True Trans Titanium

June 22, 2015


What is a “true transsexual”?

Sex roles, or “gender” assigns the cultural behaviors and traits of supremacy and domination to males, and assigns the behavior and traits of inferiority and subjugation to females. Gender is a political hierarchy, a social caste system of males on the top, ruling, and females on the bottom, serving them. Those of us who’ve been educated in such matters have been informed by the transgender movement that “transgender” is an umbrella term for anyone whose social behavior or whose personality traits deviate from the stereotypes imposed on all of us based on our reproductive sex for the purpose of codifying and perpetuating male supremacy over the bodies of females.

Except for gay people, whose deviation from sex-stereotypical social norms is due to sexual orientation (unless we are also non-conforming in ways indirectly related to sexuality: butch dykes or gay queens, or perform in drag shows, and then maybe…)

And except for crossdressers, who are men dedicated to the fetish hobby of performing their own idealized, objectified version of the female sex-stereotype, an activity which sexually arouses them as men. Unless such men are socially persecuted for their hobby, in which case they are transgender. And unless such men form an attachment to their ritualized “female other” persona, and decide to expand the practice into a full-time lifestyle, like Bruce Jenner, who wanted to become “her”, in which case they are transgender.

And except for women who passed as male in order to escape the female role, to avoid male rape and violence, persecution for homosexuality or to engage in activities and careers forbidden to women. Unless they are now dead, in which case they posthumously are transgender.

Men who believe their personalities are aligned with any characteristics they assign via sexism to women based on our reproductive biology are transgender, even if they sport full beards, cock and balls, and answer to “Bubba”. Donna Perry is transgender, even though he brutally murdered five women as a sexual sociopath and serial killer on the path to discovering his true authentic self.

Genderqueers are women who don’t want to be thought of as female because the female sex-role is oppressive. Their pronouns are “anything but female” but that doesn’t stop them from being raped and assaulted by men. They are transgender.

Coy Mathis and Jazz Jennings are boys whose parents with Munchausen By Proxy pimp them out to the media as pediatric transgender Honey-boo-boos for fame and profit. They are transgender.

Chaz Bono is Cher’s self-hating lesbian daughter who complained that the Ellen Degeneres Show was “too gay” and “moving too fast for society” before she began injecting testosterone. She is transgender.

Morgan Page, Julia Serano, Dana Beyer are autogynephiles that are very upset that lesbian people exist because they believe female homosexuality discriminates against males by rejecting males as sexual partners. They are transgender.

So it seems that “transgender” is an umbrella term for anyone whose social behavior or whose personality traits deviate from the stereotypes imposed on all of us based on our reproductive sex for the purpose of upholding a caste system which benefits males and disadvantages females, but only if such a person supports these sex stereotypes and believes that sex roles are innate and define sexual reproduction instead of actual reproductive biology. Or something.

Of course, females who transgender can’t “identify” their way out of the subordinate caste and the requisite male rape and male violence which enforces it, unless their biology is completely disguised and their origins unknown. Female “Transmen” aren’t exactly fighting for their right to be housed in men’s prisons when they get arrested. They aren’t demanding “male” abortion services and pap smears at the local urology clinic. The transgender community itself is notoriously sex-segregated and misogynist towards females who transgender because there really is no benefit to the males (“Transwomen”) even attempting to undo their socialization as the dominant and superior members of the sex caste. That’s about as likely to occur as men deciding to stop raping us because we ask them to. What’s in it for them?

Transgender is a Men’s Rights Movement. It seeks to expand both the dominance of males and the subjugation of females, and all with a tidy profit made by what one commenter here called the “Gender Industrial Complex”. Transgender also acts as a release valve to siphon off and neutralize female rebellion against the sex caste system of gender by allowing women to access some superficial privileges of maleness (such as avoiding a measure of public surveillance by men on the street, etc) in exchange for pledging fealty to the hierarchical premise of the caste system and voluntarily submitting oneself to monitoring by the medical authorities.

So. Now that we know what “transgender” means: what is a “True Transsexual”? I’ve been hearing so much about the “truly transsexual” these days, and from the most unlikely of places! It seems a cohort of heterosexual women and men calling themselves “gender critical” are now forwarding the idea of the “true” vs. “false” transsexual. These folks have taken to defanging the work of Radical Feminists and Lesbian Feminists by re-writing (or just downright plagiarizing) with a few significant changes, or perhaps “corrections” in their view: namely they remove the lesbian and women-centered analysis and instead center the concerns of their men friends who would like to transgender. The straight women and “transwomen” (who are “gender critical” male femulators in the same way that Rachel Dolezal is a white “race-critical transblack”) seem to be trying to create a liberal feminist version of gender critique the sole purpose of which is to center men who impersonate women and to replicate the heterosexual dynamic.

“The “radical” in radical feminism means getting to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is gender, meaning the idea of male (masculine/dominant) and female (feminine/subordinate) personalities,” says one of these women.

Huh? The tribal legacy of violent male control over the means of human reproduction (Females!) is not the root? Wow. Learn something new every day. The root of female oppression is not violent sex-based exploitation but rooted in the barriers to full expression of male personalities. Huh. Well, we’ve nearly got this all sorted, then. Male liberation now! The sooner the better! This whole global history thing really was a big misunderstanding! Ritualized cultural sex-caste traditions are the problem, not the violent control of those bodies capable of creating offspring, which is at the root of such traditions.

This is Trans-feminism. This is Mans-feminism. The author goes on to lecture women that we should “offer safety” in the male-occupied land of women to male “refugees” from the ruling caste –(weary is the head that holds the crown!)- men who want to call themselves Meredith, take estrogen, wear yoga pants and try to pass themselves off as “transwomen”. Like we don’t have enough problems, we should perform as unpaid femulator academies for the male lesbians.

These heterosexual transfeminist women propagating a rootless mansfeminism stripped of sex-based analysis so that they can better serve the needs of their TBF* (*Transwoman Best Friends- the straight woman’s “gay best friend” is like, so five minutes ago, apparently) would be laughable if they weren’t so damn harmful to the women and girls who actually have a dog in the transgender race, so to speak. It’s no coincidence that all of the new radlib transfeminists parsing out the “true transsexuals” from the nasty bad false ones are straight. It’s not a coincidence that they de-lesbian their analysis. The fact that they also dis-include “Transmen” (who are actual females! hello?) from their MansFeminist Tranifestos is no coincidence.

Straight women and Male "Transwomen" coalition. Female "Transmen" not invited, or even on the radar of straight women.

Straight women and Male “Transwomen” coalition. Female “Transmen” not invited, or even on the radar of straight women. Femininity Party Unite!


I’m going to tell you now what a “True Transsexual” really is.

This is what enters my mind every. single. time. one of these straight women makes the distinction between the “True” transsexual with “Real Sex Dysphoria!” and the “False” bad kind. I don’t think about their TranswomanBestFriend and whatever shit he does to himself. I really don’t care what men do to themselves.

From the WPATH World Professional Transgender Health Symposium, Bangkok, 2014:

Gennaro Selvaggi, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS, Rickard Branemark, MD, PhD, MSc, Anna 

Elander, Joacim Stalfors, MD, PhD. 

 Pre­operative planning and titanium implant fixation for “bone­anchored penile epithesis”. 

The principle of osseointegration is accepted and used in reconstructive surgery: different

 types of epithesis (ear, nose, etc.) can be fixed via titanium screws to the recipient bone.

We present the first series of patients where titanium implants have been implanted onto the

pubic bones of female­to­male (FTM) transsexual patients, in order to attach a “bone­ anchored” penile epithesis.

Following patients’ selection based on patients’ wishes, pubic bones of five FTM transsexuals

were analysed with CT­scan.

CT­scan images were uploaded on Surgiguide 5.0 software and a virtual planning was made,

simulating various implant (“fixtures” and “abutments”) sizes and locations.

A surgical plan composed of a two separate stages was developed.

To the date of the submission of this abstract, six FTM transsexuals underwent stage­1 surgery,  and 3 underwent stage­2 surgery.

During the stage­1 surgery, two titanium implants (“fixtures”) were implanted onto the pubic boneof each patient,

lateral to the pubic symphisis. Four weeks post­op, a new CT scan was performed to analyze osteointegration and the final implant position.

During the stage­2 surgery, the soft tissue of the pubic have been reduced; abutments have been inserted and passed through the skin.

After few weeks, a penile epithesis is connected via a “retention” system to the titanium implants.

Preoperative virtual planning is crucial for the selection of the appropriate implants size and the

anatomical location where to set the implants.

Both stage­1 and stage­2 surgeries occurred uneventfully in all patients.

Post­operative CT scan is demonstrating implant osteointegration in all 6 cases.

Functional results of the use of the epithesis will be provided as soon as available.

This experimental clinical study demonstrates that titanium osteointegration onto the pubic bone is feasible.

This new approach for penile reconstruction in FTM transsexuals constitutes another alternative for these patients.

Further technical development is needed to validate the stage­2 surgery and the penile epithesis.


This is the actual diagram submitted to the U.S. Patent office by the perpetrator/surgeon seeking a patent for this procedure

This is the actual diagram submitted to the U.S. Patent office by the perpetrator/surgeon seeking a patent for this procedure

There are six women out there, somewhere in the world, please God bless them and keep them, with titanium rods screwed into their pelvic bones and expressed (sticking out through perpetually broken, lymph oozing skin) through their groin in the hopes that one day a dildo might after “further technical development” be affixed to the metal. Who knows what else these surgeons are doing to female “True Transsexuals” that isn’t being presented to the public at WPATH. I say a prayer for these women every time I think of them, and I think of them every single time I hear a “feminist” say the words “True Transsexual”. I hope you do now too. With a prayer.


163 Responses to “True Trans Titanium”

  1. pandoracurioser Says:

    I completely agree about the exclusion of transmen and ignoring their pain. That’s why I think the word TERF is so inaccurate: I think transmen as True Women are 100% entitled to join feminist discourse, so really I am only penis exclusionary, not trans exclusionary. I also find it revolting that there are articles out there that pin the vaginas-are-transphobic meme on transmen, saying they are the real misogynists in the trans movement, and some women buy it. It’s SO obvious who has the power in the trans movement, who shapes trans ideology, and it isn’t transmen. I believe in an alliance between women of all political, religious and cultural movements, and that includes transmen.

    • kesher Says:

      Of late, trans activists have switched to TWERF, trans women exclusionary feminism, which is certainly more accurate. Although I don’t know if I’d give them credit for better accuracy; I think it’s more indicative of how the trans movement revolves around MTTs and their wants and demands. Notice the focus on “transmisogyny” while no one’s coined “transmisandry”.

      • fabmind Says:

        Oh they have coined “transmisandry”–quickly made it a joke by saying it’s the same as MRAs. Backwards, much? Completely shuts down the opportunity for transmen to have any say in the discourse.

      • Bea Says:

        And being a trans man makes much more sense. What woman hasn’t thought it would be easier to be a man? The element of profound mental illness and fetishism doesn’t factor in like it does for trans women.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I am a woman, Bea, who has never once thought it would be easier to be a man. Is this a class thing? I’m working-class and was not raised with super-heavy gender roles; do women who are middle or upper-middle class think that being male would be easier?

      • Bea Says:

        I have no clue— I’ve lived below the poverty line my whole life.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        @Bea: So may I ask how you think it would be easier to be a man? I’d love to know women’s thoughts about this.

      • LC Says:

        Well, me, I’ve always wanted to travel across the country, or when I lived in another country, hop on a bicycle and ride around the whole length of the road- but as a woman, that ranges from nearly impossible to highly discouraged to do by oneself. Men I know have done it, and no one would even question why they didn’t ask anyone to go with them. So many logistics of how to go about doing everyday things, keeping myself safe, that I -know- my male friends never consider.

