Who are the Anti-Vaxxers of Sexology?

July 12, 2015

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  1. stchauvinism Says:

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  2. GallusMag Says:

  3. Biscuit Says:

    The histrionics on display there are outstanding. Dr. Cantor now has someone accusing him of violence just because he stated the undisputable fact that some men become aroused by cross-dressing.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s like an AGP reunion in his feed…

      • stchauvinism Says:

        It’s a who’s who list of future ex-trans, men who will blame their misadventures in transness on feminists cause men blame women for everything.

      • Bea Says:

        Oh God, even MRAnda Ravin’ showed up.

      • alzira lutou Says:

        Bea Says:
        July 13, 2015 at 10:28 pm
        Oh God, even MRAnda Ravin’ showed up.

        Funny how his drag name lends itself to such great puns. Maybe an unconscious choice?

    • BadDyke Says:

      Yep, how NICE to see Zoe Brain…..

      magically gender changing supposed rocket scientist, actually just yet another computer scientist – and not even one with a Phd, if his ResearchGate listing is correct! Yep, SIX listed papers on genetic and evolutionary algorithms isn’t very impressive, and no evidence to support the claimed listing of neuroscientist! For those who aren’t computer scientists, the genetic and evolutionary tags have very little/nothing to do with actual biology, but instead the idea is to artificially ‘breed’ computer programs to try and find the best. Borrowed the basic concept from biology, but that is all…………………..

      Okay, listed as PhD candidate at ANU 2006-2011, and talks about writing up on his blog in 2011 — but seems as if he didn’t get it, because if he DID, I bet he’d be flaunting it rather than the tired ole rocket-scientist tag…………

      …. anyway seemingly failed PhD candidate in computer science tries to warn someone who actually HAS a PhD in an experimental science about confirmation bias………….

      (This is actually a bit of an in joke since the problem with many computer scientists is they may be brilliant software engineers, or whatever, but many of them know almost zero about scientific testing. If the code runs ONCE, that’s it surely……..)

      And James Cantor, who talks about magnetic resonance studies of brains, and (in 2011 at least), pointed out studies that showed homosexual M2T showed some brain differences, BUT heterosexual M2T (i.e. your typical heterosexual autogynephilia just-call-me-Caitlyn crowd) DIDN’T show signs of laydee brains. So that was never going to be popular!

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t really see what computer “science” has to do with real science anyway. I would imagine most computer programmers had a solid basis in STEM before specializing in tech, but taking biology/chemistry/physics 101 at the college level does not a scientist make.

      • BadDyke Says:

        “I don’t really see what computer “science” has to do with real science anyway…” Some computing is (applied) maths, and some is the science of information — it’s mainly just CS undergraduates who think computer science is just programming, unfortunately. As opposed to school kids (or at least their teachers and probably much of the UK parliament), who think computer science is just IT………. 🙂 Damn, change that, much of the UK parliament has no damn idea WHAT science or maths ARE anyway, apart from things they couldn’t/didn’t do!

        The slightly odd link between M2T and computer ‘scientists’ still remains though……………………. 🙂

  4. silverside Says:

    Re: Trans claims that they are being murdered in huge numbers. Certainly the gay press widely promotes the cases that do occur, despite constant hammering that trans murders are being “ignored.” On the contrary, there is this huge promotion of the idea that it’s all gay men and trans women that are the majority of victims and they get the majority of attention if you google it. Of course, I was skeptical so started digging. I’m finding lesbian victims are hugely undercounted. I’ve found 160 so far, most of which don’t even get a passing mention in the gay press. The victim’s names are either buried in human rights documents or the cases are sensationalized/trivialized as “love triangles” and the like (i.e. domestic violence or honor killings). http://inmemoriamlesbian.blogspot.com/

  5. Liza Says:

    The term “anti-vaxxer” is used much like the term “TERF” as a way to discredit the thousands of parents, doctors and scientists world- wide who are trying to make vaccines safer. Big Pharma and the CDC are in collusion to make sure that they can produce vaccines with maximum profit, despite the fact that they are formulated with known neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury. Merck and the other manufacturers are legally indemnified from lawsuits, and own much of Mainstream Media through advertising and cronyism, so you will always see articles that villify, shame and silence critics with the terms “anti-vaxxer” “the science is settled” and other thought-terminating cliches.

    I know that’s not what this thread is about…but I think it’s important to beware of the terms we use or repeat.

    • Bea Says:

      I agree, Liza. Anti-vaxxers are as “anti-vaccine” as the people who wanted calomel taken off the market are “anti-antiseptic,” or the people who pushed to have lead removed from house paint, “anti-paint.”

    • sarineal Says:

      If it was true that it was about making vaccines safer, then you’d stop beating that dead horse of mercury for a starter. That (thimerosal, used in multi-dose vial to prevent contamination) was removed well over a decade ago, and is in only a couple given to older people and even then there are alternatives. That sort of repeated false claim is the problem and if anti-vaxxers would move on instead of simply working to discredit vaccines, they wouldn’t get those criticisms of being anti-science and worse. Pharmaceutical companies are venal, and out to make a profit but vaccines which are only given a few times in a person’s life and prevent disease are not the profit makers, it’s the other stuff that people might need over months or years or so-called lifestyle drugs that is what makes the profit. The problem is you can’t criticise even them all that much – if you had type 1 diabetes for instance, those pharmaceuticals are literally keeping you alive, and I’m sure many people prefer having major surgery with anaesthetics.

      The person in the OP was making a similar analogy with the two groups, and it’s deny, deny, deny all the way and if not, try and discredit anyone that talks about it. Dead right in my opinion.

      The use of lupron as puberty blocker for normal children is wrong, but even then big pharma isn’t really the problem there. It’s the doctors prescribing it ‘off-label’ and using it untested. There’s a big risk in doing that when there isn’t really an indication for use. So just saying, it’s more complicated than that big conspiracy where drug companies rule the world.

      • kesher Says:

        Drug companies are promoting this though. They fund trans advocacy groups like WPATH. At this point, it seems like many doctors have reason to fear not endorsing transitioning children since that makes them “bigots”.

