The Danish Girl

September 1, 2015

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  1. Imelda_66 Says:


  2. Artemis Jade Says:

    I read the other day that the studio shifted the marketing on this movie away from the transition storyline to the love story between Redmayne and his supportive wife. Is there a narrative emerging in pop culture that a good woman supports her husband’s transition? We’re encouraged to hate Kris Jenner because she didn’t support Caitlyn. In Sunday’s big NY Times front page story, the loyal second wife of transgender Judge Frye is portrayed as the instigator of his coming out. (I was left wondering: what is HER kink? But I don’t think that was supposed to be my reaction.) Now this Danish Girl ‘love story’.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Yep, women are property. They are entitled no autonomy, which is why they must even obey having their sexual orientation changed on the whims of a man. This is just the neo version of other past forms: putting up with infidelity, having to accept polygamy, being forced into threesomes, lazy man selling his wife rather than work, same old common shit for eons around the world…

    • kaypasser Says:

      the media always has to depict the wives as supportive – its such a cliche.. when are they going to let us speak? …when they do allow us to tell the truth we are vilified slandered, ruined, ostracised, excluded, erased, silenced. like Christine Benvenuto i have learned that you cannot support these men without betraying yourself and loved ones, learning to consistently ignore material reality and glaringly obvious significant mental health problems and agreeing to be a traitor to feminism and a slave to patriarchal expectations.
      you cannot support men like this without subsuming your own needs and expectations and erasing and rewriting your past, present and future. and if you are willing to spend the rest of your life living a lie, and can tolerate the idea of a stranger invading and modifying your partners body, the hormones, the expense of laser hair removal, wigs, make up, new clothes, cosmetic surgery breast implants and finally having his healthy functional genitals amputated – if you are willing to live with all that in order to keep him ‘happy’, know that there are no specialised treatment centres or counselling or support for the innocent victims of this fuckery. transactivists turned the tables by framing women victims of autogynephiliacs as the hateful bigots who tell lies for attention…. and as far as i can see they have been pretty successful in denying its existence even though there must be at least as many women who know the truth as there are agp’s.
      women who have been trans-widowed, usually know damn well what these men are, having invested years of intimacy and shared domesticity with a man who then declares himself to have always been a woman. a partner who has been mislead into such a situation by someone misrepresenting themselves as heteronormative will have been gaslighted from the start… they will have been carefully isolated and socially excluded from certain circles of friends.. they will have dealt with bizarre and bewildering intimate problems they can never hope to understand (or properly consent to) because they dont have the information they need. because these men never give reason to doubt their masculinity, the confusing social and personal behaviours keep women busy always wondering what they are doing wrong.. trying increasingly harder to make it right… until the big trans reveal ..5, 10….30 years later. when women are suddenly required to embark on a process of supporting him as he begins to act his fetish out in public and disclose himself as an autogynephile who has been violating womens privacy and boundaries for years, has utterly disregarded your identity and orientation to co opt you and your female family and friends into his secret fantasy without your knowledge or consent. for which, your reward is betrayal, blame and abandonment… constructively dismissed from your own life, you watch as he finds a new source of narcissistic supply,some tranny chaser or sex-pos young lib fem who will serve his interests uncritically for a bit of stage time and some virtue kudos… he will be lauded by people you considered to be your friends for his bravery and guts while also belittling your feelings and calling you selfish for trying to hold onto ‘him’ – everything he does or says is framed as unimpeachable transgender entitlement. there is an absolute insistence that he has always been a woman and you are just too stupid to have noticed… the whole damn transition fiasco is enabled by idiots who care not one jot about the pain and destruction – they dont really think trans is cool, they think theyre cool by association.

  3. Charlene Says:

    Oh wow…
    Co-dependent much?

