Mountain Bike ‘Groundhog Day’ as male rider Sylvia Castaneda sweeps Women’s division of Vittoria Eastern States Cup

July 12, 2015

Sylvia (reportedly Jamie Hargreaves) celebrates the win at Eastern State Cup

Sylvia (reportedly Jamie Hargreaves) celebrates the win at Eastern State Cup

In a story that will sound like ‘Groundhog Day’ to those familiar with the Michelle Dumaresq saga, a male competitor named Sylvia Castaneda was given the green light by mountain bike racing sponsor Vittoria Tires to compete in the prestigious Eastern States Women’s Cup on the basis that he claims to feel that he is mentally female, or has an internal female essence.

Like Dumaresq, who became the male Canadian National Women’s Champion of Downhill Mountain Bike Racing for three years under a similar policy until his retirement,  Castaneda ran his first race in the novice female rank and swept the entire division, and just like Dumaresq, beat the top time of the entire elite female professional category by more than two seconds.

Sylvia Castaneda facebook

Sylvia Castaneda facebook

“Sylvia Castaneda of Boston, racing in her very first downhill event, was easily the biggest shock of the weekend. The fast and fearless Castaneda not only won the female beginner class by a whopping 41-seconds, she was also the fastest female on the day, beating the women’s pro division winner by more than two seconds. Talk about starting off with a bang,” reported PinkBike, who opted not to mention the fact that Sylvia is in fact a male competitor. A fairness complaint, left as a comment on their post by an event attendee was also not responded to. Castaneda would have placed 2nd in the male novice category for the 19-29 year old age group in the June 14 Pats Peak New Hampshire event. He would not have placed at all in the professional male category.

Sylvia Castaneda is a man named James “Jamie” Hargreaves, with a history of competing (and not placing) in male races, sources report to GenderTrender. He works as a bike mechanic for a large shop in Boston’s west end. He has also used the alias “Jamie Liddell”, adopting the surname of his apparent life-partner, another transgender male.

Sylvia in Jamie Liddell persona. Facebook.

Sylvia in Jamie Liddell persona. Facebook.

Boston’s Community Bicycle Supply, “Sylvia’s” official sponsor, opted not to mention or celebrate their sponsored rider’s “shocking” winning sweep on either their main business or their several times daily updated facebook site. Not a whisper for their triumphant “female” champion.

Like Michelle Dumaresq before him, Castaneda/Hargreaves does not believe that his male physiology, bone structure, musculature, and history/socialization as a male athlete advantages him over the females he is competing against, says a source who knows him (and who wants it stated that they are a strong supporter of LGBT people with many beloved friends and family members falling into that category). Sylvia/James truly believes that he has a “female mind” and that this mind-set makes him unquestionably female biologically. He believes that males who are predisposed to “femininity” are not physically male because femininity is the definition of womanhood and the mind overrides corporeality. Or something.

Perhaps like many transgender male athletes he views himself as a “disadvantaged” due to the social stigma he receives as a male who embraces “femininity”, and dominating in competition against female athletes is an entitlement that “equalizes” that “disadvantage”. Or perhaps, like Dumaresq, his narcissism is so great that he believes his male biology has disappeared under his command (and some hormone pills!), and his sudden fabulous win streak in athletics is based on the fact that he is simply one very, very special lady.

Vittoria Tire, sponsors of the Eastern States Cup, agrees with this definition of “female athlete”: any man can be one. Rather than support women’s sports and the kick-ass female mountain bike division, they opted to prioritize the rights of any men who “identify” as “male-bodied females”.

After ignoring women’s fairness concerns following the male rider’s sweep of the women’s division, Vittoria responded by licensing James/Sylvia for his second race in the women’s division for round two of the New England Cup on July 4, in Killington, VT, this time in the top rated amateur women’s category. To no one’s surprise, he again swept the women’s division, besting all actual female amateur competitors and also all of the women’s professional category, except the #1 elite top women’s rider Mary Elges, who bested him by over three seconds. James/Sylvia would have failed to place at all in his top male amateur category at this event, much less the pro male category. Funny how PinkBike didn’t even mention “Sylvia” this time in their report of his second event.

What is striking beyond the extraordinary “Groundhog Day” synchronicities of the previous Michelle Dumaresq and the current Sylvia Castaneda incursion into women’s downhill mountain bike racing, (both sweeping the entire female division on their first novice race, both exhibiting utter entitlement to do so as men who feel “disadvantaged” by the existence of female sporting events), is the larger “Groundhog Day” of the male sporting authorities, media and sponsors shitting on women’s sports in general: Male sponsors like Vittoria Tire blatantly tokenizing and disrespecting elite women athletes. Male sponsors like Boston’s Community Bicycle Supply robbing female athletes of their right to compete fairly against other women. Male licensing boards prioritizing male feelings over basic female rights to licensed women’s athletic competition. Male sports media ignoring and censoring coverage of women’s sports. “Transgender” policies adopted by male sports authorities which solely benefit male competitors, to the sole detriment of female athletes. Rinse and repeat. Endlessly. Groundhog Day.


174 Responses to “Mountain Bike ‘Groundhog Day’ as male rider Sylvia Castaneda sweeps Women’s division of Vittoria Eastern States Cup”

  1. marjaleena repo Says:

    This just proves that men are better at everything, including at being women! (Ditto for Bruce Jenner, who is out-sex potting women, but will always be Bruce to me.)

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      I wonder if Roger Federer will pull a “ladyfeels” when he no longer has any shot of winning majors anymore?

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Men feel entitled to win–Olympic gold if they can, a women’s event if they can’t–and if all else fails, they compete in the oppression Olympics.

    • easilyriled Says:

      Yep. After all, men know best what they want women to be. We should all just retire and move to Iceland to develop an authentically female feminist (not the fun kind) utopia. pfftt.

  2. dejavublonde Says:

    If you go to the site and look at all the other winner photos the body language is very interesting. In all of the other photos with the groups of winners they all triumphantly have their arm raised in a ‘YEAH!’ pose, including the photos of all women. Except this group. The women are haalf heartedly raising an arm like ‘yeah?’. Only one triumphant pose in this photo.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      The body language says it all. Castaneda’s also doing this coy, knock-kneed, hyperfeminine S-curve pose with his fist-pump. The actual women in the picture are standing up straight.

      And yeah, they do look like they’re thinking “WTF?”

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  4. MaryMacha Says:

    Why even bother having women’s sports anymore? They, MTTs, are like the perfect poison pill to destroy everything female.

  5. Susan Nunes Says:

    It is called cheating. This should not be allowed, ever.

  6. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Female athletes are going to have to start suing.

  7. dejavublonde Says:

    I think next I shall compete in the International Children’s Games- I have a child-like heart and enjoy wearing pigtails.

  8. Mochi Says:

    Speaking of, who appears to have ignored that complaint….

    This isn’t the first time they’ve been accused of, well, a total disregard for females.

    TLDR: Pinkbike has a rather permissible attitude to rape “jokes”, and the threatening, harassment and stalking of female staff writers (some of whom are also professional competitors themselves.)
    To say the least.

  9. kesher Says:

    At this point, the only way forward I see is for actual women athletes to refuse to compete with these men and for the rest of us to back them up by refusing to support these events and the events’ sponsors.

    A few decades after women finally gained the freedom to participate in sports, we do actually have a lot of purchasing power in this area. Athletic companies suddenly losing most of their female customers would hurt a lot. Any athletic company that supports males unseating real female athletes should face boycotts. I regularly buy from Title Nine, Lucy, and New Balance. I’m up for cutting my financial support of these businesses if any of them tacitly support this nonsense.

    • endthewoo Says:

      At this point, the only way forward I see is for actual women athletes to refuse to compete with these men

      I wish this would happen, but they’re probably all too frightened into compliance by accusations of “phobia”, along other threats and potentially a loss of their career. The men running and supporting this circus are the ones with all the resources.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I am not “too afraid” and I have plenty of “resources.” The original commenter is right: women must boycott these events and spectators need to back them. Sponsors need to face lawsuits. Otherwise, nothing will change. Not ALL of us are drunk on Koolaid.

  10. Zemskull Says:

    Cycling? Rigged? Next you’ll tell us that the Tour de France is full of cheaters. Oh, wait.

  11. Loup-loup garou Says:

    If an actual woman performed the way Castaneda did, there would be demands for her to undergo “gender-testing” to prove she’s not actually a man. And whatever she had to say about that herself wouldn’t matter.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Just look at the crap Serena Williams is going through with some idiots actually thinking she is a man. It is just disgusting.

    • KgSch Says:

      Some sports will demand that women who have slightly higher testosterone levels do something medically unnecessary about it in order to compete.

      I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the female athletes who get accused of being men are black. I think there’s a racism factor going on there.

      As for this issue, there’s not a lot more I could add accept that I support kesher’s idea of boycotting the hell out of these people. It’s so tragic that women work so hard to compete in professional sports only to have some dude who can’t cut it in the men’s competition get declared “best ‘female’ athlete” ever.

      This reminds me of the Futurama episode where Bender can’t get into the man-bot Olympics, so he pretends to be a fem-bot and gets in the fem-bot Olympics and wins. Then, when they do the sex-testing, he gets the professor to give him a sex-change so he can keep the medals and pulls the “I’m a better female than you” line.

      This is pretty much the exact same thing except the contestants aren’t robots. Now that it’s real life, it’s not funny.

  12. Newbie Says:

    So is the future of women’s sports now destined to be 90% men with lady brains? Decked out trannies in lipstick and pigtails taking over the WNBA a la “Gabrielle” Ludwig? This is a joke, but I’m not laughing.

  13. belinda Says:

    Those women should have pulled down their pants. if he’s a woman–show us the pussy. if I were competing against him, I’s shame him 6 ways to Sunday–and make those photos unpublishable.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Belinda I don’t about pulling down the pants, but I recall that the military pre-entrance exams for women used to include a quick “gynecological screening.” No pap tests taken or looking at the cervix; just a gloved finger-up-the-vagina and it was over. I suspect that the purpose of the test was just to determine that an enlistee claiming to be a woman was indeed that. Cycling events already have “doping control” for winners to pass though. A couple of stirrups shouldn’t be hard to bring.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I should think a female only policy should be enough. When a man like Sylvia knows that any wins will be expunged when his sex becomes known and he will be banned from the women’s division it should go a long way to stopping this nonsense. You don’t need to inflict invasive gyno procedures on women athletes. You just need a regulating authority that respects women’s sports and has a common-sense policy: women only.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: I was not endorsing a policy of confirming the gender of every woman athlete. I do support it with suspected and obvious cheaters such as Sylvia Castaneda. The doping officials already requires an attendant to watch the athlete urinate. I don’t see a problem with requiring more confirmation if the athlete urinates while standing up.