        My issue with vaccines is the use of them for non-fatal illnesses such as chicken pox. Vaccines should be reserved for serious illnesses, not used to prevent children from itchiness and a few pox scars.

      • sarineal Says:

        I agree, that’s one of the complicating things as it is intertwined and I think a strong degree of cynicism is needed when looking at this. I see the drug companies as more the “backend”, they’ve jumped in where there are potential sales to be made and the medical profession as being the “frontend” which created the need for drugs like lupron to be used unnecessarily in the first place. Hopefully that explains it a bit better.

      • emmajune Says:

        Thanks for your reply Sarineal. I just couldn’t even get the energy together to take the vaccination falsehoods on. Again. But to add, removing the perservative from the MMR vaccine (which is what the mercury was part of) has made vaccination more expensive. So, congrats to the anti-vaxxers on that, I guess.

      • KgSch Says:

        The man who tried to prove that vaccines cause autism was discredited for giving unnecessary medical tests to the children in the study and for faking data.

        sarineal is right about the mercury. They removed that preservative and autism rates still keep climbing. The federal government, at least in the United States, will pay people money if they have a bad reaction to a vaccine, even though they are a lot less risky than the other medication pharmaceutical companies put out. (They probably make more money off of name-brand statin drugs. Those are expensive and way more risky. You don’t need a blood test every 3 months after you get a vaccine to make sure your liver is working.)

        I’d rather get a shot than get all the horrible diseases they’re used to prevent. But, if you don’t want to, have fun with your polio.


        My parents were going to have me vaccinated for chickenpox but I got sick with it before that happened. I would have rather had the shot.

      • Meg Says:

        Chicken pox can lead to shingles later in life, and in the event that a woman isn’t exposed to chicken pox until she is pregnant it can cause all kinds of problems. Chicken pox can also cause death:


      • conn suits Says:

        Sarineal, thanks for saying all that so I didn’t have to.

        [Vaccine debate portion of comment removed-GM]

        Cantor’s quip is apt. Although with autogynephillia most people don’t even know what that is. Or that it has a relationship to trans. (Or that large numbers of MtF transsexuals don’t have the genital surgery. All things I learned on this blog. Thank you GM!) With the anti-vaxxers people “know” all kind of things that aren’t true. Including thanks to that fraudster Andrew Wakefield.

      • GallusMag Says:

        As you can see, I’ve deleted the vaccine debate portion of your comment. It is not fair to the several others who have already been moderated if I let yours through just because you tacked on something relevant to jender at the end. If you would rather I remove the entire comment instead, just let me know.

  6. Dogtowner Says:

    Since the media are in love with trans, why aren’t they all over these hate crimes? I would think they would want to show what horrible persecution these men suffer since men’s suffering is so profound.

  7. mother3 Says:

    “autogynephile deniers harm those who feel and embrace their autogynephila.”

    pretty important point right there…it’s the people that deny the truth who ruin it for everyone. if everyone was honest about it from the start it wouldn’t be seen as such a big deal but now it’s this whole political correctness issue. and when he says “why? something wrong with kinks”? is also important. why is it assumed that if autogynephilia is mentioned its automatically a stigmatization

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s hard to imagine a Gay Pride movement based on denial of homosexuality. You would think the trans movement would work to reduce the stigma of their orientation. Guess that’s why the trans movement is a movement of Shame, not Pride.

      • Bea Says:

        They’d have to admit they don’t actually have “female brains,” but instead “female fetishizing brains.”

  8. mayimoktoo Says:

    Speaking of AG, why do straight guys love MtTs?

    “When a married man comes to me because I love to wear lipstick and nail polish and lacy underwear and nylons and high heels and long hair with ribbons and bows as I flirt and smile and tease, I know he is cheating on his wife and I hate to be a part of all that. However, I also know that his desire is so intense that it goes right to the very depths of his soul. Stimulating that desire and satisfying it goes right to the very depths of mine.”



    • GallusMag Says:

      LOL that comment thread.

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        I know, right! Loved the pissed off women.

        Cracked up over crap like this:
        “Frills and skirts and pumps and lipstick don’t seem to make the scene much these days, at least for women my age, so we stand out”

        Yep, it’s the frills not the line-backer shoulders that make you stand out.

    • kesher Says:

      Is that his photo with the article? Yeah, those “straight” men are so turned on by obvious (unattractive) men in overtly frilly dress.

    • Bea Says:

      Yeah, straight guys just love that cock & balls, precariously tucked into lacy women’s underwear.

    • Relieved Says:

      Well that article was incredibly bizarre, sexist, weird AND creepy.

      I knew it could be irritating from the title, but there are a whole slew of other choice adjectives to describe that unfortunate essay after reading it like: horrifying, delusional, abusive, psychotic, malicious, porny & unbelievably trolly.

      Time to go watch Maru videos until the deßire to vomit wears off! It’s terrible that people with views like that are now considered a victim class —more like a class of people who victimize everyone around them by promoting such a skewed and damaging worldview about sex and gender. *shudders*

      • Bea Says:

        This is sad.

      • Meg Says:

        Wait, what is this “as all women with ‘loose morals'” garbage?

        Looking for love in all the wrong places? How about try being socialized to view yourself as utterly worthless without male validation.

        Of course he can’t understand that. He’s male. He’s struggling with not knowing his father whereas ALL women struggle with a society that refuses to view us as human except when a man approves of us.

      • Em Says:

        @Bea, 1:21

        Yes, it’s sad. The majority of them have seriously crappy relationships with their fathers and are enmeshed with their mothers–thus the need to keep “her” close, which ends up distorted, twisted, and eroticized in all kinds of bizarre and sickening ways. And the more they deny this, the more assured you can be that it’s in fact the case.

        I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior, here, or denying the misogynistic aspects of the disorder. Just commenting on the psychodynamics. These guys are messed up.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      So not wearing lipstick and lace is “needlessly cruel” to men? I don’t know whether this person is an AGP, but his assertion that he only wants straight men who love him for his femininity sounds like some sort of fetish.

