Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz : Mary Lou Singleton

August 1, 2015

Jaron Bloshinsky poses for postmodern version of

Jaron Bloshinsky poses for a postmodern version of “Christina’s World” as “Transgender Jazz Jennings”

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JULY 31, 2015

Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz by MARY LOU SINGLETON

Like many Americans, I have been paying attention to the current marketing of gender, the unquestionable system that tells us what constitutes male vs. female in our capitalist patriarchy. With morbid fascination, I am witnessing our culture move away from the old women’s liberation values that told young people they could participate in any activity they enjoyed, wear any clothing they liked, play with whatever toys they wanted, and think any thoughts they thought without these behaviors and beliefs being labeled male or female by forces then known as sexism. Not only have the categories of “boy’s toys” and “girl’s toys” returned with a vengeful backlash, now children and the rest of us are being told that an affinity for “girl’s toys” and dresses and make-up actually defines the true essence of girlhood. If a child really, really likes what is being sold by the capitalist patriarchy as female, that child IS female. And vice versa for children who reject female toys and stereotypical female interests. Even if they have two X chromosomes and a vulva, these children are now obviously boys. These children are especially to be considered boys if they hate their female physiology and despise their female bodies. Through the miracle of capitalist cooptation, we have progressed from the women’s liberation war cry of “Start a Revolution, Stop Hating Your Body” to hating the body being framed as revolutionary.

With particular interest, I have been watching and reading about Jazz Jennings, the biological male who from the time of toddlerhood strongly preferred the toys, clothes and mannerisms marketed as female. Because Jazz rejected the products and behaviors sold and enforced as male, and because Jazz never had opportunities to see males who identify as males playing with “girl things” and wearing “girl clothes” and “acting like girls,” and because Jazz had no interest in the products marketed as “boy things” (the guns, the robots, the buzz cuts, the army men), Jazz began identifying as the kind of person who likes “girl things.” Jazz’s parents agreed that if Jazz shopped and talked and threw like a girl, obviously Jazz was a girl. Happily for them (if money can buy happiness), Jazz was born at the perfect time in our post-feminist, post-modern, bread-and-circuses phase of late stage capitalism. Jazz’s family landed paid appearances on talk shows, paid interviews, and now a reality TV show, all promoting the idea that sex-role stereotypes (aka gender) are the only definition of male and female that matter. Jazz Jennings has become the literal poster child for Gender Incorporated, telling and selling us all what it really means to be female in a capitalist patriarchy.

Like Honey Boo Boo and Miley Cyrus, and Michael Jackson before them, Jazz appears as a happy, fun-loving child with a caring, supportive family. Jazz continually smiles while doing the things girls do: posing in a mermaid suit, cheerleading, being pretty. In several articles and appearances, however, Jazz has hinted at sadness, worrying about finding a boyfriend, stating that many biological boys Jazz encounters do not view Jazz as a girl. Jazz reports plenty of female friends, though. While I’m sure Jazz’s life will have its difficulties (life-long hormone replacement, plastic surgery, and childhood fame all carry significant risks), the majority of biological females Jazz encounters will offer comfort and kindness to Jazz, as they have been socialized through gender to do. Gender after all normalizes female self-sacrifice. Most adult females, even those who identify as feminists, exhibit an unexamined acceptance of gender. Women reflexively label every creature they see as male (unless said creature is portrayed with breasts or fake eyelashes and lipstick). They fear more than anything not being liked and they work hard to never, ever commit the sin of hurting someone’s feelings. They have been enculturated to accept their own erasure and to serve the interests of biological males. Jazz’s life will have problems, but these will be buffered and mitigated by female caretaking.

Look: What a

Three Cheers for the “feminine” boy!

Jazz will inevitably encounter people who refuse to accept the belief system that asserts gender as fact and biology (i.e. the living, material world) as a mere social construct or inconvenience to be fixed with chemicals and technology. Some of these people will be females who resent being told that femaleness can be reduced to performance of “femininity” while they themselves do not appreciate the patriarchal gender system that defines female this way. Others will be males and conservative females who support and revere the patriarchy, but want to maintain a social order like the good old days when men were men and women were women. Because Jazz and the rest of us are being strongly indoctrinated to view “misgendering” as violence, Jazz will have many tales of such violence to report through the gender-promoting media. Those who have participated in the crime of misgendering will be appropriately shamed for refusing to capitulate to the new rules of gender (they may also lose their jobs or speaking gigs at universities or be sued for discrimination).

Because Jazz was born into a violent patriarchy, Jazz may also encounter physical violence, almost certainly at the hands of males. Should it occur, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t, this violence will be labeled a hate crime, a crime more worthy of social outrage and attention than the rapes, murders, torture and beatings suffered by biological females at the hands of males. Unlike biological females, Jazz legally belongs to a protected class, and violence toward this protected class of people is taken more seriously by the media and liberal activists (and sometimes even the legal system) than the routine, all day, every day male violence against biological females.

I do not predict an easy or peaceful future for Jazz. I, however, am even more concerned about what the future holds for Jazz’s sister and all of the girls she represents: the less special kind of female, the kind who doesn’t automatically get awards of bravery for declaring herself a woman and devoting herself to the performance of her assigned gender role. The kind of female conditioned to take up as little space as possible, even if this means starving herself. The kind of female whose body is not legally her own. The kind of female who is viewed as a state regulated incubator, worthy of public debates in mainstream media venues about whether or not she should be allowed to end an unwanted pregnancy or give birth at home. (Such debates about what women should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with their bodies currently receive less social criticism and outrage than the crime of misgendering, by the way. When it comes to forced pregnancy and birth, “good people can disagree.”)

A recent article in Cosmopolitan (a magazine designed to enforce the rules of gender to the female population; a magazine which recently ran a cover story promoting torture porn and telling women that we should learn to enjoy being tied up, beaten, choked, and having men ejaculate on our faces), featured Jazz Jennings talking about his sister. Jazz tells the interviewer and the world that he views his sister’s body as something that can be used to serve his reproductive desires. Like so many gender non-conforming children today who would have once grown up to be happy gay people with intact bodies, Jazz is being sterilized through the process of transitioning into a cultural stereotype of femininity. The medical industry will remove his testicles, if they haven’t already done so, and through plastic surgery create a simulation of a vagina for Jazz. Jazz wants very much to be a parent. Lucky for him he lives in a world where women’s bodies are for sale and rent. In the Cosmo interview, Jazz brags that he is “convincing” his sister to serve him as incubator so he can fulfill his dream of being a mother. Jazz, speaking of his sister’s vagina (which he calls her “vag”), says, “We’ll take my hubby’s sperm and throw it in there and fertilize it.”

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Cute little boy

Cute little boy Jaron

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  1. GallusMag Says:

    From 2006:

    TG specialists, parents ask: When is young too young?
    Published 03/16/2006
    by Zak Szymanski

    Just a boy: 10-year-old Tucker

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    Asher remembered it almost fondly, that day several years ago he deliberately destroyed a piece of his clothing in order to make his point.

    “I was pretty little,” he said, smiling at his past antics. “I took a pair of scissors. My mom was distracted on the phone, bragging about how beautiful I was. And I just went chop-chop” – he paused to demonstrate with hand motions – “and I chopped up my dress.”

    Asher, now 8, chuckled from his half-sprawled position on the carpet of the Philadelphia Convention Center on Saturday, March 4 where he spent much of the day in the designated youth room playing and socializing with other kids.

    Meanwhile, across the street, 10-year-old Tucker was changing in his hotel after spending the day hanging out with teenagers. As a group gathered downstairs to go to dinner, Tucker stepped out of the elevator wearing a blue basketball suit into a lobby full of older guys who wanted to shake his hand.

    “I wish I had been given the same chance,” said one man who called Tucker “buddy” and “man” in a way that he seemed to know would be affirming.

    In typical kids’ fashion, there were the shrugs, the over-animated hand gestures to hide shyness, the quiet voices and shifting eyes that often characterize young people in conversation with adults. But there also was a rare confidence exuded by the children who gathered at the fifth annual Philadelphia Trans-health Conference earlier this month, for many of them had already made up their minds about a significant life decision: they do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

    “I just always knew,” Asher explained to the Bay Area Reporter. “I only wanted to be a boy.”

    Many adult members of the transgender community – from the gender-fluid to the strictly binary-identified transsexuals – report having gender issues during childhood, and many members of the medical community agree that gender dysphoria is something that usually first emerges at a young age. But not until recently have so many young people and their parents had access to information about transgender identities and treatments.

    For Tucker and Asher, the transitions from female to male thus far have been relatively easy. Even before they lived as boys, they were able to express tomboy tendencies early on without the same stigma suffered by effeminate males. Both have supportive families. Asher’s mother Mary, a member of an urban queer community, was already familiar with a wide range of gender identities and knew many transgender people. Tucker’s mother Betsy, a heterosexual woman, had more to learn but adapted pretty quickly.

    “We just went with it and lived with the tomboy theory for years,” said Betsy, who also thought her youngest child may have just been identifying with her two older brothers. But Tucker kept insisting he was a boy, she said. Anytime anything gender related came up – from his clothing to the body he envisioned for himself in the future –he very forcefully claimed male for himself and distanced himself from anything female.

    Betsy eventually found a specialist across the country and a support group for parents of transgender kids online, and “a whole new world opened up,” she said. Betsy and Tucker now reference transgender vocabulary and terminology like a second language.

    “He doesn’t identify as transgender or even FTM,” Betsy explained to a roomful of physicians, therapists, and counselors who attended the conference’s “Providers’ Day” on Thursday, March 2. Tucker instead identifies as “MTM,” she said, referring to a newer term used by many younger transgender males to indicate that they never felt or lived as female and thus their genders actually are not in transition.

    When Tucker and Asher asserted their gender identities, their parents simply followed suit. Both children are now enrolled in school as boys, with support from school administration.

    “My teacher knows I’m both,” said Asher, referencing his female birth assignment. Rather than using “transgender,” which he feels is difficult to explain, Asher sees more of himself in the Native American term “two-spirit.”

    But it’s “not often” that he even describes himself in transgender terms, he said, noting that in most environments he lives simply as male, and he does believe he’ll “probably” grow up to be a man. Asked whether he would feel comfortable disclosing his birth sex to more people, he paused and said, “I’m not really sure.”

    “Disclosing means telling,” his mother explained.

    “Yeah,” he said. “I know.”

    Empowering conference
    The Philadelphia Trans-health Conference attracted over 500 people this year from all over the country, including more than 125 social service and healthcare providers. Participants said that unlike many other LGBT conferences, the specific health focus of this event allowed for much more in-depth discussion of relevant topics. Workshops and seminars addressed hormone treatments and sexual reassignment surgeries; utilizing healthcare services during disasters and emergencies; safer sex and disclosure; spirituality; community; self-defense; and issues related to the law, economics, and wellness.

    The grassroots conference has always emphasized diversity and attracted a distinctly energized and focused crowd, but this year’s gathering marked the first time that so many transgender youth and their parents came together to participate, said Joe Ippolito, a licensed social worker and one of the conference organizers.

    It was an empowering event for these families, many of whom hailed from regions like the South where LGBT organizing is not so prevalent. Before this conference, many of the parents said they felt alone, unconnected to other real people with similar families and histories. Some of them are still searching for appropriate providers in their region to help them navigate their children’s futures; others must battle their school districts for their kids’ right to wear the clothing of their choice. Many of them have been accused of being negligent or abusive for allowing their children to assert their own genders.

    Those parents who allowed their children’s photographs to be included in this story asked that their last names not be used and their geographical locations not be revealed. Others, like Stephanie Guinan – the trans coordinator of the Philadelphia chapter of Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays – rely on their own name recognition in order to continue to organize on behalf of transgender kids.

    “In 1996 I gave birth to two of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. The doctor said, ‘Congratulations; you have a boy and a girl.’ Everyone said I had the perfect family. But something was different,” Guinan explained during “When is Young too Young?” a discussion featuring transgender youth, parents of transgender kids, and healthcare providers.

    Guinan said she would take her kids to the mall dressed in pink and blue and strangers would remark, “What pretty twin baby girls.” At the age of 2, Guinan’s son Ryan told her he wanted a dress.

    “I said, ‘You’re the boy. You have a penis,'” Guinan told the crowd. “Want to screw a little kid up? Teach them that who they are is because of their genitals.”

    As the months and years went by, “things started getting sad,” said Guinan. Birthdays and holidays amounted to piles of unwrapped unwanted “boy” presents. When her son was 4 years old she walked in on him in the bathroom trying to cut off his penis with a set of nail clippers.

    In first grade Ryan began to have meltdowns. The elastic in his socks could throw him into a tailspin. Gradually, his parents allowed him to wear a dress inside the house. One day while dressed in female clothes he snuck off to play by himself outside and was the happiest anyone had ever seen him. But he still was not allowed to express that side of himself on a full-time basis.

    By second grade Ryan was suicidal, yet Guinan could not find a provider who would see someone struggling with gender issues so young. Finally, a specialist agreed to meet with them. Through treatment it was determined that the child was going to need live as a girl if she was to survive. Slowly, the Guinan family began to transition along with their child.

    Ryan entered second grade as a boy testing at a kindergarten level and exited as a girl named Rachel testing at a fourth grade level. Because school administrators would not let Rachel wear a dress to school, Guinan worked to get a dress code of khaki pants instituted so that other girls would at least be wearing the same clothing as her daughter.

    The early sex and gender roles imposed upon unwilling children, said Guinan, amounts to “kids learning who they are supposed to be rather than who they are.”

    “When is young too young? It’s not my choice,” echoed Jeanette Bloshinsky, whose 5-year-old male-born daughter began asserting her identity as a girl from the moment she was out of diapers.

    “From the day she could express herself there was nothing male about this child,” said Bloshinsky.

    Through treatment with a gender therapist it was decided that Bloshinsky’s daughter Jaron should be enrolled in kindergarten this coming August as girl. But Bloshinsky is concerned. The school principal is conservative. Community members are struggling with Jaron’s female pronouns. Already some people have expressed distaste upon seeing Jaron in feminine clothing.

