Trans Vandals Deface the Gay “Stonewall Monument” with Insane Blackface to protest a Movie they Have Not Seen

August 19, 2015

blackface stonewall

“Trans Woman of Color”?

A gaggle of deranged caucasian Tumblerites (or as I like to call them, Brooklyn Genderqueers) has painted ghastly blackface on statues commemorating the historic gay riot at the Stonewall Inn, turning the figures into the most offensive lawn jockeys* imaginable. They were protesting a film that has not yet been released, and that they have not seen: the upcoming Hollywood drama “Stonewall”. Based on movie trailers, Transgender activists complain that they anticipate the film’s depiction of events that occurred at the predominantly gay white male establishment might be too gay and too white.

The 1969 Stonewall Riot occurred in New York’s Greenwich Village when gay patrons spontaneously refused to submit to a routine police raid of the venue. Lesbian and Gay public establishments were illegal back then and those caught in them were arrested, prosecuted for “indecency”, and their names published in the newspaper, “outing” them to employers as criminal sexual degenerates. Police routinely battered the gay men and raped the gay women.

That night, June 28, two years after the hippie “Summer of Love”, one year after 150 feminists set siege to the Miss America pageant, setting off stink-bombs in the hall and throwing curlers, tweezers, stockings and high-heeled shoes (and yes, bras) into a trash can as they crowned a live sheep Miss America, at the height of the Black Power movement, and the Vietnam War protests, something changed. Gay people refused to get into the paddy wagons*. Not one or two but all of them. They fought police and the whole neighborhood came out to join them. Riot!!!

The second night a spontaneous street celebration and makeshift parade took place. Reports state that it was faaabulous. Gay Pride! It was the birth of Gay Pride and we commemorate this uprising of fierce, fierce, pride in every city, town and hamlet worth its sequined thong every year, in June or July, whenever we get around to it.

The so-called “Stonewall Monument” is a work of art by pop artist George Segal named ‘Gay Liberation’. It was commissioned in 1979 by arts patron Peter Putnam and consists of four life-sized bronze figures, not sculpted, but cast in plaster bandages. They are painted white to replicate the plaster Putnam used for casting. The people used to make the casts were each a real gay male and gay female couple who were friends of the artist. The two couples are touching each other intimately (but not sexually). All four of the models are believed to have been white. One of the gay men modeled in the piece shared his reflections in a 2009 article here: .

Segal was not the first choice for the commission but he was the first that accepted the (then socially unpopular) task. He had just finished his piece commemorating the Kent State shootings. The instructions for the work were that the piece “had to be loving and caring, and show the affection that is the hallmark of gay people … and it had to have equal representation of men and women.” The work was considered very controversial and “explicit” at the time and was installed in Greenwich Village in 1992 after the initial 1984 installation at Stanford University was vandalized over 40 times by anti-gay individuals, including battery by hammer. Since its installation in small Christopher Park across the street from the Stonewall Inn the work has come to be known as the “Stonewall Monument”.


The latest vandalization is unique in that the gay men were painted in a way that portrays “blackface” with giant red lips, and afro and brown wigs. Bras were also adhered to the gay men’s chests. No word on why beards and penises where not affixed to the lesbian figures.

blackface stonewall 2

The transgender activists perpetrating the Stonewall Blackface Incident were apparently inspired by the words of “Miss Major”, a seventy three year old male who amazingly claims to have participated in both the Stonewall Riots and the riots at the Attica maximum security penitentiary. “Miss Major” made the following comment about the “Stonewall Monument” as posted on Autostraddle last week:

“Two fags, two lesbians and some random person looking like they were walking into the Park are the statues that are there. Someone should smash those motherfuckers up and turn them into the white dust that they are and put a couple of statues of people of color and at least make one of them an overly obnoxious transgender woman 6’5″, three inch heels, blond/red hair, lashes, beads, feathers and put one of those fine white boys next to her, now that I can handle! [laughter] And let’s have two lesbians at the end with luggage because they’re moving in together! [laughter]” [sic]

In comments at Autostraddle one of the white female trans vandals states:

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the skills or funds to cast sculptures of our own. We also couldn’t paint the entire statues brown because Christopher Park is a highly busy and visible area and we were worried about being arrested. It sucks that some people are correlating it to Black face (and we see why), but that’s decontextualizing what we did. Anyway, we hope that this gets the ball rolling and that we’ll soon see sculptures representing the people of color who led the riots.”

This event nicely caps off a long summer of transgender protests against Gay Pride events for being too gay. From Glasgow’s Pride event, which banned drag queens as offensive to heterosexual male transgenders, to the heckler disrupting president Obama’s White House Pride reception, to the forced signing of a gender loyalty pledge required of participants at Vancouver Pride, to the trans activists that sat down in the street and forced Boston’s Pride parade to come to a screeching halt, to Auckland’s Pride where they did the same thing and resisted arrest. San Diego Pride tried to thwart the inevitable by naming “the entire transgender community” as their Grand Marshal, but was still marred by “die-ins” by trans activists who wanted to draw attention to transgender despair and the fact that 14 out of the 12,000 people murdered annually in the US. are transgender victims.

Is Transgender the Last Wave of Anti-Gay Activism?

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  1. Transgenders are the ISIS of the LGBT.

