I am watching “I am Cait”. I want my voice to be heard.

July 28, 2015


GUEST POST by Cheryl

I am watching “I am Cait” and I don’t know how to express the sadness and pain I feel.

I feel so invisible.
My love and care for a man named James for 35 years meant nothing.
I was 17 and he was 24 when we met.
He used me all those years.
And you know what was unforgiveable?
He let me think all those years, there was something wrong with me.
I wasn’t quite pretty enough, I wasn’t quite thin enough and because of my independence “I wasn’t Officer’s Wives material”.
Because of my upbringing, I was too damaged to have a baby with him and raise a healthy child, so we…I remained childless.

He let me BELIEVE that.

Then I wasn’t youthful anymore.
He was in his fifties when he “blossomed” and couldn’t contain “Jamie” anymore.
We were on vacation in Hawaii when he told me…
I was so scared.
Then when we got home, one beautiful summer morning when we had just woke up, we had this silent sexual standoff. .
He had on his nightie and matching panties to sleep in which I tolerated because it made him so happy and I loved him and felt he should be comfortable in the privacy of our home.

But that morning he wanted me to change roles.

He wanted me to “unveil” him as a virginal teenage girl and I just couldn’t.
It was unnatural to me.
It was abhorrent.
And just like that, he tossed all those years of love making away.
I didn’t know it then, but he tossed me away as well.

“Jamie” killed the Jim I knew and loved.

He expected me to be “her” audience and applaud as “she” applied moisturizer on freshly shaven skin among all the other countless, superficial, meaningless, beautifying tasks which in his misogynistic view defined a woman.

I’d just escape onto the deck with a jug of whiskey and pack of cigarettes and plan my liberation.

I’m fine now.
I’ve made a lovely new life for myself.
I built a small, comfortable home for myself on the shores of a beautiful lake.

But when I see the Bruce Jenner’s and the Bob Tur’s etc. celebrated for the path of pain and destruction they leave behind…
I want my voice to be heard.


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  1. Jack Says:

    Sadly yours is not as unique a story as most people think.
    That pain and betrayal must have cut terribly deep.
    If i may ask…
    did your husband ever apologize for this wreckage – would it have meant or mean any difference to you then
    or now?

    • Jack Says:

      I am so sorry that he made his own issues your issues and for so many years. May today and all the ones that follow be much better days, and nights, for you.

    • kaypasser Says:

      that would be like apologising for killing someone she loved and expecting her to get over it. apologies are meaningless in this situation, because it is clear that her consent and regard for her feelings, identity, sexuality and orientation has been non existent throughout the marriage.

    • I must disclose, we nearly married twice but never did.
      I don’t know why we didn’t…
      When he was ready, I wasn’t.
      Without children, it just didn’t seem that important to me.
      We were together, we shared our life and that was enough for me.

      To answer your question…
      I’m sure somewhere along the way he said “I’m sorry” in a very general, generic way.
      But he never acknowledged the harm and hurt he caused.
      His narcissism was so consuming he was oblivious to the needs and feelings of others.

      What did our love in was when my mother died in a terrible fire.
      She was bedridden and I had gone home to care for her.
      I couldn’t put her in a home.
      I just couldn’t do that while her mind was still so sharp.
      All she really needed and wanted was her poodle, her Marlboros, Miller Lite and Nascar.
      I couldn’t deprive her of her comforts.
      So for months, I cared for her as best I could.
      She was very stubborn and you couldn’t tell her anything.
      She smoked in bed.
      It finally caught up with her and it killed her, her poodle and almost me.
      I tried to save her but I couldn’t.
      They found the dog dead a foot away from me.
      My childhood home was a pile of ashes.

      On top of all that, my dis-owned brother was pissed about her will.
      So he went to the authorities the morning of her funeral and accused me of killing her.
      I told the Fire Marshall and the Police…
      You are stronger, smarted and sharper than he is.
      Do your job and do it well.
      They knew I didn’t have anything to do with it but I had to go through the process all the same.

