U.S. Trans Survey and methodological flaws, or “garbage in, garbage out”

September 16, 2015

Sex matters.

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has launched a campaign to collect information about trans identified people. The intent of the U.S. Trans Survey may be noble, but the methods leave much to be desired. Here is some background on the project (emphasis added):

[The U.S. Trans Survey] is the follow up to the groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which was conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National LGBTQ Task Force in 2009, and examined the lives of over 6,400 trans people in the U.S. The results were released in a 2011 report called Injustice At Every Turn. As the single-most cited study about trans people, it has changed how the public understands the challenges facing our community.

That last sentence is the crux of what bothers me. An internet based questionnaire is the single-most cited “study” about trans people? Are you serious? In what…

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  1. GallusMag Says:

    20% of respondents to the 2011 “Injustice at Every Turn” survey stated they did not even identify as “transgender”.

    • anon male Says:

      At the Advocate, the first comment, iirc, was “weird that they lump us intersex with them but I’ll sure be filling it out.”


      • Pf Says:

        It’s also strange that they lump gender nonconforming in with all the super-conformist trams community. (Eek! I don’t follow the stereotypes assigned to my sex! Quick! Make a box just for meeee! Or just let me jump into your box!)

    • Please tell me your watching South Park’s new episode “Stunning and Brave.”

  2. GallusMag Says:

    You have until midnight tonight to take this shitty survey, btw. *CORRECTION* You can take it until Monday September 21. As many times as you’d like.

  3. Larichus Says:

    What next, a survey of “Adult Entertainment Expo” attendees on how pornography does no harm … ?

    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YpHNImNsx8 “Ted” talk by Gail Dines for anyone who’s not seen it)

  4. Pf Says:

    Took it from my perspective as a gnc female. Wow- forced answers much?

  5. Livvie Says:

    What a joke.

    If you feel trans, then you’re trans, so tell us you’re trans so we can influence legislation and screw women over!

    Meanwhile, take this survey as many times as you can and tell your tranny handmaidens to do it too!

  6. That was fun and it didn’t take long to complete!
    I just answered NO to everything.
    I think I’ll go back and get a little creative.

  7. Margie Says:

    A few thoughts:

    – It’s interesting that the “LGBTQ Task Force” is abandoning the survey this year. The Task Force is completely transjacked and this is supposedly such important and historic work. So why are they dumping it? Maybe it is because the “Task Force” is rapidly running out of money and it can‘t afford to fund another survey. It reported a deficit of more than $2 million in its last IRS filing. Its assets have been dropping since 2008, from $7.9 million to $2.9 million in 2013. If it weren’t for foundation grants and large checks written by a few wealthy LGBs, it probably would have gone under already. It seems the LGB grass roots aren’t interested in funding what is essentially a trans activist organization, which does nothing for LGB people. Needless to say, the trans activists themselves are not raising any money to save it. In the world of “LGBT,” money flows in only one direction – from LGBs to Ts.

    – A few things we know about the last survey from the mouths of the authors. First, it was expressly driven by a political agenda to make sure that ENDA remained transjacked:

    “The team believes that the period in which we fielded the
    survey — about a year after the 2007 removal of gender identity
    from proposed federal legislation that would have prohibited
    discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace —
    was a factor in the depth and breadth of our sample. This was a
    historic moment when gender non-conforming and transgender
    people felt a particular urgency to tell their stories, and to have
    their experiences accounted for in the national conversation on
    workplace discrimination and employment.” (Methodology section, p. 13)

    And second, we know that the survey did not capture a representative sample, and its results cannot be generalized to the trans population.

    “While we did our best to make the sample as representative as
    possible of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the
    U.S., it is not appropriate to generalize the findings in this study
    to all transgender and gender non-conforming people because
    it not a random sample.” (Methodology section, p. 13)

    It’s funny that they would admit this, since trans activists and their minions at the “Task Force” have spent the last 4 years generalizing he findings to the the entire trans population.