  2. stchauvinism Says:

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  3. whoiscis Says:

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    When will the gay community wake up??

  4. whoiscis Says:

    How disgraceful. When will the gay community at large wake up to who we are fostering in our midst? It is high time for another gay liberation. This time from those who have wormed their way into the apple.

  5. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Ha — some guy on Autostraddle thinks there’s a “context” in which blackface is okay.

    Also, I just have to comment on that “put some luggage next to the lesbians, because they’re moving in together” remark. Let’s ignore for a moment how completely out of left field it is. (It’s like the guy thought “Lesbians! Must invoke stereotype to discredit! U-Haul! Cats! Sports sandals! Flannel! Camping!” Serial monogamy! That’ll show them!”)

    Where does the U-Haul stereotype come from? Well, who tends to move in together early in a relationship? Usually, younger people. When I was in my twenties, I knew all kinds of straight couples who started living together after a brief period of dating, often in cramped quarters. Why? Neither of them had a lot of money, and they lived in an area with high rent. Sometimes those relationships blew up, and then one of them had to couch surf for a few weeks or draw a line down the middle of their studio apartment until they could find another living situation. Yet for some reason, no one ever makes snide comments about how emotionally unstable and clingy straight people are, or how they can’t seem to function without some sort of relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaationship to prop them up.

    Now consider the wage gap between men and women. (The blogger Echidne of the Snakes has some excellent posts debunking all the efforts to deny its existence.) Also consider the fact that being perceived as a lesbian can still, even in 2015, be an obstacle to employment. What happens when you have two women in a couple instead of two men, or a man and a woman? The women are going to have stronger financial motivations for moving in together early.

    I think the U-Haul phenomenon has been exaggerated the same way other lesbian stereotypes have been, but if there’s a kernel of truth to it, it has a lot more to do with economics than with the true nature® of either lesbians or women in general. And it’s not so much a lesbian thing as it is a young and broke thing. But for some reason, no one talks about this — afaik, not even lesbian comics. (If someone has, please enlighten me.) Instead, “lesbians move in together too soon” is used as code for “lesbians are unstable and insecure, ’emotionally dependent,’ and their brains get hijacked by oxytocin cuz they’re women and there’s no logical dude in the picture to balance that out.”

  6. kesher Says:

    “And let’s have two lesbians at the end with luggage because they’re moving in together!”

    Before I got to the end of the sentence, I assumed he was advocating for lesbians to carry the MTT’s luggage because of course he’s too delicate and frail and laydeelike to lift anything heavy. I actually think that would be way more appropriate for his vision.

    • morag99 Says:

      “I assumed he was advocating for lesbians to carry the MTT’s luggage because of course he’s too delicate and frail and laydeelike to lift anything heavy.”

      Actually, kesher, in certain way that’s what’s happened here. Since the vandals are, reportedly, two queer women (as in: females). When asked if they are afraid of the possible negative consequences for the vandalism, they replied:

      “We’re hoping to stay totally anonymous [ … ] If, however, our names do surface, we’re prepared to deal with the potential consequences. It’s better if we get arrested than if it happens to a trans woman who’d then be grouped with men and put in harm’s way.”

      Better for actual women to be put in harm’s way than trans women! That’s some pretty heavy lifting, yes?

      (Unless, of course, the vandals were actually men, and they’re only calling them women to protect their identities. Which would fit right in nicely with this farcical activism … )

    • Bea Says:

      I thought that, too, then I realized it was just some old asshole vagrant man flapping his lip.

      These are their “elders.” Lying old heroin-addicted prostitutes.

      • Bea Says:

        And to be clear, when I say “old,” I mean it in the colloquial sense, like “lyin’ ol’ heroin-addicted prostitutes,” because obviously elders are old and being old is not a bad thing. Don’t want any PC brigade attacks. Just trying to point out their most long-lived authorities and role models are basically the same kind of pathological lying drug addict grizzled grifter dudes that sexually harass women on the street.

  7. Susan Nunes Says:

    Did anybody tell these idiots that transsexuals, as they were called then, were extremely rare to the point that you could almost count all of the trans in the United States on the fingers of one hand? Of course Stonewall was about gays and lesbians. Trans weren’t even a blip on the radar. Talk about wanting to change history.

    • coelacanth Says:

      Feel lucky that In the USA, Trans are still just “wanting” to change gay and lesbian history.

      In Canada, Trans and their henchqueers have already changed it.

    • babaszep Says:

      Try explaining drag queens to anyone under 25 and get shouted right off whatever your platform is. They’re “transgender women” dammit, and if they consider themselves to be gay men who sometimes play a feminized character role, that’s internalized transphobia. The butch lesbians and femme gays that made the history are being aggressively written out of it.

  8. sellmaeth Says:

    Trans and blackface … there is a connection, isn’t there? I wonder how they didn’t notice the implications. By vandalizing the male statues they implied that their newly changed statues are transgender AND transracial.

  9. ibleedpurple Says:

    “It sucks that some people are correlating it to Black face (and we see why), but that’s decontextualizing what we did.”

    Translation: don’t pay attention to the racism if you can pay attention to the transgender feels!

