Transgender: Maintaining the Status Quo

August 7, 2015

"Bambini" installation by Magdalena Abakanowicz

“Bambini” installation by Magdalena Abakanowicz

By Alex

Posted as a comment here.

From your article, it seems to me that you are saying that there is nothing truly male or female about either gender. And that all of the feminity and masculinity is socialized to our children through our patriarchal society. So in your opinion, what makes someone female or male? Because from your argument, all I can gather is that it is only the genitals. You are clearly wrong because biologically there are very many differences males and females in relation to the brain and emotions.Though I believe that there is a strong component of socialization that leads to masculinity and femininity. So Jazz does girly things and identifies as a female. I chose to give her the credit that she knows whats in her own head. One would not know that she is not biologically a female unless told that she is biologically a male. And that goes to my prior point. If you’re truly saying that there should be no patriarchal society and that gender is just a social construct. You invalidate your point by saying that jazz is not a woman and can’t identify as a woman. When she quite literally can because she exuding only female traits. From your article, a manly butch biker lesbian would be more female than Jazz. Biologically you are right. Though what I am trying to say is that Jazz fills more qualifications of being a woman. People want to fit in. If your only characteristic of being male is your penis and everything else about you, you feel is female. Then it is only obvious that you would identify as a female. You go with where you fit in best. Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics. Characteristics that you call patriarchal and maybe are but that 7 billion people understand as feminity and masculinity. There is a difference from being female and being a woman. Female means you were born with a vagina. Being a woman is how you identify yourself to the world and how you feel as a person. Jazz is a woman. There is no denying that. She is not female. But she is a woman. Society says she’s a woman.


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  1. Biscuit Says:

    Biological sex is dependent not just on the external genitalia but on the entire reproductive tract, which also includes the gonads and other structures.

    It is not dependent on whether one likes pink, dresses, or other traditionally “girly” things.

    It’s really not that hard to understand.

    • Alex Says:

      Clearly you read my post and I said that i agree with you. Biological sex has nothing to do with any “girly” traits. Its just whether you have all the male parts. Or all the female parts. Or sometimes both as in intersex. Anyway, what i’m saying is that Jazz has every right to identify as a woman if she so chooses. If that makes her happy, why are we debating it?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jazz can believe in anything he wants, from Scientology to Female Brain Gender. Faith based belief systems are his right under the constitution. His rights to believe what he wants are not under debate here. You seem to have lost the plot Alex.

      • Alex, because womanhood doesn’t exist to make little boys happy.

        Are you aware that most African and Native Americans are offended when whites appropriate their cultures…?

        Men appropriating womanhood is just as offensive: they are redefining womanhood based on their own (male) definition. Men have no right to redefine women. It makes us invisible, like we are non-human.

        We are women who are standing up for ourselves. We deserve privacy from biological males. We do not want men in our bathrooms, locker rooms and clinics. And it’s none of your business as to why because it’s *our* bathroom — we are the deciders.

        And the same is true for our gender: it belongs to us. We are a global sisterhood of all races, colors, ages, cultures, orientation, abilities, politics and beliefs. We understand sisterhood. Men do not. It can’t be taught, memorized, copied, nor faked.

        Men are free to redefine what it means to be a man. In fact, I wish they would. They die younger than woman, and fight a lot. Obviously they are not happy and need liberation.

        Be brave and wear a dress in the men’s room. It’s a man’s world. If you don’t like it, do something about it. But don’t step on the necks of women to get what you want.

        Because if you do, you will see sisters unite like never before.

        Men have been trying forever to get into our restrooms and panties. We know exactly what’s going on, and we will not stand for it.

      • FedUpAnonbian Says:

        If you take away women’s right to define “woman” as “member of the class of biological females,” then you take away women’s ability to name and effectively address the problems that affect us specifically because we belong to the historically oppressed class of biological females. “Live and let live” and “isn’t it kinda mean not too?” aren’t good enough reasons to give away our language and allow men to colonize our identity, because there are real consequences to women’s health, safety, and economic viability when we do so.

    • Truth:

      “I have ploughed, and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear de lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen chilern, and seen ’em mos’ all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?”

      It wasn’t too hard to understand 200+ years ago.

      • LC Says:

        God, yes… and a transwoman attempted to appropriate those words as well, in a video presentation. Completely lost on him, the appropriation of birth, motherhood, and slavery that actual women suffered, and still do today. Women, not transwomen.

    • Dana Says:

      Biological sex is dependent on the chromosomes actually. If you have at least one Y chromosome, you’re male; if you have no Y, you’re female. That is the bedrock foundation for having potential to produce eggs or sperm.

      It’s important not to depend on the genitalia alone to make this determination in 100 percent of people because there are males with androgen insensitivity syndrome who develop externally female bodies plus a vagina thanks to not being able to respond to testosterone.

      (Some people point to adrenal hyperplasia syndrome as the corresponding disorder in girls but as far as I know they still have the vagina and uterus and everything and can still function reproductively as females. In males with AIS the testicles never descend so can’t regulate temperature to keep sperm alive and these males of course never develop a uterus, lacking the genes for same so they’re sterile.)

      And of course there are ambiguous genitalia which make it difficult to impossible to figure out which sex some babies are. It’s not so important for smoothing the way for gender socialization, but it’s important for the person themselves to know if they’re capable of reproduction later and if so, which kind of involvement they will have, actually having a baby or contributing to someone else having one.

      If they karyotyped every newborn like they karyotype some pregnancies to rule out Down syndrome, the parents would know the biological story for these kids from day one, anticipate future issues with fertility and inform their offspring down the line, etc., and it would all but put an end to labeling kids “intersex” and then trying to reassign them through surgery, sometimes erroneously.

      Going back to this person’s comment, “you’re saying there is nothing male or female about either gender” is incorrect. What we’re saying is that there is nothing gendered about either males or females. Remember, sex is the actual biological state, and gender is just a social construct. No one is born clutching a Barbie or a G.I. Joe. No one is born in a dress. We have to be taught these things, and we are from very, very early, and too many of these postmodernist thinkers do not appreciate the power of early socialization, how invisible it is to those not looking for it.

      But this person is using “gender” when they mean “physical sex” which is also incorrect, too. Not the same thing. Not even close.

      • Brunhilda Swecker Says:

        Actually, to check your biology a bit (at least from my understanding):

        There are two groups of people that are called intersex on the internet.

        a) The chromosomally intersexed people, such as Turner’s women, or Klinefelter’s men. Turner’s females are unambiguously female, with XO chromosomes (missing or partly missing 1 X chromosome). Turner’s females do not in any way look male, although you could argue that they tend to not have as much hip development as the average woman. Klinefelter’s males (XXY or XYY, I forget which, although both are unambigously male) are male. Their penises tend to be a BIT smaller than the average male’s penis, and they tend towards a) mental disability and b) some breast development, and c) to be taller than most men, with distinct facial features (arguably the breast development they tend to have may not be female at all, but due to lack of activity and/or overeating).
        Both Turner’s women and Klinefelter’s men are given as examples of ‘intersex’ and ‘chromosomes don’t matter’ by the transbrigade, but the fact of the matter is that they are not physically intersexed at all.

        b) Phenotypically intersexed people, such as AIS. These are people who have messed up genitalia (and often other structures in the same area), which may be due to a hormonal imbalance in utero, or other birth defects. In the case of AIS, they have XY chromosomes (MALE), and yet they can end up with 1 of 3 options for their genitalia: a) undersized penis b) incompletely formed penis, whereby there may be a necessity for surgery so they can urinate, c) pseudo/blind vagina, which is shallow and/or may require surgery to be penetrated, which has no uterus (it can arguably be compared to the pseudovaginas that transwomen buy from surgeons).
        Phenotypically intersexed people may have surgery to ‘normalize’ their genitalia (eg. options a and c for AIS above) whcih isn’t entirely necessary, or may have surgery on their genitalia/etc. because their bodies are malformed and they need surgery to pee/etc.

        In either case of course, they really have nothing to do with the transbrigade, as the transbrigade is effectively all made up of physically normal people, who are not intersexed, either phenotypically or chromosomally.

  2. Biscuit Says:

    Oh yes, also a ‘woman’ is an adult female.

    Also, a quote, “You go with where you fit in best. Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics.”

    OK, I want to hear this – what exactly are female behavior characteristics? Let’s see if you can define this without just trotting out a bunch of stereotypes.

    • Em Says:

      While you’re listening to the recitation of stereotypes, I’ll be watching behavior exude. Should be quite a show, with excellent dialogue.

    • Brunhilda Swecker Says:

      A bunch of sterotypes that ONLY apply to Western culture. The stereotypes of our culture don’t nec. apply to ALL cultures across the world and/or in time.

  3. ElleDriver Says:

    “does girly things”
    “fills more qualifications of being a woman”
    “exuding only female traits”
    “female behavior characteristics”

    Define for me… What exactly… How do you classify…


    *big sigh*

    There is no way of asking these questions because to a true believer like Alex, that “woman” or “girl” is defined as a series of preferences or character tics is all he will ever understand of it.

  4. Susan Nunes Says:

    Woman = female human
    Man = male human

    Sex is not a social construct. It is biological fact, and it is immutable.

    “Masculine” and “feminine” ARE social constructs and vary from culture to culture.

    No man or woman can be the opposite sex.

    Hobbies or personality traits are not biological.

    Transgenderism is sexist quackery.

  5. overwhelmed Says:

    “There is a difference from being female and being a woman.”
    There is no hope of convincing this guy. He will never come to the realization that biology alone determines whether or not someone can legitimately use the term woman.
    What a dumb ass!

  6. “Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics.”

    Are you sure about that?

    • Dogtowner Says:

      From what the strong-stomached people said who watched this crap, Jazz sounds like he exhibits all the worst characteristics of an entitled, arrogant male. That stuff regarding his sister’s body was utterly and completely barf-worthy.

      • Bea Says:

        Well here’s the thing: if Jazz, a male, is behaving in a certain way, it’s male behavior. Anything he does is male/masculine. Alien archaeologists could file “dresses, mermaid tails, and liking pink/purple” as “human male behavior.” Behaviors are not sexed, bodies are.

      • Dana Says:

        Actually the way he’s behaving is masculine, or the gender rules assigned to males in this culture. There are males who eschew that particular aspect of masculinity in favor of saner behavior in that particular area, while they might still cling to masculinity in other areas–maybe they love to work on cars or build houses, both activities assigned as masculine in our culture.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I once listed positive and negative feminine/masculine characteristics, purely as an exercise, qualities society labels as either feminine or masculine. Of course, the positive qualities of both are ones we should all aspire to, and the negative qualities are ones we should shed if we wish to mature. Interestingly, the trans males I have observed reek of negative masculine characteristics and have none of the positive qualities we label feminine or masculine.

  7. LC Says:

    This is so unbelievably offensive. Messages like this are why I started questioning the trans cult, and why I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood wondering what was wrong with me, and struggling with self-loathing and depression because of it.