  4. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    Oh look, another big-budget movie revolving around a white male’s ever so trying and adverse experiences/history in 20th century Europe. Directed by a rich, white, male director (Tom Hooper) starring a rich, white, male actor (Eddie Redmayne) about the ever so poignant and touching (lol) biography of a rich, white, male artist in 20th century Denmark that believes himself to be a woman because he got all feelzy when he tried on one of his wife’s dresses. I do wander how many big-budget movies are made about women’s different and various experiences and adversities in society and culture that portray women in such sympathetic and complex roles (such as the role they gave to Eddie Redmayne about Einar Wegener a.k.a “Lili Elbe”), that additionally don’t pander to the male audience by over-sexualizing them………(I will give you a clue….absolutely none). No movies are ever made about women or women’s experiences by big name, Hollywood directors that can thus pull in a big budget.

    When movies are begrudgingly made about women you can normally find women shoved to the side as secondary characters, only there to further the story lines of men, forced into the same 4 female archetypes (the virgin saint, the whore, the nurturing mother, and the independent bitch/femme fatale, or just so degradingly over-sexualized by the male writers/producers/directors that the character is essentially a walking/talking piece of meat. Given that the movie takes place in the 1920’s and women still lacked basic human rights in nearly all of western countries….I wander if any big-name, male, Hollywood directors such as Hooper would ever consider spending millions to make a movie about the adverse struggles for women’s basic human rights (Women’s Suffrage anyone?)… that would seem to make a much more poignant and historically compelling movie then a rich, white, male putting on a chemise and lipstick because he “feels like a woman” all against the soft, beautifully lit, backdrop of 1920’s Copenhagen. But nope. I guess the suffering of millions of oppressed and disenfranchised women/girls at the time period and their experiences and stories, pale in comparison to one autogynephilic rich, white, dude in a frock, crinolines, and size 13 heels. Sigh…..I hate lib-fem Hollywood.

    • Thank you Daughters of the Flame, for your comment. I appreciated it a lot. I mean, if they made a movie about Hillsboro protest, who’d be the protagonist…the most vocal and articulate of the girls (or the most pissed off, or the most…) or HIM, with the two stupid-assed bobby pins in his wig-bangs? Um-hum, yep.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m curious how the movie will portray Elbe’s ultimate demise — dying from failed organ implantation due to a frankendoctor using Elbe as a human guinea pig.

      Elbe was already nearly 50 by the time he decided to effectively kill himself, so, even if he were a real woman, he wouldn’t have been have been able to have a baby anyway.

      It seems to me that this story is of an incredibly mentally ill man taken advantage of by unethical doctors before ethics in medicine even existed. But I’m sure that’s not what the movie will present. Even his wikipedia entry has been scrubbed of any reference of what actually killed him.

      • Daughters of the Flames Says:

        @takethenextquestion……thanks for reading and appreciating my comment 🙂 Always nice to know there are fellow, like-minded, sane human beings still existing in this batshit, Orwellian, 2+2 = 5 society/culture. Your comment made me laugh out loud. Is it sad that I can actually envision trannies claiming that “trans women of color” (lololololololol) lead the fight for racial equality? That Rosa Parks and Maya Angelou and Sojourner Truth were all actually “trans women of color”. Is it sad that the level of transactivism has gotten so insane…so completely devoid of reality and truth and history……that I can guarantee you that something of the sort has been claimed by the super speshial little snowflake trannies? I mean….look at what they claimed about Stonewall. I suppose when you are as delusional, narcissistic, privileged, and mentally ill with a messiah complex, as the average tranny….then no claim about anything….. no matter how dubious or preposterous is off limits.

      • kesher Says:

        ‘Sojourner Truth were all actually “trans women of color”’

        They haven’t claimed she was trans yet, but I have seen them claim that white people denying Sojourner Truth’s womanhood was actually “transmisogyny”, not racism or misogyny or misogynoir.

        To these people, any oppression women are subjected to is actually oppression of men.

      • Bea Says:

        And of course Laverne Cox appropriated Truth’s “ain’t I a woman?” speech about misogynoir to claim a man performing femininity is a woman.

        “Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me!”

        Truth’s speech is pretty damn TERFy if you ask me. If she hadn’t made the speech the trans cult probably would be branding her a trans man.

    • Larichus Says:

      Yeah, I don’t see this one passing the “Bechdel test”.

