We refer to this as having a girl brain

November 26, 2015

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We refer to this as having a girl brain


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  1. stchauvinism Says:

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  2. Mortadella Says:

    Wow. Conservatives aren’t the only ones who suck at science. Brain sex? Seriously? If you’re allegedly born in the wrong body, why doesn’t your brain count as part of the “wrong body”? Your brain is telling the truth but the rest of your body is a liar? Wtf? This shit is as sensible as scientology.
    Um, happy thanksgiving everyone?

    • GallusMag Says:

      We refer to this as having a Thanksgiving brain. 😛

    • Meg Says:

      There seems to be a serious disconnect between the mind/body in male dominated belief systems. True wholeness would mean accepting your preferences and your body just the way it is, rather than claiming to be something you aren’t by pretending your brain isn’t part of your body. Transpolitics resembles religion more than it does science (obviously).

    • Lissa Says:

      I think the brain is a special part of the body because somehow it contains who you are. If you cut off an arm or a penis, you’re still the same person. Changes in person-ality are changes in the brain. IF the brain is sexually dimorphic (different between males and females), and if the brain can develop in the opposite direction than the embryo’s chromosomes mandate, I think it makes sense that person would feel transgender.

      If the organ that contains someone’s person-hood is a female-developed organ, then wouldn’t that person be female, even though the majority of their body, including chromosomes is male?

      • morag99 Says:

        Or how about — since the brain so totally separate and distinct from the body — no body at all?

        Here’s a female brain that doesn’t even have any hands to go with it and yet she’s still wearing lots of mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Wow, brain gender is some mighty powerful stuff! It’s — and I quote — “Racing To a Destiny that Defies Belief!”

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        But the thing is, the brain ISN’T “sexually dimorphic.” The brain is not a sex organ and it is not possible to categorize brains as “male” or “female” based on any objective criteria. There is only a human brain. PLEASE, let’s teach science in the schools again.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        The only female brain is one that resides in a female body, and vice versa. It’s just not possible for a perfectly formed male body, with fully functional male genitalia and fertility to have a “female” brain, I mean, come on.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        @ Lissa: You’re new here, aren’t you?

      • Lissa Says:

        @Ashlund: ya, I am new here x)

        @Magdalena, @lovetruthcourage:
        It seems like if you can prove the brain isn’t sexually dimorphic, then you can disprove the idea of the “girl brain”. Unfortunately, I’ve seen research that points in both directions, and often if research points in one direction, the opposition finds a way to discredit it….

      • GallusMag Says:

        Troll if you have anything worthwhile to add to this conversation I’d advise you to do so on your next comment. Don’t anybody waste your breathe refuting this troll.

      • morag99 Says:

        Hi Ashland! I’ve been noticing Lissa on several feminist blogs lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a trans shit-disturber.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thought I caught the waft of a troll. Thanks for info Morag99.

      • Lissa Says:

        @morag99, @GallusMag:
        Heh, nice to be noticed :). Yeah, I recently stumbled upon Purple Sage’s blog and was really interested in her points of view, and those of poeple like her. It’s clearly a very different perspective from my own, so I wanted to have some good discussions about it. I definitely am a dive-in type of person, so I didn’t wait around long before joining the conversation. And, from links on her blog I found others, until here I am!

        I’d like to think I’m not a troll or a “shit-disturber”. I don’t want to make anyone mad, and I don’t want to encourage discord. What I want is to understand where other people are coming from, and hopefully to help them see where I’m coming from. Mutual understanding. I think mutual understanding could solve so many of the world’s problems, and get rid of so much of the world’s hate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Great! Plenty of archives here to see where we’re coming from. Enjoy!
        Any further troll comments will be deleted, and the poster, banned. Namaste!

    • Yes, this, so much!!!

    • I know, right? Remember how that famous conservative Bill Clinton defended stem cell research on the grounds that they were only using unfertilized embryos? What a right wing dummy!

  3. caroline norma Says:

    love the compliance threat at the end in the form of a ‘reminder’ about the bullying policy

  4. and they’re gonna read “I Am Jazz” in class. *headdesk*

  5. prozac Says:

    The Mount Horeb Area School District does not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying, abuse or discrimination or discussion regarding concerns. (Seeing as they dropped this at the bottom in smaller print directly after the part addressing concerns parents may have)

    Not that anybody’s being a passive aggressive bully here or anything. I had short hair until I insisted it grow out because people thought my younger brother and I were twins. (matching haircuts and coats) Perhaps we actually were, according to this.

  6. Branjor Says:

    We refer to this as having a girl brain

    Whatever happened to intelligent critical thinking? Oh yeah, the transgender activists came along.

