“Ashley the TransLesbian” on The Cotton Ceiling

October 26, 2015

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  1. Ella Says:

    Oh my God. I really hope that was satire. This video is both the funniest and the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Scary because it so closely resembles Trans activists and their handmaiden online. Hilarious because it looks like something my younger brother would’ve done when he was 12.

  2. mayimoktoo Says:

    PeachYoghurt is a gift. Her videos always make me feel connected to other women. Like we’re hanging out having this mellow but animated conversation punctuated with bright flashes of “I know, right?! Me too!”

    This one was scary good. That “DIAF!” and “FREAKING BIGOTS!!” between fake submissive giggling was a little too perfect.

    Thanks for posting her videos here. I’m afraid to comment on her youtube channel because I’m not sure if I’ve covered my tracks well enough.

  3. Mortadella Says:

    OK, I’m watching.

    Molly Shannon used to do an impression of Bjork on SNL. This weirdo is almost there — without the charm, of course.


    Oh hell, he just growled “DIAF!” Shouldn’t pea soup be shooting at his mouth? And…yikes…that line about lesbians being “bigots,” also in the demon spawn voice.

    Holy shit, Halloween is nigh!

    Oh look, Dr. Drew is hosting another trans-themed show at this very moment. I can’t watch, though. Peachy the Headcase actually gave me goosebumps. I think I’ll try and find a nice, soothing horror movie on TV.

  4. Mortadella Says:

    Oh shit. Was that video a joke? Fuck me, I can’t tell the difference anymore. Then again, how could I? I once had a female impersonator tell me his prostrate was “all female.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hahahaha! Yes- it’s a spoof.
      This is her out of costume:

      • Mortadella Says:

        Hell bells, she fooled the shit out of me! 🙂

      • LQ Says:

        CRUUUUUUUUSH! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Janetwo Says:

        God…so true. It was bad enough my mother thought that I was not feminine enough. Its like all that transgender bs creeped in while I was sleeping and send us back like a gazillion years ago. Even the toys are creepy.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Is it true that women on T look like cute men for the first few years, but then look paunchy and balding? Very interesting.I’ve noticed “the pregnant man” is less attractive than a few years ago.


      • Zemskull Says:

        I think she sums up my fondness for the 1980s and 1990s, in which if a girl or woman was into motorcycles, some people would be surprised, followed by being encouraging. “Oh, you’re into bikes? Wow. Well, you go, girl!” Nobody suggested that she needed to take testosterone shots.

      • This bullshit disgusted me so bad. People can date who ever they want for whatever reasons they want whether we disagree with it or not. I regret reading this bullshit and the comment section that had this comment: Legitimate question.. What do you make of a cis woman who wants her partner to have “traditional” male sexual organs because of the kind of sex she likes … If thats her hang up on dating a trans person do you see that as an issue or is that different? Personally im bisexual so it’s not an issue for me but i can see where it might be for some… and the author replied “THAT’S WHAT STRAP ON ARE FOR!!!!”
        ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! Not every straight women wants a strap on used on them and secondly I feel that eventually they are going to guilt you into giving you oral sex because of “transphobia. “http://jensgender.com/2015/09/28/i-respect-trans-people-but-i-would-never-date-one/

      • Zemskull Says:

        Jarrodakelsaw: Thanks for the link. This is my favorite quote: “You don’t get to say that you accept me as a woman and then in the same breath tell me that you don’t like penis.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        They should have that quote cross-stitched and framed in the foyer of every LGBT center to warn the lesbians.

  5. GallusMag Says:


    • Janetwo Says:

      Seriously? Lol…its because they look so much like this that it takes people a while to figure this is a parody. Everybody with a brain knows that is what Brucilla looks like without the magic of Photoshop. Sexual dimorphism, isnt that a bitch? :p No wonder I thought the voice was really well done which is highly unusual for the Laydezz.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Her depiction of them was too real, huh? I thought it was. I couldn’t tell the difference between what she did and some of the assholes who actually appropriate womanhood while remaining misogynistic, entitled males.
      People hate mirrors — unless they lie.

  6. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  7. GallusMag Says:

    To continue the “real or satire” theme, I’ll just leave this here:

    • dbrvnk Says:

      Lmao I wonder what the author thought upon finding out that this ultra transphobic twitter feminist (Jacqueline Andrews) is in fact, also a transwoman. Unless that’s ~part of the joke~ of course.

      • GallusMag Says:

        LMAO this guy is dumber than a brick. He wants to see a black transwoman prosecuted for hate speech against other men and white people (because reverse racism). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • atranswidow Says:

      The writer of that piece is described as a comic book writer, so hard to tell! Real or satire, it’s absurd. I see Richard Dawkins has come in for some of the same……he allegedly tweeted ‘A university is not a ‘safe space’. If you need a safe space, leave, go home, hug your teddy & suck your thumb until ready for university.’ Of course that’s Hate Crime in some quarters.

    • Chicken Lucy Says:

      That article was so poorly written that it can’t be satire. I could understand if English wasn’t the writer’s native language, but the dude is from freakin’ England. This sentence was especially strange: “Trans women are women, that’s not something that needs other to accept to be true, it’s just as is.”

      Does Planet Transgender have editors? Or do they just think that grammar, like biological sex, is an oppressive social construct?

    • stchauvinism Says:

      Wow. So the author thinks not only are women not allowed to voice opinions on transgenderism that differ from his own, neither are other transwomen.

      Oh, this guy is the editor on Planet Transgender, he needs to do more fact checking before jumping to conclusions. Sloppy.

