Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders

September 13, 2015

prison bars

Testimony admitted by the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists to the Transgender Equality Inquiry in the UK Parliament took a surprise turn when members sounded the alarm over what they warned is an “ever increasing tide” of transwoman criminal sex offenders. They outline how sex-offending transwomen whom they describe as “pretend transsexuals” adopt a transgender identity for various nefarious purposes, often involving increased access to vulnerable women and child victims.

Description of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists, from the August 20, 2015 testimony to Parliament [PDF] [all bolding in this post by me-GM]:

The Association numbers over a hundred members and comprises the overwhelming majority of all clinicians working in every Gender Identity Clinic in the British Isles. The membership is drawn from all the involved disciplines and includes Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Surgeons, Psychosexual Counsellors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Endocrinologists, General Practitioners and Social Workers.

From the testimony:

The criminal justice system merits quite a bit of thinking about.

On the one hand, many of us can remember patients who were charged with crimes, convicted and who ended up on the sex offenders register when we thought that the same thing wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t a trans person. A good example would be the transwoman charged with sexual assault after some brief fellatio with two males who were two and three years younger than her own age at the time (she was eighteen). They were visitors to the area and boasted to their cousin of their recent sexual encounter. The cousin, enlightening them as to the nature of the person they had had a sexual encounter with, caused them to feel embarrassed. One thing led to another and the patient was charged with sexual assault. Given that she was in a kneeling position at the time and that it would have been perfectly possible for either one of the males concerned to run away this seemed a bit implausible. In the end, she was convicted of being reckless as regard to age. This does place her on the sex offenders register, though. One suspects that she would never have been charged at all if she had been a born female.

The converse is the ever-increasing tide of referrals of patients in prison serving long or indeterminate sentences for serious sexual offences. These vastly outnumber the number of prisoners incarcerated for more ordinary, non-sexual, offences. It has been rather naïvely suggested that nobody would seek to pretend transsexual status in prison if this were not actually the case. There are, to those of us who actually interview the prisoners, in fact very many reasons why people might pretend this. These vary from the opportunity to have trips out of prison through to a desire for a transfer to the female estate (to the same prison as a co-defendant) through to the idea that a parole board will perceive somebody who is female as being less dangerous through to a [false] belief that hormone treatment will actually render one less dangerous through to wanting a special or protected status within the prison system and even (in one very well evidenced case that a highly concerned Prison Governor brought particularly to my attention) a plethora of prison intelligence information suggesting that the driving force was a desire to make subsequent sexual offending very much easier, females being generally perceived as low risk in this regard. I am sure that the Governor concerned would be happy to talk about this.


To recap the points made in that second paragraph:

There is an “ever increasing tide” of incarcerated transwomen accessing transgender care services.

These transwomen are overwhelmingly convicted of “serious sexual offenses”, facing “long or indeterminate” sentences.

These transwomen convicted of serious sexual offences “vastly outnumber” transgender prisoners convicted for ordinary crimes.

Transgender care providers have identified several “improper purposes” utilized by the vast majority of incarcerated transwomen seeking transgender care.

These are identified as follows:

  1. Access to trips out of prison
  2. Sexual access to vulnerable incarcerated females
  3. Early parole due to parole board’s false belief that transwomen are less dangerous than other men.
  4. False belief that transgender medical treatments will decrease their future impulses to commit criminal sexual offenses.
  5. Desire for special status within prison system.
  6. Desire for protected status within prison system.
  7. Enhanced ability to commit future serious sexual offenses against women and/or children while disguised as women.

The Parliamentary testimony of the Association of Gender Identity Specialists goes on to complain that “Informed Consent” models of transgender care, where adopted, force clinicians to knowingly facilitate criminal sex offenses against women and children through the administration of transgender medicine.

That testimony:

There has been much talk recently of an “informed consent” approach being adopted.

The difficulty is that this phrase is much used in medical practice at the same two word phrase holds a wholly different meaning in the context being suggested. In routine medical practice in this and other countries the phrase “informed consent” means that patients can only be felt to have consented to any medical procedure if they have been fully informed, and understood, the likely consequences, both positive and negative, of the treatment being suggested, advised of alternative treatments that might be available, (including no treatment at all) and the likely positive and negative consequences of those alternatives. It is assumed in advance that the treatment suggestion is that being advanced by the practitioner concerned, the question being whether the patient is consenting to that treatment in a fully informed way.

The same phrase — “informed consent” — seems to the Association to have been borrowed by those suggesting very radical and negative shift in medical practice. It is suggested that provided patients are of sound mind (this amounts to the exclusion of serious mental illness) and understand the nature and consequences of what they request it should, essentially, be the role of the practitioner to fulfil that request. Crucially, there seems to be no recognition or acknowledgement of the view of the practitioner concerned about the merit of the suggested procedure. If actually implemented, this arrangement would leave medical practitioners in the position of having to make diagnoses they do not believe in, prescribe drugs they personally believe will not benefit the patient and undertake surgical procedures that they themselves believe will confer no benefit or cause harm. This is incompatible with medical practice, the first tenet of which is that one should “first, do no harm”.

In practical application, the worrying prisoner described in the paragraph above would be in a position to oblige medical practitioners to advance a plan the basis of which is the facilitation of subsequent sexual assault.


Read the full testimony at the above PDF link.


180 Responses to “Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders”

  1. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  2. australopithecene Says:

    Whaddya know? Radfem “paranoia” is perfectly justifiable. After all those fucking arseholes told women they were bigots for being afraid of being alone in a public toilet with these characters. The libfems who promote this misogynistic, dangerous rhetoric should really take a good fucking look at themselves.

  3. kesher Says:

    “False belief that transgender medical treatments will decrease their future impulses to commit criminal sexual offenses.”

    As far as I’m concerned, any sex offender who wishes for chemical or surgical castration should be able to get it. It might not work in completely removing his impulses to harm others, but, especially in the case of surgical castration, it would remove from him the ability to forcibly impregnate his victims or pass on most STIs to them.

    This, of course, still wouldn’t make them women and shouldn’t entitle them to access women’s spaces.

    • radicaljane Says:

      It would be nice if that were true, but chemical castrastion does not prevent men from re-offending. They just seek out more creative ways to commit rape, like with foreign objects, which comes with its own risks of injury and infection.

      • kesher Says:

        I understand that as an argument against forcing it on them. Forcing castration on an offender who has no desire to change might make him even more violent as he seeks to punish children and women for what was done to him. But if an offender is seeking castration, at least he’s indicating that he doesn’t want to reoffend. In the end, what’s the harm if you castrate a sex offender who wants to be castrated?

        To my mind, the real risk is other people assuming that a castrated offender is harmless (and thus can be released from prison early without monitoring) or is a “woman”, as if a woman is a castrated man.

      • Dana Says:

        It depends on the offender. I once read an account from someone who either was on death row or thought he deserved to be on death row (I can’t remember which) because he had murdered several females and the crimes were also sexual in nature. The way he explained it, in his particular case he would get uncontrollable urges to rape and destroy women. Then he requested chemical castration while in prison which involved regular shots of Depo-Provera. The urges went away, or at least were so diminished that they were no longer driving him in any way. He said he felt absolutely ill, that if he’d known that would help him and had had access to it all along, some number of women (I think the article said six) would still be alive.

        It does not follow that this is true of all dangerous men but in *his* case it seemed to be true. I honestly felt bad for him, I know what it is to have wonky brain run away with you and *I* was never dangerous.

      • Dana Says:

        Oh and to be absolutely clear, I also remember he said he wanted to die. Of course they take precautions when you’re in prison and even when you’re on death row you’re not supposed to die before they say you can die. Which is probably why he was still alive to write that article. What a mess.

    • Just a Melissa Says:

      “As far as I’m concerned, any sex offender who wishes for chemical or surgical castration should be able to get it.”

      Maybe even if they don’t wish for it. :-\ But seriously, this is a fine idea which deserves wider consideration.

      “This, of course, still wouldn’t make them women and shouldn’t entitle them to access women’s spaces.”

      They can never be actual women or dogs or shooting stars, but they’d be less dangerous.

      I wonder if this accounts for the sense some people have that a man who has “cut it off” should be allowed to use women’s facilities but a man who has his original equipment should not. Men in the first category are more or less in the same social category that eunuchs used to fill.

      That, in turn, leads me to wonder if we should all start referring to these dudes as eunuchs and asking if they’ve been castrated yet.

      • Bea Says:

        I’ve been calling them feminized eunuchs for years. LOL. Another benefit of castration is decreased muscle mass, so their victims are more likely to be able to defend themselves, provided the MTT isn’t carrying a weapon.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        “Men in the first category are more or less in the same social category that eunuchs used to fill.”

        Precisely. And we know what role that is. Interesting that these eunuchs in female spaces play the role of policing discourse and steering the momentum to a more male-friendly perspective. This is why MTTs should never be allowed into women’s organizations, especially not into positions of leadership. They’re batting for the other team.

    • Smits Says:

      I agree that sex offenders should be offered (or perhaps something a little stronger than ‘offered’) surgical solutions, but I don’t see why it should stop at removing their balls. Cut the whole lot off. There is no reason someone who forces their dick into other people should be allowed to keep it. And no refashioning it into some creepy fake vulva.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        I think there should be orchi shops on every corner right next to the Starbucks, men have every right to cut off their balls but rapists and violent predators should not be able to change legal gender and name.

  4. stchauvinism Says:

    The entire report is worth reading.

    “Another persistent source of difficulty is that NHS rules require patient files too be kept for at least thirty years whilst the GRA (Gender Recognition Act of 2010) requires us to destroy any records which link the patient’s old identity with the new identity. It isn’t clear which legislation takes precedence”

    My, that is convenient for predators who would prefer to have official records of their past erased

    • hearthrising Says:

      Ordering the destruction of records is chilling authoritarianism anyway.

    • I would think it’s obvious that none of these morons took the time to think about how all this fuckery would play out on the ground. Given what we already know about sex offenders how could anyone be surprised by this. Did all their brains fall out? It’s not like we haven’t spent DECADES studying sex offenders. We already know that cross-dressing is one of the most common paraphilias. Yet somehow they convinced themselves that no one would use this as a tool. We’ve known for nearly a hundred years that prison is basically a “criminal school.” These sex offenders spend all their time obsessing about access to victims and these ignorant shits have given them a golden ticket. I am seriously unable to comprehend the reckless disregard for the safety of women and children.

      • sarineal Says:

        And the thing is psychiatrists know these men can’t be changed, any therapy as such is to try and prevent re-offending, and it’s not all that successful.

        Despite that, and despite the known issues with criminals changing name via deed poll (like here: ) they’ve let this go through. With even less oversight however, because at least with deed poll changes you aren’t allowed to do that for unlawful purpose and if you have a criminal conviction you must notify the authorities and the two names remain linked but with these identity changes like the recent act passed in Ireland there is absolutely no provision for any risk of fraudulent use of the act, nor restriction on those with criminal convictions. It’s insane, they are passing these laws and these men, often with a ton of time to play the system are inevitably working it.

        Also with the NHS medical records (and they also mention the absurdity of a “male” dying of uterine or ovarian cancer) they cannot destroy those because that is the person’s medical history with great importance to current care needs and that can’t be changed nor can it comply with identity politics because, you know, biological reality and I can’t really understand why they think that farcical result can be avoided or how you could ever avoid it. They completely elide that it is absolutely inevitable that these conflicts will come up when someone is male and they claim to be female and vice versa and it’s something they have to deal with rather than claiming health professionals are giving poor care when they can’t really avoid dealing with the actual condition of the person in front of them which isn’t amenable to how they might identify.

  5. tnt666 Says:

    Creepily fascinating.

  6. endthewoo Says:

    the numbers of people referred to UK gender identity clinics, this having steadily increased at a rate of about twenty per cent a year since 1966. There is every suggestion that this is a global phenomenon. Over the years the proportion of patients assigned male at birth has decreased from about ninety percent to more like sixty.

    A global phenomenon pushed by trans propaganda, and impacting more and more on women.

    From a clinician’s point of view one of the most troubling aspects is the lack of really long-term follow-up data on patients discharged from treatment to detect any long-term adverse effects of treatment.

    Yet these clinicians have been “treating” these patients anyway ??

    They show some some sense, but fundamentally still buy into the idea of “gender identity”, pandering to their whims and calling delusional narcissistic men “women”. Until that changes, they are always going to be going round on circles with the problems they describe.

  7. I am really curious about the idea that men on hormone therapy are harmless because they lose muscle mass and basically become shriveled and timid eunuchs. I think it is obviously untrue, because if it were truly chemical castration I don’t think many men would do it. Even if it were true, how would they ensure compliance in a prison? Unless they are injecting the men, wouldn’t it be fairly easy for them to skip doses or not take them?

    I am really taken aback by the chatter I see about transwomen in women’s facilities. In regards to Bruce Jenner possibly being imprisoned, I read a comment on line (by a man) that went something like: “who is it really going to hurt if Caitlyn is put in a women’s prison?”. Utter and total disregard for the women in that facility who can’t voice their opinions, let alone leave the situation. I know privacy isn’t a thing in detention, but surely that shouldn’t mean showering with men, let alone the safety concerns.

    • Avid Reader Says:

      As a M2T person, I can only speak to personal experience. I have been on “hormone therapy” for 10 years…which consisted of a testosterone blocker and estrogen up until SRS, and now consists of only supplemental estrogen.

