Germaine Greer on Transexuality- Newsnight

October 24, 2015

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  1. Susan Nunes Says:

    The interviewer is a bit obnoxious, but Germaine Greer is great.

    • LC Says:

      God, yes.
      “You understand how people feel that’s insulting?”
      “I don’t care. People get insulted all the time.”
      I wish everyone was this honest about whether or not they really believe transwomen are women. The movement would die out in a day.

    • easilyriled Says:

      A bit obnoxious– that’s kind of you. Greer was MOST restrained. I wanted to throw coffee grounds and straight pins at the interviewer–going on and on and fucking on about “don’t you think that will hurt their FEELINGS?” Oh yes please let us all bow down to the men and their precious hurtnesses —

  2. GallusMag Says:

    “If you want to know how crazy, even Kafkaesque, this young millennium has become, consider this: yesterday it was reported that a person with a penis — Caitlyn Jenner — will be named Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year, while over at Cardiff University a woman who has done more than most to secure the liberation of womankind — Germaine Greer — was denounced by a swarm of Stepford Students as ‘transphobic’, someone who should make all right-minded people feel ‘sick to [their] stomachs’.

    This is the world you live in, folks. One in which a bloke can be globally celebrated as an inspiring woman — and heaven help the brave soul who asks: ‘But is this strapping former athlete with testicles really a woman?’ — while an actual inspiring woman, whose balls are only metaphorical, can be labelled a disgrace to ‘feminism and society’.

    The Cardiff crazies trying to prevent Greer from giving a lecture at their Uni next month even call her ‘misogynistic’, on the basis that she ‘misgenders trans women’ (ie, she thinks people with dicks are men). So a man in a frock is hailed as a great woman, while Germaine Greer is branded a misogynist. Where does one even begin to unpick such unhingedness?”

    • prozac Says:

      Amazing that one could commit vehicular manslaughter and in the same year, go on to win several awards and accolades just for getting fake breasts and ffs and posing on a magazine cover. Tell me again how oppressed transwomen are again. They have to wait 40 mins in the airport and miss a flight and it’s headline news, give me a fucking break. Although we did get a new slang word for penis, courtesy of gallus, for that one!

    • naturalbornwoman Says:

      I don’t think it is possible to “unpick such unhingedness”.

      Men and male-centric women fear and loath females who don’t kowtow to misogyny. It’s a reoccurring theme throughout HIStory. During the14th through the19th century, it was the “witch trials” of predominantly women. Today, we have stoning of rape victims, forced marriages of female children, (etc), and more covert means like forced pregnancies by pro-lifers, the denial of family planning, and the censoring of women who advocate for women.

      The only solution I can see is for women – who get it – to completely withdraw from interaction with males on all levels
      – ALL LEVELS. It would be the revolution, we’ve been hoping for. One that takes place by way of absentia. It would only be a brief time (days, weeks?) before civilization grounds to a complete halt. Trying to negotiate with men, in or out of frocks, and male-centric women before that happens is a complete exercise in futility. Hasn’t HIStory provided ample proof of that?

    • ruggo Says:

      the article you’ve quoted here is really straightforward and pretty much spot on. i’m a huge fan of your site and visit pretty much every week, if not everyday. (first time commenting as far as i can remember.)

      so it’s the first time i’ve come across anything written by brendan o’neill. i read some more by him (e.g. and; very disappointing he is. talks about modern society’s “discomfort with the traditional family set-up” as though it’s a bad thing. super unfeminist. wiki page says he is “broadly libertarian”.

      it’s troubling to me that our radfem position would be in-line with the opinion of someone like him. i know even a stopped clock can be right twice a day but it bothers me that people who really think about gender and analyze the society we live in have the same perspective on transgender politics as a misogynist, libertarian dude-bro.

      how does one reconcile this? it’s troubling :/

      • kesher Says:

        Only right-wing publications are willing to publicly challenge trans ideology these days; I think mostly because they enjoy rattling liberals’ cages, so they can’t be cowed the way left-wing publications can. The Federalist has had some really good articles lately, including one about how the hypersexual trans movement is fundamentally at odds with feminism.

        I don’t think most leftists really believe the trans newspeak, so I see the right wing as a necessarily evil right now, being the only entity willing to speak up.

      • ruggo Says:


        yes, that does make sense. thank you for the reply. i checked out some articles by walt heyer; really on the nose!

      • a cat Says:

        Brendan O’Neill is ex RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) and Living Marxism. He, with a lot of his erstwhile comrades, took a sharp turn to the right and ended up running Spiked Online.

        Not much of a friend of feminism…

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        You know something? This is not a partisan issue. Neither are prostitution and porn. So-called liberals are some of the biggest enemies of women. Remember if you will second-wave feminism came about because of the way the women were treated by so-called “left wing” men in the antiwar and civil rights movements.

      • AB Says:

        It sucks that we only have two choices, but most people can’t take anymore identity politics where we’re expected to coddle every goddamn person under the sun and their special needs. You can’t force the general public to behave like stary-eyed college activists. People are sick of it.

      • Jummy Says:

        Consider it from the perspective of a rightwinger suddenly finding himself in comradeship with a radical leftist. He also remarks that “a stopped clock is right twice a day”, Do you suppose he feels he must become more leftist or more rightist to compensate? Probably not. He probably just goes forth with the confidence of knowing that if even elements of the left are passionate about the position he shares with them his position must be as obviously correct as it seems.

        That was what I read in that article. You don’t often get outrageous nonsense delivered to you in such self-evident fashion as male track star named woman of the year/noted feminist denounced as misogynist. Whether rightists are stopped clocks or not is irrelevant in that it is quite obviously twelve o’clock all day long where transgenderism is concerned.