      @Relieved–Yeah, Maru videos sound like a good antidote.

      • Relieved Says:

        Watching that goofy cat always brings me great joy. His “sliding into the soda box” routine is sure to crack a smile.

    • Biscuit Says:

      Well, that was indeed very creepy. A few paragraphs in there even had a big ‘incest’ vibe to them (e.g. the one about female relatives giving up on femininity after having babies).

      His repeated claims of wanting to be just a “girl’ have a pedophile vibe too. Few things give me the jibblies more than a grown man who insists he’s a ‘girl.’ Do they not see how sick that seems to the rest of the World?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Candace Suzanne · Proprietress at I am Miss Suzi, Miss Suzi’s Studios, and http://www.MissSuzi.com
        My sisters still keep hitting on me anyway! Feels like Attempted Incest! Teeheehee!”

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Teeheehee! He gives a phone number (His own? It’s for someone in Irondequoit, NY) in response to some other creepy dude that says he wants to date him. I know exactly zero actual women who’d post their phone number on a discussion board. It’s worse than a mens’ bathroom wall.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Biscuit, in one of his comments he writes,
        “My sisters still keep hitting on me anyway! Feels like Attempted Incest! Teeheehee!” Definite pedo/incest fetish here. Maybe he should hook up with “Andrea” James?

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Yeah, gave a phone number to some guy with a beard. His greatest pleasure would be to date a middle-aged man in a fairy tale wig. Must be from TUCK Dynasty. Teeheehee!

        That always sets off my sock puppet alarm when some “straight man” shows up, raving about how he can’t resist a man in lingerie.

        I don’t know. Maybe they’re just looking for a mommy to nurture them, and aren’t going to let biological facts stand in their way.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ZZTop could be the same guy in “boy mode”. lol

      • coelacanth Says:

        Male here — gay. News from the male world: ALL males who have sex with any form of trans are neither heterosexual nor gay. Not one of them. Every single male who has sex with trans is BISEXUAL. Almost none use that label. None of them will say they are bisexual. And many will attack you for suggesting it. But it is the truth.

        Story: 15 years ago I was at a local bar having a beer with male co-worker who was bisexual but mainly gay. A pair of obvious female prostitutes came in, shortly followed by a large group of Brucindas — pigs in wigs trannies obviously out for their first public display (their words — I could hear them at the next tables). Since the bar was semi-gay, mostly “demi-monde”, no one even noticed them.

        I tried to ignore them but my co-worker was smashed and kept engaging one of the female prostitutes in conversation about their “group”, and so I was forced to hear everything I never wanted to know but already did (having known a number of trans in the 1970s and early 80s) about cross dressers and their lady names (Frilly Simp, Simpy Frill, Bukkake Doormat, etc.) and how “womanly” they were. So “hot”! So “feminine”!

        At one point, my drunk pal asked the prozzie what kind of sex they all had and whether they were bisexual or what, and she proclaimed in a voice so loud you could heard it above the music: “We are all bisexual!!! Everyone in the world is really bisexual!!!” My drunk pal said to her, “yes we are all bisexual!” as the whole wigged gaggle hooted!

        At that point, as they both turned to me for confirmation of humanity’s common bisexuality, I stood up and in a voice so loud everyone on the street outside could hear me, screamed “I’m not! No we are not all bisexual. I am not bisexual. I am not heterosexual. I am not pansexual. I AM GAY! Meaning, I am a homsexual! Got it? A HOMOSEXUAL!!!” You could hear a pin drop after my outburst and all the transcindas, their gal pals (wives?), the 2 prozzies and my drunk bisexual co-worker looked shocked, scandalized and dejected.

        As I left, I heard the prozzie say to the group, “It’s okay, many old school gay men won’t play along. But don’t worry, they’re on the way out.”

        That is a true story.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        RE coelacanth, that’s the conclusion I reached. 100% straight/hetero or 100% homo is probably going to reject trans, but someone who’s bisexual would have an interest.

        However, it appears that many trans are more worried about validating their “womanhood” delusion than just finding a man that wants them. It shows in the Examiner article above.

        Not sure, but I wonder if that was an issue for Carmen Carrera and Isis King. They had established relationships with men before their permanent wardrobe change, but not long after their wardrobe change, those relationships ended.
        Maybe CC and IK didn’t feel validated by men who had been interested in males?

      • kesher Says:

        “Maybe CC and IK didn’t feel validated by men who had been interested in males?”

        It also seems likely that the boyfriends aren’t interested in men who play dress-up full time. Obviously, sex characteristics are the most important element to sexual attraction for most people, but I think most gay men aren’t interested in men who are doing their damnedest to look like women. There’s a big difference between effeminate presentation and having breast implants and facial feminization.

      • KgSch Says:


        Good for you for telling it like it is.

        Those people are nothing but parasites who latched onto activism that lesbians and gays did in the 1970s. And now they pretend we don’t exist and throw a fit when we won’t play along with the “everyone is bi and/or twanz” line, and then turn around and complain we’re erasing them Mind-screw of the highest level. (With a few exceptions, I haven’t bumped into a form of bisexual activism that didn’t involve claiming everyone was really bi, calling lesbians and gays “monosexuals” or worse, and then accusing us of “erasing” them after they just said we didn’t exist. Trans activism, as we all know, pulls the cotton ceiling rapey garbage.)

        There’s a disturbing ageist trend where some of the younger “progressives” celebrate when old people die because all old people are bigots, don’t you know. They think they’re so enlightened, but most of them are knock-offs with no awareness of history, hence why Stonewall is now started by autogynephiles.

        Yes, men who want trannies aren’t gay, especially if they want F2Ts. Words have meaning.

      • coelacanth Says:

        Gay fact of life. The universal gay truth about drag queens in the gay world is they are loved by most gay men everywhere but in bed. No gay man wants a male pretending to be a “woman” as a sex partner. Bi men do. Pan men do. Faker liars do. Way out fetish males do. But gay men do not. Look up the 1970s movie “Outrageous” about a drag queen’s unrequited sex life for a great depiction of this reality.

