Coming Out As Trans-Everything

August 29, 2015

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  1. OldPolarBear Says:

    The College Humor seems pretty mainstream to be mocking twanz this way. Maybe people are really catching on to the scam. I wonder if they’ve gotten any flack for this.

    • anon male Says:

      I think the way tribalism works right now is that anyone who cares too much about anything is a bit suspect, but people tend to let it slide so long as there’s someone “worse.” As long as science (masculine) is believed by most to support brain sex theory, “terfs” will be a worse boogieman than wimpy liberal crazies.

      For example

      has guys going nuts who would normally support trans if Fox News were in the room. (What goes unsaid by all is that “cis” is actually more radical in politically defining most people as accepting gendered norms, compared to silly pronouns.)

      It’s the same way that “normal” americans can quietly agree, in a milquetoast way, that islamic societies are bad but when THIS GUY

      [image hosted by college humor!!!]

      Shows up, they get to act all aghast and superior.

      And then there’s the knowledge component: the College Humor skit depends upon an array of “expected” knowledge about trans issues that it takes for granted in its audience.

      For example, the TV show “Hannibal” is ending this week and everyone writing about it is linking to


      Just to prove that they know Silence of the Lambs was transphobic, as if that has anything to do with how cool Mads and Jillian Anderson are.

      As long as you can demonstrate through knowledge of bullshit “memes” that you’re on the right side of history (including knowing that the “right side of history” is a relevant meme!), you can mistakenly use “gender” when you mean “sex” without getting a lecture, or even make jokes like College Humor did about identity.

      Because: tribalism and boogeymen.

      • anon male Says:

        omg, spelled Gillian’s name wrong; was running out the door while posting! :O

      • kesher Says:

        The character Jame Gumb was “transphobic”, never mind he was based on real life serial killers, one of which was making a woman suit, another killed women and then wore their clothes.

        The trans really hate it when anyone reminds them of how many deranged, violent men are autogynephiles. Those deranged, violent men are real women too!

      • dejavublonde Says:

        even more ridiculous is that it states VERY clearly in the book and movie that Gumb is NOT trans. I remember it being my first foray into trying to figure out the difference between trans and true trans ie autogynephile vs ‘trans’ in the traditional sense. They know damn well which he is and I think they hate that people have to stop and think about it because it means people may stop and think about it in real life situations. I remember when the movie came out the big brouhaha over it and most rational people came to understand the difference – even if they forget now.

      • nemesister Says:

        And they attacked Jodie Foster for starring in it. The men who protested didn’t try to drag the men in the movie, just the lesbian. Typical.

      • anywoman2 Says:

        Jame Gumb was based on Ed Gein, an autogynephlic transgender. Ed had a fascination with female bodies and dissected dead females before moving to live ones out of sexual obsessions with the female body.. Along with his unrequited sexual fascination with women his age[his known targets], he was never able to have a relationship with- he is believed to have killed an 11 year-old girl who dis appeared baby-sitting around the same time.

        Ed had an autogynepho porn-obsession with females. Having sex was equated with, killing, eating, and wearing the skin of females. He read Nazi-fetish mags that were mostly about bra-less large-breasted women that chose murder-victims in bad text-porn written in rags sold in the 1950s.

        He has a obsession with female biology, like they are a product to be consumed- that being female is achievable by male sexual release and wearing a costume. This is what the young porn-addicted men are spouting,is their ‘dysphoria’ today.;

        There is a desire to be mistaken for a female, or to wear a female for gratification- and everyone be forced to recognize a male in drag as female-, but like-ed gein- all of this kind of autogynephilia is a male sexual pursuit driven by porn consumption..

        Ed gein 100% had problems and had women-obsessions like the modern trans, but the clueless brainwashed tumbler generation deny s this reality hoping it will become untrue, if they wish hard enough or deny it completely.