        It would be easier to have been born a male, imo. Other than the safety issue, I’d really like to be considered the ‘default’ and not constantly have my interests and activities questioned in light of female-brain, real or perceived.

      • shonagh Says:

        Dogtowner: I don’t mean to speak for Bea, just for myself, but i imagine that being a man would include: not having been the mocked-and-bullied odd-one-out in Maths, Physics, and Computing classes at school; less sexual harassment/abuse; being taken seriously by the world in general; no pressure to don the oppressive bullshit of skirts, heels, make-up… Men get to be on the upper side of the hierarchy we know as ‘gender’.

        Why would you attribute the feeling of ‘it would have been easier to have been a man’ to economic class?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I’m from a working class background, and, although it’s true there wasn’t anywhere near as much demand that women perform femininity as I see in some middle and upper middle class circles, boys and men definitely received more resources, attention to their needs, etc.

        That being said, I never wanted to be a boy or man growing up and didn’t think the men I knew who worked in factories had particularly easy lives. It was only as a graduate student in my twenties that I wished–well, not so much that I could be a man as to have my ideas taken as seriously as the male students’ ideas. (And maybe not be catcalled by random guys on my way to campus.) At that point, my life would no doubt have been easier as a man, but I still didn’t want to be one since so many of the men I knew in academia were complete jerks.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Thank you all for your replies. shonagh, I think Oak and Ash speaks to the economic aspects. I’ve known too many poor and working-class men to think life is just grand because you’re male. But if you want to pursue a middle- or upper-middle-class life, I can believe that being male would be easier. Theoretically I could have pursued a course in life that would have taken me up the ladder of [no] success, but I preferred not having to sell my heart as well as my labor. I’m the daughter of an extremely anti-authoritarian mother which does not bode well for fitting into the so-called liberal, “educated” classes.

        LC, I really see the point of what you’re saying. I used to hike by myself but I had my big female German shepherd with me, and no one wanted to mess with her. She protected me on the trail and she protected me when I was driving alone and two men tried to run me off the road. Then there’s my sister’s way: She is a craftswoman and goes to shows alone; she carries a gun under her driver’s seat.

      • Bea Says:

        Yep, being able to travel freely. Have my ideas taken seriously. Not be raped, or catcalled. Not have to put on makeup or be skinny to be attractive. Being able to walk around without a shirt. I’m not saying I want to be a man, I’m saying it has crossed my mind that it would be easier and I can understand the mindset of FtM transitioners.

      • shonagh Says:

        Dogtowner; Oak and Ash: Mm, okay, I see what you’re saying. I suppose it must depend which particular working class culture you’re from though.
        In the area where I’m from, there’s historically been a tendency for the women to work in the factories while the men often stayed at home. In the early decades of the twentieth-century, the mills around here wouldn’t employ men, since women were cheaper (although of course it was framed as being ‘better at the job’). The pattern was so wide-spread that men from my town, as a group, got called ‘kettle-bilers’ (‘boilers’, in standard English) because they stayed at home and drank tea while the women were out earning. (Then, of course, the women came home and did the ‘second shift’ of the housework and cooking too.)
        Though the mills are long gone, there’s still all too many working women supporting their families while their male partners are basically layabouts (though that could be blamed on economics rather than the men themselves. *Could*…).
        Another example: Before laws were introduced in the UK which banned women from certain jobs, both men and women (and children) did mine-working. Women often got the worse tasks there, for instance pulling carts of coal etc in the lowest, darkest, most distant parts of the mine – partly because we tend to be shorter than men, but also, I suspect, because we tend to have less collective bargaining power and so on.
        And while I suspect that there wasn’t a lot of make-up and high-heels going on in the mills and mines, there’s certainly photographic evidence of corsetry and long skirts; and sexual harassment and abuse (aka gender: not roles, but oppressive treatment of women by men, based on the sex-hierarchy) were rampant.
        I suppose my point is – the myth that men have had it harder than women because they are the breadwinners and workhorses… well, it’s a myth.
        (sorry for the long comment, I hope it’s not too off-topic.)

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Bea, I am fully cognizant that my ideas would still not be taken seriously if I were male. Your ideas will only be taken seriously if they support the status quo, precisely why liberal feminism — or equal rights feminism as we called it back in the day — is taken seriously, it threatens nothing. I don’t know where you live, but in the U.S. you are considered laughable if you are passionate about anything including the notion of living in a just society.

        shonagh, I don’t think men as “breadwinners” have it harder, I just don’t think being male is enviable in the least. Just as I don’t think being upper-class and never having to worry about money is enviable in the least. I’d rather worry about money and have a searing conscience than sell myself for a bit of privilege. And, yes, I’ve been quite poor at times and still never wanted economic privilege.

    • I feel like I now have insight as to how straight men must feel when they learn a potential mate is a lesbian.

      I’m learning that some of my potential mates are straight transmen who prefer to date straight women.

      It’s a rejection of lesbianism. 😦

      I guess we’re all prone to self-loathing in this crazy world…

      • MaryMacha Says:

        That’s a rejection of the culture and also a self set-up for failure. Can’t imagine that many straight women would go for a formerly female “straight” “man”. Bi women maybe.

      • kesher Says:

        It seems much the same thing as MTTs obsessing over lesbians. Most of it is male entitlement to female bodies, but I think a significant part of it is wanting a reason to be angry and feel persecuted. By placing their happiness on validation from complete strangers, trans people of either identity are setting themselves up to never be happy.

  2. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Funny that before I even logged on this morning, I thought, “Men get everything they want all the time. They’re like children–they are children–who throw tantrums and threaten to destroy the house if they don’t get their way.

    Strong women don’t allow this to happen. Strong women have the the real answers, not this gobbledy-gook the trans pimps try to foist off on us.

    We’ll prevail even though they keep trying to kill us off.

    • TheDailyMale Says:

      I’ve had the exact same thought lately: “Males get whatever they want.”

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      I think of that–men getting everything they want all the time–every time I hear about one throwing a hysterical babytantrum about being “misgendered” or denied access to a busy changing room in a lingerie shop. Wow, has life been that easy for you, that this causes a huge meltdown? Calling you “he” is really such a huge issue that you cry for hours?

      My name (my real name) is rather unusual and has several different spellings. My whole life I’ve had people misspell it, mispronounce it, or just flat-out call me the wrong name (think “Barbara” instead of “Brenda,” or “Laura” instead of “Lacey.”) At one point I had different spellings of my name on every official form of ID, because nobody bothered to ask the correct spelling and I didn’t bother to correct them. When I was young and my hair was short, a couple of times someone mistook me for a boy from behind. None of this made me cry and have fits. I imagine some of my friends (I hope I may think of you as such) here, those of you who are proud butches, have been “misgendered” in the past, and I doubt it sent you to your fainting couch for weeks while lesser people brought you tea and cakes.

      I’m sure they’ll say this is a sign of my “cis privilege.” And in fairness, anyone can have sore spots that are a little more sensitive to what seems innocuous to others. But this has nothing to do with “privilege,” it’s about recognizing that people sometimes make mistakes or make assumptions based on what they see, and the world doesn’t revolve around you and your precious little feels; it is not the job of the rest of us to validate your “identity” for you. *Some* of us had to learn early on that it wasn’t all about us, but we’re just women so the MTTs don’t care.

      (Of course, none of these dudes whine and complain when people address them as women, on the grounds that an assumption was made based on their looks; they only complain when people react appropriately to the evidence before them, rather than somehow knowing that the six-foot beer-gut bearded balding dude wants to be called “Sheila.”)

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I feel similarly about the ones always screaming about “violence” when they’re referring to critiques of transgenderism. Wow, if that’s what you think is violence, god forbid you ever experience any actual violence.

    • Precisely Dorothy. People mess up my name all the time, sometimes to the point of hilarity. My husband gets challenged by the bank all the time because he has a “woman’s” name. I’m not even particularly masculine looking, having a voluptuous figure, and I’ve still been “misgendered” more than once. (Though the one time it happened while I was pregnant I laughed until I peed myself. It still gives me the giggles.) I actually find the name thing more annoying, especially these days since your “paper trail” is so crucial, but it’s certainly never caused me to melt into tears.

    • Livvie Says:

      I’m with you, RadicalGrandma. I’m not even going to entertain the trans delusion anymore. These men are still talking over everyone, all over the place, and for some reason no one in the media has the nerve to say that this is what’s going on. A bunch of dudes who are still trying to tell women how we should discuss our front holes for the sake of their feels or whatever the hell.

      I’m done with it. They are pigs in wigs who are mansplaining their way into female spaces and I am going to keep calling it out.

  3. hoig Says:

    I don’t fully understand—who are these new “gender-critical” liberal transfeminists claiming as “the true trans”? (The link to the “boodleoops” twitter account didn’t work, perhaps that would have given some clarity.) Just men who believe they are women, just sutogynephiles, or what? I swear I read this post twice and couldn’t figure out that answer this question.

    I also don’t really get what this “bone­-anchored penile epithesis” is supposed to be, on the most basic level. Is it a bracket on which to install a dildo, as your commentary suggested, or is it a bracket on which to construct the usual fleshly neo-peen… like, maybe the titanium base will give it a little more sturdiness (since flesh neo-peens can’t, obviously, “get it up,” being just a mess of floppy flesh and not a real penis, which has erectile tissue)? I in no way think this is not insane, either way, but I want to know what these people are thinking.

    I’m starting to think that the patent drawing itself is colluding in the orwellian order to pretend that women can be given penises. I mean, unless that drawing is a dildo, I do not believe that it can in any way resemble the thing they create between the legs of “trans men”… am I wrong? (Ive avoided looking at surgery pics, so I am a little ignorant there on the details, but I know merely by logic that a penis, normal looking, like that in the drawing, and not a horror-show, can’t be created out of nothing)

    When they say “Functional results of the use of the epithesis will be provided as soon as available,” what do they mean? What is the function of this, in their minds? To fuck (presumably, sadly, women), to piss out of, or is it just a visual thing…? I seriously don’t get it.

    • Bea Says:

      Also, penises are not located “between the legs” like a clitoris, they are higher up, on the torso. Do they plan to install a dildo — flesh or otherwise — just hanging between the legs?

  4. RadicalGrandma Says:

    That last “bone­anchored penile epithesis” outline is horrible. If one truly wants to live as the opposite sex, why does so much of it concentrate on the sex organs above all else, and fake breasts for men (which are seen by men as sex organs, not mammary glands).

    My genitals don’t rule my] life, but my birth as a woman/feminist, with a woman’s thoughts and experiences, certainly does. No one will ever take that from me, no matter how they try. And I’ve been vilified for it, because I endanger their privilege.

    Women who look to men for “guidance” (I say it’s control), often find themselves going against their own instincts for survival. These women can be those like Michelle Duggar or women who allow boyfriends to dictate what kind of life they (and any children) will lead–often resulting in their destruction in some form, physically or mentally.

    Men can’t be “feminists” even though they claim to be. They can sit down, shut up, and let women express ourselves about our own lives and how we want to live them. If men want to be our allies, fine, but don’t claim what we alone have and try to appropriate it and tell us we’re wrong.

    We know we’re right.

    • Dana Says:

      Because your physical sex is all about your capacity either as a reproducer or a fertilizer–how you contribute to creating the next generation of human beings, or your *potential* for so contributing. (Because some people are infertile or otherwise atypical.) That’s why the focus on genitals. We’re not talking about a difference in nose shape or hair color. It’s nothing to do with genitals ruling your life–if anything has to do with that, it’d be gender, where society forces your life to be ruled by what shape genitals you have.