      Provided someone has had a similar experience to me, they will experience all of the effects of removing testosterone from their system. General lack of body strength, always feel being cold to the touch (and feeling cold). I didn’t have any muscle mass before hormone therapy, and not only do I have continue to not have any 10 years later, it is incredibly difficult to build any. I try to maintain a very active level of fitness, but tire easily. There is definitely decreased libido…right down to a general lack of interest. One could always arrange to have supplemental testosterone to counteract some of those effects, but my personal choice was not to. A variety of factors went into that decision, including cost and a desire to stop mucking about with my body chemistry.

      I’m not entirely sure that shriveled and timid eunuch is 100% accurate, but it’s close enough that you would probably be surprised. My social circle consists primarily of a large group of lesbians from all walks of life, and my long-term partner is a lesbian as well. We have a lot of amazing butches in our circle, and every single one of them would have quite a laugh at the suggestion that I would be a threat to anyone…I can barely lift a case of water bottles at the supermarket. This is not to say I’m playing up weakness — it simply is, for me, and me alone.

      If I were to stop taking the supplemental estrogen (4mg, orally, daily), some of the secondary sex characteristics would revert slowly over time (fat distribution, softening, slower growth of body hair, etc…). However, as I have had SRS, and as my most recent blood test as of four days ago shows, I produce absolutely no measurable amount of testosterone, or < 0.1. (The reference range for females is < 1.8, measured in nmol/L.) Estradiol is <100, measured in pmol/L, which is post-menopausal. That is accurate, given that for approximately a year after SRS, I went through many menopausal symptoms…the worst of which being hot flashes, which no person should have to endure, ever. While yes, I am not female, it is incredibly interesting what one can illicit from one's body with hormone therapy.

      Sorry, it's a bit of a ramble now…but maybe that gives you a little more information from someone that's been there.

      • sarineal Says:

        They’d tend to be able to ensure compliance in prison as they’d be able to directly observe the medication being taken, outside of that though, it still may well be worth it to milk the system and gain special treatment. Especially when in for a long time.

        “I can barely lift a case of water bottles at the supermarket.” I really don’t believe that, women are not ‘weak’ due to oestrogen and oestrogen would not make you weaker. It’s that anatomically, they don’t build quite the same muscle and bone structure and comparatively have less upper body strength for instance which is rather different from this claimed inability to even lift a moderately heavy weight. Women manage to do this all the time despite the claimed weaknesses they have due to hormones. The fact is the male bone structure, height advantages and other advantages don’t disappear because a few pills.

        Also your claimed hormone levels don’t count because you are taking them exogenously, it’s not possible for a male to have anything like the natural hormones of a woman nor menopause as they don’t even try and replicate the hormonal cycle nor natural decline of those hormones with age in women at all. There is no relationship between your levels and any woman, it’s taken to feminise rather than replicate. Nor are you a lesbian. Being male does not change, the claim is they all turn into weak laydees while winning women’s races straight off the block from nowhere and while still very obviously being capable of rape and other sexual crimes, as well as the gamut of other crimes. It does very much suit the purpose to claim there is no threat, just a weak little female who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Except for the fact it’s clearly not true and it obviously puts women at risk when policies are based on this claim and the assumption they wouldn’t be used for improper purpose like access to victims.

      • LC Says:

        Many of those symptoms you describe- decreased libido, tiring easily, feeling unpleasant(but generally mild) physical ailments sound like depression rather than necessarily having anything to do with artificial hormones, Avid Reader. Not to say that artificial hormones won’t cause those sorts of problems too, as I can tell you from experience, as a female formerly on estrogen, but don’t forget mental health in pursuit of chemical fixes.

      • Bea Says:

        Avid Reader, forgive me if this is too personal or offensive, but I’m just curious if mental illness played into your desire to transition? What I mean by this is, did you feel an unconscious drive to take estrogen to mitigate “fire in the brain”?

      • background spinner Says:

        So, let me get this straight. If you were handed a small toddler, you would drop her?

        How is it possible that women carry children, in both meanings of the word? Sometimes more than one at the same time! Shocking! (Except we all know that the weight of a 40 lb child is magically different from the weight of a 40 lb barbell.)

        (Btw, I’m 5’1, 100 lbs, and no weight lifter, and I can *easily* lift half my weight. Yet you, a male, can’t pick up a case of water bottles. Maybe you should find the strength to get to a doctor, because frankly, you sound ill.)

      • radicaljane Says:

        Your long term partner is not a lesbian. Lesbians don’t date men.

      • GallusMag Says:

        How long have you and your long-term partner been together Avid Reader?

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        “I can barely lift a case of water bottles at the supermarket.”

        If this were true for eunuchs taking supplemental estrogen; Fallon Fox, who got his genitals removed 9 years ago (8 years before you did), wouldn’t be brutally beating up women and cracking skulls in mere seconds…

      • Pf Says:

        I’d third you getting a screening for depression. I’m 5’2″, female, don’t consider myself in unusually good shape, but I can lift kindergarten students without dropping them, can carry my own groceries, thank you very much, and so on.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “..maybe that gives you a little more information from someone that’s been there.”


        It’s funny that Avid Reader should pop up on this thread which addresses men who falsely adopt a transgender identity. One year ago he was banned from this site (former posting name “A Reader”). I don’t think this man is actually gender non-conforming in any way in his real life. I believe he is the “fake transsexual” that the Gender Identity Specialists above are referring to. He used to post the same weak fragile frail flower stuff repeatedly and also claimed that he didn’t believe it was possible for any man to ever detransition socially after medical intervention (which is absurd). He posted on detransition stories claiming they were false – including high profile ones like Phillip Porter (!) then posted on autogynephilia articles saying he was an entirely non-sexual person whose narrative put the lie to autogynephilia. He posted on Cotton Ceiling articles saying he was a post-SRS transgender and fully “passed” as female but he would never access a female dressing room or female space and that he was lonely because he couldn’t make friendships or romantic relationships with women because he was “stealth”. That is why I was curious about his new proclamation about his embrace by a supportive lesbian community and his new long term lesbian relationship- (long-term meaning since he posted last year apparently). I guess this is a new development in his fantasy troll life.

        I approved his comment because I’m a nice person who thinks the best of people and I didn’t realize this little frail weak trans laydee was a man circumventing his banning on a lesbian feminist website in order to force himself in a women’s space where he knows he is banned and he knows his presence is expressly forbidden.

        Men who aggressively inject themselves into my space against my wishes are the worst sort of men. The worst male pigs on earth. Men who aggressively force themselves into my space deliberately against my clearly stated boundaries to inflict nonconsentually their forced feminization hormone fantasy narratives are nothing but typical boring tedious male pigs.

        Avid Reader: there will be negative consequences for your harassment.

        It seems appropriate that this asshole should reinsert himself on a post about “fake transgender” predators because this is a heterosexual white male IT professional (works for Google? Really?) autogynephilia fantasist who uses his tech skills to harass and troll lesbian feminist bloggers.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Balls: BUSTED. Once again, well done, Gallus! My bullshit-o-meter started dinging when he used the phrase “timid and shriveled eunuch” (again with the forced fem; they just can’t stop it!), and really started clanging when he bragged about his circle of lesbian friends from “all walks of life”, with “a lot of amazing butches.” Riiiiiight. Never gonna happen, dude.

      • shediogenes Says:

        “I didn’t have any muscle mass before hormone therapy. ” Full stop.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Avid Reader, I am of an average size for an adult woman who grew up in North America (somewhere between 5’3″ and 5’6″, and 120#-140#). My hormone levels and body composition are typical for the female sex.

        I have held jobs that required me to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50# repeatedly and on a daily basis — and I did this for years. I can also life 100# to my waist, no problem (I know this both from the gym, and from having had to lift such items at work.) I also know, from working out with women who are not by any stretch of the imagination gym rats, or competitive weight lifters, or body builders, that I am basically just average. In my observation, about 50% of women can lift more than me. (The male coworkers I’ve had who say, “Whoa, you’re pretty strong for a girl” have no idea, absolutely no idea, what they’re talking about. They’ve just never seen a woman lift anything heavier than ten pounds, because in most social situations, some guy jumps in and does it for them.)

        I am perfectly comfortable working in my shirtsleeves in cooler temperatures; I don’t “feel cold” all the time. Of course, I don’t wear the standard female clothing items that leave a lot of one’s torso uncovered.

      • Bea Says:

        Oh yeah, the case of water bottles. I am sick, I haven’t worked out for years (due to aforementioned sickness) and I am a female, but I can lift a goddamn case of water bottles no problem. My fucking /grandma/ did that for a living.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Oh, and speaking of eunuchs? One word: Narses.

        Narses (fl. 530) was a general in Emperor Justianian I’s army; his contemporaries acknowledged him as a hero and all-around badass. And he was a eunuch.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Could he lift water bottles?

      • Em Says:

        Down the rabbit hole with forced feminization fantasies.

        Dude, I bet you actually could lift water bottles. But only pink ones, and only one at a time. Taking dainty sips.


      • Imelda_66 Says:

        I’ve said it before….Gallus Mag, you are a badass. I am in awe of your mad discovery skillz!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Such a waste of my, and all of our, time. But thanks.

      • nemesister Says:

        “Avid Reader.” Really. In Red Dragon, the prequel to Silence of the Lambs, the serial killer who writes to Lecter signs his messages, “Avid Fan.”

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Gee A, I hope you didn’t wear yourself out typing all of that or break a nail. Fortunately you have plenty of butch lesbians in your life to help you with the manly task of raising a water bottle to your parched, dainty lips.

      • dbrvnk Says:

        @GM, lol! Something about that story didn’t ring true…

        @werewolf lady, since you were skeptical about ‘feeling cold’: I was on a gnrh agonist (possibly lupron though it has a different name in this country I think) for about six months, causing T levels to drop to about zero, and in consequence it became quite difficult for my body to retain heat. So I’d say that’s a legitimate possible consequence of medical transition, and may suggest that “Avid Reader” has some personal experience with the early stages of it anyway. On the other hand, once I started estrogen, body heat came back pretty quickly, and I’ve never known of any long-term transitioners who described feeling cold all the time.

      • Livvie Says:

        It sounds to me like you have thyroid problems. Nothing you’ve said here has anything to do with testosterone or estrogen. Dude.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        @dbrvnk — I don’t doubt for a minute that taking blockers and/or cross-sex hormones causes all kinds of very particular effects. What I was expressing skepticism about was the suggestion that this is the same as actually being the opposite sex with the hormone levels that typically go along with that.

        There was a fluff piece in the NYT a while ago about women feeling colder than men in air-conditioned offices due to our different surface-to-mass ratios, metabolisms, blah, blah, blah. I’m skeptical about that as well because I’m physically quite average; I suspect the reason I don’t get cold so easily is that I don’t wear standard female attire. A commenter on the NYT site said “It can’t just be the clothes — the men in the picture are wearing T-shirts and shorts!” Yes, but men’s T-shirts are usually made of heavier fabric, and they cover more skin. I’d be shivering too if my T-shirt were made of Kleenex-like fabric and had a low neck and cap sleeves. Whenever I see women walking around in mild weather hugging themselves for warmth, they’re wearing something low-cut under a cardigan with 3/4 sleeves that’s too tight to button in front. And a skirt or yoga pants. No offense to those who like them, but I will never understand yoga pants. Seriously, WHY?

        One balmy 70 degree F (25C?) day, with a lot of women walking around hugging themselves, some 60ish white guy lurched into my path and said to me, in a dopey, goofy voice, “How come you’re not coooold?” (I had my long sleeves rolled up). There’s (almost) no question in my mind that he was trying to call attention to the fact that I was not behaving in what he considered the standard female way. And no question whatsoever that the “women are cold” thing is a gendered social expectation, and that if you don’t adhere to it, you’ll encounter mild sanctions like the one Dopey Old White Guy tried to mete out to me that day. It’s not all that different from being told to “SMILE!”

        When I was younger (and thus attracted about six times the unwanted attention I do today), I noticed on quite a few separate occasions that if I went out in my shirtsleeves on a genuinely chilly day and didn’t hug myself in the approved feminine manner (I never picked that habit up), men I didn’t know from Adam would glare at me in an exaggerated, obvious way. Again, this is a social sanction, and I highly doubt my experience is unique. Some people reading this may think, “Oh come on, Loup, isn’t something like that too minor to bother with?” Yes and no. If one half of the human race incurs obvious disapproval from the other half simply for being neither over- nor underdressed for the weather, that’s a problem. Perhaps not a problem on the same scale as some other problems women face, but a problem nonetheless.

      • Free from sex pozzies Says:

        Even some loss of muscle would not make a man much less dangerous for multiple reasons.

        First off is male socialization, which is more dangerous than any size or strength differential. This can make even small, weak, men serious threats. Sure, bigger and stronger can be more dangerous, but in an age of easy to get weapons, it matters less- and men are socialized to use them where women are not (and are punished when they do).

        Secondly, a man will retain his size and stature, which is intimidating all on its own. A 6′ man, even if thin and in a skirt, is still a 6′ man.

        So, even have even less strength now, IF you were a predator, it wouldn’t matter too much. And the loss of strength isn’t even true for most MTT. The average man is generally significantly stronger than the average women, even a reduction in strength wouldn’t make them harmless in this way. AT BEST they would be similar in strength.

        PS- If your partner is female she is not a lesbian, she is heterosexual because you are STILL a MAN. It is OK to be gender non conforming, and be just who you are, and date who you like.
        Why the need to appropriate terms that aren’t yours, like woman and lesbian? Why can’t you simply be a GNC man with a bisexual women? WORDS HAVE DEFINITIONS, and are linked to reality. Why is this such an issue?

