#I AIN’T CAIT : The “Start of a New Trans Movement” Say Jenner Protesters

November 13, 2015

Monica James expresses dissatisfaction with white heterosexual millionaire republican crossdresser representation

Protester Monica James expresses dissatisfaction with racist white heterosexual millionaire republican crossdresser representation amidst Jenner’s grinning smug white men handlers.

Two black male transwomen, two white lesbian non-binaries, and one white male autogynephile set the genderist world on its ear last night when the handful of protesters upstaged Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance at a $500 a plate benefit for the Chicago House, a non-profit founded to provide case management and services for individuals with HIV and AIDS. Like many such agencies the HIV funding is now being redirected to provide hormones to transgender individuals.

chicago house

The Jenner event was hosted by ESPN commentator Chris “Christine” Kahrl, a white heterosexual male homphobe best known to GenderTrender readers as the fellow who called MMA fighter Tamika Brents a “noisy” black woman whose hospitalization with career ending injuries following her bout with male fighter Fallon Fox was her “just desserts” for excluding males from her lesbian dating pool.

Inside the event, Jenner regaled the multi-millionaire and billionaire white heterosexual “transwomen” Republicans with audience friendly anecdotes about his pleasurable hobby of secretly dressing up in his daughter’s clothes when they were not at home. Transgender male luminaries contracted by the E! entertainment network to act as his friends: Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan, Kate Bornstein, attended him. Fallon Fox, the man who lied about his sex in order to batter women out of competition in the burgeoning female combat sports arena, sat next to him.

Dudes I was wearing Kendall's underwear! High five!

Dudes I was wearing Kendall’s underwear! High five! [photo credit Daily Mail]

In the under five hundred dollar seats, out on the curb, a quite different narrative was being told. This perspective was sponsored not by the 1%, not by rich white Republican men, not by the E! television network but by a young lesbian attempting to escape male persecution via testosterone injection named Billie Jane Kincaid and by a male attempting to escape persecution by other men for his naturally occurring “feminine” traits named Temara.

Billie Jane Kincaid

Billie Jane Kincaid [instagram]

Temara “Jaz” Robinson, a black bisexual male transwoman, is an accomplished organizer in the Black Lives Matter movement and sat on the Chicago ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ panel in August with Monica James, who [since his release from prison four years ago following a seven year sentence for the aggravated battery of an off-duty gay police officer] has been active in the prison abolition movement.


Temara “Jaz” Robinson

Unlike the rest of the “LGBT” press, GenderTrender will let them speak for themselves.

This is Temara Robinson’s statement inciting the protest, from the facebook event page:

“caitlyn jenner literally makes me feel suicidal. This person is pretending to be trans for media attention. I hate this person’s whiteness, this person’s big meaty man voice, this person’s history of sexism and impregnating women (because all women stick their penis in someone and leave the children behind to become media trash stars). I hate this person’s tv show. I hate this person’s stupid magazine cover, and most of all, i hate the Chicago house for thinking that this is representative of trans people. jenner is a men’s right’s activist and deadbeat dad who is cashing in on media hype arond trans people. I DO NOT accept this person as a woman, trans or anything else. I”m going to be going off about this in the lobby and/or out front theatrically. If you have a problem with this, stay at home. Some people have actually had to suffer for being trans, not jenner. The Chicago house thinks trans people are just some frivolous dumbasses who want to wear pretty dresses. It’s about way more than that, at least for me and most other trans people who were around before the era of terrible action dudebro movie directors becoming women, walmart core rockstars becoming women, and terrible shows that make prison seem like summer camp. Liberation, not representation. I hate you jenner, and anyone who thinks that this person deserves support for their “courage”is transphobic. Im not that guy fuck that.

this person’s success is derived from white male privelege, then they appropriate an identity of trans people for a little dressup game media circus,and the nonprofit industrial complex eats this shit up. It’s so fitting. Rich guy helps make money for the social service organization that goes out of business if we actually eradicated homelessness. All of this is a frace of capitalism, racism and male supremacy.

This action is going to be sketchy as fuck. Just warning you. No thousand dollar sound system, no george sorors grant to fund us, no spineless, quid pro quo pushing political groups to “endorse us”, this is just some pissed off trans people who see right through the nonprofit industrial complex ego circle jerk and this trans-trender bruce jenner”


temara i ain't cait 1

Here are the videos:

Temara Robinson’s statement after the protest:

“Instead of allowing the trolling of people who obviously have no idea what this action was about, and who want to pick at a few words and phrases that i said and say i’m just transphbic,l i’m going to post one more time a rundown of our messaging here and pin it. People who attended, and those who have been around me in an organizing or on a personal level understand that this is bullshit. Again, here is the full context of our message

“A nonprofit industrial complex, fuled by white male and daddy tranny egos, one that only seeks to perpetuate itself (that has overspent tokenized black trans women employees, paying part time, minimum wage hours) while paying CEOs nearly half a million dollars when there are more empty housing units in in xicago than there are homeless people, cannot exit if homelessness were eradicated.What have you bought into? what will it take to buy you out?

I present to anyone who will take it, a check, blank, paid to the order of “your white guilt”

Jenner, you took the male privelege train to the last stop and bought a ticket back out of boredom. The publicity and frivoloty of your transition insults the process of trans people geuinely breaking the violent gender biinary, as well as the women born female who you despise.

you insult women and trans people with your appropriation, your media spectacle, and your hatred for sickening, and the fact that the chicago house will pander to this, while paying their ceo six figures and expecting black trans womento take crumbs from the cookies we bake you.

This is the start of a new trans movement. An anti-racist, anti-colonialst, pro woman, trans movement that doesn’t take its orders from nonprofits, bilionare liberals or the state and doesn’t pander to an audence that would rather lazily bing watch us in prison than concieve for one moment of world were our bodily autonomy, self-definition, and freedom from violence and oppression are non-negotiable

To these queer and trans people i see walking out here, why were you inside there? Why would you rather see us pander to the systems that harm us for crumbs while we hand them cookies for not killing us (at least not right away)

Fuck that! Fuck Chicago house”
–violet black”


Well there you have it.

When you want the unvarnished truth: You want GenderTrender. Thanks for stopping by.

119 Responses to “#I AIN’T CAIT : The “Start of a New Trans Movement” Say Jenner Protesters”

  1. Wow! This is unbelievable! The tide is turning isn’t it?

  2. naefearty Says:

    Finally. The right target is located.

  3. Magdalena Z. Says:

    I acknowledge Temara for speaking up but he doesn’t go far enough. His first two sentences are very telling, “caitlyn jenner literally makes me feel suicidal. This person is pretending to be trans for media attention.” What if a woman said that, about transwomen? She would be called hysterical and of course transphobic. If she said that she hated Jenner’s big meaty man voice or big meaty man hands, she would be sent rape threats, hopefully not by Temara, but who knows? I would have respect and awe for him if he admitted, like you wrote Gallus, that he is using womanhood to escape the persecution of other men. And using the threat of suicide as an indication of suffering is just the same ole same ole manipulation. What if women said they felt literally suicidal looking at photos of Temara performing womanhood? The plight of the homeless, the poor, and people with AIDS is the important thing here, and not fighting over men’s versions of womanhood, which will always be fake seen through their eyes.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I agree. Men will never have our interests at heart. They can’t understand them, because they are men, males, socialized as boys. They need their own gender deconstruction movement and we can support each other where our interests intersect.