    “Some people say to me, ‘How you can let him walk around looking like that?'” said Bloshinsky. “And I say, ‘Because that’s what he picked out to wear today.'”

    Bloshinsky does not think Jaron is ready to wear dresses in public; normal childlike behavior sometimes involves exposure of the genitals, which could pose a safety risk. But Bloshinsky does believe “we are doing something right,” pointing out that her child, rather than being fixated on gender issues, simply lives a happy and well-adjusted life.

    “How young is too young?” Bloshinsky asked again. “I don’t think it’s ever too young to be who you are. At this point what’s the worst that could happen? If she changes her mind, we’ll transition back.”

    Long-term decisions
    Some parents are already faced with a different set of challenges. As Tucker and Rachel approach the onset of puberty, they may continue to ask for hormonal and/or surgical interventions, and Betsy

    From left, mothers Stephanie Guinan, Betsy, and Jeanette Bloshinsky at a conference panel. Photo: Zak Szymanski
    and Guinan must help them decide what is appropriate and when.
    Therein lies some of the more significant issues for parents of transgender kids – when to allow a child to obtain medical interventions that could permanently affect his or her body. Some transgender conference attendees, as thrilled as they were to see transgender kids, expressed concern at the idea of early hormonal treatment. After all, many gender-variant kids grow up to be non-transgender, and many people decide to live as transgender without being transsexual.

    Physicians in attendance said that it’s still difficult to know if and when medical transition is right for young people, given that there is a lack of trans-specific research, particularly when it comes to kids.

    “I don’t have the answers,” said featured panelist Dr. Robert Winn of the Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia’s LGBT healthcare center.

    Winn noted that while once it was more commonplace to refuse transsexual treatment to anyone under 18, even the conservative Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Standards of Care make a case for hormones in kids as young as 16, and he prefers to deal with people on a case-by-case basis, operating from a variety of health models, including harm reduction.

    Many public health experts have recognized that minors determined to go on hormones will do so unsafely – getting them off the street or sharing needles in the process – rather than wait for entrance into a monitored medical program. Such risks suggest that it is better to assist young people rather than turn them away. Still, there are very few models for early transgender-specific treatment.

    “The reality is we treat people based upon literature, research, and evidence,” Winn said. More providers must be able to recognize transgender issues in kids, he said, and “we need to work together” so that there is more data to help influence medical decisions.

    Some parents said their doctors have advised them that their best options, assuming their children consistently express a desire for physical transition, is to allow some natural development but administer hormone blockers to delay puberty. Such a process leaves fewer undesired gender traits to overcome later in life without causing permanent effects, and for FTM boys, allows that often-desired extra height since testosterone can be administered at an older age but before the bones are closed.

    Specialists like psychiatric physician’s assistant Marlyn L. Yassen, however, said that parents’ decisions to allow or delay physical transitions would not, in the long run, matter as much to a child as parents who handle the process in a loving and accepting manner.

    “The most critical thing is less about hormones and surgery and more about compassion and love,” said Yassen, who believes “there is more than one cause to an effect” when it comes to identity and that the “mind, body, soul, and spirit cannot be disconnected” in such a discussion.

    Eight-year-old Asher at the conference. Photo: Zak Szymanski
    Decisions cannot take place in vacuum, said Yassen, who always consults with colleagues, looks at the full family dynamic, and works from the perspective of a team approach when evaluating future steps for transgender children. She is careful to let parents know that there are indeed little girls who may like their penises, and that people can occupy a range of embodiments and identities and still be happy.

    Ahzjane Silver, a featured youth panelist at the conference, agreed that the family environment really makes a difference.

    Born male, Silver was not supported for his more feminine gender expressions as a child and as a teenager resorted to getting estrogen off the street. Now 19, Silver recently decided to stop using hormones and has realized s/he is not a woman but rather, an “inter-gendered” individual.

    “I thought to myself, ‘I like boys. I like Barbies. I should be a girl.’ But that was really about my atmosphere,” said Silver. “I was told, ‘Men do this, and girls do this.’ Now I don’t identify as either. I feel it’s too restrictive.”

    In some ways starting the transition process allowed Silver to realize who s/he was and how s/he wanted to live. But the question seemed to remain whether Silver would have sought transition at all if s/he was celebrated early on for having a variety of gender expressions.

    “I had to come to accept myself,” said Silver. “It makes my heart feel good to see people who care about their children.”

    Fewer TGs?
    The parental acceptance was heart warming, but for older transgender people who struggled with their identities or first came out as lesbian or gay it brought up inevitable questions.

    As more transgender kids are allowed to be simply “male” or “female,” will such an early gender socialization mean a gradual loss of transgender-identified people?

    “It just makes me think about whether I would have grown up to be a straight male instead of a queer trans guy who dates queer women,” said A.J., an FTM transgender person and conference participant who asked that his last name not be used. “I love being queer and I love dating queer femmes, so I would hope I would have turned out the same.”

    Many transgender people live heterosexual lives. But just like many non-transgender people, some transgender people maintain queer identities even if they have opposite sex partners and are perceived as straight. In many cities, “queer” communities distinguish themselves from “gay” communities by their multiple sexual orientations and gender identities.

    But if more trans kids are encouraged to be “normal” and find heterosexual partners rather than partners familiar with dating transgender people, will queer communities maintain their roles as the trans-inclusive forces that they have become in larger LGBT populations?

    Additionally, do some parents who support a child’s transition remain committed to gender conformity, and would they be uncomfortable with the possibility that their male-born child could transition into a butch lesbian or remain an effeminate man? If so, can this actually be considered gender progress?

    Winn addressed some of these points with parents at the “Trans-youth Medical Update” session on Saturday, March 4.

    He expressed some concern, strictly from a healthcare perspective, about the consequences of trans kids who are able to grow up without necessarily thinking of themselves as transgender.

    A pre-operative transman who completely avoids female socialization or transgender community ties, for instance, may be even more likely than other transmen to forgo necessary medical screenings related to Ob/Gyn care. From that perspective, trans individuals who don’t identify as transgender still must be willing to accept that they have special medical needs, said Winn.

    “Society doesn’t need to know the specifics of a transgender person’s body,” said Winn, “but from a clinical and personal perspective, one does need to know that.”

    Winn also told parents to be cautious when it came to thinking about things in terms of “male” and “female” categories, since both males and females express their genders in a variety of ways.

    “What we don’t necessarily know about pre-pubescent individuals is what their sexual orientation is or what their behaviors are going to be,” said Winn. “Many parents speak about things in ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ categories, and I can understand why they do that. But they need to understand that when their child turns 15 he or she could go in a million different directions. Parents might be raising a transgender gay son [an FTM who partners with other men] and they need to be prepared for that.”

    As the conference wrapped up, one transgender man introduced his girlfriend to some of the parents of the trans youth. One of the mothers was visibly relieved by the girlfriend’s striking appearance. Like many parents might, the woman expressed optimism that her son, too, would grow up to “find a pretty girl.”

    Speaking to the B.A.R., however, most parents emphasized that their role was not to become overly invested in their children’s identities, but to follow their lead and help them get to the place they need to be.

    “I think he likes girls,” Betsy observed matter-of-factly of her son Tucker. She tended to speak of her son in terms of possibilities, not givens. If Tucker turned out to be someone other than a straight male, she said, raising a masculine girl or someone who is gender-fluid would be fine with her.

    “He does seem to be at the extreme male end of the spectrum,” said Betsy. “But I’ll let him tell me who he is.”

    Asher’s mother Mary jokingly lamented the fact that her son may grow up to be straight, noting that he was appalled when she asked him about possibly liking another boy and that he recently went through “a super macho” phase. But homophobia and aggressive behavior is something Mary would discourage in any children of hers, she said, no matter their gender or sexuality.

    Guinan, summarizing the position of many parents in attendance, said it’s first and foremost about acceptance.

    “I do this work because I don’t want one other child to have to be validated and identified by their genitalia,” said Guinan.

    Bloshinsky agreed.

    “I’m trying to leave the door open and I’m checking in with her feelings,” she said. “I worry about today and tomorrow I’ll worry about tomorrow.”

    • LC Says:

      Those stories about transgender children attempting to cut off their penises always stands out for the identical language used. Strangely, there never seems to be cases of kids who succeed in the attempt, or start and then abandon it due to what I imagine would be incredible pain and bleeding… those stories would generate quite a bit of media coverage, wouldn’t they?

      But fortunately, the parent(usually mom) is always right there at the bathroom door waiting to walk in on these attempts. No harm done, but the suggestion of violence is proof of how serious the child’s belief is, and reinforces the need to cater to their gender-whims… or the parents. It’s a great story.

      • Ben X Says:

        Not to mention that in this case, we know that the boy has been straight-up told to his face that he can’t play with the toys and clothes he’s like on account of none other than his penis. Because that would “screw him up” in the PFLAG system of values. And then the adults they say he must really be a girl because… he hates the genitals that the adults themselves have been teaching him is the cause of his problems.

      • Adrian Says:

        @LC @Ben X – Exactly. These stories always talk about the “disappear the penis” incidents as if they are some iron-clad proof that the kid is “born with transgenderism.”

        They ask, well, what are the odds that a kid so young would want to chop off his penis, or would pray to God nightly to make the penis go away, or would voice magical thinking that one day the penis will magically disappear?

        But how on earth is this in any way unusual, given that these kids are, as you say, constantly being told that they can’t wear what they want, do what they want, or play with their favored friends, all because of this penis?

        Given that you’re under 5 years old, the simplistic thinking of “if having this penis means I can’t do what I want, well, I should get rid of it” seems completely logical, to me!

        Meanwhile you can google up any number of horribly sad stories of little black kids in majority-white countries who think they can wash themselves white or similarly pray to be made white, and yet people don’t jump to “oh they must be trans, bring on the bleach” – no, they begin work on the long but ultimately meaningful journey to self-acceptance, and learning to fight racism, and pointing the fingers where they belong, at the surrounding toxic environment.

    • Bea Says:

      “In first grade Ryan began to have meltdowns. The elastic in his socks could throw him into a tailspin.”

      That’s called autism. Maybe the kid wanted to wear a dress because it was less restrictive and didn’t cause sensory issues.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Exactly what I thought when I read it.

      • holga Says:

        also, though, this is not so abnormal for a young child. I have a close family friend who, when she was little, would throw tantrums if her socks had seams in them that she could feel. Today she is a normal 25 year old young woman. Children’s behavior truly can’t be judged according to the norms of what adults see as reasonable. But that doesn’t mean that those kids are diseased or abnormal.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        It’s also common for extremely bright kids to have strong reactions to sensory input — scratchy labels, ultra-bright colors, certain sounds. Usually that eases up with time. And the brighter the kid, the more likely she or he is to pick up on all kinds of interpersonal signals at a very young age — including the subtle gender policing that even the most liberal and open-minded parents engage in — and to try to figure out what it means and how to fit in. Unfortunately, a kid like that has to try to process all the input their unusually sensitive radar is picking up with 1) almost no life experience and 2) and very few words that would allow them to express why a particular thing feels right or wrong to them.

        When they get older, the ones who are both very bright and very sex-role non-compliant are going to go looking for answers they second their reading skills allow them to do so. What they’re going to find, in 2015, is gender theory, because that’s the dominant cultural narrative. As of the last few years, some are probably also finding gender-critical blogs.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        That is excellent. It could also be that he preferred to be with girls since very young because they are kinder, less likely to bully and hit him, etc. and so he wanted to dress as they did.

        The show is so homophobic/gay-hating that it is never brought up that he might prefer to be involved with girls. The assumption is that he is a girl, meaning heterosexual of course, so he will want a boyfriend. He says he does, of course, since his girl friends do also, but in reality, the boys make him afraid and he’s not friends with any.

        So if he is actually interested in girls, which makes sense since he’s most likely a heterosexual male, this will be too much for the show because the implication is that he’s a Lesbian. He’s not, but the advertisers still won’t like it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jazz will never know what his natural sexual orientation would have been since his pituitary has been chemically paralyzed, halting his maturity. Whatever orientation he decides on will be an intellectual one, not physical.

      • “Whatever orientation he decides on will be an intellectual one, not physical.”

        There was a tv show with a man who hadn’t gone through puberty.

        He stated that he has no sex drive at all and while he likes women he has no intersted in talking to women.

        Jazz stated that he is attracted to girls too – so I guess if it weren’t for blockers and hormones he would become a bisexual adult.

        But since gnrh agonists and hormones kill the libido in adults and prevent the maturing of a childs brain – “attraction” probably means something different for Jazz. Like Gallus says it’s most likely not a physical thing.

      • kesher Says:

        If the advertisers don’t like Jazz being attracted to girls, I really doubt it’s because they’d perceive him as a “lesbian”. I think it would be because it dredges up what most trans supporters don’t want to know about/are brushing under the rug: The vast number of heterosexual males who are transitioning and bringing the same male gaze, the same disposition to preying on women, the same disposition to male-pattern violence into women’s spaces.

        The trans narrative still needs to put the gay boys front and center. Gay boys aren’t perceived as a threat to girls. Straight boys are (correctly) perceived as a threat.

        If Jazz came out as a “lesbian”, you can be sure his friends’ parents wouldn’t let him have sleepovers with them anymore.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That reminds me of the 13 year old boy in the PBS Frontline show on transgender children. His mother moved to a whole new town so he could be “stealth” passing as female, and then inevitably he was “outed” in the girls locker room by female students noticing his male body when unclothed. Doh!

      • Bea Says:

        Seems they want to mainstream trans as “hetero get married 2.5 kids picket fence” bullshit. They are pretending Jazz is straight so that it “makes more sense.” They wouldn’t want to throw ANYTHING in to complicate it and make people think. They would’ve done the same with Jenner but he’s too much of a raging homophobe to pretend he likes men for the camera.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “He was outed in the girls locker room by female students noticing his male body when unclothed”

        Those poor girls. They have a committed the most horrific of crimes. I’m sure the poor things all got sent off for reprogramming. “penis is female “penis is female” SIEG HEIL!

