Declaration of War

July 4, 2015


Declaration of War
by Vee Elessar

. I am a Woman. I will not be re-classified by men who “feel like” women. I will not tolerate being called CIS-woman, biological-woman, genetic-woman, woman-born-woman or female-woman. I will not tolerate being accused of having CIS privilege, obtained illegitimately at the moment of my birth. I will not tolerate being accused of wielding this privilege over men. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

. I am a lesbian. I will not be re-classified by men who “feel like” women. I will not call men who “feel like” women, lesbians. I will call them what they are: heterosexual men. I will not put up with being accused of having “mono-sexual privilege” that I wield over men. I will not be shamed and bullied into having sex with men who say they are lesbians and I will call those who try what they are: sexual predators. I will never sign up, line up or shut up about the genocidal assimilation of my lesbian sisters into your transgender cult. I will gather with my sisters wherever and whenever I please and I will not grant you access no matter what woman hating law I am breaking. I will fight back against this misogynistic/homophobic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

. I am a woman. I will not stand for the ridiculous premise that I am trans-misogynist. It is my birthright to speak out loud about any idea or practice that harms women. I will continue to speak out loud about male privilege, male entitlement and male pattern violence. I will continue to expose the real hatred that men direct at women, wether those men happen to “feel like a woman” at the time or not. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

. I am a woman. I reject all notions that there is such a thing as ‘Gender Dysphoria’, female brain, woman feelings, or any other gender based idea, theory or practice. I reject your gender binary straight jacket. I reject your pornographic version of woman and the sexual slavery you promote. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible

. I am a woman. That word belongs to me. I get to say what that word means. I will not use the word woman or she to include one man. I will not use the word woman or she to describe one man. I will not ally myself with any man who uses woman and she to describe himself no matter how much of a “good guy” he says he is. I will protect the word woman, and in protecting the word woman, I protect my ability to speak about myself, my experience, my future, my past and the entire history of women. You will not rob me of my ability to know my sisters through language. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

. I am a woman. It is my birthright to speak about my body, my experience, my life using my own words. My vagina is not a front hole any more that your penis is a front tail. I will continue to talk about my period, watch the Vagina Monologues, hear Germaine Greer and all my beloved feminists speak, and call other women my sisters wether you “feel” excluded or not. I will gather with my sisters wherever and whenever I please and I will not grant you access no matter what woman hating law I am breaking. I am not afraid of you. Calling me names will not stop me. Threatening me will not stop me. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

I am a woman

and I will defend myself !


From: NoMoreMsNiceFeminist

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130 Responses to “Declaration of War”

  1. Deborah Peifer Says:

    A powerful manifesto. I stamnd with every word, and I thank you for your inspiring and righteous anger. We will not be erased, no matter what men and their enablers try to do.

    • Vee Esselar Says:

      Thanx a lot to everyone who supports my declaration and sorry about the typo: (it’s actually Vee Esselar) but no worries you can still catch me at NoMoreMsNiceFeminist and you can reblog from there if you like. More throwing shit at the fan to come soon. Special thanx to my favorite woman warrior Gallus. Love you Gallus!
      Hang in there all. Dig your heels in firm and DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN. We can win this…together!

      Vee Esselar

  2. Hear, hear. *applause*

    We have to get active — they’ve got our kids. Check out this video promoted by YouTube today:

    “Teens react to Caitlyn Jenner”

    It has “resource links” to GLAAD, PFLAG, & HRC…signaling that to be anti-trans is to be anti-gay.

    The kids are quite like able, but I could only stomach a couple minutes. Would they be as accepting of a girl who identified as a boy, or a woman a man?

    The radical feminists of the 1970s that I knew were friends of the gay and lesbian community. Conservative men who secretly cross-dressed were not. Gay, Inc. lacks integrity… stabbing their friends/sisters in the back now that we have legalized marriage.

    Brava, Gallus Mag. Shit’s gettin real.

    • atranswidow Says:

      I was 12 years old when Helen Reddy sang ”I am Woman”. I didn’t realise it then but it just sank into my unconsciousness. What is sinking into the minds of 12 year old girls today? I really hope that it’s not this kind of you tube baloney. When you need to find your inner strength in later life better to find these words hidden away in the memory banks…….

      ”I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman.”

  3. Dorothy Mantooth Says:

    Hear hear!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This was awesome to read.

    • Michelle Says:

      Terf just like any other hate group won’t be around forever, hate groups don’t make it in this world. In 100 years none of you will be around and the newer generations will know you are a hate group, I hope I’m around long enough to see you fall.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You remind me of a guy who started a “fan page” for himself on Facebook to “give back to the community” by “sharing” his fascinating Jender Jerney and only has nine followers.

      • Newbie Says:

        Hate speech is objectively hateful. Every slur you can think of for race, nationality, sexual preference, etc is defined as a pejorative. There is no dictionary that identifies the word MAN as a slur or pejorative. Your hyperbolic assertion of “hate” over a simple biological fact diminishes true hate such as the harassment, death treats, and physical assault that radical feminists are subjected to.

        So, let’s look at hate. When marginalized groups object to language that is hateful, on what grounds do they object? That the words are slurs created to demean them, NOT that the words are neutral, factual, biological signifiers.

        Think about this: Trans activism is the only rights movement that seeks to enact the legal right to change the facts of their biology in the eyes of the law, rather than the right to gain freedoms with their biology in full view. Would disabled activists have gotten public accommodations if they had fought for the right to be viewed as “not disabled” instead? If women’s rights activists had fought to be legally declared men in order to receive equal treatment, would girl’s and women’s sports ever have become mandated with Title IX?

        These are important questions.

      • morag99 Says:

        “There is no dictionary that identifies the word MAN as a slur or pejorative.”

        How about in the Solanas’ Dictionary?

        Valerie: Give me fifteen cents, and I’ll give you a dirty word.
        Man: What’s the word?
        Valerie: Men.

        (Ha. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But I do agree with your comment, Newbie.)

        That joke’s for you, “Michelle”!

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        GRS will be outlawed long before then, and transgenderism thrown into the trash can of history along with Mengele’s experiments, eugenics, lobotomies, and forced sterilizations of the “feeble-minded” once the medical malpractice suits and all of the health damage get publicized and politicians finally get some sanity and backbone. Your sexist movement of bigotry and hate toward more than half of the human race belongs in the trash can of history.

      • Newbie Says:

        lol morag99, I stand corrected. 😉

      • @Newbie

        But are trans-women even classified as “MAN” by society? They’re just as subject to “harassment, death threats, and physical assault” as radical feminists are, even more so.

        The American Bar Association ( defines hate speech as speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or *other traits*. Isn’t that what’s happening in this post and its comments? It’s one thing to disagree with other people’s choices and lifestyles, but it feels like the views being expressed here are on the offensive – as if transgender folks’ very existence and the advocacy for trans rights threaten each of you as individuals and should be fought. If ever there was a hyperbolic reaction, isn’t this it?