        BTK was also autogynephlic and dressed in the slips and underware of his murdervictims:[he was a submissive and sexualized their compliance to his fantasy,[ when he played, he was the submissive- he pretended to be his victims and in a way, gas-lighted them out of his perversion & sexual desire for their position as victims…sounds familiar? It should, same thing.]
        Before he killed the last few women, he admitted in court, he would say to them, ‘he has a sexual problem, and can’t help it.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I just read the linked article, whoa, they take it much further down crazy path and talking out of both sides of their mouth than the original controversy that I remember. ‘so what if she skins women to wear them, if she says she’s a woman then she’s a woman even if Hannibal says she’s not- who is he to decide her gender?’ yes folks, that’s where they went with it to hide the fact of autogynephilia!

      • kesher Says:

        Hannibal’s only a genius psychiatrist. lol

        I’m really liking the idea that a psychopathic cannibal psychiatrist is the only person willing to cut through the bullshit trans dogma. He doesn’t care about hurting feelings.

  2. Newbie Says:

    This is great and I’m so glad they did it. However, some of the women here have written much funnier bits just in the comments, and Gallus, you are consistently more hilarious. I’ve actually heard the “wrong side of history” remark. Perfect.

    As an aside, I was reading about the gay community’s reaction to the raid and I’m just so fed up with men, including gay men. Every other raid I’ve heard of has been sites selling women, yet now there is an uproar because a male site has been shut down. They are so astonished that prostitution is illegal for men, too! It must be homophobic targeting! The Left is out of control, an authoritarian nightmare with a hair trigger and sensitive feefees, and until recently I thought I was one of them. I still have my ideals, but any group without a sense of humor or perspective isn’t going to jibe with my sarcasm and irreverence.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s true, we are funnier. Still, this gave me a chuckle. (And if I had to keep looking at that ghastly photo at the top of the last post every time I drop over to moderate comments I was going to get seriously bummed out.) Humor injection, STAT!

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism and commented:
    I identify as trans-donewitheverybodiesbullshit

  4. stopthemadness Says:

    lol!! They were careful to tiptoe around directly pointing out the absurdity if transgenderism itself but just barely. Slowly but surely more people are ready to admit the emperor has no clothes.

    • morag99 Says:

      Yes. I think they were holding back a little and being careful. Still, it works. I thought it was pretty funny!

      “Hands away! Hands away!”

      “Pat is on a spectrum.”

      Reading the comments left on YouTube is interesting. No cries of transphobia that I could see. The transgenderists, many of whom seem to be genuinely humour-impaired, can’t quite figure out if they’re being made fun of.

      It’s a little bit sad, actually, because of course they are. They are the model for the entire skit. The guy who identified as an ethnic, atheist Jew (but who didn’t know what a Bar Mitzvah was) was a pretty nuanced and layered joke, but the quip about being “on the wrong side of history” should be a dead-giveaway. It’s as though the trans don’t quite recognize themselves, their ideology, and their very own tropes, when applied to analogous situations.

      • gchild Says:

        ” Pat is on a spectrum”.

        I laughed so hard at that because I was just thinking how pretty soon people will “identify” as other actual people. They will swear up and down they are some version (or the original) of another person and demand that the person share (give up) their identity.

        Autogynophile: “Not only am I a woman, but I’m…Beyonce!!!!! I always felt so connected to her because I AM her! I need to look just like her or I’ll die of suicide. DNA doesn’t make you a particular person. Feelings do! As a matter of fact, I feel more like Beyonce than she does. Now bow down Bishes and call me Bey!”

      • shediogenes Says:

        It’s not identity theft anymore. Not only do I identify as you, I identify as having your SSN, your bank account, and your excellent line of credit. Of course because I will destroy your credit, and I identify as someone with great credit, I may someday identify as someone else. I will never identify as a lazy, thieving shit stain who s has spent his life leaching off his mommy. Not may be what you see, but it’s simply not how I identify. And this meth pipe identifies as a lollipop, so I can’t be arrested.

      • Zemskull Says:

        It would seem that the name “Bruce Jenner” is up for grabs now…

  5. endthewoo Says:

    This skit seems to be going after the general cluelessness of the twitter/tumblr/libfem college kids rather than transgender itself. They repeat several times that it is a real thing.