    That’s the real kicker with this mindless trans-acceptance from the left: They’re doing it to avoid being mean to people who want to resemble the opposite sex(mostly adult men with sexual fetishes) but have no qualms about kicking aside gender-nonconforming children and women with their adherence to sexual stereotypes. Why is it one group is of utmost importance and the other less than dirt? Patriarchy, commentator. By an “accident of birth”, Jazz is too human to ever be a woman.

    • Bea Says:

      This doesn’t sound like a cult manifesto AT ALL. /sarcasm

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        That makes me think of the song that James “Lauren” Harries sang badly in a youtube clip in a post here. The words were, “I’m like a vampire and I cannot be uninvited,” and I thought, yep that’s exactly right, they are sparkly vampires sucking the life out of everything, they are the ones who want women dead and non-existent. The level of delusion and cult thinking in that post are super disturbing.

      • kesher Says:

        When I first saw that post I assumed that the individual who wrote it was a deluded Tumblr teen. But when I saw what he actually looks like! The dude is a 30-something, non-passing, hideous late transitioner. He’s trying to force teens and women to believe “penis is female” because he’s a predator. I’m certain of it.

        Some of them are cult members, but some are just run-of-the-mill predators who have found easy marks.

      • ElleDriver Says:

        Yup. “Loading the Language”, one of the eight criteria for thought reform as defined by Dr. Robert Lifton:

        “The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand. This jargon consists of thought-terminating clichés, which serve to alter members’ thought processes to conform to the group’s way of thinking.

        The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. [Slogans] The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed.

        The cult invents a new vocabulary, giving well-known words special new meanings, making them into trite clichés. The clichés become “ultimate terms”, either “god terms”, representative of ultimate good, or “devil terms”, representative of ultimate evil. Totalist language, then, is repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon, prematurely abstract, highly categorical, relentlessly judging, and to anyone but its most devoted advocate, deadly dull: the language of non-thought.

        Controlling words helps to control people’s thoughts.

        The group uses black-or-white thinking and thought-terminating clichés.

        The special words constrict rather than expand human understanding.

        Non-members cannot simply comprehend what cult members are talking about.”

        Geez. Four legs good, two legs…

      • Teal Deer Says:

        All I can think of when reading that is the torture and brainwashing in the novel “1984” and that episode of Star Trek where Picard is interrogated by a Cardassian.

        Women have penises. There are five lights.

      • gchild Says:

        “internalize that idea. I don’t care how…set yourself to writing it a hundred times a day…Women have penises”

        Lol. Why is it so hard to believe in the female dick? Because denial takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort.

        They may as well try to empty the pacific ocean with a teaspoon.

  8. silverside Says:

    Actually, I’m starting to think we need to reclaim the terms “feminine” and “masculine” or it just adds to the confusion. I think “feminine” should be understood as just the adjective form of “female” and nothing else. It does not mean pink, frilly, submissive, docile, or anything else. We need some other term that makes it clear that these are traits that are assigned to females, forced on females, acculturated to females, but are not some inherent aspect of women as a group. Another terms would also underline the fact that these are alien traits, not some basic structural trait of who we “normally” are apart from male dominance and patriarchy.

    • hearthrising Says:

      This is how I use the word feminine, and the dictionary agrees. “feminine (fem A nin) adj. 1. pertaining to a woman or girl.” It’s clear from the context of what I write that’s what I mean, at least to most people. Probably the identity politics crowd doesn’t understand, but how can you use any word in a discussion with a group of people who think words mean whatever the individual identifies them to mean.

      • Bea Says:

        Their personality traits are gleaned from consumer products. The “identifying as” crap is really helpful to businesses in determining how to market their commodities. We all know that’s why Facebook needed to create so many genders. MTT is a profiteer’s dream come true. I remember someone in the comments a while back saying something to the effect of, “luxury cosmetics + old white man money = cha ching!” Add the binge/purge cycle of buying new wardrobes, & lifelong slavery to pharmaceuticals + expensive surgeries to the list and you pretty much have the ideal capitalist construct. Men can purchase womanhood from other men, and appropriate our liberation movement while dismantling it from within.

      • kesher Says:

        They get to sell all the expensive crap that’s meant for women to people who actually have money to burn: men.

      • Bea Says:

        And men don’t see beauty rituals as punitive tasks they’re obligated to perform— they consider them fun & arousing.

    • morag99 Says:

      Redress Alert wrote about this beautifully a few weeks ago:

      I really like this idea, too, of reclaiming the word “feminine” — its primary dictionary definition: pertaining to the female. Not sure if it can be done. It would be a very rough ride; we’d have to be in agreement about whether/why it’s important, strategically, and we’d have to be stubborn and persistent.

      But the pay-off could be more intellectual clarity, which the slippery concept of gender (vs. sex) lacks — mostly because it’s been hijacked and both divorced from, and conflated with, sex by transgenderists.

      To say that all women are feminine simply because they are female might solve one of the problems with the current discourse. Men cannot ever be “more feminine” than women, or some women more feminine/masculine than other women, because ALL women — mothers, not mothers, lesbian, heterosexual, spinsters, married, old, young, pretty, plain, shy, outgoing, strong, delicate, etc., etc. — ARE feminine by virtue of being female.

      Alex wrote:

      “From your article, a manly butch biker lesbian would be more female than Jazz. Biologically you are right. Though what I am trying to say is that Jazz fills more qualifications of being a woman.”

      So, this is not just offensive, but patently ridiculous. A so-called “manly butch biker lesbian” is not “more female” (what is that?) than a teenage boy who bats his eyelashes and smiles so hard it looks like he might eat his own face. She, the biker, is not “more” female than he; she IS FEMALE. Jesus. “Female” is not a quantity, or a degree, or a spectrum. It is either/or.

      And, if we were to reclaim the adjective form, “feminine,” it could also be an either/or. Alex’s example of sex-role non-compliant lesbian biker? We would describe her as feminine, because she is female. Jazz, we would call masculine, because he is male. A young male who likes sparkles, pink and mermaids, and who bats his eyelashes, sits with his knees together, and (ugh) smiles his big fake smile.

      Language, though, is a difficult thing to control. It has, in some ways, a life of its own. But, mostly it belongs to those who have the power to shape it …

      • morag99 Says:

        Gallus, I am so sorry for the long Tumblr post with graphics and all. Didn’t expect that to happen — I just wanted to refer people there, with a hyperlink! Please, if it helps, remove the link. Thanks.

      • endthewoo Says:

        Physical labor, emotional labor, sexual labor, reproductive labor–and the ways we mark ourselves accordingly to show we know our place in their order of things–are deemed “feminine.”

        Yes, these are things that men demand of us.

        It’s glaringly obvious though, that when men declare themselves to be women it is the surface “femininity” markers that they fetishise and take for themselves. But the actual work demanded of women by them and other men, somehow their magical “girl brains” don’t take that on board – it’s still the place of female persons to provide the ego stroking, housekeeping etc. while they get off on the dress-up.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Silverside, this is an extremely good point. How about “Acculturated Fembot”. No, it just doesn’t have that academic ring to it. Possibly we should just always say “stereotypically feminine” or “stereotypically little girly”. And mention when it’s kids who think that they are transgender that they’ve gotten these stereotypes from consumer products. It’s not just not what real women are like. It’s not even with their own lives are like. It’s some Disney princess costume. “Cartoonish” is good too.

      Also this Alex guy is simply refusing to know what everyone is taught in first year sociology. What social conventions are. What the sex roles are. And the fact that they have changed so hugely over just the last 300 years of history. Because they change we know they AREN’T BIOLOGICAL. There is no such thing as a female or a male brain. There’s also not some other (made up) type of *essence*, like a ‘female soul’. There are only two kinds of phenomena relevant to this recognized by scientific and other knowledge in our society: biological things and sociological things. And the latter are conventions, rules, fads. Neither society nor science are obligated to take on board the weird, unsupported (by scientific evidence) notions that are overtly a political philosophy of the transgender movement. Anymore than they are obligated to embrace creationism.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        I’ve been using the phrase “conventionally feminine” for a while now. It’s useful for a couple reasons: it implies that there’s such a thing as being “unconventionally feminine” (like the butch biker example that always gets trotted out), and it’s neutral enough that women who more or less meet the usual cultural expectations for femininity don’t jump to the conclusion that they’re being accused of being brainwashed Barbie dolls.

    • Dana Says:

      I don’t care about reclaiming “femininity” or “feminine” any more than I care about reclaiming “slut”. I’ve heard some good arguments in favor of reclaiming them (not “slut”, obviously), but we are never going to educate society enough about another meaning for those words to prevent having to fight with people over them again. and again. and again. Women are being assaulted, being maimed, and dying out there. We have other priorities.

  9. atranswidow Says:

    No, I am a woman, i.e. female.. i was born with female external and internal, reproductive genitalia. All my life it was expected that i would fulfill what that meant by eventually marrying and giving birth to children. Fortunately i was allowed a childhood to grow and be free of gender stereotypes before puberty kicked in.

    Today’s kids seem to be sexualised at an ever earlier age and expected to conform. No wonder there is so much confusion nowadays.

  10. michelle Says:

    At the top of the list of things that demonstrate how clueless Alex happens to be is the claim that ‘nobody would know’ that “Jazz” is a male unless they were told. Umm, wrong Alex…Ray Charles could see that Jaron Bloshinsky is a male.

    Some other group can tell…that would be…umm…damn, right on the tip of my tongue…oh yea, WOMEN can tell. And, apparently from his whining on his television show, so to can the males in his social environs.

    One does not become a female just by ‘feeling’ like something other than a male. Sex is NOT a ‘feeling.’ Young Jaron epitomizes all that is bad about patriarchy and gender, just as do all of the other male trannies who think it is all about pink, frilly bullshit. Ticking off boxes of proscribed activities does not make one a female.

    • Alex Says:


      Not sure if you realize, but you endanger Jazz’s life by using her real last name in your posting. That is what the family uses an alias. You can disagree and have all of your opinions. This is America. But buy using her real name and putting it out there, you risk Jazz’s life. Whether or not you agree with what Jazz’s parents are doing for their child, they are trying to protect Jazz and you publishing Jazz’s last name makes it harder for them to do that. Think if it were your child. And if your child were at risk for another reason other than being transgender that could make people want to kill them. Would you want your real family name out And how would you feel if someone saw your posting and used this information to find and kill Jazz. We can all argue about whether we agree with this whole issue on Jazz. But at the end of the day, Jazz is a child and children need to be protected from harm. Shame on your Michelle

      • GallusMag Says:

        So you’re saying that Jazz’s mother has endangered his life? Because people got Jazz’s real name from his mother publicizing it. So… you’re saying “Shame on Jazz’s mother?”

      • Alex Says:

        Jazz’s mother only put her real name out there in 2006 when Jazz was 5 years old. She wasn’t expecting her child to become a massive name. Thus they started using the alias.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Whose real name? Jaron’s? Where are you getting this from? Are you a family member?
        Their Purple Rainbow foundation is under their real names.

      • Alex Says:

        Their real last name is not listed on their website. I searched their website with their real last name and there are no results. Where do you see that it lists their real names? Greg and jeanette are their real first names.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Greg and jeanette are their real first names.”
        How do you know?

      • Imo, the parents are not protecting their son — they are endangering him in two obvious ways:

        1. Putting him on TV.

        2. Blocking his puberty.

        They are clearly exploiting their son…even discussing his sex life before all the world!

