My Disservice to My Transgender Patients

August 12, 2015

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By Kathy Mandigo

image  I am packing up my stuff to move, and I came across a folder of work-related papers. One item was a card I had forgotten I had, but as soon as I opened it, I remembered it and the sender. It was a card of thanks from a transgendered patient, a lesbian who transitioned to a man, expressing appreciation for my help in her* journey to become the man she felt she was.

*(While I used to accede to my patients’ chosen pronouns, I now use the biologically appropriate one.)

I saw this patient at a youth clinic (patients under 26), and she was usually accompanied by her girlfriend. She had been seen and assessed and started on treatment at the Gender Dysphoria Clinic that ran at the time in a local hospital. I initiated nothing, merely administered the testosterone injections they prescribed.

I watched my patient…

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72 Responses to “My Disservice to My Transgender Patients”

  1. Elle Says:

    Thank you for sharing this honest and well-written article. It would be nice if society could give more credence to a woman’s actual firsthand professional experiences than to men’s delusions.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I would like to see the medical profession, at a bare minimum, apply the same care and caution to potential transgender patients as they do with childfree patients requesting voluntary sterilizations. Many of the childfree discussion boards speak of doctors who require that the childfree sterilization patient be at least 30, see a therapist for six months, and/or have considered alternative parenting plans they change their minds later (e.g. adoption). Since surgical transgenderism causes sterility in addition to a plethora of other changes, it is bizarre that the medical community doesn’t seem to be applying any brakes.

      • bacopa Says:

        I think the doctors are sometimes bigger fetishists than the trans people themselves, especially in the case of trans children. Watch the “dollmaker” video on TED by Dr Spack. And then there’s the father/son breast surgery team that does mastectomies for supposed F2T’s. They also do breast implants. These dudes are basically breast mutilation fetishists. They have robot skeletons with giant metal tits in their waiting room. They are FREAKS and they show it, but not that many run away. F2T’s are full of self hate, and het women going for implants are almost as bad off.

        This is so upsetting to me. I grew up in the 70’s-80’s when the whole message was there is no wrong way to be a boy or a girl. We had lots of GNC examples. Boy George, Jane Wiedlen at her butchiest, Joan Jett, and that guy from Dead and Alive. They were men and women, and we understood this. GNC kids took a little heat. We mostly accepted a few queerish boys, and the girls had basketball and softball, and the most lesbian tending of them joined science clubs and got along fine by dating sexually repressed science boys.

        We were smarter back in the 80’s when we were supposedly less enlightened.

  2. prozac Says:

    … And I live in the same city AND I have no doctor at the moment! Wonder if she’s taking new patients?

  3. From the article….

    “..At the beginning of my years of practice, with my youth and inexperience, I thought I had an obligation to follow the patient. Now I believe that I failed these patients, and that I have a superseding obligation to tell the truth to my patients. I regret every testosterone injection I gave, every estrogen prescription I refilled, and every time I colluded with my patients in their gender delusion. I regret not speaking up to my colleagues and to my patients, instead giving in to the coercion I felt to go along rather than dare to question. I regret not having had the courage to ask questions to get to the story beneath the gender dysphoria story, to find out why my patients had ever been made to feel there was anything wrong with them in the first place. I want to tell the women that we need them as women, and especially as lesbians; I want to tell the men that no amount of medicalization will make them women. ”

    I bet there a lot of doctors who feel the same way, but they remain silent. Trans is the new thing, so they all have to get aboard.

    • atranswidow Says:

      The big difference here is that she was listening to her inner doubts as she matured in age, experience and wisdom, not only as a doctor, but as a woman, a feminist and a lesbian. This inner voice played a bigger role in her dealings with her patients than mindlessly following WPATH or APA guidelines. She saw her patients firstly as human beings not as transgender. The medical profession has been gaslighted from within to believe that trans can do no harm, tell no lies and be anything other than the oppressed rather than the oppressor.

  4. Biscuit Says:

    I’ve written about this before, but one of my siblings came out as transgender. He has a very severe mental illness (either severe bipolar or borderline personality or both), but upon coming out, he claimed his problems were due to not being recognized as his true gender.

    He began seeing a young (right out of school) psychiatrist who specializes in transgender issues. His behaviour has become WAY WORSE. I don’t even know where to begin in describing this, but believe me, for a mentally ill person, validating one delusion just makes their problems far worse.

    • kesher Says:

      Do you think some of it might also be delusions specific to the trans community? That all MTTs are, by definition, above reproach? That any bad acts committed in the past are “old news”, and they’ve been born anew? That male pattern aggressiveness is now “female” aggressiveness because they “identity” as women?

      I’m just curious if it’s not even just humoring of the delusion that’s the problem, it’s also the self-serving ways these delusions manifest in the trans community. Trans ideology seems tailormade to condone predatory and unstable male behavior.

      • Biscuit Says:

        Good point. I’ve noticed that it’s actually very common for male transgender people to refer to their ‘past’ selves in the third person. My sibling does this. It’s just weird and unsettling.

        I’ve noticed Jenner (Bruce) doing that – acting like anything that he did in the past is irrelevant. Is it so he doesn’t have to mentally deal with the fact that his bad driving killed someone? Who knows.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Biscuit: Persons with borderline personality disorder can actually be made worse in counseling because the therapist only hears the patient’s side of the story and thus reinforces the patient’s delusions.