      Christ, why am I telling you all this?
      It feels good to get it all out and I feel so safe here I guess.

      Jim didn’t come from Virginia to Missouri…I never needed anyone more.
      I was done in but no one really noticed.
      She was the last relative I had left.

      Jim has very ridged daily routines and he knew I wouldn’t be able to accommodate him.
      I never saw him in person again.
      There’s a clarity that comes with tragedy…

      I kept it together long enough to shut down Mom’s Real Estate business and deal with the insurance and estate.
      And then I dropped my basket.

      I sat in a chair staring out the window and only got up to pee and get another pack of cigarettes.
      I didn’t brush my hair for more than a year.
      Every couple of weeks I’d dunk it in the bathtub and wind it back up in a bun. (FYI ~ mats come from the hair that falls out naturally and gets woven into the live hair).
      Just a simple chore like that would overwhelm me.
      I still can’t sleep in a bed after five years.
      But I’m back to cleaning, cooking and taking good care of my home.
      I still have nightmares almost every night.
      But at least I’ve planted a garden and adopted a couple of cats.
      I found a Doctor, found out I have ptsd, got some medicine and have laid low ever since.

      I’m better now but I’ll never be the same.
      I like my quite life here at the lake.
      I’m surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife as I watch the seasons change.
      I even found a way to feel useful and productive.
      One of my neighbor’s husband has Parkinson’s and dementia.
      They are wonderful people and I sit with him a few hours a day to give her a break.
      In fact, he was here while I wrote most of this.
      That’s done more for me than anything!

      I found this site a couple of years ago and for the first time, all those things I couldn’t say or was afraid to say, were already being said here.
      I felt a kinship to you all.
      The strength, comfort and support of all you women held me close.
      I’ve learned so much from you.
      And I’m not alone

      • kaypasser Says:

        so sorry he did this to you – if it helps, i was the same.. completely lost the plot for several years even though i had two traumatised little girls to look after. i still fear bumping into him on the street every single day.

      • prozac Says:

        I’m so sorry about your mum, and though I obviously didn’t know her I can’t help but think right or wrong, she never had to have her spirit broken by an institution – that may have been a more painful and drawn out death. I’m sorry you’ve had to have such pain and loss, and I’m glad you are slowly coming out of the muck and mire. I’m glad you can ground yourself in nature too. Sending you condolences and kindness 🙂

      • Radical Grandma Says:

        I’m glad you’re out of there and healing, but it sounds as though you were a very “traditional wife”.

        I do find it a bit odd, though, that he expected all those feminine clothes to be laundered by you, a natal female. This was because he himself was playing a very narrow “female” role, which meant a humiliation he probably enjoyed inflicting on you. It’s a sexual paraphilia which is lived out so many times by “trans” who get into prostitution, pornography and other sex work and enjoy the narcissist satisfaction that comes with presenting themselves as sex objects.

        These guys are full of shit. Sorry, but I would have kicked his ass to the curb after it became apparent he didn’t respect and love me but was simply a complete narcissist out to satisfy his own desires, like my ex-, who was a totally straight male who also had plenty of problems and thought he was a “savior” of women.

        I do hope you get over this, but you’re going to need to some very strong support from other women–as I did many years ago as a young divorced mother w/kids. We all have our stories of how we’ve been abused by men in every way you can think about.

        Thank you for yours.

  2. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  3. As much as despise Kris Jenner, she does have my full symphony . You can’t really paint her a villain in this one. It is not fair to present an identity to your partner that you will one day change. Kris Jenner was presented with “Bruce” and married this presentation that he gave. If a person is having gender identity issues, they need to resolve (transition/or make peace) before they start dating someone. It not fair to either side.

  4. Livvie Says:

    Bruce’s mother is worried that her son is a crossdresser, the T therapist says that Bruce has always been a woman, not a crossdresser. Problem solved.