      Amy Walker
      Transgender blogger, writer, comic letterer, journalist and editor for Planet Transgender, sex positive feminist and self confessed geek girl.

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        hahahaha! “Geek girl”!

        Why these dudes ALWAYS have to put something like that on their profiles? “Just a girl”, “A chick with a dream”, “your everyday gal” when they’re waaaaay past adolescence.

        If they’ve always been “woman” and do have “lady brains”, how come they get stuck in fantasy wannabe-a-teenager-in-a-chick-flick land? Shouldn’t they act their age given they’ve “always been woman” and not since the moment they got into full-time cross dressing?

      • dbrvnk Says:

        @CisWomanPrivilege – a thing that disturbed me a lot (though I couldn’t put it into words at the time) at my very first trans* support group was people saying their real age should be counted from when they started transitioning because they weren’t truly “alive” until then. So you’d get 40 year olds saying they were actually 5 years old (in one case someone said they were “negative one” years old, lmao). It was probably intended as a joke, but as with every joke there’s a kernel of actual belief at the core of it, a desire to “start life over again” from zero (well, more like from 12 or so, what with many mtfs professing a love for cartoons and twilight and justin bieber and whatever), which seems vaguely wrong to me.

    • Janetwo Says:

      One more time with feelz…these dudes are such a bunch of boring, whiny, spoiled brats. Cant read their crap anymore. You cant argue with somebody who does not acknowledge objective reality. Can somebody show them their DNA tests that clearly show that they are male and then we can all move on to deal with real problems like hunger, poverty, oppression…. They are worst than bible creationists and I did not thought that was possible.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        I think you speak for millions–billions–of people. I was sick of this crap beginning when I was 19 years old in 1974 and when transsexualism as it was called then was a rarity and a novelty. I just can’t take stupid people anymore who think this stuff is in any way okay.

  8. atranswidow Says:

    PeachYoghurt is brilliant……the badly placed hair clip (think Lila Perry) was a stroke of genius. Love her videos. It was the lack of a smirk that gave the game away though.. Her personality shone through, which it would never have done with a real PIW.

    • soporificat Says:

      Hahaha! That’s what I thought, too. Peach Youghrt couldn’t quite capture the oozing narcissism and arrogance of a real MtoT. Her personality is just too fresh and wholesome, and that shown through, despite her best efforts.

      However, she hit all the talking points and personality tics of the typical MtoT “lesbian.” It made me laugh, and comedy is a powerful cleanser.

    • ftmskeptic Says:

      LOL! I love Peachyoghurt now even more! I love how she chose that tacky orange Halloween wig — it even matched the artwork behind her. And like you already stated, the off-kilter bow is spot on. Nicely done, Peach!

  9. sellmaeth Says:

    A woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman. It’s almost like Shakespeare!
    She could have used some nail polish, though. The hands looked way too natural. 😉

    (By the way, why is this video only accessible for registered users on youtube? youtube asks me to prove I’m an adult. Oo)

    • GallusMag Says:

      Because the heterosexual male “lesbians” that monitor this blog have filed false complaints about the content of the video to YouTube in order to silence real lesbian speech.

  10. hearthrising Says:

    I have a crush on Peachyogurt. Her cotton ceiling spoof was not enough to take it away.

  11. Peachyoghurt Says:

    They want to take my video down for violence? Oh my, what a cry babies.
    People immitate women and gays all the time, it’s nothing new.
    What makes them so special?

    • GallusMag Says:

      A lifetime of heterosexual white male privilege and hatred of women? Oh wait, that’s not special….
      Anyway YAY PeachYoghurt! YOU ARE THE BEST! XOXOXOXOXOX<3 ❤ ❤

    • nemesister Says:

      We love you!!!

    • grumpyuncleR Says:

      Peachy, that was brilliant! I nearly fell off my chair laughing.
      Keep doing what you are doing.

    • Peach, keep making those videos and please never change! “Ashley” is hilarious and the video that Gallus posted of yourself is a breath of fresh air. My husband and I are heartsick about his daughter’s girlfriend who has all of a sudden decided she is trans and wants the pronoun changes. My stepdaughter chews us out every time we forget to use the male pronouns because her girlfriend is in fact female and could never be mistaken for anything else. If we can get to a point of reasonable discussion with the girls (both under 18), we are going to show them your video of a strong, vibrant, healthy woman that shows the world that you can tell female gender roles to buzz off and still be a woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

  12. OldPolarBear Says:

    Brilliant and hilarious. I thought it might be satire at first, but then she sort of had me going. I think the demonic DIAF outburst pretty much gave it away; I thought, even if that was involuntary, wouldn’t someone doing this for real edit it out? But still … later on, I started thinking “wait a minute, wasn’t that that one lesbian who did that other video?” I can’t remember if you posted the 40 years not on T one here before, or a slightly different one, or if I got to it from a link on another blog.

    The 40 years not on T resonates with me because, as I have commented on here previously, I had a certain amount of gender questioning back in the mid-70s. Like her, I shudder to think what might have happened if the current environment had prevailed back then.

  13. kamilla1960 Says:

    She’s so cute!

  14. Elle Says:

    Ahahahahahaha!!!! LOVED!

  15. The offensive “Cotton Ceiling” isn’t too funny to me. It felt like a stab in the heart. It felt like the rape of my lesbian soul. I will never forget or forgive what they did, and they knew full well that it was offensive to lesbians and all women.

    This link has been posted several times, but it’s worth a look again because it’s an actual conversation between a lesbian feminist and a transgender person.