      • GallusMag Says:

        They can start by radically rejecting the anti-women portions of the transgender political movement. That is non-negotiable. They must create male spaces for men like themselves. Transwomen are men.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        That is why I love your blog so much Gallus, you are uncompromising, and I love that.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I like to think I’m pretty easy going! 😉

      • Resistance Says:

        “Men will never have our interests at heart. They can’t understand them, because they are men, males, socialized as boys. They need their own gender deconstruction movement and we can support each other where our interests intersect.”

        This x infinity

    • if my clothing,mannerisms,and body shape are triggering to someone, we could talk about it. One thing that i wouldn’t do is claim experiences that aren’t mine, nor would i expect to speak on behalf of women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hey Temara thank you for commenting. Feel free to share any thoughts now that the dust has settled. Very effective protest I thought.

      • I’m not sure that i can say “the dust has settled. I’ve been hearing about this protest almost every minute for the last 18 or so hours. This crazy Internet thing. To be honest, i wondered for awhile if anyone would even accept my comment to be posted, so thanks for that. (no “evil censoring terfs” here, i guess.) While i appreciate your coverage (immensely better than entertainment tonight, of course) i’m concerned with a few things that are not entirely accurate or are incomplete, especially relating to monica’s battery of an officer charge, (they’ll charge you with that for getting beat up by them or defending yourself. In the testimony of the trial, a bystander was asked why they didn’t intervene, and they said they thought it was because a pimp was beating his prostitute.)

        also, i’m not sure if it matters, but i’dhope nobody would make assumptions about my personal life, but i don’t identify as heterosexual. I’ve been called gay, lesbian, bi, celibate and every other thing that people are calling themselves these days, and it’s really inconsequential to me. All of these seem to be related to who i’m with, rather than anything innate in me, and i find that problematic. Not a big deal really though.

        Anyway, here’s to being covered by both entertainment tonight, and lesbian separatist blogs.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ha- I thought that about my “dust settled” comment as soon as I posted it. What sort of feedback are you getting from the protest? I was going to screencap some of the responses on the public event page but it has been taken down. Did you take it down or was it censored by facebook? There were a lot of negative comments accusing you of hating on rich white republican men, which no one should ever do if they are wearing a dress. Or something. Transsexual blogger Mizknowitall in the comments below speculates that the Bruce’s of the world will now try to destroy your life. Is that what it’s looking like to you? No Trans100 award for Temara? lol.

        As for Monica- folks can look up the incident, it’s been widely written about: in fact, I linked directly to an interview with Monica on the topic in my piece.

        Re: sexual orientation- I do include coverage of subject’s sexual orientation in news stories. Sorry if that feels invasive. I’m happy to change the word “heterosexual” to “pansexual” or whatever if you feel that’s a better descriptor. Just let me know. By the same token, GenderTrender does not identify as a lesbian separatist blog. lol. It is a feminist blog that is authored by a (non separatist) lesbian, however! 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        Oh shit! Somehow I forgot to put in that Monica interview link. My bad! I had intended to include it. Will fix.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ok fixed- added the Monica link i forgot.

      • Most of the feedback i’ve received thus far is in relation to “being transphobic/terf” assumptions about my mental health and cognitive ability, comments on my appearance, and the old “racist against white people” thing. I’ve also been made aware of a gynophobic comment made by a gay white man who doesn’t live in xicago and knows nothing about the event we were protesting. The zuckerbook event page was deleted by consensus agreement due to trolling and for the purposes of our security and privacy.

        re, re: sexual orientation: I stand corrected on the radical feminist/separatist thing. The glitter queers would call me pansexual, gender crits would call me bisexual. so make your choice there.like i said though, it’s your blog.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “assumptions about my mental health and cognitive ability” LOL that is rich. You’re going to be running their whole fucking movement soon enough. That is my prediction.

        post corrected: bisexual.

      • “running their whole movement”? honestly, after this whole shit show, i feel like the most healthy thing for me to do is to hide under a rock for the next thirty years. haha

      • GallusMag Says:

        Oh hell no. You kicked ass. The comments on all the articles I looked at are in your favor, if it matters. You and Monica should take the bullhorn down to this shitshow: http://mic.com/articles/128503/congress-will-hold-first-caucus-addressing-violence-against-transgender-people#.92I9wtxZg

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I respect your stance and support you. welcome to the sane side of the street. with people like you, people like us and the gay guys that are star to wake up it’s still a fairly unpopulated side of the street but it’s a hell of a lot saner thats for certain.

    • ammonitey Says:

      You are absolutely right Magdelena Z., about what would happen if a woman said that Jenner transitioned for media attention.

      Germaine Greer did say it and was vilified. Now that a man has said it, people may listen.


      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        It reminds me of the way all those women were ignored when they accused Bill Cosby of raping and drugging them, ignored by media, demonized, called gold diggers, etc. until a male comedian brought it up in one of his shows and lo and behold it somehow got some attention. I guess having a penis makes people take you seriously.

  4. hearthrising Says:

    some real activism, bringing home the class issues of the airbrushed PR driven trans cover story. I especially liked the line about tv shows making prison look like summer camp. Oh, and Walmart core rock stars. And the quid pro quo political group endorsements.

    • morag99 Says:

      “some real activism, bringing home the class issues of the airbrushed PR driven trans cover story.”

      Yes! The class issues.

      This is old-fashioned activism — activism proper — that is about collective classes of people and structures of power and the material conditions of people’s lives (NOT about metaphysical, airy, individualized subjective feelings and narcissistic proclivities masquerading as politics).

      Of course, like many commenters here, I have major problems (to put it mildly) with males — whether they are black or white, rich or poor — fighting over who gets the right to appropriate womanhood. Nonetheless, any protest against poverty in which the poor, disenfranchised and marginalized go toe-to-toe with the rich, privileged and smug is one that I can get behind.

      Charity is not the same thing as justice, and so it was very gratifying to hear Temara/Violet Black speak about how the face of domination often hides behind charity — and, in this case, also behind the bodies of people genuinely oppressed by a compounding of class, race and perceived/actual sex and sexuality.

      Bruce Jenner is the polar opposite of oppressed. But, people who can afford a $500 meal need to be put at ease by someone who speaks their language and shares their sensibilities — even (especially?) if he’s a pervy musclehead in a woman-clown suit who makes jokes about his daughters’ intimate clothing.

      Gallus: thank you, thank you for bringing us this story!

  5. dejavublonde Says:

    if they are going to start policing themselves I will actually have some respect for that. it most assuredly will not solve every problem but it’s a very good first step.

  6. Isn’t this dude, Temera, just calling the kettle black? He hates Bruce Jenner for appropriating trans identity
    , dressing up and creating a media circus. Eh-hem, cough, cough….

    • background spinner Says:

      Just two men fighting for their rights as men. Right wing dood v lib dood.

      (If they were women, this would be called a ‘catfight’ by some witless wonder, because fights between women are so very amusing and kinda sex, amrite? But I don’t see that happening here because they are BOTH men.)

    • Dana Says:

      I think protesting is a legit form of “media circus”. Taking over a major magazine for your coming-out party, not so much. Not to mention the unearned Arthur Ashe award (that’s kinda like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for basically nothing–and I voted for the guy, once) and all the other crap before and since.

  7. mizknowitall Says:

    First the autogynophiles erased and rewrote the narrative of those exceedingly rare individuals with an actual sex dysphoria… Making damned sure that while they are pretending to be us, they never loose the dick, or even a scintilla of their male privilege.