        Horrible parenting. They will surely regret their unwise decisions.

        It’s my belief they changed their name to sound less Jewish…not to protect their hurting son. Like I said, if they really cared, they would not have put him front and center before the media spotlight.

      • michelle Says:

        Alex, in case you missed the memo, public information is public. This isn’t twitter where you get to go bleating and whining because someone found public information and put it in public fora.

        And no, knowing Bloshinsky’s real name does not place him in harms way. If anything, the narcissistic twit has done that on his own by allowing himself to be used by a family that clearly has Munchausen’s by proxy such that they are splaying their fuckwittery all over the media.

        By the way Alex…take a look at the tax filings for their ‘organization’ and you will ALSO see the Bloshinsky name splayed all over them. So again, I guess now even the IRS is placing Jaron in harm’s way…

      • GallusMag Says:

        I believe Alex is trying desperately by any means to divert attention from Zir’s outrageously misogynistic comments which are under discussion here.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Google “Bloshinsky” “purple rainbow” , Alex. Look at all the posts. 2014 the Sun Sentinel, multiple for mom, etc. They are not in the slightest trying to “hide” their real names. They use the fake names on the show only. I can’t believe I have to show someone how to use google.Ridiculous.

      • Alex Says:

        Never mind how I know. But they are.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So you don’t actually know.

      • Alex Says:

        I know. I’ve read an article from 2006. As well as have confirmed it via government sources. Though I will not say where because I would be just as wrong as Michelle is for stating Jazz’s birth name.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Confirmed it via government sources”. Wow that sounds super creepy of you, Alex. Just what is your specific interest in this young man exactly. I’m really starting to wonder.

      • ElleDriver Says:


        The parents decided it would be in their child’s best interest to allow said child to be the star of a nationally televised reality show. Knowing that doing so would open adolescent Jazz and the rest of their family to incredible scrutiny was evidently of little concern. They went ahead with the project, opting to go with TLC as the channel for their show.

        Let me tell you a little about the programming at TLC. TLC’s big breakthrough show was Jon & Kat Plus Eight, an ostensibly unscripted show about a couple and their eight very young kids. The show was canceled after the parent’ marriage (very publicly) dissolved, and child abuse allegations were hurled by both parties during their nasty, tabloid-friendly divorce.

        And then there was Toddlers & Tiaras about child beauty pageants, in which 5-year-olds are paraded around in padded bras and make-up for judging, usually by a group of middle aged men. T&T was a hit for TLC, and they decided their next show would focus on the breakout star, 6-year-old Alana Thompson. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo featured Alana and her unconventional family, including Mama June Shannon, a woman with no qualms about allowing the world unfettered access to her children. Such was a habit for June– risking her kids’ safety and privacy– seeing as she was later to take up with the man who had sexually molested her young daughter 10 years previous. After realizing the unrepentant Shannon had no interest in dumping her rapist boyfriend, TLC canceled the show.

        In the meantime, however, they still championed their crown jewel 19 Kids & Counting as wholesome entertainment the entire family could watch. No scandal could possibly touch those clean-scrubbed Duggars, the couple who were ecstatic to flaunt their many, many, many children on tv. Since I’m assuming that you do not reside under any sort of bridge like structure, we all know what happened there. Oh right, another case of child abuse, this time not at the hands of someone outside the cast, but the lauded first-born male, Josh Dugger. The guy who molested his own sisters and got off, scot-free.

        If you think this kind of child exploitation is only happening in front of the camera, an editor for several of TLC’s biggest shows– 19 Kids and Jon & Kate– was recently arrested on ten counts of child pornography. Yes, a guy whose entire day is spent at the controls of the video monitor, watching and editing endless hours of footage of children, was busted with some of the most vile garbage you could ever imagine. Actually, you couldn’t imagine. That’s all that needs to be said.

        So this, THIS is the channels the Blonshinskys decided should host their child’s regular series debut. A channel with a history of exploitation and greed and cynical disinterest in the damage that their shows do to the kids who are unwittingly forced in front of the cameras. THIS is the channel Greg and Jeannette gave the thumbs up when TLC came calling and said “We want to be in the Jazz Jenning’s business!” The business that they have turned their kid into. The kid they are more than happy to thrust in front of reporters since he was six or so.

        And you think providing HIS NAME is dangerous? A name that his parents already gave to a reporter from the Bay Area Review back in 2006? A name that can be found in two seconds of googling?

      • Alex Says:

        LOL GallusMag. You’re a hoot.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah, hilarious. I want you to know that if something DID happen to Jazz, I will be forwarding your information to the authorities. Laugh on that.

      • Alex Says:

        I didn’t confirm anything via government sources. I was just trying to fuck with you. lol

      • GallusMag Says:

        Okay creepy liar.

      • Alex Says:

        You’re ridiculous. You’ll be forwarding my information to the authorities if something happens to Jazz. Funny now that you call Jazz Jazz. When it suits you. Im just someone who is interested in this whole insane thing. All i did was read an article. I watch the show and I support Jazz. All of you are so negative about her situation. Folks like you who go around spreading her real name are people who do not have her best interests in mind. So if anyone should be notifying the authorities, its me. You all need to remember that Jazz is a 14 year old. No body is perfect. Stop being so negative.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I meant exactly what I said, creepo. You have lost all credibility. Bit late to try to climb on that high horse now, creepy Alex.

      • Alex Says:

        Gallusmag You’re an idiot. Calling somebody a Creepo sounds like you’re five years old. You should look at Michelle’s post. Because she mentioned tax records and the IRS. Those are some government sources. That sounds super creepy to me. well according to your logic

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’ve seen your super creepy online photo albums of Miley Cyrus’s childhood photos. I’ve got your number pedo. Also see you live within driving distance of the Bloshinsky’s.
        Yes, you are the FIRST PERSON I’m going to think of if anything happens to Jazz. Like I said, I intend to forward your info to authorities if anything untoward should occur to Jazz. That is all, loser.

      • Alex Says:

        You should be ashamed of yourself for posting falsities about me. You sound like a 4 year old actually. #GallusMagisa5yearold

      • GallusMag Says:

        Just to be absolutely, perfectly clear here: are you asking me to dox you?

      • “No body is perfect.”

        Certainly not without a lifetime of expensive hormonal replacement treatment and cosmetic surgery!!

        But even with all that, the body still ages, gets sick and dies. That is so not perfect…you’re right. We agree on something. ☺️

        If you hadn’t confirmed Jazz’s name here, nobody would be the wiser. How did you know for sure that that was really his name…? It’s not common knowledge.

        You do seem overly invested in this young TV star & magazine model.

        Nobody on this blog wishes Jazz any harm. In fact, that’s the very thing we wish to protect him from. He is being lied to. He cannot change his sex. He will never give birth to a baby. No straight man will marry him and start a family with him. He is not a girl, and never will be a girl. It’s ok, though. There’s nothing wrong or ugly about being male.

        Personally, I think he’s gay and his family is homophobic. They think trans is his “get out of gay free” card. But it’s not. Being gay is not jail — being ashamed is. That’s what “gay liberation” is all about.

      • bacopa Says:

        I can tell where and when Jazz took his mermaid photos down to a two month period based on the color of the sand and the type of seaweed on the beach. His parents publicly released these photos.

        And seriously, none of us wish any harm to Jazz. We hope that he can go off the drugs to experience as much a normal male puberty as he can still manage. He’s young enough he might still recover and grow up to be a normal male. But the Lupron is killing that possibility with every passing month. There is a window for a true male puberty and Jazz is at the upper end for it.

        And there are some indications from recent reports that Jazz might even be a straight male, though with the GnRH blockers it’s hard to tell.

        WTF? Parents wanted a straight boy and that’s what they might have though they are warping him into what they think is a straight girl, which by my reckoning would be a gay dude.

      • Alex Says:

        Sorry I called you names. But you insulted me. It’s not nice to insult people. I don’t want my personal information put out on the Internet. And neither does jazz or her parents. That was my issue with you guys you keep posting her last name.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah right. “Alex” your shit is blown. You have no credibility left, pedo. I am no longer interested in the slightest in anything you have to say, much less your posturing concern about a child in whom your interest is…. unsavory. I suggest you leave feminist blogs, including this one, alone now. I’m going to email your info out to all the other bloggers to warn them. More importantly, I’m going to suggest to you that this is a wake-up call for you. Stop trolling the internet for posts about Jazz or any other minor that you are “interested in”. Get help. You will be leaving this blog now. Goodbye sir.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        Alex, you wrote, “Sorry I called you names. But you insulted me. It’s not nice to insult people.” Just for future reference, any apology followed by the word “but” is not in fact an apology, but rather an excuse to rationalize the bad behavior.

      • Melody Says:

        Gallus, who is this “Alex” person?? Do you know their number?!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Melody- It’s a figure of speech.”Got your number” means “figured you out”.

      • gchild Says:

        Funny you call Jazz a child now. Were you confused in your post earlier when you insisted that 14 yr old Jazz was a woman?

        “you risk Jazz’s life.”

        Typical reversal. If anyone harms that kid, its going to be guess who? MALES! MEN! Other MTT’S! And they can thank t.v., youtube, twitter, snapchat, etc. for the access.

      • gchild Says:

        That pedophilic creeks come out to suport trans is no surprise.

        Transing children is about sexualizing them.

      • Brunhilda Swecker Says:

        Their faces/house/etc. are all over the tv. How are they not outing themselves?

  11. ephemeroptera Says:

    What a breathtaking illustration for the blogpost: the sculpture viscerally communicates how our culture brutally forces children into two groups.

    I had been familiar with sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz’s work “Agora” from Chicago (where tall legs walking in no apparent direction confuse the viewer and instills the overwhelming impression of being lost as a member of the public suffering under a fascist government):

    I had no idea that the sculptor had taken on sex castes as a topic, and using the same legs motif to boot!

    How savvy and creative.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      But but, are you sure this was done by a woman, there is no girly pink or taffeta or mermaids or kittens…I’m so confuzed? Thank you Gallus Mag for this site, it continues to save my sanity every day.

  12. Oceans Says:

    “Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics. Characteristics that you call patriarchal and maybe are but that 7 billion people understand as feminity and masculinity.”

    The LOLs keep on coming. I don’t care how someone “identifies” but WHY do I have to endorse their delusion?? WHY do I have to play along? WHY do I have to look the other way when a male person takes a spot away from a female person (whether in school admissions or on a school sports team)?

    “Progressives” on this issue make my head want to explode. They deride religion, climate change and any number of other ideas because of scientific FACTS. But not this.

    In fact, using this person’s “logic” we should all just be religious (and more specifically Christian or Muslim) because billions of people everywhere are! What time do services start??

    • river Says:

      Best of all is the undone snaps on a onsie at age 18 mos. or something toddler-ish. Right there!! They knew he was a girl.

      Who is buying this? When is the crazy going to be shut down? Just repeat that to anyone who says this boy is a girl. Mom actually said that, and they still don’t see the scam?

    • background spinner Says:

      “Society says she’s a woman.”