    Peachy is cute in “40 years not on T”.

    • shediogenes Says:

      FCM and that diagram. The whole paragraph following the diagram and “why, god, why.” LMAO. Thanks for that link. I forgot about that one.

    • gchild Says:

      SkyLark, the cotton ceiling is so degrading to lesbian women that I will be apalled forever by that shit. It isn’t funny. At all.

      I (and I suspect, many het women) dropped all pretense that heterosexual male transgenders were women due to the cotton ceiling.

      I mean, you know how many times we’ve heard straight men compare themselves to lesbians, or say they were “male lesbians” (I’m sensitive to women’s needs, understand them, love to eat pusssy, etc.) as a way to distinguish themselves from ‘other guys’ in an attempt to get laid, usually on the spot?

      These assholes can get so wraped up in their little plot of play –“I just love women sooooo much, I dont know why you date men at all, if I were you, I’d be a lesbian!”–that when you politely decline, they act like you literally spat in their faces. They treat you like you are an evil, selfish bitch from hell. Some will say as much to your face. Cotton CeilingTransbians act the same.

      I don’t think there can ever be enough criticism/discussion on how violating and perverse cotton ceiling is. So everytime women (lesbians in particular) speak out against it (even satirically), as Peachy did in this video, I am pleased.

      Btw, I also love that FCM diagram.

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    She’s adorable, but that’s the problem, because she is so clearly a real women, voice, personality, face, so it’s confusing in that the men are SO not female. At the Lesbian dance/party I went to last weekend, the one trannie just stood out in every way possible.

    But she gets that “Bigots, they should die in a fire!” perfectly!

    This is actually a wonderful change from seeing the years of hateful male faces posing as women that GM has collected. When women want to join our Radical Feminist groups and I send out our safety rules which includes no calling us “cis” and no calling men “women,” and I get the usual ranting, I always tell them to check out here and see if they can read for long without snapping out of the cult.

    • KgSch Says:

      It is interesting you get that ranting from women wanting to join a radical feminist group, what with the whole “terf” nonsense. It’s clear the trans cult hates us. Maybe a lot of them are trolls who join to get you to “change your mind”, like how people who don’t give a crap about the environment join Deep Green Resistance to get them to change their most controversial position that women have the right to their own spaces. (I guess no one cares about DGR advocating for dismantling civilization.)

      Plus, a lot of what passes as radical feminism isn’t radical feminism so I bet they were surprised.

  17. radbychoice Says:

    I really enjoyed the 40 years not on T video. Thank you for putting your thoughts into such a delightful format.

  18. Jummy Says:

    Over at WaPo, they want everyone to be outraged about something Ted Cruz’s dad said about pedophilia being the next logical step from transgenderism. This was my comment which they deleted and I reposted three times before I caught the hint…

    The proof is in the mainstreaming of transgenderism.

    For instance, the same edition of the DSM which upgraded the status of Gender Disphoria from a disorder to a “paraphilia”, as normal as any other sexual identity, made the same categorical switch for pedophiles. They were forced to issue a clarification to the effect that pedophilia is only a disorder if actual molestation occurs.

    Though, as a consequence of biological fact, it is impossible to clinically observe sexual dimorphism in the brains of pre-pubescent subjects, the APA appears interested in diagnosing children as transgendered and pushing puberty blockers and surgery on pre-teens. Mainstream media outlets inundate us with soft-focus stories of the “heroic journeys” of three, four, and five year-olds, their heroically supportive parents and the forward-thinking psychologists who facilitate the monstrous act of sexualizing and sexually mutilating children.

    Google “teenybopper packer” and read all about the sex-toy manufacturers who have opened up a side industry casting realistic phalluses for nine year-old girls.

    Consider that all of the tropes spoken on behalf of transgendereds – high suicide rate, brain-scan studies observing unique brain-states, etc. – can all equally and as credibly be applied to pedophiles. Consider also how slight a step we are now from the conviction that a five year-old child is competent to choose their gender to the idea that a five year-old might be competent to choose intimate contact.

    I hate slippery slope arguments. I think the LGB community has done as thoroughgoing a job as possible dealing with things such as the notorious “Harry Hay Incident” and they shouldn’t be tarred with the early LGB movement’s stumbles with over-inclusiveness. However, the Ts of the now LGBT(qrstuv…) movement are evidently steering the ship and the normalization of pedophilia appears to be the course they’re plotting.

    • LC Says:

      I agree. I’m not comfortable with people who describe a child as gay or lesbian or straight for the same reason- when they reach the age of consent, they can decide that themselves. This push to normalize genital obsession in small children(which is really what it’s about since “gender” doesn’t mean anything) is far too closely related to pedophilia.

    • nemesister Says:

      Excellent comment.

  19. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    Kinda off-topic, but just read this: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/man-failed-paternity-test-because-he-chimera-his-unborn-twin

    Will the trannies incorporate this “different DNAs in the same body” into their “female/male brain in the wrong body”?
    Only time will tell, but I bet they will.

    • GallusMag Says:

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        That intersex “argument” again to cover up the fact the overwhelming majority of the trans are men with a compulsive behavior to masturbate in women’s clothes. This guy “Paris” needs to google “transvestism.” These guys have NO argument at all–they just deflect and deflect and try to shout down people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth.

      • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

        Looking through Mr. Lee’s twitter found this http://chn.ge/1LWBmWA petition to move a man to an all-female prison. And as usual, the law knelt to the trannies and granted their wish http://bbc.in/1XFqbc8 .

