200 Students stage Walk Out in support of Girls Rights

September 1, 2015


“Lila Perry”


200 Responses to “200 Students stage Walk Out in support of Girls Rights”

  1. Spinster Says:

    I’m an adult woman, and even I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing those facilities with a trans* person.

    • anywoman2 Says:

      It is clearly a guy- that looks like a string-bean tall, John-boy Walton- ‘type’ wearing a wig tht cam-girls wear.. No wonder why the teen girls are creeped out. The kid was given a restroom away from the boys- even though he is a large boy himself. He demands access to teen girls, he wants them to participate.

      I have never -known a teen female to wear a wig to high school, out side of a cancer patient who’s hair feel out with chemo. He is a narcissist going, ‘Me, me me me’. I hope he doesn’t become violent when he gets older and even larger and is making demands on women in public.

      He is clearly sexually harassing girls for that many to complain and stage a walk out.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        And he’s known he was a girl some he was 13… Isn’t that the typical age for autogynophilia onset?

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        Really hope this to be just him trolling, I would applaud this guy for it. Because I can’t believe this is real at all. It’s Carlotta Hulklodowska all over again! “Put a wig on and it’s done!”

  2. gunnhild Says:

    Girls right’s matters! Hell yeah!!

    “I don’t believe for a second that they’re uncomfortable, this is pure and simple bigotry” says the boy. So assured and self-centered, at such young and awkward age.

    • “I don’t believe for a second that they’re uncomfortable, this is pure and simple bigotry”

      And I don’t believe for a second that he’s a girl, this is pure and simple delusion.

      But do my feelz matter to M2Ts? No, I’m just a woman…a third class citizen.

      • Pat Says:

        I have one huge problem with trans men, I don’t know if I’m right but I feel that too many of them embrace a view of femininity as defined by patriarchy (submissive femininity).

    • australopithecene Says:

      Feminists believe girls.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      We have to believe and validate their feelings at their word, but our feelings, of course, are to be dismissed if they don’t like them.

    • Lint Says:

      I was thinking the same thing. This man-child is blindingly confident in his privilege. He has absolutely no concern or interest in the feelings of women and girls. Why aren’t you listening to us “Lila” ?

  3. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Lolz, all I can see is Mark McKinney as Francesca from Kids in the Hall.

    • endlessleeper Says:

      LOL! but kids in the hall were still more convincing as women than this dickwad. imagine if every tranny looked and acted like dave foley in a dress. teh meen terfs would cease to exist!!!1!1!
      all jokes aside, it’s wonderful to see these young women standing up for themselves. nobody else is going to do it. i predict a lot of whining and crying from doods over these girls’ “cis privilege”. frankly, i welcome it 🙂

      • Oceans Says:

        I expect a lot of dads to be tuning into this conversation from now on. Plus, twits like this dood are pretty much handing Fox News their next social panic campaign.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        Me too, I love it. Can you imagine if all women and girls decided to just walk out and dropped everything to sit together in protest, just decided we were done with all the BS we have to put up with? It would be apocalypse, literally the earth would stand still. Ah, we can dream;)

      • My husband has been way tuned in for a while, as he is an observant sort of male and has 2 teenage daughters. I’ve also got a few male friends on all socio-political spectrums that are deeply troubled for a variety of rational reasons.

  4. Am I the only one getting whiplash from the cognitive dissonance here? On the one hand we’re sending girls home from school for showing their collarbones, on the other, we think they should be totes school with getting naked with a fully intact male in the room. Could we TRY for a little consistency, not to mention stop being so goddamned misogynistic?

    • sellmaeth Says:

      If you go from the assumption that the real law is “girls should be naked when and where it profits males”, this is totally consistent.

      I doubt that, for the males in power, it really ever was about an abstract concept of decency. In fact, I doubt an abstract higher value of “chastity” even exists for most – they just use it as an excuse to terrorize women.

  5. GallusMag Says:


    [–]JessicaWolfTransgirl stuck in life [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    Is it just me, or does she need to work on her tucking game? The clip of her in the skirt was kind of…..odd.
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    [–]naomi-nyx [score hidden] 59 minutes ago
    Female penis is a thing. 😛
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    [–]randumtoon [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    I don’t think as a trans woman you should be expected to tuck.
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    [–]LikeGoldAndFaceted [score hidden] an hour ago
    In the real world you can expect a negative reaction to having a visible bulge while presenting female. Not trying to say that legitimizes the hate she’s getting, but you can be proactive and do things to try and protect yourself from negative reactions.
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    [–]Tesserac_T [score hidden] an hour ago
    No, but at least making the slightest attempt at not having it flop around in a skirt would go a long way in getting people to look past it.
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    [–]BOBBYBROWNJAW [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    It certainly didn’t make the situation any better for her.
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    [–]randumtoon [score hidden] an hour ago
    But that’s victim blaming
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    [–]JessicaWolfTransgirl stuck in life [score hidden] 30 minutes ago
    I agree, but there is a delicate balance you have to strike as to not paint a huge target on your back for society to shoot at.
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    [–]ImKira [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    Yep, I noticed that too…
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    [–]Dnb99 [score hidden] 38 minutes ago
    I think she needs to attempt to work on her voice….and also tuck…
    This makes the trans community look bad.
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    [–]3d6 [score hidden] 33 minutes ago
    No, policing other peoples’ presentation makes the trans community look bad.
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    [–]Dnb99 [score hidden] 30 minutes ago
    If you want to be treated as a woman then you should tuck your dick in between your legs. Women do not have dicks wagging in their skirts as they walk down the street.
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    [–]RebeccaNobody [score hidden] 34 minutes ago
    I think she needs to attempt to work on her voice….and also tuck…
    This makes the trans community look bad.
    No, you do.
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    [–]Dnb99 [score hidden] 30 minutes ago
    How so?
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    • And that’s another issue. Generally boys are sent home from school if their genitals are showing. Most schools banned sweatpants because of this issue. But it’s okay for your genitals to show in a skirt? These schools really need to get it together.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Good. Kid needs to learn that was he was trying to do is the very definition of sexual harassment and subjects the school district to lawsuits. He is so delusional, so self-absorbed, he can’t understand girls do not want to see a naked or semi-naked dude in their vulnerable spaces.

      • anywoman2 Says:

        I wonder if he has an exhibition fetish that he is satisfying[instead of being in school to learn], and is just using this to get access to girls to flash them.

        -and this image is on a live broad cast. This is a sad parody of male entitlement and direct sexual harassment.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “[–]oneassholetoanother [score hidden] 8 hours ago
      I found Sophie Beel on Facebook and its taking so much restraint not to write her to try and explain her bigotry but I know its futile. However, If you folks want to go report her transphobic photo on her timeline I would really encourage you to. Easy way for her to see that what she is saying isn’t okay without wasting too much of your time or energy. ”

      Help!! From the Reddit link above. I intuit Sophie might be needing some support right around now. I don’t FB so can’t do much. She’s probably going to get deluged with trans-hatred an “education”.

      • I sent her a private message of support and a link here, so that she will know she has advocates in us.
        I also suggested this site as a wonderful resource for those willing to protect women’s rights.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      He uses the race card and compares this to segregation and also invalidates the girls’ feelings by declaring it bigotry. I couldn’t help but notice he has three handmaidens.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      The idiots at Reddit think this is all about how well he’s doing woman-face! That’s their criticism.

      • xiu Says:

        I know, tight? how depressing it is when people miss the point so incredibly badly.

        I feel like this is a roadblock I hit with liberals over and over and over. They are so bad at thinking outside the box that they miss the point, even when it is super obvious.

      • kesher Says:

        That probably has something to do with it, honestly.

        Up to now, most young MTTs seeking access to girls’ spaces in schools were more feminine, smaller, *gay*. The gay part is probably the biggest factor. When dealing with an MTT like that, it gets easier to paint any detractors as “bigots” because look how small and cute and feminine he is! Awwww.

        But this guy is obviously male, looks utterly ridiculous as a “girl”, isn’t even trying, and is letting his dick hang out. This dude is only sympathetic to the trans cultists who worship males.

