Drop the T

November 6, 2015

drop the t



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  1. And if the T is not dropped, time to get the L out.

    • KgSch Says:

      I second that! I don’t recall asking to be included with our oppressors. These organizations not only ignore lesbians but they actively harm us and still want all our money. I’m tired of being told I’m “devisive” when I refuse to socialize with men pretending to be lesbians and that’s not even getting to the violent threats! Lesbian money and energy should go to helping lesbians for once instead of to our oppressors.

      • Zemskull Says:

        In addition to the sound points made by the petition, there is the fact that the “T” have plenty of specialized advocacy, social, charitable and legal groups just for them.

      • Chippy Says:


        It is not divisive to refuse to be with someone who is pretending to be a woman. It’s REALITY!!!!!! What’s divisive is trying to shame people into picking partners they don’t want!!! that’s divisive. It’s worse than divisive. It’s bullying. It’s rape culture!!!

        Now, I said it, I’m not backing down from it.

    • CisWomanPrivilege Says:

      I’d go for that as well. Rather being on our own than being included in the same group where misogynistic gay men and women-hating cross-dressers are the vocal majority.

      P.S. Signed the petition anyways.

    • LQ Says:

      I knew it was an alphabet soup acronym situation now, but I didn’t know LGBTI was the default, mainstream, go-to now. Hasn’t it been established that intersex is a biological medical condition with a significant population that doesn’t want BigTrans Inc. speaking for them, since they have NOTHING in common?

    • Meg Says:

      “After all, a minimum of 22 trans people have been killed in the US alone this year.”

      Do they not realize that more WOMEN have died since 911 than 911, the Iraq, and Afghanistan casualties combined? Three women PER DAY die as a result of domestic violence, and even more from being prostituted, homeless, or at the hands of serial killers. There are over 150 unsolved “cluster killings” related to serial killers that the FBI is still investigating to this day. This is in the US alone.

      They do not say the sex or identity of the trans people killed, so I can only assume that they are defaulting to people who are biologically male, because how else can a mere 22 people’s deaths be framed as most important when the thousands of lives of women are brushed off like spilled flour.

      They are also refusing to admit that trans people are murdered because men in their narcissistic rage kill them out of homophobia. Is it safe to assume that gay men as well as lesbians are being talked about of their own oppression by transpolitics?

      • nniilate Says:


        That is what I feel offended by. They want women to be understanding and loving and giving to their “but we are women just like you (except for the dick and y chromosomes) and we stand with you!” But I have never seen a transgender group of mtts protesting against those wanting to close abortion clinics, raising money for rape crisis centers, etc.

        We want to be women but you know not you kind of women, just our kind of women but just like you…you know?

        So damn confusing

      • Bea Says:

        I read an article in the Advocate about the transgender deaths in 2015. All male to “woman”, Some descriptions indicated that the victim was a “sex worker” likely killed by the John. Others were murdered by boyfriends or ex-boyfriends, gang members or family members. Yet many were proclaimed hate crimes by advocates and friends.

        Strangely (!), when I was searching for murders of women, trans “women” came up in the beginning of the first few searches. I finally found a report from http://www.vpc.org/studies/wmmw2015.pdf
        stating “In 2013, there were 1,615 females murdered by males in single victim/single offender incidents that were submitted to the FBI for its Supplementary Homicide Report.”

        I had just heard a local NPR guest, the female editor of Bay Windows in Boston, talk about the bigotry of the Houston voters, and proclaiming that transgendered males presenting as women could be killed if they go into the men’s bathroom, where women will only be inconvenienced if a male bodied transgendered person is in our bathrooms.

        I’ve written to the NPR hosts. Not hopeful for a reply, but not willing to be silent anymore.

      • KgSch Says:

        They sure don’t give a shit about women, that’s for sure. And I bet money that most of the trans they’re talking about are biological males. But I guess it doesn’t matter that at least three women are murdered a day, because we’re “cis” after all and have sooooo much privilege. Hilary and Bernie think that deaths of 22 female impersonators is a national emergency, but it’s clear from them condemning Houston as a city of bigots that they don’t care about the safety of women. I’ve been registered as a Democrat since I could vote, but I’m changing it. I dislike conservatives too, but I’ve never expected anything better from them. I’d run for president if I was old enough.

        Yes, homophobic rage is the huge reason, but a lot of cases involve things like intimate partner violence, or a crime backfiring on them. They’re MEN and men are much more likely than women to be involved in violent crime (and I think crime in general) no matter how much they claim to be female.

        I also know the lefty media likes to sob over “trans ‘women’ of color”. But that would mean a lot of them are really black dudes and maybe in those cases racism was the motivation.

      • Meg Says:

        Hey all, thanks for your responses and I agree. I forgot to add that there have been MASS GRAVES found along the border between US and Mexico, filled with the bodies of trafficked women trying to escape gang violence and poverty. This was only a few years ago, too. Where are transwomen? Oh, that’s right, they’re sitting around telling women and girls to shut up and demanding to occupy female only spaces. They talk about transwomen of color being murdered, but what about women of color being murdered, period? Where’s the outrage for that? Why the constant focus on trans murders, when women are being slaughtered by men, right now? Do they identify as women or not? Or is trans just a special snowflake card they can pull out whenever someone questions their male privilege? And yes, they do have it, whether they want to admit or not. People see their biological maleness as an entitlement to social supports.

        There is little doubt left in my mind that transpolitics is little more than an MRA troll movement meant to strip away the lived realities of women, race minorities, gender nonconformists and LGBIA. There is no dialogue in transpolitics about how transmurders are a continuum of inner city violence, homophobia, and misogyny. Embracing gender is what CAUSES violence, not stops it. FFS. Do they not realize that simply trading one role playing extreme for another is not going to solve anything? I swear it’s like these people believe life is a video game and all they have to do is hit re-start with a new character. There’s no respect for boundaries, reality, or the basic rights of other people. I am not a mental health expert but I don’t think it takes one to see that there is something profoundly pathological about their worldview. Meanwhile, while these MEN go about living their fantasies, we women are stuck dealing with the real world problems they create and walk away from.

      • nonny Says:

        @Bea- that reminds me- I was searching for images of not only butch but gnc women in general, and no matter how I messed with the search terms (adding quotations, using the word female, etc) both Google images and tumblr results were dominated by males. They take everything. Thankfully I found the Butch photo series by Meg Allen, and the butch history tumblr, but it’s so disturbing.

    • Arla Hile Says:

      I am glad to see in the comments section that some people are coming out of their PC closet in supporting the idea of dropping the T.

      • silverside Says:

        Regarding deaths….I started a research project on lesbian murders since there is very little information available and tends to be buried in a multitude of sources.

        Except for the somewhat prominent attention that lesbian activists in South Africa were able to get regarding the rape and torture/murder of lesbians there, there is almost a total blackout. International reports tend to mention trans women by names, but lump lesbians in the LGBTQI statistics as a whole with no statistical break out and certainly no names. Very often maybe one news story will mention the victim was a lesbian or drop enough hints to surmise that the victim was a lesbian, but most of the articles will say nothing. In a lot of cases, I found blog entries that eulogized a lesbian who was murdered, when no newspaper articles–even in the “gay” press–mentioned she was a lesbian. Some of this may be the anti-woman tendency to see domestic violence murders by fathers, ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, etc. as “private” or “apolitical” while the murder of a gay male or trans woman on the streets is a “hate crime” and “political.” Of course women in general tend to fall into the former category, including lesbians, which just adds to the invisibility.

        But even that said, I found a case where the murder victim was a lesbian feminist political activist and there were grave reasons to suspect that her murder was a political assassination (Susana Chavez Castillo)–and even then the fact that she was a lesbian was covered up. The only source I found that questioned the circumstances behind Susana’s murder was a Swedish feminist blog! And that was because Mexican authorities were claiming she had willingly gone off with a couple of men to drink and have sex, when Susana’s friends knew that was beyond ridiculous.

        Even in a case where a fairly prominent lesbian’s murder was directly related to her being a lesbian–the woman and her partner murdered by an ex-boyfriend–the fact is hushed up. An example: the Mexican singer Zayada Pena and her partner Ana Bertha Gonzalez. Her Wikipedia page says NOTHING about her being a lesbian and NOTHING about her murder being motivated by male hatred of lesbians. By contrast, when a trans woman is murdered, trans status is trumpeted above all else, even when it appeared to have little to do with the murder. Like the Ohio trans woman who was murdered by his father for drug money. So I really question the “epidemic” of trans women murders, when the murder of lesbians is so consistently erased, unrecognized, or buried under general statistics related to domestic violence.

      • nemesister Says:

        If by the Ohio murder you mean Brian Golec, he wasn’t trans, either. The lists all include him, as “Bri Golec”, a name he had used briefly in the past. He explored trans, then decided it wasn’t for him. He’s one of the many dead who have been transed against their will.

  2. @MichfestMovesMe Says:

    This article about the liberal left’s unrelenting campaign to discredit feminism was my most important read this week. Since the liberal left owns Gay Inc. The T isn’t going to be dropped anytime soon. It’s not to their tactical advantage. http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2015/10/28/4340688.htm

    Keeping up the call for financial boycotts is a tactic I think is effective. Now that marriage is won. More gay money needs to go back into the gay and lesbian community in the form of services and support and away from political advocacy which is pretty much just transactivism now, and ultimately homophobic at its core. So much mission drift with these orgs. The NCLR maneuver last spring was my peak moment.

  3. wildwomyn Says:

    The Mautner Project in DC, created to assist Lesbians with cancer with needs, was subsumed into the Whitman Walker Clinic a few years ago. Now the project serves trans “women” and other programs serving males, meaning less money for Lesbians with cancer. I stopped giving to them when I found out.