    This show is so much bullshit and you can smell it.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      I think I will skip that stupid show. Of course he is a crossdresser; that is what broke up his marriages. He gets off on wearing women’s clothes, and that is why he won’t get his genitalia hacked off. I have total sympathy for Kris Jenner because she wasted a good part of her life with a LIAR.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I didn’t watch it. It’s getting terrible reviews. Lets face it, Bruce is a boring guy.

      • Relieved Says:

        I wont watch it either. It’s important to show the media that trans inc. is not the droid they are looking for. In other less nerdy words, that trans is boring and not the shiny new cash cow they were hoping for. The Kardashians have had along run, but I’m pretty sure they have jumped the shark with this show.

        If the media gets bored with trans and moves on, our legal battles concerning bathroom issues will be much more easily won. Thankfully the media has a short attention span…

      • Zemskull Says:

        I’m watching it, if for no other reason, to laugh as his look increasingly resembles Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        To Zemskull, Steven Tyler absolutely looks like a woman! A woman who has had a very hard life. I saw a glimpse of him on that talent show thing he was on a couple years ago, and I’m old enough to remember when Aerosmith was fresh dewy skin, and I thought who’s she? She looks so familiar. When I found out it was the Aerosmith guy I was astonished. There are definitely only two sexes, but a lot of people look androgynous. 🙂

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        Livvie, good for you! Here is a link to a study about the emotional abuse in a lot of what do you call them? “Trans relationships”? You know, the marriages they wreck, that somebody else posted here and I just read it. It’s amazing. Shadowing a person’s behavior for years, makes them timid. And it’s all real gradual. I’m telling it poorly. http://www.gender.org.uk/conf/1998/diana.htm

        And to kaypasser who posted it, thank you!

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi petuniacat00: What I like about Steven Tyler is that he doesn’t take his look seriously. He laughs it off. I miss the androgynous look of pop culture from the 1980s– David Bowie, Grace Jones, Poison, Annie Lennox, Prince, etc. None of them claimed to be other genders.

    • kaypasser Says:

      seriously/ a therapist is blatantly gaslighting jenner mother on tv? youre kidding me?

      • Livvie Says:

        Yes. It was sickening and sad. I wrote a letter to the network which they may or not ignore, but it makes me feel good to speak out against it, so I will. I can’t do much against the trans juggernaut, but saying how sick I think it is makes me feel like I can get something off my chest.

        I didn’t watch it, I pirated it. I have no intention of giving them advertising revenue or ratings. If people want to know what’s up, there are sites which transcribe the show also. I will try to find some links if people would like or are interested.

        This moment between Bruce and his mother, while described as ‘touching’ by most, set me off in particular. It was total gaslighting, and it was very ugly behavior. His mother is trying so hard to honor her son’s decision. The T therapist should have their license revoked.

        In my heart, I can’t ignore this show. I think it’s important for E! to hear from women who do not buy into the trans agenda. I can’t do that very well unless I know what the program is presenting. So I will continue to pirate it, continue to speak directly to E! about the aspects that I find distasteful or worse, ignorant, and not give them a red cent.

  5. Zemskull Says:

    To Cheryl: You are heard. Thank you for sharing the other side of this.

  6. Elle Says:

    I hear you, Cheryl. Same story here.

    “Caitlyn” complains about being housebound immediately after “her” transition, saying, “I’ve basically been inside this house for the last three months. I haven’t really left.”

    Well, then we have something in common, because with the exception of occasional late night trips to the grocery store (and more importantly, the liquor store), I too essentially didn’t leave my house for about half a year after my ex-husband shattered my entire reality by announcing that he was T. I didn’t open the curtains, didn’t do the dishes, didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t get dressed.

    Also didn’t tell anyone.

    Certainly didn’t get called “brave.”

