TransNet is Coming: NIH to form “national database of transgender persons”

July 30, 2015


With a name sounding more like something out of a sci-fi film, the US National Institutes of Health in partnership with former medical leaders of transgender industry group WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) have formed “TransNet”, a research consortium merging commercial, academic, and government interests in data collection, funding, and regulation of the medicalization of gender. The project aims to set the groundwork for the mainstreaming of transgender medical care by conducting research that supports the practice.

Recent Obama administration changes to Medicare/VA/IRS regulations allow for taxpayer subsidized cosmetic breast implants, facelifts, genital re-shaping and off-label drugs as treatment for transgender individuals. These patients seek to alleviate distress caused by possessing what they believe are innate psychological or mental traits related to the reproductive biology of the opposite sex. The goal of the treatments is an attempt to create the appearance that their bodies are the opposite sex: the sex the patient believes is congruent with their experienced personality traits. But such interventions (and beliefs) have no established scientific rationale. While there is indeed a political will behind performing these treatments, a very profitable medical/psychiatric/therapeutic industry to accommodate them, and an increasing number of patients demanding the treatments, there is an absence of science to support them.

Self-diagnosed consumer-driven “pathology” that mainly afflicts objectively healthy patients seeking off-label care has been a boon for providers and suppliers such as cosmetic surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, rogue physicians and gate-keeping therapists but there comes a point- say, when government bureaucrats become involved, that certain boxes need to be checked and forms filled out.

None of the only fifty or so “sex-change” surgeons worldwide that provide genital reconfiguring for this population accept Medicare reimbursed clients. And why would they? Their specialty has thrived as an underground economy. Their procedures are incredibly risky with high rates of complication. Long-term outcomes are, objectively, poor. Yet their clients will pay through the ear, and sign waivers to boot, and are lined up on waiting lists.

You would think surgeons would be clamoring to get aboard this gravy train but they aren’t. New York State and Massachusetts provider networks have been aggressively recruiting surgical providers for over a year since their states’ Medicaid began covering these procedures, to no avail. The only surgical group that stepped up in California when the Department of Corrections mandated the high-profile state-funded surgery for incarcerated murderer Jeffrey “Michelle” Norsworthy was Brownstein and Crane, whose practice specializes in bilateral mastectomies for healthy genetic females who believe their personalities are in conflict with their secondary sex characteristics.

The mainstreaming of medical body modification for those who clamor to look like members of the other sex has outpaced the usual steps that precede any generic medical care: basic scientific research. While authorities in medicine, government, and the highest courts have jumped on an opportunity to “correct” those who struggle at conforming to social sex-roles (not coincidentally rolling-back decades of gains made by the women’s liberation movement), they did so using the aegis of WPATH, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, a transgender industry lobbying group comprised of two groups: those who seek such body modification and those who make a good income providing it.

WPATH had never based their suggested practices on any scientific study, which was unnecessary to represent the interests of their two codependent groups of constituents. The American Psychiatric Association however, who invented the pathology of Gender Identity in the first place, lurched awake in 2008 after thirty years of slumber and decided that maybe now was the time for some follow up to their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual GID (Gender Identity Disorder)/ GD (Gender Dysphoria) diagnosis. Some sort of data or guidelines related to the care of this population would be appropriate, in light of the explosion of numbers of patients now presenting with this diagnosis. WPATH, whose last transgender “Standards of Care” had been issued in 2001, realized that they needed to start presenting themselves as an evidence-based authority. They publicly resolved to create new, updated, plausibly authoritative Standards, this time including research citations.

But there was no science. The WPATH board was infested by grifters such as Randi Ettner,PhD who specializes in pseudoscientific “energy” and “body meridian” psychology and her husband Frederic who runs a family practice for anti-vaxxers and sponsors testosterone mills (“Low T?”) for men desiring rejuvenation.

In 2009 two mainstream doctors, both providers to transgender clients, saw the pseudoscientific writing on the wall and attempted to stay the inevitable WPATH disaster. They collaborated to produce a document pointedly suggesting evidence-based revisions to the WPATH standards of care. These physicians were Dr. Jamie Feldman, a family practitioner specializing in transgender care and doctorate of anthropology and associate professor at University of Minnesota and Dr. Joshua Safer, an endocrinologist and associate professor at Boston University.

