No Hunger Strike for Conner MacCalister

August 28, 2015

No Gender Identity protections for female transgender Connor MacCallister

No Gender Identity protections for female transgender Connor MacCalister

A hunger strike was started by ten transgender activists calling themselves “No Pride In Prison” demanding that a male convicted of a violent crime in New Zealand who says he “identifies as female” be transferred to housing among confined females. The man, Jade Follett, was convicted for stabbing another man in the back three times as the victim tried to run away. The two had met via social networking for a sexual encounter. Follett was offered home detention and anger management training for his 21 month sentence but declined it, opting instead for voluntary incarceration.

Hunger strike until death to affirm Gender Identity rights of Jade Follett

Hunger strike until death to affirm Gender Identity rights of male Jade Follett

Calls were issued for volunteers who would sit with and administer juices and teas to the “Transwomen” who pledged to die of starvation so the voluntarily confined individual could achieve his goal of placement among women confined involuntarily by the state. This action was informed by New Zealand’s adoption of “Gender identity” laws that eliminate the basic human rights of women prisoners to be confined separate from males in favor of the self-reported “gender feelings” of any male who claims they have female brains in their male bodies.

No hunger protest took place to demand Conner MacCalister be placed in male prison in accordance with her long term identity as a man. No transgender activists have protested her “misgendering” as female after a decade of testosterone medical treatment. No transgender legal advocacy organizations have demanded her identity as a man be respected in her prison placement. Her gender identity rights have not been affirmed by transgender advocates. No hunger strike has been announced for the identity rights of Conner MacCalister to be affirmed by placement in the male facility she identifies with. This is because Gender Identity rights apply solely to males. No female benefits from “Gender Identity” rights, ever, including females who identify as male and are “post-transition”.

* The hunger strike for the male inmate was halted after 5 hours when prison authorities agreed to house the violent male inmate among the state confined female population in deference to his belief that he is female-brained. Reports say dinner was early for the hunger strikers, but celebratory.

62 Responses to “No Hunger Strike for Conner MacCalister”

  1. sellmaeth Says:

    Considering how commonplace rape is in men’s prisons, one could argue that the transgender activists did MacCalister a favour by not starting a hunger strike.

    Though the women in the women’s prison could have profited from her removal.

    Maybe this is not so much about misgendering, but more about ensuring the safety of men at the expense of women.

    • kesher Says:

      Certainly that’s part of it, but the “straight” MTTs typically want to be placed with men, because that’s where the fun is. Cece McDonald didn’t even try to get housed with women.

      It looks like this guy might be “straight” since he stabbed a man who wouldn’t have sex with him, but he also could be one of those autogynephiles who has sex with men as part of his fetish.

      And he doesn’t even look like an MTT. He looks like a dude with long hair.

      New Zealand has a low violent crime rate and comparatively very few people in prison (even taking their low population into account). I’m extremely skeptical that even an obvious MTT would be at serious risk of violence there. Much of the risk of violence in U.S. prisons is due to overcrowding, bad management, and lack of money to address the first two problems.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        It seems to differ. Germany doesn’t have the problems the U.S. has, but there was a case where a boy was lynched in youth prison.
        I would prefer to be housed with women, but of course, I have no desire to get into men’s pants, so there is that.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I hope I never have to go to jail, but if I do, I’ll claim I identify as a monkey. A trans-monkey. I’ll demand to live in the monkey cage at the zoo. What a life. My family can visit anytime.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Good plan, I hope you never need it. Maybe getting your transidentity acknowledged would be a bit more difficult with that.

      • Zemskull Says:

        I’d have to work at “passing” as a primate, but I could do it better than Conner MacCalister is with his chosen impersonation. I’m already really hairy, I like bananas, and I can screech with the best of them. Learning to fling poo and actually enjoy it could be a challenge.

  2. anon male Says:

    I was thinking about the comment left here:

    Where a trans/supporter claimed that transmen were clamoring to get into male prison by using the trope of “only trans and their fans are educated people, it’s not our duty to educate you backwoods fools, so go google it, bitch.”

    This go-to trope (#1 on Gallus’ list) is generally fairly effective at making people feel ashamed — the “Rocky” spewing this nonsense was so confident in its effectiveness that they used it (several times!) in a case where even a cursory search would put any claims to bed as pure bunk.

  3. “York County Sheriff Bill King said MacCalister will be housed in administrative segregation in the jail’s female unit.