    I am dismayed at how willing people are to believe the fantasy the media is feeding us about “Caitlyn.” And I am enraged when other women call him a woman.

    • kaypasser Says:

      yes this! WOMEN are being egregiously harmed by this bullshit…yet still no support for them,no research, no medical industry to take advantage of their anguish, no diagnosis that might help them access the support they need…. just the growth of medical and cosmetic industries and misogynistic political activism which profits from this destruction and validates gender dysphoria in heterosexual men with bad science while utterly ignoring the women harmed by it. there is no validation or treatment for women and children damaged by this particular type of self regarding fetishists who think its okay to piss other peoples lives up the wall in pursuit of their titillations and male orgasms ,only a cacophony of idiots screeching ‘transphobia!’ ‘terf!’ many people think its okay to blame the feminists for being ‘exclusionary’ – yet you really couldnt get more exclusionary than a man in a straight marriage leading a double life and then having the gall to blame decades of secrecy, lies and betrayal on his wifes shock and horror at the betrayal…

      • Bea Says:

        Let the nasty, consumerist, mentally-deranged, polysurgical, fetishist porn addicts wallow in these empty façades. I’m just gonna camp out until we see “transgender detransition recovery clinics” pop up to deal with the aftermath.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Same with my MIL. She hid in her house, and left her job not long after.

      The whole ting is infuriating. I am so sorry for what you went through.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Elle, you are brave!
      Cheryl, you are brave too!
      Holy shit, the new stuff the medical thing is inventing to put families through. My father was just a drunk. And that was quite bad enough. Just finished reading a book called Sex Change by Christine Benvenuto about her husband’s doing this too. She didn’t tell anyone either for awhile. Then she did. Take care. Oh, and whenever I see these fuckers on the TV etc., I think of you gals. 👍🏼

  7. atranswidow Says:

    Cheryl, I want your voice to be heard too…….loud and proud and authentic, without self pity, moving beyond the pain and anger, just simply telling the truth. A truth that we ”trans widows” know, of putting a man’s feelings before our own for so many years until it reaches the point that they want to rewrite not only their own story but take over our identities. Even that is not enough for them in their obsessive quest for the ”real me”. It’s just a mask to hide behind and upon which to blame all the disappointment in their self-centred lives.

    You know it, I know it, countless other women know it. We have the right to be heard as all we want is to tell the truth. No one else has been so close, for so long to these men….and we know how it really was. That is why they are so scared of us.

    About Bruce Jenner I have nothing to say. I would like Kris to have her day too. As to all the enablers out there; the fawning, non-critical puppets I have nothing but contempt.

    Wishing you the very best.

  8. charlston Says:

    Cheryl, you could have said so much more. I have been there also and these days I am not as nice as you when I think about having to be the adoring audience or the weird, uncomfortable role reversal bulls..t behind closed doors. Its not you darling, it was your ex who had the problem.
    I wish someone had the guts to show the full reality rather than the end result. The long years of a partners demoralization trying to be understanding, being the one who has to ‘adjust’ and make yet more room for this new normal . Having strangers say how wonderful this new person is when you have dealt with the tantrums, the anger and deceit. Watching them choose to spend large amounts of money on themselves where before there was none. Caitlyn is not reality.
    Cheryl, I am glad you are ok now. You were never the problem.

  9. charlston Says:

    Oh, I am also cheesed off that nobody is wondering how Kris is doing. Its all about Bruce. Total selfishness. Not one Trans board has shown any kindness for her at all.

  10. naefearty Says:

    You are not alone.

    “He expected me to be “her” audience and applaud as “she” applied moisturizer on freshly shaven skin among all the other countless, superficial, meaningless, beautifying tasks which in his misogynistic view defined a woman.”


    My skin crawls at the thought that I ever had anything to do with one of these creeps. Fortunately my rage at the insult these men present to women kicked in and it saved me. Not before sinking to rock bottom mind you.