  5. CKDexterHaven Says:

    In a couple of days the BBC will start screening the UK’s first trans-themed sitcom, starring a M2Ts actor. The show is a result of a BBC talent search calling for a script that portrayed a transgender character and trans issues in a positive light. Note how any writer with a trans-critical perspective is committing a thought-crime and immediately silenced. One of the BBC’s biggest shows, Eastenders, also has a trans storyline, featuring a trans actor, coming up. The showrunner has stated the aim of the storyline is to show transgenderism in a positive light and to challenge bigotry. I have a feeling that we are in for a slew of trans-positive films, dramas, comedies and documentaries in the next few years. Meanwhile I know a playwright who would love to write a play about the Orwellian nature of transactivism but knows this will wreck her writing and academic career.

    • Daughters of the Flames Says:

      Oh gosh you are kidding me right? So it is just as bad across the pond in terms of the transactivists? That really scares and saddens me.

      • endthewoo Says:

        It’s bad, but different culture in the UK obviously.

        1) there have always been rapists, pedos, cross dressers and general creeps in the corridors of power here – both gay and straight – most of it out of view and swept under the carpet with abusers very rarely held accountable. The right wingers would like to keep the whole lot out of view as they pontificate about “family values” (or unless they catch on of the other guys at it)

        The left and liberals aim to push as much as possible into public acceptance, under the guise of tolerance, but note they are very bad at acknowledging the difference between genuine consenting adults (eg LGB and women’s rights) and fetishistic males. It’s just one big pile of “minorities” to them.

        2) we do not have the same sort of issues with religious fundies or the OTT guns and machismo as you have in the States so, for example, “feminine” men are not such a big deal. There is a long history of drag here, and on the whole the average person likes to think of themselves as tolerant of such things.

        3) this is the background to the current climate, with cheerleaders drawn from a generation of clueless spoilt brats, into which the transactivists can make so many gains. Organistaions such as GIRES (look them up and be prepared to be horrified) have a huge influence and are driving a lot of policy in this area.

        4) a lot of this goes on behind closed doors in the institutions, eg education and health, without any wider discussion or serious appraisals.Schools, Universities and the NHS are well and truly on board with the trans cult nowadays. The mainstream media makes sure which way the discourse goes on these subjects, including of course the good old BBC – hence this programme.

      • Bea Says:

        I’ve noticed British women are a lot less tolerant of the “female penis” baloney. Probably the better education system over yonder.

    • Besides all the other women writers whose careers have already been wrecked…and they might not even realize the reason why.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “we are in for a slew of trans-positive films, dramas, comedies & docs”

      Which no one will watch. No one is watching ole Bruce. That’s when this media love affair will end & some trans reality will start.

      • anon male Says:

        I normally root for Katherine Heigl even with stuff I don’t have any interest in (for instance, yet another “CIA saves the world show,” etc.), but now that her job is to prop up Laverne Cox in yet another “ivy league lawyers help poor people” show, I’m hoping it’s yet another prospect that fails relatively painlessly for her.

      • kesher Says:

        The media don’t seem to understand that what audiences are looking for in regards to trans is a trainwreck. No one cares about their heartwarming, uplifting (fake) stories.

      • That’s what people are looking for in general in reality shows. They’re not tuning in to see “Little House on the Tranny.”

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Please ask that playwright to write that play now, while the mental gears are whirring and her interest in the material is fresh!

      At worst, it goes into her archives, to be revived later by theaters or by historians researching this period of history.

      At best, it gets circulated as samizdat and perhaps become a darling of theaters committed to free speech and social criticism.

      I don’t know how to savvily work the internet, but I bet it’d be easy to circulate that play without attribution, and it’d get a ton of readers… Heck, it could even be staged on YouTube by public radfems. I’d watch it!

      I bet, too, that the material could be massaged in such a way that it’s relatively publicly acceptable.

  6. background spinner Says:

    “You’re different from most girls. I feel I needed to ask your permission before I kissed you.”

    That line is chilling. It really sums up the respect men afford each other – even when “Lily’s” sex is supposedly “hidden” – and the entitlement they feel towards us.

