Sh*t People Say About Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

June 6, 2015

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  1. KgSch Says:

    I think I love you. That was wonderful! You summed up everything that is wrong with people worshiping that man. The only think I would add is that Bruce Jenner flashed his fake boobs at one of his sons and now wonders why his children won’t appear on his reality show. Apparently it’s common for him to sexually harass his children.

    So showing this video to anyone who worships this man or decides to pity him. Aw, poor thing! Must be so hard to be a deadbeat husband and father to three wives, six children (that we know of) and four stepchildren. Not to mention getting away with vehicular manslaughter due to being rich and famous and the poor male “transexual” being the most oppressed creature to ever walk the earth (TM).

    (I use quotes because the whole thing is a fantasy. Men cannot be women and women cannot be men through modern plastic surgery.)

    Yes, Caitlyn and Bruce are totally different people. Just like how male serial killer Donald “Donna” Perry didn’t torture and murder those women! It was Donald the evil male persona! Donna is innocent.

  2. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    I got unfriended by a fun feminist lesbians on FB for pointing out Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner.
    She was complaining about how drag queens are appropriating women and are insulting then I pointed out “what about Bruce Jenner? You don’t think that’s appropriation”
    But then she said “I would welcome Bruce into my circle of womanhood, Bruce knows what it’s like”

    Did the world forget that Trans are just drag queens with mental disorders?

    • kesher Says:

      It’s been truly baffling to me how many lesbians I’ve seen on Facebook unquestioningly support this. In contrast, the gay men I know, many of whom came of age in the ’80s and ’90s and are HIV-positive, haven’t said boo about this. I wonder how much Jenner’s Reagan support pisses them off.

      • I got into a conversation with a gay man on FB who was defending Jenner and just happened to point out his support for a man who literally wouldn’t piss on gay men when they were on fire. He said he believed in forgiveness. Never mind that I don’t recall Jenner asking for forgiveness, but whatever.

      • coelacanth Says:

        Comment from a gay man (who came of age in the 70s). There are no more public “gay” men. The former gay men’s community divided into gay and queer — if you are gay you reject the trans bullshit (or are so out of it you don’t even know what it is); if you are queer, you celebrate trans because you know that you ARE a variation of trans (see Butler, Queer Theory, blah blah).

        See Dan Savage for a textbook example of this “conversion” from gay to queer. The new queer “gay” men now disavow ever being a nasty gay and claim they are really bi or pan or poly or molly or trans or pan-trans or panpolytrans or pollywollydoodle all day; and they hunt and destroy gay men the way trans hunt “terfs”.

        So silence by gay men is observed because gay men as a group have been silenced; and the “gay” web sites are actually LBGTQueer Trans now and all gays are driven out if they will not confess and become queer.

        And to the comment below. Drag queens are gay men who are trans — meaning homosexual males using female stuff (for many reasons). Jenner and the rest at hetero autogynophiles and are NOT gay. Guess which trans group the gay hating and misogynist right and left supports: Jenner and the pigs in wigs of course.

        Trans is a method to genocide homosexuals. Iran and other Muslim dictatorships perfected this model of faggot extermination by turning gay men into “women”. This is what is happening here now. In Canada they did not even need to go this far, since gay men are now extinct by a process of censorious social and political silencing that has been happening for the past 15 years. Oh and all gay men are racist and all queer men are all not. And I am a hater, right wing liar for saying all this treason.

        One interesting development of the Jenner thing is that open minded people I know who before were rolling their eyes at all this queer crazy (oh you gays have all gone nuts) are now asking me to explain what is happening and they are listening, asking the right questions knowing they will not be attacked by me for asking and then they are having Ah-Ha moments and getting it — they have been conned, they knew they were, now they have confirmation. It’s a one person at a time method but it is effective if enough people do it — speak the truth about trans to the majority of people who want to listen and “Caitlyn” goes from fierce to farce which he is.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ” It’s a one person at a time method but it is effective if enough people do it..”

        One person at a time is how we made gay rights in the first place. YES.