        Unfortunately, the threat of eventual loss of medals is not enough to keep cheaters out of cycling. The temporary glory and endorsements are worth it to them. After all of the confirmed cheating at the Tour de France, the officials had to just wipe away several years of results. There are some years that the top five finishers were confirmed cheaters. Handing the yellow jersey to cyclist #6, who may have been doping too, looks too depressing. I suspect that at best, Sylvia Castaneda could be banned from the women’s comps, but the results will not invalidated.

      • Radical Grandma Says:

        I see that the Pentagon is looking at trans “issues” and liberalizing policies. It’s already bad enough for natal women as it is. Imagine having to share a barracks with these men.

    • Bea Says:

      Belinda, are you a dude? Because “those women should have pulled down their pants,” and “show us the pussy” sound like dudespeak. All they would need to do is a test to determine the presence or absence of a Y chromosome – easy. Probably as easy as testing for steroids.

      • Meg Says:

        Welp, the name includes a link to a gravatar account with a male name, which is googlable. Who knows, though, right? It could be a dude posting under another dude’s name because he was fired from Safeway.

        Women have never had the luxury of just being able to pull down our pants and expect that no violence happen to us. Men would be saying we were asking for rape, even if we were peeing on the side of the road.

  14. Mochi Says:

    I can only imagine this was hugely embarrassing for the event planners. oh goodness. everyone clearly knows what’s going on. except, maybe, Castaneda. The emperor(ess?) has no clothes.

    They obviously care a lot more about not appearing “transphobic” than they do about promoting a fair competition.
    That’s such bullshit

    belinda, that would be hilarious! But some of these dickhards get their wangs inverted before trying out for women’s sports. Just like that woman beating piece of shit, Fallon Fox. They think once they change their external plumbing, they are “complete” women, and therefore there could be no possible good reason, (none, none whatsoever! Nooooooo.) why they should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports… unless, unless….

    Unless they’re not “complete” women (just complete assholes). But no one can DARE even hint at it. Everyone has to play along. What a picture. I wish Norman Rockwell was still alive to paint it.

    Shitting on women’s sports is about as American as get-back-in-the-kitchen-and-make-me-an-apple pie.

    • BadDyke Says:

      Kind of odd that the British Army recognises the possible ability of chaps with lady feels to still serve in the infantry. Quoting General Gregory:

      We do not yet have any female transgender people serving in the infantry. We haven’t had to address it because we haven’t had the issue come up,” he said.

      “It would be a very interesting test case if it did come up. If somebody – birth gender male – who physically has all the physical strength and durability but had transitioned, they might well be able.

      That is, he clearly recognizes that a transitioned infantryman will have the training and (possibly) the strength to do the job as well. No pretending here that his inner female essence and lovely pink laydee brain will magically remove his male physique………..

  15. charlston Says:

    Frustrating, pathetic, needy interloper. How do you stand there and feel you won fair and square. How do you look the other two in the face after robbing them? Has to be a mental problem.

  16. Derrick Jensen Says:

    this is so horrible. It’s far worse than simply eliminating women’s teams, as awful as that would be. It’s worse because a) women can get hurt (e.g., by Fallon Fox); and b) it’s all a fucking lie; and c) it’s really embarrassing to all involved because it’s a sham; and d) because now the women can’t even state that they don’t have a women’s team: it’s just that the women’s team is dominated by men. It’s ridiculous, it’s unfair, it’s misogynist, and it’s insane. So far as unfair, I was a good high jumper in college. I jumped a little over 6’10”. That was good enough to win my small college conference championship, but I wasn’t world class or anything. But here’s the thing. Change my name from Derrick to Derricka (Or maybe Caitlyn or something else equally age inappropriate), and I would have been the best “female” high jumper to that time. So basically in order to beat a good but not great male high jumper, the woman high jumper would have to be the best in the world. I don’t understand how anyone can think this is remotely fair. If I were a guy doing this–winning by declaring myself a woman–I would feel like such an asshole, such a loser, and such a cheater. I would never want to win by doing anything so manifestly unfair. So many of these issues rile me up (the bathroom issue, the violation imperative issue, the silencing of women, the colonization of women’s spaces and the definition of what it is to be a women; but the sports one pisses me off, I don’t know, I was going to say because the insanity is so manifest, but that’s the same with all of the other parts too. I’m sorry that more men don’t support you in these (and of course other) struggles.

    • Newbie Says:

      You are so right about women’s safety being the issue. Get a load of this NPR interview with Boyd “Fallon Fox” Burton:

      “ADLERSTEIN: How does it feel to pummel someone?

      FOX: It feels really good to hit someone (laughter), you know? And it’s a good feeling because – the only reason why it’s a good feeling is ’cause I have a chance of getting hit back. That’s the nature of MMA, like, you know? I break people’s faces. I break their arms. I break their legs. That’s a part of the sport. That’s my job. That’s the job of the opponent who’s trying to do the same thing to me.”

      Typical male bloodlust.
      Compare the comments of Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey, current female UFC bantamweight champion widely criticized for dislocating an opponent’s shoulder and not expressing remorse:

      “Middle Easy asked the “Rowdy” one what it feels like to break an arm in an exclusive interview (quote begins around the nine-minute mark):

      “I don’t think it’s satisfying. It kind of grosses me out. I tell everybody, it kind of feels like tearing apart a turkey with a crotch. It really does. It’s gross…”

      Ronda is a woman, and I see some of the younger me in her. Growing up poor and moving a lot, I had to fight and take no shit. She is cocky but she isn’t a fucking sociopath.
      “I break [women’s] [insert body part]. That’s my job.”
      I’m with you on this point, Derrick. It’s galling that women and girls are losing opportunities and victories to men, but it’s horrifying that this man is allowed to assault women in their league AS A WOMAN. And the most surreal part is that it’s terribly impolite to be horrified out loud.

      • Mochi Says:

        Boyd “Fallon Fox” Burton is a monstrous, sickening “human being”. A sadist and a narcissist. He’s a visibly mentally ill man who is now licensed (by other men) to beat the shit out of women in front of a live audience.

        This is our world. And still there are men out there (and women for that matter) who insist that feminism is an dirty word, and that all feminists hate men and are out to destroy males….

        Now tell me, who REALLY hates who?

      • KgSch Says:

        Fallon Fox is a violent narcissist for sure, but I’m not sure about the mentally ill designation. It’s dangerous to label all violent men as mentally ill because in fact most rapists, serial killers, and women-batters will measure “normal” on a psychological test. Most mass shootings in the United States have the common factor of maleness, not mental illness. (I think the whole notion that mental illness is the only factor is a way to paint the target on someone else’s back besides men.) Of course, maybe you’re right and Fallon Fox has actually been diagnosed as having something.

        For a lot of men, not spending as much or any emotional energy on them is “destroying them”. They are basically energy vampires who don’t function without women sexually serving them and doing menial tasks for them.

        I think it’s normal to hate your oppressor, but women manifest this hatred by avoiding men as much as possible, or at least avoiding the worse men.

        Also, mainstream “feminism” is all about a passive-aggressive worship as men, especially some of the worse men who can’t take no for an answer, M2Ts.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Derrick: I believe that one solution for this men-in-women’s-sports problem might be for sports to adopt the drug policies of the Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NBF), which is stricter than the standards currently used by World Anti-Doping Association, i.e. the group that tests all Olympic sports including cycling. NBF does not tolerate many of the hormonal drugs that MTTs take, including female hormones or testosterone suppressants, e.g. Spironolactone. Moreover, NBF requires the contestant to be free of these drugs for seven years, and they do polygraph testing.

      • kesher Says:

        How would that resolve the issue of non-transitioned men claiming to be women to compete against female athletes? Do we even know if “Sylvia” is taking estrogen and has been on HRT for at least two years (which tends to be the bullshit standard these days)? The organization running these races seem to be holding him up to exactly zero scrutiny.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Kesher: Assuming that an MTT does not take the meds, he’s likely to look and be built traditionally masculine. My hope in that case is that the officials of the sport and America is general is going to wake up to what a con this all is. Can you imagine a bearded 25-year-old 200-pound man trying to compete on a girl’s gymnastics team, changing in the locker room with a bunch of 12-year-old, 85-pound girls? The parents and public will rightly freak out.

      • Zemskull Says:

        PS: Even the MTT athletes who are allegedly taking HRT usally don’t really traditionally female, e.g, Sylvia Castaneda, The HRT is just a bogus compromise the officials came up with.

      • Newbie Says:

        Sorry, Zemskull, it already happened. And there was no outrage.
        See Robert “Gabrielle” Ludwig.

        The only proper policy is, “Born a male, compete with men.”

      • kesher Says:

        Yeah, I know the HRT is bogus, but it at least requires them to wait a couple of years before they start unseating real female athletes. I’ll bet no one’s even looked into when “Castaneda” started medically transitioning, assuming he even has.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Newbie: I know about the women’s basketball player Robert “Gabrielle” Ludwig. It’s a puzzling case for certain, but, unfortunately, the public is not that interested when grown women get team spots taken by MTTs. If a large, hairy male begins competing in a sport that typically involves young, small girls such as gymnastics, I predict the Mama Bear and Papa Bear instincts of the parents are going to come out. And, hopefully, then the entire racket will be questioned. A problem with this fantasy scenario is that the demands of women’s gymnastics typically favor a young, flexible, small physique. A grown man isn’t as likely to try to move in on a sport he can’t win…unless he’s a sex predator.

      • bacopa Says:

        Is “Gabrielle” Ludwig still playing? How long can he play on a community college team?

        And we have to remember that Ludwig is 6’8″, over 200 lbs, and has had a hard military career. People that weight and height do not age well, they develop arthritis early. Their knee ligaments are weak even when they are young. If a 19yo woman were to “trip” on the court and hit his knee with her shoulder, he would be in a wheelchair for six months and never play basketball again.