      Well, I guess we should pack up and head for gender retraining camps, girlz, because “society” has ruled against us.

      And we know who “society” really is, don’t we?

      (somebody needs a koolaid detox, stat.)

    • coelacanth Says:

      That is precisely what is happening here. Just as billions of people believe in Abrahamic monotheism (and other religions) and to them this is absolute inviolable TRUTH; and those who do not believe are infidels who are literally still put to death in existing totalitatian theocracies like Saudi Arabia and others. Trans is a secular religion and is related to the other two current secular religions of Queer and SJW, with Trans acting as a Third Reich). The liturgy of the Trans Trinity is as follows: Fee-Fees = Politics; Frilly = Female; and Curbstomping = Thought Control. Trans is a secular totalitarian theocracy. And Alex is as much a zealot of the Trans religion, as are the billions of humans who every day kill (or are prepared to kill) for their gods and their truths. “Kill terfs dead” said with the sneer and a knife in hand is no different than the 17th century’s “suffer not a witch to live” said with the rack and torch in hand. No difference whatsoever.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        This is why I think trans is the logical outcome of so-called civilization. People worship books written by other people and think a piece of paper is more REAL than the actual Earth. Some crap someone once wrote down is more REAL than what you see with your eyes, smell with your nose, touch with your fingers, hear with your ears. Alex’s twisted thinking is not possible without total disconnection from the world around us, the world we are fouling and destroying as quickly as we can.

    • Bea Says:

      I love how Alex thinks US American gender stereotypes apply to all 7 billion people in the world. Dumbass needs some remedial education.

      • LC Says:

        Really. Why isn’t Jazz fetching water from the well, washing clothes, cutting grass with a machete, planting and harvesting corn, and selling homemade goods in a crowded marketplace during the summer? Sure, boys did some of those things too, but all the things on that list fall under “things I’ve seen girls Jazz’s age doing.” -Because they were girls, and it was expected of them. I don’t remember a single one of them expressing a fondness for pink or mermaids.

      • background spinner Says:

        Funny how you never hear MtT whining about their burkas being too short.

    • Bea Says:

      “Rachel Dolezal does not fit in best as a white person because she exudes so many black behavior characteristics. Characteristics that you call cultural and maybe are but that 7 billion people understand as whiteness and blackness.”

      • Akira Says:

        The best way to see if you’re being sexist is to just switch “girl” with “black” or any other minority race and see how that sounds when it comes out of your mouth.

        On that note, at least someone can be of mixed race, and it happens quite frequently (and Dolezal could use the excuse that, technically, everyone on the planet has African ancestry, although I don’t want to sound like I’m condoning her actions), but you aren’t normally a mix between sexes. And co-opting intersex lives is just as bad as co-opting another culture or sub-culture.

  13. Being a woman is how you identify yourself to the world and how you feel as a person.

    No, this isn’t true. Women get to define ourselves and males aren’t women. The fact that some males are different doesn’t mean that they are women. It just means that they are different.

    Vagina, uterus, ovaries, menstruation, XX chromosome = female

    Penis, sperm, and XY chromosome = male

    Adult female = woman

    First of all, the historical meaning of the word woman is an adult human female. Second, the female sex exists in and of itself. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. Please don’t bring up rare disorders of sexual development because this issue has been covered before on this blog. Rare disorders of sexual development are not the same thing as transgender. The vast majority of transgender identified people have no intersex medical condition. I’m not aware of any transgender person or trans celebrity who has an actual disorder of sexual development. Jazz Jennings and Bruce Jenner aren’t intersex. Robert, “Zoey”, Tur and Chaz Bono aren’t intersex. Before they “transition”, they are physically no different than other people. Intersex people have something physically wrong with their reproductive systems and bodies. Transgender people, on the other hand, undergo chemical and surgical procedures to radically alter their healthy bodies. I might consider a male with complete androgen insensitivity a “woman”. This is a grey area, and I’m more tolerant. When it’s clear that the male has no actual intersex genetic condition, he is male, and not a “woman”. Bruce Jenner is the father of 6 children by 3 different wives. Many MTFs father children. Jazz, born male, has to take GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) to halt what his biological male body is genetically programmed to do. He can’t menstruate like his sister, and he doesn’t have a female reproductive system. They can drug this male child, but he will never know what it feels like to be a girl or woman.

    Males can wear makeup and dresses and modify their bodies through chemicals and surgery, but they will never experience menstruation or pregnancy. They don’t have a uterus and ovaries. Even after SRS, they still retain their prostate gland. Because their bodies are still different, a male will never experience sexual pleasure the way a woman does.

    Womanhood isn’t a commercial product, (clothes, fashion, makeup, plastic surgery, etc.), and it’s not an internal thought process in the minds of men. Women actually exist.

    If “woman” is whatever people say it is, then the same reasoning should apply to all other historically oppressed groups of people. Race and ethnicity have no meaning, and there is no such thing as a shared history and culture among various ethnic and racial groups.

    Being a woman is how you identify yourself to the world and how you feel as a person.

    Change one word in this sentence and see how it sounds.

    Being black is how you identify yourself to the world and how you feel as a person.

    Rachel Dolezal is black because she says she is. From everything I’ve read, her parents are white, and she can’t point to any actual black ancestry. I don’t believe she has ever done any DNA testing. Does anyone know if Dolezal has had any DNA testing? Her parents say she is white. It doesn’t really matter. To Dolezal, “blackness” is just a personal identity and state of mind anyway.

    “Dolezal, 37, told the magazine she still identifies as a black woman – despite the fallout that drew national attention when her estranged parents outed her as Caucasian – and that it’s taken a lifetime to “negotiate” that identity.

    “It’s hard to collapse it all into just a single statement about what is,” Dolezal told the magazine. “You can’t just say in one sentence what is blackness or what is black culture or what makes you who you are.”

    She added that she’s not “African-American.” but “I would say I’m black, and there’s a difference in those terms.”

    If being black isn’t based on one’s ancestors, family tree, genetics, and shared history, then what is being “black” based on? If we rule out ancestry, then “blackness” is nothing more than cultural based assumptions of “blackness”. That is, stereotypes of what being black means. For example, pick any stereotype such as likes basketball, rap music, watermelon, fried chicken, etc. Please forgive me for sounding racist because I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m simply trying to make a point. If “blackness” is just a state of mind, and white people with no black ancestry can be black because they feel “black”, then the only thing we have left to judge “blackness” by is cultural stereotypes. To complete the “transition” into blackness, with plastic surgery and other body modifications and technology, Caucasians can turn themselves into “transracial” black identifying persons.

    Gallus, I don’t know that much about this particular website, but I love the photograph of Rachel Dolezal. Can you post this photo? If it’s too much trouble, don’t bother.

    I also love these graphics on this post.

    Speaking from a scientific point of view, I believe that it’s safe to say that there is far more of a biological basis for sex than there is for race. A lot of African Americans have some European ancestry. According to, the average African American is 65 percent sub-Saharan African, 29 percent European and 2 percent Native American. According to, the average African American is 75 percent sub-Saharan African, 22 percent European and only 0.6 percent Native American. According to Family Tree, the average African American is 72.95 percent sub-Saharan African, 22.83 percent European and 1.7 percent Native American.

    In primates, human and non-human, we know that biological sex exist. All primates and mammals reproduce sexually. All humans are born from women.

    People feel a righteous form of outrage and anger when a white person puts on blackface and appropriates black heritage and culture, but they celebrate males who put on lady face. One form of appropriation is just as offensive as another form of appropriation.

  14. They really are incapable of seeing just how sexist they really are. This is nothing more than warmed over sexism wrapped in glitzy new age packaging.

    “When she quite literally can because she exuding only female traits.

    “So Jazz does girly things..”

    What about the girls who don’t do “girly things” (play with dolls, etc.)? Are girls who climb trees girls? Or, should they all be transitioned?

    “From your article, a manly butch biker lesbian would be more female than Jazz. Biologically you are right. Though what I am trying to say is that Jazz fills more qualifications of being a woman.”

    Jazz, born male, who is, or was taking GnRH agonists to suppress his male puberty, and probably will be chemically sterilized and surgically neutered “fills more qualifications of being a woman” than a manly butch biker lesbian.

    It’s bad enough that their sexist attitudes are really retro 1950s. Children who don’t fit neatly into sex based stereotypes are being chemically sterilized and mutilated. It’s like an Orwellian 1950s sitcom meets Dr. Mengele.

    • Exactly.

      Jazz saying he’s a girl because he likes pink, dresses and make-up is like Rachel saying she’s black because she likes watermelon, fried chicken and malt liquor.

      It’s offensive.

      At least Rachel actually *worked* for civil rights. How many M2Fs have studies women’s history? I haven’t seen any of them care much about violence against women, income inequality, nor reproductive rights. Their #1 priority is getting in our bathrooms.

    • background spinner Says:

      Beaver Cleaver, for real.

      Can you imagine the talks he/she/hir (?) would have Dear Ole Dad? And their therapist? And their surgeons?

      Meanwhile, Mom would cook dinner, and a cake, cause that’s what real, excuse me, ‘ciswomen’ do.

      (I’ll stop now, and go gag.)

    • petuniacat00 Says:


  15. kesher Says:

    Sorry this is off-topic, but does anyone know what’s going on about Daryl Banks going on and on about his “rape” that was apparently actually a groping?

  16. Bea Says:

    So if a female dog, with ova, a vagina, a uterus…capable of gestating a litter of puppies…humps my leg, then it’s a male dog? My female dog has humped my leg before, I guess he’s male.

    Alex, how do you sex your pets? Based on their genitals or based on their behavior? If a male dog is wearing a pink collar, is it now a female dog? Should I ask my vet to “spay” my AMAW (assigned male at whelping) dog that now identifies as female?

    Is a rooster in fact a hen if you put a pretty bow around its neck?

    How should I figure out how to breed my dogs? I put a male dog in with a female dog (my dog with the pink collar and girldick) in the same room, but they started fighting and didn’t want to mate…how do I fix this?

  17. Loup-loup garou Says:

    How many times do we have to keep cutting this same f***ing Gordian knot?

    Butch biker lesbians cannot be “manly” by definition, because they are not men. There are as many ways to be a female human being as there are female human beings, and one is not more female or womanly than the other. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that they are female.

    Also, why does it always have to be a butch biker that gets trotted out as the dreaded “female-only-by-virtue-of-having-a-vagina” stereotype? Why not a Prius-driving butch stamp collector for a change?

    • LC Says:

      Football watching, beer drinking, golf playing, car fixing, metalworking, deer hunting, dog owning, model rocket building, hiking lover, smoking addicted, pool playing, knitting(Men invented it, so I read. Women were the first programmers), horse driving butch woman. Of course, even with all her hobbies, social norms still demand that she take care of the kids 24/7 while her husband reads the paper.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Brilliant. It’s because they hate us. For all the men posing as women in the media, no Butches are allowed to be shown (except the rare raped and beaten to death Teena Brandon) because we are bottom of the heap and greatest threat to male-supremacy and the trans cult. So these men ridicule us and lie about us. If all woman looked like Butches, grounded, solid, and disobeying male rules, the trannies would stand out like the drag queen het men they are.