      • GallusMag Says:

        People are uniformed but they aren’t stupid. They know the truth when they hear it.

      • KgSch Says:


        The way you described Dan Savage just makes sense. This is the same man who used to get mad at bisexuals for not just being in same-sex relationships. Now it’s mandatory bisexuality and/or mandatory going on dates with trans “women” or you’ll lose your trans-ally card (like I would want one anyway) and it will be exactly the same as being a racist. (Although it’s becoming slightly popular to bash bisexuals for not being “gender-inclusive” enough. They’re only attracted to males and females, whereas “pansexuals” are “good” because they are attracted to the 50+ made up genders on facebook.)

        I completely agree about the parallels to Iran. The trans movement is a way to get rid of homosexuals. Yet left-wing idiots often hail Iran’s free sex changes as progressive. Well, it’s not progressive when the choice is to be executed as a gay or lesbian or live with surgical mutilation. In progressive countries, there is just the self-censorship you mentioned as well as homosexuals who voluntarily mutilate themselves.

        “Oh and all gay men are racist and all queer men are all not.”

        That’s an interesting statement, because according to the trans cult, radical feminists are all racist, and the “good feminists” (who support them) are not. Lesbians who sell out and support them are also automatically not racist, classist, ableist, etc. Ones who don’t support them become all these things. Totally doesn’t matter if you’re poor, disabled, or experience racism. (And let’s just ignore the lesbian separatist group for African-American lesbians or how lesbians are much more likely to be poor compared to heterosexual autogynophiles with a lifetime of het male privilege, which translates to better, higher paying jobs.)

        It seems like they are using the same old parallels to silence the groups who don’t buy it. I wasn’t aware they used similar silencing tactics on gay men as lesbians/radical feminists.

        I am glad that people are asking you the right questions about this insanity and listening. That’s really good.

    • KgSch Says:

      I wouldn’t exactly say Bruce Jenner is a drag queen because he was never gay and very obviously heterosexual. (And conservative; he donated to Regan during the AIDS crisis. Regan was insane and was likely developing dementia when he was still president.)

      Still, you have make a good point. Why is drag misogynistic but Bruce deciding he’s a woman after a lifetime of male and heterosexual privilege a-okay? If men want to wear dresses, whatever, but they can never be women.

  3. I can’t get it to play 😥

    Did the Angry Tranny Army have it pulled?

    I’ll try again later.

    I see Mr. “Can’t tell an ear from a vagina” (aka Angelica “Frilly” Perduta) is in the comments looking for someone’s attention.

    If I were a gambling woman, I’d say his frilliness fetish has gotten worse now
    Reminds me of Ed Gein and his woman suit.

    • Ebrat Says:

      Bethanyalexandertate: “if I were a gambling woman, I’d say his frilliness fetish has gotten worse now. Reminds me of Ed Gein and his woman suit.” Funniest damn thing I’ve heard all day. Can hardly stop laughing. Thank you!

  4. Awesome vid…it clearly demonstrates how delusional society is right now. The emperor thinks he is clothed, but we can all see his micropenis!

    Some people are starting to see that this is female appropriation. Why is it unacceptable when the majority appropriates a minority class, but it’s ok for men to appropriate womanhood?

    I read an interview with Amy Schumer where she said that she thinks that most people HATE women. (The comments proved her point…especially the ones from other women.)

    And yet we have men spending tons of money and self-mutilating to “be” women. I’ve heard a lot about “penis envy” in my life, but nothing about “vagina envy.” Yet the latter is actually a real thing! The former an insult to keep women in their place.

    So why do men hate us? Are they jealous because we give birth to humanity? I mean, what’s more powerful than that. They can golf on the moon, build giant skyscrapers and killer bombs…but they can’t give life.

    This is so messed up. They hate us but want to be us. They can’t be us so they hate us? I just don’t get it…

    My feminist activist mom must be rolling in her grave. She warned me in the 1980s that “porn was becoming mainstream.” She didn’t live to see a scantily clad teenaged Brittany Spears (not even “barely legal”) roll around in a slutty school uniform begging to be “hit one more time.” For me, that was the beginning of the normalization and mainstream acceptance of porn.