    I’m also not sure if they understood that the statues are white to imitate the original plastercast and therefore made to seem more “real” (possibly to emphasize that the people portrayed did exist and were in love with each other). And they put the bras on the men because… transwomen are women and have always been women, lol.

  10. There isn’t anything that they won’t colonize, co-opt, or destroy. Colonizers always try to re-write history. The wig and clothes are hideous. It looks worse that something I could find at a yard sale.

    Notice the sign saying “Black latina transwoman led the Stonewall riots.” Bull shit! Just because they have taken over every major LGBT organization doesn’t mean that they can rewrite history. Most credible sources say it was a butch lesbian, Stormé DeLarverie, who threw the first punch. Storme DeLarverie took 14 stitches to the chin when she was struck in the face with a police nightstick. She punched the police officer back, and then the whole place erupted, things flying everywhere.

    An interview with lesbian Stonewall veteran Stormé DeLarverie

    “She was identified as the Stonewall Lesbian in Charles Kaiser’s book The Gay Metropolis, and her scuffle with the police has been mentioned a few times in passing by The New York Times in the past couple of decades. Then in the January 2008 issue of Curve Magazine she identified herself as the Stonewall Lesbian in a detailed interview with writer Patrick Hinds, an excerpt of which is below:

    ”[The officer] then yelled, ‘I said, move along, faggot.’ I think he thought I was a boy. When I refused, he raised his nightstick and clubbed me in the face.” It was then that the crowd surged and started attacking the police with whatever they could find, she said.

    I asked my last question hesitantly. “Have you heard of the Stonewall Lesbian? The woman who was clubbed outside the bar but was never identified?” DeLarverie nodded, rubbing her chin in the place where she received 14 stitches after the beating. “Yes,” she said quietly. “They were talking about me.”

    And then, almost as an afterthought, I asked, “Why did you never come forward to take credit for what you did?”

    “She thought for a couple of seconds before she answered, “Because it was never anybody’s business.”

    I asked her if she still remembered that night. She answered in the affirmative. After the cop hit her on the head, she socked him with her fist. “I hit him,” she said. “He was bleeding.”

    A natural protector, she has worked as a security guard at a few of the lesbian bars in the city.”

    Stormé DeLarverie took 14 stitches to the chin. How dare they dishonor her memory.

    @Gallus, “The people used to make the casts were each a real gay male and gay female couple who were friends of the artist. ”

    How dare they deface and dishonor the memories of these gay and lesbian couples.

    @Gallus, “The latest vandalization is unique in that the gay men were painted in a way that portrays “blackface” with giant red lips, and afro and brown wigs. Bras were also adhered to the gay men’s chests.”

    WTF! They put bras on the two gay men.

    • kesher Says:

      Does anyone know who those gay men are? Given the timing, I’m curious if they survived the AIDS epidemic, which I feel is relevant given the trans’ glee at erasing the epidemic entirely. They’re especially eager to do so given St. Brucehilda’s longtime Republicanism and Reaganism.

    • prozac Says:

      “A natural protector, she has worked as a security guard at a few of the lesbian bars in the city.”

      I am reminded of Gallus Mag -past and present!

    • judysdreamofhorses Says:

      The only people who ever talk about Stormé are lesbians, how shocking. Not.

      It’s just…she was a black/mixed-race butch lesbian mistaken for a ‘faggot’. Not only female and ‘queer’ but just as gender non-conforming as the trans women they keep promoting. But no one wants to talk about her. No one wants to include HER in the coterie of “WOC” who started the riots because she wasn’t born with a dick. I haven’t looked at the Autostraddle link yet but something tells me none of the ‘queer women’ involved mention Stormé or made any attempt to represent her in their vandalism. It’s for the best of course, no need for her memory to be defiled by this stupidity or horrifying black face. But it’s fucked up that even ‘queer’ women who claim to be combating a whitewashing and male-centering (lol) of history completely ignore her.

      Here is a nice (short) documentary about Stormé for PBS’s In the Life called “A Stormé Life” on youtube that touches on her role in the event:
      And for good measure, here’s an older short film about her called Stormé: The Lady of the Jewel Box:

      Of course, she didn’t seem to be a mouthpiece for the “twoc started the gay rights movement” viewpoint when she was alive so it’s only natural her version of events wouldn’t be prioritized. The obsession with “who started the riot” seems weird to me anyway. Maybe she was or maybe she wasn’t the famous ‘Stonewall Lesbian’ that goaded everyone into action, it doesn’t diminish the fact that she was there, she took her licks, and she fought back. The fact that she doesn’t try to take credit for anything more than what she did (like, say, starting the entire gay rights movement as certain other possible participants claim) shows real character to me. This fascinating woman spent the rest of her post-Stonewall life working security at lesbian bars and looking out for gay youth – not that most people have heard about it. The first time I ever heard of her it was a heartbreaking article/interview ( that reveals the unfavorable conditions the elderly Stormé lived in during the last years of her life, highlighting both her lifetime of bravery and the lack of resources she along with many other elderly lesbian and gay people struggle with. A quote from one of Stormé’s friends:
      “I feel like the gay community could have really rallied, but they didn’t,” said Lisa Cannistraci, a longtime friend of Ms. DeLarverie’s who is the owner of the lesbian bar Henrietta Hudson, where Ms. DeLarverie worked as a bouncer.
      “The young gays and lesbians today have never heard of her,” Ms. Cannistraci said, “and most of our activists are young. They’re in their 20s and early 30s. The community that’s familiar with her is dwindling.”