Their paper: “Feldman, J., & Safer, J. (2009). Hormone therapy in adults: Suggested revisions to the sixth version of the standards of care.” was cited 22 times in the eventual 7th edition WPATH standards of care [PDF].

Despite the efforts of Feldman and Safer, the APA announced they rejected WPATH Standards due to the overall lack of scientific research supporting them, and would begin the long process of formulating their own evidence-based recommended treatment guidelines. The APA issued press releases to calm the resulting panic in the transgender patient population. They affirmed APA support of the Gender Identity diagnosis and their intent to continue authorizing medical body modification services to those so afflicted. “The quality of evidence pertaining to most aspects of treatment in all subgroups was determined to be low; however, areas of broad clinical consensus were identified and were deemed sufficient to support recommendations for treatment in all subgroups.” 

Doctors Jamie Feldman and Joshua Safer are at the helm of the new NIH TransNet project.

Project Goals at the initial TransNet meeting, “TransNet: Developing a Research Agenda in Transgender Health and Medicine”, which was held this May in Washington DC, included:

“1) further develop a productive transgender health and medicine research consortium that would become a national forum for an evolving comprehensive research agenda in transgender health, as well as a mechanism for interdisciplinary collaboration in research on cross-sex hormone therapies, surgical interventions, STI/HIV prevention, and trans-appropriate primary and mental health care; 2) develop new research methodologies effective in conducting clinical research with transgender people, a stigmatized, vulnerable, and underserved population; 3) develop and use of standardized approaches to data collection, management, and analysis across a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings; and 4) incorporate community engagement in the research process within the structure and function of the consortium, including transgender community advisory representatives, LGBT community health centers, and community engagement procedures throughout the research process.”

Project Number: 1R13HD084267-01 Contact PI / Project Leader: FELDMAN, JAMIE

One of the interesting implications of the TransNet project is the development of a National Institutes of Health “national database of transgender persons”. From the Daily Free Press:

“Members of the NIH are hoping to develop a national database of transgender people to see what trends appear from different types of intervention. “They want to know what kind of things we could be learning over the next five or ten years depending on how much money is available for research, and the purpose of this conference is to set that strategy and create some priorities for NIH,” [Dr. Joshua Safer] said.”

Such a database has been a long-running goal for Dr. Safer, author of “Out of the Shadows: It is Time to Mainstream Treatment for Transgender Patients (2008)”.

Safer created one himself at Boston Medical Center but due to HIPAA regulations patients were required to give informed consent to being listed in the registry:

“[O]ur work includes the development of a Transgender Health Registry at BMC.  All transgender-identified individuals who have had hormone therapy or other transgender health care management at Boston Medical Center (BMC) who give consent to participate will have their name, date of birth, and medical record number recorded in a registry. By compiling a list of those treated here at BMC, researchers (approved by the Institutional Review Board) will be able to access more complete data when studying the long term effects of hormonal treatment and/or other aspects of care.  It is our hope that by establishing the first BMC registry of Transgender Health, we will be able to better serve individuals who identify as transgender within our community both now and in the future.” [sic]

The coming TransNet national database of transgender people, operating and funded by the National Institutes of Health under the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services, using standardized and regulated data collection, promises to be the most vast and comprehensive pool of research subjects ever studied in the history of the medical industry practice of treating gender.


58 Responses to “TransNet is Coming: NIH to form “national database of transgender persons””

  1. anon male Says:

    Awesome work on this post.

    I look forward to the day, someday, when I can just read your thoughts on WMMA, music, and stuff here, because this shit will finally be over. If the planet isn’t burning by then.

  2. Radical Grandma Says:

    As a natal female and US citizen, I find this absolutely abhorrent.

    We can’t even get an Equal Rights Amendment for ourselves, but these males who run the trans movement get everything they want, and more and they have friends in high places who are caving to their every demand.

    Women have been crushed by the rightwing for a long, long time, and now the left wingers are joining in.

    Fuck them all.

  3. hearthrising Says:

    Cautiously optimistic about this. I would hope the Boston project is keeping track of things like pre- and post- intervention psychiatric hospitalizations and depression rates as well as dissatisfaction/regret/de-transition, and that the national registry would as well. I guess if they were it wouldn’t be something they would advertise, because this is where the rubber meets the road. If they can’t prove it makes a significant difference in psychiatric symptoms for trans women, public support is going to wither. The cynical part of me thinks this is about protecting doctors in the transition industry from malpractice suits. I wonder what the liability insurance for one of these surgeons is like, given the propensity of this population to sue? Even so, some systematic data collection would be an improvement. If the NIH is part of the registry, it is more likely that collected data would become public record accessible by computer, not buried in an academic journal you have to pay $50 to read, assuming you can even understand the jargon.