      • Dana Says:

        I’m not sure you became cold so much as males tend to run hotter than females. (We’re the baseline, thank you… I could go into the boring biology if you like.) I first noticed that in grade school when we’d go outside in October or November (in Mississippi) and the boys would complain of being hot and take their coats off and I’d think they were just showing off. But many, many years later I was acquainted with a butch lesbian who transitioned to FtT and she told me the T made her body temp go up. That’s one thing that has been interesting to me about the whole transition phenomenon, it’s easier to see where the hormonally-driven differences lie, post-pubertal definitely but not always so. (Boys have to have some small amount of testosterone in their systems or they would never have grown penises. That’s just the way that works.)

    • nemesister Says:

      Jenner belongs in the trans unit at the male prison, along with all the other intact males who prefer “feminine” attire.

  8. brigiddd Says:

    I’m glad there are professionals raising these questions.

    On the other hand, the statement “One suspects that she would never have been charged at all if she had been a born female.” shows an impressive display of ignorance in completely ignoring male-pattern aggression and specifically male-pattern sexual violence, including statutory rape.

    One would also suspect that “she”, if an actual adult female, would have been statistically much less likely to engage 15-year olds in oral sex.

    • kesher Says:

      The only way that holds water is the supposed “transphobia” of the boys when they found out the rapist was male. Once they turned him in, though, the crime was handled like any other instance of a male predator preying on minors. People correctly perceive men as being more of a threat, because they commit the vast majority of sex crimes and because they’re physically larger and stronger, on average, than women are.

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Considering that apparently the offender was only 18 himself, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. I wouldn’t consider it impossible for a 15 year old boy to emotionally manipulate his three years older girlfriend to give him oral sex she does not even want.

      Isn’t it amazing, though, that “she” was convicted? I don’t think that would have happened if the victim had been female. She would have been accused of “changing her mind” afterwards, and so on and so forth. All the tactics of date rape apologists.

  9. Just a Melissa Says:

    I am shocked — shocked! — to learn this. *rolleyes*

    I think I’m okay with calling them “pretend” transsexuals if that gets the problem addressed. As we try to figure out who is and isn’t pretending, it’ll gradually become undeniable that almost all of them are.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      I think the fact that the majority of them never get “bottom surgery” show that most of these blokes don’t really have gender dysphoria.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      They should just be called transvestites, for that is what they are. Everybody knows that is a type of sexual fetish. Even those post-ops called “autogynephiles” are the same thing. It is all about the sexual kink.

      • Dana Says:

        Transgenderists are now trying to classify transvestites as transgender. Which is funny because when I first began reading about this stuff, I kept seeing transgenderists saying crossdressers weren’t trans, and within six months it was going the other way. Inflating their numbers is my guess.

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        Tell me about it. Being caught wearing the wrong clothes without being in possession of a sincerely held and rigidly enforced gender-identity seems to be almost as much of a hate crime as attempted murder by pronoun.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Private message to BB: Yes it was really me!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Keep up the good work over there! Love it!

  11. southwest88 Says:

    That part about any criminal claiming to be trans having a shot at getting their past crimes “erased” along with their “old identity” is chilling. Seeing trans activists like Mr. Cross at Feministing circling the wagons to protect Nyberg against pedophilia claims is also chilling. The strange thing is now we have a society (in USA) where so many parents are always on the lookout for things that could endanger their kids but the part of the trans ideology that is going to make the lives of child molesters easier has so far flown under parent’s radar.

  12. Fruitopia Says:

    I have an off-topic question.

    On Thursday, I have to go to my county council’s autism planning group. By law, they are required to provide services for people with autism, and 6 people on the spectrum are invited to be in the planning group. One of the policies was to help minority

    • Fruitopia Says:

      Crap, I pressed send before I finished. The rest is:

      (One of the policies was to help minority) autistic people, and some of the things they mean are LGBT autistic people, and female autistic people. On Thursday we will be discussing how to help LGBTs and some report by Stonewall that included bullshit about trannies being called names by staff and patients in the NHS. Anyways, my question is, how can I advocate for LGBs and women, and oppose anything being passed that facilitates trannies, without being accused of being transphobic? If I’m too un-PC I will simply be kicked out and won’t have any influence at all, and there could be no voice of sanity.

      Thank you in advance if any of you offer any advice.

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        If I were you, I think I might focus on keeping everyone safe and not worry about not facilitating the trans people as such. They can prance around in finery as long as they’re not hurting anyone or invading anywhere.

        It could also interfere with the actual therapy, including client trust.

        Autistic people, as a generalized group, are not going to react happily to this idiocy. There are several reasons. One is that “black is really white” doesn’t work well on people who aren’t buffeted by social cues. They’ll quietly wonder why you think they’re stupid enough to believe such an obvious lie.

        Another is that being peppered with “Male, female, intersex, or other? Man, woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or other?” is deeply insulting to people who struggled with being treated as an untouchable “it” in their formative years. That includes a huge number of autistic people.

        I am not a demisexual heteroromantic cis AFAB who is fluid in gender conformity. I am not that thing because that’s just noise, not an actual thing you can actually be. I’m a goddamn WOMAN, and failing to acknowledge that is disgusting in several different ways.

        Maybe you could do something with those two factors? If you don’t have client trust, what do you have as a starting point?

        Um, if you want more, I have more. 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        Fruitopia is asking how she can avoid being accused of transphobia professionally when she lobbies for the needs of autistic LGB’s in a forum which seems skewed to promote the transpolitical agenda. At least that is how I read it. Telling her “not to worry about it” and to “let them prance around” does not seem helpful on any level. Also, I would forward that an individual attending such a forum is likely to be familiar with the specific traits of the patient population under discussion, autistic persons in this instance. In addition, your claim that autistic people “are not going to react happily to this [trans] idiocy” is belied by the fact that a very high percentage of transgender people are on the autism spectrum.

        Welcome to the site but be more mindful in future comments or you will be moderated.

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t think you’ll be able to oppose every measure without being called transphobic. Even if you do it in the nicest possible way, I would imagine the rest of your group will notice a pattern.

        The only advice I can think of is to challenge certain aspects of the proposals without bringing gender politics into it.

        One example is trans patients allegedly being called names by other patients in the NHS. What would your group propose to do about that? “Bigots” deserve health care too. If your group would propose denying the “bigots” care in some way (and I would easily believe that this would be proposed; there seems to be no measure too extreme to protect the dear angel trans population), you can challenge it on the basis of the rights of others. As far as I know, in the U.S., no one makes any attempt to shut down misogynistic or racist patients who abuse female or minority patients or staff, especially if no violence is involved.

        Another way to challenge the proposals is to look into how other maligned groups are accommodated. If your group is proposing something out of the norm for how women or minorities are protected in the NHS, you can bring up that it would be unfair to give special protections and privileges to trans people.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Kesher.

        A few other simple things you can do:

        -prevent the trans distraction from sucking all the air out of the room by continually redirecting the meeting time back to lesbians and gays.

        -always refer to sex, never gender (same-sex attraction, same-sex partners)

        -highlight the intersectional concerns of lesbians (as victims of both misogyny and homophobia) by bringing focus to feminist issues that effect all female autistic clients (recovery from experience of male violence/male sexual violence, sexism, coerced femininity, need for equal resources, etc)

        -advocate for rights of female clients to demand same-sex carers.

        -object to any language in proposed materials which inculcate sex-stereotypes into agency policy (“dress as a woman”, “female hairstyle”, “behavior typical of the other gender”, etc,)

      • pantypopo Says:

        Arms Length Liberty is what it’s called in the US. Your rights end where they interfere with someone else’s.

        Keep asking yourself “how does this interfere with the rights of women?”

        Ask it about every single topic the group discusses and then raise that point to the rest of the group “this interferes, harms, reduces, decreases the rights of women”. Focus on the class analysis (women as an oppressed group). Be supportive of equal protections for trans people if they are not already protected by existing law, but not at the expense of protections for women or children.

      • gunnhild Says:

        Thank you for standing up for women, Fruitopia. Autistic and disabled women and girls are extremely vulnerable to abuse and male violence, and are often forgotten when issues around disabilities are brought up.

      • autistic mtt Says:

        Avoiding trans issues regarding autistic people is probably a terrible idea. As Gallus Mag already said, many MTT and FTT are on the spectrum. We particularly gullible and vulnerable to the trans meme, and I particularly felt a lack of agency regarding my past decisions, as a result of my autism and trauma.

        If anything, a group focused on autistic people should be helping them make more informed decisions and helping them towards accepting their often gender nonconforming traits that they often have little control over (without facilitating medical transitioning).

        For autistic trans its not always necessarily aesthetic or about kinks, sometimes its just inability to perform gender or developing sensory issues regarding secondary sexed characteristics…. as well sexed biological functions (menstruating more commonly, but also erections and such, etc).

        For example: estrogen and t-blockers lessened my dysphoria around male characteristics… only for me to develop sensory issues regarding breast development.

        So many of us want to neutralize our secondary characteristics and the trans meme is the only script many of us are exposed to, until its too late. Or conversely the black and white thinking motivates full transitions, even if the desire/distress relates to neutralization of said characteristics.

        I hope this doesn’t come off as overly defensive, but it really will hurt more people (who will hear what they want to hear online, from peers, etc) if these issues are completely avoided. Antagonizing gnc/trans autistics will probably push people further into the trans bubble, it happened to me when I realized I had little support or space as a gender non-conforming autistic man (I tried mingling with gay men and they only abused, took advantage me!!).

        I plead that you take this seriously, not for me or shitty MTT’s, but for the sake of autistic people growing up through this mess.

        I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your working on helping autistic people!

        p.s. its worth noting that most of the autistic people I know accept trans and at times have a hard time understanding why people even think its such a bad thing; exactly why so many transition without being aware of the issues it brings up for people around us.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        (I don’t know where this reply will end up, I could only reply to my own comment).

        Thank you all for your replies, your suggestions have been very helpful. I will follow your advice and will report back how the meeting goes.

        To be clear, I am one of 6 autistic people who are in my county’s autism planning group. The rest of the group is made up of council staff, representatives from carers associations, advocacy charities, autism charities and associations, social care teams, health practitioners who work with autism, and the like. Every meeting there are a couple of guests invited who are not part of the planning group. I’m hoping that the guest tomorrow won’t be trans. There are otherwise no trans people in the planning group.

        I have had a better look at the Stonewall report, Unhealthy Attitudes, that will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow. It is largely focused on ensuring that health and social care staff are fully educated on the official LBGT narrative (ie pro trans) and that they educate patients (via posters, equal representation in their leaflets etc) on these matters to also prevent name-calling of staff. The report includes a short anecdote about patients objecting to being cared for by a MtT nurse. Stonewall’s recommendations are zero-tolerance bullying and harassment policies for staff, but they don’t give any recommendations on what to do about bullying from patients. Patients who don’t want to be treated by trans would probably be lectured by politically correct staff, and not be listened to.

        I don’t see how this report relates specifically to autistic people. I think they’re in the same boat as neurotypical people who experience ignorance or homophobia from health or social care staff.

        I think the council are clueless, and when they realised they had to tick the “we catered to LGBT autistics this year” box they thought “gays? Um who knows about that? Erm…Stonewall!!” and then proceeded to try and find the least irrelevant thing to autistic people on Stonewall’s website.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        @autistic mtt –

        Thank you for your reply, I have taken it into account. I know that we may seem unsympathetic, but we are mostly just airing our frustrations at invasive autogynephiles, and the media dogma. I am grateful that you have taken the time to reply to me, and taken the chance that you wouldn’t be welcomed here. Know that I, and many others on this site, do care about you and trans people in general. I wish you health and happiness, it’s just that I know this can only come from accepting your true self. Many of us feel incredibly sad for children and vulnerable adults who have bought into trans ideology.

        I certainly take your point about refusing to acknowledge trans issues; however there will probably be no trans people at the meeting so that I don’t have to worry about it having undesired effects in the immediate sense.

        I am acutely aware that many fellow autistic people have gender identity issues, and I understand why. It is something that I would love to bring up in the meeting, if it wouldn’t get me called transphobic for daring to suggest that trans* is caused by anything other than having the soul of the opposite sex.

        One thing I am really concerned about, is the number of female autistic people who are going trans. It used to be that the vast majority of people with this condition were male, and now females make up 40% of trans. This can not possibly be a natural occurrence. It is because the trans agenda is being vociferously promoted these past few years.

        I have so many ideas as to why autistic people are so susceptible to trans ideology.

        – we lack our own identities, especially females (before I was diagnosed I used to think what was wrong with me was that I had tragically been born without a personality), and seek belonging by wanting to have some externally validated identity/label that we can say about ourselves. (This is also why some autistic people, especially campaigners, make their whole identity around being autistic.)

        – it is very appealing for people of low social status to have an identity such as trans that will give them plenty of praise and attention. Even if they are bullied for being trans they can bolster themselves by thinking of themselves as an heroic oppressed victim, and talking about this to their online friends. I don’t think they deliberately plan to be trans so that they have something special about themselves, I think it is subconscious.

        – we don’t like change, and puberty is a time when we are supposed to start taking our gender roles very seriously. Some of us struggle to adjust to the change, and others find that they can’t play the gender role convincingly. It may seem like the grass is greener on the other side and the opposite sex has it so much easier.

        – adolescence is a difficult time for everybody, let alone low status teens. Het autistic boys might be/feel rejected by the seemingly effortlessly popular pretty girls they covet, and gay autistic boys may feel this about the het alpha males who they admire, but who they cannot act like and who reject them as friends.