      But no, why should anyone ever talk about her or her contribution to the gay rights movement when there are glorified drag queens who need attention?

  11. Imelda_66 Says:

    They didn’t make the statues transgender, they “dolezaled” them.

  12. BigBooButch Says:

    They are still trying to rewrite history by claiming the drag queen & lesbian who actually started the riots weren’t a drag queen & lesbian, but actualky transgenders? Or is their beef that one or both of them were not white?

    I am really tired of them trying to constantly drag everything back to them! They make all these claims that are not true and they demand ALL of the attention ALL the time.

    No Gay Pride will ever work for them. They want transgender in the name and transgenders as prominent figures in both the planning & marshalling (or whatever) of the actual parade.

    In short, even though they are less than 1% of the population, they make unbelievable demands, as if they were 65% or more of the population!

    Their narcissism and their many baseless claims know no bounds!

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      There were virtually NO transgenders, then called transsexuals, in the entire United States if not the world during that time. It was extremely, extremely rare. Post-ops aren’t that common today outside of certain urban centers. These trans people are lying through their teeth and think there aren’t people around who remember Stonewall and KNOW trans were not anywhere near part of the gay/lesbian movement during that time. They didn’t glom on until much, much later.

      • coelacanth Says:

        This Trans = Stonewall bore has been going on for years. IMO, gays and lesbians should drop Stonewall and never refer to it again — give it to the Trans; after all, Cait lost an eyelash in the riot when baby Jazz puked on a cop (look it up on Transipedia, cis scum).

        Gay men and lesbians should celebrate our own real beginnings in such groups as the early 1960s Daughters of Bilitis and the Mattachine Society — both of which in their own way were the true founding mothers and fathers of homosexual rights in modern America by establishing the idea that using the courts to win real lasting legal gains for all homosexuals was the way to go. In Canada, the real founding father of homosexual rights was the federal government who in 1968 declared that the state had no place in the bedrooms of the nation and removed homosexuality from the criminal code. None of this has anything to do with Stonewall, which was from day one nothing more than a media-spun symbol.

        Trans can toss all the fictional wigs they want at imaginary cops. Homosexual rights came via case law and court rulings and these can’t be revoked by Trans tantrums and lies — at least not yet.

    • And from my knowledge of gays from the late 70s and early 80s when being gay was still criminalized, it was not unusual for gay men and lesbians to dress in drag to avoid detection and harassment by law enforcement. Most of the people I met back then in drag were not purporting to be the opposite sex at all. It was simply a survival strategy. My guess is it would be even more so back in the 60s. I can’t really speak for places like NYC, but I saw it a lot in the south.

      • gg Says:

        Roslyn, the gay and lesbian community have been gender non-conforming since forever. It is a cultural value. I have never heard it described as a survival strategy. Dressing in drag — and women dressing in butch clothing — got people arrested; it certainly didn’t keep them safe. I only bring this up because trans people now claim that butch lesbians and femme gay men are actually trans and that being gay has nothing to do with gender non-conformity. It’s a lie, as any gay person over the age of 30 can attest.

      • Of course, that makes perfectly good sense.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Roslyn, you are absolutely correct. There are photographs of lesbian bars in the twentieth century where all the dancing couples appear to be heterosexual, one partner in “female” attire, one in “male” attire. This was for protection.

        And, yes, it happened in those supposed bastions of liberalism such as NYC.

  13. prozac Says:

    And here we have another pride parade trans subordination incident, this time in Calgary:

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    These entitled, mostly class and race privileged het men continue to insult, degrade and dirty everything they focus on in their never-ending demand to be the center of attention. They want access to the women men have least access to, which is Lesbians, so they “become” us in powerful organizations and re-write our history. Lesbians have so little as it is, but of course these het men want it all.

    They lie about trannies being the most victimized, when girls and women are daily raped, beaten and murders. They ignore the trannies who are raping, beating and murdering, which I’m beginning to wonder if it’s at a higher rate than other het men.

    They appropriate both gay male and Lesbian history, like in this case, when they were not even there. And at the time, as Susan says, they were only a tiny group across the world — those I saw were clearly het men wanting access to Lesbians.

    Trans does not exist. They are either self-hating gay men or auto-gynephilic het men wanting to fuck Lesbians. How did they get themselves supported, defended and promoted by women and Lesbians? All I can think is entitlement and women being flattered that men would want to be women. I saw and heard them and it could not have been clearer that they were nothing like real women.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Well said Bev. I had this thought and maybe by tomorrow I think it’s just stupid, but I wonder if so many lesbians and other women support these toerags and the whole trans ideology because women having “male” jobs like being soldiers and things like that, not just lawyers, makes them uncomfortable. And they don’t want to know that about themselves. So they like the idea that macha women, big strong women are not just life’s rich pageant/what people are really like without sex roles, but are actually a little bit mutant. They are “Trans” and ‘we the handmaidens kindly forgive them for that’. And they posture as great supporters of the male transgenders all the while seeing them as defective and therefore an appropriate object of pity. Or maybe that’s just a bunch of crap.

