Free Speech for Men Only at University of Manchester

October 6, 2015

Lesbian Feminist Julie Bindel [photo from twitter]

Lesbian Feminist Julie Bindel [photo from twitter]

The definition of “unsafe” speech is that which emanates from a woman, according to the University of Manchester Student Union, which banned lesbian feminist Julie Bindel from speaking at an October 15 event called ‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’

The University determined that Julie’s feminist view -that gender is a social construct which is harmful to women- makes her an “unsafe” person whose speech “could harm” transgender students. The other speaker scheduled for the event, “men’s rights activist” Milo Yiannopoulos, author of, among other things “Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder: Its sufferers need therapy, not surgery” was given the go-ahead to appear.

Milo Yiannopoulos [photo from twitter]

Milo Yiannopoulos [photo from twitter]

When asked to explain the mind-boggling hypocrisy of their decision to censor, Student Union Women’s Officer Jess Lishak clarified that it was Julie Bindel’s status as a woman and a feminist that made her views dangerous. You can read her statement here:

“Our safe space policy clearly states that we will not allow visiting speakers or members to “say things that are likely to incite hatred against any individual or group based on age, disability, marital or maternity/paternity status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or sexual activity, gender identity, trans status, socio-economic status, or ideology or culture”, Jess Lishak points out in her statement. The policy provides no provision against sex-based discrimination, as sex is not a protected category. Lishak stated that the decision to ban Julie Bindel and allow Milo Yiannopoulos to speak was unanimous among the Executive officers:

Harriet Pugh


Naa Acquah


Hannah McCarthy


Joel Smith


Jess Lishak


Natasha Brooks


Lucy Hallam


Michael Spence


Exec 201516

62 Responses to “Free Speech for Men Only at University of Manchester”

  1. Pf Says:

    The irony, it burns. How can they not see that they just answered their own question with a giant yes? Also, for real? Discrimination against women to protect the feelings of men is totes fine! At a “feminist” conference while denial of rape culture by a man? Also totes fine!!!

    If you need me, I’ll be over at the bar drinking my whiskey straight.

    • If it weren’t for feminists, many of these young women would not have the educational opportunities that they enjoy today. Has any ever had an abortion? Thank the feminists for that. Has any been abused by a partner? Thank the feminists for making that *against the law*. Do any have credit cards in their own names? Thank a feminist for that. How many are routinely, daily sexually harassed without recourse? Thank feminism for bringing that issue to light.

      These young women are clearly NOT feminists. Banning a woman who rejects sex roles yet allowing a man who denies rape is a thing — proves that they are, in truth, anti-feminist.

      Throwing Julie Bindel under the bus to appease the feelings of men who think they are women — even though it’s medically impossible to change biological sex — proves they are anti-feminist.

      We need to reclaim “feminism” as much as we are trying to protect “womanhood.” Men cannot be women. Women who support porn, prostitution and the sterilization of GNC children are not feminists.

      They need to call themselves something else. They are not “liberal feminists,” they are betrayers of women.

      I am not a radical feminist. There’s nothing radical about upholding the principles illustrated in a children’s book 45 years ago.

      I’m a feminist. They are not. They are fauxmenists. They have swallowed the trans BS without question…hook, line and sinker.

      They have lost their minds. They don’t even realize they are insane. I’m living in a Margaret Atwood story. Omg. How can we help them see the light? Must horrible and preventable atrocities occur first? Because future generations *will* see this as barbaric and cruel, and wonder what the he’ll was wrong with “us.”

      • Secret Serval Says:

        They’re doing this in the city where Lydia Becker demanded equal education for girls. Less than 200 metres from the home of the Pankhursts who fought for votes for women. Pissing on their legacy really. If women wanted the vote in 1918 they should have just identified as male obviously!

  2. dejavublonde Says:

    it’s apparently a smash up of nazi Germany and 1984 currently. Bindel’s thoughts may hurt and cause sexual trauma to the trannies but the men’s rights activist is a truth speaker and his thoughts certainly don’t harm women in any way. Free speech is only free if it says exactly what we want it to say.

    I’m having a day as such (even though it’s still early) that I pretty much have to FORCE myself to not feel like ‘fuck ’em, LET them take this as far as they want. let them harm themselves, LET the tide of insanity, sterilization, child abuse, EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of women be erased and perverted, take its full course. I’ll be sitting over here reading ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale and laughing at you idiots.