  7. lucyfirre Says:

    That letter uses all the buzzwords, it was obviously written with the help of transactivists.They’re successfully infiltrating our schools with their misogynistic drivel and the kids are going to be indoctrinated before they learn how to read. It’s hard to not feel doom. Let’s hope parents insist on their kids being removed from the ‘I am Jazz’ lessons and kick up a fuss about the sex segregated facilities.

  8. morag99 Says:

    Well, this is interesting. Has anyone else come across this information? The anti-abortion and anti-gay legal organization, Liberty Counsel (which represented Kim Davis in Kentucky), is also representing some parents from this school. They have submitted a strongly-worded letter to the school board, framing their objections to teaching about transgenderism as a matter of religious freedom. Oh, god!

    Not sure, Gallus, if you’d want me to provide a link? Here, though, are a couple of excerpts from their letter:

    ‘Among the letter’s false analogies and claims are the following: 1) children are arbitrarily “assigned” a gender at birth, as if the presence of male or female genitalia as the basis for “male” and “female” is an arbitrary decision imposed upon a person; 2) that simply because a child is “born male” but “insists” that child is a girl makes it so; 3) that because a girl likes short hair and likes a “boy” name, she is now a boy; and among the most egregious, 4) that it is possible to have a “girl brain and a boy body.” This claim is completely at odds with the rationale for equality between the sexes: there is no difference between male and female brains or mental abilities, and thus this idea fosters gender stereotypes.’


    ‘No one has a moral right to compel others to participate in a fiction (including compelling teachers and others to use pronouns that do not correspond to objective biological sex).’

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I hate to say it, but these conservatives are spot-on with their science and reasoning. Trans-logic is illogic.

      • morag99 Says:

        Oh, I know. Parts of the letter really are spot-on, and of course identical to ours — not because we have anything in common with them, but because the identical conclusions are based on pure reason. I particularly like this smart and handsome sentence: “No one has a moral right to compel others to participate in a fiction … ”

        But: sigh. It’s really too bad that the push-back in this case is coming from the notorious religious right. As Gallus wrote in another recent thread, whenever they get involved in these battles, things unfold badly and the transgenderists win.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Autos are notoriously politically conservative.

      • It concerns me that they might be appealing to “religious beliefs” simply because there is no way to appeal to reason on this issue anymore.

      • drycamp Says:

        A stopped clock is right twice a day. That it isn’t right the rest of the time does not make the displayed time wrong when it is in fact right.

        This is a particularly nice statement of the fallacy of the “assigned at birth” formula. I find this kind of talk is especially irritating since it is TOTALLY unconnected to reason or fact. One has a vision of the parents and the doctor, confronted with a newborn infant, just flipping a coin to decide whether it is a boy or a girl, and then imposing the results on the hapless child. Like genetics and genitalia were completely irrelevant. 😛

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I agree that “assigned at birth” is especially noxious. It does indeed conjure the scene you described. What is on the outside matches the inside and the DNA test 99.9+% of times! Sex is DETERMINED (not “assigned”) at birth. Repeat often! “Sex is determined at birth.”

  9. Larichus Says:

    Tip or post: I’ll leave it up to you, GM

    Steps “forward”, steps “backward” … sweet fancy Moses: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/24/zoolander-2-trans-people-step-backwards-for-us-all

  10. Not only do they put forth the existence of “girl brains” as incontrovertible fact, exactly what constitutes said brains will be defined by the male perverts who claim to have them.

    There is an end to this bullshit, probably within the next decade. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving, my more or less rational friends.

    • Freyja Says:

      Here is more of the “boy brain/girl brain” fantastical pseudo-science, published by the ACLU of Illinois:

      “We learned that scientific evidence has determined that gender is also determined by the brain’s anatomy, which is why the sexual characteristics assigned to many at birth are incongruent with their true gender identity.” (http://www.aclu-il.org/our-child-is-a-girl/)

      It is non-scientific garbage.

      Here, on the other hand, is a report of a newly published study by scientists at Tel Aviv University. Representative passage:

      “… less than 8% of their subjects had brains that were consistent with their sex. Most men showed some female-type connections and women, some male ones.” (http://www.forbes.com/sites/fayeflam/2015/11/30/new-study-dispels-notion-of-distinct-male-and-female-brains/

      Does the ACLU have no concern for scientific truthfulness? I suppose some trans activist is behind the publication of this article. The claim of victimhood seems to open every door for them.

      • linda Says:

        Science knows so very little about the brain – more is known about the universe than about what’s inside our skulls.
        Yet this lobby comes out with statements like that and people swallow it down. I despair.