        – it used to be accepted that female autistics often could not identify with either gender. Now there is no room for gender-non conforming cis people, let alone identity-less autistic gender non conforming cis people

        – female autistics are especially prone to copying people in order to be like them, and/or learn how to be normal, hence the gender-non conforming ones are prone to copying males.

        – autistic people are often in awe of those who they perceive to be socially high-status or naturally dominant, things we covet and want to be like. It may seem like alpha males and pretty popular girls are the ultimate neurotypicals to socially incapable people of the respective opposite sex.

        – since autistic people do not understand how NT minds work, they may see people as 2-dimensional personas rather than seeing them as whole people. For example, autogynephilic ones may perceive pretty popular girls as just that – the clothes they wear, their mannerisms and appearance, their number of friends and girly activities – rather than whole humans with complex lives, experiences, thoughts and feelings.

        – Autistic people often learn through the media what the “correct” opinions to have, and follow it religiously. Hence the support for trans, which is not only politically correct, but portrayed as moral, and those on the opposing side are portrayed as evil.

        – following popular political beliefs is a way to make yourself feel like you are of higher status

        This is what I’ve gleaned from knowing many autistic people, and from my own experiences and what I’ve learnt about myself.

        The only part of your comment that I disagree with is the part about trans* not always being a fetish for autistic people. This is true, but it’s also true for NT trans; not all of them have a fetish. I feel that you may be airbrushing reality in order to portray autistic trans people as sexually innocent. No offence, because otherwise I really liked and appreciated you comment.

        I have an autistic het male cross dresser friend (cross dressing is considered mild autogynephilia by sexologists) who has been very very promiscuous with both sexes (he slept with many men when he erroneously thought he was gay). I consider him somewhat of an expert! It is his opinion that men on the spectrum are more likely to have fetishes in general. he also explained that his cross dressing is both a fetish and a sensory thing. Although many autogynephiles in general report being aroused by the feeling of soft or otherwise pleasant fabrics.

        Anyway, again thanks for your comment, and have a nice day. I will do my best tomorrow.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Fruitopia- what a fantastic and fascinating comment. Really could be a stand-alone post. Much to think about here. Thank you for this.

      • gunnhild Says:

        Yes, thank you for sharing that insightful comment, Fruitopia.

        One might think that it would be easiest for autistics of all people to not buy trans bullshit, because of the experience of gender as an enforced performance one has to make effort to live up to, combined with a love of facts, not things based on feelings. However that would mean, for example, that no autistic person could ever be religious or like fantasy stories, and we all know that is untrue. And yes, men on the spectrum might often develop fetishes – I’ve met a lot of nerd guys like this- as a result of obsessions, lack of social skills, combined with patriarchal society.

        It also explains why a small ”LGBT” group near me where full of only genderqueer girls of whom a majority seemed to be on the spectrum. It alienated actual LB women from participating there (the staunch gender identity focus, not the autism) but that’s another story.

        It’s damn tragic that there is less tolerance for being non gender conforming now than just two decades ago. When I grew up, at least it was ok to be a tomboy, it didn’t mean you were trans….!

      • autistic mtt Says:

        Thank you so much for your response Fruitopia, this is the most comprehensive and lucid writing on autistic trans people I’ve ever read!

        ” Know that I, and many others on this site, do care about you and trans people in general. I wish you health and happiness, it’s just that I know this can only come from accepting your true self. Many of us feel incredibly sad for children and vulnerable adults who have bought into trans ideology.”

        I wouldn’t be here posting if it weren’t for this fact, I am grateful that there is opposition and sympathy. It is really exciting to me that there autistic people in institutions on board with resisting trans dogma, especially considering trans tends to stick to neurodivergent minds.

        It’s very interesting that you mention how autistic women were allowed to be gender non-conforming and how much that’s changed. Temple Grandin who grew up in the 1950’s comes to mind… I’m not sure if this was ever true for males though.

        I didn’t mean that autistic trans are all innocent, perhaps I was subconsciously offended and made it sound that way… I don’t know. You’re totally right that autistic people are more likely to have fetishes, and this seems just as true for my autistic female friends, but still more likely for males. I guess what I meant was that there are autistics with or without sensory and autogynephilic stuff that aren’t set on the trans agenda and getting in the way of women’s safe spaces. If anything, some autistic MTT I’ve met become trans-critical because they obsess over the ethics of what they are doing, finding a way to balance between potent physiological drives and the safety and comfort of those around them, not to mention some of us are hyperempathic (one of the traps that leads to identifying as female, especially if you compare yourself to the majority of males in general).

        I must also say that my peak trans moment came when I met an autistic non-transitioning “girl-identified” pedophile that felt entitled to women’s restrooms… Completely lack of awareness, he got mad at me when I called him out. Luckily he was bullied into using gender-neutral facilities.

        So yes, at times autistic MTT will express the most extreme behaviors of the trans-cult. My concern was not setting up a situation where gender nonconforming autistic males are targeted for just being that, even when they look MTT. That will only exacerbate the neuroses (if I can’t be this, then I must be this). People already make many assumptions about us, and it seems to make people more likely to transition, a vicious cycle.

        “since autistic people do not understand how NT minds work, they may see people as 2-dimensional personas rather than seeing them as whole people. For example, autogynephilic ones may perceive pretty popular girls as just that – the clothes they wear, their mannerisms and appearance, their number of friends and girly activities – rather than whole humans with complex lives, experiences, thoughts and feelings.”

        This is so important! I’ve been doing a lot of investigating in how trans ideology operates on the logic of avatars and characters, which autistic people tend to enjoy. So many trans I’ve met think that becoming like an anime character they like is becoming the opposite sex.

        I hope everything went well where you work. Thanks again for your thoughtful and thoroughly insightful response… Will probably be reading this over many times.

    • Ooh! A Foxglove! Says:

      Well, it’s too late to be helpful but the thread is fascinating none the less.
      Please let me add;

      Yes, Gender Identity Disorder is often associated with ASD, however, so is Developmental Dyspraxia, and the whole bunch of issues that’ll arise when brain messages aren’t properly transmitted to and from the body. It’s patchy working memory as your actions don’t always get logged by a subconscious body map that can lead to feelings of disconnect, feelings worsened through stress and overstimulation.

      This then collides with our metabolism, endocrine system – including all that reproductive stuff, tits, nads etc. Which we also have no direct control over. We can nudge it in a direction perhaps, eating more or less, calming ourselves down, winding ourselves up but it’s not like choosing to open then close a hand. Your stressing, uncontrollable metabolism then wonks up the conversation between mind and body even further and conscious “You” feels even less in synch with it’s fleshy shell.

      And you’re left to work out why. That’s what I worked out, but other people have different theories. Theories about “brain sex” that are stupid and make no sense…

      One more theory; a lot of autogynephilia is an “interesting” way of reconciling sexual desire to be close to a partner with the problems caused by “mind blindness.”

      I still hope the meeting went okay.

      • atranswidow Says:

        Yes, Foxglove, as you say this is an extremely interesting thread. I didn’t comment earlier on as I don’t really have anything concrete to add except for a hunch that I’ve had for many years that a lot of my ex’s behaviour was indicative of Asperger’s. We talked about it from time to time but took it no further.

        You say, ”One more theory; a lot of autogynephilia is an “interesting” way of reconciling sexual desire to be close to a partner with the problems caused by “mind blindness.” ” Is that a personal opinion or is there any written source? Whatever, I’m sure that you are right. When we were students studying in different parts of the country he would sometimes buy complete outfits that were replicas of mine. He said that it was a way of feeling closer to me. Any other guy would have just said ”I miss you”.

  13. prozac Says:

    I would really appreciate a way to get that woman from the lila Perry video, the gender counselor or whatever her title was, to read this letter. Oh no, it’s just not possible anyone would PRETEND to be trans… ACTUALLY IT IS.

  14. jessie Says:

    it’s HUGE that professionals are acknowledging this (finally). This is great news. If only the mainstream media was willing to report on this.

  15. hearthrising Says:

    I see a lot of discussion here and elsewhere about hormones and whether they affect libido enough for sex offenders to stop offending. I have not directly worked professionally with adult sex offenders, only children and teenagers who are not given hormones for offending, but I do know something about this. Interest in committing offending behaviors is not entirely driven by sexual arousal. So “chemical castration” only has the potential to lessen, not stop, the behaviors. They are driven primarily by other factors in the brain. I consider the question of hormones and other drugs eliminating sexual arousal to be completely irrelevant to the question of whether a sex offender will re-offend.Bottom line: transition, however it affects libido, will not change a pedophile.

  16. pantypopo Says:

    And there is this castration doesn’t eliminate any of the physical risks of sex offenders. They still obtain erections with use of Viagra, etc. and they still ejaculate poison.

  17. ngequality Says:

    This weekend, Milo Yiannopoulos broke the not so new news that Gamergate critic Sarah Nyberg, another trans woman/activist is an admitted pedophile, citing chat logs and the like.

    Being that I don’t have an email for you, perhaps you or someone can explain this Gamergate thing; of interest the feminist part. From what I’ve read, it appears that feminists have been scapegoated, but the issue started because trans women game designers were trying to sell a mediocre video game by sleeping with industry executives.


    • kesher Says:

      The issue started because the ex-boyfriend of a woman who created a video game claimed that she had sex with a game reviewer to get a good review from him. (As far as I know, this woman is not trans.) Given that the woman apparently hadn’t had a lot of game development training (and the game supposedly shows this; I haven’t played it myself), it seems like a pretty baseless claim. It is possible to buy positive game reviews (or at least bury bad ones), but some no-one who isn’t even in the industry being able to get a good review through sexual favors sounds like typical MRA testeria.

      A bunch of misogynistic male gamers jumped on this as an excuse to unleash all their fury about women merely existing in the gaming industry and a few video game companies becoming more inclusive of women and minorities in the games they develop. They also claim this issue is about “ethics in game journalism” which is hilarious since, as I mentioned, it’s already possible to buy positive reviews, and the gamergaters could not care less about that side of this issue.

      Brianna Wu (an MTT) is one of the more notable people on the anti-gamergate side, as was Sarah Nyberg. Many of the anti-gamergate people strike me as supremely weird (vs. the gamergaters who are very boring with their typical misogynistic MRA outrage) regardless if they’re trans or not, which probably is more due to what kind of people get this bent out of shape over video games, i.e. not people who are going anywhere in life.

      • Thank you for explaining this. I’ve wondered what the hell Gamer Gate was all about. I hadn’t bothered to look it up because I’m not a gamer, but it seems to keep popping up in the oddest places and it’s good to understand what it’s all about.

      • Leo Says:

        Sorry for going off-topic, especially at such length, on this Gallus, no need to post this if you’d rather not.

        I’ve played it and would say yes, it’s not really a game in the sense generally meant (more an interactive tool for explaining about depression – and I’d say it’s a rather good one, as someone who suffers from chronic depression myself) – but that’s irrelevant and the Gamergaters know it. The claim about the review seems to have been false but anyway would hardly have been that huge a deal even if true – lots of games are reviewed in gaming media including some reviews intended mainly to simply to highlight independent, non-traditional games, so even a positive review gained due to dubious reasons really wouldn’t have made any difference to anything. The game was free to play and it isn’t as though due to corruption the game had won some Game of the Year award, or as though it had been constantly promoted. One positive review might have encouraged people who were interested to play through it for free, in which case they could judge it for themselves anyway and it wouldn’t have cost them anything (it’s very short to play through so it wouldn’t even take long), or have made any difference to the gaming industry whatsoever. I was there as it first blew up and it was absolutely blatant the motive was misogyny, people weren’t making a big thing over the review at first at all but were talking about the blog post (in essentially a gosspiy way, some were actually siding with Quinn or at least thought making a blog post was weird, and some challenging the misogyny). There’s also the gamers not liking that type of non-traditional ‘game’ being considered to be games angle, which was part of it.

        Really it was more down to ongoing drama and it could’ve been anything that caused it to blow up, and I was surprised it was that that happened to be it. There’s a minority of MRA types in the gaming community who’ve been bent out of shape ever since the Sarkesian (against whom there are some justified ethics issues) Kickstarter.

        The media didn’t help because the focus on it made it out to be a lot bigger than it actually was, and as though it was supported by more gamers than it actually was (at worst most didn’t actually care, at best many thought the Gamergators were misogynistic losers). Those on the anti-Gamergate side, yeah I do think some of them are weird. The Gamergators are so obviously totally obnoxious and that’s what most reasonable people think anyway, that it doesn’t actually require a strong anti- response. I get the feeling it’s an attempt to position themselves as oppressed victims Vs the sexist white cis het male gaming community. I find it frustrating as a female gamer because that’s never actually been what the community as a whole is like and they are succeeding in stirring up artificial divisions – I’d been part of it for well over a decade and been able to talk about feminism with no issues, indeed getting agreement from male gamers.

      • anon male Says:

        Roslyn: the anti-gamergate people are actually your competition — or at least they were at one point.

        The actual women among them were authors who decided that since there are a ton of women writing everything from poetry to novels out there, making them small fish in a big pond, they’d turn their writing into games that aren’t actually games; “interactive fiction” that isn’t at all interactive, but just a shitty book (paragraphs and punctuation optional) that has been turned into an app where you have to click to turn the page, the act of clicking somehow making it a “game.”

        Suddenly, instead of being compared to women like you, they were part of STEM, glorious masculine STEM, and instead of nerdy dudes they were cute white girls with purple hair and had all the press they could handle. And while I can respect the hustle, they made “women in videogames” not about working in an office for a company like unheralded women (who remain unheralded!) have done throughout history, but about being internet celebs who make games or non-games literally about femininity: getting fucked, since that’s the one thing that trans allow them to discuss as inherent to “womanhood.”