    • Very interesting financial information! Thank you for posting these excerpts from the previous discussion of methodology. The way the study information is handled by activists is soooo irresponsible.

      And thanks to Gallus for reposting my post!

      And thanks to everyone who is commenting on how stupid the questions are. I just corrected the pdf link in the original post, so people should be able to see the questions without having to take the survey.

      • Margie Says:

        /Blushes/ You’re welcome and it’s really an honor to get a reply from you.

        BTW, the “Task Force” has to file its 2014 disclosure by November and it will be very interesting to see how – or whether – it has responded to its financial crisis. And looking beyond the Task Force, there’s some emerging evidence that when so-called “LGBT” organizations become too dominated by trans activism or overly focused on trans issues, revenue drops and financial troubles follow. There aren’t enough data points right now to say categorically that this is a thing, but the pattern is starting to emerge. If it holds up, it will be, at long last, a sign that there are limits to LGBs acceptance of the great swindle known as LGBT.

  8. dejavublonde Says:

    I took it. I went from the point of view of the typical PIW, yes I want free boobs and surgery , no that surgery doesn’t include bottom surgery. ‘I’ said I used the gym and public restrooms as a female and went to work as a male. ‘I’ do work part time since leaving the military even tho my education is higher and do sex work on the side when I am high, mostly S and M stuff. ‘I’ have been arrested several times. ( when I was filling it out in that narrative I was VERY careful to check that I hadn’t been abused in any way by police, doctors or the general public – just my tricks- the questions made it really hard to NOT feed a ‘poor abused me’ narrative though. I found that really weird. I just said verbally harassed. Also VERY weird were the questions regarding the last presidential election.).

  9. MaryMacha Says:

    “[The U.S. Trans Survey] … examined the lives of over 6,400 trans people in the U.S. … it has changed how the public understands the challenges facing our community.”

    How can you even get accurate results from a community whose hallmark characteristic is alarmist catastrophizing, followed by complaining as a close second? Did they control for drama?

  10. cerulean blue Says:

    A though it stated it was anonymous, it really wasnt. The questions asking for first and last letter of first name, first initial of last name, zip code and date of birth are enough for the survey company to figure out the actual name and address of any person who fills out the survey honestly. Even zip code and date of birth are enough to uniquely ID many people and this survey asked for much more than that. See this this paper for more info:


    Note that the survey info said it was anonymous but did not define limits on how the data collected would be used. I can definitely see ncte connecting the dots to open up a new donor source for direct marketing campaigns, or even selling the mailing list they construct to political candidates, etc. I doubt they will be using the information to verify that respondents are real, because although this would increase the quality of the data they gather, it would cause them to strike the responses of the zillions of homeless trans folks being crushed by the cis power structure. And it would lead to them a smaller number of trans folks in the population. These would both go against the narrative.

    I took the survey, also as a part time autogynophile prostitute who changes genders daily, and found a lot of the questions to be quite leading. In some cases, all of the possible responses were negative, assuming the respondents were without a doubt being mistreated. For instance: “Have any of your spouses/partners ended your relationship because you are trans?No/Yes, only because I was trans./Yes, because I was trans and other reasons.”

    Note that “yes, because I was a lying pig/cheated on her/myriad other reasons for breaking up apart from transness” are NOT included, because trans must be at the center of everything that occurs in their lives and the lives of anyone with the misfortune to encounter them.

    As Gallus said, garbage in, garbage out. Let’s all do our part.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi cerulean blue: I was skeptical about the naming part too. If you state that you’re male and first name’s first and last letters are “KN,” that narrows it down to a few common names, such as Kevin, or maybe Kieran if we’re expanding the search. They even ask if you’re using a home computer, plus they have your IP. I’m not plotting a conspiracy here, but I’ve found that the phrase, “This is anonymous” is in the same class as “The check’s in the mail.”