    Cheryl, feel free to read and comment on my blog. There are a few of us now who are finding each other after years of living in the shadows.

    Thank you Gallus for foregrounding our experiences.

  11. overwhelmed Says:

    Cheryl, thanks for sharing, getting your voice out there.

    My hope is that this current batch of transgender celebrities will shed more light than expected on this subject. That instead of increasing acceptance it will backfire and expose it for the farce it really is.

    I have been caught up in the wake of destruction of T as well (my daughter) and I wish you and all other victims out there strength and peace.

  12. pantypopo Says:

    I hear you, and my heart breaks for you. For all of us. I still struggle daily with his actions and choices. I feel like I’m still choking on this giant, nasty tangle of every disgusting thing in the world. That he sees Woman as a shell any man can occupy at his whim, simply because he wants it, is the most horrible dehumanization I know. That’s what keeps me up nights and drinking days. Here was a helpful, generous, seemingly kind man, who courted me devotedly: Then one he turns and essentially says, “you’re nothing, I can, and will, be you, because that what I want.”

    Women are nothing. They are just a shell, an outfit, a little cosmetic surgery and a regime of synthetic hormones. They’re nothing, really.


  13. kaypasser Says:

    thank you for your bravery – this is such a common story for wives of middle aged transitioners… (Autogynephiles) its not easy i know to fight back when support and validation for their ‘womanhood’ and feelings are so overwhelming compared to your own… you are not alone, there are many of us out there.. and we really need people like you to speak. your feelings are completely understandable… my ex s behaviour landed ME in a psychiatric ward for a few days.. while they validated him with disability benefits and money for cosmetic procedures to make him happy. http://www.gender.org.uk/conf/1998/diana.htm

  14. Dorothy Mantooth Says:

    Big hugs and support to you Cheryl, and all of the other “trans widows.” I’ve seen the devastation up close, but luckily did not have to experience the full brunt of the erasure and humiliation myself. I can tell you all that you are not alone.

    And I want to thank you all so much for speaking out, especially on behalf of women like my MIL who are too afraid, too humiliated, to hurt, to speak themselves. I am trying to find the right time to show her this site and the others you all have helped me discover…I hope she’ll find it helpful.

  15. Mortadella Says:

    Of course, the following can be filed under the heading “No Shit, Sherlock.”

    The show’s a PSA for trans-activism. It’s been scrubbed clean until it appears to be boringly wholesome. It’s like self-reporting during wonky psychiatric studies or examinations — the eroticized aspects of the lifestyle are edited out so doctors won’t deny you any “treatments.” In this case, mainstream acceptance, is the goal.
    Jenner being caught on camera with an erection while secretly trying on his daughter’s clothing won’t come up, obviously. Instead, we’ll get shots of Jenner admiring his own manicure. Zzzzzzzz.
    As a result, however, the show’s being panned as boring and uneventful. The Jenner Party forgot that “reality” TV is about premeditated histrionics. Fans of the genre expect that.

  16. michelle Says:

    I truly feel for all of those who get their lives turned upside down by this bullshittery. If the cocks-in-frocks truly believed that they ‘knew’ all along, then they had NO business whatsoever marrying someone much less providing the sperm for kids the way so many of them do.

    And then, when they have their mid-life crisis, they leave the spouse with next to nothing, having wasted the retirement accounts on their surgeries and wardrobes, abandoning the wife and kids such that they have to fend for themselves for psychological assistance to pick up the lives that have been shattered through no fault of their own.

    Hopefully the masses are hitting peak trans right about now and seeing that trans is really nothing more than a collection of violent, misogynistic and narcissistic men who want everyone to accept their fetish because, well, after all, they are men and men are to be commended in every endeavor.

  17. Larichus Says:

    Thank you for speaking. The act of telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act…

  18. Oceans Says:

    I haven’t walked in your shoes, but speak up. We are here to listen.