        If “Sylvia” stays on the mountain bike circuit a few more years I am sure some rider will sacrifice her career to inflict a career ending injury. Bad sportsmanship should be answered by bad sportsmanship.

  17. Oak and Ash Says:

    What’s next–some guy who can’t even make the minors declaring himself a transchild so he can play Little League baseball? A transabled man demanding the right to compete in the Paralympics?

    And I hope Hargreaves has some Hispanic ancestry if he’s calling himself Castaneda.

    • Oceans Says:

      Unless the US hits peak trans with the impending Jazz Jennings reality TV trainwreck, I assume it’ll only be a matter of time before there is an all-trans softball team entered to play against (and decimate) girls’ teams. How long do you think it’ll take before one of the Seven Sisters fields an all-trans team?

    • snapthemagicdragon Says:

      Something like this has happened now. A British canoist. Paralympic hopes but was found to have psychological problems rather than the physical ones she claimed.

  18. Kitty Barber Says:

    I have an idea. I think I’m ‘special,’ so I’m going to compete in the Special Olympics. I bet I come away with a big, fat trophy.

  19. Zemskull Says:

    What’s unnerving is this competitive women’s sport is fairly new. The London Games in 2012 is the year that men and women finally had an equal number of cycling events at the Olympics. Most high schools and NCAA colleges still do not have competitive mountain bike teams yet, especially for women. Women have put in a lot of money, effort and time to be respected and included in this sport.

  20. LQ Says:

    Does anyone know any of these other competitors? It would be great to hear their thoughts on this bullshit. Obviously they should be offered anonymity in an interview as women sticking up for themselves or even having a question about this is a hate crime (or some fucking thing), they could lose their sponsorships, followings, etc. I’d love to hear from any of the women who had to compete with or against these narcissists in any sports.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The 2006 top canadian female downhill mountain bike champion, Danika Schroeter, was sanctioned by male sports officials for appearing at an event wearing a T-shirt that said “100% Pure Woman Champion”: on the basis it offended the men who compete as women. She was actually suspended for wearing the shirt.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        “She was actually suspended for wearing the shirt.” Uh, as opposed to the fucking men being suspended from a woman’s sport for, uh, not being a woman. It all gets more insane by the day.

      • Siobhan Says:

        Yes, she had to miss the world championships that year as a result. The person who complained about the shirt was, of course, “Michelle” Dumaresq, the man who stole the first place from Danika in that women’s competition.

      • Siobhan Says:

        Oops. correction, she didn’t miss the championships. That was the controversy.

    • felicia Says:

      yeah I competed against HIM!!!! at Killington and Mt. Snow. What a sham What a CHEAT!!!! I don’t care if you think you’re a woman, or you want to dress like a girl. Go ahead and race the other guys dressed in pink. I bet I would dominate too if I had a mans size and upper body strength and muscle and bone mass . . If he raced against other guys as Sylvia I’d support him all the way. But he’s not. He’s racing against a bunch of amateur women. At this level there’s no testing of any sort. I feel like I got shit on, and I’m writing to Vittoria Tires. He should be DQ’d.

      • felicia Says:

        Also, I have to add that all the men I’ve known from years of mtn. biking, have been 100% supportive. You couldn’t ask for a nicer group of guys. I have NEVER felt like I was being discriminated against. On the contrary, most of the guys try to get their wives/girlfriends into the sport!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sorry you were forced to compete against this cheater. Ugh!

      • Mochi Says:

        felicia, is he still racing?! Yes, PLEASE write to the event sponsors. Unbelievable that they haven’t investigated this person yet. I’m sorry you had to go up against this cheat. That is not fair. At all.

      • Sammy Says:

        I agree with you, I an avid racer in many bicycle disciplines and I train extremely hard.They have Male and Female classes for a reason, there built differently.You’ve got all the right in the world to be upset and I’d fight this to the core.If Sylvia wants to race, she needs to race against MEN.

        I’d contact the main Officials and get this investigated and her wins over turned.

  21. Kathern J. Simmons Says:

    Sad day for women when a man who claims to be a woman and is obviously a man beats a woman in a women’s only sport. I thin these dudes are trying to pretend to be women to play on women’s sports is because they could not make it in the men’s sports.

    It makes me wonder why women don’t rise up and make a ruckus over this. Women should demand that if these so-called trans try to play women’s sports. They should demand gender and DNA testing.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      “I think these dudes are trying to pretend to be women to play on women’s sports is because they could not make it in the men’s sports.”

      This is exactly the theme, over and over again. They barely even qualify for the men’s divisions, yet *magically* get ranked/placed in women’s divisions. Because:LaydeeFeels™

      It is completely unfair and disrespectful to female athletes.

  22. Didn’t this happen last month? Is he still competing against women?

    “A fairness complaint, left as a comment on their post by an event attendee was also not responded to.”

    Three people posted comments at Below are two of the comments. The one below from a man who actually saw James, “Sylvia”, was posted on June 25, 2015.

    “That would be totally awesome and I was initially blow away myself, until I found out something very strange about Sylvia Castaneda of Boston. My friends who raced that day against her, said she raced like a man and even resembled a man. I remembering laughing it off and thinking they were just upset they got beat. Until my friend who’s a woman said “woman do not have 90 degree adams apples, there are flat and flush to there neck”.

    So I had to see this for myself, there was something very strange about Sylvia. She is very tall, with a pencil shaped body, and her face is very masculine looking. When I got the chance to come closer to her, I saw an Adam’s Apple the size of a walnut and even bigger than my own, protruding out of her(his neck) …”

    According to this man, James had an Adam’s apple larger than his own, and he thought something was very strange about “Sylvia”.

    Below is another comment that was posted 22 hours ago.

    “This was not Sylvia Castaneda’s “first downhill event.” “Sylvia” has raced as a man many times before under the name of James Hargreaves. Apparently competing against other males was too difficult, so this biological male is now using his male physique, bone structure, musculature, and size advantage to cheat biological females out of a chance to race fairly against other females.”

    How can they allow this to happen? If he competed as a male before, why was he allowed to compete as a female? After the huge Lance Armstrong cheating scandal that dragged on for years, one would think that cycling would do everything in its power to at least give an impression that it’s an honest sport.

    This is so unfair to women cyclists, and the women who were cheated out of their victory should be complaining to the organization who sponsored the event.

    • RideLegit Says:

      I was at the Mount Snow Race last August and I remember Him/Her being there and coming in second.My niece ended up riding against Him/Her and Sylvia/Jamie blew her away.It’s not fair that He/She gets to compete as a woman just because she tries to look like one.My niece and many others train extremely hard and they lose to a man dressed as a woman; it’s just not right.
      I was riding at Ray’s MTB last weekend and I was among my XC/FR crew and Sylvia Castaneda was there riding.She was still trying to pull off that she’s a woman and even tried to ride on woman’s weekend.Until a woman who competed against her told someone her she’s really a man and shouldn’t be able to get the woman’s weekend deal.
      I managed to speak to Him/Her and plainly said what you’re doing is cheating and how could you be proud of that.She said she doesn’t care and she’ll continue to compete as a woman.

      Something needs to be done, this just isn’t fair to all of the other riders who train hard and get beat by Him/Her.There’s a reason why there’s two classes and Sylvia/Jamie has proven why.

  23. Newbie Says:

    Gallus – I’m sure you saw it, but if not I wanted to point out this photo from the Jul 5 event
    Unfortunately, the photographer’s mark is covering his face :/

  24. endthewoo Says:

    This is an insight into some of what women have to battle through just to take part in sports or athletics. It’s cycling, but road racing rather than mountain biking. Very well worth the read

    Like the mountain bikers here, men will put obstacles in the way of women and sabotage their efforts whenever they can.

  25. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I hate this guy’s ugly pouty-ass face and his little hipster knit cap.

  26. GallusMag Says:

    This guy, calling himself “Savannah Burton” knocked a woman athlete off the Canadian National Women’s Dodgeball team. He’s six foot three and was on the men’s team at the 2012 world championship. He represents Canada in the Women’s world championship next month.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      What a selfish, vile POS.

    • Mochi Says:

      “Making the dodgeball team is not Burton’s first trailblazing moment. Last summer, she(sic) and a friend became the first transgender women in Canada to participate in a female rowing competition.”

      He competed as a man a little over three years ago?!!
      Still waiting for an FtT to break into male professional sports….
      hmm hmm hmm

    • Livvie Says:

      Loser. What a loser.

      It sucks to have to work with these people and they make HR crazy with their bullshit, they are such unprofessional assholes. One of our good friends recently made the choice to leave his place of employment because a brand spanking new M2T kept propositioning him after his ‘return’ to work. After a few weeks of this flirty crap on and off which culminated in the tranny putting their hand on his leg he firmly told the M2T to back off because he wasn’t interested and the M2T started whining about how this was *harassment* and complaining loudly.

      Can you believe this shit? It sucks for our friend, but he’s way good at what he does and will have no problems finding a good job, so we’re not worried about him. What pisses me off is that harassment laws are there to protect WOMEN and this piece of garbage was tossing it around as though he was somehow being HARMED in the workplace because a straight man did not want to have sex with another *man*.

      You can’t police people’s sexuality or their preferences, but trannies really, really want to. Badly. I have a feeling that in Silicon Valley areas we’re going to see and hear about more cases like this too.

      It’s weird. For years I never heard, thought about, or had any experience with transpeople. Now it feels like they’re everywhere. Granted, this is only the second thing that’s come remotely close to me but it still feels really strange.

      • kesher Says:

        Sexual harassment laws were put in place to protect women, but they protect men as well. It’s too bad your friend didn’t complain to HR, but given the way MTTs are privileged over all the rest of us in the oppression Olympics and squeal anytime something doesn’t go their way, your friend would probably have to resort to suing, because I’m sure HR would have done nothing to stop the harassment.

      • Meg Says:

        I concur with kesher, and wonder how his workplace would have handled it if it were a regular female putting her hands on men at the office. Being that women don’t normally do those things, and are much less violent than men; women are still punished more severely for behavior that isn’t deferential or submissive. Women are routinely seen as a liability in the workplace unless proven otherwise, especially if we’re pregnant.

        But a m2t puts his hands on another man? Welp, that’s just boys being boys. Or, boys trying be a girl. Whatever – it’s still a MALE acting as how MALES are expected to act, or no harm and no foul according to male privilege which they still have.