  11. GallusMag Says:

    I was a thrice divorced drug addict victim of forced feminization who was attacked by lesbians in a homeless shelter after my release from prison following my mass murder conviction. Web site designer. Cam-girl for fun, 40 suicide attempts, none successful.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Would it be terribly evil to use my fundamentalist father-in-law’s initials, date of birth and zip to fill out this survey again? I’m sure he’d let me know if he suddenly started receiving literature from the Sylvia Rivera project or any other group the ncte sells their mailing list to. Amusing, plus a waste of postage.
      Also, I think Donald Trump (d.o.b June 14, 1946, zip code 10022) is in need of some literature.

    • Bea Says:

      I was trans- everything: trans-race, trans-species, trans-gender, trans-religious. Also a prostitute who still lives with my parents at age 40.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m a post SRS transwoman with breast implants and facial feminization active in the US Military, married with children. Yet none of my family members, kids, spouse, coworkers or community members know I am trans! I’m not “out” to them! IT Professional. Cam-girl for fun. Livin’ the dream!!!

      • Bea Says:

        LOL! It’s like a tranny “choose your own adventure”!

  12. Ms. Hungerford does an excellent job of exposing this sham. To boost the numbers, they include genderqueer and non-binary in with transgender. Who is genderqueer and non-binary? How long do I have to be genderqueer or non-binary?


    The U.S. Trans Survey has no automated participant controls or sample validity whatsoever. As you can see in this screenshot, it actually asks if you’ve taken it before. Um, no? Well, maybe. Who knows! Not you! Once again, we’re working entirely on the honor system: because I said so, dammit!”


    Vote early and vote often is spot on!

    I was able to take it twice on the same computer. This computer is used as a public computer. Anyone could plop themselves down and take the survey twenty times. I thought the whole thing was a big joke. When it asked me how I heard about the survey I said, “The voices in my head told me.” Although I don’t live in Maryland, I said I lived in Maryland. It sounded like a good place to live. Whether or not I live there, or in Zimbabwe is of no significance. Actual place of residence depends upon where people say they live. We know that everyone tells the truth online.

    Ms. Hungerford states,

    “The U.S. Trans Survey is intended to evaluate trans people’s experiences in the United States. Yet my (highly reliable) sources tell me that people outside the U.S. can not only access the survey, but depending on your “because I said so” answers, you can continue with the rest of the questions. Hey, you know how sometimes you can’t watch a video from the BBC in America? Well, the survey makers could have employed some country restrictions. But they didn’t.”


    It’s a joke, but it has serious implications. Ms. Hungerford is right in stating that we are all stakeholders.

    “Before we review some of the most glaring flaws, I want to make perfectly clear that trans people are not the sole stakeholders of this survey’s results. The entire U.S. population is potentially impacted by legal and policy changes that cater to special interest groups. Revising bathroom and locker room access–from urogenital configuration (physical sex) to personal preference (gender identity)–is probably the best example of how policies designed to protect one group of people can inadvertently expose others to situations they find objectionable or even dangerous. As such, every single person in the U.S. has a stake in the conversation surrounding this project. It is every person’s business.”

    Thank you Elizabeth!

    • Just a Melissa Says:

      “As you can see in this screenshot, it actually asks if you’ve taken it before. Um, no? Well, maybe. Who knows! Not you! Once again, we’re working entirely on the honor system: because I said so, dammit!””

      Because I said so, indeed. I IDENTIFY as someone who has never taken it. I’m a trans survey virgin, and if you try to erase my identity I’ll kill myself.

      • michelle Says:

        don’t forget that it is violence if they try to reject your identity…after all, that is an offense FAR GREATER in severity that, oh…actually harming someone.

  13. stchauvinism Says:

    I took it as a female MTF who identifies as transgender because if being a woman is just an identity and not a biological reality then being a transwoman is also just an identity with no biological basis and is up for grabs too.