        It occurs to me that that is only half the answer for a feminist. The rightist is in a safe position when he defies political correctness on transgender matters. Indeed, the people pushing political correctness want their opponents to be archetypal wingnuts. Feminists, on the other hand are being pushed into a schism by their putative friends and being seen as collaborators is still, somehow, the other shoe which hasn’t yet dropped.

        I don’t have any good advice. I’m an ex-conservative myself and the way that happened was I got tired of explaining why my heterodox positions were in fact deeply conservative to a pack of braying mules who would call me a marxist every time I said something nice about public transportation. Perhaps the only thing I can tell you is that, here in the 21st century, all that left/right stuff is kind of passe.

        However, they’re not calling you a rightist, they’re calling you a bigot. If you’re really invested in that sort of rhetoric by which dissent is reframed as hatred and fear so you can remove your opponent from the site of reasoned debate and into a rubber room, then you might be out of luck. From my experience, the left pretty much has absolute and sole authority to define bigotry, hate, x-phobia, etc. and to delineate the necessary exceptions, as required by the hypocrisy inherent in that type of rhetoric. if someone on the left calls you a bigot, it’s a fact. You can either let that have the power to bend your convictions or not.

      • coelacanth Says:

        reply to Jummy who wrote: “if someone on the left calls you a bigot, it’s a fact. You can either let that have the power to bend your convictions or not.”

        Or worse. You can keep your convictions SILENCED inside. You can DISENGAGE from all forms of public life. You can “x” yourself out of the world of political and social discourse. You can age in fear knowing that you now live in a society where left Orwellian total social control has been achieved by this Inquisitional tactic of right-left absolutism.

        I was weaned to reject the right and spent the first 40 years of my life doing so. But I have spent the last 20 watching as the “left” has metastasized beyond complete Stalinist madness. And it has driven from its ranks people like me whose leaving it cheers (Shun the Shite! No Platform!) because I am now by rejecting their insanity a defacto “bigot hater rightist etc.”

        The loss of so much intellectual potential in people who have lived these wars and lost — who have been driven from the left to a place of nothing but political despair (because the right was never an option) — this is the greatest victory of ignorant leftist ideology as jackboot totalitarianism pretending to be “freedom”. Trans is merely a symptom of a much larger historical moment where an epoch is ending and something ghastly is forming in its ashes. I just thank the stars I am nearer the grave than birth and at least lived my formative years in a pretend era of imagined freedom.

        Like Jim Morrison, I also got my kicks before the whole shithouse went up in flames. So at least there’s that.

      • Meg Says:

        @Jummy, both the right and the left worship are dominated by men. Both the right and the left believe that women exist to serve their needs. If the right wing is so great for women, why are right wing men trying to deny women access to abortions? It should be a MEDICAL right for all women, same as birth control. Misogyny is a form of bigotry. You’re damn right I tell men that they are bigots when they talk shit about women.

    • BadDyke Says:

      In the New Statesman, we also had a doosy of an article by Alex Sharpe, a M2T and professor of law at Keele, who states:

      “By the same token, transgender women who have undergone genital reassignment surgery and a regime of hormone administration (let’s put to one side growing evidence within the field of endocrinology suggesting a biological account of transgenderism) are essentially no different anatomically to cisgender women…..The only difference between transgender and infertile cisgender women is the different degrees of empathy they illicit from people like Greer.”

      I would not expect such stupidity from a law professor, but maybe that IS the problem, a LAWYER rather than a scientist or a medic (both of whom could probably give you LOTS of ways in which a trans woman was DIFFERENT to an infertile cisgender woman).

      Of course, also neatly misses out the M2T who HAVEN’T (and don’t intend to) have either surgery or hormones.

      No DIFFERENT anatomically, ‘cos I guess a front hole is a front hole, despite dear Germaine making comments about ” “big, hairy, smelly vaginas”.

      It’s the same ole arguments from the trans side, but unlike Julie Bindel and the University of Manchester, a few more people have heard of Germaine Greer. Of course, MANY are just using it as an excuse to mock the supposed liberal left.

      But frankly, the MORE times they keep posting a picture of Germaine next to Caitlyn, the more women who will insist that perhaps, yes, there IS an important difference between them…………………..If only for the fact that Germaine gets death threats, and Caitlyn gets a woman of the year award…………

      • GallusMag Says:

        That male chauvinist pig in a wig Alex Sharpe is so offensive. He says that men like him receive female socialization the moment they don the costume of female social stereotypes (well, he doesn’t put it that way. He says the moment they “transition”). But people are gendered and socialized based on the perception of their sex, by others. Look at Alex. There isn’t a human alive that would ever mistake him for being actually female. Therefore he is never, ever, treated as a female would be. He may be treated differently when “en femme”: as a man who wants to be a woman, for example, as an unusual man, but never ever as a woman. The fact that he claims not to know this is the result of either dishonesty, delusion, or fetish. Regardless of the cause of his error, its wrongness, and his mansplaining insistence of falsehood, is entirely offensive to actual women and girls.

      • nemesister Says:

        And his ignorance of female anatomy is horrifying.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        Plus the idiot Sharpe doesn’t know how to spell. The word is “elicit,” NOT “illicit.”

        These bogus biological arguments for crossdressing are just smokescreens to deflect from the real issue that these men have a sexual compulsion that is an addiction and has overtaken their lives. They will do anything to continue that “fix” of masturbating into women’s clothes or at the fantasy these guys are “women.” It is a massive con aided and abetted by the medical profession and pharmaceutical industries.