  6. Kitty Barber Says:

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. By the way, I wore the “I Am Gallus Mag” tee-shirt at the Michigan Festival, and I was shocked at how many women actually thought I actually *was* GM. If I were, would I wear it on my shirt? Also saw more than one M2T. Ah, well. Those were the days.

  7. naefearty Says:

    I thought this was funny…and it does look like the transborg have been rumbled – “Wrong side of history” – ha!
    Lots of references to the shite we put up with and the fawning, brainless drivel spouted by dafties “Thank you for being an ally”…I sniggered all the way through this. Thanks for catching a much needed lol 🙂

  8. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Well, evidently trans marriage surpasses same sex marriage.

    Rowan County clerk closes office ahead of gay rights protest

    “A few dozen people showed up on Saturday to protest Davis’ ongoing refusal to issue marriage licenses. They included a couple who said they are a woman and transgender man who got their marriage license from Davis in February.

    “Protester Mary Hargis told the crowd Camryn and Lexie Colen had been reluctant to come forward but decided to do so to help the cause. The couple did not tell Davis that one of them was transgender when they went to request a license, Hargis said.”

    What cause? Your own cause?

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    Very timely. I just wasted an hour being mindfucked (on a friend’s thread who’d posted against the trans cult), answering a het women who is promoting the poor suffering men posing as women. It’s amazing how these women contort themselves. She pulled rank as a rape counselor to say how it’s the trannies being raped (we know by who) after I mentioned these men are sexually assaulting women and girls. (I’m hearing more stories every week). She called me a bigot for “condemning an entire group of men” (she slipped up here and called trannies men), lectured me about how she is in pain seeing their pain, and how it’s like how Lesbians were oppressed in the Eighties (history only started then). I mentioned how these men are raping teenaged girls by moderating groups at “LGBTBBQ” centers for young women coming out, calling the girls “transphobic” for saying no to their demanding to fuck them. She even tried using Butch oppression to talk about “transmen.” (I hate how the collaborators who hate us never mention us unless to use us to mindfuck.)

    Anyway, again it is so clear how these women are bullying and policing us, exhausting us from trying to post even in what should be safe space — all to promote the men pretending to be women.

    So thank you for providing the perfect last answer!

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Saturday Night Double Feature Post!

    • Lint Says:

      What an insufferable, aspergers having gasbag! I love the fact that he can’t comprehend that a mosque is not having his bullshit. He can’t quite wrap his head around the fact that his word, his “official documents”, his garbage letter from his psychiatrist… all of that is irrelevant in light of his PENIS. Too funny.

    • australopithecene Says:

      Oh.My.God. This is fucking gold.

    • gchild Says:

      He can’t get over how nobody asked him before looking into his history (so he could mansplain/hypnotize/bully them into the transcult). And that 35 dollars spent on a background check really pissed him off! Hahahaha!

      Why not just say your a transwoman?

      Wait a minute, does he think that hijab will hide his status forever and ever amen? Ahahahahahahaha!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      And here we have yet another trannie who takes as long as possible to tell his “story.” The loooong pauses and asides just allow him to a) be on camera for longer – MOAR ATTENTION!; and b) hold his audience captive to his presence and “importance” – MOAR ATTENTION!. I have seen this maneuver done over and over again with these narcissists.

      This guy is nothing but a spoiled rotten, extremely egotistical little white boy, and the fact that he’s wearing a burqua is offensive beyond measure. He belongs in the video shown at the beginning of this post. What a poor, sad, deluded asshole.

    • DailyMale Says:

      OMG. God help him if he does go to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. According to dickipedia:

      “The Saudi government views cross-dressing and any sort of transgenderism as being prohibited under Islamic jurisprudence, and is therefore illegal.[32] Criminal sanctions for cross-dressing tend to be the same for homosexuality, i.e. torture, whippings, chemical castrations, fines, imprisonment, capital punishment, and, for foreigners, deportation.”