    • Em Says:

      “The cynical part of me thinks this is about protecting doctors in the transition industry from malpractice suits.”

      Yep. If there is a part of me that’s not cynical, I haven’t heard from it in awhile. Given who’s at the helm of this effort, I expect only ass-covering alongside glowing reports from the group, even if they have to massage and buff their data before releasing it.

      Also, I’m disgusted that all this effort and all these resources, so badly needed elsewhere, will be used to legitimize a rather common male fetish. And make no mistake–the effort to show that babies, children, and women can be trans, too, is nothing more than an effort to argue that this particular “misery” is widespread and needs public funding. Come on–do you really think that an ailment suffered by a small number of women (“transmen”) would attract so much attention? They may be gathering data on social/gender dysphoria in women, but it’s an afterthought. This program is really about men.

      Sorry for the sourpussery, but as they say, if you’re not cynical, you’re not paying attention.

    • gchild Says:

      @hearthrising, I am cautiously optimistic as well. Even if this seems like more coddling of trans, it could be valuable information. I think despite the given motive, somewhere someone higher up in the government thinks its a good idea to keep track of trans people. Mostly its to cover asses, but also as fodder in case some shit goes bad wrong and we have to shut this shit down (gradually and quietly) like lobotomies and “hysteria” treatments.

      Also, like most trans shit, its weird. Distopian novel weird. I may not believe trans is anything but some people being GNC, some being homophobic, and A LOT of men being autogynophiles, but I don’t want Transnet to turn into some experimental social/biological eugenics tracking system.

      Finally, I have a feeling that ultimately trans won’t like this because they hide, lie, and delude themselves so much. To be faced with a documented record of truths–STD’s, arrests, psychiatric breakdowns, sexual abuse histories, employmemt records, education background, domestic violence, sexual predation, etc. will be too costly to both the transmovement and their sensitive feels.

    • Double X Marks The Spot Says:

      I cautiously agree with you. The trans lobby has benefited from the lack of real science. Systematic data collection and the evaluation of the information gathered according to the standards of evidence-based medicine can only hurt them.

  4. Livvie Says:

    It’s very hard for me to parse the overreaching meaning behind statements like this. I’m sorry.

    Could this be good, in a way? The power tripping autogynephiles will be tracked and followed. The health of the kids who are being given these horrible drugs will be on record. It’s good to know that most surgeons are not on board with signing up for their state’s Medicaid for trans related ‘treatments’, can they be forced to do so?

    Perhaps in ten years or less we’ll begin to see just how failed the trans cult is, and that will be backed up by scientific data. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of trans.

    • kesher Says:

      If the data collection is good, it gives me some hope. Those researchers in that Swedish study, demonstrating that MTTs are just as violent as men, seemed relatively untouched by political bias. Although who knows if there was more damning data that was conveniently ignored in that study.

      My fear is that critical data will be brushed under the rug. Some things that I’d like to know: How many trans people were sexually abused before they started wanting to transition; how many trans people have been sexually abused by MTTs during or after transition; how does “satisfaction” with transitioning compare to post-transition suicide rates; how many trans people have narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and/or autism.

      Studies so far have demonstrated very damning evidence on about all of these questions, and the trans community does not want to hear it and will shut down any credible research in these areas. If the NIH caves to political pressure, this program will not be remotely helpful.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Excellent list of questions. Re: autism, I’ve noticed that trend as well, and it’s easily explainable. I’m autistic myself and formerly trans (FTT), and a significant part of the appeal for me was that becoming trans gives a person a rigid social script to follow, which is something many of us crave, not being able to easily read other people and not always knowing how to respond to social situations. Learning hard and fast gender roles/rules can give us a sense of security, and if we already feel alienated by other people, becoming a “new” person can feel like a chance at a new beginning.

        Just some thoughts.

      • kesher Says:

        Yes, I’ve seen other people make that observation, that people on the spectrum are seeking a more comfortable fit by transitioning. Would you say it really did feel easier for you to adopt the male gender role?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Interesting points, Anonymous. I observed many years ago that many who join the military, particularly officer class, and many who become clergy (and it’s not uncommon to go from the former to the latter) are people with poor social skills who seem to need a script in order to function. What you say makes perfect sense regarding the need for a social outfit — don’t wear Doc Martens with that dress! — in order to feel at ease.

