November 15, 2015

15 Responses to “Ruth Barrett PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM RUTH BARRETT – Nov. 13th, 2015”

  1. Janetwo Says:

    Again, thanks for reposting this. The situation is getting out of hands. The transgender movement should be really called a Terror campaign. The level of psychological violence they have reached toward their targets is almost unbelievable. There are no other expression than Internet Terrorism for what they are doing to women speaking up.

  2. hearthrising Says:

    Thank you for highlighting this Gallus. Dianics have been under attack from the Pagan/Witch communities forever, and the threats and no-platforming from trans allies has also been directed at a few leaders for years. Ruth is not the first by any means.

    • Meg Says:

      Dianic Wiccans hold no political or economic power in the United States, but that doesn’t matter to the men and the women who identify with them who have launched a campaign against Dianic Wiccans for no other reason than that they don’t worship a male god. They wax poetic about freedom of religion but don’t allow for feminist or lesbian spirituality AT ALL. These people aren’t any different than their Christian predecessors who demand women suck spiritual dick. If any man claims to worship a goddess, I’m just going to assume it’s a male god wearing lipstick.

  3. 1234lane Says:

    This was incredible to read. What an amazing woman, voicing true concerns with unearthly grace and wisdom.
    I’m not a pagan, and might have dismissed this woman as “a little out there” at an early point in time because of her religious perspective. But today, I’m beginning to understand being “out there” is the only way to actually see and understand the harm that is being perpetuated in the name of good. Being out there means you care and understand the value of something. Ruth values women, embodied women who bleed. And for valuing the truth of what women experience, she is a target of extreme hate. This is truly heartbreaking, but it reveals to me anew the true and unique power of women and how that power has been and continues to be deeply unsettling to men.

  4. stchauvinism Says:

    Here’s another account from 2012 of pagan, goddess worshipping women being harassed and demonized for wanting to hold women only events.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    The tracking, doxxing, and complaining to an employer of people who don’t share your opinions Is the moral equivalent of burning your neighbors house down with their family inside because you don’t care for their lawn sign…

    It’s clearly the action of a psychopath and how anyone could aid in this behavior is beyond me. Im shocked these kinds of Internet games haven’t turned into many murderous vigilante acts yet.

    If my kids were starving on account of someone not liking my political opinions, what would I have to lose? Just revenge would be in order. I know I can’t be alone, more people have to feel that way too.

    If someone called me to complain about my employee, i’d pretend to agree, write down all info and turn it over to the person being told on so they could get the bastard, and I know many fellow women would do the same.

    Only a matter of time before this kind of behavior results into somethinges big…

    • Janetwo Says:

      What I think will happen is that education on the issue will allow for women to mount proactive defense against the trans agenda . No more transwomen in my vocabulary. I will correct my interlocutors with the proper term: gender non conforming man. Transwoman as a concept has no foundation in reality. Once enough women are knowleagable and outspoken on this issue, we will reach a critical mass sufficient to erase them from the public discourse just by our sheer number. Also, we will be a lot more vigilant of any further encroachment in human right organisations, sex segregated spaces etc…Just a few years back, like I did any other marginalised group, I would have advocate for their inclusion. I did not know any better. I am not the only one. The trannies propagenda has been a serious setback on feminism but they played it badly by overreaching. Their movement has not contributed to any legitimate social progress improving the life of people belonging to the group they coopted, gay, black, women…Once these people will see how they have been used, they will ditched them asap. Just wait for gaymen to wake up from their slumber. When we will be all old cackling ladies, we will see how the lesbian community has been ground zero for these asshats to colonize the rest of the culture and how they held the fort until the rest of us got a clue. They wont last. Truth and time are on our side.

      • kesher Says:

        At this point, my main priority is making it clear to women that they don’t have to enable this. That if an MTT is acting like a woman-hating, homophobic man, that’s because he is a woman-hating, homophobic man. That when MTTs tell lesbians that they have to “consider” dating MTTs, that’s one step away from telling a specific lesbian that she has to have sex with any MTT who’s offering. (Straight men already do this to straight women just without the pomo political newspeak bullshit.)

        I’ve already heard stories of MTTs telling specific lesbians “have sex with me or you’re a bigot”, and it’s so important to give young lesbians support so they feel empowered to say “no”.

        In the end, they can only take from us as long as we let them. The government can legislate our rights away, but we have the power to make things very uncomfortable for our new femulator overlords (men can’t stand it when women refuse to cater to them), so let’s do it.

    • lin Says:

      It might behoove people to take out restraining orders or get injunctions right away when they are threatened. If they violate it, they get in trouble.

    • gchild Says:

      I read that several times…

      Sounds like the message is this:

      Males have hated you for bleeding each month for thousands of years. But some tweets (and stuff) were sent out in the last couple years that make it okay to have your period without shame. This is the last thing you get (The Last Frontier). Therefore, female oppression/humiliation is over. Now, shut the fuck up again because trans (males) hate you for bleeding each month.

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