    Then, because they, as most straight men are, homophobic. They erased and rewrote the narrative of lesbian lest anyone think they might be happy to be on the receiving end of a penis…

    Now they have gone so far as to have erased and rewritten what it actually means to be female! Removing all onus from femal being about an assumed breeding capacity. To that of a flat two dimensional cartoon based entirely on clothing and body adornments…

    Not only is it wrong, It’s frustrating as hell! If I had the means to undo the damage they’ve done, (and I tried for decades) I’d do it in a heartbeat! But I don’t! They have the power, and every time one of us raises our head and says no as Temara has. The full wrath of the panty whacking brigade is brought to bear upon us… (as it will be upon her) stopping at nothing to destroy our lives and the lives of any we love!

    And no, I’m not looking for anything from the radical feminist community… I’m only commenting to apologize for the pigs in wigs who’ve used us to make your lives all the harder.


    • GallusMag Says:

      Mizknowitall- Gosh I haven’t seen you around in ages! Hope you are well.

      • mizknowitall Says:

        Thanks Gallus Mag!
        I’m still a regular reader and supporter, but on the whole? I’ve pretty much pulled the plug on any overt resistance on my part… For me? It had became Cui Bono!
        Rather much like that old homily about wrestling with pigs. “all it gets you is filthy, and annoys the pigs!”

        Besides, I’ve actually found it far more productive to work behind the scene these days… As the Autogynophiles keep getting more and more outrageous and outlandish, I’ve simply begun quietly saying what the women around me are already thinking! And like a pebble starting an avalanche? It doesn’t take much these days!

        Simply pointing out minor details… like Laverne Cox still has a cock, or that Brucie only had superficial surgery and HE has absolutely no intention of giving up “the precious” is a huge eye opener!

        That littlest bit opens the door so they can say what they are really thinking, but were afraid to in the face of soooooo many SJWs… Then to cement it? I only have to toss out the reality figure from the NY Times… From 1931-2010, only 30,009 Americans have actually gone the distance vis-a-vis actual “sex change surgery” (and that more than a few of them were skin transvestites)… Voila another “peak trans” moment is had!

        Still, it’s a pity… trans* (whatever that actually means) really should be working with women to overturn gender constraints, expanding what it means to be male, or female… instead… it’s all about erasure and fantasy pined upon the backs of women… and as someone, despite my history, living under the rules proscribed for women by the patriarchy… it pisses me off royally!


  8. stchauvinism Says:

    That’s some great activism.

  9. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  10. naturalbornwoman Says:

    Trans narcissism and the vulgar self-interest of the trans movement have always been obvious to those of us willing to see beyond the fufu and whine. Good for “Temara” Robinson (maybe, maybe not) but he is, as Magdalena Z. has pointed out, “fighting over men’s versions of womanhood”. Combating natal women’s gender oppression doesn’t appear anywhere on Robinson’s agenda. Hence, this is just an intra tribal battle between MRAs – one conservative, the other neo-liberal.

  11. toppdyke Says:

    He forgot to mention how all trans are delusional sexist man, but funny how they can see that in other men.

  12. “Jenner, you took the male privilege train to the last stop and bought a ticket back out of boredom. The publicity and frivolity of your transition insults the process of trans people genuinely breaking the violent gender binary, as well as the women born female who you despise.”. Temara Robinson..

    Spot On!

    Great video of Jenner showing his disapproval of programs for the poor (poor people get dependent on them). Scrape off the one inch layer of makeup, kick off the expensive Gucci shoes, and it’s just a rich old conservative dude complaining about lazy welfare queens.

    Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Views Worry Her New Transgender Friends


    In this video, the other transwomen look at him, and you can see the reaction in their faces.

    Growing up, my family ran across some hard times when my dad lost his job, and we were on food stamps. Fu** you Bruce Jenner.

    Jenner has nothing at all in common with poor street people whether they identify as transgender, or don’t identify as transgender.

    There is nothing unique about Jenner. Rich, old, white autogynephiles have always existed, and people would be surprised to know how many of them are in corporate board rooms. Most of them are heterosexual with wives and families, and they secretly cross dress as a sexual fetish. Frank Maloney, father of 2 children, made a ton of money being a boxing promoter before he “transitioned” at age 60 and left his second wife. Women don’t have a life time of white male privilege.

    If Bruce Jenner really were a woman, few people would even recognize his name because no female athlete of his generation received as much corporate support as Jenner. Jenner cashed in on his golden boy charisma, and kept his cross dressing secret. Jenner is a heterosexual father of 6 children by 3 different wives. Being the good Republican, he once opposed same sex marriage.

    Did people notice all of Jenner’s body guards. How many poor gay men, lesbians, and transgender people have body guards?

    • at this point, i feel like i need a body guard

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m sorry. It’s hard to think strategically when you are being threatened. That’s why they do it.

        I can offer you a platform here if you want to post a piece heading up to the Nov 20 TDOR. But it seems like such a piece might also be of interest to some of the mainstream media outlets that covered your protest, though. Tying in the “I ain’t Cait” protest, the TDOR, and Tuesday’s congressional caucus on anti-trans violence. Strike while the iron is hot, though. You may never get a better moment to get your message out to the masses.

        It’s a shame that you aren’t getting support from the people in your own trans community that love to trot out the “TWOC” meme when it suits them *cough Jen Richards cough*

      • mainstream publications will loose advertisers with contributors like me. It makes me smile to say that. If plans come together though, November 20th will be interesting, i’ll say that much

    • Branjor Says:

      …insults the process of trans people genuinely breaking the violent gender binary…

      How do trans people “genuinely break the violent gender binary?” All they do is shift from one set of sex stereotypes they call “man” to the other, which they call “woman”, or vice versa.

      • Kitty Barber Says:

        Yes. The ‘binary’ that is actually a hierarchy that places females at the bottom of the heap–all over the world. All. Females. It still pisses me off that I am using the word “females” now because the word “women” has been stolen and rendered meaningless by the same stupid philosophy that brings us Bruce Caitlin Jenner. And while I am happy to see ANYONE call this crap for what it is–which would be CRAP–until you are fighting the patriarchy and naming it for what it is, you are NOT ‘pro-woman.’ Whatever that might mean.

        Thank you G.M. a.k.a. “Easygoing.” I’m still thinking about that one.

      • There are people who are gender-non-conforming and who only partly transition or don’t transition who may consider themselves part of the trans umbrella and who are challenging the gender binary. We don’t tend to hear from them though because they don’t get public platforms.

      • yeah, what purplesage said. Up until the past few years,It’s been easier to live my bizzare little anarcha-tranny life than it has been to confront autogynophiles at liberal charity events. Not anymore though

      • Branjor Says:

        Trans and the trans umbrella are as inseparable from the gender binary as maleness is from the concept of “God.” The only way to get rid of the gender binary is to get rid of the idea of “transness” entirely. I am GNC in many ways but I will not consider myself trans, fully or partially. Every woman alive who refuses to center men is GNC.

  13. All street people need safe housing, food, health care, and AIDs education and services. I do believe that transgender identified people living on the street deserve help, access to health care, housing, and other services. However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of girls and women. For example, biological males should never have access to women’s homeless shelters, women’s restrooms, or women’s locker rooms where females undress and shower. This is where I draw the line. Poor homeless women are often the victims of sexual assault and rape. The Hambrook incident in the women’s homeless shelters in Toronto still sickens me. There has to be a way to help trans people living on the street gain access to services without infringing on the privacy rights of women.