        Different groups have different needs, and the trans community is very unique in this way. Just because we can’t draw parallels to other minorities doesn’t mean we should deny them their needs, especially since doing so would not harm society. From the World Health Organization to the United Nations, well-respected psychiatric and human rights professionals recognize that trans folk *need* to fully manifest their felt gender, and this means in both their identity as well as how society views and interacts with him. What difference does it make to have a trans-woman teach your kids, date other women, use the women’s public bathroom or just exist authentically if there’s no harm?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Golly Gee sir: here are ALLLLLLLL these feminists (and all these posts!) on a feminist blog discussing the harmful impact of the transgender men’s rights movement and the ways it infringes on the status and Human Rights of Women. Discussing at length this demonstrative HARM to women and girls. And here comes you: yet another lazy ass entitled male prick who can’t be bothered to even read and understand the issues under debate before rushing in to tell us gals how wrong and “hateful” we all are towards men. Sir, I forward the idea that you are not an intelligent person, and further, that you are incredibly presumptive and rude. I would address any specific arguments you have made, except you haven’t made any.

        I have a *need* to be spared rank stupidity of lazy boring men like you, and this *need* is recognized by the World GenderTrender Organization, the United Nation of Feminism, and all the well-respected Women’s Rights professionals therein. So mote it be.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Aaaaaand yet another dude coming along to tell us how dudes have it worse than women. And that “no harm” is being done to women, although he’s posting on a blog that discusses, yanno, all the harm that’s being done to women by the trannies.

        You’re not too bright, are you, honey?

    • Kim Harmon Says:

      I agree entirely!

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    Brilliant! Thank you, Gallus Mag. Sharing….

  5. branjor Says:

    BRAVA! I second every word of this post.

  6. KgSch Says:

    Hell yes! I am with you Vee Elessar. Even just refusing to call these men “she” or “lesbian” is a powerful act of resistance these days as more and more people toe the liberal, politically correct line. The first amendment says I have freedom of speech and the freedom to associate with who I wish. I choose not to call myself another degrading c-word that men came up with and to associate with other women, particularly other lesbians.

    Thanks for also addressing the ridiculous notion of “monosexual privilege”! Lesbians are never treated as well as heterosexuals for loving only the same-sex (and neither are gay men). Het trannys obsess over so-called “lesbian” porn and try to shame us into being bisexual with their cotton ceiling rhetoric. (Also, as heterosexuals, wouldn’t they have this mythical “monosexual privilege” too?)

    Anyway, yes to all of this!

    • endthewoo Says:

      Even just refusing to call these men “she” or “lesbian” is a powerful act of resistance these days as more and more people toe the liberal, politically correct line.

      It is very frustrating to see so many supposed feminists, even people calling themselves radfems, who insist on calling these men “she” because it is “respectful”.

      It’s not respectful to women. It’s especially not respectful to lesbians and radfems and women who were married to these men, or the daughters of these men, or the women finding these men in their survivors groups and private spaces and the women who are pushed out of organisations to make way for Queer Inc feat Trans Creeps. Where’s our respect ??

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        It’s not just disrespectful to women, it is simply not true. Also the “cis” and “terf” are slurs. I refuse to play the trans game.

      • KgSch Says:

        Thanks! I agree completely. I was informed, in a very condescending way on a different website, that I should call “transwomen” “she” if they don’t rape or kill women or send death threats to lesbians/women. Here’s the thing though, true radical feminism isn’t about worshiping online stars or any other stars. Also, I fail to see how making nice with trans cult members who still dominate the discussion and police what you say is “feminism” even if they don’t send threats. Women did have women-only and lesbian-only space back in the 1970s and we did not get that space by trying to make nice with the slightly-less repulsive men and soothing their egos. (Actually, among pretend radical feminists on tumblr, it’s very popular to scapegoat GallusMag and anyone who comments here and make up bizarre lies about our politics. Can’t make that nice tranny friend angry!)

        Of course men cannot be women or the other way around, anymore than a white person can become black so it’s pointless to keep arguing with the queer/trans cult and their cheerleaders. But for some strange reason, some women do it anyway. It’s especially irksome when I see lesbians calling themselves radical feminists or even radical lesbian feminists while still claiming to be part of the LGBT+ and celebrating free plastic surgery at the taxpayers’ expense. LG wasn’t even a thing until the AIDS crisis when ill and dying gay men needed blood and caretakers and the first so-called sex-change operations were invented by mad doctors who wanted to heterosexulize lesbians and gays.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I think some women talk about the need to be “respectful” when they’re actually afraid. The tone of this feels very familiar to me as someone who has witnessed group dynamics around an abuser. Abusive men are always demanding respect, by which they usually mean compliance with their wishes. People subject to chronic risk of abuse often focus on pleasing the source of that risk, including enforcement of “respect” for the abuser or criticism of others at risk in hopes of diverting the abuser”s negative attention from themselves.

        That said, although I have some sympathy for women who act deferent to men because they are afraid, I have none for those willing to paint targets on the backs of other women in order to make themselves feel safer.

      • KgSch Says:

        @Oak and Ash

        I do think that you have a point about the fear-based things, because it is safer to have a few token, less-psycho trans “friends” and believe the real transsexual vs autogynephile fetishist narrative. Maybe some of them do seem nice, but I know that it’s not feminism when your tumblr post has to be submitted to your trans friend for approval. Again, feminism started out in a time when women had even less rights, and feminism would not have gotten anywhere with placating men. The lack of women-only and lesbian-only space is one reason why mainstream feminism isn’t really feminism. In the 1970s, mainstream feminists were against porn, and now to be a mainstream feminist you usually have to support porn.

        I think that like with patriarchy as a whole, the trans cult can’t function without women doing the dirty work. I also don’t have sympathy for women who paint the target on other women’s backs, or outright lie in hopes that patriarch will direct his rage at that woman instead.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Regarding the use of pronouns, it’s interesting to note that in Brody Jenner’s interview about his famous famiky, he assiduously avoids using pronouns, and just repeatedly says Caitlyn.

      • kesher Says:

        “the trans cult can’t function without women doing the dirty work.”

        Well, of course not. The movement is led by men, and men hate doing work that’s beneath them.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Kesher: I agree with you. In my experience with most small groups and social organizations, it’s generally the men who take high-profile leadership positions. It’s generally the women who are doing the grunt work, from writing the newsletter to arranging the room rental to setting up the refreshments table. Even men’s only groups such as the Masons rely upon their women’s auxiliary groups to do the grunt work.

        As I mentioned in another topic, I’m in a group in which a longtime member, an MTT, never took on any volunteer or administrative work. Then, the first and only time I saw him at an administrative meeting was to oppose a proposed new sexual harassment policy for the group after there had been some documented issues with inappropriate conduct.