        There is also the element of lack of respect for boundaries and limits. Some people don’t want to be touched, period. What are they, “transphobic” for not wanting to be touched? No person is entitled to touch another person, period. That’s why we have laws against physical and sexual assault.

      • Bea Says:

        They’re MRAs. They think like women-hating men. Women-hating men think women use claims of sexual harassment against innocent men just because we don’t like them or we want money, or just because we can. I had a boss who sexually harassed me for years, but it was never so explicit that I felt like I could actually win a case against him, so I just grinned and bore it. So yeah, getting called “sexy” at work by my old man boss for three years wasn’t enough for me to file suit, because I felt like people would’ve stuck up for him and not me, even though two women and one man before me had filed sexual harassment suits against him. But…a man gets upset that another man won’t let him touch his body inappropriately, and immediately screams “sexual harassment!” Trannies do every vile thing they can get away with, abuse the system (laws meant to protect women), thinking that’s how women act, because they are projecting their maleness onto real women, because they’re deluded that they ARE women. Phew.

      • Zemskull Says:

        A crossdresser I’ve mentioned here in other contexts is also inappropriate with heterosexual men. He comes to events as his female “character” who is a flirty young woman. He then handles the men’s chests and arms without consent and acts like that’s part of the shtick: “Oh, muscles!” Two of them have told me they were uncomfortable with it, but because it’s all done under the guise of humor, they didn’t want to say anything. Plus, we’ve seen the guy angry and it isn’t any prettier than he is in drag. Lately he’s been hanging out in transgender circles, and we don’t even recall the last time we saw him dress as a man, so he might be taking this act permanent.

  27. Newbie Says:

    “[Mr. “Tia”]Thompson delayed applying for college because she wanted to apply as a woman, and she needs her birth certificate to indicate she’s female, she said. Her goal is to play volleyball on a women’s team.”

    • Meg Says:

      Maybe I’m old school, but I don’t think birth certificates should change. Sex is not gender, it’s a biological distinction. Without the biological distinction from gender there would be no need for the word trans at all. Why call themselves trans if they truly believe sex can be changed? Their politics cancels itself out when they effectively remove the very distinctions they claim set them a part from “cis” people.

      • kesher Says:

        I’m pretty sure I’ve said something similar here before, but I don’t understand why it’s necessary to rewrite history (at least from a government policy standpoint; I understand why delusional trans people want to erase the past). Why is it such a horrible imposition to just add an additional document to the original birth certificate noting the “gender” change?

        That this has apparently never been an option makes it pretty clear to me that men have always been controlling the discussion of this issue, and they do not care how rewriting a male’s birth certificate could negatively impact women. That’s a feature, not a bug.

      • I had my name changed legally on my birth certificate, as it was horribly misspelled. Now the document has the original, with the name change on the back. I have no idea why they couldn’t do something similar for these people.

      • ElleDriver Says:

        I’m fascinated (along with baffled and horrified) by the implications of changing a legal document, such as a birth certificate, to reflect what is essentially understood to be a psychological disorder. It’s been discussed before, and by people far more knowledgeable than me, but the implications of such a change may satiate a few for now, but could have real consequences over the time.

        Short-term *feels* but long-term problems.

        How will this effect statistical data? Scientific research? Social programs? Crime rates, scholarships, grants for women-owned businesses? All of these broad strokes are failing to address everyday realities.

        From my own case files: In a former life, I worked on missing persons’ investigations and unidentified remains. Even with advanced DNA research, there is still difficulty in identifying human remains as male or female depending on the quality of the sample. Legal docs need to reflect reality for investigators and law enforcement. If all the legal resources point to a person as female, but they were born XY male, that case stands a good chance of being overlooked, mismatched, etc.

        Specifically in California, there is a very old Jane Doe double homicide (30+ years unsolved) where only recently one of the victims, who was long thought to be male, was retested and now known to be female. For years LE had been searching for a adolescent girl and boy to no avail; the case is now active again because the circumstances fit a pair of missing girls from the area who disappeared prior to the discovery of the bodies. Their case was not considered until retesting.

        While I truly loather the way the intersex community has been co-opted by transactivist, why not a designation similar to AFAB/AMAB used to denote the gender “change” for those that really, reeeeally need to validation?

  28. Artemis Jade Says:

    The Atlantic put up an article last week about transgenders in elementary and high schools. The question of boys in girls’ sports was brushed off with the now-common justifications that a) hormones are everything (forget size, skeleton, etc) b) some natal girls have higher testosterone and they don’t get excluded, so why would it be fair to exclude transgirls? What I don’t get: If hormones are everything, then when FTTs take T and get their testosterone up to the level of a typical male, shouldn’t they be able to take on men in running, swimming, you name it. But that doesn’t seem to happen.

    • Meg Says:

      “some natal girls have higher testosterone and they don’t get excluded, so why would it be fair to exclude transgirls?”

      As far as I know, high levels of testosterone for women are considered low for men.

      Being that every other commercial in the US has documented the deleterious effects of low-T in men in the effort to sell testosterone supplements; this would render that argument meaningless. If low-T men don’t perform to the standards men do, then neither would naturally occurring high-T women. This is assuming the standard is set to men as the default human being, which it always is.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “some natal girls have higher testosterone and they don’t get excluded, so why would it be fair to exclude transgirls?”

      In fact, women have been banned from athletic competitions precisely for having naturally high testosterone levels, including the Indian runner Dutee Chand.

      (Just so you know, the male writer’s approach to the topic is obnoxious. And one horrifying paragraph in the article tells of four female athletes with high testosterone referred for treatment to remove internal testes and be dosed with estrogen hormones. The French doctors who treated them also recommended clitoral reduction surgery and “feminizing vaginoplasty”!)

      Chand is genetically female, but has hyperandrogenism, which some claim is an unfair advantage. (But if that’s true, then men with very high testosterone levels would also have an unfair advantage over other men–and I’ve heard absolutely nobody complain about that.) She was offered a choice between surgery and hormone treatment if she wanted to compete.

      So now we’re living in a dystopia where men are allowed to compete with women while the women who’d have the best chance of defeating them are banned.

      Dutee Chand is seeking to have the rules overturned and has said, “I want to remain who I am and compete again.”

  29. Livvie Says:

    If I were a woman in competitive sports, I would bow out every single time a M2T entered a competition I was involved in, and I would tell everyone why, screw the negative blowback. This is insanity.

    My first exposure to trannies entering female sports was (unfortunately) Fallon Fox, but I will never understand how any doctor can say that this is fair to women in any way.

    There is no competition. Most men are stronger than most women, have different body structure, different musculature, different everything.

    How pathetic these men are; unable to be good at what they do as men, so they take what they can by stealing it from a woman.

    • sarineal Says:

      I agree, there is no competition in putting men in there. It’s just unfair. The problem with bowing out or doing strategies like that is that a lot of this is done by stealth, I’m doing a marathon in a few months and would have no idea of who is competing really until the day outside of a few very established athletes. If they stick a man in there and I am forced to decide to withdraw I’d have to forgo the training it takes to get there (not that I’m that competitive though) and all the costs involved in travelling and equipment to get to the event which I’ve already booked. If an athlete is elite, they’d also have to forgo prize money and other benefits from a top finish. Many events have fairly large fields of athletes which makes this hard.

      The onus shouldn’t be on female athletes to give up their chances at being in the sport which is what will happen if they withdraw or face sanctions for complaining, it’s these men who should be made to step back, but no chance of that at the moment. I also fail to understand how they make it happen that despite obvious differences in anatomy and strength and so on these factors suddenly don’t matter based on feelings. They do, and they continue to do throughout life.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I will give a half-nod to Dana White, CEO of Ultimate Fight, for giving women fighters the choice to not fight Fallon Fox. Top fighters Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate have already declined to fight him and publicly declared their reasons, without sanctions. Unfortunately, the UFC also suspended, substantially fined and sanctioned a male fighter named Matt Mitrione for saying that Fox is a man who beats up women. Mitrione was very apologetic to Fox the following month, and even began using female pronouns to describe Fox.

  30. The Vittori Eastern States Cup has a contact us link. I went there and asked them politely to look into this cheating incident.

  31. Radical Grandma Says:

    So, another woman athlete is shoved aside by a malignant narcissist.

    Lauren Hill, who died of brain cancer in April, was most deserving of the Ashe honor, not some man who stood on stage and talked about glamming up for the presentation. He even admitted he had never met a trans until this year but all of a sudden he knows what’s best for the “kids” who “think” they’re girls.

  32. mon Says:

    Dropping out and verbalizing why, protesting, pointing at the penis, competing and wearing a T-shirt indicating you are pure woman brings attention to the problem. Holding your own is not always easy when men want to just take it. But attention to this, is what clues in the average person that this is even going on.
    We can also support these woman athletes. Even at small venues. For instance, if I am at any level of a Woman’s Run, there is nothing stopping me from pointing my finger and very loudly saying “that is a man!” this is a woman’s race!” Let all the Gramas,
    Moms, Dads,and bystanders take a good look at the little prick. If he wins, go ahead, stand up there, now everybody knows. If they’re doing it in competitions like the bike championship, they are probably doing it (or soon will) locally in town runs across America, because these narcissistic losers cannot resist the attention. “Oh I got a medal, and it says, Woman and Best on it, seeeee?”

    I hadn’t thought of this until reading the above today. Now I will be watching for men in our little local Woman’s Runs wherever I go. They won’t get away with it if I am there, and several hundred bystanders will get their first clue this crap is going on.

  33. Radical Grandma Says:

    65 yr old former Olympian presents his freak show at Del Mar racetrack and press eats it up, of course.

  34. Susan Nunes Says:

    I am about to blow a gasket. Transgenderism really is about hatred towards women:

    • Meg Says:

      […] they stress that the benefits to transgender youths struggling to find their place far outweigh concerns about a slightly taller-than-average girl on the volleyball team.

      Translation: silly girls, boys and their identity issues matter more than you. They always have and always will.

      And of course, the safety of girls in the locker room will be secondary to the feelings of boys. Since gender identity is self reporting and changeable on a whim, how many boys will be able to claim to be girls just long enough so they can watch girls shower and change? How many of them will bring their cell phones in the locker rooms and post humiliating pictures of girls on the Internet?

      But I’m not supposed to worry about that. Nope, no sirree I am supposed to luv and huggle the special snowflakes and embrace them no matter what the consequences.