    “Chicago House and Social Service Agency serves individuals and families who are disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ marginalization, poverty, homelessness, and/or gender nonconformity by providing housing, employment services, medical linkage and retention services, HIV prevention services, legal services, and other supportive programs.”


    Bruce Jenner’s photoshopped photo is on the website.

    When it says, “serves individuals and families who are disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS”, are they talking about women and transgender persons, or just transgender? Or, are they insulting the entire female sex by saying that biological males are exactly like females?

    The medical and social needs of females are entirely different than the needs of males who “identify as women”. Poor homeless women don’t have a damn thing in common with Bruce Jenner. Poor black women dying of AIDs in Africa don’t have a damn thing in common with Bruce Jenner. Both transgender identified males and women need AIDs education and services, but these are two distinct groups of people with different medical needs.

    “HIV is now recognized as the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age…”


    Women, especially black women, are not only disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS, they are dying of AIDS. Some of this is through IV drug use, but it’s usually contracted through heterosexual sex. So, here comes a rich, old white man who has spent more money on plastic surgery (“facial feminization”, nose, job, tracheal shave, etc.) and high end fashion than most low-income women make in a year.

    •African Americans accounted for an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections among adults and adolescents (aged 13 years or older) in 2010, despite representing only 12% of the US population; considering the smaller size of the African American population in the United States, this represents a population rate that is 8 times that of whites overall

    •In 2010, African American women accounted for 6,100 (29%) of the estimated new HIV infections among all adult and adolescent African Americans


    I noticed that the Trans Life Center is listed in the drop down menu on its website. I wonder if the Trans Life Center will be taking money away from services to lesbians and women? Or, do women even get services here? Is it going to end up all trans all the time?

    What do they mean by “LGBTQ marginalization” and “gender nonconformity”?

    Every large LGBTQ organization has routinely marginalized lesbians, and it has been going on for years. They have a few tokens in higher management, but on the ground where it counts, lesbians have to toe the official trans party line, or they are driven out. The attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival, the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling”, and “TERF” death threats are only the tip of the ice burg.

    It took the HRC less than 24 hours to quickly dismiss all the legitimate concerns in the Drop the T petition. All this shit has been going on for years, and they didn’t even take time to read it.

  14. dejavublonde Says:

    as per usual, very few outlets reported on this as yet. interestingly though, the only quotes I have seen as yet about Temeras protest are in regards to the supposed facts about how bad off the average trans is. not a word about what he said about bruce being a typical perv who gets off on wearing women’s clothing (obviously paraphrasing). can’t let that narrative get out huh? ex: http://www.gossipcop.com/caitlyn-jenner-confronted-protesters-video-insult-trans-people-protest-chicago-house/

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes and I will always cover the stories that the LGBT media refuses to cover.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I appreciate that. one reason I started commenting is because while you definitely have a clear point of view it’s not one of a fanatic – you pretty respectfully will post articles about people who technically could be counted as being on the opposite side of the fence but if they have more rational talking points than their contemporaries. I really believe that the only way to roll back the clock on this is through, in large part, rational discussion with the traditional transgenders on policing their own.

  15. MaryMacha Says:

    What, appropriation sucks? Who knew? I guess what goes around comes around.

    It almost begs the question, is there such a thing as ‘true trans’ or is it all just degrees of appropriation?

    I’m having a hard time ratcheting up any sympathy for the people who destroyed the only place on the planet where I and other women were truly emancipated.

    You made your bed.

  16. Janetwo Says:

    Is he walking with aborigenal women to have an investigation done on all those murdered in Canada? Is he asking to sign a petition to have more access to abortion or decent working conditions in third world sweatshops? Or any issues that truly matters to women? Naw, he is just having a shit fit over another tranny getting attention. Damn cynical me, but behind the rhetoric, I just see another drama queen feeling upstaged by a rich white dude with more money to throw at buying “feminity”. Its not up for a guy, rich or poor, black or white to decide who is acceptable as a woman. Biology makes that choice for us at birth. Instead of starting to recognize how it might feels for us women when we see them appropriating our identity, he just complains about the same crap he does to women. From a distance, its even funny to see those narcissists essentially crying about not being the center of attention. I say if libfems and other confused folks just stop enabling them by giving them attention, their movement will self-destruct as they are utterly unable to extend any solidarity to another human being, including each others. They have to parasite others movements. Personally, I just do not give any donations or support to any businesses that support the trans agenda. My feminist grand-mother did not fight for these dudes to parasite women organisations. I did not choose a non traditional profession for these assclowns to turn the meaning of being a woman into a fashion statement. And as far as I am concerned, they can all jump from a bridge and I wont bat an eyelid. When I see women all over the world still fighting under the harshest conditions for a right to an education, to care for their kids, for some sort of labor rights in garment sweatshops, I honestly dont give a shit about them except when they attack my sense of self, my rights or try to sponge money from NGOs already struggling to provide services to their target clientele. I am fine with guys who fight for their rights to wear a dress or high heels. But I put the stop when they think that is what defines what it is to be a woman. Their problems are men problems I would be a lot more sympathetic to this dude if he was not conflating poverty issues, which are real, with his sartorial choices. Its insulting to poor, black and women.

    • I haven’t done any of the things you’re mentioning, but i have been part of efforts to release Marissa Alexander, the black women imprisoned for shooting a warning shot at her abusive husband who was attacking her.I’ve also organized and facilitated vigils for black people killed by police in my city. I involve myself with food distribution efforts in my neighborhood, which is predominately poor. We serve almost exclusively black and brown women with children When bush’s afghanastan war started, and i was just a teenager, i became an anti-war activist and organized with primarily women.

      also, poverty is part of our message due to the fact that wierd guys like me who wear dresses or whatever are so commonly low income and experience homelessness alot, while the xicago house panders to us with this white autogynophile, and relating that to how much of a non-solution is offered by nonprofits like xhicago house are, and that this event is an insulting pandering to a crisis for black dudes like me with long hair and hoopy earnings.

      I never claim to be female, and i’ve had alot of important talks with my female friends. I know there’s alot of fucked up stuff that trans people do, and i myself am constantly working to unravel the male privilege that i was born into. I’m open to honest criticism. I’m not asking for brownie points here, but i would ask that people refrain from implying that i’m a narcissist. It’s taken me alot of work to build a functional amount of self-esteem, and i’m proud of myself for that. That doesn’t make me a narcissist

      also, this article quotes me saying something that no other reporter seemed to want to print.

      A 20-something South Sider who calls herself Violet Black led the group outside the hotel, saying that Jenner — a reality TV star who very publicly announced her transition to a woman earlier this year — is hijacking transgender culture now that it’s socially convenient and “advantageous financially.”

      “She rode the white male privilege train to the last stop, got off and bought a ticket back because she can,” Black said.”

      Also, the editor made me say “she” not me.


      • GallusMag Says:

        I think the E! network should dump Bruce and give the show to you. It would be much more interesting- I bet the ratings would be higher too.

      • i can’t even begin to describe how many ways that would be horrible.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hahaha. They would barely have to change the title: I am not Cait. LOL

      • ex home birther Says:

        I would have very few criticisms of transactivism if it were focused on the issues you care about. I think most of us are just sick and tired of dudes like Jenner making ridiculous demands that don’t actually help anyone outside of validating their feelings. You are doing a lot of good by starting a conversation if nothing else.

