Blood and Visions: Womyn Reconciling With Being Female

September 5, 2015


Blood and Visions: Womyn Reconciling With Being Female by Autotomous Womyn’s Press.

An anthology of writing and artwork by 10 womyn who stopped their female to male (ftm) transitions. Personal stories, political analysis, practical advice, and resources for womyn who struggle with dis-identification from their female reality.

Excerpt: “This process lacks the intoxication of transition, goes back into friction that rubs us raw and makes us feel what we’ve spent years trying to get away from. From this we learn power you can’t pick up at a pharmacy, that’s not made in labs, not made by men. Power that comes from being a womyn, being a dyke, power we’re not supposed to know about; many womyn have been killed or defamed for being wise to it. Power they tried to kill in us or trick us into calling male. We find it in ourselves and each other; in our friendships we find the strength to continue, to think and feel what we were taught was forbidden.”

Glossary of terms:

Autotomous: Describes the ability of an animal (or metaphorically, a womon) to release a part of her body/self and abandon it in order that she may survive attack or injury. Examples of autotomous animals are lizards (autotomous because of their tails), sea cucumbers (their ability to divide), and starfish (their arms). Some autotomous creatures regenerate the parts of themselves they have sacrificed, to some extent. The creature is never wholly the same but in most cases, she does survive.

Detransition: Ceasing transition, abandoning trans identity, and no longer trying to “live as” the opposite sex. This can include actions such as going off hormones, changing one’s name back to one’s birth name, no longer binding, no longer packing, etc. Detransition does not have to include any attempts to change one’s clothing choice, hair, behavior, or other things perceived as gender-markers, nor does it necessarily include plastic surgery or electrolysis to “reverse” the steps taken during medicalized transition. Detransition means stopping transition and beginning the work of reconciling with the reality of having a female body and having survived girlhood. Often used by those who no longer understand “gender” in terms of “identity,” but in terms of patriarchally-imposed sex roles.

Deeply moving and informative for all women concerned about the wholeness of our womanhood — and our sisterhood.



20 Responses to “Blood and Visions: Womyn Reconciling With Being Female”

  1. frenchfem Says:

    That looks like a must Read


  2. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  3. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you!!! Sharing in our groups…..

  4. Ruth Barrett Says:

    These young women have the courage to tell the truth of their struggles with being female and the gender oppression that steered them to both their decision to transition and to de-transition. I am so honored to include their voices in an anthology that I’m working on that will share voices that resist the silencing of the trans movement and their allies. Please support these women by purchasing their book. What they have to say may save lives!

  5. nniilate Says:

    I’m glad I found this blog. I’ve been pondering all of this since one of my exes told me he is now trans. He has no intention of getting the surgery stating it isn’t necessary. I have been trying to figure out why some of his statements of “I am a woman because I feel I am” have nagged at me then felt like a bigot for even feeling any thing less than 100 percent “you go girl”. The pressure and demands he and his trans friends put on women to accept them as women has felt somehow very male like. A sort of “choke down your feelings and opinions because damnit, I’m a woman because I say I am”

    He posts about how great it is to finally have breasts and to me, that’s a mark of men thinking because most women I know had a process of getting to where breasts were great. When I developed them there was a mixture of feelings from happiness of looking like a woman to fear that it meant grown men would leer at me and a host of feelings in between.

    Anyway I’m rambling, I know but just had to get this out because there is literally no whete else I can

    • GallusMag Says:

      Welcome, and thank you for contributing your thoughts. The emperor has no clothes, for sure.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I remember when heterosexual men used to joke, “If I had breasts, I’d never leave the house!” Apparently men look at “fun bags” as always pleasurable, whereas biological women have mixed feelings about theirs.

      • nniilate Says:

        Another thing that I think I’m dealing with is that when we were together, I had an abortion. I don’t regret it. It wasn’t the right time and circumstances to bring a child into the world. But to hear him proclaimed himself a woman when he has had none of the anxiety around bearing children just….rankles me. He won’t ever know what contemplating none months of pregnancy is or worrying that one can’t conceive or might miscarry. He won’t ever feel the complex emotions, some good and more than he can ever imagine bad around (excuse my corniness) being a vessel for the next generation. Although he was supportive of my choice he still had and has no idea the huge responsibility and heavy load it was to make that choice.