        So in some ways it mirrors the Sad Puppies fiasco where you’re pretty sure you want both sides to lose (although maybe one more than the other!) since it’s mostly really about a media that requires simple narratives and the uncomfortable truth that power/influence/wealth is being passed directly from baby boomers to millennials (or the handful of gen-xr’s who can fake being one) in a few specific ways.

      • Livvie Says:

        roslyn, I can speak to this also since my husband and most of our friends work in the gaming industry: neither side has anything in particular to be proud of–it’s primarily men dicking around and the handmaiden funfems vs. radfems yet again, but I can say anti-GG is primarily composed of trannies who direct the discussion very carefully to try and curry favor with women and radical feminists.

        These dudes came from message boards on the internet like Something Awful and reddit. They’ve done a very good job of it, as evidenced by the massive support Nick Nyberg has received since that article was released.

      • Katie Says:

        Give me a break. No, this thing blew up because it was revealed that the woman in question – Zoe Quinn – made an active effort to shut down a radical feminist charity devoted to getting women into positions in the gaming industry – because it was “transphobic”. She then redirected attention to herself and managed to get her game greenlit/funded. Basically, she shut down a real feminist effort and profited off of it.

        The ex-boyfriend led with sex because that’s what sells. I’ve been following this story from the start, and without a doubt I believe the boyfriend because he seems to be a victim of emotional abuse by this Ms. Quinn. I’m a radfem myself, but just because she is a woman and the opposition is male doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to assume that this is MRA work. I cannot with good conscious sit here and watch people spout all kinds of misinformation. This man posted on a private forum about his relationship troubles, and now has been struggling to pay the legal funds it takes to deal with Quinn’s constant legal threats. She is a nasty, nasty piece of work who associates with pedophiles and hires them in place of women, and shields herself behind “feminism”. She hired some man to work with her who used to own a PEDOPHILE and CHILD PORN website (Kirtaner) instead of women. She is nothing more than an abusive, money-hungry, subpar game developer who took jobs away from women who deserved them and put them in the hands of misogynist men-in-dresses and pedophiles.

        Do I agree with gamergaters? Not necessarily. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend and anti-gamergate is much, much more harmful towards feminism and women in the gaming industry than a bunch of misogynist males. Infiltrators to a cause are always much more harmful.

  18. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Gallus Mag, for this wonderful post and for recognizing “Avid Reader” as a previous trannie man. I forget people lie, for some reason.

    His comments were already so creepy, with the usual pushing of propaganda as if it’s truth. He has a “Lesbian” lover? No, by definition, as radicaljane said. His wonderful Lesbian community with lots of Butches? I doubt that, considering I’m still seeing Butches only being about 5 to 10% of any Lesbian gathering, but considering how the media will not show any actual Butches, and male-identified femininity is constantly promoted, regular Dykes are often assumed to be Butch. But more likely, he made that up also.

    (I’ve been writing a lot about Butch identity and oppression since we are so attacked, lied about, censored, etc. so it’s interesting seeing some acknowledgement of our existence appearing online. It’s especially infuriating when we are used to promote the trans cult.)

    What he ignored of course is the damage that being denied any women only space does to Lesbians and other women. It’s been so important for the creation of feminism and Lesbian Feminism and Lesbian culture. It’s one of the most important things men want to destroy. The presence of just one man changes everything. Every Lesbian social group I know where I live seems to have at least on trannie who changes the feeling and dynamic.

    We’ve learned to not object usually since we then are policed by other women on behalf of the men, but really, male presence alters everything, not to mention they are perving on us.

    I knew I’d get it for sharing this on my fb page, but it’s worth it and our groups love it.

    • australopithecene Says:

      So he thinks lesbians are dangerous perverts. That’s not regressive in the lightest.

    • kesher Says:

      The latest knee-slapper from MTTs is that “cis” women are sexually assaulting them all over the place. My fave, Valerie Keefe, tried to make that claim by using MRA “evidence” of widespread female rape of males. Way to prove even you don’t think you’re a woman, dude.

      • Dana Says:

        wait. “Cis” lesbians are bad for not having sex with MTTs, but “cis” lesbians are sexually assaulting MTTs? Which is it?

      • kesher Says:

        Typical male reversal is all I’ve got.

        “We’re obsessed over having sex with you to the point that we seem really creepy and rapey. We’re going to accuse you of wanting to rape us.”

        And, also in Valerie Keefe’s case, he’s basically just an MRA, and MRAs love to dismiss male violence against women and claim that women are violent against men.

    • GallusMag Says:

      These men are completely clueless about female experience living in male rape culture. Here’s a clue, guys: The number of actual females who are fearful of lesbian attack while walking alone to their car across an isolated and dark parking lot: ZERO.

      • Contrary to men’s pornsick fantasies, women PROTECT other women from rape and unwanted sexual advances. I’ll bet there’s not a woman on this board who hasn’t had to stand up to protect another woman. I know I’ve done it countless times. Especially younger women who are too naive to know better.

      • dsgr554 Says:

        I have to agree with this, [from personal experience]..

      • Biscuit Says:

        Yep. In debates on letting men (transwomen) in women’s change rooms, I often see dudes asking about why lesbians are allowed in; after all, aren’t they attracted to women?

        The thing is – it’s true that nobody cares that lesbians can, of course, use women’s facilities. It’s because lesbians are WOMEN, not MEN. I have zero fear of being assaulted, groped, or leered at by other women.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s interesting that they never bring that up in regards to gay men, since straight men do sometimes get caught in the crossfire of cruising if they walk into the wrong bathroom. If law enforcement can’t shut down semi-public sex in men’s bathrooms, how will they protect women from male pervs who claim to be “women”?

      • prozac Says:

        Yep, I could change into a swimsuit in front of 1000 lesbians in a locker room and I wouldn’t feel intimidated. One penis and I’m probably already looking for exits frantically. Or breaking it off, you never know how you’ll react to danger..

    • LC Says:

      So clueless. No one’s talking about fear of predatory lesbians because no one has that fear. Might as well ask why women aren’t talking about the fear of being impaled by a unicorn.

      • LC Says:

        Not all unicorns soak the land with blood. Don’t be so unicorniphobic, anon male. It’s not even clear if the unicorns mentioned identify themselves as unicorns. Its every unicorn’s or non-unicorn’s right to decide that, regardless of the number of horns present at birth, as counted by white supremacy.

  19. GallusMag Says:

    Testimony from the British Psychological Society:

    About the Society
    The British Psychological Society, incorporated by Royal Charter, is the learned and professional body for psychologists in the United Kingdom. We are a registered charity with a total membership of just over 50,000.

    Issues affecting trans people in the criminal justice system:

    Some transgender people in the criminal justice system have been unfairly discriminated against in terms of the provision of access to transgender related healthcare services. This should be addressed as a matter of Department of Justice policy.

    Conversely, psychologists working with forensic patients are aware of a number of cases where men convicted of sex crimes have falsely claimed to be transgender females for a number of reasons:

    As a means of demonstrating reduced risk and so gaining parole;

    As a means of explaining their sex offending aside from sexual gratification (e.g. wanting to ‘examine’ young females);

    Or as a means of separating their sex offending self (male) from their future self (female).

    In rare cases it has been thought that the person is seeking better access to females and young children through presenting in an apparently female way.

    Such strategies in no way affect risk an indeed may increase it. Some people falsely believe that taking oestrogen and blocking androgen in males will reduce risk of offending, however this is not necessarily the case.

    Consequently the Society recommends that the Government give appropriate assistance to transgender people within the criminal justice system; while being extremely cautious of setting law and policy such that some of the most dangerous people in society have greater latitude to offend.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Thanks for the link Gallus. I really don’t understand point 4 which concerns the ”spousal veto”, it doesn’t even make grammatical sense….

      ”The aspect of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 which is referred to as the “spousal veto”
      Distress is not inevitable when a person is in a relationship transitions, but this can be the case in some instances. The Society’s remit extends to the mitigation of distress and as such we call for greater provision of services for transgender people, and those close to them, to mitigate this distress rather than a simple veto.”

      If any one has any insight I would be very grateful. I can verify that there is a whole load of distress inevitable when a long term partner transitions, changes their identity on documents such as joint bank accounts and mortgages, all without consultation, that no society can possibly begin to mitigate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The spousal veto allows the partner to exit the marriage before their transgendering partner’s legal sex marker is changed and the marriage contract becomes a civil union without their approval.

        “…there is a whole load of distress inevitable when a long term partner transitions, changes their identity on documents such as joint bank accounts and mortgages, all without consultation, that no society can possibly begin to mitigate.”

        The spousal veto does mitigate it, by not allowing it. One member of the marriage cannot unilaterally make those changes due to the spousal veto.

      • BadDyke Says:

        Does the same apply if one of the women in a lesbian couple with a civil partnership becomes a transman? Would their civil partnership magically become a marriage, whether she approved or not?

        Seems so…………..And of course, the material is written to sound as if the vetoing partner is being a real meanie, whereas in actually, what it means is — IF you transition, and since a heterosexual couple is not allowed to have a civil partnership, you must either divorce, or (I presume), convert the civil partnership into a civil marriage before so doing. Well, when we converted our civil partnership into a civil marriage, we both had to sign…………….

        Even if the couple involved (gay or straight) is in a marriage which would become a marriage, it is STILL perfectly reasonable that BOTH have to consent when the terms of the contract between them change to that extent! Women should not be forced into gay marriages without their explicit consent. Simple as that!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes the spousal veto applies to FTMs. It prevents one partner in a legal marriage from inflicting all the impacts of changing one’s identity without the awareness or consent of the other partner. It is quite fair and should be adopted universally.

        If the partner of the person changing their legal identity is informed and consents to all the changes they can simply cosign it.

  20. Artemis Jade Says:

    When the UK ‘Women and Equality’ commission was set up earlier this year, and it was announced that their first ‘inquiry’ would be transgender rights, it was dismaying: since the overwhelming majority of transgenders are MTF, the announcement meant that initial funding for ‘women’ was being spent on men. The fact that the ‘inquiry’ has managed to solicit testimony from parties unafraid to to discuss the heretical topic of the impact of transgender on the rights of women and girls gives some hope that the commission will live up to its name.

    • Biscuit Says:

      Dear God. A violent child rapist who is very obviously a man is being called a “she.” The press has lost its mind.

  21. Dare to suspect I might be a violent tranny and I’ll bust your head!

  22. Hi, please delete if not allowed but I thought I’d let you know my CD is now available (full of ‘twanshobic’ content!) from my website along with a link to download it a little cheaper and downloadable lyric/chord book (soon to be a hard copy available)

  23. […] Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders | GenderT… […]

  24. @Gallus and Bisquit, (two sexul violent predators move to Colorado Springs)

    “Dear God. A violent child rapist who is very obviously a man is being called a “she.” The press has lost its mind.’

    Yes, they have lost their minds, and it’s sickening how the media falls in line, and dutifully quacks “she” on command. GLAAD or some trans organization snaps its fingers, and the media reacts like trained seals. What is so freaking Orwellian is that no one really believes that these two violent sexual predators are women. I honestly think I’m living in George Orwell’s 1984, or in an alternative universe. All this could end tomorrow if people just used their common sense and stopped pandering to these delusional people. These two men are not “she”. Keep repeating it, and there is nothing they could do about it.

    Will these two sexual predators be using a women’s restroom, or a women’s locker room? Oh, hell no! I can’t go there. Women, mothers, and grandmothers, look at the faces of these two men. If they show their faces, run these sexual predators out of the women’s restroom.

    • KgSch Says:

      I had a conversation today at the store with a middle-aged heterosexual couple and a cashier (who was in her 20s like me) about Bruce Jenner because they were talking about the gossip mags. None of them believed that he was really a woman and the couple was joking about the whole thing and saying how odd they thought it was that Jenner was so conservative and didn’t support same-sex marriage, and yet Ellen DeGeneres was praising him. I said that Jenner just gets off on wearing women’s clothes and that he’s not a woman, he’s not gay, and I’m tired of people worshiping him for getting plastic surgery when he was a terrible person who basically abandoned his children and killed someone in a car accident (and there were talks of him going to jail). The man said he was impressed by how much research I did, and the cashier agreed that Jenner wasn’t a good person but she still thought OJ Simpson was worse.

      This was a brief conversation but what was nice was we could have a discussion where no one was rude to each other, and no one called be a bigot or a homophobe. (How ironic is it that some people call me, a lesbian, homophobic for not worshiping the creepy heterosexual man.)

      Sorry if that is a tangent, but my point is that normal people who aren’t into the Big Trans* Inc. or mainstream male-worshiping “feminism” will be able to openly tell a man from a woman and they can definitely tell that a male sexual predator is a man. And yes, the press is their lapdogs. The press responds to whoever pays the bills, which is the corporations and special interests groups.

      It is very Orwellian and liberals are just as bad with the thought-policing as the conservatives are.

      Still, at least this governmental review board realizes that rapists will pretend to be women to get access to victims.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Everyone of my conversations about the trans topic, even with people partnered to, parents of, or siblings to trans folks, in person, say they don’t believe them to be the opposite sex.

        There is NO way everyone offline is against this but on the net it draws such fervor, this tells me it’s yet another manufactured consent scenario by the profiteers…

  25. My bad,–327814271.html

    It looks like one is trans and one is not. Michelle Trujillo AKA Michael Trujillo’s victim was a child.