    I believe I feel like a Jewish person must have in Nazi Germany in the beginning going ‘um, hey, bad things are coming. no, really, I’m telling you, shit’s about to get ugly’. I guess that makes me trans-jewish.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I am very sad to say that most people only understand their own suffering. This support of trans (and, apparently, MRAs) makes them feel good about themselves (“I’m so bloody liberal I boggle my own mind”). Only after they have PERSONALLY suffered from their neoliberal beliefs will they perhaps begin to understand actual feminism.

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  4. ibleedpurple Says:

    Well, this event was organized by the Free Spech and Secular Society of Manchester University ( so this is has the potential to become a political clusterfuck. Libertarian dudebros will use this to pit feminists against each other and leftists have one more talking point to hound uppity women out of political activism. I can already see Yiannopoulos cracking jokes about this… They still think he’s dangerous, too, since his presence warrants additional security and a limitation of available seats but apparently not as dangerous as a veteran feminist campaigner as Bindel.

    I also think Bindel should use this as a wake-up call to realize that no matter how much support she gives to free speech in public it will never unmake the fact that she will be seen as a man-hating, transphobic battleaxe. This especially in light of her withdrawing from Feminism in London because Jane Fae was supposedly no-platformed when he actually withdrew on his own because survivors of prostitution did not feel comfortable with his pro-“sex work” and pro-porn stance. I’m 100% sure she did this to distance herself from “TERFs” but in the end it doesn’t mean anything because trans activists need an enemy. It’s part of their LARPing (kudos to the commenter at 4th Wave who brought this term up!).

  5. sirenpress Says:

    Appeasement makes bullies worse. I was previously–before reading this blog and learning more– more into the ‘slowly, slowly’ moderation and compromise approach, both irl and online. But Julie’s done her best, bent over backwards, tried to be impartial and fair, and still this. It’s unreal. (Though– surely–John will return the favour and fight for her rights to speak at Manchester…)

    Dejavublond, yeah, there is this discomfiting feeling that historically we have been here before. I am jewish and from a progressive cultural tradition of robust debate about all things. It always felt that, as well as being anti-thought, there was something subtly antisemitic about trans-lobby censorship, in seeking to suppress this tradition.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I can see how you see that- I hadn’t thought about my comment in those additional terms previously, thank you for opening my mind a bit further- it’s definitely stuff to think about.

      Originally my comment had more to do scenes in movies dealing with WWII where the Jewish people in a town have heard rumors regarding another town’s/area’s treatment of Jewish people in the beginning of the war. They then proceed to ignore it because it’s hard to think about your neighbor kicking in your door to turn you into the Gestapo for being Jewish. Rumors would filter in of the atrocities being committed and people would poo-poo it thinking ‘surely that must be exaggerated, people don’t do that to their neighbors. and, if they DO, MY neighbors don’t do that’.

      And then after refusing to believe the rumors despite growing evidence they wind up in a concentration camp because of their neighbors.

      And then we, in the present, are stuck with a crappy zombie movie referencing how the Jewish people will forever investigate any rumors no matter how crazy sounding they are forevermore (World War Z, now in my head to forever be said as ‘World War T)

  6. JoannaDW Says:

    So it’s illegal/unethical to exclude people on the basis of ideology and culture…unless it’s radical feminist ideology and lesbian feminist culture? Oh, okay, makes total sense. Smh.

    And I’m horrified that sex is no longer a legally protected category. Along with race it was one of the original protected categories back when women had to fight for their rights (which we’re still fighting for) and were too busy fighting real oppression to cater to males, male privilege, and their lady (real and trans) enablers.

    The more stories I read, the more convinced I am that university education is a waste of time and the more grateful I am that I didn’t demolish my credit getting one.

    • Secret Serval Says:

      Under the Equality Act 2010 sex is a protected characteristic ( gender reassignment is a seperate charateristic) in England and Wales.
      The Union might have their “safe space” policy but the law thankfully still recognises women as a class.

      This is my former university and union. They introduced gender neutral toilets some years ago in the union building (taking away the ladies of course!) despite the wishes of students. Thankfully these particular people only serve a 1 year term but it’s frequently a proving ground for future politicans. They’re independent of the University otherwise I’d be kicking up a fuss about alumni donations.

      • “Under the Equality Act 2010 sex is a protected characteristic ( gender reassignment is a seperate charateristic) in England and Wales.”

        Yes and no. It is years since I read the whole thing, but effectively, ‘gender trumps sex’, so it is a faux category of protection. There was one teeny weeny exception, which IIRC was not in the Act itself, but in the Guidance Notes, and the only exception was peer counselling (like rape/DV). But it did not even specify places like refuge accomodation, so technically, anyone with the LaydeeFeels is permitted.