    • anon male Says:

      Cracker Converts tend to be Try-Hards (“xmas music is so triggering!”), especially the “dances with wolves” style military men who get a hard-on for the culture they’re trying to exterminate.

      Which I guess is *all* women’s culture under patriarchy.

      I have to hand it to this character for realizing that the outfit could be used to maximum advantage like that, hiding his male features, never mind it’s an act of cultural appropriation and not necessarily a religious instruction he’s wandered into.

      The absurd thing is that the mosque in question is completely progressive on gender: hey, trans are welcome, a male can wear whatever the fuck he wants, identify how he wants, provided he stays within appropriately sexed boundaries.

      (The dude himself can’t even stop conflating sex and gender in his monologue. Someone buy Cracker Convert a book and make him read it!)

      So this is further proof that trans* is in no way progressive when it comes to “gender.”

      • gchild Says:

        He referred to himself as female, not a (trans)woman. He is not interested in staying “within appropriately sexed boundaries”. That is precisely why he threw out all that trans/intersex shit without identifying as either. He still wants to pass as female if at all possible. Lol.

        Btw, I wouldn’t be surprised if a trip to Saudi, and any subsequent forced sex change threatened therein might be right up some transwomen’s “forced feminization fantasy” alley.

      • kesher Says:

        It seems like the mosque follows the same rules of “gender” that Iran does: If you got a dick, you’re a dude. They kept trying to get a straight answer out of him whether he was bepenised or not, he refused to answer, which of course means, yes, he’s got a penis.

        They otherwise tried to bend over backwards for him. If this had been a hardliner mosque, they would not have tolerated a non-transitioned crossdressing male on either side of the sex segregation.

        I wonder if this guy is former military.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        Funny how all the reasons he toutes as why he and other women wear the hijab are the things he is violating by pulling this crap.

        On his Facebook page are tons of photos of him and people presumably from his mosque and people protesting with him also presumably from his mosque and they’re all dressed normally. Modestly, but normally. Even the women in Muslim garb have just the basic parts (I don’t know the correct terms). Except him. he’s in full regalia. Even there they have to one-up the real women, be more woman than real women and take it to the extreme.

      • kesher Says:

        The most basic head and chest covering is the hijab. What he’s wearing is the niqab, which only very few extremely conservative Muslims require.

        In other situations, it’s fascinating how MTTs will adopt the most misogynistic, oppressive aspects of gender on offer for women, but, in this instance, it’s unbelievably offensive that he’s decided he needs to be oppressed like the worst-off real women in Islam.

        Of course, if he really was trying to adopt the gender roles of women in cultures where the niqab is required, he’d take whatever accommodations the mosque leadership is offering and shut up about it. An actual woman raised in conservative Islam to be a submissive helpmeet wouldn’t be fighting for her “rights”; she doesn’t have any.

        As per usual, MTTs only want to be treated “like women” on their terms.

    • Mortadella Says:

      These assholes are all, “Female subjugation is so hot, so cool so now!”
      It’s his fetish. Ahistorical, appropriating hipster douchebag.

    • DailyMale Says:

      Little Libertarian seems to have some difficulties working within a social structure and accepting rules, which is unfortunate considering he chose a religion with a well-developed jurisprudence regulating every area of life.

    • FreeFromSexPozzies Says:

      In stricter versions of Islam, the ONLY people allowed to see a women without her hijab are relatives, and other women. Modesty is super important, and this little misogynist knows this. He probably gets off on it.

      • anywoman2 Says:

        He wrote this too;

        it is odd how he claims women have a right to privacy, from every man- except him. You can see his fetishism for women’s sex-segregated clothes and need to violate women- as a man.

        It reads like a crossdresser’s/autogynepho obsessions for women that want to get away from men.

        You see these guys chase after Lesbians mostly, but he targeted this group of women that segregate themselves away from all men-but one for religious reasons. His unwanted occupation of their space is what is keeping him interested in it.

        – He has targeted to be near these women- as a fully intact male, even though his male presence can get them in trouble. He gets some thrill from violating women’s boundaries with his male presence and probably gets a sexual high from violating women passively in this way.

