My Identity Is Not A Costume

October 19, 2015


98 Responses to “My Identity Is Not A Costume”

  1. prozac Says:

    Well, Bruce thought it was harmless, and it was his identity. Rather, he’s the target in this scenario. Guess as a female, I could say the same thing, couldn’t I?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Maybe the red-haired manswoman in the poster identifies as Bruce? Or….?

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hello GallusMag:

        Regarding costumes: I’ve mentioned here that some MTTs have fairly recently become active in a large international organized hobby/social group to which I have belonged for nearly 20 years, and they have changed its tone to an often negative one that I may choose to exit.

        The group has a new specialty subgroup that focuses on an outdoor activity that is generally popular with men, although there are occasionally women interested in it. Almost all of the MTTs in the group attend this subgroup, and when they do so, they dress in a manner that society considers masculine. It’s the only time I’ve seen them without their heavy makeup, wigs, “female mannerisms,” dresses and heels. They even speak with deep voices temporarily. The activity is not so rugged that one cannot participate in it while still presenting as female. It seems that MTTs readily abandon their female “costumes” when it’s not to their advantages. I’d hoped to see more born-women join this subgroup as I believe it’s a beneficial pastime, but this could be unlikely now with the hostile MTTs already attending.

        Thanks for listening.It’s been helpful to have a place to share these experiences without being called a “bigot.” Oddly enough, I found this place after one of the aforementioned MTTs used the phrase “TERF” and I had to Google the definition.

    • Zemskull Says:

      PS: In terms of Bruce/Caitlyn costumes, I’m personally liking the ones that mimic his Olympic uniform. It’s much easier to find a red tank top and blue shorts at a thrift store, and you can actually make good use of them after Halloween.

  2. MaryMacha Says:

    So they keep the penis but lose the sense of humor. They’re like muggers complaining about burglary. It’s okay to do womanface but never transface.

  3. dejavublonde Says:

    pretty ironic. MY identity isn’t a costume either but it doesn’t seem to keep the dicks from trying it on for a bit of a prance

  4. charlson Says:

    Facepalm !

  5. stchauvinism Says:

    Irony is dead is and rotting away in some dude’s crawlspace. Happy Halloween.

  6. stopthemadness Says:

    The irony.

  7. Pearl Says:

    Really? They’ve got lady brain, lady feels, and lady interests, but no sense of irony, huh? I’m getting to the point where all I can manage to do is just shake my head at their foolishness…

    • shediogenes Says:

      They had to get rid of their sense of irony, it’s too masculine, or something. The drunk dude in the lingerie is doing more to break down gender barriers simply by not taking them seriously.
      Ultimately, I can’t support the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes though. How many of the dudes who wear them will realize their deep inner desire to be a laydee all the time?

  8. cerulean blue Says:

    Note how they placed the redhead in womanface in the foreground to make him look shorter. Oh, and they’ve got their demographic targeted with girly bird tattoos and retro hipster dress, versus frat boy with red beer cups in background. But see how inclusive they are being? Frat boy could be a person of color, which just goes to show you that trans dudes are the most oppressed of all! (Even when they used to be frat boys themselves!)

    I would love to see a second poster, with an actual college age female in the foreground, and hipster college trans dude (full height) in the background. Wording will work, exactly as is.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I would like to see one with Rachel Dolezal complaining about someone in blackface. Oh wait. That doesn’t work. She would have to complain about someone dressed as a white person who genuinely identifies as black. Right?

      Because it’s not a costume based on offensive and oppressive racism or sexism that is offensive. It’s dressing as an individual that genuinely identifies as the category they are not, by embracing oppressive stereotypes. Gets all meta.


      I would like to see Rachel Dolezal complaining about someone who is not transracial wearing a costume of an individual who is genuinely, “authentically” transracial.

      • I’ll try to do a photoshop of this. This is excellent. The only problem is, as a “pregnant person”, my not-necessarily-female reproductive system is currently making me throw up once an hour from the agender medical malady hyperemesis gravidarum, which can happen to BOTH men and women, as well as nonbinary pregnant people. We need to be respectful this Halloween of the fact that folding your arms meekly and wearing a dress Zooey Deschanel might wear with a purse strapped to your downtrodden-looking shoulder is the true measure of womanhood, and stuff like that.

