Feminism: “Making Men Suffer” since Forever

August 17, 2015

jenny boylan

81 Responses to “Feminism: “Making Men Suffer” since Forever”

  1. stchauvinism Says:

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  2. thelesbianmafia Says:

    tha’ts the pig face from glaad. just got in

  3. If they hate us so much, why do they want to be us…?

    • Bev Jo Says:

      They don’t want to be us. They just fetishize us for their own pleasure and to get attention. They don’t want any of the oppression or to learn how women are far kinder and less dangerous than men. It’s like a big sex game to them.

      The “trans-paraglegic” man who says he’s a Lesbian and gets attention in his wheelchair when not hiking, including making it fall over, going to the local Dyke March with a sign saying “Differently-Abled Dyke” doesn’t want to be paraplegic. He’s gotten enormous attention on television and in magazines. He’s only a slightly more extreme version of what all these men claiming “transwomen” identity are doing. We know Bruce Jenner would not have a television show if he wasn’t playing this game, and even as a right wing republican prick, he’s looking like a savior for the more oppressed men posing as women.

      I just think of the murderer in “Silence of the Lambs” who wanted to skin women to become a woman. I have not seen one trannie yet who was not on that continuum, who even remotely cared about women. They want to replace us and get the attention they fantasize that women get. Like the prick Gallus posted about who hates little girls because he wanted the pink bedrooms and princess crap he fantasizes we all got. As if we wanted any form of male-identified femininity and being being rape bait as little girls.

  4. southwest88 Says:

    That fellow’s statement does not even make any sense! If anybody causes real suffering to trans it is other trans and men. That they make it all about punching down at women who don’t buy the crap they are selling is getting old fast. Cannot for the life of me understand the brass balls these guys have to think that I should lie about my world to please them. Validating male delusions is something I have lost all interest in.

  5. Ashland Avenue Says:

    It’s so very hard on them when we women stand up for ourselves, the poor dears. Our identity, our history, our safety, our dignity, our privacy…all of that should be subjugated to their selfishness and delusion, according to Boylan. Fuck him and his evil soul.

  6. australopithecene Says:

    You know, it’s a mistake to make vague assertions like this. It might make people go, “Who are these horrible people?” and actually look up what we think. They’re much better off sticking with misrepresenting our ideas.

  7. GallusMag Says:

    The suffering this man has undergone building an entire career on his transgenderedness. Six appearances on Oprah caused by his transgenderism. Prestigious university appointments based on his genderfeels. The horror, the horror, oh how he’s sufferd. You just can’t imagine Cissies!

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      And now he gets to model swimsuits with Bruce Jenner. Sex symbols! They’ll probably make a calendar for 2016.

    • anon male Says:

      Last week, or around then, there was a whole internet thing about “what does a professor look like, anyway?” trying to reframe societal expectations from the bearded old dude.

      I couldn’t help but think about J-Bo at that time, both in the irony that most of the feministy-SJWs would cut their own cause off at the knees in defense of that particular old dude, but in the idea that there’s anything respectable at all *inherent* to the profession if it lends itself so well to reality TV and limo rides to the roller rink.

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Jenny Boy is in that labile period after the guy has got all the surgeries, written all the books, done all the Oprahs, and it starts setting in that he’s still just a regular dude and he always willl be. Now the true crazy starts setting in…

    Yep. About 6-8 years after transing. Shit gets real.

  9. dejavublonde Says:

    it must be exhausting being so terribly wounded and harmed all the time. maybe if they did less navel gazing they wouldn’t mistakenly have their heads up their asses so often. I get exhausted reading them.

  10. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Is it ok that I hate Jessica Valenti? Because I really really hate Jessica Valenti.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m fine with it.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Who doesn’t??

    • Lizzie Says:

      THANK YOU!

      I’m warming to feminism now that I’ve realised that the women you most often see promoting it are, well, they’re awful, everyone knows it and I don’t have to side with them.