    • KgSch Says:

      “The more stories I read, the more convinced I am that university education is a waste of time and the more grateful I am that I didn’t demolish my credit getting one.”

      The sad thing is that even though I am in graduate school I kind of have to agree with you. Universities don’t always teach critical thinking. If you go to a more liberal public school, you get taught to parrot one bland vaguely liberal opinion. If you go to a private, more religious school, you get taught to parrot a bland vaguely conservative opinion. You might be interested in this article if you haven’t read it already:

      I do believe that the increasing cost of universities and even community colleges in America is artificial and set up by the ruling class. Universities in California used to be free before Reagan was governor and now they are really expensive. Even so universities are part of the patriarchal system. I suggest that unless you are actually in a field of study where you have a reasonable chance of getting a job with your degree, or you have a “free-ride” you may not want to bother.

      My brother dropped out of college because he didn’t want to get a ton of debt for getting an English degree and our parents weren’t too happy. But, I have to side with him. My brother is interested in working in the restaurant industry and you can make a good living there if you have connections. Which he does.

  7. sadmillennial Says:

    I guess it shows how terrified the establishment is of people who make too much sense. Cant have people questioning the nonsense of gender stereotypes. Apparently they didnt find the MRA guy to be too intellectually threatening. But the trans community cant handle a real feminist because she challenges the laydee brain nonsense. And thinking critically is something that is sadly unpopular.

    One should wonder if the trans people are right, and people are routinely “born in the wrong body” as some kind of medical accident, why is it that prior to the existence of sex reassignment in popular culture, there werent scores of little children threatening to or actually mutilating their genitals or feeling the need to have a pants bulge in grade 2? We dont hear about routine child suicide throughout history either. We always hear how it is life or death for the kids. And since changing your sex is impossible, then people who transition who experience relief and happiness…arent they actually admitting that it really is the social and cosmetic factors that alleviate their dysphoria? Not some metaphysical male or female soul. Because they have not and never will change their sex. It is all social dynamics and cosmetic accoutrements. Thats all the gender hooplah really is.

    Women like Bindel or Gallus who see femininity for what it is must be terrifying to them. It exposes the lie that all the gender stuff they are so obsessed with is actually not hardwired into females. There is no feminine essence of the soul, and not all females want to be subordinate to “masculinity”, and there is no gene for makeup and heels. They dont have a medical condition. Theyre just plain old humans like everyone else living in a profoundly sexist society.

    • Christopher Says:

      “One should wonder if the trans people are right, and people are routinely “born in the wrong body” as some kind of medical accident, why is it that prior to the existence of sex reassignment in popular culture, there werent scores of little children threatening to or actually mutilating their genitals or feeling the need to have a pants bulge in grade 2? We dont hear about routine child suicide throughout history either. We always hear how it is life or death for the kids.”

      They have an answer for that. They have their own made up, bullshit, imaginary history of civilization, in which trans folk have always been with us, and have been front and center in world events, carrying the torch of humanity for all us lesser cis folk.

      See here:

      You’ll notice that for this nonsensical version of history to make sense, we have to include everyone from the prophet Tiresias (a figure out of myth and legend) to Joan of Arc as being trans.

      Joan of Arc wasn’t simply a strong, tough, brave, heroic female, you understand. She was a trannie! this is how their silly game is played. Absolutely any historical figure who was in way gender non conforming, from The Amazons (I.e. Belonging to Greek mythology) to Ameilia Earhart (a real person) gets claimed for the ranks of the transgendered. Unsurprisingly, this trans historian sees exactly what he/she wants to see: a historical record chock full of trans people. That these “people” are actually fictional characters in poems and novels, or are simply intersexed hernaphrodites, or eunuchs serving in imperial courts, or your garden variety butch lesbian or effeminate gay man, doesn’t seem to register with these purveyors of utterly fraudulent historical scholarship.

      • Christopher Says:

        Here’s some examples of “transgenders in history” ths trans advocate uses to “prove” that trans people have always been with us and are as natural and normal as the air we breathe:

        1654 — Queen Christina of Sweden abdicates the throne and takes on a male persona, “Count Dohna.”

        Early 18th Century — The epithet “Molly” originates with “molly houses,” a term for effeminate gay brothels, noted for the presence of crossdressing. The name itself seems to originate as a combination of the female name Mary with the Latin “mollis,” meaning soft, effeminate.

        1755 — The first openly lesbian and transgender person, Charlotte Clarke, comes out by publishing “A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Charlotte Clarke (Youngest Daughter of Colley Cibber, Esq.).” In the autobiography, Clarke, a flamboyant cross-dressing actress during a time in which male impersonation was a popular form of entertainment (even if still very much taboo), relates many scandalous things, including her relationship with her “wife,” “Mrs. Brown.” Although quite famous after this publication, Clarke passes away three years later, penniless and destitute.