    • atranswidow Says:

      From that Dr Phil show that you linked to there Bea, “All the attention has been on the rights and the victory of the individual that’s transitioning, without looking at the impact of the people around them,” he (Dr Phil) said. “And I think you have to look at the whole story.”

      I know exactly how that father felt, and I feel it every time I have to meet my ex now that he’s living full time as his alter ego. My kids got to meet him too this summer. It’s the biggest kick in the teeth and the emotions really are that raw. This is something the trans community really wants to keep under wraps. All the attention has to be on the bravery of the trans person, their story. All the time that is going on families are grieving and trying to come to terms with their own feelings of loss and incredulity. That father’s first reaction was to blame himself.

      I didn’t get whether the show had aired or it was a trailer. It will be interesting to see the response.

      • atranswidow Says:

        I didn’t see the show myself but the comments seem to indicate that a lot of people reached”peak trans” with that show. I just hope that that father finds some healing somewhere.

  14. This is from “Injustice at Every Turn” which is biased “research” clearly designed beforehand to prove that transgender identified people are the most oppressed people in the whole wide world.

    The main problem is the definition of transgender itself. There has never been a precise definition of transgender. They know it and we know it. “Gender non-conformity” is even more confusing and wide open for interpretation. They intentionally include “gender non-conformity” with transgender.

    “At the outset, we had to determine if the population we sought for the survey was transgender people only, or transgender and gender non-conforming people. We ultimately chose to include both.

    Both of our organizations define “transgender” broadly to include those who transition from one gender to another (transsexuals), and those who may not, including genderqueer people, cross-dressers, the androgynous, and those whose gender non-conformity is a part of their identity. Because the term “transgender” is understood in various ways that may or may not include these groups of people, we chose to use broader gender non-conforming language to ensure broad participation in the survey.”


    Notice how they admit that ““transgender” is understood in various ways that may or may not include these groups of people”. Here they admit that transgender may or may not include certain groups of people, but they do it anyway. They are shamelessly co-opting butch lesbians, gay men who are a tad on the effeminate side, and anyone who is “androgynous”. Are butch lesbians discriminated against because they are lesbian and are different, or is it due to “gender non-conformity” which, by the way, is now deliberately lumped under transgender. They know full well that they are intentionally co-opting and appropriating a lot of people, but they don’t care. They want to trot this utterly biased hogwash out when it suits them to prove that middle aged white males who “transition” after a life time of male privilege are the most oppressed people in the world. “Gender non-conforming” could be a woman who wears pants and has short hair. Although intersex is not the same as transgender, they toss these people in the survey.

    This is the very first question:

    “Transgender/gender non-conforming” describes people whose gender identity or expression is different, at least part of the time, from the sex assigned to them at birth.

    1. Do you consider yourself to be transgender/gender non-conforming in any way?

    Every person in the U.S. and on planet earth is “gender non-conforming” part of the time in some way.

    • Margie Says:

      Biased? Why that’s absurd! Just because the study: 1) is not peer-reviewed, 2) is not published in an academic or scientific journal, 3) is created by a political activist organization, 4) proclaims its own importance in achieving trans activist political objectives and 4) consists of answers from people recruited at other political organizations – why that’s no reason to worry. /smh/ It’s so ridiculous how this survey gets treated as something serious by the “LGBT” press. They seem to grasp that the Family Research Council does do legitimate research. They swiftly saw through the bogus Regnerus study on family structure and within 48 hours had dismantled it. But when it comes to all things transgender, “LGBT” turns them into lobotomized zombies.

