‘Tangerine’ London film premiere hit by Lesbian Nation protest

November 15, 2015

tangerine premier london

Filmgoers attending this weekend’s London premiere of ‘Tangerine’, Sean S. Baker‘s independent film shot on modified iPhone, were greeted by stickers and flyers distributed by a group of women calling themselves “Lesbian Nation”. The group protested the film’s depiction of extreme misogyny and the normalization of male violence and brutality against women. ‘Tangerine’ features an extended sequence of a man repeatedly slapping, battering, dragging and lifting a kidnapped woman, violence which goes on for several scenes and is played for laughs: because the male perpetrator is a “transwoman”.

Women are referred to as “fish” by the male protagonists throughout the film, also played for laughs in what the filmmakers describe as a “transgender revenge comedy”.

An excerpt from the (not terribly feminist) RogerEbert.com review: “[C]ertain aspects of the story are—as Internet thinkpieces are found of saying—problematic, particularly the violence that [male actor] Sin-Dee inflicts on Dinah, grabbing and dragging and lifting and even slapping her repeatedly, over the course of several scenes. “Tangerine” treats this action as outrageously funny; it seems to expect us to write it off as, “Well, this is just what would happen in that world,” a valid enough observation, but one that only takes us so far. True, the violence is balanced by subsequent scenes of Sin-Dee and Dinah and eventually Alexandra reaching a kind of understanding, and even displaying tenderness toward each other. But the later scenes don’t cancel out the sour taste left by the earlier ones. This is a case where the problem isn’t what’s being shown, but the film’s evident attitude toward what it’s showing us, at the moment that it’s showing it.”

The ‘Tangerine’ film is the latest example of a growing popular trend wherein liberal males get a pass on overtly expressing their violent hatred of women under cover of supporting the transgender movement, which is itself based entirely on sexism and misogyny and the celebration of female subjugation.

“You didn’t have to Chris Brown the bitch!” –Male violence against women presented as comedy entertainment.

“You didn’t have to Chris Brown the bitch!” –Male violence against women presented as comedy entertainment.

“The Misogynist Comedy of the Year!” “A Treat Not to Be Missed if You Like Violence Against Women!” mocks the Lesbian Nation protest flyers and posters, which were designed to mimic the film’s promotional materials. You can view their message in its entirety below (click to enlarge):






Kick Ass!


40 Responses to “‘Tangerine’ London film premiere hit by Lesbian Nation protest”

  1. anywoman2 Says:

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  2. RaFeCa Says:

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  3. hearthrising Says:

    More great activism. Looks like this misogynistic film opened the opportunity for a teaching moment, and gave people a chance to get more information and think about things differently.

  4. Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism and commented:
    As we all know, misogyny is funny or benign when the perp’s a transwoman.

  5. Mortadella Says:

    Wow. Totally fucked up. I thought screenwriters couldn’t get any more crass, misogynist — totally unable to view women as fully human since The Gift and Captivity. Ewwww.
    Lefty liberal dudes show their sexism is plain sight and the public manufacturers excuses for their misogyny. “It’s just a movie” my ass.

    • Meg Says:

      Oh, it’s definitely not “just a movie.” It’s propaganda from violent men to other violent men. Movies and media are ways misogynists give ques to each other how and when to punch down women. Also HAR HAR it’s so fucking funny to them to see women brutalized in various ways by men because what else were we put on this earth for? Of course there will never be movies made about women brutalizing men HAR HAR because women wouldn’t pay to see that. Maybe a small handful of self-loathing men who feel the need to be punished for something they did. Women, on the other hand, are punished for even existing.

    • southwest88 Says:

      And again we see the trope of a woman being kidnapped and beaten up and then “reaching a kind of understanding” with her abuser. So the man is allowed to get away with original abuse, even when the man is doing woman-face. I am in awe of the women who set these materials and this protest up!

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Southwest: Rape was a plot device often used on soap operas to get villains and “bad girls” to reform, Take the male villain of the show, and have him rape the sultry catty woman, The rape somehow “cleansed” them both into “good guy/girl” roles.