      • Radical Grandma Says:

        I hated gym–a requirement in the ’50s–because I’m 5 ft tall and was an underweight, skinny kid with no muscle tone. Even then, like many others, I was at a disadvantage and got no encouragement from anyone, including the gym teachers.

        Imagine having to compete with 6′ tall, male-muscled “girls”. The last guy quoted was full of the “mental toughness” stuff–another male way of saying that even mtt are better than real girls.

        So these little kids who “think” they’re girls will get all the attention (which their little narcissistic selves crave), and the real girls will be neglected, as I, and those like me, were.

  35. Radical Grandma Says:

    No doubt Jenner’s autogynephilia will be revealed as time (and his reality show) goes by.

    • Mortadella Says:

      You think?
      I’ve never seen such collective sucking up. Most of the progressives are so busy saying he’s “brave” they don’t have the time to look up the word autogynephilia. When women celebrities indulge in so much plastic surgery people generally “tisk-tisk-tisk.” With him, they act like he went through some magical transformative rebirth that left him with a bad copy of Jessica Lange’s face.

  36. Artemis Jade Says:

    According to this news story, Bruce Jenner, in his speech at the ESPY’s last night, touched on the importance of transgender athletes getting to play sports “as who they really are.” The story goes on to profile a 17 year old MTT who never had any interest whatsoever in sports until he transitioned and then tried to get on his high school girl’s volleyball team. (He didn’t make it because New Mexico goes by the birth certificate.) I don’t believe this boy’s story that he just suddenly developed a passion for sport one day post-transition. I think he smelled a chance to excel by cheating his way into a ‘lower weight division’. The comments are all negative and one commenter points out that there was nothing stopping this MTT from trying out for the boy’s team; (there’s no mention of cross-sex hormones). I appreciate an eloquent comment from “John S” that I abridge here: “There are certain choices that one has got to make if one chooses to identify with another gender. … If sports are so important, more so than the freedom to be the person you believe that you are, then play the sports and later change the gender.”–abc-news-topstories.html

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Yeah, I’m guessing he wants males on the girls team, because of their their fashion choices. I guess he supports females on the boys team too, but will they survive tryouts? Probably won’t be many sky-rocket victories coming from that end.

      Reminds me again of Jayiah Saelua and Parinya Charoenphol, some “third gender” males who competed against OTHER MEN. Jayiah Saelua plays on a men’s soccer team. Parinya eventually did compete against some females, but didn’t start out that way.


      “Fa’afafine, which translates to “in the manner of a woman,” is American Samoa’s recognized and embraced third gender. Fa’afafine are Polynesians who are born biologically male but dress and live essentially like women. They take male lovers, wear makeup, and wrap their bodies in dresses, but they do not consider themselves women……..(Saelua also doesn’t want to play for the women’s national team because she thinks she would be “stealing” another player’s slot.)”

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      ‘…transgender athletes getting to play sports “as who they really are.” That’s hilarious, coming from Jenner, who milked his white male status for all he could and made $100M doing it. No born male should ever play women’s sports–ever.

      His physique still doesn’t look the least bit “female”, but he’ll get maximum publicity for exploiting his autogynephilia.

      I’m tired of the sexism, misogyny, stereotyping and general hatred of women coming from these people who support this charade.

  37. @Radical Grandma,

    “Lauren Hill, who died of brain cancer in April, was most deserving of the Ashe honor, not some man who stood on stage and talked about glamming up for the presentation. ”

    Lauren Hill, the basketball player who lost her courageous fight with brain cancer, wasn’t worth $100 million (Jenner’s wealth according to Wikipedia). Unlike Jenner, she didn’t have a paid PR team to do any shady, backroom wheeling and dealing for her.

    “Reports have emerged that Caitlyn Jenner secured her ESPY award as part of a deal struck between ABC, ESPN, and her PR team. According to Radar Online Jenner’s team approached ESPN with the idea that she win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award just as details were being finalized for her exclusive ABC interview with Diane Sawyer. ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney. A source told Radar Online that, It was a brilliant move because the executives at ESPN loved the idea, and immediately began making sure it got done,’ However, there is some dispute over the claim due to discrepancies with the timeline of the negotiations. ESPN has come under fire on social media for choosing Jenner for the prestigious courage award, with critics claiming there are more worthy recipients.”

    I don’t know if it’s true, but it stinks to high heaven. If he has been out of sports for thirty years, and is known mostly for his celebrity status, why was he given the ESPY? Don’t insult our intelligence by saying it doesn’t have anything to do with money, fame, and a well paid PR team.

    Jenner has been out of sports since the mid 1970s. He won two gold medals, and this was thirty years ago. He is, and always has been, more of a golden boy celebrity. Bonnie Blair won five Olympic gold medals and one bronze, and she competed longer than Jenner. Few people remember her.

    Everyone knows that there are far more deserving people, and veteran sportscaster Bob Costas calls it, “crass exploitation play — it’s a tabloid play.” Google it.

    What is just about as depressing to me is Abby Wambach playing along with this farce. I used to admire her, but she went from hero to zero in my eyes. I wonder if she is working for the HRC now. Gay Inc. is controlled by middle aged, heterosexual “transitioners”. She is too naïve to know that they only tolerate women who will toe the official trans party line, and don’t stray too far off the reservation. She should know that when it comes to women, the HRC never apologizes for anything, and they will try to destroy any lesbian they disagree with. Ask Lisa Vogel. The attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival was one of the most mean-spirited things I’ve ever witnessed.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      This ought to make everyone sick. Of course, it’s from a rag whose sole purpose is to provide instructions on glamming up for the satisfaction of men, and only peripherally paying real attention to real women. Of course, Jenner says he’s out to “help” trans “people” (meaning rich white guys like himself, no doubt). OTOH, Jenner has done nothing–ever–for real women, and I’m old enough to know. Jenner has always taken that which he considered his “due”, just like any other male on the planet.

      6 Awesome Feminist Moments from the ESPY Awards

      Fuckers going on about a sexist, autogynephilic basket case.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “Everyone knows that there are far more deserving people . . .”

      If the award had gone to someone like Noah Galloway or one of the other amputee vets who help seriously injured veterans get back into sports, I’d probably still be a little irritated at men’s achievements being privileged, but at least it wouldn’t feel like an insult to the memory of Lauren Hill.

      One of these vets–Brendan Ferreira–teaches CrossFit after losing an arm and having every bone in his face shattered. But I’m sure it took more courage to have FFS and shop for new clothes.

  38. As a lesbian and a woman, it breaks by heart that Wambach just sold out her sex for a few crumbs of recognition, and perhaps a little money. Abby, smile pretty for the camera as you stand by a heterosexual man who is worth $100 million, and was a staunch Republican when Reagan wanted to cut AIDS funding. He kept his cross dressing secret because he knew full well that being white and male comes with its privileges. Conveniently forget Lauren Hill, a far more deserving person for the award.

    Wambach doesn’t realize that she can be replaced by 6’8 180 lb. size transwoman like Gabrielle Ludwig. Actually, women’s sports doesn’t even need actual females anymore. Female athletes are soon to be obsolete. Just get a whole team of Ludwig size “women”.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      Of course Wambach would be first in line to complain if she ever lost even one game to a team that was fielding an MTT, and rightly so. Wambach’s participation in honoring Jenner reminds me of what some say about great jocks: “their brains work only when they’re on the field.”

    • mon Says:

      Skylark, I had the same feeling watching Wambach. You said: “Wambach doesn’t realize that she can be replaced by 6′ 8″ 180 lb. size transwoman like Gabrielle Ludwig.” She really doesn’t, yet. But they don’t know when to quit. It is never enough for them. They have no sense of over kill in the scope of their intrusion, because it is all about them. As this barging in continues, and eventually half the Woman’s volleyball team is male, it will dawn on them, Hey, wait a minute, we used to be a Woman’s team. This doesn’t feel right, and talented young women are not getting on the team. It’s wrong, I get it.
      And Meg. Yes. Boys will certainly “decide” they are girls, just long enough to get in the locker room with the cell phone picture taking and posting on the internet and to each other.
      But we all know teen boys don’t do dumb things right? People jumping on this bandwagon have not thought this through.

  39. I don’t think these people are looking at the long-term effects all this foolishness will have. I’m old enough to remember the travesty of Olympic women’s swimming in 1976 when the East Germans were clearly doping. And a lot of those women sickened and died later. The German government paid out settlements and at least one of them became a trans man because her body was so messed up on the hormones.

    The Chinese did it in the late 90s and early 2000s too. Just think. Now they don’t have to kill women by doping them up on male hormones, just claim that male athletes are “women” slap a hormone patch on their asses and swim all the actual women out of the water. How long will it be before there are no actual women in sports at all?

  40. I’d like to follow up on Abby Wambach because this really hurts me, and it feels like a stab in the heart. This is personal to me bcause I played sports in high school and college. These were some of the best years of my life. I have nothing but respect for the U.S. women’s soccer team because they are such great athletes. I admire and love these women to pieces. By participating in what many view as a celebrity spectacle, Wambach has lost all credibility. Even the old veteran sportscaster Bob Costas who has been around forever called it a celebrity farce. Some go as far as to say it was rigged deal between the networks and Jenner’s PR team. Scroll up to see link.

    Gendertrender and other websites have done a great job of covering this, but I would like to recap somethings because it’s relevant to the topic at hand. The real impact of males in women’s locker rooms, and biological males competing against female athletes can’t be ignored.

    If I could speak directly to Abby Wambach, these are some of the questions I would ask her.

    MMA is not Olympic wrestling or boxing. People have died in this sport. I really don’t call it a sport, but it’s watched by millions.

    (1.) If Fallon Fox, born Boyd Burton, ex Navy man had killed Tamikka Brents, a black lesbian, would you have still stood on that stage and given the ESPY award to Jenner? Fox broke her orbital bone and left her with 7 staples to the scalp. This was within the first three minutes of the fight.

    They wanted to make her bleed.

    Despite what the transgender activists say, not everyone agrees that biological males should be competing against females in a potentially dangerous combat sport.

    “One of the things that’s very interesting, is everyone says, ‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. Then they come back with, ‘The IOC knows.’ The IOC knows what? The IOC caved to political and social pressure. The IOC didn’t say, ‘Because of firm scientific and medical evidence, that if you’ve had this SRS and you’ve taken hormones for two years, that’s the magic number that all this is going to become safe.’ That’s not true at all.