      As for the definition of “transgender” you hit the nail on the head. They don’t want a clear definition, or indeed any meaningful definition. They want it as vague and as elastic as possible. As you correctly note, transgender could refer to a group consisting of a tiny fraction of 1 percent of the population or to nearly 100 percent of the population. When it serves their purpose to have a narrow definition – for example, when trying to convince the Pentagon to allow transgender service in the military – then “transgender” means “transitioning transsexual.” No genderqueers. No castration-seeking neutrois. No non-binaries insist on being referred to in the plural. By contrast, when they see an advantage in a broad definition – for example, when trying to con LGBs into believing that “LGBT” is a valid concept – then “transgender” means the dozen or so drag queens who were at Stonewall and men who like opera and interior design and women who like football. The definition expands and contracts as necessary to achieve the objective of the moment. They are intellectually dishonest, but what they are doing makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that LGBs and the rest of society fail to call them out.

      • coelacanth Says:

        Margie wrote, “What doesn’t make sense is that LGBs and the rest of society fail to call them out.”

        I don’t know about the L (or B) but as a G (gay male) I can tell you why the G does not call out Trans — it is because most “gay”men now believe that they ARE T.


        As for the rest of society, here is a quote that may explain why the masses are buying the Trans Insanity.

        from: http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9637452/why-ive-finally-given-up-on-the-left/

        “Norman Cohn [in] ‘Warrant for Genocide’, his history of how the conspiracy theories that ended in fascism began in the dark, neglected corners of 19th-century Europe:

        It is a great mistake to suppose that the only writers who matter are those whom the educated in their saner moments can take seriously. There exists a subterranean world where pathological fantasies disguised as ideas are churned out by crooks and half-educated fanatics for the benefit of the ignorant and superstitious. There are times when this underworld emerges from the depths and suddenly fascinates, captures and dominates multitudes of usually sane and responsible people.”

      • Pf Says:

        I want to yell at the guy in the first link. Dude, no matter how affected your gestures, no matter how well you “swish”, you’re still a dude. I kinda thought that was part of the whole “being gay” thing: being a dude with a dick into other dudes with dicks.

        So no, you do not, however you express your sexuality, get a special pass on misogyny. And I’m not even sorry.

      • ngequality Says:

        Speak for yourself. I call out transgenderists all the time, thru my blog and on social media all the time. But I’ve gotten pushback, ironically because this is community that believes only certain people matter, and everyone else – speaking for myself – doesn’t.

        There appears to be a vetting process, one that is proving to be counterproductive to this very issue or concern. I hate it but I get it. For some this is game; the victor goes go all the spoils. Meanwhile those of us who don’t have a motive for coming out anti-transgenderist, we get fucked.


      • LC Says:

        The post at that first link… seriously, wtf? That poor feminist, I suspect if an adult male(gay or straight) told me he identified with teenage girls, I’d stare at him blankly, too. I don’t identify with teen girls. I don’t know that I did even when I was a teen, because I only know what it’s like to be myself. Adults identifying as teenagers is beyond creepy. Also deeply confused why this “male feminist” thought the movie would be considered sexist based on that brief description. Doesn’t sound like a movie I’d want to see, but context is definitely lacking.

        And dude, the reason no one believes that you aren’t sexist, oppressive, or misogynistic has nothing to do with society or changes in the LGBT definitions… it’s because they can hear your actual words.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve been lurking at Datalounge lately, and gay men have zero patience for the T. They don’t say anything publicly for a number of reasons: fear of being silenced/branded a bigot; knowledge of the fact that it’s mainly girls and women who are negatively affected (and while these men might be sympathetic, they’re not sympathetic enough to actually do something); and, last but certainly not least, ignorance of just how homophobic the trans movement is.

        Once “sexuality is a social construct”, “gays and lesbians oppress straight men, oops, ‘trans lesbians’, by existing” escapes the confines of Tumblr, it will be impossible for the G to pretend that the T doesn’t utterly loathe them.

    • atranswidow Says:

      ” “Transgender/gender non-conforming” describes people whose gender identity or expression is different, at least part of the time, from the sex assigned to them at birth.”

      Here is the classic mixing/conflating of gender and sex. Sex is not ”assigned” at birth, it is observed on the basis of physical anatomy. Gender is a social construct. I agree with what you say Skylark, that the definition of transgender here is flawed. The problem seems, to me, to go back to the definition of gender itself. Then they throw in gender non-conforming just to dilute the whole thing even further.