      • It’s only in the past few years that I’ve begun to realize that I have some high functioning ASD. I’ve always been weird – e.g dyspraxic, can’t tolerate some clothing – but it hasn’t stopped me having good relationships or a productive life. But I was terribly distressed about being a girl when my periods started. The thought that I’d have to deal with 13 periods a year for 40 years seared my soul. If I could have pressed a button to change sex, I’d have done it.

    • I was reading the most recent Time Magazine with Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr on the cover. I ran into two interesting articles. One article titled In Praise of an Ordinary Child. It talked about how every parents think their children is special and gifted and ready for Ivy League. The author says many parents need to realize children are ordinary, average and not special. (Uh Okay) The second article I read was titled Caitlyn Jenner and Jazz Jennings Reveal Remarkable Women living Amid the Mundane. The title speaks for itself. Apparently Time wants to remind it readers that their we/Cisgender children are ordinary and average and “women” like Caitlyn and Jazz are remarkable beings living amid us-the mundane. I’m I the only one that thinks that these two articles are not a coincidence. Trans are presented as different, special, unique while others are just ordinary. It’s “in” and cool to be different. (The young generation is easily influenced.)

    • GallusMag Says:

      From the above article in 2006:

      “The grassroots conference has always emphasized diversity and attracted a distinctly energized and focused crowd, but this year’s gathering marked the first time that so many transgender youth and their parents came together to participate, said Joe Ippolito, a licensed social worker and one of the conference organizers.”

      Same Jodi/Joe Ippolito/Ippo discussing Jaron/Jazz this year in a conversation publicly posted on Mark Angelo Cummings Facebook page:

      • kesher Says:

        What a surprise that it’s two FTTs who care about the kids.

      • Adrian Says:

        I’m actually watching the TLC show and it’s interesting that the show is focusing a bit on how Jazz is upset and stressed that boys will flirt with his girl friends, but not with him.

        Quite a few of the comments in the show (which is SO, SO staged and preachy that it’s utterly cringeworthy – this is the first reality show I’ve ever watched so perhaps it’s normal for the genre but ugh) from peers and friends make it clear that the boys at school don’t really see Jazz as a girl. He’s in his own special category. Now, being spectacularly “out” with a parade of cameras always hovering about since he was a little kid might have something to do with that, but yeah, he’s not actually being treated as a “regular girl” at all, which is painfully obvious.

        Personally I wonder how his life might have gone if he admitted to being a boy, and if he really is interested in romantic attention from other boys, would be able to find the actual gay boys who might have a normal relationship with him and love him for who he actually is.

        Makes me curious about just what levels of stress really going on that they can’t show on the program though, if they’re willing to show at least this much. Every so often there’s tweets that hint at it.

  2. Dogtowner Says:

    Christina Olson of Cushing, Maine, the subject of Andrew Wyeth’s painting, had a crippling genetic disorder and had to drag herself around. Isn’t it amazing that people in the past were not so stupid that they put on mermaid suits so they couldn’t walk. I’m sure Christina would have been delighted to be able to stand on her two legs. As someone with severe disabilities, I am getting right sick of anyone who is able-bodied and either wants to damage their healthy body or who sits around feeling sorry for themselves.

    • gchild Says:

      Yes, dogtowner, this infuriates me too. Trans who act as if they are equally or more disadvantaged than people who have physical disabilities or life threatening hardships is morally apalling, loathsome, and grotesque.

      That mermaid pic made me sick to my stomache. I know its not Jazz’s fault. What else can he do but fully weild his male entitlement to be a girl? Patriarchy tells him it is his right to do so.

      He talks about his sisters “vag” as though it were a fucking roasting oven he could borrow. I saw her on a clip say she would let him use her body to have kids. What else can she say? What choice does she have when the whole damned world will hate her if she said no?

      They had better watch him. He could grow to despise his sister. Reducing her to a human incubator is just the beginning. Whats gonna happen when, despite fame and surgery, she gets the boyfriends, the particular kind of attention from males (or females) that Jazz is depserate for? That Jazz has based his entire existence upon?

      His sister is the one in that household who pay the ultimate price. She will punished verbally, psychologically, and emotionally simply for existing. I wouldnt be surprised if Jazz’s reign of terror over her has already begun.

    • Hear, hear, Dogtowner.

      As a child, my mom was paralyzed from the neck down because of polio, and hospitalized for a year.

      I always saw her in that Wyeth picture. To me, that was my mom. I still recognize her in it, and it touches me deeply.

      Not once did my mom express that she was “born the wrong body”!! She managed to do everything she wanted in life despite her constant physical pain for which she took no meds.

      She taught me we are not our bodies.

    • river Says:

      Sickening that they sexually objectify the paralysis which characterized Olson’s disability and made her long for free movement and CHOICE, which made her life so difficult and dangerous. The highest rates of rape and sexual assault occur in disabled women, the shortest life spans, and until recently, the least disability helps, since women were (and to some extent still are) assumed to be malingering and acting that out because drama queens. Women with MS for example don’t get a fraction of the medical coverage men do, who are mostly in a wheelchair out of “risk behaviour”.

      River. Mad, disabled, and poor because of it. No wheelchair. No surf.

    • merfeminist Says:

      Mermaiding is a fun hobby. It’s not dangerous and not restrictive. I know it doesn’t look like it at first glance but a tail is perfectly safe when used correctly.

  3. jillgertrude Says:

    Reblogged this on Jill Gertrude and commented:
    “Through the miracle of capitalist cooptation, we have progressed from the women’s liberation war cry of “Start a Revolution, Stop Hating Your Body” to hating the body being framed as revolutionary.”

  4. ““From the day she could express herself there was nothing male about this child,” said Bloshinsky.”

    Nothing male about him….except for his penis and testicles.

    And “M2M” is a thing now…seriously?


    And the top article about Jazz telling his sister that she will birth him a child. SMH…

    Transgenderism is sexist and homophobic. If these guys were saying, “I love fried chicken and watermelon, therefore I identify as black” society would be rightly outraged and calling them on their BS. Even Rachel Dolezal had more class than this…buy these boys identify as girls because they like pink dresses, make-up, wigs and high-heels.

    We need laws to keep MTTs out of women’s spaces. This gas lighting is a waste of time, energy and resources. Before long, they will insists that women’s restrooms have urinals to accommodate “feminine penises.”

    So much great material on this blog. Also, thanks for your recent reply to the lesbian who prefers men dressed at women at MichFest over butch lesbians. Well done.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you.

      It’s interesting: the M2M thing was a blip on the trans propaganda generator (internet subculture) back in 2006. Amazing how tuned in to the ever changing movement rhetoric these children are/were.

      • fmnst Says:

        I sometimes refer to MtTs (“transwomen”) as M2Ms or MtMs (male-transitioned-to-male) because that’s all they are 🙂

    • prozac. Says:

      Oh come on now, this family portrait shows just how importantly the natal daughter is viewed:

      Not only that, this snippet from the article is rather telling:

       In one scene in the show, Jeanette recalls the first time she used a female pronoun to refer to Jazz, who was only 3 years old at the time. She is walking with a friend in the episode, and she repeats what she told Jazz:“’You’re such a beautiful girl,’ but I didn’t know if that was right. Am I encouraging my kid to be transgender or gay? I just called my son a beautiful girl. Every time I tell that story, I can’t tell it without losing it.”Still today, Jazz’s mom gets emotional reflecting on the moment. “I repeat everything that happened and I get choked up. I don’t know why,” Jeanette says, “but I can’t watch myself tell the story. I can’t even think about the story. I just do because it was such a pivotal moment.”
      That was the moment she made the decision to allow her 3-year-old child to transition. At the time, Jazz was already expressing her desire to dress in girls’ clothes and to play with girls’ toys. “She was still trying to figure things out,” says Jeanette, “she wanted so bad to be a girl. I did her hair like a little girl and I called her a little girl for the first time.”

    • Adrian Says:

      About 5 minutes into episode 6 of the TV show is the most horrifying talk about Jazz getting his sister to birth his child. Then they switch over to an interview with the sister where she says she’d be willing to do it, at least once.

      All this against the backdrop of mother’s day where the siblings discuss how Mom loves Jazz best…

  5. Susan Nunes Says:

    Good piece, but I would suggest this author get rid of the term “biological female,” since female and male by definition are biological. That is why transgenderism is quackery; one cannot be the opposite sex. If people want to differentiate between female/male, man/woman from trans, just call the trans “trans. ” Not “transwomen” or “transmen” but simply “trans.”

  6. Julianna D Says:

    I am a regular reader of counterpunch, and for those who don’t know, they have always been critical of the trans movement. (Thinking about Julian Vigo and other articles there.)

    I read Singleton’s piece yesterday and immediately shared it with others because it is such a succinct and introductory article for those who don’t understand why trans rights clashes with women’s rights, and why it is such a divisive issue in the feminist movement. I know GT readers know all this, but CounterPunch is pretty damn lefty, so it is great to see her article there, and she is totally unapologetic about the pronoun thing. Really good article.

    I am glad she brought up the more disturbing elements of the persona of Jazz Jennings as well. I first read about his awful comments about his sister in the comments here at GT.

    And Gallus, that article you posted in the comments from 2006… So upsetting. I don’t comment that much on trans kids because it is so enraging to me. I let more level-headed people comment on that because I have an instant, knee-jerk reaction to it. I get too emotional and start thinking of ways to be more creative at profanity rather than forming legit arguments. I will work on that!

    And lastly, I was reading Dirt’s blog about the DSM 5 last night. Very, very upset about that. Yet it doesn’t surprise me because in another life I was training to be a psychologist. I flushed tons of money and education down the drain because I realized that psychology/psychiatry was about adapting people to our sick society rather than treating the underlying problem for individuals (living in a sick society.) And I quit.

    I know this is all 101 stuff now, but it really was revelatory to me when I realized it. Women should never, ever trust the psych profession. I know the APA(s) are in trouble again about torture, but really? This is oooollllddd news. They have always sided with power and tortured people. It is older than Freud. You assholes had Ewen Cameron president of the APA while he was torturing helpless people for the US government!

    So, I hope it’s okay to say a big FUCK YOU to the psychological/psychiatric profession here in this mini-rant that went way off topic.

    Thanks again for this blog!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you Julianna. GenderTrender has always been, in part, about providing accessible feminist gender analysis to folks who are new to discussing these trends. Those of us who are long time readers may get a bit bored when the basics are gone over, and frankly now that gender-critical commenters and blogs are more widespread I feel less of a responsibility to fill that role. Still, there are many many new people always coming in, and as the highest traffic gender website on the internet I will always post (or reblog) well written succinct pieces that are accessible to those just investigating the current state of gender.

      • Julianna D Says:

        You are welcome, and fair enough. (And sorry for the rant.) On one hand I think it is kick-ass that your site is so popular, but I do realize it is a lot of work. And I am convinced that this explosion of conversation is due to your work here. So many people have found your blog… men, women, gay, straight, “liberal,”‘or “conservative.”

        I am thinking out-loud here, so forgive me, but I do want to say that as a het-woman, I have really appreciated reading the comments by lesbians on this blog, particularly butch lesbians. I am so grateful to you and Bev Jo for writing about those experiences. It is true – het-women are completely oblivious to the problems lesbians face, esp butch women. You opened my eyes to how lesbians are rendered invisible (except for men’s pornified vision of lesbians), particularly butch women. It did make me rethink my support for gay rights, because to be honest, the gay-rights movement, in hindsight, was more about gay-male rights, not about women/lesbians, and it gave me a lot of food for thought.

        I hope that you if no longer do the “heavy-lifting” on the gender thing, you continue to write elsewhere because lesbian voices need to be heard, and you are a great writer. Het-women need to wake the fuck up and support their sisters instead of ignoring them or being afraid of them.

        Thank you, GM!

        PS Thank you also for being the gateway to leading me to reading more about radical feminism. I have seen similar comments on this blog, so even if you retired tomorrow, you did a lot of good. Hey, when you started this blog, did you think that would happen?! 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        I meant that the blog is now devoting less space to basic 101 stuff and catering more to advanced discussion for an informed readership. Not that the blog is ending.

        ETA: Did I know that GenderTrender would “do a lot of good”? Yes, I did. That is why I donated my time to the project. I didn’t anticipate 50,000 readers a week for such a niche blog, though.

      • river Says:

        But you’re the only writer going deeper into what it means for Females, and how it’s NOT about whether or not they are nice, but the much more important societal results to us of what they are doing behind the scenes, and who the majority of them are. Really we are still counseled by well-meaning bloggers who all seem to have their pet trans, who “have done so much for women” and that’s fucking quote from Elizabeth Hungerford, that still, you are the only one hitting it.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: If I could make a request for advanced discussion here, it would be tips or suggestions to handle one-on-one bullying and pressure situations from MTTS. It’s important to document the large-scale implications of “transtrenders,” but but I’d like to know, how, for example, an adult sister such as Jazz’s can handle strong familial pressure to become a free surrogate. If this wave of Caitlins continues, nearly every American woman is going to have an aggressive or manipulative MTT in her family, social circle or workplace. Women have always been expected to “keep sweet” in the face of male aggression, but this latest attack seems new. The one in my hobby group behaves like a compound of a preteen mean girl and an aging macho bully, and it doesn’t seem that the standard rules to handle each type of person apply. Thank you for listening.

      • Zemskull Says:

        PS: Women are not alone in being unsure how to handle hyper-aggressive MTTs in their lives. Zoe Tur is still slinging hate in Ben Shapiro’s direction as of this week. No matter how Shapiro responds, he will lose.

      • That Ben Shapiro comment is from 2015???? Holy shit… Zur has not let up since and the narrative is now that Shapiro is the one obsessed with the tranz (great projection!) and he even did this big youtube interview with Blaire White to try and change that image a bit. Zur has never stopped babbling about Shapiro being the mean one, even though it was Zur that made the threats and everyone saw that.

        Its interesting that Zur’s daughter, MSNBC’s Katy Tur, describes herself as “estranged” from her father, although they speak now and then. On a recent C-Span show about her book (“Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History”–about the Trump campaign, which she covered in depth), I just waited for the inevitable questions about dad; you could see the trans women hovering in the audience. Same for Susan Faludi and her book “In the darkroom” about her trans father; C-Span kept showing the trans women in the audience for her too.