      (Also, when it comes to reproduction in women it is NOT just about genitals–the uterus and ovaries are not genitalia. Men ONLY reproduce with their genitals; women’s genitals are a doorway to reproduction. But you can’t give a man a uterus or ovaries to make him a woman. Maybe someday they’ll figure out uterine transplants–shudder–but those are never going to be completely safe to carry a baby to term, and it wouldn’t be the man’s baby anyway, unless he saved his sperm before sex reassignment or something. Ditto if he got an ovarian transplant–those are still some other woman’s eggs.)

      Fake breasts for men would have to be secondary sex organs since they’re not about to give live birth to their own young. Occasionally you run into a guy who’s figured out how to make himself lactate but it is really, really difficult and unlikely to meet all of an infant’s nutritional needs.

      Let’s not let our critique of the trans cult go so far in the wrong direction that we get just as pomo about biology as they are.

  5. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  6. Oak and Ash Says:

    This breaks my heart.

    As a woman who has tried to make a life in a world that abuses girls and women, confines them to the cage of femininity, and punishes them for showing intelligence or courage (unless they’re willing to work for male interests), I’ve felt sympathy for–and even a kind of kinship with–those women who decide their only hope is to transition. The few I’ve known in real life had abuse in their backgrounds and seemed to feel that trying to survive as Lesbians was just too hard on top of everything else.

    I kept silent–partly because I’m straight and felt I had no right to say anything and especially because, even with an orientation and appearance that don’t provoke immediate outrage, I’ve been catcalled and groped, had my voice ignored or spoken over, and seen my ideas rejected until a man’s voice magically breathed worth into them. I could only imagine that women viewed as nonconforming Lesbians found life harder than I did, so who was I to tell them to remain women in such a hostile world?

    But that’s what I wish I could do, ask every woman–from butch Lesbians considering transition to the delusional straight women acting as handmaidens to the autogynephiles–to stick around and put what energy they can into building a world less toxic to women and girls, a place where we can find life worth living, rather than seeking individual solutions born of postmodern woo and old-fashioned profit seeking.

    Those women have my prayers, as does every woman who’s been mutilated.

    Thank you again, Gallus Mag, for making this place of refuge.

  7. silverside Says:

    Why should women bother with trans women at all. I find it bizarre that in general, I’m finding my interactions with straight men ore respectful than my interactions with trans women these days. If I had to choose a group to work with (which I would prefer not to do), I’m thinking self-identified dudes, on average, might be the safer option. And that’s saying a lot, since we know they have a bad track record too.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Silverside: I mentioned here a few times that I worked several MTTs at a major employer whose health care plan covered transition. Speaking in generalities, I found them to be self-absorbed, angry and chronically absent.

      Funny story: after transitioning, one of my MTT coworkers, who’d previously had a hillbilly men’s name, changed to a regal-sounding hyphenated women’s name. Think Enos Hatfield became Elizabeth Victoria Chelsea Parker-Sussex. I had assumed that the new name reflected female ancestors. It turned out they were all names of adult film stars, and he couldn’t decide which last name he liked best so he hyphenated those two.

      • “Speaking in generalities, I found them to be self-absorbed, angry and chronically absent.”

        You aren’t the only one. Most likely narcissism or other metal/personality disorders.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “It turned out they were all names of adult film stars….” Jesus tap-dancing Christ. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. I would’ve laughed in his fool face.

      • How on earth did you keep a straight face? I would’ve lost my job because I would have collapsed with laughter every time I saw him.

      • I’ve thought about this a bit more and it really is telling. I know I’ve mentioned the name thing before, and the way so many of them (including TransJender himself) choosing names that are totally out of sync with their biological age. I admit I’m a bit fixated on the issue, because as a fiction writer I think about names a lot and have to be careful not to pick names that are incongruous with a character’s age.

        I would think if I wanted to change genders I would specifically look to people I admired; whether in my own family, or well-known men. It’s really odd to me that these men don’t seem to look to the women in their own family (except the one dude who wanted to steal his sister’s name and career), or other actual admirable women. I would think they’d want to preserve a familial link by choosing to maintain those ties. Instead, dudes are going to porn sites and Sweet Valley High. It really is telling as to how these misogynist men really see women: Teenagers, or porn actors. Older, mature women with accomplishments are literally invisible and certainly not to be emulated.

        This choice demonstrates that trans is totally about fantasy. It’s just a new millennium middle-aged crisis. Instead of the racy sports car and the barely out of puberty girlfriend, they’re trying to BECOME the barely out of puberty girlfriend. And just like the men before they destroy their families in this quest for eternal youth and virility, and wind up alone and bitter. Is there really any question as to why the post-transition suicide rate is so high?

      • Scotasister Says:

        Hillbilly is a racial slur. As an Appalachian womon, I will call out anyone who uses this word in my presence.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ^^ this person’s sole comment on this blog. LOL

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      My Family Tranny is a narcissistic, overbearing, demanding egotist; merely being in his presence can be exhausting due to his constant need to interrupt and one-up, and his refusal to allow conversations which do not revolve around him to continue. I have never in my life met another person who would get pissy (along the lines of actually saying, “Oh, have you noticed I’m in the room?” when asked if he’d like a drink) and openly display bored annoyance, when a family member–someone about whom he is supposed to care deeply–is discussing their *recent cancer surgery* and prognosis. He thinks he is utterly fascinating.

      (What’s especially amusing/irritating are his constant pointed comments about how he knows This Literary Agent or That Editor, and they’re desperate for him to write a book about his experiences or they saw something he wrote and freaked out about its amazing awesomeness; amusing/irritating because those comments are always directed at me, a professional writer with an agent and several major publishers around the world. Of course, when I ask questions [like, “Oh, what’s his name? Maybe I know him.”] that information isn’t readily available or he fobs it off somehow. The “I could easily be more successful than you, so don’t think you’re anything special,” message is quite clear. [FTR I don’t think I’m anything special anyway.])

      The other one I know, more peripherally, is a loon of the first order–name a conspiracy theory, and he espouses it. He’s constantly bitching about “Big Pharma” and the evils of modern medicine; I’d be surprised at the blithe ingratitude and the willingness to insult and degrade the scientists and doctors whose work enabled him to have his penis removed so he can call himself “a woman,” if it wasn’t such a common pattern.

      He’s histrionic in the extreme; once again, anytime attention diverts from him for too long he makes up some new drama so everyone will look at him again. He’s not particularly smart but is convinced he’s a genius. Everything is somebody else’s fault. His long-suffering wife, who he’s been hypnotizing (literally) for years, finally left him, and immediately he’s throwing fits all over the place and threatening suicide (not because she left, but because she’s being mean about it, according to him) and, while claiming poverty, running off to London (he lives in the US) to “start a new life,” and is “never going back.” But oh, of course he checks in several times a day so everyone can pay attention to him some more.

      He, like all the others, has no time for “women’s issues” and thinks women should just shut up about them; he’s rude and dismissive and insulting, and just generally unpleasant to interact with.

      Pretty much all of the others I’ve interacted with online follow the same pattern. Hysterical rants, egotism, self-centeredness, aggression, rudeness, a refusal to listen to other people (especially women)… I get along quite well with men, in general; I know I’m not in the majority here but I tend to like men and they tend to like me, and I usually enjoy interacting with them, but these dudes are something else. They’re like the worst kind of misogynistic, small-minded MRAs wrapped up in pink tulle and melodrama; like tone-deaf, self-aggrandizing mockingbirds, they imitate without nuance or depth and think their blurry, false copy deserves even more respect and applause than the original.

      • Mochi Says:

        “They’re like the worst kind of misogynistic, small-minded MRAs wrapped up in pink tulle and melodrama; like tone-deaf, self-aggrandizing mockingbirds, they imitate without nuance or depth and think their blurry, false copy deserves even more respect and applause than the original.”

        Omg, this is absolutely priceless. And true. You may not think you’re anything special as a writer, but this is second best thing (after the above post) that I’ve read in a loooong time. Music to my ears.
        With appreciation.
        And YES, they ARE the WORST kind of MRA’s.


      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Dorothy, you are such an amazingly good writer. I mean, wow.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Oh, wow, thanks ladies! I’m blushing now. Your compliments have made my day. 🙂

        Mochi, a big hug to you; I read your story in your comments and while I don’t think I can say anything specifically to make you feel better (I would love to, I just don’t know what it might be), I am definitely offering a friendly, sympathetic hug, and I hope you stick around. (Oh, and wanting to be a man because you’re tired of being treated as “less than” certainly doesn’t make you any less female; I think most if not all of us have felt that way. So don’t think you have no right to be called “she/her.”)

      • Mochi Says:

        Dorothy, thank you 🙂

    • Livvie Says:

      Same here. A lot of male friends from school back east are not having this either, they find it laughable. I’ve not been disrespected by a straight guy lately, but I was messed with by an autogynephile in the bathroom not too long ago and I’m hearing a lot more narratives like this from other women who talk about it almost shamefully; like they have to feel bad because some tranny fetishist browbeat the shit out of them for expressing the feeling that there’s something a little bit off about a ‘woman’ who still talks down to you the same way they did as when they were men, says they’re more of a woman than you could ever be, that they’re more beautiful, whatever. The same old same old of putting women down, only with a new twist, because ladybrain!

      I’ll take my chances with the straight dudes who at least attempt to be decent allies.

      • nonny Says:

        Livvie- I feel you. Imho if I absolutely *had* to make the unpleasant choice, I’d choose to have a beer with

        a. the well-meaning average misogynist doofus who at least is like “nah man rape isn’t cool and also how the hell is Bruce Jenner a chick”

        before I’d ever want to crack one open with

        b. the slithery, po-mo theory spewing “non-binary trans***** DMAB” male who keeps f-ing touching your arm and talking over you and is a little too obsessed with talking about “consent” bc he’s trying to lull you into a false sense of security, and also says stuff like “…you know how we girls can be!” (STARES AT YOU LOOKING FOR AFFIRMATIVE RESPONSE), and also are you and your partner poly? And have you seen (faux-“radical” “edgy” porn site)? And would you like to go to a ~party~ sometime at (known private sex club)? ~*~*(touches arm)*Sweetie??~*~*~

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I know middle-aged, non-trans incarnations of these guys, with liberal politics and polyamorous marriages. Some version seems to show up in every generation, like those beta males in certain fish species that use female mimicry as a mating tactic. The gendercrap type is only the most recent and trendy.

        Leah McLaren’s wrote a brilliant description of Jian Ghomeshi that would fit a lot of so-called progressive men–“a wolf in organic, fair-trade lamb’s clothing.”

      • Livvie Says:


        I am right there taking a) with you.

        b) is the same old same old, sweet talking ‘let me get into those panties, honey’ BS that rapey guys try to pull, only now it wears a dress and tries to get all theoretical with you while they play their fetishy games.

        They can stay far the fuck away from me.

      • nonny Says:

        Oak and ash- oh, you’re so, SO right. In fact, the first person to share feminist zines and bands with me, and admonish me to examine power relations between men & women, and twist all the language to his own ends, was my 21 year old “boyfriend”…..when I was 14. Snakes in the grass. Looking up that article now.

  8. cerulean blue Says:

    I feel so sorry for these women. This is evidence of just how much gender hurts– to convince oneself to participate in a study, while ignoring the huge red flag: the researchers involved couldn’t be bothered to pay a scientific illustrator to render their Frankensteinian apparatus, yet didn’t hesitate to file a patent. What does that say about these researchers’ ethics? And let’s not forget that Hippocratic oath about first doing no harm. This is only harm, nothing else.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Florida surgeon Dr. Garramone actually Trademarked the phrase “FTM Top Surgery” a few years ago.

      Dr. Charles Garramone
      September 18, 2013 ·
      Good morning everyone. Just want to make a post about an email I received from a patient of mine.
      I received an email, which was quite an angry email, about the fact that I have a registered trademark for the term “FTM Top Surgery”. The person was very mad that I would obtain such a trademark and also informed me that many other people were very mad at the fact that I have obtained this trademark on what they called a “generic term” and that I am doing this for some greedy reason.