      I wouldn’t agree with everything I’ve seen on the radical feminist blogs and their comments (yes, you will surely need a moment to grieve that, amirite?;)) and at this stage the douches have really won the word. But I’ve seen more common sense and views in general that actually seem to chime with the laws of physics than was ever on the likes of Feministing.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        Jessica Valenti would throw actual women under the bus so fast in favor of the dress wearing penis-havers it would make our heads spin. I thought that all feminists would see the tranzcult as offensive to women as I did but guess what, nope. Then after the Bruce Jenner interview I googled “Bruce Jenner is not a woman” and found gendertrender and was like YES, there are people on the internets that agree with me and they are WOMEN, hallelujah.

  11. cobston Says:


    I am getting close to leaving the ladies places to anyone who wants to use them.

    I will then insist that all new facilities be built across the world for the growing maligned and marginalized- cis – population. Cis bathrooms for Cis only. Sit back and watch the show.

    I say let them have the bloody lot

    So glad Kris Jenner got to show some of the damage done to her and family. I just read the headlines. like her or not I am glad she said –
    ” “You’re sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you’re just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind,” Kris says to Caitlyn in the clip. .

    So true from my experience.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Way To Go Kris!

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      In the latest installment of “I Am Bruce,” one of Kris’s daughters let him have it about the way he treated her mother. I’d like to see Kris start up a support group for families who have been abused by these males who think they are women.

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘“You’re sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you’re just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind,” Kris says to Caitlyn in the clip.’

      … and not just Kris says that. Too many women to count have said exactly that to their famous or not-famous husbands and partners. All those men who wreak havoc and destruction on women and children before fucking off to frolic in the playground, to be free and authentic, and to become “sensitive and amazing,” wonderful or even heroic, selfless and celebrated to The World. Because, in these scenarios, women and children somehow aren’t The World. They are boring at best, and, at worst, deserved to be shat on for having needed these men to fulfill their promises. These men are “amazing” friends to anyone except those who have lived with them most intimately.

      There’s a poignant number in the musical, Hair, called “Easy to be Hard” sung by the woman whose sensitive-hippie-social-justice boyfriend has just abandoned her and his child. He’s got more important things to do! Strangers need him more than his own kid! Come on, Woman, how can you be so jealous and selfish?

      Think about — just for one of many famous examples — John Lennon’s first wife and child. Watching him become, in the public eye, a celebrated visionary artist, sensitive lover and sainted father to the golden boy-child — pftttt! Sure, now we all know that Lennon kept up the neglect and abuse behind closed doors; but, at the time Cynthia and Julian must’ve felt deeply betrayed, wounded, unimportant and invisible. Perhaps, worst of all, feeling cut off at the throat, unable to tell the truth because of the certain backlash — because they’d be rebuked, lied about and made ashamed for having spoken out against the precious and cherished man. This, of course, happens in exactly the same way to non-famous, ordinary women of all classes.

      So, good for Kris for saying as much as she has. Even though her protests come off as pretty mild in tone, she’s still taking a risk.

      Men and their make-overs! The trans are just a more literal subset of these phoney make-over men. But there’s nothing feminine or lady-like about autogynephilic Bruce & Co. when they are just doing the traditional, very manly things that men have always done: leaving wounded women and children in their wake — while getting praised for their “suffering,” romanticism, bravery, courage, authenticity. Authentic Malignant Narcissists, more like.

      • Yeah, like a guy I knew who deserted his heavily pregnant partner to work for Save the Children in Africa.

      • morag99 Says:

        I’ll bet he’s getting a lot of pats on the back for saving the children. Because, if you do the (male supremacist) math, he’d come out as — on the whole — a pretty swell guy. Right?

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      I wondered, if the trans-cult wants to misuse words like “woman” and “female”**, maybe the rational, sane world should just give them those words to play with, then ask for a new word to identify the egg-producing***, carbon based units formerly known as “women”. (Same for “trans-men”.) Then we’ll have some words that actually mean something.

