NYTimes Sunday Review: What Makes a Woman? By Elinor Burkett

June 7, 2015

What Makes a Woman? By Elinor Burkett

Image credit: Julie Doucet

Image credit: Julie Doucet

Do women and men have different brains?

Back when Lawrence H. Summers was president of Harvard and suggested that they did, the reaction was swift and merciless. Pundits branded him sexist. Faculty members deemed him a troglodyte. Alumni withheld donations.

But when Bruce Jenner said much the same thing in an April interview with Diane Sawyer, he was lionized for his bravery, even for his progressivism.

“My brain is much more female than it is male,” he told her, explaining how he knew that he was transgender.

This was the prelude to a new photo spread and interview in Vanity Fair that offered us a glimpse into Caitlyn Jenner’s idea of a woman: a cleavage-boosting corset, sultry poses, thick mascara and the prospect of regular “girls’ nights” of banter about hair and makeup. Ms. Jenner was greeted with even more thunderous applause. ESPN announced it would give Ms. Jenner an award for courage. President Obama also praised her. Not to be outdone, Chelsea Manning hopped on Ms. Jenner’s gender train on Twitter, gushing, “I am so much more aware of my emotions; much more sensitive emotionally (and physically).”

Image credit: Julie Doucet

Image credit: Julie Doucet

A part of me winced.

I have fought for many of my 68 years against efforts to put women — our brains, our hearts, our bodies, even our moods — into tidy boxes, to reduce us to hoary stereotypes. Suddenly, I find that many of the people I think of as being on my side — people who proudly call themselves progressive and fervently support the human need for self-determination — are buying into the notion that minor differences in male and female brains lead to major forks in the road and that some sort of gendered destiny is encoded in us.

That’s the kind of nonsense that was used to repress women for centuries. But the desire to support people like Ms. Jenner and their journey toward their truest selves has strangely and unwittingly brought it back.

People who haven’t lived their whole lives as women, whether Ms. Jenner or Mr. Summers, shouldn’t get to define us. That’s something men have been doing for much too long. And as much as I recognize and endorse the right of men to throw off the mantle of maleness, they cannot stake their claim to dignity as transgender people by trampling on mine as a woman.


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  1. GallusMag Says:

    • Cheryl de Rue Says:

      When you’re 60 and your hormone injections didn’t bring you wealth and fame and you’re told to shut up by the next wave because you’re old and therefore bigoted you’ll probably remember yourself.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Parker Molloy ‏@ParkerMolloy 3h3 hours ago
      @KateAurthur @jamiekilstein Like, remember when you compared Jenner (before she was even out) to The Crying Game? You’re a class act.
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      Parker Molloy ‏@ParkerMolloy 3h3 hours ago
      @KateAurthur @jamiekilstein Kate, this isn’t the first time I’ve said you’re absolutely clueless about trans people. It won’t be the last.
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      Parker Molloy ‏@ParkerMolloy 3h3 hours ago
      @KateAurthur @jamiekilstein No. There’s not “truth in it.”
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  2. australopithecene Says:

    I love This. the only trans argument is, “Hateful, transphobic, hateful, terf”. They have literally nothing. They can scare some people into not saying anything, but they can’t stop everyone thinking. They don’t have a a prayer. 🙂

    • morag99 Says:

      “They have literally nothing. They can scare some people into not saying anything, but they can’t stop everyone thinking.”

      Heh. They also can’t stop some of us falling asleep. The constant repetition of “TERF” and “transphobic” is beginning to sound like a lullaby to me. Ah, I think I’ll sleep well tonight …

      You’re right: they’ve got nothing. Nothing except the expectation that all woman will shut up, sit, and roll over, like trained dogs, when their masters utter the word.

  3. Elle Says:

    I love how many of the comments to this piece begin with “Thank you”! She speaks for many people. Here’s hoping the critical thinking keeps spreading…

    • born free & female Says:

      I notice that the top reader’s picks are the thank yous, and the top NYT picks are about the poor MTFs and how there’s no one way to be a woman.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There is definitely a male trans policing comments. At least one woman who comments here has already been censored.

        Trans have a big surprise coming. A big, loud, female surprise.

      • lestoille Says:

        i dont know why my comment didnt go through because the mods are allowing direct trans criticism. when i posted mine there were no other comments yet, perhaps there was a glitch in the back end or something.

        the entire thread is GOLD. It’s terfs all the way down. except they are not terfs but ordinary women. the occasional whiny tranny comment “Shame on you NYT” is drowned out by womens real experiences and real insights.

        look at the top reader pick comments! The 3rd one down has 352 votes and starts off like this

        The big secret among the late, straight male-to-female transitioners is the strong sexual/erotic component to their desires to transition.

        HA HA HA bet the trans are shaking in their boots over that.

        i cant help but feel unbridled glee and frankly, schadenfreude over this. all their censorship and silencing. all their “fuck off TERF” bullshit. hope they enjoyed it while it lasted, because their house of cards is starting to collapse.

        i would like to personally thank bruce jenner for triggering this. he is a true american hero. Hahahaha.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Trans have a big surprise coming. A big, loud, female surprise.

        I’m sensing the stirrings of a mass awakening, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Anita Hill days. This time, though, we’re only too wise to the sex poz shit that took over back then. Remember how shocked, shocked! nice liberals were at the visceral reaction to Lorena Bobbitt? I’m getting that vibe. Feels good man.

        i cant help but feel unbridled glee and frankly, schadenfreude over this. all their censorship and silencing. all their “fuck off TERF” bullshit. hope they enjoyed it while it lasted, because their house of cards is starting to collapse.

        i would like to personally thank bruce jenner for triggering this. he is a true american hero. Hahahaha.

        I’m loving it. All that “right side of history” shit was just whistling past the graveyard. Peak trans has come and gone.

        Liberals are not and never have been their friends. By encouraging MTFs to expect the kind of fluffing they’re giving Jenner, liberals will only succeed in putting more of them in the ground. MTFs are unstable men who frankly don’t have the ‘nads to be truly gender-nonconforming. Women know it and always have known it. We’ve had enough.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        *Roger Daltrey screams YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH*

        *fist in air*

      • GallusMag Says:

        “unstable men who frankly don’t have the ‘nads to be truly gender-nonconforming”

        These hetero men, for all their violence and threats are the biggest fucking cowards on earth! Holy shit! These men would never survive as gay men or lesbians. What fucking cry-babies!

        Wahhhhhhh! 6,000 Americans have been murdered so far in 2015 and 8 of them were twanzzzzzz! SHUT UP!

        And of course they’re homophobic AS HELL.

      • QS Says:

        Whereas about 50 women have been murdered by their current or former male partners so far this year just in the UK. But the poor menz with the laydee brainz is the most opprestest people evah!

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        lestoille, your comments are perfect. Yes, Caitlyn is a true American hero – hera! – saving feminism with a single magazine cover! LOL

      • KgSch Says:

        @Gallus Mag, yes they are cowards! I’ve had so many of them and their stupid handmaidens threaten me online and even in real life, but they are just bullies/cowards and I don’t let them or their helpers boss me around.

        You’re right, they would never survive as a lesbian or gay man, especially not one who doesn’t pass a het. They’re way, way too entitled.

        As for the murder rate, 8 out of 6,000 is a whopping 0.13% murder rate. Their population is about 0.3%. This indicates that the murder rate is lower than what you’d expect for their population.

        And I thought it was one in twelve or 8.3%. They can’t even inflate their statistics by claiming that lesbians and gays were secretly trans, even though they do it all the time, like with Teena Brandon.
        (Weren’t some of these murders more typical of domestic violence too, as opposed to a hate crime? Hey, thought you dudes wanted to be treated like women?)

        It’s interesting how there’s generic Borg-responses to any woman who doesn’t follow the cult line completely. It’s like they never read her article at all. She was even talking about working with these perverts, so she obviously doesn’t take that hard-line stance against the whole thing and even uses an overly polite, sugary tone when talking about deadbeat-dad Bruce Jenner. It’s like baby-steps radical feminism.
        Still, I do think the article is a good thing. Lesbians who actually care about their own kind have been fighting against this mess since the beginning, but now lesbians and other women who aren’t very political and/or who haven’t thought about this issue have realized that some fucked-up shit is going on.

        I know Bill Maher has basically told the pronoun police to fuck off, and good for him, but there’s no way he’ll get as much hate as Elinor Burkett because he’s a man.

        Thanks for having such a great blog that we can all learn from.

      • kesher Says:

        I haven’t been paying attention to the tally of trans homicide victims of late, but, last I checked, at least one was actually gay and declared trans by the trans cult; although that one official sources retracted once his family complained. One was a very confused young man who briefly identified as trans but then stopped; no official source has taken him off the list as far as I know. One victim was killed in a robbery. Most of the rest were murdered by intimate partners, and, yes, they do seem to want to be treated like women except when their violent boyfriends kill them like they think they’re women.

        Two were murdered by persons unknown. Those may have been hate crimes, but until witnesses come forward or the perpetrators are caught, it’s impossible to say.

      • KgSch Says:


        So, they’re still claiming that the man who was murdered by his junkie father is trans despite his girlfriend and other people who actually knew him saying he wasn’t? What a disgusting bunch of appropriators.

        Either way, only two of these murders might be hate crimes. And women who are murdered or rape by men aren’t considered victims of a hate crime, despite being victimized because they were female. It’s just business as usual.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Speaking of the homophobia, look what just made the trash pile on my blog. I was misjendahed!!! teh horrors!

      • GallusMag Says:

        He robbed you of your very existence!

      • Bea Says:

        Forget about the rate of trans MtF getting murdered, what is the percentage of trans MtF murderING? Methinks it’s staggeringly high compared to the general population.


  4. GallusMag Says:

    • morag99 Says:

      Aw, this is a cute compilation of a whole lot of bluster.

      “How was this even published????”

      Ha. Four questions marks! Sheesh. I suppose emotional punctuation fills up the empty white space where a coherent thought was supposed to go.

      “There’s so much cis privilege, I don’t know where to start.”

      No kidding, eh? But why start, when you can just jump to the end, and call her a TERF? Much easier. More efficient.

    • anon male Says:

      It’s funny how so many of those dudes are taking jobs away from women and are getting rewarded for it.

      For a hilarious batch of images that try to render these clowns in the same way Jenner was on that magazine, check out the cartoon versions of them here (I guess if you’re not a millionaire you have to rely on sketches to get your femme on, at least outside of 32×32 pixel photographs that just show off your long hair).

      https://www.kickstarter. com/projects/322895958/a-feminist-deck (broke link on purpose)

      For example, Wu is featured more than anyone else


      “Godzilla of Bitches,” indeed.



      If those links are botched or all come up giant (no one needs THAT!), just delete the post and file it away for later

      • GallusMag Says:

        Holy shit. I should do some crowdfunding.

        Give me 5 dollars a month! Or one dollar!
        Not kidding! Do it! You read here every day like a succubus!
        Give me coin.
        Prove your love!

      • lestoille Says:

        31K? really? who the fuck is funding this crap?

        it doesn’t even cost anything to produce a card game because there are several print on demand game publishers now. you can literally get set up and start selling for zero outlay.

        if that 31 thousand DOLLARS had been donated to a small volunteer organization doing good work, it could keep them going for years. most of the really small “running it out of my spare room” orgs operate on no money just volunteer labor and donated resources.

        i try to give libqueer feminists the benefit of the doubt that they’re merely misguided but when i see this sort of thing it is a struggle not to condemn them as actually just stupid. They choose to spend their activist money on this rubbish? i’d expect a 30 thousand dollar project to have better artwork at the very least.

        seriously. the kids aren’t alright.

      • australopithecene Says:

        Truly awful. Ugly and awful and… embarrassing

      • endthewoo Says:

        “What I’d like to do is pay each of the people involved as models for the project, take a small fee for myself, pay for the printing of the cards and other rewards, and then ship the sets to backers and also to the models.”

        The n-for-narcissim wave of “feminism”

      • kesher Says:

        “it is a struggle not to condemn them as actually just stupid”

        I don’t know if I’d write this off as stupidity. They’re making sure that they and their little friends are getting paid. The only “stupid” thing about this is that they’re not going for the full right-wing-style grift. $30k? That’s bush league. The likes of Sarah Palin would have milked it for ten times as much.

    • australopithecene Says:

      Lol at Catherine Cross saying he was worried about all the publicity Jenner was getting. I bet he fucking was.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Like little boys who can’t get what they want shouting, “You’re mean! Mean, mean mean!” while expecting Mommy to give in and coddle them.

      I’m delighted that the NY Times published Elinor Burkett’s column–and overjoyed at how many women have written comments agreeing with her. It seems as if those who post here have merely been the the leading edge of the pushback, that other women are waking up and starting to speak out against the insanity.

      Here’s to a good start!

    • neme Says:

      Oh look, Forrest has the testosterone-poisoning forehead.

  5. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    Just thought I’d share an update on WRAH: Women’s Resistance Against Trans Harm. Made a blog, started writing my 10-point list of questions for elected officials and media people. But for fun, I thought one of those selfie pics, you know, where they hold up a piece of paper, a parody/response to Vanity Fair cover:

    Sanity Here / Call Me an Actual Woman

    I’ll try to spread it on social media, let WOLF know (DGR offshoot I think), etc. Could be lots of fun – maybe not as much as the “ice bucket challenge,” but at least throw some cold water on trans theory that doesn’t (pardon the pun) hold water. Fluidly yours, LOL…

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Here’s the link to the finished “magazine cover” – I kind of like the idea of a feminist magazine called “Sanity Here.” Sort of growing out of the pink and purple (oops I like purple oh well) (and I like pink – I like the whole spectrum of light) tattered remnants of Ms. magazine online. http://imgur.com/gallery/uMUrI76/new

      Hope maybe some other women can make their own magazine covers. WTH. Made one of my grandma too.