      I can’t believe they’re protesting and disrupting Gay Pride parades. Hope more people are reaching peak trans this summer.

      PS I’m reading Gender Hurts now. And have just got up to the part about the government castrating male homosexuals in the 30s. I did not know that.

      Oh and everybody here knows that John Money had the same idea about pedophiles is NAMLA right?

  15. morag99 Says:

    This is a little off-topic, but I just want to say that the Wiki page for Miss Major is a real mess.

    First: “Griffin-Gracy was born in the South Side of Chicago on October 25, 1940, and was assigned to be male at birth.”

    How would you fit that very confusing phrase (“to be” sounds like maleness might happen at some indefinite point in the future) on the little blue paper wrapped around a cigar? “It’s [assigned to be] male!” Um, congratulations?

    But this one is funnier:

    “Miss Major reported that she came out as a teenager in the late 1950s.”

    Huh? Ha!

    “Mom, Dad, please sit down. I have something to tell you. There’s no easy way to say this, but the truth is … I’m a teenager. It’s not a phase; it’s who I am. I hope you will still love me.”

  16. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    Anti-gay activists attack and put wigs and bras on statues of gay men. Perhaps the message was: if gay men want to be gay, they need to become trans first, and identify as women- Or else!.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Or their message was “we are frat boys. And this is how we taunt gay man.” That’s sure what it says to me. Plus the blackface. Are these mean, disruptive trans activists actually trying to be destructive? Or are they really this stupid? Or were the vandalism and Autostraddle posts actually a hoax by frat boys? She said hopefully.

  17. Gallus, is it okay to post comments from other websites. These are great comments.

    “Anonymous Activists Give Stonewall Statues Historically Accurate Makeover”.

    The people in the comment section of queerty aren’t buying it. People express their outrage below. I especially like the comment about Alan Turing being played by Laverne Cox.

    “I’m similarly outraged! Why was Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch? Why wasn’t he played by Laverne Cox? Anyway, why make a move about Turing at all? Everyone knows black and latina trans women single-handedly ended WWII after Sylvia Rivera invented the Enigma machine. Sure, she wasn’t born yet, but she also wasn’t at the Stonewall riots and still manged to throw the first brick. I hear there’s a Turing monument in Manchester, England. Get the spray paint!”

    “No, they didn’t give the statues a “historically accurate” makeover; they vandalized a work of art in order to satisfy their own created mythology. I’ll let David Carter, the author of Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution (2004), who spent 10 years researching the event, tell us the truth:

    “My research for this history demonstrates that if we wish to name the group most responsible for the success of the riots, it is the young, homeless homosexuals, and, contrary to the usual characterizations of those on the rebellion’s front lines, most were Caucasian; few were Latino; almost none were transvestites or transsexuals; most were effeminate; and a fair number came from middle-class families.”

    That the gay press is going along with the trans fringe re-writing of history is shameful and appalling. Aside from Carter’s book, there is also the PBS American Masters documentary Stonewall Uprising (2010) and an AARP short documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of the riots (; there are sources out there with the truth. Stop supporting and spreading the lies.”

    “This is an anti-gay criminal act. Call it what it is. This is similar to the vandalism perpetrated by “queer/trans activists” a few months ago in New Zealand. But this is worse, because in this case the target was art. These moralistic bullies, who are incapable of making art of their own, instead violated an existing artistic work and replaced it with their own political message. Calling this a “makeover” is vile. Imagine that some Christians who felt angry and entitled and justified, had painted burning flames on the statutes and dressed them up in chains to reflect their future in hell. Would that be a “makeover”? Or is it that different rules apply so long as you call yourself “queer”?”

    Almost as disgusting than the vandalism is how Queerty and Dan Tracer try to justify it. There have now been many, many comments from Queerty readers, myself included, setting forth with sources why this notion of Stonewall as a riot by Black transgenders or drag queens is false. But it doesn’t matter. Over and over and over, Queerty keeps reporting rubbish such as “Marsha Johnson threw the first brick.” or as in this case that the “leaders” of Stonewall were ““Black Latina trans women.” None of this is supported by any evidence and all of it conflicts with the extensive historical record of the event. There were no “leaders” of the riot, there were at most a dozen transvestites, and the number of transwomen ranged from zero to 2, with zero being the most likely. Queerty doesn’t interview any historians. It doesn’t review any documentation. It just spews the same lies. This site has an ethics problem.”

    At the Stonewall Veterans web page there is a small photo gallery. The first item in it is captioned “This is the one and only — known or unknown — New York City Police Department (“NYCPD”) mug shot as a result of the total of 21 arrests from the notorious 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in Greenwich Village, New York City….. ”

    The photo is of a young white male. His hair is long, but in a male style, and what little is visible of his clothing is not feminine looking.

  18. Janetwo Says:

    They dont respect biological reality, why should they respect history or art? On the positive side, this might wake up enough gay men to make them realize they are their problem to, not just for women. All in all, I am optimistic enough to think the wind is turning for them. I know that if not for this blog, I would be a lot less aware and a lot more confused about this than I am. I think most of the public is where I was about a year ago before finding gendertrender. The trannies are so vicious about silencing alternative voices because they know deep down their gig is up as soon as people see through the gaslighting. They seems to have an unusual access to mainstream mass medias though. I see them represented everywhere, movies, tv, comics, most often in a positive light that has little to do with the narcissistic assclowns they are…I cant think of any groups so uniformely obnoxious and egotistical.