  11. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    It boggles me all this “male/female brain in the wrong body” talk as if the brain isn’t part of our bodies or what?

    If they had “female brains”, their brains would stop testosterone production wouldn’t it? Or would convert it to estrogen via aromatase reaction, wouldn’t it?
    Isn’t the brain the one who “tells” your body to develop? Isn’t the brain the one responsible for making their testicles produce sperm and so on? Then why the F this “wrong brain” is still a thing?
    Can’t believe some people (not only trannies) believe the brain is some sort of outside entity that serves no other purposes other than thinking.

    (Also, funny how the boy who thinks is not a boy is referred to as “she”, meanwhile the girl who “indentifies” as a boy is still referred to with female pronouns in that letter.

    P.S. Looks like we’ve been sending Napoleon-brains-in-the-wrong-body people to the wrong doctor all this time…).

  12. Awesome A F Says:

    I really hate the idea of a girl brain and a boy brain because when you compare the two, one is going to come off as inferior. I’ll bet you a million dollars it won’t be the boy brain too.

    This is exactly what we’ve been fighting against for so long. It will take generations to remove this lie from society once it takes hold.

    • sophie jameson Says:

      I was directed to a report in the latest edition of the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” via a front page article in the Times.

      “Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic” concludes that there’s no such thing as brain sex. Here’s the abstract:

      “Whereas a categorical difference in the genitals has always been acknowledged, the question of how far these categories extend into human biology is still not resolved. Documented sex/gender differences in the brain are often taken as support of a sexually dimorphic view of human brains (“female brain” or “male brain”). However, such a distinction would be possible only if sex/gender differences in brain features were highly dimorphic (i.e., little overlap between the forms of these features in males and females) and internally consistent (i.e., a brain has only “male” or only “female” features). Here, analysis of MRIs of more than 1,400 human brains from four datasets reveals extensive overlap between the distributions of females and males for all gray matter, white matter, and connections assessed. Moreover, analyses of internal consistency reveal that brains with features that are consistently at one end of the “maleness-femaleness” continuum are rare. Rather, most brains are comprised of unique “mosaics” of features, some more common in females compared with males, some more common in males compared with females, and some common in both females and males. Our findings are robust across sample, age, type of MRI, and method of analysis. These findings are corroborated by a similar analysis of personality traits, attitudes, interests, and behaviors of more than 5,500 individuals, which reveals that internal consistency is extremely rare. Our study demonstrates that, although there are sex/gender differences in the brain, human brains do not belong to one of two distinct categories: male brain/female brain.”

      This research has only just come out, so I haven’t seen much reaction, but it makes a nonsense of this daft school’s declaration. People like this just don’t seem to have done any rigorous thinking — or perhaps not much thinking at all.

      • BadDyke Says:

        What’s impressive about this research is that by looking at multiple parts of the brain, it trounces those papers (like the ones that the trans lobby pebbledashes you with) if you dare to argue that brains aren’t pink or blue. Yes, if you take a SMALL sample size and concentrate on ONE cherry-picked brain structure, you might/probably be able to find that males are HERE, females, THERE, and trans closer to this than that. But this paper really destroys that idea, both in terms of the SIZE of their dataset, and the multiple regions.

        Plus SAME techniques in terms of MRI that the supposed laydee-brain papers use. Just MORe data and a better analysis.

        ‘Extensive overlap’ is after all what you might expect given the rest of human anatomy (apart from genitalia).

        I wait to see how the trans lobby tries to discredit this one…………………..

  13. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Ah, yes, “laydee brain” strikes again! No wonder those of us who are professional scientists get no respect and insufficient pay in the USA. Lay people these days do not understand the basics of science and believe lies like: brain sex exists, global warming does not exist, vaccines cause autism, creationism is scientific, and the Earth was formed in 6000 yrs. Not good. Not something to be proud of!

  14. Janetwo Says:

    “We care about all our special snowflakes students but not those born females who might be miserable sharing formerly sex segregated spaces with males… “ And how about the parents who dont want their kids to waste educational time on tranny propagenda? Cant believe this crap is part of any curriculum anywhere. How about teaching them real shit about underpaid Walmart workers, racism, Spanish illegal immigrant kids who work picking up tomatoes? Nope…lets talk about Jazz, an utterly vapid, attention-whoring teenage whos claim to fame is wearing mermaid suits…that is so f***** inspiring.