      • joanne_hi Says:

        haha! Genius! I love that, and if I ever start a real paper rag I want to totally steal “Sanity Here” from you as a title!

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Joanne Hi – thanks for positive feedback! I want to make just a background cover, with the words, that women can add photos of themselves to. Maybe send out postcards that have the Sanity Here/Call me an actual woman on it, and then in the middle, a blank space, with the words:

        [your picture inserted here]

        Not very high tech what the hell. Fun to think of it as arriving at Ms. magazine headquarters, etc. Maybe send one to Gwen Ifill, LOL.

    • KgSch Says:

      I like that cover. Could you share your list for elected officials with us when you’re done writing it?

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Yes, I’m planning on it. I’m trying to phrase it like this: “Are you aware that….” “What is your position on….” You know, like you’re actually sitting there with your senator, and you are asking them questions. There’s so much crazy, it’s hard to boil it all down to a few pointed questions.

  6. Atranswidow Says:

    I should imagine that there’s a collective shaking of ”pretty little heads” all over Transdom.

    ”Nail polish does not a woman make.”…………..Amen!

  7. endthewoo Says:

    She makes some good points but doesn’t entirely grasp the problem “… trans activists could be women’s natural allies moving forward.”

    Men who fetishise women, in whatever way are never our allies.

    Interesting that the usual flying monkeys are out with their “waaaah, hate speech, transphobic, terf”. No considered response at all.

    • No name Says:

      ‘Men who fetishise women, in whatever way are never our allies.’
      These guys want nothing more than better access to sexualize women/children into an sex accessory and protection for doing so.

    • sistercoffee Says:

      “She makes some good points but dosen’t entirely grasp the problem ‘…trans activists could be women’s natural allies moving forward.

      Men who fetishise women, in whatever way are never our allies.”

      Yes, but I wonder how much of that is from stating what she actually believes or else is from trying to appese the men reading it in some small way? Sort of like a “there there honey, see us women speaking our minds are not so scary…have a cookie”? She stayed mostly solid throught the piece. Those last few men appesing comments at the end seemed disingenuine and tacked on to me….I got a really “fake” feeling from it as if she felt like she had to water herself down a bit to be published or else her editor made her put that in at the last min.

      Whenever I see a woman make these oddball man appeasing comments in a sea of feminist women affirming ones, it always makes me wonder how much of that is truely what she actually believes and how much of it is said out of FEAR. For instance, Lisa Vogel (the creater of MichFest) wrote a piece regarding MichFest last year (its on the MichFest website if you want to read it) said something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing) that she “sees trans women as women and our sisters”….at first I felt confused and betrayed by those words. It really didn’t make sense to me why a women who has spent nearly 40 years creating arguably the most important women’s event would all of sudden say something like that. Then I thought how hard it must be to be public about one’s feminist beliefs. Trans activists have proven to be a particularily noxious breed of violent male, so it really dosen’t suprise me that “public” women feel they must water themelves down and lie in order to deal with them. Men so want us to lie to them- they want us to wear faces that arn’t even ours (makup), laugh at their bad jokes, make ourselves smaller, make ourselves less….they even want our paychecks to be less in order to make themselves appear more….which is all a lie…its just a survival tactic to exist in this violent patriarchical society. So it makes me wonder if these women are making these men appeasing comments because they actually believe them or is it merely a survival tactic?

      In any case, I absolutely agree with you that these men who fetishise us can never be our allies. I actually question how much ANY man could be our ally, much less an autogynophile. If they were going to be our allies they wouldn’t be “trans” anything- they would be men who wouldn’t be afraid to wear dresses and such AS men- something that is actually challenging to gender and therefore stands to benefit women.

  8. grumpyuncleR Says:

    Trans Meltdown!
    This gives me hope that we are at a turning point. Hopefully society can now move on and start seriously discussing the way that the absurd macho culture and expectations are damaging to both women and men by forcing us all into narrow boxes.

  9. GallusMag Says:

    When one’s entire politic is based on conquering and terrorizing an oppressed people via censorship, threat of murder, rape, harassment, loss of livelihood, etc., and when this strategy has been very good to you for a long time, and the whole thing seems to you like manifest destiny, it might come as a quite a big shock when all the voices you have contained for so long seem to suddenly erupt in a mass expression of rebellion.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Remember how you felt when you first understood the cold clear drink of water of radical feminist gender analysis?

      Share the experience. Do some consciousness raising!

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The next stop should be the Dr. Drew show. That show has been pro-trans forever, complete with the trans brigade and the dimwit women panelists who supposedly have Ph.D.s trying to justify a political movement that would destroy women as a protected class. The only opponents they ever bring on are the ones that talk religion. Nobody is going to listen to those people, which is why they are brought on. Time for some other people to talk about how completely wrong transgenderism is.

  10. Lint Says:

    I am totally astonished that the NYT would print this. And I am utterly DELIGHTED to see how many commenters are agreeing with Elinor Burkett. They must be going nuts in the NYT offices. I’m sure this is not what they expected. 😀

    The pro trans comments are predictably angry, unfocused, and do not address any of the points made by Ms. Burkett. Square up, MtTs.

    • GallusMag Says:

      These “women-identified” guys are so insulated and so used to ignoring actual women they have no idea what is coming.

    • Siobhan Says:

      Yes, I think the NYT offices were going nuts. They finally gave up and closed comments at about 11 am eastern time, which is really, really fast to close comments!

      • emmajune Says:

        It took more than a day for my comment to get published. And when I commented, no comments had yet been published.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The absence of the usual trans-insane comments is interesting. Where are they all? Where are the Angela Perducas and Death Threat Dana Lane Taylors and Dave “Darlie” Brewsters? Where is the “I have a cervix” guy? Where are all the 2000 word comments with no paragraph breaks??? Looks like twanz is starting to censor their own as well in an attempt at damage control.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘Where are they all? Where are the Angela Perducas and Death Threat Dana Lane Taylors and Dave “Darlie” Brewsters? Where is the “I have a cervix” guy? Where are all the 2000 word comments with no paragraph breaks???’

        Snort — indeed! A hilarious, bird’s-eye view of the entire trans commentariat. No wonder so much of your reporting falls under the subject heading, “comedy,” and attracts such funny and witty commenters …

        Perhaps the usual trans comments are being rejected for their offensive content? Or, is it possible that, like regular people, the violent male transgenderists are just getting tired? Nah. I don’t think getting worn-out is part of narcissists’ personality profiles. Not even when they are old/elderly. They get their energy by stealing it from others, so they only stop when others actively stop them.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        The NYT cannot allow the kind of no-logic, meme-heavy, Tumblr-spawned nonsense and namecalling in their comment section. ANY comment section. Including one that is sex-role critical (I’m tired of using gender. I’m sick of it.) I think it would be too OBVIOUS what was going on. My take anyway. I’m sure they have female paying subscribers who would be none too happy to seeing women getting bashed in this way.

      • Siobhan Says:

        But the “I know a transwoman who bleeds from her anus once a month, and that proves she is a WOMAN!” person who seems to show up every time the NYT covers this topic was still present.

    • Zemskull Says:

      It’s been interesting to see the pro-trans not respond to the specific points made by Ms. Burkett, which are primarily of a sociological and psychological nature. Similarly, I have found that trans don’t want to address points or questions specific to the medical aspects of transition. Pro-trans people in online fora eagerly try to discredit and insult anyone who answers a question posed by another person specific to the anatomical and physiological nature of transitioning. They don’t even want to discuss pharma products tend to be used. They do this with any general discussion of the medical issues, regardless of whether it pertains specifically to a trans person on the forum.

      So, the pro-trans don’t want to discuss the sociological, psychological, anatomical or physiological issues…what is left?

  11. Kitty Barber Says:

    Where is the photo on the cover of V.F. of Mister Jenner’s Laydee Brain? I want the Ladydee Brain!

    • morag99 Says:

      I found it, Kitty! But, um, without the sports car, silky undies, and sexy lighting, it’s not very glamorous …

    • Dogtowner Says:

      May I use this to illustrate Rep Ken Fredette’s (Maine House of Representatives) “man brain”? I think that’s about the actual size of his brain.

  12. GallusMag Says:


    • weirdward Says:

      A nice laydee calling a feminist and a lesbian a “cunt”. It’s almost like they’re men or something…

      • weirdward Says:

        Oops for my above comment – Julie Burchill isn’t a lesbian, though she is a gender critical feminist. I misread her name above as Julie Bindel. (Doing what the tranz do and getting my Julies mixed up!)

    • joanne_hi Says:

      I wish I could read the whole article, sadly it is behind a paywall

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Strange. I was able to access it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Put your kit back on, Caitlyn. Changing sex is vain, not brave

        The former Bruce Jenner is just another reality TV strumpet. Why treat her like a cross between Mother Teresa and Diana, asks Julie Burchill

        Julie Burchill Published: 7 June 2015
        Famous transsexuals who made their fortunes from sport are like buses — you wait ages, then two come along at once looking really dodgy and you think: “I’m damned if I’m getting on that. Taxi!”

        Over the past few weeks, in a Marilyn Monroe/Diana Dors model of respective US/UK showbiz pizzazz, both Bruce Jenner and Frank Maloney introduced us to their alter egos, Caitlyn and Kellie. Kellie, wearing what looked like a dress off Kat Moon’s barrow, had to make do with a makeover from Eamonn Holmes on a daytime television DFS sofa, but Jenner, as is worthy of an Olympian, got the whole Hollywood treatment.

        Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for that house journal of American narcissism Vanity Fair (a title that always has a nice ring of look-at-the-fools irony about it, but which seemed more resonant than ever this time), Caitlyn appeared be-corseted and airbrushed to within an inch of her life, broad shoulders doing their best to take a back seat under long, lush locks of bronde — the new half-blonde, half-brunette tone that is the rage among Hollywood actresses of a certain age.

        It was all quite horribly tasteful — Leibovitz’s photography is notable for making every subject, from Keith Richards to Taylor Swift, look oddly akin — and for a moment one spitefully wished Diane Arbus was still alive, just to see what she would make of this rock-jawed champ turned simpering vamp.

        The reaction to the photograph on the celebrity Twittersphere and beyond, though, suggested that no less than a deity had deigned to show us her scanties; that a person we had previously considered to be yet another grasping reality TV chump was, in fact, a hybrid of Mother Teresa and Diana, Princess of Wales, created to lead us lesser mortals on the radiant way.

        A few weeks earlier, when Jenner indulged in a bout of public self-pity, he was pulled up by the actress Alice Eve, who tweeted in a splendid fit of feminist pique: “If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon . . . You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance. Until women are paid the same as men, then playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair. Do you have a vagina? Are you paid less than men? Then, my friend, you are a woman.”

        However, Eve was bullied into an apology and this time we bitches bowed down as one. Where there would normally have been sighs of exasperation over a Botoxed, cosmetically honed born woman in late middle age feeling the need to get the goods out for the camera, all was lollipops and roses where Caitlyn was concerned. This was one Kardashian Klan woman, it appeared, who would swerve all the usual accusations of being a bum-flashing, money-grabbing, reality TV strumpet.

        Two darling bits of double-think struck me. It’s odd how people who were previously non-liberal-U (a boxing promoter such as Frank/Kellie Maloney; a gun-toting Republican such as Bruce/Caitlyn) are suddenly “one of us” when they have something lopped off. Surely they’re still the same people — unless you buy the whole Victorian angel-in-the-house thing about women being idealised, which seems extraordinarily reactionary.

        Another oddity is the knee-jerk claims of “bravery” made by their monstrous regiments of cyberfans. While I do think that people who transition (awful word, reminiscent of the sci-fi dream of teleporting, but “sex change” is unfashionably no-nonsense these days) have guts, I wouldn’t say they’re “brave”, as they’re doing it just for themselves, and bravery is about doing things for other people — being a fireman, being a soldier on the side of freedom, being someone who stands up to any sort of fascism. (And being someone who donates bits of their body to others while they’re still alive, rather than have them chucked in the surgical waste bin.)

        It would have been far braver, in my opinion, to come out as homosexual in the macho circles in which Maloney and Jenner became wealthy and powerful.

        A gay male friend commented to me: “When I see conservative white males like Maloney and Jenner transition, I think of Iran, where sex changes are common and accepted but where gay men are frequently executed. It seems to me quite a reactionary thing that people are more ‘comfortable’ with people conforming to a heterosexual standard, even if through extreme surgery, rather than being gay. Not saying either of them is gay, but the world they grew up in is happier if they do this.”

        In recent years, the plight of transgendered people (generally men who want to be women) has become a big thing, with what I term the cry-bullies of identity politics — those who like to harass, harangue and silence those who disagree with them, and then play the bed-wetting victim when their opponents fight back. Especially in the increasingly unrealistic and entitled world of campus politics, fusspots who fret about trigger warnings and safe spaces become laissez faire when men who are still the proud possessors of male genitalia but identify as women wish to use the female lavatories. (Some would say, if a woman can’t have a safe space away from penises when engaged in her ablutions, when can she?)

        Oddly, this doesn’t work for other aspects of identity. I imagine any white person claiming to be black would get short shrift from those student organisations that catered to people of colour. In fact, worse, in an act of breathtaking bigotry, earlier this year the alleged student “welfare and diversity officer” of Goldsmiths, Bahar Mustafa, told white people they were barred from a university event. She later made a public statement insisting she could not be racist as she was an ethnic minority woman.

        The cry-bullies who set themselves up as the champions of transgendered people and as judge and jury of the rest of us are so extraordinarily up themselves and cut off from the real world that they even make judgments on veteran drag queens and transsexuals who were being beaten up when they, the cry-bullies, were still wetting their nappies.