  19. nonny Says:

    If the short-sighted, hurtful, ignorant brats ever read this:
    This is an outrage and I hope you grow to become ashamed at what you’ve done and the pain this causes.
    Self-serving, ahistorical narratives will NOT save you, they won’t mend actual issues of racism in LGBT communities. and outrage against the people who paved your fucking way- actual, real people who lived and fought struggles you cannot imagine- good grief.

    PS Speaking of struggles that can’t be understood: GROW UP and quit stanning for the radikewl males who will NEVER have your back or know what it means to be female.

  20. Here’s the other problem with this BoycottStonewallMovie nonsense that has me annoyed; Everyone keeps using the mugshot cited above and hasn’t bothered to read the controversy behind the man in that photo.

    Williamson Henderson is just as unreliable as Miss Major.

  21. Fruitopia Says:

    I think they’re just making claims about race in order to give themselves more credibity. Firstly they hope that blacks and Latinas will jump on the bandwagon without verifying the story. Secondly, these trans activists hope to avoid being bashed for being mostly white.

    • That’s their strategy for everything. That’s how they can accuse me, a black woman, of oppressing them, white men. They use “trans women of color” as literally a human shield to cover the fact that they’re just a bunch of white male autogynephiles.

  22. Margie Says:

    I have read the extremely thorough account of the riot, David Carter’s “Stonewall: Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution” which is mentioned in some of the comments above. The e-book version runs nearly 900 pages. The author spent years researching this topic. He interviewed every living witnesses that he could find. He reviewed police records and public documents. He gained access to private archives and personal papers. And he reviewed all of the photographic and videographic records of the event. His conclusions:

    – There were only a few crossdressers at Stonewall out of nightly crowds of 400-500
    – Most of the rioting was done by men
    – One brave unidentified lesbian (who was not Stormé DeLarverie, but another lesbian) played a key role, and –
    – The bravest fighters were homeless, non-crossdressing gay kids.

    And years of painstaking research gets thrown in the trash in an instant because “queer” and “trans” activists declare, without having done even 1 minute of research, that an army of “transwomen” were the leaders of the riot.

    Whom do these vandals say the “leaders” were? Rey “Sylvia” Rivera – a violent felon and prostitute who lured his “clients” in and then, along with others, beat and robbed them. A lying thug who once shot a man and left him bleeding on the street. There is no evidence that Rivera was even at the riot. Carter does not place him there and the only reason that people think that Rivera was there is that Rivera says he was there.

    Marsha Johnson aka Malcolm Michaels — a crossdresser who lived on the streets and who suffered psychosis and schizophrenia. David Carter describes how Johnson had delusions, including one in which he saw 10 suns in the sky. Johnson was at times gentle and kind, but at other times violent and frightening. He was banned from most gay bars because of his erratic conduct. He died at age 48, a victim of suicide or homicide. Carter does place Johnson at the riot and relays a witness who saw Johnson break the windshield of a police car. But there is no evidence whatsoever that Johnson was a “leader.”

    And finally, there’s “Miss Major” Griffiin-Gracy. As with Rivera, there’s no evidence whatsoever to place Griffin-Gracy at the riot. No witnesses. No arrest record. No photographic evidence. Nothing. In fact, Griffin-Gracy doesn’t describe in any detail what he supposedly did at Stonewall. He also claims to have rioted at Attica. But unlike Stonewall, Attica’s participants could only come from the inmate population. If you weren’t an inmate, you weren’t a rioter. And it was a huge national news story. So it was covered extensively by the media and investigated thoroughly by the state. And after the riot, there was civil litigation in federal court. So if Griffin-Gracy had participated, it would be pretty easy to confirm it. Well, there isn’t a shred of evidence that Griffin-Gracy was in Attica or participated in the riot. There is no inmate in the New York State Department of Corrections database named Griffin-Gracy or Griffin or Gracy, matching “Miss Majors” age or profile. There is no mention in the media coverage of a transsexual rioter. There is no mention of Griffin-Gracy in the state’s voluminous official report on the riot. And Griffin-Gracy was not a party to the federal litigation. In contrast to Johnson and Rivera, Griffin-Gracy is still alive and can be asked about these claims. But it won’t happen. To be an “ally” of transgenders means upholding lies and not asking questions. This is one more example.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow! Fantastic reporting. x

      • Add to that, a chapter “MIss Major” wrote for a book released during the Summer called The Right Side of History: 100 Years of LGBTQ Activism, where he or she writes being knocked out by a cop in the early seconds of the riot and waking up next morning at the tombs.

        This trans woman is all over the place in her own story telling.

    • kesher Says:

      You know who did participate in the Attica riots? The man who raped and murdered Kitty Genovese. Griffin-Gracy seems very invested in claiming extremely unsavory associations.

      He’s also begging for donations on an ongoing basis. I think it was Daryl Banks whom I saw claiming that “Miss Majors” not being able to support himself was an indictment of the trans community. I guess as long as it’s just that community expected to pony up, I won’t bother worrying about it.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Damn, Margie, thanks for all that! I just bought Carter’s book.