    “King said MacCalister, who identifies as male, asked to be housed in the jail’s female unit…”

    Read more: Judge orders mental exam for suspect in Saco supermarket killing | Local News – WMTW Home via @WMTWTV

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “MacCalister, who id’s as male, asked to be housed in the female unit”.

      haha. Funny how the trans shit goes right out the window. “Who me? Male? When did I say thaaat”. What a bunch of frauds.

      If I were the family of the woman this asshole murdered I would be demanding she be put into a mens prison.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        No, please no. As I said previously, she will probably end up in the criminally insane unit in Augusta, Maine, which is sex-segregated. It is violent as staffers have been regularly assaulted; I don’t know if it has improved after the federal government withheld funding due to the conditions there. I would not want to see her in a men’s prison, no matter what, and I would like to see her off testosterone.

      • czz Says:

        She’s clearly mentally ill. I blame the therapists who undoubtedly blamed her mental issues on gender dysphoria and “treated” it with testosterone.

  4. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  5. So basically they went without a snack between meals and this frightened the ‘authorities’ so much they forgot about their duty to protect women inmates. WTAF!

    • sarineal Says:

      As it turns out Mr. Stabby there already had applied for transfer, which they can do provided the prisoner hasn’t committed any serious sexual offences against a person of their nominated sex. So at least they’ve kept obvious risks in the form of known rapists out of women’s facilities, but this guy got in despite having committed a violent crime and the women just have to put up this.

      It sucks though, he was placed appropriately in a male prison from the start and he said he got more understanding from fellow prisoners there then was offered the option of home detention which he refused. There wasn’t and isn’t any evidence of risk there to him or other prisoners that might be different.

      The interesting thing is that the policy says “if staff have a copy of the birth certificate that specifies the prisoner’s sex, the prisoner must be placed in a prison that manages prisoners of the sex specified on the birth certificate.” which would make it if a woman that identifies as a man has changed their birth certificate to male, if they have that information they have to place them in a male prison and their option would be then to apply for a review of placement.

      Connor MacCalister if they’d changed their birth details might have ended up in a male prison in NZ and had to fill out a lot of forms to appeal that decision.

      To change birth certificate in NZ you have to apply to family court (and this can be done only in Wellington) and generally the requirement has been that they have to have had full SRS surgery before the Judge will allow it, but there is a recent case where a woman identifying as a man who only had hormones and mastectomy was allowed to change birth details to a sex she wasn’t.

  6. kesher Says:

    How wonderful that this guy refused to accept counseling to deal with his violence, but he’s being placed in a women’s facility.

  7. Rosemary Says:

    ”(MacCalister) went to the Shaw’s Supermarket with plans to kill several people and wanted to target an elderly woman who wouldn’t resist”.

    That is a very unusual crime for a woman to commit. I am very curious as to what role years of testosterone poisoning played in this. And yes, of course it is telling that no one is clamoring for ”Connor” to be housed in a male prison.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I would have said unusual as well except that a woman from Virginia came to Maine and stabbed two women in a store. Were either of these two women on SSRIs, which seem to be linked to homicidal ideation?

  8. Off topic: Hey, about that Vernon Flanagan dude?! He’s being vilified by the media for being gay and living in an apartment void of fashion and design. Too bad, he’s wasn’t transgender. transgender. Where he, he would be martyred and a hero, all kinds of vigils and rallies would be taking place. and everyone would be demanding WDBJ executives be investigated for transphobia with a fierce reprimand from GLAAD and the HRC.

  9. Lizzie Says:

    I don’t think I fully comprehended how little women’s lives mattered – no, let me rephrase this, I never comprehended that women’s lives are at best an irrelevance to so many people until the trans movement got going.

    “But the male prisoners will prey on them!” Okay, so get angry at the, y’know, rapists. Which is usually met with, at best, *crickets* and, at worst, threats and insults.

    I’ve always wondered if many men really are that unaware of how much physically stronger they are than women, or if I’m being played. “Eh, the women aren’t in danger. They can fight him off, worst comes to worst”. AGAINST A FULLY GROWN MALE?!?!?!?! ARE THE BASIC REALITIES OF CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY AND PHYSICS COMPLETELY ALIEN TO YOU?

    I don’t begrudge men their physical strength. But it’s really not too much to ask that men just realise that they are much, much physically stronger than women and act accordingly.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Check out Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Ragen Chastain and her fangirls on Health at Every Size, Amnesty International, on and on and on, to find out just how little women’s lives matter. What is really depressing is how little women’s lives matter to other women sobbing over the poor trans.

      • kesher Says:

        Certainly some of this is women prioritizing men over our own needs, which we’re socialized to do from birth.

