays for drugs that suppress puberty in children who think they might want to change their gender.”


    As I understand it, GnRH agonists aren’t approved by the FDA for what amounts to a psychological diagnosis/culturally defined identity in children.

    It’s always seemed so Orwellian to me that a normal part of human development, adolescence, is being delayed based on a psychological diagnosis in children.

    Children lack the ability to give informed consent. This is the crux of the problem. The fact that some children feel different doesn’t mean that they possess the maturity to make informed decisions about their health care. We don’t like children take out bank loans, vote, or buy alcohol. Why do people think they have the maturity to willingly give up their fertility, and possibly endanger their health?

    The prefrontal cortex, the part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead, is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.” This brain region is responsible for cognitive analysis and abstract thought, and the moderation of “correct” behavior in social situations. The prefrontal cortex takes in information from all of the senses and orchestrates thoughts and actions to achieve specific goals. This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations. Brain research indicating that brain development is not complete until near the age of 25, refers specifically to the development of the prefrontal cortex”

    • Lupron is fucking toxic. The health of these children will be RUINED for the rest of their lifes. It’s so toxic that even adults suffer from the side effects years and even DECADES after stopping Lupron treatment – yes also adults who had to take Lupron because of precious puberty.

      This is insane.

    • KgSch Says:

      Seriously, the low-income healthcare pays for this child abuse and what is essentially a cosmetic treatment? Fuck you NPR for supporting this. Eugenics is not progressive.

  13. dejavublonde Says:

    I got curious about all of the nonprofit talk. They are registered as a nonprofit by the State of Oregon but if they are registered with the IRS for real 501c nonprofit status it’s under a different name. This is interesting as they rake in grants every year and if I’m reading the qualifications needed to apply for the grants, they have to be 501c. I did not read all of the qualifications that needed to be met for all of their grants received but the three I did required 501c. you can do a reasonable guess of at least their yearly grant income by working backwards – recipients of the bigger funders. They list the recipients and amounts every year in their financials.

  14. GallusMag Says:

    According to Jenn Burleton his TransActive fake non-profit was forced to use standardized Child Development Background Information checklists by affiliated “providers” to standardize care.

    Co-Morbid conditions for his 75% under ten year old client base of “transgender children” according to him:


    Emotional and behavioral difficulties

    Learning difficulties

    Sexual Abuse

    Suicidal ideation or attempt

    • 4thwavenow Says:

      In the video above, Burleton says (twice) that most of the kids TransActive “serves” are under age 10. Burleton also says, quite breezily, that when asked, these kids are happy with the “tradeoff” between starting cross-sex hormones immediately after puberty blockers, versus lifelong infertility. They choose infertility. Burleton claims they “understand” what this means.

      Unbelievable that this is considered reasonable medical treatment. To actually say that these young kids have the cognitive wherewithal to make such a monumental decision at age 9, 10, or 11.

      • Akira Says:

        I’m about to make a bizarre analogy, so please bear with me, but do you know who these TransActivists remind me of? Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

        Let’s look at Ariel as an allegorical transperson who’s just been offered puberty blockers. She’s a mermaid who is obsessed with humanity and everything that has to do with it. She’s clearly unhappy with her own body (as evidenced in her Part of Your World song), and, like many transpeople who started off cross-dressing in secret, she’s got a grotto filled with human crap she’s hoarded, obsessed over, fantasized about, etc.

        When she finally makes eye contact with an actual human being, she believes she’s in love. It’s like she projects all of her fantasies onto him and needs to own him, be like him, etc. She’s stalkerish about it and can’t seem to be distracted by even one of Howard Ashman’s catchiest songs. The threat of these things being taken away from her by her father is enough to send her into desperation.

        Finally, she meets the Sea Witch who offers her a solution to all her problems. She can make her human, but with a few catches, of course. She has to get him to kiss her, which is Disney for get to know each other and fall in love over a course of 3 days. If he does, she gets to be human forever. If not, then she turns into whatever those things are in Ursula’s garden.