        Last year no less than RuPaul was accused of being “transphobic” for using the word “tranny”. He responded with righteous anger: “I can call myself a nigger, faggot, tranny all I want to, because I’ve f****** earned the right to do it. I’ve lived the life, I’ve been on the front line . . . But people out of school can take that same information and try to use it against me, because the ego cannot pick up the intention behind it.”

        When I was vilified for standing up for a friend who had been monstered by the transgender cheerleaders for inadvertently offending them, I was happy to be befriended on Facebook by the splendid veteran transsexual rocker Jayne County; a year later, she too would be in hot water for daring to post the wonderfully inclusive Facebook status: “I am having a party tonight and all my breeder, fag, dyke, tranny and shemale friends are invited!”

        Banned from Facebook, she greeted me with “Welcome, my fellow transphobe!” when I sent her a message of support, then further responded to her persecutors with this excellent mouthful: “I cannot support Trans Activists suppression of free speech — even threatening newspapers not to print alternative viewpoints. I have read about such things happening in Nazi Germany in the Thirties but never would I have ever dreamed that it would come from ‘my own’ people. The right to take away another human being’s rights — what a sad day this is for the poor LGBT community. If this is what you are going to do with your rights then you don’t deserve to even have them. Everyone please make a copy of this to keep and put on your walls as this will probably be censored and I will be banned again for not agreeing with Trans Activists, who seek to destroy all those who disagree with them.”

        It remains to be seen whether the humourless halfwits who sought to bully RuPaul, Jayne County and me stick their black flag in the unfortunate Jenner. It seems likely, as his narcissism and naivety are a good match for their own. But the fact remains that, like divorce and drug-taking, transitioning is nothing more than something people do in the pursuit of happiness via extreme selfishness. I have no moral objection to this — that’s how I’ve lived my life and it has made me very happy. It’s not “bad”— but it’s certainly not brave.

    • BaileyBoo Says:

      Oh look…..a tranny being openly sexist and freely using a word that is widely regarded to be one of the most derogatory, degrading, and misogynistic words to exist. Funny how when regular women “mis-jendah” or “mis-pronoun” these trannies (not even insult or name-call) they are doxxed, threatened with rape and violence, and stalked online all with the vigorous support of the insane liberals and their handmaidens ….but when a male tranny actually does insult and use derogatory terms towards women no one even gives a shit enough to call him out about it. Then again he is referring to us lowly women-folk in derogatory terms and who gives a fuck about women? It’s only when men and their fragile feelz and ego is injured must justice be swiftly handled to those uppity women folk!!! Hmmm…interesting..it’s like male trannies are sitting on a massive mountain of privilege and entitlement…….strange.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Several trannies have said that it’s transmisogynist to say they have no right to “reclaim” the word “cunt”. They lose their shit if we say tranny or misgender them, but they can’t do without the c-bomb. That tells you how they feel about their “sisters”.

        I haven’t seen any of the gay ones defend their use of “fish”, but then we’re the only ones who ever call them on it, and they just ignore us.

  13. CKDexterHaven Says:

    So that’s transcritical articles appearing in The Spectator, The Morning Star and now The New York Times since Brucinda’s big reveal. A lot of people on social media are starting to think critically as well, now that they’ve been presented with a ‘transwoman’ who isn’t obviously some poor, confused, pretty gay man. Stay in that spotlight and people are going to start taking a really long, hard stare.

    • brackengold Says:

      Isn’t there a reality show planned for Brucilla? If so, that spotlight’s gonna be on for a while.

    • Oceans Says:

      The Jenner-palooza of “I Am Cait” will likely be peak trans for a lot of people whose knowledge of trans stuff is filtered by the mainstream media. I cannot wait until John Q Public finds out the degree to which MtT are fetish-driven.

  14. QS Says:

    I never thought I’d say this but I fucking love Bruce Jenner (I was going to type that I could kiss him, but that would be disgusting). I’m calling peak trans. I think it was coming anyway but Mr Jenner is definitely hurrying it along.

    I posted last week that the tide seemed to be turning on Mumsnet. There are now four separate threads running about transgenderism in mainstream areas of the forum (i.e. not in the feminism section which is generally gender critical with the odd MRA troll) and the vast majority of women are agreeing that the whole thing is fucking nuts – even the ones that are standing up for the menz think that it has gone too far and that men shouldn’t be allowed in women’s spaces without at least a few years’ worth of female hormone treatment. A lot of women have posted that these threads have made them do a complete 180 on the issue.

    Thank you so much Gallus for you’re fantastic blog. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be so educated on the issues – I’m off to send you some beer money now.

      • QS Says:

        You’re welcome.

        I forgot to mention that the Mumsnet mods seem to have all but given up on policing the transgender threads – you can now get away with ‘misgendering’ Bruce Jenner et al as long as you don’t call them creepy while you’re at it.

    • Secret Serval Says:

      I have been following the mumsnet threads as well, I’ve been heartened by the number of women waking up and posting. For each woman posting I believe another 2 are also have their peak trans moment too. I think the comment about Bruce being “publicly male in the past” tipped a few women into “wtf”ery.

      Now if only a certain individual could stop wailing and moaning that we are denying his very essence and being. Even with his own flouncy thread he just couldn’t let it lie. ” Waaaaaaah, stop oppressors. You women have no idea of what my hardships, waaaaaah.”

      • QS Says:

        I know! Typical male narcissism to start a thread about a subject to proclaim that you aren’t going to talk about the subject because people are mean when you do. I love that so many people called him a drama llama and have pulled him up on this (very) thinly veiled threats of self harm and suicide.

        I couldn’t say it on Mumsnet as it would be seen as a personal attack, but he played an integral part in my peak trans moment. There was a thread about Chloe Jennings (the transabled trans woman) which led me to here via google. I’d had a bit of a read of the stuff on here and was still trying to gather my thoughts on everything when he started going on about how the radfems are mean to transgender people and he didn’t even know what their problem was. As mumsnet wasn’t the hotbed of TERFery that it is now, I attempted to explain what I thought the radfem perspective was (I even framed it in such a way that it was obvious that it wasn’t my opinion) and was immediate hounded by him and his handmaidens for it. That’s when I knew that Gallus was right and spent two days reading everything that had been posted on here.

  15. endlessleeper Says:

    cis privilege! trannies being questioned! trannies stealing female jobs are good for women!!!1!1!
    the libqueers are SO SCARED that their house of cards is about to fall. this ahistorical, unscientific idiocy they’ve built their entire lives and empires around is finally in the spotlight–which only shows all the holes in it. i can’t wait for these women to wake up and see how they’ve been duped, and i can’t wait for these men to fuck off and never come back out. it’s only logical 🙂 bless elinor burkett and every single person who stands with her.

  16. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Julie Burchill (who was sacked from The Guardian for writing a ‘transphobic’ article) has also written a piece criticising Jenner in today’s Sunday Times. I can’t link to it, as it is behind a paywall, but this is another critical article appearing in a major, mainstream publication. She’s being called a ‘TERF cunt’ on Twitter though.

  17. I’m so glad we are finally seeing some gender criticism and common sense in the media. Our time has come and, GallusMag, your hard work is paying off.

    But for some reason, it’s making me really mad at the feminists who have betrayed us.

    For example, I’ve been a lifelong fan of The Indigo Girls — must have seen them perform live about a dozen times now, all over the U.S. and once in Europe.

    But because they boycotted michfest for not welcoming “women with penises”, I will not be buying their new cd. This is a first for me — I have always purchased their CDs.

    Because they boycotted michfest, I am boycotting them. I’m so mad at their betrayal to women and contribution to the sad ending of michfest, that I cannot financially support them.

    How many MTFs have either Indigo Girl “dated”…? My guess is a big fat zero because they are both lesbians and lesbians prefer women not MTFs.

    • australopithecene Says:

      I know how you feel. Seeing popfems gush over trans when their sisters were being slandered, threatened, abused, having their careers threatened, stopped from speaking in public, being misrepresented. Watching the misogynist term TERF surface and not only fighting it, but using it freely. The attacks on feminists over the last ten years or so from trans has been absolutely disgusting, and through fear or complicity, feminists who had the public’s ear either pretended not to see, or joined in. Looking at you, Laurie Penny, Lindy West, Jezebel, Anita Sarkeesian, Clementine Ford, and others. Shame!

    • Edruminations Says:

      Melissa Harris-Perry had a buttkiss session with trannies on her weekend show. You can find it on msnbc’s website.

      It’s infuriating. Absolutely no criticism at all — just tranny worship. Ok, MHP is dead to me. It was nice knowing you. GOod luck with worshiping men who appropriate women.

      The part that pissed me off the most? When an MTF claimed that Stonewall was started by trannies.

      So…now they are rewriting history.

      In truth, Stonewall was started by Drag Queens! And trannies HATE drag queens — they boycotted Kate Pierson’s “Mister Sister” song. They say drag queens are to trannies what blackface is to African Americans.

      How long, I wonder, until an MTF tells me I’m not feminine enough to use the women’s restroom?

      • Actually there is no evidence to suggest or imply credit goes to the drag queens…either. Me thinks it was the butch lesbians whom started the bar fight with the cops at Stonewall; while the drag queens, some whom showed up out of curiosity to find out what was all that ruckus taking place, just decided to stand there and make fun of it. And as for the transgender vanguards, one was sleeping off a heroin addiction at a nearby park, and another was out looking for him or her. They show up, hours later, throw something, either a bunch of rocks, bottles, and quarters and then go on to credit themselves for it. All of it. Because that’s how its been since 1969, a bunch of special interests identifying themselves as LGBT wanting credit for something they had no real part of.

      • And what’s even sadder is Storme Delavarie, the woman many consider the true hero of Stonewall didn’t do much or anything to fight the gays and transgender revisionists. They mistook her for transgender? Yeah, whatever.

        Some movement we’ve become.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        MHP drank the libfem koolaid a long time ago.


        She did a panel on “feminist pornography” and had originally booked Gail Dines to provide a counterpoint to the industry flacks. Dines was sacked from the segment a few days before air and it wound up being a sex-poz puff piece.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        “They say drag queens are to trannies what blackface is to African Americans.”

        That’s hilarious. One of the commenters on Burkett’s articles compares the trans’ parody of women to whites’ blackface parody of African-Americans. Just like the traditional racists, the trans (misogynists) have no idea of the reality of the group they are caricaturing.

    • KgSch Says:

      Nothing wrong with being mad so-called feminists who have sided with the trans cult over their fellow women. For some reason, a lot of women, even women who consider themselves radical feminists don’t realize that women can and do betray other women for the sake of men. One reason why the trans cult is so accepted is precisely because so many women are doing their dirty work. This includes lesbians too, despite the fact that lesbians are the biggest target of this group.

      Until certain women stop trying to destroy lesbian-only and other-women-only space for these dudes (including things like public bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams) then they are betraying us. I believe that women can put an end to this insanity by just not supporting it. At the very least, it would make things more difficult because we all know that men like to get women to do their dirty work.

      I agree with your reverse boycott too. If any of the Indigo Girls are dating these men, then they can turn in their lesbian card. Any woman who sleeps with these men is by definition not a lesbian.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        “I believe that women can put an end to this insanity by just not supporting it. At the very least, it would make things more difficult because we all know that men like to get women to do their dirty work.”

        We really need to confront the pro-trans women, maybe especially the lesbians who can’t see beyond the one big happy queer family tent. It’s hard to decide if they are traitors or just misguided. The Indigo Girls clearly crossed the line. They’re big enough and popular enough that they won’t miss us ( though to be honest, I never did much like them). Women who support the destruction of women-only and lesbian-only space have earned their turncoat status.

        Personally, I am opting out of queer everything.

      • KgSch Says:

        I opt out of queer everything too. I know some lesbians haven’t really been around the creepy het men who wish they were us, and probably believe that trans is an unhappy homosexual phenomenon like I used to.

        Still, people like the Indigo Girls are openly betraying the rest of us. The way I feel is that lesbians/women actually can change and so it’s better to focus on that than doing what mainstream feminists do and beg men to change and stop raping and murdering them. Yeah, not going to happen; women have been trying to get men to be less violent for millennia.

        That said, we shouldn’t give lavish praise or waste too much energy on lesbians/women who are deep in the trans/queer cult. If they want to listen to us, that’s great but I consider other lesbians/women who aren’t buying it my main group of people to stick with.

      • Saw this on indigo girls’ Facebook page. I “unliked” their page and won’t be getting anymore updates from them. They have betrayed the lesbians who put them where they are today. Good luck selling as many records and tickets to the pretendbians. Thanks for boycotting michfest for your new buddies.

        At least one fellow friend “liked” this post:

        On June 30th, PBS is airing an incredible FRONTLINE special called “Growing Up Trans.” This is an issue near and dear to our hearts and we applaud the film makers and PBS / Frontline for bringing such an important topic to light. Please mark your calendars and pass the word on.

        “Growing Up Trans” explores the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their parents. There is so much to be gained from the empathy and camaraderie this film inspires.

        Look for it on your local listings here:



    • emmajune Says:

      My guess is that Amy Ray is going to come out as trans in the next 2 years or so. Maybe sooner.

  18. Susan Nunes Says:

    A man in drag with breast implants and/or bottom surgery is NOT a woman or female. How hard is that to understand?

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Hmm, maybe ladeebrain really is different after all. You’ve got to admit, they do seem to have tremendous difficulty grasping basic concepts and articulating words with more than 4 letters.

  19. Larichus Says:

    As of 1027 GMT, the NYT has closed comments. Guess they didn’t get the floodtide of twanzally gushing they expected.