  5. prozac Says:

    I would also like to comment on the fact she mentions the transgender clinic is located in children’s hospital. Children’s hospital is right beside BC Women’s hospital where most Vancouver women give birth. (those who choose to give birth at hospital, anyways) You’d think the proximity to so many pregnant women and NICU would be “triggering”. It makes no sense why this clinic would be here as opposed to say, St.Paul’s, which is downtown and pretty much in the LGBT neighborhood of the west end (and has mental health facilities) or VGH, which is a much larger and more centrally located General hospital. I also note children’s and women’s hospital is in a much more upscale neighborhood than the other two I’ve mentioned.. So much for accessibility. I’m going to look into this to see why this decision was made as I find it unsettling.

    As an aside, the pride parade was plagued with controversy this year as all participants in the parade (and it is huge) had to sign a pledge that they would politically support gender identity and gender expression being added to the list of protections under the bc human rights code. Certain parties have argued that trans are already protected under the code, but of course, it’s not quite good enough for the trans. Also, it wasn’t enough for the riding association to sign; a member of the board of directors had to sign as well as every politician marching in the parade. As a result, certain parties were excluded but CAN-FAP, a foreskin rights organization was allowed to match after previously being banned for full frontal nudity. Yes, it’s insane here. (Gallus if you feel this part of my comment is irrelevant feel free to edit -it is more to illustrate the specific political climate Dr. Mandingo finds herself in)

    • kesher Says:

      I assumed, when she mentioned it’s in the children’s hospital, that it mainly or solely exists to “treat” gender non-conforming children.

    • Imelda_66 Says:

      Wow. Having to sign a loyalty oath to teh Tranz before one can march in Pride parade. I can’t even get my mind around that….no, actually, I can.

    • coelacanth Says:

      Lucky you, living in Vancouver because you can bask in the glory of an all-Trans film festival (formerly gay and lesbian film fest, now all trans). Oh, the fun you will have! Bring your friends — or else (curbstomp!). We don’t need a trans film festival over here in Toronto because our city has been 100% Trans for the past 15 years! You trans-starved provincials are just catching up.

      • prozac Says:

        Hey, in the words of morgane oger (we all remember morgie, don’t we?)

        “We knew the writ-dropping was coming but we told them if your party drops the writ during the day of the Pride parade in Vancouver, which is about trans Pride, then I’m sorry it would just be wrong for you to participate,” explains Morgane Oger of the Trans Alliance Society.”

        See? Pride parade is about trans pride. You gays can shove it!
        But seriously, I’ll trade you the bc human rights tribunal (now working to remove sex from ID!) for Rob Ford. Do we have a deal?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Canada has lost its freakin’ MIND. Has it forgotten that it’s a free country, and people are allowed to think as they wish?

    • Fruitopia Says:

      You just described an anti genital mutilation group as a “foreskin rights” organisation.

      It’s fine to use nudity to make their point. Parents should have no right to choose how much of their genitalia their children get to keep.

      It’s interesting that you attempt to portray the genital integrity organisation as some kind of crazy fringe movement, ignoring the fact that 80% of the world agrees with them.

      • Fruitopia Says:


      • prozac Says:

        I described them in the way they had been described elsewhere. The organization is called CAN- FAP. You DO realize fap is another word for wanking, jacking off, masturbation generally of the male variety? I somehow doubt this is a coincidence. My only comment was on the full frontal nudity and subsequent banning, NOT my personal opinion on genital mutilation.

        “It’s fine to use nudity to make their point. ”

        And what point do you think an uncircumcised penis makes? I am foreskin, hear me roar? Now watch me fap? Lol.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        @Prozac calling them a “foreskin rights” organisation is insulting and wrong, and you know it. It is a firm statement on your views on genital mutilation.

        I didn’t pay attention to the acronym, but there is nothing wrong with it. Circumcised men are limited in this way. They have to use lubrucation during masturbation and penetration – they can’t just do it any time like uncut men. There are many things uncut men can do in these activities that cut men can’t. Some cut men have no pleasure at all, due to 70% of the nerve endings being removed.

        In some societies foreskins are considered disgusting, so some would argue it is radical to display them unashamed.

        I’m sure you would not be so prudish about nudity and naughty words if it was a cause you cared about.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Enough with the circumcision derail. Thanks.

    • Margie Says:

      It’s disgusting that there wasn’t a mass rebellion against the mandatory pro-trans pledge. Even if you support the trans activists’ demands, how vile is it that lesbian and gay people would be excluded from a gay pride march if they don’t hold the correct views about some issue concerning heterosexual crossdressers?

