A Real Lesbian’s POV

August 31, 2015

From “The Transgender Guide” Online Community.

derp 1

derp 2

52 Responses to “A Real Lesbian’s POV”

  1. And her photo is used for stock images as well? What a coincidence.

  2. Lol that’s wishfull thinking of autogynephiles. Too bad for them that they will never get what they want. 😛

  3. amazondream Says:

    I think of these stories as ‘poop’ stories–There’s more stink than substance to them–

  4. GallusMag Says:

    I like the way the Stock Lesbian says “Who am I to question?” LOL

  5. So these are “Ashley Madison” lesbians, eh?

  6. Scotasister Says:

    Perhaps you have not spent enough time with this MtT to allow the male mind to expose himself.

  7. Charlotte Says:

    I’ve yet to meet a woman that really believes M2Ts are women just like themselves. I’ve asked literally hundreds of women from teenagers to women in their 70’s and the CLOSEST answer I received to “acceptance” was from a teenager (a girl, not a woman) who shrugged: “I know they aren’t a female really like I am, but that’s how they *feel*, so I’m nice about it. Lots of them have mental issues so I don’t want to make it worse.” IE: M2Ts are NOT women, but because they are mentally fucked up, and I’m really a female socialized to be nice, I won’t tell them how I really feel and just feign support.”

  8. Magdalena Z. Says:

    “Who am I to question how one genetic code didn’t line up correctly while she was in the womb?” And then this: “Now I’m not going to get into all the scientific mumbo-jumbo about all of this…”

    They KNOW this is just mindfuckery and bsmunching, who are they trying to put on? “Genetic mistakes are made, people!”

    “I know if I had been born in a male body – with my obvious female self inside – I would want to set her free.” My obvious inside female self wants to vomit.

    • Secret Serval Says:

      Mumbo jumbo is about the only thing correct in that whole statement. Especially when you read the etymology of the word, it couldn’t be more apt. A word used now to denote meaningless ritual or language designed to confuse with its origins in a Mandingo idol used to keep women subordinate to men.

      Couldn’t be more apt really. Once again thre trans-ideology exposes itself.

  9. Joe Clark Says:

    Here, “outer shell” does not mean “carapace” but does mean “penis and testicles.”

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Here’s one of the Stock Lesbian’s believers, he quotes her and then adds:

    “I think for them the hard part is to get over their initial hesitancy and I think the way to overcome that is to get out with other lesbians and let them know you as a person. The problem that I find is that at my age most are married or dating.

    There are a lot of senior lesbian events going on around the area, there are dances, game nights, walking and bicycling groups, and now senior centers are holding LGBT events.

    The way I look at it is that people get hit by lightning every day and so there is always a chance of meeting someone.”


    These guys sit around catfishing each other all day and feeding the deranged fantasy – then they explode into rage when reality intrudes.

    • GallusMag Says:

      God help all the senior lesbians trying to enjoy the company of other women with this pig in a wig haunting their events. What a dick.

    • “I think for them the hard part is to get over their initial hesitancy”

      initial hesitancy? Oh you mean their sexual orientation.

      The hard part for men like him is to get over the fact that no lesbian will ever be interested in them. No matter how much they fantasize about being women.

      It’s all in their mind. A fantasy. A fetish.They can’t control sexual orientation and desire. But they try so hard. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

      Sad because lesbians have to deal with these sick fucks and funny because they are so lost in their fantasy world that they can’t see that there is nothing they can do.

      Just look at all these manly dudes, wearing dresses and make up and calling themselves lesbians. These guys are so fucking deluded. It’s ridiculous.

    • Zosha B Says:

      “These guys sit around catfishing each other all day and feeding the deranged fantasy – then they explode into rage when reality intrudes.”

      Ain’t that the truth!