    As to the twitter bleating from the usual suspects, I guess it’s true what they say: if you’re taking flak, you’re over the target…

    • Larichus Says:

      Okay, they said “comments are closed” and then post new comments. You tell me…

      • Siobhan Says:

        I left a comment at about 8 am EDT, but it didn’t show up until a few hours after comments were closed. It is clear that the comments were overwhelmingly pro-woman and there were a great number of them, which may have made the trans-infatuated editorial staff unhappy. The decision to close comments so early (about 11 am EDT) surprised me. However, it has been my experience in the past that the NYT closes comments on an article and then processes a backlog of comments which appear after that. Several hundred comments were posted after closing the article to new comments.

  20. Susan Nunes Says:

    It was 100 years ago this year that the film “The Birth of a Nation” was released. It created a firestorm of controversy, not least in its depiction of blacks as the villains and of the KKK as the heroes. It also became infamous for using white actors (which was common back then and years prior to then) like Walter Long to portray black characters in blackface. Of course we have long known that this film was shockingly racist, and today it is only of interest in its importance in the development of film.

    White actors playing black characters is not done anymore. We have progressed. But what in the world has possessed this country, including and especially Hollywood, to celebrate men who parade around in drag with breast implants, and calling them “women,” going to far as to glorify this mockery of half of the human race with reality TV shows and magazine covers? Are women that disrespected that men can get away with this?

    Of course we know the answer. If women were respected and sexism didn’t exist, transgenderism would not exist.

    • KgSch Says:

      Yes, blackface is now considered racist and something not to do. Still, a lot of movies do like to whitewash their characters and just change a character who was originally a person of color to white.This website is a good source of information about that: http://www.racebending.com/v4/about/

      A good example is the movie “The Edge of Tomorrow”. The book it was based on had a male lead character who was Japanese, so of course it made sense to cast Tom Cruise in the role. There are other examples on the website.

      That said, at least the people criticizing whitewashing in movies and TV don’t have to worry about an army of creepy white people claiming to be trans-black or trans-Asian coming after them. I do think there would be more outrage if Bruce Jenner claimed to be a black man. (Though if he had claimed to be a black woman, it would have been funny to watch the trans cult try to explain why claiming to be black wasn’t okay and was racist, but his claim of being a woman was legit and not misogynistic.)

  21. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  22. Biscuit Says:

    Great article.

    I’ve also noticed none of the people condemning the article have actually addressed any of the points made in it.

    You know you have a good point when all your critics can do is hurl insults or demand that you shut up.

  23. Mortadella Says:

    Thank you for posting this, Gallus.

    I had a current event session during one of my classes last week. The students were eager to talk about Jenner. My students, raging from ages 18 to 35 expressed the opinion that a man cannot be a woman — he can only get body mods to mimic femaleness.

  24. k2 Says:

    “Terfs” gone mainstream, the first episode of sense8 shows a group depicted as crazy for criticising the autogynephiliac who believes he’s in a “lesbian”. Being that it is the former Wachowski brothers not a surprise, the gay male characters are all real bio males so far.

  25. Cassandra Says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read all the comments here but just wanted to say “Fuck Yeah!” I was so happy to see this on the NYT!! I really hope they’re not badgered into issuing some apology for it. I was grinning from ear to ear as I read it and then practically jumping for joy when I saw the comments. So wonderful to see the overwhelming majority thanking her for writing it.

    One commenter on the NYT ended her comment with this:

    “Women who haven’t been paying attention: please open your eyes. This is a men’s rights movement very cleverly disguised as a liberal one.”

    Yup. The sleeping giants of Jane Q Public were sleeping. They’re not sleeping anymore.

  26. Mormo Says:

    Finally 😀 Now it’s out in the mainstream, they can see the attempted censorship for themselves! Thank you Bruce, you were just the push we needed for a conversation to get started.

  27. Free from sex pozzies Says:

    I love this. I have been avoiding posting about it on FB because I just couldn’t explain it coherently. This does (except for the part about possible allies- puke), so I finally was able to post something and am waiting to see if I get flamed or good comments.

    When I read this, I thought the trans would be chanting “kill the TERFS” and they didn’t disappoint, lol.

  28. southwest88 Says:

    Men claiming to be women being given big mainstream media coverage may be the worst thing for trans people. See, radfems are used to the routine – state the most simple biological facts in a rational way and the abuse starts (Nazis, TERFs, bigots, die in a fire, etc.)
    Now non-feminist folks are being exposed to trans and when they make the mildest of comments doubting the trans worldview, they are also getting hit with that disproportionate torrent of abuse. This makes more people suddenly aware of what vile nonsense some of the trans activists want to inflict on people.
    I live around women who would never call themselves feminist but when they read about a man claiming to be a woman telling them that they should call their vagina “the front hole” they suddenly don’t find silly Caitlyn Jenner and his buddies to be quite so amusing.

  29. GallusMag Says:

    • fatima Says:

      lol. Isn’t this the person responsible for the egregious trans talking point that biological sex is a social construct? I hope they finally drop that argument from their repertoire, now that Fausto-Sterling has come out as a TERF.

    • emmajune Says:

      Wow! Given how often trans and pro-trans people in academia appropriate Fausto-Sterling’s work, I’m gratified to see that tweet. That’s great! Really.

      Also, check out the comments on the editorial “The price of Caitlyn’s heroism”, http://tinyurl.com/og38w47

      Again, very trans critical.

  30. GallusMag Says:

  31. M. Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site, Gallus Mag, and all the people who comment with such insight. Since I began my journey of being trans-critical (after my ex–a butch–transitioned *sad face), this site, although focused on MTF’s, has helped open my eyes in many ways and is a healing balm of sanity in a world that seems to have gone a bit mad with the blind acceptance of transgender politics/activism and a disregard for all the harm we know that gender perpetuates.

  32. GallusMag Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG this is hilarious. Just how old IS Wayne “Dana” Beyer??? Here he mansplains first wave feminism, which he claims to have lived through! So he must be over 100 years old! Amazing! Trans-aged, perhaps?


    What Makes a Woman? A Trans Woman Responds to a First Wave Feminist
    Posted: 06/08/2015 6:28 am EDT Updated: 45 minutes ago

    Dana Beyer Become a fan
    Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland

    A part of me winced, too.

    While I have not been living as my authentic self as long as Ms. Burkett has, I have been a life-long feminist. I’ve lived through the three waves of feminism of the modern era, and was privileged to become the first trans elected official in NOW history. I’ve run for state office three times in Maryland as a qualified woman who also happens to be openly trans. Eve Ensler directed me and 23 others in the first all-trans production of The Vagina Monologues. I’ve been a proud activist for gay as well as trans and intersex rights for the past 15 years, and I’ve been waiting for a breakthrough moment such as this one, for which I thank Caitlyn Jenner. That it’s not to my complete liking is just something with which I have to deal. I believe in the feminist prime directive, which is that women have the right to be themselves without interference from any person, institution or ideology.

    So I have to accept Jenner as she is, and use her to both educate for the general trans experience while contrasting her very public life today to that of other trans women and our women allies. I understand Professor Burkett’s anger and consternation, particularly with the respect to the “reconceptualization” I discuss later.




    • BadDyke Says:

      A good article, but one TEENY annoyance — given that she started out with the Harvard president debacle, really rather vexing that she said: “Gina Rippon, a neuroscientist at Britain’s Aston University, told The Telegraph last year.”. This makes Gina sound like any ole neuroscientist (and could be, say, a fresh out of PhD postdoc). Except She isn’t, she is Professor Gina Rippon. When the higher up the ladder, the fewer women in academia, it matters a LOT that the few women who have got there get the recognition (and the title).

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Didn’t you know? Dana was a suffragette! I heard he chained himself to the white house fence back in ’12. 1912.

    • Mormo Says:

      Does anyone even take the huffington post seriously, anymore

      I’ve seen a growing number of gays wishing to disown the “T” in lgbt.
      Im so ready to cut off the dead weight or form a new gay and lesbian group!

      • MaryMacha Says:

        I’m not really up to speed on how gay men are reacting to the onslaught and not certain it affects them in the same way. My impression is that “dropping the T” is primarily a lesbian sentiment. Let’s hope that’s not the case and that the men are also seeing the writing on the wall. The fact that there will be fewer and fewer of them in 10-20 years should sound some alarms.

      • No name Says:

        I see more lesbians saying, lets get the ‘L’ out of here, but rarely do I hear them say drop the T. The gay community takes care of men’s sexual rights, and caters to men.

        Lesbians and other women were gathering in gay female spaces to discuss women equality and campaigns for women, like domestic violence shelters, but the gay community does not fund DV shelters or rape crisis centers. Straight men are willing to put on a dress to access at risk women for fantasy reasons calling it equal rights for men in drag and it has already happened.

        Men in pursuit of their sex fantasy do not belong with women fighting and healing from male sexual violence.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        It should be a lesbian only group. Having men around always ends up with men being prioritized. And men are always such selfish, manipulative pains in ass anyway.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Tears of laughter!

      Bless you for that screenshot, because he already changed it. You gotta be quick on the draw with these loons.

      • shonagh Says:

        He’s changed ‘first wave feminist’ to ‘Mid-20th-century era feminist’! AND added a defensive parenthetical excuse! Oh, my word… I genuinely LOLed 😀
        Good times.

      • Cassandra Says:

        Tears of laughter is right! First Wave. Holy shit. By the time I got to it he’d changed it to the mid century thing, which also made me laugh. I thought he was going to start talking about Eames chairs.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Maybe Beyer believes he was Emmeline Pankhurst in a former life, which is why his “lady soul” became dysphoric in his current male incarnation.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        There’s a sepia-tinted photograph in the National Archives of Emmeline Pankhurst being dragged away by a couple of bobbies, while Dana Beyer beats her over the head with a placard saying ‘Whorephobe!’

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I didn’t bother reading past the first paragraph of Beyer’s article, so I missed this until someone on Twitter pointed it out:

      I coped with the onset of my period in a manner that would horrify you, but you’ve already made the inference that I never had a period and that’s a basic mistake.

      The hell? Like some MTFs, Beyer thinks or pretends that taking estrogen makes him extra-moody once a month, and that this constitutes “having a period”. It’s so charming how dumb they think we are. Beyer must think that OITNB scene with Laverne Cox giving the anatomy lesson to some dumb cissies was real!

      Outside of MTF Fantasy Land, the mood swings that some but not all women experience are caused mainly by fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone. Not being medically literate, I don’t know if mimicking female hormone changes could cause the monthly “cycle” Beyer claims to experience. In any event, it’s extremely unlikely that any MTFs take their woman LARPing to this extreme. So cool story, bro.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “I coped with the onset of my period in a manner that would horrify you, but you’ve already made the inference that I never had a period and that’s a basic mistake.”

        He must have changed that, too, since it’s no longer in the piece. They can’t even tell their own stories without resorting to retcon.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I still see it there.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Thanks. That’s even nuttier than I thought. Incredible that he was a physician.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Beyer says trans is a form of intersex, and further down the thread tells them to contact Zoe Brain for a list of resources!

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Not another fake intersex, jeez!
        They are going to need their own club house soon. With Zoe Alan Brain as their queen. Brain was a middle-aged male, that *miraculously and spontaneously* changed into a woman! All hail the miracle that is faux-intersex!

      • MaryMacha Says:

        What’s next, uterine casts?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Doesn’t surprise me at all that someone with an MD knows zilch about science and the human body. I’ve had a real hard time meeting non-trans MDs who know anything about the human body.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @Gallus Mag–sorry, my mistake. For some reason my initial search took me straight to a quote in the comments.

        In the context of his piece, the sentence is even more absurd, since he can’t possibly be using “onset” to mean what Elinor Burkett (or any other woman) means.

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        “Not another fake intersex, jeez!
        They are going to need their own club house soon. With Zoe Alan Brain as their queen. Brain was a middle-aged male, that *miraculously and spontaneously* changed into a woman! All hail the miracle that is faux-intersex!”

        And in this one you have the one and only, Alan LaydeeBrainz:

        (I wonder how long that script of his is!)

        I’m Intersex. The 3BHSD form of CAH, meaning I was born looking mostly male, changing at puberty to look mostly female, The relief was indescribable – so I may be wrongly universalising my own experience.
        Like most women with CAH, my brain is partly masculinised, so had boy-typical play patterns (as do all CAH girls), with interests more common in males than females.
        A Geek Girl, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, makeup only on special occasions., heels even more rarely. High Femme – not my style. Not Butch either. I’m not into being confined in socially constructed boxes of gender. That’s not what this is about.- despite the beliefs of many gender-critical trans-exclusionary feminists.”

        hahahaha, looking mostly male when he was born? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/vMguOwvImDU/mqdefault.jpg
        Guess he was born in the mid 2000s.

      • morag99 Says:

        “hahahaha, looking mostly male when he was born? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/vMguOwvImDU/mqdefault.jpg
        Guess he was born in the mid 2000s.”

        Aw, but he has a flower in his hair. So there you are. Flowers worn in the hair are congenital. Same with “jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, makeup only on special occasions., heels even more rarely.”

        Flowers, jeans, t-shirts, and geeky girlness — this is medicine, this is biological science.

        Silly feminists, take note: make-up ONLY on special occasions, and he RARELY wears high heels. So, he’s only partly — that is, biologically, hormonally, neurologically — feminized. Otherwise, he’d be wearing the girly stuff all-the-freaking-time, right? Or, conversely, he’d be a macho man. Instead, he’s neither “high femme,” nor, in his own estimation, butch. See? See? So, there are no socially-constructed sex-roles, no “gender boxes.” Get it?

        Conclusion: “trans-exclusionary feminists” get it all wrong all the time. Unassailable logic.