      This is how it goes with any parasitic invasion. Initially, the parasite’s position is precarious, so it takes care to keep a low profile within the host’s body and not appear to be a threat. Later, it embeds itself, taking control of the host’s body and modifying the host’s behavior to further the parasite’s interests. Further on, the parasite so completely controls the host that it no longer cares about detection. That seems to be where we are now vis a vis the T invastion of LGB. You can see the difference between, say 2000 and 2015. No one would have dared to bar people from gay pride if they didn’t pledge support for trans activism. But in 2015, they smirk while they do it. Of course, the final stage of this drama is where the parasite departs, after it has killed the host or depleted it of everything of value.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Margie: I think this type of demand will become common in the US parades in the next few years. The gay and lesbian community won its major recent battle: marriage. The 2015 parades were a celebration of the SCOTUS decision, so the 2016 parades will likely be looking for a new focus. I believe the planning committees will see an influx of transgenders wanting the parade themes to be about them.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s interesting to compare this pledge with the other side of gay pride: The gays have to include literally everyone, including straight people who want to have sex with the planet. I’m not even kidding about this:

        They’re even demanding that an E be added to the alphabet soup.

        So, a bunch of annoying, appropriative straight people? a-okay Anyone who’s not a slavish devotee to the trans cult? Get the fuck out.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I’ve seen trans described as a cult, which it certainly resembles, and now you’re describing it as a cancer, which seems pretty apt as well!

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Ecosexuals? Good grief. All those tree-huggers need to stop it at once. The tree did not consent to that.

        Imagine the Thanksgiving conversations that’ll take place all around the SF Bay Area from now on. Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bernie, who’ve flown in from Minneapolis, innocently mention the Sierra Club retreat they went on last June. Grandma turns slightly pale; granddaughter Taylor says, “You’re sooo brave.”

      • coelacanth Says:

        Zemskull, very astute comment. This is precisely what happened in Canada where we got homosexual human rights and gay marriage enshrined in law well over 10 years ago.

        At that time, gay radicals said these gains were nothing more than an assimilationist sell-out (whatever that means) and that the true marginalized, the “drag and leather folk” (their exact words; aka “whips and wigs”) were left behind in the purported stampede for homo bourgeoisification. Sexual extemism was reified into a litmus test of queer/Left activist credibility and trans was elevated into the true “spirit of queer”. At that moment, Queer Theory took the wheel and trans moved from the trunk into the driver’s seat as the most unassimilated, the most oppressed, the most thrown under the bus by greedy middle class gays. Voila, Oppression Olympic champions!

        Rewriting history to present themselves as the founders of the gay and lesbian rights movement, Trans emerged to fill the void left when tens of thousands of homosexuals left the political arena forever after having secured our goal — we wanted laws enacted to get society off our backs so we had a level playing field with heterosexuals in employment and housing; and when we got it, we all went back to living our lives. Or most of us did. Those who did not, changed their labels and orientations from gay and lesbian to Queer.

        These Queers helped Trans emerge from where they had formerly resided — in the nooks and crannies of kink parties, wig bars and fetish subcults — to a place that filled the societal void left by the departed and victorious gays and lesbians. And worse, Trans exploited the massive public goodwill developed (and paid for in blood) over decades by homosexuals — trans manipulated this social capital to con and bully the public into an if you love me (gay), then you have to love my dog (trans) situation. If you gave the gays rights and love, then you better give it to us trans or else what are you, bigots? The many community organizations built by gay men and lesbians were also abandoned as LGBTQ Trans discovered them, demanded them, and invaded.

        We have lived this situation in Canada now for over 10 years and there is no gay or lesbian life of any kind anywhere in this country (what is left has returned to the private spaces of people’s homes like in the 1950s). All is now LBGTQ which means Queer which means Trans. In the US, this process has just begun. Gay Pride will become LBGTQ Pride will become Queer Pride will become Trans Pride and anyone involved will have to sign pledges, oaths, ransom (confess and death will be swift) that they worship the Trans — just as happened in Vancouver this year.

        Welcome to the New Trans Universe. Buh-bye, faggots. Hello, Call me Cait. The sneer. The knife. The End.

      • prozac Says:

        Something I discovered yesterday while poking around on the bcchildrens site posted above was a sort of guide for transgenders navigating bc human rights services. The guide was written by barbara findlay, qc, who iirc was Kim Nixon’s lawyer against Vancouver rape relief and seemingly specialises in these cases. One of the first sentences in the guide is that transgender people are already covered in the bc human rights code and do not need “gender identity or gender expression” added to the code.

        Angela Dawson would not have gotten $15,000 from the VPD when they addressed him in accordance with his legal name and gender, as opposed to calling him by his new, undocumented name and gender if they weren’t protected already.

        This was literally all about attention, appearances and coercion. Perhaps I should add exclusion and power to that list too. What a waste of energy.

      • Margie Says:

        I’m replying to myself b/c it’s the only way to nest a reply to everyone else here. Love reading all your wonderful thoughts. I think we can have some hope that the LGBs, the “host organism” in my analogy, might just wake up to the fact that we’ve been invaded. There have been so many incidents in the last few months where trans activists became bold in their attacks on Ls and Bs and Gs, and in each case got burned.

        – There was the furious lesbian reaction to the boycott of MichFest, which forced two major transjacked “LGBT” organizations to disassociate from the boycott, to the great dismay of trans activists.

        – There was the furious bisexual reaction to an anti-bisexual blog post by the LGBTQ Task Force’s Evangeline Weiss. She posted that she was ready to say “Bye Bye to the word bisexuality” because it promotes the gender binary. And just to rub it in, she posted it on Bisexual Awareness Day. After a huge backlash by the Bs, the Task Force removed the post and apologized. (BTW, the Task Force itself is in bad financial shape. It ran a deficit of $2 million in the last year reported to the IRS. Not one”LGBT” press outlet has covered this. It seems that LGBs aren’t keen on giving money to the most transjacked organization in existence.)

