When the momma bears get angry

September 27, 2015

For everyone asking what sort of parent would ever defend and lobby for strap-on dildos designed and marketed to four-year-old girls. Here they are! Read the agony of mothers in the stagecoach era forced to haphazardly “crochet bird seed filled cylinders” for their four-year-old children born female. Read how President George Washington’s “affirmed” nephew bore a roughly hewn wooden penis throughout his girlhood. Read about the conundrum of children who simply want to pee but don’t have a penis. Read how dildos for toddlers are “a testament to the love that parents have for their child”. Read about how providing a four-year-old female with “a bulge down there” is like “searching the shops for that toy everyone else is getting for Christmas”. Read a post that contains the word “Momma” thirteen times. Enjoy!

Parenting Jeremy - a gender journey

Holding hands

For me this picture symbolises the instant connection that J had with a young trans guy last week,  Who knew that one week later I have watched in horror as this young one and his mother have become the target for anti transgender ignorance.

A while ago I saw a post from a fellow momma, her precious child O was struggling and she was looking for a solution.  Unlike Jeremy, O was not yet into puberty.  He was worried that people would notice that unlike other boys, people would notice that he was missing a bulge “down there”.  Let me draw a parallel – if as a parent you have a) searched the shops looking for Elsa knickers or a purple sparkly top b) that toy that everyone else is getting for Christmas c) spent hours online looking for the perfect absolutely whatever it is your child has expressed a desire for; you…

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65 Responses to “When the momma bears get angry”

  1. Where are the gender neutral dildos?

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  3. Biscuit Says:

    What the hell did I just read? People insisting that other people will notice that their CHILDREN don’t have a pants bulge?

    I know it says that the children expressed this worry, but why not just tell them that absolutely nobody notices that sort of thing.

    Nobody on Earth other than sick perverts notice whether or not a CHILD has a pants bulge. God almighty!!

    • ex home birther Says:

      The whole article is a defense of buying your kid whatever they want because they want it. I have nothing in common with these parents. The “cool mom” from mean girls comes to mind.

      • Me Says:

        Being a good parent is knowing when to say “no”. Can’t you just imagine the outcry if the parents of an anorexic teen gave in to her delusions and allowed her get liposuction surgery? And I have seen articles condemning parents of teens who provide alcohol to them for their parties. I don’t see this trans nonsense as any different. Parents need to step up to the plate and be responsible parents and to protect them from wrong choices when they’re not old enough to make an informed decision.

      • Elias Says:

        What about saying no to a kid that cant lern to read or has trouble in school and saying is just lazy or stupid and then someone who do knows when is for real or not and the thing is that is dislexic or have hearing problems or any other thing and maybe some people just treat the kid like a attention disorder or just being spoiled. Just as an example… you may want to be a good parent and give traditional values to your kids but there are things that doesnt depend on how and what you let your kids to do or what your beliefs are or if you are a closed minded that doesnt even care to read a little about the new research and notice that there is a lot more to be discovered and understood.

      • Bea Says:

        That “research” is fucking bunk, Elias. Trans kids are sick kids. Kids don’t “naturally” just want to commit suicide if they can’t have a silicone dong funnel in their pants. Get a grip. Your kid is SICK and it’s manifesting through obsession, panic attacks, insomnia, and “gender dysphoria.” That is not evidence a boy’s soul resides in a female body, that’s evidence your kid’s brain/adrenals are FUBAR.

      • czz Says:

        There is no way that this was requested by the child.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I read a post on a Facebook page dedicated to trans children and proud mommy stated (with no apparent irony or self awareness) something along the lines of not having enough money or time for counseling especially after buying all new wardrobe but hey, if baby is happy everyone is happy and that’s what really matters. and clothes make ‘her’ happy.

        another one was a very well thought out, rational annd frankly heart breaking plea from a woman asking for guidance for her teen son. he’s a natural born masculine boy that just came out as trans to girl. mom states that he had never once showwn interest in feminine things, never acted in a way that would have indicated this was coming and he was clear, he never felt that way until puberty and that he’s saying he’s being told a lot of trans don’t know until puberty. she KNOWS this is wrong and wants to know what it is, what she should do.

        obviously, not a single person commented on that one. it doesn’t fit the narrative of rah rah cheerlead the delusion.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I am trying to reply to my own comment – typing out about the concerned mom I realized, I absolutely have to reach out to her in a very gentle ‘here’s the truth and it’s ok’ way.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @czz perhaps the parents lead the children into asking for packers, without noticing that they’re doing that?