    The L’s should just stop supporting all alphabet soup orgs as they do nothing for us.

  4. I haven’t supported mainstream LGB orgs since same-sex marriage became their main focus (still voted in favor of gay marriage, though). Now that these orgs have achieved the one thing that they’ve existed for for the past decade that actually concerned LGBs, I have even less reason to support them. It’s all about the T and straight people with sexual fetishes now.

    How many of these people in these orgs are actually LGB anymore? How many of them are even “legitimate” transsexuals? I was alive when transgender (theoretically) meant spending years in counseling and pursuing full gender reassignment, and there was no legal change of sex or access to opposite sex facilities until transition was complete. I was alive when gay/lesbian meant being homosexual. I was alive when being bisexual was a long-standing orientation and that entailed attraction to both biological SEXES, not pansexual attraction to 80 million genders.

    I’m bisexual and have been since I was very little. I was gender variant since I was little. I remember asking my mother, at the age of five, if I could marry a girl when I got older. (My parents were conservative republicans, so no one was there to give me the idea.) Growing up I felt like a freak. Now when I talk about being bisexual, I rarely hear stories like mine. I meet women who, for all intents and purposes, are straight but identify as “queer” because they kissed a girl once when they got drunk in college and they liked it. No common thread there at all. Apparently I can’t even call myself bisexual anymore because I’m excluding agenders, demigenders, etc. Sorry, no, I’m not pansexual and I’m not bi-curious (hate those terms). It’s bisexual, got it? And by the way, 98% of my focus is on women, so sorry dudes, even us “bi sluts” (as they see us) have boundaries and you’re gonna have to get your freak on someplace else.

    Anyway, I signed the petition and, in doing so, officially came out as a TERF. I’ve reached peak trans awhile ago, but in the past few days, I’ve taken several public actions that made it known that I’m really done. The petition was the first time I actually signed my name to a terf-y cause. So this is my new coming out day.

    And for the love of God, can we go back to LGB? When I was growing up, it was LGBT. Then it became LGBTQQ, then LGBTQQIA, then QUILTBAG, etc. Seriously? Talk about being super speshul.

    • nemesister Says:

      I am so sick of bored straights trying to bully us into accepting the trans agenda, by lying that they’re bi. We know damn well they are straight. They have no more right to comment than do the predatory autogynephiles.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    I agree, KgSch! felt mixed with this. Of course get the T as far away as possible. Horrible to hear in the media that it’s the “LGBT community” who is working to get men into girls’ school restrooms, locker rooms, etc.

    But why are they erasing Lesbians in this? I’m sorry, I know it’s a good idea, but I will not continue to be erased by G and B. I’m not gay or bisexual. I’m a Lesbian. Men and bisexual women are my oppressors.

    Lesbians need to leave “LGB.” Most of us never joined. Even my non-feminist friends don’t want to be around any men.

    But this is a good try. Too bad they didn’t they respect Lesbians enough to not call us “gay.”

    In fact, it was Lesbians who prioritized gay men with STDs like AIDS that set Lesbians up to also prioritize other men complaining.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You: “But this is a good try. Too bad they didn’t they respect Lesbians enough to not call us “gay.”
      In fact, it was Lesbians who prioritized gay men with STDs like AIDS that set Lesbians up to also prioritize other men complaining.”

      “Lesbians who prioritized gay men with STDS like AIDS”

      STDS “like” AIDS? What other sexually transmitted diseases in men did Lesbians “prioritize” and how were they “like AIDS”?

      AIDS was a deadly, deathly epidemic that wiped an entire generation of gay men off the face of the earth in the most horrendous way imaginable, and whose path of destruction ran unchecked deliberately by authorities in the political and medical spheres AND by the general public because the victims were regarded as subhuman fags with unclean sexual desires. Not unlike your framing.

      It takes an awful lot to kill a healthy young body by overwhelming it with opportunistic infections normally kept at bay with a healthy immune system, and these gay men, beautiful gayboys, died the ugliest most painful suffering deaths imaginable and they did so en masse, fighting for life, many rejected by family support and terrified and alone.

      “Well, he brought it on himself. He shouldn’t have been living that lifestyle” an RN told me once, about her patient, an emaciated skeletal young gay black man gasping for breath and covered with painful sores, formerly a dancer, now dying from a disease he contracted before he knew it existed. Her sentiment echoed that of his Southern Baptist family who left him to suffer and die alone out of “shame”. That sounds like you now.

      Lesbians, gay men, and many straight women, (I can’t believe I’m even explaining this) “prioritized” victims of the epidemic because they were sick and dying all around us. We had no “choice”. No resources. No support. Nothing. It was genocide.

      How THE FUCK do you get off trashing the good response of lesbians TO GENOCIDE AND MASS DEATH. How FUCKING DISGUSTING.

      I’m going to wrap this comment up now for my own mental health. No further DISGUSTING comments on the subject of AIDS by you will be approved. Also: I am a gay woman, aka lesbian or homosexual. That terminology is fine. Hugs LONG AND DEEP to sisters and brothers out there who lived through those times (including the many good nurses and doctors) and prayers for those who didn’t. x

      • GallusMag Says:

        @feministroar ❤ you.

      • Rock on, beautifully stated. Solidarity is a good thing.:)

      • The hecatomb may be over but people are still dying of AIDS -yes I know some- and syphilis is back and yes, I know someone with that too.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        I was not trashing anyone. No, I am not disgusting like the hateful hets who attacked gay men. I’m a Lesbian who has seen friends die with almost no support, while AIDS projects for gay men still get millions annually.

        I did not mean to offend you, but this entire issue brings up what has been done to dying Lesbians versus ill or dying gay men. In the Bay Area, dying Lesbians were kicked out of the Shanti Project, which had been created for dying Lesbians and gay men. Why? At the same time, the gay men who had publicly written about not wanting “dirty” Lesbians at their events suddenly were printing ads asking us to donate blood (because, as they said, our blood was the cleanest) to men with AIDS.

        I and the Lesbians I know did not see gay men dying all around us. We were not welcome to be in the many safe and beautiful spaces gay men had for themselves. They hated us. If we stepped into the Castro, which is their entire neighborhood, we were given dirty looks. (Our areas were in other people’s ghettos where we were also hated and sometimes attacked.)

        Lesbians who did try to work to support gay men were called “fish” and “cunts.” Del Martin wrote about this in her article, “Goodbye to All That.”

        You have a different experience, but don’t act like others of us are the right wing because we were working to help Lesbians when no one else would.

        Why is it “disgusting” to dare talk about what the queer community will never allow to be said, which is that Lesbians are always expected to put everyone else first, even when our own people are dying: men, gay men, het men posing as Lesbians, bisexual women, het women, etc. all come before Lesbians? As a people and community, we are always subsumed and erased on behalf of everyone else. Why is it wrong to say this?

        I refer to AIDS being an STD because it’s ignored. AIDS has been elevated to a noble illness that liberal well-meaning Lesbians think is for more important to work against than the illnesses killing Lesbians. And so, Lesbians are still expected to prioritize men with AIDS, far more than for Lesbians who are dying. Why? Because they are men. Because they count more.

        In this area, where there is SO much money among gay men, where they have an entire neighborhood with countless businesses, Lesbians who are dying have nothing, while other Lesbians are lured into working for AIDS projects that are primarily for men. The amount of money made is phenomenal, compared to what Lesbians get. The AIDS Lifecycle Ride in 2013 got $14.5 million. This is while Lesbians have lost our last spaces because of money — not one bookstore, coffeehouse, bar, etc. left.

        Too many Lesbians believe their current work and donations on AIDS projects are more important and real and “queer” than anything they can do for Lesbians, which leads right into prioritizing other men, like the trans cult.

        Meanwhile, a gay man I know with AIDS is in despair because gay men regularly ask him to give them AIDS. This is no a rumor or lie, but the truth. He has no reason to lie. The look on his face says it all.

      • ShipRat Says:


        Survivors of the 1980s AIDS crisis have shared accounts of their experiences.

        As the UK celebrates LGBT History Month, users of Reddit revealed what it was like to be living in what felt like a constant state of tragedy.
        . . . . .
        A lesbian of the era said: ‘While I was not ‘at risk’ (per se, we know more these days), we all lost many good friends. It is true that there is a somewhat mystifying (to me) separatist attitude between some gay men and lesbians, especially back then, this tragic time really brought us together.

        ‘Sitting at the bedside of a terminally ill friend, and just holding their hand when everyone else was just terrified, was a gift I was one of those willing to give.

        ‘No one should die alone, and no one should be in the hospital on their death beds with family calling to say “this was gods punishment”. My friends and I, men and women, acted as a protective layer for ill friends, and companion to mutual friends juggling the same, difficult reality of trying to be there, and be strong when we were losing our family right and left. Difficult times, that should never be forgotten.’

        Another Redditor paid tribute to the role of lesbians, calling them ‘every bit as heroic as soldiers on the front lines of any war’.

        ‘These women walked directly into the fire and through it, and they did not have to. And that they did it even as some of the gay men they took care of treated them with bitchiness, scorn, and contempt.

        ‘It was, at the time, not at all unusual for gay men to snicker as the bull dyke walked into the bar with her overalls and flannels and fades. Much of the time, it was casual ribbing which they took in stride. But it could also be laced with acid, especially when lesbians began gravitating toward a bar that had until then catered largely to men.

        ‘When the AIDS crisis struck, it would be many of these same women who would go straight from their jobs during the day to acting as caregivers at night. Because most of them lacked medical degrees, they were generally relegated to the most unpleasant tasks: wiping up puke and shit, cleaning up houses and apartments neglected for weeks and months. But not being directly responsible for medical care also made them the most convenient targets for the devastating anger and rage these men felt – many who’d been abandoned by their own family and friends.