        But I wonder how much of it is also due to the fact that women most negatively affected by MTTs are those no one cares about. Women in prison are overwhelmingly poor, racial minorities who have been victims of horrific male abuse and violence throughout their lives. Lesbians are another major group the MTTs are imposing themselves on, and most libfems seem to not care about or actively hate lesbians. It was really eye opening to me to see how lesbophobic other straight women are; this hatred really comes out whenever a man’s feels need defending.

      • Jesse Says:


        “Women in prison are overwhelmingly poor, racial minorities who have been victims of horrific male abuse and violence throughout their lives.”

        Whenever I object to people making jokes about prison rape (male-on-male, in those instances), it always seems to boil down to “well, they shouldn’t have committed the crime, should they?” Like sexual predation is just something they have to get used to in prison, alongside the “being locked up” part and having to wear the prison uniform.

        Maybe a similar mentality is feeding this? I’m a big fan of punishing people who commit crimes. But rape as part of the sentence? WTF?

      • kesher Says:

        Yes, I definitely think that’s a factor, although I think that sentiment is far more prevalent in the U.S. than elsewhere. We Americans seem to have considerable bloodlust regarding criminals, even criminals who haven’t committed violent crimes. But it doesn’t explain the same lack of care in other countries that have already embraced trans ideology wholeheartedly.

        I don’t know if most people are going to care about this unless/until some wealthy, straight, white women of high social standing are negatively affected. Even then, I’m not so sure.

  10. Fruitopia Says:

    Lol at five hour hunger strike. Isn’t that just the gap between lunch and dinner?

    • endthewoo Says:

      They were drinking juice and tea that their supporters brought along for the brave little dears. Reminds me of a bunch of 3 year olds, “now then everyone, sit down with your snack while mummy reads you a story”

  11. Pearl Says:

    I would have suggested a counter protest for those in the women’s prison to contest the possibility of a male being house with them, but that’d require people to actually care about actual females and our concerns. I’m so thoroughly sick of trans and their allies whining that we should and let live because trans behavior doesn’t effect us when it clearly does. A women’s prison (just like a women’s bathroom) is a sex-segregated space, and no males should be housed there as prisoners. If he doesn’t feel safe in gen. pop. in the men’s prison because of the way he chooses to identify, then he should be housed in a segregated area the same way pedophiles, former LEOs, and celebrities are.

    • sarineal Says:

      At the time the Corrections Minister, Anne Tolley did speak out about the risks to women and very sensibly too. Didn’t work that well, really this shouldn’t have gone through. The 500 or so incarcerated women in NZ have no voice and no choice as to the policy.

      The previous policy only allowed those that had full surgery to go to prison of the opposite sex, but the screams of risk (not quantified of course) ended up trumping concerns about the women that would have males, often convicted of violent crimes, put in with them. They did make the exception that if someone was convicted of a sexual crime, they stayed in a male prison and would not be housed with women so there’s something there to protect them from dangerous predators even if the basis for the change was weak and only affected maybe 5 in the system at the time.

      “No, but the department will continue to assess the needs of prisoners on a case by case basis, and common sense is also important. A man who is transgender but pre-surgery is still a man, and to move him to a women’s prison would raise a number of safety issues. By the same token, we cannot move a female prisoner into a male prison. But I am satisfied that the department is focusing on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending, which will ensure that fewer prisoners, transgender or otherwise, end up back in prison.” (Oral question to the Minister in parliament, 29 February 2012).

  12. Bea Says:

    Okay, so, let me get this straight:

    this beefy, violently insane dude is a “woman,” and he’s afraid of being raped/abused in a male prison…

    …but Rocky’s argument in the Clutch magazine comments is “women rape/murder, too!” so transwomen are at the same risk of rape in a woman’s prison??

    …so then why does it matter if the transwoman goes to a male prison and gets “gender accomodations” like makeup and what-not if the risk is the same?

    Either males are more likely to be rapists, and therefore women prisoners shouldn’t have to accept transwomen among them…or males are not more likely to rape and prison should be totally co-ed.

    So is this a dismantling of women’s rights under the guise of “validating genderfeelz”? Does anyone actually think women rape transwomen?

    The whole genderism ideology is such a clusterfuck to parse. I think that will ultimately be its undoing: it makes no sense, contradicts itself all the time, “transwomen” are not an actual class.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Tell that to Ragen Chastain at Health at Every Size. Total erasure of women as a class.

      • kesher Says:

        Is Chastain trans? Or is she merely an apologist?