  15. Livvie Says:

    I certainly hope that those parents who do not wish to have their children read the book ‘I am Jazz’ will have their rights respected by the school. Seeing as how the grades in question are preschool to second grade, (pretty sure according to this link: http://www.schooldigger.com/go/WI/city/Mount+Horeb/search.aspx?level=1) I hope they won’t mind that my children aren’t being exposed to any kind of forced gender indoctrination at this very young age. I would much prefer that a child be told that they’re beautiful inside and out, that their bodies are perfect as they are, and that’s pretty much all a kid needs to know at the age of seven.

    Or earlier, depending on which Mount Horeb they’re at, though I can scarcely see why they’d have letterhead for both schools on one page if it weren’t intended for both. It’s been a long time since my step daughters and step son were in school though, so if I’m mistaken, someone, please, for the love of Pete, correct me? Help?

    I seriously hope this is not going to be taught to kindergartners. I’m really glad my kids are done with school. This kind of brainwashing bullshit makes me think homeschooling is a good idea, and normally that would be anathema to me.

    I will say that I’m so very glad Mount Horeb are concerned about the beliefs and convictions of all parents. I only hope that they mean what they say when writing ‘all parents’, instead of ‘parents with the appropriate attitude’ which is rather more what I think they’re getting at. That fine print vaguely threatening nonsense at the bottom of the page doesn’t give me a terrific amount of hope, however.

    It never ends. It’s so disheartening, and it never ends. I have friends I love dearly who are getting sucked in to the trans cult. Mass media is doing a good job indoctrinating them, too.

    Are our voices being heard? Please, let our voices be heard by someone who will speak the truth and not be afraid.

  16. Susan Nunes Says:

    If the school forced me to read that piece of propaganda to a class of little kids, I would raise a holy stink.

    • morag99 Says:

      “If the school forced me to read that piece of propaganda to a class of little kids, I would raise a holy stink.”

      Yes. How horrible for the teachers who aren’t buying this crap!

      If they argue, protest or refuse to participate, they could lose their jobs. Even if they weren’t fired, they’d likely be branded as anti-LGBT bigots, and have to daily face being ostracized by their supervisors or colleagues.

  17. gaydude50 Says:

    As an alternative, you could just let the little boy dress however he wants and not call attention to it….Nah, way more ‘correct’ to use it as a teaching moment to advance traditional heteronormative views of gender. And to make all the girls in the class wonder why this ‘girl’ is so much better than they are. Sickening.

  18. lovetruthcourage Says:

    I take it Lissa’s comment addressing LoveTruthCourage (me) was deleted because she is a trans-troll?

  19. Fruitopia Says:


    The shooter at/near the Planned Parenthood clinic identified as female, according to voting records

  20. Freyja Says:

    Because “progressive” organizations are dedicated to parading how high-minded and non-judgmental they are, and because their commitment to justice for women was a nanometer deep, the only resistance to the trans movement has been from radical feminists, who have paid a price, and now the right wing. No one in the mainstream respects or cares about radical feminists, and in highly liberal states, the mere participation of the right wing will be enough to enshrine the trans activists as saintly victims. Are there *any* progressive organizations that will raise their voices against trans activism?

    • Audrey Says:


    • lovetruthcourage Says:


    • Janetwo Says:

      First time ever in my life of lefty/green/pacifist that I have to side with the right. The left is betraying gays and women. Its insane out there 😦 .

      • sophie jameson Says:

        Janetwo – yeah – it’s scary. All my comments on a British newspaper site are currently being pre-moderated. The reason? Crazy or offensive posts? Nope. Despite posting for years with no problem, I made a couple of short posts which politely questioned the trans agenda. That’s all it takes.

      • Truth spitter Says:

        this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with the left! Good to see we can agree on something.
        Thank you for fighting for this!
        Maybe y’all can make better headway than our side is.
        hey whatever works, to get rid of this horrific lie.
        Power to you.

  21. I am keeping my kids far away from public school. I cannot believe the stuff being taught to them now, its so regressive and sexist.

  22. drycamp Says:

    Someone might have already linked this, but it is a new study finding that so far as we can tell there is no “male brain” or “female brain.” http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-no-male-female-brain-20151130-story.html

  23. And speaking of Laydee Brains, apparently they don’t really exist.

  24. aj Says:

    Ironic the timing on this, what with the new study that was done in Tel Aviv recently-looks as though I’m not the only one that’s seen it. Will you be doing a post on it?