    • Daughters of the Flames Says:

      Oh my gosh @background spinner….. my absolute hats off to you for catching that. What a great observation there. Holy shit you are so right!!!

      • background spinner Says:

        Thanks, @Daughter of the Flames. That line just jumped out and practically highlighted itself. Sadly, I don’t think many people will notice, because that’s just part of the status quo.

        (Excellent, and sadly appropriate, name btw…)

    • Teal Deer Says:

      That struck me too.

    • Julianna D Says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I was listening on a tablet in a noisy room and just heard “different from other girls” and “kiss.” I missed that part of the dialogue. Yes, that is scary. “Girls” can just be kissed, but men with “girl” feelings are first asked and allowed to give permission. No agenda in this movie, no siree.

      Off-topic, but this reminded me of something I completely forgot about until this. My husband was the first man in my life who asked to kiss me beforehand when dating, rather than just going for it. I remember being surprised by the question.

      There is a reason I didn’t get married until my late thirties. (I really thought I would never get married.)

  7. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Sex Fetish: the Movie

    On the guardian I wrote a comment on their Danish gurl trailer thread:
    “I really feel bad for his wife, that must’ve been really hard for her” ( you have to be really subterfuge to not get modded there) And some trans commented back: “Of course – it is always hard when your partner is suffering from a serious medical condition.”
    Because getting a hardon while wearing a dress is the same as cancer:(

    • Julianna D Says:

      Ugh, that is terrible. Whenever the Guardian publishes a new pro-trans article, I like to skip directly to the comments just to see how many comments have been deleted, and occasionally find some good comments before the mods get to them.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        I know, I’m counting the days before I get pulled for good, it’ll be worth it though;) The kind of blatant mindfuckery of those comments is appalling. You can’t say “a person with a penis is not a woman” for instance, that’s a no no. It’s totally Orwellian over there.

    • LC Says:

      Ok… and even if it were cancer… that IS hard for the partner, and there often is a lack of resources for individuals in the situation of feeling “forced” to provide medical care for sick partners or parents. They may love the person very much, but it’s still a huge sacrifice for their lives that they can’t talk about without feeling guilty or shamed by others. Too much to ask for sympathy for the other person(often female) on occasion… Can’t expect narcissists to understand that, though.

    • Bea Says:

      Yes, living your whole life as a man and suddenly discovering you *really* like to dress in drag…is a medical condition.

      This movie was made to set an example for how modern trans wives are expected to act. Who wants to bet Tom Hooper (the director) is an autogynephile?

      The wife agreeing that she thinks Eddie Redmayne is a woman is utter nonsense. Trans wasn’t even on anyone’s radar at the time, so this guy was able to singlehandedly convince his wife of laydee brain, and the only evidence he had was “I like to wear your clothes”? I don’t think so.

      I wish I was as articulate and erudite as the lot of you, because this trailer rubbed me the wrong way throughout but I can’t exactly illustrate why.

      I can’t see myself as a woman in the 1920s, practically devoid of rights, happily dedicating my entire existence to this dude’s froufy affectations of womanhood.

      On an unrelated note, every time I hear the phrase “coming out as trans,” or “closeted (trans),” it makes me shudder. They’ve totally ripped off the language of growing up gay to describe something not based in reality. Saying you’re a closeted transwoman is like saying “I’m a closeted mime,” “I’m coming out as trans” is like saying “I’m coming out as a tall person” and then wearing 6″ platforms for the rest of your life. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        You are very articulate, actually! The trailer is just one long masturbatory scene. I watched it first without sound and it looked to me like a happy couple that went off the rails when the man touched a dress once, it’s ludicrous.

  8. M Says:

    “I hear another persons thoughts in my head”

    “this body isnt my own”

    Strange. When I say these things its called dissociation.

    Until I read the comments, I honestly perceived this to be a film about a man who’s female persona takes over his life to the extent he feels he needs to give up his previous identity for the sake of the “other”.. Essentially saying goodbye.