  19. Em Says:

    It’s wonderfully affirming to know that the Ashe award and all the media hoopla is simply PR for one of the big teebee networks.

    How fitting that one of these zombie entities is trying to survive on the walking corpse that is Bruce Jenner.

  20. cerulean blue Says:

    So, no plans to watch “I am Brucilla,” but i have been wondering why his mouth is open in every photo post FFS. Then I saw this photoset on tumblr and I’m pretty sure I have the answer. It looks like Bruce’s surgeon didn’t try very hard to retain facial nerves or muscular control, or he shot him full of botox. Bruce’s new face looks like one of those creepy rubber masks you featured a couple of years ago. Which fits, given he’s a fetishist…

    See http://tehbewilderness.tumblr.com/post/125296207034/words-have-meaning-ha-ha-ha-i-do-womanhood

    • GallusMag Says:

      They gave him duck lips. He can barely speak. He had very thin lips for them to work with.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Bruce should’ve got one of these dealies. Instant Laydee! Would’ve been a hit at the ESPY show.


    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi cerulean blue: I doubt that Botox is the cause of the lower face inactivity on Bruce. In general, Botox is applied to the upper face. Occasionally it is applied just under the corners of the mouth to “pop up” a frown or to paralyze smokers’ lines, but the results on those are mixed. It appears to me that Bruce has an abundance of fillers, such as Juvederm, injected in his lower face. When too much has been injected, it can somewhat restrict movement, as Botox is known to do more drastically.

      What is interesting and sexist is that there is an abundance of media attention speculating on and criticizing the cosmetic work that the Jenner/Kardashian women have apparently had. Few mention Bruce’s plethora of work. I’ve found this to be the case in society in general: women are bashed as “fake” and “shallow” for partaking in even somewhat minor surgical cosmetic enhancement, whereas MTTs’ multiple radical surgeries are part of “becoming one’s authentic self.”

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Zemskull, thanks for the info . 🙂 i find it interesting that despite the 100k Brucilla spent on his new face, it still looks like a creepy halloween mask. Don’t fillers like juvederm wear off over time? If so, I wonder if Brucilla will go the Michael Jzckson route with his face as ever more creepy work in progress. I’m expecting a slow moving trainwreck.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Those pictures (and of course the captions of what they’re saying) are revolting. His face is completely fake looking. Ewwwww. And did you notice, his dress is covered in a pattern of lips? Again, with emphasis: EWWWWWWW!

  21. Livvie Says:

    Cheryl, I hear you and I honor your words. I will try to help you be heard by expressing my distaste directly towards the producers creating this mockery of ‘reality’.

  22. Trans Widows Says:

    I made a blog to chronicle these types of stories, and offer support to women in this situation:


  23. charlston Says:

    Just watched the show so I could comment. He walked away with the woman who came to talk to his mum after saying the mum could ask this person anything and to enjoy doing it. He wandered off with his arm around her and left his mum on the couch. Oh my, that’s awkward .

  24. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    I thought they were going to reflect this side of the story with Kris, but maybe they were bullied out of it.

  25. charlston Says:

    Cheryl, thought you may like to read this.


    ….”The floodgates opened.

    I read Reed’s article over, and over, and over again, simultaneously feeling guilty for questioning transgenderism, and relieved that I finally had an excuse to do so. In six years, it had never occurred to me just how information-deprived I had become. Like a dog, I had been conditioned, with every cry of “TRANSPHOBIA” and “CISSEXISM” from the the likes of tumblr libfems, to believe that not only was asking questions “offensive,” but it was downright violent.”

  26. mochi Says:

    Just an update, has anyone bothered with the second episode? Cait goes on a road trip with a who’s who list of famous translaydees, including Candace Cayne AND Jenniffer Finney Boylan. They try to dress Brucie down for having too much privvy-lege as a rich white man with laydee feels…lol. I finally bit, and watched the show. It really is a stitch, if you have the right (cynical) attitude….