    There is no firm scientific basis to support that conclusion. They made an arbitrary determination in the face of social pressure. OK, I understand that, too. Who wanted to fight the fight? The IOC didn’t want to, so they said. ‘If you get the surgery and take the hormones for two years, that’s good enough for us.’ That doesn’t mean it was made on a sound medical basis, because the sound medical basis doesn’t exist. Those studies have not been done.”

    What would you say to Tamikka Brents?

    (2.) What is your opinion on males such as Gabrielle (Robert) Ludwig competing against female athletes? Look at the photographs and tell me it’s fair. He competed on a men’s team when he was younger, and the time that he competed as a male wasn’t used for the total time that the was elibible to play as a woman. Those photographs haven’t been Photoshopped. This is what he really looked like at the time he was playing. Google it.

    (3.) What would you say to the teenage girls who had to see Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College? This is the link to the campus police report. Personally, I think he should have been arrested.

    Again, I love and respect the U.S. Women’s team, but Wambach is a disappointment. I’m not typing this because I want to rag on transgender folks. I love women’s sports.

    • It really is a travesty. Women’s sports will become a joke that no one watches or supports and they’ll use that as an excuse to suspend programs. Sports are incredibly important for young girls in developing their self esteem. It’s so crucial that they see their bodies as something else than a receptor of the male gaze. But teenaged girls are not going to change clothes with boys in the room, and in many cases their parents won’t let them. So at the very age when they need it most desperately they won’t have the refuge sport provides.

      Further, what about Title IX? The legislation that says schools have to spend equally on women and men’s sports. This has been a boon to women’s sports and provided unprecedented access to college for women, many of them are black women. This trans in sports push will absolutely devastate those programs and make a mockery of Title IX. I have no doubt that they chose Wambach deliberately. Given the way this whole shitshow was orchestrated by Jenner’s PR team I don’t doubt they were gleeful to shit on lesbians by using her this way.

      • kesher Says:

        The Obama administration has been using Title IX to explicitly allow MTTs into women’s sports, behind the scenes, with little fanfare, with no input from Congress.

      • Yeah, I know, and it’s ridiculous. People aren’t paying attention, but like most things, what’s done in the dark will come to light.

    • applause applause.

      some well studied comments.

      just wtf is going on on this planet?

      sounds like that tower of babel thing is surrounding us….

  41. The NCAA caved to transgender activists and sold out women. I will never forget what they have done, or ever forgive them for what they have done.

    “It is also important to know that any strength and endurance advantages a transgender woman arguably may have as a result of her prior testosterone levels dissipate after about one year of estrogen or testosterone- suppression therapy.”

    Do they really believe this bullshit? Do they think we are blind and stupid? All we have to do is look at the photographs of Gabrielle Ludwig and use our common sense.

    “The following policies clarify participation of transgender student-athletes undergoing hormonal treatment for gender transition:

    A trans female (MTF) student-athlete being treated with testosterone suppression medication for Gender Identity Disorder or gender dysphoria and/or Transsexualism, for the purposes of NCAA competition may continue to compete on a men’s team but may not compete on a women’s team without changing it to a mixed team status until completing one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment ”

    This is nothing more than a politically driven decision that was thrown together by biased sources behind closed doors. What do they mean by “testosterone suppression treatment”? Do they mean GnRH agonists (puberty suppression), androgen receptor blocker, or estrogen? The GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) aren’t given to college age males. Males don’t go through puberty when they are in college. To me, it sounds like they are saying estrogen and/or androgen receptor blockers. What is so special about “one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment”, and why do they think this is long enough? When is this “one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment” supposed to occur?

    The study that they refer to is from an endocrinology journal. What do endocrinologists know about muscle, bone, tendons, skeletal structure, etc? Scroll up and read what a board certified orthopedic surgeon says. Even this rather lame paper from an endocrinology journal states,

    “The pivotal question is this: can reassigned transsexuals compete fairly with others of their new sex?

    Our data are limited and do not provide insight into all pertinent aspects. In competitive sports, in all likelihood, small differences may be critical for winning or losing. Our analysis is not refined enough to detect these small differences, allowing only an approximation.”

    As to the GnRH agonists, it’s true that they suppress puberty, but it often comes at a cost. If the GnRH agonists are followed by cross gender hormones, infertility is an issue. Sterilizing children is usually viewed as a human rights abuse, and there is no way of knowing how future historians will view this profound ethical issue. Is the NCAA advocating for the sterilization of children? I would like this on the record.

    (1.) After a biological male undergoes adolescence, he is going to have a tremendous size and strength advantage over a female. Males have longer and stronger bones, stronger tendons, more muscle mass, and a different shaped pelvis. It’s the adolescent and early adult growth that really matters. Did they go through male puberty? Stop insulting our intelligence by saying one year of hormones is going to change this. In sports like basketball height matters. One year of hormones isn’t going to shrink down a 7′ 180 lb. male to 5’11” 150 lbs.

    This a link to the best male basketball players in 2015. I counted 7 players that are 7′ or taller. One young man is 7’1. Most male players are 6’5″ to 6’11. The shortest is 6′.

    Below is a link to some of the best women basketball players.

    The tallest is 6’8″ (I wonder if she really is female – you never know). The heights for women are from 5’9″ to 6’1″.

    A 7′ 180 lb. male sophomore can take estrogen for one year and play on the women’s basketball team.

    (2.) Sports at every level of competition has a long history of cheating scandals. Who will be in charge of monitoring the “one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment”?

    (3.) There is also the issue of males in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. According to the NCAA, a male student can still have his penis and testicles and be on a women’s collegiate team. What about locker rooms and showers? Apparently, “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room is of no concern to the NCAA. Scroll up for the link to Evergreen State College. This is another example,

    This doesn’t even include the possibility of voyeurism (hidden cell phones, etc.) that can’t be entirely ruled out.

    These are the individuals and organizations that sold out women and are destroying women’s sports.


    “Dr. Pat Griffin, Director of Changing the Game: The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Sports Project, Professor Emerita in the Social Justice Education program at the University of Mass. Amherst, former athlete and collegiate coach.
    Helen Carroll, Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) Sports Project, former NCAA/NAIA basketball coach and collegiate athletic director at University of North Carolina Asheville and Mills College of Oakland, Ca.

    Providing medical advice and understanding of the complexities of the transitioning student-athlete are:

    Eric Vilain, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Human Genetics, Pediatrics and Urology, Director of the Center for Gender-Based Biology and Chief of Medical Genetics in the UCLA Department of Pediatrics, member of the International Olympic Committee medical advisory board; R. Nick Gorton, M.D., Emergency Medicine Physician, Sutter Davis Hospital, Primary Care Provider, Lyon- Martin Women’s Health Services–San Francisco, Medical-Legal Consultant for transgender health care for Lambda Legal, the Transgender Law Center, the Northwest Justice Project, the New York Legal Aid Society, National Center for Lesbian Rights Sports Project and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project; Lori Kohler, M.D., Medical Director of the Family Health Center at San Francisco General Hospital.

    (pediatrician and a Emergency Medicine physician..)

    Providing review related to the legal rights of transgender student-athletes in the context of the broader legal status of transgender rights in the United States:

    Lambda Legal; American Civil Liberties Union; Transgender Law Center; National Center for Transgender Equality; Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders; National Center for Lesbian Rights.

  42. I’ve been reading through this horrid NCAA “inclusion” b.s. again.

    According to the NCAA, male students can shower, dress, and change with female students. Also, male students can share hotel rooms with females. All that is required is one year of hormones. He can still have his dick and use the women’s locker room and showers.

    “Changing Areas, Toilets, Showers —

    Transgender student-athletes should be able to use the locker room, shower, and toilet facilities in accordance with the student’s gender identity. Every locker room should have some private, enclosed changing areas, showers, and toilets for use by any athlete who desires them. When requested by a transgender student-athlete, schools should provide private, separate changing, showering, and toilet facilities for the student’s use, but transgender students should not be required to use separate facilities.

    2. Competition at Another School — If a transgender student-athlete requires a particular accommodation to ensure access to appropriate changing, showering, or bathroom facilities, school leaders, athletic directors, and coaches, in consultation with the transgender student-athlete, should notify their counterparts at other schools prior to competitions to ensure that the student has access to facilities that are comfortable and safe. This notification should maintain the student’s confidentiality. Under no circumstances should a student-athlete’s identity as a transgender person be disclosed without the student’s express permission.

    3. Hotel Rooms — Transgender student-athletes generally should be assigned to share hotel rooms based on their gender identity, with a recognition that any student who needs extra privacy should be accommodated whenever possible.”

    Not once do they ask how this makes women feel. The NCAA is violating the fundamental privacy rights of female students.

    “Uniforms — All team members should have access to uniforms that are appropriate for their sport and that they feel comfortable wearing. No student should be required to wear a gendered uniform that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

    Does anyone know if the NCAA requires male athletes to wear jock straps? If so, do males who “identify as women” have to wear them? How can a college age male just tuck his penis and testicles, and then go out and play competitive sports? It’s going to be impossible to keep it completely tucked in while playing sports.

  43. LQ Says:

    Move over lady powerlifters who have undoubtedly spent YEARS legitimizing your sport and defending your womanhood – Matt Kroc, male “lesbian”, delicate flower, alpha male, girly girl (honestly bro, wtf?) is here to PUMP YOU UP! That’s right gals, Matty here has taken some Buzzfeed quizzes and discovered he’s a woman! Well praise the Lord and pass the basket, because this mother fucker is coming to let us know what it’s like to be a female. So far I guess it entails an anime haircut and the EVER important little black dress. HAWT!

    • mochi Says:

      So this “lesbian” sleeps exclusively with straight women?
      Heeeeeey dykes! Check out this hot chicky babe. Her name is matt and she eats “terfs” for her post-workout snack….. and shes coming to smash through the cotton ceiling! Watch out lesboooos!
      Personally not my type. But i wont tell other lesbians what to like. I mean, it isnt because of her penis or anything. Shes just a little too “muscular”. I know thats kind of misogynist ( sorry Venus and Serena) but its better to be misogynist than TWANZmisoginist.

      • LQ Says:

        Naturally he tags all his clown-porn selfies #girlswholift. Where is #dudebroswhoroid? All the facial feminization(?) surgery in the world can’t stop the juice head look.