        Drag queens have always complained that they get no sex from gay men but tons of sex offers from the non-gay men for paid sex or fetish sex.

        The examples you gave of the two drag queens who turned into trans are classic. As gay men they had gay male boyfriends until they turned themselves full-time into faux “women” at which point their boyfriends dumped them for men, femmy or not: dressing and pretending to be “sexy lady” for a show in a gay bar is great, for gay sex, forget about it.

      • KgSch Says:


        I was actually being sarcastic about the autogynephiles, because I know that het autogynephiles are the enemy. I was just pointing out the revisionist history claims that everyone in Stonewall was really twanz, like how every dead gay and lesbian ever is really twanz. (Everyone on this site is really twanz or one of the borg too, we’re just in denial, according to popular propaganda.) That said, not surprised that some drag queens go on to live their fake “woman” persona full time.

        But if drag queens want to pretend to be a woman all the time, they shouldn’t get upset that the only people who might be into that are bisexual men.

        I wouldn’t date a woman who was taking testosterone and trying to pass off as male, because I’m not bisexual. Plus, I’m not a fan of self-hatred and testosterone poisoning.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      They also love to call themselves “girls”. Even at age 65.

      That’s insulting to adult women.

      • Mortadella Says:

        Well, a certain sect of straight guys 50 and up are obsessed with “girls.” If you can’t suck the lifeforce out of a girl like a vampire (via a hetero coupling), why not subsume girls and women and convince yourself you are one of them? It’s kind of like owning a girl (i.e. vagina/womb).
        And gosh, wanting to fuck yourself (or imaging a man fucking you) as an idealized version of your fantasy woman is such a straight man thing to do — especially when you think real woman are just porn objects but have found that actual woman in real life don’t like being treated as such. What to do, what to do? Pretend to be a female and be your own fuck object, by god. Every time someone calls you “she” gives you an opportunity to get an erection. “She” equals sex/porn object, right fellas? Mission accomplished, gentlemen.

        Since sex-bots aren’t available, this is what men have come up with.

      • Zemskull Says:

        “Fantasy Girl”

        Lately I’m learnin’
        That so many yearnings are never to be
        The childhood illusions
        Are merely delusions of a girl that I see

        In my mind’s eye
        I see clearly a vision of how it could be

        Me and my fantasy girl
        Hold on to me
        Be my fantasy girl
        Don’t set me free

        –.38 Special, 1981

      • Relieved Says:

        Thank you coelacanth for sharing your story. It’s kick ass that you had a “I am GAY man, hear me roar!” moment.

  9. Mochi Says:

    What a mess this man is! He thinks he’s better at being a woman than actual women? He’s gross! He looks like Kurt Russel in a bad wig. Did he come up with that look after watching “Tango and Cash?”

    This one doesn’t even feel like he has to lie about the exploitative and misogynistic nature of his fetish. “Straight” men LOVE him because he LOVES being a woman, more than actual women do…those spoiled bitches just take their status as women for granted, they don’t know when they got a good thing going! Being a woman is all about kissing/wiping men’s asses 24/7, who WOULDN’T find that a “turn on”? I mean….

    This one is definitely unhinged.

    Yeah buddy, you sure know what being a woman is all about. That’s why you’re so much better at it than “real” women (scare quotes). No, serious, I am being totally serious. You nailed it bub… I’m actually really impressed by your insight. And also your earnest lack of anything even remotely resembling a sense of irony.
    These comments are effing righteous. Hallelujah.

  10. Unperson Says:

    I think I just coined a new term ‘autogynepuke’. agp. It’s a word game ultimately. so why not.

  11. GallusMag Says:

    This is hilarious: Andrea James, who has made around SIXTY THOUSAND edits to Wikipedia as “Jokestress”, banned for life from all wikipedia topics on Human Sexuality after going apeshit on James Cantor:

    Jokestress topic-banned from human sexuality[edit]
    2.1) Jokestress is indefinitely banned from the topic of human sexuality, including biographical articles.

    Passed 9 to 0, 12:50, 25 April 2013 (UTC)


    • lestoille Says:

      skimming that arbitration i fully understand why 91% of wikipedia editors are men, and why wikipedia has failed to improve the imbalance even after focusing on the problem.

      what woman has time for this wiki bullshit? what woman would wade into this cesspool of male bickering and dare bring a woman’s perspective? if an actual woman showed up with a thought or an opinion you just know all these bickering men would suddenly find themselves on the same side, the male side. What woman wants to invite any more anti woman hostility and exhaustion in her life than absolutely necessary?

      wikipedia can burn to the ground.

      • lestoille Says:

        and of the 9% of wikipedia editors who are “women”, i bet half are actually trannies anyway.

      • hearthrising Says:

        when I edit Wikipedia the men sometimes change it back.

      • How does one become a wikipedia editor? Does anyone know?

      • hearthrising Says:

        you just create an account and do it. there is no gatekeeping. Wikipedia has instructions. a few entries are locked and can’t be changed except by the core group. most of them you can edit.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        God so much self-important male bullshit and drama, seriously. Acting like their petty spats and gossip are The Most Important and the Fate of Human Knowledge hangs in their hands. Like their shitty website is the goddamn United Nations or something. My eyes glazed over after about a paragraph.

        Also Andrea is so obviously a pedo or pedo-apologist, you’d think a normal establishment not run by dudes with their dicks in their mouths and their heads up their asses would just break out the ban hammer. Or call the police.

      • Mortadella Says:

        Jesus, I agree wholeheartedly.

      • soporificat Says:

        eeee! @roslynholcomb I hope you become a wiki editor! You are one of my favorite commentators here. You are so rational and sensible, yet funny. Wiki would be lucky to have your contributions. Although, from what I understand, wiki is kind of a snake pit, so it might be a waste of your time.

      • lestoille Says:

        i agree with soporificat! roslyn is one of my favorite GT commenters too.

        roslyn i am torn between wanting to encourage you to edit wiki because you would kick ass, and wanting to tell you nooooooo because i wouldn’t wish that shitshow on any woman

      • Thanks, I appreciate the vote of confidence. Not sure if I have the time, but I might explore it at a later date.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Haaaaaaa! Good to see that whackaloon get his just desserts! 😀

    • Meg Says:

      Welp, this explains a lot.