        Interestingly, none attacked either Zur or Faludi–I think many have children themselves and were genuinely curious about what they would say. Both are very careful and tactful–Faludi uses male pronouns for her father pre-transition and female pronouns post-transition, and I don’t think anyone has yelled at her for that.

        I highly recommend the Faludi book; the AGP was very strong with that one. It blew Faludi’s (largely unprepared) mind.

      • I meant Tur not Zur although–Zoey Tur = Zur (xir) is funny. 😀

    • lestoille Says:

      i’ve been lucky enough that I’ve never had to think about the psych industry very much. it was transgenderism which prompted me to look into it, because i wondered how an entire discipline could be so wrong about something so obviously wrong.

      the thing about the psych professions is that it’s all wrong, according to their own research, even. cognitive behavior therapy has been the big thing for a while now, yet the studies show people who receive CBT are no better off than controls, one year down the track.

      people who receive therapy for typical bereavement have worse outcomes than those who muddle through the grief on their own. similarly, after a catastrophic event those who receive professional debriefing are more likely to suffer from PTSD than those who are left alone. this is what their own research says, for godssake.

      couples counselling / therapy is explicitly not recommended in cases where there is abuse, because the abuser often manipulates the therapist into taking their side, and the therapy becomes yet another avenue for the abuser to abuse the victim. yet most “troubled relationships” have elements of abuse. that’s why they’re troubled. duh.

      then there is phenomena like borderline personality disorder, and 75% of those diagnosed are female. yet men who present with the same symptoms are more likely to walk away with a PTSD diagnosis, and avoid being slapped with a personality disorder label.

      then psychiatry, which is basically just “take these semi-random pills in semi-random combinations and doses until you feel better or whatevs. Good luck!”

      it’s all bullshit. which is not to say that no one has ever benefited from therapy or psychiatry because even a broken clock is right twice a day. but looking at the current psych fads, which don’t stack up against the research, and more importantly the history of psych professions which is full of rubbish like insulin shock therapy, lobotomy, “refrigerator mother theory” and other nonsense, how can a parent listen when a psych professional tells them that their child should be sterilized and set up for a lifetime of medical dependence. who would trust these clowns about anything? it’s bad medicine, all the way down.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi lestoille: What I have seen in some friends’ therapy situations is the client apparently returns week after week, year after year and discusses the same situations. The therapist is happy to take their insurance and co-pays. Those situations don’t seem very goal-oriented.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        This is really interesting stuff — could you provide a link to the studies done of counseling outcomes? I have no trouble at all believing any of this considering that counselors/psychologists/psychiatrists are deeply entrenched in societal norms, which they then reinforce on their clients.

      • lestoille Says:

        Here is a good article. Relevant quotes:

        High on the list of potentially counter-productive therapies, according to new research from King’s College London, is immediate psychotherapy – or “debriefing” as it is often called – after traumatic events, as in Lunnon’s case. “Debriefing can actually make it more likely for the individual to get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),” says Peter Fonagy, professor of clinical psychology at University College London and a practising psychoanalyst.

        Scott Lilienfeld, professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, is sufficiently concerned about potentially harmful therapies to have drawn on current research to form a preliminary list of them, arguing that it should be possible to agree that some “should be avoided, or implemented only with caution”. Featuring on his list are critical-incident debriefing; recovered-memory techniques; attachment therapy … ; identity disorder-oriented psychotherapy and grief counselling for normal bereavement. All these, says Lilienfeld, have led to a “dark underbelly” of clinical practice. It doesn’t help, he adds, that many trials that find negative effects are never published – what’s known as the “file-drawer” effect.

        there are also several studies on the ineffectiveness of CBT, but this one seems most frequently cited:

        Westen, D 2004, Psychological Bulletin, 2004, 130, 631 663.

        It found that two thirds of adults relapsed or sought treatment again within 2 years, post treatment. after only 18 months, those given CBT have no better mental health than those untreated.

        This post has a fascinating discussion on borderline personality disorder from a feminist perspective. the comments are better than the article.

        judith herman has written about the overlap between BPD and PTSD, and formulated a framework for understanding repeat trauma – complex post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), and has argued that it be used in place of BPD.

        there’s also this general diatribe against talk therapy. i haven’t read it yet but the reviews look promising.

        once you start digging into the psych industry, it’s a never ending rabbit hole of shit. i understand now why transgenderism has been adopted so readily

      • anon male Says:

        “or “debriefing” as it is often called – after traumatic events,”

        Hmm, interesting that everyone is baking that into the BDSM “process” now, calling it aftercare or wtf-ever.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Something to be careful about when researching and opposing psychology and psychiatry is that many of the activist groups are Scientology-led organizations operating under various names.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Thanks so much for the links — the BPD stuff is very good, and Herman’s framework sounds promising.

        I don’t think talk per se hurts, but if someone is traumatized and is picking up on a so-called professional’s boredom, disgust, judgmentalism, irritation, etc, talk would not be helpful. I am very wary of so-called professionals, especially after dealing with the foster care system and some extremely emotionally needy (and demanding) social workers.

      • lestoille Says:

        yes i think talk therapy has some use, but like everything else, its uses are finite. but you’d never know that, given the prevailing attitude of today where it is seen as the ultimate solution and everyone simply must talk about everything otherwise they are necessarily bottling things up and it will cause them mental / emotional problems down the track.

        that’s a novel idea as far as history is concerned, and its also a peculiarly western idea. the usefulness of ‘talking things out’ likely depends on the problem, and also one’s personality to a large degree.

        i’m not much of a talker. years ago i endured a fairly bad sexual assault at work and everyone who knew urged me to get counselling. people were acting like if i didn’t seek professional help i was being negligent about my own mental health, but i never got around to it. instead i indulged my feelings of anger, shame, betrayal etc for a few weeks, then made a conscious effort to to put it behind me, and it worked. i mean i rarely think about that incident and it doesn’t affect my life today (though it has informed my politics re feminism). i suspect if i had been forced to talk about that incident in a professional setting, it would have elevated its significance, and it would have become a much more monumental part of my personal history, and thus present identity.

        i am aware it’s just my experience. but i’ve always found politics, literature and other cultural expressions more useful for understanding the human condition (including my own human condition) than psychology. Maybe we could all use less psychology and more culture. i feel like telling all those gender-disressed teen girls to skip tumblr for an evening and read Orlando instead. or the diaries of Anne Lister.

        anyyyway. i’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot lately so i have a lot to say, but I’m aware this is a bit of a derail. fascinating topic though!

      • kesher Says:

        It seems like sometimes the therapist might enable the patient as well.

        I used to be acquainted with a man who was very love shy. He knew, at least to some degree, what his issues were and was seeing a therapist for it. From things that he discussed online (he didn’t have much of a filter on Facebook, which is at least one reason he wasn’t successful with women), it sounded like the therapist never really challenged him on anything. It became very obvious how much she was enabling him when she suggested, supposedly without prompting, that maybe it was women’s fault, that women have too high standards, for why he couldn’t find a girlfriend.

        This was a man I’d personally witnessed on a number of occasions figuratively turn tail and run when a woman indicated attraction to him.

        Given his issues, entitlement, and latent narcissism, I would not be surprised if he transitions someday. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of the cotton ceiling.

  7. Relieved Says:

    I think this article was poorly written. I agree with the overall premise, but the jargon and hyperbole and political panting really get tiresome. The writer should have spend less time blathering about Cosmo promoting “torture porn” and retreading long-in-tooth political scandals and more time stating facts about transgender issues.

    I don’t think anyone takes Cosmo seriously and the only reason that topic is there is so we can have more deliberately SHOCKING!! internet porn references shoved in our faces (this time by a feminist!). Because gawd knows we can’t discuss anything of critical importance on the internet without including long graphic references to fringe porn and free promotion of trashy gossip magazines. s/

    Terrible article – no offense intended and just my opinion.

  8. kesher Says:

    “Tucker instead identifies as “MTM,” she said, referring to a newer term used by many younger transgender males to indicate that they never felt or lived as female and thus their genders actually are not in transition.”

    Yes, let’s fully feed their delusion that they’re exactly what they say they are, so the very first time someone dares to note their biological sex, these kids can have a meltdown. Regardless of whether it’s okay to transition children, these kids need to be taken to a therapist to work out the difference between fantasy and reality and developing coping mechanisms for when the rest of the world isn’t on board with the fantasy.

    It’s like they’re trying to create new narcissists, as if the trans “community” doesn’t have enough already.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      I kinda thought ‘MTM’ stood for ‘male to mermaid’, given the prevalence of boys like Jazz to fantasize about half-woman/half-fishness.

      I have just realised how potentially offensive the entire mermaid thing (trans boys aside) is – given ‘fish’ is a misogynist slur – it becomes the visual representation of that slur really.

      • GallusMag Says:

        But only the tail of the fish, lopped off just past the normally present fish genitalia and fish urethra and rectum and fused to the equally de-functioned human upper half. No normal fish or human functioning here! No biology to require pesky eating and drinking! No wonder eating disorders in this population are so high.

      • DaveSquirrel Says:

        Am I seriously meant to give fish anuses such consideration?
        Life is so confusing in this modern world. I thought I could get thru it all, without fish-anus consideration.

        Apparently… I was wrong

      • GallusMag Says:

        LOL! lolololol. Yes! Fish DO HAVE rectums and genitals! Mermaids would have reproductive systems and gastrointestinal systems! Just like real humans and fish! Sowwy trannies!

      • GallusMag Says:

        ‘Ariel’ has ovaries and makes poops that float around in the water with her! LOLOLOLOL. Time to grow up, kids!

      • fmnst Says:

        Very interesting, Dave, coming from an FtS (female-to-squirrel) such as yourself.

  9. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Zoolander looks downright revolutionary now:

    Mer-MAN! Mer-MAN!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    I look forward to the moment when Jazz’s sister — the one who’s been chosen to be the future egg donor/incubator for her brother’s baby — reads her entire family the riot act in the pages of a major news magazine. I’m guessing this will happen within the next two years, probably in the Atlantic.

    A year ago, if you’d asked me when I thought the malpractice lawsuits on behalf of medically transitioned children were going to start rolling in, I’d have said in about ten years. Recently, though, I’ve started to think it’ll happen in closer to five — now that first wave of high-profile trans kids like Jazz are hitting their teens, there’s no way the general public can ignore the medical implications of this anymore.

    • southwest88 Says:

      I feel that the sister in that family is in an impossible spot. If she stands up for herself to not be a brood mare, she will be the target of vile slurs and called a bigot. If she is smart, she will smile and say “oh, everything is OK, I would LOVE to be Jazz’s brood mare someday” and then let the media circus blow over and think of a way to not be the walking uterus should a serious demand for her breeding services be made. The parents are obviously more concerned with the wants of their three male children so there is little else she can do but be stealthy in protecting herself.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        It would be interesting if the only girl in the family eventually does a reality TV show that is a retrospective about how the boys were all priortized while she was to take care of Jazz in particular. She might end up with a following who get disgusted with the increasing entitlement of Jazz.

        At the same time, “I Am Cait” is a horror fest of women doting on Mr. Jenner’s every need, from teaching him male-identified femininity to altering his voice to sound “womanly.”

        I sure hope there will be some reality TV backlash, but it’s very unlikely.

      • GallusMag Says:

        One of the gossip rags says that actors were hired to pretend to be Jenner’s friends on the show.

      • michelle Says:

        If it wasn’t for the fact that it would cause irreparable mental harm to the sister, it would be interesting to see how the family reacted if she suddenly declared to them that, gee, after all this media coverage, she realized she ‘was really a boy’ and that she wanted a hysterectomy as quickly as possible because the thought of ever having to give birth was dysphoric for her.

        The double speak from the family that would follow would show just how stupid the entire tranny train really is…after all, they would have to explain WHY they felt she wasn’t a boy but their son was really a girl…

      • Zemskull Says:

        The sister is likely in a difficult spot even if she does agree to be an incubator. Jazz seems pretty flaky, even for his young age, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he shoves most or even all of the child-rearing responsibilities back on the sister.

      • Adrian Says:

        You write: “If she is smart, she will smile and say “oh, everything is OK, I would LOVE to be Jazz’s brood mare someday” and then let the media circus blow over and think of a way to not be the walking uterus should a serious demand for her breeding services be made.”

        In the show, that’s essentially what she does – she says she’s up for maybe having one baby for Jazz. I suspect she says that because yeah, it’s expected on the show. Jazz is 14, so hopefully by the time this would ever be seriously expected, they’re out of the limelight and she can tell him just where to go.

  10. Charlene Says:

    I love this blog. Thank you so much. I check everyday for new posts. This blog and the many regular commenters keep me sane. Again, thank you.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    Such an excellent post. So chilling. Just use his sister’s “vag” and uterus as an incubator for his future husband’s sperm? Says how female he is. Not to mention, doesn’t seem to know what a vulva is.

    I started watching this show and wondered how much is edited out. We are shown a brief moment where he is with his brothers and they suddenly are playing with food in their mouths in a competitive way that doesn’t seem like what girls do. Then there’s his increasing sense of entitlement where he reprimands his father for not spending more money on him. Older brothers are bought a car but the oldest, a girl, doesn’t get one. I’m guessing Jazz will be getting the best of both what girls and boys get.

    It’s an enormous propaganda piece, setting up every person who would dare object, such as making those who think boys should not be playing against girls’ sports teams as monstrous bigots depriving this boy of sports.

    The bombardment is endless.

    Meanwhile, no genuine Butches are allowed to be shown in the media.

    This is something I wrote today on a friend’s thread:

    Never once in all these years of the trans cult getting support over women, have I heard a woman show any concern for the Butch Lesbians who were oppressed from girlhood for not obeying male rules of femininity. They only care about “body dysphoria,” which all females clearly have, when it’s men or women saying they are men who are whining about it.