    • GallusMag Says:

      LOL the facial feminization surgery on his huge head. FFS is like the new corvette for midlife crisis autogynephiles.

    • morag99 Says:

      Is this “Kroc” a crock? “Alpha male/girly-girl”? His pictures look photoshopped. Or, perhaps, his actual physical self looks photoshopped? It’s like those 1980s crazy headlines in the National Enquirer have come to life. “Woman Gives Birth to Gorilla Baby” or “Male Body Builder Gets Female Head Transplant.”

      “Gender identity and personality tests that I have taken in an effort to figure myself out always indicate that I am both hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine. Exactly what I need to do to be at peace with myself is something I am still not 100% certain of.”

      Sometimes you feel like a nut?

      • mochi Says:

        I am personally convinced that this “Kroc” thing is very sophisticated and elaborate hoax.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So funny to see these facial feminizations glommed onto these meatheads. It does look like photoshop because it’s so insane.

      • kesher Says:

        Seeing this kind of thing reminds me of the liberal mindset about trans issues — that so many of these people are so pathetic “obviously” they would only do it if it were a very real need. When trying to give these guys at least some benefit of the doubt, I can see why liberals think this way. I can’t imagine stepping out of the house looking like that, let alone being proud of it.

      • morag99 Says:

        Well, yeah, it’s so insane that the entire movement could turn out to be a very sophisticated and elaborate hoax. Fooled ya! Ha ha?

        Just look at our laydee mountain bike champion here, “Sylvia”; as one commenter observed, he’s self-consciously striking a ridiculously coy, knocked-kneed, little-girl pose. It looks like an attempt at campiness, not too different from a hairy Monty Python man putting on bikini and giggling.

        Even with Bruce Jenner, and that VF cover — which is not, in any sense of the truth, an actual picture of him (and everybody knows it) — I was kind of half-waiting for the big reveal. You know, that we’d all been had, strung along until the very end …

        Thing is, there have always been rumours and legends floating around about the transsexual status of certain (real) women, particularly if they are tall, pretty and glamorous. The public, at one time, was refusing to bite about the “James Bond girl” because he passed so well as a statuesque, sexy model. It’s completely different now with the manly autogynephiles dominating the scene and becoming the “face” of trans: we won’t be able to tell the hoaxes from the devotees anymore.

      • LQ Says:

        “Cait and Jenae got nuts, females don’t!” Sing it with me, everybody now!

    • anon male Says:

      It’s interesting how little actual sports writing is included in that:

      I mean, the source for his weight lifting accomplishments seems to be basically only a single forum post which was then repeated on his wikipedia page as gospel.

      There’s no context given for casual or non-fans to understand what the “world record” means.

      Has anyone lifted more since 2009, when the feat happened?

      Who knows, who cares? Since “faggots” reading Outsports aren’t supposed to REALLY care about sports, anyway.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Note how he has ZERO regard for actual women athletes. He wants to compete in the women’s division, but “the haters” are giving him pause. If it wasn’t for “the hate” from “haters” he’d be stomping all over women athletes with no respect whatsoever. No conscience at all. Only fear of punishment. Women are just scenery to him.

      “Janae Marie — the champion powerlifter who just came out as transgender — says she’s still deciding whether she’ll continue to compete as a man or as a woman … because she’s concerned about the backlash.
      Marie — formerly Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski — appeared on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” and told us how her life has changed since she went public about her gender identity.
      Janae says she’s been “pleasantly surprised” with the support she’s received from the elite powerlifting community … though there has been an equal amount of hate.
      And the hate — according to Janae — is strongly influencing her decision about whether or not to compete as a woman moving forward.
      “I’m hesitant because I’m afraid it would do more harm than good. I’m afraid it’s a no-win situation because if I win people will say it’s not fair, it’s cheating and I’m afraid that it would stir up a lot of people protesting against transgender athletes and I would never want to do anything to harm the transgender community.”

      Read more:

      • mochi Says:

        Ow my brain!
        is he even on a hormone blocking regime? Seems like quite the opposite.
        What the f**** is this? Is he even gonna bother takint hormone blockers for a coupla years? What is this now, an express lane/fast track for male athletes who have gender feels and want to compete as women, without even TRYING to incur a few of those pesky physical disadvantages?

        I thought the alpha male would prefer to compete with dooods, since laydee competitors just arent enough of a challenge for this god-being.

        I think i hate this person. I feel like this awful nasty resentment in my heart when i think about these guys. I dont like myself when i feel that way. But i cant look at these men, and the cheerleaders who put them on pedistals and interview them and ask all about their horrible misogynist laydee feels without getting angry…. i loathe them. I can’t help disliking them any more than they can help the fact that they are giant self important narcissistic douche bags. F*** this guy. Really.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Facial Feminization IS a “sex change” now. Bet even Andrea James never saw this coming.

      • kesher Says:

        I also loathe these guys, and sometimes I doubt myself, whether how I feel really is some sort of transphobia, vs. the crap trans activists claim is “transphobia” (“misgendering”, noticing MTTs are male, having a problem with MTT rapists and pedos, not wanting to see unexposed ladystick), but actually isn’t.

        But then I realize that what I hate about dudes like “Janae” has nothing to do with their being “trans”, it’s due to their being male and being the manliest of males. Only a disgusting misogynist would behave this way.

  44. lestoille Says:

    it’s probably just the jenner factor, but the problem of tranny’s competing in women’s sports has recently been popping up all over the place in discussions where i wouldn’t usually expect to see the trans topic

    what’s interesting is that men are so vocally opposed to the tranny sporting takeover. much more than even female commenters. these are bros – beer-swilling meatheads who ordinarily don’t give a fuck about women, but surprisingly (to me) are really incensed over this issue.

    i suspect it’s partly because men really do believe in good sportsmanship, and partly its sour grapes. these dudes see themselves as magnanimous enough to let women have our silly little sports even when they could beat us at everything, and trannys are betraying that chivalry, therefore betraying other men, when they muscle (hehe) onto women’s turf.

    it seems dudely jocks object to the sporting takeover, just like rightwing christian men oppose trannys in the changing room. its always useful to know of potential allies and fellow objectors.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      There may also be a factor of wanting to be able to continue objectifying female athletes without having to worry if their favorites have dicks.

    • mochi Says:

      Good points. I have noticed this too, straight macho male sports fans seem to take huuuuuge exception. More so than even female athletes. From some guys it does sometimew seem like its based in a sort of condescending deference to the poor little lady athletes. Not talking about gt poster derrick j FTR. But yeah, great observation, i see that too! That just makes these transladeeathletes all the more descpicable, considering how many of them are the same “dudebro” types. They are sooo much better than women at everything. Including actually being a woman. I cant think of anyone more completely arrogant than these guys. Jeesh

      • mochi Says:

        Also, i was a female power lifter in highschool. I had to eat sooooo much sh*t from people for not being feminine enough, womens clothing not fitting properly, being run out of womens dressing rooms etc. Females who go into unladylike sports get metric tons of crap for it. Even if they are straight there sexuality and desireableness get called into question. It discourages a lot of women who would really enjoy and potentially excell in these sports. So really we dont even know what womens full potential is. That girlswholift shit pisses me off. That guy, seriously, even with all this weird ladee/alpha male wack shit is getting less flack than a woman who is muscular and has to deal with the negative perceptions of other people ( instead of being glorified as the “ultimate man”). Its all about getting attention. And yeah, how do you take juice for all those years and then be like, now i just want to dump even more synthetic hormones in the tank. This guys endocrine system must be a train wreck!

  45. FedUpAnonbian Says:

    Just ran some back of the envelope numbers for the comments section of a recent Jezebel post loving on Fallon Fox and MtT’s in women’s sports. For anyone looking for some ammo to rebut the “it’s all about the hormones!” argument, here you go:

    If being a MtF doesn’t confer an advantage in women’s sports, because male biology minus male hormones puts the MtF on the same physical level as biological females, then, logically, the reverse should be true as well. Female biology plus male hormones should put FtM’s on the same physical level as biological males. But if you actually run the numbers, that theory just doesn’t add up.

    As an illustration, let’s take the strongest female powerlifter in the history of the sport, Becca Swanson. Becca has been very open about her history of (really pretty extreme) steroid use.

    Becca’s highest powerlifting total (a combination of her one-rep-max squat, bench press and deadlift), was 2050 pounds, which she hit at body weight of 247 pounds. She was wearing powerlifting equipment (i.e., she was “equipped”) and was competing in a non-drug tested event. Again, Becca has openly stated that she was on buckets and buckets of steroids at the time and for many years prior to hitting that total. Compare her highest total with the men’s unequipped, drug tested world record in the 275 weight class, which is 2,171 pounds. Even if we take off 121 pounds from the men’s total because of the 28 pound body weight differential, our takeaway is still that the all-time strongest woman in the world needs to have on powerlifting gear— which, to be conservative, is generally agreed to add at least 20% to the total powerlifting score— in order to make up the difference between herself and the strongest drug tested men at her body weight.

    In other words, if we take 20% off of Becca’s powerlifting total as an allowance for her powerlifting equipment, we get an unequipped total of 1,640 pounds. The men’s unequipped, drug tested world records for the 242 weight class and the 275 weight class are 1,934 and 2,171 pounds, respectively. So, even after “controlling” for hormones, her underlying female biology has placed her at an at least 15 – 20% pure strength disadvantage to a drug-free man of comparable body weight.

    You’d have to drop all the way down to the men’s 165 pound weight class for the 247 pound Swanson to take it in a head-to-head competition against the drug tested men.

    • As another reference point, there was an article in the Advocate last year about trans man Kinnon MacKinnon winning the gold medal in men’s powerlifting 165 pound class at the 2014 Gay Games. Kinnon totaled 1060, which is awesome – I doubt I will ever be able to lift that much. But in comparison, Kim Walford lifts at 156 and totaled 1124 at IPF Worlds in 2014. IPF is drug tested, and Kim is lifetime drug free, including T. For comparison, the man who won the 156 pound/74kg class totaled 1512. The man in last place in that weight class totaled 1232! I agree with what Mochi said elsewhere on this thread that we don’t really know the real limits of female powerlifters due to social reasons, but there is also a baseline difference in muscle mass and ability to build muscle between males and females, and it appears to relate to testosterone levels early in life. Clearly, with taking T for more than a few years, Kinnon’s total is still firmly in female range, nowhere near an elite male.