    • australopithecene Says:

      The best thing about Wayne’s stupid fuck up is that women were denied the vote because they had vaginas, not because of how they identified. Trans had jack shit to do with that amazing activism. They had the same vote as any other bloke.

  33. hearthrising Says:

    Well, it’s been up over 36 hours and there’s no retraction or apology yet. I think the NYT would get a lot more flack for pulling the old “sorry we didn’t know how wrong it was to have an opinion off script and we’ll never do it again.” That’s for the lefty journals. NYT is too mainstream to do it and get away with it. One will get you 1000 they’re planning a rebuttal to tell the other side of the story (Jenner’s media promotion blitz wasn’t enough). That’s okay, though. It was hearing the Jenner talk and seeing the Jenner promotion that made ordinary people stop and question. Trans women in their own way are the best spokespeople for radfem positions.

    • kesher Says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen the NYT apologize for an op-ed. Which is good. Even when I vehemently disagree, the writer has a right to express their views without the host paper groveling for the public’s forgiveness. If you have a problem with the message, address the person who wrote it, don’t attack the messenger.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      It might be a set-up. They could be setting the stage for a series of rebuttals and propaganda.

      • anon male Says:

        A lot of straight “cis” people who have the most normative lives imaginable are going to be making cash money off of this for months. Amanda Marcotte for one (in a hilarious article where she leverages trans as the oppressed blue collar being attacked by ivory tower elites out of touch with common folk on the ground).

  34. Artemis Jade Says:

    Elinor Burkett is 3 years older than Bruce Jenner. Better Midler is 4 years older. Germaine Greer is 11 years old. It is courageous and inspiring that these 3 mature women would use the public platforms available to them to be transcritical and to not cave in the face of the powerful forces arrayed on the other side. (I don’t mean transgender bloggers so much as the Obama Administration and the medical/pharmaceutical industry who I believe are really running this show.) How sad that many young women, even young feminists, will revere Bruce Jenner’s brand of mature transwomanhood and not these true heroines.

  35. gothamette Says:

    I admire Ms. Burkett, but I think she was entirely too kind. “People who haven’t lived their whole lives as women…” But she accepts them as women NOW. And still gets grief.

    Well, I don’t accept them as women NOW. They can kiss my ass.

    And WTF is this “front hole” shit? I never heard of it before I read it in THE NEW YORK TIMES!!! I had to look it up. They want my physical anatomy reduced to a porn term? Fuck that shit. Before now, I was somewhat bemused by the whole business. I am furious now.

  36. KgSch Says:

    Hi Gallus Mag, have you bumped into this yet:

    They were advertising it when I was watching the Food Network earlier. Ryan Seacrest is producing some new show glorifying autogynophiles. (The man is/was married to a woman and has a 17-year-old son.)

    I’m visiting my mom and I made a comment about how it was a load of horseshit because men cannot become women and then she quickly changed the subject. It’s always interesting that a woman who hates most of her male relatives (and for a good reason) will fawn over the worse kinds of men. She mistakenly believes that they have an intersex condition and that the psychotic women-haters are a “vocal minority” despite me explaining that they aren’t. Several times.

  37. rhonda Says:

    I feel like this is a good spot/time to share my peak trans moment, and how I found gendertrender. I was subscribed to a fb page called lezbehonest. I rarely posted because it was public , and i didn’t want strange dudes pming me. They had a private group page that said women only, so I thought awesome. There were tons of really good and funny posts. Someone uploaded a photo of Shane and Jenny front the l word looking horrified when that potential room mate dropped his pants. The caption read “when lesbians see a penis” Everyone thought it was hilarious, except for this MTT that declared that it denied his very existence. I watched these women apologize for not liking penis, and then I left. I am bi and won’t apologize, and it infuriated me that they did.

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      Seriously. If you like feminine-looking people with dicks, at least have the courage to come out and admit you’re bi. Trans* is going to erase lesbians and bi women, and only the gay dudes will be left standing. Save the lesbians! Save the bi women!

      I mean, sure we can do it, but didn’t we go through all this sexual liberation stuff so bisexual women wouldn’t have to pass for straight all the time?

      • endlessleeper Says:

        i am sooooo sick of the meme that bi women are going to fuck trannies (even “radfems” offer us up as consolation prizes in order to rightfully save themselves and lesbians from teh laydeestick). in spite of male bullshit i am definitely bisexual and don’t need trannies complicating a label i take on as descriptive shorthand. isn’t it coincidental that ALL MEN escape trans clutches and their preferences, regardless of how despicable and exclusionary, are never ever questioned? no misogyny there, of course.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      Interesting that it was the apologies that were your peak trans moment, because I had a similar experience. My peak trans moment was when Alice Eve apologized for the anti-Jenner tweets that she made after the Diane Sawyer interview. I don’t want to dump on Alice Eve who is a young actress who obviously had no idea what she was wading into, and was probably terrified that she had destroyed her career. But the abjectness of her apology–when everything she tweeted was 100% correct—did something to me that I can’t even describe, and I started seeking out transcritical sites on the web.

      BTW, Burkett made many of the same points that Eve did, though of course she made them better.

  38. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    And here’s a little ageism to throw into the mix from Salon, it’s right and we must embrace Caitlyn Jenner!


    • GallusMag Says:

      “Crotchety”?! What about the hysterics and harpies??? The fat hairy dykes??? The man-haters???

    • puzzled Says:

      Even at Salon, when you look at the comments, I’d estimate that more than 75% are not buying what Anna March is selling in her rebuttal to “crochety” Elinor. You read those comments and you see a great degree of “live and let live, but by God stop trying to make me embrace your Orwellian view of reality.” This blows my mind, to see this level of pushback at freaking SALON. it really does feel like peak trans, you know?

      Language is important. People instinctively know this. Control the language and you control the discourse, and ultimately the society. This is why people are het up. Not because Brucelyn likes how the satin bustier looks, but because of the “up is down, east is west, hot is cold, male is female” machinations required to “embrace” transfolk in the way they desire to be embraced. (And even as my own kid appears increasingly committed to becoming a transman as soon as she’s no longer a minor … I will love the kid, and support the kid, and I will have to find a way to live with this decision of hers somehow despite the deep grief and worry the prospect causes me. But I will never be able to look the kid in the eyes and say “you’re right, honey, I affirm that up really IS the same as down….”)

      • branjor Says:

        This is why people are het up. Not because Brucelyn likes how the satin bustier looks, but because of the “up is down, east is west, hot is cold, male is female” machinations required to “embrace” transfolk in the way they desire to be embraced.

        Mary Daly named this patriarchal strategy years ago She called it the strategy of Biggest Lies.

      • kesher Says:

        The trans and their enablers are within their rights to believe that “trans men are real men” and “trans women are real women”, but they can’t force the rest of us to believe it, which is, of course, why they rage. Men really can’t stand not being able to control others, especially women.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      The author is free to embrace Bruce Jenner all she wants.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      ” The project of ending misogyny and patriarchy is one that not only inextricably includes them, but should center around trans women…”

      “We all need to work toward a feminism that is not centered on the idealized white, cisgendered, able-bodied, academic, middle- or upper-class woman.”

      Yes, feminism needs to stop centering itself on women and put men at the center, of course.

      Stop worrying about the needs of white, able-bodied, idealized, upper and middle class WOMEN and center the needs of white, able-bodied, olympic medal winning, upper class men.

      I read this yesterday, I searched to find out who the hell Anna March is and what her made her …..susceptible….enough to believe that the fight for women’s rights and liberation is about transgenderism.

      Reminded me of a tweet I saw the last time liberals were outraged because Laverne Cox got criticized, I think it was after the Meghan Murphy article – something about “Why is she criticizing Laverne Cox – Laverne’s like the greatest feminist who ever lived!”.

      Vern’s activism is transgender activism. I’ve seen him advocate for trans child-killers and appear at trans benefits and events but what does he do for feminism? Why do people believe this?

      All transactivists do is try to shut women up, and Elinor Burkett pointed this out brilliantly in her piece.

  39. margaret Says:

    Even no-friend-to-women Barbara Kaye from the National Post!

    “The true-to-ideology feminists are understandably put off by Caitlyn’s conflation of womanhood with a seductive appearance, beautiful long nails, thick eyelashes and a wavy fall of glossy hair. And with reason. It banalizes and trivializes the momentousness of what it means to be a woman in full.

    Caitlyn Jenner’s corset photo, and the debate it has unleashed, reminds me of the old Jewish joke about the nouveau riche man who buys a fancy boat and invites his parents over to admire it. When they see him wearing a white cap festooned with gold braiding and the word “captain” on it, his mother gently says, “You know, Hershel darling, by you you’re a captain, so by me you’re a captain, and by your father you’re a captain, but by a captain, you’re not a captain.”

    Similarly: By her family, Caitlyn is a woman, and by her 10 million Twitter followers, Caitlyn is a woman, and even by President Obama, who wrote a congratulatory tweet on her bravery, she is a woman. But by doctrinaire feminists – and I never thought I would say this, but they seem to me, in terms of ideological integrity, to be the brave ones in this affair – she’s not a woman.”

  40. DaveSquirrel Says:

    I think the Jenner cover is delicious irony.

    The transborg thought this would be their defining moment, the big score, and that there was no stopping their world domination plan from here on in.

    Turned out, to be an International Peak Trans moment.


  41. I am one of the “Mumsnet” posters who has come here after reading and posting on those threads that have been mentioned here.

    I had been worried about certain aspects of the trans movement for a couple of years–the questions that nobody seemed to be able to answer, the horrid comments I had seen directed at lesbians online, the Maoist Thought Re-education Camp-like atmosphere where anyone trying to suggest an alternative view or even just ask simple questions seems to get shouted at and called names.

    Reading through those threads brought everything to a head and helped me get a lot of stuff straightened out in my mind.

    I’m not a rad fem (have not traditionally been much involved in traditional feminist spaces, to be honest), and there are plenty of areas where the rad fems and I would disagree on 😉 But nevertheless, it was the radical feminists who basically opened my eyes to some of the problems here because they were bold and brave and principled enough to stand up and say that the emperor had no clothes–no clothes and a bloody great dick swinging between his legs–even while everyone around them was trying to silence them with censorship, no-platforming and the most appalling personal attacks.

    What can I say? I salute all of you ladies for your sheer gutsiness and courage. And I’m proud to join hands with you and fight to keep our female spaces and female relationships safe, especially for lesbians and for women who have been sexually abused or assaulted–like me.

  42. Siobhan Says:

    So a wealthy, white, 6 foot 2 inch male athlete and celebrity declares himself a woman, and the media and their libfem allies swoon and demonize anyone who dares to question his womanhood or who accidentally drops a “he” pronoun. On the other hand, one of the most successful and accomplished female athletes of our time is referred to disparagingly as an animal, or a “man,” and very few media outlets even consider this worthy of comment. Serena Williams is strong, intelligent, and a fierce competitor, and irrefutably a woman, but that doesn’t capture the fancy of a culture that defines womanhood by photoshopped images of porn-defined, subservient definitions of “beauty.”

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Thanks for the link, Siobhan. This is one of the results of the pornified view of women as thin, blonde, and white. I’ve seen photographs of American farm women from the 1940s and they make Serena Williams look delicate. Just as young males now think women have no body hair, it seems as though males all over the world think women are weak and fragile, and I won’t limit that to males but include women who subscribe to the same set of beliefs. We’re back once again to Sojourner Truth. That’s a woman! not some creepy dude in a foundation garment on the cover of America’s house organ of narcissism.

      • kesher Says:

        Yesterday, someone I followed on Tumblr reblogged a post about how white people questioning and denying Sojourner Truth’s womanhood was actually “transmisogyny”. Because, you know, when women face bigotry, that’s actually an offense against men.

        I don’t know why I initially followed that person, but I’m not anymore.

    • hearthrising Says:

      The contrast here was telling, wasn’t it?

    • uterusesb4duderuses Says:

      Hot damn, this is good! She STRAIGHT UP says that she does not acknowledge these men as women, refers to them with male pronouns, and the male interviewer gets viscerably uncomfortable. “But your article was so pleasant!” is basically right at the tip of his tongue the whole time and she has a counter point to every single one of his meaningless “But I’m not trans, so I cannot ever know what it’s like to experience being a woman” talking points.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      It’s hard to do the issue justice in half an hour. I wish she had done a better job at defending her position by laying out an overview in a systematic and succinct way.

      I don’t understand why the imposed usage of “cis” never gets included in the conversation about how women get to define ourselves and under whose terms. The language aspect in this controversy is important but often overlooked.

      The male caller unwittingly ended up making her point for her even though he was trying to invalidate her.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I would have liked to listen to the entire interview, but of course there was way too much male interviewer, who apparently has NO brain whatsoever.

    • Atranswidow Says:

      ”People could see how I was mistreated”….that’s a classic example of psychological projection and it seems to go with the territory with late transitioning men. What he’s really saying is “Oh my God, it’s going to be obvious to others what a complete shit I’ve been to Kris”.

      My ex does it all the time. I’ve learned to give such comments the contempt they deserve by ignoring them, but he continues to do it with the kids. I’ve had to become an amateur psychologist just to keep my sanity intact.

  43. Unperson Says:

    Off topic, but interesting – I just found out my state has a law requiring couples to divorce if one decides to change sex. We were ahead of the game.


    • MaryMacha Says:

      Of course the only reason for this is plain homophobia. I wouldn’t applaud this. It’s no one’s business who marries whom and divorce is a personal decision just like marriage.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No, the spousal veto was put into place to protect the wives of autogynephiles from legal and financial abuse from their femulating husbands. It prevented the men from unilaterally changing or in some cases voiding the spousal rights of their wives without their consent. It preserved the full spousal rights of female partners to consent to all the administrative and other legal changes involved in transferring a marriage to either a civivl marriage or same-sex marriage. In some cases this change eliminated the wive’s legal claim to pensions, health insurance plans, etc. All the spousal veto does is allow both parties in the marriage, not just the femulating male, to consent to the legal changes and processes. Marriage is a legal contract after all.