        Note that he’s basically suggesting that any kind of behavioural or even merely SARTORIAL non-conformity is evidence of a transgender mindset! So Charlotte Clarke is “the first openly lesbian AND transgender person” – she’s not just a lesbian, she’s also trans. On what basis does he designate her trans?!? Well, just because she liked to cross dress. On that absurdly flimsy basis, she gets automatically claimed for the ranks of the historical transgendered.

        How long before we learn that Sappho was really a straight transman, I wonder? It’s only a matter of time.

      • kesher Says:

        There is a presence of extremely gender non-conforming men throughout history, but these men were not considered women, and they were often excluded from everyday life in some way. Trans activists should be careful what they wish for when they point to these outcasts, often eunuchs, as evidence of trans throughout history. Our society might get inconvenient ideas about MTTs being castrated femulators and not any kind of woman (trans or “real”).

      • dejavublonde Says:

        so, by their current terminology , Charlotte was born a man? isn’t that what trans lesbian means or have we had another word change? they really dont get how if even they can’t keep their stupid definitions straight, how do they think anyone else is going to invest the time to? or, is it a case of baffle them with bullshit?

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        I could imagine that pretty clearly biologically rooted phenomena like same-sex attraction and autogynephilia surface throughout history, but I have no idea how you’d identify those phenomena and separate them out from look-alike stuff (e.g. situational same-sex sex, subcultures where men don clothing typically worn by women).

        Plus, even a recent historical person like Christine Jorgenson melded together to a high degree what we’d separate out into gay and trans, if you read interviews of the time.

  8. ephemeroptera Says:

    Socio-economic class is also a protected category, according to the statement.

    So, would a speaker who said financial elites were manipulating politics get banned, bc it’d foster resentment towards that class of person?

    These types of policies preclude tough, necessary conversations and give oppressors a get-out-of-jail-free card.

  9. Cady Says:

    Julie Bindel is a treasure, a gift to all women. Her continual courage in the face of such ignorant, confused and just plain stupid thinking is admirable. She continues through the threats, the slander, the attempts to silence her and all radical and radical lesbian feminists, to expose the raw misogyny of a patriarchy that continues to oppress, dominate and silence women in every way it can: the creation of sex-role stereotypes (gender), violence against women, pornography, trafficking…and on and on. These poor young women of the student group don’t realize how their thinking has been so stunted and messed up by the patriarchy. It is sad. They repress the woman who struggles for their freedom, and who should be a role model to them, and instead listen to misogynist mra’s and delusional men who impersonate women and weep about their hurt feelings when the truth is pointed out: that they are born men and will always be men. The craziness is getting beyond comprehension. One doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Certainly we must be outraged and support Julie and all proud radical feminists and lesbians.

  10. I am devastated.

    Let’s get some things out of the way. I support Julie Bindel. I advertised her fundraiser on Mancheeze so that she could travel and research the sex industry and women’s lives within that industry.

    However, the whole FiL thing just made my stomach turn. Here she is, standing against the very feminists, the very women who have supported her. She stood behind the claims that women were bullying a man. Jane Fae is a man!

    Yes, she probably did it as a political move to show she’s not a TERF but look where that got her?

    I say fuck it. Stop kowtowing to men and start loudly proclaiming your views. Stop trying to appease men in frocks because it won’t make a fucking difference.

    Take a stand and stick to it.

    You’re gonna get no platformed anyway when you say gender is bullshit.

    This incident highlights exactly what’s wrong with the liberal feminist movement and it should be SHOUTED from the rooftops.

    • Liberal Feminism is neither.

      Heh…mom had a button like that about the “moral majority”.

    • Cady Says:

      House Mouse Queen: thank you for speaking about Bindel and the FIL, and I agree with you. I hadn’t heard that. To give Bindel the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she was trying to be consistent in her opposition to no platforming. But I agree she should not have withdrawn from a feminist event and for a man pretending to be a woman who shouldn’t have been invited in the first place. This mistake, though, does not negate the important work she is doing.

  11. @Gallus, “The other speaker scheduled for the event, “men’s rights activist” Milo Yiannopoulos, author of, among other things “Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder: Its sufferers need therapy, not surgery” was given the go-ahead to appear.”

    This is utterly insane. Milo Yiannopoulos was invited but not Julie Bindel.

    According to Milo, gay rights has made us dumber, and gay men and lesbians need to return to a 1950s like nuclear family. Milo Yiannopoulos is an attention seeking men’s rights advocate who appears regularly in the conservative Breitbart website.