      Well, no one has ever asked me why I have obtained a trademark for this term, because it has never been an issue. Several years ago when I began my practice and started performing chest masculinization, the surgical term for this surgery was most commonly known as “top surgery”, “FTM chest surgery”, “Double incision method”. I was using the term “FTM Top Surgery” because it made sense to use these words together to differentiate it from “MTF Top Surgery”. At the time there were no other uses of “FTM Top Surgery” so I continued to use the terminology in advertising my services. One day while waiting to do surgery, another local Plastic Surgeon, who was known as a savvy business person and who owned trademarks on everything he came in contact with, was talking with me about the surgery I perform and asked me “What do you call this surgery?”. When I told him “FTM Top Surgery”, he got this funny look on his face and looked up to the ceiling like he was planning a strategic battle move. This made me very uncomfortable as I realized he was planning to trademark this term, and knowing this was a term I used to advertise this procedure he would probably and most certainly charge me a licensing fee to use the trademarked term. I took action and quickly moved forward by trademarking this term myself, before he was able to submit application.

      Now, that being said, I have a registered trademark on the term “FTM Top Surgery”. This was a action I took to protect the use of the term uncontested. I have owned this trademark for the past few years and continue to display the registered trademark status on all of my advertisements.

      Over the past few years there has been an increase in the use of “FTM Top Surgery” by other surgeons to advertise this procedure. The popularity of this term has in part been brought about by the success of my practice and others wanting to replicate this success. That is fine, if other surgeons are willing to help people through their transitions, then I am fully supportive of their efforts. Not once in the past few years have I ever contacted another surgeon using my registered trademark, and asked them to cease using it in their advertisements. Not once have I ever become angry about the use of this registered trademark without prior written agreement. Not once have I ever tried to prevent someone from performing this surgery due to them using the registered trademark without permission, or claimed their version of the surgery was not consistent with the term “FTM Top Surgery”. In essence, my ownership of the registered trademark “FTM Top Surgery” assures and protects others who use this term, they will never be subjugated to signing a licensing agreement to use this term to advertise and help others.

      It brings me great disappointment that only because of my compassion and abilities, not only have I become known as one of the best surgical practices in the world providing FTM Top Surgery to hundreds of patients a year, but I have also become the target of many other peoples anger and negative comments which seem to stem from their own minds and assumptions, not the truth. The disappointment is that many people in the FTM community assume my intentions, jump to conclusions about my practice, and use very poor choices of words to tell others their impressions of me, even though many of them have never spoken with me or asked me about my intentions.

      Let me make my intentions clear to everyone prior to you listening to what other people say in anonymity about me. My intentions are compassion, service, and kindness, nothing else.
      -Dr. G

      • coelacanth Says:

        Was that message sent from his yacht or from his helicopter?

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Hmmm… which is more phallic? Clearly Dr G got into medicine for all the right reasons-money, money, and that urge men have to call everything they see penislike.

      • Em Says:

        First do no harmsecure your trademark.

  9. The scariest part of this fuckery is that the pubic symphysis is a very fragile part of the female anatomy. I had severe pain there during my pregnancies due to misalignment of my hipbones which triggered inflammation There are physical therapists that specialize in this area of treatment in pregnant women it can be so bad. I cannot imagine what implanting a bunch of screws there must feel like. No way these women aren’t in a helluva lot of pain. That’s some sick Frankenstein shit there.

    • lestoille Says:

      your comment reminded me of this horror show. doctors need to leave the pubic symphysis the fuck alone.

      it’s like how Gallus pointed out the similarity between breast ironing and binding. All the trans butchery has a precedent in the real world, which is easily recognized as harmful by even the libiest of libfems. unless it is in the name of transgenderism, then the butchery is a hooooman right.

      • Oh. for. the. Love. Of GOD.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        OMGoddess! This is horrific. I’d never even heard of this before. I couldn’t even finish reading the article. I’m glad the women are getting some redress, those who are still living. I bet there are no penalties for the male doctors who carried out the butchery. This really isn’t different than male horror show fantasies.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:




        *running in the opposite direction of my computer*

      • Bea Says:

        I actually got lightheaded and almost passed out reading that.

  10. Lierre Keith Says:

    Sanity. In such short supply these days. Thank you.

    • It’s almost as though the neoliberals want to reject the entire 20th century…because it’s old and in the past. And then rebuild themselves and society anew into a 21st century utopia based on no foundation…anything goes and is wonderful. They don’t realize that by rejecting radical feminism, they’re throwing the baby out with the bath water. And the mother.

      Trannyism is also a rejection of motherhood. If a man can be a “mother,” then mothers offer no unique wisdom or value. Trannies don’t want anyone to listen to their moms, so they’re “killing off” moms off, per the Big Bad Wolf. They’re removing the gatekeepers to children by first impersonating and then reinventing women.

      They’re determine to reject and rebel against radfeminism. Why else would they support such madness? As pictured above, transgenderism is literally self-destructive. For decades Alice Walker has railed against clitorectomies. And now six women have willingly done such to themselves. What could be more hateful than removing one’s clit? Profiting off it, I guess.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    So many het women are of course invested in protecting, defending, and promoting these het men. Same old collaboration, but in a much more dangerous format.

    Except for a very few women, men come first. Men posing as women get special care since women feel sorry for them. (As afriend said, when I described the big het man wanting to be accepted by one of our local Lesbian groups, “Awwww.” )

    So yes, women posing as men don’t count as much either. But I do see them getting more support and genuflection than Lesbians and especially Butches. Even the hint that they are somewhat male increases their status. My experience personally is being harassed by women posing as men. They often shun me, but one pressured to let men into my women only nature hikes because “‘she’ paid $40,000 for ‘her’ vagina.” We are more than castrated men with surgered fuckholes.

    Women posing as men are often incredibly entitled and think we owe them. Like some of the men, many don’t ever plan to have surgery or take testosterone. They just get Lesbians to call them “he” and “him.” When they drop the game, they also act like we owe them. I’ve even been told that Radical Lesbian Feminists are responsible for their choice to take testosterone. Why?

    It is extremely important to point out the trans cult contradictions, like here, where the women playing male are discounted. But personally, my energy is going to Lesbians, women who choose to love women, and our very few het women allies. We are bottom of the heap.

    • Mochi Says:

      Hi Bev,
      I hope I’m not upsetting you by responding, because I am an FTT and I want to say that I hear your frustration with people like me. I can’t speak for the idiot MTT’s claiming they are entitled to enter women’s only spaces because they paid for their “vagina” (women “pay” for having a vagina, every damn day.) I can’t speak for them, but really that’s just par for the course. I know a lot of these pukes. I’m a “trans-guy” and I’ve met lot’s of these “ladies” in support groups (I avoid conferences and big events, and the tumblr SJW crowd, the trans-cult is just SUCH a cult. I watch from the sideline.)

      I do just want to say this about the entitled FTT’s you encountered:
      What you describe is betrayal, and you have every right to be angry and want to prioritize non-transitioning females over FTT’s. I’m guilty of betraying womanhood too. I don’t deserve ANY special privileges in women’s discourse. My original desire in transitioning was to escape the prison of being female in the world. I’ve struggled to come to terms with the way I’ve betrayed females, and betrayed myself and my commitment to feminism. GT has done a LOT to help me heal from that. If you are angry, I don’t blame you. Not even a little bit. I am angry at myself.

      I do think it’s really important to remember that girl’s try to become “men” because we are taught to hate females, or to hate BEING female. To associate being male with being fully human.
      I think it’s REALLY important for feminists to direct attention to what CAUSES females to transition. Because right there is the proof that feminism is just as important today as it was 90 years ago when women were fighting for the basic right to vote and own property. Right now, only radical feminists do this work. I don’t think that’s the same as catering to entitled, abusive, male-identifying women (who are obviously the victims of slavish self-hatred) or prioritizing FTT’s over women and lesbians and BUTCH lesbians especially.

      It took me nearly ten years from first coming out as a butch dyke, to transitioning to male- to seeing just how IMPOSSIBLE it was for a woman to undo 20 years of socialization as a female, as a second class citizen. It was impossible for me to enter male society as an adult. I have no male friends, no position in male social hierarchies, etc. I’m not telling you this so you can feel bad for me. I don’t deserve any special sympathy.

      I remember being seen as a butch dyke when I was in high school and early college. I know my life is much easier now that I don’t have to worry about hiding my female body from predator men (except when I need to see a doctor, or if I am ever taken in the by the police, or in the off chance that I may need to use a public toilet, but these days ALL females are required to share the loo with males- even in the women’s restroom) I see very few groups of people who are treated with more unwarranted disrespect and cruelty than gay, gender-nonconforming or “butch” females. There really is no better way to get on the wrong side of female-hating men (which is most of them) than to refuse to fuck men or pretend to be weak, just to soothe their fear and insecurity over their own maleness.
      Lesbians are not the reason I transitioned. You owe me, and people like me, absolutely NOTHING.

      But I can tell you these FTT’s are just as female as you. They shouldn’t get priority. But if they think they can now drink fully from the gilded water bubbler of male privlege, and that their history as females doesn’t hold them back… then they are just stupid, and tragically self-deceptive

      Thank you for staying a strong butch woman in this world, Bev.

      P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if you would use female pronouns with me. I understand if you would refuse, but never would I demand that you call me “male” or use male pronouns. I was born and raised female. And I still am.


    • mayimoktoo Says:

      “I’ve even been told that Radical Lesbian Feminists are responsible for their choice to take testosterone. Why?”

      I’ve heard a version of this, except it was “If I hadn’t gone deep into second wave feminism, I wouldn’t have transitioned.” Finally understanding women’s place in a patriarchal world made an already gender non-conforming woman turn to transition as an escape. I would guess it’s not uncommon. If the internet had been around when I was younger, I’d be a bald depressed “man” today. (That is, of course, the most generous interpretation. Something I grant to younger, confused woman as a knee-jerk reaction.)

      For MtT radical feminism might have the same effect. Everything we find horrible, from objectification & cat-calling to supposed submissiveness & rape, they find titillating. We are so frustrated by a world that clings to gender that we discuss problematic issues often. It’s not only important to us because we want to abolish it, it’s important to them because they want/need to absorb it, to live it.

      • howdy Says:

        actually, i would guess that it is very uncommon for a woman to be encouraged by her radical feminism to become a “trans man.” I would think it very, very rare.

        I think the vast majority of women who find radical feminism and engage with it deeply do so to save themselves, because it is the only thing that saves our sanity and our ability to love ourselves (as women) in this culture. It may cause pain to know the truth about women’s status in patriarchy, but radical feminism is also a salve to that pain at the same time. And any radical feminist knows that it isn’t feminism revealing things that caused the pain, it is the male violence and misogyny.

        I think radical feminism is one of the ONLY things right now that is saving women from undergoing genderist brainwashing and the medicalized abuse that goes with “transition.” I’m not saying no woman ever was so horrified by the truth that she sought escape through transition, but most women make that choice in ignorance of the truth, not because of it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Howdy- Please pick one name to comment under on this blog. If that arrangement is unacceptable then do not post further comments here. Thanks.

      • born free & female Says:

        “I’ve even been told that Radical Lesbian Feminists are responsible for their choice to take testosterone. Why?”

        I have seen some of this from detransitioners on Tumblr, where it takes the form “I was put off of gender critical feminism because radfems wouldn’t suck men’s dicks/let men into Michfest/use 1,001 custom pronouns/spend their time fixing men’s problems/whatever, and I got swept up in the trans ideology. If the radfems had been nicer and sweeter, this wouldn’t have happened. I blame them for putting me off.”