        – There has been a negative reaction by the Gs to a number of trans attacks, including the trans/queer attack on the new Stonewall movie and the banning of drag queens from a pride vent in Scotland. The transgenders are attacking the movie because it doesn’t (falsely) portray the riot as a transsexual event. In fact, one of the key figures in the riot was a lesbian who resisted arrest, but trans activists are happy to erase her role in favor of a fake version of events. The Scottish drag queen ban was quickly dropped under a barrage of criticism.

        But the important takeaway isn’t the specifics of these battles, but rather that each incident caused Ls and Bs and Gs to consider, maybe for the very first time, why and how T got grafted onto LGB in the first place. We need to keep raising that question, never letting “LGBT” be accepted as reality.

      • ElleDriver Says:


        “– There has been a negative reaction by the Gs to a number of trans attacks, including the trans/queer attack on the new Stonewall movie and the banning of drag queens from a pride vent in Scotland. The transgenders are attacking the movie because it doesn’t (falsely) portray the riot as a transsexual event. In fact, one of the key figures in the riot was a lesbian who resisted arrest, but trans activists are happy to erase her role in favor of a fake version of events.”

        I’ve been watching this one and am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Considering the film has an indie distributor– Roadside Attractions– Stonewall was never going to be a massive wide-release film. If it follows the model of Roadside’s current big release, Mr Holmes, then Stonewall will be playing on around 2% of the movie screens in the U.S. It would’ve opened in September, finished its run, and I doubt many would’ve noticed.

        But with the Transgenda! singling it out for destruction (and truly, I almost think this is some kind of PR ploy on the studios part), the film suddenly has people talking, debating, etc. And the creepy, crawly worms of the Stonewall myth are unearthed *ahem* SylviaRosen-was-an-opportunist-who-built-his-cred-on-lying-about-Stonewall.

      • Margie Says:

        Again, I’m replying to myself b/c it’s the only way to nest a reply to others here. First, something of general interest to everyone regarding this “LGBT” discussion. It is hot off the presses, and comes to us from Cleveland, of all places. A editorial column by an HBS, who calls for getting the T out of LGB. I think this may be the first time I have seen a piece like this on a mainstream news site.

        Second, in response to ElleDriver: Thanks for your insights. I hope that you are right and that the “Streisand Effect” (as coined by South Park) manifests itself in big ticket sales for Stonewall. This Stonewall movie uproar presents an opportunity to expose a lot of trans activist lies. There are the individual trans activist liars who claimed to have been at Stonewall, such as Sylvia Rivera and “Miss Major” Griffin-Gracy. (Griffin-Gracy also claims to have taken part in the Attica prison riot of 1971 and there’s no evidence of that either.) These people lie like pros and now they demand that the movie conform to their lies. It’s obscene. Beyond exposing the individual liars, there is a chance to expose trans activists as a group as the liars and hypocrites that they are. Specifically, they have told us all that the “T” does not include transvestites and drag queens. In fact, it is a horrific offense to equate transgender with “transvestite” or “drag queen.” It is so offensive that, as noted above, they tried to get drag queens banned from a pride event in Scotland. The very presence of drag queens was said to be “transphobic.” But when it suits their interests, as when they want to co-opt Stonewall, then all of a sudden transvestites and drag queens are “transfolk.” We should hammer away at these lies and, by doing so, wake the Gs up as to what trans activists are really about.

      • branjor Says:

        That article is by a “transwoman” named Nicola Jane Grace. It is entirely from his point of view. He thinks it’s nice that being part of the LGB has helped him to get him the acceptance he wants, but the impression I get is that now that he considers himself a “straight woman” he has no further use for the LGB, citing the fact that L,G and B are sexual orientations, whereas T is all about “gender.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        T is mainly about “gender” for women. For men like Nicholas, T is a sexual orientation (autogynephilia).

      • KgSch Says:


        I think you have a good point. That pledge thing is creepy and has 1984 logic. I can’t imagine them making a everyone sign a pledge not to be racist, despite some pride events taking heat over having drag queens wearing blackface. (And you can especially forget a pledge not to be misogynistic unless it’s “trans misogyny”. As we know hurting trans male feels is the worst!)

        I see nothing radical about drag (which is just a bunch of misogynistic men making fun of women) or being into sado- masochism. I don’t want to be equated with kinksters and they are not some suffering minority. Sorry if this is a tangent, but I have never ever met a kinkster who respected boundaries, they always tell everyone about their sex lives in graphic detail (with cries of “what happens in the bedroom is private”) and I’ve never met anyone into BDSM who didn’t try to play mind-screw games on everyone.

        I can understand being opposed to marriage because it was and still is a system that treats women like chattel. Being opposed to it because it hurts sexual deviants’ feels isn’t a good reason. My view is that while I’m not a big fan, if marriage gives heterosexual couples special rights and benefits, lesbians and gays should have the same access to those benefits.