      • BadDyke Says:

        ” are essentially no different anatomically to cisgender women”

        “And his ignorance of female anatomy is horrifying.”

        It REALLY is isn’t it! Because to learn otherwise he would have to LISTEN to actual women as to what their anatomy means to THEM (which I think was the point Germaine was making with the hairy vagina comment).

        On the Guardian today, we also had Jack Monroe getting a bit confused:

        “Gender constructs need to be deconstructed, for all of our sakes – that’s feminism, and I’m not waiting around for Germaine Greer to catch up with us all to do it.”

        Just get the JENDUH idea out of your head! And yes, we do have the sexual assault when younger AND the ” I could still do that as a butch lesbian, but it doesn’t fit.” line.

        Sad, but we have seen it all before. The same confusion and the same sad belief that this rejection of sex is somehow busting the boundaries of gender……………….

  3. charlson Says:

    Oh for heavens sake. What was the interviewer trying to say? That trans are intersex?

  4. atranswidow Says:

    ”I’m not walking on egg shells……..” Well said Gremaine.
    Problem is the majority of people are and they don’t even realise it.

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    Fabulous! Germaine Greer is the voice of reason!

  6. kismet Says:

    Love a mature woman, experienced, intelligent, done more for women than Jenner’s little toe. GG has always been my heroine.

    • coelacanth Says:

      That fierce toe is launching a speaking tour in 2016. Check out the very carefully selected cities on the tour — the current PC capitals of North America.

      A real fun speaking night would have Bruce Jenner AND Germaine Greer on the same stage at the same time! She has the history of feminism on her side and he has the latest toenail polish from Revlon. What a cage match!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Bruce commandeered Laverne’s paid speaker business. No wonder Cox took the transvestite gig.

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        How is he helping anyone, again? By getting them pay 50 to 500 dollars to see him babble BS out?

        This looks more and more like the church of snake-Jesus by the day. But they’re not a cult at all, amirite?

      • OldPolarBear Says:

        Howard Szigeti, a spokesman for Unique Lives, promised a “personal and intimate evening.”

        Eww … I suppose it’s a tiered pricing plan for seating/access. Like, for the $10,000, he will personally come to your house, rifle your underwear drawer, pick something out and … well, you know.

      • kesher Says:

        I saw an ad for Bruce’s speaking engagement a few weeks ago, and when I saw “personal and intimate evening” I assumed that meant that attendees will be strongly policed to prevent heckling or uncomfortable questions.

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Oh I fucking love her.

    But THAT INTERVIEWER. Jesus, what a clueless idiot. She kept trying to muddy the waters – via her questions – by presenting as fact things that Greer has been accused of, but are certainly not true. She even brought up intersex people, which obviously Greer is NOT talking about!

  8. hearthrising Says:

    Greer handled it pretty well, not backing down even though the reporter was persistent in trying to get her to either backpedal or clearly state she was anti-trans. I was seriously annoyed at the reporter, mostly because she was doing misogyny so expertly. “Yes, but, leaving aside all the abuse you’re getting, don’t you care about your abusers’ feelings?” That reporter smelled blood, but this time she didn’t get what she was after.

    As far as Glamour goes, how pathetic is that desperation? Not alluring at all. Magazine publishing is in financial trouble and these editors made a clumsy ham-handed effort to cash in on Trans Jenner Inc. Looks like that magazine will be dead in 18 months tops.

    Oh, and I’ll bet Cox is already on the short list for a best actress Emmy for Rocky, even though filming hasn’t started. This whole award business is cynically geared toward giving the award-makers the best publicity. Same with the honorary degree mill.

  9. Aine Says:

    The journalist could not distinguish the difference between holding an opinion and being bigoted. These are frightening times, when people cannot approach topics rationally — even in rationality’s most rudimentary forms — any longer.

  10. Artemis Jade Says:

    What a stirring display from Greer. Her refusal to back down commands respect. Especially considering how other feminists have caved. Women are supposed to be AFRAID of the sort of hostility that Greer has faced on this issue, and ACCOMMODATING of the demands and feelings of others. The latter is the repeated demand from the interviewer—-that Greer should look after the ‘hurt feelings’ of the transgendered. Don’t ‘insult’ them by simply disagreeing, don’t ‘denigrate’ them by having your own opinion. Make them more ‘comfortable’ by agreeing that medicalization is a great thing. The interviewer demands conventional feminine sex role behavior from Greer, and Greer refuses. Brava.

  11. Aine Says:
    This is a counter petition to the university to protest denying Greer her platform, in case anyone wants to sign.

  12. Susan Nunes Says:

    Dumb interviewer muddies the water trying to conflate intersex with transgenders. They are none of the kind, but intersex has always been a way for the crossdressers to try and score points with the public by claiming THEY , too, are “intersex.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      The interviewer knew that “intersex” was somehow the counter-argument to “trans aint real” but she didn’t fully understand how it is used (to destabilize the reality of human as a sexually dimorphic species). She just kept throwing the word out there like some sort of magical incantation, hoping to break the spell. Hilarious! lolololol.

  13. I was fortunate enough to listen to her speak when I was in college. Greer is brilliant and fearless, and this is why they fear her.

    @Aine, thanks for the link to the petition.

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    Greer did so well, but it’s horrific how patronizing and arrogant the interviewer was and that’s how all trans cult members are. They keep going until they wear everyone down. How dare Greer say the obvious truth? If only every woman had that courage.

  15. nuclearnight Says:

    What video was it that they’re referencing in the video? The one with the transsexual running down the street nude being verbally abused? It sounds utterly ridiculous.