    • southwest88 Says:

      Yes, cis is “another degrading c-word that men came up with” and I thank all the people who reject that word. The next 18 months or so (counting to November 2016 elections in US) are going to be tedious. More trans TV series will be running and it will take some time for mainstream media to become bored with this shiny new (to them) topic. Then we kick into the election season for real and the crap storm of misogyny will be relentless if Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee. I think it is a good time for us now to gather strength and know to pace ourselves for all the coming nonsense.

      • KgSch Says:

        Ugh, I hate election season. In countries like the UK, they are not allowed to spam TV viewers with as many adds. They can mail you a ton of stuff though. (I have a friend who lives there, and she says that they all find our elections “amusing”.) There is already a ridiculous amount of misogyny every time Clinton or another woman politician is mentioned (or when a woman with a thought in her head is mentioned.) Fortunately, I don’t watch that much TV because I work 50+ hours a week and I don’t use Facebook. The Democrats and their bullshit annoys me, but I still prefer them to the Republicans.

        I am also glad when people reject the term “cis” or terms like “cisgender lesbian” or “cisbian”. (I have been told by trannies and their cheerleaders to call myself all three things or else because real lesbians like lady penis.)
        Can you imagine any other oppressed group of people letting their oppressor appropriate their identity and then meekly calling themselves by a degrading name so as not to hurt the oppressor’s delicate ego? It’s ridiculous.

        I am happy that you have rejected the term cis too!

    • Chippy Says:


      I am totally on board with refusing to call mtt “she” or “lesbian”. They are heterosexual men using manipulation and aggression to shame women into having sex with them. It is not mean or wrong or phobic to refuse to have sex with a man. Part of being a empowered woman is being able to choose your own sex partners freely without being pressured or cajoled into it. Yep, it’s an act of resistance to call them what they are and not be what they want to pretend they are. It’s also a way to help women who feel pushed into an unwanted relationships with mtt to be able to call mtt what they are, heterosexual men. That’s why I think they are so insistent on appropriating language to suit their own ends. Because if you say they are men or heterosexual men, their ability to manipulate and control women and push women into sex is broken.

      • KgSch Says:

        Being able to name reality is very important for feminism to work and for anyone with half a brain. Even if a man doesn’t come across as a violent psycho, he is still not a woman or a lesbian. I still ask why it is okay for men to colonize womanhood/girlhood and lesbianism, but being “trans-racial” will get you a ton of shit from lefty liberals who believe the trans cult line.

        I am always happy when people don’t play the make-believe game!

      • Chippy Says:


        That the Rachel Dolezal transracial story came out right after the Bruce “Call me Caitlyn” Jenner Vanity Fair cover couldn’t have even been planned better to bring home the point. I’m not going to judge Rachel because she’s been convicted by the interwebz enough. I kind of feel sorry for her because her deceitful decisions undermined what she actually believed in and the good she could have been doing. I’m not okay with what she did, but in my opinion, there’s more reason for society and culture to accept trans-racialism than transgenderism. Race is a social construct, not a scientific classification. Biological sex has a very clear scientific basis. What’s anti-science is believing that cutting/pasting parts can make a male into a female. The pro-science position is that all humans are equally human regardless of sex, gender or race.

        That being said, like any male pretending to be a female, Rachel could pick and choose when and where she could present as black. Mtt can pick too. Women can’t pick.

        I don’t know if you’ve seen the following vid…..but at 2:40 there’s some major picking and choosing going on.

        For clarification, the vid is a social experiment. The two main characters are role playing and trying to attract attention.

        Trigger Warnings:
        crude language including the “c” word
        death threats
        pushing, shoving

      • Newbie Says:

        I laughed out loud at the “Trigger Warning: Overacting” and was going to post a reply to that effect. But then, I remembered my 2 year relationship with an armchair-diagnosed* Narcissistic Personality Disordered college professor** and was triggered*** without even watching the video.

        * armchair meaning hours and hours of online research and codependent obsession. And overacting is actually a great descriptor of a big part of NPD.

        **yes, I was his student

        ***this is actually a good thing. As long as it’s not paralyzing, I find that remembering and seeing things for what they are/were is empowering.

      • kesher Says:

        What was the social experiment supposed to entail exactly? To see if bystanders would intervene? Most people aren’t going to get in the middle of two men fighting; I think especially if they seem about equally matched in size, which those two men were.

        Either way, someone involved with this video must instinctually understand what late-transitioning, non-passing MTTs are like, because that guy fit the model precisely, picking and choosing whether to damsel or fight back and choosing the horrendous wig and clothes.

      • Chippy Says:

        oh, a NPD professor overacted at you. I sort of meant the overacting trigger as a joke but having spent some time being overacted at and about, I know what you mean. There’s probably a lot of us nodding our heads knowing exactly what we mean by the overacting trigger warning. I tend to recoil from that sort of behavior being directed at me now. So, yeah, it’s empowering to be able to call it what it is and remember it for what it does to people, especially women who are they see as lower than themselves.

        I’m not sure what the social experiment was supposed to achieve. I liked the expression on some of the women’s faces who were passing by who looked at the drama and then had the “nope” expression and walked away.

        And about the role, yep, the actor pretty much nailed it. When he flipped gender behavior, I can’t even be sure whether that was part of the act or he genuinely got angry at the other actor. And the wig is funny enough but the shawl? The shawl just was so over-the-top, it just completed the whole hysterically funny getup.

      • KgSch Says:


        I hadn’t seen the video before. I agree with kesher’s comment. Everyone knows the white guy is a man and most people aren’t stupid enough to intervene between two full-grown men having a shouting match, including other men. Women especially know to avoid that. If I see a fight escalate, then I will call the cops but I avoid playing vigilante unless it is necessary.

        I was thinking of the trans-racial thing and I think it has to do with everyone hates women and especially lesbians and the trans cult serves to change the meaning of “women” and “lesbian” to whatever men want it to mean. I think Freud’s ideas that women are castrated men also have a lot of influence (nevermind that most of those dudes keep their dicks).

        Racism, as bad as it is, is still taken slightly more seriously than misogyny or lesbian hatred experienced by women/lesbians of any race. This is probably why some “Pride” events banned drag queens who were doing blackface on the basis of racism, but they will never ban drag all together on the basis of sexism.

        Another component is that even if a bunch of delusional and racist white people decided they were black, there is not too much profit in giving them spray tans. There was a white man who got plastic surgery because he was “trans-Asian” but that’s not too common and falls under the “general plastic surgery category”. Giving healthy children expensive “puberty-blockers” (actually chemotherapy agents) and then cross-sex hormones ensures they will forever by slaves to the male-run medical complex because of the damage don to their bodies. There’s no such thing as people of different races having different hormones.