        That’s the false equivalence. “If you love gays and lesbians, you have to love trans.” Except that if you love lesbians and other women, loving the female/lesbian impersonators who fetishize us and demand we have sex with them (because gender feels) makes zero sense. Same goes for gay men, as heterosexual cross-dressers are quite homophobic. Het/bi FTTs also try to be sexual with gay men. Any gay or lesbian who says “no” to corrective rape is a bigot.


        WTF is that bullshit? That is just creepy. Again, don’t want to be associated with that. Just goes to show that in queer land you can make shit up and everyone will roll with it. Having a sexual fetish for trees has nothing to do with who you love. (Ditto for the trans thing. Why are people who believe they’re the opposite sex grouped in with women who love women and men who love men again?)


        You bet I’m going to get the Stonewall movie if I can. I support anything that doesn’t follow trans cult revisionist history and lies. I’m very happy to hear that the Task Force, lead by lesbian sell-out Rea Carey is doing badly. Maybe it was a good organization in the 1970s, but now that all it does is cater to trans (heterosexual males) feels, it’s worthless. You might like to know that Carey went to Smith College, a women-only school. TERF! Burn the witch!

        Oh that’s interesting. I knew that bisexuals were getting some crap on tumblr for not being “gender-inclusive” enough but now it’s mainstream! Bisexuals, you must profess your love for sex stereotypes or else. Actually everyone (except for MTTs, for some reason) must profess their love for genderfeels. Or else.

        Yeah, I do hope that more and more people wake up. I cannot stand lesbians who sell out for the sake of the trans cult. I think a lot of hope rests with lesbian radical feminists as well as lesbians not deeply involved in politics. Sadly, many “feminist”-identified lesbians will side with a MTT no matter what. I think women and men who haven’t been indoctrinated by “queer studies” are going to start opposing this trend.

  6. endthewoo Says:

    all participants in the parade (and it is huge) had to sign a pledge that they would politically support gender identity and gender expression being added to the list of protections under the bc human rights code.

    this is some serious authoritarian thought-control stuff. Were there any serious objections ?

  7. This female doctor realized that males who transition don’t have special “lady brains”. Their male socialization doesn’t magically disappear, and it she could sense it.

    In the article, she describes an encounter with a transitioning male.

    “Another patient I saw in my other, public health work, was a man transitioning to a female. What I was told by a nurse of the patient’s story, of what clinics he had attended and who his doctors were, was all over the map, which made me suspicious about what the “facts” were and that I had to verify anything he said.

    When I saw him, he began by being all girl-friend-y with me, like we were two girls together in this crazy world, behaviour I assumed he had seen and adopted as how women get what they want (had he ever read me wrong! he was mimicking behaviour without having the years of lived experience by which a women learns, if so inclined, when to use that tactic).

    As I asked questions about his health background, he became uncomfortable that my questions were revealing inconsistencies in his story (suggesting to me psychological problems), and he got angry and leaned forward into my personal space and flashed me that “you fucking cunt” look.

    All women know that look. This was the same look I remembered getting from the patients I saw at the pilot project clinic, but I didn’t know then what to call it, what it was. Now, after so many more years of life experience, I knew exactly what it was: it is a look that men give women to dismiss and devalue and intimidate; it is not a look that women give women (they dismiss and devalue and intimidate in other ways, often by being passive-aggressively haughty).

    I was better able, after the years in practice, to hold my ground, and I calmly told him that his angry tone and demeanour were making me uncomfortable and he had to calm down or the visit would be over. He denied being angry, but continued to have the angry tone of voice and body language that goes with that look, part of the package of male power tactics.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Rita Powers knew that look.

    • Chippy Says:

      About Rita Powers:

      (I had to look it up because I didn’t get the allusion and this is what I found. 😦 I thought maybe others might not know either.)

      San Diego, California, 10 June 1998. In a frenzy of narcissistic rage, a man named Walter Miller, age 26, killed a woman named Rita Powers.
      Rita, age 41, mother of two sons, was a psychotherapist in training. She was a kind and compassionate woman.

      Walter was a typical male transgenderite, a man who got very sexually aroused by the thought of “being a woman” and “having women’s body parts.” He believed that he could actually become a “woman” through drastic “sex change” surgeries and taking synthetic “female” hormones. These feelings and beliefs are very consistent with a sexual perversion called autogynephilia.

      Walter was furious with Rita because she wouldn’t write a letter saying that he was an appropriate candidate for the “sex change” surgery that he so desperately craved,

      Walter came into Rita’s office with a pistol blazing. He killed Rita with extreme “over-kill” violence, 17 bullets from a big 9 mm gun. Then Walter killed himself.

      It only took a week until other male trannies like Richard “Riki” Wilchins and “Nancy” Nangeroni rushed to blame Rita for provoking Walter to kill her

      Link to original:

      That’s a bit more than a FYC look, but that’s where that look goes sometimes – to murder.

      No wonder the medical community is so reluctant to say no to MTT.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Thanks for looking that up, Chippy, and thanks Gallus for the reminder. Rita shouldn’t be forgotten.

      • Chippy Says:

        @Ashland Avenue


        It really bothers me that so much media focuses on the violence directed at Mtt but totally ignores the violence that Mtt inflict on women.

