Transgender youth group leader charged with rape and strangulation of a minor

October 9, 2015


Parents of kids who yearn to be the opposite sex are constantly told to trust the gender experts. Trust the doctors. Trust the caring people who run support groups for these unhappy teenagers. They (and your kid) know best. “Born in the wrong body” is a real thing (despite no actual evidence to prove it), and despite the fact that even the experts admit they don’t know what the long term outcomes will be for children given puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.

Clearly, not every parent is on board with pediatric transgenderism. This blog is frequented by skeptical parents. And you can find other doubtful moms and dads in corners of the Internet, agonizing on advice forums, or pushing back in the comments thread of one of the many trans-kid media portrayals.

Young people with “unsupportive” parents are encouraged by adult trans activists to turn their backs…

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40 Responses to “Transgender youth group leader charged with rape and strangulation of a minor”

  1. wildwomyn Says:

    The sad part is that these transgender “women” are skewing criminal statistics on women. Women aren’t committing these crimes, men are. Name the problem: male violence.

    • Lizzie Says:

      That’s an excellent point, and one I hadn’t consider with all the creepiness in that mugshot. That’s something we need to be asking: how much of female criminality is actually female? Because it’s looking like all the men’s rights morons crowing about women being, like, just as violent as men u gaize is full of it. (It always was, but it’s nice to be able to point out how their data is just wrong.)

  2. Biscuit Says:

    So horrible. I can’t stand the way the media refers to this predator as a “woman”.

    Note also that this pervert has that awful smirk in every single picture on that site. That fucking smug, ugly smirk.

  3. southwest88 Says:

    Spoke to person who helps compile crime statistics for my state. She said they take the sex from the police report, so the only way to make sure crimes are reported accurately is to make some law to be sure police do not put men down as women or women down as men. May have to contact my state rep. on this next. She also said there are no plans to make a “trans” column for crime statistics in our state. So, in one state out of 50, we depend on the initial crime reports to be accurate with no real way to tell whether they are or not. Will take years to see how much men claiming to be women skew the data – waiting for the coming article: women’s crime rate skyrocketing, is feminism to blame?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for making that call!

    • prozac Says:

      It really, really bothers me that people are able to “amend” things like birth certificates. To me this is a falsification of data and is as wrong as changing your birthday. I know within government they can tell the certificates have been amended but still. I honestly think they should only be able to change to tf or tm or x. All this neo liberal, my feelings are reality bullshit is fucking scary, and it is producing people with no capacity for critical thought, as is its aim. We need to hold onto concrete, objective reality as long as we can. Resist!

      • ITA, and frankly, am shocked that men are allowed to do that post 9/11.

      • Trish Says:

        I never even thought of that, but I had my name legally changed (using a shortened version of my birth name), they didn’t go back and change the name on my birth certificate – the court game me papers that showed that My Birth Name was changed to My New Name, which linked the two, and which I took to the DMV, my health insurer, etc.

        As for the comment below about letting born men put a F on their birth certificate in a post 9/11 world – you are so right it scares me.

        All anyone who legitimately wants to live at the opposite gender would need would be a court document similar to name change documents. We already have a system to take care of alterations to certain facts of a person’s identity.

  4. Pf Says:

    Huh. Smirking cross-dressing men who seek out children are likely to not be actually the best people to have such access. Who could have called THAT?! (Only anyone with a modicum of common sense. But common sense and seeing what is actually happening rather than what the man in a dress tells you is happening is totes transphobic.)

  5. NJkloj Says:

    More men especially MRA Nazis are supporting trans just because of this- they can sexually harass and rape a woman and in the statistic it will be included that woman raped other woman. So they killed a bird with two stones- They can now rape more easily, because we have to be with them in same bathrooms, and it is going to look like women rape almost as much as men. This shitheads and subhumans for years try to spread blatant lies, how most rapes are false, and how women rape as much as men, and they will now use this for their shitty proof.

  6. KgSch Says:

    Yet more blaming women for a man committing rape. Very few trans media outlets are reporting this, except the one that probably got the story from the fourth wave blog and are now just congratulating themselves for it.

    I am glad to see that most of the people reading the news article online are pointing out that he’s a man. One person thought he was a woman because the article said so and was confused. This is why the media not lying about the sex of these rapists is important.

    Looks like the parents of that teenager who this guy tried to “rescue” were right in pressing charges. I hope he doesn’t get out of jail free or get put into the women’s jail

  7. @southwest,

    “Will take years to see how much men claiming to be women skew the data – waiting for the coming article: women’s crime rate skyrocketing, is feminism to blame?”

    This is exactly what they will do. This serves both the interests of rabid misogynistic feminist bashing MRAs as well as transgender organizations. They will say, “Look, women are just as violent and predatory as men”. Don’t say men are violent (most violent crime is committed by males – look at all the school shooting), and don’t worry about males in women’s personal space.