      • morag99 Says:

        “… my not-necessarily-female reproductive system is currently making me throw up once an hour from the agender medical malady hyperemesis gravidarum … ”

        Ugh, how horrible for you. Sorry to hear this, whatevertoucan.

        Yet, even in a fog of nausea and weakness, you’ve still managed to write an absolutely hilarious comment! THAT, I think, is a true measure of womanhood.

        Er … I mean … not that being pregnant has anything whatsoever to do with being a woman. No, no. Please don’t get me wrong. Pregnant men also throw up every hour, of course. I’m no bigot. Ha!

        (P.S.: do doctors still advise “pregnant people” to daily eat high-calorie, high-fat ice cream for this condition?)

      • When I had HG for five months my diet consisted of mango smoothies and piping hot McDonald’s fries. I was worried about the baby getting proper nutrients. My doctor assured me the baby would be fine, I, on the other hand, was in deep trouble.

      • Ohhh, HG. I can never forget it. 40 weeks with one, 39 with the other. All day, every day – nausea. Complete with frequent vomiting, the second time around. I am so, SO sorry!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Or this guy:

      complaining about this:

      Whoops my analogy fails again. In this instance dressing as a parrot is fine. Dressing as an individual that genuinely identifies (stunningly and bravely) as a parrot would be the offense. Ammirite?

    • kesher Says:

      It’s also interesting that the “frat guy” doesn’t look like a typical frat guy. He appears to be black, for one. Not that there aren’t black frat guys, but the stereotype is of an all-American golden child, rippling muscles and blond hair. Could they not get someone who fits the stereotype to participate in the photoshoot? Or is there some other reason they needed to choose a man who represents another maligned group, and not the dreaded cishet white man?

      • morag99 Says:

        “Or is there some other reason they needed to choose a man who represents another maligned group, and not the dreaded cishet white man?”

        Yes, I also want to know. We do know it’s no accident; the creators of this poster made their choices deliberately. And what they chose is to position a young black guy in drag above a sad-looking young white guy in a different sort of drag. And, not only that, but the young black man — by having his big mean laugh like a stereotypical, privileged, party-animal white frat boy — is also presumably oppressing old, rich, white man Bruce Jenner, because Bruce/Caitlyn — we understand — is a real lady.

        So actually, three men are represented here, and there’s a struggle over the difference between a costume and an identity, which is a struggle over the true meaning of womanhood. Alas, it turns out that good-time black guy is an insensitive oaf, drunk on his own power, who needs his privilege checked for crushing the delicate, pale, precious flowers beneath his feet.

        Meanwhile, there’s no actual woman, of any race, in sight …

        Conclusion? Isn’t it the usual? Nobody — not those marginalized by their race and especially not those marginalized by their sex — is as vulnerable, as delicate, as oppressed, as in need of a safe space, as white boys and men whose very survival depends on whole world pretending that their costumes are “authentic.”

      • Branjor Says:

        Frat Boy doesn’t look black to me, though he is darker than Precious.

  9. GallusMag Says:

    It’s okay for men to dress as women, unless those women are other men dressed as women. Although the male women are brain-female and indistinguishable from other women in every way, it is a dishonor to the manhood of the male women when other men dress as them.

    Can transwomen dress as Bruce/Caitlyn? What about lowly cissies?

    • Assigned Caitlin at Birth Says:

      Challenge accepted!

      Being an actual woman named Caitlin, I’d love to see these douchebags try to explain to me what exactly it is that I am appropriating and why it is offensive.

  10. K Says:

    He doesn’t even look sad, really, more annoyed at having to see someone else having more fun.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hetero men have no joy. Then again maybe he’s a drag queen dressed as a scowling cut-a-bitch pretendbian IT professional on the spectrum (cam girl for fun). 😛

  11. GallusMag Says:

    Has the dour scowler officially confirmed the preferred pronouns of the bearded lady??? Is this horizontal hostility? Internalized transmisogyny?