        Rita Powers’ death should have been seen as a powerful indication of what Mtt may do if they don’t get the medical community to go along with their demands. Not only did Rita Powers pay with her life for not going along with a writing a SRS request letter, but then in death, she was vilified as having deserved to be murdered because she wouldn’t write a recommendation letter. As if refusing to write the letter was tantamount to murder so “murdering” her was twisted sort of self defense. It’s so utterly twisted and morally vacuous.

  8. Livvie Says:

    We need more doctors who speak out in this way. I felt extremely grateful for this woman’s honesty as I read this article.

    I think that perhaps not much can be done about the insanity of autogynephiles, and maybe I don’t give a damn about these twisted freaks either as long as they’re not actively harassing me or anyone I love or care about. Let them rot in front of their vanity mirrors with their piles of makeup and their frilly panties, dreaming about passing and never quite getting there. I *do* have hope that the transing of children will soon be seen as the barbaric practice that it is.

    Yes, there’s a loud group on the internet right now preaching the ‘joys’ of trans, but as more and more detransition stories emerge, as more doctors speak up, as more sites like gendertrender and 4th wave crop up, the truth will begin to show its face.

    How anyone can think that experimenting on children is legal, ethical, or moral in any way is beyond me, but I truly believe that just as there are a bunch of us out here who haven’t bought into the trans delusion, there are likely many more doctors who are quietly horrified by all of this. Hopefully they will join their voices to ours.

  9. Margie Says:

    Sorry for an OT comment, but I wanted to let you know about a great piece in Counterpunch by left-wing environmentalist author Derrick Jensen, explaining how trans activists bullied 2 universities into cancelling his talks because he once wrote in support of his female friends, who desire to keep bathrooms segregated by sex. He mentions how his female colleagues spoke on this issue and were barraged with rape and death threats. It’s good to see trans activist terrorism being exposed on a progressive left website:

    • coelacanth Says:

      Margie, thank you for linking to this extraordinary essay. In it, Derrick Jensen wrote:

      “Allowing any group to hold discourse hostage to their feelings is the death knell for pluralistic society. It leads to fundamentalism. It is a fundamentalism.
      It’s a classic trick used by despots and pocket despots everywhere: to ensure agreement with your position, make certain that all other positions are literally unspeakable. For the religiously minded, the epithet of choice has often been blasphemy. For the patriot, it’s traitor. For the capitalist, it’s commie. And for the liberal/leftist/anarchist, it’s oppressor.
      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

      Intelligent society as we have known it is over. We live in a bizarre fundamentalist alliance of religious (right) and secular (left) totalitarianism. And all of us who know this are tied to the stake in this New Inquisition. Anyone of us who screams against this insanity does so through their flames and our screams only prove to them that we are infidels and deserve death.

      Will a pheonix arise from these ashes? I’m not putting any money on it.

      But thanks Derrick Jensen, and Gallus and all the others who are trying to preserve sane in a world of insane.

      • Free from sex pozzies Says:

        DGR members don’t get harassed for promoting the destruction of civilization itself, by any means necessary (sabotage, etc). They get death threats and are deplatformed because they are anti gender. Other groups with similar agendas attack them over the belief that biology is a reality! Being anti porn, and pro-safe space for women makes others angrier than anything else.

    • marm Says:

      I am in the middle of reading “Gallileo’s Middle Finger” by Alice Dreger. She is an academic, who has extensively researched the medical implications of “treatment” on intersex people, most of which was done to them, as babies, to placate the parents v.s. treat the child. This is her new book. Previously she had been drug into the brouhaha around Michael Bailey’s book “The Man Who Would Be Queen”. She has taken some positions that have left her in the position of being disinvited and excluded from talking engagements, etc.

      This book is about examining what happens when an academic has been targeted, usually by a person outside of that academic’s realm, with what amounts to a campaign of social and professional terrorism. No one wants to be on the side of a person who is alleged to have done heinous or unethical things. The problem is – the person who makes the original accusation has often distorted the facts(for their own purposes), and the people who support them do not follow up with fact checking of their own, which would render the accusations false, exaggerated or false.

      It is similar to the counterpunch article. Dreger goes into explicit detail about the behaviour of the transactivists that threatened Bailey’s family, etc., and the fallout around that. She describes the people who have been victimized in human terms – neither all good, or all bad, and examines their research in the same way. She also writes about a controversial doctor, who was promoting a drug treatment which was completely experimental to normalize the sex expression of the fetus in women who were carriers of a particular gene that resulted in a high probability of having an intersex child. The babies were born with normal genitalia – but as they developed it became apparent that there were very serious cognitive issues with the children whose mothers had taken the drug while pregnant. Basically this physician was doing experimental research on these mothers and babies, while promoting this as a safe and effective treatment = very unethical (puberty blockers, anyone ?).

      It creates a climate like the Emperors New Clothes, or that old Twilight Zone episode about the malevolent little boy who can read people’s minds. People around him have to continually placate him, pretend they are happy, or else he will send them to the “cornfield” where unspeakable and terrible things happen to the people who challenged or disagreed with him.

      The physician who wrote this piece is very brave to make this statement. No doubt she has many colleagues who will agree with her in private, though very few will make their own statement due to the mayhem that will rain down upon them from transactivists, etc.

  10. GallusMag Says:


    Note comments: looks like Cindy Sheehan has climbed aboard the GenderCrit train…

  11. Radical Grandma Says:

    All the lying here…

    Esp this one:

    Depending on the surgeon you go to there are gynecologists that can’t tell the different between a transwomen vs cisgender women’s vagina.