        ‘These women walked directly into the fire. They came to the aid of gay men even when it was unclear how easily the virus could be transmitted. Transmission via needlestick was still a concern, so they often wore two or three layers of latex gloves to protect themselves, but more than once I saw them, in their haste and frustration, dispense with the gloves so that they could check for fevers, or hold a hand that hung listlessly from the edge of a bed whose sheets they had just laundered.

        ‘They provided aid, comfort, and medical care to men withering away in hospices, men who’d already lost their lovers and friends to the disease and spent their last months in agony. They’d been abandoned by their own families, and were it not for lesbians – many if not most of them volunteers – they would have suffered alone. And when there was nothing more medicine could do for them and their lungs began to fill with fluid, it was often these same women who’d be left to administer enough morphine to release them, given to them by the doctor who had left the room and would return 15 minutes later to sign the certificate (a common practice at the time).

        ‘I knew a woman around that time who’d had at one point been making bank in construction. But at the outset of the AIDS crisis she had abandoned her career to pursue nursing instead, and was close to her degree when we were hanging out. She was a big, hearty drinker, and fortunately so was I. We’d been utterly thrashed at a bar once when someone whispered a fairly benign but nonetheless unwelcoming comment about her. Middle fingers were exchanged, and afterwards, furious and indignant, I asked her, Why do you do it? Why did you abandon a career to take care of these assholes who still won’t pay you any respect?

        ‘She cut me a surprisingly severe look, held it and said, “Honey, because no one else is going to do it.” I remember feeling ashamed after that, because my fury and indignation weren’t going to clean blood and puke off the floor; it wasn’t going to do the shit that needed to get done.

        ‘HIV killed my friends, took my lover from me, and tore up my life. During that time, I did what I could. But nothing I did then or have ever been called to do in my life puts me anywhere near the example set by the lesbians I knew in the 80s and 90s. I’ve felt obligated to remember what they did, and to make sure other people remember it too.’

      • Meg Says:

        It’s also worth pointing out that perceptions of AIDS back in the 80s are the same perceptions right wing lawmakers have about reproductive care right now. They are taking what is for all intents and purposes a medical issue and making a religious ideological issue out of it. Whether or not someone lives as we think they should, they still deserve to get the medical care they need. Legislators have no business playing god in people’s private lives. This is 2015 and we’re still stuck in a society that thinks the Bible is the only cure they need.

      • nemesister Says:

        We stepped up because it was the compassionate thing to do. And the homophobic backlash was against us as well as the men. The press called us all “homosexuals”, and rarely mentioned lesbians were not as susceptible as women who fucked men. I’m not the only dyke who had bashers scream “Die AIDS Fag!!!” at me. It was a war. And I, too, am cynical about anyone who wasn’t in combat with the rest of us.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Rock on, beautifully stated. Solidarity is a good thing.:)”

        Yeah, too bad gays males didn’t practice it!!! I wish there was a favourite button so I could favorite Bev Jo’s comments a million times.

      • KgSch Says:


        Same here!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Any women who turned their back on the dying during the plague, or who blame other women for behaving ethically: Get the fuck off of my blog. Thanks. Goodbye.

      • Resistance Says:

        I don’t think anyone here thinks that gay men deserved to die of aids. The fact that lesbian women & het women helped gay men in the aids crisis speaks volumes about their empathy & compassion.

        I think Bev is right though gay men have not shown the same empathy & consideration towards lesbians & women in general. We only need to look at what they have done politically over the last 25+ years. They pushed “born this way” to try & gain more public acceptance & they adopted nihilistic postmodernism & based queer theory on it. They didn’t think through the consequences of these things, they unwittingly played right into the psychiatric establishments hands who already had GID on the books ready & waiting to pathologize another generation of gay & lesbian ppl. Now we are paying the price for gay mens myopia & its women & sex role non conforming children/teens who are paying most heavily.

        “Born this way” is epitomised by Simon Levay & his “gay brain” experiment in 1991, which set the stage for the “brain sex” experiments we have today. Gay men have also left us with queer theory which still infests the academy & continues to poison young minds. A theory which is devoid of any concrete analysis of the relationship between the oppressor & the oppressed. Not to mention that its totally ethically bankrupt, prostitution, S&M, pornography, any fetish imaginable is fine, there is no analysis of how these things affect others or where the desire for these things comes from in the first place. Gay mens myopic self interest has led to the situation we are in today & women are left to pick up the pieces.

        Gay men its clear to me couldn’t give a damn about lesbians or women in general. Now with trans they argue the sex roles are innate “brain sex” (clearly a progression of “born this way” & the “gay brain” crap), if they cared about women at all they wouldn’t go along with this & approve of silencing feminists who speak against it. They certainly wouldn’t have taken advantage of feminism being weak in the academy in the late 80’s/early 90’s (a direct result, at least partly, of women helping them) to push queer theory to replace feminism if they cared one iota about women. They just fed a sexual libertarian faux feminism to young girls “sexpostive/funfem/libfem”, its clearly based of the sexual libertarianism of queer theory. Gay mens political tactics for acceptance are in direct opposition to feminism & run completely counter to the interests of women. Not to mention they support het men with a fetish invading our “safe” spaces & turn a blind eye while they pressurise & manipulate lesbians into accepting penis as female. They know these men are revolting, dangerous, rapey het men, they just don’t care about lesbians, otherwise they would have gotten rid of these men from their orgs. I was on the pink news site & the main objection gay men seem to have about autos is that they won’t let them perform drag, thats the level of self interest most gay men have. I do think lesbians need to realise that gay men as a group are not our friends, they only care about themselves.

        I used to think of gay men as allies & thought they felt the same about us, not anymore, their actions speak louder than their words, they really are no different than any other self serving manipulative men in my opinion. They’re just users.

      • KgSch Says:

        I don’t think any of us support neglecting or harassing anyone with AIDS. It’s obvious that the lesbians/women who helped gay men when AIDS first happened have a lot of empathy too. I agreed with Bev Jo because she is right that there hasn’t been that same level of support and empathy for ill and/or dying lesbians, even from other lesbians, despite lesbians as a group having less resources compared to gay men (and most other people). From what I’ve seen, a lot of lesbians end up with cancer or illnesses related to the prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals because when you’re poor you get exposed to more of the pollutants. There’s a lot more health problems and chronic illnesses besides that too. I support giving the same level of empathy and help to dying and ill lesbians as has been given to gay men with AIDS. I don’t support having organizations that will help both lesbians and gay men at first, but then later kick lesbians to the curb like the Shanti Project.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Comparing health problems and chronic illness and disease to a sudden mass death of healthy persons from an unknown cause is an absurd comparison.

      • mel Says:

        As an American gay guy who came of age in the 1970s and ’80s, I don’t recall Lesbians as a group seeking gay men’s empathy and support. Lesbians back then were interested in forming a separate, self-sufficient group free of men. Lesbians made common cause with gay men in the equal-rights-for-gays-and-lesbians movement, but their real goal was not just reform but removing themselves as much as possible from the patriarchy.

        I don’t recall gay men, as a group, being particularly bothered by that. We didn’t invade or want to take over Lesbian-only (or women-only) space. I had read some feminist books and articles at the time, and figured OF COURSE women would want to get away from men. They should!

        Meanwhile, on a one-to-one level, I and other gay guys had lesbian friends, beginning mainly in college. Back in the ’70s, “coming out” was a new and daring thing. Lesbians and gays enjoyed confiding in one another about our experiences, pre- and post-coming out. I’ve had the best platonic relationships with lesbians.

        I think a lot of lesbians came to the rescue during the AIDS crisis because the victims were friends, or friends of friends, etc. But lesbians and others really did go well beyond the call of friendship. They were and are incredible.

        Meanwhile, gays and lesbians are coming together again, this time in fighting the subversion of gay and lesbian realities by the queer/trans movement. The writer of this petition, Milo something, is a perverse right-wing gay guy who happens to have this issue pretty well sorted out. Of course, he’s probably a closet reader of GenderTrender.

        This blog is far better than any petition. I came across it a few years ago and couldn’t believe how TRUTH-TELLING it was. It was a beacon of sanity and has become a daily source of inspiration. Thanks to GallusMag for creating it and the contributors who add to it!

      • GallusMag Says:

        The Milo asshole didn’t write the petition, he just did a tweet saying he supported it, after the fact.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      I’m still reeling from being called “FUCKING DISGUSTING” for comparing how Lesbians are expected to prioritize het men perving on us now by saying they are “Lesbians” with previous pressure on our community to put men before Lesbians.

      I remember first reading about the mystery illness in the only local resource we had left to find out about Lesbian events, the Bay Times. We had to wade through countless male porn ads and ads for NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). (We also had to see the huge NAMBLA contingent if we wanted to march in what was then known as the Gay Parade. Previously, any group of Lesbians could go with a banner and march. Then it became more a gay male event, and therefore more corporate, costing hundreds of dollars to march, and the parade become almost entirely gay men). Why would we think that was our community?

      As I wrote before, all we saw in print was that gay men did not want us at their events since we were “dirty” and disgusting. In the Bay Times, they referred to us as the “ick factor” and “snail trails.” They had an entire neighborhood with countless restaurants, cafes, bars. We had very little and now have nothing, while they still have massive resources and political influence.

      So if you heard about a group of strangers having a health crisis who had only shown they despised you, would you go and help them, leaving those who you knew who needed help also who were ill and dying? Why would anyone do this? Why is there no mention of the Lesbians who died with little or no help?

      I understand if some Lesbians were in a gay community and had friends they loved, but what I don’t understand is why the assumption is that we were all in a gay community and knew any gay men. There were massive health resources for gay men here, with free health care. But one of the most important, the Shanti Project, had been created for dying Lesbians and gay men. Suddenly, the dying Lesbians with far less resources were kicked out. Why? Why is this always ignored in these discussions?