  11. I had to adjust my eyes for a second and then I started laughing and then I felt sort of bad for lesbians. They are ones who are most requested by trans women. (I don’t see a lot of cis hetro men and hetro women dealing with the cotton ceiling issuse.) You have my sympathy.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      There’s a reason why they go after lesbians. They see us as the weakest link as well as the safest. If mtts harassed straight men or even straight women the way they harass lesbians, all of that “anti-trans violence” they go on and on about would be true as opposed to just another delusional fantasy.

  12. So MtT had to use a stock photo because he could not find an actual lesbian to write in favor of his delusion. I am so ready for transmania to drift away.

  13. Bea Says:

    I like how not only is she a woman, she has to be “attractive,” “young,” and “lesbian” — can you say “porn-soaked delusion??”

    You caught ’em red handed, Gallus! Aside from the rapey undertones, this cracks me up!! It’s just so utterly pathetic.

    • Bea Says:


      “I may find men attractive in some situations”
      “OF COURSE, in my younger years I did experiment with a couple of guys”

      Because God forbid a lesbian find men unattractive, and instead of calling it “compulsory heterosexuality,” let’s call it “experimenting”!

      I also love the fact that she refers to herself as a “genetically born female that IDENTIFIES as a lesbian,” — all tranny lingo — instead of just a lesbian (cuz sane people know a lesbian is a god damn “genetically born female” who loves females).

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve generally sworn off calling gay and lesbian “identities” thanks to the trans brigade overuse/misuse of the term. But it makes sense not to call things that have material realities “identities” anyway. Either you are solely attracted to people of the same sex or you’re not. Either you solely choose sex partners from people of the same sex or you don’t.

  14. AWESOME CAT Says:

    That is 100% a male tranny’s masturbation fantasy. Blatantly.

    • morag99 Says:

      It is BLATANT. I felt embarrassed reading it. Aside from the stock photograph (snort!), there are many clues in the writing itself that hint that the writer is writing what they want the fictional character to say instead of what the character would say, if she were a real person. Little oddities in grammar and diction which reveal a distance the writer feels in relation to his subject. It’s funny — and creepy!

    • tguerrant Says:

      Best bit: “I’ve always blamed most of my problems (anxieties, being antisocial, depression,…) on gender dysphoria. I’m 2 months on hormones now and I’m starting to notice that these problems have nothing to do with being trans, and even tho i change bodies, i take my unhealthy mind with me.”

  15. anon male Says:

    http://www.slate. com/blogs/the_slatest/2015/08/31/testosterone_and_the_brain_new_study_suggests_sex_hormones_change_the_way.html

    It’s interesting how Urquhart stalks comment sections despite being a Slate writer; she does it even for OTHER Slate writer’s pieces. I’ve never seen anyone do that before, but she’s delving into Zoe Brain territory there with the constant need to corral discussions that can’t take place without Daddy present to tell everyone what to think.

  16. Siobhan Says:

    Fake, fake, fake. Fake story, fake picture, fake lesbian, fake woman. That’s what this whole transgender movement is about – pretense and fakery. Everybody knows it, but no one in the mainstream is willing to say it.

    • KgSch Says:

      Indeed. Plus, any woman who willingly dates or has sex with these men is by definition not a lesbian.

      No one should play along with this movement full of fakers but a lot of women do out of pity. (Advice: It’s a huge waste of time to pity/fawn over men, especially MTTs who are always in the rapist mindset of not taking no for an answer, especially from lesbians.)

      Magdalena Z. has a good point about how deep, deep down no one believes these guys are women. Even the most vicious cheerleaders obviously don’t believe they are women, because they treat them much better than actual women. And of course FTTs are treated badly, or at least not worshiped as much, because they are really women.

      • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

        That’s why I would never claim to be a lesbian. Although I’m not necessarily averse to a partner with both a dick and tits (two things I happen to like), I have a rule about getting involved with people who are crazier than I am (which is a high bar to get under, admittedly), and so far…

        Any of the trans* people I happen to know who have been romantically successful tend to end up with bi people or other trans* people, so these jerks are just being the entitled, whiny bros-in-hose they are underneath. Note to bros-in-hose: You don’t get to dictate other people’s standards and/or orientations to them. If that gives you a sad and leaves you blinking unfuckably in the sunshine, well, too bad.