        On the other hand, don’t many autistic women definitely NOT fit the female social role?

  5. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

    • gchild Says:

      @transhealthfail?–They behave as though when they tell the doc, “hey, I’m trans”, he/she says “get the hell off my examination table!”

      The real complaint is the fact that M.D’s can’t feed their delusions because they look at and treat physical bodies as they exist in reality. All the tucking and binding must be exposed in order to get proper treatment.

      They hate anything that forces them to face biological reality. It occurs to me that trans might even hate the concept of bio life itself if they didnt need it to maintain the psychological gender drama they live off of.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There’s a lot of unintentional hilarity in that hashtag. Chad Molloy complains that his blood was given a routine pregnancy screen, then he complains that the provider updated his chart as “male” when he balked at the charge. LOL. A “transwoman” complains that during an asthma episode female peak flow ranges were measured, not those for male lung capacity. LOL. etc etc.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Here’s another unintentionally hilarious one:

        “Me: ‘Would you mind calling me Dan? I’m a Trans guy actually’
        Gynecologist: ‘Well, a guy is not what I am seeing, miss.’ ”

        Oh no!! The doctor, who is staring at a vulva, refused to play along!! Better start whining…

        Here’s one that shows, once again, the rampant narcissism amongst trannies:

        “My therapist, amazing as she is, keeps a copy of the pathologizing DSM on her bookshelf.”

        Right! Because there are no other patients than you, no other patients that the therapist may be treating whose issues may be better understood by the doc reading about them in the DSM. It’s all about you, baby, it’s all about you.

        Aaaaand here’s one bemoaning the death of a child pornographer:

        “a fed prison denied medical & mental HC to trans woman Ashley Jean Arnold (R.I.P.) for 2+ yrs. she ended her life Feb 2015”

        The prisoner is question was Steven Roy Arnold, who was convicted of federal criminal charges for producing child porn, and sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. He repeatedly requested “access to female undergarments and brassieres, makeup items, voice therapy, a male anti-balding medication, and sex reassignment surgery.” So apparently a child pornographer not getting his every demand catered to counts as a “transhealthfail”.

        I stopped reading there. It’s just more of the usual bullshit. Unreal.

      • kesher Says:

        I will say, for the benefit of doctors who need to treat the patient’s actual body, not the body the patient is deluded enough to believe he/she has, it probably would behoove the medical establishment to come up with MTT and FTT designations on intake forms to prevent confusion or fatal mistakes. Male/female should be good enough, but that doesn’t placate the trans cult, so they just lie.

    • Aura Says:

      There was a tweet by a transwoman complaining they were turned away for blood donation ’cause the nurse identified them as a male who has sex with males. Which they are. Yanno, meanwhile, in biological reality.

  6. MaryMacha Says:

    Call me paranoid but the idea of having a list of names of transexual individuals sends shivers down my spine. If the tide ever turned and this country decided to patholo-gize sex-role nonconformity, as opposed to simply ostracizing individuals and subcultures, the trans (as well as gays and lesbians) could face medicalization and institutionalization of Orwellian proportions. Let’s hope this could never happen.

  7. “Recent Obama administration changes to Medicare/VA/IRS regulations allow for taxpayer subsidized cosmetic breast implants, facelifts, genital re-shaping and off-label drugs as treatment for transgender individuals.”

    Medicare and Medicaid DOES NOT cover facial surgery or breast implants for trans women. That is completely untrue! Medicare covers ONLY the one-stage vaginoplasty procedure. Where did you get that information? It is not only unethical to state that, it’s also extremely cruel to trans women who need FFS and other procedures SIMPLY TO GET A JOB. Individual insurance plans in CALIFORNIA ONLY may cover those “cosmetic” procedures, but Medicare most certainly DOES NOT.

    This makes me REALLY angry. This is sloppy journalism! Have you any idea how many hearts you’re going to break when trans women try to request those procedures and are turned down? It damned well breaks MINE every time I have to look in the mirror!

    I demand a correction. NOW! And a promise that you will research your sources better in the future.

    • Taken directly from medicare,gov:

      Cosmetic surgery

      How often is it covered?