  6. Meg Says:

    “True, the violence is balanced by subsequent scenes of Sin-Dee and Dinah and eventually Alexandra reaching a kind of understanding, and even displaying tenderness toward each other.”

    Psychologists call this the reconciliation phase of an abusive relationship, before the abuse starts all over again.

  7. “The ‘Tangerine’ film is the latest example of a growing popular trend wherein liberal males get a pass on overtly expressing their violent hatred of women under cover of supporting the transgender movement, which is itself based entirely on sexism and misogyny and the celebration of female subjugation.”

    Spot On!

    Apparently, Sundance Film Festival thinks calling women “fish” and slapping women around is a “rip-roaring odyssey “. Trivializing and normalizing prostitution is just fun entertainment. Being uber politically correct, it’s not about to “mis-gender” Sin-dee, but sees no problem with women being referred to as “fish” and “bitch”, and dragged down the street by their hair. Using the wrong pronoun is a far worse faux pas than referring to the female sex as “fish”. The misogyny and hypocrisy of the left is so evident that it is shocking.

    “It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin-Dee is back on the block. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend hasn’t been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the working girl and her best friend, Alexandra, embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor. Their rip-roaring odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles, including an Armenian family dealing with their own repercussions of infidelity.

    Director Sean Baker’s prior films brought rich texture and intimate detail to worlds seldom seen on film. Tangerine follows suit, bursting off the screen with energy and style. Exhibiting fierce chemistry with his actors to fashion a dazzlingly distinctive film filled with humor and heart, Baker’s talent is on full display. A decidedly modern Christmas tale told on the real streets of L.A., Tangerine defies expectation—a veritable cinematic jolt. —T.G.”


    I emailed Sundance the .jpg posters. I urge everyone to do the same.

  8. kesher Says:

    I read an article about this movie, and, unless the plot was misrepresented, it looks like the MTT’s “revenge” happens in response to the actual woman’s mere existence and the MTT’s boyfriend choosing her over him.

    So we have typical male violence, punishing a woman for mere existence; MTT resentment of women for being what they are not; and MTT resentment of women when men choose us over male femulators. I can’t think of better media representation, showing everyone MTTs’ celebration of their hatred of women.

  9. Trans hate on women in a way that other males only wish they could get by with, and the left gives them a free pass.

    Men have been making crude sexist “tuna fish” jokes about women’s bodies for a very long time, but biological males who appropriate female identity routinely call women “fish”. In fact, it has been a part of their vocabulary for decades. It’s a derogatory compliment.

    fish: 1. a very derogatory term used by some to refer to non-trans women. Often considered highly offensive. 2. a compliment among some, too: “You look so fish.”


    They admit that calling a human female “fish” is derogatory, but they do it anyway. Despite knowing it’s offensive, they state it can also be a compliment as in “You look so fish”. How can something be derogatory and a compliment at the same time? Imagine a middle aged straight man saying to his wife, “Honey, you look so fish today”. Are there any straight men out there? Try this experiment. The next time your wife or girlfriend dresses up for a special occasion, or just looks sexy that night say, “You look so fish in that dress.” I don’t think this would go over very well. The reason transgender get by with this sexist disgusting sh** is because the brainwashed uber left has proclaimed that trans are special snowflakes.

    Janet Mock Stop Referring to Females as “Fish”


    Transgender Names For Females

    1959-1989 (pre-internet)




    Genetic Girls



    Born Females



    Bio Females



    Cis Females

    Cis Women

    Cissies (pronounced “Sissy”)

    FAAB (Females Assigned At Birth)

    Muggles (Harry Potter term for humans lacking magic)

    For Butch Lesbians: Fibbers (Female Identified Butches)


    2010- Present:

    Cis Females

    Cis Women

    FCAAB (Females Coercively Assigned At Birth)

    CAFAB (Coercively Assigned Female At Birth)

    For Butch Lesbians: MOC (“mock”) Females (Masculine of Center Females)



    Chris Brown smacking the hell out of a woman is called out and quickly denounced, but when a male wearing a skirt does the same thing it’s only “problematic”. Just by looking at the photograph of one of the scenes, it’s easy to tell that the male wearing the skanky looking skirt is larger and stronger than the woman. He can easily toss her around, and the sick people who made Tangerine think it’s funny.