        He is in no danger of using the mens side of the Mosq, he only demands he has a right to access to the women in the women’s areas.

        It is not just the men that don’t want him in there, the women have more reason to keep him out. In the women-only areas, they unveil and wash off before their service- but now they can’t without breaking the Fatwa- esp if he is an intact male. By allowing a man among them- and they can be accused of suspected adultery by any family member- for sitting near him/being in the same room with him -either one unveiled/etc.

        Is he going to keep his veil on to present-‘woman’ and just watch the women unveil? What a selfish-female-hating asshole.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      This question is to everyone who commented on the tranny-in-Mosque video, but I don’t know how to reply so that the comment is best placed so that it looks like it’s to all of you.

      In Western Europe, where Muslims make up large minorities of the population, it is not the done thing (by social justice types at least) to imply that Islam is inherently oppressive to women. Niqab-wearing women often feature in interviews, explaining their reasoning and choice behind their attire. Muslims and left-wing non-Muslim supporters often decry the right-wing media’s depiction of Islam as severe, and say that the oppressiveness against women is at least partially media hype, and cultural misinterpretation of their religion. They often say that self-described Muslims themselves misinterpret the texts, making the religion look bad, and that anything that is oppressive is cultural, not part of the “Religion of Peace”.

      Also, Islam doesn’t recognise race, so they are happy for white people (or anybody else) to join in; it’s not considered appropriation and is not something they spend a huge amount of time worrying about (although I this individual case it is appropriation, and downright piss-taking, and he wouldn’t have been tolerated in first place by the vast majority of mosques in Europe).

      My question is, since the majority of commenters here are social justice types, is the lack of tip-toeing around the issue, including the use of insensitive terms (such as “hardliner” to describe regular, not extreme, mosques), not using correct terminology, and openly implying that all Islam is oppressive, is this a radical feminist thing? In the same way you refuse to submit to the pussyfooting around trans? Or is it just that inNorth America Muslims are still a very small minority, so the SJWs over there haven’t yet learnt the accepted social justice views on matters related to Islam?

      This is a genuine question, I’m not trying to be offensive, criticising, or starting an argument etc etc

      • kesher Says:

        Just speaking for myself, but, no, I’m not inclined to pussyfoot around the issue, and I find the liberal excessive tolerance of Muslims to be ridiculous in the best case, potentially harmful (even to Muslims) in the worst case. For example, liberals will do everything they can to avoid addressing anti-Semitic hate crimes committed by young second generation immigrant Muslim men in Europe, as though genuine Islamophobes don’t also watch the news. I don’t see how that’s helpful for anyone.

        The idea that the niqab is anything other than oppressive is absurd to me. What are the countries that enforce it? Saudi Arabia? Is there another one? The only culture that enforced an even more restrictive head and face covering was Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

        I was the only one to use “hardliner”, and I was referring to a hypothetical mosque this idiot could have walked into, not the one he was actually trying to impose himself on. This mosque seems relatively liberal in that they didn’t try to throw him out on his ear, but somewhat conservative in that they still practice sex segregation.

      • anon male Says:

        I also feel I’m being targeted by that post. Your point about Islam and race seems a lot *less* nuanced than what I had actually said, as I was pretty clear that Cracker Convert thought he was converting not to a religion but a specific culture. By calling him Cracker Convert, I was speaking not just to his race, but the tendency of such converts to take up an unreasonable amount of space: I’d wager that 1/3 of the content produced for my local Islamic newspaper is written by recent converts, which probably mirrors the percent of content written by/about trans in feminist publications.

        I’m guessing the mosque in question is pretty liberal in that it’s basically joined at the hip to the local university community (so it’ll skew young, no matter what), which yes, would make it probably much more liberal compared to even an average mosque, although that’s not always the case.