      • kesher Says:

        Would these laws have helped “Leslie” McMurray’s wife? To keep him from stealing their joint assets?

      • GallusMag Says:

        If her portion of marriage assets were voided as a result of a change in his legal sex, then yes. Spousal veto prevents unilateral changes to the legal marriage contract by the femulating partner. It does so by allowing women the option of a legal dissolution of the contract via divorce settlement prior to the legal changes (which may involve joint assets, taxes, pensions) incurred by the transgender spouse’s legal change in sex.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Interesting, laws put in place to protect wives and children against the crazy behavior of their husbands…gee, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah – prohibition, whose driving force was women who wanted to protect women and children from men’s drunken violence. Everything old is new again.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      It is (or was?) that way in the UK too. But there was a push in the last year or two to have that overturned (have not checked the current status).

      Gotta keep the man-privilege intact during laydeefeels.

  44. Trish Oliver Says:

    WoLF is not a off shoot of DGR. WoLF grew out of and in response to the attacks on RadFem events terrorized by transactivists in Portland 2012, London, 2013 and RadFem:Rise Up Toronto 2013. It was clear after the harrassment of radical feminist gatherings that an organization needed to be formed that would hold fast to “root” radical feminist principles. Women from Canada and the U.S. met and have formed WoLF. WoLF is growing every day and has members from all over the world: Radical Feminsts Rising UP.

  45. Zemskull Says:

    If you ever get a chance to read Burkett’s 2002 paperback, The Baby Boon, I recommend you do.


    She takes on the common belief that all adult women are mothers, and the feminist implications that arise when this belief is inserted into government and corporate policies. She took a lot of hatred for that book, including on the show The View, in which Meredith Vieira was particularly insulting. It’s not surprising to see Burkett again willing to question a trendy meme.

    • KgSch Says:

      That sounds like a book I would like to read; thank you. Apparently it’s not just in lesbian communities where that sort of thing happens: https://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/chapter-seven-motherhood-the-ultimate-feminine-role/

      • Zemskull Says:

        Thanks for the link. Something I’ve found disturbing in the fight for gay marriage equity is the number of gay and lesbian couples showing off their kids and claiming this makes them “real families.” I find this insulting to couples, both gay and hetero, who don’t have children. I believe they are families of two.

      • KgSch Says:

        Glad you liked the link Zemskull. I find Bev Jo’s blog to be a good resource.

        You won’t see me joining that baby boom ever.

        Yes, nothing wrong with being childfree and not creating a bunch more males than is natural, as described in the link.

        I also agree that it is an insult. You’d think with world population possibly hitting 11 billion by 2100 there would be less obsession with “everyone must have biological kids to be a real family.”

    • KgSch Says:

      Old comment, but I wanted to say I have been reading that book. Even though it is dated (Clinton era) it is still a good read. Many of the trends in Burkett’s book do persist. Thanks for the recommendation!

  46. mayimoktoo Says:

    That article is infuriating.

    Why is Caitlyn a nicer person than Bruce? It’s the same person. According to the bible of trans, he’s been Caitlyn this whole time, except she’s been internal not external. Shouldn’t “her” personality have been visible? That was her only outlet.

    At the same time, he’s throwing his ex under a bus saying that she was mean to his poor fragile self before he was dainty Caitlyn.

    Why does putting on a dress and shaving your face bones make you a different person? And how gross is it that “woman” equals nice, fragile, considerate while “man” equals jerk.

  47. GallusMag Says:

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      An interestingly woman-erasing reply to Anne Lamott’s tweet:

      “She’s a white woman with dreadlocks, her argument is invalid.”

      If only she was a white MAN with a penis, dressed up in corsalette, lipstick and nail polish, and probably fake hair, on the cover of a magazine. Then we could entertain her arguments.

      But white “cis” dreadlocked woman? STFU

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Sorry. I am citing the reply to the above tweet, which is this:

      • endlessleeper Says:

        a “cis” white man with dreads wouldn’t be questioned at all. male choices are teh ultimate!!11!! it’s shallow and oppressive to question males. females on the other hand…

      • anon male Says:

        I have to admit, I’m surprised at Lamott taking that turn, but I’ve never really understood what constellation of factors made her one of the few “it” born-againers that somehow made it in big with the liberal glitterati.

        I’m guessing the fact that all her writing isn’t about kids is what kept her from getting sucked into the trans stuff because all the other liberal christians that write for Slate and Salon are all about the cute trans kids which makes them for not so cute trans stuff, too.

  48. TheDailyMale Says:

    Off-topic: In today’s news, M2T writes Dear Abby.

  49. QS Says:

    Funfem in the Guardian admitting that that Elinor Burkett might have had a point about some things.


    Have we got the liberal rag full house yet?

    • MaryMacha Says:

      I can see the white picket fence at the back of her throat every time FunFem opens her mouth.

      • morag99 Says:

        “I can see the white picket fence at the back of her throat every time FunFem opens her mouth.”

        By the white picket fence, do you mean the status quo, heterosexual, sex-role-compliant conventionality, etc.? Sorry, I’ve never before heard this phrase to see it “at the back of her throat,” and want to make sure it isn’t going over my head!

      • MaryMacha Says:

        I mean she’s sitting on the fence AND she has a status-quo opinion that doesn’t rock any boats.

    • Elle Says:

      Ugh, but this (from that same article):

      “But at no point did western women endure the kind of marginalisation and risk of violence and suicide still suffered by so many trans people today.”

      Oh really? So being denied the right to vote wasn’t marginalization? Gotcha.

      • QS Says:

        But can you imagine a funfem admitting that we might have a point about the closing down of discussion even a couple of months ago?

      • TheDailyMale Says:

        That’s either profoundly delusional or profoundly ignorant.

      • No name Says:

        That bothered me too, what about rape, shot gun weddings/ arranged child marriages[mostly white home-schooled religious communities] and domestic violence? prostitution/Sex trafficking? Forcing rape victims to give birth?,

        it is ALL systematic sexism for ALL women. None of us are free from it- this disunity is closing down focus on How women are used and frequently abused and killed by men in relationships with, 35% of hospital ER patients are domestic violence related in white america, there are higher numbers of women too afraid or too poor to go to the hospital, mostly- the fear is a factor.


        My assumption about the above is that more white women make it to the hospital for domestic violence injuries? You can read the scared women that are too terrified to admit anything out of fear of more beating. At one time, when I was young, I was one of these women.

        This is a system of roles created by males that normalize abuses of women’s human rights because of their biology.

        A good start?
        We need to draw a line at domestic shelters. As much as I would love to help homeless men as well- I do not support homeless men being housed in the same building with women post-shock, PTSD and fear of men. There is also the fear between the women that a vengeful husband will enter the shelter to ‘punish’ the women that ran away. Extra PTSD on a strange man running around. It is like an open mockery of female victims that dared to complain.

        Some of these women are escaping with their lives. They don’t need a man in a dress bullying them while they recover. There has already been assault incidents with trans that force their way in. ‘Jessica’ comes to mind.

      • No name Says:

        I am looking for an article, but one of the highest death rates for women in domestic violence murder victims-are WOC in NY, and in most studies of DV in the US, they do not include Hispanic or native american women[or foreign] in US DV stats numbers and a large number of impoverished women that don’t make it to the numbers for tracking DV, because they were already killed.

      • kesher Says:

        Also, don’t black women in the West count as western women? Are these people claiming that mass rape and lynching weren’t as bad as a trans woman being subjected to a gay bashing? No one is murdering trans people en masse.

      • No name Says:


        A third of all women murdered, are murdered by an intimate partner male, that is the mainland- US .

        Men in dresses are not being killed off at the rate women are, that part of their fetish is dangerous for women needing these services.

      • Biscuit Says:

        Additionally, a lot of women (western or not) face violence everyday.

      • grumpyuncleR Says:

        I wonder how many “transwomen” were burnt at the stake for being witches.

      • morag99 Says:

        “Oh really?”


        Sure, the tide is changing, and some liberals/feminists are admitting that maybe, just maybe, men cannot become women (not that they ever actually believed in the nonsense and the magic). But, I hate how it’s happening.

        This article by Freeman is full of lies (e.g., menstruation is as “reductive” as nail polish? She should have coffee with John Stoltenberg …), and she writes things that misrepresent and that are deeply insulting to us (e.g., “But these extremist wings, while loud, are no more representative of the wider trans movement than the radical feminist events that explicitly exclude trans women are reflective of feminism.”)

        She says “it’s OK to ask” but I don’t feel grateful for that scrap that she pushed off the edge of the table. The very women who, for decades, have recognized this transgender movement for the contemptuous, repressive, backward and irrational ideology it is, are being summarily dismissed as extremist, hysterical un-feminists and not worthy of being heard. Dismissed, EVEN as radical women’s intellectual work is being stolen, repackaged, and made more palatable for the people who — while they know transgenderism is bullshit — are still eager to ensure men get their due respect at the expense of women.

        I feel like radical feminists, women’s liberationists, are the beggars who can’t be choosers in this recent loosening-up of the conversation about transgenderism.

      • morag99 Says:

        … and … ha! — look at the utterly meaningless conclusion that Hadley Freeman tacked onto her essay:

        “Because perhaps the biggest irony to debates about the trans movement is that, while they get bogged down too often in one-upmanship, academic posturing and hysteria, the growing acceptance of trans people themselves shows a realisation of an underlying truth: we are all just humans.”

        What irony, let alone “biggest irony”? Someone, please show me where the giant irony is located.

        Yeah, we’re all “just” humans. Some are, by popular vote, Olympian-size super-humans, while ordinary women who menstruate (and who, ostensibly, can’t even imagine the marginalization, the oppression, of men-who-want-to-be-ladies), barely make the cut for Team Human. But, yeah, OK: we’re all humans.

        I’m surprised she didn’t say that we’re all here on god’s green earth “just” to find love, so we should all “just” live and let live, etc., etc. What kind of shallow, trite, thought-stopping drivel is this?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Like all liberals, the author has no memory, no consciousness, and no thought for anyone who is not herself. Unless it’s a man in a dress.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Women attempt suicide more often than men, but don’t complete suicide as often, because women choose less lethal means. Interestingly, EVEN WHEN WOMEN TRY TO KILL THEMSELVES THEY ARE STILL LESS VIOLENT THAN MEN.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        What the hell does she think Carrie Nation and prohibition was about? Women and children were being brutalized by their drunken husbands, they couldn’t figure out a way to get the women and children out at that time period (gee I wonder why) so they thought a good strategy to protect women and children against drunken male violence was TO STOP MAKING ALCOHOL AVAILABLE TO MALES. That’s right ladies – prohibition was an ANTI-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MOVEMENT, and nobody fucking knows it. Crack open a damn book funfems and learn about the REAL past. No, Carrie Nation wasn’t some uptight biddy who didn’t want anyone to have any fun. She wanted husbands to stop beating their wives and children, and spending the family income on booze.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Western women from which planet?

        In addition to being ahistorical and racist, her assertion is also classist. Hadley Freeman clearly comes from a background of money and privilege–degree from Oxford–as well as being white and western. On the other hand, she does mention Jenner’s own privilege.

        I’m of two minds about her work. A couple of years ago, she received a bomb threat after writing:
        “There’s been a lot of focus of late on the weirdy-weirdos who send rape threats on Twitter, and rightly so. But much of the coverage makes several misguided assumptions. First, that angry misogynists only communicate on Twitter (allow me to introduce you to something called Reddit). Second, that this is a man-versus-woman thing. Some of the angriest messages I’ve ever received on the Internet have come from women, usually telling me how ugly I am. Lovely to meet you, too! And third, that legislating against rape threats on the Internet is a contravention of freedom of speech. Seeing as legislation against hate speech in the real world has not, as far as I know, contravened anyone’s right to freedom of speech, this argument makes no sense, except, maybe, to people who make rape threats and whose grasp of logic is, perhaps, not whipsmart.”

        Also in 2013, she wrote an article about underage girls being seen as responsible for their rapists’ actions because they supposedly acted seductive and mature:

        With a bit more courage as well as some education on women who’ve lived less privileged lives than her own, she might be able to do some good, so it’s infuriating that she’s producing this sort of half-right essay and pieces about summer’s fashion trends.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        “But at no point did western women endure the kind of marginalisation and risk of violence and suicide still suffered by so many trans people today.”

        If their suffering is that absolute, the poor dears have nothing in common with us and clearly need their own movement! Transentryists have the balls to tell us female-centered feminism is pointless, but they obviously think the brand is worth something, since they want to redefine it to center them. If feminism is as worthless as they constantly tell us, why do they want the name? If we cissie broads are so terrible, so violent, why do they want us around at all? Come up with something of your own, you lazy fucking parasites.

        The male left is using trans and their libfem suckups to groom girls and women into a pliant source of free labor and sexual jollies. They will regret fucking women around this way. Erasing half the population to appease a few hundred thousand perverts is at least as serious as what caused the second wave’s split with the male left in the 60s. That’s why liberals constantly demonize the second wave; they refused to be codependent doormats for the male left. All we have to do is quietly withdraw, redirect our labor to our own issues, and the Western male left collapses.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Not to mention: white men mass murdered white women for SIX generations during the inquisition. It’s what primarily set the precedent for how badly western women were created for so long. What is this person doing writing articles when they have yet to read a history book?