    “Forcing gays back into the closet also solves the problem of what happens to children when they have two dads or two moms. Children raised in gay households are more likely to suffer mental problems, more likely to end up gay themselves and, if raised by lesbians, almost certain to witness domestic abuse. (*he even links to another Breitbart article entitled “Attack of the Killer Dykes”),

    Gay men and lesbians need to breed more because Muslims disapprove of homosexuality and tend to have larger families. Good white people can’t let the Muslims out breed us. Yiannopoulos really has some serious issues with Muslims. I mean serious issues. This paragraph is doozie.

    “It’s also worth considering the fact that the entire Muslim world is virulently homophobic, so men there continue to reproduce like rabbits. (Except in Iran, of course, where they get sex changes instead.) When Muslims move west, they bring their attitudes with them, so there’s a reason Mohammed will soon be the most popular boy’s name in many western countries.

    Unless we want to fall behind the emerging superpowers in the east, and the Muslim world, we should follow their example and encourage gay men to keep having children and raising them in traditional nuclear family structures, whatever their private proclivities. I hate to exaggerate, but you might say that the future of the West sort of depends on us faggots leaping back in the closet and churning out a few kids.”

    Gay men and lesbians need to leap back in the closet and churn out a few more kids because we can’t trust the Muslims. They breed like rabbits. Nothing homophobic or Muslim hating about it at all. He is shock jock and rabid men’s rights activists. This is why Breitbart can’t get enough of him. Sometimes he calls himself a “flamboyant fag”, and I don’t know if he is really gay or not. One thing is for certain. The conservative Breitbart must love him to pieces because he is more anti-feminist than the most conservative Republican. He also has some very conservative ideas about gay men and lesbians. I’m talking about circa 1950s and earlier. So, we have a flamboyant guy who sometimes calls himself a fag, but he thinks like Rush Limbaugh.

    Not only do gay men and lesbians need to churn out more kids, everyone knows that boys are smarter than girls.

    “Sorry, Girls! But The Smartest People In The World Are All Men’

    “We’re constantly told that sexism and stereotypes are what hold women back in maths (*it’s math not maths), engineering and tech. But it’s a lie. The real reason there aren’t more female astrophysicists is that the number of really, really smart girls is minuscule.

    This is what this pompous ass says,

    “I am sufficiently “dangerous” to the “safety” of University of Manchester students that I have to be surrounded by security and any event that features me must be ticketed and the number of seats restricted, according to that university’s Student Union.”

    The empty heads shown above have it all backwards. Julie Bindel and women need to be protected from attention seeking pompous men like Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo is a pit bull men’s rights advocate, and he gets off on it.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      Milo, what a guy… he’s one of the many reasons I dont trust conservative men to “save” women from trans politics.

    • fabmind Says:

      Icing on the cake is that it looks like the people who denied Julie Bindel know all this. The officer who allowed him to speak called him a “professional misogynist” but apparently he knows how to criticize “theories” instead of “calling for active discrimination against women”… Isn’t this what funfems call tone policing? So much for free speech..

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      I hate to exaggerate, but you might say that the future of the West sort of depends on us faggots leaping back in the closet and churning out a few kids.

      Why can’t these loudmouths ever take their own advice? Lead the way back to the closet, Milo, lead the way. We can’t miss you if you never leave.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        oh please, don’t encourage Milo to breed… Maybe he can shack up with one of those fuck dolls and be a fake heterosexual that way.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Why do we keep pretending gay men are our friends? They may be oppressed under the current version of patriarchy, more or less depending on the culture, but gay men very much benefit from being in the dominant class. They reap male privilege by the spadeful. In more oppressive cultures they may have to stay in the closet and do their part to help the alpha males keep women down but the patriarchal agenda is not necessarily homophobic. If gay men as a whole ever decided to actually support women in our struggles, patriarchy’s days would be numbered. The reason they don’t and never will is because patriarchy is their team even if sometimes they have to sit on the sidelines or be water boys. Plus they know what a lot of men know, there are no straight men in foxholes, to paraphrase a famous saying. A lot of the guys who play the straight role officially are bi or closet cases and are just doing what they need to do to access succession and status. So let’s not kid ourselves.