  27. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tv-ratings-caitlyn-jenner-loses-813064

    The second episode of Jenner’s transtravaganza lost more than 50% of the premiere’s viewers. I wonder how “I am Jazz” is doing in comparison.

    If you’re like me and have no intention of watching Jenner’s show, I highly recommend these hilarious posts by WulfwynnDaeg, who is drunk-tweeting it.



    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The links to those Twitter posts are great. I am glad somebody sat through the Bruce miniseries so I wouldn’t have to. I don’t drink alcohol, and I don’t want to get started.

      • Biscuit Says:

        These are hilarious! Well, mostly…I find myself feeling very bad for the women who have to deal with Bruce.

    • morag99 Says:

      Jesus. I don’t think I could bear to watch Jenner’s “transtravaganza” (ha!) and witness the psychological violence he does to his mother. From Sister Wulfwynn’s Twitter on July 28:

      ‘Oh, Gods . . . I feel so sorry for his mother. She is still referring to him with male pronouns (like a sane person) & clearly feels like

      ‘she’s wrong to do so . . . says she will always love him. This is a sickening example of gaslighting. Brucehilda should be ashamed of what

      ‘he’s putting his mother through.

      ‘No idea what Scene # I’m up to. He’s explaining how he chose the name “Caitlyn.” Asks Mom what she’d’ve named him if he’d been a girl. ‘

      Gag, indeed. How could he do this to his mother, an elderly woman? Take advantage of her unconditional love to force her not only to accept, but to participate in, his sexual fetish? Yes, that’s what he’s doing. What a disgusting narcissistic man. Perverse.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s interesting comparing this to how other members of the alphabet soup deal with family members in their dotage.

        I’ve heard more stories than I can count of elderly parents or grandparents who couldn’t quite grasp that their (grand)son is gay or their (grand)daughter is lesbian, but, as long as the elderly family members aren’t hateful about it, frequently the adult child will suffer some amount of calling their partner their “roommate” or other little microaggressions. Sometimes putting up with that is the price you pay when dealing with an otherwise loving family member.

        But narcissistic MTTs like Bruce Jenner just can’t let a little old lady catch a break I guess.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Pretty funny, highlighting all the reasons why some people might go peak trans over this bullshit.

    • Elle Says:

      I loved these—thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Last line of first set of tweets:
      “Am calling a shaman to perform a soul retrieval 1st thing in AM.”

      This is an absolute scream! I don’t watch trash, but love when someone else does and trashes the trash. I can totally understand the desire for alcohol, but maybe an IV dose of Dilaudad would have been even better.

  28. mochi Says:

    “Feed the narcissistic supply, NOMNOMNOMNOM!”

    Her commentary is priceless. Even funnier than the show itself.

    I was hanging around my friend’s apartment the other day, looking for something to watch. Xfinity was featuring Cait onDemand, and i was sick of watching Trailer Park Boys soooo….

    It’s just too much. This last episode they are going on about all the translaydees who do are “forced” into “sex work” to fund unneccessary cosmetic surgery…. and those “women” clearly need to be a priority, because no one is suffering more. They have “no choice”.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of these translaydees LIKE being prostitutes for a number of reasons. First, many of them are sex addicts. Two? All the attention, from the johns, and from all the people who feel bad for them. Three? It completes their fantasy of being a woman. To a tranny, a prostituted female is the MOST female female. A female whose body is for sale.
    How many women prostitute….. oh my b, i mean do “sex work”, because they are trying to feed their fatherless children. How many are addicted to drugs and cant access compassionate, effective rehab services?
    Seriously, these tranz want to world to drop aaaall of its problems and focus on the shit they do to themselves BY CHOICE. no one HAS to prosititute for bad cosmetic surgery and black.market hormones….