        Well-meaning adults’ unconsciously leading questions created the Satanic ritual abuse scare of the 1980s, from what I’ve read of it.

    • LC Says:

      Truly bizarre and sickening reasoning. I never gave much thought as a child to other child’s genitalia, male or female. Any child that is genuinely obsessed with that most likely needs therapy for the adult sexual abuse that’s causing it.

    • jazz Says:

      the child does, the child feels like others do.
      have you ever felt uncomfortable because of a huge pad? felt like everyone could see?

      • morag99 Says:

        Yes. Yes, I have felt that, as a teenage girl. What point are you trying to make?

      • LC Says:

        A huge pad is something that you are adding to natural biology. It is an uncomfortable thing that wouldn’t normally be in your pants- of course you’d be self-conscious about it. How does that explain why a child would feel uncomfortable with their own, natural genitals?

  4. prozac Says:

    and if they were crocheted sacs filled with bird seed, they probably wouldn’t be as offensive as oversize for children sexually mature male genitalia. This isn’t a difficult concept to understand. Shouldn’t a trans boy understand, at the very least, that this lack of functional male genitalia is what makes them trans? Before they agree to sterilization shouldn’t they have a good understanding of what the implications of going through life without that entails? The lesson I received over and over again was that life is not fair. You don’t always get your way. And it was delivered without pity because it is true. In time I came to understand it and was grateful for it.

    • Yeah, the size of that thing, unreal !
      If it was any bigger, it would be a full-body penis-suit for a 4 year old!

      • Adrian Says:

        Halloween IS coming up… but seriously, the size on those things shown is crazy if we’re really talking lower elementary kids.

        The one mom from the original Australian article admits she hasn’t seen many little boy penises, it seems maybe she’s being taken in, because yeah, those are way out of scale!

  5. dejavublonde Says:

    o, how shocking. The momma suffers from serious depression and gets reaffirming reactions based on raising a transgender child. momma also is unemployed because of all the work that goes into raising a transgender child and has a gofundme that said child pops into the blog to beg for donations to- excuse me, I mean to state that momma is going to write a book if she can get enough momey. because apparently there is so much more she needs to get gratification for – um, share to the masses about raising a trans child- than what she writes obsessively about on her totally free blog.

    I was, and still am a momma bear. I was well known for being an unstoppable terror when it came to my kid- not just to school officials and bullies and their parents but also to my son. part of being a parent is being able to make rational decisions regarding the long term well being of your child- not just what’s the easiest at the moment and ‘cool’ at the moment.

    and I know these parents would whine back that there is nothing in the history of the world than having a trans child to which I counter that just like not allowing a severely depressed child pull the covers over their head and wallow in their own misery, GETTING LONG TERM HELP for any kind of mental disorder is harder. and healthier. and your responsibility.

    the difference is the same as between a slide and a yoke. you are allowing your child to slide into mental disorder and the day to day things that go along with it are annoying and ‘hard’. but if you ever strapped on a yoke and PULLED your child into healthy mental well being you would see the dramatic difference of what hard actually is. you are lazy and self defeating and revelling in it and you disgust me to my core.

    • KgSch Says:

      She has Munchhausen’s-by-proxy and her daughter the victim. That’s all.The special “trans” child is just the cash cow.

  6. Magdalena Z. Says:

    These people are sending the message that girls are just poor penisless boys, oh how will they fit into the world? How will they pee without a penis? Despite the fact that they have a perfectly functioning organ with which to pee. They are not helping these girls by affirming their hate for their female bodies. I really think it’s these “mommas” that can’t accept their less than feminine acting daughters, though at 4 years old I couldn’t imagine that would be much of a problem, this is pure madness and I can’t think of a worse social experiment being perpetrated against vulnerable children.

    • GallusMag Says:

      HOW WILL THEY PEE without a dildo!

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        Meanwhile I bet big momma is peeing just fine without mental illness inducing accessories.

      • anon male Says:

        If I had to catalog my bathroom habits, my ratio of urinal use vs. toilet use would probably be something like 1:7000, mostly because I’m

        1. hygienic
        2. not homeless
        3. not employed at a sport’s bar

        The fact that FTMs and their parents believe the male experience is otherwise is mind blowing; they might as well be training their daughters to ONLY EVER pee on the sides of buildings like drunk fratboys for maximum dudeness or something.