      • KgSch Says:

        Thank you! Gay men are oppressed under the current patriarchy but they can still reap benefits from it, being men. They aren’t going to ally with women to end it en masse, especially not lesbians. It is foolish to think that they or any other group of men will. Even before the trans cult got so big, most LGB orgs did little to help lesbians. So much is spend on AIDS with some directors of those charities (like other big charities) walking away with 100K+ salaries. Lesbians rarely get AIDS but we do get a lot of cancer and poverty. Yet these orgs seem to spend most of their money on making sure that middle class and up gay men could get a better deal from patriarchy with promotion of marriage and surrogacy (reproductive slavery). I do support marrying for financial/legal reasons as temporary measure until everyone is granted equal rights regardless but it is still a system that treats women like property.

        Make no mistake, any organization led by men is going to put women last in quite possibly act against our interests.

  12. Christopher Says:

    Milo Y has openly, cheerfully dismissed trannies as mentally ill freak shows who want to lop their own cocks off. And yes, he uses the word “trannies,” not “Transgendered.” The cock-chopping quote is also real, he said it in a podcast interview with Joe Rogan. In the same interview, he claimed the mainstreaming of transgenderism is paving the way for the mainstreaming of pedophilia.

    Kind of silly to say Julie Bindel’s views threaten the safe spaces of trans students, yet Milo Y’s views somehow don’t?!?

    (Not that I disagree much with his stated opinions on transgenders, mind you, but it’s worth noting that his expressed hostility to them is greater than Bindel’s.)

    • I know nothing about this Milo character, but I like that he uses the word “trannie.” Has Janet Mock ever been schooled for calling women fish? And why do today’s kids think it’s ok at call me a dyke…do they not know that’s a slur? I blame the Ts and genderqueers for making it synonymous with lesbian.

      I also agree that the Ts are paving the way to pedophilia being considered a sexual orientation by the mainstream. Of course predators can catch more prey disguised as women — it happened to me. It’s the oldest ploy in the books…see Little Red Riding Hood.

      The Ts say that children are old enough to know if they should have a sex change. Next, they’ll say children are old enough to consent to sexual relations.

      I said in another thread I think we need to unite with our political opponents to defeat T. I would do everything I could to help save the life of a child, irrespective of their parent’s political beliefs. If I saw a car wreck, I would not query the victims’ political affiliations before helping. The same with protecting girls from men in bathrooms, or preventing gay children from being medically “straightened” out.

      I wish we could have a debate with these so called liberal feminists. Their arguments hold no water at all.

  13. The unsanity of trans and their supporters has hit astronomical heights with this one—no-platform a feminist for being transgender critical, but keep an MRA who has said far worse about trans = a-ok?

    I knew that Bindel pulling out of FIL because of the ‘non-no-platforming’ pro-pedophilia M2T “Jane Fae” would not work. Bindel has tried everything to get them off her back, to the extent of being friends with, and apologising to, them. It has made no difference, they (trans/supporters) still treat her like dirt and call for her to be no-platformed at every event.

    This is because, you cannot reason with abusers/terrorists/bullies. Any ‘give’ on your part is seen as a sign of weakness, and they won’t stop, they just keep demanding more. That old expression, give them an inch, they will take a mile. Patriarchy is like a global DV situation for women, you cannot appeal to an abuser, he will just get worse. It is also an exact mirror for the situation that TGC feminists face, but with added handmaidens joining in.

    We may as well be true to ourselves, and not compromise our politics.

    • endthewoo Says:

      Julie Bindel does do a lot of good work for women. She is also part of the media-luvvie-London bubble where she is more than happy to spend time having a few friendly drinks and chat with Milo/Paris/”Jane” – while sweeping the damage that these very nasty, very disturbed men do under the carpet. I have no respect for that, it does leave many women feeling very betrayed, and it is not even a good strategy politically as these men are never, ever interested in whatever compromise is naively hoped for.

  14. Meg Says:

    Milo Yiannopoulos has a long history of abusive speech towards women and girls that has done nothing but encourage rape and death threats, yet Julie Bindel does not get to speak? Because transphobia? Oh bullshit!

  15. As for the cowardly people who invited Milo but banned Julie, maybe they are all secretly as misogynistic as he is, or are empty headed handmaidens and Marthas. Jess Lishak, the “Women’s Officer”, this post is especially for you. Ms. Lishak, “Women’s Officer”, I hope you realize you can be replaced by a “hot robot” any day.

    This is from the conservative website Breitbart.

    “The student SS went on to proclaim that I was “sufficiently dangerous” that the event must now be held in a closed environment, with tickets, added security and a maximum number of seats. Apparently a flamboyantly gay columnist represents a threat to someone… somehow. Me, dangerous? Dangerously sexy perhaps.”