        According to the petition, these are some of the major points as to why this dude had to be moved:

        -She has undergone 6 years of reconstructive surgery
        (Reconstructive surgery must mean he no longer has a penis, right?)

        -She has lived her entire adult life as a woman
        (Living his entire adult life as a woman should equal doing stuff someone who isn’t a woman can’t do, otherwise wouldn’t be “living as a woman”, right?)

        -She has been medically declared a woman by her doctor
        (To be medically declared as a “woman” by his doctor, must mean, as stated before, that he is no less than an eunuch, right?)

        -She has received hormone treatment

        With a little research after becoming suspicious about his self-proclaimed job as a “make-up artist” (something all M2Ts who do prostitution claim to work as) I found this http://bit.ly/1RDWHHC

        He is indeed a sex worker who also does porn under the name “Tia Star”. In his profile he describes himself as “a British born Shemale/Transsexual Model Escort” (no woman, now?).
        Having what he calls ” a 7inch surprise in my panties” (what happened to the reconstructive surgery? Can someone who has a penis be medically declared a “woman”?).
        Given he has received hormone treatment, he shouldn’t be able to use his penis, right? Then why…

        “I’m 100% versatile and really enjoy switch, but I don’t mind if you just want to try one way! I also don’t have any problems getting hard unlike some other ts escorts out there”

        I guess part of “living your entire adult life as a woman” involves using your penis to have sex.

        Glad to hear the law did the right thing!

      • Meg Says:

        I doubt it has anything to do with gender identity. If so, all the mothers of sons would be identifying as men. It’s just another way for males to brag about colonizing women’s bodies, leaving their “mark” in us.

    • Meg Says:

      There’s no evidence to suggest that microchimerism makes women transgender. I can see this being used as an excuse to say that their own mothers were “male bodies” that gave birth to them, because y chromosomes. Erasing women is what they do best.

  20. GallusMag Says:


    Brandyn Gallagher, a 27-year-old transgender man, told Mic he uses “faggot” in the context of his own identity and attraction. “[It’s] about the ability to express my masculinity and my attraction to masculinity in a single word without the homophobic implications of toxic masculinity that are so intrinsic to the definition of manhood in America,” Gallagher said.

    Gallagher remembers well the many times he was called “faggot.” Before his transition, when he was female-presenting, Gallagher identified as a lesbian. Many of his high school girlfriends could tell he was less-than-interested in operating as a lesbian, and a few asked him if he was a gay man — just not in those words.

    “To be called ‘a faggot with D cups and long hair’ was, in hindsight, very telling,” Gallagher said.

    While identifying as a lesbian, he dated a few straight men who later came out as gay. Gallagher realized a pattern: He wasn’t a lesbian, he wasn’t a straight woman, but he was falling in love with gay men. In many ways, that’s how he arrived at his current gender identity of “faggot,” he said. When a form presents Gallagher with a blank space for his gender identity, that’s the word he uses to fill it.

    “People who are all about inclusivity, all of a sudden they’re like, ‘You can’t use that word,’ and it’s like, ‘You just told me I can’t self-identify, what the fuck?'” Gallagher said.

    • Jummy Says:

      Good fucking lord.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      That poor dork.

    • nemesister Says:

      No, she’s just a misogynistic, homophobic, pornsick straight girl.

    • nemesister Says:

      And ignorant gay bashers & street harassers have frequently yelled weird slurs, because they’re dumb and confused and just doing whatever is creepy and hurtful.

    • Meg Says:

      Sorry about the double post up above.

      Let me see if I can get this correct. Gallagher is a female who has a preference for masculinity and gay men, and is now calling herself the F word because it identifies her as a gay man.

      How the hell is this NOT problematic. Homophobic and lesbophobic slurs have been the cause of violence, suicide, PTSD, and religious cult conversions and now we have what appears to be a straight female using it like it’s okay?

      Is this a cotton ceiling thing?

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Interesting… Article also continues a bit more and ends this section with this on the t-word:

      “Though Gallagher is transgender, he feels comfortable using ‘faggot,’ but not the common slur for transgender people. ‘No one ever calls me that,’ he said. ‘People call me ‘faggot.'”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Which is pretty funny because “Tranny” is a word invented in the gay community NOT as a slur, but as a fun, affectionate term (like “Gay”). It was turned into a slur by homophobic autogynephiles who were petrified at being associated with the gay community. So this homophobic straight girl (or whatever the hell she is) makes a terrible “faggot” by any measure.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        More than anything I’ve ever read on here, this article viscerally violated my personal boundaries.

        Although I intellectually understand radical feminist positions and support many of them, at the end of the day, I’m a gay man and haven’t experienced society as a woman, so issues don’t hit as hard, even when close female friends have gone through them.

        Now, I guess it’s my turn…

        How can she just take my identity like that?!

        I guess I’d be better with it if she also tried to reclaim the t-word and had on a TRANNY FAGGOT T-shirt.

        (Because apart from that one word, she certainly doesn’t seem to mind T.)

      • GallusMag Says:

        The most offensive thing I’ve ever seen from a “Gay Transman” was this OpEd :

        Wherein the straight woman pines for the fabulous AIDS party she missed out on. TRIGGER WARNING: You all know I never do trigger warnings, but I do warn anyone who was between the ages of 10-100 between the years 1980-2000 that reading the above linked OpEd will at the very least enrage you and put you in a very foul mood, possibly involving nausea. SERIOUSLY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        How very odd.

        Her (minimized) Christian background seems key.