    • shediogenes Says:

      Note to self:
      -Invent child
      -Put imaginary child through transition
      -Start go fund me and similar sites to troll for
      money in support of trans – imaginary child
      -Retire early
      Parenting a transitioning child seems like the new Internet evangelism

      • Bea Says:

        You can be a trans parent (coercively assigned “childless”) to a trans-existent child. “My invisible child identifies as real!”

  7. This woman is talking as if her daughter cannot pee without a penis. Huh? Women all over the world can pee without penises all the time. We don’t need silicone fetish gear to help us pee. And in fact, trying to pee through silicone fetish gear is much more complicated than just sitting down.

  8. kesher Says:

    Just thinking about how these packers are supposed to alleviate young girls’ nervousness about using the boys’ bathroom, I don’t see how they’re going to do that.

    Prosthetics don’t look like the real thing, and, I’ve found, prosthetics that are kind of realistic give me more of a “what’s going on” reaction than a prosthetic that’s meant to look fake. If I see someone with a prosthetic limb that’s obviously made of metal, I quickly understand what I’m looking at and quickly look away out of politeness. If I see a prosthetic that kind of looks real, but not really, I’ll sometimes find myself peering at it until I realize, “oh, that’s why the ‘skin’ doesn’t quite match the person’s skin tone” or “oh, it’s a prosthetic, that’s why the surface looks different than real skin”. I would imagine, if boys saw these creepy dildos in practice, they’d probably have a similar reaction: “why does that ‘boy’s’ ‘penis’ look so weird?” And I have to give a little shout out to how actual boys are going to feel being visually assaulted by a little girl’s dildo.

  9. splunkydory Says:

    We are told that the penis of a MtF trans child or adult is “female” simply because the person who owns it identifies as such. The “cissexist” claim that “penis is male” is considered transphobic and literal violence against trans women.

    A girl or woman is called a TERF and a bigot if she expresses discomfort seeing, and being seen naked by, a trans person with a penis in her locker room. All of society is expected to accept and respect the penis of a trans woman as a female body part.

    Yet for trans boys, their lack of a penis is seen as a major problem. Why isn’t the same reasoning used to declare their vulvas “male?” Why do trans boys need to conform to society’s ideas about how boys are supposed to look, while trans girls and women are applauded for “broadening the bandwidth” on what it means to be female? These two approaches couldn’t be more polarized.

    So why isn’t the vulva of a FtM trans child “male” simply because the child identifies as such? Why the double standard? I can only come up with one possible reason: misogyny.

    Of course a penis is whatever the owner says it is; that’s the privilege penis-owners enjoy. But those of us who don’t have a penis, whether we identify as cis or trans, are, as always, less than.

    • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

      I was wondering the exact same.

      What happened to “gender is not about genitals” or “not all women are born with vaginas” or “a woman having a penis doesn’t maker her any less of a woman” and all that BS?
      We’ve been told that a man in a wig (i.e. Mr. Lila Perry) can be a “woman”, yet somehow 4 year old girls need a toy-penis to be a “boy”? Talk about a double standard, indeed.

      [Of course this trans thing is all about misogynistic males. Twanzwomen are the ones on the cover of big-name magazines like TIME and Vanity Fair, the ones getting awards like Emmys and ESPYs. They are the ones who get to star their own reality shows and be part of huge TV productions. The holy cows of media, the stunning and braves: the heroes.
      Meanwhile, F2Ts are only treated as sideshow curiosities on, at best, Jerry and Oprah.]

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Brava! I’d love to see the “momma bear” explain that.

  10. So, which “parent” is doing the birdseed-filled cylinder sewing? The Momma Bears? That sounds like a natural Momma Bear job, for bear parents who don’t have penises of their own to pee out of. Papa Bears and everyone else with a penile advantage probably don’t know how to crochet, which is natural. Little girls who it’s looking like you’re going to need to push to force to crochet are actually little boys and need their penis bags crocheted by their female parental handmaidens.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Goldicocks entered the cottage and saw three crocheted birdseed-filled dildos: Mama Bears, Papa Bears, and baby Bears.

    • morag99 Says:

      Hush little daughter, you’re a boy in need
      So Momma’s going to sew you a sack of seed

      And if that sack won’t make them see,
      Momma’s going to buy you a stand-to-pee

      And if that device just makes them talk,
      Momma’s going to buy you a strap-on cock

      And if those bigots dare say “that’s bad,”
      Momma’s going to get herself white-hot mad

      And if my insults don’t make them quiet,
      Momma’s going to start a transgender riot

      And if they still say “this is abuse,”
      Momma’s going to act even more obtuse

      And when they notice all the sickness in ME,
      Momma will keep shouting: “he just needs to PEE!”