  25. […] are not separate units, but a whole) is not a responsible way to support mental health.  As this commenter said in a recent post on […]

  26. Emily Says:

    Ok, I know this whole transgender issue in schools is, like, sooo yesterday’s news, but I have to share. I’m currently binge reading your old posts and this one threw me. My kids attended a public school in MN last year that sent out almost the same exact letter. Some parts are verbatim. Where are these dumass administrators copying and pasting from? I am pasting the letter that was sent to parents at our school in October of 2015:
    Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 3:04 PM
    Subject: From the desk of ——–

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    With permission, I am writing to share some information with you. This year, because of the diverse needs of our student body, we will be taking steps to support a student who is gender non-conforming. The term gender non-conforming is an inclusive term that describes children whose identities, appearances, behaviors or interests do not fit traditional societal expectations associated with their sex assigned at birth. It is important to note that this expression of gender is ever-changing as students are constantly exploring many different aspects of their identity.

    During the month of October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, teachers and students will be participating in many anti-bullying activities. Teachers will be reviewing a power point presentation that explains the definition of bullying, how to act as an empowered bystander, and who to go to for help with potential bullying situations. Students will listen to various books that celebrate differences and will be teaching children about the beauty of being themselves. The collection of books will include a book called My Princess Boy, which tells the story of a boy who expresses his true self by dressing up and enjoying traditional girl things. All of these activities will reflect the growing diversity within society and our school population. Conversations following each book will focus on acceptance and inclusion.

    Here at Nova Classical Academy, we work hard to be a supportive and inclusive community, and we are committed to supporting students, families, and staff from a wide range of races, ethnicities, gender identities, cultures, abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, and family structures. Additionally, creating a supportive learning environment for all students is part of Nova’s commitment to meet the legal obligations outlined in the Safe and Supportive Schools Act passed on April 9th, 2014. Our diversity allows us to create rich learning experiences that will prepare our students for success after leaving our school.

    Some of you may wonder how best to talk to your children in the event that they ask you questions. The simplest response is often the best: There are different ways boys and girls express themselves, and that we should be kind and virtuous to everyone. Having conversations at home about the appropriateness of comments or teasing relating to all protected classes (i.e. race, religion, gender identity) would also be prudent.

    As with all medical and academic information, details regarding this specific student are confidential. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with ———- Director of Student Services;———–, School Psychologist; or myself.

    Lower School Principal
    Nova Classical Academy

    • GallusMag Says:

      Not sure what you were going for here but that was the most reasonable, objective, sensible and professional “letter to parents” regarding a transgender-identifying [?] student that I’ve ever seen.

      There’s no reference to teaching children about “girl brains” or “authentic self”, quite the opposite. The letter you posted refrains from such indoctrination and remains focused on anti-bullying campaigns and breaking down sex stereotypes.

      Some kid is being targeted as a “non-conformist” for exhibiting completely normal behavior and that is sad and wrong, but if this is in response to gender-cult parents pushing a “transgender child” status on their kid – which is what it seems like- then this is about the most objective response ever from the school.

      • Emily Says:

        Yes, yes, it’s a lovely letter – except when it’s notification that your children that are about to be sucked into the gender Twilight zone. Notice the similarities in the text? And that in both cases the letters were sent out less than a week in advance of reading the book to the students? I’m sure it’s adapted from a form letter from HRC’s “Welcoming Schools,” or some such organization.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Not sure what you mean by the gender Twilight zone. Have you read ‘My Princess Boy’? It’s about a boy who likes glamour and glitz and dress-up, and how that’s an okay thing for a boy to do.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No I don’t see a correlation. The letter I posted contains hideous and offensive sexism and indoctrination into sex stereotyping. The letter from Nova Classical Academy wisely avoids doing any of that and focuses on diversity and anti-bullying.

      • Emily Says:

        The book was a pretext for writing policy to mix the bathrooms, etc. That policy (which took until May to pass) is full of trans-gobbledygook language on sex being assigned at birth and how to interpret (or perhaps divine) gender expression. The family of the kindergarten boy who was the object of all this attention has now left the school, filed a complaint with our city’s Human Rights Dept against the school (despite the policy that they won), and has publicly (read: was in our local paper last week with a big, lovely photo spread and gushy writing) transitioned to a girl. At five years old.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Wow. I’d be interested as many readers here would- in reading that bathroom policy if you’d care to post it. A five year old boy. Jesus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Reading it again, they do say that the selected readings “will include” My Princess Boy. As a parent I would make an inquiry about the other books/materials being presented. For example, is Jazz Jenning’s crazy sexist book included? It is strange that the full materials being presented to children is not included for parents to review.

      • Emily Says:

        Yep. I am Jazz was the book the parents of this kindergartener most wanted read to the students. When the school refused to give parents a heads up about reading the Jazz book (they did agree to read the book), the family filed the human rights complaint. Notifying parents creates a hostile environment, apparently.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Gosh. It seems like the school bent over backwards for these crazy parents?