  6. kesher Says:

    I have a hard time believing this kid is gay given his penis flopping around and the appalling wig. He has “transbian” written all over him, although I guess it’s unusual for straight men (let alone teen boys) to claim to be gay when they’re not.

  7. Fruitopia Says:

    As a true male, it doesn’t even occur to him why girls could be scared and uncomfortable around him. He just thinks they’re bigots.

    He’s obviously being encouraged by his tumblr followers to think he’s a hero(ine). The fact he compared his non-existent plight to racial segregation shows he thinks this campaigning is more important than it is. The internet is the thing making him deluded and narcisstic.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He knows they’re scared. From his ask.fm account:
      “I mean I get anxiety sometimes but people are usually afraid when they see me, a six foot tall transgender woman wearing high heels, walking towards them”

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Six foot tall men are extremely common in the US. Like everyone else, they sometimes walk towards other people. There’s nothing inherently alarming about that unless the context is inappropriate or their body language signals some kind of hostile intent.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        If his schlong is bobbing around under his skirt, that probably doesn’t help.

  8. GallusMag Says:

    Trans advocates are planning a flashmob for 5pm Friday in a sekret location in support of Lila’s Penis Rights and against Title IX and the rights of female students:

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      I hope there is nationwide support for the students who called out the b.s. for what it is. This trans has a lot of nerve thinking he has the right to sexually harass young women.

    • Oceans Says:

      You mean a censorship rally to make sure no one dares to stand up to a guy?

    • southwest88 Says:

      The editing they did on the picture of him is hilarious – worth going over there for that alone. We all know what he looks like but they have done the full “glamour” artsy-fartsy work to make him look more like a girl.
      I usually don’t harp on looks but the propaganda aspect is just too much.

    • GallusMag Says:

      When I go to check in on this page there are hundreds of comments. Check back, they’re all gone. Check again, hundreds of new comments again. lol. They can’t delete them fast enough.

  9. Mortadella Says:

    Straight white boy in a wig (nice masculine jaw, pal) feigning indignation. I’ve seen that before.
    Gosh, why can’t all those ungrateful girls shut-up and just let him get his porn on. It’s almost like some girls don’t think they exist to get a guy off and validate his every whim.

  10. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  11. hearthrising Says:

    These students were very brave. I thought the news coverage was biased and dismissive of their concerns.

    • Branjor Says:

      Yes, very much so.

      • southwest88 Says:

        Biased coverage all the way. He gets most of the airtime and they bring on a pro-trans “expert” to make him seem the victim here. They talk to NOT ONE girl and get the only sound-bite in favor of the girls from a man. Even when these girls had the courage to speak up, they were silenced by the news station.

  12. ngequality Says:

    #LiftingUpLila? Who the hell is running the hashtag, George Rekers?

  13. Susan Nunes Says:

    I can’t believe the comments on the FB New York Times page saying that these girls just need to get over it, let this dude show off his genitalia and be willfully ignorant of sexual harassment law and Title IX. I had to back away from there because it so pissed me off.

    • Imelda_66 Says:

      The trans brigade comes out in force whenever there is a trans-related story in the NY Times, or in any other outlet for that matter, to post comments that are gushingly pro-trans and/or gushingly hostile to anything critical of trans ideology. The comments on a story posted this past Sunday (NYT) about a trans* judge in Texas were a case in point – fawning, glowingly complimentary. Oddly, the language in many of them was strikingly similar. It almost makes you wonder if there is an orchestrated campaign going on. Ya think?

      The praise was really over the top, ridiculously so. I mean, I’m sure the judge is a nice ladee, but really. One or more posters suggested he should win a Nobel Prize for something, and another suggested that the judge could be the first, uh, “woman” on American paper curreny. Never mind that he’s not dead yet. Take that, Eleanor Roosevelt/Sojourner Truth/Barbara McClintock/Susan B. Anthony, etc., etc..

      • moss Says:

        None of the comments I tried to post were approved– earlier trans-critical comments I’d left on other gender-worshipping Times articles (and those of others with similar opinions) were huge ‘reader picks-‘ guess they’ve learned to censor harder.

      • Oceans Says:

        moss, it’s always disturbing the degree to which the trans agenda depends on censorship.

      • KgSch Says:


        Yes, the whole movement relies on censorship. It continues to piss me off how the trans cult is always treated with kid gloves even though they are the only “civil rights” movement that relies on destroying the rights of other oppressed groups, particularly lesbians and other women, as well as gay men.

        I’ve seen progressive sites allow blatantly racist, sexist, lesbian and gay hating comments through, yet the minute you suggest that girls shouldn’t have a bathroom or locker room with a creepy boy who posted a million selfies of himself with a boner, you are an unperson because you have committed a thought-crime.

        Siobhan’s example of all those comments supporting those girls being deleted is pretty disturbing.

    • Charlene Says:

      I’m confused about Title XI….Does it even apply in this instance? Everyone seems to be using Title IX as a defense (justification why they must, as a male, use the female-only areas), and I understand it’s discrimination based on sex. However, since they are furnishing a male locker room, plus giving him a gender neutral area he refuses to use, then does Title IX still hold? I haven’t went back and researched it all, but to me it seems Title IX was created to ensure there were facilities for both sexes. The fact that the school is furnishing an additional gender neutral area, seems to go above and beyond the base requirements right?

      • kesher Says:

        Title IX explicitly calls for equal opportunities and facilities based on *sex*, not gender, but the Obama administration has been trying to rewrite the law behind the scenes without the input of Congress. They’re begging SCOTUS to slap them down hard since the conservatives on the court like to interpret law as narrowly as possible.

        Unless Congress changes Title IX to protect “gender”, not sex, this school has no legal obligations to this kid other than letting him use the facilities for his sex.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        It’s like that almost everywhere online. The very same women commenters that scream about rape culture, triggering, misogyny on every article about cat-calling, guys jerking it on the subway, guys talking to close etc etc etc are the exact same commenters saying ‘they’re teenage girls, they’ve seen penises before and this one is on a girl’, ‘who looks at each other when showering anyway’, ‘what makes their female bodies so much more special than her penised body?’ again etc etc etc.

        So basically, it only concerns them when it happens to them. .. or a man.

      • Biscuit Says:

        dejavublonde: Yep, I’ve noticed that too.

        There’s one online feminist group I follow that aims to be ultra-progressive. Almost every topic has to have about 16 trigger warnings preceding it. However, the girls who do not want to change in front of a male have been written off as bigoted, ignorant, and a bunch of other words I won’t mention. It’s weird. All these people assume that even online discussions of sex or nudity could horribly trigger someone into a massive panic attack. However, it’s assumed that no one should ever be bothered by seeing a man in the woman’s locker room. It makes no sense.

        The false “fact” that no trans-‘woman’ has ever assaulted a woman is continually trotted out in this group too. Now that is baloney. I can think of a couple of cases off the top of my head. And I can think of cases where the trans’woman’ went beyond assault and outright murdered a woman.

        I don’t blame these girls at the school for not wanting to share a locker room with a male. I wouldn’t either.

        What is the desired end result of this movement anyway? Following their logic, any perverted man would be able to sit in a locker room where girls get changed and anyone protesting would be accused of bigotry.

      • mayimoktoo Says:

        “Following their logic, any perverted man would be able to sit in a locker room where girls get changed and anyone protesting would be accused of bigotry.”

        Not exactly. They need to buy a $11.99 wig first and pick up any old skirt at a thrift store first.

        Joking aside, with so many MtT* now saying “You don’t even have to look like a woman to *be* a woman!” there won’t be any reason to keep locker rooms separate. Any desperate horny boy can just *be* a woman on his say-so and then “outgrow it” later.

        *Weird how the FtT aren’t hopping on that. Actually not weird. FtT is an escape from gender suffocation, while MtT is an escape to fantasyland.

    • Siobhan Says:

      Washington Post article was very sympathetic, gushing over “Lila” and tsk-tsking on how hard it must be to be trans in Missouri. Then some 90% of the comments or so were critical of their stance. So they deleted all the comments and closed it to more comments.