      The gay man who told me how he keeps being asked by gay men to give them AIDS also said gay men would never have helped Lesbians if a deadly epidemic affected us.

      It’s fine if Lesbians cared for and care for gay men. But it’s important to recognize that the AIDS epidemic was the first time Lesbians were publicly asked to make men more important than Lesbians (such as with the Shanti Project), and some of us believe this opened the door to continue prioritizing men now with the trans cult. Lesbians were learning that we counted little as a people compared to men.

      And please do not call Lesbians names who did not know gay men and who were not part of “gay community,” partly because of gay men’s hatred of us.

      We have almost no places where we can discuss how it came to be that Lesbians make men who identify as Lesbians or women far more important than real women. We need to unravel this to stop the automatic genuflecting to these men. We can’t begin to say no to the trans cult in our own spaces without being screamed “bigot” and “transphobic” at and threatened. I am 65 now and have been fighting this mess since I was a teenager, yet, these men are more welcome in the community I helped build than I am. I’m told to leave if I refuse to call a man perving on us “she” or “her.” Even when they are seen grabbing and groping Lesbians, they are defended. Please don’t make this one more place where I am yelled at and insulted for saying no.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I’m still reeling from being called “FUCKING DISGUSTING” for comparing how Lesbians are expected to prioritize het men perving on us now by saying they are “Lesbians” with previous pressure on our community to put men before Lesbians.”

        Oh BULLSHIT. Your trashing and blaming of LESBIANS for responding to a PLAGUE was and IS being called Disgusting. Feel free to re-read the exchange if you are having reading comprehension problems.

        “And please do not call Lesbians names who did not know gay men and who were not part of “gay community,” partly because of gay men’s hatred of us.”

        MORE BULLSHIT. I’ve not “called lesbians names”. Nor have I blamed and trashed them as you have, disgustingly. Don’t post any more comments about AIDS on this blog, Bev. They will not be approved. OR comments blaming lesbians for the actions of men. Thanks.

    • nonny Says:

      Galleys: Idgaf if you publish this and Idgaf if we never, ever agree on anything ever again: I will forever be grateful for your replies regarding AIDS in this thread. My gay father (hey, some males will experiment with their best female friends- ie my mother- when it’s the late 70’s and they think they might be a little bit bi-) died of AIDS when I was a young girl and I remember how things were and I don’t have the strength to deal with these kinds of fucked comments atm, so thank you.

  6. MaryMacha Says:

    ChangeDOTorg is only showing two responses, both against the petition, one from glaad and one from the hrc.. None of the signers’ comments are viewable.

    • Of course not, that would give us equal opportunity to be heard and rich, powerful orgs can’t have that!

    • hearthrising Says:

      Don’t have any inside information, but I would guess the comments and names of supporters were withheld for safety reasons. The responses of GLAAD and HRC are important and instructive. They went right to condemnation of this opinion piece that lists clear concerns. Instead of affirming commitment to the T while saying something reasonable like, we hear concerns and we will think about a way going forward to work better for all, they go for dismissal right off the bat. I don’t know exactly what the originators of the petition expected this to accomplish, but I think it will underscore for many that there is no working with these organizations. They are setting their own agenda.

      • love you, but have to be stealth here. Says:

        Initially the comments were visible. By the time I signed they weren’t showing comments or even names anymore. There was a box to check about whether you wanted your name visible. I wanted mine visible, but it never showed up.

      • morag99 Says:

        My guess is that the creators of this petition had very low expectations. And that the response they got is pretty much the one they had anticipated.

        But, yes, this petition now serves as a public record that shows that these organizations, which purport to serve LGB people, are not willing to engage with or even pretend to listen to the clearly-stated concerns of the petitioners/signatories.

  7. The tone of the petition is respectful, and people should take time to read it. It simply lists issues that have been going on for years. It’s not like people don’t know all this is going on, but it’s a taboo subject to talk about. They have used every tactic possible to silence people, especially women. Nothing seems to work for them because they can’t silence everyone.

    (1.) They knew the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling” workshop in which lesbians were branded bigots for not dating or having sex with transwomen (males, even if he has his penis) was offensive, but they did it anyway.


    (2.) The hateful and mean-spirited attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival which was held on privately owned land is something that I can never forgive. Even the religious right doesn’t tell women what they can and cannot do on their own land. I’ve never heard of women going to transgender events and harassing them.

    (3.) “Gender identity” does, indeed, conflict with the privacy rights of women, and is not compatible with feminism on multiple levels. Girls and women have a fundamental human right to privacy and dignity. We live in a rape culture, and women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces. Why is a male’s “gender identity” more important than how girls and women feel? This is just another way of telling girls and women that anything and everything comes before our needs.

    (4.) I noticed in one recent article that the Advocate repeatedly uses the “TERF” slur which is an offensive word meant to silence women. That is all they got, and it and the HRC remained silent when women have received death threats and are bullied in an attempt to silence us.



    The Advocate bashing Germaine Greer is about as low as it goes. Second wave feminists have done more for women than the Advocate ever has, or ever will.

    They don’t have jack shit except squawking about “TERF”, and isn’t Germaine Greer so mean because she isn’t afraid to say women don’t have a tallywhacker, and men aren’t women simply because they say they are. Deep down in our hearts, women really don’t believe any of this shit.

    (5.) The colonization and co-option of homosexual identify itself feels like base appropriation. For example, transwomen (males) who are sexually attracted to women calling themselves “lesbian” is creepy as all get out. I feel as if my identity is stolen. No male will ever experience sexual pleasure the way a woman does. It’s never going to happen. Some gay men don’t like the idea of FTMs (females) who want sex with males referring to themselves as “gay”, as if they are just like gay men.

    I argue that redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate homophobia. It’s complete colonization in spades.

    (6.) There are ethical issues involved in the “transitioning” and sterilization of children through GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse. I don’t want this on my conscience, and I don’t want to be negatively judged by future historians.

    (7.) Why are women the only historically oppressed group of people who aren’t granted the right to define themselves? I say males are not women, and they say they are. Why are they right and I’m wrong? Women get to define ourselves.

    Bruce Jenner is not a woman because womanhood is not a consumer product that rich old white men can buy. No one really believes that a male who fathered six children by three different wives is really a woman.

    In a way, I just love it when HRC, GLAAD, and trans controlled Gay Inc. goes on about the evil “transphobes”. The more they talk, the more people can see through their smoke and mirrors.

    • Christina Says:

      In light of the responses from GLAAD & HRC, I think there ought to be a follow-up petition then requesting that they then describe themselves as “Transgender Advocacy” rather than “LGBT Advocacy” organizations. They are clearly more interested in pushing vague trans talking points (“Transwomen are valued members of our community. They have historically been leaders in our movement yet are also uniquely marginalized and deserve our unquestioning support,” etc) than in addressing legitimate concerns regarding conflicts of interest with all the rest of the LGB. Now that they’ve drawn their line in the sand (they will stick by the Trans lobby no matter what, regardless of the position it puts the rest of us in), maybe it’s time for them to just come clean and say that their focus is “transgender rights & freedoms,” not in fairly balancing and advocating the interests of a diverse coalition called LGBT.

      Thank you, GallusMag, for bringing this to light and for all of the work that you are doing!

  8. “None of the signers’ comments are viewable.”

    Why aren’t the comments viewable? The comments were great. I read through several of them.

    • GallusMag Says:

      According to a comment on the gay news site I posted at the top of the thread trans activists complained to Change.org and got them to censor the comments. Unconfirmed, but he seemed to know what he was talking about.

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      I wrote my comment after they began censoring them. Here it is:

      Trans people deserve protection from housing and employment discrimination. Current trans activism reaches well beyond that, though, demanding that we accept someone as a man or woman purely on their say-so and allow them to use the bathrooms and locker rooms accordingly, with no way to prevent fraudulent male predators from impersonating trans people for nefarious purposes.

      It is also disturbing how news stories of children who are deemed transgender, which usually feature conservative parents who pushed sex roles on their children and told them things like “dolls are girls’ toys” or, not even making this up (because despite my rich imagination, I could not conceive such absurdity) – that a girl couldn’t wear a shirt with a car on it to school because that’s a “boys’ shirt”. Most kids with gender identity disorder (now called gender dysphoria) grow up to be gay adults who don’t wish to transition.

      However, being put on gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (which carry some serious medical risks such as osteoporosis) to delay puberty and having parents parade them forth in media campaigns creates an enormous sunk cost, and such investments commonly albeit fallaciously interfere with our judgment to make the right decision.

      So, many kids who would have otherwise found a way past the self-loathing induced by the homophobic stigmatization we face that would prompt a child to adopt a cross-sex identity despite not ultimately being transsexual will end up going ahead with transitions they will regret years down the line, and this initial trend of persistence will fool therapists into thinking that they just happened to identify only the true transgender kids without considering the sociopsychological complexities of how their specific involvement and the general effects of the social millieu have shaped those kids’ self-conceptions.

  9. M. Says:

    GLAAD’s response: Nov 6, 2015 — GLAAD stands firmly with the transgender community and unequivocally rejects the outrageous and destructive idea that the ‘T’ be removed from LGBT. For decades, transgender people have worked alongside lesbian, gay, and bisexual people to advance equality for everyone, often leading the way in the movement for full equality and acceptance. Many trans people are also lesbian, gay, and bisexual — they are an inextricable and invaluable part of the LGB community. At a time when anti-LGBT activists continue to attack the basic rights and protections essential to all of our lives, we must stand together, rather than succumb to the ruin of divisiveness.