  18. Bev Jo Says:

    Brilliant comments, Gallus Mag and the women here.

    Alex is so obvious when he reduces us to “Female means you were born with a vagina.” Men always focus on where they want to fuck women, ignoring what women most focus on, which our entire vulvas: clitoris, labia, etc. Male doctors give men surgered fuckholes they call “vaginas,” but they don’t make functional vulvas and they sure don’t change the male mind and entitlement, because they can’t.

    NOTHING about young Mr. Bloshinsky is or seems female. He simply appears as girls in this shallow consumeristic culture are expected to appear, none of which is truly female, or Alex would know that Butches are the opposite of “manly.” Jaron reeks of male entitlement, and I’m still curious what we’re not being shown since they do show us the tantrums and female-hating. I’m hoping for an expose like in the other TLC shows. 14 is an age where many boys do start assaulting girls and even animals. Not necessarily an innocent child any longer. How much could this family be paid for Jaron to suddenly change his mind and discover his inner male?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Oh thank god you showed up, Bev. I was about to get super depressed at the nauseating turn things took with “Alex”. Sometimes administering this blog is a disgusting task.

      Anyway my answer to your question “How much could this family be paid for Jaron to suddenly change his mind and discover his inner male?” is: I don’t know, but the ratings would be fantastic!

      Also: while one can make a decent living as a professional trans (at least at this trending moment), that is NOTHING compared to what Jazz could make as an out and proud gay man. Not to mention the boyfriends!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Look what happened with model Andrej Pejic- he had the world on a plate, then he became a “transwoman” and everyone got totally bored with him. They even made a movie about him but now no one even wants to see it. It’s the “in between” that people find compelling. Uncertainty. Androgyny. That is what is marketable.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        You do brilliantly! Never get discouraged, Gallus Mag. You are are champion and who I link to when the trans cult comes up online and elsewhere. But yes, it sure is disgusting!

        I still don’t get notices for responses when I post, so always let me know when you need support.

        Interesting that you posted Jazz’s female friends are actually paid actors. Girls I grew up with sure didn’t want to hang out with any form of boy at that age. And they are SO solicitous to him, which does not seem to be mutual.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Bev! BTW it was Bruce Jenner whose “friends” are paid actors according to gossip rags. But the Jazz show is totally staged, at best.

  19. nonny Says:

    Creepy dudes commenting on Gendertrender, 101:

    Step 1: Condescend to the womenfolk by slowly explaining the same ass-backwards misogynist gender theory that has already been dismantled up and down the blog. Do it sweetly and play dumb; that way, if they react poorly to your insulting ideas, you can insinuate that they’re full of rage while you’re just a nice calm rational dude trying to help their tiny brains to understand.
    Example: “Oh dear, I’m confused. :/ Or maybe you just don’t understand? 😉 Here, let me help :)))”

    Step 2: Oh shit, they didn’t take it well, and they’re smarter than you thought. So here’s where you try to smooth things out….but never apologize, or consider their experience, or actually genuinely address anything they’ve said to you. Demand they take you seriously, repeat yourself, and dismiss them. You’re the man, after all! Imply that you’re all on the same page, but don’t actually change your position, and continue slopping your random sexist trash all over the place.
    Example: “Aw shucks, can’t we just get along? I’m only trying to reach out, and we basically agree. :)))”

    Step 3: Still not working? Are they onto you? Time to go into distraction mode. After all, Mom isn’t coming home from her second shift to cook you lunch for 2 more hours, and you’ve already jerked off twice today, so you’ve got to do SOMETHING to pass the time. And remember: this is all theory at best and trolling at worst, and you’ve got no real stake in it. Emotional labor is for girls!!!!
    Example: “But wait, what about…. (deliberately obtuse comment, purposeful obfuscation, all-out lie, or some other derail)???”

    Step 4: If they finally get fed up with your tiresome ass and start to dismiss or insult you, demand they take you more seriously than you’d ever take them. Never forget Plan P: Projection, projection, projection.
    Example: “You’re all being childish/not playing fair!! How do you expect to win the laydee wars???? Men will never like you :(”

    Step 5: Too tired from a diet of hardcorn porn, vitamin D deficiency, and Dr. Pepper to keep going? Or maybe you feel like heading over to tumblr or twitter to fuel your narcissistic supply? Time to say goodbye then!
    Example: “I’m a nice guy, you feminazi bitches. Too bad you won’t listen to logic. And btw, I don’t want to have sex with you, which I know you must find insulting, since a *real* woman would want to be validated by the grayyish beenie weenie I’m packing.”

    Take note, fellas! We’re depending on you, like always!

  20. Fruitopia Says:

    Look, sex is based on genetics, and is absolutely immutable. Whether you are a man or woman is determined by that. Jazz can call himself a girl if he wants, him saying it and forcing everyone to say it along with him doesn’t make it true. He is delusional if he actually thinks he *is* a girl, but we know he really doesn’t, from his desperate need for validation of his femininity that all bio male trans exhibit.

    A few minutes observing his behaviour is enough to see that he is not a real girl. Although, from that mermaid picture, his hip and back shape look really boyish. He is only passing as a girl because he is currently pre-pubescent, and is following female fashion trends. Unless he artificially blocks his puberty, using drugs with severe side effects and other unknown consequences, he is not going to be able to pass any more within a couple of years. His male physiology will always win.

    By your own logic, a butch biker lesbian would be every bit as female as Jazz, since you seem to define genetic and anatomical sex by mental feelings. Do you not realise that lesbians identify as female, and therefore by your own logic are unquestionably female? But what you really mean is, the prettier a woman (or “woman”) is, the more female you consider her/him.

  21. bacopa Says:

    Believing there is such a thing as trans children is even worse than the kind of aversion therapy gender non-conforming boys were subjected to in the late fifties to early seventies.

    Over at Box Turtle Bulletin there’s a story about a GNC boy named Kirk who was pretty much murdered by aversion therapy in the early 70’s. But there were no drugs, hormones, and surgeries in Kirk’s case. Jazz faces worse odds. I made a couple of comments at the BTB Kirk thread saying that what Jazz and Coy have experienced is just as bad as what Kirk experienced and was immediately answered by an M2T who wished he had been transitioned as a child. I answered as best I could, but ditched he thread as I did not want to hijack the thread.

    As I said over on Cheki’s site, I fear Jazz is heading for a bad end. He’ll do porn before age 26 and die from the porn machine by 30.

    • kesher Says:

      Regardless if Jazz does porn, he’s being raised to crave attention, and that attention will likely be lost once he reaches adulthood and is no longer a media draw or precocious or cute. At that point, he’ll likely start acting out the way former child stars do. If he doesn’t destroy himself with drugs or suicide or both, I’ll be surprised. Child stars who make it without turning into wrecks as adults had parents who kept them grounded. Jazz very much does not have that.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      Let’s also remember one of George Rekers’s high-profile female victims from the mid-seventies, a girl identified as as “Becky” in her case history. (Rekers was the guy who subjected Kirk to that vile behavior modification pseudo-therapy. What he did to “Becky” was just as bad.)

      Oh, and you are extremely brave to question the official Big Gay, Inc. support for trans ideology at BTB. I used to be a regular reader there, and I still greatly admire the much of the work they’ve done, especially the way they essentially broke the story on anti-gay legislation in Uganda. Over the years, however, I’ve noticed the number of female commenters has dropped off dramatically; there’s a certain willful cluelessness on the part of the otherwise well-intentioned male writers at that site about the direct role misogyny and sexism play in homophobia. And then there’s a certain M2T — probably the one you encountered — who hijacks threads on a regular basis, and who is usually handled with kid gloves no matter how offensive he is towards other commenters.

      • Bea Says:

        I was thinking about David Reimer and how people claim his case study is evidence that there are male and female brains. I think it’s only evidence of the fact that:

        1) No boy whose entire penis was cauterized off is going to believe that his genitals are just like a girl’s. He had a twin brother, so presumably he was comparing his mutilated genitals to his brother’s.
        2) No one wants to be treated “like a girl” regardless of gender. Girls rebel, too. The argument that he was rebelling because he “knew he was a boy” is absurd. He was being abused just like girls are abused.
        3) Society thinks girls are just eunuchs, hence why trans has gained so much traction.
        4) He killed himself because he was used as a guinea pig, lied to, sexually abused by pedo Dr. Money, exploited by his parents, and didn’t have functional genitalia…

        I don’t think it says anything about male and female brains.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        And there goes the “But…David Reimer!!!!!” argument up in smoke, just like that. Fantastic takedown.

      • bacopa Says:

        Yes. After learning of Kirk I also looked into the Becky case. So tragic, but today Becky might have suffered physical and chemical damage.

        And yes. I think you identified the BTB commenter correctly. And yes, BTB is becoming less lesbian than it used to be, but it is still a good site for historical perspective and strongly resists transing the dead.

    • Akira Says:

      It doesn’t help that society isn’t doing much to steer him away from appropriating femaleness and then, as you said, probably dying in the porn machine.

      I read this on the Daily Mail (tabloid, I know), but the comments were horribly depressing.

      This boy wants attention, and when the media hype and showers of, “You’re the most special girl whose ever walked the earth by virtue of being trans!” wears away, he’s going to go looking for it somewhere else.

      Hopefully, real science will kick in and people will stop buying into this you-feel-like-a-girl-so-you-are mentality will go the way of the 1950s.

      On that note, as an androgynous individual, does that mean my brain is the superior genderless one? Can I identify as nothing and actually force the rest of the world to acknowledge me as such?

      • GallusMag Says:

        I know I do. When someone asks me what my pronouns are I tell them “Don’t use ANY pronouns for me. Nothing. Just open up your mouth and say nothing for a second, leaving a blank spot where any pronoun would normally be”.

  22. coelacanth Says:

    There is only one true way to test whether “Jazz/Jaron” is really a woman: Can they wash the skid marks out of male underwear? If yes, then a woman (get scrubbing). If no, then a man (“Mommy!”). Case closed.

  23. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  24. Imelda_66 Says:

    Gallus – I know you must feel like Sisyphus at times, but please also know that your labors are TRULY appreciated.

    You are a badass, and a hero.

  25. Brittney K. Smith Says:

    It’s quite obvious that Alex is under the spell of the Trans cult. It’s also so glaring that Alex somehow failed Biology, psychology and sociology somewhere.

    • michelle Says:

      and that is QUITE the trifecta to have failed so miserably with…most people seem to get at least a little bit out of one of them.