    I have actually been lectured by an ex-het Fem that I have no idea what it’s like to grow up feeling like I don’t fit in like the trans do. No, I know exactly what that’s like, with no one around us reflecting us back to ourselves. And even now, girls who refuse male-identified femininity are made to feel like freaks. But if they say they are boys, they get support. And if they are boys saying they are girls, they get on TV.

  12. The is a post on

    about a child psychologist who uses actual psychology when it comes to trans children and criticizes Spack and other gender doctors.

    You can find the full article from the psychologist David Schwartz here:

    It’s very interesting. He states that children can’t express themselves like adults. So when a boy says “I feel like a girl inside” it has a deeper meaning. Family dynamic also plays a role.

    • gchild Says:

      @Lily, I’m glad to see the article highlight the fact that on the whole, we don’t really give a shit about children. We’ve pulled resources from social services, sabataged our education system (repeatedly and always for political/economic gain), over indulged and over exposed our youth to sex, drugs, and violence, turned a blind eye to institutionalized abuse (public and private), created an econimic system that necessitates chronic child neglect on the one hand, and child hunger on the other. And yet, when a kid says anything about gender feels, everyone comes running, rhetorical guns drawn ready to defend and protect the child’s gender identity.

      It’s embarrassing that, as Schwartz also points out , as a nation we care more about who (homophobia) and how (gender identity) our children might screw one day, than we do about their physical health, education, and psychosocial integrity.

      From this post:
      “One of the mothers was visibly relieved by the girlfriend’s striking appearance. Like many parents might, the woman expressed optimism that her son, too, would grow up to “find a pretty girl.”

      This mother is going to chemically destroy her daughter’s body (permanently), but this is her worry? Really? Like, in real life?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        “One of the mothers was visibly relieved by the girlfriend’s striking appearance. Like many parents might, the woman expressed optimism that her son, too, would grow up to “find a pretty girl.”

        Translation: she’s relieved the girlfriend is pretty, because she unconsciously interprets that as proof that her FTT daughter’s really a boy, not a lesbian. Lesbians, you see, are ugly women who settle for each other because they can’t get a man.

  13. DJ Says:

    Thanks for this great piece! The first time I saw “Jazz” it was almost entirely about Jazz wanting breasts. The entire town was practically bulldozed so Jazz’s autogynephilia wouldn’t be challenged. Disgusting.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi DJ: I believe we saw the same episode. What troubled me was that Jazz was upset that the boys at school hug the girls, but “high-five” Jazz. It all seemed rather sullen to me. What’s wrong with a high-fives?

      • gchild Says:

        (Sigh) Jazz better learn to deal with the high fives. He is in a difficult position liking boys (…my “hubby”) You can’t force (straight) adolescent boys to treat a transgirl like they treat actual females. These boys (again, straight ones) are at the age where all they wanna do is get into a girls pants (see vaginas, touch vaginas, etc.). That is part of the hugging and touching and petting they do.

        Jazz doesn’t have the goods they are after and at this age, these boys care a lot what’s between someone’s legs. They won’t give a shit about the female penis or brain sex.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi gchil: You’re right. Some boys hug girls as an opportunity to get chest-on-chest contact. The particularly skeevy guys will start the hug with their knees bent, then straighten their knees during the hug, thus achieving a rubbing action. It’s the reason some public schools have banned hugging.

        Regardless, I’ve generally preferred high-fives with most people I know, despite an old Seinfeld episode that implied that it’s an unintelligent form of’s a positive and quick nature to them that hugs don’t always have.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Boys shouldn’t be pawing the girls either.

  14. ImNoCissie Says:

    As if pimping this child out as a “trans girl” on the internet wasn’t enough for these parents, they had to add the additional perv appeal of the mermaid costumes.

    I read somewhere that it was Jazz’s mother who discovered this supposed trans/mermaid connection (trans people LOVE mermaids, apparently) and of course, Jazz winds up being interested in making and selling and wearing and posing in mermaid tails…

    …and having these pictures plastered all over the internet for the enjoyment of men with weird fetishes. (Mermaids are a sexual fetish for some pervs).

    “”All of the male to female younger transgender children are obsessed with mermaids,” said Renee. “It’s because of the ambiguous genitalia. There’s nothing below the waist but a tail. And how appealing is that for somebody who doesn’t like what’s down there?””

    • “”All of the male to female younger transgender children are obsessed with mermaids,” said Renee. “It’s because of the ambiguous genitalia. There’s nothing below the waist but a tail. And how appealing is that for somebody who doesn’t like what’s down there?”

      Ew! That sounds fucking gross. So the reason gnc boys love mermaids because you can’t see genitals? Really?? Not because they are interesting, not because there are many movies and stories about them – nope it’s because of genitalia.

      Note how she makes it looks like as if children are obsessed with sexual organs. She is projecting and it creeps me out.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Dunno, could be chicken-and-egg really. The UK ‘org’ Mermaids started in 1995

      Their slogan should be “churning out Merboys since 1995”

  15. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Those cis-het boys are transphobes, for the media tells me so!

    Maybe I’ll be an “MTM”! Like that one on WKRP!

  16. Biscuit Says:

    Ugh. Has nobody told Jazz that it’s about 100 types of wrong to think that you can just commandeer your sister’s reproductive tract?

  17. @ Julianna D , I hope it’s okay to say a big FUCK YOU to the psychological/psychiatric profession here in this mini-rant that went way off topic.

    I’m sure people who were tortured in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and secret CIA black op sites are saying more than FU## YOU. The APA (American Psychological Association), the largest organization of psychologists in the U.S., collaborated with the Bush administration on its “enhanced interrogations” (water boarding, sleep deprivation, etc.) In light of the torture waterboarding scandal, what psychologists do and say means diddly squat to me. Yes, psychologists have collaborated with a lot of brutal regimes.

    Ignore the history because “gender” and “gender dysphoria” are special because they say it is, and there is money to be made in “transitioning” kids.

    “Jazz was born with Gender Identity Disorder, and diagnosed at age 3.”

    Who “diagnosed” a 3 year old child with “gender identity disorder”? What exactly does a 3 year old child have to do to be labeled with “gender identity disorder”? It’s called “gender dysphoria” now.

    This kid was pushed in front of the camera when he was 6 years old. How many child stars turned out to be dysfunctional, drugged out adults?

    Jazz Jennings was assigned male at birth, but eight years ago, at age 6, Jazz appeared on 20/20 and told a softly lit Barbara Walters that she was “a girl.”

    According to this Cosmopolitan article, “At 11, Jazz checked in with Barbara again, saying she was taking hormone blockers to prevent puberty.”

    Look how small he is for a biological male. For all I know, he could already be on cross gender hormones.

    Neither Cosmopolitan nor Jazz thinks that there is anything wrong with trying to convince your sister to be a human incubator to be fertilized with “my hubby’s sperm”.

    If his parents weren’t in the process of sterilizing him with GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones, Jazz, an adolescent male, wouldn’t be talking about using his sister as an incubator for hubby’s sperm.

    I read a Twitter chat you did where you said the hardest part of being trans is not being able to have your own biological child. Why does that stand out now, even though you’re so young?

    Jazz says,

    “It’s really hard for me to look at that because with such an amazing mom, I always wanted to be the greatest mom ever. People say, “Oh, you can always adopt,” and I completely agree with that. I can adopt. But, like, I’ll never have that moment where she comes out of my vag and I can say, “That’s my baby.” But since my sister has my same DNA, I’m convincing her to carry the baby for me.

    Oh, good! It can come out of her vag. (what the Cosmopolitan writer says)

    Jazz says,

    “We’ll take my hubby’s sperm and throw it in there and fertilize it.”

    I can’t believe that Michelle Ruiz, the Cosmopolitan writer, said, “Oh, good! It can come out of her vag.” It sounds like such an enlightened way to phrase it – all scientific and such. Then, Jazz used the phrase, “throw it in there and fertilize it”.

    When he isn’t on camera, Jazz is selling mermaid tails.

    “You’re selling mermaid tails online. Your YouTube name is “Jazz Mergirl.” Why do you love mermaids so much and do you secretly dream of being one?”

    “Mermaids are just the most whimsical, mystical creatures of all time. A lot of transgender individuals are attracted to mermaids and I think it’s because they don’t have any genitals, just a beautiful tail. “

    The parents should be ashamed of themselves for telling this male child that there is something wrong with his genitals. Jazz is a male child, and he should be proud of his body. Also, no teenager should be thinking about using his sister as a human incubator. If the parents weren’t sterilizing him with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    I actually feel sorry for this poor kid. It breaks my heart at what he has been told and has been through. I consider Jazz a victim of child abuse.

    Jazz, it’s okay to be a boy who is different. It doesn’t mean that you are a girl. There is nothing wrong with your body.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The parents need to be doing jail time for child abuse. The whole thing is disgusting.

      • Biscuit Says:

        I agree. It seems to be fairly damaging to a person’s psychological development to be thrust into the limelight at such a young age.

        Also, I find it unsettling that so many interviewers ask Jazz so many questions about his sexuality and similar things. Is it really appropriate to quiz an eleven-year-old about that? On TV? It seems wildly inappropriate yet his parents keep letting it happen. They should also tell him flat out – no, you will never be able to “use” your sister’s uterus so do not bring it up again. She is not a brood mare.

        It doesn’t seem healthful to allow a young person to build their entire identity around something that may change, while also allowing it to happen right in the public eye. A lot of ‘trans kids’ change their minds upon reaching adult hood.

        And it seems really messed up to basically let your kid become a science experiment. We don’t know what all these puberty blockers do to a developing brain. A lot of important neurological changes happen during puberty, and messing with them is risky. There’s no denying that. Sterilizing a young person also seems massively unethical as well.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      I wonder if Jazz’s parents have thought about what kind of man would want to be their son’s “future hubby” under these circumstances: a guy who’s okay with the idea of “throwing his sperm” into Jazz’s sister’s vagina. (There’s also the whole tranny-chaser thing, but that’s another issue.) A man (or woman) who’s not repulsed by that idea is also someone who has difficulty seeing women (or men who’ve had cosmetic procedures to look like women) as people. Jazz’s dating pool has effectively been limited to men who are likely to be abusers.

      • kesher Says:

        The parents also haven’t helped matters giving “Jazz” that ridiculous fake name. “Jazz Jennings” will never be able to go stealth. Any man who might be interested will find out very quickly that Jazz is an MTT, which, like you said, leaves the chasers or other MTTs.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        I read somewhere recently that he isn’t totally sure but he might like girls as well as boys and he claims to be pansexual.

        For the sake of Ari, his sister, I hope he does wind up with a female, who can birth Jazz’s baby from her own “vag” – after he “throws” his own sperm in. Either his saved sperm or the traditional way.

  18. lestoille Says:

    as if the broodmare business wasn’t bad enough the whole situation looks dreadful for the sister. on every episode the family treats her with contempt (to the point where I’m surprised the producers didn’t edit out some of the jabs), except for jazz who treats her as a helpmeet.

    it was also cringey to see the way jazz demands his female friends coddle him. all the trans boys expect this. i noticed it on the PBS documentary too, when arielle burst into tears because he would never be able bear a child (ridiculous. a male should have come to terms with that biological fact well before age 12) and his female friends had to hug and stroke and comfort him.

    in this, jazz is upset because boys don’t like him, and he expects his female friends to comfort him, and when one doesn’t do a good enough job (she tells him he needs to make more effort to get to know boys) her unsatisfactory coddling becomes a mini-subplot.

    there’s a point in the show where jazz complains about how boys see him as just another boy, and one of his female friends says “i don’t see you like that at all.” jazz gets all teary and affected and says “i love how you tell me i’m beautiful. I mean, i know you didn’t actually say that, but can you say that?”

    and the girl obediently parrots back “you’re beautiful,” and jazz swoons with delight


    i regret wasting two hours on this tripe.

    • But we can assume that some or most things are scripted. Also we don’t know what Jazz really believes and what his parents tell him to say/do.

      • K Says:

        The notion that they knowingly scripted the daughter being treated like garbage is not much comfort, sadly.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        It’s amazing how obvious they are about setting up situations. Nothing looks natural. “Okay, let’s get Jazz and all ‘her’ little gal-pals gathered around to talk about boys and how Jazz needs to act differently to snag one!”

        Just look at the first episode, when a couple of boys walk by Jazz and his mother and say “hi, Jazz, tranny freak.” No one would do that, walking by a film crew, knowing they’d be caught on camera. Great opportunity to show Jeanette wanting to be a fierce “mama bear” and Jazz being reasonable and trying to rise above it. *eyeroll*

        Maybe I shouldn’t roll my eyes, though. Might look like I’m mocking Grandma, Mom, the twins, and Jazz’s lazy eyes.

    • born free & female Says:

      The TransGeneration documentary had a whole montage of a M2T dude grabbing, groping, and prodding his female friends while they told him to stop. Eighteen years old, and already creepy.

      (When this guy’s parents said they had concerns about the surgery, because he’d only sprung the trans thing on them a few months before, he made a suicide gesture and they folded. The night before his surgery he was shouting “snip snip!” at the dinner table. His sisters went on camera hoping he wouldn’t flash his new genitals at them. Ugh.)

      • kesher Says:

        On the one hand, I strenuously object to the medical establishment “treating” obviously mentally ill people with hormones and cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, I can’t entirely take issue with chemically or surgically castrating males who behave this way, especially when it’s their choice.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        The choice thing doesn’t cut it when doctors are not supposed to treat psychiatric problems with surgery.

  19. Bea Says:

    I saw this article:

    And I was like, that Pixie person has to be a MtT! Lo’ and behold, I looked him up and he says he’s a “pre-op trans girl.” So you can add “blood-drinking cannibalism” to the list of weird shit that trans males do.

  20. dejavublonde Says:

    I was talking to a friend yesterday about all this and jokingly said that if it’s now being called ‘Gender confirmation surgery’ that 10,000 women should simultaneously sign up for getting a ‘penis’ through surgery. then, when denied coverage, sue- after all, ‘real women’ have penises now and i am a real woman and it’s damaging me to not have a lady penis like all the other real women. it would show how ridiculous all this is and there’s no way they’re paying for that.