    • Oceans Says:

      Indeed! How horribly judgmental for our poor lil pretendbian to present frat dude as a dude! How do we know he/she/xe/zir/bunself identifies as a dude. This is like trans “Inception.” Lol

    • nemesister Says:

      Dour Scowler is policing Caitlyn-costume person’s gender expression! That Caitlyn probably has secret ladyfeelz, therefore is secretly the most oppressed everr! And this is the one time see can express zirselves! Transphobic scowler, projecting her trancisnormativiy on that brave, stunning, oppressed laydee!!! Shitlord!!

  12. Smits Says:

    I completely agree with the message of this poster. Look at that awful oppressive red-haired man mocking the feminine beauty and joy of the happy lady to his right with his woman-costuming. And shaving his face as if Real Women™ didn’t have beards!! Appalling!

  13. GallusMag Says:

    NO to “Sexy Pizza Rat”. WE SAY NO!

  14. flowirin Says:

    so let me get this right. The girl on the dress thinks the guy on the right (who may actually be a trans woman?) is taking the piss out of her? because that’s how she sees herself? Or is the transwoman on the right taking the piss out of the girl, cos that is how she see girls, or what? i’m confused. The corset dude looks pretty happy being himself.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The one on the right does look more fun at a party. Just sayin.

    • WifeinWaiting Says:

      Yes, you’re very confused. The MAN on the left is upset that the man on the right is “making fun of him” by dressing as trans (Bruce Jenner). The irony is that we, as biological, natal, REAL (and whatever other baloney qualifier that we seem to have to use now) women, are actually offended at the MAN on the left trying to be us. Get it?

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      They’re both males. The tranny on the left is mad cuz HE feelz are hurt. HE better woman-up & get OVER IT.

      • gchild Says:

        Lol. Having to “woman up” is something only females have to do. Men pretending to be women don’t have to “get over” a damn thing. They can change the laws of nature if biological reality offends them.

        Hell, if a man’s right eye offends him, he just plucks out both eyes of the nearest female. Especially if she sees him for what he actual is: just a man. Not a god, a king, a leader, a genius, an alpha, etc., and especially NOT a woman.

        Transwomen make ridiculous assertions/demands because MEN don’t have to put up with anything that interferes with their delusions of grandeur. Especially when it comes to making and keeping their dicks hard (autogynophiles).

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        @gchild?? I knoooow. I was joking.

  15. nonny Says:

    This may be the least self-aware thing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. Wow.

  16. lestoille Says:

    well, your identity may not be a costume.

    but my female body is not an identity, brah.

    guess we’re even.

  17. Gallus, was my comment moderated? I don’t see it here yet I’m getting emails from this page. If you intentionally withheld publishing my comment would you please advise why. Thank you.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes you were moderated because your comments made no sense to me. Your moderated comments here:

      This image is exactly why they want in the women’s restroom: so they can expose their penises to us. They act like its no big deal, and that we are prudes.


      Submitted on 2015/10/20 at 12:40 am
      That’s obscene. My assumption is the dude in the background is a porn star.

      So they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone by attempting to normalize both pornography and men who think they’re women.

      A woman would never put together an image like that for public consumption. And to think that transwomen consider themselves experts on womanhood. They have no clue who women are. Like typical men, they don’t listen to women.

      If the man in this image is a woman, then I am not a woman. And the trans cult would agree: I am not a woman, I am a ciswoman. I am not a lesbian, I am a cis lesbian. And pornogaphy is sisterhood.

      So this is what McCarthyism felt like. When will this madness end?
      Since this is an issue I will wish you well and part ways now. Take care.

  18. Thanks, Gallus, for your explanation. One can clearly see the penis of the man in the background. Just like with Lila Perry, that is not by accident. They want to expose their penises to us just as they are doing in this image. In the original costume photos, the men dressed like Caitlyn are not displaying their penises. They want to normalize penises in public.

    “Since this is an issue I will wish you well and part ways now. ”

    Wow. Ok. I wish you well, too. Please remove me from your list. I no longer wish to receive emails from this blog if you are kicking me off.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’d prefer not to “kick you off”. If you are willing to work with me in good faith and take care to word your thoughts more clearly and coherently that would be awesome. I would really appreciate it.
      Also: I can’t remove you from your subscription. You have to do that.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I will continue to moderate where needed though.