      **In the trans cult, those two words don’t seem to mean anything specific. Some “trans-women” are just dirty thugs.

      ***This triggers a distraction argument about hysterectomies, etc., ignoring the fact that no normal male produces eggs under any circumstances, ever, because that’s not what males do.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Why should we have to give up the words that have been our since their inception? Let the pigs in wigs come up with their own lexicon to describe the mutilated, ersatz humans they have become. I won’t give them my words.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Eh? No, not in my book. We should not allow to render meaningless our literature, our biological and our historical textbooks for this bunch of colonizing deluded egotistical cretins. I will not blackout the words woman, girl, female in every single text I have ever read or will ever read for these loonies. I will not redefine what I mean when I talk about my mother, my sister, my grandmas, my aunts…Thats my line in the sand and I would choose a bullet in the head rather than comply with that mindfuckery.

  12. australopithecene Says:

    OT Gallus, you don’t have to publish this. Just thought you might like to see this unbelievable piece of rubbish. Bindel’s article stolen, Bindel trashed, and the proposal… http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-opinion/when-a-womenonly-community-is-the-answer-to-male-violence-20150817-gj109i.html

    • GallusMag Says:

      Julie Bindel likes to go out of her way to say how much she disapproves of this blog: even as she reads it and posts links citing my work. She can go fuck herself.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        I agree. She’s made a career for herself, but she has always trashed Lesbian Feminists in the nastiest possible way if she’s threatened by their work.

        But we are to care when she’s attacked? She should be supporting Gallus Mag and credit her for what she plagiarizes.

        Beware of those who set themselves up as our leaders. They usually got there by trampling other women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I do care. I really respect her. Oh well.
        Thank you Bev.

    • prozac Says:

      That article was disgusting. Laying out the reasons why some of the most marginalized, abused women on the face of the planet need a female only community to not feel safe but essentially to survive, then doing an about-face to mention how anyone who identifies as a women should be let in. These women don’t owe anyone anything. Leave them alone, ffs!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Clementine Ford is a total homophobe too. She despises lesbians. What a weirdo.

      • kesher Says:

        Meanwhile, any man who might fit the definition of “trans” in that culture would necessarily be completely non-transitioned. No HRT, no SRS; although I suppose good old-fashioned castration might be on the table. These women who have suffered unimaginably throughout their lives must let in intact males because some first world libfem tells them so.

        And if the Samburu have any concept of a class of gender non-conforming men (never women, women don’t get to play with gender in the third world), they don’t think those men are “real women” either. They may also lump the gays into that group.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        Does this idiot think trans would even be tolerated in that culture? I doubt most or all of Africa is as “enlightened” about screwed-up men who parade around in female stereotypes as the good old USA.

      • australopithecene Says:

        She’s really awful. I was watching her on twitter last night, completely unable to defend her position, blocking and insulting feminists left right and centre. She was even making MRA arguments – “Lesbians do domestic violence too!”. And she really hates lesbians.

      • kesher Says:

        “Does this idiot think trans would even be tolerated in that culture?”

        Well that’s why they need protection! Forever and always, it’s women’s job to protect men from other men.

      • LC Says:

        @Susan I lived in west Africa for several months, and generally found them more tolerant by some standards than we are in the USA(with the exception of homosexuality)- but tolerance is a cultural construct as much as “transgenderism” is, and the concept of gender is very different over there. Trans activists couldn’t begin to understand a culture where your ability to conform is valued far more than your “special inner feelings”, let alone one where physical bodies have far more impact on life than appearance or “gender”. Would the article writer also think that girls unable to go to school because of lack of privacy or hygiene during their periods is transphobic? I’d *love* to read that article.

      • Biscuit Says:

        Indeed. I can’t believe that someone managed to read a story about abused women in Africa forming a safe community and then managed to twist it to make it about men.

      • morag99 Says:

        I’m not that familiar with Ford’s writing, but if this piece of foolishness is representative (and from the comments here, it’s sounds like it is) then I am not impressed.