      Medicare doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery unless it’s needed because of accidental injury or to improve the function of a malformed body part. Medicare covers breast prostheses for breast reconstruction if you had a mastectomy because of breast cancer.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are an idiot, sir. A big loudmouth fly-off-at-the-handle type jackass. I DEMAND you shut your fucking gob. NOW! And a promise that you will zip your ugly fucking trap in the future.

    • Bea Says:

      Nobody needs their healthy jaws and brows filed down in order to get a job. Where did you hear that? I have never seen that as a necessary qualification for any job.

      • kesher Says:

        Very odd too since MTTs on Medicare probably aren’t looking for work. I’d wager age discrimination is a more serious problem than trans discrimination in the workplace, especially with how large corporations have jumped on the trans bandwagon.

    • coelacanth Says:

      “Have you any idea how many hearts you’re going to break when trans women try to request those procedures and are turned down? It damned well breaks MINE every time I have to look in the mirror!”

      Funny how the sound of “broken trans hearts” sound identical to the sound of human face bones cracking under a curb stomping threatened by trans like Tur who don’t get their way. Trans loudly boo hoo when their fee fees gets a boo boo. But they think nothing of threatening torture or death to any other human who refuses their magical thinking narcissistic tantrums. Trans broken hearts leads to non-trans broken faces.

      “I demand! NOW!” Again the threat of violence. Always violence.

      • coelacanth Says:

        ps Maybe trans are threatening to break other people’s faces because they are so unhappy with their own like this guy whose heart breaks when he looks in the mirror. Literally pathological.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      If you’re finding it difficult to find a job it’s because prospective employers see you as the 57 y/o loon that you are. And no one cares about your feefees you silly old fart from hell.

    • lestoille Says:

      I demand a correction. NOW! And a promise that you will research your sources better in the future.

      if you’re so invested in this blog then stop buying so many size 13 lucite stripper shoes and donate some of your white-man money to gallus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Right? He acts like he’s paying me. He’s my publisher! And this isn’t the article he wanted! He wanted an article that parses the ins and outs of new Medicare/Medicaid/IRS/VA coverage for transgender “care”. Because while his interest in that subject is a matter of life and death, he is too lazy to take the time to google “Medicaid transgender breast” , etcetera, himself. That’s what I’m here for: to serve him with unpaid research for the article HE wanted. What an entitled mentally-disordered weirdo.

        I DON’T WORK FOR YOU “Michelle Rose”!!!! Do make a note of it. I may have even donated some of my free time to answer some of his confusion, had he not come at me like a demanding belligerent entitled lazy-ass man.

    • Mortadella Says:


      White man privilege doesn’t help manners much. This ain’t your house, sparky. You’re not in a position to demand anything.

    • michelle Says:

      guess what asshole…you don’t get to DEMAND a damned thing around here.

      As to angy trannies…I don’t give a shit. They already whine that the tranny doctors won’t take their insurance, blah blah blah. So we get more whining from them to tune out…except we have to listen to the incessant blathering so as to prevent any further erosion of rights for FEMALES (you know, actual women).

      And yeah, that linkedin profile…why does it not surprise me to see Portland. It is worse than Austin as far as having people who have no touch with reality…

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “I demand a correction. NOW!”

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      Dude thinks he can come here and tell women what to do! It is to laugh!

      BTW, dude, Medicare and Medicaid – indeed, any insurance – should NOT be covering your vanity surgeries. And yes, that’s what they are: vanity surgeries. Cosmetic procedures. Why should you get those things covered when nobody else does? Oh, that’s right, to “get a job.” What about people who may be less than conventionally attractive then? Or older people, especially older women? But I guess in your self-absorbed world only MtT should qualify.

      You are SO. FUCKING. PATHETIC.

      • atranswidow Says:

        He’s obviously green with envy that he can’t afford to go to bed as a caterpillar and wake up in the morning as a butterfly. This facial surgery is expensive and complicated, not to mention unnecessary, but it’s how Bruce Jenner and Frank Maloney made themselves into trans heroes……just like this

        So Frank Maloney’s nostrils were too big; since when was nostril size an indication of gender? Life is tough, not all of us can afford a nip and a tuck as we get older. Just get a life and leave publicly funded health insurance for the benefit of sick people who are in pain and disabled, not just mirror phobic.

        (Gallus just take out the link if you prefer, I don’t want to distract from the original article, which is giving me food for thought, Thank you. Gut reaction responses are always so much easier than careful analysis, will come back later to comment).