        Oh, and she has to give up her voice, the one thing the human can use to recognize her as the woman who saved his life.

        Any rational person would look at that contract and point out that a.) there’s nothing saying Ariel would ever regain her voice, which is a huge tradeoff to walking on land, b.) she literally could never return home (reverse the transition), and c.) if it didn’t work out, then she’s be left pretty bad off.

        However, she’s not in her rational mind. She’s a sixteen-year-old (which is already older than a lot of these kids) who only sees what she wants. When the pen is in her hand she barely hesitates and signs her former life away.

        Would you say that Ariel rationally understood the consequences of what she was doing and carefully weighed the decision in her mind? Probably not, and that’s even when you take into consideration the fact that Ursula was downright honest about the consequences of the whole human thing not working out (unlike these people pushing puberty blockers on kids who may not decide to transition)!

      • LC Says:

        I love this analysis, actually. That is the definition of being a teen/pre-teen: You see what you want, and denial(usually from parents) will only drive you more toward it. Add in the fact that most of these “trans” kids seem to be depressed, have anxiety, have difficulties fitting in with others, and along comes a witch(gender therapist) who will magically make all that go away. Just sign over your life, your past, your fertility, your voice- in Ariel’s case- and everything will be “fixed.”

        It comes down to activists and doctors preying on parental and teenage desperation for easy answers. There’s a reason it’s easy to convince young people to sign up for war, just as there’s a reason we don’t let them make decisions about money, sex, or political involvement until they reach a certain age: Kids quite literally are incapable of that kind of long-term risk assessment, and they are being taken advantage of for someone else’s(adult, often predatory men) benefit. It’s repulsive, and deeply sad.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      This is a fucking man. I’m gonna go there – I almost WISH trans was a real thing, a good thing, and I WAS wrong, out of date, phobic – because then all the crazy would just be in me – it wouldn’t be out there, in public, getting funded, standing at podiums, smiling, being taken seriously. I’m thinking how people in Germany…oh, you know the decade I’m talking about…they couldn’t BELIEVE the FUCKING CRAZY around them. It’s just stunning, and you know it’s going to end BAD, why doesn’t anyone else see this? How can this POSSIBLY end well????? It can’t. It just can’t end in anything but tragedy.

      So yeah, I went there, I think it’s called Goodwin’s Law or something.

      • YeahYeahYeah Says:

        I hear you, AreUSayingWhatUThink. This entire thing is truly mind-boggling, even after years of study / learning about the ‘trans phenomenon’ by readers of this blog, I think we all have those moments where you just cannot f*^$ing fathom how this is all REAL. The only consolation we have is that the crazy isn’t just all around us with no interruptions. We collectively know the truth, and we are sprinkled throughout the culture. And I genuinely still believe that the truth about all of this will come out and be known, and that the world will see no difference between Mengele’s experiements and “SRS surgery” and ice pick lobotomies.

      • It can’t end well because gnrh antagonists and hormones are going to destroy the health of these children. This can’t be ignored for long. If it happens to a few kids no one would notice but not on such a large increasing scale.

      • imnocissie Says:

        The banality of evil – crazy* that stands on a podium and gives a speech as if it were sane.

        *That special flavor of crazy that seeks to manipulate, abuse and destroy the helpless.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Thanks all, for further perspective on the *kind* of crazy on display here. I hope this self-destructs sooner rather than later, because I feel bad for these kids this is happening to. How can we help them?

      • gchild Says:

        @AreUSayingWhatUThink, said
        “This is a fucking man. I’m gonna go there – I almost WISH trans was a real thing, a good thing,”

        I’ve been there too.

        The reason it is so unnerving is because trans activists (and Male Fuck Fetishists in general ) have done an excellent job of creating an absolute intolerance for the truth. Which is really an intolerance for women.