        There’s a pattern I’ve noticed where some gays and lesbians raised in f*cked up Christian cultures get into weird situations w sex, then once they work through their shit some to a good degree, they then project their personal resolutions outward into weird political statements that don’t quite match the current conversations.

        This Polish priest guy who’s been in the news is a perfect example:


        Whenever I see this phenomenon, I feel bad for them and what they went through bc of their formative culture, but I always wish they had a bit more sense and were a bit more private.

      • LC Says:

        That is sick, Gallus. How incredibly selfish and egocentric. I’m offended she has the nerve to call herself a Christian and ask for forgiveness without a shred of actual empathy or compassion for what they went through. She wouldn’t have to be a gay man to do that.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Agreed. And MANY MANY straight women cared for gay men dying in the plague years and they ran volunteer services. They didn’t just look the other way because their “gender identity” wasn’t involved and seeking affirmation. Thank god.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve given up on the expectation of trans activists not being narcissistic assholes. But that the Advocate is so in the bag for these people that they allowed that op-ed to be published is enraging.

      • KgSch Says:


        I think bored heterosexuals should get a life, get a hobby, and stop pretending to be gay or lesbian. And laying off the porn might help too.

      • ephemeroptera Says:


        I guess that bc of her history I was confused over her sexual orientation and initially understood her as a lesbian.

        In retrospect, that seems naive.

        In my mind I had the “men go one way or another / women are more flexible” findings of sexologist Mike Bailey, and just assumed a socially unacceptable orientation towards women channeled in weird ways (which in retrospect doesn’t make sense since she took on a gay male identity).

        I would love to see or create integrated psychological/sociological studies correlating orientation and this str8 boredom phenomenon.

        I totally think you’re right.

        Also, sorry for the long handle; I wasn’t thinking when I created it.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      The other thing that gets me is all the self-satisfiedness with the labels and their “politics”.

      Yes, American masculinity is toxic, but calling yourself a “faggot” does jack-shit.

      How about better education for men? Or mobilizing for a meaningful bill against campus sexual assault?

      These types of involved labeling choices are very revealing, and show profoundly self-centered people, even if they may not realize it.

      • AB Says:

        Campus sexual assault will never be solved with a bill. There are too many factors: unsympathetic family, unsympathetic police, universities that are motivated to provide low crime stats to prospective students, District Attorneys who simply “decline to prosecute” even obvious cases, the “boys will be boys” “what were thinking going out dressed like that?” “what did she expect getting drunk” excuses by parents, students, police, members of the court and society.

        The reason so few people get ANY kind of justice is because the barriers have been in place for so long and each victim has to try to navigate this gauntlet of dismissal, humiliation, being re-violated by uncaring assholes spouting conventional victim blaming bullshit etc. I’m not a huge fan of the term rape culture because of how it gets used online, but the things I listed above certainly constitute a rape culture whether I like the term or not.

        My point is that while I really hope things can be done to alleviate suffering of victims or force prosecutors universities and the courts to take these things seriously nothing will change unless the culture changes for real. Legislation without real changes in the issues listed above will only continue to provide victims with support in name only.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “How about better education for men”

        The menz do know better!!! They just don’t care and giving males even MORE attention and resources won’t solve anything. Males, straight & gay, seem perfectly happy with their male privilege.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @AB “I’m not a huge fan of the term rape culture because of how it gets used online…”

        Could you explain that more? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        I totally agree that changes in law won’t solve everything (or even the majority of the problem), but some changes seem like they would be improvements, from what I understand.

        For example, at a talk that I attended, a Know Your IX activist talked about instituting fines for out-of-line schools, which could help pressure schools to improve.

        Whenever I see activism like that, I always think of how much more good it does vs pronoun sensitivity.

      • KgSch Says:


        I was actually making more of a general statement. MtTs who aren’t self-hating gay men are heterosexual men who pretend to be lesbians. This girl is pretending to be a gay man, and wants sexual access to gay men so she’s obviously not a lesbian. (And she’s not going to get it because any man who sleeps with her is by definition not gay. Similarly, any woman who who sleeps with a man, even a MtT is by definition not a lesbian. If deceit or coercion was involved then that is rape.)

        I don’t trust sexologists, especially in regards to lesbians. Bailey did make some good points about autogynophilia, but keep in mind he’s still a genderist. I don’t believe in sexual fluidity. It was always something that the queer community and mainstream heterosexuals used to try to make me feel guilty for being a lesbian. Being more open-minded equaled “stop being a lesbian and start loving men and letting them fuck you.”

        No need to apologize for having a long handle.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Sadly, there’s nothing new here.

      It’s female-hating women like this who did irreparable harm to our Lesbian communities in the late Seventies. Of course most women worship men, and of course there are always fag hags and the women who want unobtainable gay men. But suddenly, after our wonderful Lesbian Feminist communities were blossoming across the world, some of these misogynist hangers-on women picked up the porn and sado-masochist obsession among gay men, and re-packaged it as “feminist” and brought it into our Lesbian communities. This was clearly entrepeneurial, as some of these women began making money with their books, workshops, etc., as “Lesbian” sex experts.

      Pat Califia was one of the worst, posing as Butch, though clearly Fem in her photos, and identifying as Lesbian, though clearly obsessed with gay men. Her “Lesbian” sex books and promotion of sado-masochism and porn were horrific, including her “Macho Sluts” where she glorifies a Lesbian being gang-raped by gay men.

      Nothing seemed to damage her reputation, including when she non-consensualy carved a swastika into her Jewish lover’s back. Her lover’s friends beat her up for that, but the rebel against convention that she was, she had them arrested.