        Hmm. Reading the news reports now it seems like the parents have no issue with the school per se, rather that the public notification embroiled the kid into a battle with right-wingers who have an issue with a boy who wants to wear “girl things”. And that the school was unable to prevent harassment and bullying of the boy in that environment. Hard to imagine how they could if parents objected to ‘My Princess Boy’ which is simply a book against sex-stereotyping. Hmmm.

        Jessica Miles
        Updated: 01/12/2016 7:47 AM
        Created: 01/09/2016 5:56 PM
        Like any parent, the Edwards say the one thing you want most for you child at school is for them to feel safe.
        But they say their five-year-old isn’t, even after months of trying to work with his school to implement change.
        “Strong willed, enthusiastic, energetic… ”
        Hannah and Dave Edwards say their five-year-old son is all of these things.
        It’s partly why they chose Nova Classical Academy for school, where he started kindergarten this year.
        But after only a few weeks in, they say their son was bullied.
        Dave and Hannah say when they would drop off their gender non-conforming son at school they’d walk him into class and other kids would point and laugh at his pink tennis shoes or his choice of backpack.
        They pulled him out of the afterschool program.
        “What we wanted Nova to do was create a proactive solution to make sure bullying didn’t occur in the future,” says Dave Edwards.
        The Edwards suggested the school include the book called The Princess Boy in the curriculum.
        But they say some parents were uncomfortable with that so the school chose not to include the book.
        “All of the professional educators at Nova know what they are doing, where we’ve had trouble, is with parents,” says Edwards.
        These two educators say their son loves his teacher at Nova and they love the school program, but…
        “I think right now we’re at this turning point where either something really needs to happen or we might have to move him,” says Hannah Edwards.
        “We’re increasing concerned for his safety, parents are saying a lot of really terrible things,” adds Dave Edwards.
        They’d like the school to stand up and take a stance against what they call hateful words.
        “My kid is just trying to live and be accepted and be safe,” says Hannah Edwards.
        “We were very hopeful our son’s needs could be met very quietly and privately, we’re very disappointed this has now become this huge spectacle,” says Dave Edwards.
        The school wouldn’t do an on camera interview Monday, but says they just recently adopted a resolution of support for gender identity and gender expression of its students.
        Executive Director of Nova Classical Academy, Eric Williams, says the administration will be looking at developing curriculum to support that.
        Concerned parents have reached out to the Minnesota Family Council, a socially conservative group.
        The group rented school space and is holding a meeting at the school tomorrow night to talk about student privacy rights.
        The school say it does not endorse their (Minnesota Family Council) views on gender identity.
        Autumn Leva of the Minnesota Family Council says parents voiced concerns about being uncomfortable with school faculty reading and talking about transgender issues to their children.
        Jill Gaulding, co-founder of the nonprofit Gender Justice, says since Nova did not have a policy to make transgender students feel protected, one family is feeling the backlash.
        She says all schools and administrators across the state should be thinking about how to make transgender students feel safe from bullying.
        They are a protected group under the state bullying prevention law.


      • Emily Says:

        Bent over backwards is an understatement. Parents were told (by the schools lawyer, no less!) that merely mentioning our children’s First Amendment right to disagree with the trans-fad POV created a hostile environment. Dozens of parent letters to the school board that were critical of the gender ideology being peddled were actually redacted – heavily! As if someone might literally die – or vanish – if they read it. I could go on…
        Here is a link to the Gender Inclusion policy: https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=38786143
        Let me know if the link doesn’t work.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ah. Okay, here we go. From a transgender site. Yep. Your story checks out, Emily. Mainstream media reports were not truthful, probably due to false and misleading reports from the parents and their escalating demands. Also look at them: what attention whores these parents are.

        The gentleman and his maidservant:

        Me no can hold tablet and speak, need human easel.


        Family files gender discrimination charge against St. Paul public charter school
        Trans Rights, Impact Litigation, Education & Title IX, LGBTQ

        David and Hannah Edwards tell their family’s story. Photo by James Robins.

        When David and Hannah Edwards enrolled their child at Nova Classical Academy for the 2015 – 2016 school year, they believed it would be a good place for her to learn and thrive. At the time, their child presented as a gender non-conforming boy—that is, as a boy who preferred clothing and activities often associated with girls. David and Hannah were open with the school about their child’s evolving gender identity at the time of enrollment.

        Over the following months, it became apparent that their child’s gender identity was actually female. She underwent a social gender transition everywhere except Nova and now presents as a transgender girl.

        In March, the Edwardses filed a charge of discrimination with the City of Saint Paul Department of Human Rights, alleging that Nova (a) failed to protect their child and other gender non-conforming and transgender students at Nova from persistent gender-based bullying and hostility, and (b) denied their child the ability to undergo a gender transition at Nova in a safe and timely way, as she had in all other areas of her life.