      I just found out that Andrea James is a script consultant for the movie TransAmerica. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you don’t because the story revolves around a 17 year old boy who sells his body and aspires to be in the porn industry and his father who is seeking surgery to m2t.

      Anyway, I thought the movie had weird and creepy vibe in how it portrayed sexual tension between not only the boy and his father, but with other older men. A decade ago, way before I heard of transpolitics, I bought the movie used for a low price and thought it might be worth watching. I was wrong. I didn’t think to give it a second glance until I found out that James apparently said this:

      “I can’t take it any more…”Hebephilia” is a fictitious diagnosis, one of many created by an activist minority in the mental health field to pathologize sex and gender minorities…Unfortunately, one of the people in that activist minority, James Cantor, happens to be an editor here at Wikipedia.”

      Hebephilia, pedophilia, I don’t see a difference. They’re both words that describe sexual attraction to children who are recognized as children in the eyes of the law. I find it disturbing that this is yet another m2t I have accidentally heard about who have either been convicted of sex crimes or have a documented history of attracted to children. Yes, this matters because m2ts don’t want to be seen as typical men who are capable of rape, yet even a prominent m2t such as James seems to hold a mindset that doesn’t respect the laws meant to protect children from exploitation. There is a reason why laws of consent exist, and those laws usually have limits, such as a three year age difference. It’s not a free-for-all for every older man to feel entitled to have sex with kids. Jesus. The fact that I feel compelled to point that out is baffling, because this is something I would assume most mainstream feminists are aware of and likely consider an important issue. The fact that most mainstream feminists don’t talk about this is disturbing to say the least.

  12. GallusMag Says:

    General notice: Appreciate all the comments. Unfortunately I’m not up for moderating/hosting a vaccine debate. Please keep comments relevant to the theme of this blog: Gender. Thank you!

  13. Livvie Says:

    Golly Miss Suzi, you’re so right! Why DO so many men want to be in love with pigs in wigs? This entire article is repellent.

    What. a. creepy. freak. Who even thinks about sex this much? I don’t know *anyone* who thinks or talks about fucking as much as m2trannies do. For god’s sake, go get a hobby or something. Go fishing. Read a book. Stop with the pigtails and the teehee-ing and the blog posts letting the world know how superior you are to us lowly women and all the rest of it.

    I am in love with the comments there, though. It’s refreshing and heartening to see more and more people speak up about trans psychosis and calling it like they see it. Which is to say a middle aged dude wearing garish lipstick.

    “We LOVE being women more than most genetic women” = “I LOVE being an autogynephile!” You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. Am I reading him wrong, or is he basically admitting that what he really loves is the fact that he’s living his fetish 24/7? This shit makes my brain hurt.

    ‘Miss Suzi’–how cutesy cute! Do any of these m2t have names like, I don’t know, Helen? Does Suzi put a heart above the i in her name instead of a boring old dot? I have advice for Miss Suzi. A straight dude is not going to have sex with you unless he isn’t actually straight. Most gay men are not going to have sex with you because you look like deep fried ass. A lesbian will not have sex with you because you’re a man. A straight woman who hasn’t been blinded by the trans spin is going to be disgusted by you and the sexist crap you spew. So where’s all this hot, marriage destroying sex you’re having, Suzi? Fantasyland?

    Whatever. These delusional men need to shut the fuck up. I would never have called myself a feminist in the past, but the more these creeps open their mouths the more I feel like one. A tiny spot of light in a sea of darkness.

    • kesher Says:

      It seems like some MTTs choose relatively normal names. Those guys are more like “executive” MTTs (for reference, see Eddie Izzard’s bit about “executive” transvestites). They strive to be more classy than their brothers, many of whom choose names inspired by porn.

      As to their obsession with sex, it’s been my observation in recent years that sexually frustrated men obsess about sex the most. Odds are, “Miss Suzi” isn’t getting laid ever, at all, or else he wouldn’t obsess about it so much.

    • Free from sex pozzies Says:

      There ARE a ton of conventionally married, and other men that consider themselves straight, that love to have sex with MTT. My ex was an autogenophile, and anytime he would post his pics on CL, he had a barrage of replies. Countless men wanting to come and f*** him.No matter the time of day. All manner of men looking to get off.

      It is all about the show of feminity, plus ease of access. They would be happy to troll the women seeking men section, but they aren’t guaranteed a pornified sex session an hour later, like they are with a MTT. They know they are getting the whole stereotype of female sexuality, the lingerie, heels, willingness to please, submission, long hair, etc.

      Many of these men, get turned on by these symbols of femininity, not by the body that wears them (be it male or female). Their entire sexuality is constructed around this pornified image of femaleness. It has so little to do with an actual women, which is why they are happy to have sex with a fake version of a female, so long as the symbols are there.

      YES, these otherwise straight men will overlook the dick and balls if its wrapped in some ridiculous pornified clothes. All they want is a quick lay, with someone that mimics a female porn role. They are not into gay men because gay men act like men.

      My ex used to say that we women ought to appreciate the cross dressers/autogenophiles/MTT because they keep men that are obsessed with such a retrograde image of women satisfied sexually. Less pressure on us to have to participate in this pornofied shit. That was his opinion anyway. Personally, I WOULD be thrilled if all men that got off to the symbols of feminity stuck with fucking ONLY the autogenophiles.But that won’t happen because they are MEN and their male privilege demands they have a servant at home too.

      You wouldn’t believe it until you have seen it. And the texts the guys send, OMG, they are so gross. And my ex looked passable from certain angles because he was thin, but it was still obvious he was a 6′ male. SO GROSS, all of it.

      • My mama used to say a man would, “fuck a snake if somebody would hold its head.” So no, I’m not surprised that “straight” men would have sex with a trans.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hahaha I love your mom.