  26. petuniacat00 Says:

    Hey Gallus, none of my comments have been showing up lately. Am I blacklisted? If you don’t want me to comment that’s fine but just let me know and I won’t bother anymore.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t think you’ve been moderated, although I deal with hundreds of comments a day and could have forgotten. I know some of your comments went into spam a while ago (a week?) for some reason and I pulled them out. One of Kesher’s went in yesterday too and I pulled it out. I could have missed one or two because I get hundreds of spam comments a day. Several comments of yours from yesterday came through with no problem. I do have an autofilter on that prevents me from ever seeing comments from people who spam the blog (20 or 30 successive comments). I also moderate comments for varied reasons (being overly repetitive, pointless, grossly inappropriate, or just gross- you’ll note that my judgement in these matters is extremely liberal, so if I moderated you* [*the royal you, not you petuniacat!] it must have been pretty bad). I don’t bother announcing these instances on the blog because:

      1. in my experience folks would rather have an occasional comment flat-out moderated than moderated and also have me embarrass them publicly by announcing it on the blog 2. It’s annoying enough if I have to moderate “friendly” commenters without wasting more of my time and energy inmore “processing” over it. Sometimes moderating a high volume blog is more complicated than a bystander may assume. My time and energy is finite, sorry. 3. I will very, very rarely remove a single word or sentence from a long, thoughtful, otherwise good comment. Nothing that would ever change the meaning of a comment of course. I just leave the spot I’ve cut blank or put [xxxxx]’s or [redacted-GM]. Examples: The word “bozo” used to refer to a child. Cruel/casual reference to a person’s mother dying (a really awful person, but still…crosses a line for me). I have never had a commenter write to ask why this was done. It is usually self-evident, and if they prefer the entire comment scrapped, they can tell me. I’m not going to waste my time and energy expending more time processing on blog, publicly, in comments, in these instances.

      Once a moderation decision is done, it is done. Please keep in mind that I moderate hundreds of comments each day, many of them hateful or threatening, often from deeply troubled, violent individuals, day after day, every day, several times a day, without fail, regardless of sickness or health, personal obligations, family and other crises, for better or worse, neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night, for richer or poorer, in good times or bad, etc., without fail, week after week, month after month, with every season turn, turn, turn, for years on end, like an unfailing relentless infernal machine of moderating goodness, putting together without fail, without pause, a consistently pretty pretty package of riveting debate and sparkling awesomeness that draws you to it like a beautiful flame, a dancing golden spectral light flickering against the cool purple sands of dusk. Sound of an owl calling in the distance. The wind is rising…

      Oops I forget where this was going but that is the deal with moderation on this blog. I very seldom have to moderate friendly comments, thank god, but it does happen. I gotta run.

      • prozac Says:

        Gallus, you are one of my heroes, I do not use that term lightly. THANK YOU! (I’ve never really liked the term heroine, probably because it sounds just like heroin, and see no reason for the term to be gendered, really)

      • GallusMag Says:

        That is so nice of you! Thank YOU for contributing your thoughts to the best damn gender blog on the internet! XOXOXOXOX

      • nonny Says:

        It’s true. I like to think I’m tough but if I met Gallus irl I think I’d cry. You do so much. When I was in the trans cult years ago, I swear, just to know this space was out there planted the seeds of liberation and self-acceptance/love.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jesus. Thank you. You’ll make me cry! ((((Nonny))))

  27. lin Says:

    There’s a story about a “female rapist” running a pedophile ring in the UK. The photos of her arouse my suspicions, that maybe she is not female after all. I thought I’d consult you, GM, the expert on such things! Any input?

    • Fruitopia Says:

      I believe that’s a real female. Male and female arms are different, namely at the elbow joint: when women’s arms hang straight down to their sides, their inner elbows are turned forward, whereas men’s inner elbows are turned inward towards their torsos in this position. The female rapist has female inner elbows, is carrying extra fat, and has low muscle tone which are female tendencies. She is also making little effort with her appearance, whereas trans tend to doll themselves up excessively.

      Sadly this story has got disproportionate attention, and will have people crying “see, females can be perverts too!” While ignoring the fact that the vast majority of paedophiles are male, it’s just considered so normal that when a male offends, it usually gets little media attention.

  28. Brunhilda Swecker Says:

    Actually, 7 billion people do NOT have the same concept of gender for females and males (although in nearly all cultures, women are required to be subservient to males, which, I should point out, Jazz is perpetuating, by talking about using his sister’s vag so that he can ‘have children.’). If Jazz were introduced to a bunch of 1400 Century British people, they’d assume that he was a weirdly dressed male. If Jazz were introduced to a random African tribe that had no previous contact with Europeans/etc., they’d probably look at him as an alien.
    Female and Male are defined across the board in all cultures based on genitalia, not based on having the same culture. Gender is culturally defined.

  29. Pearl Says:

    Have you heard about this, Gallus?:

    “Transgender California inmate asking state to pay for surgery gets parole” –

    Mr. Jeffrey “Michelle” Norsworthy, the violent and alcoholic trans-“woman”, is about to be released on parole from a female’s prison after serving time for murdering a man over a drunken bar argument.

    He’s waging a crusade to force CA to pay for trans inmates’ reassignment surgeries instead of, you know, paying for it themselves if and when they ever get released. I feel, in the upcoming months, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for this thoroughly unnecessary cosmetic surgery is going to be yet another issue to gain attention for these special little snowflakes and their supporters.

    Uuugh, I’d say “At least he’s not being housed with women” but the change just feels like a lateral move in that sense because he’ll be able to infiltrate women’s spaces on the outside.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The Norsworthy case is a moot point because on Friday the California Department of Corrections changed their policy to allow ALL men who claim to believe they are women to get free SRS and be transferred to women’s prisons. Up until now the famous electrocution torture-rapist Richard Masbruch is the only man to be transferred to a women’s facility on the basis of his gender feelings. As of Friday, ALL MALE PRISONERS will be given SRS and transferred to women’s facilities if they declare gender feels. The first man to be transferred will be murderer and kidnapper Rodney James “Shiloh Heavenly” Quine, serving life in prison since 1987 without possibility of parole in a state with no death penalty. He will be transferred this year. Many others will follow. This policy change was removed from the legislative and judicial branches of government and settled inter-departmentally via political maneuvering by Obama administration appointees working behind the scenes. Same tactic used by this administration to erase Title IX and Title VII protections for women under “Gender Identity” (male gender feelings): bypass the courts and legislature.

      Note the involvement of Randi Ettner, Phd. Ettner is a pseudoscientific “energy meridian psychologist” and WPATH board member. She makes her living traveling around and giving paid testimony in cases which seek to allow men convicted of the most violent crimes imaginable to live out their crossdressing fantasies by being housed among women who are largely confined for non-violent offenses. Ettner’s husband, Frederic, is a medical doctor running a family practice for anti-vaxxers and sponsoring “Low T” testosterone clinic. Randi and/or Frederic have testified for pay in nearly every case in the last decade involving the desire of violent convicted male prisoners to be housed among confined women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also take note of the late Friday afternoon announcement. Classic political media tactic to avoid news coverage.

      • ElleDriver Says:

        Every time I read WPATH, I think warpath. As in they are on…

      • K Says:

        This is horrible….

      • GallusMag Says:

        Correction to my above comment: Rodney Quine was convicted in 1980, not 1987. After 28 years of incarceration (2008) he “came out” as believing he possessed a “female brain” and requested estrogen treatments, a belief which was indulged by prison personnel.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        Please nobody spend any time on this, because I’m just curious, but does anyone know more details about Quine’s crime? I know it was kidnapping, robber, and murder, but I don’t know anything beyond that. None of it matters to the discussion at hand, but when I read about murderers, I often wonder whether the person a) marched a convenience store worker outside and shot him (which would be kidnapping, robbery, and murder); or b) kidnapped his girlfriend, put her in the trunk of her own car, and killed her (which would be the same charge. Both are horrendous, but they are horrendous in different ways. And I did look up his name and his assumed name on google but wasn’t able to find anything more than the charges. Once again, please don’t waste time on it, but if you’re curious too and can conduct a better search, great. Actually, i’m a tiny bit more than curious, because if his crime was against a woman that makes housing him with women even worse (though both would be awful).

      • GallusMag Says:

        His victims name is here but since Google halted their news archives it’s near impossible to find anything more than a few years old:

        “Quine was convicted of the February 1980 first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery of Shahid Ali Baig, according to court records. She was sentenced to life in prison in 1981.”

        If you find anything, let us know.


        PS My gravatar / name – I’m so confused. I guess this is what I’m posting as now.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Jesus. Cold blooded killer. I wonder how many people Quine killed.

    • Radical Grandma Says:

      Enough of these freaks are being housed with women. People who are being punished for their crimes shouldn’t flourish on the taxpayers’ dime for their fetishes.

      This is evolving into an industry that makes big bucks for those who promote it. And it’s dividing feminists because it’s pitting women against women in favor of these men, many of whom have reaped the rewards of being male their entire lives and now wish to exert this privilege over natal women. And I’m saying men because in the majority of sex reassignment surgery, they are men and they dominate the trans community. They are attempting to re-write the feminist narrative by their bullying tactics and non-scientific baloney and in perpetrating the social construct of what it is to be a woman, such as stating they are “more feminine” than any natal woman by their living as a stereotype. More than a few have already been eaten up by the porn meat grinder and/or sex work, and retain the issues that prompted them to take such a radical step in the first place.

  30. alzira lutou Says:

    “she exudes so many female behavior characteristics” = “I can wank to it”

    Not even subtle.

  31. Bea Says:

    Neil Gaiman retweeted this Kickstarter. This man is claiming to not only be a woman, but a grandmother. What an insult.

    • GallusMag Says:

      His daughter’s wife is FTM. Neil’s.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Gaiman’s fiction is saturated with liberal-guy misogyny. For every Empowered Female Character® he manages to write, there are about five vagina dentata types.

      • janetwo Says:

        I am of two minds with Neil Gaiman because he also created some very compelling and complex female characters. That was a rarity in graphic novels when the Sandman was published. A spinoff of the Sandman, Death: the Time of your life was a beautiful story centered around Foxglove and Hazel, a lesbian couple. Transgenders are popping all over comic books over the past two years. Its really saddening that after having waited so long (I’ve been reading comics for 30 years) for women to be represented as more than caricatures, it seems that even feminist writers have swallowed the transgender Kool-Aid. The latest one being Kelly Sue DeConnick in an another otherwise great series, Planet Bitch: [planettransgenderdotcom/bitch-planet-writer-kelly-sue-deconnick-seeking-input-trans-community/] . Maybe the artists are just soaking up the Zeitgeist and regurgitating it without much thinking about the issues at stake. In general, the portraits of transgenders in fiction have been really sympathetic and the fundamental misogyny of the vast majority of them remains to be explored and represented in movies, tv shows and comics. The Wachowskis tv series, Sense8, is the latest installment of this trend. The token hacker, Nomi Marks, a transgender, is very likeable. There is a scene rather disturbing when Nomi and her girlfriend encounter a group of lesbians:

        “Lesbian feminist 1 (blue bandana): Wait, I know you. You’re the tranny that blogs about politics. I totally disagree with what you said about dropping LGBT

        Lesbian feminist 2 (tattoos, plad shirt): Hey c’mon relax. It’s a party.

        Lesbian feminist 1(blue bandana): We fought hard for that recognition

        Nomi: I just though that the distinctions were separating us

        Lesbian feminist 1 (blue bandana) : Bullshit. Just another colonizing male trying to take up any space left to women.”