      So when I sit at my computer without make up, wearing my teenage son’s cast off jeans, because they fit me really well and are too good to throw out, am I gender non-conforming and therefore under the trans umbrella?

  15. redress Says:

    UGH, all the questions were so leading! The detransition questions were no exception–i’m just surprised they mentioned it happens at all. “Why did you stop? WHO PRESSURED YOU INTO STOPPING???” I checked “other” and wrote: “Stopped believing in gender.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Did it give no option for people detransitioning out of their own choice or positive decision?!

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t know if it’s clear from Elizabeth’s OP or not, but unlike the 2011 survey this one gives you different questions based on your answers. So if you say you are genderqueer you get genderqueer questions. If you served in the military you get the military questions, sex worker gets sex work questions, etc. So depending on our answers we are all seeing different questions.

      • That’s what it SEEMS like, but I think the skip-logic is much less customized than Sandy James alleges.

        I actually just updated the “leading questions” section of the post with a screenshot from an internet commenter about how she was getting all these SEX WORK questions even after she said NO to participation in sex work. There are multiple sections where you get lead down the same path of questions no matter how you respond.

        Also, when I was going through the survey taking screenshots, I would sometimes go back and forth answering different ways to see whether I’d get different questions and most of the time…no, they were the same questions regardless. So there is SOME skip-logic, but it’s not consistent throughout.


      • coelacanth Says:

        This reminds me of Kate Bornstein’s “Gender Workbook” which had similar types of “questions” such as (and I paraphrase/mock): If you were born male, would you rather a) wear a frilly smock in public or b) attend a Nazi rally and worship Adolph Hitler? If you answered a) You’re Transgender!!! The work is still hailed as major scientific “proof” of the ubiquity of Trans.

    • Siohan Says:

      I didn’t understand this entry, under the “what bad things did the transphobes at your medical provider do” section:

      My health insurance company denied me gender-specific health care (such as Pap smears, prostate exams, mammogram, etc.) because I am trans.”

      What does that mean? Aren’t those sex-specific procedures? Are they saying that the big meanies in the insurance companies won’t pay for a Pap smear for a biological male and his pseudovagina made of intestine and penis skin and nothing that can be analyzed with a pap smear, or are they saying that a biological female who has gone to a lot of trouble to claim that she is a man can’t get a pap smear any more? The first is ridiculous, the second makes no sense, and maybe we should just ask about sex and gender separately so we can keep this straight?

      • kesher Says:

        There was a case in the news somewhat recently where an FTT went to an oncologist to check a lump in her breast. She didn’t hear back about the test results until a concerned doctor in that office (not the original oncologist she saw) contacted her to find out how her treatment was going. The lump had tested positive for aggressive cancer, but the oncologist didn’t want to treat her because he apparently thinks his transphobia can override his ethical obligations to his patients.

        So, I can see the second situation happening where MTTs are denied prostate exams and FTTs are denied pap smears due to genuine transphobia. I have a feeling, though, that that’s not what the survey is asking about. MTTs might need mammograms due to all the estrogen they’re pumping into their bodies, but they certainly don’t need pap smears.

  16. GallusMag Says:

    I’m a post-op Maab Transsexual, initials C.W. living in shit-squalor with another dude in a trailer in Austin, TX. On total disability for psychiatric disorder which underwrites my online “activism” against lesbian misandrists. Facing criminal charges for stalking, considering relocation to Hawaii.

  17. coelacanth Says:

    Ah, you’re a p-op Maab — I’m a P-omm-ommm (a Papa Oom Mow Mow Oom mow mow mow) — in recovery.

  18. cobston Says:

    For the record I filed out that bloody useless survey. They will hate my responses because I let them know I was rich, mentally ill but extremely happy pretending to be a woman. I never considered suicide and I did not want to be a woman until I was an adult and saw the benefits of how great it all was.
    Oh, I also never,ever,ever was homeless, did sex work, had medical roadblocks or was attacked by a trans phobe and everyone loves me.