  19. I’m still not clear as to what I did wrong. Is it because I did not make it clear that this mans penis is visible? I thought that was obvious. I honestly don’t know why I was moderated. Sorry if I’m slow, but this has been a very rough year for me personally so maybe my thinking is clouded. The last thing I need is rejection and tension from a blog. I apologize for any misunderstanding on my part. But I’ve contributed solid content here for months now, and am dismayed that you so quickly judged my post as unacceptable. I know you probably get a lot of negative feedback, and may have trust issues. But you have my email address, which is my full name. I’m transparent and have integrity.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Sorry you weren’t able to see the issue and disagree with my moderation. It happens sometimes.

      I see you have already posted this and linked it to my blog:

      “Gallus Mag Kicked Me Out of GenderTrender
      Leave a comment
      by edruminations in Ruminations

      Because I objected too strongly of an image of a penis that was far more graphic than Lila Perry’s in this animated gif.

      The last thing anyone needs is drama from a blog.

      Strange when allies – people on the same side – can’t get along.

      Do people have to agree on everything in order to unite? If I don’t meet the supposed litmus test, am I not worthy of contribution?

      I don’t believe in fighting. I don’t believe republicans are my enemies. I don’t hate anybody. The truth is on my side: it’s impossible to change one’s biological sex. If men are women, then women are no longer women. Public restrooms and showers are segregated by sex, not by gender identity. Biological females require and deserve privacy from biological males.

      I was reared in a matriarchal household. I’m third generation feminist. I don’t dislike men — I just want the feminine to be as valued as the masculine. And women are more cooperative and forgiving than men. And that’s not a bad thing.

      Women and men are not the same. Neither is better than the other, but one is valued less than the other. Even from within. Even among allies.”


      So I guess this situation is resolved. Thank you for confirming my initial judgement. Ta!

  20. Kitty Barber Says:

    Well, at least they spelled “you’re” right, for a change.

  21. ex home birther Says:

    Most of these posters are supposed to be about cultural appropriation from different ethnic groups. What can anyone appropriate from Jenner? Their entire identity is based on culture wide sex stereotypes. We are all a part of that.

  22. coelacanth Says:

    The white man on the left in a dress is pretending to be more oppressed than the black man on the right in a dress. Trick or treat!

  23. prozac Says:

    Here’s a quote from an article on Rachel dolezal, straight from the horse’s mouth:

    ““It’s not a costume,” she says. “I don’t know spiritually and metaphysically how this goes, but I do know that from my earliest memories I have awareness and connection with the black experience, and that’s never left me. It’s not something that I can put on and take off anymore. Like I said, I’ve had my years of confusion and wondering who I really [was] and why and how do I live my life and make sense of it all, but I’m not confused about that any longer. I think the world might be—but I’m not.”

    • gchild Says:

      Based on her blog, its clear that Rachel D. fetishized black oppression the same way males fetishize female vulnerability.

      And it worked for so long because she is WHITE. Can a dark skinned/black person reap the benefits of white privilege because they have an “awareness and connection” to the white experience?

      How well are transmen doing getting male privilege (provided they don’t pass)?

      You can identify your way down the social/racial/gender hierarchy by wearing a costume but not up it!

      • prozac Says:

        My theory is that it’s a way for them to escape feeling white guilt, while feeling entitled to check privilege… Which is an ironic boatload of privilege in itself, the fetishism and choice of it all. This is why you see white males arguing that as transwomen, no one has suffered like they have. People who have actually suffered would rather not win the oppression Olympics, because it makes your life shitty and it is not a game!

      • coelacanth Says:

        prozac, here is evidence of what you just said — that Transing is a Get Out of White (Guilt) Free card for neurotic SJW males. Here is some insane typing by a hollywood actor where he literally admits that his whiteness and middle classness is shaming him, but if he was his inner woman-self, he would join The Oppressed, Inc. Sickmaking end of times krayzee.