        I think it’s more than possible for some amount of liberalism (males can dress however they like, etc.) to go hand in hand with sex segregated spaces within the building itself as young people of all faiths are looking for more mystical religious experiences that feel less like the world at large. Heck, even Evangelicals are kinda over the “hipster church” thing now, some going as far as to embrace eastern Orthodox denominations. Even when they do that, they do keep a “progressive” (by their standards) outlook on various social issues.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        “since the majority of commenters here are social justice types”, what? No.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        Thank you all for your answers.

        Just to reiterate, if you originally commented on the mosque tranny, yes I was indeed targeting you! But not in an argumentative way.

        As an outsider – I am not a rad fem or LGB activist or anything – to me it seemed like commenters on this blog were general left-wing campaigning types. The things commenters on here were saying about Islam are not what UK leftists would be saying about Islam, so I was curious as to why.

        The mosque that let in the tranny is incredibly liberal; mosques like that are a rarity, even in the western world. Since 99% of mosques would *not* accept him, many of the UK SJWs would have interpreted that as saying that any mosque that would not accept him – ie an average mosque – is a hardliner. To me a hardliner mosque is one that preaches terrorism and death to infidels, not one that hasn’t jumped on the trans train!

        However, I do not care about social justice issues related to Islam (or in general actually) so even if you *did* intend it to be interpreted that way I would not be criticising you for it.

        As I said I was simply confused and curious.

        Thanks again 🙂

      • kesher Says:

        In fairness, I was using “hardliner” as more of an opposite extreme of this relatively liberal mosques.

        My assumption would be, at least in the U.S., that the vast majority of mosques would fall somewhere in not seeing a non-op trans woman as a woman, period. But that can range between allowing an MTT to worship with the men or kicking him out completely. And I would assume some Muslims, even conservative Muslims, would accept a post-op, full SRS MTT as a “woman” at least for the purposes of where to place him since that’s supposedly the standard in Iran.

        But it sounds like even relatively liberal Muslims insist on full SRS, and I don’t blame them for that. I wouldn’t blame them for keeping even post-op MTTs out. I don’t know much about how moderate/liberal Muslims view interaction between unrelated men and women, but it seems as though there would be at least some restrictions, and this guy is intentionally violating any boundaries they have.

      • cerulean blue Says:


        If you read the site a little more, you’ll see that the people commenting here are from diverse backgrounds, and have diverse beliefs. What we all have in common is that we are tired of the trans bs. And we all have taken the time to thoroughly read through the masses of info gallus has presented here. Maybe you should do the same before making assumptions?

      • MaryMacha Says:

        There are probably all sorts of folks who read here from different backgrounds though the majority here center women. Radical feminism is the lens most of us are focusing through. I consider feminism to be a leftist proposition. I really don’t know whether it would still be viewed that way in a “leftist” society considering that men in those societies are just as sexist and rapey as the ones here and are also the ones in control and leadership, generally speaking.

        So what (or who) would be served by denying the inherent sexism of a very patriarchal religion which, like the other contenders for first place, has the subjugation of women enshrined in its holy writ?

        Unfortunately, liberals are confused. They believe that if a man can be oppressed on one front, he can do no wrong. It’s a two-dimensional world-view. Sexism and criminality against women is just as rampant among leftist and liberal men as it is among right-wingers of all stripes. Denying it means being willfully biased.

        Liberalism is essentially male-liberalism. Politically speaking, leftist men try hard not to offend other leftist men, especially where “their” women are concerned. On a personal level or when in conflict, they are just as happy to send messages upon the bodies of women as any fascist soldier. So what’s would be gained by pussyfooting around and euphemising?

      • Ben X Says:

        Fruitopia, I’m not sure about the US, but in Canada (I mean Toronto and Montreal, especially university campuses) there’s definitely a set of orthodox multiculturalists that’s keen on the problem of Islamophobia, which is a variety of xenophobia and also racism. Hijab and even niqab are feminist expressions of women’s agency.

        Many people remain unconvinced. Politicians (especially of a certain party) have to to be careful to deplore Islamophobia while also courting Canada’s large population of Hindus, Jews and gays. I’d be curious to read an American’s input, too.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Insufferable. Couldn’t get past the second minute.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Did it really take the mosque two years and a background check to confirm this is a male? I realized it as soon as he opened his mouth.