        It is very hard to not feel sympathy for Nomi, except if one keeps in mind that she really is the voice of Laurence Wachowsky who was born with all the privileges and opportunities of a white dude. He transitioned in the nice little cocoon of fortune and celebrity and its unlikely that he suffered a day of poverty, persecution, that his ambitions were thwarted by his sex. I would even feel compassion for him as an individual straitjacketed by the gender stereotypes of the patriarchy, if I had not in mind the billions of women who will never have the benefits of a Hollywood platform to voice the injustices of their life as second class citizens. Recently I had a long chat with a young butch lesbian, who after years of training could not work in her trade as a plumber because no man wanted to give her an apprenticeship. But I guess that’s too mundane and blue collar to deserve attention.

        Here I am getting out of my depth because I am not a specialist in social sciences but it seems that the ground has been softened for years by post-modernist academics with an agenda of dismantling class solidarity, not only for women, but for any other dis-empowered groups. Clearly rich white conservative guys like Jenner can buy femininity, or anything else they fancy and get applauds for their courage. Its too quaint for the edgy privileged individuals to stand in solidarity. And why would they when they can turn the limelight back on themselves by appropriating the real struggle of others.

  32. Charlotte Says:

    “Jazz does not fit in best as a male because she exudes so many female behavior characteristics.”

    So behavior determines biological reality now? Do i stop being a woman when I wear pants or cut my hair? Because THIS is what Alex is insinuating. If jazz is a woman because he exudes what patriarchy says is feminine, then that also means women whom do not embrace what the patriarchy says are less female than this boy.

    So this boy, because he curls his hair and wears a dress, is more a female than I was while pregnant and wearing jeans with no make up?

    I gave birth in a hospital gown, a genderless item, why was I brought to the maternity ward? Why will jazz NEVER stay in one?

    Talking to Alex is like trying to explain evolution to a creationist: their belief makes them incapable of appreciating scientific fact.

    Women is NOT a fucking act, its a biological category of reproduction. One can no more become a female than I can become a tree, emulation is NOT actuality and its pure insanity/egotism to argue otherwise…

  33. “This policy change was removed from the legislative and judicial branches of government and settled inter-departmentally via political maneuvering by Obama administration appointees working behind the scenes. Same tactic used by this administration to erase Title IX and Title VII protections for women under “Gender Identity” (male gender feelings): bypass the courts and legislature.”

    This decision is unfair, morally unjust, and flawed for several reasons. It’s a flawed policy for both California taxpayers and female inmates, and the state refuses to look at the long term effects. The State of California chronically underfunds Medi-Cal, the primary health care system for the most vulnerable citizens. These are poor kids, low-income families, seniors, and the disabled. In the State of California, poor families can’t find a dentist or doctor who will accept Medi-Cal because the state reimburses doctors at such a low rate that it isn’t worth the doctor’s time to see a Medi-Cal patient. If the state doesn’t fully fund Medi-Cal for low-income families, why should it pay for sex reassignment surgery, hormones, special dilation rods, etc. for convicted murderers?

    I agree that these policy changes have been carried out behind closed doors with some politically savvy and well financed maneuvering. They don’t want public input. How it impacts women is of no consequence.

    In Sacramento, Democrats control the State Assembly and State Senate. These are the people who gave us AB1266. The Democratic Party has tossed women under the bus for this politically correct bullsh**. My question is why, and who funds these people.

    Where is their money coming from? I wonder how much money wealthy middle age cross dressing autogynephiles, porn producers, and HRC (run by white autogynephiles) are pumping into the Democratic Party. They have to get their money from somewhere. Transgender activists have always had a cozy relationship with porn. These men have more money than women, and in politics money is the only thing that matters. I bet people didn’t know that most pornography is made in the San Fernando Valley. California gives the world porn and “gender identity” laws and policies.

    They also control the media. For example, notice how the LA Times sugar coated what the monster Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch did to two women. Either the writer is too lazy to do any research, or she doesn’t care.

    “After recovery from successful surgery, Quine would be moved to a women’s prison, according to the settlement.

    The state has knowingly moved only one sex-reassigned male prisoner into women’s housing. That inmate was reclassified as female after he castrated himself. Six years later, state corrections officials consider her location too sensitive to post publicly.”

    Notice how they say, “her location” in reference to the sadistic monster Masbruch.

    There is a reason the CDC doesn’t want to disclose the location of Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch. The male inmate this article is referring to is Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch. Google his name, and read the court records. Gendertrender did a post on him. Masbruch tied two women up and sadistically shocked them with an electrical wire before raping them. He definitely had his penis when he committed this sadistic act. Masbruch never did undergo SRS. He self-mutilated his own penis and had to have it removed. The California Department of Corrections sent this rapist and monster to a women’s prison. The female inmates took care of Richard Masbruch themselves (stormed his cell and beat the crap out of him), and this is why he is in isolation. The CDC wishes it never heard of Masbruch. Truth be told, they don’t want anything to do with Quine either. This is just politics, and it’s done behind closed doors.

    As to convicted killer Quine, forcing female inmates to share sleeping quarters, showers, and personal space with a male violates the Constitutional rights of women inmates. Many female inmates are victims of unimaginable violence at the hands of males. Now, they have to share a cell 24/7 with a male.
    No one asked female inmates how they feel about sharing a tiny prison cell 24/7 with a male. There is something that most people don’t understand. SRS doesn’t magically turn males into females. Males still have their prostate after SRS. If anything goes wrong with Quine’s prostate, the women’s prison in which he is to be held has to find him a doctor to treat his prostate. SRS doesn’t really change one’s sex. Even after SRS, without additional plastic surgery such as facial feminization, etc,. these males still look male. The facial bones and male skeletal structure doesn’t change. For example, look closely at Robert, “Michelle, Kosilek’s face in photographs. Gendertrender posted some great articles about this convicted wife killer. He lost his appeal with the State of Massachusetts for taxpayer funded SRS. Kosilek has been on hormones, and even with SRS, he will still look male. Google “MIchelle Kosilek and photographs”. Google “Douglas Donna Perry” and photographs. He got SRS in Thailand, but he still looks male.

    Don’t tell me that female inmates aren’t going to notice this, and it’s possible that they could be emotionally triggered. Seriously, what female inmate would want to wake up everyday staring at someone like Kosilek or Perry? These women can’t escape prison, and they are there 24/7. The Constitutional rights of female prisoner are being violated. Women aren’t abused, raped, sexually assaulted, and physically harmed by a “gender identity”. They experience violence at the hands of males.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Raises the interesting question whether the right wing ballot initiative on sex-segregated state run facilities would solve this little problem for California prisons as well. Seems it would?

      • kesher Says:

        Do the new rules even require that male inmates be castrated prior to the move, or is this more along the lines of what’s been going on in the UK? Fully intact males being housed with women due to “identity”?

      • GallusMag Says:

        They conveniently avoided the controversy of officially issuing new rules. What they did is “settle” in Quine’s case against them (without admitting fault). They agreed as a matter of internal California Dept. of Corrections policy to allow Quine to have a free penile inversion and also to transfer him to be housed, per his wishes, among women whom the state has confined. By doing so they have initiated a new state DOC precedent for men who claim to have “female thoughts and feelings”. This action, by design or not, avoided creating LEGAL precedent on a federal level on the matter of whether males have the right to free cosmetic surgery and the right to live among women that the state has confined. (No female in the history of the entire universe has ever requested to be housed among incarcerated men, so this is effectively a male-rights initiative). Long story short, if the current political administration is replaced, the entire thing can be undone (except for Quine’s individual surgery and transfer). Perhaps they are just biding their time by doing this. It appears that the Privacy for All ballot initiative that right-wingers are attempting to have placed on the 2016 election would also overturn it.

        As for the legal precedent of the Norsworthy case, he is being paroled, but his case is still under appeal. I believe there will be a hearing on that case this upcoming Thursday to determine it’s status (whether the appeal will continue). If the appeal DOES continue, there is still the possibility of creating federal LEGAL precedent, as the Kosilek case almost did.

        So, to reiterate: A precedent-setting internal CDOC policy decision has been made. One man will definitely get a penile inversion and be housed among confined women. The floodgates are now open for other men to apply same using same tactics. No LEGAL precedent has been created on a federal level. This CDOC decision applies to California only. In the Norsworthy case, federal legal (Title 8) precedent could still be created if CDOC continues to appeal his case, and if the judge does not dismiss the case. A hearing is set for this Thursday to decide this. Any legal precedent in that case will apply nationally to all states.

        That is everything as I understand it. Hope that makes sense- sorry I was distracted as I was trying to write this. 😛

      • kesher Says:

        That they didn’t issue official new rules at least gives me hope that someone over there isn’t completely in the bag for the trans cult. It seems like they might also be trying to straddle the line between giving MTTs what they want and holding off lawsuits from women who will ultimately be victimized by these creeps.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “In the settlement, the state also agreed to change its policies so that transgender prisoners can access clothing and commissary items consistent with their gender identity. The state also affirmed that it is revising its policies regarding transgender inmates’ access to medically necessary treatment for gender dysphoria, including surgery.”

    • But I thought there were only a few doctors who perform this surgery? I’d be very surprised if they take insurance, let alone Medicaid. I would think this surgery falls under “boutique” procedures that are cash only. For one thing, insurance companies tend to have a strict standard of care, and from what I’m seeing these people are receiving NO standard of care. Even if they limit it to implants and hormones, plastic surgery is one of the highest paid specialties. I don’t see them accepting the Medicaid rate, nor would I want a doctor who would operating on me.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        Good point. I’m not convinced that transition is medically ethical, but trans people deserve proper treatment and it seems like they are a population that gets preyed upon by the unscrupulous, incompetent and out right quacks, quacks like this guy

      • GallusMag Says:

        Rosyln- Dr. Brownstein, the California FTM “top surgeon” retired this year and sold his practice to two surgeons from Belgrade. Apparently they agreed to do Norsworthy’s penile inversion. The amount of their compensation by the California DOC was not to my knowledge made public.

        Dr. Marci Bower is now in SF after getting booted out of Trinidad and he does accept insurance. But he does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. He tried to get them to reimburse him at least once, but the surgical reimbursement was less than three grand. He then tried to start a campaign to pressure Medicaid to increase the reimbursement but it seems to have petered out (no pun intended :P) He has the whole story on his website unfortunately I don’t have time to dig up the link but it’s posted in this thread

      • My guess is that they’ll be paying for these surgeries out of the DOC’s discretionary fund. Which is pretty tragic considering that California, like pretty much every other state, is having budget issues. Penal reform is big right now, not strictly because the sentencing discrepancies are insane, but because it costs so much to house inmates, especially as they age. I just don’t see how any state can sustain paying cash for any inmate who wants this surgery. It’s literally a get out jail free card, and they’ll be lined up out the door.

      • GallusMag Says:


        “The prettiest pussies are John Brown pussies.
        The happiest patients are John Brown patients.
        Because . . .
        1. Each has a sensitive clit.
        2. All (99%) get orgasms.
        3. Careful skin draping gives a natural appearance.
        4. Men love the pretty pussies and the sexy response.”

        EEEWWWWWWW. Just Ewwww.

      • I swear these dudes are some of the most clueless people I’ve come across in a long time. One is complaining about a doctor accepting Medicare in her OB/GYN practice. Of course she does. OB/GYN is one of the lowest paid specialties (Surprise!) Plastic surgery is one of the most highly paid, which is why you see so many gynecologists taking weekend seminars so they can practice plastic surgery, though most limit it to facial plastic surgery and stuff like Botox and Juvederm.