      • ana c Says:

        we need to start documenting these acts of censorship. remember to screenshot these comments.

  14. CKDexterHaven Says:

    I love how these guys are always ‘I like, totally, know exactly what it feels like to be a woman’, but then have no idea why we’re not thrilled about being expected to strip in front of near-strangers with their cocks out. You just know this guy watches a load of cheerleader porn.

  15. Magdalena Z. Says:

    School therapist: “gender feels cause hurtz, mmmkay”
    The fact that this kid turned down his own bathroom says it all, why are adults so thick headed? Why do they never stand up for girls? It’s probably hard enough even nowadays to report sexual harrassment in school, but now they can’t even trust the school therapist?

    • gchild Says:

      @Magdalena Z.

      School therapist: “gender feels cause hurtz, mmmkay”

      My stomache hurts from laughing at this. I can totally hear this coming out of a school therapists mouth.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘School therapist: “gender feels cause hurtz, mmmkay”’

        Oh, that obsequious therapist! Breathlessly whispering at us about all that delicious pain. Ewww. Disgusting.

        How could she betray those girls? Those girls, who were standing up for themselves even while knowing they’d face backlash. THAT is bravery. These girls KNOW; they know more about this boy, personally, than anyone could ever know from this cowardly news report about “bigotry.” For the girls, who are being pressured to accommodate, he’s obviously bad news, and they clearly don’t want him to get too close. And yet, this counsellor — a woman — has not only turned her back on these young women, but she has used her “gender expertise” to put them in the wrong. Ugh, I’m just furious!

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      Ten-to-one she brushes off the girls who talk to her about being sexually harassed at school — or tells them they need to “adjust” to it as part of “growing up.”

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        When I was about twelve there was this boy who sat next to me that was constantly harassing me and pulling my hair and making my life miserable, I told my female teacher and she says “oh it’s just because he likes you”, it was a knife to my heart, I really liked that teacher. I never trusted her again.

      • morag99 Says:

        Exactly. When the girls are in pain — because they are being treated as girls — they just have to adjust. When boys are in pain — because they think they want to be treated like girls — girls just have to adjust. Girls just have to adjust — period.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The therapist in the video of the OP is in private practice. She is not employed by the school district. School employees aren’t typically allowed to talk about cases like this.

  16. nemesister Says:

    He’s got pages of selfies, ALL with that identical autogynephile smirk. He’s a fucking flasher, no underpants under that thin skirt, basically towering over females with his dick out, smirking.

  17. Derrick Jensen Says:

    i’m sure you know this already, but I’ll just give a male’s perspective on his penis lifting up his skirt. If I’m wearing sweats and no underwear around the house, and if I’m not at all sexually excited, my penis won’t lift up the front of the sweats. If the sweats are tight there could be a bulge, but it would be against the leg or torso. For the penis to be free-standing as his is, and to lift up the material of the skirt, he’s almost certainly got to have a partial erection. I of course can’t say whether the erection was from all the attention or from wearing a dress or from some other cause, but from personal experience I can say the chances are extremely high he was physically aroused.

  18. Margie Says:

    I can’t get enough of this story. It really disrupts the trans activist narrative that their abolition of the “gender binary” is the wave of the future.

    And btw, this mass protest *against* trans insanity stands as a perfect counterpoint to the student protests which have taken place *in support* of lesbian and gay rights. One occurred just last week at a prestigious Catholic school in Oregon called St. Mary’s. A job offer to a lesbian candidate, Lauren Brown, was rescinded when her sexual orientation became known. The girls and their parents rose up in protest, forcing the school to change its anti-discrimination policy. And in 2013 in Washington, there was a wave of extraordinary protests in support of a beloved gay vice-principal, Mark Zmuda, who was fired by his Catholic school employer after he got married. These protests were massive and even spread to other schools in the area. Take a look at those protests and compare them with the one in Missouri and I promise you get a warm, happy feeling inside:

    Lauren Brown:

    Mark Zmuda:

    • Imelda_66 Says:

      St. Mary’s represent! My high school! (I graduated decades ago). Very proud of these girls and alumnae.

      • river Says:

        Meanwhile. George Takei on Facebook is allowing a hate fest against the female students who don’t want men in their locker room.

      • Bros before hoes, you know that. I just skimmed it (8000 comments and still going), but most of the people seem to be sane and are saying that dude has no business in the girls’ locker room.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh wow, a gay man who can’t be bothered to understand womens’ point of view. Shocking.
        What a dick.

      • Margie Says:


        Takei is a decent man who tries to do the right thing. But like a lot of people, when he is in new territory, he falls back on “received wisdom” and emotion to determine what the right course is. He is no transgender activist. He rarely mentions transgenders. But as so often happens with LGBs, the concept of “LGBT” operates to limit and direct his thinking.

        I’d bet money that what is going on in his head is something along the lines of: “Here’s a story about a T. I don’t really know much about transgenderism, but I know that gay people are LGBT, so this T is one of us. If this T is being attacked, then it is probably the right thing to weigh in and support the T.”

  19. Susan Nunes Says:

    FTR, Dr. Patricia Berne, the person interviewed in the first video, is NOT a school counselor. No school personnel other than those specifically authorized to do so would EVER be allowed to comment on this case because of legal reasons. Berne is what is called a “gender therapist,” a shrink with her own private practice. She obviously doesn’t know what those protesting students DO know about this weirdo.

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/ask_transgender/comments/3j73mg/my_son_came_out/

    Another 16 year old wants to transition…but he was horribly abused. Of course – instead of going to the root of his problems – the parents decide it’s better to seek a gender counsellor and also of course – the comment section is full of support.

    They say transitioning will improve his mental health. Yeah – changing the appearance of the body clearly cures mentall illness.

    • Bea Says:

      Estrogen often does improve the mental health of boys and men. It’s antidepressant and neuroprotective. That said, it doesn’t make a boy a girl.

  21. Oceans Says:

    The Washington Post’s facebook post on this had a very lively and largely critical comment section. Lots of dads standing up for the girls. Unsurprisingly, lots of young women flocking to poor Lila’s defense regurgitating everything they learned from their Gender Studies profs.

  22. Bev Jo Says:

    What an obvious exhibitionist prick showing off his prick and wanting to perv on girls. And then the racism of claiming he’s a victim of bigotry similar to racism.

    Good for Missouri. Love some of the comments:

    Christie Ballard Phillips
    In many states, a naked 17 year old boy around 14-15 year old girls would have him registered as a Sex Offender for life! I don’t understand how it can be okay in one situation but not in another.

  23. “HILLSBORO, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) – Over 150 Missouri high school students voiced their displeasure about a transgender teen using the girls’ locker room by walking out of class.

    The school offered Perry a gender-neutral bathroom, which she turned down. ”


    We need more civil disobedience…organized walk outs, sit ins, and all kinds of peaceful protests. The female students and their supporters could shut the entire school down, and there isn’t anything anyone could do about it.


    “Title IX explicitly calls for equal opportunities and facilities based on *sex*, not gender, but the Obama administration has been trying to rewrite the law behind the scenes without the input of Congress. They’re begging SCOTUS to slap them down hard since the conservatives on the court like to interpret law as narrowly as possible.

    Unless Congress changes Title IX to protect “gender”, not sex, this school has no legal obligations to this kid other than letting him use the facilities for his sex.”

    Historically, Title IX clearly meant sex not “gender identity”. If anything, this could be construed as sexual harassment. His erections poking through his skirt isn’t something that girls should have to see while they are using a restroom or locker room.


    “He knows they’re scared. From his ask.fm account:

    “I mean I get anxiety sometimes but people are usually afraid when they see me, a six foot tall transgender woman wearing high heels, walking towards them”


    Exactly. .he knows that his male presence frightens and intimidates girls and women….He looks like a tall, thin boy with long hair, and he has a masculine shaped face.

    Gallus, the comments from the reddit trans site are something else. Adolescent males get erections all the time. Parents and teachers know it. If he is using the girl’s restroom or locker room and he gets a boner poking out of his skirt, this sure sounds like sexual harassment under Title IX.