    And now…girls don’t even have girlhoods. 😦 And society is just as gender restrictive as the 1950s.

    I remember when I first learned about the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, the Holocaust, the Manson family, etc., and wondering how the hell so many people could justify doing such obviously horrible things. It’s like a contagious mental disorder that hypnotizes and stupefies the willful ignorant.

    I also would think about how would I have been in a situation like that….would I have gone along with it? Or would I resist and fight it?

    Now that I’m in my forties, I feel like the progressives have “progressed” so extremely that they’ve left me behind. Call me “old fashioned,” but to me, a core plank of feminism is that pornogrpahy is bad for women. It must have been the Alice Walked essay I read when I was ten. So these third wave feminists who are “sex positive” are actually not feminists at all. No more than Clarence Thomas is a civil rights leader.

    Keep up the good work, GallusMag, and thank you for this blog!

    • Dogtowner Says:

      All oppressors/exploiters hate the ones they oppress/exploit. Why do white people hate black people so much? Black people didn’t enslave white people, lynch them, imprison them en masse. In the face of the one you oppress you are terrified of seeing the reflection of yourself, the absolute scum you are, the total lack of humanity. This is why men hate women so much.

    • I feel the exact same way. I can’t call myself liberal or progressive after doing so for most of my life. I refuse to be so “open-minded” that my fucking brains fall out. Life is not a gender studies class and I refuse to stand still for foolishness that puts the lives of women and children in grave danger. I’m also against the pornification of our culture and the exploitation of women and girls in commercial rape. And I find anyone who isn’t abhorrent and want no part of them.

      • KgSch Says:

        I used to consider myself a liberal and a progressive when I was a teenager and in my early 20s, but I don’t call myself that anymore for the same reasons. I’m against the pro-porn and pro-prostitution beliefs of mainstream “feminism” as well as their efforts to destroy lesbians and other women as a class by supporting men who perv on us. Letting men flash their dicks at women and girls in a public bathroom in the name of civil rights makes no sense and is just misogyny in a more parasitic form. I am also against eugenics, but apparently a lot of liberals think teenagers and children taking irreversible off-label drugs and getting irreversible surgeries for not conforming to sex roles, and a lot of liberals seem okay with that.

  5. Oak and Ash Says:

    Brilliant! This made my morning.

  6. survivorthriver Says:

    This performance is so droll, sly, and so well acted! What a range of facial insinuation to mouth those words and mock the actuality. Brilliant. LOL.

    I don’t think males just hate women. They demonstrate cruelty towards everything. Males are wired differently – extractive, damaging, lethal. They need to be put in their place. And, we will all pay that price when “nature bats last” for their profitable deluded ecocides.

    Spot on for the funny talk there! More more!

    • nonny Says:

      I hear you, and I’m sorry if this is derailing, but I take issue w/the language in this comment bc the logical conclusion to males being “wired differently” is that there are inherently female traits which = an argument in support of male vs female brains (aka “brain sex.”) Ya know?
      The true nightmare of misogyny/patriarchy is that it is NOT inborn, which means the world never had to be this way, which means we have our work cut out for us. Trust me, I’d love an easy explanation, but the road of evo-psych/brain sex/”women/men are wired to (whatever)”…..that way lies genderist madness imo.

      • endthewoo Says:

        “The true nightmare of misogyny/patriarchy is that it is NOT inborn”

        You think that patriarchy just fell out of the sky ? That men were peacefully sitting around believing that women and men were fully human beings, and suddenly one day (because an evil magical alien fairy told them, and nothing to do with their innate fear and loathing of the female other) they turned into violent abusers and misogynists ? That they were not fully involved in creating the world we live in ?

        the logical conclusion to males being “wired differently” is that there are inherently female traits which = an argument in support of male vs female brains

        No, this does not follow and is nothing to do with “brain wiring” in the sense of basic functionality, ie being able to perform ordinary human cognitive tasks.

