One Transwoman’s Feminist Solution

June 22, 2015

Pittsburgh Transgender Physician Dr. Aeryn Fulton, Md.,PhD.

aeryn fulton pic

aeryn fulton 2015


40 Responses to “One Transwoman’s Feminist Solution”

  1. Oh this dude.

    I remember he once ARGUED with himself using two accounts.


    He’s totally fucking batshit.

    How does he still have a job? He threatened to rape and kill people (including Gallus)

    He shouldn’t be allowed outside a padded room.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Wow, threatening germ warfare. What the fuck? Is this colonial America circa 1700’s?

    Someone call the government before this psycho starts delivering anthrax to people.

    • If he hasn’t already.The 1918 pandemic is nothing to joke about, at least I assume he’s joking.

    • gchild Says:

      Every time I see this, it makes me wonder how different the transwoman’s obbssession with being female is from the average psychopathic male obbssession with having, using, or owning females. There is always force, coersion, threats, and often violence.

      I have never seen a single female when faced with opposing social/political views threaten or express desire for other women to die or be killed en mass. Never.

      • Smits Says:

        For the straight dudes, at least, it is definitely about owning/using women; he’s just decided that, no real woman being good enough, the woman he wants to own and act out his creepy fetishes on is himself.

      • Bea Says:

        “Transwoman” and “average psychopathic male” are starting to appear synonymous in my mind.

  3. QS Says:

    That seems like something the FBI might be interested in…

  4. charlston Says:

    Really? Someone call the police.

  5. hoig Says:

    is he employed somewhere that gives him access to a lab? If so, someone should really notify his bosses of this.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I wondered about that, as well, but my online search didn’t find any evidence that he currently has a job in either health care or research. His resumé, which appears on several sites. lists his last position as ending in 2013.

      Also, I can’t find the tweets on his Twitter account, so he must have removed them.

      In the description under his name, he has “I am almost certainly smarter than you, but I assure you this is a curse.” So Mr. Smarter-Than-You posts unhinged, vaguely threatening tweets about his bioterrorist intentions when he’s trying to find a position in clinical practice or medical research. Brilliant.

  6. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Using that male privileged, misogynistic dialogue, I see.

    And if you talk back, you’re accused of bullying him.

  7. Oak and Ash Says:

    “I have communed with God. He is unimpressed with humanity.”

    Here’s Fulton talking like he’s an Old Testament prophet, Mott seems to believe he’s the Messiah bringing light to the world, and at least one guy complained about Jenner’s name being taken in vain. What’s with the religious claptrap? Do they all believe they’re transgodly now?

    Also, couldn’t an angry, omnipotent deity unleash a deadly epidemic to smite the feminist heathen without anyone’s help?

    • soporificat Says:

      I guess it’s to be expected given the gigantic overlap between trans and the seriously bad personality disorders.

      They are God’s bffs.

    • Unperson Says:

      In the NWO one world religion which will become compulsory, trannies will be the temple priest’esses’ and enforcers, because their baphomet thing mocks God more than other forms of mockery, they are the mockiest.

      It’ll start out as an ecumenical movement in which all beliefs are equal, like Jesus is just one of many ‘ascended masters’ or some such BS, then slowly but surely lucifer will emerge from the ranks as the pre-eminent spiritual figure, above all others, and then y’all gonna bow down and worship satan or die.

  8. Atranswidow Says:

    I’m beginning to see what other commenters have said elsewhere about ”the smirk”. Creepy.

  9. silverside Says:

    Wow, as someone who lives in Pittsburgh I’ll have to keep my eye open for this sociopath.

  10. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    Just sounds like a another “big fish” atory from a Pathetic man
    After all this guy claimed “no one knows” he is a man

    I don’t take him seriously. So many Trans by their very nature are liars

  11. southwest88 Says:

    I went to and put in a tip for this guy. After reading through his history of threats and erratic behavior, I think he may truly be a danger to himself and others. I would also like any libfems to note that now he is getting off on threatening not TERFs or radfems but all feminists. Hope some of the libfems wake up to the fact that some of the men they defend so strongly will not hesitate to turn on them in a heartbeat.

  12. Rosemary Says:

    Is this nut job doing research at an actual hospital or university? If so, I don’t think they’d take to kindly to these kind of threats. The FBI might have a problem with it, too.

  13. Spinster Says:


  14. kehser Says:

    This guy can’t even get his germ warfare right, and he has an MD?

    I don’t have an MD, and even I know that the 1918 pandemic mostly killed young adults. A virus of that nature causes the immune response to go into hyperdrive, which means that young adults, in the prime of their lives, are more likely to drop like flies thanks to the overreacting immune response (in particular from the lungs filling with fluid). Older people were/are more likely to survive, unlike with the regular flu which is more likely to kill them.

    So this idiot wants to kill off young adults, who are largely gender/trans worshippers, and leave all the old “transphobes” alive. lol

  15. franklin Says:

    If he has access to a lab and scientific knowledge someone needs to report him to all kinds of authorities, stat. You don’t need to be sane to do a lot of harm, quite the opposite.

  16. Gallus, isn’t this some of his earlier creepy and deeply disturbing rants.

    Read all the deranged threats above, and then read his latest ramblings about his efforts to recreate the 1918 flu pandemic.