    [–]Tesserac_T [score hidden] an hour ago
    No, but at least making the slightest attempt at not having it flop around in a skirt would go a long way in getting people to look past it….

    [–]Dnb99 [score hidden] 30 minutes ago
    If you want to be treated as a woman then you should tuck your dick in between your legs (*apparently, he didn’t get the memo). Women do not have dicks wagging in their skirts as they walk down the street.
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    Again, thanks to all the protestors who walked out…

  24. Pearl Says:

    “Missouri school to allow transgender student to use girls’ facilities”

    Board granted Lila Perry’s request to use womens’ bathroom and locker room, saying ‘districts cannot discriminate against students based on their gender’

    When a transgender high school student in Missouri received backlash for her request to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, she found one very important ally: the school board, which granted her permission to use the facilities.

    According to Kelli Hopkins of the Missouri School Board’s Association, 17-year-old Lila Perry has been granted her request because of recent guidance issued by the US Department of Education. While there is no “policy per se on transgender students use of bathrooms”, Hopkins said, there is a policy that says “districts cannot discriminate against students based on their gender”.



    Oh, FFS! He wasn’t being discriminated against. He had his choice of the male facilities or the accommodations the school made for him, but that isn’t good enough. If I were the parent of any of those girls, I’d pull her out of that school immediately.

  25. thistlespace Says:

    Reblogged this on Thistle Pettersen, Singer/Songwriter and commented:
    The kids are all right!

  26. RadicalGrandma Says:

    You don’t “identify as a woman” when you’re 13 and stupid, as this guy says he did, and the ones who do it later in life are stupid, too.

    That whole schtick is totally ignorant about the process of girls’ maturation. Look what he’s wearing–a dress–which no teen-aged girl would be caught dead in these days. It’s the trans uniform of a skirt, which once was used as a pejorative for a woman.

    I didn’t “feel womanly” until my late teens–when I got married and had a baby. Until then, I was a teenaged girl, going through what teenaged girls do, something this young boy never was and never will be.

    Keep him out of the girls’ bathroom. He’s old enough to do some major damage. No male should ever be able to overcome the wishes of females–they have enough power without trying to appropriate our gender.

    There is no such thing as a “transgender” change. Men simply cannot change their gender, either by wishing it were so, taking hormones, or having surgery to pretend it’s so.

    Stupid person at the end doesn’t know what the hell gender is (clue: not what you think or wish it is simply because you took the Blue Pill).

    • Branjor Says:

      There is no such thing as a “transgender” change. Men simply cannot change their gender, either by wishing it were so, taking hormones, or having surgery to pretend it’s so.

      Nor by pretending, nor actually believing, that they were born that way and have “always been female.”

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        “Gender” isn’t sex. Sex is immutable and unchangeable. “Gender” refers only to sex roles and sex role stereotyping. It is impossible to change one’s sex. Transgender is truly a misnomer and a catchall phrase for the “right” of any weirdo to get his freak on no matter who or where or when he offends.

      • RadicalGrandma Says:

        Susan, thanks for that. I’m no intellectual and what they’re calling “gender” these days is what we used to call “sex roles” back in the day.

        At any rate, I was born female with the requisite reproductive organs and I was pretty non-conforming as far as sex roles go back then.

        So, those of us ancients who can’t get the lingo quite right these days must be forgiven. : )

        And at my age, I have to watch my blood pressure, also, since I get so livid reading about these men who want to appropriate our sex.

      • Branjor Says:

        I know gender isn’t sex. I am just so used to retranslating “gender” as “sex” in my mind when I know that’s what it is actually referring to that I neglected to make the distinction in my written comment. I’ve got to watch that!
        Also, I meant to blockquote that quote from Radical Grandma, not bold it. What can I say? It was just a little too early in the morning for me! Thanks for correcting, Susan Nunes.

  27. Larichus Says:

    Yikes. Scarcely has the term PIW seemed so apt.

  28. RadicalGrandma Says:

    All this bullshit–it does make me wonder if this guy is just having everyone on. If he is, it still shows his misogyny.

    And Halloween isn’t for another 8 wks. Makes you wonder how many cross-dressing guys we’ll see.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Well, Halloween will have to be abolished — who cares if it’s the most popular holiday in the U. S.? All those cute boys and girls are clearly appropriating and/or mocking the transgender community. Halloween is transphobic.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      I suspect the most popular costume this year will be the one parodying Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair underwear photo. The trans crowd is very upset these are being sold.

  29. Lint Says:

    So these SJWs label anything and everything with trigger warnings but the moment I object to an actual penis in the locker room where I’m naked and exposed… I’m a bigot?

    These assholes sure are selective when it comes to respecting the feelings of others.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      That is sociopathy for you, and these people have it in abundance.

    • KgSch Says:

      Oh yes, those people are hugely selective. They will put increasingly ridiculous trigger warnings on everything and some of them flip out on you if you use the word stupid: (see my comments over here: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/no-hunger-strike-for-conner-maccalister/

      But, the second you don’t agree 100% with their worldview you are a bigot and deserve to die.

      It’s is beyond sad/laughable that these women claim to hate men and to be against rape culture and yet go above and beyond to support the worst kind of men out there. Male “trans” consists of majority creepy het men who wish they were lesbians (aka fetishists) and minority self-hating gay men. Female “trans” is self-hating women and girls. Though, it’s not just het men who are creepers. I certainly find Laverne Cox and Janet Mock’s support of convicted murders, child rapists, and child prostitution in Mock’s case to be really fucking creepy. They are both homosexual males.

      • Speaking of Janet Mock — did you know that she sometimes subs for Melissa Harris Perry on her Saturday morning MSNBC show? She may even have her own segment. I don’t know, because I refuse to watch a man perform woman-face.

        I’m appalled. *Especially* considering the fact that Mr. Mock calls women “fish.” His last name is apropos due to his mocking appropriation of womanhood.

        MHP should be ashamed of herself. I had an inkling of her idiocy when she was slow to report on the Trayvon Martin case, even after Rev Al was on it. Something about her just doesn’t ring true…she’s pseudo intellectual.

    • morag99 Says:

      Yes, Lint, it’s incredible.

      They’ll issue trigger warnings for “misgendering” (i.e., boys and men referred to as “he”), but issue none to high school girls when a six-foot, 17-year-old boy-man enters their locker room in a matted wig and flimsy, bulge-revealing skirt. Instead, the girls are mocked, insulted and told to suck it up. By their peers and by adults.

      Femmy feelings in boys are cherished, a cause for tears, celebration, protection and unwavering support. But the feelings of actual girls (no small number of whom have already been molested or raped, and all of whom have been sexually harassed and degraded) bring out derision.

      Just look at the garish and prurient photo of “Lila” that Gallus added above. He posted that self-portrait in public because that’s exactly what he wants to communicate to the world: a jeering, sexual taunt toward girls. This is what he likes about the female sex-role — that it’s a thrill and a big, porny joke.

  30. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Yeah that photo says it all. Disgusting. No wonder those girls protested, they should riot.

  31. Cool that the insane radfems on this blog are stalking a highschool teen now, that’s normal.

    • GallusMag Says:

      If you believe someone is being stalked I suggest you call the police. That’s what I do.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Who the hell is stalking?! All that’s here is stuff from mainstream and social medias, you fucking lying idiot. You need to talk to a woman who’s actually been stalked, if you think that people merely commenting on something in the news qualifies as “stalking.” Good lord, you’re stupid.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I think by “stalking” he meant “women talking freely”.

      • morag99 Says:

        Operator: Nine-one-one. What is your emergency?

        Caller: Women are … oh, God! … they’re talking freely on the Internet. Please, please … they are saying things … very wrong things … and … Jesus … Help! Help me —

        Operator: Please calm down, Sir. I can’t understand what you’re saying …

        Caller: Women … feminists … opinions … talking!