        It is about a response of the male to the fact that women can grow whole new human beings inside of them, and feed said new human beings, and that they as men came from such a person and were desperately and needily attached to such a person, that they still have that need and an urge to possess us and yet … they will never ever manage to be as good, as useful or as powerful. Not ever.

        This drives their rage and hatred of us. They cannot match us, they cannot truly own us – they make every effort to destroy us instead. This is who they are, and this is why we have “patriarchy” and a world where men think it is up to them to dictate what a woman really is.

      • Men and women are inherently different from each other in many ways. The patriarchy has oppressed feminine contribution. This extreme imbalance is why the planet is so messed up. If women were truly equal partners and contributors, the world would be much better off. Menu too,mwould be better off…healthier, happier, and freer. They hurt themselves when they hurt others, but they don’t know that.

        Men and women are not interchangeable. We have differences, including how we look at things, and that’s not a bad thing.

      • survivorthriver Says:

        Don’t want to be derailing, either. Maybe it is the testosterone levels. The toxic masculinity. Strike use of word “wired differently” it is linked to other problematic discourse.

        In general, guns don’t kill people, men do. Males don’t just kill women, their extractive empires are killing the planet.

        But, this video about which we speak is spot on pointing out the fallacy of trans logic.

      • nonny Says:

        No, I do not think patriarchy “just fell out of the sky.” I actually agree with your point, so I fail to see how my comment can fairly be extrapolated into this male apologism nonsense. I merely pointed out my un-ease at the implication that men and women are somehow fundamentally “wired differently” from birth. The original comment didn’t actually explicitly state that, which is why I couched my objection in “maybe this is a misunderstanding/how I’m reading it” type language.
        I’m a grown woman and a radical feminist, and internet or not, I don’t deserve this sarcasm and I don’t need allegories including magical fairies to understand patriarchy, thanks. Call me the tone police, but I’m finished with this thread.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        The way I heard it expressed back when, survivorthriver, was that yin/yang were way out of balance. Toxic masculinity rules the world, while positive feminine values are scorned (I will say that women can engage in toxic masculinity and men are capable, at least theoretically, of being warm, caring human beings).. Oh yeah, lip service is given to nurturing and caring, but look what women are paid for caring for other people and look what men are paid to exploit other people. Isn’t the major goal of liberal feminism to allow women to become as horrible as men are?

    • nonny Says:

      PS thanks survivorthriver, that’s all I’m sayin! 😉

  7. Larichus Says:

    “Caitlyn [sic] is a whole new person …” (around 0:45) It didn’t fly for this guy , I don’t think Bruce is off the hook for either vehicular homicide or being a crap dad.

  8. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Loved this and the other ones in her series!

    I would have added –

    ‘When Caitlyn joined a men-only golf club she was being, like, totally feminist because those places have allowed women in all along, only they didn’t know it because the women looked like men. I bet, like, half the millionaires in these golf clubs are, like, genderqueer, so that means that their stupid male-millionaire-only rules are, like, totally arbitrary because they already let in women. Did Andrea Dworkin break down walls like this? I don’t think so.’

  9. lestoille Says:


    sex and gender are different!

    sex is when you stick your dick into multiple women and father at least 6 kids, and gender is when you steal your stepdaughters clothes and masturbate with them

    terri should do stand up comedy

  10. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

    • Lint Says:

      HOLY SHIT! This is going to make more than a few heads explode. I can’t believe the NYT which has been so pro trans would publish this. Hopefully this will start some kind of dialogue and break thru the mindless praise of Brucie’s glamor shots.

      Elinor Burkett is right on target and I can’t wait to see the trans community try to respond to valid, insightful points.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Best graphics ever! Julie Doucet! Wow.