      • Chippy Says:


        I agree with both you and kesher, that no one was going to physically intervene in that shouting match, even when it got to the mtt flipping roles because it was two men arguing for the most part. There were more men than women hangin’ around to see if a fight broke out though. One woman was trying to calm it down. That was good of her.

        Your example of drag queens in black face being banned but not the entire mockery of women by drag queens, supports the idea that sexism is more tolerated and accepted, maybe even celebrated, more than it should be. Even more, lesbians are fetishized by men and so misogynistic weirdness on that score is all over the place. The very existence of women who would rather be with women than men by itself, is taken as personal jab against the masculinity of some men.

        But as regards the trans issue, yep, there’s nowhere to make a profit from whites who want to pretend to be black and there’s a ton of money to be made off the trans movement. Not to mention that there are a few Dr.Frankensteins who want to use the movement to indulge their own medical experiments. That Frontline documentary about Growing up Trans that some here were mentioning, those doctors know it’s all experimental and they have no real idea what they’re doing….but they want to make money and experiment off real live humans…especially children.
        Medical professionals have made it the industry standard to do something, anything, even experiments because they think it will save those with gender dysphoria from suicide. But that’s not really true. And the medical history of sex reassignment surgery has always been shakey.

        As for Freud’s idea that women are castrated males or that all fetuses are women but men develop more in utero, that’s just not true. It’s pretty much settled science that chromosomes determine sex. A zygote has a biological sex even before it splits into two cells. I especially abhor the idea that all fetuses are female but something magic happens to a fetus to make it more developed, i.e. male. That sort of pseudo science just plays into all the male supremacist canards and most importantly, it’s not science.

      • Zemskull Says:

        @Chippy: I agree with you regarding sexual boundaries. I have a hunch that MTTs get plenty of sex, because of the curiosity and desperation factors of their partners if nothing else. There are probably some willing partners of each gender and sexual orientation willing to try coupling with MTTs at least once. Desperate hetero men can tell themselves that an MTT is “woman enough” for the evening. The “cotton ceiling” pressure placed on lesbians is greedy of MTTs.

  7. Spinster Says:

    I HATE the term “cis”. Thanks for posting.

  8. Enlightened Says:

    Hear Hear! Well said Vee Elessar. And thanks for reposting GM 🙂

  9. charlston Says:

    Holy cow, I wish I had written that. Thankyou, thankyou.

  10. kiki Says:

    I agree with most of this but I als realise not every transperson is a transactivist. I have no trouble calling someone he or she even if it’s obvious they’re not the sex they claim to be as long as they’re realistic about themselves. It’s the trans jihadists that make me feel about transgenders the way you describe here. Like my phone telling me I visited 18+ websites because some transactivist made sure radfem blogs are classified as such.

  11. Unperson Says:

    Not a lesbian, but it’s more correct to say that they declared war, wars are fought covertly these days, there’s no open declarations, no uniforms, just a subtle ‘can we push you?’ strategy. The borg is never honest, nor open about its intentions, it can and will force you into the ‘baaad’ person position of making a clear statement of intent and then it will call you ‘baaad’ for being honest about your reading of the situation.

    That said, there’s nothing I essentially disagree with in those statements, it’s just that it will be finessed as an attack on vulnerable ‘men’, rather than a rejection of malignant narcissism.

  12. Oak and Ash Says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you, Vee Elessar!

    And thanks for the fireworks, Gallus Mag. Perfect image.

  13. czz Says:

    I think she’s right. Compromising, accommodating, playing nice, trying to see their point of view has been a disaster. Transgenders will never compromise in their efforts to be regarded as women 100% of the time in all settings, from sports teams to lesbian bedrooms. There is no meeting them half way.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      It’s like Obama in his early first presidency (well into his second) and all the “bipartisan” talk – there is no bipartisanship with Republicans…or trans! In the case of Caitlyn Jenner, one and the same!!!!

    • LC Says:

      From my own experience, every time I’ve tried to be understanding and meet libfems/misogynistic leftist males/trans persons halfway on any gender-related issue, I’ve still been shouted over, threatened, or called names. There’s no compromise with people who have been emotionally manipulated, because they’re no longer applying logic or reason to their position- you’d get the same results from asking a monkey not to fling poo at you.

      But recently I commented on some article about the girl scouts someone posted, and kept referring to the “trans girls” as “gender non-conforming boys being taken advantage of by progressive parents”- and while I got a lot of the bigot response, I also got a couple people responding that they understood what I was saying, and that they’d never thought of it that way before. So… yeah, accommodation just doesn’t work on this issue. Every concession we give will be twisted into a counter-attack.

    • Chippy Says:


      You are quick. I tried to find it too but couldn’t.

      I did find this though……(totally unrelated but I lol’d and thought others would too)

      “The product comes in 3 designs. “Fem-Flo Petite” is for the trans-woman who is still working to achieve maximum dilation, yet still wants to produce menses. “Fem-Flo Intermediate” provides dilation and an average amount of menstruation. And last, but not least, the “Fem-Flo Lush” for the trans-woman who wishes to enjoy “heavy” menstruation.

      “Our product is designed to give post-op trans-gender women the full-spectrum experience of menstruation. You don’t have to be deprived of the beautiful and womanly occurrence of menstruation merely because you were born without uterus. The Fem-Flo’s cotton core contains a small, vegetable-based capsule which upon reaching body temperature releases the “menses” contained within. It also aids in keeping the post-op canal conditioned and dilated after surgery and beyond.”

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Tampons! Good Goddess! They need a pill to give them agonizing cramps as well.

    • Newbie Says:

      The comments there are mostly reality-based, with even delusional m2ts saying it’s ridiculous.
      But did you see the “promoted content”???
      The 10 Grossest Things Young Women Do In Bed
      20 Shameful Things Girls Secretly Want You To Do
      and on and on…

      This whole “neovag treated by gynecologists,” “front hole,” and tampon for “rill bludz!!” makes sense when seen through the lens of misogyny. Men have long referred to vaginas as gash and wound (yes those nice gay men, too) so of course they see no difference between an organ with walls that touch and their surgically-constructed hole (wound) that must be kept open daily or it will heal closed.

    • atranswidow Says:

      @ Chippy, I really don’t believe this! At least the trans woman has the advantage of knowing just when they want to ”enjoy” that womanly experience of menstruation. The product manufacturers need to try a bit harder. Why not play Russian Roulette with ordinary tampons and those with that small vegetable-based capsule in it’s core so that they can experience the joys of irregular periods and not knowing just when that ”menses” is going to be released…….. You too can experience the womanly embarrassment of accidentally leaving a pool of blood on the chair in the staff dining room or staining your car seat if you’re taken unawares. ( I speak from experience). As for ”enjoying” heavy menstruation that has to be accompanied by intense muscle cramps, but only after days of mood swings. I’m sure that there are some readily available products that will induce those symptoms.