      • Janetwo Says:

        My apology to you Temera. It seems I may have been a bit hasty and harsh in my judgement. If nothing else, you seem refreshingly polite, articulated and intent in serving your community. I must say, its unsettling. Definitely brownie points for your level headed reply to my less than flattering post and for the utter absence of mansplanning. Its very hard to not fit into a stereotype and tempting to try to fit into of one prefabricated gender identity molds. Not sure how old you are, being non gender conforming was never that easy, but it was a lot easier in the 70s and the 80s than now.

      • Elle Says:

        Thank you for your input, Temara. Yours is the voice I’ve been wanting and waiting to hear for a long time. Your statement “I never claim to be female” is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing, and welcome!

      • Tamera, I too find your never claiming to be female a breath of fresh air.

        Your articulate and rational input has made this conversation all the more intriguing and I hope we shall be hearing from you again.

    • Meg Says:

      JanetTwo, just because your comment does not fit Temara does not mean it doesn’t fit the description male behavior. You are very right that men do whatever they can to upstage each other, and gender identity is just another way to do it. Histrionics and outrage are the norm when men are competing with each other, just look at Donald Trump. If they aren’t flailing around assert their dominance, they’re throwing women under the bus or to the wolves to avoid the violence of other men, like Lot from the bible who would have tossed his virgin daughters to a crowd of rapists before letting them violate his males guests.

      “I say if libfems and other confused folks just stop enabling them by giving them attention, their movement will self-destruct as they are utterly unable to extend any solidarity to another human being, including each others.”

      I absolutely agree. I agree 10,000%. There’s no words to describe how much I agree with this. Transpolitics have been successful for the most part because women have been guilt tripped into supporting them against their own interests. Making women feel guilty for even existing or being human enough to have feelings and self-respect is what men do to keep women submissive to them. It’s one of the signs of an abusive relationship, too. Enabling doesn’t help abusive or unhealthy personalities, it only emboldens them to keep using you for their own gain (yes, narcissism does feature in this, it has parasitic qualities most mental health experts are aware of).

      If transactivism were a legitimate political movement, it wouldn’t need to sponge off the resources of women and girls. If they were interested in lobbying for their human rights, they would be creating their own solutions instead of trying to destroy the rights of females everywhere.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Thank you very much for the kind words Meg. Strangely enough, I like men and get along fine with them. But they need to be kept in their place and be given very firm boundaries. I was happily married but now I am widowed. As a middle aged professional woman, one of the advices I give to younger women is to have their own circle of exclusively female intimate friends to take care of each others and support each others. Also, do not get into a long term relationship with a man without very good contractual agreements that will protect your financial wellbeing and your kids. I saw too many women, in the name of love, get shafted, investing years of unpaid work and sacrifices just to end up poor and without a future. I was lucky my feminist grand-mother taught me these things very early in life. She also was adamant that I get an education before getting married. Any woman needs to make any man wanting a place in her life to work hard for her trust.

        Most men always look for the angle which is the most beneficial for them. Males can be good collegues but its generally a losing proposition to have anything more. We are still socialized to be caregivers and too much subject to be exploited for having men inside our intimate circles. If men want to have their mani-pedi clubs, they can form their own. Men almost exclusively turn to women when they need caring and keep the dudebro clubs for the fun stuff and connections for professional advancement. Women need to know how the game is played or they exhaust themselves psychologically. Being the one who spend time to buy birth cards for everybody at work is not a strategic investment of your time. Without a doubt in my mind, beside education and work ethics, the most important factor of success in a woman life is not a hubby, its long lasting intimate friendships with other women. That is what will save your bacon when the going gets rough. In most social mammals outside canids, the cooperative groups have a matriarchal structure. This is why I am such a strong believers in sex segregated spaces and naturally wary when a man try to insert himself into one. The transgender movement is just a predatory camouflage to invade those spaces without doing the hardwork of deconstructing gender. Its not a lesbian issue, its a woman issue.
        I think the cotton ceiling has been the transpeak moment for many of us because no group of women has been under attack in such a brutal fashion as they were. I honestly did not realize it until I start reading blogs like gendertrender. The mental gymnastics the trannies did to justify it has laid bare for all who wanted to see what was previously hidden. I think libfems and funfems, because many of them enjoy a measure of class priviledge, embrace an appeasement policy which is suicidal in the long run. Sorry for the very long post…

      • Meg Says:

        Hi janetwo, i like long posts just as much as any other. lol. Yours is thought provoking because it makes me think of men who have accused women of *misandry* because they don’t like being abused by men or politically oppressed by men. I’d go on to say that our personal feelings about men as individuals or as a collective are irrelevant to these issues, and that it’s men’s behavior that matters. No matter how we feel about them, men continue to chose to occupy our spaces, abuse us in overt and covert ways, and try to sponge off of our emotions and person resources. Women are not responsible for what men chose to do, and it’s men’s responsibility to stop behaviors that are deleterious to women and girls. Women at various points in history have tried to reason with men to no avail, so IMO it’s up to the men to figure themselves out. The only thing we can do is establish boundaries then hold men accountable when they don’t respect them.

        I am pretty sure most people read my posts and conclude that I am, without a doubt, a bona fide man hater. I could sit here and defend myself that I don’t have feelings about men one way or another anymore, but my feelings aren’t the point. What men DO is the point. Why would they pass judgement on how I feel about men but not pass judgement on what men chose to do to women and girls? So there you have it. Loving men is more important than the human rights of women and girls.

    • prozac Says:

      As a side note, if anyone is interested in reading about the number of aboriginal women murdered and/or missing in Canada, here are 230 of their stories:


      This is by no means a comprehensive list, and does not include the dozens killed by Robert Willie Picton. If anyone ever remarks we don’t live in a misogynistic world, or a white male transwoman starts lecturing others about intersectionality, this is a good resource for them. There are additional profiles and stories at this link:


      Thanks to temara for your reasoned responses and your true, meaningful activism.

      • Meg Says:

        White males are the last people on earth who should be lecturing people on intersectionality, trans or not.

        Just today I read an article written by a white guy defending a rich white guy who supposedly exposed multiple sex partners to HIV and accused anyone of having a negative response to this as a big throwback from the 1980s. Yes, this is about Charlie Sheen:


        So where’s the INTERSECTIONALITY in the fact that Charlie Sheen is not only one of the biggest misogynist to ever walk the face of the earth, but he also allegedly knowingly and willfully exposed women to HIV. He exposed men, too, but whatever happened to INTERSECTIONALITY where women’s realities are supposed to intersect with social issues like hiv? Oh! I guess if Charlie Sheen can afford his medication it doesn’t matter if the women he exposed can’t and suffer and die as a result of his needing to get off. Apparently they are both oblivious to the fact that there are people who go hungry because they have to spend money on their medication.

        I can’t believe that white men can write articles like that and get away with it. People’s lives are at stake, and all he can think about is shaming people out of the common sense response that knowingly exposing people to a potential deadly virus is an act of callous disregard for someone else. And then to tell people that they are *hysterical* for giving a shit about their own health. Really? Somehow I doubt he would be so quick to tell women to SHUT UP if he was the one Charlie Sheen fucked over with a smile. This is one more issue where men improve their own lives at the expense of women. Disgusting.

      • Meg Says:

        I wanted to type an update to my comment, as Charlie Sheen has gone on national television claiming that he always used condoms and only exposed two women to the virus with full disclosure.

        Of course, I’m supposed to just take his word for it, and presume that women are mean blackmailers rather than human beings who had a right to be informed of his status before consenting to sex.