        Tell me: is Ford the type of feminist who calls other feminists with whom she disagrees “white feminists” while, at the very same time, demonstrating the blindness and ignorance that “white feminism,” as a phrase, is supposed to signify? I wouldn’t be surprised. Because, actually, she came *this close* to wagging her finger at the Samburu women as a potentially “TERFy” women-only community.

        On the one hand, Ford has no choice but to admire these remarkable women, and she probably does sincerely admire them; but on the other, her admiration feels almost grudging. Because these women are tainted, it would seem, by the well-known “TERF,” Julie Bindel, who delivered her on-the-ground feminist essay to us about them in the first place. An essay which Ford pretty much duplicates — until, that is, the moment where everything changes and she makes it about the men.

        How do the men-who-say-they-are-women fit into all this? Huh? Huh? That’s what’s important, apparently. How can we be sure this is good thing until a few males are permitted entry to the healing spaces created by and for traumatized women who are determined not only to survive and heal, but to thrive?

        The women who live and work in Umoja, who are creating this safer and more beautiful village for themselves, have something to teach US — not the other way around. How dare Ms. Ford even hint at (and now deny) anticipating their potential discriminatory mis-steps according to her Western, liberal, “queer” standards?

      • @MichfestMovesMe Says:

        GallusMag, thanks (AGAIN!) for this blog and for all you do to shed light on all the rampant BS circulating. I read this blog avidly, and certainly have lots to say about jenny boy, junk science, childhood psychological development and so many other topics you bring to us, but my time is so limited.. but I couldn’t let my comments pass about how the story of the Samburu women could possibly be twisted to center trans advocacy.

        I am disturbed by the ethnocentrism of white lefty liberals in discussing ANYTHING that has to do with African women. First, Africa is not a country. Africa is a BIG continent which includes the countries of Libya, Eygpt, Sudan and Somalia. The country specifically being discussed is KENYA and the Samburu people, who are being Islamicised (sp) at a great clip. I have been to Kenya on a humanitarian mission, and as LC mentions below, the Kenyans are a tolerant lot, especially the women. Modest in dress and conforming is valued. But it is a country as diverse as the US. The Samburu are culturally different than the Masaai, than the Akamba, than the Kikuyu, etc.

        Its disgusting that anyone is musing on whether a transgender persons “gender feels” would be welcomed (within the current narcissistic frame which centers special snowflakes) when so many there lack access to fresh water, electricity, and basic health care. Most “public” hospitals in Kenya lack latex gloves, bed sheets, clean needles, reagents for chemical tests, spotty electricity making surgery dangerous, and psych wards that consist of barbed wire wrapped open pens out in the back forty where mentally ill patients are dumped all together, even the violent ones. Graft is RAMPANT. With the continued push of Islam, the lives of women continue to be restricted, homosexuality severely punished.

        I was fortunate enough to meet the regional head of Maendeleo ya Wanawake http://www.mywokenya.org/ in Machakos while I was there and learned from Kenyan women themselves what their needs are. Yanno, Kenyan women who are actually organizing for themselves? Listen to these women. They know what they need.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Not sure about Africa, but some cultures have more than two genders. However, so far I haven’t heard of one that considers a male a woman.
        A third gender might be “man who plays a woman’s role”, but it’s common knowledge that he’s not an actual woman. If someone says “fa’afafine” or “kathoey”, you know they mean a male.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      Trans crap is irrelevant in the third world, because it’s entirely based on fashion, make up and cosmetic surgery, none of which poor people trying to survive have the luxury of engaging in.

      The writer bangs on about trans “of colour” being more likely to experience violence, seemingly as a way to back up her assertion that the community should accept trannies. Does she not realise that Kenyans living in Kenya are not “othered” and therefore her “of colour” remark is irrelevant?

      As for accepting members of all races in their community, is there any evidence that they are not? I’m sure they’ve got more pressing issues than subscribing to western diversity quotas.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        *Before anyone starts to correct me on racial terminology, I am aware that there are many different races of people in Kenya, and some may well be disadvantaged compared to others. What I meant was, the term “women/people/men of colour” is a recent American term to describe anyone other than white people, as a label for non-whites in America, so it’s not applicable to this Kenyan community.