      So no surprise she now identifies as a gay men, and is still wanting sexual access to gay men. And still worshipped by her sado-masochist Lesbian followers.

      Following the thread of harm in our communities usually leads back to the trans cult. And the link with porn and sado-masochism often leads women into the trans cult.

      Such women wanting to be gay men would be pathetic if they weren’t so self-righteous. It should be obvious that these are het women, while real gay men want to be with men. But who cares what anyone wants when the trans cult is involved?

    • kesher Says:

      Is she even on testosterone? She sure doesn’t look like it.

      Not that I’d want her to be, but I’m going to laugh if completely non-transitioned FTTs (you know, *women*) start demanding gay men have sex with them the same way non-transitioned MTTs have been doing to lesbians.

    • ericacantin Says:

      He’s just the next generation of fag hag is all! Let him identify himself! Let him be FREEEEE! Let him disguise his insecurities by falling all over himself to be of service to males who have no romantic interest in her, I’m sorry him. And let’s all applaud while she, I’m sorry he, be’s of service while trying desperately to look like a man. Don’t want those precious homosexual men to get girl-cooties on them!

  21. liberalsareinsane Says:

    “40 years not on T” should be on a T-Shirt.

  22. “Three Holed Faggot”…..WTF!

    “He wasn’t a lesbian, he wasn’t a straight woman, but he was falling in love with gay men. ”

    Seriously, this is some twisted sh**. So, she likes to have sex with men, especially gay men? This makes her straight or bisexual. I’ve never known a gay man who preferred vagina over penis. Most men, and this includes gay and bisexual men, will poke any warm hole if they are lonely and horny enough. I don’t mean to disrespect the whole male sex, but women know it’s true. Men tend to mature and mellow out when they are older, and no gay man wants a long term relationship with a female. The coolest gay men I’ve known were older gay men in stable relationships. Similar to young straight men, young gay men tend to be promiscuous.

    FTMs who calll their vagina a “hole” or “bonus hole” is utterly misogynistic. It’s a different level of crazy. There are no words to describe how creepy it is. What human female born from the uterus of a woman thinks of her vagina as just a hole? I wonder is she thinks her mother’s vagina, as in the female organ that she emerged from, is just a “hole”.

    How can a human female who is engaging in regular old penis in vagina sex with a male simply refer to her vagina as a “hole” that men ejaculate into? If one “hole” doesn’t work, use the two other “holes”.

    FTMs (biological females) can still get pregnant, get any number of STDs, or get HIV. I don’t have anything against gay men, and I’ve known older gay men who have been in loving monogamous relationships for years. Any young woman who calls herself a “faggot”, and believes her vagina is just a “hole” to be poked should think seriously about HIV.

    “Overall, MSM (men who have sex with men)— including those who inject drugs — account for more than half of the approximately million people living with HIV in the United States (60%, or an estimated 732,200 persons) and approximately two-thirds of all new HIV infections each year (66%, or an estimated 31,400 infections).

    Comparing 2008 to 2010, there was a 12 percent increase in the number of new infections among MSM. Among the youngest MSM — those aged 13 – 24 — new infections increased 22 percent, from 7,200 infections in 2008 to 8,800 in 2010.
    While CDC estimates that only 4 percent of men in the United States are MSM, the rate of new HIV diagnoses among MSM in the United States is more than 44 times that of other men (range: 522 – 989 per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men).”


    “Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)a represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all gay and bisexual men. At the end of 2011, an estimated 500,022 (57%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States were gay and bisexual men, or gay and bisexual men who also inject drugs.”


    It’s a biological fact that it’s easier for a male to transmit the HIV virus to a female than female to male transmission. In fact, in Africa there are higher rates of HIV in women then men, and it’s sexually transmitted via PIV sex. HIV in the U.S. exploded in the gay community because it’s a closed community of sorts, and we have to acknowledge the fact that gay men were promiscuous as hell in the 1960s and 1970s. Sex was rampant in gay bath houses. This is the truth. This young woman who calls herself a “faggot” has three “holes” as she calls them. She could be setting herself up for HIV. She can play the aren’t I cute genderqueer whatever, and I’m just like a “faggot” with an extra “hole”, but people can’t run from reality forever.

    •The risk of getting HIV during vaginal sex without a condom or other protection such as PrEP is much higher for women than it is for men, and anal sex without a condom or PrEP is riskier for women than vaginal sex without a condom or PrEP. More than 20% of women aged 20 to 39 who responded to a national survey reported anal sex in the past year.


    • Am I the only one or does a “three-holed faggot” sound like something you’d pick up at Home Depot? I feel so badly for these young people and their careless disregard for their bodies. This shit is cute in your twenties, but most of us will be living in our bodies for many decades and it’s hard enough when you haven’t mutilated them and pumped them full of chemicals in an effort to be “edgy” and “radical.”

  23. dejavublonde Says:

    that t-shirt took my breath away. I am used to being seen as a walking vagina to men. I am used to being seen as a ‘privileged natural pussy’ owner by the trannies. to see a woman dilute my existence to where a dick could be stuck in me/any woman- I don’t even have words for what that made me feel.

  24. In this article, she complains of misogyny among gay men who aren’t sexually attracted to females. Yes, gay men can be misogynistic just like straight men, but that isn’t the problem. She whines because gay men are “misogynistic” because they prefer a male instead of a female.

    Isn’t it homophobic to expect gay men to be sexually attracted to females?


    In this article, she admits anonymous sex with gay men a night might be a problem.