    What narcissists. The tranny from mexico who was talking about how shes an “immigrant” from “meh-hee-ko”… probably some rich white hispanic dude. He is trying to cash in on a little of that legitimate sympathy that migrant workers and other refugees get. When it’s probably bullshit and he’s most likely extremely privileged from his own country.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I wonder if he’s even bilingual.

      So weird all the thirty-something hetero white male IT professionals that transform into “TWOC Sex Workers” overnight.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Years ago I discovered this ‘blog diary’ of a dude in NZ, that went to Thailand for the ‘full monty’ SRS (ie mangina). So what did he do with his shiny new mangina? Well, took it to Sydney to prostitute it, just so he could feel like a real woman (or some bullshit).

      Very much their choice a lot of the time, but so many enjoy it, and think that being fucked by loads of males makes them a woman. I thought I had blogged about him at twanzphobic, but I can’t find the post. He deleted his ‘surgery diary’ sometime after that.

  29. Imelda_66 Says:

    Don’t feel too bad for Kris! From the Hollywood Reporter story about the sharp decline in viewership for ep. 2 of “Brucilla”:

    “Though I Am Cait is bringing young viewers to its Sunday slot, 1.3 million viewers is lower than any episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ever has pulled among live-plus-same-day showing.”

  30. Just a Melissa Says:

    So, everybody, it appears that “Caitlyn” Jenner is quite happy to be known as Bruce again when that’s more convenient.


    I can’t believe I missed that at the time, and I don’t see anything about it here yet. This is potentially a big deal and should be bruited casually but widely.

    Good for Jenner for not barging into the women’s locker room, I guess. He’s famous enough that he could have insisted on it. It doesn’t *quite* make up for pleasuring himself in his own daughter’s clothes :\ , but I suppose it’s something.

    I’m encouraged to note that the commenters on People, which isn’t a conservative site, are largely rolling their eyes at Jenner’s flipflop. He’s the best-known face of trans, so peak Jenner could lead to peak trans for those who were just going along.

    • kesher Says:

      If that’s Bruce’s regular golf club, he doesn’t want to use the women’s locker room because it’s subpar. The men get extra amenities such as a nice dining area just for them. Just like most MTTs, Bruce doesn’t want to actually be a second-class citizen, he just wants to pretend to be one when convenient.

      • kesher Says:

        It also figures he’s lying about his reasons for having his membership under his actual sex and not his “gendah”.

      • background spinner Says:

        Yeah, I saw this one coming. He’ll pull out his Fake Empathy card and claim that he doesn’t want to upset the poor dears in the lesser accommodations of the women’s locker room. Then he’ll drag his Repug peeny self over to the men’s side where he can order from the grill.

        I believe this is called hypocrisy, aka “having your cake and eating it too.”

        Maybe his besties, his “girls,” will call him on it, but aside from that little chide from “Candice,” I doubt it. They’re caught up in the amusement park ride called The Brucilla.

  31. @WTF Is This Nonsense,

    It doesn’t surprise me that this freaky 70 year old guy who likes to wear a rubber “woman suit” is a divorced man and former property developer. It’s a fetish, and these men get off on it. Of course, the rubber “woman suit” looks like a 20 year old blond manikin with synthetic big breasts and blonde hair. This is creepy as hell.


    @pantypopo, I love your blog, and I’m sorry for what you have been through. My heart goes out to women who know first hand what it is like to live with one of these men.

    You nail it!

    “Then one he turns and essentially says, “you’re nothing, I can, and will, be you, because that what I want.”

    Women are nothing. They are just a shell, an outfit, a little cosmetic surgery and a regime of synthetic hormones. They’re nothing, really.


    They are incapable of seeing women as independent human beings. Their fetish involves possessing women, and we are nothing more than players in their sexual fetish. Paraphilias are more common in males, and it is a sexual fetish for a lot of men.

    Serial killer Ed Gein liked to put on a “woman suit” too, but his “woman suit” was made from actual parts of dead women.

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