  19. Larichus Says:

    PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH (or do it you want to, it’s an OT tip)

    Have you seen this? Sweet fancy Moses, I’m hoping this is parody http://everywomanweekly.com/how-can-i-convince-my-3-year-old-theyre-transgender-go-ask-jane/

    • gchild Says:

      My favorite comment from that thread:

      “Stop trying to make ‘cis’ happen”. Lmao.

      If they think it’s supposed to show how parents who want their kid to be “cis” are sooo transphobic, the joke is on them. Most people COULD NOT TELL it wasnt a real story because its not that dissimilar (philosophically) from the current trans kid, trans toddler, trans infant narrative.

      But what I don’t get is how in the hell the absurdity and anti intellectualism of transgenderism gets blamed on feminism? According to most comments, feminists are the sole creators of transgenderism. Wow. Libfems notwithstanding, I did not know about this angle.

      Really? Feminists created transology to destroy patriarchy (and men)? So females could defined out of existence? So lesbians would be coerced (forced) to suck dick or be branded bigots? So our daughters would have to share female spaces with males who fetishize them their vulvas?, Who say shit like, “whenever I think about my vagina, my dick gets hard”? Really? This is some fresh (steaming hot) MRA bullshit to me.


  20. born free & female Says:

    Off-topic, so feel free not to post the comment.

    On Reddit, a poster describes a MtF who claims to be overweight due to polycystic ovary syndrome. Thought you would like to know about this medical breakthrough!


    • GallusMag Says:

      Nelson I’m so tired of you posting shit about me and my blog and then coming over here and using me to post your thoughts/links. Just this week you wrote that I only toss up things I find on facebook or reddit twice a month and then spend the other 28 days moderating comments. I find this highly insulting to the amount of time I spend researching and compiling posts that I believe are very important and useful. And which I do without any significant support whatsoever* and for which I pay an enormous price in terms of harassment and threats among other things. You really are an incredible asshole. I would like you to stop submitting comments here. Thanks. Goodbye now, jerk.

      *To those who have helped, and to the two women who paid ten dollars this month so I can access articles behind paywalls, etc.: THANK YOU.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Readers: please don’t feel obliged to respond to this exchange with “yes your blog is so great and appreciated” type comments. I know most of us appreciate this blog. Just sick of Nelson’s bullshit.

  21. cobston Says:

    That survey is full of leading questions. I want them to ask if they ever get angry.Have they ever acted aggressive and do they flip in and out of gender.
    I know this vid is supposed to be a social experiment but to some of us it backfired and showed reality .
    If anyone has been on the receiving end of this they know it’s not pleasant place to be.

  22. OldPolarBear Says:

    @GallusMag Maybe you’ve seen it by now, but I was able to watch the “Stunning and Brave” South Park episode on Hulu for free here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/844928
    There are a few short ads, including the same one twice for “Bobby” Jindal, but it wasn’t to bad. It did glitch and kick me out about 2/3 of the way through, but that might have been my iPad.

  23. Franklin Says:

    Has anyone seen this recent NY Magazine article on spouses of MtF transgenders? Really sad stuff, which does come through, although of course they can’t really depart from the PC trans line (for example by pointing out that these men are being monumentally selfish and betraying their families):


    • dejavublonde Says:

      I am kind of shocked that the one couple admitted it was a sexual thing, that it turned him on and he couldn’t have sex without it. I am significantly LESS shocked that another couple that stayed together, the woman kept having her boundaries crossed and acquiescing ‘well, I will stay through this but not that, and then when that happened still staying’ over and over. because, he just had to push, just couldn’t draw a line.

    • moss Says:

      And where are all the husbands who are suddenly gay when their wives become ‘transmen?’