      • nuclearnight Says:

        I understand that it’s a music video and they’re trying to be artistic or whatever but that was so inaccurate regarding how someone who is nude would be treated if they were walking around in public. Why the hell would Germaine Greer be asked about this and asked if the character in the video being assaulted SHOULD be assaulted? Insanity.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Greer was asked about the music video’s fantasy of transgender degradation because in the UK transgender crime largely involves transgender perpetrators, not victims. They have to invent persecution material from whole cloth in order to utilize the victimized transgender narrative.

        In the U.S, trans people are murdered at the same rate as the rest of the citizenry (adjusted for race, economic class, sex). In the UK no trans people have been murdered at all (except David Burgess, who was killed by another transwoman). There have been several trans murderers, as in the U.S., but no trans victims at all. So U.K. trans activists cannot inflate or reframe typical rates of violence as a crisis or exceptional pattern of victimization as is done in the U.S.

        It is very hard for trans activists in the UK to use the ghoulish death tropes so popular in the US transactivist arsenal. Hence, the “isn’t the persecution displayed in this fictionalized video account something we should all be against?”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Like the interviewer’s attempt to use “intersex”- she knows the trans activist “violent persecution” trope, but struggles to implement it (because trans in the UK have largely been perpetrators, not victims of violence).

      • Except that David Burgess was not a ‘transwoman’, he was a part-time cross-dresser in the after-hours, keeping up with his penis-privilege in office hours as a lawyer. Not sure about the part/full-time status of the assailant.

        In Australia, there has been all of one, a transsexual murdered by the gay male partner (who indulged in a particularly gay-murderer field of cannibalism). Both had worked as male/transsexual prostitutes, which is how they met.

        The vast majority of ‘transwomen’ in the US that are murdered are working as prostitutes. A ‘dangerous game’ for anyone, female or male, because Johns be sadistic fuckers. But trans activists, instead of denouncing prostitution as an element in the deaths of ‘transwomen’, support it whole-heartedly. And always forget to mention the SEX of the killers, ALL MALE, usually Johns.

        So instead of naming ‘prostitution as dangerous’ and ‘males as dangerous and murdering transwomen’ – we get bullshit reversals such as radical feminists killing transwomen.

        I really cannot take these people (transjactivists) seriously. They are in lah-lah land. Clearly not a clue who/what is ‘killing their own’. Until they can name males, male violence, and prostitution as ‘the problem’, they will continue to be viewed (at least by me) as clueless idiots.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        That video has to be the most overwrought, contrived thing I’ve ever seen.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah, I didn’t get how we were supposed to know she was “trans”. Just looked like a typical female to me. Weird.

      • It is very hard for trans activists in the UK to use the ghoulish death tropes so popular in the US transactivist arsenal.

        “ghoulish” is the word for the way those people do activism. I remember watching a video from one Day of Rememberance event that showed pictures of people who had been murdered for their gender identity. One of them was the picture of a baby, not more than a year old. I believe it was a picture of Roy Jones killed for “acting girly” by his mothers’ obviously deranged boyfriend. How anyone could extrapolate to the boy’s gender identity from this, is beyond me.

        It’s true that there are very few murders of transgendered people in the UK, but there have been more than David Burgess. This BBC article lists the names of Kellie Telesford (murdered in 2008), Robyn Browne (1997), Andrea Waddell (2010) and Destiny Lauren (2010). In each of those cases the accused (three of whom were convicted) were not transgendered themselves. Also, this Guardian article reports on the trial of a man accused of the murder of Chrissie Azzopardi in 2013.

        Still, you’re absolutely right that there are very few such crimes and that transwomen are not routinely murdered in the UK in the same way as, for instance, in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey etc. Also it’s true that UK activists disgustingly co-opt the murders of transwomen in those other countries to suggest that transwomen in the UK too are under the same risk of being murdered.

        I was more surprised by what you say, that “in the U.S, trans people are murdered at the same rate as the rest of the citizenry (adjusted for race, economic class, sex)”. I found this counterintuitive, so I had a look online and found the FBI’s latest (2013) report on hate crime statistics.

        According to the report, of all “single-bias” hate crime incidents reported in 2013, 0.5% (or 33 incidents) resulted from bias against “gender identity”. Of those 33 incidents, 25 are listed as anti-transgender and 8 as anti-gender-nonconforming.

        I note that according to this document “an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender”. There may be different estimates elsewhere.

        That was not very conclusive, so I dug a bit further to see if I could find some information on the actual crimes reported and how many of them were murders. It seems that of the 25 anti-transgendered crimes listed, 8 were aggravated assault, 7 simple assault, 4 intimidation, 3 robbery and 1 a burglary (and 2 unknown, I guess).

        There are no murders of transwomen in the FBI’s data for 2013.

        Unless that year was an extreme outlier, that means the risk of being murdered for being trans in the US is very low.

        That’s … great to know actually. I guess the FBI’s data is not the full picture and hate crimes of any motivation will go unreported in states that don’t have legislation to consider discrimination against race etc an aggravating factor. This is probably going to be more so in the case of crimes against transpeople, since I think few states have legislation protecting gender identity.

        Still, I’m surprised by what I just found out. It took me maybe ten minutes to dig up the FBI’s report. Anyone who reports that transpeople are in much greater danger of being murdered than others either hasn’t done their homework, or is lying and knows it (or doesn’t care).

        Thanks for giving me the motivation to look this up.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes, and in the US, murder rates for non-transgender black males are higher than those for males who are “transwomen of color”.