  24. Just a Melissa Says:

    I was utterly baffled by this at first. I thought it was a stop-the-insanity ad *against* the trans cult, asking them to stop donning womanhood. Obvious jackass, sad woman . . . except that’s really another man, so gabluh? Who’s in what costume? Who’s targeting what about whom? I truly had no idea what they were trying to convey.

    If “trans women are women,” then this is just a picture of a guy in drag making a woman sad. That never bothered anybody before.

    Also . . . holy crap, this is from my alma mater! What the heck is going on over there? Athens (the home of Ohio U) is famed for its annual Halloween street party, so I guess this is someone’s latest attempt to inject what passes for social consciousness. I may make a phone call or two, as soon as I can figure out what the heck to ask.

    I gotta go take my son to the doc right now, but I’ll investigate more when I’m free again.

    • Just a Melissa Says:

      Where did this pic come from? Google Image Search isn’t helping me out on this one. It just points me back here.

      I want to show it to some Athens folks for commentary. Describing it didn’t ring bells. I’d prefer linking to a “neutral” site over linking to it here, so as not to tip my hand.

    • Just a Melissa Says:

      It doesn’t appear that anyone is waiting with bated breath, but in case anyone is wondering, I’ll provide closure.

      I asked three current Athens denizens. None of them had seen it before. None of them felt sad for the poor little transwoman — mocking celebrities is allowed. None of them thought it was likely to have any impact on the Halloween tradition, in which offensive costumes are very much allowed (there are always at least a couple of people dressed as aborted fetuses, for example).

      I’m glad of the confirmation that sane people, even in liberal college towns, aren’t buying this crap.

  25. Meester Sneeky Says:

    I am a firefighter. Sorry children, my identity is not a costume this Halloween season.

    • nemesister Says:

      Are you a transfirefighter? You know, the kind who never did the training, never put out anything bigger than a birthday candle, but reeeeeeally likes shiny red trucks?

      • flowirin Says:

        and his pole.

      • coelacanth Says:

        A Trans Firefighter would be like the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s totalitarian classic “Fahrenheit 451” — they didn’t put out fires; they used fire: To burn books. Incinerating ideas and killing freedom of thought. Literally what Trans has been doing for 15 years.

  26. Sorry, but public figures are fair game for ridicule. If people can satirize Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Duck Dynasty folks, etc. then any other famous person, trans or not, can be satirized. Trans or not, Jenner has made himself out to be a clown on multiple levels, between his accident, his decimation of his family life, his obviously Photoshopped cover, the list goes on. Social Justice Tumblbrats will have to learn eventually: The world does not revolve around your feelings and freedom of expression does not mean freedom from criticism.

    • LC Says:

      Also, the man wearing the costume mocking Bruce should have as much right to ‘freedom of expression’ as the man wearing the costume mocking women, if we’re to be fair about this. Criticism is expression, too.

  27. liberalsareinsane Says:

    The little miss wannabe on the left better drop that sour puss face.
    SMILE!!! SMILE!!! SMILE!!!

  28. […] I objected too strongly of an image of a penis that was far more graphic than Lila Perry’s in this animated […]

    • nemesister Says:

      Are you fucking kidding? Gallus works so hard to give us a space where we can vent, and learn, and strategize, and SURVIVE, and you lash out at her because she has the right to keep the content here coherent?

  29. charlson Says:

    So I made a couple of comments on this post and went to sleep. Just reading the latest comments now and looking at that pic again and I am furious. How does anyone get off thinking this is ok? It’s like the line has moved overnight (in my head) and I am so tired of packing up, backing up a couple of steps and unpacking again.

    Usually I notice what’s going on but have had to do it anyway but this time the taking of my space is so obvious I want to scream .
    IT’S NOT FAIR ! I want to yell at the people in that pic until they see the reality of what they are doing and I am a pacifist.

    “Someone is taking the with this ‘you’re not the target” bulls..t because I have had that all my life from men sending women up or dressing as us and not one poster was made in disapproval.. ever! In fact the men just laughed and said we were touchy and to get over it they just having a bit of fun… Grrr
    Rant over……sorry guys

  30. sarah Says:

    It took me a while to work out what the poster is about because the guy on the right looks exactly like all the other bearded tranny freaks in lipstick and lingerie on the internet claiming they’re women. How are we supposed to tell the difference apart from the red cup?