        Should I also take on faith that condoms never break, and that wearing a condom is always 100% failsafe against exposure? Or that by the simple act of using a condom, Charlie Sheen is somehow absolved of the responsibility of prioritizing his sexual needs over the health and welfare of others?

        The media is of course doing an excellent job whitewashing the whole thing and is an INTERSECTIONAL fail in terms of gender inequality, financial inequality, and consent. Consent to sex does not equal consent to pregnancy or STIs, but most people will probably say that the women deserved it. I saw one article that said HIV is like type-1 diabetes. *snort* Yeah maybe if you can afford to buy the medication, and you are able to take the medication without allergy or other problems, and if the medication is effective for your medical situation. Pills aren’t magic and viruses evolve and mutate. To presume that modern medicine can always pick up the slack for male sexual entitlement is bullshit.

        There is no question that HIV stigma is harmful, but solving it at the expense of women’s bodies and lives isn’t close to the empathy people are saying is necessary to do so.

  17. weirdward Says:

    “Jenner, you took the male privelege train to the last stop and bought a ticket back out of boredom.”

    I love this line.

  18. charlston Says:

    Gallus, in support of your ethical reporting I am reposting the entire report, with your link, in as many places as possible.

  19. So this video of Jenner talking about stealing his daughter’s clothes. In the video he says his daughters were about ten when they installed a video camera to see who was stealing the clothes. Is he actually admitting to trying on the underwear of his ten year old daughter? How did people laugh at that? This is not a cute story, this is him admitting to being an incestuous predator. Am I missing something here?

    • Jessie Says:

      No, you’re not missing anything. It was a horrible thing for him to do, and in my opinion, constitutes a form of psychological abuse.

      The fact that he says he thought he was being “cute” and “clever’ is just vile.

      • sarineal Says:

        I agree, particularly in the light of him saying it was causing tension between the girls, they were blaming each other for the tampering instead instead of the invasive creep actually doing it. But it’s obviously so funny when a man with massive assets that could buy his own things if he wanted to prance around in dresses plays abusive mind games with his daughters and invades their boundaries and privacy.

    • background spinner Says:

      And the laughter isn’t that awkward, nervous kind that people do when they know they’re laughing at something inappropriate. It’s very approving, ‘been there, done that,’ with actual applause!

      That story alone should have earned him questioning by Child Protective Services.

      But hey, he’s ‘cute,’ the anecdote is ‘cute,’ and they’re just girls.

  20. silverside Says:

    Some years ago, I researched the history of the men’s rights/fathers rights movement back to Victorian England. Even though men’s rights have everything to do with a reactionary defense of privilege and nothing to do with other liberal and progressive rights movements related to women, labor, people of color, etc,, that didn’t stop them from trying to dress up their movement as “rights” oriented by listing men’s rights along side Ghandi, Bobby Sands, etc. in their literature. It’s a propaganda tactic of association. In the same way, I would be cautiously skeptical of trans being in a list of progressive causes like homelessness, crime, violence, anti-racism, etc. It’s too much like the men’s rights herring. There are no doubt a very few men’s groups that sincerely support the elimination of sexism, etc. But the vast ;majority over time, especially those dominated by men, evolve over into rampantly reactionary defenses of rape culture, class privilege, and the like.

  21. lin Says:

    Unrelated to this post, but I just read this story and although it is mostly pretty stupid in my opinion, it’s the first I’ve heard of a transgender-only clinic in the VA. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/12/deborah-simmons-transgender-only-va-clinic-segrega/

  22. Meg Says:

    This question goes out to Temara: how do you reconcile your position as a civil rights activist with the fact that you were convicted of using deadly force against a gay man? As civil rights goes, gay men are also targeted for violence within the Patriarchy. I don’t know the whole story about why that happened which is why I’m asking.

  23. Meg Says:

    As far as the whole “white people” thing is concerned:

    Both white men and the people who identify with them can rest easy at night knowing that even the whitest, brightest, richest feminists have never been seen as legitimate human rights workers, and have been politically sidelined and condemned for far less than prison time. All it takes is making a statement about equal pay or critiquing pornography to be branded as a selfish racist, a TERF or a SWERF. Condemn, dismiss, ridicule, and nothing has changed: congress is still 80% white, male, and Christian, and collectively hold economic power. So what is it that white progressive dudes and their associates are trying to accomplish again? Because they’re doing a great job making sure white male power stays rooted in American politics.

  24. brandi1986 Says:

    OK, someone tell me why I’m supposed to take either of these men seriously? I don’t give a damn what race or sexuality they are, neither are what they claim to be.

    Oh and you just gotta love this comment:“caitlyn jenner literally makes me feel suicidal. This person is pretending to be trans for media attention. I hate this person’s whiteness, this person’s big meaty man voice, this person’s history of sexism and impregnating women (because all women stick their penis in someone and leave the children behind to become media trash stars). I hate this person’s tv show. I hate this person’s stupid magazine cover, and most of all, i hate the Chicago house for thinking that this is representative of trans people. ”

    Oh so he hates Jenner because he’s white? How incredibly stupid. I guess Mr. Robinson hates 90% of transgendered people then.

    He says Jenner is pretending to be trangendered just to get attention. I have no doubt Jenner is using all of this to get himself attention, but where is the proof that Jenner is pretending to be transgendered? Every time a transgendered person does or say anything that other transgendered people don’t like it must be that that person isn’t really transgendered, just an impostor. please.

    He say he doesn’t like Jenners meaty man voice. Well, a lot of men who claim to be women don’t sound like natural born females when they speak. Jenner is hardly the only one. So does Mr. Robinson only hate Jenners manly voice or does he hate all the transgendered ‘women’ with mannish sounding voices?

    If any female made a comment about jenners manly voice she would get rape and death threats and get banned from Facebook/twitter.

    Mr. Robinson just sound like he’s angry and jealous that it’s jenner getting all of the attention and not him. Boo hoo.

    Oh but if Janet mock and Laverne cox where the ones getting heaps of praise and attending speaking engagements he would have no problem with it at all.

    And what’s with these people threatening suicide? Every time something doesn’t go there way they make threats of suicide.

    I refuse to take any of these transgender people seriously. They are all a big joke.

    Neither of them have any right to call themselves women.

    But I guess I’m supposed to be more accepting of men like Mr. Robinson because men like him are gay? Please. Not a chance.

    Any woman who complains about Jenner but accepts this Robinson guy is a complete hypocrite.

    • Trish Says:

      The fact that Jenner spent $4mil on fake cheekbones, boobs & clothes,(all of which can be reversed) and kept the external genitalia(removal of which cannot be reversed) is compelling evidence of not being fully committed to transitioning.

    • gchild Says:


      “Oh so he hates Jenner because he’s white? How incredibly stupid. I guess Mr. Robinson hates 90% of transgendered people then.”

      I think what Temara was pointing out is how the oppressor class gets to “identify” their way into the “oppressed ” class and in addition to the cake and icing, take whatever crumbs are falling off the white male patriarchal table. A table where they ALREADY HAVE a fucking seat to begin with. Temara hates this. This is always WHITE, and usually MALE.

      “I don’t care what race or sexuality they are…”

      Neither do liberal trans supporters. They’ve dropped the “intersection” ball on this one. They can barely contain their rage in response to Temara’s hatred of Jenner’s “whiteness”. If this were a white transwomen calling out white privilege, they would offer “her” an award for being trans and gay and “checking” her white privilege. Intersectionality is now for the privileged people (like Jenner) to mine deeply buried (sometimes invisible) oppressions which will give them a cultural edge.