  11. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Something about that image “crocheted bird seed filled cylinder” reminded me of my 1970s childhood — it sounds like something you’d see next to a macrame hanging plant holder with cowrie shells worked into it, or a God’s Eye, or a tennis ball container filled with warm fuzzies made from multicolored yarn. I think crocheted bird seed filled cylinders would serve a useful purpose if you hung them from a tree in the back yard, next to the pine cones covered with suet and peanut butter.

    Then I remembered something else about my seventies childhood. I went to a hippie preschool, which had a clothing-optional policy. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly today. (As far as I know, there were no pedos on the staff, and no incidents of abuse, but having a lot of naked kids running around in a semi-public place with a bunch of adults who may or may not have been carefully screened seems is probably a bad idea.)

    However, there was one genuinely good thing about this: any semi-observant kid knew EXACTLY why some kids were referred to as boys, and others as girls. The reason was right out there flapping in the breeze — or not flapping, as the case may be. And it wasn’t a big deal — okay, Johnny has a penis, time to go build something with the Legos…

    Some of the adults at this same hippie preschool had a lot of backwards ideas — one particular incident involving sex-specific party favors has stuck in my memory so well I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Another little girl whose appearance was much more conventionally feminine than mine insisted on choosing her party favor from the boys’ bag (matchbox cars, as opposed to plastic jewelry). Since I’d already gotten a lot of comments about the fact that I never wore dresses, I didn’t dare follow suit — I didn’t want to attract any more gender scrutiny to myself. I did have great admiration for this girl, however. Two of the parent volunteers (both women) had a concerned little talk about her wanting to pull from the boys’ bag, sotto voce. Then one of them said, “I guess it’s all right.”

    Maybe the fact that they let us run around naked helped me realize, at the tender age of 3, that sex roles were arbitrary.

  12. dsgr554 Says:

    So, the ‘story of ‘O’ – is now being retold as the story of a four-year old girl and a strap-on. That is pretty pedophilic. The story of ‘0’ is a 1950s story about a young girl going to a BDSM resort to experience a sexual adventure that changes her life.

    Holy 50 shades, what a Freudian slip.

    As Gallus pointed out, they are selling strap-on dildos and suction cup dildos that have little to do with urination and more to do with adult sex toys.

  13. One commenter over there made an excellent point!

    September 27, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    We are told that the penis of a MtF trans child or adult is “female” simply because the person who owns it identifies as such. The “cissexist” claim that “penis is male” is considered transphobic and literal violence against trans women.

    A girl or woman is called a TERF and a bigot if she expresses discomfort seeing, and being seen naked by, a trans person with a penis in her locker room. All of society is expected to accept and respect the penis of a trans woman as a female body part.

    Yet for trans boys, their lack of a penis is seen as a major problem. Why isn’t the same reasoning used to declare their vulvas “male?” Why do trans boys need to conform to society’s ideas about how boys look, while trans girls and women are encouraged to “broaden the bandwidth” on what it means to be female? These two approaches couldn’t be more polarized.

    So why isn’t the vulva of a FtM trans child “male” simply because the child identifies as such? Why the double standard? I can only come up with one possible reason: misogyny.

    Of course a penis is whatever the owner says it is; that’s the privilege penis-owners enjoy. But those of us who don’t have a penis, whether we identify as cis or trans, are, as always, less than.

    Bring on the “male vulvas”! I doubt we will ever see this, nor any F2Ts going into male changing rooms and flashing all their female parts among naked males. mmmm, wonder why? Answers on a postcard.

    • splunkydory Says:

      I posted that comment here as well, above. Thanks for your kind compliment!

      And, yeah, I’ve been asking that question about female genitals in boys’ rooms for a while now myself. I see so little about FtM, compared to MtFs demanding acceptance in women’s spaces.

      This story is practically the first I’ve seen focusing on FtM trans kids, and sure enough, it’s not about demanding entry and acceptance in men’s spaces WITH THE BODIES THEY HAVE, but with desperate attempts to pass as male-bodied, expressly because they fear male violence if they don’t pass. And their “mommas” are reinforcing and validating that double standard for their children.