        No witch burning, no 80% of white women being chattle in the indentured servanthood era (where most were raped and thus kept legally in perpetual bondage), no refusal to represent their needs legally, no restrictions on working, right?

        And of course black people, Asian people, nor natives ever lived in the west, right? I mean, the WHOLE FREAKING AMERICAS in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE isn’t filled with indigenous women mass genocides and raped or anything, right? We re to believe all those women just lived the white cock so much they offed themselves in despair?

        This author is a fucking twit…

      • Dana Says:

        Other experiences women have had, and I’ll speak of these in the third person since I don’t personally experience these things–THANKS, second-wave American feminism!

        1. Being turned into a political non-entity upon marriage.

        2. Being expected to submit to rape upon marriage.

        3. Being denied the right to earn money or own property.

        4. Being committed involuntarily to a mental asylum because divorce is too difficult to obtain and Hubby Dearest wants to start over with Trophy Girlfriend.

        5. Being expected to climb onto the funeral pyre when Hubby Dearest dies.

        6. Being set on fire or doused with acid because Hubby Dearest’s family doesn’t like her dowry.

        7. Living in a nation with an insanely high FEMALE (not transwoman) suicide rate because of male oppression, a fact met not with offers of help but with expressions of pity that those women do not have access to therapy or antidepressants. YES, AMERICANS SAID THIS ABOUT AFGHANI WOMEN UNDER THE TALIBAN.

        8. Being subjected to female genital mutilation. Without anesthesia.

        9. Being required by law to cover in black fabric in one of the hottest regions of the world in the name of “modesty”.

        10. Being stoned to death for being a rape survivor.

        Trans”women” are usually big enough to hold their own in a fight with most other guys and THEY make the decision when they kill themselves, no one else does it to them.

        Pardon me if I don’t give a sweet shit about ANYONE who would argue that trans”women” have it worse.

  50. Susan Nunes Says:

    This guy has been repeatedly trashed by the trans mob:


    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “But gird your loins if you would confront this matter. Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.”

      This is a very clear and cogent article.

      My only question is how this doctor believes the underlying psycho-social conflicts should be treated in children. I couldn’t tell from this piece whether he thinks we should be deprogramming children–encouraging them to accept themselves as their biological sex while supporting their divergence from social expectations–or reprogramming them to fit the gender roles society has assigned to them.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        It’s a good question that should be posed to him. McHugh is one of the most vilified trans-critics out there, again because he is telling the truth, albeit from an ethical angle more than a political one.

      • Dana Says:

        I’d do the former. Dysphoria is so often caused by societal influences, and the best antidote to those is to create safe space at home and say, “You know, just because you’re a ___ doesn’t mean you have to dress the way they tell you. Be who you are.”

    • The Adversary Says:

      That article is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing it.

  51. marm Says:

    Sorry – don’t know how to email you personally. This just appeared on BoingBoing. Isn’t Andrea James the nut who doxxed Michael J.Bailey’s children, etc. ?:


  52. ImNoCissie Says:

    Well, an apparently white person who is something of a public figure was “caught” identifying as black – and the same bloggers who insist that male trans are women are mocking the shit out of her.

    How is it different again? I thought people were entitled to choose their own identities and to have their choice honored by the rest of the world? To be called “woman” even when one is a biological man is different than wanting to be considered “black” or “African American” when one’s actual heritage is Czech and German American?


    The Rachel Dolezal hashtag:


    • GallusMag Says:

      A: “Transblacks are Black! Full stop! End of discussion!”

      Q: What statement has no black person on earth ever proclaimed?

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      You’re right. We are going to brawl – with words, and hopefully legislation. It’s on, it’s in public, and it’s going to work it’s way through the legal system. Our side, our perspective, our wisdom. You bring yours, okay? Whatever you’ve got. You’re gonna need it.

    • Violet Irene Says:

      Oh Mikki Kendall is telling the rest of us to shut up and bow down to SJW libfems. It must be a day that ends with “y.”

      The Dolezal situation is THE SAME as the Jenner situation, or the “Gabrielle” Ludwig situation, or the Fallon Fox situation. The only difference is that “transracialists” don’t have the media wrapped around their fingers yet. But if Jenner gets to decide after fathering 6 kids to remake himself as a woman and we all have to go with it or else, if we have to let “Gabrielle” play ball on our teams or else, if we as a society are going to let Fallon Fox beat the shit out of women for pay, then we have zero grounds to object to a white girl from Montana deciding she wants to apply some spray tan and do her hair up and be an NAACP leader. Zero. If it’s all about your feels, well, her “black on the inside” feels are no less real than Jenner’s “lady feels.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Here’s what she should say in her defense:

        I have the brain of a Black person in the body of a white person!

        From an early age I hated my straight blonde hair and pale skin!

        My soul is Black!

        There is no universal experience of blackness!

        I experience the same oppression as cis-black people!

        I have no white privilege because I internalized racist messages directed to those born black!

        I embody racist stereotypes because I’m trying to pass!

        I’ve had to fight my whole life to be recognized as black!

        Black people perpetuate white supremacy by denying my authenticity as a trans-black person!

        They say I had my tonsils out as a child but my experience was identical to Sickle Cell Anemia!

        Why am I black? Because I say so. That’s all you need to know.

        Why would I go through all this if I wasn’t actually black?

        I’m more black than cis-blacks who take their blackness for granted.

        My black identity is called into question every time I go to the doctor, apply for black scholarships, etc!

        I have lived “in the hood” for almost eight years!

        Natal blacks have the cisprivilege of having their whole lives to adjust to racism, whereas I’m forced to play catch up!

        Stop racism by expanding the definition of black people to include white people!

        Etc, etc, etc.

      • GallusMag Says:

        She wants to be black? Let her be black? (self.asktransgender)
        submitted 2 hours ago by MargueriteDuras

        White person heads local NAACP chapter, graduated from Howard University, and teaches African American studies.
        Now people are attacking her, saying that she should be accepting of her own identity? Does anyone see any parallels with being trans? What are you opinions on whether or not what she did was okay?
        1 commentshare
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        sorted by: best

        [–]amadeoamanteFtM / paladin / 70% gay 4 points 2 hours ago
        Well if she isn’t hurting anyone, and she’s doing advocacy work, I’d say let her carry on doing what she’s doing. In the brief look I had while googling her, it sounds like there’s a possibility of her having made some false allegations regarding racist incidents. If that’s the case, those should be looked into. But if she’s happy with who she is, I see no issue with that in and of itself. Sure, there’s speculation of personality disorders or childhood issues, but that’s pure speculation and not something we can readily determine.
        In terms of relating to trans people, there are definite genetic, biochemical and hormonal processes by which gender is determined, and sometimes nature plays mix and match here. In terms of race, all you have is genetics. Your parents are your parents, even if you would prefer to disown them. I can understand the desire to be a different race, or to make yourself look like someone who you wish were your parent. I can definitely have empathy for her, whatever her situation.


      • Susan Nunes Says:

        It really tells people just how utterly offensive and sexist “transgenderism” is. Of course the situation with Dolezal is identical with Jenner. Absolutely the same thing. It’s just that it is okay for men to disrespect and mock women.

      • born free & female Says:

        Don’t forget:

        “Who gave YOU the right to say who is and isn’t black?”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Good one! lololol

      • Adrian Says:

        @GallusMag – You suggested she might say:

        “I experience the same oppression as cis-black people!”

        Actually no! She’s MORE oppressed than cis-black people, because it’s so much effort to put on all the blackface makeup in the morning, and she always has to worry that it will smear or rub off!

        So you must CENTER her, and those like her, in any discussion of blackness!!1! She has it so much WORSE!11!!

      • GallusMag Says:

        MORE much more oppressed- of course! I knew that! Thank you for pointing out my transracism and transracephobia.

      • born free & female Says:

        “Race is a continuum. Saying that a white person can’t be black is the same as denying that interracial people exist!”

        “Race is a social construct. Saying that a white person can’t be black is biological essentialism!”

    • By all means Ms. Kendall, let’s brawl. Why are they not equal? Did Ms. Dolezal not get enough plastic surgery? Get that woman in for some emergency lip injections, stat!!! Perm not nappy enough? Surely she can get a better fake bake? Oh yeah, and that nose. It must be augmented immediately. Give her a minute to round up a gofundme for some “race affirming” surgery. Maybe a few classes on how to make potato salad and macaroni and cheese. And, OMG, I can’t believe I forgot the most important thing: BUTT IMPLANTS. Got to have a big ole black girl booty. Then maybe she’ll make the cover of Essence or even Vanity Fair as the most black womaniest woman of them all.

      Identity politics will be intersectional or they will be bullshit. Actually they’re just bullshit.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Identity politics will be intersectional or they will be bullshit.”

        GENIUS. hahaha

      • pandoracurioser Says:

        LOL. I honestly hope transrace doesn’t become a thing though.

      • Oh, me too. I’ve met enough of these people over the years to know they’re batshit crazy and racist as fuck. But the hypocrisy of dragging one while defending the other cannot stand. It totally defies logic. Hey, I’ve got no beef with being illogical. But ffs, own that shit. There is simply no way to defend it.

        Appropriating other other people’s lived reality as an “identity” is fucke up from the floor up. I don’t care what axis you do it on. Weeboos, wannabees, and yes, laydees are all the same and if you defend one you have to defend them all. And at least this NAACP lady seemed to be trying to promote the cause of black folk. Jenner’s spent his entire life supporting the likes of Rick Santorum with no intention of mending his ways. Yet they are fully behind him. Yaaaassss Slaaaayyy. Like they need further encouragement. They’ve been slaying women and children for a while now.

      • river Says:

        The internet loves Roslyn. 😉

    • No name Says:

      Someone trying to protect transgenderism tryed to defend her in the comments for her trans-racial behaviour, and weirdly it got many ‘likes’. 😦 2015, and someone defending using blackface to access the negro college fund,

      If you can be fooled to accept sexism, you can be fooled into accepting racism.

      It was wrong of her to use scholarships intended for African Americans in the same way it is wrong for men to use women’s scholarships

    • Elle Says:

      The timing of the Rachel Dolezal story could not be more perfect! Hold Rachel and “Caitlyn” up side by side and the shared delusion is crystal clear.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’m delighted this came out so soon after Bruce Jenner’s reveal and Elinor Burkett’s piece got people to begin questioning the trans party line.

      Every time someone says, “This is ridiculous!” I feel a spark of hope.

    • Dana Says:

      I used to *know* Mikki on LiveJournal. The woman is a piece of work. If she’s gonna start a fight over Dolezal’s claim of blackness being the exact same thing as Jenner’s doing with femaleness, she can start with all the black women who disagree with her. ‘Cause there are LOTS of them.

  53. “But at no point did western women endure the kind of marginalisation and risk of violence and suicide still suffered by so many trans people today.”

    She really is brainwashed, and she is drowning in the p.c. Kool Aid.

    I suppose they believe that spreading the same old misinformation no matter how ludicrous and inaccurate magically makes it true. It does not.

    Where did this politically correct brainwashed woman get this information? This is a fabrication that isn’t based on reality.

    (1.) It’s not true that males who identify as transgender are at more risk of violence than females.
    (2.) It’s a fact that males who identify as transgender or cross dress offend at the same rate as other males.
    (3.) It’s a fact males who identify as transgender, cross dress, or say they are “women” have been convicted of murdering or raping women and molesting children.
    (4.) Who is responsible for acts of violence against both women and transgender identified persons? It’s a fact that male on male violence is responsible for the vast majority of acts of violence against transgender persons.

    • KgSch Says:

      When men aren’t beating, raping, and killing each other, they are doing those things to women, so it’s not our responsibility. Women started up domestic violence shelters despite having very little economic power. If men want to do something about male-on-male violence, then great. But it’s not women’s responsibility to once again direct more resources to men.

      I am also tired of the “more at risk for violence” bullshit. There was what, 6-8 murders out of 6000 for these people, and most of the murders did not fall under the “murdered because likes to wear dresses” category.

      It’s all about lies, and it’s nothing but yellow journalism that they keep repeating the some garbage statistics. The suicides are consistent with male-pattern behavior; men commit suicide at four times the rate of women. It’s also obvious that the trans thing almost always involves some other underlying mental health issue or regular health issue, or other social problem. But those don’t get treated because then big pharma doesn’t make enough money.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Regarding the Mark “Mara” Keisling survey which generated that 41% suicide attempt statistic: Over 30% of respondents also reported an unrelated mental health or physical disability “significant enough to impair their quality of life”.

      • QS Says:

        This seems like a good place to ask this. Munchhausen mommies (and doctors) like to claim that they are transing their children due to their risk of suicide. I’ve only heard of two “trans” children who have committed suicide (Josh Alcorn and his copycat). Are there more that I haven’t heard about? Seems unlikely given the ghoulishness of the trans movement in general. When I’ve challenged a Munchhausen mommie on this they gave me a link to the survey that says 50% of “trans” kids have attempted suicide – that’s self reported and I wonder how many have just claimed to have attempted suicide because they know that suicidal ideation gets them what they want. It seems that there is no data on percentage of actual suicides.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There’s been at least 8 copycats in the Alcott cluster.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s probably difficult to separate trans suicide statistics among kids that young from suicides of gay and lesbian kids. Personally I wonder how many of the claimed “trans” suicides are regular gay kids committing suicide due to bullying or lack of acceptance from their families that the trans cult assumes as their own; if they do it for regular homicide, why not suicide?

        I also question how many trans kids commit suicide due to supposed dysphoria vs. lack of acceptance. Would a kid growing up in an otherwise supportive household that doesn’t buy the transing children bullshit commit suicide? Seems unlikely to me unless they’re encouraged to do it by the online trans “community”.