    • lestoille Says:

      they wouldn’t post my comment. it wasn’t even making any additional statements, it was only a bland “This article raises good points, and I like the way the author has articulated blahblahblah”. It’s ok to publish an entire article crammed full of transphobic bigotry, but it’s not ok to praise it.

      still, i’m loving it

      But as the [transgender] movement becomes mainstream, it’s growing harder to avoid asking pointed questions about the frequent attacks by some trans leaders on women’s right to define ourselves, our discourse and our bodies. After all, the trans movement isn’t simply echoing African-Americans, Chicanos, gays or women by demanding an end to the violence and discrimination, and to be treated with a full measure of respect. It’s demanding that women reconceptualize ourselves.

      fuck yeeeeah trans aren’t asking for human rights, they’re asking for special rights.

    • survivorthriver Says:

      How about Robert Jensen’s article in Dallas Morning News today on the problem with transgender ideology:


    • morag99 Says:

      Well, I don’t know about this. She definitely describes the problem well, about how they insult us, and a few sentences are dead-on. For instance:

      ‘Yet Ms. Jenner and Ms. Manning, to mention just two, expect to be called women even as the abortion providers are being told that using that term is discriminatory. So are those who have transitioned from men the only “legitimate” women left?’

      So, this is good. And, undoubtedly, she will get hell for it, as well as get more feminists/women thinking about trans activism more critically.

      But then she arrives at boring and pretty off-the-mark conclusions. E.g., that men are even more constrained by gender expectations and stereotypes. Really? When they can dress up like porn stars, make shallow and idiotic statements, and get kudos from everyone and their dog, and even the President, for being on the cover of Vanity Fair in lingerie?

      I get the impression that she really thinks that these men ARE like women in some ways, that they are looking to escape from the toxicity of masculine culture, and that they deserve the space in which to do that. That is, I get the impression that, although a learned feminist, she is under-informed about what transgenderism is. All the evidence that it’s largely character disorders, sexual fetishes, privilege and machismo that are fuelling the trans rights movement, was, I think, (implicitly) dismissed as “fringe.” As in, the lunatic fringe. So, therefore she can arrive at the idea that feminists and transgenderists could be “natural allies.”


      • lestoille Says:

        But then she arrives at boring and pretty off-the-mark conclusions. E.g., that men are even more constrained by gender expectations and stereotypes.

        yes, i was flummoxed by that statement too. in context, i believe it refers to her point that men are the majority of transgenders.
        men haven’t bothered to challenge male gender norms at all, not even the superficial crap. so we can wear a skirt or pants because we agitated for pants. men havent agitated for skirts, so the men who do want to wear a skirt must do it privately or transition.

        big whoop. i’d give up wearing skirts in exchange for that sweet male privilege any day of the week. But she does make an inadvertent point. If men agitated for skirts until it was acceptable for men to wear skirts and all the other superficial feminine crap, then feminine crap would lose its illicit thrill for the autogynephiles, and the total number of transgenders would drop to insignificance

        it’s difficult to tell what the author really thinks and how much she knows about trans because one must always tiptoe around this topic. frankly im surprised she managed to get the NYT to publish this in its present state at all. i’d love to see the unedited version

      • pandoracurioser Says:

        I completely agree that the author is sympathizing with men’s problems among men at the expense of her empathy for herself and other women. That said I doubt very much that something any more feminist than that would have been published by the nytimes. Overall I think she did the best she could and I am extremely grateful she even tried.

      • morag99 Says:

        lestoille and pandoracurioser — yes, I agree. We don’t actually know how far she was allowed to go with this, but the fact she went there at all is a good thing. It’s a sign that the conversation is shifting away from reflexive and total support for trans, and away from reflexive fear of censure.

        The grip these men have on the media is loosening a little.

  11. Lint Says:

    That video is a howler! An excellent summation with perfect comic timing 😀

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Love our Terri!!!

    Even worse than seeing ugly Bruce in drag all over the media, is seeing the women genuflecting to him. Horrifying. For too many Lesbians, it’s as if he is improving things for us when he’s a right wing prick who, yes, sexually harasses his kids.