    And as far as sex is concerned my boyfriend says he can’t feel any difference. If anything he says I’m tighter then other women he’s been with.

    These days a lot of the better surgeons even make it possible for a transwomen to have self-lubrication. Though not all will.

    In short our vaginas are just as real as any other womens


    Umm, I don’t think so.

    • Transgender is about fantasies. This guy can pretend that an actual vagina and a artificial one made from penis and testicles are the same. But in reality they are totally different.

    • Pearl Says:

      “In short our vaginas are just as real as any other womens”

      Lies, fairytales, and fallacies.

    • babaszep Says:

      I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but when I dated a post-op she told me that a doctor had said it was indistinguishable from the real thing…and rather than feeling patronized by this obvious lie, she was OVER THE MOON with giddy delight. So, some doctors do say that…I don’t know why. Most likely, the patients ask and it’s easier just to say “yep, looks perfect, despite my medical training I’d never know it was actually a dry stinky hole lined with dick skin, hold still though ok?”

  12. lin Says:

    Seems like there is an equal and opposite mental illness that causes people — usually women, in my experience — to glom onto these men and enable their fantasies, infantalizing them. I wonder if the men will seek treatment as long as these people are around them.

    One guy on a discussion board disclosed that his ‘girlfriend’ was trans. A bunch of questions ensued; the most revealing was about why he was with him. Because the ‘gf’ was so used to being rejected or judged, that when someone accepted him, he’ll do anything for them.

    Basically he had a huge power imbalance, and he pushed the ‘gf’ into surgery because it was just another way he could ‘be there’ for him and at the same time push the ‘gf’ past the point of no return. (I used gf because when I had ‘he/him’ it was confusing who I was talking about.)

  13. repost2015 Says:

    Hello all! Thank-you, GallusMag, for reposting my essay, and thank-you to all your commenters for their show of appreciation and understanding and support. I am gratified by the overall response I have received, which has been resoundingly positive.

    Mark/Maritza and Lynne of Transition Radio TV Show have invited me to be on their show Thursday, August 20. I thought I would mention this, in case anyone is interested in tuning in. I trust it will be an interesting discussion!

    Kathy Mandigo

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank You Kathy!

    • Fruitopia Says:

      Thank you for your post. I’m sure it is risky to a doctor’s career these days to question the transgenda. It takes a lot of honesty, integrity and bravery on your part. The world needs more doctors like you!

    • Puzzled Says:

      Dr. Mandigo, many of us out here are grateful for your frankness. As a parent of a would-be ftm, nearing age 17 but still grudgingly identifying as ‘girl,’ I have an intense interest in the effectiveness and safety of transitioning as a ‘treatment’ for gender dysphoria / gender identity disorder. I hope more medical professionals who have strong reservations, or who have simply decided based on their experience that the treatment is not actually beneficial, will begin to speak out despite the personal and professional risks that this involves.

      The public conversation regarding this issue has been one-sided for way too long. Adults can, of course, do what they feel they need to do, even if what they ‘need to do’ turns out to be self-destructive. But parents of gender nonconforming kids need a much broader range of info than they’ve been getting.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Thank YOU for this brave and thoughtful essay, Dr. Mandigo. I hope more doctors out there will develop your backbone, integrity, and voice.

  14. M Says:

    I have a dissociative disorder stemming from a life of trauma. This article really hit me. For a long time i was trying to transition. I lied, ommitted information, made it out like id made a miraculous recovery. Anything for that testosterone script. I dont think all of it was even conscious. I dont think she ever really bought it. She stalled and stalled and stalled giving me that script, until I moved. I never did get it.

    Then, There was a slow, chaotic unraveling. I wasnt as “better” as i thought. My DID had not simply disappeared over 3 months. Everything hit me in full force. I likely would feel safer in a more masculized body, still. I would also feel disfigured, broken, tarnished, and confused. I am not a man.

    Thank you for not writing that script.

    • nonny Says:

      M- I So, SO SO relate. My doctor finally did cave after I bullied her into it. I feel so much guilt to this day for doing that. I acted like the entitled a-hole trans males I knew and got what I wanted.

      For me, transition as a traumatized female was like, “wow, I can finally have control over my body! I can insist that everyone follow my rules about my body, about how they address me, I can change my body, I have this subculture of people behind me who are cheering me on to insist that everyone obey my new rules about myself and my body. I can push doctors around, I can make demands about my body.”

      This was very seductive, and, of course, not the reality of the situation. Much more seductive than the prospect of dealing with the reality of trauma, or the fact that forcing people to play along with my coping mechanisms is not “healing” or “empowering” at all.

      Once I realized that trans males would try to silence me and my experiences no matter what my “new name” was, and once I realized that they just shifted from shitting on females to shitting on “DFABS,” and once I started passing as a man in casual settings and realized I was horrified to be recognized as a fucking man and everything that meant, I was out.

      I owe my doctor an apology tbqh, and I feel for doctors who have to deal with the current madness. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, the books to be written, the wave of detransitions to begin in about 5-20 years, the voices to grow louder and louder, the Jazz Jennings (and siblings) of the world to speak out when it all comes crashing down.