      • Seems obvious to me that they knew a naked woman sells a music video way better than a floppy dong flapping around. And hey, you can make it even more “progressive” by saying, nuh-uh, not a naked woman, a naked man, how dare you suggest otherwise?!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Right? Or even a bald, bearded, hairy-backed woman showing the long-term effects of “T”, showing her mastectomy scars, forearm and thigh scars from her phalloplasty. A “passing” transman. Different video.
        Or what about a transwoman with FFS and breast implants on a linebacker’s body, six foot two, with his old navy tattoos. Different video.

      • GallusMag Says:

        When I initially heard the description of the music video I immediately thought it would be a watered-down rip-off of performance artist Signe Pierce’s riveting and disturbing “AMERICAN REFLEXXX” project (captured by director Alli Coates) which was released this year:

        Afghani performance artist Kubra Khademi did a similar project this year but the film was confiscated and she was forced into hiding:

        While neither project featured nudity, feel free to compare the bravery of either of these women artists to that of the young “transman” in the above music video.

    • Biscuit Says:

      I’m not even sure what that video has to do with the issue. It is clearly NOT just video footage of random people reacting to a naked person walking around. Most people’s reaction upon seeing a silent, naked person walking around looking deranged would be to call the police.

      It’s a staged music video, not reality. Anyway, in reality, walking around naked in public would cause someone to call the police.

      And it still doesn’t make men into women.

  16. Janetwo Says:

    Its unrelated but I just thought to mention this week episode of the Blacklist. There is a great scene where a young middle eastern gay man tries to take revenge on his father who forced him into a sex reassignement surgery and talks about the horror of having his identity stripped from him. Maybe its the first public salvo in the msm to discuss about the topic honestly, how transgenderism is so profondly anti-gay.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      Also unrelated: Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson is interviewed in this week’s New York Observer. The piece ends with this exchange, where his conclusion in the last sentence is relevant to the entire trans debate:

      NYO: We have a segment of our country that seems anti-science. Does it roil you to hear those views, especially when those views steer legislation?

      NDT: Most of society, I found, has some aspect of their belief system that is in denial of science. If a liberal Democrat is speaking, they’ll typically refer to conservative Republicans as being anti-science because of their denial of global warming or stem-cell research, or whatever. But the liberal left does not have a clean record. If you look, for example, where the centers of vaccine deniers are found, they typically lean left. People who are anti-GMO, even in the face of [the] objectively demonstrative value to society of genetically modified foods, they lean left. When I see people reject science, if it’s part of some belief system they have, fine. Believe what you want. The public needs to recognize that there’s a difference between a personal truth and an objective truth. An objective truth is that which can be demonstrated to be true outside of any one person’s belief system. It’s my opinion that if you establish legislation that affects everybody, then legislation should be based on objective truths.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      That blacklist story certainly sounds more socially beneficial than the forced sex change in Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”, where it’s a major hurdle in a druggie rapist’s coming-of-age story.

      I actually didn’t know of forced sex change plots outside of porn and Almodovar, to be honest.

    • kfb3 Says:

      I thought the same thing! I looked on line as soon as the episode was over to see how much whining and crying there was from the trans* crowd. Not much yet, which is a huge surprise to me!

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        To ‘suddenly turn into a woman’ is every bloke’s ultimate fetishistic dream. Of course they won’t be crying, why would they for what’s basically a free “sex change” when they’re asking out loud papa Government to pay for their pills!

  17. As much as I totally love and respect Germaine Greer, what the heck was all the conflation between intersex and transgender? Or even transgenderism and transsexualism for that matter?

    Intersex is about as much to do with transgenderism as giraffes are to do with hedgehogs.

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      It seemed like it was mostly the interviewer who kept trying to conflate intersex and transgender and Greer mostly refused to take the bait.

      The first time was at 2:37 when she was asked about the intersex woman who “outwardly has female genitalia but inside has testes, and doesn’t wish to have them, rather than accepting that she has them, she should be allowed, shouldn’t she, and offered the chance to remove these inner testes”? The answer was pretty good, although she didn’t explicitly say out that intersex is a completely different issue. BTW, I thought that the interviewer even asking about it was ironic because it was about a hypothetical woman who wanted to be a woman, thereby pretty much making the opposite point.

      The other started at exactly 5:00 in. And that was the stupid question about the video. The interviewer, (perhaps somewhat condescendingly?) allowed as how “you [Greer] probably haven’t seen it,” and then asked about it anyway! And Greer had seen it, or at least heard about it, and her answer was superb.

  18. Me Says:

    I have the utmost respect for Greer, who has the integrity to stand by her opinions and didn’t back down in wake of bullying pressure from trans activists to do so. This is unlike many other celebrities, both feminist and non-feminists, who have made comments in recent years – or in years past – that don’t conform to the trans party line and who caved under pressure from trans activists to recant these views.

    Compare Germaine Greer to Gloria Steinem, a woman of her own generation, for example. Gloria Steinem, in the February 1977 issue of Ms Magazine, wrote an article about transsexualism, where she concluded, “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” She also referred to transsexuals as those who surgically mutilated their own bodies in order to conform to sex roles.

    But, bowing to pressure from trans activists, she recanted her gender critical stance in 2013, saying that transgenderism should be “celebrated, not questioned”.

  19. Aine Says:

    Good news! Cardiff University rejects bid to bar Germaine Greer from speaking.

    “Cardiff University said it had no plans to cancel Ms. Greer’s lecture. In a statement, the university’s vice chancellor, Colin Riordan, said, ‘Our events include speakers with a range of views, all of which are rigorously challenged and debated.’”