    So, they are going to have added security, the event must be in a closed environment, etc. so this pompous jack ass can speak. Then these nitwits ban a feminist like Julie. He calls himself a “flamboyantly gay columnist” who has written multiple articles for Breitbart which is ultra conservative, homophobic, and anti-feminist. Milo is the equivalent of a brash opportunistic gay Uncle Tom who would sell out gay men and lesbians in a heart beat for a few dollars. His articles appear in Breitbart where he titillates homophobes with stereotypes of gay men, and especially lesbians and evil men hating feminists.

    In one Breitbart article, he says gay men should breed more because Muslims breed like rabbits and threaten western civilization (see earlier post). Then, he says men don’t really need women for sex anymore because a “hotter robot” will do just fine. Read some of his articles and what people say about him. Milo, if gay men and lesbians are supposed to breed more to protect us from Muslim overpopulation, how are people going to reproduce if men are better off diddling a robot? I’m just a dumb girl and I don’t know how this works? Any suggestions?

    Breitbart Columnist Milo Yiannopoulos: “I Went Gay So I Didn’t Have To Deal With Nutty Broads”

    “Notorious British homocon and raging misogynist Milo Yiannopoulos is writing for Breitbart these days and today he explains why he “went gay,” why women are inherently less intelligent, why the female orgasm is a myth, and why sex robots will replace the need for girlfriends. Seriously. Here’s a sample:

    “Most of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads. Imagine how much worse they’re going to get when the passive aggressive manipulation tactics stop working because the guy can get himself off with a thinner, hotter robot any time he wants to. They’re going to go mental. In the West, women are surging ahead into positions of dominance in the media, the arts, academia, politics, you name it. Some people will find this offensive, but: matriarchy is a problem for the rest of us. As feminist critic Camilla Paglia so memorably put it, if civilisation had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. When men start checking out en masse, as is already happening, you can say good-bye to all of society’s best astrophysicists, mathematicians, philosophers, composers and chess players. Scientific progress will effectively stall, because men are just as happy beating a video game as they are solving the riddles of the universe — and they’ll take the entertainment option if they have no interest in impressing women. Women will not take men’s places in these disciplines, because there simply aren’t enough women with IQs over 120. Again, sorry if you find that offensive, but it’s just a fact. IQ isn’t a perfect measure, by any means, but it’s the best gauge we have of whether someone can perform the higher-level functions needed to be a game-changing scientist or transcendently brilliant artist.”

    I bet the real reason he said he “went gay” and all is because what woman in her right mind would want a loud obnoxious ass like him. He prefers blow up dolls/hot robots/love dolls, whatever (they don’t speak), and envisions a world of thin “hot robots” with big boobs.

    Hey, look there are “Real Doll” “Love Doll” men too. I bet Milo really gets off on that. The finest “Real Doll” costs about $6,000.

    “RealDoll 2 features advanced weight reduction without sacrificing the feel of the doll, two patented styles of interchangeable faces (Magnetic face and full head style FaceX systems), 7″ deep removable mouth inserts, optional removable vagina inserts for ease of hygiene and maintenance, and an ever expanding line of faces and bodies continually added to the RealDoll2 collection to expand your future options.

    Coupled with engineering improvements in our skeleton system, including stainless steel parts and tooled aluminum fingertip guards, these new dolls have developed a great reputation and set new standards in the doll industry; And only with the patented Realdoll FaceX system can you easily purchase future faces to create an entirely new persona for your doll in seconds.”

  16. keeva99 Says:

    i am seriously flabbergasted.

  17. Jummy Says:

    I can only say the role for which the Student Union selected Yiannopoulos is as a target for acceptable hate. If you envy him that, I wish you luck in overtaking him. As they said, a feminist woman is more dangerous to their agenda.

    • desertplaces Says:

      At first I simply couldn’t understand this decision, but this seems right – Yiannopouls is meant to be the heel. He’s an MRA caricature, a convenient buffoon invited to say outrageous things that will make the audience go “boo hiss” and nothing more. He would only affirm their conviction that anyone who might suspect that “modern feminism” actually does have a problem with free speech (BY WOMEN) can safely be ignored.

      The only danger posed by allowing Julie Bindel to speak is that people might actually listen to her. Of course, the University administration has provided the flimsiest, most insulting justification for banning her, ironically answering the question she was originally invited to discuss with a resounding “YES.”

    • endthewoo Says:

      Jummy talking crap as usual. Milo was not invited by the SU but by the freespeech society. This is a group with plenty of “libertarians” in their ranks, who would be more than happy to cheer on Milo and his tabloid shit-stirring misogyny and racism.