    – GLAAD CEO & President Sarah Kate Ellis

    HRC: Nov 6, 2015 — This is unequivocally wrong. The hate that killed Matthew Shepard killed Zella Ziona. The bullies at school aren’t just harassing the gay kids, they’re harassing the transgender kids. The parents who could provide loving homes for the 400,000 children in foster care aren’t only lesbian parents, or gay parents, they’re bisexual parents and transgender parents. This idea that we are somehow separate and apart is patently untrue. We are one movement, stronger in our unity. We are one community, period. And the Human Rights Campaign will not be done working until equality reaches every single one of us.

    – Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for the update M.

      Wtf Chad Griffin? Primary schools and fostering children? That is what he thinks the primary issues are for the transgender community? What on earth.

      • gchild Says:

        Yes, GM, that is interesting. Aside from the whole “remove transkids from their homes if their parents don’t consent to poison them”, I havent seen many trans wanting to get foster children. Or heard of any denied foster children due to being trans.

        Most late transitioning and financially stable transwomen have already fathered children. They want new ones? Are they even caring for the ones they’ve got?

        If you take out the “sex workers”, the youth, and those who have deprived of education/job opportunities, plus those struggling to pay for SRS AND those who suffer from being the mostest oppressed (and can’t do anything but scour the Internet 24/7 harrassing and blaming females for having the nerve to exist), how many are clamoring for foster children? Or are they just following the LGB script without regard to practicality?

        Wtf, indeed!

      • Linder Says:

        Yes. You don’t see mtf co-opting the actual gender roles into which most real women are shoved (cleaning toilets, wiping arses, doing laundry and cooking, caring for elders and youngers, usually while working f/t in paid work). For them it’s all about heels, bras, feeling “pretty”, and having doors opened for them.

      • kesher Says:

        Well there was an MTT who fostered children so he could rape them. The boys reported when they found out he wasn’t actually female.

    • Meg Says:

      I’m surprised that nobody in transpolitics seems to remember Brandon Teena, who was brutally raped, beaten, and murdered by her male associates after they discovered she is female. Isn’t this proof enough that transactivists are only concerned about males.

    • Meg Says:

      “We are one community, period. And the Human Rights Campaign will not be done working until equality reaches every single one of us.”

      He forgot to add:

      Unless you are female concerned about the human rights of women and girls, if so we can all go fuck off and die in a fire.

  10. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    “Human Rights Campaign’s response
    Nov 6, 2015 — This is unequivocally wrong. The hate that killed Matthew Shepard killed Zella Ziona…”

    Wasn’t Shepard killed by a bisexual prostitute in a meth frenzy? McKinney had assaulted other people that same day.

    Looks like they’re sticking any gender-bender they can find on that TDoR list now, although Ricky Shawatza Hall didn’t make it.

  11. atranswidow Says:

    Great list Skylark. I agree 100% , but can I just add one more category?……The women who are/were partners to late transitioning autogynephiles; who ”stand by their man” for 5, 10. 20 years and more and then are given an ultimatum to ”love the real me”. Then after all the gas-lighting and being branded ”unsupportive spouses” and ”hostile parents” by their spouses who are backed up by trans media, are left with no support and have to pick up the pieces alone.

    I know we don’t come under the LGB banner, but I will proudly march alongside, as a woman and a survivor of misogeny, when the T is dropped.

    • Meg Says:

      This is so true, too. The trans is all about the men, isn’t it, with little regard for women who have invested so much time, energy, and emotional loyalty to her family. She is then kicked to the curb and society is too concerned about the special snowflake to care what happens to her emotionally or financially.

      This is one reason out of many I dissuade women from getting into formal or informal relationships with men. Relationships with men only end one way: he disposes of you when he is done with you, and probably after he has sucked everything he can out of you, including self-respect. When I say relationships, I don’t just mean romantically but socially too. Women should never delude themselves that we’re going to be anything more than a support system for men who only want to improve their own lot in the Patriarchy. None of the men who are “my people” (if such a concept is relevant in the first place) have ever cared for my opinion or treated my rights with the same emergency they have treated their own.

  12. GallusMag Says:


    “The Truth Behind the “Drop the T” Petition: It Ain’t The HomoCons or the Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists (TERFs)

    Two days ago I broke the story about a petition posted on Change.org which was posted after the defeat of Houston’s Equal Rights ordinance (HERO) by a “of gay/bisexual men and women” who believe that want the “T” dropped from LGBT activism because the “ideology of the trans community is at odds with and is “actively hostile to that of women and gay men.”

    The petition which Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God wrongly and for “clickbait” sake states is an ” outrageous homocon petition” thus misusing the term “HomoCON” and changing the narrative completely. The petition that was posted IS NOT the work of some random right-wing quislings and it isn’t some bizarre minority opinion, of haters who aren’t even LGB, as Jervis has stated. It comes from inside the community and I know this but i have tracked down the author of the petition and its core group of supporters. (I refuse to “out” them out of the fear of the harassment that they will endure especially at the hands of the more radical parts of our community)

    This is a “conversation” that some are bringing up I believe also has to do with attacks and abusiveness of many trans-activist in the past and the fact that they believe the combination of gender identity to sexual orientation is hurting the LGB community when it comes to getting job and housing protections passed. HERO was after all more than just about peeing. And like it or not this is a conversation that needs to be had because it is beginning to rip our community apart.”


  13. GallusMag Says:


    “TERFS, as you know, are often (not always) right-wing extremist butch lesbians — i.e. jackbooted Gestapo types — who have a hate on for anyone who doesn’t conform to their narrow view of life, especially for trans people who are more feminine than they are.”

    The author:

    • Branjor Says:

      That’s one feminine mofo! LOLOLOL!

    • Bea Says:

      Straight men using “gender” and “femininity” as a weapon against feminists…how are these not garden-variety misogynists again?

    • Meg Says:

      Define “feminine.” I suppose it means submitting to male definitions of gender. That, in and of itself is a narrow view of life, where someone can’t just be themselves without slotting themselves in a gender straightjacket.

      Any political movement that insults or does not support butch lesbians are bullshit. I will happily disassociate myself from the transmovement, with my reason being that it’s far too misogynist and rape happy to support.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      That’s a trigger alert! Woo woo! I was 15 when I saw Silence of the Lambs in the theater and I’m still a bit traumatized. Jame Gumm was still more feminine than this dude and his tuck. What part of him is feminine by the way, is it the sunglasses or the plaid bikini?

    • kesher Says:

      Normally I’d feel bad for greatly enjoying it when they turn out to be so hideous, but I’ll make an exception for these guys.

      • morag99 Says:

        He’s grotesque. There stands a man in a wig and bikini whose understanding of the world, of other people, begins and ends with his sexual fantasies. Fantasies which are obviously populated by non-human female bodies, scooped out, emptied of personhood, and ready to perform femininity according to his specifications.

        So of course women who do not conform to HIS sick and dehumanizing fantasies are so bad — so out of line for letting down his dick– he can’t find language strong enough without resorting to Nazi imagery. What a reversal. What a pig. He’s the definition of perverse — and it shows!

      • morag99 Says:

        Want more to enjoy, kesher? This woman-hating dick — who calls himself Jillian Page — thinks he passes as a woman. My god!

        An interview asks him: “Can you tell me about gender parity in the real world?” And he replies:

        “It is important to remember that the public views me as a woman, just one of 3.5 billion females on the planet. I am treated as a woman wherever I go: men hold doors open for me, men flirt with me, store clerks call me “madame,” etc. Would I receive the same reception in public if people viewed me as a transgender person instead of as a woman? I’m not sure, but I doubt it.”

        (from here: http://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/jillian-page-a-liberated-woman )

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        Store clerks seldom even call people “ma’am” any more. If he’s getting a full-on “madame,” it’s because they’re quietly mocking his pretense.

      • kesher Says:

        Regardless if people actually think he’s a woman in public (I guess it’s possible just to the degree that most people aren’t really paying attention to strangers), there is no way men are flirting with him. If people think he’s a woman, they think he’s an old, ugly woman. Old, ugly women are invisible to men.

        This makes me think of how men will assume women are flirting with them when we’re not. Men in public may be showing this guy the very bare minimum of civility and respect, and he hilariously interprets that as “flirting”.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        That interview excerpt reads less like observations about reality and more like stuff he says to get himself off as an AGP.

        It has a softcore aesthetic to it, and he says words like “woman” way too much.

        That must be a magic word for him in his sex life.

    • Larichus Says:

      “Ain’t I a woman … ?”

      “Ah, a world of no.”

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I always internally crack up at the visual they paint of what they think a terf is.

      Just like when I was a single mother in college and the person behind me in the grocery line would snidely say something to me about the person in front of ME using food stamps – because I didn’t fit their preconceived notion of what welfare trash looked like.

      I look exactly like what they so desperately want to be. I look like what they will NEVER be so I get the dubious honor of hearing their admiration for what they think is the sum of my parts AND they think because I look like what they want to be that I hold the same opinions on what they think other real women look like. they just can not seem to grasp that especially with real women, the external doesn’t drive us apart, rather the reality of shared experience draws us together.

      And because I am a straight, adamant lgb supporter the assumption that I am a sjw of the jezebel variety is strong. it’s stomach turning to have a crude, oozing caricature assume they are your best buddy. while staring at your tits. and let me say something that they will deny- they are perfectly happy to let you know you can have ‘the best of both worlds’ if you would just fuck them. funny how suddenly the penis they are so ashamed of is still the best of their world.