        In this movement, Truth is bigoted, phobic, and evil. It is subject to be silenced, harassed, and argued out of existence. Because Truth destroys their fantasy. It stands in the way of all their social and sexual desires. Truth is female. She brings life and tries to protect it from pedophiles and fetishists, she can protest and make difficult access to her body, her very existence reminds them what they really are. So yea, they come for women mostly. They hate that “bitch” with every fiber of their autogynophilic, pedophilic, fetishistic beings.

        Beneath the bullshit facades of the man in the video above (and many others that I have seen), I saw psychosexual illness and dysfunction–a pornsick nearly zombified, crazed desire in anticipation of getting their sexual fetishes fulfilled.

        you can’t help but wish there was another way. Any way. Even if it meant your instincts are totally wrong. Sadly, this is simply not Truth.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Gallus: This list of comorbidities in transgender children–depression, for example–are symptoms that are often present in children who are abused and/or live in dysfunctional households. I have to wonder if some of these children are “acting out,” and their parents, who don’t want to admit what’s really going on behind their closed doors, are playing along with the act?

      Somewhat related, it’s not unheard of for adult survivors of abuse to alter their appearances surgically in order to not resemble their abusers. Also, women who were sexually abused have been known to either get breast reduction or breast enlargement. They want to change the appearance and feel of their breasts in the belief that this will dull the memories.

      • kesher Says:

        Supposedly the rape rate among trans people is extraordinarily high. I say “supposedly” because many of the violent crime statistics touted by trans activists are made up, but, if there is truth to it, I wonder how many of those people suffered sexual abuse before they started experiencing dysphoria. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll ever see legitimate research on this subject anytime soon since it contradicts the medical establishment’s glee in “treating” dysphoria, and any inconvenient results will be shut down by the political side of the trans movement.

      • Atranswidow Says:

        Kesher, I, unfortunately think you may be right in your analysis.

        Today there are reports in the press of a judges decision in Argentina to reduce the sentence of a paedophile from 6 to 3 years because the child, who was 6 years old at the time and, may or may not have already been abused by his own father previously, was supposedly showing a ”precocious” choice by appearing to be gay and a transvestite, according to the judges.


        The whole premise that the child was to blame because he allegedly showed signs of being gay or a transvestite is so obviously and absurdly wrong. Am I correct in making analogies here with the reasoning made by advocates of the transgendering of children in the US and Europe?

        I really do have a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach right now.

  15. stchauvinism Says:

    Trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills of bringing the good news of the SCUM Manifesto to the world, and spelling womyn with a “y”.-hahahahahha,dear lord im crying

  16. […] Gender Center in Portland (featured in two of my other posts on breast binding, and in a recent post on GenderTrender), are participating in pediatric Grand Rounds at hospitals. Grand Rounds are important events; they […]

  17. Just wanted to let you know of other blog’s similar to yours:

    Keep posting articles

  18. […] “Maddie” Deutsch, who also thinks it’s fine to start kids early on the hormones. “Jenn” Burleton isn’t a doctor, just a crazed male tranny from Oregon who runs an organization dedicated to turning children and […]

  19. 4thwavenow Says:

    “Mamabear’s/Burleton’s” video has been made “private.” No longer accessible on YouTube…

  20. conn suits Says:

    Hey GallusMag, I was moved by the horrific information in this article to make a cartoon. If there’s a way I can send it to you?

  21. petuniacat00 Says:

    This moved me to such utter disgust I felt the need to make a cartoon. It’s 50s sex role crap with sci-fi drugs and surgery! https://petuniacat.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/image1.jpg

  22. […] “Maddie” Deutsch, who also thinks it’s fine to start kids early on the hormones. “Jenn” Burleton isn’t a doctor, just a crazed male trans activist from Oregon who runs an organization dedicated to sexually […]

  23. […] “Maddie” Deutsch, who also thinks it’s fine to start kids early on the hormones. “Jenn” Burleton isn’t a doctor, just a crazed male trans activist from Oregon who runs an organization dedicated to sexually […]

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