  15. Zemskull Says:

    HI Gallus: Have you been watching Bruce Jenner’s reality show? One of Bruce’s MTT friends claims he was denied entry to nursing school solely because he’s trans. He said his GPA and ACT were high. I suspect there may have been another reason he was rejected. I assume that he was accepted at a second school, since later in the show, Bruce planned to go on Ellen’s talk show to raise money to send the friend to nursing school.

      • Zemskull Says:

        If you get the chance to watch the show, I would recommend it. Watching the ways he manipulates the women around him is a sociological study in itself.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I know I should, if only out of a sense of duty, but he is so vapid and his life appears to be so devoid of any authenticity or meaning that the experience is depressing. Akin to staring at a corpse. I’m aware that statement is an unkind thing to say about a living human being so I mainly try to keep my mouth shut. 😉

        But maybe when the box set comes out and hits the bargain bin, if I’m feeling masochistic…or if every other form of infotainment up and suddenly disappears (like a stranded on a desert island type sitch)…incidentally this brings to mind the potential usefulness of the program as a military weapon to cause opponents to flee an embanked position….

        I doubt we’ll see Mox or Cocks on the program. They are Bruce’s main competitors on the paid tranny speaking circuit.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      So he’s going on TV to raise the thousands of dollars needed to put his tranny friend through nursing school? Bruce is a multilillionaire, he should pay for it himself, instead of begging gullible tranny-worshipping peasants to cough up. Attention seeking, insincere prick.

  16. Gallus, I recently read one the saddest articles on FTM “transitioning” on the blog:

    A girl with Down’s Syndrome is getting “top surgery”. For Christ sakes, she is severely disabled and mentally retarded. How old is she, and what is her IQ? What mother would allow this, and what has the mother been telling this young woman? This is from the online “top surgery” fundraising site.

    “My name is Sky. Most of you know me as Mary’s son. My mom writes this for me, to help with your understanding. I may be a stranger to many of you reading this, but you may be familiar with my plight.”

    When I think it can’t get worse…

    “I was distracted from a contemplation of a full Soviet female police uniform (a beautiful thing indeed, shame it costs way over my budget) by a horrible bullletin.

    The comrade 4thwavenow* brought us a thing. A terrible thing, if it can be real. (I think I’m refusing to believe.)

    Mastectomy for FtTrans girls with Down’s Syndrome.

    The second sentence of this is “My mom writes this for me, to help with your understanding.”

    She evidently fucking does. And anyone who expresses something like that, if she did, and can’t even articulate the reason she wants her tits chopped off, isn’t able to consent to having it done. Full stop.

    What surgeon would even do this? And I’m wondering why it’s always the mums that lead, apart from sensible mums like 4thwavenow, who are pushing back against the trend?

    We are now seeing the complete medicalisation of being GNC. Someone who can’t even write down her reasons for getting her healthy breasts removed gets crowdfunded to have it done? Either there’s something fucking dodgy going on there and all is not as it seems, or it’s legit, which is far worse.

    I don’t even fucking know where to start with this shit any more. I keep trying to come up with a theory as to why this is happening. Why I’ve been told repeatedly to transition (I’m a woman who doesn’t play the “I’m so feminine, giggle, tee hee!” game but as I have said often I look nothing like a bloke and I do not think I act like one either). Why I have started getting addressed as sir in public (see above, and I would prefer to be addressed that way in, um, certain situations**, but randomly out and about? No)?

    Why is an autistic girl of my acquaintance telling everyone she’s “agender” and changing her name? We know what the next steps there might be, and I dread it. Why might this girl with Downs’ be considering removing her breasts?

    Why are transactivists getting overexcited by the idea “All you need is a letter from one person and you can have your breasts removed”? Why are they wanting more and more children medicated at younger ages?…”

    “Top surgery” is basically elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples. How many people have seen an actual video of “top surgery”? If not, they really need to understand what is actually happening to health female anatomy. When I watched this video of “top surgery” ( double mastectomy with areola and nipple grafting), my initial gut reaction was that I was witnessing a form of violence against the female sex. Watch the entire video. Gallus, I know it’s difficult for you to embed videos, but people really need to understand what is happening. If you don’t want to post the video, just include the link.

    This is a gross human rights violation. The poor girl with Down’s Syndrome lacks the ability to make informed decisions. The mother should be charged with a crime.

    As a physician, I wonder what Dr. Mandigo thinks of “top surgery” for mentally retarded women. I would love to hear her medical opinion. Any surgeon who would do this should lose his or her license.

    Damn these monsters and the naïve brainwashed parents who buy into this shit.

  17. marm Says:

    It’s like in that episode of the Simpsons – where Marge is being pestered by her old prom date, Artie Ziff. Marge asks him if he knows why no one likes him and he answers “Antisemitism?”

    I have a hard time believing that the person shown, who claims to have had excellent marks, reviews, etc. would be rejected from a nursing program. I have known a few very openly gay men who went through nursing programs 20+ years ago in small communities. Why would this person’s barrier be their state of transness ? Do prospective nursing students have to go through a psychological assessment ? Or is this just more constructed, scripted reality for t.v. ? As though Bruce paying someone’s tuition (a drop in the bucket for him)will excuse that death he caused with his vehicle…

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