        Since you mentioned Chastain twice, I looked her up and was amused to see how she handled being dismissed by Ironman because she couldn’t come close to finishing within a reasonable time limit. Regardless of the trans issue, she seems to have a really hard time accepting that inclusion is not a human right. Elite athletic events don’t have to wait 24 hours for your weighed-down body to finish a triathlon. Women don’t have to suffer anatomical males in our spaces because “feels”.

  13. CKDexterHaven Says:

    If men’s prisons are so terrible for M2Ts how come most of them transition after incarceration?

  14. CKDexterHaven Says:

    HMP Albany on the Isle of Wight (which, according to Wikipedia, held 566 prisoners as of 2008) has around 35 M2T inmates. Funnily enough it happens to be a specialist facility for sex offenders.

  15. BigBooButch Says:

    Someone pointed out in a post about this on Facebook that you are calling this male a female trans (in the caption of the first pic). A female trans would indicate that he is female, wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t he be called a male trans, since he is a male?

  16. marm Says:

    I never thought that I would suggest that there should be more prisons. I think a trans only facility is long overdue. Incarcerate trans with trans, period.

  17. This is not acceptable, and it’s violating the rights of female prisoners. Many of these women have histories of PTSD because of unimaginable sexual and physical abuse.

    It’s time for organized civil disobedience. Organize an old fashioned hunger strike or sit in. The women inmates could shut the prison down if they wanted to. If over half the women inmates did a sit in, and didn’t budge until this insanity stopped, there is nothing that the authorities could do. The women should refuse to work, refuse to eat, or refuse to just get out of their bunks until the males are driven from women’s prisons.

    Or, they could take care of it the way that some women took care of the sadistic torturer and convicted rapist, Mr. Richard, “Sherri” Masbruch. I’m not advocating any thing like this, but whatever works. From what I’ve read, the reason Mr. Masbruch is in an undisclosed location is because some women dispensed some old fashioned jail house justice.

  18. RadicalGrandma Says:

    So male “Jade” Follett almost kills a guy and only gets 21 mos which he wants to spend in a women’s prison?

    What would he do to a 5′, 100 lb female? Or any other size woman who didn’t have the strength he possesses?

    Put trans types into a special protective section in the prison that mirrors their birth ID. I’m more into protecting women, even those that are ftt than trying to “fit” them into somewhere they don’t belong.

    • Lint Says:

      I would not doubt it. It makes me sick to see doctors playing with the bodies of these girls, injecting them with testosterone when they are already unstable. The doctors have no clue how this affects the body and mind of a child… what a tragedy.

  19. Lint Says:

    “No female benefits from “Gender Identity” rights, ever, including females who identify as male and are “post-transition”.”

    Once again Gallus you are succinct as you are truthful. The trans movement is a men’s movement and it will never benefit or help women.

    The scornful silence on Maccalister coming from the trans movement says it all. They don’t care. Women are irrelevant to them and trans will never spare their resources to help us– although in this case Maccalister is clearly safer and better off in a women’s prison.

    It is alarming that NZ authorities caved in so quickly and completely to “Jade” Follett and seem to hold the safety of women prisoners with such contempt. Once again men look after their own.

    Off topic, but Gallus did you receive what I sent you? Just wanting to make sure you got it.

  20. keeva99 Says:

    what kind if a fucking nutjob voluntarily goes to prison? hmmmm…

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Keeva99: My question was more along the lines of what kind of prison system offers house arrest to a violent offender, goes along with the offender’s refusal of that first offer, then makes an offer of confinement–in the offender’s birth gender–then goes along with that refusal was well? Or, since when does the convict keep calling the shots like that?

  21. czz Says:

    Being declared a woman by officials and then being housed with women is the ultimate validation for a transgender male. The only places this is obtainable is in college dorms and in prison. I expect we are going to see many more such cases.

  22. Branjor Says:

    That blond guy, Jade Follett, has an expression on his face like he has a bad smell under his nose. I wonder if he goes around looking like that all the time.

  23. kfb3 Says:

    I totally agree with you, Dogtowner. I had a huge email exchange with her since she seems to identify as a dyke, and I took her to task about something stupid she said about women only spaces. I immediately unfollowed her after the exchange.
    @Kesher-she is definitely an apologist. You are correct that she thinks that everyone should be included in everything. She also steps all over herself to not hurt anyone’s feefees. She even changed a blog post title because evidently “idiot” or “incompetent” (can’t remember which one) is triggering to someone. WTF??

    • kfb3 Says:

      This was in reply to the comment about Ragen Chastain. Dumb word press would not let me comment underneath it 😦

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      Don’t know about “incompetent,” but some blogs ban “idiot” for being ableist.