    “[C]ertain aspects of the story are—as Internet thinkpieces are found of saying—problematic, particularly the violence that [male actor] Sin-Dee inflicts on Dinah, grabbing and dragging and lifting and even slapping her repeatedly, over the course of several scenes. Tangerine” treats this action as outrageously funny; it seems to expect us to write it off. ” RogerEbert.com review

    It’s a fact that males who wear dresses and makeup, identify as “women”, or say they are transgender offend at the same rate as other males. Cross dressing males have raped and murdered women.

    • Artemisia Says:

      ‘Fish’ is a term that the transgender movement has appropriated from gay culture. It was recorded in 1972 by Bruce Rogers in The Queens’ Vernacular: A Gay Lexicon. Among the synonyms that Rogers notes is ‘GG (=genetic girl)’.

      It is noteworthy that while certain high-profile transactivists and their followers have declared a vendetta on ‘trannie’, claiming that it is a slur, they are entirely comfortable with the use of ‘fish’, which has always been recognised as derogatory, reflecting the casual misogyny of some male homosexual subcultures. As for ‘trannie’: the second citation in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), from 1984, describes it, correctly, as ‘An affectionate abbreviation’ for transvestite, ‘in vogue amongst sections of the gay community.’

      The earliest citation for ‘transgender’ in OED comes from a paper given by British social worker Doreen Cordell, who worked for the Albany Trust, at a conference on ‘Transvestism and Transsexualism in Modern Society’ held at Leeds in 1974. The title of the conference is significant in itself. I do not think the term ‘transgender’ was much used before the end of the eighties.

      A list of ‘Transgender Names For Females’ implies the existence of an identifiable transgender community or subculture within which such names are in use. With all respect, it is thoroughly anachronistic to speak as though such a community existed in the sixties and seventies, or even during the eighties. This is not a minor matter; there are important historical and political issues at stake.

      The lesbian and gay communities included many butch and dykey lesbians, camp and queeny gay men, and drag queens: we knew who and what we were, and none of it had anything to do with the delusions currently promoted by twenty-first century transactivists.

      Transsexuals were very rare. Of the handful I encountered in the seventies and eighties, all but one were intent on passing and did not wish to involve themselves in political action. In Britain, so far as I am aware, organised transsexual (or transgender) activism did not get under way until 1992, with the formation of the group Press for Change. I do not know what was happening in other countries.

      Why does this matter? It matters because just as transactivists and their allies are combining to co-opt and corrupt language on a large scale, attempting to make certain words and combinations of words unsayable and radically change the meanings of other words, important words like ‘woman’ and ‘girl’, so too they are attempting to co-opt and distort the history of the movement for gay and lesbian rights.

      To this end, a few selected US activists have been posthumously anointed transgender. In addition, via the device of the ‘transgender umbrella’, whole subcultures are co-opted as transgender – though only at points when this suits the interests of modern transactivism. I won’t go into detail over all this; Gallus Mag has already covered some of it in a post about the defacement of the Stonewall monument: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/trans-vandals-deface-the-gay-stonewall-monument-with-insane-blackface-to-protest-a-movie-they-have-not-seen/.

      There are many reasons why we must not cede lesbian and gay history to the transactivists, to be scribbled over with lies and nonsense. One important reason is that this history witnesses to the existence of many, many people who in different times and places and in a variety of ways have resisted conventional sex and/or gender roles without engaging in delusional thinking or resorting to surgeries and toxic drugs. This is, of course, a major reason why the transactivists want to obliterate it from memory.

  10. Uh…”fish”?

    Can someone explain where that comes from?

    OT: Just disgusting. Typical faddish proggies reinventing and normalizing misogyny anew. Not that I had any interest in seeing this anyway. Sometimes it seems like “Silence of the Lambs” was more on point.