        Operator: OK, Sir. I think you said “feminists.” I need you to listen to me. Stay where you are. We’ll do everything we can to make sure they’re not heard by anyone. But in the meantime, close your laptop. Help is on the way —

        Caller: Hurry, oh God, please hurry!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Women are… stalking…a..news story…with..their..brain….thoughts…!!!

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      We do not identify as “stalkers” or “insane” please take your histrionics & bigotry somewhere else.

    • Bea Says:

      This you, Ashley?

  32. I do not underestimate the enjoyment of cruelty by males in their domination and subordination of all females. The boy rapists are silently group smirking. How much porn has Lila Perry consumed to assume he knows how a woman feels by age 13?

    Hope that these girls are part of the backbone of 4th wave feminism as a result of their rude awakening to male dominator tactics on display here.

    • gunnhild Says:

      He probably watches a ton of “lesbian” porn. That was my first thought when I saw the photo of him wearing makeup (painted face = woman, apparantly) and doing the cunnilingus gesture.

      So glad the girls are protesting and being “bigoted” about his “identity””…

  33. Thanks for that pic(since his online life has been set to private now). It comes in handy in shutting down his supporters. After seeing that suddenly nobody tries to defend him.

  34. Transgenderists routinely hit below the belt. Probably because they have an unhealthy fixation.

    I couldn’t help but put this image together…it illustrates what I can’t put into words:

    • Notice how he has his back to the “Girls Rights Matter” poster.

    • morag99 Says:

      Ha! I like the way you’ve brought together the “unbiased” media and the male sexual tongue-wagging, with the rights of girls off in the distance …

    • gchild Says:

      Every single time I have seen a man do this it has stopped me in my tracks. Even guys I have been attracted to. Even when they do it jokingly. Maybe some people see it as sexy, but that vulgar, malevolent look in their eyes (see pic) makes my blood run cold for a second or two whenever I see it.

      And he has the nerve to say he doesn’t “believe” the girls are uncomfortable? Best believe he’s said and done this and worse to them when they are trapped with him in female spaces. Outside the eyes of teachers and other male students. That is why they want his ass out of the girls locker room.

      They can keep reporting generalities about bigotry and discrimination because…his side of the story. But I think something more than their feelings made them walk out (cause female feelings don’t matter and they probably know it). I think they might have some very specific incidents to report and stories of their own to tell.

    • Animatged gif of the skirt –

  35. Girls, it’s time to shut the school down. There are more of you than there is of him. Strike! Walk Out! There are times when people have to make a stand.

    This is in your face sexual harassment of girls, and I’m sure he is getting off on it.. He has an erection underneath that grey skirt, and it can clearly be seen in this video. It’s about 50 seconds into the video. It looks as if he isn’t wearing underwear.

    @anywoman, the photo you posted looks as if it was taken from this news video….he is a tall, skinny boy with a boner underneath the grey skirt….

    When I saw the photo of him hanging his tongue out, I about threw up. I’ve seen straight men make this obscene gesture toward women. Women know what I’m talking about. They all seem to get a laugh out of it. I’ve yet to see a gay man make the V sign with his tongue hanging out, and post a selfie online while doing it. People know what that means. He is simulating cunnilingus. I guess he thinks he is sexy with his tongue hanging out. Who is it supposed to impress? The fact that he would post this online says a lot about how his mind works. Apparently, he wants the female sex to know that he is interested in cunnilingus. He even posts it online for the whole world to see. It’s the last thing a gay male would ever do.

    (1.) It’s time for organized civil disobedience. Walk out! The entire female population of the school and their male allies should walk out of class. As I understand it, public schools get funding based on how many students show up that day.

    (2.) Organize a sit in with girls occupying the front door of the women’s locker room and restroom. Just sit down right in front of the door way. He would have to walk over or through girls to get inside. Lock your arms together. Let them call security or the police.

    (3.) As to the school board, they can all be replaced next election. Make sure they know this.

    (4.) Let the politicians know that they can be replaced next election.

    (5.) Every female student should sue the school district for sexual harassment and any other cause of action they can think of. Let’s see. How many female students are in the school? There could be 100 or so individual law suits. Just keep the school district bogged down with law suits.

    This blatant sexual harassment of girls makes me sick to my stomach. I’m literally sick to my stomach over this.

    Girls, shut this school down! Walk out! Strike!

    • GallusMag Says:

      I have never seen a gay man make that symbol in my life. And I’ve seen a lot, folks. LOL

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      All of this is spot on, but especially thanks for the explanation. I am an old gay guy, and I honestly saw that photo and thought “What is this even?” I swear I didn’t know! LOL It just looked really gross and ugly and I figured it was something and was kind of starting to get an idea but you explained it.

      I have been learning so much from GenderTrender.

      • GallusMag Says:

        lolololol you and me both, brother. you and me both.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        Yeah, me too. I knew the gesture was obscene, but had no idea what it meant till I read it here. Things like that make me very glad to be out of touch with mainstream culture

      • Newbie Says:

        Derrick, unfortunately that gesture is neither new nor simply mainstream. I remember being 6 or 7 riding in the car with my mom and having a guy do that at us from the car beside us. It was so shocking and aggressive that even though I had no idea what it meant I got the feeling. Women know the feeling, sexualized danger. It was the same feeling I got when a man exposed himself to me near my home at 9 (accompanied by a hilarious* joke he had prepared for the occasion.) This was 35 years ago. I’m not even sure how to name those things: misogyny, sexual harassment, catcalling all seem too gentle and not really descriptive, but it wasn’t really sexual assault because the didn’t touch me, right? I wish we had better words.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Wow, the skirt boner is right there in the video for the world to see.

      200 girls can’t be wrong. Stop the insanity.

  36. really, can't take this very much Says:

    [Just drop the tip in a comment as you did here. Write “DO NOT PUBLISH THIS COMMENT” at the top. I won’t publish the comment. -GM]

  37. Finally we see the backlash against this clear violation of women and girls’ rights we’ve been expecting.

    The whole trans narrative is being thrust into the public by their own doing and people are reacting to it the way we’ve been, realizing that females deserve their own privacy and safety.

    I hope the girls of that school are prepared for the fight of their lives. I don’t want to see girls broken in two again because a male fantasy is more important than their rights.

    • RadicalGrandma Says:

      Well said. Most of us have spent far too much of our lives fighting this misogynistic bullshit and now these men come along and try to appropriate our lives in an enactment of what they think women should be? I grew up in the 50s and know exactly what type of “woman” they’re trying to set up and as a feminist, it’s all a fantasy.

      Appropriation is exactly what they’re doing, and they know it.

  38. prozac Says:

    i was recently reading about a study done with mice where they would spray cherry blossom smell while lightly electrocuting them to provoke a fear response at the smell. The offspring of the mice had the same fear response despite never having it done to them. There is also some evidence children of concentration camp survivors have inherited the trauma, to a degree. My point is that female discomfort with unsolicited male genitalia is a inherited, instinctual fear response from the tens of thousands of years of imminent rape at the sight of one.

    Of course, the 200 people who actually have to deal directly with this issue are probably just bigoted. Right. I think one of his hashtags said he was a rape survivor, (though it might have been a reblog) shouldn’t he have

    • prozac Says:

      Lol, I was trying to say shouldn’t he have empathy, clearly my phone was trying to stop me from making such a stupid assumption.

    • kesher Says:

      Are narcissists capable of empathy? If they are in any capacity, I would assume they don’t experience it when it would interfere with their wants.

  39. Hoping this animated gif works….my iPad won’t let me save it

  40. cerulean blue Says:

    I spent some time on “Lila’s” tumblr this morning and came away with a few things. First, our female impersonator dropped out of PE for health reasons. Safety was not an issue. Second, dude is in speech club, and was recently planning a persuasive speech about his transness. Didnt want to bring the other “Leelah” into it however, because he didn’t want it to be all about her. Telling. Clearly, everything must be all about him. So we’ve got a narcissist on our hands. He is a huge fan of the reality shows Big Brother and Survivor, which is a bit odd for someone his age. But this can be explained by the fact that he has auditioned for Survivor and is planning to so again. Fame seems to be his ambition, and it looks like transing himself is his ticket.