    Trans Men: The Invisible Battle With HIV

    “I want to let you in on a little secret: Transgender gay men are not heterosexual women (*yes they are). We do not have sex like women do (yes you do). Our behavioral risk factors are the same as the behavioral risk factors of gay men, because – big surprise – we are gay men (no you aren’t). Sometimes we have anal sex. Sometimes we have vaginal sex. We have sex in bathhouses, perhaps with 20 or more guys in one evening. Not all of us, but some. We cruise for hookups in the twilight hours at Volunteer Park. We meet guys on Scruff, Grinder, and Craigslist for casual one-offs. Some of us use poppers, crystal, and other drugs associated with the gay party-and-play scene. We are at high risk of HIV just like cisgender MSMs are, and we’re being ignored. “

    Great comments…

    “Fuck 20 dudes a day & blames everyone else (especaillly Doctors who use the pronouns you don’t like) on why you catch HIV. Hmmm sounds like the problem is not using condoms and random fucking strangers in bathhouses not what pronouns people use or what studies they didn’t focus on your specail snowflake id.”


    Three holed fag states,

    “You’re assuming that trans men’s vaginas are equally at-risk of contracting HIV as cisgender women’s vaginas. They are not. Trans men (females) often experience vaginal atrophy as a result of testosterone, causing bleeding and tearing during sex rather frequently. The need is indeed urgent, and the risk is indeed high. Extrapolating data from studies conducted on cisgender women’s vaginas is sorely insufficient.”

    Perhaps female bodies just weren’t designed for the casual sex that some gay men like. Maybe females shouldn’t take “T” if they want to cruise bathhouses with the gay men. Why do females have to take “T” anyway? Instead of looking at reality, she blames “transphobic” society.

    I know this is a serious subject, but she can’t accept the fact that she is still female. This is the reality. The actual biology won’t fit into her special trans/queer world. Does she think that some dude she met at a bar or bathhouse cares if he gives her HIV? Seriously, this young woman needs to grow up and face facts. It’s both sad, terribly sad to me, but the level of denial is ridiculous.

    I wish she could see her female body as something that is beautiful. Maybe this is her real problem. She can screw as many gay men as she likes. That is, if her atrophied vagina holds up. She will never experience sexual pleasure the way a male does. She is no gay man. She isn’t even a man.

    God, I do feel so sorry for this young woman.

    • KgSch Says:

      I do feel kind of bad for her, but I’m more disgusted by her misogyny. I’m 100% in agreement with dejavublonde about how horrible her T-shirt is. Also, whatever happened to personal responsibility? I really can’t find any sympathy for someone who engages in such reckless behavior and then whines about it when it comes back to bite her in the ass. Even if she was actually a gay man, she’d still be lining herself up for STDs.

      You are right about her level of denial. Some random dudes she’s hooking up with in bars aren’t going to care if they get her pregnant (if in fact she can still get pregnant) or if she gets an STD. Biology is real and that’s all there is to it. Here’s a crazy idea, maybe if you don’t have sex with a bunch of random dudes, especially without protection, you won’t have to worry as much about STDs!

      And yes, gay men aren’t being misogynistic by not wanting to have sex with her. Actual gay men want a man to be with; it’s why they’re gay. Duh.

    • Meg Says:

      “it’s not like anyone can tell I have a cunt.”

      She wants to talk about vagina shaming then comes out with that shitty statement?

      “But this past year or so, I’ve been savoring my new male privilege”

      and… the rest of the article shows that male privilege she is enjoying comes from WOMEN, not the men she wants to fit in with.

      ANY woman willing to sit around and entertain men’s sexist bigotry is just as much of a misogynist as they are. Internalized misogyny is still misogyny. She is not only harming herself, but other women with this bizarre, illogical fixation on masculinity.

  25. ericacantin Says:

    My apologies for derailing your conversation, but you guys are the first people I thought of to ask this:

    Do any of you have any reccomendations for age-appropriate media to introduce proper femininism to pre-teen girls? My daughter is only nine, but she’s starting to develop physically and I’d like to pair some feminism alongside her learning about puberty.

    All of the great second-wavers I’ve read wrote for adult women and I’d prefer to steer clear from liberal feminism.

  26. Akuba Says:

    Did you all see this WaPo article? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/11/03/feds-say-illinois-school-district-broke-law-by-banning-trans-student-from-girls-locker-room/
    It talks about a report just issued by the U.S. Dept of Ed region V regarding the school locker room issue. Gallus reported on all the original stories mentioned. The tone of this post has me seeing red! So biased – but what did I expect?
    This blogger sounds like your typical arrogant liberal bro who thinks anyone who dares to stand up for girls’ privacy is just a bigoted meanie prude and the law has to set them straight! (And it’s also all the hung up fossilized old folks ’cause those girls that staged that one walk out don’t count). Bleh.
    If I did Twitter you’d bet I’d tweet that woman hating idiot. I do have lots of letter writing to do though.

  27. OldPolarBear Says:

    [NOT (necessarily) FOR PUBLICATION] This just went up at Esquire (yeah, I know, just bear with me for a minute):


    It is in the politics blog, which is almost always posts by Charles Pierce, who really is good on a lot of things, so I read it. The rest of the magazine website is pretty much the sexist cesspool you would expect. It is already generating quite a few comments, so far of the predictable “liberal” variety. Any takes on the Houston ordinance? I haven’t seen much about it.

  28. Franklin Says:

    Synthia China Blast hates you more than anybody in the world, Cathy. Popular ‘feminist’ site Jezebel is helping her publicize it.


    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes, GenderTrender broke that story. No, my name is not Cathy.