        The writer seems to be using the phrase instead of saying “black”, but the reasons why black trans in America (where her statistics come from) are more likely to be victims of violence will not apply to black trans (if they exist!) in Kenya.

  13. KgSch Says:

    Yawn. Of course for entitled males, women, especially lesbians not making it all about them is suffering.

    I really wish these organizations would drop the “L” and stop claiming they represent lesbians. And gay men too. It is all about the “T”.

    Yes, it is much suffering to get Oprah appearances and university honors for pretending to be a woman. I’m a grad student and have little money, why can’t I be worshiped for my suffering? At least a tuition waver would be nice.

  14. born free & female Says:

    Off-topic: when I saw the headlines about a “woman” raping a teenage boy, I thought “I bet the rapist is actually MTF.” And he was. The rapist is claiming that the sexual encounter was consensual, but the boy called police (and his parents) begging to be rescued because of … transphobia, of course.


  15. Newbie Says:

    Gallus, do you know anything about the MTT that was just appointed as head of stag recruitment at the White House?
    (It’s supposed to be staff not stag but I think autocorrect knows better)

  16. amazondream Says:

    Is there a story here? I click on the image and all I get is a redirect to the image.

  17. ElleDriver Says:

    “We will build a better world by making you suffer more.” Funny, that’s been the patriarchal rallying cry against the oppressed since forever. The irony is clearly lost on Jimbo here.

    He hates us because we KNOW. We know when men like him enter a room, when they take up space, when they open their mouths (in spite of the dress, the lipstick, etc.) We know that he is a fraud, a fetishist, a fake. From little girls to little old ladies, all of us can tell that he’s a he, an imitation female. How scared and frustrated and angry that must make him. Because deep down he knows that we know.

  18. Dogtowner Says:

    It’s not very nice of me, but I would like to see these men truly suffer so that they know what suffering is.

    Suffering is pain, hunger, illness, homelessness, rape, assault, torture, watching your children be murdered, etc, etc. Suffering does not consist of someone disagreeing with your narcissistic notions of how the world should be.

    • prozac Says:

      But what about misgendering? It causes emotional pain that is surely on par with being beaten to within an inch of your life and is LITERAL violence! Perhaps they’ll go and be given male goats which they can trans to be female, milk giving goats.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Lol…in a way that would be hilarious watching one of these wackos trying to convince peasant women, who are much more in touch with the natual world for their basic survival, with all the pomo word salad that they are females with penises too. I remembered how some trannies and libfems on one of these funfem blogs got offended when I started talking about how experienced ewes were making better mother to dispel the mra bs that teenage girls were the most desirable for a reproduction standpoint. It really confused me how anybody could be offended about discussing openly biology and reproduction in explicit terms. That was my ” what the f***” moment with the tranny shtick and when I found this site. Farming also helped me a lot realizing how screwed up our beauty standards, supposedly representing health, really are and how destructive they are. Also how precarious the male status really is and needs all kind of props to be maintained in a social group. From a purely practical point of view in term of maintaining a species, most of the males can be castrated and just a few of the ones with the desirable traits kept intact. Courtships and display of worth are much more common in nature for the males to gain access to reproduction than violence as females do the choosing. Its really anecdotal, but for example, in a flock of chicken allowed full expression of their behaviors, if you keep too many roosters, the hens suffer continually from gang rape and general violence. So one becomes quite ruthless with the ax as soon as they reach butchering weight. For me, an all female community banding to thrive and raise children make sense. Especially that more often the support to raise young children come from older, more experienced women. No wonder trannies are really afraid of discussing biology. You will never, ever convince a farmer that his bull is a cow.