    Whether Greer really wants to make the trip under the circumstances of so much hostile contention and direct threats is another issue. I hope she speaks.

  20. endthewoo Says:

    I think there is some sort of trans-atlantic cultural disconnect here, the way people are talking about the interviewer, Kirsty Wark.

    No way was that a critical or difficult interview. She was lobbing slow balls for GG to hit out of the park. I’m not saying she (KW) hasn’t swallowed some of the libfempomo shite, but asking the questions doesn’t mean she agrees with the questions and I’m pretty sure like most women of her generation she will (off camera) have a lot of respect for GG.

    And a programme like Newsnight is not there to do grovelling worship. They are supposed to ask slightly contrary questions.

    • Rubbish that the interviewer was lobbing slow balls, nothing of the sort. Like most people who have swallowed the T bullshit and want to appear on the right side of social justice, she/they have not bothered to analyse it too deeply, to work through all the contradictions in the trans narrative(s).

      Greer is probably one of the smartest women on the planet. She can intellectually go head-to-head with anybody, barely even pausing for breath. It was Greer who dumbed it down for the interviewer, make no mistake. Which is probably why I was a little disappointed with the interview, a bit laid-back by her standards.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I’m afraid I must disagree with you, Endthewoo. There was something in Wark’s tone, and the way she kept trying to interject issues of intersexuality, that really gave the impression that she believes the libfempomo shite. She simply didn’t come across as merely a neutral reporter asking hard (or easy) questions. Granted, my interpretation is pretty subjective too, so there’s that…

    • LC Says:

      There is no way that interviewer was a neutral questioner. Those questions were not contrary, they were idiotic, and designed to elicit guilt and sympathy for the poor pitiful transwomen. I wish I had half the guts GG showed in not bowing down to that bullshit.

  21. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    Hello my fellow RadFem sisters. I watched the Germaine Greer interview and nearly wept. Such an incredible woman. So strong. She has refused to back down on her fight to protect women and girls. Young women like me have women like her to thank for the very freedoms we have today like being able to seriously attend college. I hope that these young college age women that protested against her realized that because of women like her, they have the freedom to attend college seriously and protest such things.

    Fucking ungrateful traitors to their own gender these young women are. However it is not the traitorous ways of this generation’s young women that make me want to weep, it is the tiredness in Germaine’s eyes makes me want to weep. This is a woman that has been fighting for womankind for half of a century. She has refused to back down or stop. She has fought battles alongside the greatest feminists of the 20th and 21st century and how does this generation of young women repay her and the hundreds of others of feminists and their tireless work and campaigning for women? By supporting the tranny community in their mission to send (the ever so predictable and male) rape and death threats to a 76 year old.

    How tired Ms. Greer must be. She has been swimming and fighting against an un-winnable war for nearly 50 + years and just when she should be getting ready to pass on the torch to the next generation of young women, with the hope and belief that her tireless and exhausting work and life’s legacy (for women) has meant something……….the tranny movement happens and she gets to merrily observe as nearly 150 + years of campaigning for women right’s by determined feminists is trampled on and bulldozed right through (her life-long work included) by cocks in frocks and their gleeful lobotomized handmaiden young women. Those exact same young women she was supposed to be passing on her torch to. How crushing a blow that must be to Germaine and it makes me want to weep with sorrow.

    But I am hopeful my sisters. I have found a community of like-minded women (this amazing website) and incredible women such as Gallas and BevJo and all of you amazing women. Germaine must know that there are communities of women that support her and love her and appreciate her sacrifice and tireless and selfless decades long work for women and girls. I am a young women and I proudly will continue on her fight for womankind alongside my amazing RadFem sisters. I say to the tranny “community” (lol) and the patriarchy……bring it the fuck on!!!!

  22. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    Somewhat unrelated to this topic. But I think this is the only topic board open. Just wanted to let you all know that at my college campus last week, a 46 year male who was not even a student followed a young 18 year old college woman into the bathroom on the second floor library and attempted to sexually assault her. He was stopped by students, detained by campus security, and arrested by police. But just goes to show idiot liberals and their tranny defending handmaidens how safe public bathrooms are for women and girls. But nooooooo women are totally making up the very real risk of sexual assault, molestation, and rape that we face very day just by existing as female in public spaces aren’t we?????? But allowing men to use our bathrooms totally does not extraordinarily raise the threat of rape, sexual assault, or molestation for women in public places huh liberals? I guess they think it is just our feverish, illogical, and hysterical notions from our female lady brains.

    • KgSch Says:

      Good comments!
      Men following women/girls to public bathrooms does happen often but the thing is that if the dude goes in a place where he’s not supposed to be then other people/campus security/cops are more likely to do something about it. If anyone can just identify as a woman, then the police would not have as much legal authority to stop some creepy dude in a dress and wig going into the women’s bathroom. There is no such thing as a “true transexual” and regardless of how bad you feel about your body and how much cosmetic surgery you get, it does not make you the opposite sex. The trans movement always pulls the “anyone can identify as anyone” crap but once a tranny assaults or rapes or kills a woman, then he’s “not really trans” and women are just being paranoid. That dude arrested for raping and strangling a minor is one example. Previously he was the most precious innocent “transwoman” ever for wanting to help FTMs, and now he’s fake trans.

      I am actually more sickened by the sellouts because expecting men to be good people is a huge waste of time. Expecting the most male of men (who can never take no for an answer) to not send rape and death threats is even more ridiculous.
      The trans movement would not have much of a leg to stand on without “feminists” helping them. It also makes no sense for any lesbian or gay person, regardless of feminist beliefs, to support a movement where the “cure” to being lesbian and gay is SRS. Not to mention all the cotton ceiling rapey bullshit. Don’t be complicit in your own oppression!