      After all, who always seems to be driving off from the intersection loaded down with brand spanking new terms, new ideologies, new forms of cultural currency that can be cashed in for more privileges?

      “Oh but if Janet mock and Laverne cox where the ones getting heaps of praise and attending speaking engagements he would have no problem with it at all.”

      Lol…these backdoor racist retorts are all over the liberal, trans supportive media. “Your just Jealous!” Jealous of whiteness? Now why would that be? And shoving tokens like Cox and Mock down everybody’s throats…they are both bought (fresh off the block) by white people and they know it. They didn’t choose to be where they are. They were chosen.

      Dont worry though, transwomen (90% white, as you pointed out) will figuratively string Temara’s ass up for saying he hates Jenner’s “whiteness”. This is unacceptable. Hating blackness though (watch Cox and Mock closely) is perfectly fine.

      “…neither of them are what they claim to be”.

      No. Not when they claim to be women and/or female. But Temara didnt claim womanhood. He claimed transwomanhood. And he made valid points about white male privilege. I dont entirely disagree with your assessment. But I won’t dismiss Temara’s accurate portrayal of white (and male) privilege.

      • Janetwo Says:

        “After all, who always seems to be driving off from the intersection loaded down with brand spanking new terms, new ideologies, new forms of cultural currency that can be cashed in for more privileges?“

        You can always count on the academic pomo assclowns to make it all up as they go along with semantic games to pass time instead of addressing social issues in terms clear for everybody. You dont want to rock the boat and jeopardize your tenure. The system made sure to make good examples from people like Ward Churchill. Its only long time established people like Noam Chomski who can speak their mind.

        This whole intersectionality bs could be laid down to be understandable for everybody. If you are not a rich white heterosexual dude, you are shit out of luck in some fashion. Each label you add that does not fit the mold is one strike against you. Its additional, not crosssectional.

        poor: strike one
        gay: strike two
        woman: strike three
        disabled: strike four
        not caucasian: strike five

        The more strikes you add to your profile, the harder your life is. And in a patriarchal capitalist society steeped in social darwinism, trying to even the odds of success with social programs is not seen as the ethical way to redress historic social injustices, its charity better left to the discretion of those with disposable income as they see fit.

  25. Old Queen Says:

    Thank you Temara for this protest. Jenner speaks for noone but his rich, white, male ass. ❤

  26. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity.

  27. enough already Says:

    Creep! Please everyone post and link this video of Jenner. This needs more media attention.

    • morag99 Says:

      I agree. That video — wherein Jenner makes a joke of going into his 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom to try on her clothes — needs to be widely distributed and discussed. Not just because Jenner is currently the face of transgenderism, but because his audience heartily LAUGHED with him — uncritically, approvingly.

      Deranged male sexuality, which cares nothing for the human boundaries of women and children, including its own daughters, is everywhere. It’s everywhere, and so taken-for-granted, that it can kick back have a good wank-laugh in public without much worry.

      People need to SEE this shit. People — the non-feminist public — need to think about why someone like Germaine Greer was smeared, vilified and assaulted for knowing (just knowing, mind you, not writing essays, books and blogs on the subject like some feminists have), that these men are repulsively misogynist.

  28. johnnymorales Says:

    What a refreshing return to reality. As a gay guy I was shocked and disappointed by the immediate embrace and seeming unanimous declaration of Jenner being authentic and a good representative of the community as a whole oblivious to the clear contradiction of that to his visible repulsion to the assumption that he might be liberal, a Democrat or share any of the radical politics of the group he was about to be declared by mass media as its leader. I couldn’t help but laugh when the proud, Republican transJenner expressed a belief that Republican leadership of US congress would be open to ideas on improving the lives of trans people.

    Unless I missed a broadening of the definition of the term transgender, by community’s own definition, Jenner is cross-dresser, falling far short of a transgender person.

    Jenner’s “transition” is limited to dressing publicly as a woman and behaving in a somewhat feminine manner in public.

    I dunno, but I always thought the concept of being trans went much deeper than simply dressing and acting the part.

    Jenner’s satisfaction in that , and lack of any desire to physically transition reduces his whole shtick regarding being a woman to a fashion and style statement dedicated to making senior women and trans. feel bad about not looking as glamorous as Jenner does at 65.

    The only part I’d disagree with is the part about this being about White men.

    it has far more to do with being the privilege of wealth, and very little to do with White Male privilege.

    The typical White man has at best, only marginally better access to the incredibly expensive and in-depth treatments Jenner has than transgenders of color.

    As a group they are no more able to afford all the treatments Jenner did on a whim than for transgenders of color.

    After all there is a reason why so many older White men who decide to transition (as I saw in SF on my last trip) will NEVER be able to pass or be accepted like Jenner was instantly. These older people trying so hard to leave their old White male past behind were utterly unbelievable, I thought they were putting on a show or something. It took me a while to realize they were serious.

  29. johnnymorales Says:

    Oh instead of calling him transgender, how about TransJenner. It nicely sums up the all about me nature of his gig.

  30. Trish Says:

    Jenner is publicly discussing trying on the clothing and underwear of his pre-teen daughters? The daughters he referred to as “distractions” in Vanity Fair? The daughters whose hurt feelings over being referred to as “distractions” that Kim & Kris tried to explain to Jenner who interrupted & shut them down with: “don’t go there” paired with “I just want everybody to be happy”?

    And the villains are – paparazzi – yeah, right.

    This is a despicable human being.

    And the people laughing, as if this is charming – un-freaking-believable.

    • Biscuit Says:

      It’s one of the creepiest videos I’ve seen. A grown man, dressed in drag, joking about sneaking around and trying on his own daughters’ clothes. We all know this is a sexual fetish for him, yet the audience fucking laughed. And he called it “cute” and “clever?” That just added more creepiness to this already horrifically creepy scenario.

      He also basically abandoned his sons as well. So, he outright neglected his sons and psychologically abused his daughters , and yet he’s being held up as some sort of “brave” person? It’s truly sickening.

      If I found out a male relative was using my clothes as a damn prop for his fetish, I don’t think I’d be able to stomach being around that person again.

      • Trish Says:

        I have to say that if I were one of Jenner’s kids, I would probably prefer to be ignored by him than have video of him trying on my clothes.

  31. Resistance Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. They are starting by calling out these more obvious autos (like Jenner), which is a good thing, but then they argue that they, the “real” trans are not like these men at all. It really is just another manipulation tactic, as they don’t want trans ideology to be seen for the misogynistic, homophobic crap it is. They still want trans ideology to retain legitimacy in the public mind. They think by calling out the more obvious autos they’ll achieve this. This guy sounds like he has just brought wholesale into queer theory. Eg any male who refuses to conform to the males sex role is not a “real” man & is therefore “trans”. This guy needs to wise up to the fact that he can dress anyway he wants & still be a man, without this need to put himself into a third category: “trans”.

    Truth is trans ideology can never be anything other than misogynistic & homophobic, that is what it is, there is no getting away from that fact. Anyone who buys into it is misogynistic & homophobic by definition, despite what they may say (even if its internalised homophobia/misogyny). If they have a body dysphoria/dysmorphia then that needs to be treated just as anorexia or any other body dysphoria/dysmorphia needs to be treated.