    Accurate data and statistics really do matter because we need this to make informed decisions and public policy.

    • Biscuit Says:

      I think you are exactly right on this. That’s why it bugs me so much to see the media refer to this person as a “woman.” Not even a trans-woman (which most people will realize is a man in drag), but just a “woman.”

  8. toppdyke Says:

    No parent should trust anyone willing to put a knife at the healthy genitals of their children. Common sense would be keep these pervs away from children.

  9. nniilate Says:

    I’m a late 30s married straight woman and some of the things I heard in my young dating life from straight men that seemed harmless or even amusing then are extremely creepy and scary now.

    If I had breasts I would never leave the house
    I wish I were a Lesbian
    I’m a Lesbian trapped in a man’s body

    All said in a weird way to be funny and maybe they thought they were flattering women but creepy now.

    I’m sorry to all of you for the times in my youth I ever found those funny or just laughed because I thought it was expected of me

  10. Bea Says:

    Duuuuuude….”Juliana Tourmaline Fialkowski” was being held on charges of child pornography!!

    “Julianna Fialkowski had been arrested for alleged possession, reproduction, distribution, solicitation, and facilitation of child pornography”!!

    Are you fucking kidding me??

    • Bea Says:

      His real name is Joseph David Fialkowski, just FYI.

      • nemesister Says:

        And under any name, NOT a woman. A woman did not commit these crimes. These rapes and attempted murder were committed by a man who thinks he’s a woman.

        We need to remind people of that, every single time they try to say a woman did this.

  11. Siobhan Says:

    Whenever any adult runs a support group for young teens, people usually know to watch carefully for signs of grooming – the adult takes particular interest in more vulnerable children, the adult convinces the child that they understand him or her in ways the parents do not, the adult tries to establish himself as a helping friend, the adult casts doubt among others about whether the parents of the victim are themselves “abusive,” etc.

    This man showed EVERY SIGN. This newspaper was fawning over him (BTW, there were some good comments but the paper removed them all and closed comments) and adults around him completely ignored all the signs. Why? Because it has been so drilled into everyone that “transgender” is sacrosanct, that only transgenders have any idea what a child claiming gender identity issues is going through, and, if we prevent a child from getting and doing exactly what the transgender says, the child will kill himself or herself.


  12. RR Says:

    I couldn’t reply on the 4thway page, but in the comments someone mentioned that transgender was a “grass roots movement” and that could not be further from the truth. Transgender is part of LGB in name only. Gayness was not a medical invention and does not make one dependent on hormones and medical surgeries for life.

    The Transsexual Empire (the bane of so many transgenders who have never read the book still but vehemently disagree) is Janice Raymond’s term for the psychiatric and surgical specialists responsible for pathologising a set of “cross-gender” behaviors and treating it medically as a disorder of transsexualism. Gallus has done one or more great posts on it here, but it is an important book in seeing the birth of the monster stomping on women and children today. Transsexualism has (d)evolved into the looser, and more profitable umbrella of transgenderism and the Transgender Empire profits thousands of “gender therapists”, endocrinologists, and pedo-, I mean pediatric MDs, cosmetic surgeons, “professional” activists and baby dildo distributors. Pharmaceutical interests fund WPATH and WPATH sets the “standards of care” for “treatment” which includes pharmaceuticals almost 100% of the time for every (self)”diagnosed” transgender. This is like Monsanto being the world authority on food safety standards and sustainable farming practices.

    The transgender narrative is being pushed hard and strong into the mainstream because it generates profit and can potentially generate much, much more. Elected officials, in their sponsorship of pro-gender, anti-female legislation, and media outlets, pumping out ‘inspiring’ stories of the brave new world of “trans kids”, are paid advertisers for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical lobby is a giant among giant DC lobbying interests by a huge margin. Big Pharma salivates to get kids as young as 11 and 12 as lifelong dependents on their stuff. They were given a seat at the table during negotiations for the ACA and their money is obvious in the push for hormones and genital mutilation coverage under Medicaid. We haven’t seen the first 15-year old to sterilize themselves without parental consent in Oregon yet this year, but surely Pedobear Burleton with announce it soon with some revolting shit-eating smile on his pig face.

    I think the transgender narrative is an easy sell to many folks that are very comfortable with the strict gender roles that transgenderism reinforces, but the bottom line is profit, not progress. I heard Bill Maher on his show say that Pharma controls the US gov as much as any Mexican cartel does and this is truth. Transgenderism is a state-sponsored movement because Pharma has Uncle Samantha’s dick in a vice.

    Sorry if this is OT, but really this pervert is just one of so many hiding in this nest of corporate greed and abuse.