    Bill Maher, prick though he is also, still did good comments last night about Jenner being “no Rosa Parks,” the “pronoun police can kiss his ass,” and Jenner is the first “woman” that old to make the cover of Vanity Fair, “which takes determination and a dick.”

    • KgSch Says:

      I agree with Maher’s comments. My apartment comes with cable and some HBO channels as part of the rent, so I have seen his show once or twice. I didn’t see that particular episode though. Maybe I can catch a re-run.

      Yes, I am still baffled by lesbians willing to help anyone but themselves and other lesbians, including men who are very obviously our enemy. It is not good for us to be associated with a manslaughter-committing, right-wing, rich deadbeat dad who sexually harasses his children and promotes degrading stereotypes about how being a woman is nothing but obeying male-identified femininity. How can lesbians and other women be so desperate for progressive brownie points and male approval that they fawn over this guy? I know a lot of women aren’t buying it and that’s great, but there’s far too many who are.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Real Time with Bill Maher is run as a free podcast on itunes a few days after it airs on HBO. You can catch all his shows there.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Saw that too. I could see Maher’s confusion as he contemplated Jenner’s unwillingness to lose the dick and balls while insisting on breast implants.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      He had Charlie Jane Mock on there a while back. Kept the gloves on and pulled all punches. Wondering if the appearance was bought.

  13. river Says:

    I hope you’re going to Michfest:

  14. survivorthriver Says:

    See what Robert Jensen says on the problem with transgender ideology in the Dallas Morning News today:

    Comments are trans questioning. Trans Q!

  15. nuclearnight Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my video Gallus. Its now got the attention of some very deluded autogynephilic males. One dude even using the name “gender trender” to comment on the video, another “radical feminist”. One guy has a bratz doll for his avatar, you can determine he’s just your average looking old white dude from his insistence that “cis women are shallow because of what is in women’s magazines” comments. Even Dana Lane Taylor! Love watching these men expose themselves as raving misogynistic loons every time.

    • GallusMag Says:

      LOLordy. The Gender Trender dude is likely animator Dave “Darlie” Brewster. He’s one of several men who run entire blogs plagiarizing this blog. And I see another Hollywood tranny “Beverly Ann Smith” over there! He played a bit part in the tranny jailhouse movie “K11”, directed by Kristen Stewart’s mom. Looks like the all the hollywood fellas are bucking for a visit to Jenner’s femulating headquarters in Malibu hills. LOL.

    • Julianna D Says:

      Thanks, GM, for introducing Terri to me. Wow, so funny, just GOLD. I love her!

      I hope, as another commenter said, she goes into stand-up comedy.

      But she reminded me of something in the video that I read in the Guardian yesterday, a paper that frustrates me to no end, especially when it comes to feminism. Guardian is of course pro-trans and libfem, but it’s like any mention of feminism brings out the sexist lefty bros in the comments….

      I read an interview with Aziz Ansari, because I watched a few episodes of Parks & Rec, and I skimmed it. There was maybe a paragraph of how he considers himself a feminist. Not heavy stuff here, but I then scrolled through the comments, and, of course found a lot of sexist, misogynist comments because of the F-word, when I found this:

      “Well ever since I transitioned I’ve got to understand women better than women themselves, so lay off. I’msick [sic] of being hit on.”

      And I felt that anger again. I mean, really? A male born a male, raised a male, but “transitioned,” now understands women better than actual women?? WTF?

      I also noticed the humblebrag of being sick of being hit on – LOL! I’d love to see what this man looks like. As if real women haven’t been hit on since before puberty. I started getting perved on by creepy old men starting at ten-years-old. But no, this man knows better than us, and he is totally beautiful — men can’t resist him! — I am sure. He knows us better than we know ourselves!! Naturally.

      So sick of this shit.

      I have been avoiding the media storm surrounding Jenner, except for reading GenderTrender and the comments, an oasis of sanity. But happy to find there is finally a more mainstream backlash.

      Thanks so much for this blog. I expect more people are going to find it, which means more work for you, Gallus, which is why I am going to send another donation.