      • KgSch Says:

        Thanks for the info. That proves my point that the underlying mental illness is not treated. I was in a severe depression for several months when I was 20, but it wasn’t related to me being a lesbian. I did bump into a couple of shrinks a couple of years ago who assumed any issue I had must be related to that and ignored me when I told them I thought I was stressed out about school. Good thing my school had a lot of different shrinks to talk to.

        If you think you might be trans or claim to be trans the shrinks focus in on that too. Heath Atom Russell’s shrink sent her to a doctor for testosterone after researching “transmen” on the internet. Her shrink never considered the fact that Heath grew up in a lesbian-hating home (that also didn’t have the most progressive view of women in general), and just took her word that she needed testosterone. (Heath’s blog: http://nymeses.blogspot.com/)

        Plus, ever notice how autogynophiles seem to have zero hobbies not related to their fetish. It’s often similar with non-autogynophiles. It’s trans-trans-trans-trans stuff all the time, and look at me, look at me. It’s essentially an OCD madness mantra.

        @kesher. I’m sure lesbian and gay teen suicides get co-opted. They co-opt teens/young people who were murdered, like Teena Brandon so why should this be any different. I agree with you about the being lured into suicide from online groups. Josh Alcorn did get glorified A LOT in the media and the trans cult and their supporters made sure that his parents were sorry he was dead by blaming them en masse. (Many teen suicide notes tell the parents “you’ll be sorry”.) Hence the copycats.

        So many trans adults are huge predators who tell these children they must transition soon or they will commit suicide.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi KgSch: I have known of MTTs who have hobbies outside of trangenderism, but I’ve found it interesting how rarely those hobbies are ones that are considered traditionally female. They have interests such as hunting, fantasy baseball leagues and antique cars. I realize some born-women have those hobbies, but nearly at the rates of men.

        Regarding women’s safety issues, I belong to a hobby group in which a few (but prolific) sexually inappropriate males at our gatherings and conventions had become a problem, and our group leaders were considering enacting harassment policies. We had a meeting in which the issue was debated, On the side opposing the proposed policy were old-school men over age 60, and one MTT. Those old-school men referred to the MTT as their “‘proof” that women were also against enacting policies. “See? A woman in our group doesn’t see the problem either!” I’ll add, opposing the policy was the first time I’d actually seen this MTT get involved in group administration. This person had never done any type of volunteer work for the group.

      • Zemskull Says:

        PS: I meant to say that women do get involved in hunting et al, but NOT nearly at the rates that men do.

      • KgSch Says:

        The point about hobbies you usually see with men is interesting. I haven’t observed it myself, but it does make sense considering Bruce Jenner’s life and all the autogynophiles who wind up in STEM. Still, most of the ones I met face-to-face where totally into their fetish all the time and made everything about it. It could be an age thing too, since a lot of them where 20-30 and hanging out in the “queer” community. They weren’t married with children and hiding their fetish from their wives. (In fact, these dudes had a lot of girlfriends who were okay with it because they were desperate to prove how “open-minded” they were.)

        That example with the old men and the MTT teaming up in your hobby group shows that men will always reflexively support each other in oppressing women, even when one of them is a weirdo. Even if the MTT was actually female, how exactly does one woman siding with male perverts negate the voices of all the other women who want policies to deal with harassment? There’s always the token anti-feminist women that men point to to say, “you should think like this”, except now the token doesn’t have to be a woman anymore.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Interesting I haven’t heard of high suicide rates in cultures with “third gender” or similar. They’re considered MEN with atypical behavior, they didn’t have any surgeries or hormone blockers available for centuries, and it apparently worked out for them.

      The culture accepted them as unusual men, and that was enough.

  54. I love the title of this article. Read the title and see if it makes any sense. It’s sexist and crazy sounding all rolled up in new age politically correct nonsense.

    “Does feeling like a woman make you one? It’s OK to ask ”


    It’s awful big of Ms. Freeman to tell women that it’s OK for women to ask what feeling like a woman means. You mean, it’s really OK for women to ask what it means to be a woman without asking rich old white men first. Selfish women! By the way, could Ms. Freeman explain what “feeling like a woman” means. That is, without resorting to sex stereotypes.

    This statement is sexist on so many levels, and the sad thing about it is she can’t even see how sexist she sounds.

    “In any event, surely Jenner’s belief that she needs such accoutrements in order to look acceptably feminine could just as easily be cited as a near universal experience for women. ”

    Could Ms. Freeman explain what “look acceptably feminine” means? That is, without resorting to culturally based sex stereotypes, Why does Ms. Freeman believe looking “acceptably feminine” is a “near universal experience for women”. I hate to break it to Ms. Freeman, but the majority of women in the world look nothing like the Photoshopped women on the cover of Vanity Fair. There are teenage girls who think they need breast implants or botox to be “acceptably feminine, and we are to believe that it has nothing to do with how culture forces proper femininity on girls. Moreover, this “near universal experience” that Ms. Freeman describes has nothing to do with the millions of dollars cosmetic companies, the fashion industry, plastic surgeons, etc. spend on advertising to convince girls and women that they too can be “acceptably feminine”.

    Since when is spending thousands of dollars on multiple expensive plastic surgeries (facial feminization, tracheal shave to smooth down the Adam’s apple, probably a boob job, lipo, nip and tuck here and there, etc., etc., etc.) to look “acceptably feminine” just ordinary “accoutrements”. The more “accoutrements” the better. Jenner is worth about $100 million and can afford the most expensive plastic surgeons. This is something that few woman can afford, or even choose to undergo. Since Ms. Freeman brought up “accoutrements”, I’m more confused than ever. It’s rather strange to me that a human born male, father of six children, would spend thousands of dollars for every plastic surgery procedure and then some in order to look “feminine” yet still keep his balls and penis. So, “facial feminization” and shaving down the Adam’s apple makes him feel like a “woman”, and deliberately keeping his testicles and penis makes him feel even more “womanly”.

    At the end of her article, she states that we are all human. I agree that we are all human, but Ms. Freeman is delusional or lying if she really believes that most people would even know who Jenner is if he really were a woman. No female athlete of his generation ever received as much fame, or received as corporate sponsorship as male athletes. Female athletes still don’t earn the same as male athletes, nor do they get as corporate sponsors. Wasn’t it in 2003 when Jenner paid about $100,000 to join an exclusive men’s golf club? Did he feel like a “woman” hob knobbing with old rich white men?

    Finally, I fail to see how a male who is the biological father of six children by three different wives can “feel like a woman” while marrying and impregnating all those women.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      My question is: Are we all human? What does being human mean? It has come to be the worst insult we can hurl at someone, that he is human, in other words, brutal, vicious, greedy, criminal, entitled, self-congratulatory, deluded, alienated. Jeez, sounds like Bruce Jenner.

  55. Larichus Says:


    So, why isn’t Bruce Jenner getting this kind of press? Or are they trying to say that a perm and a personal tanning bed cannot make one Black, but invasive surgery, photoshop, and Spanx can make one a woman??

    Mass delusion, it’s an ugly thing…

  56. michelle Says:

    This whole #RachelDolezal story couldn’t have come at a better time to help the mainstream reach Peak Trans moment…loving all the nonsense I am seeing where some are trying to lambast Dolezal and claim, at the same time, that Jenner should still be placed on a pedestal. The pushback claiming that is is ALL bullshit is beginning to take on a life of its own…

    Should be an interesting weekend 🙂

  57. Dogtowner Says:

    Have others seen this?


    Some guy in Europe wants to tax links. I have seen innumerable wonderful links at this website and others and have nothing but contempt for the stupidity of taxing links.

  58. Interesting how the first major pro-trans campaign is they want to infringe on women’s spaces so they “can just pee.” Like, men haven’t been trying to sneak into women’s bathroom since forever. They don’t care about women’s issues such as reproductive rights, child welfare, equal pay, ending sex trafficking, etc.

    It’s obviously transwomen lack maternal instinct. I’m lesbian and have never been pregnant, but I recognize my own instinct and I cherish it.

    Maybe we should start a “Let Them Play” campaign that emphasizes that toys are for children; i.e., ALL toys are for ALL children. And all games are for all kids. All instruments are for all kids. All sports are for all kids.

    The point is to just let kids play. Let them play with anything they want. Let’s not burden them with doctor appointments, biochemistry experimentation, gender identity politics, and the dilemma of which public restroom to use.

    Toys are for children. May all toys be “gender neutral;” if it’s a toy, then it is for a kid…any kid who wants to play with it. (Do “adults who identify as children” exist yet?)

    • background spinner Says:


      Note that the Jezborg refers to him as an “adult female.” Thanks Jezzie!

    • nonny Says:

      re: your final question:
      Sure, some do….for instance, pedophiles who wail about needing to date 13 year olds (for example) bc they may be 45 but are emotionally stunted and “actually about 13 mentally”, dontcha know?
      *vomits, hides in a cave, like, forever*

      • Dogtowner Says:

        An article in the New Yorker (used to be a half-decent rag) years ago about a pedophile priest in Massachusetts pointed out that his entire persona, including his handwriting, was childish. I figured out long ago that a major reason such people, including Michael Jackson, think there is nothing wrong with their “activities” is that they see themselves as children.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi nonny: Sometimes the “45-year-old who feels like he’s still a teenager” uses that ruse as an explanation for potential new teen targets, to explain his attendance at teen-heavy venues such as New Direction concerts, and/or to justify his dating choices to his adult friends. I knew of such a man in my hometown. He did have some immature characteristics, such as still living in his parents’ home and being a big MTV fan. However, he was happy to utilize the privileges our society affords adults, such as buying alcohol and porn, driving a car and voting. He also had his young victims mentally outgunned, as can be expected from a man triple their ages, and manipulated them accordingly.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Addendum to my previous post: I reported this man’s general predation to the authorities, as did others. Little could be done in those days when there was not a specific victim willing to talk, and perhaps not even now.

    • margaret Says:

      This is very astute edruminations. Great idea ! I bet a lot of parents will be onside this. Brilliant.

    • nonny Says:

      Zemskull: Oh I know that type of guy all too well. And he’s always so cool and insightful, and gives kids an eager ear and “respect” and tells them how mature *they* are and how he totally gets how nobody understands them etc etc. Especially effective on the most vulnerable outsider types. Doubly for girls in need of a father figure. But I’m sure you knw this stuff. God, it’s so awful.

      Regarding the MJ comment in this thread- I remember Lisa Marie said that he never did the high-pitched baby voice or innocent naive act with her when they were alone. Which somehow makes it even more disturbing.

      Brb, I need a drink……

    • shonagh Says:

      edruminations I suggest you google ‘Let toys be toys’ – it’s a UK based organisation I think – looks great and they’re already doing materials for schools.

  59. You’re not exactly e-mail friendly so I’ll just leave this here: https://gendermom.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/my-daughter-caitlyn-jenner-and-laverne-cox/

    I see two things: A trans celebrity too busy being a trans celebrity to give a child a hug; and a mother exploiting her gender confused child to meet a trans celebrity.

  60. Elle Says:

    Thanks for the link to the Michael Bailey interview, endthewoo. I hope more people start to see the light.

    • nonny Says:

      That Bailey interview is AMAZING. Total must-read.

    • Mortadella Says:

      The bit at the end, when Bailey mentioned The Daily Show’s take on Jenner — too true. The show made the joke about how poor Jenner is now subjected to objectification like all other women (then they show a series of anchors salivating over Jenner’s makeover. My favorite was the stereotypical shock jock — male, sexist, stupid — saying, “I’d tap that!” Well, of course you would, love, Jenner probably studies the same porn as you do).

      Hey, Daily Show writers,
      Errr, natal women aren’t treated that well, especially seniors. Even young It Girls are stalked until a photo of them 10 pounds overweight and at the beach can be sold to a tabloid. All real women have to kept in their place, see? In the meantime, we all have to ignore the man hands and such, otherwise we’re meeeeeeeean. Oh, and murderers. If you don’t find Jenner fuckable, then you might as well be wishing him dead.

      The irony is that Jenner was probably watching all the coverage and jerking off. These guys can’t get it up unless they’re being objectified.

  61. Atranswidow Says:

    I’ve just noticed some welcome changes on the Wikepedia definition of ”woman”……Laverne Cox’s photo is now at 18 out of 20, instead of the number one slot that it previously held.

    Lot’s more basic biology and issues , such as women’s reproductive rights and health, violence against women etc.

    Transgender women are mentioned in that they cannot give birth and the photo of a naked man and woman has the caveat ”Photograph of an adult female human, with an adult male for comparison. Note that both models have partially shaved body hair, and that transgender females and males may appear different than the models.”……..too right they are different!

    I don’t know who is responsible for the rewrite, but it’s a great step forward as far as I can see.

    • RadicalGrandma Says:

      At least some of it appears, from the language and certain spellings, to be British or European edits. Good for them.

      A woman is a human female who goes through menarche, menstruation, possible pregnancy(ies), and menopause. Trans do not–ever, no matter how many hormones they take.

      Women bleed. Trans do not–ever. This fucking around with biological states cannot end well.

  62. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    It’s interesting that the trans cult hasn’t provided any definitions…and that nobody is bothering to ask for them. Words that had a specific meaning for hundreds of years now have no meaning at all, and nobody finds that troubling? That’s insane.

    They scream “woman” until they’re blue in the face, but what exactly do they mean by that? A person in high heel shoes? Whatever their definition is, it doesn’t match any respected dictionary.

  63. Em Says:

    I hope this comment isn’t too out-of-place and untimely–please delete it if so–but I saw an alarming headline today while waiting in the grocery line. It seems Bruce Jenner has always been desperate to be a Mom, and plans to adopt a baby this year.Turns out the news is all over the ‘net, not just in the grocery store press.

    Dear lord.

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