      I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I poured myself another glass of wine instead! So glad I’m beyond all that now.

    • Mochi Says:

      Chippy, I keep reading this one line

      “You don’t have to be deprived of the beautiful and womanly occurrence of menstruation merely because you were born without uterus.”

      Meeeerely because you were born without a uterus, does not a woman umake thee! A mere uuuuuuuuuteris, pesksome fleshsack.

      That is what they reduce a woman’s biology to. A “bloody” tampon.
      Sick sick sick fuckers. They are men. Men men men.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Dafuq? Enjoy heavy menstruation?! If those bullshit tampons really give a “full spectrum experience”, they’d better give crippling cramps to the “Lush” users.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “Our product is designed to give post-op trans-gender women the full-spectrum experience of menstruation. You don’t have to be deprived of the beautiful and womanly occurrence of menstruation merely because you were born without uterus.”

      I’m torn–I can’t decide whether to laugh myself sick or retreat to a remote mountaintop.

      • Elle Says:

        This reminds me of those Baby Alive dolls that would “eat” baby food and “soil” their diapers.

        Difference was, everyone knew they weren’t actual human babies. Everyone knew that it was just playing pretend.

      • morag99 Says:

        Elle, this is EXACTLY what I thought of when I read the story about the tampons that bleed: dolls that poop!

        I had a “Baby Alive” doll when I was little. I can still remember those foil packs of “food.” Ugh. And the mechanical sounds the baby made while chewing and digesting. Oh, my. Not to mention the plastic disposable diapers which created a lot of garbage and made lots of money for the company. Talk about training little girls into slavish femininity and consumerism!

        Yes, these tampons are similar in their expensive, wasteful, polluting let’s-play-pretend womanhood. It’s no longer only for unsuspecting little girls being educated into their submissive sex-role. It’s a new and decidedly different market.

      • FeistyAmazon Says:

        Wooohooo womon after my own heart! As a fierce DykeAmazon Sister I stand behind every word with her! I love her fierce Truth Speaking intensity!! -In Sisterhood,

    • Chippy Says:


      Excuse me for distracting from your concern here, sincerely.

      What this guy did, winning a woman’s biking competition, used to be called cheating.

      “merely a uterus”….I think they mean, the first home to all human life on Earth. I’d like to see dick-tampons top that!


      but the real women cramps would put too much a cramp in their style. They may not want to get up and go through two or three hours of dolling up if they got the cramps.


      I wish I was more shocked by the casual misogyny of click bait ads on the interwebz. As for the insulting names for a woman’s vagina, the description of gash and wound is far more appropriate for a mutilated male penis.


      Given your handle, you have my sympathies and admiration. Sympathies, because I dealt with weird, trans, stalker headgame at my first job for a little over a year. I can’t even imagine having a spouse who suddenly decides to flip genders/sex. That’s why you have my sympathy.

      If I didn’t get out of the situation, I was going to lose my confidence and sense of self. I know how hard it was for me. It had to be much more difficult for you by orders of magnitude. That’s why you have my admiration. You got through it.


      Russian Roulette as a descriptive for periods? Seems accurate. A non lethal, natural blood flow that can’t be predicted precisely enough. I propose a game….The Red Roulette: At the beginning of each month, predict the actual date of the menstruation onset and if correct, treat yourself. It’s a way to get to know your body for those who need more excuses to have a glass of wine. For those who don’t have to care anymore, you get a glass of wine every day! It’s a win – win!

      @Teal Deer

      Maybe they should have parties to induce cramping. It’s like MMA but with the beautiful (snicker snicker) result of getting a charlie horse in the gut that approximates cramping.

      @Oak and Ash

      For now, I’m going to laugh at this absurdity. However, if trans-dick-tampons ever get covered by health insurance and women menstruation products aren’t (including Midol), then, Then, THEN …we run to the mountaintop, form a uterine shaped compound base with high impenetrable walls, call it femtopia and wait for the rise of the machines.

      @ GallusMag

      dang, you get to the real behind everything.

      I am so not okay with men getting awards and honors that are intended for women. I don’t care if it’s a participatory ribbon, a first place trophy or a woman of the year in such and such. It’s just another way to displace women. It’s just another way to devalue accomplishments.

    • Mochi Says:


      it helps you stay “dialated”.

      Why…why can’t I stop laughing? And crying?

  14. Katy Says:

    I like the use off all the re used lines. What’s the matter, couldn’t come up with enough original sentences for a 6 paragraph ‘me me me’ speech?

    • GallusMag Says:

      That’s probably it, sir. What a well-honed literary critique. You fellas are too much. Literally.

      (see what I did there? lol)

      • morag99 Says:

        Hang on a sec. Maybe this isn’t about literary merit, but copyright?

        It’s just occurred to me that perhaps Katy is upset that Vee Elessar has infringed upon what the male trans consider intellectual property. Namely, the constant refrain: “I am a woman; I AM a woman; I AM a WO-MAN … “

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        And by “woman”, the fetishists mean…someone in high-heels?

        Has these transvestites ever explained what they mean by “woman”? It’s not the definition every one else has been using.

      • CD Says:

        @morag99, your comment reminded me of how their endless “woman” refrain always makes me want to recite the poem from So I Married an Axe Murderer:

        “Woman! Woah, man! Whoooooaaaaa man! She was a thief! You gotta believe! She stole my heart and my cat!” *jazz music*

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Too bad Martin Luther King didn’t have you to edit his “I have a dream” speech. It might have been so much better without the use of repetition as a rhetorical device–not to mention all that “me me me,” as you so eloquently put it.


      And, speaking of editing, you’ve written “off” rather than “of” and “re used” doesn’t have a space. Just saying.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘Too bad Martin Luther King didn’t have you to edit his “I have a dream” speech. It might have been so much better without the use of repetition as a rhetorical device …’

        Yeah. Like, didn’t he have access to an online thesaurus or anything? Because, instead of over-using “dream dream dream,” and risk boring the audience, he could’ve said “I have subjective pictures in my mind” or “I have a strong desire for things to be better in this crap world” or even — more clearly and plainly — “Listen, I’m what you’d call an idealist.” You know, add some variation, a little interest! I mean, this is just basic English 101 stuff …

    • Elle Says:

      “Katy” must be referring to the writer’s skillful use of anaphora.

      Thank you, Vee Elessar, for this beautiful post that should never have had to be written, but which now must be. You made my day!

    • Secret Serval Says:

      Aaah, I see the problem. A woman wrote something about herself, her feelings and made them the important part of her declaration. She obviously should have made it about the menzzzzzz.

  15. Bkh Says:

    Beautifully written! I am very new to gender critical feminism, and I finally feel like I have found a movement that accepts and embraces my beliefs. Thank you for writing this.