    He does have a background in science and has, or is, still working in a lab. Or, he has access to a lab. Since he has a science background, I’m sure he could think up some really nasty stuff (bacteria, virus, or deadly toxin) that could be let loose in some sort of germ warfare terrorists attack. Germ warfare is some scary sh**. This is nothing to joke about, and he needs to be reported.

    People who have access to university or large corporate labs shouldn’t be talking this way.

    Someone should call the FBI.

    Does anyone know what hospital or lab he is working at?

    This is his background.

    • margotalways Says:

      Someone meaning ALL OF US. We should also contact the schools listed on linked in both attended and employed by, because professional communities are smaller than you think in medicine.

  17. Bea Says:

    Of course the “God” he “communed with” is a “He.”

  18. Mochi Says:

    Oh god, an Eagle Scout?

    “Not a lot of women enjoy the distinction of this highest Boy Scout award, and some of us who earned it are reluctant to advertise the fact, because of what it reveals about our personal histories. However, I am proud of myself and my history, and there is no shame in claiming an honor that was earned. ”

    Holy fucking narcissist Batman.

    • born free & female Says:

      Is there a merit badge for the autogynephile smirk?

    • kesher Says:

      Bruce Jenner is the only “woman” to win, or just compete, in the Olympic Decathlon, and Fulton here is the only “woman” to serve in the Eagle Scouts. Charming.

      I guess one advantage to the Girl Scouts caving to trans validation so early is that fewer of these guys will be able to claim these dubious distinctions.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      One woman’s cynical opinion: It looks like–in case he passes enough to fool anyone–an effort to make clear he’s really a man and hang on to the advantages male privilege grants him while still indulging his fetish.

      He might just as well have written, “Don’t worry–despite the hair, make-up, and wardrobe, I’m still one of the guys, because I want to kill feminists, too.”

      But don’t forget, they’re JUST LIKE us. Except for being more oppressed. And better at being women. And generally superior because they’ve been Eagle Scouts, won Olympic medals in men’s events, and gone on combat missions. What do you mean women haven’t been allowed to do these things? That’s transphobic–they’re women and they did them!

  19. Mochi Says:

    Not a lot of women enjoy the distinction of having a dick. Good for you sir. You are waaaaay ahead of most women. Give yourself a pat on the back baby, you’ve earned it.

    Do they have a “germ warfare” badge?
    Boy scouts always struck me as the perfect organization to groom and train a young,aspiring serial killer.

  20. radicaljane Says:

    I just went down a GT rabbit hole on this guy and found this:

    “FABLibber, who once claimed that we don’t smell like real females, I wanted to say, ‘FABlibber, do you know this from experience? Have you ever actually [explicit sexual fantasy follows]?’ I was sure that if FABlibber smelled me, even just my wrists, her eyes would widen from surprise and astonishment, and she would retract her statement. Pretty much another version of notalltranswomenarelikethat.”

    WHY. How many times have you heard a lesbian respond to statements like “you can’t have real sex” with a statement like “Really? Have you ever laid down with a lesbian? Have you ever smelled her all over and put your face in her muff, etc? I’m sure that if you let me go down on you your eyes would widen with surprise, etc.”

    Instead we say shit like, “You’re gross, that’s not your business, go away.”

    Because we treasure our privacy and we don’t want fucking STRANGERS to think about us that way. We resent the intrusion that lesbian porn represents.

    But dudes like Dr. Creepy do this shit all the time, and in my real-life and online communication with them I’ve never known one to waste an opportunity to regale me with the details of whatever wank material they’re currently thinking about.

    As if I needed any more convincing that being MtF is about living out some exhibitionist sex fantasy.

    • Livvie Says:

      This is the same guy who threatened to kill himself, wrote that whole long screed about how he one hundred percent passes no matter where he goes (hate to break it to you dude), was gloating about the end of Michfest, and blathers about how transhumanism is coming and all the other crap, right?

      How many times has he had to have a hairball removed from his oh-so-perf neovag? You have to laugh about his insistence that he doesn’t smell. Who even thinks about that unless they, you know, do?

      He’s seriously delusional and I think he’s dangerous. He reminds me of the scientist played by David Morse who released the virus that ended the world in 12 Monkeys.

  21. Livvie Says:

    What the hell is this? I’ve saved these images. Who do I send them to? This is frightening.

    • KgSch Says:

      I don’t know for sure, but maybe the state health department of the state he lives in. I hope the whole thing is a joke, but you can’t be too careful considering the federal government is so neglectful to leave a sample of small pox in a storage locker for 40+ years.

      And you shouldn’t joke about this sort of thing, especially if you have access to a lab with germs.

      • Livvie Says:

        I hear you. This is a severely mentally ill and dangerous person talking though. If he really does have access to the things he says he has access to then I feel beholden to report him to the state and the federal government, joke or not.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I believe this man will kill.

  22. Lint Says:

    Anyone notice that this space case has now made his disgusting, idiotic tweets private?

    Thankfully his genocidal tweets preserved here for eternity– hopefully impacting his career and life for years to come. What a piece of shit! I can’t imagine any self respecting institution to employ him after this.

  23. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Ah yes, Jonathan, who used to use an image of an acid-burned woman as his avatar. As Oak and Ash said, all his smarts don’t seem to understand what shows up in a simple Google search. He’s a psychotic freak.

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