  26. […] denied overwhelming evidence that male predators will use any means necessary to gain access to potential […]

  27. GallusMag Says:

    Convicted sex offender sues over sex change operation
    See it in Print
    Print Email

    A convicted sex offender being held at the Lincoln Correctional Center has filed a federal lawsuit against the Nebraska prison system for rejecting his request for hormone medication in advance of sex reassignment surgery.

    Dillon Andrew Shadle, who legally changed his name over the summer to Riley Nicole Shadle, filed the lawsuit against the Department of Correctional Services from jail Monday.

    Shadle, 23, of Springfield, first asked to change his name to Heather Nicole, then finalized it as Riley Nicole, according to court documents. The state prison system still lists him as a male inmate named Dillon Andrew Shadle.

    In the suit filed this week, he says he believes Dr. Randy Kohl, medical director for the Corrections Department, denied his request without regard to his “mental and emotional pain and anguish and treatment needs.”

    Among the reasons he wants sex reassignment surgery, Shadle said in the lawsuit, is that having it likely would keep him from reoffending after his release from prison.

    He went to prison June 1 for 37 to 66 years after pleading guilty to first-degree sexual assault of a 3-year-old boy, possession of child pornography and two counts of visual depictions exploiting children.

    Shadle was originally charged with three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child, 31 counts of visual depictions exploiting children and 27 counts of possession of child pornography, according to Sarpy County court documents.

    His parole eligibility date is June 11, 2043, and his projected release date is Dec. 11, 2057, according to prison records.

    Claiming Kohl is violating his Eighth Amendment rights, Shadle said in the lawsuit that not taking the hormone medication is causing him constant mental and emotional pain and anguish.

    “The pain is constantly having to feel uncomfortable in a body that doesn’t match who I really am inside,” he wrote. “It is painful to wake up every day and not only having the wrong sexual parts that don’t belong, but having to hide my true self from everybody.”

    In the suit, he says he already has suffered for 18 years.

    “This is something I need to do just like breathing,” he wrote.

    Before he was in prison, he says in the suit, he didn’t have the money or time to begin treatment.

    “But I have time now, and have medical paid for while I’m here,” he wrote in the suit.

    If he doesn’t get the medication and surgery, he said in the lawsuit, he will castrate himself.

    In a letter dated July 22, the Corrections Department told Shadle his request for hormone therapy was denied because it’s an elective treatment.

    Shadle wrote in his lawsuit that he hasn’t tried to contact a lawyer because he’s unable to pay fees and because he doesn’t have access to a phone book.

  28. GallusMag Says:

    B.C. Corrections transfers first transgender inmate from men’s to women’s facility
    by Travis Lupick on November 4th, 2015 at 5:21 PM
    SHARED 62

    As an inmate who identifies as transgender, Bianca Sawyer has plenty of criticism for how B.C. Corrections treated her in the past. But she says reforms that allowed her to be transferred to a facility of her gender identity have exceeded her expectations.
    Bianca Sawyer was overjoyed when she entered the Alouette Correctional Centre, a provincial prison for women located in Maple Ridge.


    “For three days my face hurt from smiling,” she wrote in a letter to the Straight.

    Born Jaris Lovado, Sawyer is the first transgender individual that B.C. Corrections has allowed to be transferred to a facility of the gender she identifies as, rather than one selected on the basis of physical attributes.

    “I am the first pre-op male-to-female transgender to be transferred from a male B.C. provincial jail to a female once,” she writes. “B.C. Corrections is calling it ground breaking.”

    According to section 9.17 of the B.C. Ministry of Justice Adult Custody Policy, an inmate is not permitted such a transfer until they have progressed in treatment to step four of six outlined in that document. Step four is described as “surgical removal of sex organs”.

    Sawyer’s transfer marks a departure from that policy.

    In a telephone interview, B.C. Justice Minister Suzanne Anton described the move as part of formal changes in rules and procedures.

    “The written policy is still under development, but you can see the application of the policy is already underway,” she said. “We have had our first person placed based on gender-identity, and it seems to have worked out very well.”

    Anton stressed she could not speak about any specific individual on account of privacy legislation, but did confirm Alouette Correctional Centre as the facility that received the transfer.

    She said staff are now working out the details and revising exactly how the policy will appear on paper.

    In addition to allowing inmates to reside in facilities that match their gender identities, Anton said B.C. Corrections will also improve transgender individuals’ access to medical treatment, and provide enhanced training to staff for how they should accommodate transgender inmates.

    “Corrections staff will be trained to deal with individual situations as they come along,” she said.

    The changes at B.C. Corrections follow the Ontario government implementing similar reforms in January 2015. Anton said a review of those developments was conducted as part of the process her ministry has undertaken.

    According to Sawyer’s letter, the transfer occurred on September 30.

    “When I was called for transfer I was ecstatic to say the least,” she wrote. “A calming euphoria of appreciation and thanks washed over me.”

    To understand why Sawyer was so happy upon arriving at Alouette Correctional Centre, one has to understand from where she came.

    She was transferred from Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre, a prison for men.

    “Imagine being female in a male population,” she wrote. “Imagine this…name calling, sexual harassment and bullying would be a constant threat? What about the very real possibility of sexual abuse? No doubt that a population of sexually deprived men wanted to do things to me, a truly scary situation.”

    She goes on to recount having to urinate in front of male inmates, being strip-searched by male guards, and regularly receiving verbal abuse that focused on her gender from both inmates and staff.

    “I stayed awake all night crying,” Sawyer writes about one day when she was repeatedly frisked by a male guard.

    Sawyer lobbied for the transfer with the assistance of West Coast Prison Justice Society (WCPJ), a group based in Burnaby that provides legal aid to prisoners across Canada.

    In a telephone interview, WCPJ lawyer Jen Metcalfe said the risks faced by this group of prisoners has always been extreme.

    “The problem with holding transgender women in men’s prisons is that they are at a huge risk for violence, sexual assault, and harassment,” she explained. “Most of our transgender clients say that they are verbally harassed by other prisoners, sometimes guards….Our federal transgender clients, I have had a few reports that they’ve been raped or physically assaulted.”

    Metcalfe told the Straight it’s impossible to say how many people reside in B.C. Corrections facilities who might be eligible for facility transfers like the one Sawyer was granted. She acknowledged it is very likely a small number. But Metcalfe stressed the significance of each case given the circumstances of extreme vulnerability transgender prisoners face when housed among inmates of a gender different from their own.

    “It’s just cruel,” she said. “I think it’s time for policy reform.”


    February 11, 2015



    July 30, 2015 – 9:00 PM
    KAMLOOPS – A man arrested for a raft of charges in several different cities will face nine months in jail after pleading guilty to offences including robbery, possession of stolen property, obstruction and fraud.

    Jaris Bailey Lovado, 26, was in Kamloops Provincial Court today, July 30, to plead guilty to a series of charges from Salmon Arm, Kamloops, Abbotsford and Vancouver.

    Lovado was arrested in Salmon Arm May 27 after he and Stephanie Mclachlan left a restaurant in Salmon Arm without paying. Crown prosecutor Laura Drake said police caught the accused driving while prohibited. While in custody, Lovado bashed his head into the side of the cruiser and kicked the door and windows.

    “By the time the extra officers arrived, Mr. Lovado had a seatbelt wrapped around his head several times and appeared to be trying to strangle himself,” Drake said, adding Mounties subdued the accused with pepper spray.

    Officers checked Lovado’s cellphone and found out it belonged to a robbery victim who was maced by a couple in Kelowna.

    Lovado was released on bail. Two months later on July 20, Lovado and McLachlan were caught driving a stolen vehicle. After police pulled over McLachlan and approached her window, she and Lovado took off at 75 kilometres an hour down Gleneagles Drive. Drake says officers spent an hour and a half searching for the vehicle before finding it parked in a driveway on Springhill Drive in Sahali. The license plate number was different and the plate which matched investigators’ description rested on the vehicle’s backseat.

    “The inference is the license plate was switched out,” Drake said.

    Along with the stolen plate, police found break and enter tools, identity documents including passports that did not belong to the accused and laminating equipment assumed to be for making false identification cards.

    When asked to identify himself, Lovado told police his name was Roy Lovedoll.

    Drake said police determined the accused was lying after he struggled to spell Lovedoll – a name not present in any crime databases.

    After hearing of Lovado’s criminal history and issues with addiction, Judge Chris Cleaveley said a proper sentence for the accused would not include a house arrest term the defence was seeking.

    “You’ve got some prospects, but you’ll have to deal with this drug and alcohol issue. For a young man who’s 26 years of age it’s just an awful criminal record,” Cleaveley told the accused. “I hope you’re able to turn the corner.”

    Cleaveley sentenced Lovado to nine months in jail. Following his term in custody, he will be placed on probation with conditions to abstain from drugs and alcohol, not possess any identification other than his own, not contact McLachlan and report regularly to a probation officer.

    McLachlan was expected to enter guilty pleas Thursday afternoon.

  29. […] Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders […]

  30. Sad day for British feminists. It looks as though the UK is going to copy Ireland in allowing adults to choose legal gender just by filling out an application form. Males will therefore find it effortless to force women to accept them in what were woman-only spaces.

    MPs on the House of Commons Women and Equality Committee, who have spent months examining transgender discrimination, are expected to say that people should not have to meet bureaucratic tests and present medical evidence to the gender recognition panel, a judicial committee. They will no longer have to prove that they have “gender dysphoria” and have lived in their “acquired” gender for two years before changing the sex recorded on their passport and birth certificate.

    I find this deeply depressing. (subscription)

    • GallusMag Says:

      Unreal. Unbelievable sexism from governmental authorities.

      • When you consider some of the evidence presented to the Parliamentary Enquiry – evidence you posted on this blog – it seems an irrational decision.

        I guess it’ll take a number of violent offences committed by MtFs and cross-dressers in what were previously women-only spaces for the decision to be questioned. I’d hope female prisoners might file suit against being imprisoned with penis-bearing individuals. That’d be a start.

        Were I young and unburdened with responsibilities, I’d be strongly tempted to transition without in fact transitioning at all. I’d just fill in the form, classify myself as male, and insist on using men’s facilities relentlessly, causing discomfort and complaints. My silhouette is already unmistakably female, but I would go heavy on the cleavage and apply plenty of make up.

        I’ve not much fear of violence in public places where I live in upmarket surburban England, as long as I chose my venues carefully. The loo at the Arts Centre, the changing room at the spa. Death by dirty looks and muttering is likely the worst… I would brandish my form at them, and hope to get media coverage… Oh what fun!

      • kesher Says:

        Women in Ireland still don’t have bodily autonomy and are even left to die in agony from sepsis from a failed miscarriage, but men who claim to be women have full liberties to rob Irish women of what few rights they have. Why am I not surprised?

    • Sketcher Says:

      Reblogged on

      I can’t believe that, Sophie – are they completely stupid? Was the panel made up of pinstriped old Etonians into fetish or what? They are completely ignoring reality.

      • atranswidow Says:

        Sketcher, the chair of the Women and Equality Inquiry is Maria Miller, former Culture Secretary.

        My current thoughts are that the remit of the inquiry and any follow up change in legislation is to try and deal with the minority, but vociferous, T in one fell swoop at minimum cost. Even trans people want a gender marker on their passports so that they have an all important piece of paper to wave.

        I’m afraid that the input to the panel by Sheila Jeffreys and Stephanie Davies-Arai was very much in the minority. They have heard from trans activist groups such as Trans Media Watch, Gires, Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence, all of which receive government funding and already have the ear of policy makers.

        It will be interesting to see the general public reaction once the results are published later this week. Up until now many people have assumed that trans issues don’t affect them. 2016 may well give them a wake up call.

      • Yes, atranswidow, it will be interesting to see the reaction. Trans issues don’t attract a great deal of interest in the UK, from what I see, and until now there hasn’t been official sympathy.

        For example, there was a case recently where young woman 1 had PIV sex with young woman 2 (both innocent & gullible) by constructing a fake boyfriend – who first contacted YW2 via Facebook and then, through messages and phone calls manufactured a love affair. YW1 explained that YW2’s supposed soulmate longed to meet in person, but had such bad facial scarring that YW2 must agree to wear a mask when they were together. Poor YW2 believed this until she removed her mask midstream and realised the man was in fact YW1 + a dildo. She went to the cops.

        YW2 was jailed. The word “trans” was not used, but the case demonstrated that concealing your sex to obtain sex is a criminal offence in the UK. This may change, of course.

        We British like people to be treated fairly, which accounts for our support for gay marriage and legal abortion, but we tend to take things with a pinch of salt. There was a news story about a MtF prisoner who wanted to move to a woman’s prison, and one comment was “I identify as a panda, I’ll go to a zoo please!” That’s a very British response. We make jokes out of anything.

      • Sketcher Says:

        @ a transwidow and Sophie. Yes, I’m an expat Brit 🙂 I didn’t know Maria Miller was chairing the enquiry. I’ll be watching this one!

  31. Rosemary Says:

    Here’s one more: an MTT in the UK is on trial for allegedly raping a 15 year old:

    He is already on a sex offender registry for child porn charges – though note the misleading headline:

  32. Sketcher Says:

    It feels like there is an intensifying war on women, and the mainstream press is either not reporting it or misreporting it.

    The sexual assaults on women by a group of approx. 1,000 migrant men in Cologne’s city centre on New Year’s was not reported for 4 days. The (female) mayor has now issued a ‘code of conduct’ for the WOMEN!! Not one man has been caught.

    The Left is now protecting the right of males to rape women under the guise of protecting men from racism and transphobia. Unbelievable.

  33. atranswidow Says:

    The results of the Transgender Equality Inquiry undertaken by the UK Women and Equalities Committee are due out on Thursday 14th January at 0.01 am (GMT).