      • conn suits Says:

        This is to free from sex pozzies, that is astonishing! Thank you for telling me this, I would never have imagined it. There’s a question in my mind but it’s so gross. Put delicately, how do these supposedly straight men have sex with the MTTs? Do they just receive oral sex?

        Also, your point about the supposedly straight men answering ads to instantly get all of that, the submissiveness and long hair in particular :-/ makes so much sense. Someone offering to give them something they would otherwise have to pay for. Wow, what a world!

      • Meg Says:

        “My ex used to say that we women ought to appreciate the cross dressers/autogenophiles/MTT because they keep men that are obsessed with such a retrograde image of women satisfied sexually. Less pressure on us to have to participate in this pornofied shit. That was his opinion anyway.”

        I see he’s an ex for a reason.

        So according to him, women should appreciate men who fill a perverse need to other men? To say nothing of empathy for poor women, the women of conquered peoples, or prostituted women who shouldered the lions share of PIV and rape over the ages. It’s fun, games, giggling, and girly pillow fights for the m2ts with no respect to the horrors women as a class have faced historically and presently.

        This is also presuming that cross dressing men protect women as a class from being expected to perform pornifying femininity, which anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see is hardly the case. In fact it seems to encourage pornification and femininity, and is likely part of the problem women are publicly and privately abused for not feminizing.

    • Tim Says:

      I am in love with the comments there, though.

      I am love with this comment of yours. It is spot on and nails everything concisely. And I mean it in the most complimentary way when I say it is also hilarious. “Deep fried ass,” indeed! I laughed and laughed myself silly when I read it late last night and I kept breaking out laughing when I was getting ready for bed and then I was lying in bed in the dark giggling before going to sleep. I laughed about it again when I got up this morning and just now when I read it again before posting this. It is all true and of course it is not funny that it happens, but the way you put it.

      As an old gay guy who used to be kind of fascinated with the drag queens in my smallish midwestern city and the amateur drag shows they put on in the gay bars on the weekends, I don’t know why Suzi can’t be happy being a proud gay man who likes to dress up, likewise his boyfriends can’t deal with being gay or bi men who like their boyfriends to dress up, rather than insist he is a woman.

      Anyway, thanks for a great comment and making me laugh too.

  14. GallusMag Says:

    More from the Blanchard Wars: late transitioning autogynephile Jen Richards chastises his fellow autogynos and he white knights for Black Queens. Female transgenders are barely an afterthought as usual in the transgender male rights movement.


    • All I can say is, “wow.”

      According to “Jen,” no one has been treated less equally than trans people! Not the slaves brought to America in chains, the “witches” burned at the stake, the slaughtered Native Americans, nor all the unarmed black males who have been executed by cops.

      These mostly straight, white men are claiming to be the most persecuted minority class in the world. They always win First Place, don’t they? When they are not masters of the Universe, they are its biggest victims.

      “She” says: “each time a man plays a trans woman on screen, the end result is very real violence against actual trans women.” Has she ever applied that concept to pornography — what happens to actual women & girls when we are depicted in humiliating, degrading and violent sexual male fantasy? Whatever it is, it’s not as bad as what happens to transwomen!

      And according to “her,” the gay rights movement was started by “gender nonconforming people” — and so was just about EVERY trend in pop culture. The Kardashians got their hair extensions, pumped lips & large butts from “black & Latina transwomen’s attempts at survival.”

      That makes NO sense. I thought transwomen were copying the Kardashians, not the other way around.

      “She” claims “trans panic” is just prejudice. That’s not been my personal experience. I know an MTT who tried to seduce my straight brother without disclosing “she” was born male. I personally saw that same MTT successfully seduce other straight men for oral sex. And MTTs are all over the lesbian dating sites — there is no option to filter them out.

      I’m not sure what the overall point of that essay is, but it seems to be that there doesn’t need to be a “singular” trans movement. Their future success doesn’t bode well if they’re already fraying at the seams.

      • Meg Says:

        The “trans panic” thing is problematic, IMO. First of all, it’s a visceral homophobic response, not necessarily motivated by the choice to switch “genders.” I have seen m2ts on Jerry Springer come out about tricking a man into sex, and calling them gay on national television. The response is always violent, but it’s violent under the pretense that a straight man’s sexuality has been called into question. So, we should call it what it is – homophobia.

        I am also disturbed by the fact that tricking m2ts on Jerry Springer aren’t understood to be rapists. If we understand any nonconsensual sex act to be sexual battery or rape; how can it not be? There are porn genres where women are “tricked” into sex acts with men she would not normally consent to, which is rape. How is a m2t tricking a straight man into sex acts NOT rape, or something similar?

        Also, I agree with your assessment about these mostly straight, white males who are avoiding social accountability by claiming to be an oppressed class. I read this the other day, and I literally got sick:

        A straight white man claiming to be a woman and a lesbian, tried to coerce a black lesbian into sex with him, by accusing her of transphobia. Because his penis is “female” or something? Not according to biology, but according to him and his god complex, apparently.

        I just can’t believe in this day in age, a white straight man can accuse a black lesbian of oppressing him for not giving him sex. It’s hard enough being a woman, but being black AND a lesbian on top of that are levels of oppression I can’t imagine. And there this white guy is, claiming to be more oppressed than her? Oh, the level of “fuck offs” I would give this guy if I saw him in real life.

      • kesher Says:

        MTTs are trying to mimic born females, particularly black and Latina women, with their butt and hip implants; it’s most certainly not the other way around.

        Meanwhile, Sylvia Rivera disliked the label “transgender” and refused to call himself a lesbian when he partnered with a woman. It really figures that the heterosexual, white MTTs would co-opt a movement that has never had anything to do with them.

      • KgSch Says:


        Yes, it is sick that men have invented another way to guilt-trip women and it is sick that being a lesbian is considered bigotry.

        However, that post is downright pathetic and anti-lesbian. No, no lesbian will have sex with a trans “woman”. Do not write something like that and call it “feminism”. They are men and any woman who willingly has sex with one of them or is in a romantic relationship with them in anyway is not a lesbian. The woman who wrote the post had a relationship with one of them in the past. She was not a lesbian than. She may be a lesbian now, but not if she’s open to having that kind of relationship with a M2T again.