      Interesting tidbit about Marsha Johnson/Malcolm Michaels from Wiki: “For the most part, Johnson had the same personality no matter how she was dressed, though there were also times when Johnson would assert a male identity, as Malcolm/Marshall/Mikey, and in those moments would take offense at being called “Marsha” or being addressed with female pronouns.” And then this:

      “Marsha rose above (italics mine) being a man or a woman, rose above being black or white, rose above being straight or gay” – Journalist Randy Wicker (Johnson’s close friend and roommate)”

      So I guess those of us who are comfortable in our sex, and don’t need to flip back and forth (or try to), are somehow “below” Marsha Johnson/Malcolm Michaels. We’re somehow just not as sophisticated or learned or spiritual or something. Got it.

    • nemesister Says:

      In his latest version of reality, Major is also claiming to be intersex. He’s claimed he was arrested at Stonewall, but there’s no arrest record under his name. Fooling Janet Mock that he was at Stonewall wasn’t enough. He had to get greedy. Now he’s claiming he not only led the riots, but that Johnson and Rivera weren’t even there. He clearly wants to be the only gay in the village.

  23. disfasia Says:

    There were drag queens present at the riots, but mostly this was a gay male operation (the drag queens then identifying as gay men in drag then). What is problematic here is equally the anachronism of labels that did not exist then (nor of the obsession for identity politics) and the attempt to erase gay and female lives from history. Moreover, blackface is offensive no matter who is doing it, or for what motives. It is pretty shocking to see such regressive politics and it is time that we just start saying LGB because the T has no relationship to our realities and struggles. If anything the T attempts to turn back time without the ironic reference to Cher!

  24. @Margie,

    Thanks for the excellent work researching this. Great job! I’ve read articles that said Stormé DeLarverie was the lesbian whose scuffle with the police sparked the riot. I stand corrected. Isn’t it true that Stormé DeLarverie was there during the Stonewall riot, and she was struck by a police officer? In the melee with everything flying, it would be difficult to identify who did what. After the unknown lesbian fought with the police, the whole room exploded.

    Again, thanks for post. Women at gendertrender do our research.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Skylark adds such good research so reliably that I don’t even think to thank her anymore! Kick ass!

    • ElleDriver Says:

      The accounts of Storme’s activities that night are, as most things Stonewall, conflicting. Undoubtedly she was there, but in Carter’s book, identifying her as the woman who “threw the first punch” is dismissed in a footnote. Carter cites the source for the story as Charles Kaiser’s The Gay Metropolis, published in 1997. Carter’s reasoning is that witnesses describe the woman as caucasian, that DeLarverie was well-known in the LGBT community and thus should be easily recognizable, and that by her own words (in Kaiser’s book) she was not actively protesting when a policeman struck her in the face.

      However, I don’t believe Carter interviewed DeLarverie personally for his book (unsure why not as she was still alive at the time of his writing) whereas Kaiser did. As stated above, DeLarverie denied the story to Kaiser, but Kaiser cites other witnesses as identifing her as the person who struck back after being hit. It wasn’t until 2008 or so that Storme acknowledged her active participation in the protest. In addition, Storme was biracial and could easily be mistaken for Caucasian. Carter’s book is otherwise excellent, but the lack of investigation into Storme’s story shouldn’t serve as the definitive account.

  25. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Vandalism, pure and simple, and revisionist pigs trying to rewrite history.

    I’m surprised they didn’t claim they had the original signs saying “Trans Pride”, too.

    Not that there were any.

  26. MaryMacha Says:

    If Stonewall had been led by Black and Latino drag queens, never mind transgenderists, don’t you think that detail would have been all over the press the next day.

    Oh, I know. Trans invisibly!

  27. GallusMag Says:

    There’s a simple reason why the Stonewall trailer doesn’t feature more ‘trans women of colour’
    Brendan O’Neill 21 August 2015 16:06

    Aping Isis, trans activists have defaced a historical monument to make a political point. They blacked-up — seriously, with spray paint and afro wigs — the Christopher Street Gay Liberation statue in New York, which commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots and the birth of the modern gay-rights movement. Their beef? That the monument and a new movie about Stonewall don’t give enough credit to the black and Latino trans women who apparently were among the first to hurl bottles at homophobic cops on that fateful night.

    Let’s leave to one side the ugliness of sticking a comedy afro on a statue to make it appear black — a PC version of the black-and-white minstrels show. More worrying is that this infantile gesture, and the bonkers debate about the accuracy or otherwise of the Stonewall film, suggests the infernal politics of identity is now being projected back in time. Not content with colonising Twitter and infecting academia with this bunkum, the identity-obsessives now want to rewrite history according to their nasty, narrow worldview.

    Hilariously, the moaners about the Stonewall movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, haven’t seen it yet: it’s released next month. But they’ve seen the trailer, and they’re angry. It has too many pretty white gay boys for their liking. It also features many ethnic minorities and trans folk, but clearly not enough for these self-elected policers of cultural depictions of the past. They want more ‘trans women of colour’. They talk about Emmerich as if he’s a Hollywood version of Stalin: he has ‘erase[d] trans women… from history,’ says one of the many people who hasn’t seen his film.