  13. Margie Says:

    My predictions:

    – Roderick “Laverne” Cox will do a video celebrating Julianna, just as he did for trans child rapist/killer Synthia China Blast.

    – Julianna’s attorney will explain to the jury that he is not guilty because the so-called victim’s refusal to have sex was a manifestation of transphobia. Julianna was only trying to break through the cotton ceiling, and if he was guilty of anything, it was being too passionate in pursuit of trans sexual rights.

    – The cis scum jurors will reject that defense and Julianna will be incarcerated for life. On the bright side, he will then be eligible to serve on the “Prisoner Advisory Committee” of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, joining that other brave trans activist, Synthia China Blast.

    – Cox, the SLRP, and the whole trans activist circus will spend the next 50 years demanding that the taxpayers of pay for Julianna’s hormones, “bottom surgery,” cosmetics, electrolysis, butt implants, etc. The National Lesbian Rights Project will assist. No one will mention the name of the victim.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Blast is on that committee at SRLP?! Seriously?! Wow. I guess there’s no crime against a little girl that’s too heinous for the SRLP to stomach. What a POS organization.

  14. Lizzie Says:

    His face is frightening. He’s clearly going for the doe eyed look. That’s creepy on so many levels, many of which I don’t particularly want to consider in greater detail.

  15. Pegasus Olsen Says:

    This is yet another case of an adult MtT preying on an underaged FtT.

  16. Magdalena Z. Says:

    When trans people are killed, activists make sure they are clearly labeled as transgender because even if they were prostituting themselves they are still the most oppressed humans on the planet, never mind that they could put their trousers back on and find any other job, unlike actual women. But when trans commit crimes they are just “women”, they were never women, they will never be women. It makes me ill how they steal our names but no one ever calls it a hate crime when born females are murdered every minute of every hour around the globe, it just isn’t as important if the dead person in question has never possessed a penis.

  17. inelean Says:

    Did the organisation have some kind of rules about this stuff? I went to a similar LGBT organisation when younger and they were very strict about keeping things professional between the kids looking for help and the people working there.

    We were specifically told that they were there to support us within the fours walls of the building but they could not take us out clubbing. We were told if we should bump into any of the staff outside of the group they would be civil but that was it.

    I would have thought any professional organisation would have similar rules to avoid these situations – and if not they clearly need to be introduced.

    To note, this was in London around 7 or 8 years ago. Also, I was later told that this rule was due to some incidents with the gay men; there was never any problems with the women.

    • Bea Says:

      Hitlery Clinton is now calling the deaths of trannies “a national emergency” or some such crap. Of course no one gives a shit about real women.

    • wildwomyn Says:

      Predators will prey without regard to rules. I think we are seeing a lot more of these “MtTs” who keep their genitals preying on young girls/women who think they are FtT and who are going through adolescence and questioning everything. They are the exact prey a male who preys on young girls goes after, in the disguise of an “trans” adult “helping” them, when all they want is predator sex. These males, I think, put on and take off this “trans” identity when it suits them: they get a lot of attention for being “trans”, they get to prey on their preferred prey without a lot of oversight. I commend these parents for protecting their child (as much as they could) and who are going after this male.

  18. @Bea,

    “Hitlery Clinton is now calling the deaths of trannies “a national emergency” or some such crap. Of course no one gives a shit about real women.”

    Hillary voted for the resolution that gave George W. Bush carte blanche authority to invade Iraq. We know how this turned out. She doesn’t deserve to be nominated. As for Bernie, since he is running as a Democrat, he has no credibility. Both Hillary and Bernie support the Equality Act which has nothing to do with equality for women.

    The Equality Act harms women. Please sign the petition.

    As someone who was naïve enough to vote for Obama twice, I felt like I was sucker punched. Democrats and Republicans are equally corrupt. Any rational adult knows this. In fact, Obama got more corporate special interest money in 2008 than old man McCain. The left was naïve enough to believe that Obama would get us out of Iraq and give us universal health care. No one likes his health care system that enriches insurance companies and Big Pharma, and we are still in the Middle East. The bankers made a killing under Obama.

    Women desperately need our own political party completely separate from the corrupt plutocrats in the wretched two party system (it’s really a one party system run by the wealthy). Bernie Sanders does include income inequality in his platform, but he is running as a Democrat. The fact that he would eagerly join Democrats is all the proof that I need to know that he can’t be trusted.

    *Both Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt
    *The Republicans have a horrid record on women’s rights (abortion, equal pay, etc.)
    * Democrats have tossed women under the bus for their politically correct “gender identity”, and Obama appointees have rewritten Title 1X. They have largely done this behind closed doors.

    I declare my independence from this corrupt system. Women need to form our own political party. Women can no longer depend on the corrupt Democrats and Republicans. The country as a whole isn’t served by this utterly failed and corrupt system.

    What should our new political party be called? Any suggestions?