      • KgSch Says:

        I just view that as more of the same old thought-policing nonsense that “social justice warriors”/trans cult cheerleaders do. It’s along the lines of that “he not she” Twitter bot.

        I have this strange unpopular belief that people with disabilities and mental illnesses are just regular people who happen to have medical issues and aren’t going to die of shock if someone online uses the word “idiot” or “stupid” (especially when it’s not even directed at them!)

        I’m a lesbian and a radical feminist, so I’ve been called way worse things than that. The funny thing is, if you say you are those things, the response is “bigot” or a rape threat, or “drink bleach and die in a fire”. Funny how rape and death threats aren’t problematic but the word “idiot” is.

        The annoying thing is this can actually spill over into blogs that aren’t about politics. There is a blog I used to like that used to be a good resource of information about a TV show I liked, but now it’s just a huge months-long argument about how the word “psycho” is totally problematic but “trash” may or may not be problematic. It’s funny that the blog master apparently decided it was her duty to thought-police the fanbase and make sure no problematic language was used and now people are thought-policing her back and telling her how horrible she is for jokingly calling a reality show she liked “trash”.

  24. kfb3 Says:

    @KgSch: Thank you! I was struggling with the same thoughts, but you said it much better than I could.

    • KgSch Says:

      You’re welcome.

      There are many, many things I’m not on board with in what passes for social justice activism/mainstream feminism and liberalism, and this thought-policing stuff is one of them. I don’t consider myself a liberal anymore.

      I have depression and social anxiety issues and I really don’t want depression and other mental health problems to be associated with whinny, entitled (mostly) pre-teens to 20-somethings who bite your head off for saying words like “stupid” or “dumbass”. It’s bad enough that both Democrat nutjobs and Republican nutjobs blame “mental illness” for mass shootings even though maleness, whiteness, and easy access to guns are the common factors in the vast majority of these shootings.

      Additionally, many of the spoiled brats doing this are not disabled and don’t have a problem like depression. Many of the “SJW” (social justice warrior) types and other people on blogs like tumblr fetishize mental illnesses and disabilities and self-diagnose as disabled or mentally ill without getting it confirmed by a medical professional. Coincidentally, it’s always an easier-to-manage disorder like mild OCD or high functioning autism. If you suggest they get the diagnoses confirmed you’re being “classist” because some people are poor and don’t have good health care (even though, because of their age, most of these people are still on their parent’s insurance). Also, wishing for a cure for any mental illness is the same as genocide. I was once accused of being self-hating for wishing I had a cure for my depression. (Though if I wished for a cure for my asthma it’s fine.)

      I just realized as I was writing this that this whole thing overlaps with that man who pretends to be a lesbian and pretends to be disabled. (He has convinced a lot of people he’s paralyzed.) It’s all just a disgusting fetish and it’s disturbing that so many people give into their demands. This post is problematic and so it has to be deleted or censored because it used the word “stupid” and that hurts disabled and mentally ill people because they should be treated like children. This link is problematic because the author is a terf. You went five hours without food (aka the time between lunch and dinner)! You’re so brave. We will do what you say and place the violent man in the woman’s prison, who gives a fuck about the safety of actual women.

  25. Connor MacCalister had a history or mental illness, and after stabbing a woman, she said, “I’m off my meds”.

    Born Tanisha Hopkins and originally from Newburyport, Massachusetts, she legally changing her name to Connor MacCalister. She is a female-to-male transgender and has identified as a man for more than a decade.

    I wonder if she was on “T” (testosterone). I’ve read numerous articles about testosterone increasing aggressive behavior.

    Moderate Side Effects from FTM Testosterone HRT

    Mood swings, anxiety, agitation,..

    Severe Side Effects from FTM Testosterone HRT

    Suicidal tendencies, violence, panic attacks, rage….

    So, you have a mentally unstable woman who might have been on testosterone, and doing God knows what drugs on top of her mental instability.

    Gallus, you are right. Transgender organizations who fought for the right of convicted male murderers and rapists to be housed in female prisons aren’t coming to MacCallister’s rescue and insisting that she be sent to a men’s prison.

  26. Dogtowner Says:

    I saw an extremely brief update on MacCalister’s situation. She has taken entire responsibility for her action (I hate to tell her this, but that definitely proves she is not a man), apologized to her victim’s family, and has been sentenced to life in prison. I’m not sure where women who have committed violent crimes are imprisoned in Maine; it may depend on whether she is perceived as harming herself or others. Her victim’s family used female pronouns in referring to MacCalister; I have no idea if she is detransitioning.

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