  16. Vee Elessar, awesome post! I agree completely.

    Women’s Declaration of Independence from the Orwellian, misogynistic to the very core trans* thought police who want to reduce “woman” to a pornified male fetish.

    Most women feel this way, but they have been bullied into silent submission.

  17. Chippy Says:


    Now that’s a woman!!!!

    Vee said what I want to say but didn’t say but she said it better than I would have said anyway so I’m glad she said it.

    Go, Vee, Go!!!!!

  18. Derrick Jensen Says:

    I’m wondering if I can ask some advice from y’all. i’m thinking about this line from the original post: “I will not tolerate being called CIS-woman, biological-woman. . . .” Of course I’m on board with all of this. I hate what the MRAs are doing, and see all the queer/trans/third-wave stuff as MRA backlash to feminism. One of the lines I’ve been using lately when I write about this is that I believe that women have the right to bathe, sleep, gather, organize, etc free from the presence of biological males. I’ve been uncomfortable using the word “biological” because “biological male” is redundant. But I’ve continued to use it because it’s been a quick and easy way to point out that the transactivists are going against biology. But it hadn’t really occurred to me that “biological males” might be not only redundant but misleading in that it could imply that there are two types of males: biological males and non-biological males (whatever that might mean). So my question is: do you think in a sentence like “Women have the right to bathe, sleep, gather, organize, etc free from the presence of biological males,” should I stop using the word “biological”? Is it more helpful to explicitly emphasize that biology is involved, or is it more harmful to then accidentally imply that there might be other kinds of males? Recognizing that in either case the word biological is redundant and should be stricken on grammatical grounds. Thank you!

    • morag99 Says:

      I’ve been thinking about this, too, Derrick. Or, rather, I’ve been noticing a change in my own writing of online comments about transgenderism. Namely, that I’ve been dropping almost all qualifiers for “men” and “women” and use “male” and “female” only when necessary for clarification (e.g., female trans, male trans).

      That is, I’ve come to a point of “fuck it, everybody KNOWS who is a man and who is a woman.” Right? Despite all the trans propaganda, nobody is confused about this, not even the genderist-queer-third-wavers. I find that they know exactly what I’m saying when I call people by their sex, not by their identity. And not just here, on gendertrender, where I learned how to do this. But almost everywhere else, too.

      I’d like to hear what others have to say about their experiences with sex/transgender language and how it may be changing, as the fear of incorrectness dissipates. But, yeah, I agree that “biological male” is redundant and might imply that there is another type of male. Personally, I like calling so-called transwomen “men.” Because that’s what they are, and because the word is, in that context, political. It’s resistance. It’s naming names!

      • LC Says:

        If gender theorists really didn’t understand the difference between the sexes, they wouldn’t spend so much time protesting that “Transwomen are women too!” It would be self-evident. Or saying that not all women have periods, give birth, go through menopause, etc, and that may be true, but no one was confused by that before the trans mafia came. No one is honestly confused about that now, which is why the rhetoric and the constant protests are needed to generate confusion.

    • Free from sex pozzies Says:

      Stick to plain “males”, because they are all biological and there aren’t other types. Really, either will work, but I do think you are right about how adding biological can work against the idea.

    • anon male Says:

      I typically go with

      “males (however they choose to identify)”

      Taken extremely out of context, it might sound like it reinforces identitarianism, but when used in a sentence like your example, it’s pretty clear.

      I don’t like rhetoric that allows trans a separate “class”* because they’ll use that loophole first as a shield and then as a crowbar, which, I believe, is what you’re sensing with the non biological language possibility.

      *For example, when someone tries to be nice and make the point “men hurt women and trans! Males are your enemy, not us!” it typically ends up backfiring or, at best, being a pointless concession.

      • amazondream Says:

        I’d say stick with just males. I think anytime you add a modifier to the word ‘male’ you’ve already made a concession to the trans borg and they’ll rape any concessions you make, as we already know.

        When you start from the basic premise and stick with it you put them in the position of having to add the modifiers. No point in making it easy for them.

    • gargantuan Says:

      I agree with everyone above, I think it is best not to qualify “kinds” of men and women, and just say “male” or “female.”

      Some people, who are confused by having swallowed all of the pomo bullshit about biological sex being a construct, do need a helping hand, so sometimes I will say “XX” or “XY”… that can be helpful, to clear away all that.

      I think one of the MAIN ways trans activists convinced everyone that they are women is by asserting that “trans” is another “type” of woman, because they knew we were all used to the “x woman” formulations (white woman, disabled woman, straight woman). That is a main way that they trick people, because most average joes and janes aren’t prepared to catch the logic fail in that.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Derrick, I just go now with “women” and “men”. Speaking strictly for myself, using qualifiers feels like capitulation, and I refuse to participate. When I need to speak of a trans person, I use MtT (male-to-trans) or FtT (female-to-trans), abbreviations I learned here at GT.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      Well, all males have the XY chromosome, so there’s that. No way they can ever be XX. Ever. Rearranging body parts and adding fake stuff never changes it, either. You just can’t “think” your way into the sex you aren’t biologically, although you can try to fool people with the bullshit.

    • Zemskull Says:

      HI Derrick Jense: I don’t think you’re capitulating when you say “biological male.” In a debate setting, you want to anticipate your opponent’s upcoming arguments, and shut those down in advance. Using “biological male” suggests that you’re aware that your opponent will try to turn gender into a concept fuzzier than biological. And, you’d probably be correct. I suppose you could get more specific and say, “Women have the right to bathe, etc. free from the presence of penis-owners.”

    • Donna Says:

      I try to keep it simple and science-based. I am a female Homo sapien. The other members of my species that are not female Homo sapiens are known as male Homo sapiens.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      Another option might be “men, including trans women”. Since in my experience the more out-there transactivists are keen to erase biological differences completely (‘I’m a woman therefore my biology is female!’ and other assorted craziness) and nitpick every ‘biological fact’ to death in order to wear feminists down and gaslight them into submission (‘well whaaaat abooouuut intersex?! or all these rare chromosomal conditions or XX males and XY females and whatever?!?!?’)

      I think it makes clear that 1) trans women are a subset of men and 2) you’re talking about patriarchally-defined sex classes rather than gender or identity politics of any kind. Assuming that’s correct??

      I also think 99% of people will know exactly what you mean when you say “Women have the right to bathe, sleep, gather etc free from the presence of men/males” with no qualifiers—including trans activists/allies, but they knowingly pretend they have no idea what you mean in order to bait you into saying trans women are men so that you expose yourself as a TERF and they feel heroic for revealing your nefarious plots or whatever.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Unlike everyone else who’s responded, I do use “biological” in front of fe/male or wo/man not as a concession but as a clarifier, especially when commenting around dumb asses who might otherwise be confused, since they already are. The thing is that, maybe because they’re adjectives, fe/male seem to be even more implicitly biological than wo/man. Though honestly I don’t see how these could be anything but either. These words have all been appropriated. Refusing to use qualifiers may add to the confusion for some, ultimately it helps to clarify things. Language is important..