    • LC Says:


      The political parties are beyond depressing. I vote every election, with the knowledge that I’m voting against my own interests, in most cases(but the other side is worse), but it won’t matter because the worst side will win anyway. I don’t know I still do it- I’d be all in favor of this.

    • KgSch Says:

      I’m in favor of this. I’ve fallen into the same voting pattern as LC but you’re right. At least another party would be helpful. The male left treats women like crap just like the conservatives.

  19. When suspicions about this pervy creep and his trans child support group, “Sanctuary Lynchburg” started to emerge and he was first arrested, trans organizations flocked to help him. I remember reading about this creep. He supposedly was only interested in helping young women who identified as transgender, queer, non-binary. Something in the back of my mind said it all sounded creepy, but people were all told to stop with the “transphobia”. As an early post pointed out, the red flags should have gone up . He is just a creepy dude who was able to gain access to young females. Get rid of the green hair and all the “non-binary” queer mumbojumbo trans terminology, and this is what he really is.

    This was in April. There is nothing suspicious or creepy about a 25 year old man finding a 17 year old girl on Facebook, finding the house through an internet search, and then going to her house to “rescue” her. The transmale is female and 17 years old.

    “According to Julianna Fialkowski, 25, she found out about the unnamed, 17-year-old transmale after a cry for help went out on the social media site Facebook late last month. The youth claimed that he was self harming- adding that he was suicidal.”

    Fialkowski found the youth’s house through an internet search, and accompanied by a prayer chaplain from a local trans support group, went to the home to offer their assistance. After a dispute between the youth and his parents, the youth left the house, indicating to that his father had kicked him out and that he had permission to leave.”

    Julianna Fialkowski arrested for helping a suicidal trans teen

    “Lynchburg advocate Julianna Fialkowski couldn’t have imagined saving a trans youth’s life might mean destroying her own future…She called the ordeal a “gross mishandling of her person”…“Worse still, in the process of being arrested for false claims, I have been severely mistreated by the legal system of the city… I’ve been kept from knowing the extent of my charge, jailed with ridiculous bonding amount, and made to strip nude, exposing myself and my breasts before four male deputies. (*WTF! he had to take off his shirt, and that caused emotional trauma)””

    Notice the title of the article, “Julianna Fialkowski arrested for helping a suicidal trans teen”. Trans organizations always pull out the trans suicide card when all else fails. It truly is sad when confused and deeply troubled teenagers commit suicide, and this is a serious issue. It’s a damn serious issue, and trans organizations play it like it’s some kind of freaking trump card. Give your kid puberty suppressing drugs, or they will commit suicide. Poor Jullianna was only trying to help a suicidal teen. If the victims of Joseph Fialkowski committed suicide because of the emotional trauma caused by sexual abuse and rape, trans organizations wouldn’t bat an eye. What about the victim of Paul Witherspoon or the victims of Sandy Jo Battista? I’m sure that trans organizations don’t give a rat’s patootie about their emotional suffering.

    There were Go Fund me campaigns to help poor misunderstood Jullianna, and some even suggested calling in the Transgender Law Center. Some even suggested that the Transgender Law Center take the case and “file a big time lawsuit” against all the mean people who were persecuting poor defenseless Joseph, I mean, “Jullianna”.

    Joseph David Fialkowski, who was indicted by a grand jury today on multiple felony charges pertaining to rape, strangulation, abduction, and “intent to defile” a minor. Bail is set at more than $8 million.

    (screenshot photos from 4thwavenow)

    • Biscuit Says:

      Holy shit. “Innocent and pure?”

      This particular scumbag gets turned on by hurting and raping people and was also arrested for producing child pornography. If he’s innocent and pure, I’m the Queen of England.

    • KgSch Says:

      You are so right about the suicide issue. I knew a few people in high school who were into self-mutilation up to the point of threatening suicide. It was not glorified and the kids who had half-way decent parents got them help. It is sick and wrong that the trans mentality is “if your parents don’t let you have surgery and hormones, threaten suicide”.

      Yes, if some of his victims hurt themselves or commit suicide none of the trans organizations will care or report it. It doesn’t seem that very many of their news groups are even reporting that this guy is a rapist.

  20. Truth Says:

    Thought you’d like to know: abcnews dot go dot com/US/im-nicole-incredibly-happy-born-identical-twin-boys/story?id=34526553

  21. Siobhan Says:

    The rape and strangulation charges were dropped because of problems with the victim’s testimony. He is out on bail now waiting for the trial for child pornography.

  22. teslalivia Says:

    I’ve never heard of this band and know nothing further about this story, except that, when I read it, my immediate guesses were that the accused would ‘identify’ as a woman – tho’ ***surprisingly*** this wasn’t mentioned in the first report – and that I would be able to pick them out from the photo without reading the caption. Both guesses were correct.

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