    • bobab Says:

      At 14.44mins he says;
      “Point is, is don’t assume that because you see something, that it’s fact, until you verify it.”
      What part of his own point can’t he see?

  11. a cat Says:

    Yes, most mosques wouldn’t take him here (UK) Even more accepting ones. It would cause too many difficulties.

    I don’t think radfems like most of the commenters here are much like SJW, however! There’s a clear difference.

    I like the radical feminists a lot better. They are more honest.


    Cathy Brennan in a talk she gave at MichFest this year said we need to accept that the bathroom issue is over, and we have lost. We need to focus on protecting rights of women in prison. However…I don’t feel the bathroom issue has even BEGUN to be addressed by the average female high school student and their parents. THEY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE HAVING A MALE IN THERE – which is the whole right to privacy issue in a nutshell. A gender neutral bathroom is available to this (as of 13 years of age!) “transwoman.” So no, I don’t agree that we have lost the bathroom issue. The whole battle has not even BEGUN, in my opinion.

    • kesher Says:

      Interesting that that dude knew he was trans starting at 13, and he’s a senior in high school now. Doesn’t autogynephilia onset around puberty while “gender identity disorder” starts much earlier?

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Cathy is a lawyer so I think she was probably viewing the bathroom issue from the perspective that there are now enough legal precedents to make a reversal an uphill battle. (I can’t speak for her of course.)

      I sort of agree with you. The issue is comparative and relative as well because one of the considerations for that POV is that there are so few of us and so many of them AND they are so well funded. It wouldn’t be difficult to hold down the bathroom front if more people were on board.

      Hopefully that will change as people, especially women, become aware of what exactly is at stake here.

  13. @anywoman2,

    “It is not just the men that don’t want him in there, the women have more reason to keep him out. In the women-only areas, they unveil and wash off before their service- but now they can’t without breaking the Fatwa- esp if he is an intact male. ”

    He says he converted to Islam in 2013. I’m not Muslim, but modesty is very important to Muslim women. He is disrespecting the women and disrespecting Islam. He doesn’t care about women or Islam. It’s all about him.


    “In stricter versions of Islam, the ONLY people allowed to see a women without her hijab are relatives, and other women. Modesty is super important, and this little misogynist knows this. He probably gets off on it.”

    I agree, and the Muslim women are just props in his little sexual fetish, or whatever game he is trying to play.

    Gallus, the Trans Everything video is funny…thanks

    • drycamp Says:

      ” He doesn’t care about women or Islam. It’s all about him. ”

      Unhappily this is typical of these men. It’s all about them. They are the most incredibly self-centered people! Their wives, their children, the women around them, religion, everything and everyone, are all subordinate to their egos and their weird sexual fetish. Everything must be turned on its head to make sure they don’t feel bad.

      The proposed HUD regulations pick this up. Everyone must be very concerned about these men, about their safety and more importantly about their feelings. They are in the driver’s seat. If one day they decide they are “really” women, well then, everyone must rush to accommodate that. No one else counts.

  14. This is what Trans* is (b.s.). Misdiagnosis of kids with aspergers/autism spectrum, and its SAD.

  15. Trans* is not an actual thing. It’s just a misdiagnosis of kids on the autism spectrum and a way to pretend that they are perfectly normal just in the wrong body which is bullshit. They are perfectly aspie and autism and they don’t need this false b.s. gender labeling. Just let them be themselves without the male female mislabeling b.s. Parents love to imagine that their kids are not gay by calling them Trans. Guess what? Still gay. But now you’ve allowed the medical community to sterilize your autistic kids so they can’t reproduce which is sad because they are the future, its human evolution to be gender neutral.

  16. notevenmad Says:

    Just wanted to say, that being someone who doesn’t adhere to either gender, I’m not offended by any of this. In fact, I found the original video pretty funny. Also, not offended by anyone’s comments, because everyone has their opinions and they are free to express them.

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