    This isn’t so surprising. High school drama clubs have an abundance of gay males eager to break into hollywood, and there is absolutely nothing new or shocking about being a gawky gay dude with webbed fingers and (apparently) Marfan syndrome. But trans? There’s something that will get him the notoriety and constant attention he desperately seeks. Note there is not a single post on his tumblr about dysmorphia, and truly, what dysmorphic male would walk around in a skirt with his penis flopping around?

    So it seems like “Lila” is a trans of convenience.

    I expect to see more of this cynical behavior in the next few years as boys realize the untapped potential of girls’ scholarships, not to mention the narcissistic thrill of all eyes on them as 3rd wavers try to outdo themselves in demonstrating their preference for everyone not born female.

    • RadicalGrandma Says:

      Yeah, this definitely is the “Narcissistic Generation” (at least the current and last one).

      I’ve never seen so much self-centered bullshit in my 74 yrs, and the trans agenda is all about it as well.

      Look at meeeee! Lookk at meeeeee!

      • Flow Ir In Says:

        These guys have co-opted the original ‘women born TS’ narrative, using the hard won gains in social acceptance by women who fully accept the gender binary to push their sexual fetishes onto everyone. Speaking as a normal, well adjusted, post-op woman, i’m disgusted by what i see here and mourn the loss of the gatekeepers of old who assessed people carefully before allowing them to transition. The real (ex) trans women are not all ‘look at me’, we just want to be a normal, harmonious part of a binary gendered society, one that is not full of deviant freaks like this.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Thank you for your observations. I didn’t notice the Marfan syndrome re the webbed fingers until you pointed it out. This condition is also characterized by extreme thinness and very tall height. I would think he has not reached his full height yet.

    • kesher Says:

      That they don’t have to transition in any way to get all the privileges and attention of trans has to make this appealing to narcissistic, misogynistic straight boys and men. Up to now, most people think MTTs are extremely pathetic for transitioning, and they falsely assume that regular straight men won’t “transition” because it’s too debasing for men. These people don’t understand the depths of male narcissism and depravity.

  41. mayimoktoo Says:

    This may be the wrong place to put this but it’s just more men pushing into where they don’t belong. This time it’s het men demanding access to a women’s only entrepreneurial guidance meeting, suing when they don’t get their way and winning because the woman-owned company couldn’t afford the legal battle.

    They are using a law from 1959 that was created to prevent discrimination against minorities. (Honestly, is there anything a cranky white male won’t shit on?)


    Now that the idea is in the aether, I wonder how long it will take before the trans barge-in brigade will find use for it?

  42. lin Says:

    How can it have gotten this rampant this fast? It seems like there’s one or more in every high school. That fb page includes a post from a parent of another trans in the next school. I heard that Dr Marci Bowers is booked solid every day for the next two years.

    This is actually becoming an epidemic. Having so many men neuter themselves younger and younger has got to begin affecting birth rates. A book was just published about how demographics are resulting in an imbalance of men and women in many areas and this can’t be helping.

    People here posted a year or more ago that we had reach peak trans. I think we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  43. CKDexterHaven Says:

    The more I see of this guy the more I get Elliot Rodger vibes from him.

  44. Just read:studyhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/relationships/11822387/Millennial-men-are-more-sexist-than-their-middle-aged-fathers.html

    These techie fed young males sure cut their teeth on a shit ton of pornography, and, their attitudes towards females quite shitty.

    I’m in Amazons new hometown. My 23 yr old daughter had to find rare low-income housing to stay here. Fortunately, some exists. I remarked about seeing so many young women going in and out of lobby and I said so.

    With cold crispness she said, “don’t you know, mom. Young women are the newest face of poverty in town?”

    The formerly gay hill, now all rich old gay guys and the nouveau techie young rich male have gentrified and all the artists and most lesbians relegated.

    This repugnant adolescent boy looks like he’s got a lot of karma coming his way.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      A shit ton of porn and a weird, Ayn Randian worldview (whether they know where it comes from or not). Somewhere in the back of their minds, they know that part of the reason they’re making six figures right out of college is that they’re in the right place at the right time. That makes them uncomfortable, because sometimes it seems like there’s no middle ground between the luxury apartments that rent for 60k a year and a cardboard box on the street. So these guys (and they really mostly are guys) have to pretend that luck played absolutely no role in where they are now, and if anyone’s not doing so well, it’s their own damned fault.

      Thirty or forty years ago, a comparable education would have let them start off with a decent, middle-class salary, but not the kind that leads to delusions of grandeur and causes local businesses to want to cater to you/fleece you with fifteen-dollar cocktails and nine-dollar pork belly sliders. Even worse, the overpaid, young, more-sexist-than-his-boomer-or-Xer-dad tech dude phenomenon has led to an uptick in high-end prostitution in certain parts of the country.

    • nonny Says:

      Sista and loup- thank you!! People do not understand what it’s like working around those men or what’s going on in town!
      I’m working a service job in the absolute heart of Amazon land right now and it
      is SO BIZARRE and disturbing. I’m in my 30’s and have worked many, many demanding customer service jobs in all types of places but I have never. EVER. Seen ANYTHING like these young tech dudes. We serve a LOT of them; you can tell who they are because they wear blue badges. Most of us are women, nearly all of them are men.

      They are, across the board, simultaneously smug and weirdly depressed. They either avoid eye contact altogether and won’t even talk to you, barking one- word answers if they must, or will do the opposite and lean into your space and stare at you angrily. (Those guys will loudly demand HOW’S YOUR DAY in an expressionless voice while staring you down with both hands gripping the counter. It’s fucking CREEPY.) They ask questions without looking at you, then don’t listen to the answers, and invariably get confused and angry. God forbid you laugh or make a joke, they’ll just stare at you.

      And of course, this entire time, they’re often on their phones.

      All the same applies to the “trans women” who come in, of course, and there are MANY- except they do it all with that knowing smirk we’ve become so familiar with. I’ve been all over and lived in the heart of the LGBT hood for years, but I have never seen so many MTT’s in my life. Of course they’re working for the tech jobs too, and of course they don’t pass and have asinine names and often grotesque FFS.

      And then the construction workers come in, but that’s a whole other nightmare.

      Sorry to rant, but this job is fucking killing me with the combination of yuppies, entitled smirking MTT’s, emotionally vacant tech assholes, and hyper-macho construction dingdongs. And of course the people serving these assholes are women in their 20’s-30’s. Thankfully I have less than a month remaining. Idk wtf if happening to this city though, it’s absolutely wretched.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Sending you feminist support across the aether. At least during the original dot com boom, the assholes were a somewhat mixed-gender group. I had a very brick and mortar job at the time, and it was a strange experience interacting with all these newly-minted paper millionaires who were suddenly barking orders everywhere on their cell phones. On the other hand, my job was still there (more or less) after the crash.

        I’m guessing that sooner or later, what’s happened to lawyers will happen to techies — programming, etc. will become another standard, middle-class profession, nothing more. I hope your beautiful city survives the invasion until then.

      • kesher Says:

        Anyone with any kind of emotional intelligence gets chased out of Amazon in one or two years (before they’ll eligible for the stock bonus). That’s my explanation for why Amazon programmers, in particular, are so very weird. They’re all little Jeff Bezoses.

      • nonny Says:

        Lol it’s true! Thank you both! ❤

      • Argh and wretch, nonny. There has been some coverage of the tech gender salary divide. The rents on the hill doubled in2014 , the techie bots moving in. It is a bizarre frat boy environment, the hordes of lanyarded young (mostly dudes) and, according to my daughter, the first thing they want to know is your employer. Retail? Barista? Low paid female? Blatant snub. She wanted off the hill a former bastion of gay and artistic types now gentrified. Most of the lesbians driven to lower cost hoods over the years.

        I just looked into our LGBT commission. 15 individuals, not one Lesbian. They list themselves as bi, queer, pan, partnered/fluid but not one L.

        It is so patently offensive to see this male and sexist takeover. Coupled with that study I posted about these millennial males being more sexist than middle aged men is a fright.