    • ElleDriver Says:

      I’ve been wondering when (not if) we’ll begin to see class action suits with regards to discrimination over cosmetic procedure coverage.

      If having a hairless face is somehow a signifier of essential “femaleness”– as proven by state funded electrolysis to MTTs– then shouldn’t that same reasoning open it to women with PCOS or other androgen sensitivities who have “excessive” facial hair?

      If it’s SUCH a medical necessity for an incarcerated man, isn’t it more imperative that electrolysis is available for a woman in the work force, facing the public with her hairy, unladylike visage every day? /sarcasm

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      ah yes, I should really demand the add-a-dick-to-me surgery as confirmation of my womanhood – after all, all the ‘women who do woman better’ are males with their laydee peens.

      Not exactly sure what I would be doing with this new laydee peen, but I am sure it would be handy to pee standing up. Other than that, it seems somewhat of a liability (being synonymous with stupidity/inferiority and all). But hey, peeing standing up! The pinnacle of human existence!

  21. Ashland Avenue Says:

    All I can think of when I see this mermaid stuff is Bette Midler’s old stage act as mermaid Dolores DeLago, asking “The question before us, is where’s her clitoris?”….which seems to bring on a whole ‘nother layer of meaning here, doesn’t it? 😉

  22. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    I have been following Jazz and his family’s “journey” for the past two years. Coming from a family dynamic very similar to the Jennings’ current dynamic (where there is a “special/favorite” child that everything and everyone in the family revolves around) I can tell you for a fact that there is going to be problems between Jazz and his sister as they both get older.

    You can already see it happening with Jazz’s mannerisms towards his sister on the show. So arrogant and entitled and sometimes even downright nasty to her. I can easily see the sister becoming the family’s punching bag (although I have no doubt that she has been for years). His sister is going to partake in all of the things that Jazz will not be able to without some difficulty (i.e. Prom, Spring Break trips (where the girls normally bunk together), college parties, college dorm living, dating, marriage (they seem a very traditional family where marriage at a young age is encouraged), having kids (again they seem very traditional).

    Jazz in return is going to see this and be reminded that no he is not actually a girl (despite all the lovey-dovey bull that his parents and all of the adults in his life love to feed to him) and thus take it out on his sister out of rage and jealousy. His parents will be too scared of hurting his fragile little feelings and that the house of cards they have been building up around them for the last 10+ years is going to come crashing down on them. His parents will thus side with him on everything, effectively shoving his sister to the side and estranging her little by little until eventually she is shoved out of the picture all together.

    Mark my words it is going to happen. I feel so sad for the sister. Jazz’s brothers have each other (they are twins right?) and Jazz has had his parents full and undivided attention since he was 2. So who does the sister/daughter have? Nobody. And I am willing to bet money she has had no one in that family since Jazz first started his “transition”. A daughter in a very traditional family shoved to the side to make way for her male siblings/brothers……what a total shock that is!!!!

    • background spinner Says:

      I wonder about families where there are three or four daughters, but the last child is a son. Finally, the ‘prize?’ Was the mother coerced, or worse? And how do the daughters feel?

      Pat Boone called his four daughters ‘The Little Misses.’ Har har, get it?

  23. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Jazz claimed to be “pansexual” about a year ago. I wonder if they decided that wasn’t as marketable? What if the “hubby” is a post-op “transman”? They won’t be throwing anything anywhere.

    “Pansexual” is around 40 seconds. Says they started estrogen in the comments section:

  24. michelle Says:

    I don’t have a log-in for the site, but they apparently have a youth soccer profile for him as Jaron in the under-12 girls division…what sort of horseshit is THAT!

  25. Bea Says:

    Watching ‘I Am Jazz’ and his mom is talking about his birth and she misgenders him!! LOL. She says, “I’m so glad that he came into the world…(correcting herself)…she.” His mom says, “Jazz is perfectly, 100% biological, natal male…no chromosome problem, nothing like that.”

    They’re really trying to sell that it’s based in science. Jazz was “born with” “gender identity disorder,” Jazz has “an internal gender identity that is discordant from the one [he] was assigned at birth, based on genitalia.”

    Jazz’s voice is starting to get raspy and boyish. He claims he had a dream that “The Good Fairy” came to change his penis into a vagina.

    They have home videos of him as a toddler holding a pink Barbie cassette and scribbling a drawing in purple and pink and that’s part of their evidence.

    Now they’re showing how sad it is that he couldn’t play sports with the girls despite the fact that he “plays sports like a girl— very daintily.” Because girl athletes aren’t aggressive. Ronda Rousey, so dainty. This really does come across as a political agenda intended to dismantle girls’ rights.

    He could’ve been a really happy, handsome gay boy. He’s in dance and drama. He designs his own mermaid tails. He’s not being socialized female at all, he’s incredibly overbearing and quite the narcissist. I get the impression he’ll bust out of this once he’s old enough to emancipate himself.

  26. DaveSquirrel Says:

    The Bloshinsky/”Jennings” family.

    Gender roles, what gender roles??? Menz have short hair, pose relaxed, and with generous manspreading. Females have long-hair, keep their legs shut, and take up as little space as possible!

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Jazz wearing shorts?!? A true girl would turn them into a skirt!
      “Jazz made it clear he wanted to wear a dress. At only 15 months, he would unsnap his onesies to make it look like a dress.”

      Ah, must’ve reached “breeching” age.

      • prozac Says:

        I’ve heard that unsnapping the onesies quote before. What a load of tripe! First off, if this happened (which it didn’t) I’d probably assume his balls were feeling squashed, not that a fifteen month old baby magically knew that it should be wearing a dress (perhaps he felt he should be in Victorian child dress?) and secondly, that’s quite the manual dexterity for a baby. Lastly, onesies don’t really look like dresses unsnapped. I CALL BULLSHIT.

      • LC Says:

        There are fifteen-month old kids capable of doing that. Many young children, male and female, attempt to undress themselves, and some of them start wandering around the house nude 24/7 like my friend’s two year old, cause they won’t keep clothes on… everything to do with being a shameless BABY, and not a damn thing to do with being a girl inside, or dresses.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Even the feminine-obeying girls I grew up with hated dresses and skirts we were forced to wear at school. Nothing female about not wanting to have your underwear seen or knees bloodied when boys knock you down.

        Meanwhile, Roman, Greek and other military used to wear skirts.

      • prozac Says:

        Ehhh fair enough, I clearly don’t have children. It does hilight how damn weird it is to assume a child taking off their clothing means they want to be wearing a dress when really they are just messing with something because it’s there or they want to take it off.

      • Babies LOVE being naked, especially the ones that have sensory issues because clothing can be so irritating to them. But even typically developing babies will take off their clothes at any given opportunity. Learning to undo snaps and such is a developmental milestone, plus, it’s just fun.

      • kesher Says:

        “Meanwhile, Roman, Greek and other military used to wear skirts.”

        I’ve long argued that it should have been men, not women, wearing skirts and riding sidesaddle.

    • background spinner Says:

      And look who’s front and center, and who’s shunted off to the sides.

  27. branjor Says:

    From the day she could express herself there was nothing male about this child,” said Bloshinsky.

    Except every single cell in his damn idiot body.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I only made it to three minutes in before this guy’s affectations just became too obnoxious to witness. I wonder if he has a job. If he doesn’t, chances are pretty good that he blames that fact on his being MtT, rather than how unbearable his “personality” is.

      • nonny Says:

        As a trans cult refugee, I will confirm how widespread that sort of thinking is….the whole self-pity trip of “I don’t get the dates/jobs/friends/attention/recognition/fame/fortune that I’m entitled to, and it’s solely because I’m trans!!!!! (Not bc I’m a lousy friend or partner, or lazy, or insufferably self-absorbed, or deluded, or a jerk who makes your skin crawl.)”

    • Derrick Jensen Says:

      Jesus Christ, the FIRST thing he does is make sure we know he has a stud in his tongue. Who does that first thing on camera? Was there any other reason for him to show us his tongue first thing?

    • Janetwo Says:

      Now I will make point to see the movie. Whats next for the transloonies, book burning? I am just surprised they are not asking for the boycott of the upcoming Suffragette.

  28. Alex Says:

    From your article, it seems to me that you are saying that there is nothing truly male or female about either gender. And that all of the feminity and masculinity is socialized to our children through our patriarchal society. So in your opinion, what makes someone female or male? Because from your argument, all I can gather is that it is only the genitals. You are clearly wrong because biologically there are very many differences males and females in relation to the brain and emotions.Though I believe that there is a strong component of socialization that leads to masculinity and femininity. So Jazz does girly things and identifies as a female. I chose to give her the credit that she knows whats in her own head. One would not know that she is not biologically a female unless told that she is biologically a male. And that goes to my prior point. If you’re truly saying that there should be no patriarchal society and that gender is just a social construct. You invalidate your point by saying that jazz is not a woman and can’t identify as a woman. When she quite literally can because she exuding only female traits. From your article, a manly butch biker lesbian would be more female than Jazz. Biologically you are right. Though what I am trying to say is that Jazz fills more qualifications of being a woman. People want to fit in. If your only characteristic of being male is your penis and everything else about you, you feel is female. Then it is only obvious that you would identify as a female. You go with where you fit in best. Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics. Characteristics that you call patriarchal and maybe are but that 7 billion people understand as feminity and masculinity. There is a difference from being female and being a woman. Female means you were born with a vagina. Being a woman is how you identify yourself to the world and how you feel as a person. Jazz is a woman. There is no denying that. She is not female. But she is a woman. Society says she’s a woman.

    • gchild Says:

      Jazz isn’t a woman. Not based on ANY definition of woman because a woman is an adult (female human). Not a 14 year old kid.

      We don’t call 14 year old girls women because they are girls.

      The distinction is important for the health and saftey of female children.

      If you think of a 14 year old mtt as a woman, then dont bother with a check off list of masculinity and femininity. You need to review the basic definition of “girl” and “boy”.

    • Randi Brooks Says:

      “Feminine” and “masculine” are really *HUMAN* traits,thoughts,feelings and behaviors!

      And there is plenty of decades worth of great psychological research studies by many different psychologists that shows that the sexes are much more alike than different in most traits,abilities and behaviors with a very large overlap between them,and that most of the differences between them are really small average differences,many of which have shrunk even smaller,and they find much greater individual *people* differences! Biologically the sexes are more alike than different too! As I said comedian Elaine Boosler said in the 1980’s,I’m only a person trapped in a woman’s body.

      Feminists(such as Robin Morgan,Janice Raymond,Gloria Steinem,Germain’e Greer Sheila Jeffreys etc) who have rightfully pointed this fact out,are not afraid of transsexuals or prejudiced against them,the issue is what I said it is. The only transsexual woman who actually debunks these common sexist gender myths,and gender stereotypes is Kate Bornstein author of Gender Outlaw:On Men,Women And The Rest Of Us,Gender Outlaws,My Gender Workbook etc. She was a heterosexual man who was married and had a daughter,then had a sex change and became a lesbian woman and then decided not to idenify as a man or a woman.

      I heard Kate interviewed in 1998 on a local NPR show and she totally debunks gender myths,and rejects the “feminine” and “masculine” categories as the mostly socially constructed categories that they really are.She even said,what does it mean to feel or think like a woman(or man) she said what does that really mean.

      And as cultural anthropologist Roger Lancaster wrote in his introduction, in his very good 2003 book,The Trouble With Nature sex In Science when he’s talking about how scientists constantly search for a ”gay brain”,a ”gay gene” or ”gay intergovernmental” patterns. Roger came out as a gay man in college.

      He then says (One can hardly understate the naive literalism of present-day science on these matters: Scientists still look for the supposed anatomical attributes of the opposite sex embedded somewhere in the inverts brain or nervous system.) He then says and this notion now enjoys a second,third,and even fourth life in political discourses.He then says it is by appeal to such conceits that Aaron Hans,a Washington,D.C.- based transgender activist,reflects on his uncomfortable life as a girl:”I didn’t *think* I was a boy,I *knew* I was a boy.” He says,Hans elaborates: ”You look at pictures of me- I actually have great pictures of me in drag-and I literally look like a little boy in a dress.

      Roger then says,Far,far be it from me to cast doubt on anyone’s sense of discomfort with the ascribed gender roles.Nor would I question anyone’s sense that sexual identity is a deeply seated aspect of who they are .But testimonies of this sort and appeals to the self-evidence of perception beg the obvious question:Just what is a little boy or girl * supposed* to look like? The photograph that accompanies Han’s interview shows a somewhat robust girl.Is this to say that (real) girls are necessarily delicate and (real) boys athletic? He then says (If so,virtually all of my nieces are ”really” boys,since not a one of them is delicate or un presupposing)

      Roger then says,There is indeed something compelling about such intensely felt and oft- involved experiences-”I knew I was gay all along”; ”I felt like a girl” – but that compulsion belongs to the realm of outer culture,not nature.That is, if ”inappropriate” acts,feelings,body types,or desires seem to throw us into the bodies or minds other genders,it is because acts,feelings,and so on are associated with gender by dint of the same all-enveloping cultural logic that gives us pink blankets ( or caps,or crib cards,I.D. bracelets) for girls and blue for boys in maternity ward cribs.He then says,when we diverge one way or another from those totalizing associations,we feel-we really feel;in the depths of our being-”different”.Therein lies the basis for an existential opposition to the established order of gendered associations.

      Roger then says But therein also lies the perpetual trap: Every essentialist claim about the ”nature” of same sex desire in turn refers to and reinforces suppositions about the ”nature” of ”real” men and women (from whom the invert differs), about the ”naturalness” of their mutual attraction(demonstrated nowhere so much as in the inverts inversion),about the scope of their acts,feelings,body types,and so on( again, marked off by the deviation of the deviant). Aping the worst elements of gender/sexual conservatism,every such proposition takes culturally constituted meanings -the correlative associations of masculinity and femininity,active and passive,blue and pink- as ”natural facts”.

