TRTV Real Talk: Special Guest Dirt

June 22, 2015

7 Responses to “TRTV Real Talk: Special Guest Dirt”

  1. survivorthriver Says:

    Thanks Dirt, “change your world not your body”, an excellent show overall.

    Absolutely, there is something very suspicious about the high speed trans bullet train that overtook LGB. Rich, which male cross dressers….the “T”….contribute to the male pornification of culture and bye bye strong gay culture of yesteryear who used to kick consensual culture butt.

    Save as many youth from Frankendokter as possible – there should be more exposure of what clinics are doing what things to these children. I have a strong hunch their other medical services are Surrogacy that also benefits from the medicalization of gender, as I found in one Boise trans-friendly trans-ed hotline provider.

    Good point, a 15 year old cannot even get a license to drive, how can they possibly make a life-altering decision about powerful drugs and their so-called jendah.

  2. Dogtowner Says:

    I have to comment here, as I’m guessing few people have the time to watch the entire video. I did, while cutting up garlic scapes and sorting pecans, and I thought it was an excellent program. One exchange regarded liberals’ supposed embrace of gay/lesbian rights and how quickly they are now embracing trans. Beware the liberal embrace! Today you are the toast of the town, tomorrow you are passé and boring, the result of having absolutely no analysis and basing one’s politics on what makes one feel good (“oh, I’m so tolerant, I’m not a hateful bigot”).

    • gchild Says:

      “Beware the liberal embrace! Today you are the toast of the town, tomorrow you are passé and boring, the result of having absolutely no analysis and basing one’s politics on what makes one feel good (“oh, I’m so tolerant, I’m not a hateful bigot”).”

      So true. And sad because once the “other” has been embraced (cannibalized), they can’t even express their pain, anger, or humiliation because…tolerance.

      It is infinitely more painful to realize you aren’t really being embraced, celebrated, or tolerated. Your being consumed. Digested. And shat out.

      But it isn’t all one sided. Oppressed groups often sell a “pound of flesh” or two because they think liberals will SHARE privilege and power with them. It never is a fair trade because…privilege and power.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Brilliant: cannibalization. Just brilliant.

        I think it is easy to get sucked into thinking liberals really care about their so-called causes. It’s taken me years to comprehend their cynicism, and what really helped was listening to a white man talk about how much better the racial situation in the U.S. is. Yeah, better for him because he no longer has to look at “Whites Only” signs.

  3. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Dirt does a great job here..another fearless Warrior fir the Dyke cause!!! Along with Gallus Mags of course…

  4. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Loved loved this interview!!!just watched it the other night. It is REALLY scary what these doctors are doing to these kids. And trotting these kids out at Pride and sensationalist tv shows about transkids…….Munchasen by proxy…and pharmeceuticals making bank.

  5. KgSch Says:

    This is a very good interview and I’m glad to see more people speaking out against the child abuse that’s going on. If you’re an adult, I figure that it’s more on you to make reasonable choices (like realizing you can’t really be the opposite sex via hormones and surgery; you can reject sex-roles though). Ignore the power of suggestion that you are born in the wrong body! But, children who are pressured into doing this are the victims are child abuse. A lot of the Munchhausen by-proxy mommies of these children are desperate to look progressive and look like good parents, so they will take their child to doctor after doctor until they find one that agrees with their pre-determined conclusion. That’s supposed to be love?

    Dogtowner has a great point of choosing politics based on what feels good as opposed to analysis and thinking things through. Some heterosexuals get very confused (or sometimes even angry) when you point out that trans is not some kind of “super-gay” but actually conflicts with the interests of lesbians and other women, as well as gay men (to put it mildly).

    I liked Dirt’s point about a new law in a couple of liberal states allowing 15-year-olds to get synthetic hormones. Meanwhile, most conservative states think it’s okay for teenage girls to have a baby and therefore be legally responsible for a baby, or to put one up for adoption, but require them to get parental permission to get an abotion, even if they are a victim of family rape/incest. (And legal abortions have a much lower fatality rate than carrying a pregnancy to term.) Sometimes I think liberals and conservatives are equally insane.

    And hey, those crazy off-label hormones cost a lot of money. Perhaps these states will need to lower the maximum income level you can have to qualify for Medicaid to pay for the hormones. Or they could just pull a big “fuck you” to childfree adults and try to kick them off. My home state had a surprisingly good health-care program for the poor despite being conservative. But at one point they needed to cut the budget and didn’t want to get rid of the corporate tax breaks, so for a while they stopped allowing childfree adults to join the state healthcare program and if you were already in the program and childfree, you would be kicked off if you were a little late in filling the paper for the numerous renewal deadlines.

    The only thing I’d correct on this interview is that it’s Iran, not Iraq, that executes it’s lesbian and gay population but will be for them to get “corrective” sex-change surgery.

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