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “Have you any idea how many hearts you’re going to break when trans women try to request those procedures and are turned down?”

      ROFLMAO. I know you’re Piled-High-and-Deep but I think you might have missed your calling as a stand-up comedian.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Whahhhhh! ”

      State Blocks Some Transgender Health Care it Considers ‘Cosmetic’: Critics

      By Rosa Goldensohn | August 11, 2015 11:47am

      CIVIC CENTER — A year after the state agreed to lift a ban on providing medically necessary gender-reassigning services to transgender New Yorkers through Medicaid, officials are still refusing to provide services by deeming some procedures merely cosmetic, critics say.

      New York State Department of Health’s Medicaid rules for transgender people transitioning their gender currently exclude voice therapy, drugs to promote hair growth or loss and breast augmentation, which lawyers say are fundamentally medically necessary to the process.

      Under the state rules, breast surgery would only be covered for transgender people transitioning to female “in certain limited circumstances.”

      The state’s rules also prohibit coverage for gender reassignment surgery in anyone under 21 if the surgery results in sterilization, and for hormone therapy for those under 18, according to the Legal Aid Society, Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Wilkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, who filed a class action lawsuit against the state last year.

      The exceptions lack “an adequate basis in medical or scientific fact,” and show “a fundamental misunderstanding of the treatment of GD/GID [gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder] and the importance of such procedures to the treatment and well-being of transgender individuals,” according to the class action lawsuit.

      The state Department of Health did not respond to a request for comment.

      The lawsuit moved forward last month when a federal court judge sided with the plaintiffs and denied the state’s motion to dismiss the case.

      Cruz v Zucker

  8. Bea Says:

    If trannies’ having their wangs turned inside out into a necrotic fuck-wound gets covered by insurance then anorexics should get liposuction covered by insurance, and women who “feel like a 25-year-old trapped in a 50-year-old’s body” should have facelifts covered by insurance. Unfortunately most of the men in power are sick fuck closeted trannies anyway, and therefore know why their sick fuck brothers “need” these procedures.

    • Livvie Says:

      “If trannies’ having their wangs turned inside out into a necrotic fuck-wound…”

      This gave me life. Thank you for the hearty chuckle.

  9. k2 Says:

    This is going to end up in a big mess in 20 so years, I can see class action lawsuits against the doctors, clinics etc. who promote and carry out these bizarre body mutilations of which we’re supposed to accept as “treatment” for the gender non-conforming and those suffering with “gender dysphoria”.

    • hearthrising Says:

      I hope you’re right about the medical people enabling and promoting this being held accountable, but I don’t know. These anti- “gender conversion” therapy laws are ultimately designed to protect the doctors and social workers who are transing kids. Research studies are going to continue to be distorted by the need to forestall malpractice suits. I think the professionals are getting their ducks in a row.

  10. lestoille Says:

    maybe with the advent of a gov database someone will finally be motivated to track outcomes for the minors who are transed by their parents. it’s highly disturbing, given that the professionals on the PBS documentary admitted that they don’t know what they’re doing (which we all knew anyway) yet no one is doing the research.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      It will never happen because it rises to the level of child abuse and those in govt who either are trans themselves or their sympathetic partners in crime will never allow people to see the wrecked lives caused by this bullshit.

  11. branjor Says:

    They want records and databases in order to research “gender” and how to enforce it for the purpose of controlling women and destroying feminist gains. This “TransNet” thing is yet a new level of organization in their millenia long disgusting “enterprise” of woman-destroying, and as such it is very dangerous and a very bad sign.

  12. Medicare won’t pay for dentures or any kind of dental work, and it will only pay for glasses after cataract surgery. It really infuriates me that old people can’t get dentures so they can chew their food, but Medicare will pay for grandpa’s sex reassignment surgery. Why does a 65 year old man need a sex change? I know that Gallus pointed out that plastic surgeons aren’t lining up to accept Medicare reimbursed patients, but this shouldn’t be covered under Medicare at all.

  13. “Oregon began covering the cost of reassignment surgery for transgender people on Medicaid in January. It also covers things like hormone therapy and puberty suppression….Oregon joins California, Massachusetts and Vermont as states where Medicaid covers medical treatments for gender dysphoria. Washington, D.C., offers coverage, too.”