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        Thank you so much to _all_ of you for your thoughtful replies. You’ve given me so much to think about. The problem, and I’m being honest here, is that I find all of the above arguments compelling, even when one person advises one direction, and another advises a different direction. Thank you so much. What all of you said is already changing how I write about this. Thank you, and in solidarity with women. . . .

      • GallusMag Says:

        My opinion is that it depends who you are writing for. If you are writing a nuanced analysis for an audience that is already informed on the basics than precise language becomes important. If you are leaving a comment on a news article for the general public, who is completely uniformed about trans/genderism, then it doesn’t really matter. The jist is the thing there.

  19. cerulean blue Says:

    Even though I’m not a lesbian these words resonate with me. I stand with my lesbian sisters, who have been harmed the most by the trans agenda and by the hetero handmaidens who thinkingly or unthinkingly (usually the former, and calculatedly so) sacrifice their real sisters on the altar of political correctness in a pitiful, fruitless effort to curry favor with a demographic who will never see them as anything but a tool to promote their own fetishes.

    As a woman, a person forced since birth to live and breathe the dogma of sexual inferiority, i will not allow a man–or his handmaidens– to tell me what to call myself, to redefine my experiences in light of his desires. If a trans human wants a word to describe the medical and psychological mess he has created for himself, he is welcome to make one up. He can call himself a halfman, a cutman, noman, an ersatzman, a eunuch, a pretender. But he will not use the words my people–my sisters– have used since language began to define ourselves. He will not usurp my reality and supplant the meaning of the word woman, because it is not his word, never has been, and never will be. And I won’t honor or validate his delusions– or tarnish what a woman is and always has been– by using that word, or any compound of it, to describe him. Not transwoman. Not trans woman. Just trans. Because woman is more than “not man.” Because their abandonment of the gender that celebrated them is not a free pass to invade the gender that has circumscribed my life. And because their refusal to acknowledge the reality and immutability of their sex is no excuse to appropriate my lived reality.

    • Enlightened Says:

      Well said.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Wow, drop the mic and walk off the stage, Cerulean, ’cause you nailed it! Beautiful post.

    • Elle Says:

      Holy cow, cerulean blue! More fantastic writing! (“Because ‘woman’ is more than ‘not man'” indeed!)

      I want to hear voices like these in the mainstream media, exposing the trans “experience” for the fetish it really is.

      Great work.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      Another perfect comment! Thank you, from another “straight” woman who stands with her lesbian sisters, too.

  20. Zemskull Says:

    Hi Gallus:

    Great essay.

    I have an old friend who is a born-woman, but somewhat “masculine” in appearance. She is 6’4 and played college basketball. She’s back on the dating scene, and something she’s been running into lately is that potential dates assume that she’s MTT. She needs a snappy retort. Suggestions?

  21. Radical Grandma Says:

    This is perfect, Vee Elessar! Thank you, you spoke eloquently for all us women.

  22. jodiethalegend Says:

    What I don’t get is why trans people don’t just identify as… trans. So you’re male but don’t want to be a man? Be trans. Female but don’t feel like a woman? We already have a word for that. Save ‘woman’ for the adult female humans, because seriously, if you are born male you cannot grow up to be an adult female human. I am female and I do my best to identify as a person, but even that is not always easy. Sometimes you have to reveal what your genitals look like in order to do something supposedly gender-neutral like register to vote or book a hotel online. But I would never presume to co-opt manhood.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi jodiethalegend: I would like to see all forms have third option answers for gender, so that transgenders might have the courtesy to use those. Or so we could hope. I see some options on online forms for “Male, Female, Other,” or even “Male, Female, Prefer Not to Answer.” For example, Microsoft has a “Not Specified” option on its products such as Outlook.

    • kesher Says:

      Some do. Those that are somewhat more supportive of women and reasonably mentally healthy don’t have a problem acknowledging their maleness and making a distinction between themselves and actual women. But most have considerable mental illnesses or disorders that don’t exactly help them think rationally. Many utterly loathe women and don’t care about what we think, how we feel, or how we might be harmed by trans ideology.

      Also, it seems like the autogynephiles are the worst of the bunch in terms of refusing to acknowledge their maleness and giving women a break. They’re the most invested in making sure no one is “allowed” to notice that they’re male.

      • gaydude50 Says:

        Exactly. Isn’t that the part of the pathology of autogynephila? They need to be women. Full stop. To modify it with trans diminishes their sexual gratification from their fetish. It’s that totally creepy Buffalo Bill putting on the skin of a woman that gets them off.

  23. Siobhan Says:

    I participate on a forum which is made up of alumna from my women’s college. I am a graduate from the early 1980s, however, and I am horrified by some of the presumptuous, male-serving attitudes I find there. I think part of their absolutism regarding transgenderism is their experience of friends who decided to become transmen while at the college. In their enthusiasm for supporting their good female friends, they don’t recognize how they are hurting women as a class.

    In a conversation lambasting those who were making comparisons between Rachel Dolezal and Jenner, several of them claimed that, while Dolezal was offensive because she was a person from a privileged class appropriating the identity of an oppressed class, the same did not apply to Jenner because of “the existence of transmen.” You supposedly cannot say that people like Jenner are entitled males who are using their lifetime of male privilege to intrude upon and destroy female culture and spaces, because of “the existence of transmen.” The fact that there are females who decide to claim they are men, even if they do so for vastly different reasons than the males who claim to be women, creates a shield for the autogynephiles and a way to avoid scrutiny for their misogynist actions and attitudes.

    It struck me that it is really important to the men’s rights movement we call transactivism that females continue to transition and be visible, in order to hide the essential misogyny of that movement. So many females have been hurt and shamed into mutilating their healthy bodies in solidarity with these men. Females are the cannon fodder that the powerful males are using in their attacks on women, and the handmaidens are eager to make that possible.

    • branjor Says:

      “The existence of transmen.”

      What, do they think no blacks have ever passed for white?

      • coelacanth Says:

        If they so, then they should youtube “Imitation of Life” (1959) and watch Susan Kohner’s character and sub-plot!

      • shonagh Says:

        Also, Jewish people ‘passing’ as not-Jewish in order to avoid persecution.

    • kesher Says:

      In regards to their Jenner apologism, what do they have to say about black people who pose as white? That may not happen as much these days, but trying to pass as white was fairly common in past decades and centuries. White people were paranoid enough about it to make it illegal.

      There are a number of high-profile biracial celebrities who could pass as white if they wanted to. If, for example, Rashida Jones decided not to challenge the people who don’t know who her father is and assume she’s white, does this mean that what Rachel Dolezal did is no big deal? Because some biracial, white-passing people might choose to escape their oppression by “identifying” as white?