  14. Dorothy Says:

    Gallus, I have been reading your blog for the past year now. I’m thankful to have found you, at least I can have a bit of a laugh about this so I don’t completely lose my mind. I also found 4thwavenow thanks to you, which really helps keep me sane. My 17-year-old daughter “identifies” as a guy. I have forbidden her to use hormones or do any surgeries while she’s living with me. I really feel horribly for these kids whose mothers are buying this crap at such young ages. Heck, I remember when I was 5 and I still used to take a bath with my brother. I wanted a penis, too. I would go around with a towel held onto my vulva showing everyone my penis (Of course, I’ve since gotten over wanting a penis). Good thing I didn’t have this “Momma Bear” as my mother. That name, by the way, also reeks of Sarah Palin, ew!!!

  15. Zemskull Says:

    Not only will these prosthetic penises make these young girls appear sexualized, they give a pedophile an “in.” “What’s that toy that you have? Oh, show me how you put it on. Let me help you.” I think we can predict what will happen next.

  16. TERFS suck Says:

    Wow. You people are on a disgusting witch hunt. It must be terrible to have so much hate in your hearts.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      The people who advocated for medically experimenting on and sterilizing children who didn’t adhere to the proper sexual stereotypes to make them appear the opposite sex will be remembered with the same fondness as people who advocated for eugenics.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Witch hunts. Those incidents in which many women died in fires. People who use the word TERF are always telling people (mostly women) to Die In A Fire. Because your all the actual witch hunters.
      Appropriating minorities in the quest to live fetishism 24/7 isn’t cool. Using minors to legitimize your “lifestyle” isn’t cool either. Stop projecting your hate on to us.

    • We’re on a witch rescue mission. At least speaking for myself. “Witches” have been trying to save all kinds of people (including THEMSELVES) for CENTURIES. Just get out of our way, and let us do our good work of getting people to COME TO THEIR SENSES and STOP believing in FAIRY TALES!!!!!!!

      • Let me expand on my comment: Some relevant background:

        Puppet: Turned into a boy.
        Pumpkin: Turned into a carriage.
        Mice: Turned into coachmen.
        Scientist: Turned into a fly.
        Insufficient loaves and fishes: Turned into an abundance of loaves and fishes.
        Frog: Turned into a prince.

        And today, ta-da!

        Men: Turned into women.
        Women: Turned into men.

        I like what John Lennon said: “You think you’re so clever and classless and free / But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.” PEASANTS who believe FAIRY TALES are true.

  17. leeleedesu Says:

    It’s my first post here because I usually just agree with what the rest of you have written and feel no need to complicate matters with my own two cents. I have, though, been reading this blog for years. Gallus, I adore you and your work.

    Anyway, the same question always runs through my head when I see these types of comments like, “The parents need to get mental help, they’re not well, everybody in the trans cult and everyone who supports their delusion needs therapy.”

    The question that always comes up for me is, where are these people going to get this help? Isn’t the medical establishment and the vast majority of mental help professionals just going to reinforce the idea that, for example, kindergarten girls need packers?

    I am not sure. But I don’t think it’s that easy for people to snap out of it when soooooo many signs in society point to The Trans Bible or what have you.

  18. anon male Says:


    For some reason, that papa bear isn’t getting accolades for furthering his son’s gender!

  19. Ashland Avenue Says:

    The whole “momma bear” schtick as used here is a con, and nothing but. It’s warm, fuzzy vocabulary meant to trick people into correlating what this woman is doing with the notion of protection, when it’s actually the opposite…yet more gaslighting from the movement that tries to convince us that women should be A-OK with dicks in our locker rooms. Apparently we’re not supposed to notice the subterfuge. Sometimes I wish I could yell into my computer: “HELLOOOO!!! We SEEEE youuuuu!!”

    • nonny Says:

      TOTALLY. It reminds me of the kind of guy who is always repeating the story of, “You know I’ve got a heart of gold! You know I’m just a big teddy bear! You know I’d do anything for my friends!” And friends will repeat the “aw shucks, what a great guy” bs. Meanwhile he’s a violent drunk or emotionally abusive and doesn’t display any of those traits.

      “Momma bear” type language sounds to me like the Munchausen’s- by-trans- kid version of that. You can go on about your warm fuzzy journey all you want, convince your friends, even convince yourself, but WE SEE YOU. And the other shoe is gonna drop.

  20. bacopa Says:

    Some have commented here that the packer looks like a downscaled model of adult genitals, rather than what a male child of the same age might look like.

    This might be in some ways a good thing. Do we really want boys drafted into an effort to make more realistic packers?

    • prozac Says:

      … Because no one can make a model from pictures? David’s Michelangelo is busy? I said it before and I’ll say it again, adult male genitalia is the last thing that should be in a child’s pants in any form.

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