        Words have meanings, and lesbianism is females loving other females. Their are no males of any kind involved and M2Ts are males.

        You can only identify as a lesbian if you actually are one.

        Also, why are their a million sob stories saying “I was raped, so please, please forgive me for not liking penis.” I have sympathy for anyone who was raped, but begging the trans cult not to harass you is pathetic. I have never been raped, though I have experienced sexual harassment and a tranny who tried to pull that rape by deception thing on me, and I still do not love males or their pricks and don’t apologize for it. Wouldn’t the logical leap to that logic be to say that women who haven’t experienced rape are bigots if they are lesbians?

        It is all about men bullying women, particularly lesbians for sex. M2Ts are the same type of men who would creep on lesbian events and try to rape any lesbian they could get alone, only now they’re widely accepted.

      • Meg Says:

        Hi KgSch, I agree that no woman should ever apologize for not wanting to have a penis inside her. EVER. Whether or not a man has raped her is beside the point. Nobody is entitled to women’s bodies or an explanation about why they are not being given consent to our bodies. Of course the same thing could be said for men, but then men aren’t the ones who have to keep reminding people that they should have the basic human right not to be touched. Women do.

        Yes, the whole reason the word “lesbian” exists is because of sex distinction by two females in a partnership. What part of “same SEX partnerships” don’t m2ts understand? Let them find a different word for whatever it is they’re going for. Considering the scenario at hand, I already found one for them – it’s called RAPE.

        It just galls me that straight white men, who are so privileged above all people can play dress up for a night and claim to be oppressed by black women who may also be lesbians; because no penetration. It’s just so gross and infuriating. It adds insult to injury to the whole problem of men approximating women without a clue as to what it actually means to be one. It goes against everything I understand about feminism, which is supposed to protect women from coercive abuse such as this.

      • KgSch Says:


        Glad you agree. The whole thing is disturbing and not to mention just illogical. You can’t “feel” your way into being the opposite sex.

        Yes, the dynamics are just fucked up. One reason the trans cult is successful is because they appropriate the language of real radical feminists. However, the point about addressing inequalities in lesbian communities is to make the community as safe as possible for all lesbians. Addressing privilege was to make it so that if you had some privilege, you didn’t use it to hurt your fellow lesbians. It was not some creepy het man nonsense about how “I feel like a lesbian, therefore you’re oppressing me by not sucking my dick.” Before trans politics got so popular with “progressive” types, that kind of nonsense would have been recognized as corrective rape. But now liberal men, and het and bi women who hate lesbians can use this as an excuse to participate in the lesbian-bashing like they always wanted to, in the name of “rights” for the most marginalized group ever (TM).

        This is exactly why you can’t say you support lesbians while trying to make nice with the trans cult at the same time. (It will always be majority creepy het men.)

        The reason I talk about this is because lesbians shouldn’t be defined out of existence. It was bad enough you had people like Pat Califa, JoAnn Loulan, and Susie Bright claiming to be “lesbian sexologists” and bringing really sick porn and sado-masocism into the lesbian communities (to make money off of us). They claimed to be lesbians, but Califia would make comments about how lesbians can have “fulfilling sexual relationships with men”. The trans cult lie about “lesbians” having sex with men claiming to be lesbians/women is an extension of that lie. Pat Califia and her friends turned out to actually be bisexuals looking to make some quick money, surprising no lesbian with a radical feminist awareness. Nowadays Califia takes testosterone and claims to be a gay man. (Also, Califia carved a swastika into her Jewish lover’s back. What a lovely person.)

        Yes, feminism is about women and also about protecting women from coercive abuse!

    • MaryMacha Says:

      A couple of things jumped out at me.

      “Trans women like Jenner often have years of private cross-dressing, and they meet one another through local support groups or weekend-long conventions where they can be en femme together without risking public exposure.”

      These men have trans-only events that are safe-space for them. That is, they are radfem and real-woman exclusionary. Hmmm…

      “It’d be hard to find a trend in popular culture that didn’t likely have its original source in black trans women… The body modifications long done by trans women, often at great risk to their own lives and intended to increase their value as sex workers, have filtered out and become beauty standards for cisgender women celebrities… The true source of the Kardashian aesthetic, from hair extensions to pumped lips and large butts, is black and Latina trans women’s attempts at survival.”

      Well at least they’re consistent in their delusions. Though the comment about their purported leadership in Stonewall and other events really rankles. The whole paragraph is an attempt at rewriting our understanding of popular culture.

      • Meg Says:

        “Trans women like Jenner often have years of private cross-dressing, and they meet one another through local support groups or weekend-long conventions where they can be en femme together without risking public exposure.”

        These men have trans-only events that are safe-space for them. That is, they are radfem and real-woman exclusionary. Hmmm…

        If they can have their safe spaces, then we can have ours. They can’t argue against female-only spaces when they have trans-only spaces.

      • Em Says:

        “These men have trans-only events that are safe-space for them. That is, they are radfem and real-woman exclusionary.”

        That’s not exactly correct. Most of these events “welcome” female partners. Scare quotes because female partners who attend are expected to toe the trans line, or at least not to ask rude questions or wear their rude assumptions on their sleeves. For example, you couldn’t attend and flaunt the attitude–or god forbed actually say–that, “Yeah, this is my husband and he’s a perv, and y’all are pervs, too.” Because they’re women, doncha know, and it’s nothing to do with sex. As to radfems, I doubt any would want to attend–this isn’t Michfest and they’re not m2fs, after all–but if they did and weren’t severely autistic they’d know to keep their mouths shut.

        I suppose that’s exclusionary in a way.

  15. Mochi Says:

    Just a bit off topic here, but has anyone seen Chris Lilly’s comedic masterpiece, “Ja’mie, Private School Girl”?


    While I assume the audience is not meant to interpret the titular character as an AGP, the narcissistic, racist, self-obsessed “Ja’mie” is the most accurate portrayal of an autogynophile in film since Buffalo Bill, IMO (right down to her homophobia and verbal abuse of the show’s token gay female character). I highly recommend this series for anyone who needs a good laugh right now.