        While I realize these women are dealing not only with the physical emotional effects both of sexism and of a medical establishment that turns a tidy profit by encouraging transition, and in many cases wish someone else could have turned them aside from this path before so much damage was done, I also feel like I’m seeing something similar to what we so often hear from MTFs: “It’s women’s job to take care of other people, and if I’m not being taken care of, it’s their fault.”

      • kesher Says:

        ‘I also feel like I’m seeing something similar to what we so often hear from MTFs: “It’s women’s job to take care of other people, and if I’m not being taken care of, it’s their fault.”’

        It’s not just MTTs. This is the rallying cry of MRAs. If women aren’t on call 24/7 to kiss their booboos and service them sexually, then we’ve earned their hatred and violence. Trans ideology and MRA ideology are basically the same.

      • Mochi Says:

        Howdy, I have the same instinct as you, that Radical feminism isn’t going to convince anybody to transition.

        Speaking personally, my experience of radical feminism has been like deprogramming. Really the opposite. If I had been introduced to radical feminism before I transitioned, it would have given me hope for a life where I wouldn’t feel like I had to do it. I think it would have saved me, and I think it has saved a lot of females.

        I don’t know these Tumblr sex pozzies (common sense has always told me to keep a healthy respectful distance from the very heart of the “trans community”. Don’t become one of these people who’s like REALLY into it. Don’t go on the public speaking circuit or write a shitty book about yourself like some asshole clown. Just get in. Get your drugs. Get on with your life. Disappear. That was my feeling. Some people are that way, and then some other people want to go on the lecture circuit and be spokestrans, or go to a million conventions or have a tumblr account, or whatever, they get really into the trans thing. Like it’s more than just getting people off your back for not wanting to conform to female gender roles which are fucked up any way, for some people. They get this whole other life through the cult.

        That kinda sounds to me like they’re saying “we decided inject synthetic steroid hormones twice a month for the rest of our lives, NOT because we were trying to desperately escape a very obvious systematic process of sex based dehumanization, so extreme that we are completely willing to mutilate our bodies to resemble the form of our oppressors, if necessary…. heh, not because of that. It’s ’cause Radical Feminists have bad hair and are unfashionable and just not cool or trendy… ”

        -and worse than that, they clearly don’t want to suck laydee cock.

        Pomos and MRAs and TumblrSJW all seem to really hate that, because laydee p33n is just r0xx0r and that is transmysoginist and hatred of men not to put their cock in your mouth and shut the hell up.. Or something.

        Logic is a rigid binary system of true/false, and valid/invalid, which privileges truth over falseness. That is so oppressive. We need to be more accepting and understanding of trans-logical thinkers.


    • KgSch Says:

      Very good comment! The part about about how that man “deserved” to go on the women-only hiking trip because of his $40,000 vanity plastic surgery is just classist snobbery too. Basically, the man “deserves” more money than the women who go on the hiking trip because he has money money than most of the women do. You are right, women are much more than castrated men and all women “pay” for having female reproductive organs.

      I also consider prioritize lesbians the priority too. Why should I spend my time fawing over women personating men who are often misogynistic and mock us for not pretending to be men like them (or call ourselves “nonbinary” or some other sparkly gender identity).

      I agree about the collaboration. It seems to be another aspect of parasitizing radical feminism like that post on your blog. It’s all about the feelz of the Best Male Tranny Friend (TM), to hell with focusing on any women.

  12. Artemis Jade Says:

    Speaking of FTTs—Google just released some pro-trans infomercial for a gym in Kansas city that welcomes a crew of FTTs. This promo article asks “How many of us go through lives wanting to be ourselves, but failing for one reason or another?” I’ve had plenty of setbacks in life but I’ve never phrased any of them as ‘I was not being myself”. You have to own your actions and your history. Any addict going into 12-step learns this straightaway–stop blaming and take responsibility for all your actions now, in the past, and in the future. I find this ‘finally be yourself’ line, the past was a different person, to be naive.

    Of course it’s ridiculous that the FTT says she wanted muscles and thinks girls couldn’t have muscles. Terrible that Google would implicitly promote this idea at the same time that the women’s world cup soccer is in the news proving how beautiful women with muscles are. But I thought the FTTs in the video looked passable as men until the final shot where you see a woman’s indented waistline, that all the weightlifting and testosterone could not erase.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Artemis Jade: In 12-step programs, there’s also the wisdom of, “Wherever you go, there you are.” I think this is applicable in transgenderism. You can take hormones and get surgery, but you will always be you.

    • shediogenes Says:

      I’ve seen in on youtube, ironically enough, while watching a video by Terri Strange. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Regarding women needing to transition in order to be competitive bodybuilders, this is incorrect. If anything, women have extra options and support for them in this sport. Women actually have five categories in which they can compete, whereas men have only two–traditional bodybuilding with the “ripped” musculature, and the new, less muscular physique category; the latter is not offered for men at all competitions. At the “easiest” level for women, they can compete in the figure category, which is the most traditionally “feminine” with its heels, sequined posing attire and reduced expected musculature. The categories progress to traditional female bodybuilding, in which “ripped” body types are required, and women wear bare feet and plain posing attire. Female competitors are highly respected and applauded at most competitions, including from the men, and and generally receive the same prize purses as the men.

    • I just find it hard to believe that in 2015 there are still girls out there who don’t know women can be strong, muscular and competitive in sports. I just don’t buy it. I’m considerably older than these girls and I’ve been looking at strong women competing in sports my whole goddamned life. Do they somehow live in a bubble where there’s no Olympics? No World Cup? Hell, no ESPN? I don’t even watch TV and I’ve seen tons of women bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

      • emmajune Says:

        They want to be straight guys. Full stop. The rest is just bullshit retconning.

      • weirdward Says:

        On this – I’ve recently taken up a fitness regime (not bodybuilding or anything of the kind) but definitely something that’s meant to develop muscle, improve flexibility and endurance etc.

        Both my male coaches have repeatedly assured me it’s okay to do this because I will NOT end up looking like a bodybuilder, that I can still do this and be girly and wear makeup and dresses (neither of which I give a flying fuck about), that I will still be ‘lean and slim’.

        And all these comments are unsolicited. Like, I have not expressed any kind of anxiety around these issues, and I wouldn’t!

        I also have a workmate who does powerlifting, who chose to do it and who loves it, and yet who expresses anxiety pretty regularly that she is becoming too ‘built’ – looks too strong, I guess?

        It’s really, really bizarre. Like, even if you’re a woman who wants to do those activities, you still have to do them whilst somehow maintaining looking like a weak little waif and adhering to a strict femininity regime. Even sports are not an escape from compulsory femininity for women.

      • kesher Says:

        They’re pretty much lying about that stuff anyway, unless they have a very flexible definition of what “lean” looks like for a muscular woman. If you weight train a lot and eat a diet designed to build muscle, and especially if you’re genetically predisposed to building muscle, you can get very big as a woman. Not as big as a man, of course, but still larger than the waif ideal.

      • mochi Says:

        @Rosalyn, you would think this would be the case by now… but if i.may share my experiences as a female who took up powerlifting as a teen… WITHIN these subcultures (weightlifters and bodybuilder s etc) women are given plenty of respect. I had great experiences with men who were legitimately passionate about the sport, and seemed very supportive of any female person who was interested in lifting….my experienxe with general pop was the exact opposite. I do think most of society disapproves of women who are muscular or very strong. I remember one classmate of minde insisting that i “had a sack” because i could verifiably pick up heavier weights than he could. I was constantly accused of “trying to be a man” because my sport of choice was not sufficiently feminine. My mother tried to arrange with the school.guidance counselor that if i was staying after school to lift, i would need a chapperone to make sure i did not try to lift more than twenty pounds, because i was becoming too bulky in her opinion, and i “looked like a gorilla” because i was able to develop the muscles around my forearms and shoulders.(oh that’s right, upper body stength is a nono if you want to be a ‘real’ woman) It’s sad that women are told they aren’t really women if they show any kind of strength.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I used to know a woman who worked in the post office; she was fairly short and if anything below average weight. She worked with some guy who was into bodybuilding and she couldn’t believe how weak he was. She could throw the mailbags while he struggled just to pick them up. Women are often much stronger than they look, simply from doing life’s work.

  13. background spinner Says:

    Pinocchio vibe off the Franken-weiner illustration. There’s the clitoris, literally encased and erased by the ultimate symbol of male domination, being told that if she lies/tries hard enough, she too can be a real boy.

    This is like a poster for libfem “equality.”

    So sad.

    • @MichfestMovesMe Says:

      Umm.. I’m familiar with female anatomy and that is not a clitoris encased. That is a male drawn ideal of one, perhaps, but the “artist” would have done better to rip off Georgia O’Keefe or Tee Corinne. Positively medieval. The Trans train has really gone off the rails. Did not the State sanctioned suicide of that butch Nordic woman, who so despaired of her botched trans surgeries and self loathing, raise any ethical red flags in the scientific/medical community? Fucking ambulance chasing opportunists..

      • background spinner Says:

        I was being sarcastic, really, which didn’t translate very well. I should have said the micropenis that many FTTs are told they’ll have after enough testosterone poisoning.

        The clitoris is possibly the most underrated organ of all. She is magnificent.

        As for scientific and medical ethics regarding this whole fiasco, my only guess is the cartoon character with bugged-out eyes shaped like $$$.

        It’s yet another twist on the age-old patriarchal reversal of having women seem compliant in our own suffering, silencing and ultimately, disappearance from our own selves and history, except in ways that please and service men.

  14. Artemis Jade Says:

    “*Transwoman Best Friends- the straight woman’s “gay best friend” is like, so five minutes ago, apparently”

    yes. years ago in the days of the closet I had a ‘fag hag’ friend who would raise her voice to denounce any signs of homophobia. Women’s rights she wouldn’t speak up for..that was somehow less cool’re a drag to complain about sexism. Her support for her gay male friends notably did NOT extend to lesbians. Then gay rights exploded and her gay male friends came out and were calling her less since they had other options. One day she confided to me her sadness at her diminished place in their lives. I was shocked to realize that her supposed goal–gay rights–had been achieved but she was not happy. She liked the gays better when their living conditions were more oppressive and she could be their noble patron.

    I suspect that many of these straight women and feminists who support transwomen are making the same miscalculation: they see transwomen as so beleaguered and oppressed and suicidal as to be unthreatening now and forever. So they magnanimously welcome transwomen into the land called woman. But these MTTs come in and immediately demand to go to the head of the line. They shamelessly enter women’s sports where they know they have an unfair advantage. They claim female heroines like Joan of Arc as theirs. They are the ‘most successful female CEO in the country’. The displacement begins. I feel almost as angry at the handmaidens as at these loathsome MTTs.

    • born free & female Says:

      A couple I know had a straight teenage daughter who was very involved with her school’s gay-straight alliance. Like your friend, she never, ever talked about women’s issues, but was constantly “educating” from her high schooler’s store of knowledge about LGBT issues.

      When college started, and all her gay male friends suddenly could go out and get laid and had no time for her, she discovered gender politics and has since declared herself to be pansexual and genderqueer. I saw one of her social media rants about how dumb and shallow women are (and how this proved she’d never been one on the inside) – it wouldn’t have been out of place on an MRA site.

      And despite her “pansexual” label, she made it clear even in her rant that she had never been attracted to, much less involved with, another woman – but she believed it was prejudiced to “discriminate” against someone, the way those mean lesbians discriminate against trans women and their dicks.

      So, basically, when being a supporting player in gay men’s lives didn’t work out on her, she declared herself to be Even More Oppressed as a straight (“pansexual even though I’ve only been attracted to men so far”) woman (“genderqueer but not transitioning”).

      • imnocissie Says:

        If the standard for “genderqueer” is not living up to a sex role stereotype 100% – then almost everyone is “genderqueer”.