    • M Says:

      “I wasnt myself, I was lily”

      I dont see this as a film about autogynephilia, not from the trailer… Honestly seems like a sick man (and i dont mean that harshly) escaping into a new identity. With Dissociative Identity Disorder, once your brain gets used to dissociating, sometimes you start to use it as a defense against even minor stresses. Cant handle the stress of ___? Split yourself off and have an “other” do it. Its not uncommon for the “core” personality to disappear for several years or to not exist at all.

      • M Says:

        Maybe its just a very persistent first impression, but even after reading more about this man I cant help but see this as an unacknowledged case of DID..

      • kaypasser Says:

        i thought the same thing about my ex – the behaviour was just too weird and the change too sudden and extreme – even the diseases he had suffered for years disappeared overnight when he became a transie. he went from tea to coffee. from having no mirrors at all in his flat, he got himself a mirror for every room, he went from being a non smoker to dope smoker and male to his idea of female almost overnight – it was too weird.. but you try raising the question at charing cross or with the person in question.. its a thankless task.

  9. Margie Says:

    When the trailer for Stonewall came out, the trans activists called for a boycott and vandalized a sculpture honoring gay liberation. But we can’t retaliate in kind. The box office for this movie is going to be so lousy that a boycott would have no effect. And we can’t vandalize any trans activist works of art because they don’t make any art. They destroy or co-opt the art and culture of others.

  10. Imelda_66 Says:

    But of course trans is not really, fundamentally, all about the clothes, shoes, makeup, acting coy and submitting to the male gaze.

  11. liberalsareinsane Says:

    It won’t make a dime but the Oscars – like the liberal media – will masturbate over it. That’s why Hooper made it.

  12. liberalsareinsane Says:

    The commentators on YT find this just breathtaking. These same people, of course, would be dismissing this costume drama or any movie as a boring chick flick if the main character were a woman. Also, the guy never passes as a woman. No one would be fooled by his nonsense.

  13. OldPolarBear Says:

    I had never heard of this movie project until this post. Now I understand why Redmayne is on the cover of the most recent Out.

    *FWIW: I never actually read inside the magazine. Long ago I used the 1000 or so miles I had with an airline to get a one-year subscription just to see what it was like. This was maybe 10 year ago and it’s continued coming ever since without my ever having sent them a penny. They almost always have some hot, white, straight, male celebrity on the cover. The magazine is sent in an opaque, white, plastic wrapper for privacy — I’m not sure why they even bother, since there’s scarcely anything “gay” about it, except possibly the name.

  14. OldPolarBear Says:

    Also: howls of protest that the role wasn’t given to a “real” trans act/or/ress coming in 3…2…1

    • GallusMag Says:

      Female actors are actors. M2T are always “actresses”.

      • Daughters of the Flames Says:

        Another thing that seems to be a common pattern with porn-sick, autogynephile, adult to middle-aged trannies… their sickening (and extremely rapey/pedophilic) insistence to be called “girls/trans girls”, etc. I mean for god’s sake the title of the damn film is “The Danish Girl”……lol. @Kesher told us in a comment above that Einar did not really begin his “transition” till he well into being middle aged……so in what way is/was he a “girl” exactly? I am only 20, and yet I, nor any women I know (past the age of 15-16) would ever refer to themselves as “girls”. It is condescending and disrespectful to grown/adult women. (Think men talking down to a women in a condescending way by referring to them as “little girls”). However, this is trannies we are dealing with here (the most misogynistic men in our society) and you can just tell it arouses them when they call themselves “girls”…and imagine schoolgirls and cheerleaders and every other disgusting, pedophilic, rapey, male fantasy of female children that have been mass produced and consumed by a large majority of the male population. My god these men are disgusting.

      • RadicalGrandma Says:

        Daughters of the Flames: Spot on.

        I kept wondering who the “Danish Girl” was since there were no actual girls in it. ; /

    • Larichus Says:

      I’m kind of surprised they haven’t tried to make “Better than Chocolate” an un-movie for that reason …

    • Teal Deer Says:

      I don’t see how they could manage that. The “trans actress” would have to be in “boy mode” for the Einar scenes, and that would be sure to bring about a disastrous bout of dysphoria.