    • K Says:

      Can attest to the hilarity and obvious AGP undertones. It’s a bit punchy if you’re used to neutered Anerican comedy, though.

      • Mochi Says:

        Fair enough. 🙂 Yes punchy is the word. “Ja’mie” is not really for the faint-hearted.

  16. Andre Says:

    Whats even shittier and dangerous is that thia “straight ” man will come back home. ..imagine the risk of hiv and other stds …fuck these pricks …

  17. Radical Grandma Says:

    This is what a 65 yr old man who thinks he looks like a 25 yr old woman actually looks like. Sorry to link to this sleazy site, but couldn’t download the photo correctly. It’s pathetic, really.


    • Here it is Radical Grandma

      • Radical Grandma Says:

        Thanks, Roslyn!

        The amount of surgery he’s had just on his face has changed it forever and must have cost a small fortune. And he looks absolutely anorexic as well, not healthy at all.

        I wonder what toll all this is going to take on a 65 yr old man, health-wise? These mtt have no idea of what they’ll be suffering from in years to come from screwing around with their endocrine system.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Bruce has the access to the best surgeons, endocrinologists and popular fashion. Yet he still doesn’t pass as a woman. Will some would-be MTTs and average Americans who haven’t made up their minds about this issue look at Bruce and say, “If that’s the best-case scenario for an MTT, why bother?” Or even, “If this is the best transition that money can buy, it proves that gender really cannot be changed for anyone, especially those of average income.”

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Is the pouty wouty expression permanent or was Brucie boy doing his best shy, intimated, defenceless “girl” act? What no tears?! Btw, bruce, you’re too damn OLD to be wearing that skirt; those 60 something manlegs will scare children.

        What a freak show.

      • If you think that’s bad, get a load of this one. Though, he did cover the legs, so I guess that’s something. I think that face thing is what the kids call “duck lips,” thought most people only do that when taking a selfie. https://roslynholcomb.wordpress.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=imgedit-preview&_ajax_nonce=82dca43d30&postid=4083&rand=10600

      • kesher Says:

        The link isn’t working, but I think I can imagine what you wanted to show us.

        I was making faces in the mirror the other morning. I happened to press my lips together while sucking in my nostrils, and I realized that it made me look like Bruce Jenner.

      • I’ll try again. I’m just fascinated by the fact that there are no “mutton dressed as lamb” comments about this old man running around in sequined mini skirts and leather pants. They say the legs are the last to go, obviously Jenner is on his last legs and then some.

  18. radicaljane Says:

    Their defensive responses are what really seal it for me.

    They say things like, “Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t but you’re hurting the cause by bringing it up” and “This has been DEBUNKED!! Citation: Me, 2007” and “Women are autogynephiles too tho, it’s true, some guy passed out 14 surveys in a shopping mall and some of the women who filled it out said they like to masturbate as women, GOTCHA” and “I’m not an autogynephile, I just [describes autogynephilic fantasy in painful detail].”

    How do you respond to an allegation that’s not true? Not like that.

    Hmmm. What would lesbians say if the medical establishment said that lesbianism is a paraphilia that impedes our ability to connect romantically and sexually with other women?

    Write stories about our lives. Talk about our relationships. Take pictures of ourselves with our partners doing normal couple stuff, cooking dinner, having fights… kind of like we’ve been doing for the past few decades.

    But these men never do that. Their PR tells you everything you need to know about them. The stories they tell are about themselves. They brag about how brave they are. They take pictures of themselves alone, in suggestive poses, making bedroom eyes at the camera. They create memes where they can feature themselves on the cover of Vogue. And I’ve seen the “trussed up middle aged dude poses with his sports car” picture in so many photo essays now it’s practically a trope. Yes, we see, the woman and the car were both really expensive and you want to show them off.

    Oh, this isn’t about sex, you say? You have normal relationships, you say? Bulllllllllshit.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The corresponding thing for women to have the “same thing” as men with autogynephilia is if they masturbate themselves to seeing themselves as MEN. It is impossible for women to be autogynephiles.

      • fatima Says:

        The ‘research’ they use to ‘debunk’ autogynephilia is much like radicaljane wrote. Charles Moser I think is the name of the author. He asked <100 college aged women if they'd masturbated while wearing women's clothes at least once in their life, if they'd imagined themselves while masturbating at least once in their life, and maybe 2-3 similarly asinine questions. Something like 93% said yes (duh).

        So they concluded that it's natural for women to find women's clothes and imagining their body erotic (which I think is a stretch given the 'once in your life' qualifier…autogynephiles are sexually obsessed with the clothes, the imagining being fucked as a woman, etc) and autogynephilia is just a natural part of female sexuality. mtts do it bc their brains are female and so they're just like any other woman with a healthy 'female' sexuality.

        It's the weakest argument but they'll pretend it's thoroughly damning evidence that debunks autogynephilia.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        Of course, it doesn’t exist for women. Women don’t cross-dress in men’s clothes and get off on it. That is the only true equivalent. They sure as hell don’t have a compulsion to masturbate in so-called women’s clothing that is even remotely similar to these guys. The fact is, autogynephilia is a guy thing. Of course they would be obsessed with women’s clothing since these autogynephiles are the more extreme type of transvestism. As always, the trans are full of shit with their junk science and junk psychology.

      • radicaljane Says:

        Yes, and the sex researchers who study autogynephilia say they have not yet found a credible example autoandrophilia.

        I was trying to show that, even when you generously accept autogynephiles’ claim that they are “just like cis lesbians” and that talking about autogynephilia is “just like homophobia,” it doesn’t hold up.

      • fatima Says:

        Here’s a more thorough take down of the claim that females experience autogynephilia.


    • kesher Says:

      They can’t take photos of their normal relationships because they don’t have normal relationships. I’d wager even the ones who have arm-twisted the missus into staying still have that gross pig-in-wig peacock/plain jane real woman dichotomy that doesn’t look terribly heartwarming.

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