      Thanks so much for your work.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you! ❤

      • kesher Says:

        One thing that MTTs don’t seem to realize is the number of het men who will hit on ugly women as a “joke”. So I guess that MTT passes well enough not to be clocked, but being hit on doesn’t necessarily mean attractive.

  16. charlston Says:

    These are my thoughts as I have watched this Jenner situation play out.
    I have seen a massive amount of airtime given to Caitlyn Jenner, also on the internet, newspapers and blogs. There is much applause and support for what she had done and who she has become. She is, at time of writing, being awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for bravery. She is also doing a mini series relating to her life as it is now. People are amazed at her coming out in public, on her terms. To do so is challenging and is what, after so many years of hiding her true self, she feels she needs to do .
    There is another person whose private life is coming out as well, someone who perhaps didn’t get as much choice in how and when their private life came out. Someone who, even though she is equally as important as Caitlyn, is being forced to come out on someone elses terms. I have not seen the same time and consideration given to Kris, his recent ex and wife of 23 yrs. I know that the story is Caitlyns’ and people are fascinated with what is happening, however there is a life story to be told from the partners point of view, a story that is not always a popular one but it is important none the less.
    I have seen the support that is given to people in transition, and I have seen the less than supportive attention given to partners and their children, who are not coping as well as some people think they should. It seems to me that if a Transgender persons family is having difficulty adjusting to ‘their’, new normal, they are viewed as being transphobic, and lacking in understanding as to how hard such a process is. The amount of disgust leveled at anyone trying to deal with a family members transition and trying to deal with their grief is sad to watch. Their struggle is considered an indicator of their not being supportive enough of trans people as a whole, of being selfish and making them feel bad or guilty about their decision to transition in general. Its better to cope and adjust in silence than to show confusion and pain. All manner of reasons are given as to why blind acceptance is necessary. Its detrimental to the development of the new self, its showing hate, lack of understanding, they have spent their lives for everyone else and now its their turn to be their authentic selves, they cannot live in the wrong body anymore.
    Are they so caught up in their transition that they become blinded to what is going on around them? They view any other opinion and response as negative, trans-phobic and not worthy of attention. They quite often see the needs of loved ones to speak of their pain, as bullying and not supportive. They want as much space as possible while not realising how their actions diminish others.
    The papers are saying that Kris always knew how Bruce/Caitlyn felt regardless of the fact that they cannot really know what the reality is. There is a huge difference between having an idea and putting that idea into practice when Bruce still chose to marry and have children.
    I watched the episode of KUWTK with Kim talking to Kris about Bruce’s intention to transition and the discussion consisted of Kim telling Kris how to deal with it, to get on with it. Bruce also had a short discussion with Kris and whilst Bruce was more sympathetic he also basically said the marriage failed because she was mean to him, even though he admitted he was less than clear of his intention when they were together. This may well have been only a part of their conversation but that is what they chose to show. Is this attitude what they are intending to teach their public ? That Kris only deserves 10 minutes of attention, whose emotions should be diminished? It came across that way. Kris wasn’t the only one in the marriage and Caitlyn certainly needs to be understanding now, especially as the family lives in the limelight but what about the children who chose to remain in the shadows?
    Some are now saying that Caitlyn is better looking than Kris, who is just jealous! That is just downright vindictive and the people who write such cruel things can’t have ever been in her position . Who is shielding Kris, who is saving her from such headlines ? Where is the equality? When will he do the right thing and denounce the offensive comments and headlines being published about someone he says he still loves.
    The painful reality is Caitlyns’ decision is brave, she has rights, but is considered more deserving and woe betide anyone who thinks differently.The public will say that Caitlyns decision is necessary, for her and for everyone. There is even a bot that will correct the public on the correct use of pronouns! There are acres of dialogue given over to education of trans issues and the ‘new normal’. As an adult, Caitlyn can do as she chooses but to expect us all to toe the line in an instant shows small regard for the feelings of others. It is selfish because Caitlyn has had many years to adjust and become comfortable with her decision. Kris has not . To grieve the loss of a partner is not negative, it is human, it shows emotion and to change the way you view someone you have known for many years takes time and take massive amounts of courage as well.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I doubt Kris will EVER change the way she views her ex-husband, Bruce’s, actions. Caitlyn is a figment of Bruce’s imagination, he is role-playing as the world watches. The painful reality is Caitlyn’s decision is NOT brave, it’s selfish, it’s autogynephilic, and an expression of male power. Nothing else. Kris NEVER has to “become comfortable” with her ex’s decisions, and it is absurd that you come here and try to be the “voice of reason” for the partners who have lost, LOST a spouse to trans insanity.