      The feels! The feels! Oh, where are my smelling salts and fainting couch? *swoon*

    • kesher Says:

      Too late for that. Redmayne already had to grovel and proclaim that there are “lots” of “gifted” trans actresses who could have played the role. That Hollywood would have to put out a casting call for a vanishingly small segment of the population (MTTs who can actually act who look like a Dane and who are attractive enough not to repel the audience) never factors into the outrage.

  15. RadicalGrandma Says:

    Redmayne may regret making this flick. Too artsy for general consumption anyway and will play in “selected theaters” as a “critics’ choice”. The producers will take a bath on it.

    I’m getting so tired of this elitist bullshit (which is exactly what it is) that puts women way down on the “totem pole”.

    What is so “courageous” about having your genitals cut off because you’re mentally ill?

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    Meanwhile, still no film about Butches other than Boys Don’t Cry, where she’s raped and killed as a lesson to all of us.

    Butches get the most hatred and abuse over “gender” because of most refusing the role men want women to play, yet in this era of endless films and tv shows about how men in dresses suffer, it’s all about autogynephilic narcissistic men.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      Unfortunately the transactivists have claimed Brandon Teena as one of their own. According to them, she died for being trans not for being a born woman who got out of line.

      • KgSch Says:

        You are right. If you say the truth that Teena was a lesbian (even though there’s fucking newstories of her friends and family calling her that) then prepare for a ton of personal attacks. The trans cult loves to kidnap the dead and declare them to be trans. Any courageous woman from history that is mentioned in mainstream history textbooks is now retroactively a dude. Because, you know, having courage is totally only a dude trait because dudes said so and they never lie or anything. They especially like to claim that dead lesbians and gays are really trans.

        Oh no, there’s no way they’ll ever make a mainstream film about a butch who doesn’t get raped and killed. Heaven forbid they depict the lives of the most gender-nonconforming females on the planet. No, it’s the upper-class white men who have a ton of money to buy feminine crap who truly suffer. (Or in modern times, are willing to rack up a ton of credit card debt and then try to stick their ex-wife with half the bill.)

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Yes, we wrote about that in our book and how they have the money to publicize their re-write of our history.

        Reminds me of Mormons “baptizing” Jewish people killed in the Holocaust. Further abusing someone who is dead. In Teena’s case, not enough that men raped and tortured and killed her — they erase who she was too. They need to pay for what they are doing. Against our will….

  17. Elle Says:

    As a transwidow, I probably shouldn’t have watched this.

    This line gutted me: “I need my husband. I need to hold my husband.” Yes, this felt authentic.

    Later, he says, “The fact is, I believe that I’m a woman.” Loyal wife responds, “I believe it too.” I, on the other hand, couldn’t sustain my disbelief in my husband’s delusion.

    And then at the end he says, “I love you because you’re the only person who made sense of me . . . who made ME possible.” Too much wrong in that statement for me to even know where to begin!

    Yeah . . . shouldn’t have watched this.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Made me feel sick in the pit of my stomach too. When you’ve been through this kind of gas-lighting the last thing you want to see is it all wrapped up in Merchant Ivory-esque ”art”.

      I never bought into that ”real me” line. What’s making me beyond mad right now is that he’s trying it on the kids and it’s pushing them away. He can’t even see it though; so convinced is he that ”to know me is to love me”. No thought for their struggles with the loss of a father.

      Yeah…….it’s all about ME.

  18. Anon Says:

    My biggest disappointment when it comes to sexism is actually with the way they’ve portrayed Gerda over all. I am actually a fan of the book, more for the writing-style than for the story, and while it’s got its similarities, this is -not- the vibe I got from her. Gerda is supposed to be bold, and natural. Einar was never “charming and mysterious”, he was a mousy little guy who looked younger and acted more unsure for his age. She was not entirely certain why she wanted him, but she knew what she wanted and was assertive about it, and in a way was always a step ahead of him introspectively. She’s very strong, very in her own head, and all together that makes the part of her claiming she knew that Einar is a woman less disjointed and weird. They’ve fucking girlified her. In the book, they both defy their gender and social roles in a way, and at least from this trailer they have not gotten that across.