    Medicaid is supposed to be for low-income children, families, and the disabled. Many poor families can’t even find a dentist that will take Medicaid. This makes me sick to my stomach.

    A lot of this has been covered before at this blog and other websites, but I would like to recap what we know.

    The State of Oregon is using Medicaid money to sterilize children, and they admit that no one knows the long term effects of GnRH agonists. This is the same class of drugs that are used for advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis. Women who have been given Lupron have had horrible side effects. Read some of the side effects.

    “But the medication she gets, which Medicaid in Oregon now covers, is Lupron. It costs about $7,500 for three months. A few states now cover the cost of medical treatment for people who are transgender but Oregon is one of the few that pays for drugs that suppress puberty in children who think they might want to change their gender.”

    “The biggest risk that we talk about is bone deposition,” she says.

    There’s no evidence puberty suppression increases the risk of osteoporosis in later life, but there isn’t much research either, and she says there are other concerns too…

    Teens who completely suppress puberty are also likely to be sterile, but Bird says it’s now possible to undergo a temporary puberty. It can last for just long enough to harvest sperm or eggs for later use..”

    These ghoulish people are talking about intentionally delaying a natural part of human development, adolescence, potentially sterilizing children. They tell us not to worry because they can stop the GnRH agonists to create a “temporary puberty” just long enough to harvest sperm and eggs. The only way the kid will ever be able to reproduce in the future is through artificial means. What happens if the parents don’t want the added expense of “harvesting sperm” or eggs, or put it off? How do parents and doctors explain this to children? Sixteen year old Johnny is supposed to deposit his sperm in a cup because his parents and doctors are going to intentionally render the kid infertile. That is, if his body isn’t too damaged to produce sperm.

    The prefrontal cortex of the human brain sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t developed until the early to mid-twenties. Any parent knows that teenagers think they know everything, but they often lack judgment. There is a reason we don’t let teenagers vote, buy alcohol, or take out bank loans. They can’t vote or buy alcohol, but they are supposedly mature enough to willing give up their fertility and endanger their health.

    This is a massive human rights violation in the making.

    • gchild Says:

      “The prefrontal cortex of the human brain sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t developed until the early to mid-twenties.”

      @skylark phillips, thanks for repeating this. It can’t be stressed enough how the brain “pruning” process could be impacted. And that pruning/plasticity is associated with serious psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia. They know damn well blocking puberty will likely affect the maturation of the brain. How can it not? They will LIE as long as they can get away with it. They will pump former transkids with psychotropic drugs. Then, they will attribute the mental disabilities of these individuals to a bigoted society.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      I absolutely agree. I feel sorry for these kids that are buying into this shit because their parents don’t really understand that gender stereotypes really do exist when we see it all around us. Also, by the very fact that trans are in a constant battle to be more “feminine” than natal women. It’s all a glammed, dressed up competition to these men who know absolutely nothing about what we women are about. I wish so many women weren’t sucked into their shit, either. Give me a “butch” lesbian or a “feminine” gay guy any day–they don’t pretend to be anyone other than who they are and don’t have to have dozens of surgeries or lifelong hormone treatments to prove it, either.

      The “trans movement” is nothing but a pretentious bunch of utter bullshit.

    • Not to mention, who’s going to PAY for keeping these sperm and eggs frozen for more than a decade? It’s not like you can just throw them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. The maintenance cost can run into the thousands of dollars PER YEAR. Multiply that over a decade, plus the cost of IVF which can be $10k per attempt and it’s rarely successful on the first or even the third attempt.

      Obviously the sperm is simpler, since it’s just a matter of thawing and implantation, but the egg thing can be very complex.

      Is Medicaid going to pay for all this? The same Medicaid that refuses to pay for necessary procedures for actual sick people? What in the actual hell is wrong with these people?

  14. “Members of the NIH are hoping to develop a national database of transgender people to see what trends appear from different types of intervention”

    (1.) How is the NIH going to define a transgender person? There is no precise definition of transgender other than personal self-identification. Transgender is not a medical term. Rather, it’s a cultural defined term. What about detransitioners, and will anyone even take the time to talk to people who regret getting their genitals mutilated? I wonder how much of this is going to be cherry picked data.

    (2.) Will cultural factors be included in any of the NIH work, and how will it be treated? Why do people automatically assume that “gender dysphoria” is the main reason people “transition”? The field of medicine isn’t immune to political movements, fad, trends, and cultural phenomenon. Don’t insult our intelligence by saying it’s all “gender dysphoria”. There is something else going on, and it’s largely culturally based.