        And part if me just misses the ex bf I had. He had many “feminine” traits that made him a very nice, comfortable and attractive partner for this heterosexual woman. I almost feel it is a shame he considers himself a woman because in many ways he used to be a helluva man

      • coelacanth Says:

        Here is autogynophile Stu Rasmussen (mayor of a town in Oregon or somewhere) writing in excruciating detail about the process of getting “his girls” (how he refers to his new “breasts”). Stu hit the gay news sites a few years ago and was swinging through town in a micro mini and bragged how he needed a tight skirt to hide his erection at his desk because he was so turned on by his huge “breasts” that he has named “The Twins”.

  6. atranswidow Says:

    nniilate, you have every right to miss the man you were once so close to and you have every right to take some time out to grieve the loss of that person and your relationship with him. If you have a close, non judgmental friend or therapist you can share some of the grief and confusion with so much the better. You deserve to be allowed time to cut the ties to the past, grieve and move on. You are not a bigot for having confused feelings, just a normal human being.

  7. Just a Melissa Says:

    Hello. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I thought I’d introduce myself.

    I haven’t been harmed by these trans clowns personally, but I still care. I like to think that I’m a decent human being, which means that I shouldn’t have to be personally harmed to care about harm being done. I’m not a radical feminist, but I align more with the RF side of resistance than with the conservative religious side, so here I am.

    I’m not sure why I can see through this dumbness when many people are going along mindlessly. I also did this at first, calling them “she” and so forth out of a desire to be nice, but a series of observations led me to “peak trans.” I trust my own perceptions over some jerk asserting that he’s “a woman” with no foundation at all.

    When we see uncensored discussion — say, a comments thread that isn’t being monitored, or the occasional IRL discussion — then it’s flamingly obvious that most people don’t really buy that these men are women. That being the case, one wonders why more people don’t resist. I guess they either mistake it for harmless idiocy or are afraid to speak. I think there are also some who think that yay-for-trans is the appropriate view for a good liberal and so just parrot it without thinking.

    I don’t believe we’ve reached widespread societal “peak trans” yet. We’ve probably got a few more years of this idiocy. The cracks are showing, though, and I wouldn’t mind helping them along a bit insofar as that’s possible.

    • nniilate Says:

      I think part of what bothers me is they had to go through none of the work..for lack of a better word..of becoming a woman.
      I have a daughter and when she was about 3 or so I was with my husband looking at her and said “i can’t believe that I’m going to have to tell her all the warnings to be a girl in this society”. He didn’t know what meant and I enumerated then. Watch your drink, don’t get drunk around men you don’t know, don’t get really drunk around any men, be aware of your surroundings, know self defense, recognize early signs of an abusive bf, don’t ever take a digital naked picture of yourself, it isn’t even safe on your hard drive, if a guy is hassling you at a bar tell him you have a bf because men who don’t respect personal space might respect you are someone’s “property”. And so much more that boys growing into men never even have to think about

    • gchild Says:

      @ Just a Melissa,

      I feel the same way. Except I have been “kicked to the curb” by friends who are pro trans. They feel I am the one who is being sucked into a cult (by radfems or lesbians, or Satan I guess, I don’t fucking know).

      Anyway, one of the things I have learned from GM and the women who comment here is that the reason people dont resist is because it harms females mostly and since when does anyone give a fuck about females (uncluding some females)? As hard as this is to accept, I only had to look at our culture to see it.

      I was content to stand alone, but then I found this blog and realized I didnt have to.

  8. ngequality Says:

    Apologies, again for the off topic comment – Ever heard of Julianna Fialkowski? There was some big deal playing out last year over a name change. I guess now we know why… Some anonymous commenter popped on a various trans blogs and wrote sHE was arrested this week for child porn. They posted this link…

    And planettransgender is pretending again they’re journalists.

  9. I ordered a copy, and am looking forward to reading it.

    In other news, SF want to house M2Ts with women in prison!!

  10. A. Ryan Says:

    does anyone know when a copy of the book might be back/available? I am detransitioning from female to male back to female myself, and the excerpt described exactly how I felt about using transition to avoid trauma re me as a female in society. A lot of detransition support forums have been shut down and I feel like I’m in this weird place where I’ve stopped avoiding my true identity as a woman and lesbian, but I can’t find support for this particular situation. It’s interesting to be able to have gone through several years looking at the world through a trans perspective and then to be able to listen and hear what radical feminists had been saying all along and have that resonate with me and help me better understand myself.

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