    Results will be published here……

    See also on Twitter

  34. GallusMag Says:

    Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 4:45 am
    By SAMANTHA PERRY Bluefield Daily Telegraph

    Posted on Jan 13, 2016by Samantha Perry
    BLUEFIELD — A transgender Bluefield man involved in youth ministry at local Episcopal churches was arrested Tuesday and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a juvenile.
    James “Jimmy” Lilly, 24, was charged with one count of incest, one count of second-degree sexual assault and 31 counts of first-degree sexual abuse, Detective K.L. Adams, with the Bluefield Police Department, said.
    Adams said the victim in the case is a juvenile female. He said the abuse began in 2009 when the victim was 9 to 10 years old, and continued until she was 16.
    The alleged abuse in the case took place at a home, and not a church, Adams said.
    “Mr. Lilly, by his own admission, is transgender,” Adams said. “He is in the process of becoming a woman.”
    Adams said Lilly has a bachelor of arts degree in religion from Hampden Sydney College in Farmville, Va., and has worked at numerous churches including those in Farmville and Mechanicsville, Va., and Atlanta, Ga. Locally, he was involved at the Episcopal churches in both Bluefields.
    Lilly is also in the process of getting a teaching degree at Bluefield State College, Adams said.
    “We are asking anyone who has had interaction with him, good or bad, to come forward,” Adams said, noting, “There may be another victim out there.”
    “He was a youth minister, but also involved with children in other ways,” Adams said.

  35. GallusMag Says:

    Nine prisoners in same jail to have sex change operations on the NHS
    22:00, 18 JAN 2016 UPDATED 08:45, 19 JAN 2016

    Taxpayers face a £100,000 bill so nine male cons in one prison can have sex changes.

    The crooks at Isle of Wight jail already dress in female clothing, including ­underwear, and are allowed to spend £25 a week on beauty products.

    They are on a programme called Transgender Pathway to prepare them for their new lives as women.

    Offenders must pass rigorous ­psychological tests to show they ­genuinely want to change sex and are not just looking for special treatment.

    A source said: “This is not just for guys who fancy wandering around in a skirt but want to stay as a man.

    “It is for those who feel they are a female trapped in a man’s body and want to have the surgery to make that change happen.

    “The Prison Service has guidelines so they can live as women as far as is ­allowable under the conditions.

    “They have the same rights in that respect as members of the public.

    “The public may think they lost their right to be treated with kid gloves when they stepped though the prison gates.”


  36. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    Trans activists want you to believe that these men “just want to pee”, but it’s not about that. It’s about forcing their way into where they don’t belong. Forcing women to accept them as women. Taking away the tools to talk about our oppression. A penis is not female. There is a difference between trans and women. You are not bigoted for know the difference. We know why we can’t let men into our bathrooms and locker rooms. People need to stop pretending that women are hysterical for wanting to protect ourselves.

  37. Rosemary Says:

    Hey GM – please let me know if I am spamming you with these news articles, I’ve just been doing a lot of research lately, and I know your blog is a great way to reach a lot of people. BUT if it’s bothersome, feel free to tell me to get my own blog 🙂

    This is a MI Sex Offender who was super offended about now being housed with actual women:

  38. bobab Says:

    Hi, on Rosemary’s link on the comment section, a link brought up a 2006 docu film called “Cruel and Unusual”. I watched it all the way through, interesting though heavy, but worth a watch if not seen already.
    A comment below the video on utube states;
    “@15:43mins The man with the alias “Patty Lou Hagan” was convicted and sent to prison for severely injuring a woman when she objected to him being in the women’s restroom in a restaurant/bar.
    At well over 6′ 4″ tall and weighing far more than twice her weight, he cornered her and viciously beat her without mercy, knocking most of her teeth out before leaving her unconscious on the floor in the women’s restroom.
    As the Judge pointed out, this was NOT a “bar fight”, as this man tries to portray and downplay his crime in the documentary. Make no mistake, these men are violent predators as well as sexual deviants. Protect the privacy and rights of women from these deluded men in women only spaces.”

  39. bobab Says:

    Hi Gallus, this is the link to the utube video called “Cruel and Unusual” that I just referenced in my last comment;

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Maybe it is just me….but this is prison, not a sleep-away camp. And not being mean…but it is bad enough (as seen on ’60 Minutes’ this evening) others are not able to be treated for actual medical conditions, while in the custody of the state. Why should electives be moved to to the front of the list? Or there being special arrangements otherwise?

  40. Rosemary Says:

    Calgary, CA:

    ”Madilyn Rebecca Harks — formerly Matthew Ralf Harks — will no longer have to follow a treatment plan to address a risk of sexual recidivism, nor will she have to follow psychiatric treatment including taking prescribed medication to address that risk, according to Parole Board of Canada documents.

    In addition, she will no longer have to reside at a community correctional centre or a community residential facility approved by the Correctional Service of Canada.

    As Matthew Harks, he claimed to have victimized 60 girls, committed as many as 200 offences in B.C., and kept “trophies” from the victims.”

  41. GallusMag Says:

    Charleston Post & Courier, SC, USA

    Sex-change battle behind bars: Local killer wants the state to help with transformation into a woman

    Glenn Smith

    Apr 16 2016 1:00 pm

    [Photo: Jackie Olsen, sister of Mary Lynn Witherspoon, speaks in June 2005 before South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford signs Mary Lynn’s Law. The law was designed to beef up South Carolina’s anti-stalking laws and named after the popular teacher who was killed two years earlier in Charleston.]

    Katheryn Brown has been locked behind bars for 13 years for the murder of a Charleston woman, with little hope of ever going free. But she says her real prison is the male body she has been trapped in since birth.

    The rules Corrections Department must follow

    The S.C. Department of Corrections could not point anything specific about managing or treating gender dysphoria in its general health services policies. But officials did point to this budget proviso the agency must adhere to:

    65.28.(CORR: Prohibition on Funding Certain Surgery)

    The Department of Corrections is prohibited from using state funds or state resources to provide a prisoner in the state prison system sexual reassignment surgery; however, if a person is taking hormonal therapy at the time the person is committed to the Department of Corrections, the department shall continue to provide this therapy to the person as long as medically necessary for the health of the person.

    As used in this provision:

    (1) “Hormonal therapy” means the use of hormones to stimulate the development or alteration of a person’s sexual characteristics in order to alter the person’s physical appearance so that the person appears more like the opposite gender;

    (2)”Sexual reassignment surgery” means a surgical procedure to alter a person’s physical appearance so that the person appears more like the opposite gender.

    She is better known as Edmonds Tennent Brown IV, a 44-year-old inmate serving a life sentence for the notorious 2003 strangling of a popular French teacher in the affluent South of Broad neighborhood. The case grabbed headlines for months and fueled various true crime features on national television. But Brown insists all of that coverage missed a key thread in her narrative: the desire to become a woman.

    Related Content

    Transgender inmates turn to courts in quest for treatment

    “I truly believe my outward appearance does not match or correspond with my inner self,” she wrote in a recent letter. “But as a female I would be complete and a productive member of society because I would actually be comfortable in my own skin.”

    Brown wants the state Department of Corrections to help her make that transformation — a request the agency has so far denied. Though she is serving a sentence of life without parole, Brown said she hopes to live out her days in a manner that reflects her true self.

    Brown is one of two South Carolina prisoners seeking sex-change assistance from the state. The other, according to Corrections, is an unidentified inmate on Death Row.

    Brown told her story in a series of letters to The Post and Courier, marking the first time she has spoken publicly about the November 2003 killing of 53-year-old Mary Lynn Witherspoon. The Corrections Department bars the press from interviewing inmates by phone or in person, making the written word the only legal way for prisoners to communicate with the media.

    Among other things, Brown, who pleaded guilty to the murder, now insists she had nothing to do with the killing. Brown said she blames her public defender, in part, for resisting her efforts to dress as a woman and reveal her gender identity issues in court.

    “If I had not been such an emotional basketcase I would have pled ‘not guilty’ and taken my chances with a jury trial,” she wrote. “If I had been able to dress the way that I would have felt more confident, I would have been dressed in a cream-colored Chanel skirt-suit with a pair of 4½-inch spike heel Jimmy Choos and make-up.”

    Brown’s former public defender declined to comment for this story, but the lead investigator on the case and Witherspoon’s sister said they harbor no doubts about Brown’s guilt. Witherspoon’s sister, Jackie Olsen, also questioned whether Brown’s quest for a sex change was genuine or a ploy for publicity.

    “I really don’t know if it’s a real thing with him or if it’s just some sidebar he’s come up with to draw more attention to himself,” she said.

    At the moment, Brown’s petition for sex change assistance is locked in an administrative grievance process while an Upstate senator pushes a bill that would ban the use of any state money for hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.

    The dispute comes as the nation wrestles with addressing transgender rights. A number of events have drawn mainstream attention to the movement, from former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner going public to the Pentagon announcing plans to lift a ban on transgender soldiers. But a backlash also has occurred, with deep division in North Carolina over a new state law restricting protections for transgender people, including a provision that blocks them from using bathrooms matching their gender identities. Similar legislation is pending in South Carolina.

    Corrections officials declined to provide a copy of Brown’s grievance paperwork or discuss specifics about her request, saying that federal health privacy laws prevent them from talking about the matter. Corrections spokeswoman Stephanie Givens only had this to say: “Corrections officials will abide by the state law regarding use of state resources for procedures while inmates are in SCDC custody.”

    For now, the state provides continued hormone therapy to inmates who enter prison with the treatment already underway. But the Corrections Department, like its counterparts in many states, won’t green-light new treatments or provide gender reassignment surgery to inmates under its care.

    Put her ‘on ice’

    Brown said she has identified as a female for many years and began hormone therapy long before she was implicated in Witherspoon’s death.

    Brown’s father had dated the teacher from Charlestowne Academy several years earlier, but Brown continued to show up unexpectedly outside Witherspoon’s home long after the relationship ended, Olsen said. Witherspoon considered the youth more odd than alarming at first, she said.

    Witherspoon finally pressed charges after Brown, then 32, broke into her laundry room and stole her underwear in June 2003. While in jail, Brown put together a rambling to-do list that included plans to get a stun gun, “take care of MLW” and put her “on ice,” according to investigative records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

    On Nov. 10, 2003, Brown left jail to undergo outpatient mental health treatment as part of a plea to the burglary charge in the county’s Mental Health Court. A screening determined Brown had bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and gender dysphoria, a condition in which one does not identify emotionally or psychologically with their biological gender. Brown gave the treatment center Witherspoon’s address when asked for a place of residence, then walked out the door and roamed free, authorities have said.

    Witherspoon had asked to be notified if Brown was released from jail, but an automated victim alert system used by the county Sheriff’s Office didn’t reach her.

    Witherspoon was apparently unaware Brown was free until Brown showed up at her home, investigators said. Once inside, Brown reportedly bound Witherspoon’s hands and feet, raped and strangled her, and then left her naked body in a bathtub full of water, according to court documents.

    Brown was arrested after returning to Witherspoon’s home on the evening her body was found.

    Charleston police investigators said they found Brown’s driver’s license had been changed to list Witherspoon’s address and Brown was carrying the slain woman’s panic alert button, as well as keys to her home and car. He also wore a pair of her slacks and underwear, police said.

    Brown pleaded guilty a year later after prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table. As part of the arranged plea, Brown agreed to explain to Witherspoon’s family exactly what happened on the day she died, said Barry Goldstein, a veteran homicide detective who led the investigation. Brown, however, failed to deliver on that promise, he said.

    “He told his attorney, ‘Tell them to figure it out,’ ” Goldstein recalled. “And that was the end of it.”

    Mistaken plea?

    At a post-conviction relief hearing in 2007, Brown claimed to have no recollection of killing Witherspoon. And Brown now says she had nothing to do with Witherspoon’s death. She insisted that Witherspoon was a friend and mentor who “kept an open mind” and let her stay at the Tradd Street home after Brown left jail. Brown said she suspects Witherspoon was killed by someone angry because the French teacher was planning to move to Paris.

    “I believe that someone and I do not know who, saw me leave the house and confronted her about her upcoming move to Paris, France,” she stated. “I don’t know who would want to hurt her.”

    Brown contends she pleaded guilty to the killing under duress during an emotionally difficult time that she likened to “P.M.S.” Had people known about her gender identity issues, Brown said, “I would not be here in prison for a crime or crimes that I did not commit.”

    Former Public Defender Jennifer Shealy said she could not comment on the case because she no longer represents Brown. But during the 2007 post-conviction relief hearing, Shealy insisted she did everything possible to defend Brown.

    “It was definitely not a situation where I was making Mr. Brown plea,” Shealy testified at the time.

    Goldstein, the detective, doesn’t buy Brown’s version of events. Police found no evidence to indicate Brown and Witherspoon were friendly — or even communicated — before the killing, and Witherspoon’s friends indicated she was terrified of Brown, he said. What’s more, ample evidence, including DNA, tied Brown to the murder, Goldstein said.

    “There’s no doubt,” Goldstein said. “He’s the guy.”

    Olsen, Witherspoon’s sister, called Brown’s claims of innocence “such hogwash.” She said her sister would not have taken Brown in and helped him with his plans for a sex change. Witherspoon didn’t believe in that sort of thing, Olsen said.

    “She was probably the only person who was ever nice to him. Mary Lynn was kind to everybody. She was good to the core. She loved people and was truly kind to people,” Olsen said. “But she would never have assisted him with having a sex change.”