    The gutsy thing to do would be for men who don’t want to perform the male sex role to just say they are sex role non conforming men, but they don’t do that, they call themselves “trans”. This is because they are misogynistic/homophobic &/or they are “trans trenders” who want to be considered special. This guy can’t see that, as he has brought into queer theory & the trans cult propaganda. This seems to be PR damage control, whether its done by those who have fallen hook, line & sinker for trans propaganda & truly believe they are “real” trans doesn’t really matter. What they are doing by calling themselves “trans” is giving legitimacy to the idea that if a man doesn’t follow the males sex role he isn’t really a man & thats why i cant really get behind it too much.

  32. Dorothy Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has seen this Jenner story, but it is noteworthy: “Husband of 9/11 hero Sends Award Back over Caitlyn Jenner”. http://nypost.com/2015/11/15/family-of-911-hero-refuses-award-over-caitlyn-jenner/

    • Meg Says:

      “Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?” Smith wrote. “At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life threatening diseases . . . the list of possibilities goes on . . . is this the best you could do?”

      That says it all, doesn’t it?

    • Trish Says:

      Did no one on Glamour’s staff watch any episodes of “I Am Cait” – where Jenner behaves horribly to family while acting like people who were paid to be there are “friends”, more than once shut down discussion when anyone tried to explain why the Vanity Fair article was hurtful to family members, and immediately turns the conversation to “I want everyone to be happy” (apparently whether they are happy or not)?


  33. Trish Says:

    Gotta say, that black thing that Jenner is wearing in the photo above (and video laughing about trying on the clothing of his freaking pre-teen daughters) looks like he’s now into wearing slipcovers – perhaps he’s going to go trans-furniture?

  34. stchauvinism Says:

    If you are sick of hearing about Bruce Gender ( I am, god he’s boring click-bait ) and need some comedy relief, this is hilarious. Funniest thing I’ve read in ages.


    • Thank you! Long time reader, first time commenter on this blog. Reading here and a lot of Sheila Jeffreys helped me deprogram from my own time in the gender cult.

      This article is heartening. I’m feeling a real sea change recently.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Just read all your blog lesbianasshole. Cant wait for more. Its brilliant and funny. The Julia Serano parody was mindblowing. Funniest i have read in a longtime. We need a collected essays of the best radfem bloggers in print.

  35. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    “so clever, so cute”

    Wow, just wow. Do these people realize Bruce was regular Bruce back then when he was stealing his underage daughter’s underwear?!
    In what a weird and twisted world do we live to applaud and laugh with a pervert instead of creeping out and going on him. Guess that’s what “heroes” do now.
    (The fact that such a degenerate still gets awarded when all this is known is way beyond my level of comprehension).

    As for the trannies going against Brucilda, I have not much to say, it looks like damage control after more people are realizing how much BS they’ve been spilling.

    • morag99 Says:

      “so clever, so cute”

      South Park has already done two recent episodes criticizing Jenner. Too bad, because “So Clever, So Cute” would be another great title — just as good as “Stunning and Brave.”

      • johnnymorales Says:

        Finally for once or twice apparently being a Republican doesn’t provide an automatic shield someone from being brutally satirized on South Park. I used to love the show, until I realized the only people who ever were ridiculed were those on the left, especially social rights activists and environmentalists (Mr. Hanky is all about how stupid environmentalism is).. Regardless, because they have been the only notable ones of the very powerful image making set of Hollywood daring to challenge the bogus narrative telling us how Caitlyn is the definitive transperson, they are forgiven in turn for never once satirizing the idiotic behavior of former Pres. Bush.

    • RR Says:

      Gender itself is an imperialist tool of social control and transgenderism is a corporately sponsored for-profit pursuit, so proclaiming to be anti-imperialist while supporting gender ideology doesn’t ring true.

      I do appreciate anyone publicly questioning the special interest and NGO monies funding BLM or any other social movement they are a part of. It takes bravery and honesty to expose a movement that is important to you to (necessary) scrutiny. I also appreciate their anger. “Not in my name” is what I think whenever a transgender male talk about the lives or struggles of women, so I understand the outrage to have a pig like Jenner speaking on behalf of your community. The autogynephilic pigs-in-wigs-in-charge use the lives of murdered transwomen of color to fund a destructive anti-woman movement. (See also GM’s great entry on Trans Ghouls). Genderists work fervently to promote “gender identity” and erase the reality of biological women’s bodies and our voices from the public sphere, while doing no actual work to benefit at-risk transwomen of color who do suffer and die from male violence.

      Until I hear more than a spattering of trans voices criticizing the majority that promote gender identity at the expense of women, than it is really just the same shit as usual.

  36. nniilate Says:

    Go Rose.

    “Caitlyn Jenner you do not understand what being a woman is about at all,” Rose wrote. “You want to be a woman and stand with us – well learn us. We are more than deciding what to wear. We are more than the stereotypes foisted upon us by people like you. You’re a woman now? Well f**king learn that we have had a VERY different experience than your life of male privilege.

    “Being a woman comes with a lot of baggage. The weight of unequal history. You’d do well to learn it. You’d do well to wake up. Woman of the year? Not by a long f**king shot.”

    Although she’s already getting slammed for it


  37. flahe Says:

    Rose McGowan (an actress) has said some true anti-Cait words, but the true beauty is reading comments on a gossip blog (judge me, I deserve it), that express how absurd it is to say that Bruce never had male privilege. It makes me feel so alive and like a grand mayority of Women get, that no you can’t live as a dude for decades upon decades and than talk dresses and lipstick and be ‘woman of the year’ (or most successfull female CEO, director…etc)

    • GallusMag Says:

      I left a comment:

      “So Bruce never received male privilege because he was always “female brained”? It must follow that you, as a female genderqueer, HAVE received male privilege all YOUR life due to your nascent gender-brain. Right?

      As a non-woman recipient of lifetime male privilege an individual such as yourself has no place to mansplain feminism to women. See how that works?

      Good for Rose McGowan. Caitlyn is not a woman. “

      • gchild Says:

        “Deciding what to wear might be, for her, a genuine struggle.” (Of Jenner)


        “I know it’s been hard for me…Getting dressed every day is a challenge. ”

        Try being a women whose kids have to wear threadbare clothes and walk around with their bellies to their backs! Try agonizing over what to wear because you don’t fucking have any decent clothes to choose from. Try working 10 hours a day in uncomfortable/cheap clothes and shoes. You know how many women live like this? 18 million women and 15 million children.

        Fuck them and their privileged “struggle” to choose choices about what to wear because they get off on gender.

    • Meg Says:

      Once again, there’s an INTERSECTIONALITY fail on the part of transpolitics to consider thousands and thousands of years of sex based oppression perpetrated on females. Telling women to STFU about our experiences is what the Patriarchy has done since forever. Maybe Rebecca needs to rethink her attitude towards women.

  38. johnnymorales Says:

    Is there any word as to whether famous Lesbian photographer who did the celebrity photo shoot of Caitlyn feels about this growing controversy?

  39. gaydude50 Says:

    Hi Gallus. This popped up in my Facebook feed. I have a LOT of gay friends who are finally starting to understand that these creepy autogynophiles are not our allies. Yay!


  40. rheapdx1 Says:


    Post this where it would make more sense, although it fits here. From the:

    ‘Again, I cannot possibly make shit like this up if I tried’ Department.

    This came up in my feed……and again, hopping mad. Read through and if one ever wanted even more evidence of the insanity, stupidity, myopia, socially disconnected attitudes and other shit in the brigade, this is it

    Drop the t…..drop the association, before the linkage causes good people to be joined in the mind, with those who are batshit crazy.


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