      • That’s what I thought. I was extremely puzzled when I saw them attributing it to Cathy Brennan.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He thinks we are the same person apparently.

      • But you’d think Jezebel would bother to find out better if they’re supposed to be actual reporters. I don’t expect Morales, who is clearly batshit crazy to do any better, but what is their excuse?

      • GallusMag Says:

        The author of the piece is batshit crazy. Also I think they wanted to avoid linking to the actual source material at GenderTrender because it contained 1. All the facts about Blast’s crimes and subsequent behavior over the years, which would horrify anyone who read it, and 2. Threats against myself posted by Blast’s family member, using their work computer with designated ISP.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Blast is a psychopathic lying sack of shit gangbanger. He BRAGGED about his crime. Bragged about it.

      What’s encouraging is seeing that commenters at Jezebel are actually telling them to go fuck themselves over their sympathy for a child torturer, rapist, and murderer. Maybe some of them are finally seeing the light. When one commits a crime of this nature, they should suffer, and being a sexual minority shouldn’t get you automatic support.

      I see the obnoxious tranny commenter DonnaL is over there, saying that Blast should still be entitled to “medical care” – and we all know what that means. Donald thinks that Blast should be treated to hormones, a sex change, the works, all at taxpayer’s expense, never mind that we’re talking about a child murderer. Fuck you to hell, Donald. You’re as selfish and evil as Blast.

  29. […] A reader posted a comment asking for suggestions for her nine year old daughter. I didn’t want it to be missed so I am posting it here. […]

  30. @ericacantin,

    You can try http://4thwavenow.com/ which is a great blog with lots of information.

    @Gallus and Ashland Avenue,

    Heartless sociopathic killers like Luis Morales know how to manipulate people and situations. They do it all their lives. Jezebel isn’t smart enough to know that it’s being played. The posts by people in the comment section see through this bullshit. If this murdering sociopath, ex-gang banger, and former jail house “wife” of the NYC Zodiac Killer couldn’t play the trans* card, he would have nothing. The only reason this is getting any attention is because trans is the latest media darling.

    Morales even showed up in court smirking as if the torture and death of a 13 year old black girl was just a joke. Read the court records and statements from the family of how Morales joked and smirked in court, almost taunting the victim’s family. Now, scroll up and look at the screen capped .jpg of Morales to Cathy Brennan. Morales is bragging and taunting her. “Look what I have now…etc.”. Men like Luis Morales never change.

    A Bronx mother yesterday berated two members of the Latin Kings gang for smirking while standing trial for torturing and killing her 13-year-old daughter. Yvonne Hill then nodded approvingly when the men were sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ebony Williams. “Ever since the trial was going on, all I see is Luis Morales grinning and Carlos Franco, too,” Hill said. “You ain’t smiling today. I hope you both rot in hell.

    ” Morales, 22, and Franco, 24, appeared unmoved as Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus sentenced them to 25 years to life for the 1993 slaying. Bronx Prosecutor William Hrabsky said the two held the girl captive in a Hunts Point apartment, Morales raping her and repeatedly slashing her body. Franco was charged with killing the girl after breaking her neck. “The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous,” Hrabsky said. Investigators said the men shoved Ebony’s body into a box and dumped it on the Sheridan Expressway at E. 165th St., where it was set on fire. They later bragged about the crime to friends, many of whom testified against them.”


    People refuse to see what a sick fuck Morales really is. Of all the convicted killers Luis Morales could have hooked up for a little prison romance, he picked NYC Zodiac Serial Killer. Notice the large tattoo of the astrological sign on the face of Morales. No, it’s not some kind of green skin disease. That is his tribute to his jail house “husband” NYC Zodiac Serial Killer.

    ” In October 2002, Blast was sent to Attica, “where I met my friend, lover and infamous husband . . . the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer,” he wrote. Seda, 37, is serving a 235-year prison term for a violent 1990-93 spree when he threatened to kill one person for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. He is believed to have been copying California’s unsolved Zodiac killings. Blast – born Luis Morales – says guards at Attica allowed him to get a Scorpion tattoo on his face, signifying the month of his marriage to Seda last June. “I can honestly say that my sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now,” Blast wrote. “Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.”


    Jezebel isn’t smart enough to know it’s being played, and Luis Morales is one sick fuck.

    I forgot to mention that Luis Morales says he has created an alliance of convicted transwomen (males) in prison who call themselves “feminists”. Scroll up to GallusMag November 4, 2015 at 1:20 pm.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Jezebel isn’t smart enough, period. What an appallingly clueless bunch they have over there writing for them. Thanks SkyLark, for the info – the more times it’s shown, the more times the truth will show up when some bleeding-heart dumbass Jezebel fan searches “Blast’s” name.

    • Meg Says:

      If “Synthia China Blast” gets moved to a woman’s prison, how many women will have to be raped and murdered before people care about the WOMEN who are incarcerated, not just the men claiming to be women? FFS. Jezebel is a mess. “How we treat the incarcerated says a lot about us” but they don’t apply that to throwing rapist murderers in with women who are also incarcerated. Yet again, women’s REALITIES are ignored for the sake of men’s fantasies.

  31. Asmodeus Says:

    I had to stop watching after, “this is a female penis.” For the first minute I wondered if this was for real or if this was supposed to be satire or a troll.

  32. Charlotte Says:

    Lmao I am friends with the woman who made this and she made me laugh so hard at “they should die in a God damned fire” that I nearly choked on the wafer I was eating XD

    Thank you my dear for the few moments of pleasure, you were fantastic! Your videos just keep getting better!!!

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