    Yet if anyone’s messing with history, it’s these historically illiterate trans blatherers. There’s a simple reason the Stonewall movie (allegedly) has no trans women in it: because that identity didn’t exist in 1969. At the Stonewall bar there were drag queens, sure, and gender benders, and transvestites. But the modern, mad idea of gender dysphoria — that some men are actually women, real, bona fide women, and we must all refer to them as ‘she’ or else their self-esteem will go up in flames — didn’t exist in the 1960s. Transwomanhood is the pseudo-medical invention of modern activists; putting ‘trans women’ in the Stonewall movie would be like having Shoreditch hipsters in a Flintstones film.

    The Sixties was way too chilled for today’s stiff, authoritarian transpolitics. Back then people did what turned them on. Gay men donned dresses because it made them feel good. Gender-bending was a laugh, designed to cock a snook at social mores. In contrast, today’s transpolitics takes itself ridiculously seriously. Using iffy scientific claims and waving turgid PhD theses, trans activists claim some people are physically one gender but mentally another and they need therapy, drugs and sometimes surgery to enable them to become their true selves.

    What a striking difference with the lipstick-stained gender-benders of the Sixties. Where those drag queens stuck two well-manicured fingers up at authority, by refusing to be manly and instead advertising their effeminate streak, today’s trans activists appeal to authority; they rely on it, in fact, especially medical authority, which they constantly cite to prove their identity is real and their every drug, nip and tuck is necessary in order for them to become the gender their nerve-endings tell them they are. It’s sad, and needy, a hunt for pseudo-medical validation of their desire to play at being women, where those Sixties queens just did what they wanted and had a hoot, regardless of what doctors or squares or any other figure of authority thought of them.

    Indeed, the early gay libbers argued against the idea that they had a medical condition (the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality as a mental illness until 1973). Today’s trans activists insist they have a medical condition, and demand both medication and unflinching global sympathy to deal with it. What a bizarre turnaround: from kicking against the psychologisation of one’s sexual interests to demanding the psychologisation of one’s gender identity.

    The spat over the Stonewall movie shows how much the politics of identity has changed in the 45 years since that glorious riot. Where the first gay radicals wanted to break free of identity — by refusing to be a typical bloke or girl — today’s deviants are determined to return to the prison of identity, dreaming up utterly fixed, unquestionable, sometimes medically enhanced identities for themselves to live in and live by. And if the rest of us refuse to genuflect before their sainted identity, we’ll be branded transphobes and elbowed out of polite society. Even worse, they now want to re-engineer not only how people speak and think about gender today, but history itself. More trans-Orwellianism, the opposite of the spirit of Stonewall.

  28. hearthrising Says:

    I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie in the theater, but I will now. I would hate to see no more gays/lesbians in the movies because the portrayal might upset some trans activists.

  29. ImNoCissie Says:

    We didn’t do it because “we were worried about being arrested” – #Activism2015

    Speaking of Stonewall, I saw some hashtag activist kiddies on Twitter the other day bitching about the use of the word “transvestite” in the new Stonewall film. Funny, because Sylvia Rivera called himself a transvestite and a drag queen, never transgender.
    NO ONE was called “transgender” back then and “transsexuals” were people who had undergone a complete “sex change” procedure.

    And, the organization Rivera founded was called the “Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries”.

    These mealy mouthed children just look for things to be outraged about and need to remake the world in their own image, which is only 2 shades of pastelly-fab-genderqueer pink and blue.

    • hearthrising Says:

      “we were worried about being arrested.” Wow. The irony of that sentence missed me the first time. So much for civil disobedience. Like, the heroes of Stonewall deliberately got themselves arrested by confronting police, but the trans activists do sneak vandalism to make some kind of point. And they make clear that they’re allies, not trans, because if a trans person got arrested that would be sooooo much worse than a gay man or butch lesbian getting thrown in the can in 1970.

  30. Margie Says:

    Two updates:

    1. So apparently at the same time trans activists were denouncing a movie trailer because it didn’t include transvestites and drag queens, and thus perpetrated “trans erasure” – another mob of trans activists were threatening a children’s hospice. Yes, a place where dying children go to live out their last days. That was the target of trans rage. Why? Because the hospice was holding a fundraiser in which the dads of these sick children were able to dress up as women and run a “drag race.” The trans activists were terribly upset that people were conflating transvestittism and drag with transgender. See Lilly’s link directly above this comment & also see

    So there you have it: trans activism takes ownership of drag in order to claim participation in Stonewall, and simultaneously attacks a home for dying children because drag is transphobic.

    2. It turns out that the trans vandalism of the sculpture entitled “Gay Liberation” is not the first. In fact, their act of violence is just the latest in a long history of homophobic violence directed against this work of art. In fact, it has been defaced – with black paint – by homophobic athletes at Stanford all of whom were arrested and criminally charged. It was vandalized other times as well. The big difference seems to be that in the past, gays and lesbians understood that they were being attacked by bigots and protested the vandalism. Today, a lot of us seem to cheer on the perpetrators. It really is stunning that we can have anti-gay criminal acts committed in such a blatant way, with such a clear parallel to past anti-gay acts against the very same work of art, and the “LGBT” press can’t or won’t draw the connection.

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