        During the months between her enrollment at Nova and her social gender transition, the Edwardses’ child faced gender-based bullying and hostility at school. The response of the school was frustrating and upsetting: many of the staff were prepared to take effective action, but the school leadership prevented or delayed those actions.

        In October 2015, after the Edwardses’ child faced a number of hostile comments, the staff prepared to conduct gender-specific training during the school’s anti-bullying week. They chose an age-appropriate book, “My Princess Boy”, to support in-class discussions about gender identity and expression.

        However, the school leadership stopped the staff from using the book and ultimately prevented such proactive training from occurring. The leadership justified this action with several explanations, including that the book had not been approved by the appropriate committee, that discussing gender identity in class discriminated against other protected classes, and that the school community needed time to weigh in on “controversial” topics.

        As a frightening environment developed, including a series of public committee and school board meetings filled with both discriminatory comments and misstatements of the law, the school leadership refused to take a clear position on the rights of gender non-conforming and transgender students.

        While bullying and hostility continued in the classroom, the school leadership refused or delayed several proposed action steps, as well as forced the Edwardses and their child to be publicly outed in order to participate in decisions that would affect their child’s safety. The media caught wind of the issue and several negative and intrusive articles were published, such as this one in the Daily Signal.

        Throughout the year, David and Hannah repeatedly asked the school to be prepared to support their child through a gender transition, should it become apparent that transition was necessary for her wellbeing. After their child expressed a consistent, persistent, and insistent desire to socially transition, Hannah and David notified the school in February 2016 that the time had come.

        The Edwardses met with school officials to finalize all materials and information that would be presented to their child’s classmates and came to agreement on a plan of action. Key components included a letter to kindergarten families notifying them of her transition; use of the book “I Am Jazz” in each kindergarten classroom to educate students on the topic; and communications for any families who asked about opting out of the classroom education that would direct them to equivalent content and outline behavioral expectations for their child.

        The next day, David and Hannah were abruptly informed that the agreed-upon plans were cancelled. They had to keep their child out of school until a meeting was held, during which the Edwards were informed that the school was not willing to use effective materials like “I Am Jazz”, would not conduct gender education without introducing delay or encouraging families to ”opt out”, and would not even simply inform their child’s classmates of her accurate name and pronouns without delay or an “opt out” option.

        Hannah and David were forced to withdraw their child from Nova Classical Academy. Seeking to create change, they filed a charge with the City of Saint Paul——


        Again, I think the letter the school sent out was entirely reasonable, and their refusal to use overtly sexist propaganda like “I am Jazz” was also reasonable. I see no cause for you to blame the school who appears to have acted reasonably.

      • againstvaw Says:

        I don’t think the letter is that reasonable. It states as fact “The simplest response is often the best: There are different ways boys and girls express themselves, and that we should be kind and virtuous to everyone.” If they said “There are different ways children/people express themselves” that would be fair enough. As it stands, the school was encouraging sexist stereotyping and the belief that your sex is dependent on how you express yourself.

  27. Emily Says:

    The media latched on to this “bullying” theme and ran with it. No one ever saw or heard of any bullying. The school allowed the boy to wear a uniform dress to school and that didn’t even produce problems with bullying. It was all a pretext. No one wants to allow or condone bullying. Crying bully these days gets everyone to shut up and do whatever you want.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yeah these parents really seem dysfunctional and attention-seeking. I mean who proactively poisons the well at their kid’s elementary school.

      • Emily Says:

        Thank you for putting so much time into this blog. I really needed to find a community like this!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Well your initial post threw me because the letter seemed entirely reasonable and didn’t show the story.

    • gchild Says:

      “Crying bully these days gets everyone to shut up and do whatever you want.”

      Yeah Emily, but it does something else too. Everyone gets compassion exhausted. Kids, teachers, admins. And the crier gets left alone. Entirely.

      And without being able to charge everyone with name calling/ teasing, the kid internalizes people’s thoughts, feelings, gestures, and behaviors in order to explain their alienation. This can hugely disrupt a child’s psychological development.

  28. Emily Says:

    And, the father of the trans five-year-old just so happens to have a non-profit he’s started now:
    It all seems so planned out. Poor kid. He’s everybody’s guinea pig.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Under the Our Team dropdown on the website, only dad:

      Dave Edwards (he,him)
      Dave Edwards, M.A.T., serves as the lead instructor for the Nonconventional Teacher Licensure Program in Emotional Behavior Disorders at the University of MN, and is a Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology Department. His primary line of research focuses on the creation and implementation of gender inclusive policies and practices in K-12 public schools. He holds special education teaching licenses in EBD, LD, DD and ABS and has worked as a teacher and school administrator in Chicago Public Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools.