    • Meg Says:

      It’s interesting that you mention silence of the lambs. Dr. Lector differentiated between true transsexuals and violent misogynists like Buffalo Bill. IMO many transwomen are upset about that movie because they know they fit the description of being a violent misogynist more than being *actually dysphoric*. They don’t really identify with women as a class or as a woman, they just *like the idea* of being a woman and live out their fantasy for whatever reason. I’ve seen transwomen online say that they don’t know who they are or that they have no identity which leads me to believe that they are using male fantasies of “woman” as a substitute for the lack of self awareness and feelings of emptiness they experience. They’re still men, though, and it shows in their misogyny and abusive speech towards women.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve probably noted this elsewhere on this site already, but the reason Jame Gumb “wasn’t trans” wasn’t because he wasn’t deemed a “true trans”. It was because, when he sought transitioning while held in a mental hospital, doctors deemed him too violent and unstable to qualify for transition.

        I presume back in the ’80s there actually was such a thing as gatekeeping — the murder of Rita Powers is a testament to that. I don’t know if it was done for the public good or because doctors hadn’t yet embraced the idea of transitioning as “necessary health care” or some combination of the two, but gatekeeping doesn’t happen today. Today, if anything, being a violent, woman-hating, psychopathic killer is evidence of why they need transition, because their woman-hating psychopathy is the result of those men “being denied their true gender”.

        Today, Jame Gumb is a real woman who needs hormones and surgery paid for by taxpayers.

      • Meg Says:

        “Billy is not a real trans-sexual, but he thinks he is. He tries to be. He’s tried to be a lot of things, I expect.”

        This is the quote I was thinking of from the movie.

        I also found this interesting statement from a blog about narcissism and identity:

        “The narcissist creates an identity, then tries to force everyone else to buy into it.”


        Well if that doesn’t describe the whole transmovement, I don’t know what would.

      • Biscuit Says:

        I wonder if the people upset at Silence of the Lambs know that Buffalo Bill was based on two real people who committed similar types of crimes (Ed Gein and Gary Heidenick [sp?]).

        If you’re tempted to google those two, be forewarned that their crimes are seriously horrifying.

  11. CD Says:

    Good for Lesbian Nation! Seeing people speaking out against gender nonsense, firmly and without apologies, will help others to start speaking up. Or at least help others to feel that it is OK to ask questions.

    Off-topic, but the poster says that this movie is “the transgender revenge comedy of the year”. …were there other transgender revenge comedies this year?

    I mean, imagine that as an established genre: “And the Oscar for best transgender revenge comedy goes to….” o_O

  12. nniilate Says:

    Wow…sounds like a less cheerful and more insulting 9 and a half weeks

  13. Zemskull Says:

    Oddly enough, Tangerine is the name of a 1970s porn movie. The main characters are teen girls that are being exploited by rich men, There’s also a scene in which a man believes he’s molesting a specific teen girl while she’s sleeping, but it turns out to be a grown woman. Seems that there’s a parallel between these two movies.

  14. Kelly Says:


    Please give this movie the right review seeing as it’s not.

  15. janet reed Says:

    women referred to as fish… chicks… birds, in older movies. It’s getting more explicit, but it was never like males considered us people.

  16. Thinker Says:

    Oh you’re using the wrong pronoun! It’s she because they’re women. Unless you’re a TERF… yikes! Those women are as creepy, confused, rigid, and bad for women (AFAB and trans) as conservatives.

  17. Sketcher Says:

    Thankyou Gallus Mag, I’ve reblogged this on lgbvoice.org

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      A tranny participates in a movie featuring extended violence against a woman, and is called “Woman of the Year.” I need to vomit. If trannies ever think that this sort of shit is going to endear them to women, they’d best re-think their strategy. It’s partly because of shit like this that I view trannies as threatening; as men whose simmering hatred against women is just waiting for its chance to show – and actively demonstrate – itself.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      So shewired went the way of autostraddle I guess.

  18. Sketcher Says:

    @ Ashland Avenue – absolutely agreed. If ever I felt a tiny sliver of sympathy towards transgender MTT it’s gone now. It’s a disgusting, vile political movement.

  19. […] the film did face some backlash. During the film’s London premiere last November, the film was protested by the woman’s group Lesbian Nation. The group attacked the film for […]

  20. Kek Says:

    You’re all a bunch of whiny cunts.

  21. […] First, I want to say that the group of women who have worked together to make this happen have been active for many years around this issue. I got involved in 2012, but some of us were aware and active way […]

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