      Roger then says,In a twist as ironic as the winding of a double helix that goes first this way,then that,the search for gay identify gradually finds it’s closure in the normalcy of the norm as a natural law.In the end,I am not convinced of the basic suppositions here. I doubt that most men are unfamiliar with the sentiment given poetic form by Pablo Neruda:”It happens that I became tired of being a man. ”Even psychiatrists who treat ”gender dysphoria”- a slick term for rebellion against conventional gender roles -admit that at least 50% of children at some point exhibit signs of mixed or crossed gender identify or express a desire to be the ”opposite” sex. Roger has a note number to the reference in his notes section to a March 22,1994 New York Times article by Daniel Goleman called,The ‘Wrong’ Sex:A New Definition of Childhood Pain.

      Roger also says that the media reported the David Reimer case in typically biological determinist and gender sterotypical ways.

  29. Susan Nunes Says:

    Of course boys aren’t going to date him. He is a guy. That hasn’t stopped “Jazz” from whining about it in public:

  30. Lavender1025 Says:

    The fact that this child so casually believes he is owed the use of his sister’s reproductive organs is appalling! Like it’s some joke to throw some sperm up in there and gestate a baby for him like she’s an easy bake oven. What the hell is with these parents indulging this kid’s every whim at the expense of even their other kids?

    I have worried about this kid – he is a product and an industry just as Honey Boo Boo and the Gosselins have been without any thought for their well being. And like them he is a public experiment that who the hell knows what’ll happen when he’s not cute anymore and the cameras turn off.

    I really cannot understand why it is preferable to have a trans child over a gay child. I have heard stories from gay folks, who thought they were trans simply because they prefered opposite gender toys or activities, just figuring themselves out because their parents just accepted that it was cool to like what you like. No surgery required.

  31. Elisabeth Says:

    You people are all crazy. Do you really not have anything better to do than to leave these ignorant comments about an ignorant and terribly written “article”? I don’t think it’s coincidental that more than half of the comments contain typos, misspellings or grammatical errors. What a bunch of ranting idiots you sound like.

  32. anon male Says:

    “In an enhanced episode, Jazz leaves her comfort zone and tries “Dating in the Dark,” hoping it’s a good way to get to know someone before revealing she’s transgender. ”

    Sounds awesome. Four years from now, Dating in the Dark will be 99% trans participants and some transgender person will be shocked that their manic pixie dream-girl also had a dick and will use a trans panic defense in a murder case and everyone will be talking about how dangerous female kind has become.

  33. Nickolaus Pacione Says:

    Jaron Bloshinsky is a fucking science experiment as he can never change is sex — he’s going to be another faggot with a mutilated cock as he’s lying to himself claiming he’s a female. He’s leaving himself set up to be a walking punchline for heterosexuals and cisgender females.

  34. anon male Says:

    Trans Girl Meets Girl (Season 4 | Episode 5)
    9:03PM | TLC

    Jazz explores dating girls and agrees to hang out with a potential female love interest. Meanwhile, Jazz and Jeanette meet with Jazz’s therapist for the letter needed for Jazz’s bottom surgery.

    Well, that was a quick turnaround! Those icky boys out there have preferences and stuff but girls must accept literally anything ’cause hearts not parts!

    “Gee hon, let’s rope the neighbor kids into our conversion therapy attempt! A fake lesbian daughter who everyone sees as actually straight is way better than a gay son!”

    All I really know about this show is based on what the headings are on TV Guide but I guess the prior episode was about fat shaming (so liberal!) and haranguing cis people for not having the same kind of depression and anxiety because only the trans kind counts.

  35. Jazz update. It’s a train wreck.

    This poor family is creepy as all get out. What they did to this boy is a crime.

    * They sterilized their son with GnRH analogues and estrogen, pumping him full of drugs during the time in which he should have developed normally.

    * They physically stunted his growth. Jazz is only 5’2″ which is short for a male. His brother and father are taller than he is. How long has he been on female hormones? It has been several years. Estrogen fuses the growth plates. If he stopped hormones tomorrow, he wouldn’t get his height back. Isn’t this the way it works?

    *Jazz has small child like genitalia which makes it more difficult to do “bottom surgery” or SRS even if he wanted it. Skin from the scrotum and penis are used to line the ‘neovagina’. There isn’t that much tissue on Jazz, so they might have to use part of the colon. Or, do something else. There is a creepy video online of Jazz talking to surgeons, and when the surgeon said something about using part of the colon, Jazz has an ewww WTF look on his face. I can’t find the link.

    The parents filled this poor boy’s head with the idea that he could just go to the doctor, and they could make him a vagina in no time.

    * Jazz, an adolescent male, has never had an orgasm. His sexual functioning is non-existent. When speaking to his surgeon, sexuality was discussed. This is serious because every human has a right to experience sexual pleasure.

    It’s bad enough that they sterilized the boy. It’s bad enough that they stunted his physical growth. He has no sexual functioning, and when doctors talk to him about it, Jazz looks at them like he hasn’t a clue. The surgeon who does sex reassignment surgery (it doesn’t change one’s sex) tells Jazz to figure out how to orgasm. They chemically castrated him and destroyed his libido, and then they talk about sexual feelings. The doctors and the family are living in denial.

    Great Reddit gender critical post. A link to the video is in the post. The grandmother is something else. Weird grandma tries to discuss sexuality with Jazz, and it is just strange. Maybe the parents are screwed up because the grandparents are messed up.

    Reddit gender critical (video link),

    “Grandma asks her castrated grandson who never went through puberty about his sexual feelings and genital surgeon Marci Bowers told him that he HAS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO ORGASM(!). WTF??

    First they prevented his puberty and sexual maturity, then they acted surprised because his penis and testicles are too small for “normal” genital surgery and now – FULLY AWARE that he never had any sexual development – they pressure him into sex and masturbation.

    Of course Jazz thinks – that if he tries hard enough and get a partner – he will experience looots orgasms.

    Now you might ask: Why the hell is an orgasm so important? BECAUSE ADULTS TOLD HIM SO!

    This is insane, gross and child abuse. The adults in his family either deny or don’t realize what they did to him. But they know that something is wrong with Jazz.

    But instead of asking themselves how a castrated boy who is taking drugs/hormones that lead to genital shrinkage, prevent puberty and kill the libido FOR YEARS could ever have a normal sexuality – they put more pressure on him.

    Have sex! Get orgasms! Be fucking normal!

    No one tells him the harsh truth: Puberty means sexual maturation. No sexual maturation PLUS puberty blockers PLUS hormones = no sexual function.”

    The whole family with the exception of Jazz’s siblings should be locked up somewhere.

    They did this to their son because they couldn’t deal with having a sweet sensitive boy in the family who, God forbid, might grow up to be gay. He didn’t meet the family’s expectation of what they thought men should be, so they destroyed their son.

    And, Jazz is gaining weight. The doctors told him to lose some weight or they won’t do the surgery. I don’t think he wants surgery. If he were smart, he would run as far as possible from his crazy parents, the doctors who destroyed his body, and weird grandma too.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Also….as soon as Jazz loses the look that makes this issue acceptable to middle America, guess what will happen? Something akin to being dumped quicker than a Disney child star who is no longer ‘cute and cuddly’.

      In noticing the weight gain, there are those for whom, the HRT cocktail will backfire, with the original programming fighting, to overwrite what has been done. Not being mean, but outside of the few who that does not happen too [a minority within a minority], this could very well be the signal that this is not going to end in a positive way. And those who enabled this, they should be in jail, for child abuse, if not other crimes, because Jazz will be paying for this til the end of time…with the ghouls laughing all the way to the bank. That is, until they find another child to exploit and dope up on the HRT for some nefarious reason.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      @Skylark–You’re spot on in your conclusions! This week, Jazz had regression therapy where he said in a past life he was a gay man rejected by his family and hungry for acceptance. It’s unbelievable that the producers who aired this failed to recognize what the story seems to say about the boy’s current life, and it really looks as if Jazz may be starting to recognize what’s been done to him.

      It horrifies me to think about all the young people like Jazz who’ve been damaged by idiot parents and know-nothing doctors.

      • anon male Says:

        I’ve started watching, too, although watching involves a lot of fast forwarding through various people who are professional brand ambassadors of various sorts. A lot of fast forwarding…

        One of the things I find most amazing is the virtual silence that appeared in the wake of the fat-shaming sequences.

        1. I’ve only done a few google searches but no one is contradicting the line that “oh, we can’t do gender affirmation surgery on a fat person because it takes longer and therefor more complication arise because of the time.” No surgeons or medical professionals have spoken up, no “plus size models” have weighed in with their drama, everyone is taking it as gospel and just retweeting it verbatim.

        2. If you have to be super skinny to get SRS and its safe to assume that no one who isn’t hawt has ever gotten the surgery, it means that the propaganda about it just being a matter of money (hence we have to treat all white guys as officially post-op just because black trannies can’t afford surgery) is bullshit.

        And if mainstream audiences (ones subjected to at least two other scripted medical shows devoting episodes to trans propaganda last week) know you have to be an 80lb cheerleader to get surgery, well, then the idea of these dudes hanging out in women’s facilities for the rest of their lives with their dicks isn’t going to be so charming.

    • Riffraff Says:

      I hate how these abusive shits in his life are placing all the blame on him for existing whilst chubby. They turned his body into an experiment and his personal life into a sideshow then wonder why the poor kid resorts to the one natural pleasure he’s left.

      • In the last show I saw (and thats *why* it was the last), Jazz looked confused about what an orgasm is and so asked mom, who said “its just like a sneeze” and poor Jazz looked even more confused and bewildered. (imagine how *strange* that sounds to a child who has never had one)

        I wanted to cry. In fact, I might have. Swore off the show as a result. I can’t watch those criminal parents do this: Grotesqueries!

        But what do we expect from self-identified friends of horse-dildo queen Zinnia Jones?

      • skeptigal Says:

        The reason for the recent chubbiness is supposedly “an eating disorder.” Notice how everything is pathologized and trotted in for treatment by “professionals”? Teenage boys are notorious for raiding the refrigerator and being bottomless pits of hunger; they’re also attracted to girls, as Jazz is as of late. Just sayin’!

      • Dixiechick Says:

        Exactly. Teenagers eat like there’s no tomorrow and sleep like crazy,too. Their bodies are going through some hella changes and they need this. It’s a developmental and if they hadn’t messed around with his normal biology he wouldn’t be overweight.

        As for not knowing what an orgadm is. Have they not even discussed basic sex and reproduction with him?!? There are good books out there to help kids with these issues. I bought a couple for my son when he was like ten then we discussed it. Telling a kid an orgasm is ‘like a sneeze’ and doing it on national television is tantamount to child abuse. My teen freaks out if I have the volume on the radio too loud when I pick him up. I can just imagine his horror in discussing such matters. The whole damned thing is a Greek tragedy.

  36. skeptigal Says:

    I follow this show with fascination and horror; a real life social and science experiment unfolding before our eyes and those of millions. Poor kid!

    • skeptigal Says:

      It’s also perhaps of interest that on forums on which viewers comment on this and other reality shows, one is required to engage in the “group think” that Jazz is a girl. Any suggestion that anatomically, physiologically, chromosomally, hormonally, or in other way Jazz is male will be met with bullying by sympathetic posters, a reprimand from the board administrator, a deletion/censoring of the opinion (which is no doubt regarded as “hate speech” as is every hint of criticism or disagreement on the show), and the threat of or actual banning from the forum.

  37. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    Jazz, it’s OK if you strike out on your own. Take a deep breath, drop the drugs, and walk.

    • Skeptigal Says:

      I do wonder if this show will be back for another season; it’s obvious to me that Jazz is feeling very ambivalent about the whole “bottom surgery” (does the use of this term suggest that Jazz has already had “top surgery,” because there’s definitely a lot up there considering) and, at times, about to crack. Look no further for the cause of any anxiety or depression experienced.

  38. skeptigal Says:

    Incidentally, I keep reading that Jeanette’s (or is it Renee’s) subconscious motive for pursuing this avenue with Jazz (Jaron) is that “she didn’t want a gay son.” Since Jazz now purports to be pansexual and, in fact, attracted to women when last we saw the show, would Jaron even have been a gay male? Maybe he was just an effeminate little boy or simply one who just happens to like sparkles… If so, what a tragedy beyond words all this will be…

    • Medi Says:

      Very interesting observation about Jazz still being attracted to girls, and therefore, he might never have been a gay boy, just a gender non-conforming boy–this sends hetero parents into panic, even little lesbian girls or gender non-conforming girls were given a free pass back in the day to be Tom Boys, but no such latitude is allowed boys. Tragedy indeed, because parents who cheerlead subjecting their kids to gender drugs as I call them, actually are homophobes in the most creepy way imaginable.

      • kesher Says:

        The kid is a eunuch. I highly doubt he feels any real attraction to anyone. Most likely he’s “attracted” to girls because they’re much more careful to protect his precious feelings than boys are.

      • Skeptigal Says:

        Medi, Jazz seems to me in every way to be displaying the behavior of a typical teenage boy, from raiding the fridge to burping at the table to finding girls “cute” as Jazz does Victoria. I sometimes wonder if that isn’t why Jeanette is in such a rush to get the “bottom surgery” (I’m still wondering if there wasn’t already “top surgery,” and that’s why they use that term; I suspect Jeanette and her mother are not stranger to plastic surgery, and the Jennings can certainly afford it; if Club Med has always been a birthday tradition, why not implants?). Because he suspects and fears that little by little, the whole “girl brain trapped in a boy body” mythology is beginning to unravel.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        One of the few episodes I’ve seen addressed the “top” issue. He had been wanting top surgery, but then they amped up his estrogen dosage, and he grew ’em himself. The weight gain helped them fill in, too, I’m sure.

      • Skeptigal Says:

        Thank you for clarifying, Teal Deer… I suppose “top surgery” and “bottom surgery” are just part of the lingo. I notice that as time (and the show, which makes me wonder how long it will run) goes on, Jazz looks less and less feminine and more and more masculine. Another point this author made was that “maleness” permeates every cell of your body, so simply lopping off or adding parts — or even suppressing same-sex hormones and introducing opposite-hormones — can never change one into the other sex.