      I know this is a predominantly lesbian experiences/ trans widow blog so if that’s an unwanted pov please don’t pubish. but, there’s literally zero sites for me that don’t have a repulsive religious right wing bent.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Not at all. Your perspective is very welcome here. 🙂

      • dejavublonde Says:

        🙂 excellent. I think part of the problem is because straight women still see it as a predominantly lgb issue (and frankly, most straight women still think it’s the traditional gay man trans that is being discussed). and, on the one hand it is. but, on the other hand, it’s very much an all real women issue. I think the first level of urgency is definitely ‘get the hell off the lgb’ s back you parasites ‘ because that is where the most harm is being done but it’s a matter of degree and will need to be quickly follwed up by’ leave all real women alone’. I am not a historian but in my head I kind of see it like WW2. first Germany, then Japan. because it is a war and a great many analogies could be made.

    • RR Says:

      Is this guy still writing amazing plays?

    • RR Says:

      Since it will probably not be approved on the auteur’s page:

      Jillian, please consider that if HERO did pass, than it would be impossible for beautiful love to bloom in a highscool boy’s bathroom between a young man and another young man in a dress (with the sexiest legs that Jessica says all of the girls are jealous over). You wrote the best, wankiest play ever about just that scenario, so stop being a homophobe and a bigot and stop trying to prevent young gay love! #CaliforniaDreaminLveTransgnderStyle #DownWithHEROUpWithLOVE<3

      • Meg Says:

        “do you really want me in the same bathroom as your husband?”

        This is assuming that transcritical women have a husband or boyfriend to begin with. Sometimes, women are even asexual! Imagine that. Heterosexist much?

        “Much of the anti-HERO ad campaign involved fear-mongering tactics that aimed to induce anxiety in voters about transgender people using the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.”

        Bullshit. The anti-HERO ad campaign is about sexual predators TAKING ADVANTAGE OF LAWS TO GAIN ACCESS TO VICTIMS. Whether or not sexual predators have a gender identity issue is irrelevant! Do these people even fact check their own claims? FFS.

      • Biscuit Says:

        ““do you really want me in the same bathroom as your husband?”

        Uh…I don’t care? I actually do trust my husband 100% not to be seduced by a man in a dress. If you look at this person’s facebook page, he’s very obviously a man.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        “do you really want me in the same bathroom as your husband?”

        Uh. That’s a difficult question. I don’t have a husband, but if I had one, I’d love him, and to ask me whether I’d rather expose myself or him to male violence is rather unfair.

        Let’s say … yes, I would rather have my husband share a bathroom with a man in a dress than my (likewise nonexistent) teenage daughter. My hypothetical husband can defend himself better than my hypothetical teenage daughter.

      • I’d much rather have you in there with my husband, who is a full grown man and capable of taking care of himself than with me and my kids. I’m not worried about my husband and actual women, why on earth would I worry about him with a dude?

      • RR Says:

        These guys really need to stop pissing on everyone’s legs and pretending it is raining. As if the gay men in that pic have a problem with a drag queen in the men’s room? Straight ones know they are men, too. Repeating that it’s “just about taking a pee” will never make it more true, and thousands of cases trans (-gender/-vestitie) caught preying on women show that it is not. It is performance with victims, a toilet version of Tony & Tina’s wedding and they need uncomfortable women to play along. The few trans that do pass are usually homosexual and really do need somewhere to pee. Fortunately, they can do so without notice or comment. The autogynephiles (“trans lesbians” LOL) who never pass own the bathroom obsession. They need a bill the says women cannot raise alarm that there is a man hanging dong in the shower room. These guys are bullies and even the most liberal of women are seeing it.

        I have seen liberal sites trying to suggest that democrats didn’t turn out to vote on HERO. Absolute horseshit, they turned out, but 99%+ of voting age adults actually know that wearing a dress and pumps is not the defining feature of being a woman. Trigger warming for the trans- it is VAGINA!

        I think it is unfortunate that the tranny obsession with metaphorically (and probably literally sometimes) rubbing their dicks all over the doorknobs in the ladies’, killed an otherwise positive bill. It is unfortunate that these men are trying to remove not only women’s right to sex-segregated spaces and the physical safety of these spaces, but also our right to object to the obvious danger of obvious males in compromised spaces. Fuck them, their bullshit is tired and transparent and sloppy from every angle. Women won’t STFU and obey a column of lantern-jawed bullies sausaged into tween fashions telling women we need to be comfortable with your dicks in our spaces.

      • Zemskull Says:

        This “do you really want me in the same bathroom as your husband?” has the air of “Would you rather have one punch in the face, or two?” Quite the aggressive threat.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Sir, your entire ensemble is soooo 80’s. Does this dumb prick not own a mirror?

  14. GallusMag Says:

    According to comments on Towleroad, comments were closed here after anti-gay anti-female death threats from transgender individuals: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/11/07/outrageous-petition-to-drop-t-from-lgbt-slammed-by-campaigners/

    • If they’re so anti gay, why in the hell do they want to be attached to LGB anyway? Most people that can’t abide us (like fundamentalist Christians) try to run far away from us. The trans brigade needs to make up its mind.

      • nemesister Says:

        Because they are riding our coattails. We did all the groundwork while they were living as straight white males and secretly jerking off into little girls’ underpants while soaking in porn. The PIWs are now claiming our identities, our histories that they safely avoided and know nothing about. They are now in a dominant position in formerly LGB orgs, in a battering relationship with the LGBs who will tolerate them. The abuse worsens steadily. The handmaidens are on their knees, and under the bus, stockholmed and unable to let themselves think there is any other way.

  15. @atranswidow

    …I just add one more category?……The women who are/were partners to late transitioning autogynephiles; who ”stand by their man” for 5, 10. 20 years and more and then are given an ultimatum to ”love the real me”. Then after all the gas-lighting and being branded ”unsupportive spouses” and ”hostile parents” by their spouses who are backed up by trans media, are left with no support and have to pick up the pieces alone.”

    Thank you atranswidow. I urge all women (straight, lesbian, bisexual, celibate) to sign the petition because this impacts the entire female sex. Trans controlled organizations like the HRC never think of women. They don’t care how “gender identity” conflicts with the privacy rights of women. Look at what they did to Michigan Women’s Music Festival. They will do everything in their power to crush and silence any woman they can’t control.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      I am straight, and I signed that petition because I believe the people who started it are right.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Thank you Skylark. Duly signed, and I’ll be passing it on.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      I just signed it too even though I’m hetero, I stand with my lgb brothers and sisters who aren’t cowed by the bullying and who question the T narrative. I appreciate that the lgb community is putting themselves on the line to challenge the trans, usually women do not get stood up for and I thank you.

    • ShipRat Says:

      Unfortunately change.org petitions require signers to give their full name and their street address. Not every woman is willing to do that online.

  16. “Due to abusive messages, comments have been disabled on this article.”


    In other words, they deliberately disabled the comments to silence people, or the constant “TERF” threats became too much even for them. Women have never used this level of hatred and threats. Scroll up and click on the links to “TERF” death threats.


    “Straight men using “gender” and “femininity” as a weapon against feminists…how are these not garden-variety misogynists again?”

    Well said…

    They actually think that Bruce Jenner is the epitome of “womanhood”. Seriously, they really do believe this. Look again at the Vanity Fair cover of Caitlyn because it tells us all we need to know. Some 65 year old rich white man spending a shit load of money on “facial feminization”, butt job, nose jobe, boob job, silk corset, and a ton of makeup so that he can look like a 20 year old woman.

    It has been said before that the real reason why transwomen (males) think they make better “women” than actual females is because “femininity” was created by patriarchy. “Femininity” itself is a patriarchal concept.

  17. Just a Melissa Says:

    This is OT, but I haven’t seen it covered here yet. It’s more craziness over a “trans kid,” but this time the kid herself is not on board.


    My summary: The two dads told the staff the little girl was trans. The owner ordered all the staff to begin treating her as a boy and to use the masculine name. The dickens was confused out of all the children, *including* *the* *girl* *herself* who has insisted that she is not a boy, but the two workers who questioned this idiocy were fired.

    Yes, it’s a private business and all that . . . but it’s still wrong. I could probably pay someone to insist that my kid is a giraffe, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to try or okay for my employee to go along with gaslighting a child.

    There are many other stories, and many of them don’t even mention that the girl herself either knows she a girl or is just plain bewildered. That, too, is rotten.

    • Meg Says:

      Good lord, now parents can *demand* their kid be addressed as the opposite sex, even if the child does not want to be. So basically a parent can give an ultimatum to their child and say “either be feminine or be a boy” and the school will play along with this psychological torture? Could you imagine what this does to young butch lesbians?

  18. Cyst Says:

    A few months ago, I was verbally attacked by a trans “ally” to the point of developing severe PTSD, including disrupted sleep and inability to concentrate. I’m JUST climbing out of it and the dismissive comments those organizations made on the petition are giving me flashbacks.

    These people have no idea what true violence is.

    • nemesister Says:

      Those types of transwhacktivists don’t even care about trans people. They see all the violence against women coming from them and they get excited. They are just bullies who’ve found a way to harm women. Most of them are just misogynist straight people with severe anger issues and personality disorders.

      • Cyst Says:

        The frightening thing about it was that this one was female herself. My girlfriend says she was just trying to get to me and was using trans issues as an excuse.

        I was willing to be at least a bit supportive before then, but since, I’ve hit peak trans so hard that I practically have a concussion.

      • nemesister Says:

        Hardcore hatred of women, disguised as trans advocacy, is a heavy, blunt weapon in the hands of psycho heteros. They don’t even know any trans people, they are just thrilled to have a new weapon and a cadre of psychos cheering them on.

  19. Magdalena Z. Says:

    It looks like they started a counter petition to “keep the T” and the comments are not being blocked, surprise surprise.

  20. ananda Says:

    Google is suppressing search results for the petition. Search for “change.org dropthet” and see. The actual petition does not show up within the search results. Any other search for a change.org petition brings up the petition as the first result.

    • Hannah Says:

      Wow, you’re right. Only their responses show up and the counter petition (comments are not blocked there). I have literally never seen such censorship before. Wish people would see this for the cult it is.