        No, these crowds of techie males don’t look you in the eye. I have had ageist encounters.

        Goddess, wish we could form Beguine colonies. I was working in SLU until recently. Their famous SLUT electric bus is an ominous forerunner of this male invasion.

        Honestly, there’s probably a hidden influx of hookers and blow.

        Live to come hang out, and bear witness with you.

        NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS GENDER IMBALANCE AND ITS RESULTANT INEQUITY in the rush to get a part of the buck. Plus, we have the LGBT mayor who would never question The Boys..

      • Hi Lou loup,
        My friends at Microsoft are working in AI programs that will code. The intent is to vaporize much of the programming tedium, and will sure reduce some of those ranks. Global corporatist s have decimated communities before and left rust belts.

        Our beautiful city and Dubai are tied for the number of construction cranes building high rises. Ugh.

        I am so sorry to derail. But, to conclude, the bi/pan/poly/fluid/queer/questioning crowd is hugely represented in the mix. The LGBT commission says 4.8% of our city identifies as lesbian/gay/trans, with4% statewide for comparison. With no L on their commission, who is looking out forLesbian?

        Regards Cunnilingus Face – 200 girls can’t be wrong, so glad they are RESISTING.

    • nonny Says:

      Sista- Omfg, beguines- girl, you’re speaking to my heart.

      Loving this thread, even tho I have to look at that revolting ass-hat to get to it, lol.
      Also, yes, coffee (or whisky, ha!) I’ll make a temporary throw-away email unconnected to any of my stuff and post it here today if Gallus doesn’t mind. ❤

  45. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    Apparently so, he has been “trans” for at least six months yet he hasn’t had any sort of facial hair removal, been on hormones, learnt to tuck or doing something as simple as letting his hair grow out instead of wearing a cam-girl wig?? Yeah, it totally says he is not a pervert at all who’s just trying to flap his meat all over the girl’s locker room.

    (By digging on his tumblr I found he has been from straight to gay to asexual to bisexual in the span of a year, wonder when will he become a “lesbian”? Guess that re-post means not long from now)

  46. It looks like one video of the boner poking through the grey skirt was taken down. The video can be seen on this post. Scroll up….

    GallusMag Says:

    September 1, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    (video at bottom of text)

    The video can also be seen here.


    It’s not some kind of fake video. It’s taken from a mainstream news organization.

  47. katiesan Says:

    I am curious as to why we haven’t heard from Perry’s parents. They can’t be super-duper-trans-supportive or we would have witnessed that, right? I mean, the media loves parents who dote on their trans teens. So, are they just hiding and not talking? That town is so small, everyone must know what they deal is.

    I’m hoping for a profile shot in shadow with altered voices, talking about how their son is obviously troubled and they don’t agree with any of this. And that they hope he comes to his senses.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Oh yeah, the parents. *eyeroll* The useless parents. This assholes’ father should grab this sicko right by the throat and inform him that if he goes into the girls bathroom he’ll cut his balls off himself. I wonder if dad is a perverted flasher/cross dresser too?

      Sane parents wouldn’t let this behavior continue.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      I read somewhere that his parents are not at ease with this, and that Perry is staying with some girl, but it was just one news article.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Sorry, conservative sites…

        From The Gateway Pundit:

        “TGP reporter Adam Sharp attended the event and had a chance to speak with student Lila Perry.
        Perry says she was asked to use a gender neutral bathroom but that it was “dehumanizing” and that’s why he started using the girls lockeroom and bathroom….

        ….Perry also told Adam that her parents are not supporting her with her protest statement and lifestyle choices.

        Lila Perry: They just tell me they want to be left out of it and they also don’t accept me being transgender.”


      • Susan Nunes Says:

        I hope his parents didn’t watch the newscast where their son was walking around in a skirt and no underwear. You KNOW everybody is wanting an explanation as to why the parents allowed him to go to school looking like that.

    • The parents are probably stressed out and unable to sleep due to having no idea what to do about their son.

  48. Charlene Says:

    Seriously…his Instagram photos…lol! He’s so ridiculously egotistical. According to his photo caption, no one is going to ruin his perfect senior year. Kinda sounds ominous to me. How far will he go to get what he wants when he wants?

    The photo of the simulated cunnilingus made me feel sick. Almost as much as the new Miley Cyrus video! Has anyone seen that?? I swear to God I have never seen something so utterly disgusting. I can’t even describe it. You’ll have to watch it….I would post the link but I’m not sure what the policy on that is.

    Between Lila or the new Miley video, I don’t know what’s worse. Any hope I had for the future is lost. I’m so thankful that I don’t have children.

  49. Newbie Says:

    Another one with his Very Important Feelings about his body, the “body that was forced on him at birth.” Daryl Banks.

    It is too much narcissism to sit through, but from the first seconds until as far as I could stomach he is doing this jacking off gesture. Is that unconscious or intentional?

    “It’s your Cis norms and these regulations and these ideas of like women have vaginas and men have penises and in my world it’s like, I don’t understand that shit.”

    “What is it about my body that makes it masculine? My strong chin, broad shoulders…?” (Um no, refer to your previous statement)

    Ask a three year old, Daryl, if you really have trouble understanding these things. But we know you aren’t actually confused about this. We know you are trying to gaslight us.

    He also likes to “educate” health care staff and waste their time playing a guessing game if they ask if he’s pregnant- Are you pregnant? No. Are you sure? Yes. Have you had sex with a man? Yes. Well you might be pregnant then. No, the man had a vagina and I have a dick so GOTCHA!!

    Oh jeez, at the end he (jokingly?) mentions that this “Cis Overlord” (I shit you not) is trying to force him out of the spotlight (because his alloted time is up and other people have signed up to speak.) Typical.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wtf? He says he got a death threat because he was trans but neglects to mention that the alleged threat was from a fellow “transwoman”. He is such a lying manipulative sack of shit. Stalker Sandeen used to do the same thing- state that he got threats for being trans and omit the fact that it was other “transwomen” allegedly threatening him. I wonder what percent of abuse these men receive is perpetrated by other “transwomen”. Quite a bit it seems.

      • Mortadella Says:

        “What is it about my body that makes it male?”

        Err, the fact that it’s male? You’re a genetic male. You have XY chromosomes, sparky.

      • Biscuit Says:

        Liar indeed. I wouldn’t believe a thing he says. He also loves to whine about how ‘transphobia’ destroyed his wedding photography business.

        What he neglects to also mention is that he accepted thousands of dollars from clients and never gave them any photos. Check out his reviews online. He basically robbed people and then painted himself as a ‘victim.’

        What a sleaze.

      • RR Says:

        @Biscuit He says in this video here that his business went under because everyone was obsessed with HIS BODY. I am sure no one was concerned with HIS BODY at all unless he cornered them at the fondue fountain to talk about it in graphic detail. Even good libfems who would support him in most things would never subject their guests to a deranged narcissistic photog at their own wedding. Everyone would have that jittery “flee while you still can” look in their eyes in every picture.

    • kesher Says:

      Daryl didn’t have a problem with his male body when he used it to stick his dick into subordinates at work.

    • mayimoktoo Says:

      It’s especially frustrating because at times he comes thisclose to gender-critical thinking at times. You can even see him realize it and change the subject.

    • “jacking off gesture”

      It’s totally that!
      Now born, his new nickname: Wanksy Banksy.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Oh yeah, he’s fugly. Whoops! I’m not being PC.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Dang, is that some doublethink going on? And some kind of guilt reversal projection (“fetishize”)?

    • RR Says:

      Penises? Vaginas? Wut?
      Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, I can’t even tell if you are ladies or gentleman . . .

      The “golly gosh” schtick is so fucking tired. He said “MY BODY” about 50 times, so I think he really does know what one is! It also seems to evaporate quickly when he starts throwing out horseshit bombs like “cis gaze”. As if, sir, as if. There may be dozens of tranny chasers, but worry not, pal, the overwhelmingly majority of mentally sound human beings do not want to sexualize, objectify or even look at YOUR BODY at all. What even is a body, right?