      • KgSch Says:

        I’m unfortunately very familiarly with the lesbian-hating and oftentimes misogynistic nature of some ‘fag hags’. Or former fag hags. I know women who became friends with gay men because both they and the gay men they knew were socially isolated and/or because they wanted a male friend who wasn’t going to eventually want sex from them, but other women seem to be doing it for the “feel-good” points.

        Liberal feminism often has women like your acquaintance’s daughter who have decided to get attention by claiming to be oppressed for being “pansexual” (actually het) and “genderqueer” now that the gay men have higher social standing. The misogynistic rants along the line of “all women are really shallow and stupid and that’s why I’m not really a woman inside” are very common for any girl with a special gender identity label (ie: genderqueer, polygender, and nonbinary) and oftentimes women calling themselves transmen. On the other hand, you get women who obey male-identified femininity really closely who like to rant that high-heels are empowering (with their tendon damage) and they will smash the patriarchy with them, and wearing all that makeup (what do mean most of it has toxic chemicals) is also empowering. Surprise, surprise both groups hate lesbians.

        I also had the experience of a gay male acquaintance telling me he had a super-supportive heterosexual female friend for a while, and then at the end telling me I shouldn’t tell her I was a lesbian because she thought we might “creep on her”. Well, I did tell her I was a lesbian because I fuck the closet, and it turned out she was the creep! She asked me and other lesbians totally inappropriate questions about our romantic lives so her boyfriend would have wank material.

      • KgSch Says:

        Um, I meant to say “fuck the closet” not “I fuck the closet. My bad.

  15. Mochi Says:

    GallusMag, goddamn, this is such a good frigging article. Thanks for running GT and providing the excellent coverage. I’m an FTT, and I’ve been following your blog for a few years.

    I used to be a lot more willing to stick up for trans-“women” and for the cult, but when I started following you a couple years ago, as angry as I felt about your words, I never once caught you lying. You were always telling the truth. So I stuck around. I keep reading, and I keep being horrified and enraged, but not at you, not any more. I’m angry at the destruction and degradation of females.. And that is what Trans is all about. Destroying the female.

    This article is SO spot on about how misogynist and fucked up the “trans-cult” really is, and how trans-women really are just as privileged as any DUDE. Female transitioners like myself don’t EVER get away from the harm that the sex-based caste system inflicts on people with female bodies. The experiences of FTT’s are largely passed over and no one EVER talks about the real reasons why (hint, at the end of the day, WE KNOW (and males ESPECIALLY know) that MTT’s are male (and thus important) and FTT’s are female (read: sub-human))
    Even my supposedly super supportive “cissie” straight friends, who are all jumping on the “Caitlyn” Jenner cheerleader squad- totally miss this discrepancy. Even the one’s who call themselves feminists.

    This paragraph really did it for me though :”Transgender is a Men’s Rights Movement. It seeks to expand both the dominance of males and the subjugation of females, and all with a tidy profit made by what one commenter here called the “Gender Industrial Complex”. Transgender also acts as a release valve to siphon off and neutralize female rebellion against the sex caste system of gender by allowing women to access some superficial privileges of maleness (such as avoiding a measure of public surveillance by men on the street, etc) in exchange for pledging fealty to the hierarchical premise of the caste system and voluntarily submitting oneself to monitoring by the medical authorities.”

    Damn straight. And brilliantly worded.
    You really get the heart of this trans thing, Gallus.
    Thank you, and thank you to all the women here.

  16. pandoracurioser Says:

    Hey Gallus have you seen this ? she says you can be “trans” without surgery and she still goes by female pronouns, although she does use breast binders? apparently she’s being attacked from both sides of the discussion. What do you think?

  17. There are six women out there, somewhere in the world, please God bless them and keep them, with titanium rods screwed into their pelvic bones …

    Just looking at this gory graphic for the “patent” is frightening. This is female genital mutilation. So, female genital mutilation is a patent now? Where was this surgery done? I can’t imagine any surgeon in the U.S. doing something like this, but I could be wrong.

    Why do white European women think that female genital mutilation only exists in countries like Uganda?

    • KgSch Says:

      Mostly denial, I think. That and in European countries, as well as the US and Canada female genital mutilation is “freely chosen”. Women who don’t like their genitals will voluntarily get plastic surgery procedures done that reduce the size of their labia “labiaplasty” or clitoris. It’s beyond disgusting and women who do it make a mockery of girls who are forced into it. I recommend Sheila Jeffreys’ book “Beauty and Misogyny”. Jeffreys states that some of the same surgeons who try to relieve some of the pain and damage FGM victims experience will turn right around and perform labiaplasties, because it’s all about the business.

  18. Susan Nunes Says:

    I misread this post. Please delete my previous post. It is getting the point where this whole trans thing is confusing me to death.

  19. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Frightening…really really a truly scary futuristic Science Fiction is getting more and more freakish by the minute…

    • MaryMacha Says:

      I think this gives rapists too much credit. ‘Weak female’ might be a counterpart but it is not an equivalent nor analogous to rapist. Rapists rape because they enjoy it. They’re not conflicted about it. Very few of them want to change.

    • river Says:

      Gallus: You have to watch this: Don’t you love her?

      • RadicalGrandma Says:

        This is wonderful! She has absolutely the right attitude and is complete and satisfied with herself. This “labeling” business is so evident in the trans movement and used against women exclusively.

        We’ve noticed that the bile and reaction is always directed toward women almost exclusively because we women know better than to accept these fake “women” they present themselves as.

        I only want to be seen as a human being with full rights, not encased in a role or labeled, and if anything, prefer being seen as “androgynous” if people want to label me. I want equality, not a sex change in order to get it. Even though I’m considered “straight, I haven’t worn a dress or skirt in 20 yrs; have worn my hair semi-long but prefer it short (less trouble) and don’t ever bother “glamming up” with tons of makeup and hairdos or clothes because I want to be able to tackle any situation I’m in, whether cooking a meal, using a computer, or changing a tire, although being older, the latter is becoming harder to do. But believe me, I’ve done it, as well as lots of other “man jobs” as well as having kids and raising them and still doing it. There’s nothing wrong with being gentle, kind and thinking of others, either, that’s not what makes you weak. It’s really what makes us human, not the roles we play, and that’s what I think is behind the trans movement, some kind of stereotypical woman thing these males have dreamed up and want realized in themselves. Women can, and do, all things we want to do.

        Women who don’t allow “gender” or “role playing” to rule their lives are the most powerful of all, IMHO. Go, women! Be everything and everyone you want to be. Be dangerous and strike those blows to female oppression wherever you find it.

      • Livvie Says:

        I love this woman and I want to play video games with her and hang out with her and learn from her. She is a badass. I hope she doesn’t mind that label.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Absolutely fab. No labels, free to BE, you and me. Love her.

        Like she said, labels are boxes. Boxes are not for living beings.

    • nonny Says:

      A little background: this image was a popular poster distributed by Crimethinc about 10 years ago. (Reading “boy” instead of “rapist” in the original, of course.)
      Crimethinc is a pseudo-radical faux-anarchist group comprised of privileged white manarchists and brocialists who live off the labor of women. (The joke goes, “What do you call a Crimethinc guy who breaks up with his girlfriend?” “Homeless.”)
      Anyway, their writing is smug as f— when it isn’t cribbed wholesale from women/POC. They focus almost solely on romanticized versions of class issues, and they almost never confront sexism. When they do, it’s to convince women that being hypersexual and “poly” is going to liberate them. Or in cases like the original version of this poster, which pulls the whole “we should care about problems that young girls have, because……gender hurts boys too! It’s just as bad for men and women! Actual humans, aka men, are also hurt by gender, oh shit!”

      tl;dr, this edited version is gold and crimethinc is s—.

      • a cat Says:

        I strongly dislike Crimethinc and have done for 15 years now. You put it beautifully, nonny.

  20. Transgender activists have all but destroyed women’s sports.

    The video says she was recruited by Harvard to be on the women’s team. Next season she will be on the men’s team after “transitioning”. It doesn’t say what the “transitioning” will entail. Will it include “bottom surgery”?

    Since she went through female puberty, she won’t have a male skeletal structure (stronger tendons, usually longer bones, different shaped pelvis) or the same overall muscle mass. Does she really think she can compete against males and win?

    If females can be on men’s collegiate teams, then more males will try out for women’s teams. Gendertrender did a post on Robert Ludwig. Look at the photos and say it’s fair. He had the advantage of male puberty and years of natural testosterone. “Transitioning” can’t magically erase all these advantages. Notice the size of the hands and bone structure. A blind person could see that he has an advantage. After a male goes through adolescence, he can start to tower over females. This isn’t erased through “transitioning”.

    There is also the issue of males in women’s locker rooms and vice versa.

    • kesher Says:

      If she has a sports scholarship, presumably she was recruited for her talent, but will she be able to keep up with the male members of the swim team? It seems unlikely, unless there are potential advantages to being born female in that sport. I don’t know that much about swimming, although I suppose having a smaller body size might help.

      If she can’t keep up, can she lose the scholarship? If she loses the scholarship, will the trans cult decide this is an instance of discrimination and create yet another area where no one is allowed to hold trans people up to the same standards and scrutiny as us boring cissies?

      • RadicalGrandma Says:

        It’s insane, and explained here:

        Being a man gives him all the physical advantages a natal woman of the same age would never have, as well.

      • Pf Says:

        Harvard is an Ivy League school. Part of that (at least 20 years ago when I toured their campus) is no sports scholarships through the university. Only need based scholarships through the ivys.

        And as a former Title IX swimmer (I was a girl on the boys team because my school didn’t have enough girls for a separate team) I can tell you that the longer arms, etc. do give boys a competitive advantage. Women have a little advantage at crossing the English Channel due to our better endurance and subcutaneous fat, but for racing, it is extremely difficult for a girl to compete against guys.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I’m curious about this. If you watch any Olympic diving events, the young women appear to have been taking some PEDs — they have virtually no hips and very wide shoulders. So a male body shape is an advantage in diving and, I would guess, swimming events.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      All the articles about Schuyler Bailar the Harvard FTT swimmer are the usual blather about how brave and ‘true to himself’ she’s being. ‘She risked her scholarship’ by coming out and being her authentic self. But I see the usual trans-dishonesty. She might not have gotten into Harvard at all if not for the swim team’s interest in her. She played the women’s swim coach and Harvard admissions office and, once she got what she wanted out of them, she revealed that she actually had no intention of helping the women’s swim team to win races. Like all trannies, she tells us she fought off suicidal urges. I’m very glad that the suicidal urges could be held off long enough to secure the ill-gotten acceptance from Harvard.

      • Artemis Jade Says:

        Here’s an update on Schuyler Bailar the Harvard swimmer. From champion female swimmer…to benchwarmer on the men’s team. This should not be a surprise to any thinking person, but Bailar says she thought she could win and now she’s had to let that go.

        Bailar mentions the safety issue, that transgenders are at greater risk of being murdered. Is that really true for FTMs? From the photo, Bailar still looks like a woman. The most interesting part of the interview is when she says repeatedly that male swimmers get along with her because they know she is no threat to them, no threat at all.

      • kesher Says:

        There’s a woman at my gym who I’m 90 percent sure identifies as trans. She’s unquestionably female, so I know I’m not clocking a feminine man, but her chest is so flat, it can’t be explained by small breasts plus compression sports bra; she’s either wearing a binder or has already gotten a mastectomy.

        It’s interesting to see her interact with the real men. They’re perfectly friendly with her, but I swear I can pick up some distance there. The same distance any other woman would get. She might delude herself into thinking she’s one of the bros, and in a liberal city like mine most of the men will humor her in that, but it’s still a fantasy.