    • Meg Says:

      If you remove the quotes it does show up.

  21. This is from a change.org petition to keep the T.

    “- ‘Drop the T’ and their supporters argue that trans people are guilty of the ‘vilification and harassment of women and gay/lesbian individuals who openly express disagreement with trans ideology’, but present no evidence to support their claims.


    Not only is there ample evidence, GLAAD and the HRC knew full well it was, and is still, occurring. Trans activists created a McCarthy type silencing tactic by inventing the dreaded “TERF” label, and then sat back while women were bullied and silenced. In the heyday of McCarthyism, I don’t think Communists were as vilified as “TERFs”.

    Read the “TERF” death threats (***warning – extremely graphic).



    In addition to “TERF” death threats, women have been bullied and silenced in other ways.

    “…And because of that choice I’ve lost friends, and seen other friends pressured to publicly cut ties with me under threat of social and professional consequences because of my politics. I’ve been stalked, intimidated, yelled at and ridiculed. More lies have been printed about me than I can count. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been harassed, threatened, and organizations and individuals who have dared to work with me has been harassed and pressured. I’ve seen my friends attacked and physically bullied for questioning the current dogma around gender.

    Women have written to me, or come up to me after talks, and thanked me for speaking out publicly, but told me that they could never be so public about their convictions. And I don’t blame them– they’re afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of losing their communities, afraid of getting the death threats and the stalking and the bullying..”


    “At the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland, OR, on May 11-12, two women were peacefully tabling, handing out literature, and selling books from our organization, Deep Green Resistance. A group of five queer activists came up to the table and one of the men began shouting at the women, using aggressive language and threatening gestures. He grabbed and defaced table materials. When one of the women went to protect the materials, he marked her arm and hand as well.”


    “During the opening rally of Eugene’s 2014 Take Back the Night, two female survivors of sexual assault were kicked out by student security simply because of their radical feminist politics. Both women are volunteers for a local self defense nonprofit that provides free life saving trainings to women.

    The student security members approached the two women and told them that some people (unknown to the women) felt threatened by the radical feminist politics represented by their group, and for this reason, told the women to leave.

    The two women were called exclusionary and unsafe because, among its other services, Warrior Sisters offers female only trainings which provide safe space for survivors who are triggered by physical contact with male bodied people. It was articulated to them that the act of excluding male bodied individuals from female only space made them threats to the identities and safety of participant at the march.”


    I lost count of the number of times Sheila Jeffreys has been harassed and banned from speaking.

    “Whatever the topic of my presentation, and whether in Australia, the UK or the US, transgender activists bombard the organising group and the venue with emails accusing me of transhate, transphobia, hate speech, and seek to have me banned. On blogs, Facebook and Twitter they accuse me of wanting to “eliminate” transgendered persons, and they wish me dead. One activist has created an image of a pesticide can bearing a photo of me and the slogan “kills rad fems instantly”. These activists threaten demonstrations and placards against me at any venue where I speak.”


    Seventy year old feminist icon Germaine Greer was glitter bombed by queer activists.

  22. This is from a keep the T petition:

    “By this, ‘Drop the T’ are not only ignoring the right of trans people to have access to safe spaces, but they are openly insulting and dehumanising trans women through the use of the term ‘claiming to be transgender’, essentially suggesting that cis men are attempting to gain access to safe spaces through deception.

    … There is no evidence that cis men ‘pretend’ to be trans to access such safe areas.”


    Gendertrender covered this before, and it has been on the internet for over a year. I hate posting these links again, but I want to show people that they aren’t telling the truth.

    TORONTO – A sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed indefinitely on Wednesday.

    Justice John McMahon declared Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — was a dangerous offender.

    He noted the Montreal man, 37, attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years…”


    There is, and never has been, a precise definition of “gender identity”, or transgender for that matter. It’s basically self-identification. Does the male calling himself “Carlotta Sklodowska” really have a “sincere self-reported gender identity”?


    Sometimes cross dressers are tossed under the “Transgender Umbrella”, and sometimes they aren’t. Moreover, under most “gender identity” laws, males don’t have to undergo sex reassignment surgery to claim “gender identity” status.

    Notice how they always leave out words like male or female as if biological sex never matters, and there isn’t a thousand plus year history of rape and sexual assault. What are they really saying when they state: “ignoring the right of trans people to have access to safe spaces”.

    I want every human to be safe, but biological males in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters infringes on the fundamental human right of privacy for female persons. We know three things: (1.) There are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders (2.) Most violent crime is committed by males (3.) Paraphilias are more common in males. See Schwartz below and other examples. Does (1.), (2.), and (3.) change because the male cross dresses or identifies as transgender? No, it does not. They offend at the same rate as other males.

    It’s a fact that males dressed as women, or saying they are transgender have been convicted of crimes inside women’s restrooms and locker rooms. In fact, there are too many examples that it’s impossible to list them all.

    These links have been posted before, but I’m including them again for any new readers.

    “The verdict is in for the man accused of attacking a woman in the bathroom of a Clairemont Big Lots store last February.

    Gregory Phillip Schwartz, 41, was found guilty Thursday of felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor assault and shoplifting

    Schwartz’s defense team argued at the beginning of the trial that he suffered from drug-induced “transvestic fetishism” and becomes more sexual and is aroused by cross-dressing while under the influence of meth.



    A conservative website compiled a list of examples. I’m liberal to moderate, and I don’t agree with their political views, but all this information is out there for anyone to dig up.


    Below is another link.


  23. shediogenes Says:

    I don’t get it. The T are so powerful, according to them they’ve almost singlehandedly created that gay rights movement, the civil rights movement, the queer movement, feminism, and who knows what else they’re taking credit for. Are they all powerful or aren’t they? If they’ve been so fundamental to gay rights, they don’t need us. In fact, we’re just holding them back. If they hadn’t been out there giving us Stonewall and the whole of LGB history, they could have been making progress for them selves. Unless, of course, their claims of support for the gay rights movement are just bullshit. If they’re so powerful, they should be happy to cut us loose and concentrate on themselves.

  24. sellmaeth Says:

    Somehow, “drop the t” is quite the catchy phrase. I have an earworm with it and the melody of that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cgG-M2GsFM

    • dejavublonde Says:

      enough so that raising money for HIV awareness is unimportant. because , feelers are more important than education that can actually help save lives.

    • weirdward Says:

      So much confusion in one little article!

      The author talks repeatedly about how this is offensive to trans and gender non-conforming people without explaining why. (Surely an event that promotes gender non-conformity would be a GOOD thing for both these groups??)

      Then waffles on about racism in lgbt spaces, which is a legitimate problem, for sure – but without explaining HOW specifically THIS event promotes racism (if it does at all, quite frankly given that anything ‘transphobic’ is also ‘racist’ according to these people I’m not convinced).

      But the last paragraph would have to be the best – saying that it’s not okay for ‘the community’ to mock and imitate ‘ciswomen’, as if this is some cutting-edge new thing that women have not been saying for 40+ years already, with regards to drag etc.

      But here’s the crucial difference – these men are putting on dresses, and being men in dresses. They are not claiming to be women. They are not saying that putting on a dress makes them a woman.

      That is actually what the trans community is saying.

      So does the author of this piece really believe that wearing a dress is synonymous with being a woman, and that therefore any gay man who puts on a dress is mocking ‘ciswomen’ and – obviously more importantly, though not directly stated, – transwomen, because ‘woman’ after all is no more than a costume.

      Or is it that having all those men walking around wearing dresses being perfectly happy and comfortable makes the bait-and-switch of the transmovement a bit too obvious? Like, the only difference between this group of men in dresses being men and this other group of men in dresses being women is an idea that resides inside the heads of some of these men, usually these days the gender-rigid self-hating heterosexual ones.

      Plus I’m also really curious as to how ones goes about being ‘gender non-conforming’ if one is not allowed to engage in dress, behaviours, activities etc. typically associated with the opposite sex whilst still being comfortable with one’s own bio-sex. (Which would seem to be the case if this event is ‘offensive’ as it is full of men walking around in dresses who are happy to say they’re men). Is stuff like this only okay now if one will admit to a trans or gender variant identity (agender or polygender or such), and otherwise it is bigoted?

      Does gender non-conformity only belong to those who refuse to admit to being their natural born sex whilst engaging in non-conforming activities?

      Really, this whole line of thinking is actually fascinating to me. Absolutely pathologising gender non-conformity and at the same time refusing it to anyone who will not admit to having a pathology.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      They censored my comment. Daily Kos does this a lot. They do not allow dissenting viewpoints to be posted in the comments sections. I have had this experience with them consistently over they years. It’s not the only place this happens. The end result is the illusion of consensus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Kerry Eleveld is a liar. She supports heterosexual male pigs harassing lesbians. She supports eliminating women’s rights. What she does NOT want is a conversation with women.

        “The end result is the illusion of consensus.” LOL. They think this is working for them but they fail to understand how the internet works. This is why people who find GenderTrender are so pissed when they get here. lolololol

      • Meg Says:

        DailyKos is one of the WORST websites for women. It is overrun with trolls and feminists are routinely censored and banned while sexist tirades are tolerated. I never read there anymore.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Golly I hope Kerry Eleveld doesn’t hurt her brain twisting it into a pretzel like that. Luckily there seems to be a lot of empty space in her skull for maneuvering.

      She goes on at length describing the fear women have when they mistake her for male, and the steps she needs to take to reassure women in public restrooms that she is actually female.

      Then somehow she claims to believe their fear is based not on the epidemic of male violence, but dislike of her fashion choices (clothing and hair). Wow! Fashion police! What catty bitches!

      She goes on to explain that men are going to commit crimes against women whether we try to stop them or not, so we should just stop trying, bigots!