      That said, I am aware that there are younger women who are very radical just like how their are older women who have decided to kowtow to trans ideology. Still no denying that far too many young women support this.

      Without sounding like a stalker, it would be nice if we could email and send letters to feminists like Germaine Greer and say that not everyone has been bamboozled. Though I completely get if she doesn’t want people contacting her.

  23. charlson Says:

    Germaine said some people are scared to speak their minds for fear of just this. She just answered a question with an educated reply and this happens? Wow this PC situation is worrying me. Best to just agree as she said, people are scared to say what they think. Point proven!

    She was not going to speak on trans issues anyway. Now the world is seeing how stating an educated fact has become a PC problem. That interviewer kept pushing her to say something inflammatory and I applaud Germaine for being the bigger person. That woman thinks Intersex is the same as trans so she has not done her research. The freedom to speak an opinion should be universal. To censure someone because they have an opinion is wrong and she was not asking for violence nor was she rude, in reality it was the opposite. I would have told that interviewer to come back when she knew what the facts were.
    Where did she state she believes that transphobia does not exist as some people are suggesting? She has been bullied/attacked for many years physically/mentally and she has a point about people being scared to speak up. Where is the outcry for what is happening to Germaine. People are calling her old, dried up, outdated, sour, someone even suggested she was possibly a badly passing trans woman and others are threatening her safety yet nothing is said, no one is aware of the irony.

    “Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”

    ― George Orwell

  24. @DavinaSquirrel and Gallus,

    Despite shamelessly co-opting intersex (disorders of sexual development) people, intersex is not, and has never been the same as transgender. Every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. Infertility is common in disorders of sexual development. Many MTFs are biological fathers, and FTM Thomas Beatie gave birth to 3 children after legally changing her sex to “male”. We are supposed to believe that Bruce Jenner who is the biological father of 6 children by 3 different wives is magically and mysteriously just like intersex people because of his special “lady brain”. This is bullshit and people know it. The vast majority of transgender identified people have no intersex medical condition. These are rare genetic and medical conditions that are verifiable through genetic testing and other medical tests. Transgender, on the other hand, is for all practical purposes a culturally derived identity.

    @Gallus, “The interviewer knew that “intersex” was somehow the counter-argument to “trans aint real” but she didn’t fully understand how it is used (to destabilize the reality of human as a sexually dimorphic species). She just kept throwing the word out there like some sort of magical incantation, hoping to break the spell. Hilarious! lolololol.”

    It’s so disingenuous that it outrageous me. The goal is to intentionally muddy the waters and conflate rare disorders of sexual development with transgender when they must know damn well that they aren’t the same.

    The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. Show me one primate that doesn’t reproduce sexually. Why are humans the only primate in which we must entertain this ludicrous cockamamie notion that we can change our sex? Males don’t give birth. Genetic males with complete androgen insensitivity might appear female, but they do not have a female reproductive system and can never give birth. If you look at the extant 7 billion humans, 99.8% of them would have XX or XY chromosomal identities at birth, and also at birth, those XX and XY chromosomal identities would correlate with physical characteristics like genital appearance, gene expression, and so on.

    • KgSch Says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the trans movement doesn’t work without co-opting various other movements of marginalized people. Intersex people is yet another example of appropriation, along with declaring dead lesbians and gays (and every once in a while gender-nonconforming heterosexuals) trans, and declaring Two-Spirit people (and other third-gender role) people trans when convenient.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Alfie George Stapleton, Chelmsford, Essex. Age 20
    University of Hertfordshire, Computer Science

    • coelacanth Says:

      Never in the history of social movements has there been such public and casual calls to kill other humans as there is with Trans. Never. WHY WHY WHY is this psychopath not arrested? If you posted in public a statement to kill any member of any “group”, you would be charged with hate crimes and criminal acts and punished accordingly. Apparently you can literally incite murder against women (or any human who is a “terf”) with no consequence. These types of death threats should be shown to every PC SJW “journalist” who hectors the public about Trans as the new baby seals so the public can watch as these “journalists” contort themselves to defend psychopathy.

      This psychotic time bomb is no different than the online murder calls of ISIS. These posts need to made known to the general public via everyday newspapers and tv news reports so the non-cultists can know that Trans politics has nothing to do with “getting your free frilly on”, but is in fact a form of poisonous social terrorism.

      Where is the main(lame)stream media? Where are “journalists”? Politicians only pander for votes and Trans is a Left vote generator at the moment and the media is the Left’s henchpuppet, so this plea will fall on ears that refuse to hear anything but their own PC self-aggrandizement. The Right stings us like fascist bees while the Left buries us alive in ideological Inquisitions. What a mess.

      “Political Correctness is really just a special form of conspicuous consumption,” writes Kristian Niemietz. Substitute the word Trans for PC (they are the same thing anyway) in this interesting point of view:

    • Another IT dude (albeit in training) already has his (murderous) laydeefeels on?

      Soon IT departments everywhere will look like the set of Little Britain. With laydees, doing laydee things, because they are laydees.

      No wonder I fail at womanhood, with a distinct lack of overt death threats issued.

    • Janetwo Says:

      That is blatant, in your face hate speech. Hope somebody presses charges. Not sure how it goes in other countries, but here in Canada, that is criminal.

    • Janetwo Says:

      How strange that one of the worst nest of misogyny online (gamergate anyone?) also harbors such an unordinate number of trannies. Its almost like they really hate women.