    One way to describe part of my experience is to say that I was socialized “trans”. That is, people assumed I was trans and treated me how they thought a trans person ought to be treated regardless of how I identified myself at the time. This treatment over time began to effect how I saw myself, helped to instill a trans male identity and encouraged me to transition. I think this is a phenomena that effects many females who are butch, “masculine” or otherwise don’t fit conventional “femininity”…Crucially, this socialization consisted of a lot of positive reinforcement. That is, when people decided I was trans and treated me accordingly they were often at the same time trying to show respect or be friendly. I didn’t receive the same sort of treatment as a butch dyke.

    “It was easier for me to come out as a guy than to come out as lesbian. ’ Russell continues, ‘I can safely say that I didn’t feel direct pressure, but you do hear ‘that is such a dude way to act.’ As a young child before the age of kindergarden, I remember one of my mom’s friends saying that I walked like my dad. As I grew older I still walked like my father and my mother taught me to walk like her, moving my butt and hips. In school I was physically assaulted because I had a ‘boy’s haircut.’ My high school had a conservative religious edge to it and so I came out as wanting to transition. I felt like I had more acceptance for transitioning as a man than for coming out as a lesbian.”

    (3.) The sterilization of children through GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones isn’t the only ethical issue involved in “transitioning”. People who read this blog know that a form of gay and lesbian eugenics via “transitioning” has been going on in Iran for years.

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    There are a lots of good articles on this blog.

    (4.) After the waterboarding torture scandal, who can trust the APA (American Psychological Association). Lots of interesting posts here.

    Why do we see wo many “gender dysphoric” children?

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      I’m not familiar with all the “new” terms (being a Second Wave feminists and all), but I do think that these parents are being sold a bill of goods by the trans regarding these children who have not yet the ability to reason and parents who are willing to cave in to very young children who are confused about sex roles. I’m hardly a “feminine” woman in the sense that corporations can sell me on their version of what a woman looks like (which the trans buy into) because I think women should be able to explore other avenues about not just their “role” in society, but the sexuality that suits them without condemnation.

      Trans are more “acceptable” in many ways that natal women who exercise their options in life are not, and we’re seeing more of that.

      I doubt anyone would have the temerity to “diss” a trans like they have done women since the beginning of time. They’re a “protected class” where women are becoming less and less ensured of our rights as full, equal human beings.

  15. “That is, when people decided I was trans and treated me accordingly they were often at the same time trying to show respect or be friendly. I didn’t receive the same sort of treatment as a butch dyke.”

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  16. ephemeroptera Says:

    An interesting development since this post was published:

    As of Aug. 14th, the NIH announced a $5.7 mill 5-year grant to 4 researchers to study long-term effects of medical treatment on youth categorized as transgender, including the effects of puberty blockers and hormones.

    Hopefully this study is well-designed and of long enough duration, since these are such important topics!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Nah. The grant is basically a 5 million dollar bounty being paid by the Department of Health and Human Services to avoid having to address just what the hell these doctors are doing to these kids. The “4 researchers” are actually the four physicians who have been championing these medicalized pediatric gender treatments (and who have the most to lose professionally as their experimentations are debunked).

      The “study” is observational (based on the observations of the doctors doing these treatments) and has no control group. Essentially the HHS is funneling cash through the NIH to these doctors to create their own report and paying them to release information that would otherwise require a subpoena. This allows the HHS to abdicate responsibility for acting to investigate these practices and protect the welfare of the children being experimented upon.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        Interesting. Perhaps a subject for a full post at some point, if there’s a lot of other readers like me who’d benefit?

        I know a bit about study design, but an in-depth post by you or someone else knowledgeable in this area (e.g. Kathy Mandigo) would be an informative public service, if you or them think it’s worth the time, among all your other commitments.

        I also don’t quite fully understand this post’s description of the HHS/NIH politics, like the subpoena situation.

        In any case, I do wonder if some minimal good could come of this study, like at least giving the public a sense of what percentage of minors consulting these doctors and receiving puberty blockers actually go off of them and let puberty occur rather than go on to receive sterilizing cross-sex hormones.

        Thanks as always for the time, effort, and intelligence behind this blog. To me, GM, you and so many other commenters here are model global citizens.

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