      • FedUpAnonbian Says:

        Interesting stuff! So there’s that at least 20% differential again between the female on male hormones (Kinnon’s 1,060) and the set of drug tested men (between 1,232 and 1,512).I’d be really curious to know if Kim could crack into the men’s range given long-term use of PEDs. I think we’d have to keep in mind though– a 156 pound male powerlifter would tend to be a relatively small, skinny guy in comparison to other male powerlifters. Unless that 156 pound guy is 5 foot 1, he’s not going to be very heavily muscled, whereas a short or average height 156 pound woman could be seriously jacked. So, arguably, that small skinny guy isn’t really taking advantage of one of the competitive advantages that his male physiology provides by using it to put on serious muscle mass. Either that or the 156 pound male is still a relative novice to the sport, which Kim most certainly is not.

        Powerlifting is such a perfect test case for the cross-sex hormone stuff both because of the existence of tested and untested federations and because the judging is at least theoretically objective and consistent across all competitions. It’ll be a cold day in hell before the IOC or any of the major sports’ governing bodies actually run with the available data, but I think they’d be hard pressed to argue that strength isn’t the most, or one of the most, important components of athletic performance.

        As far as the probable 20% strength differential between the women on male hormones and the drug tested men, I’m placing my bet on bone structure, joint size, and soft tissue integrity as being the explanation, and, as far as I’m aware, male hormones have no effect on any one of those things.

      • FedUpAnonbian Says:

        And I should add, removing male hormones by transitioning MtT wouldn’t take away those structural advantages either.

  46. mochi Says:

    This dipshit couldnt even wait until his sons graduated from highschool.
    i feel so bad for those kids.
    you folks remember what highschool was like?

  47. anotheranonmale Says:

    Came here to post about Kroc…. I have long been wondering (as a reader of this site) when a strength athlete would try to pull this shit. To FedUp, thanks for the numbers for those not familiar with our sport.

    To anyone remotely familiar with strength athletics (or athletics in general) the premise of M2Fs competing as females is, or should be, out of the realm of basic possibility.

    • kesher Says:

      Unfortunately Kroc isn’t the first one. Another one a couple of years ago (this was one of the stops along the way for my peak trans) asked to compete in the women’s division in the Crossfit games, and Crossfit told him to get lost. He was threatening to sue, and, unfortunately, since this was in California, very likely state law would come down in his favor.

    • FedUpAnonbian Says:

      Holy hell. I just read the Kroc interview, and damn if his level of reality denialism isn’t making my head explode. He says that, “I’m afraid it’s a no-win situation because if I win people will say it’s not fair, it’s cheating…” So he’s afraid that other people might view his participation as unfair to the female competitors, but no where does he acknowledge that it might, in fact, actually be unfair to the female competitors.

      Someone who’s been in the sport as long as Kroc has and who’s trained as many people as Kroc no doubt has would be extremely well aware that, within 3- 6 months, the average male trainee can hit upper body strength numbers that would take the average female trainee 5 -10 years to reach. But somehow the male trainee doesn’t have an unfair advantage if he just pops some female hormones for a few months prior to competing against the women?

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        Jesus Murphy! This is so horrible! WTF!!? It’s so divorced from biological reality. I’m having like a peak trans repeat. Thank you for those numbers and that description. I would not have known.

    • mochi Says:

      I myself at one time thought it so improbable, since these strength athlete dudes are usually really kinda macho meat heads. No shade but yanno, its not too, too laydee like.

      But there more i get to know about Autogynephlic transvestism, the more i see these macho athletes come out, ex military doods, even violent criminals…. yes us women folk are quite aware of the strength disparities, remotely would be an understatement, considering the real world consequences.

      Sometimes i wonder at the reason these tranny sports stories get played up. the conflict seems so manufactured, the appropriate response on the part of athletic bodies and sports media should be, SHOULD be obvious.
      I wonder if its to rile up all that mra hate, the resentment of female athletes, of title 9. Its like some times these mras seem so angry about womens sports , so angry they could spit.

      Even hearing Ronda Rousey mentioned in the same sentence as ex navy man Boyd The Butcher Burton, is an absolute shame. Its disrespectful to Ronda. If she were to fight that freak i would say she would win by an extreme act of athletic heroism. Gracie type heroism. She is a phenomenal martial artist. Burton is a low life shit bag cheat, a talentless middle aged hack, a woman beating brute. He could have killed tamikla bretts. He is a coward and a brutal criminal, a fraud. Ronda has nothing to gain from fighting that animal. If she won, it would be a freakshow and an insult to her career. If she lost, she would be mocked and spit on and these mras and agps would congratulate themselves for once again reminding women of their place.

      NO female athlete should ever , EVER be subjected to the EXTREME DISRESPECT of being in any way forced or goades into competing with male frauds. Disgusting

  48. anotheranonmale Says:

    THIS is a strong woman:

  49. Artemis Jade Says:

    The reaction to the Dutee Chand decision about intersex and women’s sports causes concern. The NY Times ran an op-ed saying ‘At the core of a new policy should be the principle that any elite athlete who, as in the case of Ms. Chand, participates consistently as a female in junior competitions, and continues to do so following puberty in senior-level competitions, should not have their eligibility questioned.’ And now even Alice Dreger says ‘they’re going to have to give up searching for a persuasive biological dividing line and conclude that what makes you a woman is just being in the world as a woman.’ The problem here is that we have a generation of child MTTs that are being raised and presented as ‘girls’ from very young ages. So once they become stronger and faster than biological girls at adolescence, they could claim entry to women’s sports on the grounds recommended by these pundits.

    • Derrick Jensen Says:

      This is all insane. What does “give up searching for a persuasive biological dividing line” even mean? What does “persuasive biological dividing line” mean? Uh, how about chromosomes? What about various other sex characteristics (and deal with the clear anomalies the way anomalies should always be dealt with: on a case by case basis). I understand various anomalies occur, but that doesn’t mean you base your ethics or policy or anything else around those anomalies. This all grows more absurd by the moment.

  50. “So once they become stronger and faster than biological girls at adolescence, they could claim entry to women’s sports on the grounds recommended by these pundits.”

    Actually I don’t think so since hormones and puberty blockers have side effects. Especially blockers are toxic for the health and bones.

  51. felicia Says:

    females have a lower hemoglobin level than males. Females lose hemoglobin every month when they get their period. A transgender “female”, no matter how many hormones they take, will never have a period because they don’t have a uterus. But if I was a female pro forced to compete against one of these guys, and I did EPO or blood doping to boost my hgb level I would be banned. A tran “female” will still have a height and weight and physique and VO2 max advantage. If I went through puberty as a boy I would probably be 6 foot 4 like my brothers. Taking hormones and getting breast implants DOESN”T CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A MAN!

  52. FedUpAnonbian Says:

    I’m sure someone already posted this somewhere, but, wow!

    I for one eagerly await the next US v Iran “women’s” soccer match. Especially in light of that fact that Abby Wambach was the person who actually presented the Arthur Ashe award to Caitlyn Jenner. Will Abby’s view change if the US national team gets trounced by a team full of Caitlyns?

  53. @FedUpAnonbian

    Eight of Iran’s women’s soccer team are men awaiting sex reassignment surgery. When I read this, I thought WTF. There goes women’s sports. It’s so unfair to women and people know it. Abby isn’t smart enough to know that she and other women can be replaced by a whole team of Caitlyns.

    As to the Espy, I watched the video of that fake Espy Award where Abby said Jenner looked stunning in his dress. She really said stunning as if she really thought he look glamorous and sexy. I didn’t see anything stunning. Everyone knows that Arthur Ashe Espy Courage Award that went to Jenner was a done deal between Jenner’s PR team and the networks. There were so many other people who were more deserving. Jenner, a rich 65 year old man, has been out of sports since 1976, and is known more as a celebrity. There are more people, including women who have won more gold medals than Jenner, but we don’t hear about them. I used to respect and admire Wambach before she stood on that stage and participated in this farce.

    This is from the LA Times.

    “One possible candidate for the Ashe honor who was passed over in favor of Jenner was Lauren Hill. The 19-year-old freshman from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati battled an inoperable brain tumor to achieve her dream of playing college basketball, while also helping to raise money for cancer research. She died in April.

    Another often cited is Noah Galloway, an Iraqi war veteran who lost two limbs but has continued to enter competitions, including an inspiring run on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

    Even Kevin Frazier, a co-anchor of “Entertainment Tonight,” a show that usually breathlessly covers the Kardashians, seemed unimpressed with the Jenner choice.

    “Make no mistake, what Caitlyn did was courageous,” Frazier said on a segment of the show last month. “But Lauren’s journey was not about glamour or publicity. It was just a girl who never gave up her dream of playing college basketball while she was dying of cancer, and along the way she raised millions for pediatric cancer. That is why I feel she is deserving of the award.”

  54. SantaCruz4life Says:

    I personally think that Sylvia(Jamie) Castaneda(Transgender) should be banned from competing as a woman rider when she was BORN A MAN.It’s just not fair to the other riders, I’ve competed for years and I’m outraged like so many other riders are and should be.

    • RideorDie Says:

      I agree with you 100% it’s not fair and he/she should be banned for life.

    • red Says:

      Yes all those race organizers volunteer and paid, have built their careers off women riders. Maybe remind them of that. Time they stood by their meal ticket.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “when she was born a man”.

      HE is not a she and never will be. Male pronouns are:he,him,his. No one can change their sex and enabling these pervs delusions by using female pronouns to placate their nonsense doesn’t help.

  55. lovetruthcourage Says:

    As a female athlete myself, I believe that this is unfair. I will be writing to Vittoria and expressing my concerns. I hope others will join me. If we don’t get on this loudly now, it will spread like the plague it is.

  56. Felicia Reale Says:

    Well here we go again. It’s 2017 and even more men racing in women’s DH. Blatant disrespect and discrimination towards women. If you want to wear make up and wear pink go ahead. nobody cares. But don’t pretend your bigger bones and muscles, stronger ligaments and tendons, bigger hands, higher levels of hemoglobin, higher VO2 max don’t count. There are already so few women racing DH and enduro we don’t even have age groups. So I’m a 53 year old grandmother racing against 20 year olds. Now we have to race against men? SHAME ON YOU!

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