      • OldPolarBear Says:

        Good question! I wonder if an FTT is more likely to just want out of the marriage altogether. It would be traumatic for the family but at least there would be a definite break. OTOH, the MTTs seem to want to have the woman to facilitate their fetishes and play activities. That and continuing with her mommywife duties.

    • Franklin Says:

      This one really could use its own post, there’s a lot there. The pushiness and refusal to respect boundaries is exactly right.

      • Em Says:

        “The pushiness and refusal to respect boundaries is exactly right.”

        The unwillingness or inability to enforce boundaries interests me. But admittedly I am a spoiled, white second waver.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I don’t know what waver I am but I do know I’ve known dozens of women who don’t leave crappy marriages whether it be abuse, lack of intimacy or just two people that have grown apart. I think many women are trained from practically birth to be nice, to accept the choices they’ve made, to not rock the boat. They are often depressed, defeated etc. they’ve given what they see the best years of their lives to someone and even if the situation is shitty, they can’t imagine something better. I m not going to judge them for that. I am not really sure what to make of your comment. I would imagine that its like water on a stone, that shit wears you down.

        anyway, there was a comment in the article that links to another article. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/fashion/modern-love-my-husband-is-now-my-wife.html?_r=1

        I saw red when the so called therapist was telling the wife to call her husband ‘her’. way to go, completely denigrate the way the wife feels, just make her feel even more crappy than the situation did to begin with. water on a stone indeed.

      • Branjor Says:

        Here’s the truth – if women want our boundaries respected we’re going to have to enforce them ourselves. It’s as simple as that.

      • Franklin Says:

        As a man I’m somewhat interested in the male’s perspective/actions here. I just think it is such a huge boundary violation to insist to all the people who are closest to you and know and love you as a man that you are now a ‘woman’ that every other boundary violation would seem small by comparison. It’s like, the initial ‘trans’ disorder is all about feeding your narcissistic tendencies, so obviously that is going to show up as a total inability to compromise. Men have a natural tendency toward an obsessive and driven / fetishistic sexuality (I think this is partly natural, not just social) and are also socialized toward aggressive narcissism, so you combine sexual fetish and narcissism you are dealing with an incredibly powerful cocktail. That is why society has to push against this stuff instead of feeding it.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Sorry, for me that article just crept around the subject and became at one stage a publicity shove for Helen Boyd’s book. Why not publish a balanced article and ask a few questions of Christine Benvenuto; at least link to her book? Just way too sugar-coated.

  24. anon male Says:


    The project manager behind trans surveys. Who needs experience doing academic research, database management, etc., when you got FEEEELS?

  25. sumptos Says:

    Here’s another garbage in/garbage out survey:


    I did some digging and found that this “survey” is garbage. First, TrueChild, one of the organizations that created it, is run by none other than Riki Wilchins himself, whom regular GenderTrender readers should recognize:


    Second, despite the article saying it was conducted in May, the survey itself still seems to be running, on SurveyMonkey where anyone may participate (hint hint 😉 ):


  26. Lulu Says:

    Oh, god.

  27. Enlightened Says:

    https://www.facebook.com/angelica.perduta/groups#!/groups/feminist101/ So Gallus what are your views on this type of a group I came across recently who is run by a transgendered person who incites misogyny and appears to be made up of very disturbed individuals! I despait that there are people like this about tho’ i guess you may come across them regularly. They do so much damage to the images of thier own gender/s and do not even realise it . Thier comments are not only misogynistic but also very hostile and violent against woman in general.I conclude they are merely butthurt men with grudges just wanting to vent thier own insecurities and self-hate. What do you think?

  28. Enlightened Says:

    Gallus can you please delete my last comment and this one? I don’t seem to be able to do it. I was being reactive and really I just want peace in my life and each to thier own. I don’t really care what these people say or think. Thier are people who are butt hurt and reactive everywhere and if they want to vent that is thier perogative. As maladjusted as it may be :-/

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