        The Medicaid rate might be a third less for a gynecological procedure, whereas it’s probably ten times less for plastic surgery. Of course they’re not going to accept it.

        As for that John Brown dude, Jesus Christ. I really, really wish I hadn’t read that. The lack of decent psychological care in this country is a goddamned shame.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        From the prosecuting attorney when they tried to get former patients to testify against Brown: “We were dealing with people who were very needy, very high-maintenance and sometimes petulant.”

        Surprise, surprise.

      • kesher Says:

        I’m not sure what reimbursement looks like for Medicaid, but Medicare tends to compensate according to how much the procedure reasonably costs plus a little extra for profit. So, yes, some regular doctors will accept that to keep the money rolling in, but a plastic surgeon would sneer at it. They’re accustomed to cash patients who pay full price; why should they settle for less?

        The real question is, why are health systems (government and private) paying for something that, at best, counts as a lifestyle choice and self-actualization and isn’t a health care need? This is one area where I’m grateful for our greedy, dysfunctional health care system, it keeps MTTs from wasting resources the way they have in the UK.

  34. Pinko Roosevelt Says:

    I want to express my deep gratitude that this blog exists. I’ve spent the last few years thinking, “Well, I guess I’m a bigot because I know this isn’t right and I won’t agree that it is just for the sake of being ‘progressive’ ” as transgender men have bullied their way into all discussions and spaces that women have. Any time that you’re told that you’re hateful, a terf, that you don’t matter because trans men are more important, just know that every day a woman or girl may stumble onto this blog and say “THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!” and how important it is for her when that happens. Again, thank you so much

  35. Gallus, I don’t know how the state initiative Privacy for All relates to males in women’s prisons.

    This is it…

    This Act shall be known as the Personal Privacy Protection Act.

    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person shall use
    facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government
    buildings. (*biological sex define below)
    (b) A civil claim for violation of privacy shall lie against a government entity or a person for willful violation of this section. Such claim includes equitable relief and damages up to a maximum of three times the amount of actual damage but in no case less than $4,000, and attorney’s fees that may be determined by a court. A claim is limited to individuals whose privacy was actually violated while using facilities or who did not use facilities because of a violation under the Act.
    (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no business
    establishment shall be subject to criminal, civil, or administrative
    sanctions, or civil suits for requiring employees, patrons, students, or any other person to use facilities in accordance with their biological sex.

    (d) Definitions:

    (1) Biological sex means the biological condition of being male or
    female as determined at or near the time of birth or through medical
    examination or as modified by Health & Safety Code § 103425. (**really confusing because SRS doesn’t change biological sex)
    (2) Business establishment means any commercial or noncommercial entity open to, and serving, the public.
    (3) Facilities mean restrooms, showers, dressing rooms, and locker
    (4) Government entity shall include, but not be limited to, the state of California, any city, county, city and county, public university system, community college district, school district, special district, or any other political subdivision or governmental instrumentality of, or within, the state..

    California Health & Safety Code § 103425

    (a) Whenever a person has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition, the person may file a petition with the superior court in any county seeking a judgment recognizing the change of gender.
    (b) If requested, the judgment shall include an order that a new
    birth certificate be prepared for the person reflecting the change of
    gender and any change of name accomplished by an order of a court of this state, another state, the District of Columbia, or any
    territory of the United States.

    103426. The State Registrar shall issue a new birth certificate
    reflecting a change of sex without a court order for any person born
    in this state who has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for
    the purpose of gender transition and submits directly to the State
    Registrar the affidavit described in subdivision (a) of Section
    103430 that includes the signature and physician license number of a licensed physician. Upon receipt of the documentation and the fee prescribed by Section 103725, the State Registrar shall establish a new birth certificate reflecting the person’s correct sex and any change in name, if accompanied by a court order for a change of name.


    (1.) Does “undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition” mean actual SRS surgery, or just hormones, or both? Most MTFs don’t get surgery. Who can forget Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room?

    (2.) If it gets enough signatures and is passed by voters, how will Privacy for All deal with males in women’s prisons? I don’t know.

    * The majority of California taxpayers don’t want tax payer funded sex reassignment surgery for convicted murderers or rapists.
    * If violent rapists like Masbruch get their sex legally changed under Health & Safety Code § 103425, will they be housed with female inmates? This is terrifying to me.

    A lot of information on this blog.

    I personally think someone should sue the State of California on behalf of female inmates whose Constitutional rights are being violated.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Gallus, I don’t know how the state initiative Privacy for All relates to males in women’s prisons.”

      Prisons are government facilities.

      Oh, I see what you are saying. If male convicts get a legal “gender” change they are granted unrestricted access to invade women’s privacy. Jesus what a toothless ballot initiative.

      Rodney Quine hasn’t even changed his legal name, I doubt he’s changed his legal “gender” marker.

      Excellent reporting. Thank you.

  36. Chippy Says:

    @ Fruitopia

    “But what you really mean is, the prettier a woman (or “woman”) is, the more female you consider her/him.”

    That statement, right there, punched me in the gut because it’s exactly what I think they want everyone to believe.

    Before I got out of the mess I was in, (short story – unwillingly got involved in a MTT’s fantasy on my first job. yep, it was weird.) I really started to resent being told s/he was more of a woman than most women and more woman than me. I don’t know why the trans crowd and friends always think they’re making a point by saying a MTT is more woman than most women.

    I am woman. I didn’t decide to be a woman, biology did. I don’t wear dresses, don’t like pink, never played with dolls and preferred bugs over flowers. But I am woman. A real woman with real working woman parts. No man is more woman than I am no matter how many surgeries, hormones, pink stuff and fluffy bunny malarkey is added to the mix.

    I am offended, deeply offended, by those who would dare to question how much of a real woman I am. I don’t have to prove being a woman because I AM A WOMAN.

    k, rant over….just had to get that off my breast!

  37. Margie Says:

    “. . . she exudes so many female behavior characteristics. Characteristics that you call patriarchal and maybe are but that 7 billion people understand as feminity and masculinity.”

    Except that when it was pointed out that “Zoey Tur” acted like a macho man when he threatened on TV to send a fellow panelist home in an ambulance, the response from trans activists was “Oh, so you’re saying that women can’t be aggressive and violent?!”

  38. I’ve been doing some more research on the Personal Privacy Protection Act. Any woman would have to be a fool to support it. Either these people were too lazy to do any serious research, or they are secretly being paid by transgender activists. If you live in California, please do not sign a petition to put it on the ballot unless “or as modified by Health & Safety Code § 103425” is deleted.

    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person shall use
    facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government
    buildings. (*So far so good, but look how they define biological sex…)

    How do they define biological sex?

    (d) Definitions:

    (1) Biological sex means the biological condition of being male or
    female as determined at or near the time of birth or through medical examination or as modified by Health & Safety Code § 103425.

    This is very confusing because Health & Safety Code § 103425 has nothing to do with biological sex. Sex Reassignment surgery and/or cross gender hormones doesn’t change one’s biological sex.

    In California and most other states that have gender identity laws, to get a legal change of gender people don’t have to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

    For some reason, a lot of people automatically assume that all males who “transition” undergo sex reassignment surgery This seems to be the commonly held belief among the general public. This is far from the truth. People who read this blog know that many, if not most MTFs never undergo SRS. They might be on hormones, get breast implants, facial feminization, etc. but they still have their penis and testicles. I don’t know what the percentages are, but I’m sure it’s 50/50 odds or higher that he still has fully intact male genitalia.

    In women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers, what counts is male anatomy. That is, does he still have his penis and testicles?

    What is “clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition” under California Health & Safety Code § 103425? It seems that in 2014, it became easier to get a legal change of gender.

    This is from a transgender website:

    What “clinically appropriate treatment” means for you is between you and your doctor. If you have questions about your specific situation, give us a call or send us an email.

    Below is another article from a transgender website.

    FAQ: The Vital Statistics Modernization Act

    AB 433 FAQ
    The Vital Statistics Modernization Act clarifies the documentation and residency requirements for obtaining a California court-ordered gender change. This new law clarifies that both individuals born in California and individuals who currently reside in California may petition a California court for a gender change. In addition, the Act changes the documentation standard for obtaining a legal gender change in California from “surgery that changes sex characteristics” to “clinically appropriate treatment for the purposes of gender transition.”

    Is it important that I get a court-ordered gender change?

    Everyone’s identity document needs are different. Getting a court-ordered gender change can go a long way towards helping a person establish their correct gender on their different identification documents. Also, there is no law requiring a person to change the gender marker on their I.D. or birth certificate if they don’t want to. However, since every state and federal agency has its own rules governing gender change (and some states do not permit gender change to a birth certificate) it is possible that even with a California court order, a person will still have different gender markers on different forms of I.D. Also, there is no law requiring a person to change the gender marker on their I.D. or birth certificate if they don’t want to. However, obtaining a court order is an excellent way to establish that you have legally changed your gender and that the State of California recognizes this change. This can be very useful if a person wishes to get married or in some employment and education situations.

    You will need a declaration from any licensed physician with whom you have a doctor-patient relationship and who is familiar with your transition-related treatment.

    What does the physician certification have to include?

    The letter should include the doctor’s name, address, medical license number, and state that it is sworn on penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of California. It should also include a statement that the physician believes the patient has received appropriate clinical treatment to change their gender.

    What is considered “appropriate clinical treatment”?

    The Vital Statistics Modernization Act recognizes that different people have different medical needs, and that treatment options must be decided by healthcare professionals on an individual basis. You are entitled a legal gender change if you can establish that you have had clinical treatment that is determined by your healthcare provider to be appropriate, in your individual case, to facilitate gender transition. There is no one specific treatment that is required, and details of your treatment – including information about surgery, hormone treatment, or other treatments – do not need to be provided to the court in order to obtain the gender change order.

    (*in other words, he can still have his penis and testicles and get his birth certificate changed)

    If Colleen Francis moved to California and gets a legal change of gender, he can legally walk around with “her male genitalia” in any women’s college locker room. I think prior to the incident in the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College, Francis was on hormones for a couple of years. All he would have to do is get a doctor to say he has had “clinically appropriate treatment’ He can still keep his balls and penis, but he can change his birth certificate..

    These links have been posted several times before, but new people to this blog who haven’t had a chance to look at them should read them.

    Evergreen State College campus security

    This is how Privacy Protection Act defines facilities.

    (3) Facilities mean restrooms, showers, dressing rooms, and locker

    In California, people don’t have to get sex reassignment surgery to get a birth certificate changed. Just find a doctor who will do some “appropriate clinical treatment” ( you don’t have to say what it is – maybe some laser hair removal and perky boobs, but he will keep the penis). He has access to “facilities”. I wonder if this was really written by the HRC.

    Again, if you live in California do not sign a petition to put this on the ballot. Make sure “or as modified by Health & Safety Code § 103425” is deleted. I emailed and wrote them to tell them to please change these seven words.

    If you care about California, please email these people.

    This is a conservative group, so it’s strange that they would do something that makes it easier for fully intact males to access women’s restrooms and locker room.

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