  21. Wendy L Says:

    I will not defend political lesbians that attack friends at the Gender Apostate group. PL are just as bad as transgender women, appropriating lesbianism. Also, transmen have been invited to that twitter group, but declined. Political lesbianism is misogynist and lesbophobic at its very core and they really shouldnt talk about misogyny coming from transwomen. They are hypocrites.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Ha! That awkward moment when some asshole shows up in total disregard for the post and discussion at hand to interject their own specific personal obsessive bugaboo, in this case “Political Lesbianism” (LOL!) which has fuck-all to do with anything and is about the most boring attempt to derail the issues at hand that I can possibly imagine.

      *ETA: Ohhhhh, you’re the weirdo that has harassed Radical Lesbians for years due to our observation that your TBF’s are male. Got it. I remember you now.
      “Political Lesbianism” now, is it? I have no idea who is a “Political Lesbian” or who is “attacking your friends” nor am I interested in whatever Facebook (or possibly imaginary?) argument you are trying to drag onto my blog in total disrespect to the ideas put forward in this post. I give less than a shit about your friend problems or your fascinating thoughts on “Political Lesbianism” (LOL) or who is telling you to defend them or whatever the fuck you are trying and failing to communicate here. What IS apparent is that you are not responding to anything related to this post or conversation, either willfully because you are a huge gaping asshole, or because you are incapable of interacting with the world outside your head. DO fuck off now, weirdo. Good luck with your “Political Lesbian Problem”. Try another blog that has the slightest interest in such a thing, or just keep it in whatever Facebook wormhole you dragged it out of. Or do whatever you want, but you can’t do it here. Ta!

    • dbrvnk Says:

      “Also, transmen have been invited to that twitter group, but declined.”

      Transmen not wanting to be part of a group where women ally themselves with the group of males (transwomen) who rape and abuse transmen with the greatest frequency. Who’d’ve thunk it.

  22. “The principle of osseointegration is accepted and used in reconstructive surgery: different types of epithesis (ear, nose, etc.) can be fixed via titanium screws to the recipient bone.

    We present the first series of patients where titanium implants have been implanted onto the pubic bones of female ­to ­male (FTM) transsexual patients, in order to attach a “bone­ anchored” penile epithesis.”

    What they are essentially doing is drilling holes in the pelvis in order to attach a dildo. It has no function other than to just hang there. Do they urinate out of it? I don’t think so. What about sexual sensation? No, it’s a man made product that is just going to hang out. It doesn’t have any feeling. Could doing this to healthy tissue cause a reduction in sexual pleasure, or limit normal bodily functions? No one seems to care.

    During the stage­2 surgery, the soft tissue of the pubic have been reduced; abutments have been inserted and passed through the skin.

    After few weeks, a penile epithesis (fake penis) is connected via a “retention” system to the titanium implants.

    So, they surgically “reduce” the soft tissue surrounding the pubic bone so this titanium bone anchored dildo can be attached. Sounds ghastly, and I’m sure it’s painful as all get out. What happens if it needs to be removed for some reason? They still have surgically reduced tissue around the pubic bone and holes in their pelvis.

    This ghoulish experiment on otherwise healthy human female anatomy is really pushing the envelope. It’s mutilation of healthy tissue and bone, and I can’t believe that an ethics board somewhere hasn’t questioned this human experiment. I don’t even know if they do this to men. I’ve never heard of this ever being done to males.

    It’s true that osseointegration is sometimes used in reconstructive surgery, but this is not reconstructive surgery on a severely damaged or diseased part of the body. Osseointegration means that they are attaching something to living bone. People who have severe trauma to the ear or are missing the outside of the ear can get a prosthesis. They don’t do this to patients unless there isn’t any other option. This makes sense, but drilling holes in a female’s pelvic bone to attach what basically amounts to a dildo is something out of Dr. Mengele’s lab. I don’t even think the infamous Nazi Dr. Mengele could come up with something like this.

    They even admit it’s experimental.

    So far, the principle of osseointegration has not been
    exploited in the field of genital reconstruction.

    It’s interesting how they use the word exploited in this sentence. Scroll down and look at the photograph. It does, indeed, look like a dildo that has been sewn or glued on. The skin tone looks weird, and it looks fake, not to mention all the pain involved.

    Email or call Dr. Gennaro Selvaggi….

    Correspondence: Gennaro Selvaggi, MD, PhD, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Hospital,
    Gröna Stråket 8, SE-413 45 Gothenburg, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)72 3888908. Fax: +46 (0)31 3421209. E-mail:

    • No name Says:

      That is one brutal FGM procedure. All the way to the bone?

      Let me guess, by removing excess tissue, they mean the clitoris is removed?

      So they remove the females’ ability for arousal, and make it easier to break a hip at the pelvic bone from a minor accident. An extra solid appendage sticking out of your hipbone?.Like a surgical pin?

      Something tells me the men will forgo shoulder surgery to fix their gorilla-looking shoulders that gives them their distinctive male gate and shape a female will notice from a block away that ID’s them as male before the first lie or attempt to ‘play woman with the fish and unleashing micro aggression’s based on stereotyping women to their face’ and demanding polite submission to public female oppression starts.

      It really looks like these men want women and female children subject to the most brutal of the FGM experiments to ‘change sex’. I have yet to hear of a male getting a faux uterus [probably made out of his scrotum] attached to his hipbones to mimic a woman’s sex organs. The men pretty much keep their male bodies, and don’t mess with the fully functional sexual ability on males in the trans[man’s] cult.

      I really hope a growing female child was not one of the ‘six’, but something tells me, this is something a hetro-couple would more likely have money for;
      – I don’t see welfare shelling out money for titanium for adult women’s cosmetic sex surgeries when they don’t even pay for research for female specialized heart disease or female cancer procedures.

      • No name Says:

        Another thing occurred to me, the only time I have heard a male wanted a uterus, or anything close to actual female reproductive systems- was only if they can take one from a women, and destroy hers in the process.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve seen MTTs hoping for lab-created vaginas and uteruses, so at least all of them don’t have the creepy fixation on carving women up for their own transformation.

        Although apparently they’re hoping for frankenorgans grown from their own cells, which is so damn hilarious. How can scientists grow female organs from male DNA?

      • BadDyke Says:

        ” How can scientists grow female organs from male DNA?”

        They CAN’T! There was an article I found a way back, that was about actual HELPFUL reconstructive surgery for women without a complete vagina. The current replacement was the trans use a chunk of intestine stuff. But the new surgery was to use cells from the vaginal tissue they did have (cos they’re female with female DNA and all that!) and grow a vagina for them.

        Whilst trying to find it again, I unfortunately hit upon the Wikipedia article on vaginoplasty, which seems to focus a lot on the aesthetically-focused surgery, and neovaginas for the lads. Unlike the titanium article, I don’t know which came first, and whether females were used as test subjects for the males………….

        O, I just noticed that the Wiki page mixes up intersex and trans yet again:
        “….and other intersex conditions wherein non-invasive forms of deepening the vagina cannot be performed (mostly on trans women patients)”

        Found it! The engineered vaginas article:

        in contrast offers real hope to these women, some of whom had a functioning uterus but no vagina. At the time of writing, none of them had got pregnant, but if it does allow them to get pregnant, even if they have to deliver by caesarean, then it is a real advance.

        And no advantage to the menz, because if you used their tissue, all you’d get is a bigger, limper dick that the one they started off with………………

        Does it get mentioned in Wikipedia? Nope. They’re more interested in alternatives to inverted penises for the boys, rather than actual FUNCTIONAL reconstructive surgery for women.

        I’m depressed by the Wikipedia vaginoplasty article though — vaginas, (almost) all about the menz………………..

      • kesher Says:

        Now that I think about it, from what I understand, men with androgen insensitivity syndrome are born with vaginas, although those organs are non-functional from a reproductive standpoint. So, if scientists could somehow engineer in the lab what happens during fetal development, before the fetus becomes distinctly male or female, I guess maybe they could grow vaginas for males. But then it seems likely that they’d need stem cells for that. Whatever it might take, it seems needlessly complicated for something that’s not medically necessary.

        But then we’re dealing with a medical establishment that considers thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery “medically necessary” because some males are uncomfortable with their primary or secondary sex characteristics. So, this is likely getting prioritized over legitimate medical need.

  23. @No name,

    “Let me guess, by removing excess tissue, they mean the clitoris is removed?”

    No, as I understand it, they don’t remove the clitoris. I’m not sure, but click on the link. It’s soft tissue right above the pubic bone. I’m not sure how much tissue they “reduce”. Scroll down and look at the photograph with two titanium rods sticking out of what appears to be cut away soft tissue. Warning, it’s graphic. While they might not cut the clitoris, this is a sensitive area. Is loss of sensation in this area possible? Any time a surgeon takes a scalpel to this area common sense tells us that some loss of sensation is possible. Also, note where they say that two women weren’t suited for this ghastly procedure because their pelvis was too small to accommodate and support the titanium rods. If this goes mainstream, how many surgeons are going to be scrupulous about pre-screening patients?

    It’s really being disingenuous when they try to compare this drastic and mutilating surgery on healthy anatomy to reconstructive surgery. No severely damaged or diseased tissue is being reconstructed. This is mutilation.

    • kesher Says:

      I wonder if the excess tissue is some of the mons pubis. The mons is also more pronounced in women and so could be one those secondary sex characteristics FTTs are eager to get rid of.

    • Em Says:

      “It’s really being disingenuous when they try to compare this drastic and mutilating surgery on healthy anatomy to reconstructive surgery.”

      I’m a bit behind on my reading, so can’t cite chapter and verse. But I promise you that someone, somewhere, is referring to these genital mutilations as reconstructive surgery. Born in the wrong body and therefore having the wrong genitals, etc.

      • BadDyke Says:

        Looking at the second paper (the first was the surgeons having fun with cadavers trying to see if they could do it), and the single image of a F2T with a penile epithesis in place (note that we are NOT shown an image of the titanium implants poking out of the skin), it looks to me like quite high up on the mons pubis. HOW they think they’ll get the clitoris up there to fit inside, even after metoidoplasty, is beyond me. Ditto how urination through it is supposed to be possible………………….HOW do they replumb the female anatomy, especially since the whole point of the F2T patients was they refused conventional phalloplasty, so I presume that replumbing as well……………..

        Okay, I think I see it! What they are really interested in as regards slipping the micropenis inside and allowing urination and penetrative sex are MEN. And F2T are a really GRATEFUL and desperate set of test subjects, who will accept any surgical fuck-up as a brave attempt. So, they can test the bone anchors and whether or not the stuck on wang looks okay and is useful for penetration, and iron out all those little surgical kinks before they EVER try it on any males. Which is why the F2T chance of orgasm and clitoral re-plumbing isn’t REALLY of interest here, they are only interested in a bone-anchored dildo that they can slip over some chaps micropenis…………..

      • Of course it’s men. Ftms are only guinea pigs. And they are desperate enough to risk their health. If this experiment goes wrong – there will always be other women who want to participate for other dangerous experiments. No one cares what happens to the women who lost parts of their genitals or got numb.

  24. Zemskull Says:

    Hi Gallus: Next week’s PBS Frontline is about transgender children. Sometimes that show is listed on the DVR by its episode title, which in this case is Growing Up Trans.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for telling me. I wonder if Frontline is still funded by Raytheon.

      • Zemskull Says:

        The list of sponsors at the beginning of this week’s Frontline: Corporation for Public Broadcasting, MacArthur Foundation, Park Foundation, Ford Foundation, Wyncote Foundation, Frontline Journalism Fund with major support from the Jon L. Hagler Foundation, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the usual “PBS Viewers Like You.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Most corporations launder their funding through various foundations these days. You’d have to look at tax records.

  25. Zemskull Says:

    Good point. It also appears that Brigham and Women’s Hospital has at least one doctor and one surgery specializing in transgender procedures and medications.