    • May Loo Says:

      I was interested in this book based on the description on Amazon. I checked for it in my local library system. Sadly, no go. Lots of trans friendly books though. Since I live in Canada, I checked hapters and the only way I can get it is as a downloadable book.

      • May Loo Says:

        Sorry meant

      • Skeptigal Says:

        Most libraries can’t get copies of books until they’ve been out for six months or so; I wouldn’t suspect a conspiracy theory — yet!

      • Skeptigal Says:

        I did see the author speaking on BOOKTV (C-Span) this past weekend, and he makes many good points, including… If gender is “all in the brain,” as the activists insist, why is it so important to alter the body? And if the government has to pay for all this (insurance companies, the military, Medicaid) — and then for REVERSE surgery for those who later change their minds (that’s happening, too), the costs will be astronomical.

    • Riffraff Says:

      “Temporarily out of stock”

      I’m glad the demand is there, and that the rating is holding strong, despite some obvious attempts to drag it down (like the one person claiming to know “hundreds” of happy transitioners).

      • Riffraff Says:

        I should add that I’m not Anderson’s biggest fan but even a broken clock is right twice a day. And this conversation needs to be had. I know plenty of gender critical people on the left but they’re frustratingly terrified of being labeled transphobes. Something’s gotta give.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah he’s a right wing christian conservative who tried to prevent lesbians and gays from equal marriage, including restricting our ability to collect social security. He is a sick and stupid fucker whose only objection to “transgender” is that he wants patriarchal sex roles of male domination/control and female subservience/servitude to be strictly enforced and he foolishly believes the transgenderist doctrine of attempting to switch social roles undermines those roles in general. Really tired of hearing about how great he is on my blog, especially from a commenter who apparently has come here solely to plug his book and assumes readers of a blog specifically covering the topic of gender for years on end are not far more informed on the subject than they. I get that people are new to the topic and the blog but, my god, the presumptuousness.

      • Skeptigal Says:

        I certainly didn’t come here to “plug” anyone’s book. I’m interested in Jazz’s story and found both your blog and the book (which also happens to be in the news) that way. Feel free to censor the post.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Great. Then you’ll stop plugging it. Thank you!

      • Skeptigal Says:

        Riffraff, I agree. It’s about the message; not the messenger.

      • Riffraff Says:


        Yeah it’s one of those “can’t win for losing” deals. I’m glad there’s a building interest in questioning medical transition. But I would very much like a different messenger.

        I’ve lost track of the times I’ve seen people try to spin “TERFs” as right wing, even though opposing gender roles (especially in radical feminism) couldn’t be farther from conservatism, to preach to the choir. I’d rather avoid being bosom buddies with the likes of Anderson and the Heritage Foundation.

      • Riffraff Says:

        * in the context of radical feminism

        Thanks for the random deletions, phone.

  39. I can’t say anything about Jazz that hasn’t already been said. There is, however, one important point that people need to understand. Lesbian and gay eugenics definitely is going on, but something else is happening. Kids are being used as political tools for all the grown ass men with age play sexual fetishes and BDSM fetishes and for autogynephiles who love to play dress up. These kids aren’t viewed as a threat like Stefonknee Wolscht, and that is why they are being used.

    Trans activists are all for medically transing the heck out of kids. Hell, let’s trans them right after they are born. Grown ass men who have no intention of surgery or hormones are another thing.

    All the while kids are being “medically transitioned” at younger and younger ages, transgender activists push through legislation that grants males access to all women’s spaces without hormones or surgery. Why are they pushing the medical “transitioning” of children while trans activists all over the country are pushing through laws that let any grown man claim “gender identity” without surgery or hormones. Jazz is essentially a neutered adolescent male who has no sexual functioning. It’s fine to do this to a child. Just don’t tell some 45 year old man to at least get surgery or hormones before he claims “gender identity”.

    Don’t look at Stefonknee Wolscht. Look at kids like Jazz because they look so sweet and innocent. It doesn’t matter if kids are being sterilized and mutilated. It doesn’t matter if they have no sexual functioning.

    Under California’s SB 219, males don’t have to be on hormones or have surgery to claim “gender identity”.

    In the “No on Prop 1” in Anchorage, the slimy trans activists are using teenage girls and young women who say they are gender queer or whatever. In one ad, a man says, “Vote no on Prop 1 because I don’t want my son harmed”. The “son” is just another teenage girl who got caught up in the trans crazy train. My 16 year old “son” might be harmed if she has to use the women’s restroom.

    I don’t like the religious conservative group behind Prop 1 at all. I don’t support the conservative group itself. Since Prop 1 says nothing about sexual orientation, people should support it.

    Here is the text of Anchorage’s Prop 1. No where is sexual orientation mentioned.

    Well financed trans controlled LGBTQIA groups are sending in big bucks to defeat this. This is why women need to get the word out.

    Here is another example of kids being used for political purposes,

    Children are being sterilized, drug damaged, and mutilated to push a political agenda that gives grown men with age play sexual fetishes access to women’s intimate spaces. How sick can people get. Is this boy in the video going to be sexually neutered like Jazz? Will the boy in this video ever be able to have an orgasm? It doesn’t matter. He is cute now, but there is nothing cute at all about a 20 or 30 year old infertile adult with no sexual functioning.

    Gallus, I’m sorry for straying off topic. They are using kids and young women to push through their agenda.

    • Skeptigal Says:

      I’m really curious to see if Jazz goes through with this surgery. My impression is that (because of the hemming and hawing and excuses), the trans doctor doesn’t really want to perform it for whatever reason, and (because of all the self-sabotage and less than thrilled reaction to the date being set) Jazz doesn’t really want to go through with it. I believe the mother is pushing/rushing it because she fears just such a reversal which would not only suggest that she had been tragically misguided all these years (remember “Cousin Debbie,” the transgender counselor? how responsible were she and the mother together moving this train down the tracks or even putting the idea into Jazz’s head in the first place?), but that she had actually DONE harm to her son who, it turns out (with the attraction to Victoria) is straight after all. As resistant as Jazz has proven to restricting her diet and exercising, I can’t imagine her following through with all the post-op discipline.

      • Skeptigal Says:

        Additionally, this surgery requires the permission of BOTH parents before the age of 18 (unlike the tattoo they snuck in), and it sometimes seems as if poor, steamrolled Greg is waking up and smelling the coffee. As I say, it will be interesting to see if it actually happens on schedule or not. Did they even get the letters they needed? And finally, why does that one psychologist always wear that hat? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Siobhan Says:

      I watched some of this season out of curiosity and it is really tragic. One thing that is really obvious is that Jazz has never matured mentally — Jazz is stuck at about a 12 year old level, and, as friends and siblings mature, the difference is becoming profoundly obvious. The “hangout” with Victoria was really awkward because it was like watching a babysitter with a pre-teen client. This child has been neutered and delayed and is in no way capable of making an informed decision, and the adults surrounding Jazz are just playing for the cameras. It is hard to watch.

      • Leisha Camden Says:

        @Siobhan: yes!! That is so obvious and it’s so sad. I just watched the second episode yesterday – I am in Norway and TLC here is a little behind the US – and they were at the 2nd consult with Dr Bowers; talking about Jazz’ BMI and so on. Jazz was complaining that it’s so difficult to get a grip on his eating habits and in turn the parents said that they think he is immature. I was about ready to punch the TV set. Yes, he’s immature – because THEY have deliberately stunted his emotional and intellectual development beyond repair!! And they have the gall to complain about the results and make him feel bad about it??! These people should be on trial.

      • Skeptigal Says:

        I find is especially interesting (and, I agree, sad) that the adults are couching that ravenous appetite — which is perfectly normal and even stereotypical in any adolescent male — in terms of being an “eating disorder” because Jazz identifies as female. As I say, we’re watching a social and scientific experiment unfold in real time, which is fascinating, but at the expense of this child’s natural life, which is tragic.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        The hormonal changes at adolescence are known to be very important for cognitive and emotional maturity. That’s almost certainly why the majority of children who insist that they are or want to be the opposite sex end up accepting their natal sex and figuring out their sexual orientation after the first rush of hormones at puberty. The idea that we can dose children with puberty blockers until they’re mature enough to make a decision has a built-in Catch-22, given that the drugs also stunt their brain development.

        In addition, all the coddling and attention Jazz has gotten wouldn’t be good for any young person, even without the hormonal tinkering. I have a horrible feeling he’s going to be left with no foundation for adult life and a needy narcissism that will result in his going completely off the rails someday. The warning signs are apparent to anyone who isn’t deluded by the trans cult.

  40. skeptigal Says:

    Many are commenting on Jazz’s general immaturity relative to her peers; there may be something to the hormonal influence on the brain after all. As I say, this is a social and scientific experiment unfolding before our eyes; you can’t look away…

    • Nonny Says:

      It also brings to mind the phenomenon of arrested development due to severe trauma, long-term drug use, etc. A hypothetical example: an otherwise capable, intelligent, and developed person having some stunted abilities in dealing with interpersonal issues or their emotions that are around the level of a 16 y/o bc that’s when they were raped etc. I’m wondering if Jazz’s immaturity is due to being a dumb teen, or if it’s due to suffering the psychic and bodily trauma of this entire fiasco starting at a younger age.

  41. skeptigal Says:

    I just realized who Greg (“Jennings” nee Bloshinsky) reminds me of: Carl Sagan!

  42. skeptigal Says:

    On a more serious note: found this article (excerpted) online.

    “Mark Angelo Cummings has said some interesting things about this. There are various accounts online. This one from June 2015 on Nelson Garcia’s blog seems to be contextually accurate in regards to some of Cummings’s comments:

    But on Tuesday, during his weekly based social commentary program, Mark/Maritza Angelo Cummings and his/her partner Lynna Lopez, revealed a conversation he had in 2013 with Jeanette Jennings and suggested or implied Jeanette Jennings is suffering from Munchausen By Proxy syndrome.

    Cummings shared a screengrab he had with Jennings where she all but admitted to brainwashing her son into believing he is a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

    Ironically it was Mark Cummings who bought Jazz Jennings into the world of transgender politics. In an email conversation I had with him earlier this week, Cummings wrote he first met Jeanette Jennings at a book signing in Florida nine years ago. They met shortly after Mark’s appearance on The Maury Povich Show and Jennings contacted him by e-mail.

    During that book signing, a reporter from The New Times who was doing a story about Mark, then becoming quite popular on spanish language television talk shows introduced that reporter to Jeannette Jennings and Jazz. The story was so popular, ABC News 20/20 then contacted Mark about doing a show on trans children.

    The rest is history: Hosted by Barbara Walters, I’m a Girl’ — Understanding Transgender Children is one of ABC 20/20’s most watched programs.

    Fast forward to present day, Mark has been having what amounts to transition regrets. Earlier this year he released a video advocating against puberty blockers for children. His main argument, or parts of it has centered on Jazz Jennings. For it, he’s been vilified on social media, ironically, by the every people who once called him a hero: Transgenders. They’ve been calling him a liar, and sometimes worse, which is quite an indictment coming from a social group whose entire ideology is based on myth and synthetics and perhaps a wild imagination.

    Yet that e-mail Mark shared may just well turn out to be a smoking gun; Evidence of a massive fraud perpetrated by a woman exploiting a psychiatric disorder for celebrity.

    Note: I added the links within the quotes in case you want to see what Garcia’s writing about.

    Also, somewhere in the Cummings videos is one where I remember him talking about Jeannette Jennings emailing him earlier on asking how to get a reality tv gig for her family. She had not yet focused on Jazz transitioning and was frustrated that ideas she had tossed out thus far were not getting her anywhere.”

  43. skeptigal Says:

    Why are my comments still “awaiting moderation” after a week?

  44. Update as the medical experiment on children continues.

    Jazz had some sort of experimental procedure to remove his physically stunted small genitalia and create an artificially created cavity in his male body. Because of all the puberty blockers and hormones, there wasn’t enough tissue to do a regular SRS. They must have filled his teenage brain with the idea that it was easy to make a “vagina”.

    The brainwashed media is crowing about the “gender confirmation surgery” as if it’s some sort of humanitarian medical miracle similar to doctors doing miracles on the poor. So, cutting off a seventeen year old male’s tiny shrunken genitals before he has ever had an orgasm is “confirmation surgery”. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to “confirm”, but it’s some kind of “confirmation”.

    In the February 2018 video, Jazz says Dr. Marci Bowers told him he has to “figure things out in terms of trying to have an orgasm”. Earlier videos of Jazz also mention his inability to achieve sexual pleasure. The end of June, Jazz got his experimental “gender conformation surgery”. So, still on female hormones with his small shrunken genitals, did he figure out how to orgasm in five months time? I doubt it. At age seventeen, surgeons whacked his genitals off before he even knew what an orgasm was all about. I guess the parents thought that since he has no sexual functioning anyway, why not make him a “vagina”. After all, a vagina is nothing more than a hole. His experimental man-made vagina is essentially an artificially created cavity for the sole purpose of acting as a receptacle to be poked. If he didn’t have any sexual functioning before the “gender confirmation surgery”, he sure isn’t going to have any sexual functioning now that everything is cut off.

    There is no doubt that he was chemically sterilized with the GnRH analogues and estrogen. And, there is no doubt that he is physically stunted because estrogen fuses the growth plates. Whacking off his tiny male genitals before he even had an orgasm is a crime. The parents and surgeons should be in jail.
    I’m not sure how Jazz’s experimental surgery works, but most neovaginas require a life time of “dilating” otherwise they could close. Sentencing a seventeen year old male to a life time of hormones and “dilating” so his man-made cavity won’t close doesn’t sound very appealing.

    By the way, a vagina is an actual organ that is part of the female reproductive system. It serves many functions, and it’s connected to other organs in the female reproductive system. Jazz has an experimental artificially created cavity with no other purpose than to be poked and admired for its “femininity”. It’s a sure bet he isn’t going to be getting any actual physical pleasure from it. Then, again, that is all some men want.

    Again, the parents and doctors should be in jail. I do feel sorry for this seventeen year old boy. One day he might finally wake up and realize what has been done to him.

    Twenty or thirty years ago, Jazz probably would have been a gay man.

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