  51. Moonflower Says:

    Hi Gallus, thank you so much for your blog. I’ve been completely out of the loop of mainstream media/politics, etc. for the last 8-9 years due to raising and home-schooling my son (who has Autism – actual Autism, not Asperger’s Syndrome or PDD-NOS – my son is mentally retarded as well.) I do not want him socialized by other children in a public or private school. That thought terrifies me.

    The young man in this article is one of the reasons I’ve refused institutionalized education for my son. I followed my instincts about how sick and deranged our society has become and decided I did not want that kind of life for the only child I would ever have. There has always been this kind of sickness in public and private schools because children imitate their parents and their culture at large and as long as it benefits men (by not really harming them) it gets ignored or passed off as a “phase.” I talk to my mother and grandmothers about it and they heartily agree.

    I have always considered myself a feminist until I heard about this ridiculous “trans” business infiltrating pediatrics and child psychology. Now I consider myself a radical feminist (and so does my male partner) and have been doing my due diligence reading and studying whatever I can get my hands on.

    Thank you so much for opening our eyes to this! Your blog and the people who comment are amazingly on target.

    My interest is in Behavior Science, obviously because of my son’s disability, and I am wondering why there aren’t any Behavior Analysts or Therapists addressing these behavior problems of “trans” people? Not their looks, which I am sure they will try to fall back on, but their actual behavior.

    Behavior therapy works on pretty much everyone, especially neuro-typically developing children, and to some extent neuro-typical adults. Even if the “trans” person doesn’t stop their “attention seeking behavior” because of “denial of access” right away, they can be trained by physical and social reinforcement by others who do not identify as “trans” in order to help them to adjust to adversity in a healthy way. I wonder why this is not required before they get to use our new healthcare system to placate their emotionally bankrupt lives? I guess they’d have to go along willingly, and emotionally deranged people are usually convinced the world is against them, the sky is green, etc.

    One of the things I have learned when it comes to dealing with some of my son’s more disturbing and dangerous behaviors (drinking out of anyone’s cup, taking off clothes in public, spacing out, head-banging the wall, etc) is that ignoring the undesired behavior and praising the desired behaviors goes a long way, even though it is hard to do sometimes. I’ve managed to keep a lot of the more obnoxious behaviors at bay with these techniques and I wonder if they can be used universally to diminish the disturbing behaviors of the “trans” community. I know this is a more rational thought, but it works on criminals, too. And animals, for that matter, and since we are animals…hmmm.

    I just wanted to post for the first time and say thank you to you and all the people who post here as well. I’ve learned so many things that are simultaneously hilarious and appalling. Sometimes I feel like the “trans” thing is a backlash from all the conservative Christian hype mixed with the influx of radical Islam, both renowned for misogyny, and other times I think “are these parents really that unaware that the pornography and violence they allow their children unfettered access to is threatening their very ability to function in their young lives?” This can no longer be denied!

    This is why I home-school and I encourage every person to do it. It’s not as hard or time consuming as it seems and there is no reason to imitate conventional schooling methods. “The kids are not all right.”


  52. dollgirl Says:

    TYT on youtube has a video on this, which is called ‘Bigots At High School Protest Transgender Student’ Surprisingly not all the comments agree.

  53. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Not sure if you wanted to link to these, some of the students funny tweets, some with whiny responses:

    He’s a penius!

  54. Update on Mr. Perry…how much did the View pay him?

    Gendertrender is more real than corporate controlled ABC News.

    The reason people never take what they see on mainstream news networks seriously is because we know it’s all staged. Seriously, these are the same people who went along with the Bush administration’s lies about WMDs in Iraq. If they would do this, they would do anything. What they say is of no significance. It’s entertainment not news, and it has nothing to do with reality. They live in their own special reality which has no resemblance to actual reality. None of it has to make sense. They only change their programming and opinions when it’s no longer possible to fool the public. Trans is the latest cool thing, and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth. Moreover, how girls and women feel about anything has never mattered. It’s all controlled by rich white men. Who controls the mainstream media? They are all corporate controlled. Who runs the corporations? It’s not women. For awhile, they pretended that things that matter to women and feminism were okay to talk about, but now it’s trans everything, porn as “empowerment”, and “50 Shades of Grey”. Caitlyn Jenner and Lila Perry are way, way for oppressed than girls and women. Heck, they even do women way, way better than women. After all, “womanhood” is nothing more than make up and pretty dresses, botox, plastic surgery, and lots and lots of commercial products.


    “Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States. Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations”

    Perhaps Bruce Jenner’s PR team and HRC went into major damage control. Mr. Perry got all dolled up for the t.v. cameras, and now it’s all okay. He is suddenly the poor victim. The mean old girls should be ashamed of themselves. This is how Mr. Perry looked on the View.


    Scroll up to see the video of him in the short grey skirt, long stringy hair, and penis poking through his grey skirt. This was before the View interview.

    Apparently, it’s fine for a young man to walk around all day with his penis poking through his skirt, and bad mouth girls for not inviting him into the girl’s locker room and restroom. Post photos of his tongue hanging out simulating cunnilingus. It’s all okay because the View will pay for a new wardrobe, doll him up, and get a professional make up artists to work on him. The View will even pay him to sit there and whine that he is the one who is the victim.

    The View is corporate controlled media. It has no credibility whatsoever.

    I’m very proud of the girls who stood up for themselves. They are the victims, and the View didn’t give them one thin dime. They weren’t even allowed to speak, and were all but branded as bigots. Poor Lila is the most oppressed person in the whole world.

    The View is disgraceful, and I don’t watch it.

    Gallus, and women on this blog….thank you!

  55. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Looks like Thailand cares about girls.

  56. @WTF is This Nonsense,

    Thanks for the video of the transgender toilet in Thailand. It’s a great idea. From everything I’ve read, the school gave Noah Perry the option of a gender neutral restroom, but it wasn’t good enough for him.

    Some of the videos of Noah Perry have been taken down, but this one from Fox News is still active. I don’t like Fox News because of its conservative views, but this video clearly shows his bulge underneath the grey skirt. The animated .gif above that edruminations created was taken from this news video. This is the way he looked on the day of the walk out protest. When the bulge from his tallywhacker was clearly visible underneath his skirt, I wonder if he knew he was being filmed. I bet he did.


    The View took a peaceful protest in which girls and their supporters were expressing their frustration and concerns, and twisted it into some trans sob story in which poor Noah is the victim. According to the View, girls and women aren’t allowed to peacefully protest even when their rights are being violated. Girls and women have a fundamental human right to privacy.

    This is just another way of telling teenage girls that they don’t matter. The only way that they can shove this p.c. bull down people’s throats is through silencing and bullying tactics. They cleaned Noah up, and the corporate controlled media with their empty talking heads made him appear as if he is the poor, mis-understood victim.

    (1.) Why didn’t the View invite some of the girls who walked out to appear on the show? How can anyone say that it’s fair and unbiased when only one side is even allowed to appear on the t.v. program? We are going to have a “debate” on this, but no girls who protested are allowed to speak on the View.

    (2.) Did the View pay for Noah Perry’s plane ticket to the studio, and did they pay him to appear on the program?

    What did the girls get? They got diddly squat.

    If I were the girls, I would still protest. Walk out again!

    • Agreed.

      The trans world strongly insists that transwomen are women. It seems like overnight….all of a suddenly…. “boys can become girls,” and “men can become women.” To me, that’s radical! And extreme…and untested. Yet they call us “radical”! For espousing feminist principles illustrated in a children’s book in 1972. Almost 45 years ago!! I’m not a radical feminist. I’m classic! 🙂

    • Branjor Says:

      Those girls should be given a parade.

  57. Charles Ede Says:

    Good idea.

  58. red Says:

    Now a “privacy breach” for teachers and students to know this person is a male. ANd if they whisper the truth to each other?

    Note ‘mom’ is a “social justice warrior”.



    • againstvaw Says:

      At least it means that Eliot/Ella is not using the girls’ changing room. Or would he expect to be able to strip off with the girls and the you would not be allowed to mentionthat he has a penis and testicles?

      That’s an abuser’s dream.

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