      Keep sucking that lady cock Kerry.

      Want to see what a lesbian who hates women looks like? Go look at Kerry.

      • gchild Says:

        From the comments:

        “Speaking only for myself, as far as ogling goes, biological women have far more to fear from cis gendered lesbians than they do from me.”

        So women aren’t ALLOWED to fear fetishistic/rapey MALES who harass, threaten, beat, rape, torture, and/or kill females EVERY GODDAMNED DAY, but we are supposed to be afraid of lesbians who don’t? They need to get the entire fuck outta here with that shit.

        Then, they use the Jim Crow analogy as though black people’s argument was that they should be allowed into white only establishments because they were actually white people themselves because skin tone is an optical illusion.

        They repeatedly demand stats showing transwomen being violent/rapey, and males dressing as women to gain access as though they were born the very moment they made their comments and have never heard of such incidents. I believe these people are transplants.

        That entire comment thread is crock of shit!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Because Kerry Eleveld is a liar. She doesn’t actually want to “have that conversation”. She wants to silence and censor the rational concerns of lesbians and all women and instead prioritize the sexual freedom of heterosexual male autogynephiles and completely ignore the epidemic of male sexual violence. Not only ignore it, but shame women for merely speaking of it.

        I noticed for all her groveling she failed to use the slur “cis” for herself.

      • nemesister Says:

        Re the Jim Crow comparison: so she is trying to say m2ts are like some Black people claiming to actually be white, not just white but a super speshul kind of white, one that is in mortal danger from Black folks (whose fault it is if whites attack them), so they need to support white supremacy to keep themselves safe. Yeah, that makes as much sense as the pearl clutching piws.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Sexual fetishists should never be considered a protected class. The rights of half of the human race are being trampled upon.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Can someone please inform me of the sentence that Change.org censored from the petition as “hate speech”? You can indicate that you’d like to remain anonymous and I will not publish/attribute the information to you (although I do intend to publish the censored portion). Thanks.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      coming this weekend: gbvoice.org (I don’t know if you’ve been following this on datalounge- https://www.datalounge.com/thread/16036739 but you were mentioned specifically as someone that should be informed of it so, here it is!) I hadn’t heard of a specific sentence being censored, just google fully suppressing it from search results like the do piratebay.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Zack Ford is claiming “Change.org’s senior communications manager Shareeza Bhola acknowledged that multiple flags led the company to “closely review” the petition. “We immediately removed a sentence that violated our Community Guidelines on hate speech,” she said, “and we also disabled the comment functionality based on the hate speech we were seeing there.”

        I doubt Zack is dumb enough to completely fabricate direct quotes (unlike Cristan Williams and company) but who knows. He tells so many cynical intentional lies in that piece I would have to compose a rebuttal piece to parse them all (and he’s so notoriously awful that I wouldn’t bother). A few lowlights:

        He says: “If cisgender women follow Greer’s lead in rejecting transgender women’s womanhood and insist that transgender people use the restroom according to the gender they were assigned at birth, they then have to account for transgender men. They would have to insist that these often burly, bald, and bearded fellows — who by their standards would be “not men” — use the women’s room with them. The petition, unsurprisingly, ignores the existence of transgender men altogether.”

        Well guess what, Wacko Zacko: Women are concerned about predatory men. Women aren’t really concerned about voyeurism by female predators in locker rooms and bathrooms even if those women inject testosterone. Many F2T don’t even “pass” as male and men certainly don’t fear them in male facilities. As far as I’m concerned they can make all male facilities “gender neutral”. Facilities can be for women and “other”. Let “transmen” go wherever they want. It’s amazing that individuals who claim to be following these issues are perplexed at why the potential “threat” of women who inject testosterone is “ignored”. Only men for whom epidemic male violence against women has become completely normalized and invisible could draw such a comparison. Gross.

        Wacko Zacko says: “It builds on the premise that trans women are not women, that cis women will feel unsafe around them because of that rejection, and then justifies rejecting any kind of support for transgender people. This actually puts transgender women at great risk for legitimate abuse in men’s restrooms.”

        Here he links to a survey that shows the exact opposite of his claim: a survey which tracks bathroom incidents involving transgender people attempting to use OPPOSITE SEX facilities. There is no documentation of transgender women (ie men) being abused in male bathrooms. I’ve searched the news and criminal archives extensively and can’t find it. Can Zack a Wack find even a handful of incidents of “transwomen” being abused in male facilities? I can’t. Neither can he apparently. So he just blatantly lies, like the lazy unprofessional propagandist ass he is. Pathetic.

        Censorship, threats, and lies. It’s all they’ve got.

    • Gallus Mag, my sincerest apologies for our tiff a couple weeks ago. We are on the same side, and I hope we can move past our misunderstanding. To answer your question, the original petition had this verbiage in the last bullet:

      “Most troubling, the transgender promotion of the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children by persuading parents & health professionals to diagnose children as young as four as transgender…”

      The petition now reads:

      “Most troubling, by persuading parents and health professionals to diagnose children as young as four as transgender…”

      The core group behind the petition now has a wordpress site, though none of us are blog experts. It is DropTheT.wordpress.com. We welcome your support, and again my apologies for any past misunderstanding.

      Not sure if I want this message posted; the last few days have been mentally exhausting. Feel free to post the pertinent content – the blog and petition verbiage – on my behalf. Thank you.

  26. dejavublonde Says:

    sorry about the dead datalounge link. the powers that be completely vanished the thred. sad, it was lovely.

  27. nniilate Says:

    Today when I mentioned how feminists might have a point in how silly it was canceling the Vagina Monolouges because it left out “women with penis’s” and mtt’s got their panties in a wad I got told to check my privilege.

    Not sure what the privilege actually is…my vagina? Plays about my vagina? Not being burdened with a penis?

    • morag99 Says:

      Your privilege is having been born female, and having your super-sexy sex-based oppression handed to you on a silver platter. Ha.

    • Cyst Says:

      In addition, a) the author of the play has WRITTEN a freaking trans-inclusive version (can’t remember whose Tumblr I saw that on, sorry), and b) it’s called The Vagina Monologues, not The Woman Monologues. Now who’s oversensitive? Hint: not females.

    • Zemskull Says:

      My understanding of The Vagina Monologues is that it was about making an organ that’s rarely talked about–the vagina–front and center. To that end, the play also talked about vagina-related issues that are also rarely talked about–menstruation, thinking one’s vagina is ugly, and so on. Putting penises in the play would drastically change the basis of the play. It’s like changing Hello, Dolly to Hello, Donald. Or Annie, Get Your Gun to Andy, Get Your Gun.

      • kesher Says:

        The trans tantrum over the Vagina Monologues proves that this isn’t about inclusion or “trans women being women”. They want to silence and erase us, period. Our very existence is “oppression”.

  28. lin Says:

    What an ass! Dumbfuck, whom you previously blogged about, has an older guy bounced from a bar because the guy asks him if he’s a man, then brags about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD6nEZWHAMQ, at about 2 minutes in.

  29. wildwomyn Says:

    This is what the Mautner Project has devolved to:


    Quoted from the website above:

    “The program and honorees

    For 25 years the Mautner Project has worked tirelessly to support the queer women’s community, and at each annual gala we have celebrated and honored the work of many influential women. This year will be no different in that regard. Eboné F. Bell, managing editor of Tagg Magazine, the area’s premier publication for lesbian culture, news and events, is receiving The Image Award. Schroeder Stribling, executive director of N Street Village, a D.C. institution that provides services and creates a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women, is receiving the Healing Works Award. And our third honoree this year is Major Jamie Lee Henry, the first active duty Army officer to come out as transgender. In addition she is the first and only active duty service member who has changed her name and gender within the United States military, Jamie will be the first recipient of the Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Award. These women represent a cross section of this community and continue to advocate and support the work being done.

    You don’t want to miss this event. Join us as 400 attendees committed to improving the health and well-being of queer women, come together and celebrate Mautner Project’s accomplishments over the past 25 years and look towards the next 25!”

    From Wikipedia, the history of the Mautner Project. “Mautner Project was founded in 1990 following the death of Mary-Helen Mautner in 1989 of breast cancer. Shortly before her death, Mary-Helen asked her partner, Susan Hester, to start an organization that could help other lesbians facing the overwhelming challenges of life-threatening illnesses.”

    The mission statement was changed at some point to include gender identity and transgender women, their terminology.

    You can bet most of the money is now going to MtTs. Lesbians with “life-threatening illnesses” are not in the picture anymore.

  30. Janetwo Says:

    I grew up with close relationship with the gay community as my family had many gaymen orbiting the close circle hanging at our home. Later I met butch dykes. There was an halo of struggle around them, but also a sense of joy and freedom, like they were expanding the possibilities for all of us to be what we wanted and could be. It was okay to like and do all sort of non- gender conforming activities. You could fix motorbikes and be a woman, you could love fashion and be a man. You could love who you wanted to love. Grafting the T to this movement has been the greatest mistake it ever did. The T might as well stand for terrorist. The LGBT is dark, violent, repressive of others expression, steeped in BDSM, kink and porn. They pretend to hold the higher moral ground to savage feminists and ordinary people like Joshua Alcorn parents . The gay and lesbian community never fought for policing others life like the T does, they fought for equal rights but never imposed their way of life on anybody. The ones I worked with were always professional, followed appropriate dress code, never asked for going against my own perception of what a man or a woman which is based in biological expression of sexual traits. They did not want to be treated as special snowflakes, they just wanted to be treated as equal in the public life. To make it brief, I never felt in any way threatened by them gaining more rights, I felt empowered. This is exactly the opposite any time the Ts gain ground. So I stand in solidarity with every gaymen and lesbian who want to boot them out of the movement you built.

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