      • charlston Says:

        I also lost a partner and all my money because of my ex’s self centered decision to transition. I was trying to politely give a voice to the people who are left devastated . I am not fond of what Kris shows to the world but it seems the world only cares about the one who is living out their fantasy.

      • morag99 Says:

        How awful for you charlston. Male narcissists can and will devastate women’s lives. That’s all autogynephiles are: a distinct variety of privileged and malignant male narcissism.

        Like others here, I don’t know much about Kris or any of the Kardashian children, except what I can’t help but know — that they are disgustingly rich and show-offs. However, Kris, and any girl or woman who lived with Bruce, has my sympathy. Bruce and his ilk have nothing but contempt for women and obviously think nothing of trashing their lives (financially, emotionally, psychologically, socially). Destruction seems to be their raison d’être, and on top of it, they blame the woman herself for the pieces — and in some cases, the pile of rubble — left behind.

        How “brave”; how “heroic.” This is what our culture celebrates, admires and supports. This is the fuel — the “supply” — these sick men run on. Yet the public is eating up this shit as if it were Devonshire cream and — god help us — finding fucking “inspiration” in glamorized abuse.

        This means the immediate victims of the abuser are not even afforded the dignity of being recognized AS victims. Instead, just more gas-lighting and more insults. For instance, that Kris — an actual woman — must be “jealous” of that monstrosity who once shared her bed and impregnated her and likely professed and promised a lot of things that turned out to be vile lies and manipulations. I can well imagine her grief and rage.

  17. Atranswidow Says:

    @Charlston, there is no bot on gender trender ”that will correct the public on the ”correct” use of pronouns”.

    I referred to my dictionary of English grammar for assistance. On the thorny subject of choosing which pronoun to use when you don’t know the sex of the person that you are talking about it suggests using neutral words like they, person and human being and then very helpfully suggests ”otherwise, choose the form that you like the best”.

    I can’t speak for Kris, but I will never refer to my ex other than by using the grammatically correct masculine pronoun that I always have.

    • charlston Says:

      That is why I like this site. Freedom of thought.My ex tried to bully me into seeing what he saw as well but he had xy chromosones and had children. I asked him one day if he he never enjoyed being a man and he said yes he enjoyed being male, just wanted to to be female as well as he loved the feel of womens clothes. Beats me! He is transitioning .

  18. MaryMacha Says:

    A rant of rants well worth watching. YT censored this video and removed it .

    [video src="" /]

    • charlston Says:

      Now that video is brave!!! I wonder if she will be accused of hate speech for speaking her mind. Tantrums all round. Its been pretty one sided in the media, so far. Nothing wrong with having an opinion.

  19. charlston Says:

    My trouble is that when I try to show the other side to this mess I am met with threats and abuse.It is fashionable to go with the trans narrative . A lot of people who have never lived it think its fabulous and want to be what they see as progressive without giving it any critical thought at ever. Women are being dragged through the mud and having to make more and more room for this new normal Its hard to object though when many people just don’t care….. until it happens to them.I was forced to show compliance as my ex threatened me with court as he said I was mentally assaulting him.Just another tantrum. 🙂

  20. @Mary, do you mean the video of the black lady calling Jenner selfish?

    This link has the video….

  21. Todd L Says:

    A dick and balls with lipstick smeared all over fucking freak show.

  22. Joe Says:

    Bruce Jenner is a drag queen, period.

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