  26. Elle Says:

    Thank you for posting this video! Germaine Greer cuts through the b.s. with such strength and clarity. Hearing her gave me a much-needed shot in the arm today.

  27. Cyst Says:

    Hi, Gallus, long-time listener, first-time caller. I watched the video last night and I think I’m in love. Germaine Greer is so, so refreshingly open about the issues and she clearly makes no bones about her views. I wish I had half her brass ones.

    I’m seeing the best female minds of my generation wailing “pronouns and privileges” like a hair-trigger fire alarm where their Victorian counterparts would have mouthed “prunes and prisms” in a bid for some kind of absolution. Same begging, same misguided shame, nth verse same as the first.

    Like Greer, I use preferred pronouns “as a courtesy” (and damn, did she ever put it well). But I’m going to try to be braver – not as brave as her, of course, but then, I don’t think anyone in their 20s can be these days.

  28. OldPolarBear Says:

    This doesn’t have to do with this post really, but I thought it was interesting in case you hadn’t seen it:

    Is there any way or more appropriate place to send links of other stuff we see that we think you might find interesting for the site? I don’t like posting an OT comment, but I don’t see any other place to do it. And if you don’t want them, I won’t do it.

    Thanks, love that GenderTrender is here and making sense.

    • GallusMag Says:

      If you post OT links at the tail end of threads that have already discussed the post it’s usually okay, unless the post topic is gravely serious. When people post off-topic links at the top of a new post/thread, completely disregarding the intended topic and derailing the thread, I either consider it quite rude, and delete it, or assume that no one in their right mind could be so rude and therefore the link was intended as a “tip” for me (and I delete it).

      You can also start a comment by stating “Not for Publication” and leave tips privately. 😉

  29. southwest88 Says:

    Took a screen cap of Stapleton’s tweets and have emailed them to Asked them to look into this for the safety of the women on campus. Will wait to see if they reply.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you. Several people also tweeted the screencaps to local law enforcement. Looks like the perpetrator has deleted his online accounts for now. Scary person. I hope he is charged.

  30. Her expressions from 2:51 to 3:01 are priceless. Like she can’t even digest the sheer volume of ideological diarrhea issuing from the interviewer’s maw.

  31. Susan Nunes Says:

    She talks more about this issue:

    Her comments are too good not to post:

    “Just because you lop off your d— and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f—— woman,” Greer said in a statement given to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show. “I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a f—— cocker spaniel.

    “I do understand that some people are born intersex and they deserve support in coming to terms with their gender but it’s not the same thing. A man who gets his d— chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.” Root said she was left “beeping gobsmacked” by Greer’s statement.


    Root, of course, is one of those trans who can’t take the truth.

  32. Robin Russell Says:

    GG is my hero. I have every sympathy with people who have gender confusions or gender misidentification. I respect their desire to be addressed as they wish. However, politically and socially, a woman is a woman by virtue of her experience arising from her biological gender.

  33. Susan Nunes Says:

    Is it just me, or did BBC take that video down? I get the error about not being able to see this video from my country.

  34. Siobhan Says:

    I ended up getting sidetracked while pulling up another article about Greer, but found it quite related to the topic. The article below is a sad one about a family with a profoundly disabled pre-adolescent daughter; they are giving her treatments which will stop her growth and also removing her uterus, so that it will be easier to tend to her physical needs as she grows older. The “ethics board” stopped the treatment because, they said, she was not capable of giving consent for the growth-stopping or sterilization.

    I find it amazing that, in contrast, no ethics board yet has attempted to stop the wave of parents who are eagerly signing up their pre-teen daughters for “puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones,” another treatment that will alter the child’s growth and lead to sterility and, for girls, necessitate eventual removal of the uterus. These pre-adolescents may be cognitively intact, but they are too young to make mature decisions. However, because it has to do with “trans,” no one dares to suggest that such a treatment is unethical. As opposed to the disabled girl, these girls don’t start with a physical or cognitive disability and the treatment will not make their lives easier; in contrast, it will result in permanent medicalization and fetishization.

  35. sellmaeth Says:

    Cool video, thanks for posting it. Germaine Greer is a seriously cool old lady.

  36. Resistance Says:


  37. GallusMag Says:

    Pig in Wig Auto casts his gaze on Greer:

    • LC Says:

      He needs to learn how to condense his message. Sound bites play much better than long, barely coherent rants. For example, the above could be neatly summarized as:

      “Women are responsible for male violence. Especially feminists.”

    • Janetwo Says:

      Adding persecutory delusion to the already long list of trans mental illness symptoms. I think these dudes look at the dsm every day to check what new mental conditions they can add to their repertoire. “I am panmental transqueer embracing its multiple and equally fuckup personalities!”

    • morag99 Says:

      Jesus. Botha is talented, isn’t he? He managed to squeeze one threat of violence/death against women, as well as three big lies, into a single tweet.

      And his pal, Natacha Kennedy, just wrote a piece in which he DIRECTLY blames Germaine Greer for the suicide of an incarcerated transwomen.

      In the space of 5 minutes and a few clicks, I noticed that at this very moment, there’s a handful of male, British transgenderists who are calling feminists-who-speak the literal murderers of men. No joke. When Greer speaks, when we speak, men kill themselves, which is not suicide, but murder by feminism. It isn’t even implied; it’s quite explicit. So, accordingly, we women must be silenced “forever.”

      Well, let them say it. Let them be explicit.

      Also, I’ve noticed — here, there and everywhere — a not-uncommon, and not-too-subtle, sympathy with the Islamic State in liberal/queer/trans circles. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, but part of the package.

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