      Dave is also the proud parent of a transgender girl, and is passionate about helping public schools build equitable and inclusive school climates that support the full spectrum of students’ gender identities and expressions.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        What a coincidence that someone with those research interests should have a transgender child! How useful for his career.

  29. Ginny Vogel Says:

    Just finished listening to a reading of Princess Boy on Youtube and did not like it. Not only is it lousy literature and only really appropriate for 4-5 years old but I can just hear the chorus of “Why doesn’t he have a face? Why don’t they have faces?” Why don’t they have faces? Why don’t they have names? Watched it again and tried to count how many times ‘Princess Boy’ appears and lost count it was sooo many times. Way to label a kid! “Joey is a ‘Princess Boy’ because he likes pink crayons.” I would never call a daughter ‘Princess Girl’ so I don’t care for a book that calls a boy a Princess either. Would really like to see a big move away from the pink/purple princessy, glitter, hellokitty, feather boa and leopard print leggings for the girls anyway. I got caught up in that briefly to my eternal, feminist shame and gave a little girl some pink frothy things as a gift. Her daddy reminded me she liked fossils and dinosaurs. Embarrassed, I remembered my beloved rock and mineral collection at that age. A little dress up is fun for boys and girls but would rather see them more involved in science, nature, play, and GOOD literature.

    • LC Says:

      The princess culture has gotten so much worse in the past few years, too. I mostly see it from trying to buy gifts for the small girls of friends. I sometimes think of it as a pink minefield of attempting to avoid toys that are useless or stupid, while trying to find something that falls within what the parents claim the child is interested in. If the child is only interested in princess crap, that’s all the kid will ever get, and all they’ll be interested in… and the cycle repeats… it’s the same as permanently labeling them a “Princess Girl.”

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @LC This brings up the rather ugly possibility of a [mostly western, ‘first world’] society, based on a prolonged form of stifled adolescence. Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with ‘princess play’…like there is nothing wrong with a child being into the world of Legos, model trains, etc. But in previous generations….there were adults in those children’s lives, who in a positive vein….let the younger set know how to keep these in perspective or incorporate those things into their lives where they could be productive. As such…a child interested in any of the above could study the history of royal families, become an architect, or work in transit. Those are just examples.

        Again…..not all of this is bad…..IF one takes the marketing/conditioning [including the conditioning at the hands of those who have pointed out on this site as being……CREEPS] out of same. As well as the parents understanding that a boy being interested in a princess motif, like a girl being into cars or model trains is not …NOT the sign of an opposite gendered brain. It is just something called ‘play’.

      • LC Says:

        Very interesting perspective @rheapdx1, and I agree that the princess motif isn’t necessarily a bad thing- the problem is so many of the toys don’t teach anything of value, and are geared toward superficial appearance/clothing/makeup. I don’t want to buy, for example, a “magic wand” based on a movie promotion that lights up and does nothing else. A kid with a decent imagination could take a stick or spoon and do the same thing without the expensive lights and colors- and do other things with it, too. I learned how to make my own dolls as a kid, not because I liked dolls exactly, but because it was fun and was mimicking adult-type skills(not that I knew that at the time, but it was).

        So, I don’t have any problem with princess-coloring books or number/letter counting or educational kits with that theme… what I hate is so much of the stuff specifically geared toward girls doesn’t really encourage learning OR imaginative play- it just looks pretty. There might not be anything wrong with “pretty”, but IMO, kids should be doing something more useful with their time… if they were also learning about the history of royal families, or politics of the middle ages, that’d be awesome. If only.

      • Emily Says:

        LC – your point about children making better use of their imagination prompted me to want to point out that, at the school where this family asked that My Princess Boy be read, the curriculum is a Classical one. So, the children spend their days learning Latin, medieval history, ancient Greek art, logic, etc. And then stop everything to read My Princess Boy? For goodness sakes, it’s not even well written. Even though My Princess Boy can be used to teach acceptance of non-stereotypical play, the point of reading that book at our school was to introduce the idea that a boy can become a girl. That is as illogical and anti-science as you can get and has no place in a Classical school.

  30. Ginny Vogel Says:

    I wish I could remember the name of the no nonsense librarian who told me (in first grade) that I’d read all the picture books on princesses and didn’t I want to read about a real queen? She showed me fabulous stuff on Elizabeth I and I’ve loved history ever since. My mother squelched the mermaid fantasies with Han Christian Andersen. Wise women who knew how to feed the imagination and move a child along.

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