      Trying to escape oppression by identifying as the ruling class is not a trump card for members of the oppressor class “identifying” as the oppressed for shits and giggles.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      This guy is hilarious. It’s really too bad he conflates handmaidens with feminists though. In another video, to his credit, he does refer to them as third-wave feminists.

      • Relieved Says:

        To be fair, I think it can be confusing for a lot of people with the prominent feminist sites in mainstream media being so inflammatory and trollish. How are average (not politically active, not academic) people supposed to tell the difference?

        Too often people who criticize any feminism or feminist site are met with super snarky, middle school flavored vitriol from the bloggers themselves. Also, when a legit complaint is raised the response is often “not all feminists!” or the no true scotsman argument by the same people who write tomes about how “not all men” is a huge cop out that minimizes the fact that some men are genuinely bad.

        I personally wish there were more meeting spaces for women in real life because it cuts out a lot of the online bs caused by the mass monetization of online content. As long as internet posts are SEO stuffed moneymakers, most “feminist” content online mostly serves to make money for media conglomerates who could not care less about real women. Feminist content by major players is generally not intended to support or inform women but intended to court MRAs who gawd knows will spend days linking and commenting on anything feminist related.

        This is why the Guardian regularly posts stories in its women’s section about how feminists are concerned with campus rape and fills said stories with giant upskirt photos of drunk girls showing their asses on the street because they know soon enough there will 3000 comments about “what they want to get all drunk and let their asses hang out then they want to cry rape when some bloke assumes she wants to shag cause she is showing her ass all over town! Feminists are idiots!” tripe? It’s all $$$ to them.

        The point is that media is aware that feminism is a hot topic, so they will write whatever inflammatory crap that makes the money come in even if it insults rape survivors and smears real feminists and feminism in the process. Regular people just see the word “feminism” attached to hateful crap and assume that all feminism sucks, so when someone disses feminism and isn’t a vocal anti-feminist, I figure they are referring to outrage feminist media online not people who are pro-women’s rights.

  24. river Says:

    They could only eat meat and no veg, become severely constipated. That should induce cramping if that’s what they want and in the bargain, make it safer for women in public toilets. Thank you.

    Have you seen this?

    This wrankled rather muchly today, when there’s a conference being planned in London, Feminist they say, women only. Yay right? No. Trans will be speaking but they ARE WOMEN, not trans. Do you see? Funding, splashy venue unhampered welcome all posh and poncy. The same year that Mich Fest has been shut down by them, they are welcomed at the Feminist in London conf. 150 speakers. So far, no no-platforming at all. No feminists either from what I can tell, just the name. A feminist conference that men will allow:

  25. silverside Says:

    Will they take on stretch marks next?

    • Em Says:

      I’m still waiting for them to fetishize menopause. Crones, however, seem to lack the necessary sexay.

      • morag99 Says:

        “I’m still waiting for them to fetishize menopause.”

        They kind of do that already, don’t they? By insisting that they, as men, are no different from women who no longer menstruate or who never did.

        They do this by arguing that a single part of womanhood, in isolation, equals the whole of womanhood. They take any part of female biological function or social experience, and then reduce, objectify and detach it from the person/class of persons. They devote themselves to the notion that this detached thing is a quality they possess, and so they, too, are women.

      • Mochi Says:


        Well, by their own admission, menz are “better at math and science” because their “man brains” are better at “compartmentalization” (as opposed to the wishy-washy, over emotional, impractical, associative womb-brain)….

        Compartmentalization- the mental act of disconnecting everything from everything else until causality and interdependence are completely meaningless….a cognitive defect which divorces the flower from the field.

      • LC Says:

        Not sure if that’s really fetishizing or looking for justification. The reality, of course, is that women who never menstruate suffer a lot of confusion and self-loathing that female-wannabes would never understand, because they -know- they were never going to menstruate. Same with infertile women and the problems faced by women going through menopause.

        The absence of a trait does not make the absence of the experience identical. I can’t breathe water, but that doesn’t mean I know what it’s like to be a bird.

      • Oak and Ash Says:


        “Compartmentalization- the mental act of disconnecting everything from everything else until causality and interdependence are completely meaningless….a cognitive defect which divorces the flower from the field.”

        Beautifully said.

        It’s no surprise that men compartmentalize more than women do. Without context, privilege and oppression become invisible, and anyone who enjoys a good wallow in narcissistic self-pity can declare himself oppressed while remaining more privileged than his supposed oppressors.

      • morag99 Says:

        Mochi and Oak —

        Re: men’s cognitive defects. Have you read Margaret Atwood’s short piece, “The Female Body”?


        “The male brain, now, that’s a different matter. Only a thin connection. Space over here, time over there, music and arithmetic in their own sealed compartments. The right brain doesn’t know what the left brain is doing. Good for aiming though, for hitting the target when you pull the trigger. What’s the target? Who’s the target? Who cares? What matters is hitting it […] This is why men are so sad […]

        “Then it comes to him: he’s lost the Female Body! Look, it shines in the gloom, far ahead, a vision of wholeness […] Catch it. Put it in a pumpkin, in a high tower, in a compound, in a chamber, in a house, in a room. Quick, stick a leash on it, a lock, a chain, some pain, settle it down, so it can never get away from you again.”

  26. Mom Says:

    Perfectly said, Vee. You speak for me!

  27. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Just in case I havent already. Because WE Are at War!!!

  28. sanitybroke Says:

    You are a vile and disgusting human being. Transwomen ARE women. there is a lot of actual science to back this up. You hateful, horrible woman. You are an insult to feminism.

  29. sanitybroke Says:

    I am a feminist; you ladies are NOT. You are a hate group disguised as feminists. You give us a bad day, and I hope I’m there when you guys fall.

  30. Utopia Bold Says:

    I’m amazed that the administrators at some women’s colleges such as Mt Holyoke, admit so called “trans women” (men who are female impersonators). Surely they cant believe that men can “become” women! Didn’t they take biology in high school? Females have the XX chromosome and males the Xy so females and males differ on the CELLULAR level.

    So how is the trans cult getting away with legally creating a fiction? Threatening lawsuits because these men are being discriminated upon while masquerading as women!?
    They might as well legally state that the moon is made of green cheese!

  31. atranswidow Says:

    ”I am a woman. That word belongs to me. I get to say what that word means. I will not use the word woman or she to include one man. I will not use the word woman or she to describe one man. I will not ally myself with any man who uses woman and she to describe himself no matter how much of a “good guy” he says he is. I will protect the word woman, and in protecting the word woman, I protect my ability to speak about myself, my experience, my future, my past and the entire history of women. You will not rob me of my ability to know my sisters through language. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.”

    You don’t know how much I needed to rehear those words today.

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