  17. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I think this is one of the best things you’ve ever posted, Gallus! Once again, with feeling: Balls, BUSTED! Their pitifulness is just cringeworthy, isn’t it?

  18. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I’m gonna be laughing about this all week. Thanks!

  19. australopithecene Says:

    I wonder if it’s a coincidence that “Tina Foster” is also the name of an anime schoolgirl character with massive breasts

  20. GallusMag Says:

    Ha- that fucking plagiarizing loser at Planet Transgender just blatantly ripped off my post. What a fucking dick. You guys can’t come up with anything original if your life depended on it. Losers!

    • australopithecene Says:

      He identifies as the author of this article

    • “Finally someone who dates us.”

      Just date each other. Isn’t your favorite sentence “trans women are women??” You can pretend to be women all day long. But I guess that’s “too gay”. They want to be with actual women and not people with bodies they aren’t attracted to.

      Oh the irony.

      • kesher Says:

        Sounds like a lot of them do date each other, and a number of the “straight” ones date trans men. But I would imagine this only happens once all hope is lost, and they’ve given up on getting a cissie to settle for them.

        I’ve heard claims from some lesbians who live in San Francisco (which is probably the city most slavishly devoted to the trans cult in the U.S.) that no “cis” person in the alphabet soup will consider trans women as sexual partners. They’re generally ignored in gay bars and community centers and go home alone night after night. I still worry about young lesbians being forced to “reconsider” penis, but it still gives me satisfaction that most aren’t buying it.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I notice that it’s written by “Claire-Renee” (*puke*), (aka Charles?), Kohner. I’d post a picture of what he looks like but I don’t wish to besmirch this site. Suffice to say that the guy is one of the most narcissistic, appropriating asshole trannies out there. The fact that he stole your article is absolutely no surprise. Again, thanks for this, Gallus!

  21. Margie Says:

    lol! Great post. Their propaganda machine performs much better when everyone just accepts what they say unquestioningly.

    And now for a great news item: 200 high school students in Missouri protested transgender intrusion into the girls’ bathrooms. When I first heard about this, I had mixed feelings b/c I thought that the kids would probably be religiously motivated and would turn out to be homophobic jerks. But as far as I can tell, the protest is not about religion and they are not lumping LGBs in with the transgenders. They seem to be regular kids speaking out on an issue they care about: girls’ privacy. To quote a delightfully blunt tweet from Meredith Guthrie, one of the protesting students:

    “OMG IM TIRED OF EVERYONE SAYING “but he is a girl and should be allowed in the girls facilities”


    • Oak and Ash Says:

      That is great news. Adolescents do tend to be hypersensitive to anything they see as adult pretense or delusion.

      Perhaps there’s hope for the future if teenagers are reaching peak trans and concluding it’s some stupid conceit of older people.

    • RadicalGrandma Says:

      That’s terrific! Teenage girls who have it together and recognize autogynephiles when they see them.

    • KgSch Says:

      “OMG IM TIRED OF EVERYONE SAYING “but he is a girl and should be allowed in the girls facilities”

      That is a very true quote, and good for that girl for saying it. It is amazing how without the mindscrew trans narrative this girl is able to state a basic biological fact. Yet, many women, including alleged radical feminists believe that boys/men can “feel” their way into being the opposite sex.

      • Secret Serval Says:

        She’s getting hell for it on twitter though. Apparently she’s never going to achieve anything in life because she knows penises are not female.

  22. Rosemary Says:

    From the (plagiarized) article:

    “A simple Google image search had revealed that the picture used for Tina Foster was a stock photo from istockphoto.com and is tagged as a photo search for “Padded Jackets,” “Puffy Jackets,” and **“Smirking Looking Up”** images. ” (emphasis mine)

    what is it with these M2Ts and smirking??

  23. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    MTTs be like:

  24. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Sock puppets make the best allies!

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