  31. OldPolarBear Says:

    I was just trying to deal with this and then I watched the new Star Wars trailer and discovered that THEY HAVE ERASED ALL THE TRANSWOMEN!

    • GallusMag Says:

      They did the same thing with all the transwomen in the Suffragette movie !!!11

      • charlson Says:

        What are you saying? Some can and some don’t have to go along with this? How do we find out who is allowed to ignore them and who isn’t and btw who decided it was optional? Did I miss the boys club memo ?

  32. dejavublonde Says:

    off topic , have you seen this crap?
    notice the article is not accepting comments. I have so much to say about this but need to organize my thoughts, they are currently ‘#®€™’ just garbled swear symbols in my head

  33. prozac Says:

    Sorry I just had to add in case no one had noticed the insane amount of photoshopping on our ginger manswoman – look at the legs, arms and hair! Seems so very ironic for this message, doesn’t it?

  34. @sarah

    “It took me a while to work out what the poster is about because the guy on the right looks exactly like all the other bearded tranny freaks in lipstick and lingerie on the internet claiming they’re women. How are we supposed to tell the difference apart from the red cup?”

    There is no way to tell the difference between happy drunk guy on the right and bearded “lesbian” with a dick, Mr. Alex Drummond. Physically, they are both men in beards. Unlike egotistical, straight bored dude, Mr. Alex Drummond, the drunk guy isn’t shamelessly co-opting a marginalized group of women. Moreover, the inebriated guy on the right probably has the decency to stay out of women’s locker rooms unlike kinky Mr. Carlotta Sklodowska, trans registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon, or Mr. Colleen Francis.

    I actually think the happy bearded man with the red cups in his hands looks a lot better than this bearded “woman” with a penis who calls himself a “lesbian”. The bearded guy looks like he is really enjoying himself.

    Compare the inebriated dude on the right with creepy “lesbian” with a dick.

    This bearded “lesbian” with a dick just looks like a creepy carnival worker, or a transgender version of a fortune teller on crack. Look at all the cheap jewelry and rings. At least the guy on the right has a nice understated look.

    “I identify as lesbian as I’m female and attracted to women so it was my gender non-conformity that was being read as gay”.

    WTF! He says he is in a relationship with a woman. He isn’t gay.

    He is just a heterosexual male who thinks it’s fine to colonize and co-opt lesbian identity. Bearded heterosexual men who call themselves “lesbian” is creepy as hell. It’s a form of colonization and co-option. Lesbian identity is not something that bored, ratty bearded heterosexual men have the right to shamelessly co-opt.

    In a comparison between happy drunk guy on the right, and the man in the BuzzFeed article, happy drunk guy wins!

    Compared to super freak (freak as in kinky, pee on me and lead me around on a leash), Mr. Carlotta Sklodowska, happy drunk guy wins hands down.

  35. Pegasus Olsen Says:

    Haven’t we been told, by Mr. Valerie Keefe and others, to view all men as potential trans women? And that their misogyny, homophobia, frat boy antics, etc should be forgiven because they might be struggling with their own ‘internalized transphobia’? Maybe the only way the guy on the right can explore his womanhood is by using Halloween as an excuse! He should be embraced by his sister as, uh, an egg? Wasn’t that the most recent terminology for a proto-trans?

  36. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    How do we even know that’s a costume? There’s no way to be sure. It’s just somebody expressing their “identity”.

    They’re both males wearing fashions that were recently marketed to women. What’s the diff?

  37. shediogenes Says:

    So the guy on the right may actually identify as Caitlyn Jenner, but may only do so for one night of the year. That just means he’s fluid. Respect his/her/zer Identity, haters. Da fuk?

  38. coelacanth Says:

    These transwomen are so hot, they could turn Ben Hur into Ben Him before zim’s lipstick dried. Oolala! The intersectionality!!!

  39. nonny Says:

    Gallus, I have been wanting to share this here FOREVER and someone finally put it up on google drive (isolated clips of it are nowhere else to be found.) It’s also here now: (Not sure if you’d actually want to post this comment but I thought it could at least give you a good laugh.)

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