      • kesher Says:

        In the context of human society, the only real benefit men provide, aside from sperm donation, is protection of women and children. But the ugly little truth that they don’t want us thinking about is that they’re only really protecting us from other men, and that “protection” frequently requires that women offer sexual favors (i.e. submit to rape) and look the other way when they rape our children.

        And it’s important to note that the only times men, as a class, are somewhat non-abusive and non-exploitive are either in hunter-gatherer subsistence cultures where there’s not much call for exploitation of anyone or in extremely wealthy societies where women have just enough resources that we can theoretically leave when we don’t like how we’re treated. Everything in between is hell for women.

        In the vast majority of human cultures, human males offer little value to human females. They’re a burden, not a help.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Thanks, Janetwo, for the farming comment. Trans could not exist without total disconnection from the natural world in which trans does not exist.

        I have thought about what society might be like if we modeled ourselves on elephant society, an actual matriarchy. They seem far more intelligent and sensible than human beings, and, of course, we are murdering them as fast as possible.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      But, Dogtowner, narcissistic injuries are the WORST. Just ask any narcissist.

      I feel the way you do sometimes. Growing up female and working-class taught me lessons that a college education and more comfortable circumstances have never erased.

      But I’m not sure these men would change much even after that sort of suffering. If their sense of entitlement is deep enough, they’re more likely to be outraged that something happened to THEM rather than respond with empathy to others.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I can certainly believe nothing would increase their empathy, I just think they need to experience genuine suffering. It does sometimes wake people up, in fact it often seems to be the ONLY thing that wakes people up. I have been surprised by the number of people who have agreed with me when I’ve said that the only thing that reaches people is pain, actual pain. As far as I can see, huge numbers of Americans are incredible whiners who want to deprive other people of basic needs; Bruce Jenner fits this profile perfectly, and he has lots of company all across the class spectrum, sadly.

  19. GallusMag Says:


    “Felicity Adeline Lovelace
    18 hrs · Edited ·
    It’s real shitty that Greta Gustava Martela, of Trans Lifeline, decided she couldn’t associate with me after I publicly outed Parker Marie Molloy for raping me, IMO. Guess her friendship with a rapist is more important than abused transwomen. How ironic.”


  20. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Trans will never, ever live as we women do. Meanwhile, though, prosecute him to the fullest extent possible.

    Los Angeles sheriff’s investigators to recommend manslaughter charge for Caitlyn Jenner in fatal crash – @AP

  21. southwest88 Says:

    Janetwo has the right of it. Trans activists hate facts about biology because it proves that all their stuff is just delusion and fantasy. And you bet your ass no rancher is going to believe a bull is a cow or a mare is a stallion. The old agricultural laws where I grew up had rules about where and how many stallions could be kept – they can be that dangerous. And yet every time I bring up women’s safety to a trans activist, they act like they have never heard of a single instance in the history of the world of a man being violent to a woman. Just like they can name every man claiming to be a woman killed this year so far but never seem to mention how prostitution figures into so many of those killings.

    • weirdward Says:

      I wonder if there was a female penis involved in that rape? Guess the article doesn’t want to say, would make it a bit too obvious that “she” was a bog-standard rapist mindset man “he”.

  22. mayimoktoo Says:

    A few notes on the article I just posted. It didn’t hit me until later that this was a warning. I have used Airbnb and always with success because I always stay with women. Twice I’ve even paid a little bit more. (Once I paid less. I think maybe because there were kids in the house, it was a less popular listing.)

    But you usually only get one picture of the host to go by and sometimes that’s not a portrait. Now how am I supposed to guarantee that I stay with a woman?

    I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t avoid men because they have made me excessively fearful. I just prefer to give my money to women and, when it comes to strangers, I am more comfortable around women. I should have that option.

  23. Dogtowner Says:

    I don’t know where to put this, but when I heard about this murder recently at first I thought the murderer might be a M2T. It turns out that she is supposedly a F2T.


    This really upsets me, this woman deliberately targeting small, elderly women. Do women now have to make sure they go to the supermarket, etc, in the company of a woman who is not small or elderly?

  24. GallusMag Says:


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