      The SU never selected Milo and have put restrictions on his appearance while blocking Bindel outright to in order show their right-on credentials

  18. FreeFromSexPozzies Says:

    I think I’m going to write to everyone of those smug little ignorant handmaidens in the group above. I won’t bother with the men- I don’t expect shit from them. But those women ought o know better. Banning Julie is bad, but allowing an MRA? What’s wrong with them?

    I know it’s probably a waste of people’s time, but I think they deserve loads of critical emails.

  19. ibleedpurple Says:

    Looks like Yiannopoulos has been banned now, too: The union says it has been informed of some of his opinions about trans people and rape survivors. I wonder how… It could not be this website, could it. (They even cite the article Yiannopoulos wrote on GRS mentioned some comments above.)

    • Biscuit Says:

      Gotta love the irony in banning people from an event on free speech.

      The event is called, “Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” I guess that question is answered by the fact that a feminist (Julie Bindel) was banned from the event.

  20. Magdalena Z. Says:

    It’s obvious they are not allowing Julie Bindel to speak because they have zero actual arguments to make against her position. In their deepest hearts they know she is right. But they allow a rape apologist to speak because they can then shout him down and get all “sisterhood” oh excuse me sibling-hood on him and pretend that they have actually changed anything. Meanwhile how many young women are attacked or sexually harassed on campus, where is the concern for their feelings over allowing an MRA to air his woman hate? They remind me of beat-down brainwashed women who get beat up by their partner regularly but then attack anyone who intervenes to save them, it’s just sick.

  21. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Milo? Sonny Crockett called and he wants his wardrobe back. I think milo & all men should seriously look into the robot thing it would save women from having to put up them.

  22. Meg Says:

    Yiannopoulos routinely accuses feminists of being sociopaths and pretends there is no rape culture. He is now using his banning to accuse feminists of not respecting free speech. To hell with him. I am not happy about Julie Bindel being censored but if she is censored so should he be. He is so toxic it’s unbelievable. He has not one single shred of understanding of what human rights are.

    • endthewoo Says:

      He really is vile and, unlike JB, he has a mass following of nasty pro-violent misogynists and racists who will be going out into the world causing harm (not hurt feelings, actual harm), fuelled by the propoganda Milo and other MRA/rightwing/redpiller types dish out

    • NJkloj Says:

      Yes, but it is criminal to even put Julie and this shithead in the same sentence. He is violent misogynist who should be in jail because he was the main harasser of Anita, she had to move from her home 3 times. He lead an army of subhuman basement jerks who harassed her with death and rape threats every day. Even the FBI questioned him. So is he there to speak how his free hate speech almost killed a woman. Julie should be there, but he should have never been invited, he should be in jail, not on stage.

  23. KgSch Says:

    If anyone needs more proof that the trans movement can’t function without its women helpmates doing the dirty work, here’s your proof.

    I agree with another comment here that they invited Yiannopoulos because he’s so horrible that it almost verges on parody, so now they can unite in sister-hood (oops, sibling-hood. Sister hood is transphobic even though trans women are women [insert 100 pages of circular logic here]).

    Endthewoo is correct. Radical feminists are “violent” for saying no to men, but men are the ones committing the actual violence as usual. The hypocrisy of this student organization just astounds me.

    I’ll confess that I haven’t been following Bindel that closely, but if she has made any concessions to not appear to be a “terf” she should stop. You give these people an inch and they’ll take a mile. Not being a mindless robot who parrots they’re views 100% means that you deserve death, so why bother to agree with any of their bullshit.

  24. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Bradley Manning speaks from prison. Doesn’t think he can survive his haircut.
    View story at

  25. kfb3 Says:

    I am sad to report that this does not surprise me. I heard a news story on NPR a few weeks ago on the sexual assault awareness campaigns that some colleges are trying to start. A young woman who was interviewed said, in essence, that she did not pay attention to the surveys and information because she had not been assaulted personally, so it did not apply to her. This is the crux of the issue with modern feminism! There is no unity, no understanding that women as a class are oppressed and we need to band together to protect ourselves!

  26. GallusMag Says:

    Andrew “Roz” Kaveney. Reporting on the censors is wrong, apparently. Interesting POV from the free speech champion of his beloved “extreme” pornography.

  27. Susan Nunes Says:

    Germaine Greer is being censored for merely calling men in dresses men:

    “The Cardiff crazies trying to prevent Greer from giving a lecture at their Uni next month even call her ‘misogynistic’, on the basis that she ‘misgenders trans women’ (ie, she thinks people with dicks are men). So a man in a frock [Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner] is hailed as a great woman, while Germaine Greer is branded a misogynist. Where does one even begin to unpick such unhingedness?”

    The world is indeed insane.

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