    • RadicalGrandma Says:

      Of course it’s not true to the book.

      It had to follow the trans agenda. And the more of a put down of Gerda, or the twisting of her personality for the agenda, the better for them.

      • Anon Says:

        One would think that letting Gerda out of the generic-hollywood-woman box would help to expand understandings of gender. -smh- I guess that just shows that’s not really what this is about, or at least it shows a great lack of awareness. Just to echo some earlier comments, I guess in a way it shows that they aren’t really seeing Lili as a woman either (and they portrayed her relatively accurately to the book) if they can’t have the insight to also make Gerda a more well-rounded character.

      • anon male Says:

        Supposedly Redmayne was coached by Paris Lees so I guess they believe being a real woman is all about giving blowjobs in a park:

      • Bea Says:

        Men don’t give a fuck about freeing women from the “gender binary.” They either want us de-sexed out of jealousy, or to be femme for their sexual pleasure and imitation. This film shows that they want us to be a bit of both— invisible henchwomen “cisters” whose purpose is to validate tranny feelz, and someone from whom to glean fashion advice.

      • Anon Says:

        ): It is very sad.

  19. ngequality Says:

    Off Topic: Our girl Pat appears to have stop trying.

  20. applegirl Says:

    I’m surprised no on has mentioned that Lili Elbe was probably intersex, a whole different can of works than transgender.

    • nonny Says:


    • Teal Deer Says:


      • stchauvinism Says:

        It looks like it’s highly likely that someone speculated that maybe Elbe was intersex and now it’s repeated as fact with footnotes leading to the repeated phrase, “it’s highly like that Lili Elbe was intersex”. Elbe had testicles and penis removed and some dead woman’s ovaries implanted in him in an attempt to make him into a “woman”. Elbe died following complications after surgery which attempted to create an artificial cavity in his pelvis to allow penetration by the average sized penis. Highly likely Elbe was a man, a troubled and mentally ill man who was preyed upon and killed by homophobic doctors who lacked ethics.

  21. cupcake Says:

    Has no one mentioned that Gerda was a lesbian?

    “Gerda lived openly as a lesbian, so alternative sexual orientations were something she understood well.”

    Are queer and trans activists going to raise hell over this? No. Because in the new queer era lesbians and gay men don’t matter.

    • Anon Says:

      Ohhh! It totally slipped my mind that Gerda did make several art pieces depicting lesbian erotica. Somehow, I just didn’t think that much on it. She also made some bisexual and straight themed, so there is a pretty good chance that she was indeed lesbian, or at least bi.

      I suspect she is depicted as straight in the movie, because I think in the book she is also written as being pretty much heterosexual (making mention of past male relationships before Einar). It’s disappointing that this fact was glossed over.

      The Danish Girl -is- a dramatization, though…romanticized historical fiction rather than a documentation of historical fact. Of course, that does not mean the social implications of why the characters are depicted the way they are here, or how they follow the trends in popular media should not be critiqued and reflected upon.

  22. Anon Says:

    Oh, I’d like to add, just to put the info out there, that I believe David Ebershoff, writer of The Danish Girl (book) is a gay man.

  23. cher clemente Says:

    Lili Elbe was intersexed. Don’t believe the movie. The book Man into Woman has better documentation. Just like Mrs. Petra Henderson was intersexed. No reports of autogynephilia in intersexed folks. And the putdown of the use girl is stupid. What about the show Golden Girls? Either way, a uterus transplant would make the person a real woman. Womb-man. That is what real women are. Eve principle-non developed men with a womb. Plus Lili got periods before rejection and only real women can get periods. yes? duh

    • nonny Says:

      Lol not sure if trolling or…. ^

    • background spinner Says:

      So, if a womb makes the woman, mtt are not women. Duh.

      “Eve princple non-developed men with a womb.” ???

      As far as the use of the word girl to denote grown women, I think all of us “girls” should call all males “boys.” That, or L’il Mister. (Personally, I like L’il Mister, but hey, that’s just me.)

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