    Seeking change

    Guilt aside, there are clear signs that Brown had struggled with gender identity for years. Investigative documents include several letters and lists Brown penned while in jail in 2003, some of which detail her efforts with hormone therapy and her desire for a sex change operation. During a traffic stop in North Charleston earlier that year, Brown volunteered that she was planning to undergo a sex-change operation when asked about purses lying on the front seat of the car.

    After Brown’s arrest for murder, investigators discovered that the suspect had used Witherspoon’s credit card to purchase foam breasts and women’s clothing from a shop in New York, police documents show. At the time, Brown said, she was about seven months away from having sex-reassignment surgery.

    Olsen recalled that the late state Rep. John Graham Altman approached her at the Statehouse about Brown when she was pushing for passage of an anti-stalking law in her sister’s name several years ago. Altman told her Brown had asked for help in getting a sex change, but the lawmaker wasn’t sure whether Brown was serious, she said.

    Brown’s father, Edmonds Tennent Brown III, would not discuss his son’s gender issues when contacted by The Post and Courier.

    “I have no statement at all,” he said. “That’s totally beyond me. I have no involvement in that whatsoever.”

    Katheryn Brown said her efforts to change genders led to her being assaulted when she first arrived in prison. Inmates generally leave her alone now, though she continues to press for treatment and gender transformation surgery.

    “I wish I could put into words the emotions that I am feeling always being uncomfortable in this body,” she wrote in a February letter. “Not being able to have my outside appearance match what I feel like on the inside.”

  42. GallusMag Says:

    by Chris Liedle, KATU NewsSunday, May 1st 2016

    A registered sex offender was caught taking pictures of children at a popular amusement park in Southeast Portland Saturday.
    Brian Deems was waiting for his girlfriend outside the bathroom at Oaks Amusement Park around 6 p.m. when he noticed a man acting suspiciously with a cell phone.
    Deems said the man was wearing a mini skirt and what appeared to be a diaper.

    “It was, kind of concealed and I didn’t know if he was texting or something, but then I noticed one of the little girls was running around in circles and the phone was following the little girl,” Deems said.
    He said he confronted the man, but the man ignored him. Then he notified the Oaks Amusement Park staff who questioned the man and a friend he was with.
    “I walked up to him and you know, said that’s not appropriate and try to get them to go away,” Deems recalled. “He totally didn’t say anything.”
    Police were called after the men tried to flee. Police say they couldn’t arrest the men because taking pictures of children in a public space is not a crime. Portland Police confirmed one of the men is a registered sex offender who is not currently on parole.
    Deems says he’s disturbed nothing more can be done. He says he’s also disappointed in the way Oaks Park staff handled the incident.
    “When they saw security coming over, they knew what was happening,” he said. “It look like they were trying to delete pictures on their phones. It didn’t look like it was their first time… I wish it was handled a lot better.”
    Police say this is a good reminder for parents to always be aware of their surroundings. A spokesperson for the Bureau told KATU News the report would be reviewed by the Sex Offender Registry Detail Monday morning.

  43. GallusMag Says:

    “According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, just 67 inmates in Texas state prisons and jails identified themselves as transgender in September 2014. Two years later, that number has increased almost fivefold, to 333 people.”

  44. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity.

  45. GallusMag Says:

    Sex offender on 24/7 monitoring
    Thursday, 23 February 2017
    The New Zealand HeraldSHARE:FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

    Christchurch High Court. Photo / Google Maps
    A man who abducted and raped a 12-year-old girl will be more intensively monitored after he invited a prostitute to his care facility and approached young girls.

    Pierre John Parsons is now subject to a 10-year extended supervision order, including 24-hour monitoring for the first year by the Department of Corrections, after a hearing in the High Court in Christchurch yesterday.

    Parsons was jailed for three years and 11 months in 1995 for abducting and raping a 12-year-old girl. Parsons was 18 at the time.

    He said that when his victim was unconscious, he took her clothing for his own cross-dressing purposes and, when he saw her naked, became sexually aroused.

    He has been subject to an extended supervision order since he was sentenced in 1995, because of the high risk he poses to the community. However, he has breached the order several times, including recently inviting a prostitute to the care facility where he lives.

    In December 2015, Parsons strayed from his approved route to work and approached a 15-year-old girl wearing a school uniform. He did it again in May last year, giving her a note with his mobile number and asking her to buy underwear and other female items. As a result, he was sent back to jail.

    Parsons has voluntarily engaged in intensive treatment programmes for sexual offending and individual treatment for several years.

    However, Justice Nation said Parsons’ actions have reduced earlier hopes that he would be able to control his sexual behaviour in an independent living situation.

    “I am satisfied Mr Parsons has demonstrated an intense drive, desire or urge to commit ‘relevant sexual offences’, namely sexual offences against a child or young person. There is also evidence that Mr Parsons has an ongoing predilection or proclivity for behaviour which could result in serious sexual offending.”

    Parsons highlighted to the court his desire to start transitioning to transgender and his strong wish to be supported in that process.

    Justice Nation found these desires also put him at high risk of reoffending if he perceives his sexual and cross-dressing wishes are being thwarted, he experiences stress or has access to potential victims.

    Parsons partly blamed the Christchurch Residential Care and Probation for his breaches, as he believed they failed to meet his needs.

    But Justice Nation said this showed a lack of acceptance of responsibility or remorse for his past offending and a lack of understanding about the effects of his offending on victims or potential victims.

    Other conditions of Parsons’ monitoring include not being allowed to own a phone that has access to the internet. He forbidden to have a camera and cannot enter any schools or public places where children under 16 are likely to be.

  46. […] Actualización: Especialista en identidad de género alerta sobre la “cada vez más grande ola” de mujerestrans … […]

  47. anon male Says:

    Posting this here because it’s thread appropriate (“female” violence) and the gamergate spinoff in the comments:

    A non-neurotypical dude reneged on his contractual obligations and is improperly using DMCA takedown threats as a weapon. Despite the fact that he evidently doxed his own parents and threatened to murder people on numerous occasions, many websites are treating it as news that must be handled with kid gloves.

    By presenting both sides in a fair and balanced[tm] way, whitewashing and omitting enough salient details where a casual reader might see the pronoun “she” and wonder if it’s just another case of the good ol’ boys running roughshod over a Girl Who Codes.

    Even people who know what’s up are more than happy to act as if the danger of this dude self harming (due to criticism) outweighs any benefit from trying to protect the rest of [cis]humanity from his wrath and that the death threats are non-newsworthy and just something bad people (including women) tend to do.

  48. Benjamin Rosenzweig Says:

    “Transgender care providers have identified several “improper purposes” utilized by the vast majority of incarcerated transwomen seeking transgender care.”

    Where does this text say that a vast majority of incarcerated transwomen are doing this? I can’t actually find that statement.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “The converse is the ever-increasing tide of [Gender Identity] referrals of patients in prison serving long or indeterminate sentences for serious sexual offences. These vastly outnumber the number of prisoners incarcerated for more ordinary, non-sexual, offenses.”

      • Benjamin Rosenzweig Says:

        But saying the number of prisoners sentenced for serious sexual offences vastly outnumbers those for more ordinary, non-sexual offences is not the same thing as saying that the “vast majority” of incarcerated transwomen seeking transgender care are doing so for the ‘improper purposes’ discussed.

        The two don’t have any necessary connection at all – the number in prison for serious sexual offences could indeed vastly outnumber the number imprisoned for other offences without this having any necessary relation at all to the number accessing transgender medical care for ‘improper’ purposes.

        People in prison for serious sexual offences can still seek transgender care for ‘proper’ purposes, as defined by those writing the report, surely – being in prion for seriosu sexual offences doesn’t make that impossible by definition, or, indeed, in reality, I suspect.

        And so far as I can tell the writers of the report do not, in fact, say otherwise. Certainly are not quoted as doing so.

        The statement you quote lends no support AT ALL to what was said, and I find it a bit bizarre that you would suggest that it does.

        It doesn’t even relate.

        Because, to belabour the obvious, I didn’t ask about what the report says about the proportion of transwomen in prison for different kinds of offences – I asked where the report says that the “vast majority” of those imprisoned are seeking to access transgender care for ‘improper purposes’.

        How is that the same thing?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Did you read the report? The testimony of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists is indeed working under the assumption that the vast numbers of inmates accessing referral for “Gender Identity” are not actually transgender due to the fact that the majority of these individuals are imprisoned for serious sexual offenses. The only alternative analysis (which you seem to be suggesting) is that the transgender population is overwhelmingly more likely to commit serious sexual offenses. I’m sorry for your reading comprehension issues. If you have an issue with the testimony on record from the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists, I suggest you take it up with them, instead of forcing me to waste my time stating the obvious. Thanks.

  49. GallusMag Says:

    Transgender sex offenders pose dilemma in state civil confinement
    By Rick Karlin Updated 6:25 pm, Friday, November 17, 2017

    Vyvenne Jasmyn Ward, 51, has spent almost two decades in prison on rape convictions.
    Near the end of her second prison term — this one for raping a woman in a Cortland alleyway — Ward asked for and eventually started getting hormone treatments to transition from a man to a woman.
    “After a legal struggle involving a number of complaints … I finally gained both an evaluation and recommendation for the commencement of hormone therapy on July 3, 2015,” she wrote in a recent letter to the Times Union.
    But later that month, after her prison sentence was completed, she was committed to the Central New York Psychiatric Center’s sex offender unit. She is being held there indefinitely after a court proceeding found she has a psychological abnormality that puts her at risk of committing another offense.
    Ten years after New York lawmakers approved a controversial civil confinement program under which sex offenders are locked up in hospitals, officials are confronting the thorny question of how to handle the cases of people who were imprisoned for rape and are now transitioning genders.
    Ward is working with at least two other transgender residents at CNYPC and she says they, too, have had to battle for treatment.
    While prison inmates for years have been able to get hormones, the practice has been more complicated for those in civil confinement.

    The program is based on the idea that these people have served their prison sentences — that is, paid their debts to society. But, before release, they are deemed mentally ill and transferred as patients to secure psychiatric hospitals, under the control of mental health workers rather than prison guards.
    The state Office of Mental Health, which runs the civil confinement program, won’t say how many transgender people it has under its jurisdiction. Agency officials contend they are prohibited by law from releasing that information, although the law does not prevent the release of general data.
    “Federal and state health information privacy laws prohibit the Office of Mental Health from identifying or providing medical information that could lead to the identification of any individual we serve,” OMH spokesman James Plastiras said. “This would include information regarding the number of individuals in a specific program who are transgender or transitioning.”
    Others, though, complain the response is symptomatic of the secrecy surrounding those in civil confinement.
    While considered to be patients, rather than prison inmates, they remain locked up and have limited access to the outside world through phone calls and letters.
    Jim Murphy, a prison reform activist and member of the state Catholic Conference’s Criminal Justice Committee, said the state has locked people away and assured everyone they are “taking care of their civil rights and no, you can’t look and see what’s going on.”
    The unique status of those in civil confinement also impacts their ability to bring cases to the state Division of Human Rights.
    Ward is trying to bring her case before the DHR’s office in Rochester but said an Office of Mental Health lawyer is arguing the DHR does not have jurisdiction.
    “They are equating me with being a prisoner who is in prison,” Ward wrote.
    She also disclosed her personal struggles, including an episode in which she attempted self-mutilation to change her sex organs from male to female, before hospital officials agreed to provide the hormone therapy.
    The treatments cost about $30 per month, although there can be other costs which would follow Medicaid guidelines.
    Ward also said she is tagged as being a “grievance thinker” when she brings up her transgender status during group therapy sessions at the hospital, which is located in Marcy.
    “I’m seeing this all over the country,” said Moira Meltzer Cohen, a New York City-based lawyer who is helping Ward.
    As civil confinement units nationwide house more transgender residents, Meltzer Cohen believes the gaps in their treatment plans are becoming clear.
    “There’s no policy for treatment,” she said.
    OMH officials insist there are protocols for transgender people in civil confinement. They point to specialized treatment teams and note that they’ve contracted with two consultants who specialize in gender dysphoria — a medical diagnosis that identifies the unhappiness people experience when they feel their outward appearance of gender does not align with their mental and emotional state.
    Because New York has no “cisgender” women in civil confinement custody — that is, individuals who were born with female anatomy and who identify as female — transgender women are currently placed in facilities populated by men.
    While all patients have private showers, advocates believe transgender patients may be at a heightened risk to be sexually victimized if they don’t have a say in where they are held.
    “You (should) ask them where they are going to feel safest,” said Ronica Mukerjee, a nurse practitioner who treats transgender patients.

    Vyvenne Jasmyn Ward = Kenneth Andrew Couch

    • Rosemary Says:

      Let’s ignore the experts, or call them transphobic for even conducting research! What could go wrong??

      From the BBC:

      “Ministry of Justice (MoJ) guidance says in the “great majority” of cases transgender prisoners are allowed to “experience the system” in the gender in which they identify.”

      “The department said there were “strict safeguards” to prevent abuse of the way transgender prisoners are managed, and attempts to undermine the system were rare.”

      It’s funny how the reporter just left those vague quotes in, without parsing them or adding any kind of analysis. They also gave the accused’s lady name, but didn’t provide any information on his background or what initially brought him to prison, or why a judge approved his transfer besides that he had been “living as a woman”.

      • silverside Says:

        What the reporter should have done was obtain a written copy of these “strict safeguards” instead of just letting it slide. This was just journalistic laziness.

  50. Medi Says:

    Usually the men who want out of men’s prisons are convicted rapists, pedofiles, or murderers— no female to trans request transfers to men’s prisons and that speaks volumes. This is all a con of men to get access to vulnerable women.

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