  26. Siobhan Says:

    A few days ago, a clip of President Obama quieting a heckler in the White House went viral on facebook, as his sly humor was fun to watch. The heckler had a man’s voice (and rudeness) and the news referred to security removing “him” from the room. Now we have found out that the heckler was a M2T, and the news outlets are falling over themselves apologizing for misgendering the heckler and are giving him all the press he wants. Some BGT outlets are even chastising Obama for his rudeness (in not allowing himself to be shouted down by a white male during a speech, I guess).

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      My favorite part of that was this snippet: “One attendee shouted at Gutiérrez, “Enough! Enough. This is not for you. This is for all of us.’”

      Pretty much sums up the trans in the gay community. Can’t even celebrate a nation-wide victory for LGB rights without some mister-in-a-dress wanting more.

      • Lint Says:

        Typical male entitlement… they don’t care who they hurt or what they ruin, they just want what they want and screw everyone else.

    • kesher Says:

      The MTT was Mexican and wasn’t white.

      Allegedly, Gutierrez heckled Obama over general immigration issues, but the trans, above all else, are looking get MTTs housed in women’s detention centers. Supposedly 20 percent of rape victims in detention centers are MTTs (although it raises the question how many of the remaining 80 percent are actual women), but their being victimized means that they need special protection and not placement among far more vulnerable inmates. Or are we supposed to house all male rape victims in the women’s prisons?

      They also seem to be trying to get special exemption for legal status in this country despite how hard it is for everyone else, including refugees/asylum seekers, to get documents.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Kesher: Many prisons have Protective Custody units. Transgender inmates can request to live in those sections based on their status, and their requests will almost always be granted.Ditto with incarcerated celebrities, convicted police officers, and others who believe that living in the general prison population is a threat. Interestingly enough, PC units are often nicer than those in the rest of the prison, because they often house prison informants, so the improved conditions encourage inmates to come forward with information about crimes within the prison.

      • Siobhan Says:

        Yes, it was something about MTTs in detention. There has been a lot of effort put into that by the federal government in the last few years – they have special centers with special privileges for trans and gender nonconforming detainees who may be at risk in a regular men’s unit. They will even fly someone in from another area to take advantage of it. So, no need that I can see for placement in a women’s unit – they have a unit that is specifically designed for them.

      • kesher Says:

        I wasn’t aware that the feds had taken steps already. It figures that it still isn’t enough. It also figures that, despite how badly immigrant detainees are often treated, the federal government would make protection of trans detainees such a high priority. I’m not going to argue against protecting vulnerable populations, but the almost slavish devotion the Obama administration has toward the trans population is striking, especially after stymying overall gay/lesbian rights for so many years.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Siobhan: Correct. My understanding on PC units is that the prisoners have unlimited telephone and television privileges. Even the food is apparently better–they get ice cream, which is said to be a big deal in prison.

    • Margie Says:

      Reaction on the gay blogs was overwhelmingly negative towards the trans heckler. The readership is mostly gay and bi men who tend to be mindlessly supportive of “LGBT” because they think that this is the progressive position to take, and because nobody wants to be seen as excluding anyone. But every once in a while, there’s some incident with an obnoxious trans activist, and they get it. Same thing happened when the trans activists “stormed” the stage at the LGBTQ Task Force’s conference.

  27. kres Says:

    Unrelated but congrats from England on the US fully legalising same-sex marriage.

    I can see “LGBT” charities receiving less money now (which all goes to transgenders anyway).

    Stonewall England was up till recently a LGB organisation but has caved to the trans mob…

    • Margie Says:

      It’s a pathetic organization, which actually opposed marriage equality at firs. On budgetary grounds. A position which left MPs shaking their heads in disbelief. But as horrible as an organization as it is, at least it understood that LGB and T are not one group of people. Now it has been transjacked and, I am sorry to say, British LGBs have allowed this to happen. When there is an outcry, Stonewall backs off. When LGBs protested their initial position on marriage, they very quickly reversed course and gave full support. That needs to happen again.

  28. Apparently, this was done in Sweden of all places, and it seems to have passed through an “ethics board”. The general idea seems to go like this. No matter how ghoulish the procedure on female genitalia, if it’s done in the name of “gender identity” or transgender, it’s acceptable.

    “This study was approved by the Central Ethical Review
    Board in Gothenburg on 19 March 2012, with application
    number: 811-11.”

    Department of Plastic Surgery,Department of Orthopaedics and
    Department of ENT, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Human rights groups in Sweden scream to high heaven and point fingers at immigrants who come from countries where the FGM is common. They even jail people for mutilating the genitals of females. In this article, a Somali man was jailed for carrying out FGM. I agree that people who mutilate the genitals of girls and women should be jailed.

    “On Monday 26th June, 2006, A Swedish court jailed a Somali man for the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) of his 13 year old daughter. The guilty verdict has led to four years imprisonment and a payment to his daughter of 346, 000 kronor, equivalent to £26, 000.”

    How can ethics boards in Sweden condemn female genital mutilation in other countries while they allow surgeons in their own country to mutilate the genitals of females?

  29. Truscumily Says:

    As someone who is labeled a truscum, I know that sex is immutable and can never change, I have had a vulva created with a pocket (afterall it isnt a vagina). I do dress feminine and people 80% of the time “she” me. when I get “he” it does nothing to me, I understand that people see me how they see me. I am comfortable in my skin and what I did to my body surgically, and, only under years of therapy and care. It was never on a whim and I make known to people of my sex status and hetero males will not date transwomen and gay males will not date transwomen, at best bisexual or bicurious will. Of course it hasnt always been easy, but I have a wonderful career and live in reality, so it doesnt offend me when folks think theyve got the upperhand on guessing me out. I always say, well duh!, Im not playing a game to trick or hide. I live my life and its sad that people lump me in the T part of it when in reality I am a bisexual male with a constructed vuvla that is gender nonconforming, but with so many labels in that sentence, I let people see me how they choose to see me, I have no choice in their thoughts, so why fight it…
    the problem with the T community is the ability to erase their histories and biology and just reality likes in nothing, its very irresponsible and ignorant on their part and why most are viewed as clowns in a sense. I find it odd. I support female space 100% without me, cause I respect the differences.

    • The sad thing is that trans activists drag trans people who have serious issues down with them.

      Not every trans person is a man with a fetish but these guys are the loudest most terrifying.

  30. bacopa Says:

    First comment here from a straight dude who stated hitting Peak Trans when I first heard about Jazz Jennings and totally lost it over the Jenner VF cover.

    What I want to talk about here is titanium implants. Two years ago one of my bicuspids had both its roots rot out. This was because I had a jaw injury as a child, the adult tooth had always had problems.

    So after an extraction and a bone graft, I had a titanium screw drilled deep into my jaw. After my jaw healed, I got an artificial tooth bonded to that screw. it is both cosmetic and functional. it works fine.

    So based in my experience, there is no way in hell a titanium implant in the pubic bone could ever be safe. My dental implant is stressed only in the direction where my jaw is strongest. If one were to attach a dildo to this pubic bone implant, it would pretty much be a lever arm that less than 20lbs of torque at a right angle could totally destroy, possibly completely severing the pubic bone.

    And I’m not kidding about total rupture. I chew the shit of food with my bone graft and titanium implant, but I’m pretty sure that if I could attach a lever of only two inches to it I could rip it out of my jaw. And the longer lever of a dildo could totally destroy this titanium pubic screw.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:


      I can’t speak for all of the women here, but personally, I’d like to ask you to SPEAK OUT. Do not keep silent about the trans delusion and the danger it presents not only to women and girls, but to men and boys as well. If you care at all about women and girls you will fight for our safety and our privacy, and our right to define ourselves and speak about issues which affect us.

      When we try to speak about this we’re shouted down, banned, called names, harassed, insulted, shamed, and threatened. Men do not get the same treatment; men are taken seriously. The disparity shouldn’t exist, but it does–which means (IMO) that we need men to support us in this.

      Even if you’re just saying, “Women are uncomfortable and their feelings should come first, so why don’t we listen to them and take them seriously,” please say something. Anything. It matters.

      And that information about the screw in your jaw is terrifying. The fragility of something like that, especially in an area with so much bloodflow (meaning the pelvis)…what is the point of having an artificial penis literally bolted onto your body if actually using it, or even sitting wrong or removing one’s clothing too quickly, could result in it being torn off? *shudder*

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        For what it’s worth, men who speak out have these things happen to them too. Not to as great a degree, and not carrying the weight of thousands of years of rape culture (as well as a greater current possibility of rape and murder by men). But it does happen. Both Bob Jensen and I have been deplatformed over it. But it ain’t gonna make either of us shut up. I can’t speak for him, but it’s just made me more determined to fight for women’s spaces (and for sanity, and for open discourse).

      • bacopa Says:

        I do intend to speak out about trans issues when they come up. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas here at GenderTrender. I think playing up the idea that transitioning minors is the new conversion therapy is a good idea. And I will always tell people that being a woman is something more than “A feeling a man has”.

        And I gotta make a mathematical correction, that’s 20 foot pounds of torque, so 40lbs total force on a six inch lever. That’s well within the range of minor bedroom mishaps.

        Mounting something on a pubic bone implant is simply a horrifying idea. I sometimes wonder whether the doctors aren’t the most important fetishists with the transgender issue. That “dollmaker” video from Spack and those father/son robot breast surgeons seem just a weird as anyone else discussed on this site.

      • morag99 Says:

        “I sometimes wonder whether the doctors aren’t the most important fetishists with the transgender issue.”

        Yes! The doctors, particularly the men, most definitely come off as fetishists. These aren’t mad scientists tucked away in their private chambers of horrors; they are out in the open, with all the authority and power granted to them for belonging to the learned, life-preserving class of professionals. Then add in personal ambition, “creative” impulses (via destruction), faux empathy for their patients’ suffering, and intimations of pedophilia, and it’s all so terrifying.

      • Well in an interwiev Spack talked in detail about the underwear of his trans child patients. He is a creepy fuck.

  31. DJ Says:

    Thank you for this great piece. I’ve seen so many conversations lately about trans issues coming from straight women. It’s a means to silence feminist conversation. To not feel alone in this is reassuring.

  32. jaybird Says:

    You all are actually demons.

  33. Jeremy Says:

    I found this artical to be a bit rude. I am a transgender male and the quoteations you were putting around Bruce Jenners prefered pronouns and when it said,” Men “transwoman” and female “transmale”,” was super rude. Im not sure how it effected other people, but being trans and seeing that makes me pissed.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Why do you hate Bruce Jenner for referring to his transgender persona as “her”? It’s quite common for men who are lifetime crossdressers to refer to their fantasied female carnation in the third person. Eventually some seek union with their beloved other. See: the work of Anne Lawrence-

      Why do men who identify as transwomen anger you? Do you think it is wrong for men to identify as transwomen?

      Why does it make you super pissed that “transwomen” are male and “transmen” are female? Do you hate transgender people? What enrages you so much about transwomen being male and transmen being female? You say you are trans but then say there is something wrong with being trans (men=transwomen, women=Transmen). How can you be trans and also be pissed at trans existence? This seems like the opposite of pride. Care to explain?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        How is the article rude? How is it that stating facts an insult?

        Perhaps Jeremy and others who are of a similar mind, should go to the BBC website (as in the world service) and in turn, look for the past Monday program that dealt with science. In particular, the issue about chromosones…which would be a nice opening crash course about why there are XX and XY humans. How one lives after they are born and mature is their call, but there are scientific facts that ARE constants. And no amount of newspeak or hurt feelings are going to change that.

        Something says that more of the bizarro version of ‘Who’s On First’ will be in the media in the next few weeks. Worse still, those like Jeremy will have those around them, to enable the lack of rationality.

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